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The People Power Beauty Guide (outer beauty, inner beauty, modesty, fashion, cosmetic surgery, skincare, acne,

hair loss, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.)

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3 Table of Contents

Beauty Introduction

Volume 1. Beauty Basics

Chapter 1. Outer Look & Inner Beauty Outer Look & Inner Beauty 1-2 A Girls Appearance/ The Vanity Business The Fine Line Betwwen Dressing For Vanity & Dressing For Self-Respect Physical Beauty 1-3 Chapter 2. The Essence of Beauty Beauty in the Bible The Mechanics of Beauty True Beauty is Love of Life Chapter 3. Beauty Products Sell Lies Feminine Beauty Info Beauty is not Defined by Salespeople

4 Body Image Info Body Image Websites Fat Acceptance/ Fat People Activism/ Size Acceptance The Curse of Beauty Natures Revenge on Beautiful, Young Women Fashion: The Crown Jewel of Excess Gone Mad Chapter 4. True Beauty is Not Cosmetics A Straight Guy Talks About Feminine Beauty My Take on the Lie of Feminine Beauty 1-2 Why Men of Substance Cant Stand Pop Culture Girls Too Much Make-up Chapter 5. We Color Our Hair While Poor Children Starve My Personal Cause: Food not Hair Color Food not Hair Color: Solve World Hunger 1-3 Chapter 6. I Like em Real & Natural Self-Exploitation: Sleaze vs. Wholesome Beauty

5 Betty Page: Natural Beauty, Every Man's Dream Modesty: A Lost Virtue? Daddy's Girl Chapter 7. Grooming & Beauty Grooming, The Look, Fashion Sense Beauty Websites Beauty Tip Websites British Beauty Websites Anti-Beauty Websites Beauty Rating Websites Beauty One-Liners Facial Exercises for Beauty Chapter 8. Sweat & Body Odor Excessive Sweating/ Hyperhidrosis Sweaty Feet/ Smelly Feet/ Podobromhidrosis Body Odor Info Body Odor Websites Holistic Body Odor Cure Websites Chapter 9. Hair Care Info Healthy Hair Info

6 Hair Websites African Hair/ Black Hair Hair Products For Sale Hair Removal Info/ Hair Electrolysis Hair Extensions For Sale Wigs For Free & Sale Chapter 10. Hair Problems Dandruff/ Seborrheic Dermatitis/ Seborrhea Hair Loss Info Holistic Hair Loss Info Hair Replacement Info Alopecia Areata Info Canadian Alopecia Areata Info Hair Loss Websites/ Baldness Websites Womens Hair Loss Websites Male Pattern Baldness/ Androgenetic Alopecia Excessive Hair Medical Condition/ Hirsutism Greying of Hair at a Young Age Head Lice Info Headlice Websites/ Head Lice Websites Chapter 11. Mens Grooming Basics Metrosexual Man/ Fashionable Pretty Boy

7 Mens Grooming Info Mens Cosmetics Info Mens Cosmetic Surgery Surgical Leg Lengthening Info Grooming Websites Tie a Tie Websites Men's Spas Get a Tan Chapter 12. Fingernail Health & Beauty Nail Info Nails, Manicure, Pedicure Nail Salon Safety Nail Websites Nail Color/ Artificial Nails/ Manicure/ Pedicure Nail Disease Websites/ Nail Disorder Websites Nail Fungus Infection Info Ingrown Nails Info Onychomycosis Info Chapter 13. Bad Breath is Bad for a Social Life Bad Breath/ Halitosis Holistic Bad Breath Ideas

8 Bad Breath Websites Chaper 14. Beauty Contest Basics Beauty Contests, Beauty Pageants Bikini Contests/ Lingerie Contests

Volume 2. Skincare/ Skin Health

Chapter 1. Skin Problems/ Dermatology Skin Basics 1-2 Skin Disorders/ Dermatology Dry Skin Info Dermatitis Info Eczema/ Skin Inflammation/ Atopic Dermatitis Eczema Websites Holistic Eczema Treatments Allergic Contact Dermatitis Info Lighten Your Skin Holistic Skin Remedies Skin Websites Skin Resources Skin Problem Websites/ Skin Disease

9 Websites/ Skin Disorder Websites Dermatology Websites Chapter 2. Skin Conditions Info Boils/ Furuncles/ Carbuncles/ Folliculitis Burn Info Cryosurgery in General For Wart & Heel Spur Removal Hives/ Urticaria/ Nettle Rashes Impetigo Info Liver Spots/ Age Spots/ Solar Lentigo/ Senile Lentigo Morgellons Disease Info Psoriasis Info Rosacea Info Sarcoidosis Info Shingles/ Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV) Vitiligo Info/ Leucoderma Info Wart Removal Info Chapter 3. Fungal Infections Info Ringworm/ Tinea Corporis/ Dermatophytid Athletes Foot/ Tinea Pedis Jock Itch/ Tinea Cruris/ Groin

10 Dermatophytosis Fungal Infection Websites Chapter 4. Canadian Skin Info Canadian Neurofibromatosis Info Canadian Psoriasis Info Canadian Scleroderma Info Canadian Skin Info Chapter 5. Acne: The Biggest Skin Scourge Acne Info Acne Websites Chapter 6. Skincare Basics Skincare Info Skincare Websites Skincare Products in General Skincare Products For Sale Exfoliation/ Get Rid of Old Skin A Facial Mask Info Wrinkles & Aging Skin Wrinkle Cream For Sale Chapter 7. Scar Basics

11 Scars Info Keloid Scar/ Hypertrophic Scar Stretchmarks Removal Chapter 8. Water Therapy Basics Hydrotherapy/ Balneotherapy/ Water Therapy Hydrotherapy/ Water Healing Websites Herbal Bath/ Herbal Soap Make a Mud Mask Make a Mud Bath Mineral Bath/ Mud Bath Info Epsom Salt/ Magnesium Sulfate Random Water Healing Websites

Volume 3. Cosmetic Surgery Basics

Chapter 1. Cosmetic Surgery Info Cosmetic Surgery Info Cosmetic Surgery Risks Body Dysmorphic Disorder Info/ BDD Liposuction/ Lipoplasty Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty

12 Chapter 2. Boob Job Info Breast Augmentation Info Breast Implants Info Natural Breast Enhancement/ Pills For Sale Mens Boob Jobs: Chest Implants and Calf Implants Chapter 3. Breast Reduction Info Breast Reduction/ Reduction Mammolasty Breast Reduction Pills/ No Surgery Gynecomastia/ Breasts in Men Male Breast Reduction Info Chapter 4. Enhancing The Facial Look Asian Blepharoplasty Botox Treatments Neck Lift Facial Implant/ Chin Implant Info Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery/ Blepharoplasty Facelift Surgery/ Rhytidectomy Forehead Lift Info Nose Job/ Rhinoplasty Otoplasty/ Ear Cosmetic Surgery

13 Chapter 5. Skin-Refinishing Techniques/ Smoother Facial Skin Get Rid of Acne Scars Chemical Peel/ Chemexfoliation/ DermaPeeling/ Skin Resurfacing Dermabrasion/ Surgical Skin Planing/ Dermaplaning Laser Skin Resurfacing Info Stretch Marks Treatments Chapter 6. Cosmetic Surgery Resources Major Cosmetic Surgery Websites Cosmetic Surgery Websites Cosmetic Surgery Resources Medical Spas/ Medi-Spas/ Spas Which Offer Cosmetic Surgery Loans For Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Spa Business For Doctors Chapter 7. Canadian Cosmetic Surgery Basics Canadian Cosmetic Surgery Info Canadian Cosmetic Surgery Spas

14 Chapter 8. Cosmetic Surgery World Australia Cosmetic Surgery British Cosmetic Surgery Mexico Cosmetic Surgery Worldwide Cosmetic Surgery Chapter 9. Better Teeth Info Cosmetic Dentistry/ Reconstructive Dentistry

Volume 4. Clothing, Beauty & Bodycare Products For Sale

Chapter 1. Clothing For Sale 1 Modeling & Fashion Fashion Terms Fashion Websites/ Style Websites Costume Info Clothing Size Info Major Clothing Websites Clothing Websites Master List Australia Clothing Websites British Clothing Websites

15 Clothing Store Websites Men's Clothing Websites Clothing For Sale Info Used Clothing For Sale Vintage Clothing For Sale Womens Alternative Clothing Chapter 2. Clothing For Sale 2 African-American Fashions For Sale Boots For Sale Clothing for Short/ Small People For Sale Coats/ Jackets For Sale Costumes For Sale Furs In Canada For Sale Furs For Sale Hats For Sale Jeans For Sale Men's Big & Tall For Sale Movie Clothes For Sale Outdoor Travel Gear/ Travel Clothing For Sale Pajamas For Sale/ Sleepware For Sale Sari/ Indian Dress Scarves For Sale Shoes For Sale/ Footwear For Sale

16 Socks For Sale Sportswear, Outerwear For Sale Sportswear, Girls For Sale Suits For Sale Ties, Bowties For Sale T-Shirts For Sale Umbrellas For Sale Uniforms/ Workwear For Sale Western Wear For Sale Womens Tall For Sale Chapter 3. Sexy Clothing Basics Sexy Dress Info/ Sexy Lingerie Info Sexy Clothes Websites British Sexy Clothes Sexy Shoes For Sale Lingerie For Sale/ Panties For Sale Mens Sexy Clothes Chapter 4. Stylish Clothing Basics Women's Stylish Clothing For Sale Full-Figured/ Plus-Size Women's Clothing For Sale Men's Stylish Clothing For Sale

17 Swimwear For Sale Chapter 5. Cosmetic Info & Products Cosmetics Info Cosmetics One-Liners Cosmetics Info Websites Make-up Tips Websites Cosmetics Resources Cosmetics Websites/ Cosmetics For Sale Cosmetics Safety Websites/ Beauty Product Safety Websites Beauty Products For Sale/ Bodycare Products For Sale Australia Beauty Products British Beauty Products Permanent Cosmetic Pigments/ Cosmetic Tattooing Make-up Artists For Hire Chapter 6. Specific Cosmetic Products For Sale Aloe Vera For Sale Anti-Aging Products For Sale Bath Salts For Sale Borage Oil Info

18 Mens Bodycare Products For Sale Womens Shavers for Sale Chapter 7. Natural Beauty Products Natural, Organic Cosmetics Information Animal Testing/ Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products Natural Cosmetics For Sale/ Organic Cosmetics For Sale British Natural Cosmetics For Sale Canadian Natural Cosmetics For Sale Beauty Treatments Websites Holistic Menstrual Products For Sale Make Your Own Moisturizer Make Your Own Soap Holistic Beauty Tips Chapter 8. Other Beauty Products For Sale Facial Massager/ Head Massager/ Scalp Massager Soaps For Sale Sun Tanning Products For Sale Tampons For Sale Toothcare Products For Sale

19 Chapter 9. How to Buy Jewelry How To Buy Jewelry How to Buy Diamonds How to Buy Gemstones How to Buy Gold How to Buy Silver How to Buy Platinum How to Buy Pearls Jewelry Resources Chapter 10. Jewelry For Sale Diamonds & Gems For Sale Engagement/ Wedding Rings For Sale Jewelry For Sale Erotic Jewelry/ Sexy Jewelry Breast Jewelry/ Nipple Jewelry Native Jewelry/ Crafts Nonpiercing Jewelry For Sale Chapter 11. Romantic Scents/ Sensual Scents Sexy Scents/ Sexy Smells Scent Therapy/ Scentuelle Perfume Websites

20 Make Your Own Perfume Aromatherapy Info Aromatherapy Websites Aromatherapy Products Essential Oils Info Flower Essence Therapy Info Chapter 12. Fashion Accessories Basics Fashion Accessories For Sale Hand Fans For Sale/ Feather Fans Handbags For Sale/ Purses For Sale Sunglasses For Sale Chapter 13. Canadian Clothing & Cosmetics Canadian Clothing Websites Canadian Cosmetics Websites

Volume 5. The Beauty Business

Chapter 1. Beauty Business Basics Barber/ Beautician/ Cosmetology Beauty School Websites

21 Beauty Business Websites Beauty Salon Business Websites Selling Cosmetics as a Job or Business Cosmetics Business Websites Cosmetics Websites Make-up Artist Career/ Makeup Artist Jobs Manicurist/ Pedicurist/ Nail Technician/ Nail Care Artist Perfumer Career Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Technicians Skincare Business/ Skincare Jobs Spa Business Info Cosmetology/ Beauty Salon Licensing Certification Offices Cosmetology Board Websites Cosmetology Exam Websites Cosmetology Organization Websites Cosmetology Money for School Beauty Schools Lists/ Lists of Cosmetology Schools Specific Beauty School Websites Chapter 2. Modeling & Fashion Refer to my job book

22 Volume 6. Resorts & Spas Basics

Chapter 1. Resorts Resort Basics Resort Database Websites Resort Chains Resort Websites Specific Resorts Resorts in the United States by State Resorts in the World, General Resorts in the World, Specific Chapter 2. Health Resorts/ Spas Spas in General Spa List Websites Spa Magazines Day Spa Websites Chapter 3. Spas & Health Centers by State State Spa Regulations United States Spa Websites Alabama Spas & Health Centers

23 Alaska Spas & Health Centers Arizona Spas & Health Centers Arkansas Spas & Health Centers California Spas & Health Centers Colorado Spas & Health Centers Connecticut Spas & Health Centers Delaware Spas & Health Centers District of Columbia Spas & Health Centers Florida Spas & Health Centers Georgia Spas & Health Centers Hawaii Spas & Health Centers Idaho Spas & Health Centers Illinois Spas & Health Centers Indiana Spas & Health Centers Iowa Spas & Health Centers Kansas Spas & Health Centers Kentucky Spas & Health Centers Louisiana Spas & Health Centers Maine Spas & Health Centers Maryland Spas & Health Centers Massachusetts Spas & Health Centers Michigan Spas & Health Centers Minnesota Spas & Health Centers Mississippi Spas & Health Centers

24 Missouri Spas & Health Centers Montana Spas & Health Centers Nebraska Spas & Health Centers Nevada Spas & Health Centers Las Vegas Spas & Health Centers New Hampshire Spas & Health Centers New Jersey Spas & Health Centers New Mexico Spas & Health Centers New York Spas & Health Centers North Carolina Spas & Health Centers North Dakota Spas & Health Centers Ohio Spas & Health Centers Oklahoma Spas & Health Centers Oregon Spas & Health Centers Pennsylvania Spas & Health Centers Rhode Island Spas & Health Centers South Carolina Spas & Health Centers South Dakota Spas & Health Centers Tennessee Spas & Health Centers Texas Spas & Health Centers Utah Spas & Health Centers Vermont Spas & Health Centers Virginia Spas & Health Centers Washington Spas & Health Centers

25 West Virginia Spas & Health Centers Wisconsin Spas & Health Centers Wyoming Spas & Health Centers Chapter 4. Health Spas Around the World Spa Lists Worldwide Spas Worldwide Chapter 5. European Spas European Spas Andorra Spas Austria Spas Bulgaria Spas Croatia Spas Cypress Spas Czech Republic Spas Finland Spas France Spas Germany Spas Greece Spas Hungary Spas Italy Spas Luxembourg Spas Monaco/ Monte Carlo Spas

26 Portugal Spas Russia Spas Slovenia Spas Spain Spas Sweden Spas Switzerland Spas Chapter 6. Health Spas in Some Countries Canadian Spas Mexico Spas Australia Spas British Spas Ireland Spas Scotland Spas South Africa Spas Wales Spas Chapter 7. Spa Topics Hot Springs Areas Canadian Hot Springs Men's Spas Spas for Couples Chapter 8. Country Stay Info

27 Dude Rancher's Assn. Dude Ranch List Websites Specific Dude Ranches Farm Holiday/ Farmstay Vacations/ AgriTourism Chapter 9. Fitness Spas/ Fitness Vacation Avoid Vacation Weight Gain Active/ Fitness Vacation Websites Lists of Fitness Spas & Health Centers Specific Fitness Spas & Health Centers Seventh Day Adventist Health Centers Chapter 10. Weight Loss Places Weight Loss Places Lists Weight Loss Spas & Centers Weight Loss Clinics Info British Weight Loss

Volume 7. Body Art; Tattoos, Piercing, etc.

Chapter 1. Body Art/ Body Modification

28 Body Modification in General Tattoo Websites/ Body Art Websites Body Painting Info Bodypaint Fetish Info Henna Tattoo Info Temporary Tattoos For Sale Tattoo Removal Info Chapter 2. Piercing Basics Body Modification, Piercing Sex Piercings/ Piercings in Erotic Zones Body Jewelry Websites Piercing Websites Chapter 3. Genital Body Art Info Penis Piercing/ Penis Tattoos Penis Jewelry Info Female Genital Piercing/ Female Genital Tattoos

Appendix. Public Domain Books The Art of Perfumery and Methods of

29 Obtaining the Odors of Plants, by G. W. Septimus Piesse

30 Beauty Introduction

What is true feminine beauty? As the artist I fancy myself to be, I feel that I know it when I see it. Many women are blessed with natural beauty which has two components as far as Im concerned: 1.) The face. 2.) The body. In the face, some women have striking looks but if they dont have beautiful souls it reverberates there. Your resting expression indicates the type of person you are. Over time, this expression becomes your permanent face which is why I can tell who looks happy in a relaxed way versus the girls with anger, sadness or a beef with the world written on their faces. They have scowls on them. Look at yourself in the mirror with no expression on your face. You can see how

31 other people see you. If you want outer beauty, you have to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Aging is the curse for women. Beauty is a large measure of a womens worth in society so youre gonna lose your outer beauty as you age. Ive known a few over-50 girls that I would say I was physically attracted to but you have to live in the real world, know whats goin on and focus on living the best life you can with what you got. Thats what I wrote all my other books for, to help you take care yourself because you cant rely on anyone else, especially after 40. Theres a quote I read that said a woman needs a good retirement plan after 40. Chances are your parents have passed on, you cant rely on men simply by the law of human nature. Every married man goes through a midlife

32 crisis. Ive known seemingly honorable men who divorced their first wives out of the blue just because they met a young girl who was interested in them, probably because they had some money and offered a more secure lifestyle than a younger guy could. Beauty to me is not skin deep. I look for someone with a beautiful soul that shows in the face, that glow of inner beauty. For vain, beautiful girls, its all about them. It doesnt matter what I say, the beauty industry has already got its hooks into you. How can it not? When I watch TV, a good percentage of the commercials are geared for womens beauty; hair coloring, beautiful hair, cosmetics, jewelry and trendy clothes. And how about all them makeover type shows? Makeovers dont do anything to change a persons soul. True beauty is being the person you were born to be with abandon. Thats what my free spirit books are about.

33 Ive written articles about how coloring your hair tells the world youre in disharmony with yourself for doing something that fake to try to enhance your look when all it does is make you look like trailer trash. Ive said we could easily solve the worlds hunger problem by using the money we spend on hair color to feed poor kids but every night I still see those hair coloring commercials and think we live in such a lost society. Beauty to me is health, wholeness, naturally good looks and a warm heart. Im a guy, I go with what I got. I measure myself by what I do not what I look like. You have to think like this, especially as you get older. You might as well do it now. Sure its great to try to look good but theres that line of looking good as a result of the person you are by how you live and looking great because you spend an hour a day putting make-up on.

34 Have some balance in your life. If youre looking for a guy, guys know when youve crossed the line from natural beauty to vanity. Many make allowances for a girl who is kinda young because shes just trying to learn where she fits in out in the world but if I see a 32 year old dressed to the nines, full of make-up and jewelry, I got her pegged right away, somebody too focussed on her outer look. I dont wanna deal with her. It shows youre too self-centered and superficial.


Volume 1. Beauty Basics

36 Chapter 1. Outer Look & Inner Beauty

Outer Look & Inner Beauty 1

All that is in the heart is written in the face. African Proverb The most lucrative commodity is a womans insecurity. Alexis OHara, poetry slammer I feel pretty. Maria in Westside Story Im tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. Thats deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas? Jean Kerr, The Snake Has All the Lines, 1958 I want the women to be modest and sensible

37 about their clothes and to dress properly; not with fancy hair styles or with golden ornaments or pearls or expensive dresses but with good deeds ... 1 Timothy 2: 9

Outer beauty is a certification of health which means good genes to create babies. In the 1940s movie Flesh & Fantasy, the old wizard gives the girl a mask at Mardi-Gras that will make her look outwardly beautiful but he warns her that love is not concerned with outer look. It's about two things: 1.) To give without expecting anything back. 2.) To create faith and support in another person. Once she helps the guy she likes see that he is better served using his education as a lawyer rather than shipping out to sea, he falls in love

38 with her on the inside, says he doesn't care what she looks like on the outside but when she takes the mask off, he says she's beautiful anyway. A guy conducts a workshop where he takes photographs of mostly naked women then gives them a 24 by 36 inch poster of it whereupon they're spozed to write comments on it about what they feel about their bodies. Most of the women think negatively about themselves, namely they're too fat and their breasts are too small. Hardly anyone is happy with themselves. Is this due to a neurotic society that has brainwashed us to chase unrealistic images of ourselves in the mistaken belief that if we ever get there, we will be happy? With or without outer beauty, the truth is that your consciousness/ soul doesn't change much. You have the exact same soul regardless.

39 The formal literature in psychology and conventional wisdom asserts that outer physical beauty equals goodness, warmth and love even though in real life, plenty of people with good looks are arrogant, self-centered elitists who think theyre better than everybody else. Its true that good looks will get you into relationships with desirable people and get you breaks out in the world but everybody's physical beauty fades at some point in life, usually by 40. A lot of pretty people cant sustain relationships because they dont have the modesty that makes them truly beautiful. True beauty comes from within. The modern day fashion, plastic surgery and cosmetics industries make billions of dollars promoting outer beauty but its not about make-up or the clothes you wear. Its about the joy and goodness in your heart. Never forget the

40 statement from the Bibles Book of Proverbs, beautiful heart makes a joyful face. You have to be happy with yourself regardless of whether your body and facial look are great or not. That's the key to happiness, love your inner self regardless of outer body but your inner self will show in your outer body. It can either make it look nice or angry, like a permanent scowl on your face which many people have. Everybody turns into a prune as they age. All women over 40 simply cant compete with the fresh beauty of young girls so why try. Accept yourself for you are at any age in your life.

Outer Look & Inner Beauty 2

It will not be necessary for you to say a word because they will see how pure and reverent your conduct is. You should not use outward

41 aids to make yourselves beautiful, such as the way you fix your hair or the jewelry you put on or the dresses you wear. Instead, your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is of the greatest value in God's sight. 1 Peter 3:1-4 It gives a young girl a false notion of beauty, not to mention anatomy. If a real woman was built like that, shed fall flat on her face. The Female Body by Margaret Atwood, talking about Barbie, the doll You are not your looks but does the rest of the world know that? Of all the things that you wear, your expression is the most important. Your biography will become your biology. Poise is being at ease with yourself. Outer

42 look has everything to do with inner beauty. Outer look is based on the face and body which tell us immediately how primally inspired and healthy you are about life. That's our entire judgment system right there. We read people based on how much youthful spark or lack of it they have to them. Youth and beauty comprise one period of life where you have the grace of flawless vitality, natural good looks and vigor regardless of how much you might abuse yourself but it passes all too quickly then you either go off into chubby midlife mundanity and oblivion or figure out how to keep that youthful spark which is what my book A Free Spirit's Search For Enlightenment is about. It's not facial beauty per se nor the look of the body per se, it's how sparkly you are about life. Granted some young girls have stunning facial beauty but this alone can't sustain you if you don't stay physically active and inspired about

43 life as you age. You will eventually wear your life on your face and body. If you've had a sad life, by the time you're 40 the glum expression will be imprinted there. If you stay happy, your face can look sparkly at 80. America is obsessed with looks, just watch the TV commercials sometimes especially the one where the girl says I'm worth it or the one where that supposed celebrity gives a phony pout to the camera, playing with her hair like some frivolous airhead with nothing better to do than obsess over her looks saying it changes everything implying that the use of some hair product that rhymes with Canteen to get rid of frizzies will transform her life. I've seen hundreds of girls who've dieted themselves thin with pills, colored their hair, poured the make-up on, wore the latest styles and even got cosmetic boobs yet I still didn't get that sense of true beauty about them

44 because they didnt have the true quality of beauty as a rare and unique gemstone. Beauty comes from within from the heart. The body is not distinct from the soul. The body is the expression of the soul. How you feel inside is how your body feels and vice versa. If you want to be an alive, vibrant, sexual human being, you must become aware of your body, take care of it through diet, rest and exercise then use it as an instrument of your freedom and sexuality not to mention that you will be a healthier and happier person overall. The human organism is a unitary whole. You can't have good sex or be a good lover if you're missing a piece of the puzzle. In order to be desirable sexually and to be a good lover, you must have a decent body that you're in control of. It's that simple. Be yourself. Don't wear too much make-up. Ralph Nader wrote a book about the toxic

45 effects of make-up and I watched a preacher at 3abn.org (the Baptist Network) quote from the Bible saying that vanity a la make-up is wrong. If you're a truly beautiful person who cares enough about life to take care of yourself, it will show. You don't have to do frivolous, stupid things in the name of vanity like live for those impostors called fashion and make-up. They've got nothing to do with the real you. If some bubbleheaded idiot approaches you just because of the clothes and/ or make-up you're wearing, then he's a superficial idiot too just like you. Maybe you were meant for each other. Do not divorce your body from your mind. Feel it, experience it, go with the flow. Learn to relax, breathe easily, exercise, move, walk, dance, swim, do Tai chi, etc., develop good posture, meditate, use the five senses and savor the feelings, massage yourself, introspect, center yourself, love your body then use all

46 these insights to become a better lover with your partner. Gaze at each other, talk about your bodies then massage each other. Dancing to music is one of the greatest sensous, physical activities around. A good book about women, true womanhood and cultural brainwash is A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson, 1993 even though I think shes a bit of a hypocrite for trying to come off like a trendy yuppie when I saw her on some TV show. campaignforrealbeauty.ca

A Girls Appearance/ The Vanity Business

It's better to be looked over than to be overlooked.

47 It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. Oscar Wilde Women are massively brainwashed to focus on their appearance to the point of excess which violates three principles of ladyhood: 1.) A true woman of substance is modest and concerned with doing worthwhile things either for herself, for her family or for the world. She is not wasting her life buying different clothes, trying them on, coloring her hair, painting her nails and putting make-up on. 2.) True beauty emenates out from within a person. In the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, they say a beautiful heart makes a joyful face. You cant fake a truly joyful face, not even with all the cosmetics and clothing in the world. You either have that quality in your soul or you dont and it

48 shows on the outside. People can sense the type of person you really are simply by looking at your face and your dress. 3.) Anyone who spends excessive time grooming and buying trendy clothes gives their true character away when you look at them. An excessive preoccupation with the way you look tells other people youre vain and vanity is a negative quality because it shows youre a self-centered narcissist who doesnt give a damn about anyone but yourself. A truly noble person is thinking about the problems in the world and how they can help it. They are not thinking about culturing a certain frivolous look or image about themselves. All vain people have an aura of superiority to them, a feeling that they are better than others and they are engaging in the frivolous pastime of looking good while there is so much need in

49 the world. It reveals your true character, that youre not a good person. Youre a brainwashed, self-centered ass who will age and look ugly then all the clothes and make-up in the world will not help your cold heart look any warmer. If youre an active, inspired person releasing your natural energy in trying to live a good life for yourself, you will look good naturally without having to try to create a trendy aura about yourself. All enlightened people can tell whos naturally inspired, just being themselves and whos a fake, frivolous person trying to look good to get some ego boost from others. The whole thing about being enlightened and attracting the right kind of guy or girl is that you dont do anything to attract external attention to yourself by your clothes and makeup. You dont have to. Youre fine as is. You feel good inside. You dont have to impress other people with your look. The right people will recognize your true beauty when they see

50 you for the first time. Its got nothing to do with clothes and cosmetics. Its the natural joie dvivre a person has written across their face and body by the way they live. Thats the only beauty that registers to people like me. Every night, I watch the documentary channels and the independent movie channels on TV so Im thinking to myself that the demographic target audience for these networks must be for people like me, over 40 year old farts whove seen it all and dont like glitter and flash. We want to see something original, great and inspired yet they still have the stupid hair coloring commercials even on these networks. It just goes to show how pervasive the brainwashing effect is where girls are portrayed as these extremely frivolous people who have got nothing better to do than color their hair then they imply that coloring your hair or using a certain shampoo will magically

51 change your life. Youll all of a sudden feel very glamorous, guys will notice you and youll meet the prince of your dreams. The TV commercials are so obviously fake, made at such a cheesy, primitive level that I wonder how is any sane girl gonna watch that and be convinced by it but apparently millions do. The commercials must work because they never end. Yes, girls are brainwashed to aspire to be beautiful and trendy. Theres nothing wrong with a girl trying to be beautiful but theres a point of obsession and overdoing it to the extent that shes all about her outer look. Shes not thinking deep thoughts about all the problems in the world and trying to do something about in her own way. She lives in this phony glamorous world created by the media that guys like me cant stand because I believe its part of the destruction of good quality people in our

52 society. When a girl gets into this mindset, I dont wanna have anything to do with her. I like people of substance who get beyond this phony, frivolous world and I dont like these people who think theres really such a thing as fashion beyond a massive delusion of trendiness. Advertising has created a silent competition among women as to whos the most beautiful and trendiest in the room. It has ruined the helping sisterhood that should exist among women. Instead of parading around trying to look like proud peacocks, women should be more friendly to each other and less concerned with being all that, looking like some model sashaying down a runway. A woman uses her beauty to attract men and hopefully find a strong, wealthy husband in the

53 bunch. Where many of them mess up is that they accept the definition of beauty corporate advertising has given them so they color their hair, cake the make-up on, splurge on expensive clothes and shoes but they dont realize that noble, worthy men see all this as a negative quality of vanity contrary to what the TV commercials say about how glamorous this stuff will make you look. They can see past this into the soul of a girl because her true soul is written all over her face and her body and its got nothing to do with how trendy the dress is that shes wearing. If youre a girl either married or in a relationship, dont tell your husband how you think youre fat when youre not because itll just make him mad that hes working so hard and theres so much real need in the world while youre so frivolous that all you can do is think about your imagined weight problem. A billion people on the planet are starving and

54 your problem is that youre trying to lose ten pounds. It doesnt make any sense. Is it any wonder why people like me turn our backs on the corporate pop culture entertainment culture? Dont complain about how your face isn't pretty enough, how your legs are too fat or the fact that there are wrinkles on your face. Guys have to hustle out there in the real world. They dont want to hear about your imaginary problems about your looks. If you knew how little people care about your looks unless they plan to have sex with you or marry you, youd realize why the cult of outer beauty is a big sham-scam.

The Fine Line Betwwen Dressing For Vanity & Dressing For Self-Respect

When I was in grade school, I realize now that

55 I had an inner standard back then to dress cleanly, neatly and nice. I never wore jewellry or anything to make others pay attention to me based on dress but I was always dressed like the polite middle class kid. When I went to college, I was exactly the same. I always wore neutral middle class type clothes. I was never grungy. I never wore tshirts and sweatpants to school but I never wore trendy expensive stuff either. You can look nice and neat without drawing attention to yourself based on your clothes. Thats the line. You can wear a comfortable pair of shoes or knee-high high-heeled boots. People make judgments on you based on your dress. The judgments I make are something like theres some kid starving in Africa and this girl

56 who thinks shes hot is wearing $500 boots that are total pretense. Why would I ever want to befriend her even for the possibility of casual sex?

Physical Beauty 1

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Before going to bed that night, I looked in the mirror above the bathroom sink and when I saw only my face staring back - and that it would always be this ordinary face - I began to cry. Such a sad ugly girl! I made high-pitched noises like a crazed animal, trying to scratch out the face in the mirror ... The girl staring back at me was angry, powerful. This girl and I were the same. I had new thoughts, willful thoughts or rather thoughts filled with lots of won'ts. I won't let her change me, I promised myself. I won't be what I'm not. Amy Tan, The Joy Luck

57 Club Many women will try almost anything to improve their looks such as paying outrageous prices for useless creams and gadgets, getting poisoned sometimes by the chemicals in beauty aids and live in pain just to look beautiful such as wear corsets, shoes too tight, high heels, etc., not to mention the time wasted trying to create a faade of beauty or glamor when true beauty is in the essence/ aura of a person. It is not affected either way by splashing chemicals on your face. A bit of make-up is ladylike. Too much is tawdry trailer trash. Youth is the elixir the beauty products corporations try to sell to every woman over 28 and they make billions off it but there are four factors that nobody can change: 1.) The fact that aging is natural. To accept yourself as you naturally are is divine. To me, its better than the vain, frivolous aging

58 woman obsessed with your looks. 2.) Its not a manufactured youthful look per se that makes an aging woman look good, its a youthful attitude to life, an inspired, fresh, free lifestyle, not chemicals and clothes. 3.) I personally feel I can usually tell when someone has a facelift, uses botox or has had other cosmetic surgeries done. It gives the face an artificial tight look. 4.) The easiest way to stay young is to sweat through hard physical effort at something for at least a few hours a day, almost everyday. Dont be a fool. Dont believe all the stupid beauty claims out there. There are no creams that can enhance bust size. Some chemicals in beauty products are

59 poisonous or at least hazardous to people allergic to them. Its not about dress to impress. Its who you are on the inside that shows on the outside. All the fashions and cosmetics in the world wont do much for you either way. All that crap on TV about makeovers is just reminiscent of a lost society. You dont change your consciousness or your soul by getting some make-up slapped on, a new dress and some assholes who think theyre trendy who are supposedly your makeover coaches tellin you to go girl. I can generally read people by their face and body. Its not about the clothes they wear or how trendy they look. Its about the way they carry themselves, the look of joy and peace on their faces, the sparkle in their eye versus a generic, bland look, the look of health and selfrespect or lack of it, their nobility and humility as opposed to immature, loud, in your face

60 arrogance. Way back when I was a stupid, brainwashed undergrad psychology student, we all had to do an independent study for our third year. I chose the beautiful is good phenomena, the tendency for people to think that good-looking people are morally better and superior to others in most things like intelligence, kindness, wealth, athletic ability, etc. when the truth is that good looking people can be just as evil as anyone and are not necessarily superior to others in anything. Despite everything we say about it's the heart that counts, beautiful people are thought to be better leaders, better human beings and more special than other people. Studies done where people's faces are flashed onto a screen and the brain reactions of people watching analyzed revealed that the more beautiful the person of the opposite sex (same sex if you're gay), the more your brain lights up

61 and goes haywire. The part that lights up most is the limbic system which is the primordial instinctive part of the brain we share with animals dedicated to cravings of pleasure like food, sex, recreational drugs, etc. Out in the world of work, men can be as ugly and fat as they want and nobody cares as long as they do their jobs well but a woman has to be beautiful or at least pleasant to look at in order to be considered successful at life regardless of how powerful they are at work. I know vrtually all women are brainwashed by physical beauty en masse because even though I'm a guy, I've scanned several hundred woman's magazines over the years and they're always about two things: 1.) Be beautiful in looks, enhance yourself any way you can.

62 2.) Be thin. These two factors have created multi-billion dollar fashion, cosmetics and weight loss industries all designed to make women always feel deficient no matter how good they look so they can spend their money on frivolous things to try to enhance their look somehow to reach that standard pounded into them by TV commercials and frivolous magazines and if they're not there, they feel bad about themselves and neurotic about life, all except for one minor category of truly liberated women. Some post-menopausal women but not all, only a small minority, accept themselves as is, know they aint gonna be looked on as beauties anymore so it frees them to be who they really are without feeling self-conscious about their looks anymore. The problem with the capitalist-corporate-pop culture game of getting women hooked on their

63 looks in order to sell them product when it comes to attracting guys is that guys like pretty, thin girls with big boobs but they also like wholesome, healthy and real not the socalled trendy one with her high fashions, colored hair, too much make-up and her frivolous "I'm all that" attitude gleaned from the magazines. This is where easily 90% of you are brainwashed to miss the boat as to what constitutes a true nice, noble lady. Some girls smoke cigarettes and take laxatives all in an effort to stay thin whereas anyone who knows anything about the medical industry knows that smoking is the worst thing you can do for your health and looks. It ages you faster causing premature wrinkles. It's not all that crap they try to brainwash you with in frivolous women's magazines that attract men, it's a nice girl untouched and unphased by all of that because it's so rare.

64 When I look at a girl for the first time, I'm asking myself how much does she own herself as a free person being herself versus how much is she a product of her culture trying to look beautiful and fashionable with the trendy clothes, too much lipstick, the nosering, the colored hair, etc. The magazines are paid for by the advertisers from the so-called beauty industry which is why just about all the articles are about beauty, they want you to spend your money and be a brainwashed clone but this is the big fallacy; these things turn guys off. They like the look of sleazy. slutty, made-up girls trying to look trendy for sexual arousal but as far as love goes, most (or at least me) really aren't interested in the pop culture clone trying to be trendy and cool. The deception of the corporate cosmetic industry is that they sell stupid, frivolous products to women they've brainwashed into

65 thinking that these superficial things will make them more beautiful but they really just cheapen them. The colored hair, the painted nails, the overdone eye make-up, the perm, the fake eyelashes, etc. look good for a porno movie set or a vamp in a music video trying to act like a pop star but as revelations of true, inner character, theyre horrible to a guy like me who believes being natural, unpretensious and unassuming are high virtues, quite rare in the search for beautiful souls. I presume you try to beautify yourself to attract men or at least to attract compliments and leering looks to build up your ego but the catch is that men are born with instincts wired into them that say I want to reproduce with the youngest, most wholesome healthiest (and sincere, honest and nice) females I can find. Beauty is really just another word for health. A man is looking for a healthy sex partner. Her youthful beauty tells you she's healthy. It

66 doesn't have anything to do with all that cosmetics crap out there, it's your youthful vitality that counts. Artificial breasts will make you more attractive because men are particularly attracted to that curve but anything else won't really help you all that much. Hair color makes you look cheap, painted nails are kinda frivolous, eye make-up makes you look sexy but it's a slutty type of sexy not a wholesome type. If you want love or to be seen as beautiful by men and other women, you gotta live such that you radiate a healthy glow in your lifestyle and attitude towards life from the inner core of your being. Facial beauty or ugliness is something you're born with. It's out of your control therefore it's neutral value-wise, neither good or bad yet we all know that beautiful people generally get

67 preferential treatment except for the backlash where people do bad things to them because they're jealous. If you got it and flaunt it, you're a fool because it's frivolous, skin deep and will fade in due time. If you're pretty but try to accomplish something of substance rather than just rely on your looks, you're living life the right way not trying to think you're superior because you're supposedly so beautiful. The one thing you can do to change your face other than cosmetic surgery is to exercise and eat the right foods such that it's lean and chiselled and you have hollowed in cheeks such that your cheekbones stick out. This is a universal signal of beauty because it signifies you're healthy unlike the chubby puffy faces we see on most people in our society who rarely exert themselves intensely physically despite the fact that there are thousands of gyms and exercise machines around.

68 Its trendy to say youre into physical activity but how many people live it as part of an inspired lifestyle rather than just use it as an unpleasant means to an end. Beauty can attract people to you if you've got a nice face and body when you're young but once you pass about 35, your looks go somewhat so if you've got a bitchy, uppity personality, don't expect your outer beauty to get you what you want anymore. Men will simply go after the younger ones.

Physical Beauty 2

Nature's pride, fresh and fair and unacquainted with the miracle of physical love. Her beauty was not made of shapes and forms, but shined from within like the stars. Don Juan DeMarco

69 I'm of the belief that inner beauty creates outer beauty, you have to be beautiful on the inside to be truly beautiful on the outside. If you have outer beauty without inner beauty, you give off a phony, empty kind of vibe which equals nothing because a pretty face and a nice body without a feeling of niceness or warmth is useless which is why all those bleach blond cosmetic tit chicks do nothing for me emotionally except to want to have empty sex with them. I feel no inherent warmth or niceness coming from them so I'm not attracted to them as people I like for being who they are. In fact, wheever I see rootsshowing through, the words phony, superficial and brainwashed immediately enter my mind. I've watched obsessive women on talk shows say they wouldn't even put the garbage out without make-up on and a pregnant one who put her make-up on before she went to bed every night in case she went into labor and

70 went to the hospital. You've all been brainwashed by frivolous women's magazines and cosmetics companies who want you to buy, buy, buy, never satisfied with your alleged beauty when the facts are that true beauty comes from within and the people out there that you think are looking at you and concerning themselves with how beautiful or ugly you are really aren't. They're more worried about how they look rather than how you look so we got a society full of a bunch of self-centered women and some men walking around, each in a world of their own creation, worrying about how they look with nobody giving too much of a damn about how anyone else looks but themselves. This is where the culture of vanity perpetuated by the illusion of media glamour and the cosmetic commercials has brought us. In my book A Free Spirit's Search For

71 Enlightenment, I defined one of the factors of the anatomy of the soul as the body as the temple of the soul. I'm not talking about these vain over the top girls you see on trashy talk shows flashing their cosmetics boobs, I'm talking about taking care of yourself physically by not overeating, getting some exercise and living a balanced life. The beauty and reverence you hold for life is reflected in your body. As far as facial beauty goes, your soul radiates through your face. You may have been born with good looks but your biography will become your biology meaning the way you live your life will eventually become your face. You will have a few years of grace during youth but I've seen hundreds of once beautiful girls who got fat, wrinkled or just developed permanent scowls on their faces from a life not well lived.

72 I looked at photographs of some of them from ten or so years ago and the way they look now, you'd never know they were once stunning beauties. The way you live your life, the way you feel all the time forms a permanent imprint on your face. It's very easy to tell the truly happy people from the phony vain ones. Happiness is beauty, it's that simple. It's in the eyes. I've seen older women with beautiful eyes which made their faces beautiful. I've seen people with faces not considered beautiful who looked beautiful to me because they had a presence of soul in their eyes and a happy glow in their faces. I don't buy into that phony cult of celebrity thing with the entertainment industry and those stupid celebrity gossip magazines. That's all crap. Truly beautiful people don't go around trying to flaunt it, posing as if they actually have the vanity to presume to be one of the 50 or so most beautiful people in the world

73 according to some stupid magazine while people in Africa are worrying about where their next meal is coming from and kids are starving to death today yet were obsessed with these meaningless things while were perfectly aware all this stuff is goin on. No wonder we live in a lost society out of balance with the karma of the world. In my opinion, we have a phony cult of beauty created by the entertainment industry, gossip columnists, tabloid TV shows, tabloid newspapers, cosmetic commercials and frivolous women's magazines who use socalled celebrities and supermodels as fodder in this illusion they put forth about some cool, glamorous in-crowd of beautiful people out there having a great old time while the rest of us pleebes get to watch in envy, feeling inferior because we weren't blessed with superior genes so we're not there, part of it. If you buy into this game, you're the idiot for allowing yourself to be manipulated like this. I

74 have my own standards of beauty and it doesn't come close to all those bleach blonds with their tired roots showing through, their phony smiles and their cosmetic tits or anybody else trying to act frivolously fashionable. I'm a real human being. I like real people without any frivolous pretensions to them whatsoever. If you pierce your tongue, you're sending a message to me that you're such a brainwashed lost soul that you had to go out and mutilate a basic part of your anatomy to give off the impression to others that you're a cool, adventurous human being but to enlightened minds, you're just giving off the impression that you're stupid and lost, conforming to the current definition of cool. Be a noble person within yourself by your own standard. Answer to yourself only. Don't play anybody else's game, particularly don't allow yourself to be miserable by trying to fit into a standard that's not the real you.

75 Physical beauty will fade in all women so if you've got nothing inside, you will have nothing left once your age starts to show. Try to look nice but don't dwell on it. Focus on what you do not on how you look.

Physical Beauty 3

Beauty starts from the inside. Trendy on the outside, empty on the inside. There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Helena Rubenstein, My Life for Beauty, 1966 Is it too much to ask that women be spared the daily struggle for superhuman beauty in order to offer it to the caresses of a subhumanly ugly mate? Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch, 1970

76 Ive never met a woman who thought she was beautiful and Ive met a lot of women. Gay hairstylist Beauty is portrayed as both a source of grace/ feminine charm and a source of sexuality where women are perceived as sex objects. Feminine beauty is a double edged sword for women both as a source of power over men and as a source of neurotic anxiety. If you don't have it, that's a double strike against you. Why do you think the cosmetic and clothing industries are so lucrative? One of the most popular types of books are the weight loss books which are all a sham because weight loss is a matter of three factors and a bit of common sense; Eat less; Exercise more. Love life more than you love food.

77 We're bombarded at one end to be nice people on the inside yet the TV culture focusses totally on the frivolous, super thin, highly made-up girl as the ideal leaving many women to get miserable when they gain a few pounds or hit their mid-thirties. What's a gal to do? I live for the spirit that I feel within me. Food is functional. You have to develop that kind of attitude about food and get away from using it to fill the emptinesss you feel in other parts of your life. Many women also use other addictions to compensate for the emotional emptiness in their lives like booze, shopping, valium, supermom, codependence, diet pills, compulsive exercise, drugs, bingo and anorexia/ bulimia. Eating should be an act of will. You decide to eat less so you eat less and don't develop a deep psychological neurosis about it. It's a

78 fact, people respect fat people less. You have to make firm decisions and commit to them. In the final analysis, you have the power of choice. Accept your body, accept your beauty. Choose personal power. Black women accept their bodies more than white women. Get a clue, accept your body and strive to be a more energetic, vivacious person. Let your inner light shine through. It will make a lot more impact than your obsession with your weight. Within the mainstream society at large, physical beauty is defined as an attractive face and a well proportioned slim body. It's a universal source of invisible power wherever you go because it represents an esthetic; a thing of beauty, rarity, coolness, niceness, goodness and innocence. Something about physical beauty transcends normal mundanity. We seem to equate it with a higher quality of life, that people who are

79 physically beautiful are somehow living happier lives, that they're somehow one step above the rest of humanity. Everybody generally evaluates everybody else on physical look, men and women alike. Physical beauty to me is a glow, a spring in your step, a nice gentle face and a nice body not too skinny or too fat. We automatically treat beautiful people better than we treat others all the way from babyhood on through to old age. We smile at them more, like them more, give them breaks, freebies, jobs, etc. We befriend them more and want to be around them but this is the fallacy. You can be born with great looks and a good body but beauty is only skin deep. It really is what's inside that counts because over time, what's inside will shape your body and face, i.e., your biography will become your biology. Natural beauty alone might sustain you until

80 about 35 if you're a light eater but unless you actively exercise, eat right and live a happy life, the wear and tear of life will destroy your youthful looks. In my observations of people, I've noticed that we as a race generally treat attractive people better but not really that much because it's a money-business oriented world where function is king, what can I do for you, what can you do for me. Who really cares about someone sitting pretty doing nothing unless you can get something out of them like sex, love or to be seen with this beautiful person to enhance your popularity rating. Beautiful women make porno movies, so what. Ain't nobody out there that dazzling that I'm going to come crawling on my knees to anyone. I personally don't care what you look like unless I plan to have sex with you or marry you.

81 To me, a soul is a soul. They're all equal despite the outer wrapping. If we have a meeting of the minds in whatever it is we're doing, I don't care how ugly or pretty you are. I know that all people have the same basic emotions so ugly or pretty, you're just another human soul to me. Show me something original from your soul and I will respect you way more than I give a damn about all that dye in your hair and that make-up on your face. Men are vain to a limited extent, recognize handsome looks in other men and either respect it or are jealous of it but women take the cake because they're judged almost exclusively on physical beauty all their lives. It doesn't matter if they're smart, wealthy, creative, original or funny. The outside world meaning men and what I've gathered about the collective soul of women, both judge women

82 by looks and women play a silent game with each other based on who's the prettiest and slimmest in the room. This invisible standard is devastating to many women because it puts the feminine physical ideal into one mold and if you don't fit it, you're somehow uncool, not quite with it, not as popular as the others. It's a double edged sword. There's nothing uglier than someone with outer beauty being a high and mighty, vain and empty bitch. A lot of women play that game and get what they want from dumb guys but smart guys know an ice queen or a phony bitch when they see one. If you were blessed with physical beauty, sure look nice and take care of yourself but don't flaunt it and think you're better than everybody else. Do something useful and functional with your life. Don't just sit there, get a boob job and try to

83 make it on that alone. It's so useless, phony and empty. Remember the line in Kipling's poem ... nor look too good or talk too wise. If you look good and feel good inside, good for you. You don't have to announce it to the world by wearing excessively tight, skimpy or otherwise overly extravagant clothes, caked over with too much make-up, sashaying around like some dumb vamp out of a frivolous woman's magazine or one of them stupid videos by them phony manufactured pop divas out there. Men like nice looking girls but not phony vamps. As a man, I can't understand the cultural over-obsession women have with what they wear and how they look. I can spot a true beauty right off and it ain't got nothing to do with make-up or the clothes you wear. I was attracted to one of my soulmates while she was wearing a plain supermarket

84 frock because it was something beautiful about her as a person that I could immediately sense, not anything else. Men are functional, clothes are functional. As long as we look alright, that's as far as it goes. Any guy who reads GQ magazine or has a fairsized wardrobe has violated the true essence of manhood, to do something worthy with your life not sit around looking pretty. I personally can't stand girls that are purposely trying to be frivolously fashionable. It tells me they're out of touch phonies who don't know much about life in the real world. Some beautiful women say they're too beautiful to get asked out because guys are intimidated by them. Based on watching dating shows, I've concluded that most women have a higher opinion of their beauty and charm to men than they actually have in the objective sense. After the dates, many said they were above his

85 class, out of his league so to speak. This is snobbery, a deluded sense that you're so beautiful that you can control guys and they're dying to get close to you. Most guys live in the real world. They will be nice to you but know there's always another bus around the corner with a whole bus full of new girls trying to look beautiful so if you think you're extra-special, you'd better think again because people in general hate that vibe. I've known beautiful girls with nice faces who were approachable because they didn't have any pretense about themselves. They were just being who they are. Physical beauty is beautiful if it's paired with a nice soul not a phony, vain, frivolous one hooked on her self-perception of being a dazzling beauty. As I already said, at my age, no one female is that special to me anymore. There are nice

86 ones around but beauty's a dime a dozen, it's all interchangeable, people are basically generic, all attractive bodies are equal, any attractive one will do so I and I hope most people my age who I presume are mature are not affected by a person's looks much either way. I like people who ignore their looks, either good or bad. It's just not much of an issue. I can't stand people who tie their egos up in their looks to the point of absurdity like eating disorders, overrated trendy clothes, etc. The Arts & Entertainment Network, aetv.com, have a documentary called Beauty in a Jar which they sell in video format.

87 Chapter 2. The Essence of Beauty

Beauty in the Bible

The Bible wants women and men to be healthy, wholesome, modest and spiritual. There is more information in the Christian Women section and the Modesty: A Lost Virtue section but for now, read this over as food for thought. It never ceases to amaze me how some of these hyprocrite so-called pop stars calling themselves Christian parade around in their trendy clothes, trying to act alluring. A true Christian is modest, thats all there is to it. They dont seek out attention from their physical look. Watch any Christian TV show. See how many of the women there color their hair. Thats kinda stupid, isnt it? Theyre denying the hair color God gave them to waste money on some

88 gunk while some kid will die tonight because he doesnt have a dollars worth of food then people wonder why I have contempt for the hypocrisy of fake Christians. God hates pride and the high look. Proverbs 21:4 The Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, the Lord looks on the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 Do not adorn yourselves outwardly by arranging your hair, or by wearing gold, or by putting on clothing. Rather, let your adornment be the inner man of the heart, which never decays, the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is of much value in the sight of God. Peter 3:3-4 Him that has a high look and a proud heart will not endure.

89 Psalms 101:5 As a jewel of gold in a swines snout, so is a beautiful woman who is without discretion. Proverbs 11:22 Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30 Who is a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubles. The heart of her husband safely trusts in her so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. She seeks wool and flax and works willingly with her hands. She is like the merchants' ships; she brings food from afar. She rises while it's dark and gives meat to her household and a portion to her maidens. She looks at a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands, she plants a vineyard. She girdeth her loins with strength and strengthens her arms. She sees to it that her merchandise is good; her candle stays bright by night. She lays her

90 hands to the spindle and her hands hold the distaff. She stretches out her hand to the poor; yes, she reaches forth her hands to the needy. She's not afraid of the snow for her household; for all her household are clothed with scarlet. She makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders in the land. She makes fine linen and sells it; and delivers girdles unto the merchant. Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looks well to the ways of her household and doesn't eat in the bread of idleness. Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also and he praises her. Many daughters have done virtuously; but you excellest them all. Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands and let her own works praise her in the gates.

91 Proverbs 31:10-31 Unto the pure all things are pure. Titus 1:15 Let it not be that outward adorning of arranging the hair, or of wearing of gold, or of putting on clothing. But let it be that the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, the ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God. 1Peter 3:3-4

The Mechanics of Beauty

At 50, everyone has the face he deserves. George Orwell, Notebook, April, 1949 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody has their own vision of what a

92 dream person is and it varies wildly. I've been turned on by girls other guys aren't particularly interested in and guys have pointed out girls to me that turned them on that did nothing for me. It's the way it is. We're wired with a vision of beauty back around childhood which is usually someone similar to our opposite sex parent. For what's it worth, a recent poll said that the number one factor for men about women's look was the breasts. Being a man, I can attest to the fact that I value a woman's beauty; her facial beauty, her body and an undefineable feeling of inner beauty that I must sense immediately if I'm to be attracted to her. For the women, the number one feature of men was the eyes. Most of the attractive features were centered around the face like hair, small nose, big eyes, etc. Body parts rated high for the men like the butt, legs, etc. but not so for

93 the women. Biceps only got 6% as the most important feature for women. The most basic facets of women looking good to men are: Healthy appearance. The clean wholesome look. Healthy skin. Glossy hair (eat protein). Hair long or medium long, either straight or mildly curly not frizzy like you stuck your finger into a light bulb socket. Breasts average size to large. Tight ass, tight legs. Tanned face, the blush complexion. Good grooming. Light scent of perfume or cologne. White teeth. Nice clothes not fashionably frivolous though. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Moderate amount of jewelry. Moderate amount of make-up. Smooth, soft hands.

94 Manicured nails. Pedicured toes. High heels. Nice underwear. Everybody wants somebody healthy looking with good skin and no body fat. It's the universal constant around the world. Biologists say it goes back to primitive days when men and women alike searched for mates that would produce healthy offspring. According to some psychologists, attractiveness in both sexes equates to symmetry in the face and a big head with big eyes, small ears, clear complexion, minimal amount of wrinkles and an oval face. According to psychologist Dr. Michael Cunningham at the University of Louisville who did studies by showing people photos and asking them to rate the people in them on an attractiveness scale, there are two categories of features that attract men to women:

95 1.) Neonate features, features that make a girl look young and childish such that we feel protective towards her like large, widely spaced eyes, small noses and chins. 2.) Sexual maturity and responsive features like narrow cheeks, prominent cheekbones, arched eyebrows, happy smiles and dilated eye pupils. The sum total according to his article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is someone who is slightly young and helpless though sexually mature and friendly. This is that vulnerability thing I talk about elsewhere which is why the modern liberated babe aint exactly setting mens hearts on fire. Shes too hard with that Im in control attitude. People with big heads and big eyes with visible cheekbones are considered attractive in every different society in the world. People with

96 attractive, symmetric faces have sex more and cheat more than others, hence, healthier genes get passed on down. Psychologists have categorized the following as youthful features; a big face: symmetry of the face: big eyes: high cheekbones; rosy, tan complexion; right sized nose; clear skin. These are the marks of beauty in every culture of the world. They showed babies pictures of people that were ranked on attractiveness and found that babies looked at the universally attractive ones longer. Some facial proportions for facial beauty are: The ideal mouth is half the width of the face at

97 mouth level. The eyes are 1/14th the height of the face and 3/10th the width of the face at eye level. The pupils are 1/14th the distance between the cheekbones. The chin is 1/5th the length of the face. The distance from the center of the eye to the bottom of the eyebrow is 1/10th the height of the face. The total area of the nose should be no more than 5% of the total area of the face. Psychologists went around to a bunch of different cultures in the world and showed them pictures of both men and women. The universal constant for men perceiving a woman to be healthy and fertile was what they called a 0.70 waist to hip ratio which means that the waist is 0.70 the size of the hips.

98 All men are turned on by this measurement. For women, it's about .85, .90 waist to buttock ratio in men so the point is that we seem to have some prewired scope within ourselves that can detect what's fertile/ attractive in the opposite sex. Even though mens preferences to the size of women (thin to fat) change with the times, the 0.70 waist-to-hip ratio remains constant regardless of the overall size they prefer. According to studies, women seem to generally prefer a feminine face in a man because it's perceived as more friendly except during ovulation where they want a masculine looking man to seed them to pass of good genes. Physical beauty is a person's way of advertising that he or she is virile and ready to create babies so it's part of the mating game to try to be beautiful to attract an appropriate mate.

99 A part of beauty is health. A man is attracted to a lady who takes care of herself. If you smoke because you think it helps keep your weight down, get strong, quit and take up a real healthy lifestyle. In many psychological studies, it was proven time and time again that physically beautiful people are considered morally superior, more talented and friendlier than others and often get the breaks in life although they get the backlash of jealousy and scorn to go along with it and beauty fades after 40 so its not a lifelong thing. In conclusion, men are definitely attracted to physical beauty, women are more attracted to the inner soul of the guy and the size of his wallet although I don't shortchange men. They're not stupid. They want inner beauty just like women do . Blond, light, fair hair is associated with youth which could be why men are more attracted to

100 blonds than girls with other hair colors. Check out #613.71 and #615.82 at the library for books about body awareness and sensuality. Books about beauty, cosmetics, skincare, etc., are at #646.70-75 at the library. There are even books for men at #646.75. General fitness books are at #611-613. For books about the psychology of beauty, try #305.42 or BF201.4 at the library, in particular The Power of Beauty by Nancy Friday.

True Beauty is Love of Life

True beauty means only one thing; someone who has taken the genetic seed they were born with to strive to be as strong, free, natural, pure and loving as they can be without pretense, doing it because thats what they feel within that they must be. Everything else is pretense, bull, vanity or meaningless.

101 This is why I have contempt for all people who color their hair. It shows how much they dont get it and how much theyve been brainwashed by all the crap out in the world. I constantly come across girls with colored hair who are trying to act like deep, profound, conscientious, morally upstanding, noble people when theyve already defined themselves by putting that gunk in their hair. It negates everything, reveals how brainwashed and superficial they really are, especially the ones masquerading as Christians. Anything somebody does for image as opposed to who they really are in their soul takes away from their beauty. Nobody needs to drive a Porsche. If you do, it just shows theres something missing inside that you feel you need to project this certain image youve been brainwashed by. No guy needs to wear an earring. If you do, firstly it shows youve been brainwashed by the world, secondly, it shows youre that vain

102 that youre trying to project some phony cool image about yourself and thirdly it shows you couldnt be all that enlightened, free or stable because you dont understand that being yourself and following your true identity as you really are is true beauty. If you did, you wouldnt wear an earring because it represents the pretensious, pop culture, capitalist world of meaningless glitter which is all negative. A real man is someone strong enough to be himself, to stand on his own without needing to conform to some phony image of coolness from out there. I dont pretend to like professional sports or violent action movies but this is the way the sales machine try to define men as so that they can be a bunch of dumb consumers brainwashed by all this stuff but is this cool or beautiful? Think about it. Whats so cool about watching a bunch of overpaid people play some sport as

103 opposed to doing something with your own life? Whats entertaining or redeeming about some movie where some guy gets revenge by killing everybody who wronged him or wronged society? Thats the theme of every action movie. Why is America the murder capital of the world? Its not a stretch to figure it out. Were a bunch of brainwashed macho clowns rather than being who really are, sensitive, creative and inspired people but most of us dont follow our true natures because weve been told its sissylike, be a macho clown instead. Whats so beautiful about that, some asshole driving a big jeep, wearing a muscle shirt, a baseball hat backwards with an earring in his ear thinking hes a real tough guy? So what. Women who dress to the nines even on an ordinary day arent being beautiful. Theyre just being pretensious. Its not like a girl with natural beauty in her character that shows in

104 her face such that it doesnt matter what she wears, her beauty shows through. We live in a brainwashed world of pretensions. There are very few naturally beautiful people left anymore, people who are beautiful because they are following their true natures, being themselves the way the way they were born. We have a bunch of caricatures running around brainwashed by TV commercials and silly shows. Theyre all messed up but the funny thing is that they dont even know it. They think theyre cool and beautiful because theyre acting like some clone in the latest frivolous magazine but deep inside they feel the emptiness of someone who doesn't know who they really are therefore doesn't have that peace and relaxation about their lives. This is one of the big problems in capitalist society these days. All the women and some men are trying to manufacture a beautiful, cool look about themselves based on TV shows and

105 advertising when they dont realize that if they had the strength and freedom to focus on themselves as the pure individuals they are away from society they would be so much more beautiful. There are a few beautiful people out there but not a lot. I find that the most beautiful women are the older ones who have gotten over all the pretense. Of the young ones, very few are strong enough to not get lured into that fake beauty industry out there such that theyre happy pursuing their lives without all the trendy clothes, the make-up, the jewelry, the hair color and the phony attitude borrowed from music videos and womens talk shows.

106 Chapter 3. Beauty Products Sell Lies

Feminine Beauty Info

Feminine beauty is internal. Remember the statement in Proverbs in the Bible (15:13), Joyful heart makes a beautiful face or Proverbs 31:30 that says charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting. You're only beautiful while you're young but your heart stays for life. Free yourself from cultural ideas of beauty and focus on your heart. Everyone ages. By 40, you're no longer considered a young beauty no matter how well you took care of yourself so do yourself a favor and focus on developing your soul while taking care of yourself physically but don't fall for that vampy, cheap look of too much make-up and too many trendy clothes and jewelry. The natural look reveals a finer character than that overdone so-called fashionable look.

107 Don't take your frustrations out on yourself by blindly trying to measure up to the media ideal of feminine beauty or don't go to the opposite view and give up to live in the fantasy world of food, romance novels and tabloid gossip to give you a bland sense of comfort to deal with your despair of not measuring up to the cute, bubbly illusions in the frivolous magazines and TV shows which tend to make us envious and neurotic about ourselves. Don't compete with other women. Be friends with them so that you help empower each other as you go along. The maxm put forth by many of our female gurus of the "You are the beloved. Be the Queen-princess-Goddess that you are" ideology is somewhat deceptive because it encourages a holier than thou, superior attitude that you expect men to worship you simply by virtue of the fact that you're a woman, supposedly the gentler sex who drives men

108 wild by your beauty. Don't try to be this trendy, independent babe in full control of yourself if you expect to realistically score with good men. A lot of liberated women go to the opposite extreme of the passive woman complex to be loud, arrogant, un-ladylike bitches so go easy on that Goddess stuff. You're just an ordinary human being like the guy who wants to ask you out on a date. Don't make it harder on him by being a textbook case of the aloof, independent career babe who's got it all figured out without needing a man to take care of you. If you can't be soft, at least learn to project the image of feminine softness. Men generally prefer simple girls because they give them what they want, female softness without all that profound psychobabble the more modern, so-called advanced girls have. That's not to say dumb yourself down or give up on men but live your own life first.

109 If the right guy comes along and respects you for your independence and originality then he's worth it but if anyone less of a man comes by and romances you with cheap insincere gestures, think twice before you will compromise who you really are just to be with him. Men would really rather have both qualities, a girl with feminine softness who has enough abilities to make her own way in the world if need be because the nice soft girl who is the dependent flake drains too much out of the guy so it's always a middle ground. If you're too bitchy, as many girls are who feel a need to overcompensate for their perceived inferiority in the world, men won't go for it. You don't have to live in drama aspiring to be fabulously beautiful or stay insecure and neurotic as men want you to. Listen to your inner self in a quiet way. Life will still have

110 challenges and foibles as it does for men but if you listen to yourself, you know you will be living the right life true to yourself no matter what. Be good to yourself. Take it easy to enjoy your life. You can live an inspired, productive life and enjoy it if you listen to your soul, find something useful inside of you that earns you your keep or helps out your family and pursue it with a passion. Don't be afraid of disapproval for not knowing your place in this supposedly man's world. This is what the new era is all about, you becoming a liberated woman in full control of your life without worrying about the world out there limiting you in any way at all. Be more like a man without giving up your femininity. It's not a man's job to make you whole. It's your responsibility to be whole and if you are, the right man and other upstanding men will respect and even admire you for being who you

111 are. By whole, I dont mean some modern day career girl with a red corvette and a room full of trendy clothes. I mean an unassuming person with nothing to prove out in the world with a sense of peace who is following her true nature by doing good, worthwhile things that inspire her for her life without trying to be the next American idol or something like that. Pop culture wanna bees are a dime a dozen. I like original girls who go beyond that world to try to do something, anything worthy that gets beyond this actress/ model, pop culture, trendy thing. Whenever I see a girl proclaiming her interest in being an actress or model, I know that in 98% of all cases, shes not doing it for the inspiration of expressing her passions for the art of it, shes doing it to become a jet-setter and a star and she wont love any man as much as she loves herself. Books about womanhood are at #155.3,

112 #301.427, #305.4 and #306.708 or HQ27 TO HQ1233 at the library. There are some books about the psychology of women at #155.3, #158 or BF637. Inspirational and spiritual books for women are at #291.432 or BJ1610 at the library.

Beauty is not Defined by Salespeople

There are feminists, Christian housewives, teachers, activists and people with common sense saying we have to fight to enlighten young girls into knowing that the stuff on music videos, in TV commercials, magazines and movies is a manufactured view of feminine beauty, often retouched in the editing room but even if its not, the models starve themselves into eating diasorders, get cosmetic surgery, go to tanning salons and spend an hour or more on make-up before every TV appearance. There is an invisible standard of beauty created

113 by the sales industry that sells clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, purses, etc. and anything else that they think a female might think is cool. I dont want to talk about it and beat a dead horse because a lot of other people talk about it all the time, the effects of media on making females feel like they do not measure up to an invisible standard of beauty marketed at them by huge cosmetics and clothing companies so they end up becoming eternal consumers of beauty products, thinking that the more jewelry, make-up, shoes, dresses and purses they have, the more beautful they are which is wrong because you are who you are physically. Stuff cant change that. You can look healthy by living a healthy lifestyle. Beyond that, beauty is in the soul. The ironic thing for me is that as soon as I see

114 a girl with a huge closet full of clothes, colored hair and all that stuff, she thinks she is being cool like a Hollywood starlet. I think she is a disgusting, frivolous, brainwashed piece of crap. All women like this have elitist, entitled, arrogant, diva personalities. They create the exact opposite reaction from people to what they want. Theyre not cool. Theyre selfcentered, vain people. Seal Press at sealpress.com sells books by women for women. I saw a sociological-type book about beauty at #306.461 or BF697.5 at the library. They call this section key terms like: body image beauty psychology feminine beauty womens self-esteem womens identity

115 Body Image Info

Real life is not like life on TV or in magazines. Everybody is glammed up on TV by a professional make-up artist. All pictures in frivolous womens magazines are edited. Images of so-called glamourous women on TV like supermodels are the systems view of what beauty is which is a tall, skinny girl. Most girls arent tall. Many arent skinny. A lot of men dont buy into this version of beauty. I and many other men like curvy, bigger girls. Skinny, tall girls dont really turn me on much. The message of dieting and being thin is blasted at us on TV shows and commercials while we are also bombarded with junk food ads. Many women buy into societys definitions of beauty, know they will never be skinny enough so they get depressed.

116 The obsession with body image leads to pathological dieting and/or eating disorders. Americans spend over $40 billion on dieting and diet-related products each year. The cosmetic surgery is a constantly growing business even though it doesnt help you much in your soul. Most women have some form of body dysmorphic disorder, thinking they are fatter and uglier than they really are. The more money a woman has, the more she tries to fit the culturally indoctrinated view of beauty by buying stylish things, getting spa treatments, etc. The wealthier you are, the more likely you are to dislike your body. Body image affects men too. Those pictures on the covers of bodybuilding magazines are all edited. People dont look like that in real

117 life. A celebritys fulltime job is to look good. They pay for trainers, chefs, cosmetic surgery, etc. Oprah Winfrey, with all her money couldnt buy a moderate-sized body. If you watch TV shows with middle-aged actresses like those Beverly Hill housewives, you can usually tell when someone has had facial cosmetic surgery. Skinny girls with big boobs have almost always had a boob job. Does all this external stuff make you feel any better? I work out and eat healthy food as part of my lifestyle to feel good but I dont get my hair styled, I dont buy trendy clothes or anything like that because to me, its all meaningless external stuff. Learning to love your body is a key to being a

118 great lover. If you are preoccupied with what you look like during sex, it will be bad sex. Feel free to enjoy the moment. You can find lots of fitness books at #611-613 at the library and healthy cookbooks at #641. How much is a poor body image related to a fear of sex and love? Fat helps keep possible lovers away. Being comfortably nude comes from sweat equity. What do you need to do everyday to be proud of yourself? Bodies smell bad sometimes and do things you can't control like flatulence. There are some things about your body you cant control like the physiological changes of aging. Its hard to imagine that you will look like one of those old people you see walking around but if you dont die, you will. When youre doing sex, forget the self-

119 criticism. Enjoy it. No matter what you look like, sensual contact feels good. You must act confident and cool even if you feel like a fat pig. When I used to work in bars, I noticed the prettiest girls werent the ones picking up guys. It was the active ones, girls that might not have looked hot but they were open and out there. Its the same thing with your spouse. He doesnt care what you look like half as much he wants you to fondle his cock. Sex with the lights off should be a non-issue. Love your body. Forget about buying new clothes. A physically active lifestyle will shed weight and give you a glow. Try walking, dancing, biking and swimming. With a good body image, you attract other people. Sexiness is about love of life.

120 Live by your own standard. Ignore the fake world out there. Respect yourself enough to keep your body strong and fit.

Body Image Websites

about-face.org, san francisco based group, combats negative and distorted images of women. livescience.com/health/070102_facial_features. html feminist.com feminist.org mediawatch.com nowfoundation.org/issues/health/lybdkit, national love your body day bodypositive.com loveyourbody.org gurl.com mysticarticles.com/body-image-articles.html

121 uasteph.tripod.com adiosbarbie.com, body image Research, Action and Information Network for the Bodily Integrity of Women (RAINBO) 915 Broadway #1109 NYC 10010-7108 212-477-3318 rainbo.org

Fat Acceptance/ Fat People Activism/ Size Acceptance

Fat acceptance is a two-tiered agenda: 1.) Fat people accept themselves as is, know they wont lose the weight so they get on with their lives. 2.) Fat people are routinely discriminated against and made fun of. They want people

122 to leave them alone. BBW means big beautiful women. BHM means big handsome men. naafa.org, national association to advance fat acceptance. size-acceptance.org womeasure.wordpress.com abundancemagazine.com alt.support.big-folks hanneblank.com amplestuff.com, they sell stuff. answers.com/topic/national-association-toadvance-fat-acceptance belgravehouse.com/sizelinks.html, size acceptance links. bigfatblog.com bigmoves.org, fat dance bodylovewellness.com bodypositive.com/resouces.htm casagordita.com/fatacc.htm

123 casagordita.com/fatacc.htm cat-and-dragon.com/stef/fat/ffp.html, fat friendly health professionals. cat-and-dragon-.com/stef/Fat/ffp.html, fatfriendly professionals cs.cmu.edu/~sasha/home.html cswd.org, council on size and weight discrimination. dir.yahoo.com/society_and_culture/issues_and _causes/fat_acceptance en.wikinews.org/wiki/obesity_and_the_fat_acc eptance_movement:_kira_nerusskaya_speaks en.wikipedia.org/wiki/fat_acceptance_moveme nt eskimo.com/~largesse/INDD, international nodiet day faqs.org/faqs/fat-acceptance-faq faqs.org/faqs/fat-acceptance-faq fatso.com google.com/alpha/top/society/issues/health/bod y_image/fat_acceptance google.org/alpha/top/society/issues/health/bod y_image/fat_acceptance/personal_pages/ io.com/~joeobrin/fat.html, the fat person's

124 essays about poor portrayals of fat people in the media and links for better health and fat acceptance. kellybliss.com livingxl.com livingxl.com, they sell stuff. naafa.org, advancement of fat acceptance obesitylaw.com plus-size-pregnancy.org plussizeyellowpages.com radiancemagazine.com rotunda.com seafattle.org/falinks.html shulersnet.com/jellyroll/ size-acceptance.org size-acceptance.org, international size acceptance association. sizediversityandhealth.org sizewise.org soc.support.fat-acceptance sacalsafe.org, size acceptance for empowerment tgpos.livejoyurnal.com, transgender people of size

125 society.gourt.com/issues/health/bodyimage/fat-acceptance.html technorati.com/tag/fat+acceptance yft.com/favoritethings/society/issues/health/body_image/fat_ac ceptance yourplussizepregnancy.com National Assn. To Advance Fat Acceptance Pob 188620 Sacramento, Ca 95818 916-443-0303 916-558-6880 800-442-1214 naafa.org

The Curse of Beauty

Never lose your head over a womans beauty, and dont try to win a woman because she is wealthy. Sirach 25:21

126 Many strikingly beautiful women are cursed because firstly, there aren't enough good men to go around and secondly, most men are not cool enough to be themselves with a beautiful woman. We see it all the time in movies. The guy sees a beautiful woman, gets all flustered and screws up royally. Most men won't ask a beautiful woman out because they assume she's either high maintenance, perhaps outta their league, already spoken for or they're just too intimidated. There's even evidence to suggest that guys get more impotent with beautiful women than with ordinary looking ones because they know she can get any guy she wants making them try harder, getting flustered and it backfires leaving them limp.

127 Many men, being the insecure creatures they are, can get jealous of a beautiful woman because she seems to get all kinds of attention and breaks from people and they could be so insecure that they boil over whenver they see her talking to any man because they fear losing her. A beautiful woman signifies loss of control to a man. Some men can't handle it so they sabotage the relationship or find someone else who's a little plainer that they can have more control over. If you're beautiful, don't apologize for it but, at the same time, don't flaunt it. After 30 years old, you will be out of the beauty competition anyway. You will get fatter and a little uglier as some new, young cuties take their turn turning guys' heads. Be your beautiful self and hold out for a beautiful man who can appreciate your beauty. They are out there.

128 Natures Revenge on Beautiful, Young Women

The normal guy, if he could, would pick one girl who is his vision of beauty at her prime then clone her or inject her with a mythical fountain of youth drug so she would stay that way forever and never age. As far as men are concerned, who are hooked on feminine beauty which is the province of youth, all women age and lose that sense of freshness, sex appeal and youthful beauty. This is the curse all women face, particularly the beautiful ones who base their entire worth on their looks. If youre beautiful and rely on that to get you everything and youve got a bad, arrogant attitude to boot which most pretty, young women have, watch out. Youll be sunk past the age of 35 when youre no longer beautiful on the outside and your arrogant, snotty

129 attitude on the inside will further alienate you from people. Ive seen it many times before. Girls dont realize they have a little window of time during their youth when theyre beautiful and fresh then after that, they wont turn heads anymore so they wont be able to manipulate men like they used to. Most beautiful young girls think they will be beautiful and tight forever. After I wrote this article, I was looking through an article in the National Enquirer called Stars With Cellulite. They had someone in there 27 years old looking bad but everyone else they had pictures of, who were all over 35, looked really bad. You can make up your face but unless you exercise like those few female bodybuilders I know, your bodys tightness will be gone by the time youre 40. Thats Natures revenge. Thats why I know all older broads are

130 bluffing. They aint got the goods (beauty, tight body) to back it up. Thats why I know all that phony Sex & the City crap is just a big marketing ploy to sell product to older women to try to make them feel better for a minute or two but you are who you are. Better to work out hard than to buy into some fake pop culture delusion about how happenin and cougarish you are because babes with cottage cheese thighs aint got no leverage to be cougars and thats reality. Do me a favor. If you got cottage cheese thighs, dont wear skimpy bikini bottoms. It makes you look really skanky like an elephant trying to be sexy. I knew one girl, who was a fake blond with pretty big boobs. She always dressed like she was half naked, showing her boobs and she always acted uppity like she was the Queen of the world. She felt she was wonderful and perfect and flaunted it.

131 The problem is that she alienated everybody, even people she thought were her friends. This is what happens to all vain people. They alienate everybody. She thought they were all jealous of her. She didnt realize it was because of her uppity attitude to put people down and act superior to them. A lot of vain, self-centered people dont realize how callous they are. Theyre so egocentric that they dont have the ability to empathize, to feel what other people are feeling so they go on being abrasive and insensitive until either a group of people gangs up on them telling them how unpleasant they are or they find themselves alone with no true friends. I dont know for sure what happened to her. She was the friend of a friend. I didnt like her so I stayed away from her but I do know one thing for sure. Chances are she was gonna be screwed as she

132 aged. A lot of pretty, young, arrogant women do not marry honorable guys because honorable guys are too smart to marry poison ivy. They marry flashy guys, some with money, who use that as their power in the world so their marriages are not based on love and they start to self-destruct as soon as the womans beauty starts to fade at about 30 and she has a few kids. The guy whos all flash has no loyalty. Hes looking for somebody younger. When his image as a cool dude starts to fade out in the world, he gets all messed up and abusive. He dumps her then all of a sudden this girl who was once vain and beautiful and now isnt, doesnt have a clue. She has no marketable skill, she doesnt know what a mutual fund is so its poetic justice. She now has all the problems the regular pleebes have because she is one.

133 A lot of young girls who think theyre pretty dont realize how common feminine beauty is in young women. The fake blond with the big tits and the frivolous, vain personality are a dime a dozen. Theyre everywhere. They have no inner beauty and dont seem to be aware that other people are looking for that quality in a friend or a lover. They think theyre the package because they look like all the starlets on TV, the Anna Nicoles, the Jennies, the Jessica clones. They all think theyre hot on the outside but they have no aura of sincere warmth to them. Nature will get them all then theyll be screwed because they thought theyd be beautiful forever and that would be enough but now theyre just another middle-aged frump. The vain ones and the empty ones who never bothered getting a career and thought their looks would get them through life suddenly

134 find themselves alone without the ability to charm their way through anything since they are now older and look used up. Dont count on your looks to take care of you. Ive seen plenty of girls that were hot stuff at 20 but are middle-aged frumps now. All the girls I went to school with who were once hot stuff now look their age. Only the very rare bird with true inner beauty seems to defy her age in her looks. Most women get dumpy. They dont culture their souls therefore the beauty that may be in their spirits doesnt shine through. Read my money book, my jobs book and my business books.

Fashion: The Crown Jewel of Excess Gone Mad

The so-called fashion industry is a great

135 example of material excess gone whacko. In Canada, we get a fashion TV show called Fashion File. If you ever want a lesson in lost souls concerning themselves with something utterly useless, watch it. There must be an equivalent weekly fashion show in the United States. Its so surreal to watch these people who have nothing in common with any human being Ive ever known. Fashion adds nothing useful or meaningful to the progress of humanity, a bunch of people prancing around pretending theres something deep, cool and advanced happenin there but of course its all a bunch of worthless delusions. It goes back to the Emperors New Clothes thing, some people living under a collective illusion for awhile. What exactly are they trying to project? If you wear certain clothes you will supposedly feel special and everyone will look at you because you will be so

136 dazzling? Anybody who buys into this reveals to me how superficial they are. Theyre not aware enough to realize you are who you are in your soul and beyond that clothes are function. And theyre not just superficial, its narcissism gone bad. Narcissism is great if you see yourself as a great scientist whos gonna create something that helps the world and you do but when youre prancing around creating absolutely nothing useful except for glorifying yourself as to how beautiful, cute and sexy you think you are and our society doesnt bat an eye at the absurdity of it all, I know theres something seriously wrong with the society I live in. All this stuff is goin on while we have so many economic, political and life problems everywhere. There was some girl on the CBC show Fashion File who was this model supposedly turned

137 singer. As I watched them showcase parts of her music videos, I couldnt help but think what is the purpose of those music videos, to entertain people or to try to show off to yourself and to others how advanced, beautiful, cute and sexy you are. Where is the entertainment value in the artistic sense? Where is the attempt at great art versus cheap pop culture trash? Weve seen these choreographed sexy dances in music videos all the way back to Janet Jackson. Theyre passe by now. Why cant a so-called musician make it on the music as opposed to the image? Who is the target market for all this stuff? Another bunch of preteen girls will grow up thinking that being emptyheaded clones hooked on fashion, material excess and hair color is just the coolest, most glamorous way to

138 be. Ive seen two guys in the past month who colored their nails as a girl would do. Get a real life then you wont have time for this foolishness. I bought a pair of sneakers that cost twenty bucks then a friend of mine bought a pair that cost a hundred and twenty bucks. I put the two pairs side by side and tried to see what the difference was except for the brand name. There was no observable difference to me. Instead of wasting perfectly good money on something useless you dont need why not give it to help a peasant who needs it more than you need your vanity or a cute, compfy feeling of pampering yourself cuzz the TV commercial says, youre worth it.

139 Chapter 4. True Beauty is Not Cosmetics

A Straight Guy Talks About Feminine Beauty

In the 1950s, only movie starlets and sex workers colored their hair. It was considered something unnatural and ungodly that only promiscuous, loose women did. Later on in the sixties, some savvy advertisers turned it around to make it seem cosmopolitan, cool, popular and glamorous to color your hair by saying blondes have more fun, implying that it makes you look and feel glamorous and putting out the perception that all the cool, liberated women were doing it. Many women fell for it, colored their hair then waited for their lives to open up to the world of glamour and glitz, whatever that is. Theyre still doing it en masse. They still seem

140 to think its cool when the truth is that they must be pretty stupid to deny what hair color God gave them to put some chemical gunk in it because some asshole in some TV commercial said it would make them feel glamorous and they deserve it because theyre worth it. It was the same marketing psychology used to get women to smoke cigarettes. They implied that independent, confident women did whatever they wanted and nobody was gonna tell them what to do. These were supposedly things that liberated women did as a subtle sign of protest against the man and traditional values but the truth is that it was media manipulation all along that gave them these so-called rebellious behaviors in order to sell them cigarettes and hair color so they were conforming to somebody elses ideas of rebellion which were all geared to sell useless products to women who wanted to be cool and liberated. Whos the sucker in this situation?

141 As a man who lives by my pure essence as an individual, its as plain as day to me that who I am is fixed. It doesnt change. There is no fantasy world somewhere with a red carpet that makes me all of a sudden feel different and special if I color my hair, put on some expensive clothes, jewelry and make-up then go there. Its like the Wizaed of Ozs big deception. There is nothing behind the curtain. Who I am is a constant controlled only by me not by any illusions and delusions from the outside world. There are no cool people anywhere all gathered for an easy-breezy cool, fun time as portrayed in TV commercials, music videos, movies and anything else in pop culture entertainment. Real life is what you alone create by yourself and with your intimates. Real life among people in general is more like the hate, jealousy and backstabbing you see on

142 reality shows than some fake show about middle-aged women having all kinds of fun sleeping around. Thats the lie that keeps middle-aged women buying loads of stuff because they think that somewhere over the rainbow, this illusory easy-breezy, cool, superficial, fun life exists but it doesnt. No matter how you cut it, beauty in women is relegated to the grace of youth. After 35, theyre not fresh anymore so they go on the junk heap of humanity. Men are not instinctively attracted to older women. Its got something to do with that subconscious biological desire to find someone young and healthy who can bear strong babies. Dont buy into all this cultural indoctrination based on the lie that there is such a thing as glamour in real life. This term glamour is a marketing term geared to fool girls into thinking that if they buy loads of hair-color, cosmetics, jewelry and fashionable clothing, somehow their state of mind, their way of

143 thinking will be elevated to a higher level where they feel fabulous and special about themselves as though they were living in a movie or a shampoo hair commercial but the truth is that its still them and their lives will continue to be ordinary until they figure out what inspires them then release all that natural energy with gusto until they hit the state of true euphoria without having to buy any of the junk at the mall. The lie called fashion implies that different clothing has different effects on how you feel, how you look and how others see you but the truth is that you are who you are regardless of what you wear. Clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and hair color have nothing to do with your willpower, inspiration, work ethic, sense of happiness, your ability to be a good lover, your essence as a human being, your soul. People who concern themselves with these things to the point of vanity and extreme excess have a big hole in their souls. They

144 dont know their true identities, the way they were naturally born to be so they get sucked into this huge marketing machine telling them that buying frivolous junk will make them feel good and look cool and fashionable. Dressing sexy or slutty has a definite purpose to attract men and arouse them but wearing clothes to try to make a fashion statement as they call it is laughable to down-to-earth people. Its a big joke to me, kinda like The Emperors New Clothes, a big scam with all the idiots falling for it. The more fashionable you try to dress, the more other people know youre a narcissistic, self-centered, cold bitch or bastard. How many ways can you possibly design a dress? The so-called fashion designers say its hard work. All fashion lasts six months then its replaced by the next new fashion line until its recycled all over again in several years. How frivolous and useless can life be for

145 people who buy into this stuff while there is so much real pain, suffering and need in the world? People think that other people are thinking about them, focussed on their look, analyzing it but most men could care less about what anyone else is wearing and most women are too busy thinking about themselves and their own look to spend any time thinking about you and your look except for the phony compliments. Who really cares about what you look like? Why do women silently compete with each other for whos the prettiest, trendiest and coolest in the room, coolness as defined by the way the pop culture chicks act on TV? I think that frivolous womens magazines put ideas into girls heads that theyre special, elitist princesses better than everybody else. Thats the way celebrities act, theyre cool and special so aspiring cool, popular girls

146 everywhere try to imitate this Im all that princess vibe. What about beauty pageants? Is that wholesome, healthy stuff or a great vehicle for the beauty industry to advertise their products while warping womens minds? In real life, it's all about function, what you do, how good of a friend you are not looks unless you plan to have sex with someone. Look counts for sex but if someone looks good and they got a nasty, bitchy personality, there aint gonna be no love there. I dont care what anybody looks like unless I plan to sleep with them. I judge them by their character. The companies in the clothing, make-up and jewelry business constantly put out this lie that you can enter some fascinating, special state of mind and also enter an elitist red-carpet type world simply by gettinmg a makeover and buying a bunch of stuff to put on your body but its a massive con-job.

147 Some TV commercial says lose weight so you can look cute in that tight little black dress. I take care of myself for my own self-respect not because I want to look cute so strangers and casual acquaintances that mean nothing to me might give me a compliment now and then. The capitalist forces have a great way to suck women out of their money. Constantly market beauty enhancements to them that will supposedly take years off their look. Aging is natural. The only way you can fight it is with healthy living, not with cosmetic surgery, hair color, trendy clothes, etc. You are who you are in your soul. Nothing can change that except for a traumatic brain injury, chemicals or drugs that alter your brain chemistry or self-betrayal which takes you so far away from your true nature that you feel miserable all the time as in all the depressed people everywhere. They wonder why theyre so empty. Its because they live by the

148 artificial values of the world rather than by their true natures. If youre really beautiful on the outside, it shows no matter what you wear or dont wear. You can try to fake inner beauty but I have this feeling that most of us have an inborn intuition that tells us when were dealing with a wolf in sheeps clothing aka reptile aka bitch. All the high fashions, jewelry and cosmetics in the world cannot make a reptile loveable or beautiful. If you have an ugly soul, it shows in your mannerisms, your inflections of speech (sarcastic, uppity, demeaning) and the resting expression of your face. In the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, they say a beautiful heart makes a beautiful face. I can usually tell whos really happy and whos not. Its not that hard to know what state of mind most people live in most of the time. Just take

149 a good look at their face then look at their body. You intuitively know when someone is not in harmony with their true nature. Clothes, hair color, etc. are all evidence of how empty or fulfilled a person is on the inside. Being too trendy or too fashionable gives you away as either a self-centered, self-absorbed, uppity, frivolous person or somebody stupid enough to have allowed themselves to get massively brainwashed by the capitalist sales machine that tries to make you think that material things are the path to happiness but the only thing that can really make you feel good is earning your self-respect by releasing your natural energy everyday. Material things cannot give you self-respect or a sustained feeling of well-being. Try it. Go buy all the junk in the world then see how your state of mind doesnt change a bit after the initial novelty wears off in ten minutes. Its still the same old you with some meaningless glittery trash.

150 Theres a big obvious contradiction in the hair coloring TV commercial where the so-called celebrity pitching the stuff turns to the camera at the end then with a snotty expression says, Youre worth it. The plain truth is that if you really felt you were worth it, you would not entertain such stupid thoughts of coloring your hair because you would be happy with what God gave you and concern yourself with things that really matter. You would not be coloring your hair because some ass in some ad told you it would make you more glamorous and you would have more fun. We could solve all the hunger and poverty in the world if women stopped coloring their hair and stopped trying to fill the emptiness in their souls by buying frivolous things they dont need but its not gonna happen. Watch TV on any given night. Its all about marketing a fake glamorous world that exists only in the

151 media to stupid women who cant see past it. If a demand doesnt exist, create it with flaky advertising. So, why am I so down on the beauty industries that sell cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, purses, shoes, etc. Its not just because it has destroyed the minds and souls of many girls who could have been good-hearted, productive people but they got sucked into the fake world of pop culture coolness and now aspire to be like some flaky characters they saw on some TV show. Granted, girls want to look good to attract men but men arent stupid. They can usually spot a wholesome, good-hearted girl dressing nicely versus a vain girl gone crazy for fashion and trendiness. A girls outer look gives her away. I and most other men know when we come across a self-centered girl full of herself at least partially based on frivolous stuff she read in a womens magazine.

152 The main reason Im down on an excessive preoccupation with fashion and beauty products is that we could easily solve all the hunger, homelessness and poverty in the world if we, in the developed nations, took half of the money we spend on fashionable clothing, cosmetic surgery, shoes, make-up and hair color and donated it to help the poor people but we dont. This is why material excess in any form is bad. No good-hearted person would blatantly live in material excess in any way at all including owning more dresses or shoes than they could ever wear or doing something as useless and meaningless as coloring their hair. True beauty is your love of your life and your expression of the soul or essence your God gave you to do something good and worthy for either your own appreciation of this gift to honor Him who created you or to help others. Thats it. You dont buy beauty. You earn it by following your true nature to be the person

153 you were born with the natural inclination to be. All those skanks walking around with their roots showing through think theyre the bomb but to me, all I see are the words another generic stupid fool living by the brainwash of the world on their foreheads and I know why the western world is fucked. Its just like Rome, too much frivolous excess destroys societies and empires.

My Take on the Lie of Feminine Beauty 1

Some girl who read my book after I passed it out to some of my acquaintances called me an arrogant asshole because she said I was so condescending to modern, western girls who color their hair and think theyre way worth it calling them generic, pop culture flakes. I laughed. Its obvious. If you dont present

154 yourself to the world the way your God created you as you are, then theres something wrong with you. Youre off-center trying to present some image to others by coloring your hair, wearing excessive jewelry, goin overboard on the fashions, trends and the look, even so far as to wear tongue rings and noserings. Strong, self-assured people dont bother with that kind of stuff. They speak through their actions and dont particularly care what other people think of their so-called image either way, good or bad. I judge everyone by the way they present themselves to the world. If youre trying hard for an image as opposed to just being who you are naturally then I got you pegged right away as a lost soul, not comfortable in your own skin, not strong enough to be who you are the way your Creator made you to be. You allowed yourself to get brainwashed by the world.

155 Ive come across a number of cons in my life, girls acting all sexy then when you move in to raise them a notch, you see someone scared who backs off when you get too close which is why Im so cynical. Appearances dont mean much to me anymore. A girl acting real sexy could be someone insecure trying to put out a faade to cover her frigidity or as they call it these days, sexual dysfunction while some mild-mannered librarian types turn out to be the greatest lovers. Like I said, theres a lot of put-on or image out there thats not real. If you were really a goddess, you wouldnt be so crass as to wear a tattoo proclaiming it or have it on a license plate as I saw on a car. A true goddess is pure beauty, truth and love. She is totally fine with herself as is without the need to buy into all the crap theyre trying to sell her in the name of fashion, beauty, vanity, trendy and looking young(er).

156 Shes strong enough to be herself the way she was born and lives to explore whatever is good, beautiful, noble and inspired within herself without putting on any airs because she knows she is who she is in her head, thats her base and she cant be brainwashed by the pop culture, frivolous forces of the world. Who is natural and relaxed enough to be herself without buying into societys indoctrinated cookie-cutter lifestyle? Im a free being without the need for an external diety but the Bible and I agree on some points like 1 Timothy 2:9, who is a virtuous woman. The truth is that we have lost our way as a society. This is the battleground for your life right here as far as Im concerned. Who is left trying to live a pure, original, free, inspired life for themselves versus the generic mass of mundane humanity brainwashed by the forces of capitalism and pop culture entertainment?

157 Why are we so fat, pale, weak, uninspired, generic and stupid as a society in general? You dont believe me? Stand around any shopping mall and watch the people going in and out. How many look like they got some true joy in their lives goin on? There are very few girls left beautiful enough to try to be who they are the way they were born, trying to find whatever is good, natural, original and inspired within themselves. My definition of a beautiful girl is somebody who respects herself enough as an individual to explore who she is, discover her true identity and honor it but what we have now is a society of lost souls who have sold their individuality for the ideals of capitalism and pop culture marketing. Just watch the music videos showcasing our so-called female pop stars. Theres something off there. You can tell. Its not art or an

158 attempt to create something beautiful, noble and original. Its just cloned soft porn, everybody imitating everyone else to try to be more sleazier and frivolous and were spozed to be the suckers who buy into this stuff if we want to appear as cool, cutting edge people to others. Theres spozed to be a difference between art and porn but the lines have blurred. Theres no true art within pop culture entertainment anymore. Its all the same crap and lots of people, including very young girls are brainwashed to think that its the cool, cutting edge of life so they imitate it. Where are the natural, wholesome ladies of substance with some depth, beauty, warmth and charisma about themselves? Where are the girls cool enough to be themselves the way they were born or are we just a bunch of cookie-cutter, generic people trying to imitate the latest hot pop star?

159 If you like to shop for meaningless, trendy stuff to try to look cool like the characters you see on TV and in frivolous magazines, I dont wanna have anything to do with you in any semblance of a loving, romantic way because youre not a beautiful person, just another generic, one-dimensional brainwashed girl and theyre way too vain, cold, fake and selfcentered for me, thinkin theyre all that, go girl, got it goin on, feel like a woman, livin large and in charge, dont impress me much (snap your fingers real cool-like with your other hand on your thrust-out hip then turn around and strike a coy pose looking back like Paris does), all that and a bag o chips. I dont care who you are, who you think you are or what so-called position of status you have out in the world. The second I see a hair coloring job on you is the second I got you pegged. I know everything I need to know about you, namely that youre frivolous and brainwashed enough to buy into that fake world out there where they tell you to color

160 your hair cuzz youre worth it because you think its the entryway to some phony world called glamor that smart but fraudulent corporate executives have created that doesnt exist in the real world. Its all a marketing fantasy. The truth is that if you were really worth it, you would accept yourself the way your God created you and be concerned about matters of substance not your hair color which we all know doesnt mean a damn thing beside whats in your soul so if you do it, youre just sending out a message to people like me how stupid and brainwashed you are.

My Take on the Lie of Feminine Beauty 2

If I ask you who wrote Beethovens Fifth and you dont know, thats pretty bad. If I ask you what 9 times 8 is and you dont know, thats Grade 5 stuff. How about name the two major

161 political parties or what does IRS stand for? What about FBI? CIA? DC? NYC? OKC? WHO? NATO? Ive asked all these questions to adult females at one time or another and all of them got at least one wrong. What about being self-sufficient and aware of whats goin on? I dont wanna be with some helpless, dependent flake. I dont care how externally beautiful she is. At the same time, I dont want an efficient, neurotic battle axe. Where does earning your self-respect or doing something to help the world enter into it? Were so busy trying to look cool and cute that weve screwed ourselves out of living full, free lives. The only thing I want in the loving, romantic sense is a girl whos an artist of her life with some love and warmth in her.

162 There are plenty of nice girls around but theyre generic. Theyve been brainwashed a bit by the pop culture, capitalist world they live in and have no natural, original, inspired sensibilities about doing something cool and transcendent with their ride of the human condition. Theres no vibrant, sustained intense love of life there beyond raising a few kids and watching soap operas. A few girls are artists of their lives in the extreme sense where its all about them with no love or warmth for anyone else. Its all about satisfying themselves through what they do. Who wants to be with someone like that even if you understand each other? These would be like some of the so-called divas in the pop culture realm. This is why many pop singers and movie starlets are single. No self-respecting guy is gonna be with someone like that. A wimp would but not a

163 real man. Thats why you see some of them with wimpy, little guys that they own. Why cant they find true love with a real, upstanding man as opposed to using a guy as a disposable pet? The feminists used to say Madonna was too much woman for most men. If this is true, why didnt she get some strong alpha male who matched her alleged high archetype of womanhood? She got a little lightweight instead because she was desperate because no self-respecting man would go near her because she was so self-centered and vain not because she was allegedly so much of a woman. There are a lot of girls who have no inner warmth or love inside of them despite the fact that virtually everybody sees themselves as warm and loving people. Theres nothing bohemian or original about these girls either. They could be the young,

164 current trendsetters or older career girls who have made it out in the capitalist world but to a guy like me its like so what. It dont impress me much. If I cant sense an intuitive aura of inner warmth and genuine niceness nor a nice quality of an individual trying to follow whats in their souls to be the person they were naturally born to be as opposed to being brainwashed, fashionable trendsetters, it aint gonna happen. I dont care how trendy you look, how successful you are out there or the long way youve come, baby, youre just a bunch of generic, lost, brainwashed, cold, empty souls thinkin you got it goin on cuzz youre imitating what you saw in some TV commercial about a cool, modern, liberated, happenin babe. Guys arent that stupid. A lot of us see through the bull. Wheres the real person versus the brainwashed one? True beauty is a quality you either have about

165 yourself or you dont. No amount of trendy clothes, hair coloring, cosmetics or jewelry can give it to you but a lot of girls are brainwashed by the mass media-corporate machine to think that this is what cool girls do, fill themselves up with all this artificial marketing crap to make themselves look fashionable, modern and trendy therefore desired by men. Men are attracted to pretty girls in a sexy way just like theyre attracted to pictures of pretty naked women in porn mags but in order to take it one qualitative step higher to be attracted to a girl for who she is, something about her has to touch the guy in his soul. She has to have a kind of natural inner warmth and beauty with some humility to her because humility means youre a good person not overly concerned with your look/ image but concerned with things that really matter in life such as trying to better yourself to earn a better living, doing inspired things out of your love of life and helping out the less fortunate

166 sometimes but the marketing forces of our society have brainwashed a lot of women to aspire to be vain and cute in a phony, orchestrated way. It sucks for guys looking for girls without the pretensious masks on, always trying to keep up with some fantasy image borrowed from a frivolous womens mag or some silly hair coloring commercial telling you to color your hair cuzz youre worth it when the truth is that if you were really worth it, youd be much too strong and comfortable with your identity to do something that useless and blatantly fake since all enlightened people know that no amount hair coloring gunk can do anything for the person you are in your soul. It does the exact opposite. It shows people like me that youre so generic and uninspired that you let yourself get taken away by all that lowlevel marketing crap out there. I dont want to have anything to do with someone like that in the romantic sense.

167 Its not the real world and I have contempt for small-minded, brainwashed people who think it is and are so weak that they take on images that arent the real them, thinking theyre cool when theyre really lost souls. Theres your chasm of differences between the sexes right there. Guys in general live in the real world. They want somebody real. It doesnt mean you sacrifice your femininity. Just get off this trivial, little lifestyle you read about in frivolous womens mags and get over this obsession with home dcor and celebrity gossip. Its all meaningless junk meant to help lost souls spend their money to try to give them some temporary sense of worth or titillation. Watch the TV commercials on any womens network on any given night and youll see theres something seriously wrong with the way they market products to women as to what constitutes the feminine ideal.

168 Its really sad that we live in a society of women largely brainwashed by the corporate definition of beauty which is to keep buying new clothes, make-up, jewelry, shampoo and hair color, constantly obsess over your weight thereby spending more money on scam diet books, scam diet food and useless exercise equipment at the expense of following whatever may be inside of you as an individual thats natural, original and inspired. And lets not forget the fake wrinkle, skin rejuvenating creams. The reason I say useless exercise equipment is because the best exercises are free; walking, running, swimming, biking and for muscle exercise, nothing is better than the oldfashioned barbell. All those exercise machines youve seen on infomercials in the past twenty years are a big crock of marketing deception. Im still a sexual being. I can play along with any girl for the possibility of casual sex but I dont come across too many kindred spirits or

169 soulmates, girls with the inner beauty to live their own lives without being brainwashed by all that pop culture marketing crap out there. Its taken us over and destroyed many of the weak people among us who live what comes down to little spoonfed trivial lives without tasting the beauty and transcendence of an intense, inspired exertion of their natural lifeforce which is all that matters to people like me. Thats why I laugh contemptuously at frivolous, pop culture girls who think they got it goin on because they got a boob job, some hair color and trendy looking new boots. None of that stuff comes close to the girl who has a beautiful soul, trying to live her life naturally by what she feels within with some intensity, passion, conviction and gusto. Who are you purely in the privacy of your mind away from everything youve ever been indoctrinated by? If youve got any guts, this

170 should be your only truth in life.

Why Men of Substance Cant Stand Pop Culture Girls

On the version of the TV show The Bachelor where they had the Italian-American prince, there was one Italian girl in the midst of all the American girls so when shes talking to the prince, she says something like the American girls are acting like a bunch of phony-bubbly airheads. It seems like most American girls are brainwashed by pop culture entertainment, frivolous womens magazines and hair coloring commercials while in other parts of the world, theyre more real and down to earth. They live in these nave fantasy worlds of TV reality and dont start to get real until they pass 35 years old. Thats why a lot of American

171 and Canadian guys are turned off by local girls. They all got that same, generic, unreal, nave, limited headspace. Wheres the original one strong enough to be herself away from all that crap? The pop culture image of women is geared for one thing, to sell product. By making clothing and jewelry look sexy and getting sexy manufactured pop stars to advertise them, manufacturers rake in the bucks. This is the bottom line. In the process, they create a demand for this stuff and set the standard for whats spozed to be cool and hot right now. What does this do to teenage girls, young women and even older women? It makes them think that dressing like a stripper or a hoe in a music video is cool and it will make them popular and desired by boys but a guy like me asks what is the definition of a lady.

172 Do you know what the term cultural indoctrination means? Are you aware that intelligent people out there including intelligent studly, noble guys who see you like this, following trends, know youre a weak, stupid human being for allowing yourself to be manipulated by pop culture-corporate forces like that? But the thing is that the average, brainwashed girl is so limited that she doesnt know shes been handily brainwashed. She just follows what she sees on TV and what her brainwashed friends do and never questions what shes doing. Where do you the individual start and where does the world end meaning all that stuff you put on to try to project an image about yourself? What is your identity away from your clothes?

173 What do you do with your life thats intense, tough, inspired and worthy, if anything? Are you a brainwashed clone? Would a lady of substance wear stripper clothes just because she saw it in a music video? It shows how powerless you think you are when you rely on clothing for a sense of identity. From the other point of view, the way girls are portrayed in pop culture, as bimbos, makes them look this way to guys. Some guys grow up not seeing a female individual but seeing a sex object. All this is sanctioned by corporate interests trying to make a buck off it. You got girls in video games, music videos and most entertainment TV shows portrayed as sex objects where they use their sex appeal to get what they want out of guys. This is the standard of a brainwashed pop culture clone but is it the standard of ladyhood? Guys arent stupid or at least the good ones

174 arent. They know the difference between a brainwashed pop culture clone and someone having a standard of ladyhood. The girl dressed sexy is seen as a sex object. The other one is seen as someone with standards who might make a good wife but this is too onedimensional. Guys dont want a girl brainwashed by music videos but they also dont want a girl brainwashed by her church and the protected life in the suburbs. They want somebody real who knows whats going on in the world with some common sense. If youre truly cool, you dont have to flaunt it. Your identity is inside of you based on what you do which gives you your self respect which is why guys looking for a serious relationship will look for the calm girl whos not following trends as opposed to the overthe-top one who is perceived as a sex object. My point is dont think that guys are stupid.

175 When you dress sexy, it doesnt make you look cool as the advertisers of this clothing want you to think, it makes you look like a trashy sex object. Guys might approach you because they think youre liberated and stupid enough to be an easy lay but as far as respect goes for a possible love relationship, guys want a girl with standards who they think will be a good mother who will be more concerned with raising kids than the latest fashions.

Too Much Make-up

I can tell right away when somebodys wearing too much make-up. You cant win by doing this. It makes you look bad either way. If youre naturally pretty, it just makes you look vain and stupid for buying into the brainwash of cosmetics advertising.

176 If youre not so pretty, its a futile attempt to put crap on your face to try to enhance your look but it never works because you are what you are. Focus on the person you are on the inside. After about the age of 35, that goes a much longer way than some pretty, young, self-centered girl full of herself. To me, its kinda like theres natural and wholesome then theres fake and pretensious. I think some make-up is fine but when it crosses the line such that my first thought upon seeing someone is too much make-up, it makes me think that the girl must be insecure, brainwashed and/ or stupid. Ive seen pretty girls wearing lots of make-up and thought to myself, what a waste. Its like painting the Statue of David. It cheapens it.

177 Chapter 5. We Color Our Hair While Poor Children Starve

My Personal Cause: Food not Hair Color

I come across women all the time and some men who try to act like theyre intelligent, extroverted, happy, engaged, altruistic individuals but as soon as I see those roots showing through on their heads, I know right away that despite all their pretenses, they couldnt be that smart, nice, kind or enlightened because theyre stupid enough to fall for cheesy marketing by hair coloring companies about how something as superficial as hair dye will make them look more sexy and glamorous such that as fake blondes they will have more fun. On top of that, I come across girls who claim to be working and volunteering for charitable, altruistic causes but they couldnt all that nice

178 if they spend x number of dollars on such a meaningless, useless thing like coloring their hair while some kid is starving somewhere and some abused animal is being euthanized because the pet shelter cant afford to keep him. It doesnt make any sense to me. If Im looking for a soulmate or kindred spirit with a pure heart, it absolutely will never be someone who colors their hair because that very act tells me she doesnt have enough natural beauty or wisdom to be herself the way she was created by God or Nature whichever you believe. She is stupid enough to fall for flaky, lying pop culture marketing. To me thats spiritual pollution. Im not interested in brainwashed people doing stupid stuff to try to appear cool to others as defined by the fake beauty industries of fashion, cosmetics and hair color even if they are supposed high-status accomplished people like lawyers, teachers, doctors, journalists, etc.

179 Theyre living by societys marketing standards not by their own natural beauty which means they do not have true beauty. All that stuff doesnt do anything for whats in your heart and soul yet multi-millions of girls think it does. It has the exact opposite effect. It makes you look brainwashed, pretensious and weak, living by other peoples standards other than your own. All the money spent on phony enhancements that they say will enhance your beauty but really doesnt can easily solve much of the poverty in the world. I believe the money spent everyday on hair coloring alone is enough to feed every hungry child on the planet for that day. I believe all the money spent on nail polish is probably enough to pay for every childs education on the planet through to high school.

180 So, whats really worth it, the chick who colors her hair or the one who keeps her natural hair color and donates some of their extra money to help feed poor children? I say that the hair coloring companies have managed to transform a useless product that is actually harmful to your health (because the chemicals enter your body through the pores in your skin) from something tacky that only sex workers and frivolous actresses did a few generations ago into something that you now do because they say youre worth it. The truth is if you really felt you were worth it, you would be above the need to color your hair to try to conform to some deluded idea of glamor these marketing companies try to suck you into. If a number of people go to the mass media and constantly say hair coloring is cheap, stupid, uncool and trailer trash-like with all them roots showing through, we can stop brainwashed

181 women and men from thinking hair color is cool so theyll stop using it and maybe donate their hair color money to feed poor children. Why try to be something youre not and deny your God-given hair color? Why not stop coloring your hair and give the money to a worthy charity. We have to convince the women of the world that coloring your hair does not make you look more sexy, fake blondes do not have more fun and you were actually very stupid to buy into all that brainwashing crap about being more glamorous that the hair coloring companies constantly pummel at you in advertisements. Simply give the money you would have spent on hair color to feed poor children. I believe it would be enough to feed everybody. Everytime you would have colored your hair, you donate the money instead.

182 feedthechildren.org fh.org, food for the hungry. foodforthepoor.org, food for the poor, inc. (ffp). ifpri.org, international food policy. wfp.org, world food program. trickleup.org, help poor people get selfsufficient. whyhunger.org aah-usa.org, action against hunger aaionline.org, africa-america institute (aai). accion.org, latin america help. actionaid.org, a world without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity. adra.org, adventist development and relief agency international (adra). akanyavoko.com, akany avoko shelter for destitute children & young people in madagascar care2.com childfund.org childhaven.ca

183 foodforthepoor.org destitutechildren.com ekprayaas.com, help children. foundationforpeace.org, works hand-in-hand with people in need in developing countries goodnewsmissions.org helpchildrenofindia.org.uk helptheaged.ca invisiblechildren.com, the movement to bring awareness of the what is happening to the children in africa. joiningheartshands.org, serving educational needs of kenyan orphans newhopeforliving.com refugeecouncil.org.uk samaritansinternational.org saveone.net, water for africa. thehappyhome.com, india orphanage. thehungersite.com worldofgood.org, world of good development organization, world of good development organization is a nonprofit focused on improving the lives of low-income women in the developing world.


Food not Hair Color: Solve World Hunger 1

Think of hair coloring as selling your soul. The more you use, the more fake you look. Before 1967, most women thought only hookers and actresses colored their hair then Clairol came out with a commercial that asked Does she or doesnt she implying you cant tell if she colors her hair if she uses Clairol hair color but nobody ever told them that skanky roots would be showing through in a week. Nowadays, according to Bill OReillys advertising documentaries at cbc.ca, 60% of all American women color their hair. Are they that stupid and weak that they allowed themselves to get brainwashed by a few hair coloring company advertising executives putting lies into their heads about some fake world called glamour for sale in a bottle of hair

185 color. How can anyone possibly think that by denying what God gave them to color it over with some tacky, cheap, superficial gunk will make them look more fascinating, beautiful, glamorous and advanced? Thats why I still laugh at all those stupid women who think theyre so cool and fashionable yet they do something as utterly useless, meaningless and stupid as color their hair because some jerk-off in some TV commercial tells them theyre worth it. If you were really worth it, you would not waste your time on this foolishness. My idea is to start a nonprofit organization called Food not Hair Color, Hair Color for Breast Cancer or something like that which will be about trying to make hair color uncool by telling women they dont have to manufacture a fake image about themselves just because they are bombarded by ads and

186 surrounded by generic clones who buy into it. Women should be themselves the way they were born and donate the money they would have spent on it to feed hungry children. This is an idea Im putting out there for anyone who wants to do it. I wont do it because I already have a full life. I was watching a TV talk show geared for middle-aged women and how they stay young. I was kind of surprised when one of the socalled experts cited four things that keep you young: Diet Exercise Moisturizer Hair color It was no joke that she said hair color. Nobody laughed or skipped a beat. It was then that I realized one of the big rifts in the battle of the

187 sexes. Men value somebody real and natural who are thinking about doing worthwhile things with their lives. Frivolity doesnt enter into it for real men of substance. When you color you hair, youre not doing it for you because it changes nothing about the person you are. Youre sending the message off that youre doing it for image, because you want to be perceived as cool and glamorous by others. Thats a sign of weakness right there. Youre not strong enough to be yourself the way your God created you. Secondly, youre actually taking the time to concern yourself with your look. Thats vain and frivolous, two qualities I would not want in a mate. To me, the most physically beautiful women are the most natural ones. They dont need a bunch of crap on their face and hair to try to

188 enhance themselves. The beauty is there. It goes from their souls to the outside. I can tell when I come upon someone with a beautiful soul. You cant fake these things. You either have true beauty or you dont. If anyone wears a lot of make-up and colors their hair, it cheapens and lessens my attraction to them. We live in a society thats so brainwashed that the women at that talk show didnt wince when the supposed expert cited hair coloring as one of the keys to vitality, youth and health. Its such a hypocritical contradiction, putting some gunk in your hair to make you more vital. How much more stupid, brainwashed and frivolous can you get? And then I see some broad on some show acting like some ecology expert/ activist and she colors her hair. What a lie. If you truly believed in Mother Nature, you would be yourself naturally and not buy into that phony

189 world of hair color. You give your true self away despite the pretenses you put forth about how serious-minded you are and how much you care about the world. The most beautiful and youthful people are the ones doing substantive things with their lives. They have that beautiful glow about themselves naturally. The second you color your hair is the second you announce to the world how brainwashed, stupid and frivolous you are and I for one read an entire womans character based on that one thing alone. Its like cyanide. One drop pollutes the whole barrel. You cant be just a little bit frivolous and brainwashed. Youre either natural and original or a brainwashwashed clone buying into some phony world called glamor which is one big pretense. I could never be attracted to anyone who colors their hair. It goes against everything I believe in which is to be natural and real. Dont buy

190 into that phony world of capitalist excess and pop culture entertainment if you want to attract an honorable, genuine man. If you do, men of substance will see you as a frivolous, brainwashed clone, somebody theyre not attracted to. Another thing that gets me is you have these women who obviously dont have outer beauty. They could be older, overweight and generic, uninspired people. You can tell they just dont have that spark for living original, inspired lives yet why do they color their hair? Do they think its gonna make them look glamorous or beautiful? You dont fool anyone. All youre doing is announcing to the world that youre trying this cheap, cosmetic attempt to beautify yourself when youre totally off because beauty starts in the soul. You either got it or you dont. Its written on your face and on your body. Your biography becomes your biology. How

191 you live determines how you look, at least after 30 when the grace of youth is gone. You get the body and face you deserve by 45. You either still got the inspired beauty or youre a chubby, generic person watching talk shows, grasping at straws for a lifeline to get you out of your silly, brainwashed life for a minute. When you dont have it and try to do something useless like color your hair, it makes you look doubly worse. First of all, you dont have the spark of beauty and secondly, youre doing this silly thing to try to get a piece of it. The end result is that you look pathetic, like a lost soul brainwashed by her pop culture delusions.

192 If you were really worth it like those so-called celebrities in the TV commercials say with their pouty faces, trying to act all special, youd be above the need to color your hair for some phony, silly delusion that you think it makes you look sexier and more glamorous. They try to imply that you color your hair because youre worth it but the truth is that if you were really worth it, you wouldnt need to do something as silly and brainwashed as putting some chemical gunk in your hair to try to manufacture a phony image about yourself. If you want to be a brainwashed clone, go ahead but youll never get a true, worthy man of substance interested in you because to him, hair color is a sign that youre weak enough to be brainwashed by the frivolous forces of society that are based on trying to enhance your look without any true backbone while not being strong enough to figure out that its all crap and stand on your own as the true

193 individual you should be.

Food not Hair Color: Solve World Hunger 2

I come from the real and natural school of life. Present yourself to the world as you are as your God created you and Ill respect you for being strong enough to be who you really are. Try to be some fake, frivolous, phony trendy person and Ill laugh contemptously to myself while Im thinking, Another generic, brainwashed fool. Whos she trying to kid about thinking shes being some cool person because shes doing something as stupid as coloring her hair because some ass in some TV commercial told her she was worth it. When you color your hair, what youre doing is putting a message on your forehead that says, Im a frivolous, brainwashed part of the herd, buying into all that stupid capitalist, pop

194 culture crap out there. As if coloring your hair is gonna magically do something for you beyond making you look like a polluted peabrain. Hair coloring is a symptom of a sick society. People who feel good about themselves are self-assured enough to have no need to prove anything to anyone other than to themselves and are comfortable with the way their Gods created them naturally. Everybody who colors their hair, despite what pretenses they put forth about how cool, enlightened, trendy, glamorous, sophisticated, wise, professional and worth it they are, have something missing inside by virtue of doing this. At the very least, theyre just stupid clones brainwashed by the corporate-pop culture marketing lie that says that coloring your hair will make you feel glamorous, cool and trendy.

195 On a deeper level, if you color you hair, you are denying the real you for some reason that makes you feel not good enough about the way your God created you and you think that doing something this superficial will enhance your life somehow when anybody who knows anything, knows that everything about an individuals sense of well-being comes from their soul, not from a bottle of hair color. What youre really doing is advertising to all the enlightened people in the world how unenlightened, brainwashed, superficial, stupid and frivolous you are by doing something this meaningless and useless in light of whats really going on in the world. Some girls who color their hair lie like hell about it, pretending theyre natural blondes, redheads or whatever color theyre using. You dont fool anyone. Its as plain as day. Coloring your hair will not make you look sexy, exciting, glamorous, interesting or

196 beautiful. Its all about the essence within you that intuitive people can sense. The truth is that coloring your hair produces the exact opposite effect you want among enlightened people. They see that youre so weak and brainwashed that you do something this stupid to try to get some lift out of it. I presume you color your hair because youve seen all the ads proclaiming how cool and sexy it is and see all the other women do it in your neck of the woods so you think it must be cool and sexy but it just shows that regardless of anything else you do, youre still just a brainwashed part of the herd being fake, not real, strong or enlightened enough to just be yourself. Thats the way I see it and I would like nothing better than for women to open their eyes, get real and put these stupid hair coloring companies out of business. If you want to be taken seriously, how could you possibly color

197 your hair? Everytime I see a hair coloring commercial on TV which is quite a lot because theyre always advertising, I think to myself how can they be doing this when the world is in such a mess and there is so much need everywhere. It kinda smacks of the Gatsbys, these elitist people off in the corner living their selfcentered, deluded lives while everybody around them was hungry and jobless. How can any thinking, feeling woman do something as silly as coloring her hair rather than spend the time and the money on helping some poor kid somewhere? This is why I dont respect women that color their hair all that much regardless of what supposed position they have in the world. Youre no different than the stupid kids in high school living for image, for what you think other people think of you when enlightened people live by their own codes.

198 They know everybody elses thoughts are inferior to theirs regarding their lives so they dont care what others think of them and dont delude themselves into thinking that other people are actually thinking about them. Every enlightened person knows that everybody is thinking about themselves not thinking about other people all that much. Girls wonder why they cant get a guy when theyre doing all the right things according to the pop culture mentality which implies, through TV, magazines and movies, that girls who color their hair, wear the latest fashions, do the latest trends like wear noserings, etc., are cool and happening and theyre the ones the guys are attracted to. Some guys might be attracted to them as possible sex in a trailer trash way but real men see past all the pop culture pretense and look for a real girl whos not obsessed with her look, whos unassuming enough to be herself

199 the way she was born and brought up and tries to do something substantive with her life rather than just try to imitate the latest pop stars she sees in music videos. When you put stuff in your hair to color it, youre following what some assholes dreamed up in a corporate room for a hair coloring company then paid some superficial chicks to prance around in some ad acting like theyve got nothing better to do with their lives than color their hair because, as they say, theyre worth it. This is the big deception of a pop culture media-soaked society. It has warped womens views on what it means to be virtuous, real, solid, ladylike and attractive to men of substance. Whether the Bible is true or not is irrelevant. The fact is that is has provided us with wisdom on what it means to be a virtuous woman as discussed elsewhere in this book but based on

200 what I see, most girls who color their hair are pop culture clones rather than truly virtuous, wise women. To put it more simply, theres no logical or emotional reason to color ones hair unless its part of your job in a theatrical performance. It doesnt change who you are on the inside, it does nothing to enhance your look on the outside, it just makes you look fake and superficial.

Food not Hair Color: Solve World Hunger 3

Theres not one good reason in the world I can think of anyone to color their hair except for maybe older women trying to cover some grey but why bother to deny the natural process of aging. Its like who cares anyway. I would venture to say that most young girls and even older women have all these warped