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to a modern industrystandard platform with confidence.

HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution

Demonstrating the benefits of a modern HP Converged Infrastructure
Migration on your mind?
If your business is evaluating mainframe migration and modernization options, the HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution can take the guesswork out of the decision-making process and maximize your potential migration benefits. This fact-based, straight-forward approach demonstrates your applications and data on a representative HP Converged Infrastructure platform; it also provides a detailed study of operational software tools and utilities. By combining application portfolio insight with comprehensive operational analysis, your business can accurately evaluate the impact of a complete migration project without committing to a full project engagement. With HP and Clerity, you receive all the information you need to migrate with confidence. typical IT budget is spent keeping the lights on with a wide range of maintenance and support activities?2 When you work with HP and Clerity to complete the Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution, you will discover how to reverse these costly trends. You will find out how to maximize migration benefits and safely accelerate the implementation process. You will learn how HP Converged Infrastructure can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), shift a greater percentage of the budget toward innovation, and enhance your long-term competitive position.

Best practices in action

Based upon proven best practices, the HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution is designed to help you efficiently evaluate the mainframe migration process before committing resources to a full-scale implementation. Centered on mainframe rehosting, the solution is rapidly implemented according to well-defined objectives and deliverables. Our mainframe rehosting approach preserves your existing business logic and existing IT investments by extending the benefits of open systems to custom IBM CICS transactions, IBM IMS applications, IDMS, Adabas/Natural and other legacy assets. Because mainframe rehosting minimizes change, it maximizes your return on investment (ROI). Your rehosting project can be a destination on its own, or the first step toward a comprehensive application modernization initiative.

Clerity provided a solid migration plan and brought a great deal of experience to the table, said a project lead at Weyerhaeuser. From my perspective, it was a positive relationship with expertise on both sides that complemented each other well. Weyrhauser Project Lead

Solution benefits
Provides detailed analysis of a mainframe application environment, as compared to futurefocused HP Converged Infrastructure Arms business executives and IT managers with factbased information and results to support strategic decision-making Reduces project risk and sets accurate expectations with a practical demonstration of the rehosting process Provides insight into how to operate an optimal HP and Clerity rehosted environment following migration

Did you know?

Recent studies show that migrating workloads off the mainframe and onto HP Converged Infrastructure can reduce annual operating costs by as much as 70 percent, rationalize and simplify IT environments, and provide a consolidated, flexible platform for future growth1. And did you know that 7080 percent of the

Based on Clerity case studies and success stories http://h10134.www1.hp.com/campaign/applications-valueratio/?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN


The HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start solution includes the following steps:

After validating programs, JCL and data, the sample applications and datasets are rehosted to an HP Converged Infrastructure and Clerity environment. As Introductory discussions and workshop part of this infrastructure, a scalable and automated Functional Mainframe Rehosting Proof of Concept (POC) HP Integrity or HP ProLiant server is established to run Software Mapping Operational Assessment the migrated environment. Detailed presentation and report of results The next step is to migrate IBM CICS programs Recommended HP Converged Infrastructure solution, and batch COBOL programs to Cleritys UniKix including HP Integrity or HP ProLiant servers, HP Mainframe Rehosting software environment. UniKix StorageWorks storage solutions, HP Networking software provides an unparalleled environment for solutions, and more running mission-critical online and batch workloads on open, standards-based HP Converged Infrastructure Introductory discussions and components.


As the first step of the process, the HP and Clerity team hosts iterative discussions with key stakeholders in your organization. During these meetings, the highlevel source and target environment components application, infrastructure and operationalare identified and clarified. This information enables us to clearly understand the Quick Start Solution engagement goals and objectives. Once project goals and objectives are fully understood and agreed upon, we complete a workshop to define the specific source and target environment for the Functional POC and Software Mapping Operational Assessment. During this workshop, you work directly with the HP and Clerity team to prepare a detailed roadmap, which outlines what is required next in the process, based on the mutually agreed upon scope of activities.

The following steps are performed at an HP and Clerity migration center: Validate your inventory of application programs, JCL and data (Asset Cataloging). Configure the UniKix Transaction Processing Environment (TPE) software using IBM CICS configuration information. Migrate BMS maps, online COBOL programs and batch COBOL programs (Application Source Conversion). Analyze JCL to ensure compatibility with the UniKix Batch Processing Environment (BPE) software. Once analyzed, JCL can then be maintained as translated scripts or standard JCL (Application Source Conversion). Generate and run data conversion tools with test data (Data Conversion). Migrate or replace any utilities referenced in the JCL. Perform a joint initial migration process test. You participate in this step by: Defining the application and data assets and attributes to be rehosted Gathering and submitting these assets to the HP and Clerity team; resubmitting or correcting missing components as identified by the Asset Cataloging process Consulting about the application business logic and data format characteristics Testing and reviewing the rehosted components After the migration, the functional POC enables you to see your own applications running in a target HP and Clerity environment; this allows you to validate the viability of a full migration project.

Functional proof of concept

The second step in the Quick Start Solution is a Functional Mainframe Rehosting proof of concept. During this two-week engagement, we run a representative sample of your applications and data on HP Converged Infrastructure and Clerity technology. Doing so provides a working model of the target migration environment, as well as a detailed insight into HP and Cleritys comprehensive approach to mainframe migration. As shown in the following table, your sample applications and data are typically a small subset of your entire online and batch application source and data components.
Mainframe Rehosting POC Inventory Quantity Asset Type

8 8 7 15 3 5

IBM CICS BMS Mapsets IBM CICS Online COBOL Programs Batch COBOL Programs JCL Job/Proc Steps Utilities Sequential/VSAM Files

Software Mapping Operational Assessments

The third step in the HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution is a Software Mapping Operational Assessment. This assessment provides a broader understanding of the analysis and design of the target operating environment. In a Software Mapping Operational Assessment, the HP and Clerity team work with you to identify existing mainframe-based software products. We then recommend target environment software based upon your current system capabilities, target environment standards, and evolving business requirements. The standard Software Mapping Assessment service begins with a one- to two-day onsite data-gathering meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for the HP and Clerity team to understand the usage characteristics of each software component defined during the introductory workshop. The HP and Clerity team interview the relevant application and operations personnel to not only understand which solutions are currently utilized, but also learn how they are utilized. Then the HP and Clerity team ensures that all key areas of the operational and application infrastructure have been identified and are addressed in the target distributed environment. Once all operational and application elements have been identified, the HP and Clerity team build a customized software mapping report that includes recommendations for replacing each highlighted mainframe product with an equivalent solution in the target system. The Software Mapping Operational Assessment includes the following tasks: Identify the operational software products (e.g., development, testing, systems management, job scheduling, print and output management and security) currently utilized by your organization Recommend standards for identified software products deployed in the target environment Work with you to identify required software components to meet your requirements for rehosted application deployment Determine whether any migration of non-application components (e.g., schedulers, print management software or sort utilities) is required when rehosting the application, and what that migration will entail

You participate in the Software Mapping Operational Assessment by providing: A list of current software for the existing mainframe application environment A list of current software for open systems platforms, including any enterprise license agreements A list of any preferred software vendors for open system platforms

Measuring the results

In addition to demonstrating the Functional POC, the HP and Clerity team provide a complete set of deliverables at the end of the HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start solution: Operational assessment report. This report documents findings gathered during interviews and the foundation workshop. These findings provide an understanding of the existing mainframe application environment and application processes. The findings also help identify software components that meet your rehosted application deployment requirements, as well as any non-application component migration requirements. We can use the information in this report to determine the specific operational components required in the target environment. Specific sections of the document contain detailed information that you can use to evaluate the migration of your complete legacy environment. Preliminary project plan. Based on the information gathered during the HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution, we recommend the best course of action to meet your migration needs. The HP and Clerity team provide a potential breakdown of the major project tasks, project time lines, resources requirements and key milestones.
Sample project plan/Preliminary project plan
Track Categories Project Prep Assessment Infrastructure Appl Source Migration Apple Data Migration Training Baseline Test Prep Regression Testing Customer Acceptance Test Appl Discrepancy Correction Production Readiness/Cutover General Rehost Consulting Project Management Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept

Quick Start Solution

Summary of findings presentation: HP and Clerity also deliver a presentation to your key stakeholders, explaining the findings of the service, as well as answering any questions.

Building your data center on HP Converged Infrastructure

By converging all IT resourcesservers, storage, networking, management, power and cooling, and servicesonto one simplified, integrated and automated platform, HP Converged Infrastructure can help you do more for less. HP Converged Infrastructure is built on the following core tenets: Virtualized. When you virtualize all resources, you separate applications from the underlying hardware. That makes it easier and faster to adjust applications to match changing needs. IT becomes flexible and responsive. The business becomes faster and more agile. Only HP has the IP in storage, network and server virtualization to deliver this in multi-vendor environmentstoday. Resilient. With fully virtualized resources, missioncritical resiliency has to be built into the hardware, software and operating environment. The baseline of availability must be higher, and disaster recovery capability must be standard. This is HPs heritage; we know how to build a resilient, fault-tolerant IT architecture. Orchestrated. Tight orchestration means the infrastructure is driven by policies and service-level agreements, has centralized management of the resource pool (including power consumption), and has highly automated workflows for approvals, provisioning and change management. The key is an application-aware environment that can scale up or down, based on the needs of each application. Only HP has the software stack to make this happen from the bottom upwith intelligence built into the hardwareand from the top downwith software such as Insight Dynamics and Insight Orchestration.

Optimized. A converged infrastructure uses policies to optimize itself for any workload, whether it runs on a physical or virtual machine. It doesnt over-provision (waste resources) or under-provision (impact business outcomes), but continuously matches resources to application demands. Only HP can virtualize the end-to-end infrastructure and optimize any workload, from NonStop to desktop. Modular. HP Converged Infrastructure is based on modular design principles and open, interoperable standards. We give you the ability to repurpose, extend and scaletoday, tomorrow, whenever. The biggest benefit is faster time-to-value for new or updated business services. We start with the core of your infrastructure and work out and uphowever you prefer.

Move forward with confidence

Call your HP or Clerity representative today and arrange for an assessment of your IT environment. Discover how the HP and Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Quick Start Solution can remove the guesswork from your migration process. Learn the performance and cost-saving benefits of migrating to a modern HP Converged Infrastructure. You can also visit us online at www.clerity.com/hp and at www.hp.com/go/offmainframes.

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