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THE SOCIAL NETWORK EFFECT Opening minute introduction 1st scene The popularity of social networks has increased

d so rapidly over the last decade. (Fast forward pace of people in Solihull) Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine and Instagram have revolutionised the whole world. (Flashes of mentioned logos above using graphics)+ (animation of the globe) The first social networking site wasnt MySpace or Friendster it was by a man called Ray Tomlinson who created the very first electronic mail in 1971, now known as the email. ( logos appear of my space and Friendster and the email) (typing on keyboard) The use of social networking today compared to before is so much. (Quick shots of our vox pops people one after the other) In 2013 1.73 BILLION people around the world use social networking sites (blurred focus and 1.73 billion written across the screen in big white letters), thats nearly 1 in 4 people! In 2014 (group of fours walking) , it will go up to 1.97, and by 2017 the rates will go up to a staggering 2.55 billion people, on just social networks! ( a graph of this displayed on the screen) The top 3 engrossed countries that use social networking sites are,

Israel Argentina Russia

(map of these countries displayed)

This new obsession, we have of social networking, looks to be harmless but in this documentary we will be getting the insight on the kind of effect it has on this rising phenomena! ( all of the remaining shots put together in a quick edit as well as shots of news clips etc) (On screen introducing the title now saying THE SOCIAL NETWORK EFFECT) sound edit of typing and clicking before the 2nd scene)

Documentary starting scene 2. As the 21st century students require to do most their work on computers and online. (Shots of people using the computer and the internet- social networking sites) Therefore this ultimately distracts them as there are many social networking sites people use that sidetrack them from their work. (Someone using YouTube/twitter scrolling) (Few Vox pops here)

3rd scene Students start to eat later rather than at a certain time (Panning shot of the refectory and Costa) and not sleep properly as these social networks keep them up till late at night. (Falling asleep on the computer) (Vox pops here of Gary talking) They end up having more caffeine instead to stay focused in their studies (Costa shots here) 4th scene However there are also some positive effects on social networking sites such as sharing pictures and videos and writing statuses. (Shots of using Instagram on our phones, shots of using vine and flicker) (Few Vox pops about the good things) It also allows you to get your voice and opinions heard through a large number of audiences, reducing communication barriers. But this can cause conflict (Vox pops of Fabiyah) There are also good opportunities for careers. (Mikes interview here talking about how and why he uses it ) As well as this, social networks also help many businesses. They use different techniques to promote their products such as ads and links, this helps them to reach a wider audience and gain more sales and profit. (all the shots of adverts while this is said) Scene 5

The result of these outcomes can cause addiction (over the shoulder shot of them on twitter) (mouse and keyboard), their extensive use of social networks can make them feel the need and urge to post something throughout their day, (vox pops here saying they use social networking throughout their day) (Zara) This also leads to isolation as face to face communication becomes less frequent and sitting behind a computer becomes their second identity. (panning shot of isolated room and someone using the computer) Did you know? That an . is . and ....are

Average amount of tweets per day Percent of teenagers who log on to Facebook over 10 times per day

190 million 22%

And an is . Also the .. are ..

Average amount of time a person uses Facebook per month Total amount of people who access Facebook with phone

15 hours 33 minutes 250 million

(graph of this on screen to show as evidence as well as relative shots )

(fade in dissolve- black screen with text saying END OF PART 1- typing/ clicking noise in the background as sound edit)