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MOST U RG RNT By Facsimile Transmission/Electronic Mail

No.SRB/NDM/13112I/0L Sanjiv Rajendra Bhatt IPS Date: November 2I,2013 Shri. Narendra Damodardas Modi, Chief Minister & Home Minister, Govern ment of G uja rat,

Sub: Provision of fool-proof categorized security to me and my family.

Ref: My letter No.SRB/NDM/121003/01 dated October 03, 2Or2


1. I am addressing this letter to you as the Minister-in-charge of the Home

Department of the State Government of Gujarat.


Your attention is drawn to my earlier letter No.SRB/NDM/121003/0t dated October 03,2012 referred above. Paragraphs 6, 7 and B of the said letter are reproduced hereunder for ease of your reference:

requested to provide adequate and fool-proof security cover to me and my family; as also to refrain from initiating or continuing with any irregular and unlawful coercive measures aimed at irreparably jeopardising my security by dispossessing me of service weapons duly issued to me as an officer of the Indian Police Service for my personal protection. As conveyed to the Home Department on several occasions, I am required to undertake frequent road journeys across Gujarat to attend court and other proceedings, My repeated requests for provision of a Butlet Proof Car and an Escort Vehicle for my protection during all road journeys within the Sfafe of Gujarat have yet to receive any response from the Home Department. Similarly, all my requests for designating a Nodal Officer for coordinating the security arrangements for me and my family members as and when we are required to travel outside the State of Gujarat have also been conveniently ignored by the Home Department.

in the above referred communications, the Home Department of the Government of Gujarat was repeatedly
Paragraph 6: As pointed out

that till date, my genuine requests for provision of adequate and foolproof secu rity cover have not received a ny response from the Home Department of the State Government of Gujarat. There has also been no let-up in the efforts of the Home Department of the State Government to irreparably ieopardize my security by continuously striving to even dispossess me of my service weapons. In an unprecedented display of vindictive pettiness, the Home Department of the Government of Gujarat has now deviously soug ht to place me u nder renewed suspension on flimsy and fatuous grounds of being in possession of Service Weapons, which I am officially entitled to possess; especialty so when the Sfafe

I believe that I do not need to elaborate to you the source and nature of threat to me and my family, It is indeed very distressing
Paragraph 7:

MOST URGRNT By Facsimile Transmission/Electronic Mail

Government under your stewardship has been intentionally disregarding my repeated requests for provision of adequate and fool-proof categorized security cover for myself and my family members, Paragraph B: In view of the above facts and circumstances, you are requested to direct the Home Department of the State Government of Gujarat to forthwith desist from behaving in such petty and vindictive manner and refrain from taking any coercive steps or vindictive measure which wou ld jeopa rd ize my secu rity as well as the safety a nd secu rity of my family, and thereby display some sense of genuine equity, fairness and goodwill in your conduct as the Chief Minister and Home Minister of the State of Guja rat.

As expected of someone as maliciously vindictive and consummately petty as your own self, I have not received any response to the said letter despite passage of more than a year. On the contrary, despite the

assurance given to the Honourable Supreme Court of India on 05/0 5/2OtL, during the hearing of SLP (Criminal) 10BB of 2002, the already insufficient and meagre security provided to me and my family has been reduced to a farcical deployment of just one untrained PSO.
happen to be an important witness against you and your powerful political cronies in various Complaints, Inquiries and Petitions pertaining to the Gujarat Carnage of 2002. Needless to elaborate, this continues to evoke very strong feelings of antipathy and hatred towards me; in you as well as your spirited idolaters, including Militant Right-Wing Fundamentalists. Perchance, the fact that my wife, Shweta Bhatt contested against you in the Gujarat Assembly Elections 20L2, has further added to the hostility towards me and my family.

4. As you are well aware,


In view of the unprecedented zeal and unparalleled alacrity displayed by you in providing fool-proof security to Ms. Mansi Pranlal Soni, I am tempted to once again request you, to immediately provide adequate and fool-proof categorized security cover for myself and my family members. Hope you will not resort to taking shelter behind some sham "Threat Assessm ent" conducted by your supplicant stooges and will shed your stock vengefulness to accede to my long-standing genuine request.
Yours sincerely,

2,liif r",s[Q^o^^t
(Sanjiv Bhatt)
Copy with compliments: 1. His Excellency, the President of India, New Delhi. 2. Her Excellency, the Governor of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. 3. The Prime Minister, Government of India, New Delhi. 4. The Union Home Minister, Government of India, New Delhi. 5. The Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi. 6. The Chief Secretary to Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.