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ACLS Memory Aids

Before you start anything ALS you should be thinking oh my! (O-M-I) O Oxygen M Monitor I Intravenous cannulation

When your patient is asystole, check another lead, sit back, and have some tea! T Transcutaneous pacing E Epinephrine A Atropine

When your patient is PEA, be a copycat and PEA! P Possibilities (6 Hs and 6 Ts) E - Epinephrine A Atropine (if bradycardic)

When dealing with a bradycardia you should be thinking that All Trained Dogs Eat Iams! A Atropine T Transcutaneous pacing D Dopamine E Epinephrine I - Isoproterenol

When preparing for synchronized cardioversion you should be thinking, Oh, Say It Isnt So! O Oxygen S Suction equipment I IV line I Intubation equipment S Sedation and analgesics

When dealing with the V-fib/V-tach algorithm you should say, Please Shock, Shock, Shock EVerybody Shock And Lets Make Patients Better - SHOCK! P Precordial thump S Shock at 200J S Shock at 300J S Shock at 360J EV Epinephrine/Vasopressin S Shock at 360J A Amiodarone L Lidocaine M Magnesium Sulfate P Procainamide B Bicarbonate S Shock at 360J

After your three stacked shocks you should think, Can I Intervene? C Continue CPR I Intubate I IV access