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Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia said to each other

(Transcribed by The Daily Star from TV footage)

KZ: Hello SH: Hello. How are you? KZ: Im fine. How are you? SH: Yes Im fine. I called you before but couldnt reach you. KZ: Look, what you are saying is not completely correct. SH: What I want to say is KZ: No, you have to first listen to me. You said you called me but I didnt get any call. What you are saying is not completely true. I did not get any call. My red phone has been dead for a long time, for over a year. You run the government, you dont know about it? You run the government and you dont even know whether the opposition leaders phone is working or not. You have to check things like this.

And since you are scheduled to call today, you should have sent someone to check whether the opposition leaders phone is alright. SH: The red phone always remains OK. KH: Send someone right now. Send someone right now to check it. SH: You know that the red phone is always working. KZ: But mines not. SH: No its alright. When I called it rang. KZ: No there was no ring. I checked it. If you dont tell the truth, we cannot proceed. I am not willing to believe that the red phone is alright all the time. SH: I dont have anything else to say in this regard. I called on the red phone repeatedly. KZ: Would the dead phone come to life with your call? Is your call so powerful that my dead phone will come to life? SH: Alright. You could not receive the phone for some reason. Whatever.. KZ: No, no. Its not that I could not receive. I was sitting right there. There is very little space here. If the phone rings, there is no reason not to receive it. A dead phone cannot ring, okay? SH: Was it dead or someone made it dead KZ: No, it was dead. SH: Ok, Ill see tomorrow why your phone was dead. KZ: Its good that youll check it. SH: I called you to invite you to the Gono Bhaban Monday evening. You know that Ive already started dialogue with leaders of different political parties. Im inviting you to the Gono Bhaban to talk about the upcoming election. KZ: You have to tell me why you are inviting me. SH: Im inviting you to have dinner with me. KZ: Im willing to have dinner with you but I cannot go on Monday. Theres hartal on that day. The hartal will end at 6:00pm on the 29th SH: Withdraw the hartal. KZ: I cannot withdraw the hartal. SH: No, no KZ: Ive requested you for a long time to come for talks. You havent paid heed to my requests till the time limit for talks passed. Ill consider your proposal only after the hartal ends. I cannot get out of the house before 6:00pm Tuesday. SH: But you yourself said that within this time period KZ: No, I said that talks and agitations would go together. However, if you are really willing to hold dialogue, then I will definitely go. I will obviously not go alone. There will be others with me as well. SH: Of course. You can bring whoever you want. KZ: No, Ill take only the ones whom I see fit. But that has to be after 28th. The hartal will

end on the 29th. SH: No, Ill request you for the sake of the country, for the sake of the people withdraw the hartal. KZ: No, no. Killing people by using gunpowder is your practice. SH: No, no KZ: Yes, your brother said that using gunpowder to kill people is your practice. We do not believe in such practice. SH: But KZ: You torch people, kill people with poles and oars these are all recorded. This was done on your instruction. You cannot deny these. Thats why Im saying that when the hartal ends at 6:00pm on 29th. SH: Im requesting you, please withdraw the hartal for the sake of the people. KZ: Ive called the hartal with the peoples best interest in mind. This was because you are not willing to come to any talks. This was the last option for us. SH: Regarding talks, my party KZ: Your ministers are saying that there would not be any dialogue. You yourself rejected my proposal for talks. Your people are saying that there is no need for any discussion. Then again, now you want to hold dialogue. That dialogue can take place after our programme ends. Not before that. SH: No, Im requesting you KZ: No, I cannot withdraw the hartal. SH: For the benefit of a smooth dialogue KZ: No, if you would have come forward a day before, then there could have been an opportunity. But you didnt do that. SH: Its not about coming forward a day before. You know Im sitting with different political parties. KZ: I know you are busy with meetings. We are also sitting with different political parties. Though we are not that busy, we have our engagements. If you are willing, you could have thought about an appropriate way. But you did not do that. SH: No, we KZ: The permission you gave todayit was handed over at the eleventh hour. We asked for the permission a long time ago. You did not even let us install mikes. People come to a rally to listen to the speakers. You did not even let us install mikes. People cannot listen to speeches without mikes. What sort of democracy is this? SH: Ive said it for a long time that Ill hold talks with everyone. KZ: No, no. Tell me, why mikes were not given at our rally? Why didnt I get mikes? SH: Mikes were given at the rally! KZ: Only a few. There were very few mikes at the rally. We can put mikes on as large an area as we want. There were a lot of people and they came to listen to the speeches. But you

cut the flow of transport, imposed Section 144. Is there a state of emergency in the country that you would act like this? What is this? SH: I do not want to talk to you about this right now. KZ: If you do not want to talk, then there is no point in talking at all. SH: What you said is not true at all. KZ: These are all true. There are records to prove these. SH: You can hold meetings, rallies KZ: How can we hold rallies and meetings? You will let us hold meetings but wont give us mikes. You will give us permission at the last moment when even making the dais is not possible. Since you yourself hold meetings, you know these things take time. SH: No, no. You remember the August 21 grenade attack? KZ: The grenade attack was done by your people. It was done by your people. We do not know anything about it. You are behind the grenade attack. SH: You gave permission around 11 in the night for that rally. We remember that. KZ: It was planned by you. SH: This sort of talk does not suit you. KZ: You did not even notify that you had shifted the venue to your party office. There is no use of dragging the past. SH: You gave the permission at 11:00pm. KZ: Pull out the records. We have the records too. We gave the permission for the original venue. But you shifted the venue to your office. KZ: Now Im telling you, if you are really willing to take part in dialogue SH: Look, I do not want to quarrel here. KZ: You are already quarrelling. SH: I do not want to quarrel with you. You are talking by yourself without giving me any opportunity. KZ: Why would I talk by myself? You are talking and Im just responding. SH: Im not getting the opportunity to talk here! KZ: No, no. You are telling to withdraw the hartal time and again. But there is no scope for that. After our program end, we will consider. You know better. If you have the interest, you will sit with us after that. SH: So you will keep killing people? KZ: Im not killing people. Your men are killing people. You killed nine people just yesterday. SH: No, no KZ: Your Chhatra League, Jubo League we can show you pictures of them with firearms. How can your Chhatra League, Jubo League kill common people?

SH: we do not engage ourselves in the politics of killing. Rather, we are the victims. KZ: No, no. This is your old habit. Since the liberation in 1971, you have been killing people. When your party was in power 1971, you killed people. Have you ever thought about that? SH: We killed people in 1971? KZ: Yes, of course. Right after 1971 and forming of your government. SH: And you are working to save the war criminals! KZ: That is not the point. If you wouldve conducted a fair trial of the war criminals, then we wouldve supported it. But you didnt form that tribunal. It was a rather one-sided affair. There are a number of war criminals in your own party. You did not take any step in this regard. Why didnt you catch any of them? If you are not impartial, then you are not worthy of being the prime minister. You have become the prime minister of your party, not the country. You have not been able to maintain impartiality. Or else, you wouldnt have treated me like this. The way you treated me, my son, my party do I need to say anything more? You dont even know how to respect the opposition leader. What sort of democracy do you promote? SH: If I want to reply to your questions, Id have to talk about a lot of things from 2001. KZ: Even I can respond to you in that regard. You will respond to that? I can do that too. SH: What you did with Ershad, 7-8 parties, what you did in 2001 KZ: We did not do anything in 2001. You did everything during the time of Ershad. When Ershad took the power from an elected government, you said that we are not unhappy. Then when you say that to BBC, what else can be said? SH: I did not say anything like that. KZ: After he took the power from an elected government, what about FakhruddinMoinuddin? What was their constitutional basis? SH: Listen- that was the prime ministers choice, not mine. KZ: Fakhruddin-Moinuddin was not my choice. They were your choice. You said that it was the result of your movement. You went to the ceremony, I did not. SH: I did not take Moinuddins side when he was selected. KZ: You went to the oath taking ceremony and said that it was the result of your movement. Why do you forget these things? You want to forget these things, but the people dont. SH: You made Moinuddin the army chief superseding nine senior army officers. KZ: You did the same thing. You sent home a lot of army officers. SH: I did not do any such thing. KZ: Whether its nine or seven, it doesnt matter. What matters is that when Moinuddin took over, why did you join the ceremony? It was not according to the constitution. Why did you then go to the oath taking? You did not think for one second that both our parties were out of power. At that time, you did not think about any dialogue between the two parties. Didnt the thought cross your mind that it is better not to go to the FakhruddinMoinuddin ceremony since it was unconstitutional? You didnt think that. You went to the

oath taking ceremony with a smiling face. SH: No, we are always like this. We can smile even in the fire of hell. My father, mother, brother KZ: Look, I want to say that, forgetting the past try to move forward into the future. Or else, we wont be able to progress. If you really are sincere, then figure out ways to move forward. SH: Look, I dont want to complain that much. KZ: tell me what you want to do now. SH: In actuality KZ: Now tell me about what you exactly want to do. SH: Look, as there was an attempt to kill me during the August 21 grenade attack KZ: The August 21 grenade attack was carried out by you. No one wanted to kill you. The longer you are here, the better for us. The more you use obscene language like this, the better for us. No harm will come to us. SH: When you cut your birthday cake on August 15 KZ: August 15 is my birthday. I will cut cakes on that day. SH: When you cut the cake to encourage the killers KZ: Thats not the point. Ill cut cakes on August 15 because it is my birthday. Is it that no one can be born on August 15 in Bangladesh? No one can celebrate birthday on August 15? Leave this subject aside. SH: We just KZ: Talk about Ziaur Rahman. He gave you people new life. Leave this matter aside. You people were the BAKSAL. The reason that you are Awami League today is because of Ziaur Rahman. Or else, you could not have been Awami League today. SH: You saw Russel walk around in our house. KZ: No, no. I dont want to talk about that. Whatever you people did, I dont want to talk about that. I do not support your politics and urge you people to give up the way of violence. In my speech that day, I said that we should forget these. Lets give up the culture and start anew. If you are willing to do that, then lets sit and have a talk. I have no objection in having dialogue. But the date has to be after my hartal ends. SH: So you will not withdraw the hartal? KZ: No, I cannot withdraw the hartal. SH: For the poor people of the country KZ: This is not my decision. This is a decision of the 18-paty alliance. How can I take a decision all by myself? SH: Call the whole party and tell them to withdraw. KZ: No, there is no more time for that. As your police are chasing my people, they cannot be found easily. You have directed the police to tail them all. How can they be found? Tell me! SH: Why should I employ police to tail them?

KZ: Who else but you will do that? Do the police listen to me? You are conducting raids on the residence of my party men. You are arresting people from the dais during speeches. Then? SH: Where bombs are being blasted KZ: You people blast the bombs and blame us. SH: Why would we do that? KZ: It is your old habit. So please do not come back to this again. SH: We do not kill people. KZ: I want to say that if you are willing to hold dialogue after the 29th, then I will definitely attend. I am certainly willing to talk after 29th. SH: You gave an ultimatum of two days. I called you within those two days, but now you are saying that you would continue with the hartals and join talks after 29th. Then what is the validity of your speech based on your stance today? KZ: At the time of giving the ultimatum, I did say that talks and agitation programs would go side by side. SH: But you yourself said that if within two days initiatives for talks were taken, then you would not continue with hartals. KZ: You yourself are a politician. You know that initiatives for talks SH: But then you said KZ: No, listen to me first. When you said SH: Are you talking in front of camera? I am surrounded here by cameras. KZ: No, there is no camera around me. I am talking all by myself. I am talking from my residence. It would have been easier to talk from my office with all the cameras. I dont want to be so low. Later, Ill see that you are showing yourself on the camera while there are no cameras here. SH: (Laughs) KZ: Your men at Gulshan sack them who told the TV that my red phone is working. I want to see that you do it. SH: I enquired about it and they said that the phone was working. KZ: No, no. The phone is not alright. SH: I called 10-12 times. KZ: Have we all gone deaf? Youre saying that we are not hearing properly? Are all of us hearing-impaired? How is it that we dont hear anything and you do? SH: How can I hear everything? One of my ears is already damaged after the grenade attack. KZ: Yes, and even after that you are saying that the phone is ringing. We are saying that the phone is not ringing. SH: That is not a big thing. I made the call myself. KZ: It did not ring. It doesnt matter that you called, but it did not ring. You are saying that

you called on a dead phone! Are you mentally OK? SH: No, no. The phone was ringing. KZ: How can it ring? How can a dead phone ring? This is the indicator of your mentality. Are you telling the truth? SH: Why would I not say the truth? Why would I have to lie? KZ: With the prospect of you calling any time, we checked the phone and reported it to you. But none of your men came to fix it. They dont think of us as human beings. So, they didnt come and didnt feel the urge to fix the red phone. Not only in my red phone, but mobiles SH: No, no. With the excuse of red phone being dead, there is a chance of lying KZ: No, why should I lie? People saw that my phone is dead. Why should I lie? If a telephone is dead, then why shouldnt I call it a dead phone? This is natural. SH: 1602 I have it memorized. KZ: It might be memorized by you, it can be written right in front of you, but a dead phone SH: There was a cameraman here, but I told him to leave. KZ: It is the truth that it is dead. There is no use of telling that the phone was busy. No one will believe it. SH: Okay, it can be inquired about tomorrow. Its not a big thing. KZ: But whoever from Gulshan exchange told you that my phone is ok, you have to take actions against him since he did not tell the truth. SH: There is a dedicated exchange for red telephone. You know it very well. KZ: Yes, but there are scrolls on the television. You must have seen those. SH: No, Im sorry. Im sitting here at my Gobo Bhaban office and heres no television. KZ: Then why are there scrolls like that on the television? SH: I have a meeting right now, and havent seen the television. KZ: Then why is it being broadcast that the telephone is alright? This is not correct. Then have you told them to report like that? SH: Your telephone might not be alright, but then here I talked with Shimul KZ: No, you talked with Shimul, but that is not the point. We were scheduled to talk on this phone. Im sitting for your call for over half an hour here. We talked a lot at one time. We took part in protests together against Ershad. Why shouldnt I talk with you? We went to your home for a number of times and talked with you. Why shouldnt we talk now? I want to talk again. SH: For the sake of the people, I will tell you that if you come on 28th, we will talk. KZ: If you are really sincere, Ill join you any day after 29th. SH: No, but you said yesterday that KZ: Now my 18-party SH: No, you said yourself that if you are not invited to talks within two days, then you will call hartal. Now Im inviting you to talks

KZ: Now as I have called for hartal, you should have called me before that. SH: You listen to your yesterdays speech. You will see that KZ: No, when I called for the program, I said that agitation and talks would continue at the same time. The people of Bangladesh do not trust you anymore. SH: But you said that if you are invited to talks within two days KZ: I said at the time of declaring the movement that both the talks and agitation SH: But I called you before that KZ: No, no. Hartal will continue. There is no scope to withdraw it, because I have to discuss with the 18-party. SH: No, no KZ: The program was decided after a meeting with the 18-party. How can I reach them now? SH: Call the leaders of the 18-party! KZ: None of the 18-party leaders are currently available. SH: It is not believable at all that you cannot reach the 18-party leaders. KZ: I know its scarcely believable, and it might have happened if I were to call them. SH: You said that you have to be invited to talks within two days. That is why I called you. KZ: yes, but you called after much delay. SH: You said one thing yesterday KZ: In response to that, we can withhold our next programs. SH: You gave an ultimatum of two days but before thatYou said that we can engage in a dialogue. And if that does not take place, you will call for hartals. I called you right away after that. KZ: If you would have called yesterday, then there was a scope to withdraw the hartal. But there is none right now. SH: You are saying that just now. KZ: Then a whole night passed. If you wouldve called then SH: Actually, I dont stay up late in the night. KZ: Its not about staying up in the night. You couldve called that evening. I was right there in my office. SH: I dont stay up in the night. I sleep early in the night. KZ: Do you fall asleep by evening? I stay at my office during the evenings. SH: I say my prayers KZ: Yes, yes, we know. You say your prayers, read the Quran, you do everything. You are Islamic minded and support terrorism as well. You shoot down people we know everything. These are nothing new. We are saying that SH: I say my prayers, everyone knows that. KZ: Yes, you people read the Quran but believe nothing of it. SH: I read the Quran everyday with care.

KZ: Nevertheless, if you want to take part in talks after 29th, we are willing to do that. There is no scope to withdraw the program. SH: We set an ultimatum yesterday and I called you within the time you set for talks. Your speech yesterday demanded me to act, and the people of the country KZ: The people of my country are not here. Your forces are chasing them. I cannot reach any of the leaders. I cannot reach the leaders of my party, of the 18-party. Tell me who can I consult to withdraw this program? SH: You are the leader and you cannot reach anyone is that possible? It is possible with a single order of yours. You are the chief of the allaince and you cannot do it, is that possible? KZ: Your DB, SB have cordoned off my residence. How can my leaders come here, you tell me? SH: This is not right. Your leaders can easily go there. KZ: They cant. They cant come today. SH: You can order the people to come with axes and machetes and KZ: Axes and machetes are your specialty. Wasnt Bishwajit killed that way? Wasnt Bishwajit killed by your own people? SH: Not exactly my people, but men expelled from the party. KZ: They are men from your sub-committee. If you want, we can come up with a number of other instances. SH: All the culprits have been apprehended. KZ: Wasnt it broadcast on TV live? SH: All of those responsible have been arrested and are under trial. They are currently in jail. KZ: None of them was arrested. If you arrest innocent people, no good will come of it. SH: We did not arrest any innocent people. KZ: If you arrest innocent people. Allah will SH: Though the arrestees claimed to be Chhatra League activists, most of their parents or relatives are active members of BNP or Jamaat KZ: No, none of them is BNP activist. They are Chattra League activists and Chhatra League activists only. This was published along with their photos. SH: I did not say that KZ: They are definitely Chhatra League. So, Ill just request you to set a time after 29th, and Im willing to take part in the talks. SH: You gave an ultimatum in your speech, and you try to keep that word. KZ: No, I cannot withdraw the hartal. SH: I request you to withdraw the hartal and take my invitation. KZ: So that I dont have to call any more programs, I will take part in any dialogue after 29th. Set 30th as a possible date, I have no objection. SH: What you said in your speech yesterday

KZ: There is no scope for me to get out of this program. If you hold the talks on 30th, Ill definitely come. SH: I have a meeting now. Im sorry, but I have to go. I once again request you to follow up on your words that you said to the public. KZ: Im once again saying that if you invite me on 30th, Im willing to come. SH: The general secretary of your party is still an acting one KZ: The same was with your party for a long time. Dont get into such topics. SH: I request you to standby your speech that you delivered in front of the people of the country. KZ: I have no way to call off the program now. The time is over now. If you had called on Friday, I wouldve engaged in talks on that night. SH: I release all my employees, staff by 10-11pm every night. KZ: I was at the BNP office from 7pm. My leaders were with me as well. If you wouldve called the BNP office, you couldve reached me. SH: I dont hold meetings with my leaders that late in the night. KZ: No, no, 7am is not night. Its only evening. SH: But to call at that time, I had to discuss the matter with everyone. KZ: Yes, I could discuss it as well. If you had called, I might have assembled leaders of the 18-party and inform them about your offer. But you didnt do that yesterday. SH: You gave me two days, and I called you within that time. KZ: Do you think the program will end with the three-day hartal? It is not like that. SH: Yes, why would you call for only three days of hartal? You called for hartal for 330 days, I remember that, from 1996-2001. KZ: And I remember the 173 days of hartal you called. And I did not call hartals for 330 days. SH: (Laughter) KZ: We struggled for democracy and in 1991, we got it together. Then you went to the opposition and we couldve worked together. We got our parliamentary democracy. SH: Yes, but the majority KZ: But you took the floor in the parliament and said that you would not leave me in peace even for a single day. SH: I did not say anything like that. It must be a mistake on your part. KZ: We have record of it. SH: No, no. Pull out the records if you can. KZ: Then the caretaker government. Whose idea was it? Jamaats. But you would not listen to anything other than the caretaker government. Then when the caretaker government was formed SH: In the election KZ: Why dont you talk about the elections in Bhola, Brahmanbaria?

SH: What happened in the Bogra election, what alternative was there? If you consider things that way KZ: You have the DC in your room seeking for you, and you are saying SH: Whatever came in the newspapers KZ: Whatever came in the newspaper doesnt matter. Today the DC is seeking vote for you, next you would tell him to fill the ballot boxes with your vote. SH: No, no KZ: No, these are not acceptable. If you want the dialogue to be held on 30th, I am willing to participate. This is the final offer from me. I cant go beyond that. SH: Why should the DCs seek vote? KZ: It has been published in the newspapers. SH: Our party is strong enough. We have no shortage of people to seek vote for us. KZ: But it came in newspapers SH: My party was born through struggle. KZ: My party has also come to the power after much struggle. SH: We do not compromise in terms of ideals. KZ: My party is the same. Theres no need to go on in this regard. SH: I am once again requesting you to withdraw the hartal. Withdraw the hartal and keep the promise you made to the people. KZ: I cant. Im sorry for that but you didnt call me in due time. SH: But I did! KZ: If you had called by yesterday, the situation would have been different. SH: But you gave the ultimatum just yesterday. I called you today at 1:00pm, but couldnt reach you. Youre saying that the call didnt go through. My ADC has been trying to reach you from 1:30-1:45pm. KZ: Theres nothing I can do if my phone is dead. SH: He talked with Shimul Biswas time and again. They talked for over 20-22 times. My ADC told him that I want to talk, to invite you to dialogue. KZ: But you didnt call yesterday. If you told me that you would call me at 9:00pm, then with my leaders there, I couldve done something. But you waited saying that youd call me at 6:00. SH: I am already late for an urgent meeting and you know that I do not like be late in meetings. KZ: If you think your meeting is more important than this talk, then go to your meeting. SH: No, no. Every meeting is important. You can withdraw the hartal after sitting with your leaders later today. KZ: If my leaders were sitting here, then I could have taken a decision soon. SH: Then you take a decision! KZ: How can I take a decision all by myself?

SH: you can say that I have requested you and based on that request KZ: No, then you will have to say that you approve the idea of the non-partisan government. Then Ill withdraw the hartal. SH: No, no. I want to KZ: No, you have to state that you would accept a non-partisan government and I would withdraw the hartal. SH: Even after having 90% majority in the parliament, I am requesting you to accept an allparty KZ: No, no. Listen to me. Who got how many seats in the parliament is not important. An all-party government is not a feasible concept. It just cant be done. We have never taken part in an all-party government. Ive said before, it is unacceptable. SH: But you KZ: Now if you say that you will accept a non-partisan government then I will withdraw the hartal. SH: Why do you want to give another opportunity to the people who wanted to implement the minus-two formula? KZ: I dont want to do that. You want to do that. The way you speak SH: No, no. You talk so sweetly! My ears are getting sweetened! KZ: The way you speak during speeches, we follow those. SH: Do you? KZ: Yes. That is why we do not listen to those at all. SH: What we want is you come to the parliament. We both are in the parliament, sometimes as the ruling party leader and sometimes as the opposition leader and vice versa. We can do everything in the parliament. KZ: You are scheduled to go to a meeting. Why are you delaying? I dont want to delay your meeting. Not everything can be expressed during one phone conversation. SH: Ive said that KZ: If you want, Ill call all my leaders. SH: Withdraw the hartal. Tell them today KZ: Ill withdraw the hartal if you accept the non-partisan government. There are a lot of talks still to be held- whose formula would be accepted, who will head the non-partisan government, how will it operate. Accept the proposal, and we will talk more. SH: Come to the parliament KZ: We are willing to take part in election under an impartial government. SH: But you dont even trust your own party men. KZ: I trust the leaders of my party. SH: Then why do we have to bring people from the outside? KZ: If you accept my proposal, then Ill call off the hartal and agree for talks. SH: What Ill request is

KZ: No, if you say you are willing to take part in an election under the non-partisan government, then well withdraw the hartal today. Well make an announcement by tonight. Well sit with you tomorrow for talks. Theres no objection in that. SH: Accept the all-party government and then KZ: No, the all-party government is unacceptable. SH: It is the only way to hold a fair election. KZ: No, the all-party government is plainly unacceptable. SH: Who knows whom you will bring and then what would happen. KZ: No, I will not bring anyone. SH: Rather, let us settle the matter between ourselves. KZ: I dont want to do anything. SH: You have received my call, thank you for that. KZ: Accept the non-partisan government, or set a date after 30th and Ill join. SH: Come to dinner on 29th. KZ: The hartal will not be withdrawn. Set a date after 29th and Ill come. SH: Im inviting you on the 28th to come. KZ: No, I cant come on 28th. I dont go out during hartal. SH: Tell me who you will bring along with you on 28th. KZ: I will not come on 28th. I dont know who is prompting you from there. The hartal wont be withdrawn on 28th. Ill go on 30th if you fix the date. SH: Since you will not withdraw the hartal, thank you. Thank you.