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DENTAL JURISPRUDENCE & ETHICS MULTIPLE CHOICE: Write the correct letter on the answer sheet. 1.

A dentist who acts as an expert witness for a patient complaining about another dentists services is guilty of presenting unjust criticism, which will lessen the publics trust in dentists. a. true b. false c. none is applicable d. depends on the case 2. Is it unethical for a dentist to indicate information regarding his her field of specialty or his her limited practice in his call card, letterhead, or announcements! a. "es b. It is uncalled for c. #nly if he she is a new specialist. d. $o %. As dentists who &now drug pharmacology, we are tas&ed to carry out the ff. '()'*+ to, a. be aware of drug allergies b. be aware of actions and dosages c. &now drug incompatibilities d. give intravenous injections -. In cases of emergency, a practicing dentist prescribed dangerous drug without using the form exclusive for that purpose issued by the .angerous .rug /oard. +he prescribing dentist must, a. not do anything b. all of these c. inform the board in writing within % days d. re0uest for a form and fill it up immediately 1. )an a dentist who wishes to help his wife in her business allow her to use his professional letterhead with his name and dental office address! a. no b. only when it is used with other dentists c. yes d. none of these 2. .r. )ru3, after 14yrs of private dental practice, entered government service as dental surgeon for the A5*. 6nder the rules regulating the practice of professionals, .r. )ru3 is, a. not a practicing professional since he is employed in government service b. a practicing professional only after 14yrs in government service c. no longer a practicing professional d. still a practicing professional 7. 8hen 9* became an independent nation on :uly -, 1;-2, )ongress was restored thereby enacting this dental law. a. 9A -17 b. 9A 2711 c. 9A -21 d. 9A %2<1 <. +he respondent is a dentist who is being investigated. =e she does not appear on the place designated in the summons. +he respondent maybe prosecuted, a. negligence b. ta&ing the summons for granted

c. contempt of court d. being in default ;. 9A -21 and 1-2 of the dental law states that, a. compensation is no longer necessary to constitute the practice of dentistry b. 2yr pre>dental law is re0uired and compensation is no longer necessary to constitute practice of dentistry c. 2yr pre>dental law is re0uired d. none of these 14. Any person violating the provisions of 9A --1; shall be guilty as provided for in the said Act of, a. none of these b. rec&less imprudence c. misdemeanor d. negligence 11. 5or a dentist whose license has been revo&ed by the /oard of .entistry, at which office should he file his appeal! a. *9) b. /oard of .entistry c. )ourt of Appeals d. 'xecutive committee of the *.A 12. A licensed dentist does not have to supervise a hygienist perform dental wor& in patients, a. because the hygienist &nows what to do. b. unless the hygienist is unregistered. c. none of these d. because the hygienist is licensed. 1%. As a witness to a legal case, a dentist is told to bring with him documents pertaining to the case, boo&s and other items under his control. +his is termed as, a. none of these b. summons c. subpoena duces tecum d. subpoena 1-. If a patient suffered severe injury following a dental procedure, the failure to observe precaution is referred to as, a. res ipsa lo0uitor b. rec&less imprudence c. libel d. negligence 11. A naturali3ed 5ilipino citi3en a. can ta&e the board exam after being naturali3ed for 14yrs b. cannot ta&e the exam c. can ta&e the exam d. cannot ta&e the exam because it is only for natural born citi3ens 12. A discipline dealing with good and evil with moral duty is, a. jurisprudence b. morality c. ethics d. reciprocity 17. +he certificate of registration is issued to one who is a. disabled or congenitally sic& b. convicted of heinous crime c. none of these d. accused of estafa 1<. ?9espondeat superior states that a dentist is liable for the acts of his a. associates and auxiliaries

b. all of these c. patients d. hygienist only 1;. If a dentist employs a non>registered dentist to do his wor&, his certificate of registration may be revo&ed. a. true b. false c. case to case basis d. none of the above 24. +he best and honorable means of advertising ones practice is through a. professional cards b. letterheads c. newspaper announcements d. professional service to his patients and to the public 21. A dentist is criminally liable for ta&ing a direct part in executing a criminal act. a. +rue b. 5alse c. $one of these d. =e is only an accomplice 22. .ental ethics deals with the dentist and his relation to a. other professionals b. co>dentists c. society d. all of these 2%. 8hich one is not a sanction for the violation of the 9egulatory )ode of dental practice! a. suspension from practice b. humiliation in practice c. reprimand d. revocation of certificate 2-. 8hich of the following form of advertising is $#+ authori3ed! a. non>illuminated signs b. not more than one window sign per exposure c. signs showing the name of the dentist and the school graduated from d. telephone directory listing that is not in bold type 21. +he dentist accidentally injures the patient. If he is prosecuted, he needs to present evidence that a. all of these b. there was no intention to do so c. treatment was done with due care d. he is a registered dentist 22. )ontract includes a. consent of the contracting parties b. subject matter of the contract c. cause of the obligation d. all of the above 27. +he )ouncil on .ental 'ducation and )ouncil for the Advancement of .ental 9esearch were created in which 9epublic Act! a. 1;1 b. --1; c. 2271 d. -17 2<. .r. )ru3 presents the certificate of registration of .r. @ellan as his own without consent of .r. @ellan. Is .r. )ru3 guilty of illegal practice! a. $o

b. =e is guilty of malpractice. c. =e is guilty of defamation d. "es, he is guilty of illegal practice 2;. *rivileged communication means a. unnecessary remar&s of a dentist must be ta&en seriously. b. assault. c. the dentist must not reveal information about his patient without consent. d. communication with government officials. %4. 8hich of these medications is $#+ a prohibited drug! a. cocaine and its derivatives b. active component and derivative of opium c. amphetamine d. dexamethasone %1. A dental school must provide a dental chair for every how many students! a. b. 2 c. < d. 14 %2. ?9es ipsa lo0uitor is $#+ applicable in which of these cases! a. post>extraction infection b. x>ray burns c. burn from a heating device d. x>ray machine fell on patient while seated on the dental chair %%. 8hat is the law that hears before it condemns, proceeds upon in0uiry, and renders judgment only after trial! a. remedial law b. competent jurisdiction c. judicial proceedings d. due process of law %-. 8hat should be considered in establishing fees for treating patients! a. s&ills and materials involved b. patients paying capacity c. degree of benefit to the patient d. all of these %1. All dentists should pursue continuing education for what reason! a. so he can charge better fees if he does well to impress his patients b. it is his duty to his profession and to his patient by being &nowledgeable c. to &eep updated with the advancement of the dental science d. all of these %2. .uty to fellow dentists includes a. refraining from criticism of fellow dentists b. sharing materials and supplies c. help in the selection of dental e0uipments d. none of the above %7. It is that branch of law that treats of the personal and family relations of an individual, his property and successional rights, and the effects of his relations and contracts. a. civil law b. remedial law c. commercial law d. legal rights %<. 8hich of the following is $#+ an inherent power of a state! a. taxation b. eminent domain c. election

d. police power %;. Illegal practice of dentistry can be committed by a. a registered dentist b. a physician who is also a practicing dentist c. a dental hygienist d. a member of the /oard of .entistry -4. 8hich is $#+ an essential element of malpractice! a. failure of the dentist to properly perform his duty due to ignorance, negligence, uns&illfulness or moral depravity b. patient must have paid the fee already c. all of these are essential elements d. injury to the patient resulting from the dentists negligence -1. +he following are obligations of every dentist '()'*+, a. to guarantee that the treatment will be successful b. to possess reasonable degree of s&ill, learning, and experience c. to use his best judgment d. to use reasonable and ordinary care and diligence -2. 9epublic Act which regulates the practice of dental hygienists a. 72< b. 2-2 c. 2;d. 22% -%. It is an act involving ignorance, negligence, uns&illfulness or moral turpitude resulting in some injury to the patient. a. illegal practice b. rec&less imprudence c. felony d. malpractice --. +he following are obligations of a patient to the dentist '()'*+ to, a. give an honest history of his case b. cooperate and follow dentists instructions c. pay the fee no matter how much it is d. none of these -1. 8hich of the following statements is $#+ true regarding ?res ipsa lo0uitor! a. +he negligence must be apparent even to a layman. b. An expert witness is needed. c. +he cause must be within the dentists exclusive control. d. +here must be no contributory negligence on the part of the patient. -2. A physician>dentist can practice both profession if a. he has paid for his privilege tax as a medical practitioner b. he only practices either of the profession on a patient c. he has paid both privilege taxes d. none of these -7. +he following are exemptions to the rule of privileged communication '()'*+, a. none of these b. reportable contagious or communicable diseases c. observations revealing identity of a criminal d. communications made for unlawful purpose -<. A dentist has the right to choose his patients '()'*+ a. in emergency cases b. when the patient needs a dental certificate for his job c. when the patient is financially capable d. when the patient is a family member -;. +he prere0uisites for the practice of .entistry in the *hilippines are the following '()'*+,

a. certificate of registration from the *9) b. natural born 5ilipino citi3en c. professional identification card in .entistry d. none of these 14. +he first dental law a. Act %1%< b. 9A 72< c. 9A 2711 d. Act 1;% 11. +hose rights which the possessor holds as against the whole community, and which involves a corresponding duty on the part of the whole community to refrain from disturbing a. Rights in Personam b. Aummons c. *ersonal 9ights d. 9ights in 9em 12. A writ which re0uires a person to bring with him any boo&s, documents, or other things under his control, which he is bound by law to produce in evidence a. Aummons b. Subpoena c. Aubpoena .uces +ecum d. Buo warranto 1%. +he time during which the officer may claim to hold the office as of right and fixes the interval after which the several incumbents shall succeed on another a. Buo warranto b. +erm of #ffice c. Aubpoena d. Tenure of Office 1-. 'mbraces all the laws enacted by the legislative body of the state, all rules and regulations promulgated by those in authority, court decisions and formal principles upon which laws are based a. 9ight b. Caw c. :urisprudence d. 'thics 11. A notice to the respondent that an action has been commenced against him, re0uiring him to answer within a specified time after the service thereof, and informing him of the date and time of the investigation a. Aummons b. Subpoena c. Aubpoena .uces +ecum d. Buo warranto 12. A writ by which the government begins its action to recover an office or franchise from the person or corporation in possession of it a. Subpoena b. +erm of office c. +enure of office d. Buo warranto 17. A moral power residing in a person of doing, possessing, or re0uiring something, which power all others are bound to respect a. 9ight b. Aummons c. Buo warranto d. 'thics

1<. +hat branch of public law which deals with the organi3ation and operation of the governmental organs of the state and defines the relations of the state with the inhabitants of its territory a. )ivil law b. *olitical law c. International law d. Caw of public officers 1;. *rescribes the means to be employed to enforce a right or redress a wrong or injury inflicted upon a person. a. )riminal law b. )ivil law c. 9emedial law d. Administrative law 24. +hat branch of law that governs relationships between individual citi3ens of the state a. *rivate law b. Administrative law c. 9emedial law d. Caws of human action 21. A rule of action a. Aubpoena b. Caw c. :urisprudence d. 'thics 22. +erm of office of a member of the /oard in the current dental law a. 1 yrs b. 14 yrs c. 1 yr d. % yrs 2%. +his act enacted on #ct 12, 1;%4 lengthened the course of dentistry to four years. It was only % yrs before that. a. *... 22% b. 9.A. 72< c. Act $o. %1%< d. Act $o. 2711 2-. A decree that created the *rofessional 9egulation )ommission D*9)E on :une 22, 1;7% a. *... 22% b. 9.A. 72< c. Act $o. %1%< d. Act $o. 2711 21. +he act that regulated the practice of dental hygienists in the *hilippines before it was repealed by the current dental law a. *... 22% b. 9.A. 72< c. Act $o. %1%< d. Act $o. 2711 22. +he current D2thE dental law enacted on 5eb. 1;, 2447 a. 9.A. -17 b. Act $o. 1;% c. Act $o. 2-22 d. 9.A. ;-<27. A successful examinee who dies may still be issued a certificate of registration provided that the certificate and other related records shall be stamped across with the word

a. .')'AA'. b. $#+ FACI. c. *#A+=6@#6A d. 5#9 .IA*CA" #$C" 2<. In order to pass the .entist Cicensure 'xamination, an examinee must obtain a general average of at least 71G but should not, in any subject, have a rating below a. -4G b. 14G c. 24G d. 74G 2;. 9e0uests for reconsideration of board ratings may be filed with the *9) within how many days from the date the results are released! a. 24 b. %4 c. 24 d. ;4 74. =as the power to reschedule the board exams a. *9) b. /oard of .entistry c. *resident of the *hilippines d. *resident of the *hilippine .ental Association 71. It is the means which the law employs to enforce legal rights and obligations and prevents or provides redress for violations of such rights and obligations. a. @andamus b. 9emedy c. Injunction d. )ertiorari 72. It is a preventive remedy directed against a court or someone exercising judicial power to restrain the doing of some act about to be done. a. *rohibition b. Injunction c. *rovisional d. Buo warranto 7%. An extraordinary writ offering a limited form of review, its principal function being to &eep inferior tribunals within their jurisdiction. a. )ertiorari b. @andamus c. 9emedy d. *rohibition 7-. Inade0uacy or insufficiency of s&ill and learning, which renders the dentist unfit to serve humanity. a. Ignorance b. $egligence c. 5raud d. Incompetence 71. A remedy that compels someone to do an act which is his duty to do. a. @andamus b. Injunction c. Buo warranto d. *rovisional 72. )onsists of any false representation or contrivance, whereby one person misleads another to his prejudice. a. Incompetence b. Ignorance

c. $egligence d. .eceit 77. 'xemption from the )ontinuing *rofessional 'ducation D)*'E program may be applied for upon reaching the age of a. 24 b. 21 c. 74 d. 71 7<. Aomeone who holds a certificate in dental hygiene or dental technology from a recogni3ed school needs how many years of actual experience to be registered without examination! a. 1 yr. b. 2 yrs. c. % yrs. d. 1 yrs. 7;. Anyone who commits illegal practice may be imprisoned for a maximum period of a. 2 yrs. b. % yrs. c. - yrs. d. 1 yrs. <4. +he minimum age re0uirement for becoming a )ommissioner of the *9) is a. %4 b. %1 c. -4 d. -1 <1. 8hich of the ff. is $#+ a fundamental power of the Atate a. *olice power b. 'minent domain c. +axation d. $one of the above <2. +he ff. a. b. c. d. shall &eep a copy a prescription for a dangerous drug '()'*+ *harmacist *atient or buyer Issuing doctor @anufacturer of the drug

<%. +he original copy of a prescription issued for a dangerous drug shall be &ept for one year by the a. *harmacist b. *atient or buyer c. Issuing doctor d. @anufacturer of the drug <-. In emergency cases where a dangerous drug was prescribed without the special form, the issuing doctor should, within % days, inform in writing the a. .epartment of =ealth b. .angerous .rugs /oard c. /oard of .entistry d. *rofessional 9egulation )ommission <1. +he maximum period of imprisonment for unlawfully prescribing dangerous drugs is a. 2 yrs b. 12 yrs H 1 day c. 24 yrs

d. Cife imprisonment <2. 9.A. ;121 or the )omprehensive .rugs Act was enacted in a. 1;72 b. 1;<< c. 2444 d. 2442 <7. 9.A. 2271 or the Ienerics Act was enacted in a. 1;72 b. 1;<< c. 2444 d. 2442 <<. +he ff. are possible penalties for failing to use generic names in writing prescriptions '()'*+ a. 9eprimand b. *ecuniary fine c. Auspension of license d. Imprisonment <;. +he )ongress, who ma&es laws for the country, is under what branch of the government! a. 'xecutive b. Cegislative c. :udicial d. $one of the above ;4. A will that is entirely written by the testator without any particular form and need not be witnessed a. $otarial will b. =olographic will c. $uncupative will d. $one of the above ;1. 8ho among the ff. is 0ualified to ma&e a will! a. A 17yr old male b. A 24yr old female with unsound mind c. A married woman without the husbands consent d. $one of the above ;2. 8hich of the ff. is true regarding notarial will a. It can be oral or in writing b. $o witness is necessary c. It must be signed on each and every page d. 'ach page must be numbered as ?J1J, K2J, K%JL ;%. 8hich is the right thing to do when correcting an entry on a patients chart a. .raw a line through the error b. Insert the correction above or after the error c. 8rite KcorrectionJ or Kcorr.J, your initials, and the date d. All of the above ;-. 8hich is true regarding privileged communication a. It applies in malpractice cases b. +he information was necessary for the doctor to properly treat the patient c. +he information was ac0uired during a regular conversation d. It includes information that reveal the identity of a criminal ;1. *rivileged communication does $#+ include a. +he nature of the disease b. *rescriptions given c. Information on the patients clinical record d. 9eportable contagious diseases

;2. A clause in contracts that excuses a party from not performing their contractual obligations due to unforeseen events beyond their control a. Iuaranty b. /oilerplate c. 5orce majeure d. /reach ;7. 8hen one party of the contract accuses the other party of not following the terms of the contract a. Arbitration b. /reach c. /oilerplate d. 9ecitals ;<. 8hich of the following hospitals can be sued for negligent acts of its employees! a. *ublic hospital for governmental function b. Iovernment hospital for proprietary function c. *rivate charitable hospital d. All of the above ;;. =ow many days after receipt of notice of judgment shall the decision of the board become final and executory a. 1 days b. 14 days c. 11 days d. 24 days 144. 9efer to pecuniary loss suffered by a party a. Actual damages b. @oral damages c. $ominal damages d. )orrective damages 141. An extraordinary writ offering a limited form of review, its principal function being to &eep inferior tribunals within their jurisdiction. a. )ertiorari b. @andamus c. 9emedy d. *rohibition 142. A remedy that compels someone to do an act which is his duty to do. a. @andamus b. )ertiorary c. Injunction d. Buo warranto 14%. An administrative complaint may be filed against a dentist before the board or *9) for the ff. reasons '()'*+ a. Immoral conduct b. Illegal practice c. Insanity d. Iross negligence