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Hindustan Coca-Cola Bevera es !vt"Ltd# H$dera%ad"

A Project Report Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the A ard of the !e"ree of


Submitted by

*Re No+ ,-./01---1.2 Under the guidance of Mr. . BA!A RIS"NA# MBA Facu$ty in management %tudie%


ADB road# %uram&a$em# E.'.# ())* + ,).

ADITYA INSTITUTE OF!"3"STUDIES DE!ART)ENT OF BUSINESS )ANA3E)EN (Approved By Aicte, Affiliated To AU) Adit$a Na ar# ADB Road# SURA)!ALE)-/44045


Thi% i% to certify that the &ro-ect entit$ed .CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION6 i% the bonafide /or0 done by Mr. .BA!A RIS"NA # MBA during the &eriod ())*+,) in &artia$ fu$fi$$ment of the re1uirement for the a/ard of the Degree of )ASTER OF BUSINESS AD)INISTRATION IN ADITYA INSTITUTE OF !"3" STUDIES affi$iated to AU"


HEAD OF THE DE!ART)ENT o8 )BA )r" 7"NA3ENDRA &U)AR Facu$ty in management %tudie%

I hereby dec$are that thi% &ro-ect re&ort entit$ed A STUD2 ON 9CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION6 /ith reference to" HINDUSTAN COCA-COLA BE'ERA3E !vt" Ltd# at HYDERABAD# %ubmitted by me in &artia$ fu$fi$$ment of ma%ter of bu%ine%% admini%tration to the de&artment of M.B.A.# A.U.# Adit$a institute o8 !"3" studies# Suram&a$em# in genuine and bonafied /or0 done by me and it i% not &re3iou%$y %ubmitted by me for the a/ard any degree or di&$oma in any other In%titute or Uni3er%ity.



*&"S" 'IS(ANADHA)2 Re d No: *,-./01---1.2

I /ou$d $i0e to ta0e thi% o&&ortunity to e6&re%% my dee& and &rofound gratitude to the &eo&$e concerned /ho ha3e he$&ed me direct$y or indirect$y in %ucce%%fu$ com&$etion of thi% &ro-ect. I e6&re%% my %incere gratitude to Mr" 7" NA3ENDRA &U)AR# MBA# and head of the de&artment for gi3ing u% the o&&ortunity to do the &ro-ect /or0. I am than0fu$ to )r" &"BALA &RISHNA# MBA# for being my facu$ty guide and gratefu$ to hi% direction and in%&iration. I am than0fu$ to Sri !"!RATA!# mar0eting de3e$o&ment manager# and Sri N"RITHESH# Training manager# "INDUSTAN 7O7A+7O!A 48T !TD#

"2DERABAD# for &ro3iding me a$$ the nece%%ary information in carrying out my &ro-ect %tudy. !a%t but not $ea%t my %incere than0% to my &arent% and a$%o friend% /ho he$&ed me direct$y or indirect$y during our &ro-ect /or0.

4$ace5 Date5

*&"S"'IS(ANADHA)2 Regd.No. ,-./01---1.

Introduction Need 8or t;e stud$ O%<ectives )et;odolo $ Li=itations

T;e scenario o8 so8t drin> industr$ in India

Co=?an$ ?ro8ile.

T;eoretical Fra=e (or>

Data Anal$sis and Inter?retation

Findin s and Su Bi%lio ra?;$ estion


Non+a$coho$ic %oft drin0 be3erage mar0et can be di3ided into fruit drin0% and %oft drin0%. Soft drin0% are a3ai$ab$e in g$a%% bott$e%# a$uminum can%# 4ET bott$e% or

di%&o%a$ container% can be di3ided into carbonated and non+carbonated drin0%. Soft drin0% are being manufactured %ince %o $ong. There are 3ariou% f$a3or% in %oft drin0%

that are $emon# orange# mango and co$a. In India# aerated /ater a$%o 0no/n a% .SODA9 /a% introduced %ince time in memoria$. Soft drin0% may be di3ided into t/o c$a%%e% name$y ,. Aerated tab$e /ater% (. Efficient be3erage%.

The efficient be3erage% are f$a3ored and are 0no/n a% Soda :ater. In ,;<( in &roducing dated minera$ %&ring /ater $arge %ca$e manufacturer% of accurate /ater /a% %tarted by .4AU!9 at 'ene3a after /ar% by .S"O: E44E9 in !ondon. In United State% of America# %&o0e%man added fruit -uice a% f$a3or and %oft drin0% indu%try from them. From the origina$ conce&tion of the irritation of the natura$ carbonate /ater% from %&ring%# the indu%try ha% broad needed to inc$ude the &roduction of created %/eet drin0% and %ub%titute% for be3erage% %uch a% idea# /hich are decorated by fermentation. The techni1ue% of $arge detached /ater /ere con%iderab$y im&ro3ed a% time being. Scientific and techno$ogica$ &rogre%% ha% charged the &ha%e of e3eryday $ife of man and %oft drin0 indu%try i% not in e6ce&tion. The $ate%t %cience and techno$ogy ha% im&ro3ed the 1ua$ity a% /e$$ a% the 1uantity of &roduction. The incredib$e &rogre%% i%

a$%o achie3ed in tran%&ortation of %oft drin0% that i% di%tribution to e3ery ma%0 and corner of the country. In 3ie/ of the ra&id &rogre%% and the %&read of %oft drin0 &roduction%# the indu%try date% to the ta%te% and need% of con%umer% and indu%try are $arge dimen%ion%. 7o$a# !emon and orange% are carbonated drin0% and inc$ude mango drin0% .Soft drin0% can a$%o be di3ided into co$a &roduct%. 7o$a &roduct% $i0e non+carbonated drin0% 7o$a &roduct% and non+

4e&%i# 7oca+7o$a# Thum&% U&# and Diet 7o0e#

Diet 4e&%i etc. Account for near$y =,+=(> of the tota$ %of drin0% mar0et. Non+7o$a &roduct% con%titute ?=># and ba%ed on the ty&e% into Orange# 7$oudy !ime# 7$ear !ime and Mango. of f$a3or% a3ai$ab$e can be di3ided


The entire %oft drin0 indu%try can broad$y be c$a%%ified into t/o head% a% fo$$o/%# Organi@ed and Un+ organi@ed. The organi@ed %ector can be further di3ided into carbonated Abott$ed %oft drin0B and Non+carbonated Atetra &ac0%# concentrate% and other %1ua%he%B. The unorgani@ed %ector can be identified /ith go$i %oda# $a%%ie%# fruit -uice% etc. Out of the abo3e the bott$ed carbonated %oft drin0 indu%try i% a fa%t gro/ing mar0et /hich inc$ude% a$$ ty&e of non a$coho$ic carbonated f$a3ored and %/eetened be3erage%. The carbonated %oft drin0% are mo%t$y a3ai$ab$e in g$a%% bott$e%# gi3e+ a/ay bott$e%# can%# &et%# di%&en%er% and are a3ai$ab$e in a 3ariety of f$a3or%# under different brand name%# in different 1uantitie%. The turno3er of India %oft drin0 indu%try in 3a$ue term% ha% been e%timated to be around R%.,*)) core% /ith ? $a0h retai$er% a$$ o3er the country.

Entr$ o8 )ulti-nationals into Indian So8t Drin> )ar>et The entry of mu$ti+ nationa$% ha% changed the %cenario of the %oft drin0 indu%try /ith a $ot of re3o$utionary change% in 1uantity# &ac0age%# &rice% and other &roduct mi6e%. The indu%try i% going on a %tiff com&etition. 4e&%i /a% the fir%t to enter the Indian %oft drin0 mar0et in May ,;;) /ith an initia$ in3e%tment of R%. C)) core%. It reentered into mar0et A4e&%i had it% mar0eting o&eration% in India during ear$y =)D%B in the name of 4e&%i Food% $imited# ad-oin% 3enture bet/een 4e&%i Incor&oration of U.%.# /hich i% ho$ding E)> of the e1uity# 3o$ta% and the 4un-ab Agra Indu%trie% 7or&oration A4AI7B# each /ith an e1uity of (E> and ?=> re%&ecti3e$y. It $aunched it% acti3itie% in a &ha%ed manner and introduced it% brand% in acce&ted f$a3or% AThum% u& in co$a f$a3or# !imca /ith $emon f$a3or# Maa@a /ith mango f$a3or# Fanta /ith orange f$a3or# 7oca+7o$a /ith co$a f$a3or and S&rite /ith c$ear $ime f$a3our are /ide$y acce&ted f$a3or% in the mar0etB under it% o/n brand name% a% 4e&%i# <+U&# Mirinda# S$ice etc in different &ac0age% to attract the different con%umer %egment%. After it% $aunch# 4e&%i 7om&any ha% e%tab$i%hed ,, o/n bott$ing &$ant% and ,C franchi%e% bac0ed by ,#C)) inde&endent %a$e%# di%tribution %er3ing o3er ? $a0h% retai$er%# 4e&%i ha% a (=C of e1uity in the o3era$$ %oft drin0 mar0et. 7oca+7o$a on the other hand# had re+entered into India in ,;;?# by %igning a %trategic agreement% /ith 4ar$e E6&ort% !td# the then $eading indigenou% %oft drin0 com&any. :ith thi% tie+u&# 7oca+7o$a o3ernight &enetrated into the mar0et# contro$$ing a ma-or &art in3e%tment of R%. (C) crore%. Unti$ 7oca+7o$a entered the

%cene the bu%ine%% /a% gro/ing at fair$y %edate &ace of C>. But after the entry of 7o0e the gro/th rate /a% ho$d u& to ,C>. :ith the gro/th rate @ooming into

doub$e digit% bott$er% ha3e been &ro&e$$ed into e6&anding ca&acitie%. 7oca+7o$a reache% the con%umer in a /ho$e ne/ range of &ac0age%# %uch a% (C)m$ can%# , $tr Returnab$e g$a%% bott$e% and ,.C $tr. 4ET bott$e%. &ac0age% a$%o inc$ude ())m$. Tumb$er /hich i% a ne/ 4ac0 to the mar0et. 7oca+7o$a recent$y# had obtained a c$earance from the cabinet to in3e%t F<)) mi$$ion AR%.(#E)) crore%B A/hich i% three time% of 4e&%iD% in3e%tmentB to %et u& t/o ne/ %ub%idiarie%. The in3e%tment% /i$$ a$%o be cana$i@ed main$y bee&ing u& the bott$ing %y%tem and di%tributing and mar0eting. To tho%e /ho critici@e the com&any for being %$o/ mo3ing the difference i% that they /ant to get the %trategy right fir%t# bui$d a %trong foundation before mo3ing ahead. The %u&&$y %ide infra%tructure ha% a$%o to be %trengthened /ith 3o$ume% reaching a critica$ ma%% 7adbury Sch/e&&e% Be3erage% &ri3ate $imited i% the ?rd %oft drin0 com&any that entered in the India mar0et. It i% a Briti%h cong$omerate and the bigge%t non+co$a com&any in the /or$d /hich entered the co$a %egment /ith a brand ca$$ed %&ort co$a in ?)) m$ and /a% &riced ()> chea&er than other created %oft drin0%. It ha% tied on a$$ the bott$er% co0e $eft behind in India year% ago. Sch/e&&e% c$aimed ? rd &o%ition in Indian %oft drin0 indu%try and i% continuou%$y %tri3ing to retain it% &o%ition through it% 3a%t mar0eting acti3itie%. The ne/

T/o foreign com&anie%# i.e.# 7oca+7o$a and 4e&%i# contro$ the Indian %oft drin0 mar0et for a$$ &ractica$ &ur&o%e% today in India. One i% not %ure /hether it i% good or bad# but it i% intere%ting that# 7oca+co$a and 4e&%i# becau%e of their huge in3e%tment in India %ub%e1uent$y e6&anded the Indian %oft drin0 mar0et.


The 'o3ernment of India ha% con%idered the %oft drin0 a% non+e%%entia$. A% a re%u$t# the 'o3ernment on the bott$ed %oft drin0 $e3ied hea3y e6ci%e duty. Today %oft drin0 co%t% R%.< to R%. E* ba%ed on the 1ua$ity to the cu%tomer%. "o/e3er# in a country $i0e India /here E)> of the &o&u$ation e6i%t% be$o/ &o3erty $ine cannot afford %uch &rice. A% a re%u$t the trading acti3ity of the %oft drin0% are concentrated in and around ma-or to/n% and citie% /here the &urcha%ing &o/er of the &eo&$e and %tandard of $i3ing i% high.

'ro/th rate of thi% indu%try in India i% a$%o not encouraging. Infact# date from the Mini%try of Food 4roce%%ing %ho/ that gro/th rate in the %oft drin0 mar0et /a% the minimum in ,;;=. 7hange% in techno$ogy and con%umer ta%ted brought about many change% in the Indian %oft drin0 indu%try from the time of introduction of %oft drin0 in India ti$$ today.


To find out the different &roduct% that i% being offered by co0e though out the /or$d. To 0no/ different ty&e% of channe$% of di%tribution the co0e i% &re%ent$y u%ing for it% %a$e% and di%tribution. To under%tand the criteria of %e$ection of di%tributor% in "indu%tan 7oco 7o$a Be3erage% 43t !imited. To mea%ure the affecti3e ne%% of di%tribution channe$ in achie3ing the o3era$$ ob-ecti3e% of 7oco+7o$a. To e3a$uate the co%t effecti3ene%% of maintaining the di%tribution channe$%


The &re%ent %tudy i% conducted con%idering the fo$$o/ing a%&ect%. Fir%t$y

8i%a0ha&atnam i% a &er%&ecti3e of %oft drin0 mar0eting in the country# /hich i% high$y &romi%ing /ith a $ot of &otentia$# /hich i% to be ta&&ed. Second$y# the beha3iour of the target con%umer% are high$y 3ibrant %ho/ing the &a%t mo3ement in thi% $ife that i% a$%o mar0et dri3e. The mar0eting ha% Accom&anied to re&re%entation%# both forma$ and informa$ mar0eting. "a3ing con%idered one by one of both con%umer and retai$er in &re%ent day mar0et an attem&t /a% made to %tudy the &erce&tion of both con%umer% and retai$er% on the channe$% of di%tribution of 7oca+7o$a brand% in genera$ and mar0et %hare of co0e in 8i%a0ha&atnam.

Soft drin0 indu%try ha% got a %&ecia$ &$ace in mar0eting con%umer &roduct. :or$d o3er# the mar0et ri3a$ry bet/een internationa$ giant% $i0e 7o0e and 4e&%i are /ide$y 0no/n a% co$d /ar%. Indian %oft drin0 indu%try i% dominated fe/ &$ayer% $i0e 4ar$e drin0% etcG. That /ith the $ibera$i@ation in ,;;)D% in the Indian Economy# the com&etitor% in thi% indu%try ha3e increa%ed tremendou%$y and the end con%umer had got the /ide range of chief choice% among.

It i% the time to ta0e the %te&% to im&ro3e the mar0et %hare of the 7o0e &roduct%. "ence focu% had $aid on it% mar0eting function% $i0e channe$% of di%tribution

The methodo$ogy fo$$o/ed /ith regard to the co$$ection of information re$e3ant to the &ro-ect /or0 entit$ed 7hanne$% of Di%tribution i% main$y from t/o %ource%.

!RI)ARY A %ur3ey /ith ,)) re%&ondent% ha% been conducted in the 8i%a0ha&atnam mar0et /ith a 1ue%tionnaire con%i%ting of (C 1ue%tion% on information regarding5 Demogra&hy# &rice# %er3ice fre1uency# &referred di%tribution channe$%# effecti3ene%% of ad3erti%ement# brand a/arene%%# &roduct feature%# etc.#/a% &re&ared and made u%e of. The &rimary data /a% a$%o co$$ected from the com&any and the cu%tomer% by the 4erforma gi3en by the com&any .

SECONDARY Information ha% been co$$ected through maga@ine%# ad3erti%ement# ne/%&a&er%# com&any Annua$ re&ort%# com&anyD% brochure%# manua$% # -ourna$% and a$%o from the /eb%ite% of "indu%tan 7oca+ 7o$a Be3erage% 43t !td.


A carefu$ ana$y%i% on obtained data ha% been done. The data obtained i% tabu$ated and conc$u%ion% are dra/n to %ugge%t the com&any for betterment. The re&ort contain% a $i%t of tab$e%# $ayer%# abbre3iation% and $i%t of a&&endice%. It a$%o contain% bib$iogra&hy. The fir%t cha&ter of thi% re&ort contain% the introduction# need of the %tudy#%co&e#ob-ecti3e% of the %tudy# $imitation% and methodo$ogy u%ed in com&i$ing &ro-ect. Ty&e% of data# enumeration# %am&$e# &o&u$ation# &rimary data and %econdary data are a$$ c$ear$y defined in thi% cha&ter The %econd cha&ter inc$ude% the indu%try &rofi$e. It a$%o contain% information about the com&any. The &roduct% offered by co0e are gi3en in the re&ort. T;ird c;a?ter includes t;e t;eoretical 8ra=e Aor>" Fourth cha&ter# the main &art of thi% re&ort i% ana$y%i% and inter&retation. After conducting the %ur3ey through 1ue%tionnaire the ana$y%i% of re&ort% had been done. Thi% cha&ter contain% tab$e%# chart% for each and e3ery tab$e. To %ho/ the &ercentage of each &arameter inter&retation i% gi3en for each and e3ery tab$e. By thi% inter&retation the reader 0no/# ho/ the re%u$t% are arri3ed at. Inter&retation% offer the rea%on% for the re%&on%e% gi3en by re%&ond%. Fifth cha&ter contain% %ummary# finding% and %ugge%tion%. After ana$y@ing the data# the finding% or the fina$ re%u$t% in the &ercentage of &o&u$ation %ho/ing intere%t to/ard% coca+co$a are e3a$uated. Ba%ed on the re%u$t%# %ugge%tion% are gi3en to im&ro3e the effecti3ene%% of channe$% of di%tribution and the mar0et %hare of the com&any# in %oft drin0 %ector #etc..


:hi$e conducting the %ur3ey and &roceeding in the &ro-ect the fo$$o/ing $imitation% /ere encountered. The %tudy /a% on$y $imited to the 8i%a0ha&atnam unit of "indu%tan 7oca+ 7o$a Be3erage% 43t !td. The an%/er% gi3en by the re%&ondent% high$y de&end on the mood and intere%t and thu% the accuracy f$uctuate% %ometime%. The time /a% a big con%traint. The duration of * :ee0% /a% a &retty %hort time to conduct %uch %ur3ey. There i% $arge number of cu%tomer% to the com&any. But# due to $ac0 of time the %ur3ey had to be re%tricted to ,)) out$et% Ainc$uding di%tributor%# /hich are ,= in numberB on$y. Some time%# the re%&ondent did not co+o&erate /hi$e an%/ering the 1ue%tion%.


The term .%oft drin09 refer% to a$$ ty&e% of non+a$coho$ic# carbonated# %/eetened# f$a3ored be3erage%. They are a$$ artificia$$y %/eetened. The %oft drin0 indu%try ha% undergone many change% /ith changing con%umer need%# /ant% and a$%o changing 'o3ernment &o$icie%. Thi% formed the ba%i% for different inno3ation% in &ac0aging %uch a% bott$e%# can%# tetra &ac0% and &et bott$e% in a 3ariety of f$a3or%. Thi% %ector can be under%tood in more detai$ by the fo$$o/ing &oint%. Bac0ground Segmentation 7on%umer habit% and &ractice% Mar0et characteri%tic%

Bac> round
Non+a$coho$ic %oft drin0 be3erage mar0et can be di3ided into fruit drin0% and %oft drin0%. Soft drin0% can be further di3ided into carbonated and non+carbonated drin0%. 7o$a# $emon and orange% are carbonated drin0% /hi$e mango drin0% come

under non+carbonated category. The %oft drin0% mar0et ti$$ ear$y ,;;) /ere in the hand% of dome%tic &$ayer% $i0e 7am&a# Thum&% U&# !imca# etc.# but /ith the o&ening of the economy and $ibera$i@ation of economic &o$icie%# many foreign mu$tinationa$% %tarted 3enture% in India by buying o3er com&etitor%. Soft drin0% are a3ai$ab$e in g$a%% bott$e%# a$uminum can% and &et bott$e% for home

con%um&tion. Fountain% a$%o di%&en%e them in di%&o%ab$e container%. The t/o American co$a giant ha3e c$eared u& the arena and are bac0ing a$$ their &o/er behind the Indian franchi%e of their g$obe gird$ing brand%. :hi$e 4e&%i /hich %core% o3er 7o0e but thi% difference i% fa%t decrea%ing . 4e&%i entered into the Indian mar0et in ,;;, and 7o0e re+entered Aafter they /ere thro/n out in ,;<<# by the 7entra$ 'o3ernmentB in ,;;?. 4e&%i ha% been targeting it% &roduct% to/ard% the youth and it ha% %truc0 the right chord /ith the mar0et# and the %a$e% ha3e been doing /e$$ by %tic0ing to thi% youth band/agon. They had %tarted under%tanding the &u$%e of the Indian con%umer%.

Se =entation
The %oft drin0 mar0et can be %egmented on the ba%i% of &$ace of con%um&tion or on the ba%i% of ty&e of &roduct%. The %egmentation on the ba%i% of &$ace of con%um&tion di3ide% the mar0et into t/o &art% ,. *)> of the con%um&tion of %oft drin0% i% on &remi%e i.e.# re%taurant%# rai$/ay %tation%# cinema theatre%# etc. (. Re%t of ()> of the mar0et com&romi%e% of the %oft drin0 &urcha%ed for con%um&tion at home. The mar0et can a$%o be %egmented on the ba%i% of ty&e% of &roduct% into co$a &roduct% and non+co$a &roduct%. ,. 7o$a &roduct% account for near$y =E> of the tota$ %oft drin0% mar0et. The brand% that fa$$ in thi% category are 4e&%i# 7oca+ 7o$a# Thum&% U&# Diet 7o0e# Diet 4e&%i# etc. (. Non+ 7o$a %egment# /hich con%titute% ?=># can be di3ided into E categorie% ba%ed on the ty&e% of f$a3or% a3ai$ab$e# name$y Orange 7$oudy $ime 7$ear $ime Mango

F$a3or% ba%ed %oft drin0% con%titute around ,<> of the mar0et. The %egment i% $arge$y dominated by nationa$ brand% $i0e Fanta of 7oca+ 7o$a and Mirinda Orange of 4e&%i com&any# /hich co$$ecti3e$y form ,C> of the mar0et. Re%t of the mar0et i% in hand% of %ma$$er brand% $i0e 7ru%hA ear$ier of 7adbuary Sch/e&&e% and no/ of 7oca+ 7o$aB# 'o$d S&ot# etc.

F$a3or con%titute% ,E> of the mar0et and i% $arge$y dominated by !imca of 7oca+ 7o$a and Merinda !emon of 4e&%i com&any. !imca i% the mar0et $eader /ith around <)+<C> of the mar0et fo$$o/ed by Mirinda !emon.

Thi% %egment of the mar0et /itne%%ed good gro/th initia$$y /ith a$$ the &$ayer% $aunching their brand% in the %egment. But no/ the gro/th in the %egment ha% %$o/ed do/n. The brand% a3ai$ab$e in thi% %egment are <U&# Mountain De/ of 4e&%i# S&rite of 7oca+ 7o$a and 7anada DryA ear$ier of 7adbuary Sch/e&&e% and no/ of 7oca+ 7o$aB.The %egment con%titute% of the tota$ %oft drin0% mar0et.

Thi% f$a3or %egment con%titute% (> of the tota$ %oft drin0% mar0et and it direct$y com&ete% /ith mango ba%ed fruit drin0% $i0e Frooti. The $eading brand% in thi% %egment are Maa@a of 7oca+ 7o$a # S$ice of 4e&%i #Mango$a Aear$ier of Di0e% no/ of 4e&%i co.B. There i% 3ery thin $ine of difference bet/een the c$ear and c$oudy $ime. The mo%t ob3iou% feature i% that c$ear $ime ha% to be bott$ed in green bott$e% a% %un$ight harm% the drin0 and change% the ta%te. There are %ome %ma$$ $oca$ brand% at city or regiona$ $e3e$%. Mo%t of the%e are either merging /ith t/o big &$ayer% #7oca+ 7o$a and 4e&%i or they command a 3ery %ma$$ $e%% than ?> of the tota$ mar0et in their re%&ecti3e area%.


4ar$e# 7o0e and 4e&%i dominated the Indian %oft drin0 mar0et in the en%uing day%. 7oca+ 7o$a &urcha%ed 4ar$eD% brand% %uch a% Thum&% U&# !imca# 'o$d S&ot# etc.# a$ong /ith it% di%tribution net/or0 in ,;;?. Brands availa%le Ait; coca-cola and its co=?etitors are as 8olloAs"



7o0e Thum% u&

Oran e

)an o

Cloud$ le=on

Clear le=on









Mirinda S$ice ++++

4e&%i Aha S&int



Mc do/e$%






Soft drin0% come under the category of &roduct% &urcha%e in im&u$%e. Though the mar0et i% marred by brand $oya$ity the &urcha%ed deci%ion it%e$f i% a $o/ in3o$3ement deci%ion. Thi% attitude of im&u$%e buying i% %$o/$y changing to occa%ion+ $ed buying and a$%o to %ome e6tent to con%um&tion through home refrigeration &articu$ar$y in urban area%. The mar0et i% %$o/$y mo3ing from non a$coho$ic carbonated drin0% to fruit ba%ed drin0% and a$%o to &$ain bott$ed /ater due to $o/er &rice and ready a3ai$abi$ity.

7on%umer% &urcha%e %oft drin0% to 1uench thir%t. Therefore &eo&$e tra3e$ing and not beha3ing acce%% to hygienic /ater reach out for %oft drin0%. Thi% account% for a $arge &art of %a$e%.

Brand a/arene%% &$ay% a 3ery crucia$ ro$e in &urcha%e deci%ion%. 7on%umer% &refer con3enient and economy &roduct%.

A3ai$abi$ity in the chi$$ed form effect% the &urcha%e deci%ion. Thi% had made both the com&anie% to &u%h it% %a$e% and to increa%e it% retai$ di%tribution by offering coo$er% to retai$er%.

Though there i% no a3er%ion in con%um&tion of %oft drin0% by any age grou&# the main con%umer% of thi% mar0et are &eo&$e in the age grou& of ?) and be$o/.

4roduct differentiation i% 3ery $o/# a% a$$ the &roduct% ta%te the %ame# but brand $oya$ty i% high in the ca%e of 0id% and &eo&$e in the age grou& of ()+ ?) year%.

7on%umer% are %en%iti3e to the out$ay /here the &urcha%e of be3erage% i% concerned# hence the mar0et i% &rice %en%iti3e.

Due to the high co%t of %oft drin0%# con%umer% &refer be3erage% $i0e tea# coffee or other drin0% $i0e %herbet and %1ua%he%. The mar0et gro/th of ((> ti$$ $a%t year ha% got %tif$ed due to high

e6ci%e duty of E)> $eading to higher &rice of the end &roduct.

The %oft drin0 mar0et i% high$y %0e/ed in term% of &$ace of con%um&tion # regiona$ di%tribution and %oft drin0 f$a3or% . :hi$e *)> of the con%um&tion i% im&u$%e ba%ed out%ide home # ()> come% from con%um&tion at home. Thi% trend i% %$o/$y changing /ith increa%e in occa%ion $ed %a$e%. 7hanging $ife%ty$e# increa%ing urbani@ation and im&act of $ibera$i@ation ha% %$o/$y and gradua$$y %tared mo3ing the mar0et from im&u$%e $ed to occa%ion $ed home refrigeration $ed con%um&tion. The mar0et &reference i% high$y regiona$ ba%e. :hi$e 7o$a drin0% ha3e main mar0et% in metro citie% and northern %tate% $i0e U4# 4un-ab# "aryana# etc. orange f$a3ored drin0% are &o&u$ar in Southern %tate%. Soda% too are %o$d $arge$y in %outhern %tate% decide% %a$e through bar% . :e%tern mar0et% ha3e &reference to/ard% mango+f$a3ored drin0%. Diet 7o0e &re%ent$y con%titute% -u%t ).<> of the tota$ carbonated be3erage mar0et.


T;e Coca-Cola Co=?an$ i% one of the $arge%t manufacturer%# di%tributor% and mar0eter% of non a$coho$ic be3erage concentrate% and %yru&% in the /or$d. The com&any i% be%t 0no/n for it% f$ag%hi& &roduct 7oca+7o$a# in3ented by &harmaci%t Hohn Smith 4emberton in ,**=. It /a% initia$$y %o$d a% a &atent medicine for fi3e cent% a g$a%% at %oda fountain%# /hich /ere &o&u$ar in the United State% at the time due to the be$ief that carbonated /ater /a% good for the hea$th 4emberton ran the fir%t ad3erti%ement for the be3erage on May (; of the %ame year in the At$anta Hourna$. For the fir%t eight month% on$y nine drin0% /ere %o$d each day.

The 7oca+7o$a formu$a and brand /a% bought in ,**; by A%a 7and$er /ho incor&orated The 7oca+7o$a 7om&any in ,*;(.Be%ide% it% name %a0e 7oca+7o$a be3erage# 7oca+7o$a current$y offer% near$y E)) brand% in o3er ()) countrie% or territory.


Diet 7o0e /a% introduced in ,;*( to offer an a$ternati3e to dieter% /orried about the high number of ca$orie% &re%ent in regu$ar 7oca+7o$a. The 7oca+7o$a 7om&any ha%# on occa%ion# introduced other co$a drin0% under the 7o0e brand name. The mo%t common of the%e i% Diet 7o0e# /hich ha% become a ma-or diet co$a. "o/e3er# other% e6i%t# inc$uding Diet 7o0e 7affeine+Free# 7herry 7o0e# 7oca+7o$a Iero# 8ani$$a 7o0e and %&ecia$ edition% /ith $emon and /ith $ime and e3en /ith coffee.

Diet 7o0e A ,;*(B 7herry 7o0e A,;*CB Diet 7herry 7o0e A,;*=B 7o0e /ith !emon A()),B Diet 7o0e /ith !emon A()),B 8ani$$a 7o0e A())(B Diet 8ani$$a 7o0e A())(B 7oca+7o$a 7( A())EB 7o0e /ith !ime A())EB

Diet 7o0e /ith !ime A())EB Diet 7o0e S/eetened /ith S&$endid A())CB 7oca+7o$a Iero A())CB 7oca+7o$a B$ac0 7herry 8ani$$a A())=B Diet 7oca+7o$a B$ac0 7herry 8ani$$a A())=B 7oca+7o$a B$ac0 A())=B Diet 7o0e 4$u% A())<B 7oca+7o$a Orange A())<B The 7oca+7o$a 7om&any a$%o &roduce% a number of other %oft drin0% inc$uding

Fanta Aintroduced around ,;E( or ,;E?B and S&rite. During the ,;;)%# the com&any re%&onded to the gro/ing con%umer intere%t in hea$thy be3erage% by introducing %e3era$ ne/ non+carbonated be3erage brand%. The%e inc$uded Minute Maid Huice%# %&ort% be3erage# f$a3ored tea Ne%tea Ain a -oint 3enture /ith Ne%t$eB# Fruito&ia fruit drin0 and Da%ani /ater# among other%. In ()),# Minute Maid di3i%ion $aunched the Sim&$y Orange brand of -uice% inc$uding orange -uice. 7oca+7o$a i% the be%t+%e$$ing %oft drin0 in mo%t countrie%. :hi$e the Midd$e Ea%t i% one of the on$y region% in the /or$d /here 7oca+7o$a i% not the number one %oda drin0# 7oca+7o$a nonethe$e%% ho$d% a$mo%t (C> mar0et %hare Ato 4e&%iJ% <C>B and had doub$e+digit gro/th in ())?.Some c$aim 7o0e i% $e%% &o&u$ar in India due to %u%&icion%

regarding the hea$th %tandard% of the drin0. "o/e3er# mar0et %hare data doe% not bac0 thi% 3ie/. S&ecifica$$y# in ())C# 7oca+7o$a IndiaJ% mar0et %hare /a% =).;>. "o/e3er# Thum%U&# a brand ac1uired by The 7oca+7o$a 7om&any# contribute% a ma-or &art of thi% mar0et %hare rather than 7o0e In regard% to en3ironmenta$ i%%ue% in India# there ha% been a contro3er%y o3er &e%ticide% &o%%ib$y %ho/ing u& in the &roduct# a% /e$$ a% the com&anyJ% o3er u%e of $oca$ /ater %u&&$ie% in %ome $ocation%

Co=?an$Bs !rinci?les !rinci?le 15

The %ymbo$ of 1ua$ity e3erything a%%ociated /ith the trademar0% of coca+co$a com&any ref$ect% the com&anyD% &o%ition of $eader%hi& and 1ua$ity

!rinci?le ,5
7u%tomer and con%umer %ati%faction inherent in the &roduct% and %er3ice% a%%ociated /ith the coca+co$a com&any i% de%ire to attain the highe%t $e3e$ of cu%tomer and con%umer %ati%faction.

!rinci?le 45
A re%&on%ib$e citi@en of the /or$d the coca+co$a com&any i% a re%&on%ib$e cor&orate citi@en i% a$$ acti3itie% a%%ociated /ith it% &roduct% and trademar0%.


1..15 Ata$nta entre&reneur 7and$er had ac1uired com&$ete o/ner%hi& of coca+co$a bu%ine%%.:ithin four year%#7and$erD% i% merchandi%ing f$air he$&ed e6&and con%um&tion of 7oca+7o$a to e3ery %tate and territory. 1.C45 In Hanuary .7oca+7o$a9 /a% regi%tered in the U.S.&atent office. 1.C05 The fir%t %yru& &$ant out%ide of At$anta /a% o&ened in Da$$a%. 1C-@5 The fir%t t/o countrie% out%ide% the U.S. to bott$e 7oca+7o$a /ere 7uba and 4anama 1C1/5 The root g$a%% com&any crated the 7oca+7o$a contour g$a%% bott$e. 1C155 Three mi$$ion co0e% %o$d &er day.97oca+7o$a9 became the /or$dD% mo%t recogni@ed trademar0 1C1C5 The 7oca+7o$a 7om&any /a% %o$d to a grou& of in3e%tor% for F(C mi$$ion. 1C,45 Robert /./oodruff became the &re%ident of the 7oca+7o$a 7om&any. 1C,/5= mi$$ion 7o0e% %o$d &er day. 1C,55 The fir%t 7oca+7o$a radio ad3erti%ement. 1C,.5 Sa$e% of bott$ed 7oca+7o$a %ur&a%%ed fountain %a$e% for the fir%t time. 1C,C5 Ad3erti%ing %$ogan 9 7oca+7o$a# ma0ing good thing% ta%te better9

1C@15 S&rite /a% introduced. 1C5-5 Ad3erti%ing %$ogan9ItD% the rea$ thing9. 1C515 the %ong .IDd $i0e to buy the /or$d a 7o0e9 /a% re$ea%ed. 1C5C5 Ad3erti%ing %$ogan 9"a3e a co0e and %mi$e9 1C.,5 Diet co0e /a% introduced in Hu$y. 1C..5 7oca+7o$a /a% the fir%t inde&endent o&erator in the So3iet Union. 1C.C5 Ad3erti%ing %$ogan .7anDt beat the fee$ing9 1CC45 7oca+7o$a e6ceed% ,) bi$$ion ca%e% %o$d /or$d /ide. 1CC/5 The Rea$ Thing+ Ad3erti%ing cam&aign 1CC.5 7o0e c$a%%ic add% C;.? mi$$ion ca%e% com&ared to the &re3iou% year. ,--15 7oca+7o$a /ith $emon /a% $aunched. ,--,5 7oca+7o$a 3ani$$a /a% $aunched. ,--/5 'o$den 4eacoc0 A/ard on en3ironment management. ,--@5 Be3erage 4artner% :or$d :ide AB4:B -oint 3enture to refocu% o b$ac0 tea &$atform

,--55 7oca+7o$a &urcha%ed '$aceau# a ma0er of f$a3ored 3itamin enhanced drin0%.

,--.5 The 7oca+7o$a 'o$den S&oon a/ard.


The /or$dD% $arge%t %e$$ing %oft drin0 concentrate% %ince ,**=# returned to India in ,;;? after a ga& of ,= year% gi3ing a ne/ thumb% u& to the Indian Soft Drin0 Mar0et. In the %ame year# the 7om&any too0 o3er o/ner%hi& of the NationJ% to& %oft+drin0 brand% and bott$ing net/or0. E3er Since# 7oca+7o$a India ha% made %ignificant in3e%tment% to bui$d and continua$$y con%o$idate it% bu%ine%% in the country# inc$uding ne/ &roduction faci$itie%# /a%te /ater treatment &$ant%# di%tribution %y%tem% and mar0eting channe$%. 7oca+7o$a India i% among the countryD% to& internationa$ in3e%tor%# ha3ing in3e%ted more than USF , bi$$ion in India /ithin a decade of it% &re%ence and further &$edged another USF ,)) mi$$ion in ())? for it% o&eration%. The 7om&any ha% not on$y %ha0ed u& the Indian carbonated drin0% mar0et# and gi3en con%umer% the &$ea%ure of /or$d+c$a%% drin0% to fi$$ u& their hydration# refre%hment K nutrition need% but ha% a$%o been in%trumenta$ in gi3ing an e6&onentia$ gro/th to -ob o&&ortunitie% On the di%tribution front# ,)+tonne truc0%# o&en+bay three+ /hee$er% that can na3igate the narro/ a$$ey/ay% of Indian citie% con%tant$y 0ee& the brand% a3ai$ab$e in e3ery noo0 and corner of e3en the countryD% remote%t area%.

Some of the mo%t reca$$ed brand% acro%% the /or$d inc$ude name% %uch a% 7oca+ 7o$a# Diet 7o0e# S&rite# Fanta# a$ong /ith the Sch/e&&e% &roduct range. The ac1ui%ition of Thum% U& brought %ome of the $eading nationa$ %oft drin0% $i0e Thum% U&# !imca# Maa@a# 7itra and 'o$d S&ot under it% umbre$$a. To add to thi%# /a% $aunched in the year ())). The 7om&any ran0ing u& D8irstsD in the introduction of canned and !ET so8tdrin>s su??orters vendin =ac;ines and %ac>?ac> dis?ensers 8or croAds o8 cric>et in$ey minera$ /ater

Honest$ Inte rit$ Diversit$ Eualit$ Res?ect Res?onsi%ilit$



T;is ;as %een devised %$ ;avin t;ree ?rinci?les in =ind" T;e$ are+
,B Symbo$ of 1ua$ity &rinci&$e. (B 7u%tomer and con%umer %ati%faction &rinci&$e. ?B Re%&on%ib$e citi@en of the /or$d.

4O!I72 ,5 4hy%ica$ faci$itie% and &eo&$e. 4O!I72 (5 Ad3erti%ing and Mar0et &$ace. 4O!I72 ?5 4rotection of &roduct%# ingredient%# &roce%%e% and information 4O!I72 E5 4re3ent unauthori@ed u%e of trademar0ed materia$. 4O!I72 C5 Auditing and monitoring &rogrammer%. 4O!I72 =5 7$ean and hygienic condition%. 4O!I72 <5 Standard% and %&ecification. 4O!I72 *5 Storage# hand$ing# and di%tribution of ingredient%# fina$ &roduct% and &ac0aging materia$%. 4O!I72 ;5 Documenting &o$icie%# %tandard% and &rocedure%. 4O!I72 ,)5 O&erationa$ fitne%%. 4O!I72 ,,5 Bu%ine%% goa$% and ob-ecti3e%.

4O!I72 ,(5 7u%tomer and con%umer &rogrammed. 4O!I72 ,?5 4roduct age. 4O!I72 ,E5 7om&$y /ith food $a/% and regu$atory re1uirement%. 4O!I72 ,C5 En3ironmenta$$y re%&on%ib$e.


7oca+7o$a /in% Bhagidari A/ard+ Fourth time in a ro/. St. Agne% 7o$$ege AManga$ore Uni3er%ityB :in% The Fir%t Himmy K Ro%a$ynn 7arter 4artner%hi& A/ard In India.

:or$d En3ironment Foundation A/ard% L ())C 'o$den 4eacoc0 En3ironment Management A/ard to a$adera unit.

A$$ India Di3i%ion 7OBOD% are no/ ISO ,E)), certified.


Co=?an$ ?ro8ile

Hindustan CocaFCola Bevera es !vt" Ltd.# "yderabad i% a cor&orate branch of the coca L 7o$a 7om&any regi%tered in North At$anta# North America. The ba%ic unit i% di3ided into fi3e @one% a$$ together.

T;e$ are+
North America Africa !atin America Euro&e Eura%ia Midd$e L Ea%t A%ia

The &re%ent "yderabad unit i% under A%ia @one of the di3i%ion of India. In India there are around CC unit% A&$ant%B and in Andhra 4rade%h there are C &$ant% name$y 8i%a0ha&atnam 8i-aya/ada Ne$$ore a$aha%thi


It a$$ the %tarted in the year ,;=< It /a% %tarted a% a %ma$$ unit in the indu%tria$ e%tate /ith a% many a% of em&$oyee%. A% the day /ent by the %ame &$ant /a% made into big &$ant /ith the he$& of 'o3ernment and it /a% ca$$ed a% .Ameen &ur bott$ing 7om&any9. A$$ thi% a% further im&ro3ed /ith the he$& of the ta0ing of the ta%0 of becoming the %o$e franchi%e of the 4ar$e &roduct%. Then it came to be ca$$ed a% the 'o$d S&ot 7om&any. They /ere manufacturing a$$ &roduct% of the 4ar$e. The dea$ /a% %truc0 and it /a% ac1uired by the 7oca 7o$a in the year ,;;(. From then on it became a %o$e authority to the &ro&erty of the 8B7 and %ince then it /a% o&erating a% a fu$$y o/ned com&any. Thi% &$ant o&erate% /ith around ()) &ermanent em&$oyee% and ,)) $aborer%. The &$ant i% $ocated at the &icture%1ue $ocation of manchu0onda garden% and it rund% to around () acre% of $and. The &$ant $ay out i% gi3en be$o/ /hich de&ict% the e6tent of care ta0en by the management. The entire &$ant i% di3ided into E %egment%.

T;e$ are
,. (. ?. E. :ater treatment &$ant Syru& &re&aration &$ant 7arbon dio6ide &re&aration &$ant Admini%tration

The com&any ha% in%ta$$ed a %emi automatic &$ant $ayout. The &re%ent ca&acity of the &$ant i% =)) crate M hr i.e.# E#*)) crate% &er %hift of * hr. During the month% of March to Hune due to &ea0 demand# the &$ant i% fu$$ ca&acity i.e.# C#C)) crate% &er %hift# /ith an e6tended %hift of ,( hr. During the other month% of &roduction &er %hift i% ?# ?))) crate% &er %hift.

The &roduction %chedu$e fi6ed dai$y by ta0ing into con%ideration the mar0et demand# the a3ai$abi$ity of em&ty bott$e% and the in3entory &o%ition of fi$$ed bott$e%. The %torage ca&acity of the go do/n i% at &re%ent ;)#))) crate%# /hich a$%o $imit% the &roduction %chedu$e. The &roduction %chedu$e for each brand i% fi6ed dai$y. 4roduction i% genera$$y carried out in ( %hift%. In %ummer the demand reached it% &ea0 and

&roduction /i$$ be ( e6tended ,( hr %hift%.

Ra/ materia$% are the f$a3or% e%%ence concentrate %u&&$ied by 4ar$e# %ugar and /ater. Sugar i% &urcha%ed in bu$0 from the /ho$e%a$e %ugar mar0et. The re1uirement of %ugar for ()+(C &roduction day% i% 0e&t in %toc0 and re1uirement for a month i% indented in ad3ance. :ater re1uired i% met by munici&a$ %u&&$y# :ater from bore /e$$ and tube /e$$% i% a$%o u%ed /hen re1uired. :ater i% further treated /ith chemica$%.

4urified /ater i% then %ent through %tee$ &i&e% to a $arge container /hen 7O (I % directed to %ome e6tent () $iter%. Thi% i% further directed /here it i% mi6ed /ith %ugar and heated u& to *) degree centigrade i% in heat e6change. In the immediate &roce%% it $oo%e% heat. Then thi% %yru& i% directed to %yru& tan0% /here it mi6e% &ar$ey% e%%ence at their &ro&ortion. Thi% $i1uid i% fi$$ed in bott$e% /hich are fir%t /a%hed /ith %oa&. !ater /ith a di$ute %o$ution of %oa& in a bott$e /a%her. Then they are fi$$ed and ca&&ed at fi$$er and cro/ing unit%. 7a&acity of fi$$er and cro/ing unit% i% (*) bott$ed &er minute Bott$e and ca&% are %u&&$ied by %&ecia$i@ed firm% $i0e !KT and meta$ bo6 India !td.#


:ater Treatment Ra/ Syru& Ma0ing Ready Syru& Ma0ing Bott$ing 4roce%% Nua$ity 7ontro$

:ater Sugar 7arbon+dio6ide A7O(B F$a3our Afor %oda# on$y /ater# 7O( in u%edB

The /ater i% from /e$$ and i% %tored in under ground tan0. "ere /ater i% ch$orinated# $ater it goe% into t/o different tan0% through &i&e$ine%. The /ater i% t/o ty&e%# one i% %oft drin0 and another one i% treated /ater. The /ater i% ta0en through a &i&e$ine and fi$tered to remo3e %u%&end im&uritie% and the /ater &a%%e% through carbon &urifier to remo3e ch$orine# &re%ent in the /ater. Then# it i% &a%%ed through action e6changer# /here minera$% /hich /ere in the /ater %tored. The /ater i% u%ed for bott$e /a%hing and /ater boi$ing &ur&o%e and %o on.

From the %econd &i&e$ine /ater i% &a%%ed and in%erted in the /a%hing machine. The /a%hing machine /a% con%i%t% of fi3e chamber%. In the fir%t %tage# i% &re/a%he%# the bott$e% are /a%hed /ith cau%tic mode at tem&erature of E) )+C)). The bott$e% are &a%%ed in the %econd chamber# &rimary tan0# /here they are again /a%hed /ith /ater at a tem&erature of <C)+*)). On the third chamber# %econdary tan0# /here the bott$e% are /a%hed /ith /ater at a $e%% tem&erature of E) )+C)) #ne6t goe% to "ydro Tan0# /here the /ater u%ed for the bott$e% are /a%hed /ith -et bru%he% and bott$e %&ring etc.# The fina$ chamber# the /ater tem&erature come do/n to (C ). The fina$ chamber# bott$e% are dried and then e-ected out. A$$ the%e &roce%% the time ta0ing i% () minute%. The ca&acity of /a%hing machine i% ,C) crate%. The e-ected bott$e% are &a%%e% on the con3eyor be$t /hich carrie% the bott$e% to the &ac0aging unit. The $i1uid %yru& i% mi6ed /ith treated /ater in definite ratio by &um& in the &remi6. The mi6ture i% then chi$$ed by Ammonia chi$$er and the &a%%ed through

corborator /hich i% fi$$ed /ith 7O( 'a% at definite &re%%ure. Thi% %yru& ma0ing machine i% ca$$ed 7ROM2+EC# from Ha&an. The con3eyor be$t carrie% the %yru&. Then ne6t goe% to cro/ning machine do it% bu%ine%% Aca&&ingB. The%e ca&&ed bott$e% are e3ent through con3eyor be$t and fina$$y chec0ing i% there# ne6t &ac0age bott$e% are carried to 'odo/n%. The%e &ac0aged bott$er% are at a rate of (E) bott$e% &er minute.

7oca+ 7o$a being an MN7 ha% a /ide net/or0 and mar0et for it% &roduct% /or$d/ide. The finance to the com&any come% from the cor&orate office and financia$ in%titution abroad. The unit% /hich ha3e been %etu& in India are %ub%idiary concern% of the grou&. The%e unit% mobi$i@e their o/n fund% and &ay a $um&%om amount to the cor&orate grou& for getting techno$ogy and the &roduct %&ecification to be manufactured in the com&any# for /hich the formu$ation come% from the office %ituated abroad. A% the%e unit% are franchi%ee unit% of the com&any# the o/ner% of the%e com&anie%# ha3e to &erform indi3idua$$y in e%tab$i%hing the mar0et and in the di%tribution of the &roduct% in the area% %&ecified. The%e com&anie% are genera$$y %ituated in a economica$ &roce%%ing @one% AE4ID%B Are indu%tria$ unit% /here by they get %ub%idie% in 3ariou% form% from the 'o3t. a% /e$$ a% financia$ in%titution. The unit under %tudy ha% %ecured $oan% from the centra$ 'o3t. and A4EDA AMini%try of 7ommerceB for %etting u& it% unit at "yderabad


The $ayout of bott$ing &$ant in%ta$$ed by the com&any i% confirmed to &roduce on $ine $ayout. The machine% and e1ui&ment are arranged according to the %e1uence of o&eration%. The machine% and /or0er% are %&ecia$i@ed in the &erformance of %&ecific o&eration% %uch a% &re&aration of %yru& fi$$ing the bott$e%# aerating and %ea$ing the bott$e% /ith $i1uid. A$$ tho%e o&eration% are continuou% mo3ement. 8o$ume of &roduction i% ade1uate for rea%onab$e e1ui&ment uti$i@ation. Dem and for the &roduction brand% are rea%onab$e %tab$e. A$$ brand% are %tandardi@ed &roduct%. Su&&$y of materia$ in continuou%. Thi% ty&e of $ayout i% more ad3antageou% /hen com&ared to other $ayout.

Or aniGation structure+









GM: General Manager SM: Sales Manager ASM: Area sales Manger SLT: sales Team Leader MDE: Market developers

The com&any ta0e% great care to maintain the 1ua$ity of the &roduct% of their factory. The bott$e% are critica$$y e6amined for im&uritie% continuou%$y a% the bott$ed mo3e out. Random %am&$e% are ta0en e3ery ha$f an hour and %ub-ected to chemica$ ana$y%i% in the $aboratory. The f$a3or conce&t# %ugar &ercentage# %me$$# a&&earance and ta%te of the &roduct are chec0ed.

The entire route %y%tem ha% been de%igned in %uch a /ay that entire city i% co3ered and %a$e% are u& to the e6&ected $e3e$%# the route %y%tem ha% been one of the be%t &ractice% by the coca co$a a% it ha% many benefit% of the direct %e$$ing. The coca co$a route% ha3e been di3ided on the ba%i% of the geogra&hica$ %&read of the city and the region% near firm.

The acti3itie% are guided by Coca-Cola e&Os$ste=# /hich &ro3ide% a frame/or0 to tran%form thi% &rinci&$e in action%.

ToAards t;is o%<ective# it s;all endeavor to+

,. E%tab$i%h# maintain and o&erate faci$itie% to com&$y /ith a$$ a&&$icab$e En3ironmenta$ Safety and "ea$th $a/%# Statute% and 7on%ent%. (. Formu$ating %ound en3ironmenta$ ob-ecti3e% and target% and integrate a continuou% &roce%% re3ie/ in a$$ e%%entia$ e$ement% of cor&orate management. ?. 7on%er3ation of natura$ re%ource% %&ecifica$$y in /ater# energy and fue$ by continua$$y im&ro3ing it% u%age and reducing /a%tage. E. :or0ing a% cata$y%t to enhance co$$ection of &o%t con%umer 4ET bott$e% through a/arene%% &rogram% and %ynergi@ing re$e3ant agencie% for getting better &ricing to the con%umer. C. See0 co+o&eration /ith 4ub$ic# 4ri3ate and 'o3ernmenta$ Organi@ation% in identifying %o$ution% to re$e3ant en3ironmenta$ i%%ue%. =. Ad3erti%ing initiati3e% are to be critica$$y e3a$uated /hi$e ad3erti%ing in eco+ %en%iti3e area%O not &ut ad3erti%ement on "i%torica$ Monument%# Re$igiou%# 4o$itica$ Bui$ding% K Structure% and other %&ecia$$y &rotected and %en%iti3e area%. <. U%ing coo$ing e1ui&ment /ith en3ironmenta$$y friend$y techno$ogie%. *. Managing f$eet o&eration% in a manner to minimi@e en3ironmenta$ im&act% by en%uring good maintenance# im&ro3ing K trac0ing fue$ efficiency and effecti3e$y managing /a%te%.

;. En%uring 4rocurement &o$icie% that con%ider the en3ironmenta$ im&act of &ac0aging materia$% and a$$ direct and indirect &roce%% aid% u%ed /ithin the o&eration. ,). En%uring a$$ o&eration% im&$ement e O Management Sy%tem and re1uirement% under ISO ,E)), before December ())E. Thi% &o$icy ha% been communicated to a$$ a%%ociate% of 7oca+7o$a India to en%ure com&$iance and %ha$$ be made a3ai$ab$e to &ub$ic and intere%ted &artie% on demand.

RED+ Ri ;t EHecution Dail$

Thi% i% a &art of mar0eting e6ecution. The RED /a% fir%t introduced in the year of ())= by "indu%tan 7oca+ 7o$a Be3erage% 43t !td in "yderabad. Thi% /a% introduced in order to ma0e their out$et% attracti3e and im&re%% the

other out$et%. The mar0eting de3e$o&er% /ho /i$$ be under the guidance of e6ecuti3e trainer do thi% arrangement &roce%%. Mar0eting de3e$o&er% ha% to /or0 a% &er the in%truction% of e6ecuti3e trainer. In thi% the%e &eo&$e /i$$ be a$$otted the $oca$ area /here %ome RED out$et% and common out$et% of 7O E /i$$ be a3ai$ab$e. They ha3e to 3i%it the RED out$et% /hether they ha3e to chec0 the di%&$ay of the out$et% /hether they are a% &er the in%truction% or not. In thi% &roce%% of arrangement the main ro$e i% &$ayed by the acti3ation e$ement% $i0e S'A PSA!ES 'ENERATIN' ASSETSQ $i0e 3i%icoo$er%# combo board%# tent card% etc /hich /i$$ he$& in increa%ing their %a$e% a% /e$$ a% bu%ine%%.

T;e co=?an$ ?eo?le =ainl$ 8ocus on t;e t;ree t$?es o8 outlets t;e$ are
EKD AEating KDrin0ingB 7on3enience 'rocery

E I D+
EKD come% under immediate con%um&tion out$et% /here the &eo&$e come and ha3e the drin0 and go a/ay from there. There /i$$ be no chance for ta0ing the drin0% from there and con%ume it in future. Main$y "ote$%# re%taurant% etc /i$$ come under thi% category /here the &eo&$e ha3e to con%ume it on the %&ot on$y they ha3e no chance to $i0e ?))m$# =))m$# (C)m$ and tin% of different f$a3or% that the com&any i% &ro3iding to them.

The ne6t out$et% are con3enience. The%e are -u%t $i0e EKD#the &an %ho&# mi$0booth% etc come under thi% con3enience category. They a$%o %hou$d maintain different &ac0% $i0e ?))m$# =))m$# (C)m$ etc. So that the con%umer /i$$ ha3e it on the %&ot and go a/ay.

The be%t out$et on /hich the com&any ha% to focu% i% grocery. It i% a &$ace /here &eo&$e &urcha%e a$$ the &roduct%# /hich are to be con%umed in the future. There /e ha3e

to maintain the &ac0% $i0e ,C))m$ and =))m$ of a$$ f$a3or%. In thi% a$$ the de&artmenta$ %tore%# %u&ermar0et% etc come under thi% category. The ne6t %te& i% to maintain the acti3ation e$ement%. Again the ? different out$et% $i0e EKD# grocery and con3enience need to ha3e different acti3ation e$ement%. In fir%t %tage $i0e EKD %hou$d contain the acti3ation e$ement% $i0e combo board% /hich define% a combination of edib$e% /ith %oft drin0% /hich come% in $o/ co%t. For e6am&$e# Burger and Thum&% U&. Tent card% di%&$ay the %&ecia$ item% that ha% &re&ared for that day /hich are &ro3ided by the com&any it%e$f. F$ange%# Road %tand# 'SB are the thing%# /hich /i$$ re%emb$e the &roduct% of the co0e. The com&any it%e$f &ro3ide% the%e /here the g$o/ %ignboard% he$& in di%&$aying the name of the out$et% /here it di%&$ay% the gra&hic% of the com&any a$%o. In the %econd %tage# grocery %hou$d contain the acti3ation e$ement% $i0e di%&$ay rac0 /ith header% /hich /i$$ re%emb$e the com&any name and any &roduct of the com&any and thi% rac0 %hou$d be &ure$y charged that mean% it %hou$d be &ure$y fi$$ed by the &roduct% of the 7O E 7om&any on$y. There mu%t be %he$f di%&$ay. It %hou$d contain minimum ,( bott$e% of =.Cm$ and ,.C$itre%. 7on3enience i% the ne6t %tage. Thi% %hou$d contain e$ement% $i0e tab$eto& di%&$ay becau%e /hen one cu%tomer come% to the %ho& to &urcha%e %omething# he %hou$d be ab$e to 0no/ that the out$et contain% thi% com&any &roduct. The tab$eto&% are e%&ecia$$y gi3en on$y for MAIAA.

The $a%t %te& in thi% i% 4RI7E 7OMMUNI7ATION. There mu%t be &rice communication chart in e3ery out$et in a c$ear and 3i%ib$e manner. So that /hen a cu%tomer come% to &urcha%e a &roduct# he /i$$ be ab$e to 0no/ /hat i% the co%t of the &roduct /hich he i% going to &urcha%e and /hether he can afford or not. "e can decide ea%i$y through thi%.

The RED i% a 3ery good acti3ity introduced /hich /i$$ he$& cu%tomer# 3endor a% /e$$ a% the com&any in many /ay%. Through thi% e3ery one /i$$ be benefited becau%e the com&any can increa%e their %a$e%# the 3endor can ma0e hi% %ho& $oo0 attracti3e and im&re%% other% /herea% the cu%tomer /i$$ be a/are of the &roduct /hat he /ant% and it% &rice.

A$$ R'B A$$ R'B R Tin% Maa@aAtetraB A$$ mobi$e A$$ &et A$$ &et Maa@a &et Maa@a &et in$ey Soda in$ey Soda in$eyA:B in$ey A:B

()) m$ ?)) m$ ??) m$ ()) m$ C)) m$ ,.C $t ( $t =)) m$ ,.( $t C)) m$ ,.C $t C)) m$ , $t

<.)) ,).)) (C.)) ,(.)) ().)) EC.)) C).)) (C.)) EC.)) ,(.)) (C.)) ,).)) ,E.))

,?=.C) ,;*.C) C(=.C) E?).C) (*?.)) E;).C) E,?.C) C(=.C) E(*.C) (?*.C) ((=.C) ()=.C) ,(=.C)

;.C) ,,.C) (C.C) ,?.)) ,=.)) ,?.C) ,?.C) ,?.C) ,?.C) ,?.C) ,?.C) ;.C) ;.C)

in$ey A :B MM4O MM4O

( $t E)) m$ , $t

().)) (C.)) =).))

,E?.C) C,E.C) =)=.C)

;.C) ,?.)) ,*.))


()) m$

<.)) ,).)) (C.)) ,(.)) ().)) EC.)) C).)) (C.)) EC.)) ,(.)) (C.)) ,).)) ,E.)) ().)) (C.))

,E=.)) (,).)) CC(.)) EEE.)) (;;.)) C)E.)) E(<.)) CE).)) E;(.)) (C(.)) (E).)) (,=.)) ,?=.)) ,C?.)) C(*.))

A$$ R'B A$$ R'B R Tin% Maa@aAtetraB A$$ mobi$e A$$ &et A$$ &et Maa@a &et Maa@a &et in$ey Soda in$ey Soda in$eyA:B in$ey A:B in$ey A :B MM4O

?)) m$ ??) m$ ()) m$ C)) m$ ,.C $t ( $t =)) m$ ,.( $t C)) m$ ,.C $t C)) m$ , $t ( $t E)) m$


T;e A=erican )ar>etin Association *A)A2 states# .Mar0eting i% the

acti3ity# %et of in%titution%# and &roce%%e% for creating# communicating# de$i3ering# and e6changing offering% that ha3e 3a$ue for cu%tomer%# c$ient%# &artner%# and %ociety at $arge.S.

TAo levels o8 )ar>etin

Strate ic =ar>etin attem&t% to determine ho/ an organi@ation com&ete% again%t it% com&etitor% in a mar0et &$ace. In &articu$ar# it aim% at generating a com&etiti3e ad3antage re$ati3e to it% com&etitor%. O?erational =ar>etin e6ecute% mar0eting function% to attract and 0ee& cu%tomer% and to ma6imi@e the 3a$ue deri3ed for them# a% /e$$ a% to %ati%fy the cu%tomer /ith &rom&t %er3ice% and meeting the cu%tomer e6&ectation%. O&erationa$ Mar0eting inc$ude% the determination of the mar0eting mi6 AE 4%B. or a mar0eting &$an to be %ucce%%fu$# the mi6 of the four S4S mu%t ref$ect the /ant% and de%ire% of the con%umer% or in the target mar0et. In the%e modern day% com&anie% mu%t urgent$y and critica$$y mu%t rethin0 their bu%ine%% mi%%ion and mar0eting %trategie% in%tead of o&erating in mar0et &$ace fi6ed and 0no/n com&etitor%# todayD% com&anie% /or0 in /ar @one of ra&id$y changing technica$ ad3ance# ne/ $a/ managed &o$icie% and dimini%hing cu%tomer $oya$ty.

It i% not %ur&ri%ing that todayD% com&anie% are tho%e# /hich %ucceeded be%t in %ati%fying# indeed de$ighting their target% cu%tomer% the%e com&anie% %ee mar0eting a% com&any/ide &hi$o%o&hy not a% a %e&arate function Mar0eting di%ci&$ine i% undergoing fre%h rea&&rai%a$ in the $ight of 3a%t techno$ogica$# economica$ and %ocia$ change% facing todayD% com&any. Ma%% mar0et% are fragmenting into micro mar0et%. Mu$ti&$e di%tribution channe$% are re&$acing %ing$e channe$%# cu%tomer% are buying direct$y through cata$ogue%# te$emar0eting# home 3ideo %ho&&ing# &rice di%counting %a$e% &romotion are e3ading brand $oya$ty con3entiona$ ad3erti%ing media are de$i3ering $e%% and co%ting more. There are other %ei%mic &$ace%# change% mean they mu%t re+e6amine their functiona$ conce&t and e3en re3er%e the 3ery &remi%e% on /hich they bui$t their %ucce%%fu$ bu%ine%%

Four !Bs+
In the ear$y ,;=)J%# 4rofe%%or Nei$ Borden at "ar3ard Bu%ine%% Schoo$ identified a number of com&any &erformance action% that can inf$uence the con%umer deci%ion to &urcha%e good% or %er3ice%. Borden %ugge%ted that a$$ tho%e action% of the com&any re&re%ented a .Mar0eting Mi69. 4rofe%%or E. Herome Mc7arthy# a$%o at the "ar3ard Bu%ine%% Schoo$ in the ear$y ,;=)%# %ugge%ted that the Mar0eting Mi6 contained E e$ement% ,. 4RODU7T (. 4!A7E ?. 4RI7E E. 4RAMOTION

In &o&u$ar u%age# Smar0etingS i% the &romotion of &roduct%# e%&ecia$$y ad3erti%ing and branding. "o/e3er# in &rofe%%iona$ u%age the term ha% a /ider meaning /hich recogni@e% that mar0eting i% cu%tomer+centered. 4roduct% are often de3e$o&ed to meet the de%ire% of grou&% of cu%tomer% or e3en# in %ome ca%e%# for %&ecific cu%tomer%.

T;e 8our !s are+

!roduct+ The &roduct a%&ect% of mar0eting dea$ /ith the %&ecification% of the
actua$ good% or %er3ice%# and ho/ it re$ate% to the end+u%erJ% need% and /ant%. The %co&e of a &roduct genera$$y inc$ude% %u&&orting e$ement% %uch a% /arrantie%# guarantee%# and %u&&ort.

!rice+ Thi% refer% to the &roce%% of %etting a &rice for a &roduct# inc$uding
di%count%. The &rice need not be monetary + it can %im&$y be /hat i% e6changed for the &roduct or %er3ice%.

!ro=otion5 Thi% inc$ude% ad3erti%ing# %a$e% &romotion# &ub$icity# and &er%ona$

%e$$ing# branding and refer% to the 3ariou% method% of &romoting the &roduct# brand# or com&any.

!lace *or2 distri%ution+ refer% to ho/ the &roduct get% to the cu%tomerO for
e6am&$e# &oint of %a$e &$acement or retai$ing. Thi% fourth 4 genera$$y# refer% to the channe$ by /hich a &roduct or %er3ice% i% %o$d Ae.g. on$ine 3%. retai$B# /hich geogra&hic region or indu%try# to /hich %egment Ayoung adu$t%# fami$ie%# bu%ine%% &eo&$eB# etc. The%e four e$ement% are often referred to a% the mar0eting mi6# /hich a mar0eter

can u%e to craft a mar0eting &$an.

Fir=# Brand# and !roduct Line O%<ectives Fir= level o%<ectives5 It i% not enough to %im&$y %tate a firmD% goa$ a% ma6imi@ing the &re%ent 3a$ue of tota$ &rofit %ince thi% doe% not differentiate it from other firm% and %ay% nothing about ho/ thi% ob-ecti3e i% to be achie3ed. In%tead# a bu%ine%% and mar0eting &$an %hou$d %ugge%t ho/ the firm can be%t &ut it% uni1ue re%ource% to u%e to ma6imi@e %toc0ho$der 3a$ue. A number of re%ource% come into &$ay.

Di%tincti3e com&etencie%T0no/$edge of ho/ to manufacture# de%ign# or mar0et certain &roduct% or %er3ice% effecti3e$y

Financia$T&o%%e%%ion of ca%h or the abi$ity to rai%e it Abi$ity and /i$$ingne%% to ta0e ri%0 The image of the firmD% brand 4eo&$e /ho can de3e$o& ne/ &roduct%# %er3ice%# or other offering% and run the needed %u&&ort%

Running faci$itie% and 7ontact% /ith %u&&$ier% and di%tributor% and other% /ho inf$uence the %ucce%% of the firm.

)ar>et %alance+
It i% e%%entia$ that different firm% in the %ame bu%ine%% not attem&t to com&ete on e6act$y the %ame 3ariab$e%. If they do# com&etition /i$$ in3ariab$y degenerate into &rice Tthere i% nothing e$%e that /ou$d differentiate the firm%.

In genera$# firm% that attem&t ri%0ier 3enture%Tand their %toc0ho$der%Te6&ect a higher rate of return. Ri%0% can come in many form%# inc$uding immediate $o%% of &rofit due to $o/er %a$e% and $ong term damage to the brand becau%e of a &oor &roduct being re$ea%ed or becau%e of di%tribution through a channe$ &ercei3ed to carry $o/ 1ua$ity merchandi%e.

Brand level o%<ectives+

Brand $e3e$ &rofit center% are e6&ected to contribute to the o3era$$ ma6imi@ation of the firmD% &rofit%. "o/e3er# /hen a firm ho$d% %e3era$ different brand%# different mar0eting and di%tribution &$an% may be re1uired for each. Se3era$ 3ariab$e% come into &$ay in ma6imi@ing 3a$ue. 4rofit% can be ma6imi@ed in the %hort run# or an in3e%tment can be made into future earning%. 4roduct &rofit can be mea%ured in %e3era$ /ay%. A deci%ion that i% e%%entia$ at the brand $e3e$ i% &o%itioning In order to maintain oneD% brand image# it may be e%%entia$ that retai$er% and other channe$ member% &ro3ide certain %er3ice%# %uch a% /arranty re&air%# &ro3iding information to cu%tomer%# and carrying a $arge a%%ortment of acce%%orie%. Since not a$$ retai$er% are /i$$ing to &ro3ide the%e %er3ice%# in%i%ting on them /i$$ $i0e$y reduce the inten%ity of di%tribution gi3en to the &roduct.

!roduct line o%<ectives+

Firm% ma0e money on the tota$ity of &roduct% and %er3ice% that they %e$$# and %ometime%# &rofit can be ma6imi@ed by %ett$ing for %ma$$ margin% on %ome# ma0ing u& on other%.

Distri%ution O%<ectives+ Interrelated o%<ectives+

A firmD% di%tribution ob-ecti3e% /i$$ u$timate$y be high$y re$atedT%ome /i$$ enhance each other /hi$e other% /i$$ com&ete. More e6c$u%i3e and higher %er3ice

di%tribution /i$$ genera$$y entai$ $e%% inten%ity and $e%%er reach. 7o%t ha% to be traded off again%t %&eed of de$i3ery and inten%ity.

NarroA vs" Aide reac;+

The e6tent to /hich a firm %hou$d %ee0 narro/ Ae6c$u%i3eB 3%. /ide Ainten%eB di%tribution de&end% on a number of factor%. One i%%ue i% the con%umerD% $i0e$ihood of %/itching and /i$$ingne%% to %earch. For e6am&$e# mo%t con%umer% /i$$ %/itch %oft drin0 brand% rather than /a$0ing from a 3ending machine to a con3enience %tore %e3era$ b$oc0% a/ay# %o inten%ity of di%tribution i% e%%entia$ here.

The term di%tribution channe$ genera$$y refer% to the &ath bet/een &roducer%M manufacture% and the u%er% that good% and %er3ice% fo$$o/. A di%tribution channe$ therefore re1uire% minimum a %e$$er and a buyer# be%ide% them 3ariou% midd$emen /ho may be /ho$e%a$er%# dea$er%# di%tributor% or retai$er% are a$%o inc$uded.

T;e Nature o8 Distri%ution C;annels+

Mo%t bu%ine%%e% u%e third &artie% or intermediarie% to bring their &roduct% to mar0et. They try to forge a SDi%tribution channe$S /hich can be defined a% 9All t;e or anisations t;rou ; A;ic; a ?roduct =ust ?ass %etAeen its ?oint o8 ?roduction and consu=?tion6


It con%titute% to organi@ation% /hich in3o$3ed in negotiator function% /hich con%i%t% of buying# %e$$ing and tran%ferring them to it% cu%tomer% or con%umer%

The form of a di%tribution channe$ change% /ith it% ob-ecti3e%. A di%tribution channe$ /i$$ ha3e an inde&endent e6i%tence. Management of the di%tribution channe$% in3o$3e% the u%e of inter+organi%ationa$ management.


The main function of a di%tribution channe$ i% to &ro3ide a $in0 bet/een &roduction and con%um&tion. Organi@ation% that form any &articu$ar di%tribution channe$ &erform many 0ey function%5 In8or=ation 'athering and di%tributing mar0et re%earch and inte$$igence + im&ortant for mar0eting &$anning !ro=otion Contact )atc;in De3e$o&ing and %&reading communication% about offer% Finding and communicating /ith &ro%&ecti3e buyer% Ad-u%ting the offer to fit a buyerJ% need%# inc$uding grading# a%%emb$ing and &ac0aging Ne otiation !;$sical distri%ution Financin Ac1uiring and u%ing fund% to co3er the co%t% of the di%tribution channe$ Ris> ta>in A%%uming %ome commercia$ ri%0% by o&erating the channe$ Ae.g. ho$ding %toc0B A$$ of the abo3e function% need to be underta0en in any mar0et. The 1ue%tion i% + /ho &erform% them and ho/ many $e3e$% there need to be in the di%tribution channe$ in order to ma0e it co%t effecti3e. Reaching agreement on &rice and other term% of the offer Tran%&orting and %toring good%


Each $ayer of mar0eting intermediarie% that &erform% %ome /or0 in bringing the &roduct to it% fina$ buyer i% a Schanne$ $e3e$S. The figure be$o/ %ho/% %ome e6am&$e% of channe$ $e3e$% for con%umer mar0eting channe$%5

In the figure abo3e# 7hanne$ c i% ca$$ed a Ddirect-=ar>etin D channe$# %ince it ha% no intermediary $e3e$%. In thi% ca%e the manufacturer %e$$% direct$y to cu%tomer%. The remaining channe$% are Dindirect-=ar>etin c;annelsD.


A di%tribution channe$ inc$ude% three 0ind% of uti$ity for the con%umer% a% fo$$o/ing Time uti$ity 4$ace uti$ity 4o%%e%%ion uti$ity

T;e 8olloAin are t;e c;aracteristics o8 retailers+ Retai$er% ha3e a direct contact /ith con%umer%. They 0no/ the re1uirement% of the con%umer% and 0ee& good% according$y in their %ho&%.

Retai$er% %e$$ good% not for re%a$e# but for u$timate u%e by con%umer%. Retai$er% re1uire $e%% ca&ita$ to %tart and run the bu%ine%% a% com&ared to /ho$e%a$er%.

Retai$er% genera$$y dea$ /ith different 3arietie% of &roduct% and they gi3e a /ide choice to the con%umer% to buy the good%.

A$$ retai$er% dea$ /ith the cu%tomer% of 3arying ta%te% and tem&erament%. Therefore# they %hou$d be acti3e and efficient in order to %ati%fy their cu%tomer% and a$%o to induce them to buy more. The in3o$3ement of them in the di%tribution of good% i% a% fo$$o/%.

a" Bu$in and Asse=%lin o8 oods5 Retai$er% buy and a%%emb$e 3arietie% of good% from different /ho$e%a$er% and manufacturer%. They 0ee& good% of tho%e brand% and 3ariety /hich are $i0ed by the cu%tomer% and the 1uantity in /hich the%e are in demand. %" Stora e o8 oods5 To en%ure ready %u&&$y of good% to the cu%tomer retai$er% 0ee& their good% in %tore%. 'ood% can be ta0en out of thi% %tore and %o$d to the cu%tomer% a% and /hen re1uired. Thi% %a3e% con%umer% from botheration of buying good% in bu$0 and %toring them. c" Credit 8acilit$5 A$though retai$er% mo%t$y %e$$ good% for ca%h# they a$%o %u&&$y good% on credit to their regu$ar cu%tomer%. 7redit faci$ity i% a$%o &ro3ided to tho%e cu%tomer% /ho buy good% in $arge 1uantity.

d" !ersonal services5 Retai$er% render &er%ona$ %er3ice% to the cu%tomer% by &ro3iding e6&ert ad3ice regarding 1ua$ity# feature% and u%efu$ne%% of the item%. They gi3e %ugge%tion% con%idering the $i0e% and di%$i0e% of the cu%tomer%. They a$%o &ro3ide free home de$i3ery %er3ice to cu%tomer%. Thu%# they create &$ace uti$ity by ma0ing the good% a3ai$ab$e /hen they are demanded. e" Ris> %earin 5 The retai$er ha% to bear many ri%0%# %uch a% ri%0 of5 i. fire or theft of good% ii. Deterioration in the 1ua$ity of good% a% $ong a% they are not %o$d out. iii. 7hange in fa%hion and ta%te of con%umer%. 8" Dis?la$ o8 oods5 Retai$er% di%&$ay different ty&e% of good% in a 3ery %y%tematic and attracti3e manner. It he$&% to attract the attention of the cu%tomer% and a$%o faci$itate% 1uic0 de$i3ery of good%. " Su??l$ o8 in8or=ation5 Retai$er% &ro3ide a$$ information about the beha3iour# ta%te%# fa%hion %and demand% of the cu%tomer% to the &roducer% through /ho$e%a$er%. They become a 3ery u%efu$ %ource of information for mar0eting re%earch.


:hen the &roduct i% fina$$y ready for the mar0et# it ha% to be determined /hat method% and route% /i$$ be u%ed to bring the &roduct to the mar0et that i% to u$timate con%umer and indu%tria$ u%er%. The &roce%% in3o$3e% e%tab$i%hing di%tribution %trategie%O inc$ude channe$% for di%tribution and &ro3iding for &hy%ica$ hand$ing and di%tribution. Di%tribution i% concerned /ith 3ariou% acti3itie%# %uch a% the mo3ement and %torage of

good%# the $ega$# and &romotiona$. And financia$ and in the tran%fer of o/ner%hi& from the &roducer to the con%umer and u%er. In thi% figure c+channe$ i% direct mar0eting. A and B are indirect channe$%.

I=?ortance o8 t;e distri%ution c;annel

A di%tribution channe$ inc$ude% three 0ind% of uti$ity for the con%umer a% fo$$o/ing. Time uti$ity 4$ace uti$ity 4o%%e%%ion uti$ity

,. A mar0eting channe$ or channe$ of di%tribution may be defined a% . A &ath traced in the direct or indirect tran%fer of tit$e to a &roduct# a% it mo3e% from a &roducer to u$timate con%umer% or indu%tria$ o/ner%. (. A channe$ of di%tribution i% a grou& of inter re$ated intermediarie% /ho direct &roduct% to con%umer%. ?. According to the American mar0eting a%%ociation9 A channe$ of di%tribution or mar0eting channe$# i% the %tructure of inter com&any organi@ation and e6tra com&any agent% and dea$er% /ho$e%a$e and retai$ through /hich a commodity &roduct or %er3ice i% mar0eted9.

The channe$ of di%tribution i% a %tructure# /hich i% organi@ed and re&re%ent% a choice among a$ternati3e channe$% of di%tribution.


7hanne$ di%tribution i% among the mo%t critica$ of mar0eting di%cu%%ion and deci%ion becau%e channe$% and di%tribution affect &roduct &rice and &romotion deci%ion. The mar0eting e6ecuti3e and mu%t underta0e the fo$$o/ing ta%05 "e mu%t underta0e the retai$ and /ho$e%a$e mar0et% and ty&e% of midd$eman a3ai$ab$e in both. "e mu%t under%tand the channe$%. "e mu%t %e$ect the genera$ channe$ to be u%ed. "e mu%t ma0e a deci%ion regarding the inten%ity of di%tribution. "e mu%t %e$ect the %&ecific firm% /hich /i$$ hand$e hi% &roduct%. "e mu%t determine the method% and &rocedure%.

The com&$ete year had been di3ided into E Nuarter% a% fo$$o/% Fir%t Nuarter Second Nuarter Third Nuarter Fourth Nuarter + + + + Hanuary A&ri$ Hu$y October to to to to March Hune Se&tember December


The com&any i% fo$$o/ing a uni1ue &rocedure to a%%e%% the mar0et &otentia$.According to that the fo$$o/ing /i$$ be high$y con%idered. E3ery dea$er %ur3ey 7hanne$ a%%e%%ment FM7' and 8i$$age &enetration 7hi$$ed a3ai$abi$ity Mar0et %hare 4er ca&ta$ con%um&tion 84O A8o$ume 4er Out$etB 44O A4eo&$e 4er Out$etB Effect of &romotion% 7A'R A7om&ound Annua$ 'ro/th RateB

O%<ectives o8 e88ective route ?lannin Minimi@ation of un&roducti3e dri3ing time in order to ma6imi@e the time the %a$e% force ha% to %er3ice the account% To attain the re1uired fre1uency of %er3ice to the out$et%.


To &$an and %u&er3i%e the route more effecti3e$y the fo$$o/ing route indicator% %hou$d be focu%ed. ,. 7om&$eted ca$$% (. Succe%% rate ?. 7a%e% %o$d dai$y E. Stoc0 return rate C. Truc0 turn around =. Merchandi@ing 0ey indicator% <. Se$$ing 3ehic$e condition

Time% are In+trade merchandi%ing o&&ortunitie%. It i% ba%ica$$y a conce&t u%ed to 0no/ and rate the merchandi@ing &erformance of an out$et or a route indi3idua$$y on the ba%i% of a certain defined %et of &arameter%. ITMO %core% ba%ed on fi3e &arameter%. They are 7oo$er &urity :arm di%&$ay In%ide di%&$ay 4o% di%&$ay A3aia$abi$ity of different brand+&ac0


A di%tributor i% an entityAbu%ine%%#or indi3idua$Bnot direct$y o/ned by the 7oca+ 7o$a com&any but &ro3ide% cu%tomer %er3ice% on beha$f of the 7oca+7o$a %y%tem.the fo$$o/ing %hou$d be ob%er3ed in ca%e of a di%tributor Entre&reneuria$ abi$ity "igh ethica$ %tandard% "ard /or0ing

Infra%tructure Financai$ %oundne%%


Credit Aort;iness can %e evaluated %$ t;e / Cs" T;e$ are ,. 7haracter (. 7a&ita$Mca&acity to &ay ?. 7redibi$ity E. 7a&abi$ity C. 7ontro$


The entire net/or0 of the 7oca+7o$a ha% been di3ided into 3ariou% /ay%. The 7oca+7o$a ha% been doing the bu%ine%% in the form of direct di%tribution by /ay of the route truc0%. The 7oca+7o$a ha% a$%o an entire di%tribution that ta0e% care of the %toc0 &oint%# /hich are in turn ta0en to be the &art of the %a$e% of the direct %a$e% team. The direct %a$e% team ha% to $oo0 into the %a$e% of the com&any in both /ay% and the indirect %a$e% di%tribution ha% to be $oo0ed into the &art of the com&anie% %a$e% and it ha% to be %tream$ined into the %a$e% of the com&any. The %a$e% of the route% ha3e been doing &henomena$$y /e$$ /ith the %a$e% of ,(#))) to ,C#))) ca%e% &er /ee0. The %a$e% of the $a%t year ha3e been to the e6tent of %e3en $a0h% ca%e%. That /a% the be%t e3er %a$e of the com&any. The target% are fi6ed on dai$y ba%i%# on the indirect di%tribution # tota$ %a$e% of ,C#))) ca%e% being %o$d in the $a%t /ee0 /hich /a% the highe%t but the %a$e ha% been

re%tricted to fe/ AM7D% /hich /ere &erforming &henomena$$y /e$$. It ha% to be 0e&t in mind that the %a$e of the com&any ha% to be the combined %a$e of the direct di%tribution and the indirect di%tribution. :hen it come% to the direct di%tribution the co%t ha3e a great im&act on the %a$e of the com&any. The co%t factor% $i0e that of the5 ,. Fue$ co%t (. 7o%t of di%tribution ?. Sa$ary of the %a$e%men E. 'o do/n rent C. Maintenance E6&en%e% =. Sa$arie% of he %a$e% e6ecuti3e% <. Sa$e% ta6 *. E6ci%e duty ;. Maintenance of the %a$e% de&ot ,). 7o%t of &rocuring the g$a%% AR'BB


It i% an agreement bet/een the com&any and the retai$er /ho ha% agreed to %e$$ the &roduct on beha$f of the com&any in the mar0et. AM7 a% it i% ca$$ed i% the &art and &arce$ of the com&any and it i% one of the ma-or contributor% for the %a$e of the &roduct. The agreement ha% to be %igned by both the &artie% and it ha% to be &roduced by the retai$er a% and /hen it i% to be %ho/n.


There are many area% in the city# /hich ha3e been $eft unta&&ed by the %oft drin0 ma-or%. In order to ha3e the %a$e of the &roduct being fe$t in the remote%t area% the 7oca+ co$a ha% decided to ha3e the bu%ine%% in the form of the area+mar0eting contract AAM7B. The %oft drin0 indu%try ha% %een ma-or change% in the era after $ibera$i@ation. E3en the remote%t area% ha3e %een the &roduct being made a3ai$ab$e in a$$ f$a3or% a$$ the time%. The inabi$ity of the com&anie% truc0 being ab$e to %e$$ the &roduct in the remote%t area% and the inefficiency on the &art of the %a$e% truc0 to ha3e their bu%ine%% being done on the area% /here the %a$e% i% %u&&o%ed to be high ha% made the need for the AM7 fe$t more in the city. The reach of the com&any to ha3e their &roduct% %&read a$$ o3er the city and then ma0e% it a3ai$ab$e a$$ the time and at an affordab$e &rice i% the 0ey to ha3e the conce&t of AM7. The mo%t im&ortant &art of the need for the AM7 i% to ha3e the credit being &roce%%ed to the cu%tomer% at their /him% and fancie% and at a 3ery f$e6ib$e credit ho$iday. The retai$er being the c$o%e%t they ha3e an under%tanding /ith the cu%tomer% and they e3en ha3e the be%t of the re$ation%# /hich i% not &o%%ib$e for the com&any to ha3e. The ne6t idea i% that the retai$er% ha3e the c$o%e%t re$ation% /ith that of the cu%tomer and the %a$e of the &roduct i% &o%%ib$e on$y /ith the he$& of good re$ation%. The &roduct cou$d be e6tended in the /ay the cu%tomer% are. There are %o many rea%on% that ha3e to be dea$t /ith the &rob$em of AM7. They may be categori@ed into the fo$$o/ing detai$%5

,. "igh target% (. "igh %a$e% foreca%t ?. 7u%tomer credit demand E. Enduring mar0et &otentia$ C. Attracti3e commi%%ion =. Area &ro6imity <. Reach of the de&ot. The AM7D% that ha3e come into the o&eration under the 7oca+7o$a region ha% been c$a%%ified into three categorie%. The%e inc$ude category+ A# B# and 7. The ba%i% for the c$a%%ification and categori@ation i% a% fo$$o/5 ,. E6&ected %a$e% (. Number of out$et% ?. Area under con%ideration E. Trac0 record of the retai$er C. 7redit /orthine%% Furthermore# the%e categorie% ha3e been %et target% to the tune of5 7ategory+A5 ,C#))) 7a%e% 7ategory+B5 ,)#))) 7a%e% 7ategory+75 =#))) 7a%e%.


Stoc0 rotation o Enforce FIFO o En%ure DOD and BBD %tic0er% are in &$ace Stac0ing norm% "and$ing o3er+aged &roduct% Storage guide$ine%

T4M i% Tota$ &roduct management#a too$ that en%ure% that the 1ua$ity of 7oca+ 7o$a &roduct% are con%i%tent$y maintained ti$$ they reach the cu%tomer. It /a% de3e$o&ed by Nutra%/eet 0e$co com&any and the 7oca+7o$a

com&any.T4M had been tried#te%ted and tru%ted by the 7oca+7o$a %y%tem% throughout mu$ti&$e mar0et% %ince ,;**.It i% a too$ to manage the time and tem&erature e6&o%ure of 7oca+7o$a &roduct%#to &ro3ide the con%ume /ith the o&timum ta%te e6&erience.











The entire route %y%tem ha% been de%igned in %uch a /ay that the entire city i% co3ered and the %a$e% are u& to the e6&ected $e3e$%. The route %y%tem ha% been one of the be%t &roacti3e by the 7oca+7o$a. It ha% many benefit% of the direct %e$$ing and the benefit% can be under%tood in the cha&ter direct %e$$ing. Route% ha3e been framed in %uch a /ay that the %a$e% &er%on i% not made to do e6tra -ob. It %ha$$ 0ee& the com&etitor out of the mar0et# a% it i% the bu%ine%% of the fir%t mo3er into the mar0et. The %a$e% e6ecuti3e% /ho are re%&on%ib$e for the entire %a$e to ta0e &$ace in an acce&ted and beneficia$ /ay guide the %a$e% of the route. The %a$e% man ha% t/o $oader% under him and it i% /ith the he$& of the%e &eo&$e the entire %a$e% of the route ta0e% &$ace. The area %a$e% manager /i$$ guide the co$$ecti3e effort% of the %a$e% &eo&$e and the %a$e% e6ecuti3e%. The%e %a$e% of the city are $oo0ed into by the ASM of city and the %a$e% of the u& country are ta0en care by the ASM u&country that i%

re%&on%ib$e for the %a$e% of the u&country. The %a$e% effort% %o of the%e &eo&$e are ta0en care by the %a$e% manager and in turn $oo0ed after by the area genera$ manager. Thi% i% the &roce%% guided by the cor&orate office. The %a$e% of each route i% ta0en u& by the %a$e% e6ecuti3e on a dai$y ba%i% and the %a$e% re&ort% are de$i3ered to the %a$e% manager e3ery day and on an hour$y ba%i% and it i% u& to the di%cretion of the %a$e% manager and the genera$ manager to decide u&on the %a$e% target% of the %a$e% e6ecuti3e% and the deci%ion are ta0en on minute+by+minute ba%i%.


Table 1 1" T;e order deliver$ ti=e+

Table: S. No 1 Order del !er" Mentioned by the retailer De"ided by the retailer $ 4 %n availability Total No. o# re$%o&d$ 4 # $$ 1&& ' o# re$%o&d$ 4 ! #! $$! 1&&!


I&*er%re*a* o&:
Among the tota$ out$et% choo%e for the %tudy# the order de$i3ery E(> mentioned by the retai$er and (C> decided by the retai$er and remaining ??> on a3ai$abi$ity.

Table + ," Stoc> su??l$ 8ro= co>e+ Table:

S. No 1 o% & o& Good (ad $ Total No. o# re$%o&d$ '$ 1) 1&& ' o# re$%o&d$ '$! 1)! 1&&!


I&*er%re*a* o&:
Among the tota$ out$et% cho%en for the %tudy# the %toc0 %u&&$y from the co0e *?> i% good and remaining ,<> i% bad.

Table ,
4" Satis8action Ait; t;e =ar ins ?rovided %$ t;e Co=?an$+

S. No 1 o% & o& *es +o $ Total No. o# re$%o&d$ 4 #' 1&& Sa* $#a-* o& le!el 4 ! #'! 1&&!

I&*er%re*a* o&:
Among the tota$ out$et% choo%e for the %tudy# the %ati%fied /ith the margin% &ro3ided the com&any E(> i% good remaining C*> bad.

Table . ..T)e $er! -e #re/0e&-" o# HCCB: Table:

S. No 1 Ser! -e Fre/0e&-" Daily Alternative Days $ 4 # ,eekly %n demand Total No. o# re$%o&d$ 1) $$ ' 4 1&& ' o# re$%o&d$ 1)! $$! '! 4 ! 1&&!


I&*er%re*a* o&:
Among the total o-tlets "hoosen .or the st-dy/ the servi"e .re0-en"y o. 122( 1)! is daily and $$! alternate days/ 4 ! on demand and remaining '! on"e in a 3eek4

Table 1 T;e re?lace=ent K co=?ensation o8 da=a ed stoc>+ Ta%le+

S. No 1 o% & o& Satis.ied +ot satis.ied $ Total No. o# re$%o&d$ )# # 1&& ' o# re$%o&d$ )#! #! 1&&!


I&*er%re*a* o&:
Among the tota$ out$et% choo%e for the %tudy# the comment about the re&$acement of damaged %toc0 <C> %ati%fied# and remaining (C> not %ati%fied.

Table 2 @" Su??ort iven %$ t;e co=?an$ 8or t;e %usiness roAt; and eH?ansion+ Table:
S. No 1 o% & o& Good (ad $ Total No. o# re$%o&d$ '$ 1) 1&& ' o# re$%o&d$ '$! 1)! 1&&!


I&*er%re*a* o&:
Among the tota$ out$et% choo%e for the %tudy# %u&&ort gi3en by the com&any for the bu%ine%% gro/th and e6&an%ion *?> i% good and remaining ,<> i% bad.


TAB!E 5 S.NO , ( ? O4INION 'ood Bad Tota$ NO.OF RES4ONSE <C (C ,)) > OF RES4ONSE <C> (C> ,))>

I&*er%re*a* o&: Among the tota$ out$et% choo%en for the %tudy# effecti3ene%% of communication about the com&any %cheme% <C> i% good and remaining (C> are bad.

*. Dra/bac0% in di%tribution of co0e &roduct%. %.no , ( ? E C O&inion !ate de$i3ery 4ro&er en1uiry Immediate &ayment Dra/bac0% Tota$ No.of re%&ond% ; * *? ) ,)) > of re%&ond% ;> *> *?> ) ,))>

I&*er%re*a* o&: Among the tota$ out$et% choo%en for the %tudy# the dra/bac0% in di%tribution of co0e &roduct% *?> immediate &ayment after de$i3ery and *> no &ro&er en1uiry about %toc0% and remaining ;> $ate de$i3ery.

Ta%le C
;. Are you %ati%fied a% channe$ member of coca+co$a com&any %.no , ( O&inion Sati%fied Not %ati%fied No.of re%&ond% ,)) ) > of re%&ond% ,))> )




Inter?retation+ Among the tota$ out$et% choo%en for the %tudy# the %ati%fied a% the channe$ member of co0e com&any ,))>.

Table 14
,). Return on in3e%tment %.no , ( ? E C O&inion A B 7 D Tota$ No.of re%&ond% ,) () ?) E) ,)) > of re%&ond% (C> (C> (C> (C> ,))>

Inter&retation5 Among the tota$ out$et% choo%en for the %tudy # the return on in3e%tment $e%% than ,) i% (C> and $e%% than () i% (C> and $e%% than ?) i% (C> and $e%% than E) i% (C>.


In the mar0et %cenario# the ob-ecti3e% of any bu%ine%% inc$ude% the fo$$o/ing# 4rofit ma6imi@ation 7o%t minimi@ation Bu%ine%% gro/th and de3e$o&ment '$oba$ e6&an%ion Attaining com&etiti3e ad3antage De3e$o&ing core com&etancy#etc "ence in order to attain them the firm focu%e% on the manageria$ function%. Di%tribution i% a$%o one of the mo%t im&ortant acti3ity inc$uded under the mar0eting acti3itie% and thu% it had been focu%ed in order to 0no/ it% in3o$3ement in the attainment of the ob-ecti3e%. The factor% concerned /ith the channe$% of di%tribution are /e$$ %tudied and ana$y%ed. A$%o it /a% re3ea$ed through the %tudy that there i% a %co&e for further de3e$o&ment of the di%tribution net/or0 to di%tribute %oft drin0% of co0e to e3ery hoo0 and corner of the country to maintain it% current &o%ition. A% channe$% of di%tribution i% not an indi3idua$ conce&t and concern% /ith many the other conce&t% $i0e the fo$$o/ing# focu% had been $aid on tho%e acti3itie% too to %ome e6tent to ha3e a c$ear cut idea about the &ro-ect done. The other acti3itie% and the conce&t% /hich are concerned are a% fo$$o/%. Sa$e% &romotion acti3itie% !ogi%tic% and %u&&$y chain 7u%tomer re$ation%hi& management 7hanne$ management 7hanne$ dynami%#etc


7o0e i% ha3ing highe%t mar0et %hare /hen com&ared /ith 4e&%i. The a3ai$abi$ity of the co0e &roduct% i% good in the %egment% $i0e high and medium income area%# /here the out$et% can manage %toc0% a% there are good %a$e%.

8i%ibi$ity of the co0e &roduct% /ith in the mar0et ha% increa%ed dra%tica$$y. Due to %trict 3igi$ance# com&$aint% are rectified 3ery 1uic0$y. Mo%t of the retai$er% are %ati%fied /ith the com&anyD% &erformance. Fe/ of the retai$er% are not re/arded /ith the %cheme%. Brand order i% maintained /e$$ by %ome retai$er% but# %ome retai$er% are not maintaining the order due to their o/n rea%on%.

A$$ the intermediarie% are co+o&erati3e to the mar0et de3e$o&er% and other com&any em&$oyee%.

The %ur3ey &rocedure% of the com&any are not %o 3ery effecti3e. The com&any had a /ider %co&e to increa%e it% di%tribution further in the out%0irt% of the city.

There i% a high demand to the -uice &roduct% but due to the $ac0 of %toc0 %u&&$ie% are $o/ered.

In the conce&t of engaging em&$oyee% in re$ation to the intermediarie% hea3y /or0 $oad /a% ob%er3ed.

The mo%t &referred brand% of "indu%tan 7oca 7o$a com&any are Thum% u&#Maa@a#S&rite. The &reference rate of the%e drin0% i% more than other brand% of 7oca 7o$a 7om&any.

AdD% in te$e3i%ion are attracting cu%tomer% 3ery /e$$ than ad% in other media. The com&any i% &romoting $ate%t techni1ue% in order to get effecti3e out&ut in ca%e of admini%tration# mar0eting# &roduction# em&$oyee /e$fare management# etc.

Introduction of ne/ %cheme% in re$ation /ith the %a$e% &romotion are time$y and 3ery re%&on%i3e.

Regu$ar auditing of the channe$% of di%tribution i% ha&&ening but the re%u$t% are $e%% %u&&orti3e.

Thi% i% a &rofe%%iona$$y managed com&any. "indu%tan 7oca+7o$a Be3erage% &ri3ate $imited i% fo$$o/ing %e$ection% a&&roach in di%tribution.

Right e6ecution of dai$y acti3itie% %hou$d be done to de3e$o& the regu$ar mar0eting &roce%%.

SU33ESTIONS Retai$er% mu%t be made c$ear$y a/are of the 3ariou% %cheme% and &romotiona$ acti3itie% of co0e in detai$. The com&any %hou$d 1uic0$y re%&ond to the com&$aint% and &rob$em% of the retai$er%# to im&ro3e it% re$ation%hi& and &ro3ide confidence among the retai$er%. A &ro&er %toc0 %hou$d be maintained in the &ea0 %ea%on% /ithin the city a% if there i% any &rob$em at the &roduction unit# demand can be %ati%fied. A &ro&er uniform %hou$d be &ro3ided to the MDD% a% they 3i%it the out$et% regu$ar$y and /i$$ create a good im&act. Nece%%ary %u&&ort %hou$d be &ro3ided to the out$et% to tran%form from norma$ to the e6c$u%i3e unit% or RED unit%. Monitoring or 3i%iting the mar0et %hou$d be done on dai$y ba%i% to fi$$ u& the ga&% in order to attain the ob-ecti3e% effecti3e$y. UT7 %cheme% are to be high$y &romoted a$ong /ith the ca%h di%count %cheme%. 7redit &o$icy %hou$d be introduced for better %a$e%. Fre1uency of T8 media ad3erti%ement% %hou$d be increa%ed in the number for boa%ting %a$e% and &rofit%. Incenti3e% on target achie3ement %hou$d be increa%ed to both retai$er%Mout$et% and to the di%tributor%. :arm di%&$ay %hou$d be ma6imi@ed.

Training mu%t be gi3en to the intermediarie% and em&$oyee% to o3ercome the co$a contro3er%ie%#etc.

4ro3ide e6tra %uitab$e rac0% for /arm di%&$ay of %toc0%.



NA)E OF THE DISTRIBUTOR+ ADDRESS+ 1" HoA t;e order deliver$ ti=e Aill %e consideredJ B As decided %$ t;e co=?an$

A As =entioned %$ t;e retailer C On availa%ilit$ ," Stoc> su??lies 8ro= co>eJ A 3ood B Bad

4" Are $ou satis8ied Ait; t;e =ar ins ?rovided %$ t;e co=?an$J A Yes B No

0" (;at is t;e service 8reMuenc$ o8 HCCBJ A Dail$ D On de=and /" Co==ent a%out t;e re?lace=ent K co=?ensation o8 da=a ed stoc> A Satis8ied B Not satis8ied B Alternative da$s C Once in a Aee>

@" Su??ort iven %$ t;e co=?an$ 8or t;e %usiness roAt; and eH?ansion A 3ood B Bad

5" E88ectiveness o8 co==unication a%out t;e co=?an$ sc;e=esJ A 3ood B Bad

Accordin to $ou is t;e draA%ac> in distri%ution o8 co>e B No ?ro?er enMuir$ a%out t;e stoc>s D DraA%ac>s


A Late deliver$

C I==ediate ?a$=ent a8ter deliver$

C" Are $ou satis8ied as t;e c;annel =e=%er o8 coco-cola Co=?an$J A Satis8ied B Not satis8ied

1-" Return on invest=ent *ROI2

Net 4roft ,)) Tota$ In3e%tment



Mar0eting Management+4hi$i&% ot$er Mar0eting Management+Rama%/amy Fundamenta$% of Mar0eting+:i$$iam H Stanton Sa$e% management+Richard R Sti$$

(e%sites ///.cocaco$a.com ///.co0einindia.com NeAs ?a?er The "indu The Economic Time% Eenadu Bu%ine%% Today

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