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The People Power Disability, Chronic Pain & Serious Illness Superbook (knowledge can help improve your

life) by The Conquest-ability Club

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Table of Contents Disabilities Introduction Navigate Pages in PDF Format PART 1. THE DISABILITY HANDBOOK Book 1. People With Disabilities/ Challenged People Volume 1. Disabilities Basics Chapter 1. People With Disabilities Disabilities Info The Disabled Lifestyle 1-2 Downsizing Info Mobility Info Disability Etiquette/ How to Treat Disabled People

Seemingly Rude People Staring or Acting Stupid The Americans With Disabilities Act ADA Centers by State Disability Advocate/ Getting Your Rights as a Disabled Person Disability Activists/ Disability Advocates/ Disability Rights Disability Rights/ Disability Advocacy by State The Main Disability Laws Disability Law Websites Get a Disability Lawyer Special Education Acronyms Disability Dictionary of Terms Chapter 2. Government Disability Help Federal Government Disability Websites Federal Government Disability Organizations Disability & Business Technical Assistance Programs/ Disability & Business Technical Assistance Programs (DBTACs) Federal Help for Individuals With Disabilities

Chapter 3. Disability Resources Major Disability Websites Disability Websites Master List/ Disabled Websites Master List Disability Hotline Websites Help for a Disability Disability Help/ Disability Assistance/ Disability Money Websites Disability Publications/ Disability Magazines Special Needs Websites Disability on Twitter Chapter 4. Disability Organizations Basics Major Disability Organizations Info Disability Organizations Info Chapter 5. Disability Topics Abuse of Disabled People Elder Abuse Info Bathroom Location Disability Blogs/ Disabilities Stories Disability Chat/ Disability Forums Disability Info Podcasts/ Disability Info

Audio Recordings Disability News Dentistry For The Disabled/ Special Needs Dentistry Disabled & Pregnant Websites Disabled Sports Info/ Disability Sports Info Disabled Pet Websites Disabled Parents/ Parents With Challenges Disabled, Elderly & Senior Local Transportation Disabled Senior Citizen/ Disabled & Elderly Disabled Women Websites/ Womens Disability Websites Evacuation For a Disabled Person in an Emergency Invisible Disabilities Info Mormon Disabled/ LDS Disabled Orthotics & Prosthetics Info Physical Fitness for Disabled People Religion & Disability Info Senior Car Driver/ Disabled Driver Special Needs Adoptions Tax Credit For People With A Disability Chapter 6. Specific Disabilites Info

Amputation/ Limb Deficiency/ Amputee Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita/ AMC Deaf-Blind Info Deaf-Blind by State Short People/ Midgets Wheelchair User Websites Chapter 7. Spinal Cord Injury/ SCI Spinal Cord Injury/ Mobility Impairment Spine Websites/ Spinal Injury Websites Spinal Organizations/ Spine Injury Organizations Spinal Treatment & Rehabilitation Centers Spinal Cord Research Info Spinal Cord Chat/ Spinal Cord Forums Spinal Publications Chapter 8. Rehab Therapies Rehabilitation Websites/ Rehab Websites Find a Rehab Center Physical Therapy/ Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Recreation Therapy Info Dance Therapy/ Dance Movement Therapy/ Choreotherapy

Heat Therapy/ Thermal Therapy Sense Therapies/ Art Therapies Chapter 9. Disabled Veterans Basics Veterans Info Disabled Veterans Info Disabled Veteran Job Websites Chapter 10. Disabilities by State Disabilities by State Alabama Disability Info Alaska Disability Info Arizona Disability Info Arkansas Disability Info California Disability Info Colorado Disability Info Connecticut Disability Info Delaware Disability Info District Of Columbia Disability Info Florida Disability Info Georgia Disability Info Hawaii Disability Info Idaho Disability Info Illinois Disability Info Indiana Disability Info

Iowa Disability Info Kansas Disability Info Kentucky Disability Info Louisiana Disability Info Maine Disability Info Maryland Disability Info Massachusetts Disability Info Michigan Disability Info Minnesota Disability Info Mississippi Disability Info Missouri Disability Info Montana Disability Info Nebraska Disability Info Nevada Disability Info New Hampshire Disability Info New Jersey Disability Info New Mexico Disability Info New York Disability Info North Carolina Disability Info North Dakota Disability Info Ohio Disability Info Oklahoma Disability Info Oregon Disability Info Pennsylvania Disability Info Rhode Island Disability Info


South Carolina Disability Info South Dakota Disability Info Tennessee Disability Info Texas Disability Info Utah Disability Info Vermont Disability Info Virginia Disability Info Washington Disability Info West Virginia Disability Info Wisconsin Disability Info Wyoming Disability Info American Samoa Disability Info Guam Disability Info Marshall Islands Disability Info Micronesia, Federated States Of Disability Info Northern Mariana Islands Disability Info Palau Disability Info Puerto Rico Disability Info U.S. Virgin Islands Disability Info Chapter 11. Serious Illness Self-Analysis Journaling Info/ Keeping a Diary Create a Social History


Chapter 12. Support Groups Info Support Groups in General How to Start & Host a Successful Support Group Support Newsgroups Major Support Groups Support Group Websites Specific Support Groups Regional Self-Help Info Chronic Pain Support Groups Disability Social Groups/ Disability Support Groups Job Support Groups/ Work Support Groups Chapter 13. Minority Disabled Basics Disabled Minority Websites/ Disabled Diversity Websites Native Disabled/ First Nations Disabled People/ Aboriginal Disabled Volume 2. Canadian Disabilities Basics Chapter 1. Canadian Disability Basics


Canadian Disability Info Canadian Disability Websites Major Canadian Disability Organizations Canadian Disability Organizations Canadian Disabled Women/ Canadian Womens Disability Websites Canadian Disability Insurance Canadian Disability Products Canadian Mobility Products Canadian Disabled People go to College Canadian Accessibility/ Canadian Disability Travel Canadian Disability Law Canadian Independent Living Canadian Parent of Child With Disabilities Canadian Disabled Children Organizations Chapter 2. Canadian Special Education Children Canadian Learning Disabilities/ Canadian Special Education/ Canadian LD Canadian Local Learning Disorders Groups Canadian Childrens Reading Websites Canadian Down Syndrome Info


Chapter 3. Canadian Disabled People at Work Canadian Disabled People Jobs/ Canadian Disability Job Websites Canadian Disability Job Accomodation by the Boss Canadian Business Disabled People Provincial Disability Offices Chapter 4. Canadian Homecare & Senior Living Canadian Homecare Websites/ Canadian Eldercare Websites Canadian Caregiving/ Home Healthcare by Province Hire a Private Nurse in Canada Canadian Long-Term Care Insurance Canadian Nursing Homes, Etc. Canadian Senior Housing: Retirement Communities & Homes Some Specific Canadian Retirement Homes Canadian Hospice Info Chapter 5. Specific Canadian Disabilities Canadian Birth Disorders/ Canadian Genetic


Disorders Canadian Blood & Tissue Disorders Canadian Brain Info/ Canadian Neuro Info Canadian Brain Injury Info Canadian Cerebral Palsy Info Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Info Canadian Epilepsy Info Canadian Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Info Canadian Fragile X Info Canadian Genetics Websites Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Info Canadian Muscular Dystrophy Info Canadian Myasthenia Gravis Info Canadian Neurofibromatosis Info Canadian Paraplegic Association Local Offices Canadian Parkinsons Disease Info Canadian Sickle Cell Info Canadian Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Info Canadian Stuttering Info Canadian Thalassemia Info LArche Groups in Canada Chapter 6. Canadian Eye Problems


Canadian Eye Websites Canadian Blind Info Canadian National Institute for the Blind Local Offices Chapter 7. Canadian Hearing Info Canadian Deaf & Hard of Hearing Info Canadian Sign Language Learning Course Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada Local Offices Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Local Offices Canadian Tinnitus Info Chapter 8. Provincial Disability Info Canadian Provincial Disabilities Alberta Disability Info British Columbia Disability Info Manitoba Disability Info New Brunswick Disability Info Newfoundland Disability Info Nova Scotia Disability Info Ontario Disability Info Prince Edward Island Disability Info Quebec Disability Info


Saskatchewan Disability Info Northwest Territories Disability Info Nunavut Disability Info Yukon Disability Info Volume 3. Miscellaneous Disabilities Chapter 1. Disabilities Around the World World Disability Websites Australia Disability Websites Australia Childrens Disability Websites Australia Disabled Sports Australia Disability Transportation British Disability Websites/ British Disabled People Greece Disabled India Disability Websites Ireland Disability Websites New Zealand Disability Websites Philippines Disability Singapore Disability South Africa Disability Websites


Chapter 2. Animals Heal People Pets as Healers Animal-Assisted Therapy/ Pet Therapy Websites Dolphin Therapy/ Trips Guide Dog/ Therapy Dog/ Visiting Dog Monkey Helpers For Disabled People Therapeutic Horseback Riding Chapter 3. Medicare/ Medicaid Basics The Medicare Handbook Medicaid for Poor, Disabled & Seniors Medicare/ Medicaid Resources Medicare State Claim Offices Medicare State Peer Review Offices Medicare Carriers State Offices Medigap Insurance/ Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Managed Care Organization/ MCO Chapter 4. Disabled People Transportation Driving For Seniors And Disabled People Travel for Disabled People/ Accessible Bus Service Air Travel For Disabled People


Chapter 5. Emergency Resources Federal Emergency Management Agency State Emergency Info Disaster/ Emergency Websites Help Animals in an Emergency/ Disaster Disabled People in Emergencies/ Disasters Outdoor Medicine Info Chapter 6. Disability Recreation Disability Recreation Websites Computer Game Accessibility Alternative/ Accessible Game Controllers Disability Culture Websites/ Disability Arts Websites Disability Radio Shows/ Disability Podcasts Disabled People Video/ Disabled Films/ Disability TV/ Disability Entertainment Volume 4. Disabled Children With Intellectual or Physical Challenges


Chapter 1. Childrens Disabilities Basics Raising Disabled Children/ Parents of Disabled Children The Marriage After Having a Disabled Child Chapter 2. Disabled Children Organizations Children's Disability Websites British Childrens Disability Websites Major Children's Disability Organizations Children's Disability Organizations State Directors of Children with Special Health Needs Childrens Special Needs Health Care by State/ Disabled Children Medical Services by State Children's Special Health Care Needs by State Parental Groups of Disabled Children Online Support Groups for Parents of Disabled Children Youth Disability/ Teen Disabled


Chapter 3. Disabled Child Respite Care Respite Care Info for Children & Adults Respite Websites/ Respite Coalition Websites Respite Care For Disabled Children British Respite Care for Disabled Children Chapter 4. Disabled Child Topics Healthcare Transition from Childhood to Adulthood Headstart Program Info Adult Disabled Children Info Free Organizers for Medical Paperwork A Medicaid Waiver so You Qualify for Medicaid & Your Disabled Child Gets Services Chapter 5. Childrens Special Needs Summer Camps Special Needs Summer Camps Info Lists of Special Needs Summer Camps Childrens Disability Summer Camps Choose a Summer Camp Websites Summer Camp List Websites


Chapter 6. Teach People With Challenges Physically-Challenged Teacher/ PhysicallyChallenged Social Worker Blind Education/ Teachers of the Blind Deaf Students Education/ Teach Deaf/ Hardof-Hearing Students Volume 5. Disabled People Travel/ Access & Barrier-Free Info Chapter 1. Travel for Disabled People Travel Information for Handicapped People Disabled People Complain About Travel Air Travel for Disabled People Service Animal on a Plane Ground Transport From the Airport/ Accessible Ground Transportation Disabled, Elderly & Senior Local Transportation Chapter 2. Disabled People Travel Info Major Accessible Travel Websites Disabled Travel Websites/ Disability Travel


Websites/ Barrier-Free Travel Websites Disabled People Travel Resources Tour Operators for Disabled People Kidney Dialysis Services Worldwide Special Diets Travel Info Chapter 3. Disabled People on the Move Disabled Person Car Rental Info Accessible Van Rental Websites Bus Travel for Disabled People/ Accessible Bus Service Bus Websites Disabled People on Cruise Ships Chapter 4. Air Travel for Medical Reasons Nonprofit Air Ambulance Services Commercial Air Ambulance Services Canadian Air Ambulance Air Charter Companies Helicopter Charters Chapter 5. Train Travel Basics Amtrak, Big American Train Company Train Websites Canada Trains


United States Trains Chapter 6. Accessibility in Some Countries Canadian Accessibility/ Canadian Disability Travel Australia Accessibility Info British Accessibility Info Europe Accessibility World Accessibility Volume 6. Parent of a Disabled Child/ Raising a Disabled Child Chapter 1. Parents of Special Needs Children No Matter What, Be Caring, Loving & Compassionate A Stressed-Out Parent is Bad for Everyone In the End: The Final Result of Being the Parent of a Disabled Child Chapter 2. Practical Day-to-Day Life


Daily Reality: Finances, Housekeeping, Caregiving, etc. Housekeeping Websites/ Housework Websites Time Management for Parenting a Disabled Child Time Management Websites Chapter 3. The Parent of a Disabled Child Special Needs Child Parenting Raising Disabled Children Websites/ Parents of Disabled Children Websites Parental Groups of Disabled Children The Marital Relationship With a Disabled Child Healthy Love Insights Dealing With Relatives & Friends Parent of a Special Needs Child Dating Chapter 4. Parent Help by State Parent Training and Information Centers, PTIs by State State Parent Training and Information Centers Parent-to-Parent by State


Parent-Partnership Disability Organizations by State Chapter 5. Childcare For a Disabled Child Disabled Children at Daycare Cant Find Disabled Daycare Some Alternative Childcare Ideas Childcare Resources British Childcare Resources Canadian Childcare Resources State Childcare/ Daycare Licensing Offices Provincial Daycare Offices Canada Chapter 6. Different Levels of Independence Where Will the Child End Up? Adult Disabled Children Financial & Legal Paperwork Letter of Intent Info Special Needs Trust Info Living Trust Websites Guardianship by Law/ Legal Guardianship Power of Attorney Info Chapter 7. A Working Parent With a Disabled Child


Work & Raising a Disabled Child Work & Raising a Disabled Child Websites Family & Medical Leave Act/ FMLA Volume 7. Products & Equipment That Help Disabled People & Senior Citizens Chapter 1. Products for Disabled People Disabled Products Info Disability Product Websites/ Disabled Product Websites Equipment for Disabled People Resources Equipment for Disabled People Products British Disability Products British Mobility Products Chapter 2. Assistive Technology/ Adaptive Technology/ Disabled People Get Equipment Assistive Technology Info State Assistive Technology Offices Major Assistive Technology Websites Assistive Technology Websites/ Adaptive


Technology Websites Assistive Technology for Students at School Government Websites For Assistive And Accessible Technology Disability Software Info Text-to-Speech Software Chapter 3. Disabled Person Using a Computer, on the Internet Make a Website Accessible to Disabled People Computer Accessibility Websites/ Accessibility Software Accessible Websites to Get Internet/ Website Accessibility for Disabled People Chapter 4. Specific Products for Disabled People Learn About Assistive Products Accessible Cars & Vehicles Adaptive Clothing/ Disability Clothing For Sale Alzheimer Products For Sale Automatic Faucets For Sale Bedside Commode/ Portable Toilet For Sale


Braille Books/ Audio Reading Materials For Sale Books for People With Disabilities Cognitive Aids to Help Remember & Think Custom-Made Disability Devices Diabetes Products For Sale Emergency Response Alert Alarms For Sale Find Misplaced Things Remote Locators Food Devices For Sale Lift Chair For Sale Mobility Product Websites/ Scooters & Stuff Reading Aids For Sale Speech Devices For Sale Speech Recognition Products For Sale Stairlift in the Home Toys for Disabled Kids For Sale Vision Products For Sale Wheelchairs For Sale Chapter 5. Disabled People Home Safety Make a Home Safe Make a Home Accessible/ Home Modification Accessible Home Modification Websites Home Safety Modifications/ Make Your


Home Safe For an Alzheimer's Patient Safety for Disabled People Disabled & Mobility Knowledge Websites Assistive Domotics/ Home Automation For The Elderly And Disabled Chapter 6. Making Building & Homes Accessible Public & Commercial Buildings Accessibility/ An Accessible Society Websites Accessible, Adaptable Housing Design Accessible Real Estate/ Disability Real Estate Chapter 7. Disabled Housing/ Disability Housing/ Independent Living Disability Housing/ Housing For Poor & Disabled Independent Living Info Independent Living is Living at Home/ Home Independent Living Independent Living Websites For Seniors & Disabled Independent Living Organizations


Independent Living by State Volume 8. Minimize Pain Chapter 1. Pain Info Pain Control/ Pain Management Chronic Pain Info Holistic Pain Treatments Stress & Physical Inactivity Increase Pain Surgery for Pain Control Should be Rare Chapter 2. Advanced Ways to Stop Pain Cryoanalgesia/ Cooling a Nerve Electrical Stimulation of the Nerves Nerve Blocks to Stop the Pain Signal Neurolytic Procedures/ Destroying Nerves to Stop Pain Radiofrequency Ablation/ Radiofrequency Lesioning to Burn Away Pain Trigger Point Injection to Stop Pain Chapter 3. Some Types of Pain Myofascial Pain Syndrome


Neuropathic Pain Info/ Nerve Pain Info Somatoform Pain Disorder Info Chapter 4. Pain Resource Guide Pain Websites Canadian Pain Websites Pain Organizations Websites Chronic Pain Websites Pain Experiences/ Pain Stories Pain Clinics Info Chapter 5. Muscle Pain/ Muscle Problems Muscle Cramps/ Muscle Spasms Myositis/ Muscle Inflammation Muscle Massage/ Muscle Therapy Machines Muscle Pain/ Myalgia/ Myofascial Pain Syndrome Chapter 6. Worlds Most Common Medical Problem Headache Info/ Cephalalgia Info Migraine Info Headache Websites Headache Organizations Websites Migraine Websites


Headache Clinics Info Holistic Headache Treatments Herbal/ Holistic Headache Websites PART 2. SPECIFIC DISABILITIES Volume 1. Vision Basics Chapter 1. Vision Problems Eye Info Holistic Eye Treatments Artificial Retina Color Blindness/ Color Vision Deficiency Computer Vision Syndrome/ CVS Conjunctivitis Info Eye Cancer/ Ocular Oncology/ Ocular Melanoma Eye Floaters/ Vitreous Floaters/ Seeing Spots in Your Visual Field Farsightedness Info Glaucoma Info Laser Eye Surgery Info


Laser Eye Surgery Websites Lutein & Zeaxanthin: Eye Nutrients, Ocular Nutrition Macular Degeneration Info Melanoma of the Eye/ Ocular, Uveal Melonoma Nearsightedness/ Myopia Night Vision Info Retinal Detachment Info Snow Blindness/ Solar Keratitis Styes Info Tear Ducts Info Worms Eye/ Worm Eye Parasite Chapter 2. Vision Resources Eye Websites Eye Organization Websites Glasses For Sale/ Contact Lenses For Sale Eye Resources Aspartame & Eye Problems Aspartame & Blindness; Methyl Alcohol Causes Blindness Blind Websites/ Visually Impaired Websites Blind/ Visually Impaired Assistive Technology


Blind & Visually Impaired Organizations Blind & Visually Impaired Resources Blind by State Blind & Visually Impaired Resources By State Government Blind/ Visually Impaired/ DeafBlind Offices by State Blind Education/ Teachers of the Blind & Visually Impaired National Library Service for the Blind Podcasts For the Blind Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped by State Braille Websites Chapter 3. Software for Visually-Impaired Low Vision Software/ Blind Software Blind Browsers Speech to Text/ Text to Speech Text to Audio/ Speech Applications Software Free Screen Readers Screen Readers For Sale Chapter 4. Vision Therapy/ Vision Training


Vision Therapy/ Behavioral Optometry/ Orthoptics Bates Eye Method Chapter 5. Cataract Basics Cataract Info Cataract Treatment Eye Drops/ The Phacoemulsification (PHACO) Technique Holistic Cataract Info Volume 2. Hearing & Speech Basics Chapter 1. Ear/ Hearing Problems Hearing Loss Info Hearing Aid Info Hearing Loss Websites The Health Effects of Noise/ Noise Pollution/ Acoustic Ecology Acoustic Neuroma Info Balance/ Dizziness/ Vertigo Cochlear Implants Info Ear Infection/ Otitis Media Earwax Blockage Info


Labyrinthitis/ Vestibular Neuritis Sign Language, Lipreading Menieres Disease Info Tinnitus Info Chapter 2. Deaf & Hearing Impaired Resources Deaf Websites/ Hearing Impaired Websites Deafness by State/ Hearing Impaired by State Hearing Impaired Products For Sale Hearing Impaired Software Websites Deaf & Hearing Impaired Resources Federal Government TDD Phone Numbers Deaf Dating Websites Deaf Education/ Hard-of-Hearing Students Relay Services by State Chapter 3. Speech Conditions Speech Disorders Info Speech Websites Speech and Hearing Associations by State Communication Disorder Info Childrens Speech-Language Development Aphasia Info


Dysphonia/ Spasmodic Dysphonia/ Laryngeal Dystonia Dyspraxia/ Apraxia of Speech/ Verbal Apraxia Language Disorders/ Language Problems Stuttering Info Voice Problems Info Volume 3. People With Serious/ Chronic/ Long-Term/ Life-Threatening Challenges Chapter 1. When it Gets Serious How to Face a Serious Illness Devastating Diagnosis Websites Serious Illness Websites/ Life-Threatening Illness Websites Children & Serious Illness Websites Cancer Survivor Info Terminal Illness Survivor Info Retreats/ Healing/ Support Medical Recovery Facilities/ Recovery Retreat/ Post-Surgery Care


Chapter 2. Everything is Reversible Everything is Reversible Medical Hope Websites Medical Miracles Info Medical Miracles Websites/ Impossible Cure Websites Medical Mysteries Info Medical Secrets Info Spontaneous Remission Info Chapter 3. Day to Day Life With a LifeChanging Illness Chronic Diseases/ Chronic Illness Thrive, Survive, Fight to Heal Yourself Chronic Illness Websites/ Long-Term Illness Websites Telling Your Children You Have a Serious Disease Chapter 4. Wishes Fulfilled for Seriously Ill People Wish Fulfillment Organizations/ Make a Wish for Terminally Ill People/ Make a Wish for Children British Make-a-Wish


Canadian Make-a-Wish

Volume 4. Brain Problems

Chapter 1. Brain Disorders/ Neurological Problems Brain Problems/ Neurological Problems Neuropathy Info Organic Brain Resources Neurology Websites Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery/ DBS Organic Brain Syndrome Info Chapter 2. Traumatic Brain Injury/ TBI Traumatic Brain Injury/ TBI TBI Websites Brain Injury Organizations by State Chapter 3. Epilepsy/ Seizures Epilepsy Info Holistic Epilepsy Epilepsy Websites


Epilepsy by State Seizure Info Chapter 4. Brain Disorders/ Neurological Disorders Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/ ALS Ataxia/ Friedreich's Ataxia Cerebral Palsy Info Cerebral Palsy Information by State Coma, Persistent Vegetative State/ PVS Concussions/ Post Concussion Syndrome Dystonia Info Mobility/ Movement Disorders Multiple Sclerosis Info MS Websites Holistic Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy & Neuromuscular Diseases Myasthenia Gravis/ MG Parkinson's Disease Info Polio Disease Info Stroke Info Stroke Prevention/ Treatment with Alcohol & Coffee Tourette Syndrome Info


Tourette Syndrome Associations by State Volume 5. Love, Sex & Disabilities Chapter 1. Sex & Disability or Illness Sex & Disabilities/ Illness 1-2 Sex & Disability Websites Sex & Disabilities/ Illness Resources Chapter 2. Love & Sex Mentally Challenged Sex & Mental Disabilities Love & Mental Disabilities Sex Education for Mentally Challenged Children Chapter 3. Other Disabled Love Issues Disabled Dating/ Special Conditions Dating Gay Disabled People BDSM Disabled People Chapter 4. Sex & Illness Sex & Arthritis Sex & Cancer


Sex & Cerebral Palsy Sex & Depression Sex & Diabetes Sex & Epilepsy Sex & Heart Attacks Sex & Herpes Sex & Huntingtons Disease Sex & Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sex & Kidney Patients Sex & Multiple Sclerosis

Volume 6. Social Security Basics Chapter 1. Social Security Info General Overview of Social Security Benefits For Your Family Joint Survivor Benefits Survivor & Death Benefits Supplemental Security Income Social Security Resources/ Social Security Websites Social Security Administration


Ssa Regional Offices Chapter 2. If Youre Disabled & Cant Work Disability Insurance Info Disability Insurance Websites Social Security Disability Benefits Social Security Disability Websites Social Security Disability Job Websites Disability Pension in the United States Appendix. An Older Version of Your Guide To Social Security Benefits Book 2. Education for Developmentally & Physically Disabled People Refer to the book that deals with mental challenges and education. PART 3. DISABLED PEOPLE AT WORK Chapter 1. Most Disabled People Want to


Work Disabilities & Work 1-3 Benefits of Hiring People With Disabilities Keep Medicaid & Social Security While Working Jobs For People on SSA Benefits Chapter 2. Disability Job Law Disabilities Info Disability Law Websites Job Law Websites for Disabled People The Americans With Disabilities Act ADA at Work The Job Accommodation Network/ Accommodations Employers Make Some Typical Types of Accommodations Accommodate Disabled People Websites/ Accommodations For People With Disabilities Chapter 3. Disability Job Resources Disabled People Job Advice Websites/ Disabled People Career Advice Websites Major Disability Job Websites/ Major Disabled Job Websites


Disability Career Plan Websites Disability Job Websites/ Disabled Job Websites Disability Work Help Websites Federal Government Disability Job Websites Disabled People Jobs in the Federal Government Disability Job Organizations Info Disability Internships/ Internships for Disabled People Lists of Internship Websites Disability Mentors/ Mentoring for Disabled People Chapter 4. State Disability Job Websites Alabama Disability Job Info Alaska Disability Job Info Arizona Disability Job Info Arkansas Disability Job Info California Disability Job Info Colorado Disability Job Info Connecticut Disability Job Info Delaware Disability Job Info District of Columbia Disability Job Info Florida Disability Job Info


Georgia Disability Job Info Hawaii Disability Job Info Idaho Disability Job Info Illinois Disability Job Info Indiana Disability Job Info Iowa Disability Job Info Kansas Disability Job Info Kentucky Disability Job Info Louisiana Disability Job Info Maine Disability Job Info Maryland Disability Job Info Massachusetts Disability Job Info Michigan Disability Job Info Minnesota Disability Job Info Mississippi Disability Job Info Missouri Disability Job Info Montana Disability Job Info Nebraska Disability Job Info Nevada Disability Job Info New Hampshire Disability Job Info New Jersey Disability Job Info New Mexico Disability Job Info New York Disability Job Info North Carolina Disability Job Info North Dakota Disability Job Info


Ohio Disability Job Info Oklahoma Disability Job Info Oregon Disability Job Info Pennsylvania Disability Job Info Rhode Island Disability Job Info South Carolina Disability Job Info South Dakota Disability Job Info Tennessee Disability Job Info Texas Disability Job Info Utah Disability Job Info Vermont Disability Job Info Virginia Disability Job Info Washington Disability Job Info West Virginia Disability Job Info Wisconsin Disability Job Info Wyoming Disability Job Info Puerto Rico Disability Job Info Chapter 5. Vocational Rehabilitation Basics Vocational Rehabilitation Info Vocational Rehabilitation Websites State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Vocational Rehabilitation by State List #2 Vocational Education for Disabled People by State


Chapter 6. Disability Work Topics Parents of Disabled Children & Work A Person With Disabilities Being Interviewed Disabled Youth Jobs Cancer Job Websites/ Working While Having Cancer Disclosing A Disability For Work Chapter 7. Jobs for People With Specific Disabilities Jobs For the Deaf & Hearing Impaired Jobs For the Blind/ Blind People Jobs Jobs for Cerebral Palsy People People with a Mental Illness Job Websites Chapter 8. Jobs for the Mentally Challenged Chapter 1. Jobs for the Mentally Challenged Jobs for People With Developmental Disabilities/ Jobs for Mentally Challenged Mentally Challenged Job Websites Independent Living for Mentally Challenged People Asperger Job Websites


Autistic Job Services/ Hire an Autistic Person Canadian Autistic Job Services Learning Disability Job Websites British Learning Disability Job Websites Chapter 9. Disabled People Business Info Disability Business Websites/ Disabled People Business Websites Disability and Business Assistance Centers Chapter 10. A Working Parent With a Disabled Child Work & Raising a Disabled Child Work & Raising a Disabled Child Websites Family & Medical Leave Act/ FMLA Chapter 11. Companies that Hire Disabled People Disabled-Friendly Employers Companies or Organizations Willing to Hire Disabled People by State Chapter 12. Canadian Disabled People at Work


Canadian Disabled People Jobs/ Canadian Disability Jobs Canadian Business Disabled People Provincial Disability Offices Chapter 13. Disabled People Jobs World Australia Disability Job Websites British Disability Job Websites PART 4. PEOPLE GOING THROUGH HARD TIMES Volume 1. When it Gets Close to Desperate Chapter 1. When Things Get Low Being Down & Out Down & Out Websites Help/ Assistance/ Social Service Websites Find Local Assistance/ Disability Organizations


Canadian Help/ Assistance/ Social Service Websites Free Money? The 211 Helpline Food Banks Info Gleaning Info Lower My Bills Travelers Aid Society Veteran Assistance Welfare to Work Programs Chapter 2. Free & Low Cost Drugs Drug Help Info Government Drug Programs by State Corporate Free & Low Cost Drugs Indigent (Poor People) Prescription Drug Programs Free Experimental Drugs Chapter 3. Some People Have Real Hardships Homeless Info Find a Homeless Shelter Hunger Websites Poverty Info


Disability Financial Help/ Disability Assistance Chapter 5. Benefits/ Help in General Government Benefits in General Food Stamp Program Info Benefits/ Help Websites Government Bail-Out Disability Benefits Websites Volume 2. Nonprofit Organizations Chapter 1. Nonprofit Organizations Investigate a Nonprofit Nonprofit Free Web Hosting Services Nonprofits/ NGOs Nonprofit/ NGO Lists Charity Websites Nonprofit/ NGO Websites Nonprofit Business Websites State Nonprofit Organizations Disaster Relief Agencies Medical Nonprofit Organizations


Australia Nonprofits British Nonprofits Chapter 2. Canadian Nonprofits Major Canadian Nonprofit/ NGO Resources Canadian Nonprofits/ NGOs Chapter 3. Social Services Organizations Government/ NGO Social Services Social Help Info Social Assistance Websites Social Service Organizations American State Governments by States Volume 3. Nonprofits Live on Fundraising Chapter 1. Getting Grants Info General Information Write a Grant Proposal Grant Proposal Websites/ Grant-Writing Websites Government Benefits/ Government Grants


Websites Grants & Scams Grant Websites The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Chapter 2. The Fund Raising Business Fundraising Basics Fundraising Websites Fundraising Products Chapter 3. Foundation Grants Basics Foundation Grants Foundation Websites Philanthropy Periodicals Foundation Center Foundation Directories By State Some Specific Foundations Chapter 4. Other Grant Info Australia Grant Websites Canadian Grant Websites Other Grant Sources Government Publications Disabled People Grants/ Disabled People Money


Chapter 5. Scientists, Teachers & Others Need Research Funding Research Funding Websites Business Research Funding Websites Education Research Funding Websites Environmental Research Funding Humanities Research/ Social Science Research Medical Research Websites Medical Research Funding Websites Science Research Funding/ Technology Research Funding PART 5. DEATH & DYING: GOIN HOME

Volume 1. Death & Dying: Goin Home Chapter 1. Death Basics The Fear of Death


Preparing to Die/ End-of-Life Info The Dying Process 1-4 Dying in Your Sleep Chapter 2. Death Basics 2 Death Commandments The Near-Death Experience/ NDE Survival After Death Websites Death One-Liners The Tibetan Books of the Dead/ Buddhist Thoughts on Death Death in the Bible Chapter 3. Death Related Issues Autopsy for a Suspicious Death Coroners/ Medical Examiners Cryonics Info Chapter 4. Who Decides Who Dies? Euthanasia: The Right to Die Do Not Resuscitate Info Right to Die/ Euthanasia Websites/ Assisted Suicide Websites Assisted Suicide/ Suicide Tourism/ Travel to Die


Near Death in Intensive Care/ Critical Care Life Support & Extraordinary Measures Will to Live Form to Protect Your Life The Legal Right to Die Muddle Chapter 5. Final Care Basics Dying at Home by Choice Dying at Home Websites End of Life Websites Adult Children, Death of Parents Websites Chapter 6. Terminal Care Basics Terminal Illness Websites/ Terminal Care Websites Terminal Cancer Websites Compassionate Use of Drugs for Terminal Patients Chapter 7. Hospice Care/ Palliative Care Hospice Care/ Palliative Care Hospice Organizations End-of-Life Websites Hospice Websites/ Palliative Care Websites State Hospice Agencies Childrens Hospice Info


Chapter 8. Grief/ Bereavement Widowhood Info Deal With Grief Grief Websites British Grief Canadian Grief Resources Grief Resources Grief for Children Websites Parents Grief For Children Websites Gratitude/ Thankful Websites Chapter 9. Suicide Basics Suicide Info 1-2 Pro-Suicide Info Suicide Websites & Resources Suicide Survivors Suicide Hotlines Teen Suicide Info Suicide Hotlines By State Chapter 10. Death Resources Death Websites Death Psychology Websites Explain Death to Children


Death Resources Volume 2. The Death Process Chapter 1. Immediately After Death Before Death Logistics of Death Death Abroad Chapter 2. Living Will Basics Losing Ones Mind/ Cant Think For Youself Advance Directives Info Advance Directives Websites Medical Incapacitation/ Living Will Living Will Websites Canadian Living Will Info Living Will Form (Male) Living Will Form (Female) Chapter 3. Finances After Death Death of Spouse Financial Issues Widow Money Websites


Joint Survivor Benefits With the SSA Survivor & Death Benefits Federal Death Tax/ Federal Estate Tax Generation-Skipping Tax Info State Death Taxes Finances After The Funeral Chapter 4. Funerals: The Last Hurrah Funeral Information Funeral Arrangements Prefinance Funeral Services Explain Death to Kids After The Funeral Websites Caskets Info/ Coffins Info Cemeteries Info Cremation Services Info/ Cremation Websites Direct Burial Info Do-it-Yourself Funeral/ DIY Funeral Whole-body Donation Programs To Science/ Anatomical Donation Burial at Sea/ Full Body & Ashes Natural Funeral/ Green Burial/ Eco Cemetery


Chapter 5. Funeral Resources Funeral Resources Memorial Societies Info Burial Benefits For Veterans National Cemeteries For Veterans Chapter 6. Funeral Websites Caskets For Sale/ Funeral Products For Sale Cemetery Websites Deliver a Funeral Eulogy Funeral Websites Funeral Home Websites Funeral Insurance Info Websites Burial Insurance/ Funeral Insurance Chapter 7. Obituary/ Genealogy Find Obituaries Memorial Websites/ Online Obituary/ Online Legacy Genealogy Websites Appendix. Public Domain Disability Books


Speech-Language Pathology, Stuttering Miscellaneous Notes The Kickstart Philosophy (people helping people live better lives) Copyright Info Instructions to Navigate an Ebook in Word Format Get Geocities.com Archive Files Dead Websites Translating a Website Advertising Info


Disabilities Introduction Everybody has disabled people somewhere in their family tree. Lots of people are born disabled due to genetic reasons or as the result of pregnancy complications. People get injured or acquire debilitating diseases at some point in life. Ive lived with both, a disabled relative and serious injuries of my own. The thing is that the world goes on. It doesnt slow down or stop just because someone is disabled. We can do so much politically and the rest we have to do on our own to fit into the world somehow in a useful, productive way to get the money we want to buy the things that will help us survive and enjoy our lives more. The best thing I ever saw about disabilities was the 1940s movie called Shaggy Bush which was a movie about a family going through ups and downs. There was a bit in


there where the mother said her daughters disability didnt mean she was doomed. It just meant that she would still do what she felt in her spirit with her life with this extra nuisance to deal with. Theres a lot of discrimination. You cant legislate it away. The only way to solve it is to prove to prejudiced people that you can do the things you do as a job or for a career just as well or better than other people. As a group, disabled people are the poorest category within society. The government could do more but it wont happen until disabled people of all kinds come together to form a powerful voting block capable of swaying elections like the AARP for people over 50. There has to be some kind of major aggressive program to train disabled people and put them out into the workforce. They should get preferential treatment for all government jobs.


There are all kinds of assisted living retirement communities for seniors who can afford them. There could be living communities built especially for disabled people. Were wealthy enough as a society to do this but we choose to spend the money on warfare and all kinds of other foolishness like border guards between Canada and the United States. Were spozed to be best friends. I hope this book will help you but there are a lot of holes in it. Its a first edition. It has lots of room for improvement. To all the disabled and seriously ill people out there, this is your book. Send me articles, websites, tips, etc. to help make it the one central disabilities help book in the world.


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Book 1. People With Disabilities/ Challenged People


Volume 1. Disabilities Basics


Chapter 1. People With Disabilities

Disabilities Info Overcome your disability to the best of your ability. A disability does not have to be a handicap. Who has the greater disability, those with one or those who reject them? I thank God for my handicaps, for, through them, I have found myself, my work and my God. Helen Keller What is sadder, people with handicaps or the people who put them down? Many disabled people are happy by themselves until the world comes in and tells them theres something wrong with them.


The general causes of disabilities are: Accident. Congenital. Disease, illness. Environmental pollutants. Traumatic event to mother during pregnancy. Use of alcohol, drugs or booze during pregnancy The term handicapped is defined as anyone with a physical or mental disability that substantially restricts them in one or more of the major life activities of: Walking. Seeing. Hearing.


Speaking. Working. Learning. There are varying degrees of disability ranging from treatable to permanent. The main ones are generally classified as: Locomotion and mobility. Digestive and bowel like spina bifida. Loss of some or all of visual sight. The inability to speak or speak properly like autism or stuttering. Intellectual disability like learning disability or mental retadation. Emotional disability in mental health. Invisible disability, a disorder not readily apparent like epilepsy.


Visible disability, something like a cleft palate. Addictions can be considered handicaps in some situations. Many newly physically handicapped people are angry, depressed and insulted by others often unintentionally so much that they either attempt suicide or wish they were dead during the first few years after they got the disability. Gradually over time the anger in most gives way to acceptance and self-love. The process is one of finding your focus in life, accepting yourself, loving yourself and looking at your impediment as simply a nuisance, not something that's gonna destroy your inner being. Can the woe is me attitude. Everybody's got problems. People, in general, stay away from miserable people regardless of whether theyre disabled or not. Be a light to the


world and the light will come back to you. Over time, you must accept your disability and basically make a commitment to live for the positive. Find your focus and do it, that's it right there. Accept yourself, respect yourself. That's the way life works, disabled or not. Don't hide from your pain, don't live in denial, get it out somehow then try to leave it behind until the next round of self-pity hits. Live your positive moods to the fullest, relax and don't take it all so hard when you feel down. The most important thing for people who come in contact with disabled people is to treat them as normal human beings. Act casual. Don't pry. If the subject of disabilities comes up, talk about it casually. Amniocentisis and other prenatal tests can detect some genetic diseases and some conditions can be treated even before birth.


Some parents who can't cope with disabled children can institutionalize them, give them up for adoption or put them in foster homes. If you can no longer manage in your own home, you may have to consider a new living arrangement, often a nursing home, long-term care center or an assisted living group home. If you need an attendant and have a doctor's letter stating such, most bus companies will let you travel for the price of one ticket. You can find books about disabilities at #155.916, #362.4 or HV888 to HV3023 of your local library. Try #649.1511for books about raising disabled children. Literary books about disabilities are at #810.8092 or PS508 at the library. The Disabled Lifestyle 1


Get a cellphone. Learn how to use it. It could save your life. Common results of disability are: Declining physical mobility Loss of appetite Confused state of mind Malnutrition Incontinence decreased vision or hearing walks slower, hunched over requires multiple medications slower reaction time Unsanitary lifestyle, doesnt clean living area, wash dishes, clothes Accumulating clutter, possible hoartding Alcoholism Recreational and prescription drug addiction Memory loss Depression Anger Reduced judgment Moving in and oit of consciousness


Dazed state of mind, living in a haze Decreased listening skills Frailty Unsafe driving Terse, wants to be alone Deteriorating personal social skills Unpaid bills Doesnt wash or clean ones self Fear of death Disorganized records Afraid of going out in public Dirty fridge Flies and mice all over the house What are your medical needs? What resources and skills will be needed to deal with them? What can you do to ease your life? How about legal and financial issues? Who is going to be responsible for what?


What about powers of attorney and wills? How are you coping day-by-day? What will change in your medical and financial condition in the future? How do you keep your sp[irit strong and vital day-by-day? How will you get around? Is there a higher level of mobility device you can get? Review living arrangements and plan for adjustments as necessary. Will you stay at home or move? Will you hire home care help? What is available as far as community resources go like home care, nursing care, long-term care facilities and retirement living?


Look for safety hazards in the home like the risk of falling, fire hazards and security issues. Now that you are disabled or ill, how will your life change? What will you not be able to do now? Prevent falls by keeping the floors clutterfree. Telephone and electrical cords stretched across walkways could cause someone to trip. Emergency numbers such as police, fire and poison control should hang on the fridge. The Disabled Lifestyle 2 When you get disabled or terminally ill, spouses and others could be loving as I saw on TV on the CTV show W5. The husband


of Annette Funicello, former Disney Mouseketeer was dying of MS. He was loyal and loving until death. It was great and touching but the world is not made up of loving people. It is made up of a lot of rednecks, bad people, evil people, mostly people angry at themselves for living miserable lives not being true to themselves. A lot of these people will take out their anger at life on their loved ones, often in cases of newly diagnosed disabled and terminally ill loved ones. They dont know how to deal with it so they lash out at the most convenient thing that wont lash back. This is illegal if it involves physical abuse. If it involves emotional abuse, it could be construed as criminal harassment. Dont let anyone bully you or take advantage of you. Call the cops, 911.


Ask for help wherever or however you feel you need it. Consider hired help if you can afford it. If you can't, then ask friends, family and helping agencies for help. Life is always what you make of it. Just because life is not fair does not mean that you cant make the best of the hand you were dealt. Accept help but dont take advantage to the point of being clingy and codependent. It harms you and your loved ones. If you see something good or get a good idea, dont wait. Do it now. Some disabled people choose to connect with people, some dont. The conventional psychobabblists all say connect with other people but I dont necessarily believe them. Some people prefer to be alone. They feel better without other people around bugging


them. If you choose to die alone, so what. Its pretty common. Don't listen to anyone without analyzing their suggestions. In one case, the guy suggested the other guy try wheelchair basketball which he did and he liked it but to another amputee, that might be a bad idea. You dont owe other people an explanation of your disability or try to get them to understand your plight. Some people are stupid and cold-hearted. You cant convert them to sympathize with your state of affairs. Cherish the love and time you have now. There are anti-stress and anti-relaxation techniques you could learn about from books at #155-158, #294-#299 and #610618 at the library. You cannot stop death. Death is common. We will all die. The really cool people


accept it as part of life. There could be an afterlife or not. Nobody really knows. Give your caregivers and loved ones space and free time to get away from you so they can focus on themselves for awhile. Speak up for yourself to the extent that you can. Use communication tools, if applicable. Make your house or room safe by using safe gadgets like handrails, etc. Try to laugh rather than feel depressed. An illness or disability can happen to anyone. Some people are embarassed by their natural afflictions. Its nature. You do not drop lower on the socioeconomic scale. You are still you. Dont be a pest. Use a cellphone or whistle to communicate when necessary.


Be active and inspired as much as you can. Read my book A Free Spirits Search for Enlightenment. Let your spouse go out alone and have their own life. Its necessary for sanity. Take care of your health as best as you can. I see fat guys in wheel chairs. I see a guy near where I live pushing himself up a hill in his wheelchair. Thats his jogging routine. He has got spirit. The other guys have lost theirs. If its hard to sleep as a disabled person, you might want to ask your spouse to sleep in another room so they can get their sleep without being unintentionally interrupted by your wakefulness. If you have good friends, have fun with them. Dont talk woe is me. If you do, they will stop coming around.


Dont spend time with people who make you feel negative or bad by reminding you that you are disabled. Eat healthy foods. Personally I think its good to catch a buzz now and then. Do physical activity regularly. Keep your spiritual connection by being true to who you were born to be no matter what. Get used to the pain and trauma. Its a part of your life now. If you want to travel or do something, do it now. Make up an advance directive and a will now. Try not to be angry at God or life. It will not solve anything.


Be careful and safety-conscious. You can still get injured over and above your disability like break a leg, sprain a wrist, etc. When people ask stupid regular questions, have standard answers ready like what happened to you. Expect insensitive comments. Many people are naturally stupid or simply not able to empathize with others. They dont know theyre being rude. People dont realize that you dont need some asshole asking them stupid questions. They feel like you owe them an explanation, kinda like youre a cartoon character and theyre entitled to talk to you like youre public property.. Accept your diminishing strength. Speak only about positive things. Do not be a downer.


Resolve personal relationships now. Say what you want to say to loved ones. Consider journaling to express your thoughts and feelings. People say a lot of stupid and annoying things. I have been disrespected a lot. I used to give people the finger and call them assholes. Now I ignore them. I expect to be disrespected out in public and with people I know because thats human nature, to be self-centered and unempathetic. If you feel anger coming on, try to get away from the focus of your anger so you dont say anything that you regret later. Downsizing Info Downsizing is good, moving from a big house to a small one with the bedroom on the first floor.


Get rid of everything that is not necessary to daily life. Make the living area safe, clean and accessible for walkers, wheelchairs, etc. How far away are relatives who will be caregivers and otherwise help out? What can the disabled person afford in terms of lifestyle? Do you understand the terms of the sale, lease or monthly agreement? Are there recreational or social activities available close by? Are shops, banks and churches close by? How will it be in the winter? Can you catch a bus close by


Is it a low-crime, safe neighborhood? How far away is the family doctor's office and medical facilities? Mobility Info Steps are difficult to climb. The easiest solution is either a new, smaller house without a second floor or moving into the first floor of your current house. Some people rebuild their existing stairs to make them wider and to make the steps shorter in height. You can put a handrail on the wall of your stairs. Wealthy people buy either a stairlift or an elevator for the home.


If youre permanently stuck in a wheelchair, get counters and tables made that you can use from a seated position. Youi can do a lot yourself. Cut the legs off normal furniture. Wealthy people install cabinets and counters that can be raised or lowered electrically so you flick a swich, the cabinets go up about a foot or two or down by the same length. For a sink, you have to get the plumber in to lower it then build the counter around it. Keep the front of the counter open so you can slide the wheelchair under it. You can either drop cabinets to your level or get a gadget like a Lazy Susan to reach up and grab things. There are small fridges for sale. You can buy two of them to roughly equal the size of a regular fridge.


Use a wheelchair that has sturdy arms to slide from the chair onto the couch or bed. Some people raise the couch on wood blocks to match the height of the wheelchair. Furniture, walls and woodwork will get damaged by a wheelchair. Forget it. Thats the least of your problems. Stoves can be dangerous for the wheelchair bound. Use a microwave as much as possible. Portable appliances like a blender can be put on a chair. The best thing to do is cut a few inches off the legs of the kitchen table. If youre really immobile, get a rolling cart to get food and stuff wheeled to you. Windows can be hard to deal with. You can buy devices or even new windows that are


easier to open and close. There are miniblinds with a long wand and power-operated windows and draperies. If you have trouble getting out of a chair or sofa, place a pneumatic seat lifter in the chair. Install grab bars or handrails near the bathtub and shower securely fastened into the wall studs. Replace the existing shower head with a hand-held shower to bathe while seated. You can buy a bath bench that enables you to sit inside the tub. You can buy a hydraulic seat or boom lift to get in and out of tub. There is a lot of equipment for sale in the way of shower aids and toilets for mobilityimpaired people.


mobilityawarenessmonth.com Disability Etiquette/ How to Treat Disabled People The best way to treat disabled people is as normally as possible unless they specifically ask for help. Dont ask about the disability. If they want to tell you as they get to know you, they will. When you meet someone with a disability, shake hands like normal people do. Some disabled people feel insulted if you offer to help them because youre presuming they cant do it by themselves. Some disabled people are bitter, self-pitying losers but most want to do something productive.


Be patient. A disabled person might not be able to talk or walk as fast or as normally as you. Speak directly to the person with a disability not at them or to a companion or sign language interpreter who may be along. Just be yourself. Be extra-careful about using politically incorrect terms that describe disabled people negatively like idiot, retard, gimp, etc. Just say disability, challenged or special needs. Avoid excessive praise when people with disabilities do normal things. Dont praise them like you praise a dog. They will have contempt for you for going overboard. Give a person in a wheelchair extra space to maneuver around. Get out of their way. People in wheelchairs see the world from


waist level. If you talk to a wheelchairbound person for more than two minutes, crouch down to be at their eye level. Don't pet a guide or companion dog unless you get permission first some guide dogs are trained to work only and it will interfere with the task at hand. Speak slowly and directly to a person who is hard of hearing. Visually impaired people can usually tell where you are by the sound. When you offer walking assistance, let the person take your arm and then tell him or her when you are turning, going near an obstacle, etc. Try not discriminate. If you have a business, try to make it accessible to all. askjan.org/media/etipresent.html, disability etiquette.


epva.org/download/disaet.pdf, epva disability etiquette manual ci.sat.tx.us/planning/handbook/deh9.htm, disability etiquette handbook. Seemingly Rude People Staring or Acting Stupid Many people don't mean to be rude. They either dont realize a disabled person is still a human being with normal emotions or they think its a circus sideshow so they stare. One way to deal with it is to carry brochures or business-size cards that describe your disorder with a website on it that you can hand out to people who are curious or critical. Your child can do this in school. If your child has difficulties with teasing at school, get your local disability organization


and you go to the school and put on a presentation to the whole school explaining it. Being out there involved in the community and showing others youre a normal person makes people realize that a disability is just a nuisance. Its not who you are. There will always prejudice and uncomfortable situations, Be ready. Know what you will say or how youll react. Often, the best thing to do is ignore an insensitive person. The Americans With Disabilities Act The Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990, is based on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title V of the Rehabilitation Act, usdoj.gov/crt/ada ada.gov, 800-669-4000.


There are several precursors to the Americans With Disabilities Act like Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which states that all organizations that get federal aid must be accessible by handicapped people. The Education for All Handicapped Children Act gives all handicapped children the right to an education in the government's school systems. You have a right to an education and a right to employment. The Americans with Disabilities Act/ ADA is a 1990 federal law (public law 101-336) that ensures individuals with disabilities access to the full range of ordinary services available to everyone in both the government sector and the business sector. The teeth of the law is that that auxiliary aids and services such as wheelchair access to bathrooms, lifts on buses, and doors with


electronic eyes be provided such that disabled people can have the same access as other people do. Governments must abide by the ADA as well as all private companies with fifteen or more employees. The definition of disabilities is the same as the one used in section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973): Physical impairment is defined as any physiological disorder or condition, cosmetic disfigurements, or anatomical loss affecting one or more of the following: Body systems: neurological; musculoskeletal; special sense organs; respiratory, such as speech organs; cardiovascular; reproductive; digestive; genital-urinary; hemic and lymphatic; skin and endocrine. Communicable diseases are also included except when they pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others that


cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodations. A mental impairment is defined as any mental or psychological disorder, such as mental retardation, organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness and specific learning disabilities. The law has some exceptions, such as airplanes and buildings of fewer than three stories. ADA Centers by State Alaska DBTAC Northwest ADA Information Center Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation University of Washington 6912 220th St SW #105 Mountlake Terrace, WA, 98043


(800) 949-4232, V/TTY (425) 248-2480, V/TTY nwadactr@u.washington.edu nwadacenter.org Alabama Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (404) 541-9001 ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org Arkansas Southwest ADA Center at ILRU, a program of TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston, TX, 77019 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (713) 520-0232, V/TTY swdbtac@ilru.org swdbtac.org Arizona


Pacific ADA Center 555 12th Street #1030 Oakland, CA, 94607 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (510) 285-5600, V/TTY adatech@adapacific.org adapacific.org California Pacific ADA Center 555 12th Street #1030 Oakland, CA, 94607 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (510) 285-5600, V/TTY adatech@adapacific.org adapacific.org Colorado Rocky Mountain ADA Center 3630 Sinton Road #103 Colorado Springs, CO, 80907 (719) 444-0268, V/TTY


(800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@adainformation.org adainformation.org Connecticut New England ADA Center Institute for Human Centered Design 200 Portland Street Boston, MA, 02114 (800) 949-4232 V/TTY (617) 695-0085, V/TTY adainfo@newenglandada.org newenglandada.org Delaware Mid-Atlantic ADA Center 401 North Washington Street #450 Rockville, MD, 20805 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (301) 217-0124, V/TTY adainfo@transcen.org adainfo.org Florida


Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (404) 541-9001 ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org Georgia Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (404) 541-9001 ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org Hawaii Pacific ADA Center 555 12th Street #1030 Oakland, CA, 94607 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (510) 285-5600, V/TTY; adatech@adapacific.org


adapacific.org Missouri Great Plains ADA Center 100 Corporate Lake Drive Columbia, MO, 65203 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (573) 882-3600, V/TTY adainfo@missouri.edu adaproject.org Idaho DBTAC Northwest ADA Information Center Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation University of Washington 6912 220th St SW #105 Mountlake Terrace, WA, 98043 (425) 248-2480, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY nwadactr@u.washington.edu nwadacenter.org Illinois


Great Lakes ADA Center University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability & Human Development, MC 728 1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405 Chicago, IL, 60608 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (312) 413-1407, V/TTY adata@adagreatlakes.org adagreatlakes.org Indiana Great Lakes ADA Center University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability & Human Development, MC 728 1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405 Chicago, IL, 60608 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (312) 413-1407, V/TTY adata@adagreatlakes.org adagreatlakes.org Kansas Great Plains ADA Center


100 Corporate Lake Drive Columbia, MO, 65203 (573) 882-3600, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@missouri.edu adaproject.org Kentucky Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (404) 541-9001 ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org Louisiana Southwest ADA Center at ILRU, a program of TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston, TX, 77019 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (713) 520-0232, V/TTY swdbtac@ilru.org swdbtac.org


Massachusetts New England ADA Center Institute for Human Centered Design 200 Portland Street Boston, MA, 02114 (800) 949-4232 V/TTY (617) 695-0085, V/TTY adainfo@newenglandada.org newenglandada.org Maryland Mid-Atlantic ADA Center 401 North Washington Street #450 Rockville, MD, 20805 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (301) 217-0124, V/TTY adainfo@transcen.org adainfo.org Maine New England ADA Center Institute for Human Centered Design 200 Portland Street


Boston, MA, 02114 (800) 949-4232 V/TTY (617) 695-0085, V/TTY adainfo@newenglandada.org newenglandada.org Michigan Great Lakes ADA Center University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability & Human Development, MC 728 1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405 Chicago, IL, 60608 (312) 413-1407, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adata@adagreatlakes.org adagreatlakes.org Minnesota Great Lakes ADA Center University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability & Human Development, MC 728 1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405 Chicago, IL, 60608


(312) 413-1407, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adata@adagreatlakes.org adagreatlakes.org Missouri Great Plains ADA Center 100 Corporate Lake Drive Columbia, MO, 65203 (573) 882-3600, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@missouri.edu adaproject.org Mississippi Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (404) 541-9001 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu adasoutheast.org Montana Rocky Mountain ADA Center


3630 Sinton Road #103 Colorado Springs, CO, 80907 (719) 444-0268, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@adainformation.org adainformation.org/ North Carolina Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (404) 541-9001 ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org North Dakota Rocky Mountain ADA Center 3630 Sinton Road #103 Colorado Springs, CO, 80907 (719) 444-0268, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@adainformation.org


adainformation.org Nebraska Great Plains ADA Center 100 Corporate Lake Drive Columbia, MO, 65203 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (573) 882-3600, V/TTY adainfo@missouri.edu adaproject.org New Hampshire New England ADA Center Institute for Human Centered Design 200 Portland Street Boston, MA, 02114 (617) 695-0085, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@newenglandada.org newenglandada.org New Jersey Northeast ADA Center 203 Dolgen Hall Ithaca, NY, 14853


(800) 949-4232, V/TTY/Spanish (607) 255-6686, V/TTY/Spanish northeastada@cornell.edu northeastada.org New Mexico Southwest ADA Center at ILRU, a program of TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston, TX, 77019 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (713) 520-0232, V/TTY swdbtac@ilru.org swdbtac.org Nevada Pacific ADA Center 555 12th Street #1030 Oakland, CA, 94607 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (510) 285-5600, V/TTY adatech@adapacific.org adapacific.org


New York Northeast ADA Center 203 Dolgen Hall Ithaca, NY, 14853 (607) 255-6686, V/TTY/Spanish (800) 949-4232, V/TTY//Spanish northeastada@cornell.edu northeastada.org Ohio Great Lakes ADA Center University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability & Human Development, MC 728 1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405 Chicago, IL, 60608 (312) 413-1407, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adata@adagreatlakes.org adagreatlakes.org Oklahoma Southwest ADA Center at ILRU, a program of TIRR Memorial Hermann


Houston, TX, 77019 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (713) 520-0232, V/TTY swdbtac@ilru.org swdbtac.org Oregon DBTAC Northwest ADA Information Center Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation University of Washington 6912 220th St SW #105 Mountlake Terrace, WA, 98043 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (425) 248-2480, V/TTY nwadactr@u.washington.edu nwadacenter.org Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic ADA Center 401 North Washington Street #450 Rockville, MD, 20805 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY


(301) 217-0124, V/TTY adainfo@transcen.org adainfo.org Puerto Rico Northeast ADA Center 203 Dolgen Hall Ithaca, NY, 14853-3901 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY/Spanish (607) 255-6686, V/TTY/Spanish northeastada@cornell.edu northeastada.org Rhode Island New England ADA Center Institute for Human Centered Design 200 Portland Street Boston, MA, 02114 (800) 949-4232 V/TTY (617) 695-0085, V/TTY adainfo@newenglandada.org newenglandada.org South Carolina Southeast ADA Center


1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (404) 541-9001 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org South Dakota Rocky Mountain ADA Center 3630 Sinton Road #103 Colorado Springs, CO, 80907 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (719) 444-0268, V/TTY adainfo@adainformation.org adainformation.org Tennessee Southeast ADA Center 1419 Mayson Street Atlanta, GA, 30324 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (404) 541-9001 ADAsoutheast@law.syr.edu ADAsoutheast.org


Texas Southwest ADA Center at ILRU, a program of TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston, TX, 77019 (713) 520-0232, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY swdbtac@ilru.org swdbtac.org Utah Rocky Mountain ADA Center 3630 Sinton Road #103 Colorado Springs, CO, 80907 (719) 444-0268, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adainfo@adainformation.org adainformation.org/ Virginia Mid-Atlantic ADA Center 401 North Washington Street #450


Rockville, MD, 20805 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (301) 217-0124, V/TTY adainfo@transcen.org adainfo.org Virgin Islands Northeast ADA Center 203 Dolgen Hall Ithaca, NY, 14853-3901 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY/Spanish (607) 255-6686, V/TTY/Spanish northeastada@cornell.edu northeastada.org Vermont New England ADA Center Institute for Human Centered Design 200 Portland Street Boston, MA, 02114 (800) 949-4232 V/TTY (617) 695-0085, V/TTY adainfo@newenglandada.org newenglandada.org


Washington DBTAC Northwest ADA Information Center Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation University of Washington 6912 220th St SW #105 Mountlake Terrace, WA, 98043 (425) 248-2480, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY nwadactr@u.washington.edu nwadacenter.org Wisconsin Great Lakes ADA Center University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability & Human Development, MC 728 1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405 Chicago, IL, 60608 (312) 413-1407, V/TTY (800) 949-4232, V/TTY adata@adagreatlakes.org adagreatlakes.org


West Virginia Mid-Atlantic ADA Center 401 North Washington Street #450 Rockville, MD, 20805 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (301) 217-0124, V/TTY adainfo@transcen.org adainfo.org Wyoming Rocky Mountain ADA Center 3630 Sinton Road #103 Colorado Springs, CO, 80907 (800) 949-4232, V/TTY (719) 444-0268, V/TTY adainfo@adainformation.org adainformation.org District of Columbia Mid-Atlantic ADA Center 401 North Washington Street #450 Rockville, MD, 20805


(800) 949-4232, V/TTY (301) 217-0124, V/TTY adainfo@transcen.org adainfo.org Disability Advocate/ Getting Your Rights as a Disabled Person Disability Activists/ Disability Advocates/ Disability Rights naotd.org, the national alliance of the disabled, inc., working towards gaining equal rights for the disabled in all areas of life. napas.org, the national disability rights network, protection and advocacy agencies aapd-dc.org, a non-profit disability organization whose goals are unity, leadership and impact. adawatch.org, a nonprofit informational online network for


civil rights protections for people with disabilities. aapd-dc.org/dvpmain/dvpindex.html, aapds disability vote project; tracks the latest election reform legislation impacting voters with disabilities. adapt.org, attendant care and advocacy group. advocacyinc.org advocatesine.org, advocates, based in framingham, ma. aoa.dhhs.gov/aoa/dir/177.html, national advocates for the disabled eldercare; national legal support for elderly people with mental disabilities bazelon.org, mental health advocacy. browngold.com, a civil rights law firm in Baltimore, Maryland california legal advocacy group doing litigation on ada. civilrights.org community.libertynet.org/~libres/advocacy. html, liberty resources, advocacy services cripcommentary.com dicomp.pair.com, the disabilities/ industrial


complex: a forum for disability movement ideas. disabilityac.com/dac, disability advocacy clinic; independent paralegal services, inc. disabilityworld.org, ezine. dralegal.org, Disability Rights Advocates, a Berkeley-based non-profit law firm dralegal.org, non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities. dredf.org, disability rights education and defense fund, a national disability rights law and policy center. dredf.org, the disability rights education and defense fund; a berkeley california based legal advocacy and policy organization for people with disabilities. electionaccess.org, international foundation for election systems international disability project. enableamerica.org, dedicated solely to advancing the bipartisan agenda of reducing unemployment among americans with significant disabilities. enableamerica.org, political action


committee dedicated solely to reducing unemployment among americans with disabilities. fairhousing.com, national fair housing advocate for equal housing rights fau.edu/divdept/coe/volunteer/bc/handicap.h tml, advocates for disabled in fort lauderdale fl. fec.gov, federal elections commission fosterparents.com/index17fred.html, advocacy in education; a guide to advocating for your child in the special ed system in schools. gis.net/~donability, the advocacy communication project. healthlaw.org advocateweb.org homepages.enterprise.net/horner/ap.html, advocacy icanect.net/fpa, association of disability advocates, help you exercise your rights to equal access jfanow.org, justice for all; newsletter sent by email with most recent disability and advocacy information.


lgtinc.org, let's get together. madnation.org, working together for social change and human rights in mental health members.aol.com/cpacinc/cpac.htm, ct parent advocacy center. members.aol.com/disablenet/main/disablenet .html, h.u.m.a.n., handicapped united means accountability for all nations mindspring.com/~ncatp/p1.htm, advocacy and self-advocacy. ncstac.org/content/projects/voter_emp.htm, the national mental health voter empowerment project. notdeadyet.org, opposing the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. oradvocacy.org, oregon advocacy center, disability law. partners, a charity with 14 years' experience providing advocacy services in london and surrey in the united kingdom. patientadvocate.org pdassoc.com/advdiv.htm, pda advocacy & diversity; people with disabilities and their rights related to housing situations, medical rights, etc.


posterbrat.com protectionandadvocacy.com, the national association of protection and advocacy systems: national representative for protection and advocacy, the client assistance program, and the protection and advocacy for the mentally ill. spiritofada.org tash.org, an international advocacy association of people with disabilities tash.org, quality and social justice for people with disabilities teleport.com/~abarhydt/index.html, the disability rights activist. tile.net/listserv/cadre.html, coalition advocating disability reform in education. uark.edu/misc/kays, project on disability politics. vcn.bc.ca/citadv/whatwedo.html, citizen advocacy of greater vancouver, voluntary relationships with people from around the lower mainland who have disabilities velcome.iupui.edu/~shudson/disablty/inpapa ir.html, indiana protection & advocacy, the pair program has the authority to protect and


advocate for services to persons with disabilities who are not eligible for the ddap or paimi programs. web.bu.edu/pike/bulletin/dab.html, disability advocates bulletin of the pike institute. web.bu.edu/pike/bulletin/dab.html, disability advocates bulletin of the pike institute. webcom.com/digitals/states/ca/disablad.html , disability advocates in california. wrightslaw.com, special education law and advocacy. Disability Rights/ Disability Advocacy by State Alabama Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program, ADAP The University of Alabama 500 Martha Parham West POB 870395 Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487-0395 (800) 826-1675


(205) 348-4928, V/TTY ADAP@adap.ua.edu adap.net Alaska Disability Law Center of Alaska 3330 Arctic Boulevard #103 Anchorage, AK, 99503 (800) 478-1234 (907) 565-1002, V/TTY akpa@dlcak.org dlcak.org American Samoa Office of Protection and Advocacy for the Disabled POB 3937 Pago Pago, AS, 96799 (684) 633-2441 Arizona Arizona Center for Disability Law 100 N. Stone Avenue


#305 (520) 327-9547, V/TTY Tucson, AZ, 85701 tradecic@azdisabilitylaw.org azdisabilitylaw.org Arkansas Disability Rights Center 1100 N. University #201 Little Rock, AR, 72207 (800) 482-1174, V/TTY (501) 296-1775, V/TTY arkdisabilityrights.org California Disability Rights California 100 Howe Avenue #185N Sacramento, CA, 95825-8219 (800) 776-5746, In CA (916) 488-9950 (800) 719-5798, TTY info@disabilityrightsca.org


disabilityrightsca.org Colorado The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People 455 Sherman Street #130 Denver, CO, 80203 (303) 722-0300 (800) 288-1376, in CO only tlcmail@thelegalcenter.org thelegalcenter.org Connecticut Office of Protection & Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities 60 B Weston Street Hartford, CT, 06120-1551 (800) 842-7303, V/TTY in CT (860) 297-4300 (860) 297-4380, TTY OPA-Information@po.state.ct.us ct.gov/opapd


Delaware Disabilities Law Program Community Service Building 100 W. 10th Street #801 Wilmington, DE, 19801 (800) 292-7980, in DE (302) 575-0660 (302) 575-0696, TTY declasi.org District of Columbia University Legal Services: Protection and Advocacy 220 I Street, N.E. #130 Washington, DC, 20002 (202) 547-0198 (202) 547-2657, TTY uls-dc.org Florida Advocacy Center for Persons with


Disabilities 2728 Centerview Drive #102 Tallahassee, FL, 32301 (800) 342-0823 (800) 350-4566, Spanish and Creole Speaking Clients (850) 488-9071 (800) 346-4127, TTY AdvocacyCenter.org Georgia The Georgia Advocacy Office 150 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue #430 Decatur, GA, 30030 (800) 537-2329, in GA only (404) 885-1234, V/TTY info@thegao.org thegao.org Guam GLSC Disability Law Center 113 Bradley Place


Hagata, GU, 96910 (671) 477-9811 (671) 477-3416, TTY glsc@netpci.com Hawaii Hawaii Disability Rights Center 900 Fort Street Mall #1040 Honolulu, HI, 96813 (800) 882-1057, V/TTY, in HI (808) 949-2922, V/TTY info@HawaiiDisabilityRights.org HawaiiDisabilityRights.org Idaho DisAbility Rights Idaho Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities 4477 Emerald Street #B-100 Boise, ID, 83706-2066 (208) 336-5353, V/TTY (800) 632-5125 info@disabilityrightsidaho.org


disabilityrightsidaho.org Illinois Equip for Equality, Inc. 20 N. Michigan #300 Chicago, IL, 60602 (800) 537-2632, V (312) 341-0022, V (800) 610-2779, TTY contactus@equipforequality.org equipforequality.org Illinois isbe.net/speced/pdfs/advocacy_resources.pdf Indiana Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services 4701 N. Keystone Avenue #222 Indianapolis, IN, 46205 (800) 622-4845 (317) 722-5555


(800) 838-1131, TTY info@ipas.in.gov in.gov/ipas Iowa Iowa Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc. 950 Office Park Road #221 West Des Moines, IA, 50265 (800) 779-2502 (515) 278-2502 (866) 483-3342, TTY (515) 278-0571, TTY info@ipna.org ipna.org Kansas Disability Rights Center of Kansas 635 SW Harrison Street #100 Topeka, KS, 66603 (785) 273-9661 (877) 776-1541, in KS only info@drckansas.org


drckansas.org Kentucky Protection and Advocacy 100 Fair Oaks Lane, Third Floor Frankfort, KY, 40601 (800) 372-2988, V/TTY in KY (502) 564-2967 kypa.net/contact/question.html kypa.net/drupal/node Louisiana The Advocacy Center 1010 Common Street #2600 New Orleans, LA, 70112 (800) 960-7705, in LA (504) 522-2337 advocacycenter@advocacyla.org advocacyla.org Maine Disability Rights Center 24 Stone Street POB 2007


Augusta, ME, 04338-2007 (800) 452-1948, V/TTY in ME (207) 626-2774, V/TTY advocate@drcme.org drcme.org Maryland Maryland Disability Law Center 1800 N. Charles #400 Baltimore, MD, 21201 (800) 233-7201 (410) 727-6352 mdlcbalto.org Massachusetts Disability Law Center, Inc. 11 Beacon Street #925 Boston, MA, 02108 (800) 872-9992, V (617) 723-8455 (800) 381-0577, TTY (617) 227-9464, TTY mail@dlc-ma.org


dlc-ma.org Michigan Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. 4095 Legacy Parkway #500 Lansing, MI, 48911-4263 (517) 487-1755, V/TTY (800) 288-5923, V/TTY mpas.org Minnesota Minnesota Disability Law Center 430 First Avenue, North #300 Minneapolis, MN, 55401-1780 (612) 746-3711 (800) 292-4150 (612) 334-5970, New Clients (612) 332-4668, TTY midmnlegal.org mndlc.org


Mississippi Mississippi Protection and Advocacy System 5305 Executive Place Jackson, MS 39206 Jackson, MS, 39206 (601) 981-8207 (800) 772-4057 info@mspas.com mspas.com Missouri Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services 925 S. Country Club Drive Jefferson City, MO, 65109 (573) 659-0678 (800) 392-8667 mopasjc@earthlink.com moadvocacy.org Montana Disability Rights Montana 1022 Chestnut Street Helena, MT, 59601


(800) 245-4743, V/TTY (406) 449-2344 advocate@disabilityrightsmt.org disabilityrightsmt.org Nebraska Nebraska Advocacy Services, Inc. 134 South 13th Street #600 Lincoln, NE, 68508 (800) 422-6691 (402) 474-3183 info@nebraskaadvocacyservices.org nebraskaadvocacyservices.org Nevada Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center 6039 Eldora Avenue #C, Box 3 Las Vegas, NV, 89146 (888) 349-3843, toll-free (702) 257-8150 (702) 257-8160, TTY


ndalc@ndalclv.org ndalc.org Nevada Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center 1311 N. McCarron Boulevard #106 Sparks, NV, 89431 (800) 992-5715, toll-free (775) 333-7878 (775) 788-7824, TTY reno@ndalc.org ndalc.org New Mexico Native American Disability Law Center, Inc. 3535 E. 30th Street #201 Farmington, NM, 87402 (800) 862-7271, intake and client only (505) 566-5880 napap.org New York


Division of Protection and Advocacy Program Administration New York State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities 401 State Street Schenectady, NY, 12305-2397 (518) 388-2892 (800) 624-4143, Voice/TTY/Spanish cqcapd.state.ny.us cqc.ny.gov New Jersey Disability Rights New Jersey 210 S. Broad Street, 3rd Floor Trenton, NJ, 08608 (800) 922-7233, in NJ (609) 292-9742 (609) 633-7106, TTY advocate@drnj.org drnj.org New Hampshire Disabilities Rights Center, Inc.


18 Low Avenue Concord, NH, 03301 (603) 228-0432 (800) 834-1721, V/TTY advocacy@drcnh.org drcnh.org New Mexico Native American Disability Law Center, Inc. 3535 E. 30th Street #201 Farmington, NM, 87402 (800) 862-7271, intake and client only (505) 566-5880 napap.org New Jersey Disability Rights New Jersey 210 S. Broad Street, 3rd Floor Trenton, NJ, 08608 (800) 922-7233, in NJ (609) 292-9742 (609) 633-7106, TTY advocate@drnj.org drnj.org


New Mexico Protection and Advocacy System, Inc. 1720 Louisiana Boulevard, N.E. #204 Albuquerque, NM, 87110 (800) 432-4682, In NM (505) 256-3100 info@nmpanda.org nmpanda.org New York Division of Protection and Advocacy Program Administration New York State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities 401 State Street Schenectady, NY, 12305-2397 (518) 388-2892 (800) 624-4143, Voice/TTY/Spanish cqcapd.state.ny.us cqc.ny.gov


New Hampshire Disabilities Rights Center, Inc. 18 Low Avenue Concord, NH, 03301 (603) 228-0432 (800) 834-1721, V/TTY advocacy@drcnh.org drcnh.org North Dakota North Dakota Protection and Advocacy Project 400 E. Boulevard Avenue #409 Bismarck, ND, 58501 (701) 328-2950 (800) 472-2670, in ND ND Relay 711 panda@nd.gov ndpanda.org North Carolina Disability Rights North Carolina 2626 Glenwood Avenue Ste. 550


Raleigh, NC, 27608 (877) 235-4210 (919) 856-2195 info@disabilityrightsnc.org disabilityrightsnc.org North Dakota North Dakota Protection and Advocacy Project 400 E. Boulevard Avenue #409 Bismarck, ND, 58501 (701) 328-2950 (800) 472-2670, in ND ND Relay 711 nd.gov ndpanda.org Northern Mariana Islands Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy Systems, Inc. POB 503529 CK Saipan, MP, 96950 (670) 235-7273/7274 (670) 235-7275, Fax


(670) 235-7278, TTY nmpasi@pticom.com nmpasi.com Ohio Ohio Legal Rights Service 50 W. Broad Street #1400 Columbus, OH, 43215-5923 (614) 466-7264 (614) 728-2553, TTY (800) 282-9181, in OH (800) 858-3542, TTY in OH WebMaster@olrs.state.oh.us olrs.ohio.gov Oklahoma Tulsa Office Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc. 2828 E. 51st Street #302 Tulsa, OK, 74105 (800) 226-5883, V/TTY, in OK (918) 743-6220, V/TTY kayla@okdlc.org


oklahomadisabilitylaw.org redlands-partners.org peapods.us Oklahoma Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc 2915 Classen Boulevard 300 Cameron Building Oklahoma City, OK, 73106 (800) 880-7755, V/TTY, in OK (405) 525-7755, V/TTY kayla@okdlc.org oklahomadisabilitylaw.org redlands-partners.org peapods.us Oregon Oregon Advocacy Center 620 S.W. 5th Avenue #500 Portland, OR, 97204-1428 (503) 243-2081 (503) 323-9161, TTY (800) 452-1694


welcome@oradvocacy.org oradvocacy.org Pennsylvania Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania 1414 N. Cameron Street #C Harrisburg, PA, 17103 (800) 692-7443, in PA (717) 236-8110 (877) 375-7139, TTY drnpa@drnpa.org drnpa.org Puerto Rico Office of the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities POB 41309 San Juan, PR, 00940-1309 (787) 729-4299 (787) 725-2333, ext. 2004/2005 (787) 725-4012, TTY (787) 721-2455, Fax oppi.gobierno.pr


Rhode Island Rhode Island Disability Law Center 275 Westminster Street #401 Providence, RI, 02903 (800) 733-5332, in RI (401) 831-3150 (401) 831-5335, TTY info@ridlc.org ridlc.org South Carolina Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. 3710 Landmark Drive #208 Columbia, SC, 29204 (803) 782-0639 (866) 275-7273, In SC (866) 232-4525, TTY info@protectionandadvocacy-sc.org protectionandadvocacy-sc.org South Dakota South Dakota Advocacy Services


221 S. Central Avenue Pierre, SD, 57501 (800) 658-4782, in SD (605) 224-8294 sdas@sdadvocacy.com sdadvocacy.com Tennessee Disability Law & Advocacy Center of Tennessee, DLAC 2416 21st Avenue South #100 Nashville, TN, 37212 (901) 458-6013 (800) 342-1660, Toll-free in TN only (888) 852-2852, TTY gethelp@dlactn.org dlactn.org Texas Advocacy, Inc. 7800 Shoal Creek Boulevard #171-E Austin, TX, 78757 (512) 454-4816


(800) 252-9108, In TX infoai@advocacyinc.org advocacyinc.org Utah Disability Law Center 205 North 400 West Salt Lake City, UT, 84103 (801) 363-1347 (800) 662-9080, In UT), V/TTY info@disabilitylawcenter.org disabilitylawcenter.org Utah Native American Disability Law Center 3535 E. 30th Street #201 Farmington, NM, 87402 (505) 566-5880 (800) 862-7271, intake/client only napap.org Vermont Disability Law Project 57 N. Main Street


(800) 889-2047, state office) 802) 229-1603, TTY Rutland, VT, 05701 (800) 769-7459, V/TTY (802) 775-0021 vtlegalaid.org Vermont Vermont Protection and Advocacy, Inc. 141 Main Street #7 Montpelier, VT, 05602 (800) 834-7890, In VT (802) 229-1355 (802) 229-2603, TTY info@vtpa.org vtpa.org Virgin Islands Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands 63 Cane Carlton Fredericksted, St. Croix, VI, 00840 (340) 772-1200 (340) 772-4641, TTY


(340) 772-0609, Fax drcvi.org Virginia Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy, VOPA 1910 Byrd Avenue #5 Richmond, VA, 23230 (800) 552-3962, In VA (804) 225-2042, V/TTY general.vopa@vopa.virginia.gov vopa.state.va.us Washington Disability Rights Washington 315 Fifth Avenue South #850 Seattle, WA, 98104 (206) 324-1521 (206) 957-0728, TTY (800) 562-2702 (800) 905-0209, TTY


info@dr-wa.org disabilityrightswa.org West Virginia West Virginia Advocates 1207 Quarrier Street, 4th Floor Charleston, WV, 25301 (800) 950-5250, in WV (304) 346-0847, V/TTY WVAinfo@wvadvocates.org wvadvocates.org Wisconsin Disability Rights Wisconsin 131 W. Wilson Street #700 Madison, WI, 53703 (800) 928-8778, in WI only (608) 267-0214 (888) 758-6049 TTY disabilityrightswi.org Wyoming WY Protection & Advocacy System


7344 Stockman Street Cheyenne, WY, 82009 (307) 632-3496 (800) 624-7648, in WY wypanda@wypanda.com wypanda.com

The Main Disability Laws IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, is the national special education law. It guides how states, school districts and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, Public Law (PL) 107-110, helps children with disabilities.


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA, protects the civil rights of people with disabilities in all aspects of life. The Assistive Technology Act helps people with disabilities get access to assistive technology devices and services. Disability Law Websites law.justanswer.com/disability copaa.org, the council of parent attorneys and advocates thecenterforspecialneedsplanning.com, special needs attorneys in troy, michigan eeoc.gov/policy/docs/902cm.html, definition of disability. law.cornell.edu/uscode/42/ch75.html abanet.org/disability, aba commission on


mental and physical disability law ada-podcast.com dll.ada-podcast.com/showlist.php, disability law lowdown disability.courts.info hsc.org/chaos/specialchallenges/legal_in.php en.allexperts.com/q/disability-law917/medical-consent-disabled-pregnant.htm, you cannot abort the pregnancy of a disabled person without their consent. dralegal.org, disability rights advocates disabilitylawyers.com val-dor.cc.buffalo.edu/legislation, american with disabilities act. abanet.org/disability, aba commission on mental and physical disability law ada-infonet.org/ usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/cguide.htm#anchor62335, american disabilities act usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/cguide.htm#anchor63409, fair housing act usdoj.gov/crt/ada,


ada.gov/cguide.htm#anchor65610, rehabilitation act usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/cguide.htm#anchor66055, architectural barriers act law.cornell.edu/topics/disability.html abanet.org/disability/home.html, commission on mental and physical disability law. access.digex.net/~edlawinc, disabilities education law. acdl.com, arizona center for disability law. ada.gov ada.gov/cguide.htm aldisabilitylaw.com, alabama social security disability law attorney, birmingham, 800476-5128. atlantasocialsecuritylaw.com, disability law attorneys, social security cases. azdisabilitylaw.org, arizona center for disability law. bbi.syr.edu, disability law and policy book series. courts.info dir.yahoo.com/government/law/disability


disability.law.uiowa.edu disabilitylaw.blogspot.com disabilitylawcenter.org disabilitylaws.org dlactn.org, disability law & advocacy center of tennessee. dlcak.org, the disability law center of alaska. dlcma.org, disability law center of massachusetts. dll.ada-podcast.org, disability law lowdown podcast. dlrp.org, disability law resource project. fairmeasures.com/issues/disability/default.as p janweb.icdi.wvu.edu/kinder, americans with disabilities act. kraftlaw.com, dallas personal injury lawyers. jurispro.com/category/disabled-access-s282, disabled access expert witnesses law.cornell.edu/topics/disability.html law.cornell.edu/uscode/42/ch126.html, americans with disabilities act. law.syr.edu/lawlibrary/electronic/humanrigh ts.asp megalaw.com/top/disabilities.php


mesrianilaw.com, los angeles lawyers. reviewscout.com/080931990x, the rights of people with mental disabilities. scilibx.ucsc.edu, libraries, electronic books and other texts then the americans with disabilities act. scilibx.ucsc.edu, libraries, electronic books and other texts then the americans with disabilities act. sheriabrams.com, sheri abrams-social security disability law. ssa.gov/history/law.html, social security disability law. thedisabilitylawyer.net topics.law.cornell.edu/wex/disability_law usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm, americans with disabilities act. val-dor.cc.buffalo.edu/legislation, american with disabilities act. val-dor.cc.buffalo.edu/legislation, american with disabilities act. vt.edu/education/specialed/index.spacer.org, parent advocacy coalition for educational rights.


washlaw.edu/subject/disability.html U.S. Department of Justice American Disabilities Act Infoline 800-514-0301 usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov They investigate any complaints about health care facilities. Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates POB 6767 Towson, MD 21285 (443) 451-5270 copaa.org ADA Information Line for documents questions and referrals 800-514-0301 (voice) TDD: 800-514-0383 Electronic bulletin board: 202-514-6193 usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Equal Employment Opportunity


Commission offers technical assistance on the ADA provisions applying to employment; also provides information on how to file ADA complaints. Employment - questions Voice: 800-669-4000 TDD: 800-669-6820 Employment - documents Voice: 800-669-3362 TDD: 800-800-3302 eeoc.gov Department of Transportation Department of Transportation offers technical assistance on ADA provisions applying to public transportation. Transportation - documents and questions Voice: 202-366-1656 TDD: use relay service Transportation - legal questions Voice: 202-366-1936 TDD: use relay service Complaints and enforcement Voice: 202-366-2285 TDD: 202-366-0153


Electronic bulletin board: 202-366-3764 fta.dot.gov Federal Communications Commission FCC offers technical assistance on ADA telephone relay service requirements. Relay service - documents Voice: 202-857-3800 TDD: 202-293-8810 Relay service - questions Voice: 202-418-1898 TDD: 202-418-2224 fcc.gov/dtf/dtfhome.html Access Board, or Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Offers technical assistance on the ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Documents and questions Voice: 800-872-2253 TDD: 800-993-2822 Electronic bulletin board: 202-272-5448 access-board.gov/ Department of Education


Department of Education funds ten regional centers to provide technical assistance on the ADA. Disability &Business Technical Assistance Centers Voice/TDD: 800-949-4232 icdi.wvu.edu/tech/ada.htm Office of Disability Employment Policy Office of Disability Employment Policy answers employment questions and funds the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), which provides advice on accommodating employees with disabilities. Employment questions Voice: 202-376-6200 TDD: 202-376-6205 pcepd.gov Job Accommodation Network Voice/TDD: 800-526-7234 janweb.icdi.wvu.edu Internal Revenue Service Internal Revenue Service provides


information about tax code provisions including tax credits (section 44) and deductions (section 190) that can assist businesses in complying with the ADA. Tax code - information Voice: 800-829-1040 TDD: 800-829-4059 Tax code - legal questions Voice: 800-622-3110 TDD: use relay service To order Publications 535 and 334 Voice: 800-829-3676 TDD: 800-829-4059 DREDF ADA Hotline DREDF ADA Hotline is funded by the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance on the ADA. ADA questions and publications Voice/TDD: 800-466-4232 Project ACTION Project ACTION is funded by the Department of Transportation to provide ADA information and publications on


making transportation accessible. Transportation information Voice: 800-659-6428 TDD: use relay service Publications Voice: 202-347-3066 TDD: 202-347-7385 Other Laws of Interest Fair Housing Information Clearinghouse Voice: 800-343-3442 TDD: 800-483-2209 Air Carrier Access Act for questions pertaining to air transportation, call Department of Transportation: Office for Civil Rights Voice: 202-366-4648 TDD: 202-366-8538 Aviation Consumer Protection Division 202-366-2220 TDD: 202-755-7687


Get a Disability Lawyer The American Bar Association's Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law has a database of lawyers and organizations nationwide practicing disability law. abanet.org/disability/lawpract1.html onlinelawyersource.com/social-securitydisability/index.html onlinelawyersource.com Special Education Acronyms educ.state.ak.us/tls/SPED/Acronyms.html Disability Dictionary of Terms




Chapter 2. Government Disability Help Federal Government Disability Websites firstgov.gov, firstgov.gov. disabilityinfo.gov govbenefits.gov ndrn.org, the protection and advocacy (p&a) system and client assistance program (cap). ada.gov, general and specific information for ada; to access current law and federal regulations disabilityinfo.gov aapd-dc.org, american association of people with disabilities. eeoc.gov/types/ada.html, equal employment opportunities commission. familyvillage.wisc.edu girlshealth.gov/disability, girl's health. usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm, u.s. doj americans with disabilities act home page.


pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/fed_prog/mm_care/ medcare.htm, health care financing administration - medicaid managed care - it's your choice. aspe.hhs.gov/_/office_specific/daltcp.cfm, us dept. of health and human services, office of disability, aging and long term care policy. doleta.gov/wotcdata.asp, work opportunity tax credit program usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/cguide.htm, u.s. doj guide to disability rights laws acf.dhhs.gov/programs/add, administration on developmental disabilities adaportal.org, ada document portal congress.nw.dc.us/thearc, the arc legislative action center ndrn.org/aboutus/pa_cap.htm, disability rights agencies in each state. ndrn.org/media/programs.pdf, specific p&a programs. address people with developmental disabilities, people with mental illness, and assistive technology,


(202) 408-9514. usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm, u.s. department of justice ada home page, (800) 514-0301 or (202) 514-6193. hhs.gov, department of health and human services. va.gov, veterans administration, (800) 8271000 (voice), (800) 829-4833 (tdd) hud.gov/groups/disabilities.cfm, u.s. department of housing and urban development people with disabilities page; (202) 708-1112 (voice), (202) 708-1455 (tdd) loc.gov/nls, national library service for the blind and physically handicapped (nls). fcc.gov/cgb/dro, federal communications commission (fcc) disability issues homepage.the fcc enforces ada requirements for telecommunications accessibility, and


provides technical assistance resources for telephone relay service (trs), video description, and closed captioning. the website also provides information on filing telecommunications-related ada complaints. (888) 225-5322 (voice), (888) 835-5322 ncd.gov, national council on disability. an independent federal agency which promotes policies, programs, practices and procedures that guarantee equal opportunity for all people with disabilities.(202) 272-2004 (voice), (202) 272-2074 (tdd) cdc.gov/nchs/default.htm, national center for health statistics. the website cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/disable.htm, page on disabilities and impairments; (301) 4584636 (voice), (301) 458-4636 (relay) compliance.gov, office of compliance.the office of compliance offers technical assistance on accessibility laws applying to congressional offices and services.(202)


724-9250 (voice), (202) 426-1912 (tty) Federal Government Disability Organizations disabilityinfo.gov access-board.gov/links/disability.htm, disability related organizations firstgov.gov 800-FED-INFO 800-333-4636 The official US. gateway to all government information. Americans with Disabilities Act U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section Washington, DC 20530 800-514-0301 ada.gov


Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Government Disability Organizations National Council on Disability 202-272-2004 (voice) 202-272-2074 (tty) 202-272-2022 (fax) ncd@ncd.gov twitter.com/#!/natcoundis ncd.gov An independent federal agency that provides advice and recommendations to politicians. It s not provide direct legal or advocacy services to people with disabilities. ncd.gov/resources/faq, frequently asked questions for answers to commonly asked questions. ada.gov/cguide.htm, a guide to disability rights laws, a publication of the u.s. department of justice, provides summaries of all major disability rights laws and


appropriate federal contact information for more information. ada.gov, americans with disabilities act (ada). u.s. department of justice website, an ada help line, a toolkit for state and local governments. ada information line (800) 514-0301 (voice) (800) 514-0383 (tty) adata.org regional ada and it technical assistance centers (800) 949-4232 (voice /tty) airconsumer.dot.gov/publications/disabled.ht m, air carrier access act (acaa). this u.s. department of transportation (dot) webpage summarizes the dot rules pertaining to the rights of air passengers with disabilities. airconsumer.dot.gov/acaacomplaint.htm, information on filing a complaint


access-board.gov/about/laws/aba.htm, architectural barriers act (aba). justice.gov/crt/about/spl/cripastat.php, civil rights of institutionalized persons act (cripa). this u.s. department of justice webpage contains the text of the law. acf.hhs.gov/programs/add/ddact/ddact2.html , developmental disabilities assistance and bill of rights act. this u.s. department of health and human services webpage contains the text of the law. ed.gov/policy/speced/reg/narrative.html, rehabilitation act of 1973. this u.s. department of education webpage contains a link to the text of the law. ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/index.html, office of special education and rehabilitative services (osers). this u.s. department of education webpage contains information


about osers programs, reports and resources. rsa.ed.gov, rehabilitation services administration. this u.s. department of education web portal contains information about rsa programs, reports and resources. ed.gov/offices/osers/policy/idea/the_law.htm l, individuals with disabilities education act. this u.s. department of education webpage contains a link to the text of the law. eeoc.gov/laws/types/disability.cfm, employment discrimination. this eeoc webpage explains what constitutes illegal discrimination on the basis of disability under the americans with disabilities act and how to file a complaint. askjan.org, job accommodation network. this website provides information for employers, job seekers, rehabilitation professionals, union representatives and others regarding workplace accommodations under the


americans with disabilities act and other legislation. dol.gov/odep, office of disability employment policy (odep). this u.s. department of labor website provides information about odep's programs, initiatives and grants. yourtickettowork.com, social security administration website provides information about the ticket to work and self-sufficiency program, directories of employment networks and other valuable information. ssa.gov/pubs/10029.html, social security disability benefits. this website features information on different disability benefits provided by the social security administration; who can get disability benefits; how one applies for disability benefits; and other important information. acf.hhs.gov/programs/ofa/tanf/about.html, temporary assistance for needy families


(tanf). this u.s. department of health and human services webpage provides general information, history, goals and organization of the tanf program. fns.usda.gov/snap, food stamps. this u.s. department of agriculture webpage explains the supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap) and how to apply for benefits. hhs.gov/od, hhs office on disability. this hhs webpage contains information about the implementation and coordination of programs and policies that enhance the health of people with disabilities across age, race and ethnicity. samhsa.gov/mhlocator, mental health services locator. this webpage of the substance abuse and mental health services administration (samhsa) provides a mental health services locator by state.


cdc.gov/omhd/populations/disability/disabili ty.htm, cdc office of minority health and health disparities. aims to promote the health of people with disabilities, prevent secondary conditions and eliminate disparities between people with and without disabilities in the u.s. population. justice.gov/crt/about/hce/housing_coverage. php, fair housing act. this u.s. department of justice webpage contains information about the fair housing act and a link to the text of the law. access-board.gov/about/laws/aba.htm, architectural barriers act (aba). this access board webpage contains the text of the law. portal.hud.gov/hudportal/hud^q^src=/topics/ housing_discrimination, housing discrimination. this u.s. department of housing and urban development webpage explains the process of filing a complaint of housing discrimination.


rsa.ed.gov/programs.cfm^q^pc=cap, client assistance program (cap). cap is the information and advocacy program for people with disabilities who are seeking or receiving federally funded rehabilitation services authorized in the rehabilitation act and provided by through specific state/territory grants. acf.hhs.gov/programs/add/states/pas.html, state protection and advocacy agencies (p&as). this u.s. department of health and human services webpage contains a fact sheet about the p&a system as well as a listing of the agencies by state. fcc.gov/cgb/dro, telecommunications accessibility. this federal communications commission webpage contains information regarding telecommunications relay service, accessibility and innovation, closed captioning and other valuable information.


section508.gov, section 508 of the rehabilitation act. this federal government website contains the text of the law, regulations and standards, as well as tools and resources for its effective implementation. dot.gov/citizen_services/disability/disability. html, accessible transportation. this u.s. department of transportation webpage contains general information and links regarding laws and regulations that govern equal access to transportation for people with disabilities. dot.gov/citizen_services/disability/complaint s.html, contacts for ada information airconsumer.dot.gov/publications/disabled.ht m, air carrier access act (acaa). this u.s. department of transportation (dot) webpage summarizes the dot rules pertaining to the rights of air passengers with disabilities.airconsumer.dot.gov/acaacompla int.htm, .


airconsumer.dot.gov/acaacomplaint.htm, information on filing a complaint Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 7500 Security Boulevard Baltimore, MD 21244 410-786-3000 877-267-3000 cms.hhs.gov Information on Medicare and Medicaid benefit programs. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD 451 7th Street S.W Washington, DC 20202 800-569-4287, Housing Counseling Line hud.gov/groups/disabilities.cfm May help you finance the purchase of a new home or improve accessibility of your home. Department of Labor 200 Constitution Ave. NW Washington, DC 20210


866-4-USA-DOL 866-487-2365 dol.gov Provides information on employment rights Disability & Business Technical Assistance Programs/ Disability & Business Technical Assistance Programs (DBTACs)

Every state has an assistive technologies office created after the passage of the ADA to help disabled people set themselves up with equipment that will help make them more productive and their lives easier. Ask your local disability centers about the Technical Assistance Project. Most of these phone numbers double as TDD numbers. adata.org, technical assistance for the ada.


adata.org/dbtac, 800-949-4232, ada disability and technical assistance centers. Resna Technical Assistance Project 1700 N. Moore St. #1540 Arlington, Va 22209-1903 703-524-6686 U.S. Department of Education Regional Disability & Business Technical Assistance Centers 800-949-4232 800-949-4232, Tdd. ed.gov Ten in the country. 145 Newbury St. Portland, Me 04101 207-874-6535 354 S. Broad St. Trenton, Nj 08608 609-392-4004 609-392-7044, Tdd


2111 Wilson Blvd. #400 Arlington, Va 22201 703-525-3268 1776 Peachtree St. #310 N. Atlanta, Ga 30309 404-888-0022 1640 W. Roosevelt Rd. Chicago, Il 60608 312-413-1407 2323 S. Shepherd Blvd. #1000 Houston, Tx 77019 713-520-0232 713-520-5136, Tdd 4816 Santana Dr. Columbia, Mo 65203 314-882-3600


3630 Sinton Rd. #103 Cs, Co 80907 719-444-0252 440 Grand Ave. #500 Oakland, Ca 94610 510-465-7884 510-465-3167, Tdd Federal Help for Individuals With Disabilities Because so much of the federal contribution to services for individuals with disabilities is made to states and the states determine how to spend the money within certain guidelines, it would be impossible to pinpoint exactly what you will find in your own state or locality. The Pocket Guide to Federal Help for


Individuals With Disabilities will provide you with the names and addresses of the various federal agencies that can steer you to their state and/or local counterpart offices. You may also wish to contact them for a listing of key agencies in your state. These agencies should be your starting point for exploring the services available to you where you live. States and localities may provide services which are financed out of their own resources. To find out about any of these special programs, contact an information and referral center in your vicinity to help put you in touch with the array of services for which you may qualify. Every time you call a state or local agency, you should ask for the names of other people or agencies that might also be helpful. The developmental disabilities (DD) program makes use of existing services in


health, welfare, education and rehabilitation to provide for the long range needs of people with developmental disabilities. These disabilities are defined as severe, chronic disabilities attributable to mental or physical impairment, which are manifested before age 22, result in substantial functional limitations in several areas of life and require services over an extended period. gpo.gov, free booklet Pocket Guide to Federal Help for Individuals With Disabilities. Clearinghouse On Disability Information Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services U.S. Department of Education 3132 Switzer Building Washington, Dc 20202-2524 ed.gov Send for the free booklet Pocket Guide to Federal Help for Individuals With Disabilities.


National Information Center for Children & Youth With Disabilities Pob 1492 Washington, Dc 20013 800-695-0285 800-695-0285, Tdd. 202-884-8200 Fax: 202-884-8441 nichcy.org


Chapter 3. Disability Resources Major Disability Websites Books about chronic illness and disability are at #362.1000-362.4083, HV888-HV3011 or RJ108-RJ380 at the library. aapd.com, 800-840-8844, american assn. of people with disabilities. disabilityinfo.gov ability.org, disabilities uk. abilityonline.org ablelink.org aspe.hhs.gov/daltcp/home.shtml, disability, aging and long-term care. benefitscheckup.org, A service of the National Council on Aging, helps people connect to private or government programs. careyellow.com, care yellow pages charity.com/charities/disabilities/index.shtml chebucto.ns.ca/~af380/newsgroups.html, irc,


mailing lists, and newsgroups for those needing support. cirrie.buffalo.edu/directory, disability research centers, agencies codi.buffalo.edu, codi (cornucopia of disability information). deafblind.com/search.html, search engine is accessible to people using adaptive equipment. disabilitiestoday.com disability.com disability.gov ilo.org/public/english/support/lib/resource/s ubject/disability.htm, disability; resource guide. disability.gov, designed to be a one-stop information source, this site offers users information on the wide range of u.s. federal programs, services and resources available to americans with disabilities and their families. disability.gov.uk disability.ucdavis.edu disability-abuse.com, how disabled people get abused.


disabilityaction.in-sa.com.au, disabilities in australia. disabilitygrapevine.com disabilityhelpsite.com disabilityinfo.gov disabilityinfo.gov disabilityinfo.gov disabilitymuseum.org disabilitynet.co.uk disabilityonline.com disabilityresource.com disability-resource.com disability-resource.com ataccess.org, technology access. disabilityresources.org disabilityresources.org disabilityresources.org disabilityresources.org disabilityresources.org disabilityresources.org, drm guide to disability resources on the internet. disabilityresources.org, the drm guide to disability resources on the internet disabilitysolutions.org disabilitytraining.org


disabilityworld.org disabledworld.com disaboom.com disaboom.com/resources, disability organizations disthis.com dol.gov/odep/www.dol.gov/odep, office of disability employment policy easter-seals.org/resources/educatio.asp, easter seals: education about specific disabilities. ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/nidrr, national institute on disability and rehabilitation research ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/nidrr, nidrr, national institute on disability and rehabilitation research. esmerel.org/forums/news.htm familyvillage.wisc.edu familyvillage.wisc.edu/index.html, family village. ican.com, the ican conditions library includes information on the causes, incidence, prevention, and treatment of various disabilities and conditions.


icdi.wvu.edu/others.htm iii.org/individuals/other/insurance/household help, eligibility for help through insurance. ldonline.org, ld online. (learning disabilities) makoa.org, disability resources. medlineplus.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/disabi lities.html miusa.org/ncde, national clearinghouse on disability and exchange, mobility international. mossresourcenet.org/factsheet.htm, mossrehab disability fact sheets. mossresourcenet.org/resources.htm nahc.org/home.html, home care/hospice locator. ncd.gov, national council on disability. ncddr.org, national center for the dissemination of disability research. newmobility.com, new mobiliity magazine; a resource serving the informational needs of people with disabilities. nichcy.org nichcy.org, national dissemination center for children with disabilities. nichcy.org/disabinf.asp, nichcy fact sheets


on specific disabilities. nichcy.org/pages/home.aspx, disability fact sheets nichcy.org/pages/statespecificinfo.aspx, disability resources for each state. nih.gov/health/infoline.htm, nih toll-free information hotlines by condition. planetamber.com, health, medical and disability resource centre adainsights.org/disability.html planetmobility.com rehabchicago.org/community/glossary.php, rehabilitation institute of chicago's glossary gives concise definitions of some important disability-related terms. specialneeds.com/books.asp, america's disability bookstore. ssa.gov/disabilityresearch surfwax.com/disabilities thearc.org/related-links.htm, disabilityrelated sites on the world wide web topdisabilitywebsites.com trace.wisc.edu/tcel, cooperative electronic library, selected disability documents and resources


ucp.org/ucp_local.cfm, the world's premier gateway to disability resources on the internet. ultimatedisabilityguide.com disabilitylawyers.com vanderbilt.edu/kennedy, jfk center for research on human development; tips for parents, teachers, and others who work with children and adults with disabilities. wapd.org, world association of persons with disabilities webable.com/websites.html yahoo.com/society_and_culture/disabilities/ organizations Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Ave., S.W. Washington, DC 20202-7100 (202) 245-7468 ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers The Family Village Waisman Center,


University of Wisconsin-Madison 1500 Highland Avenue Madison, WI 53705-2280 familyvillage@waisman.wisc.edu familyvillage.wisc.edu/ The Family Village Web Site is an attempt to bring together valuable information for parents of individuals who have disabilities. National Organization on Disability 888 Sixteenth Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20006 (202) 293-5960 Fax: (202) 293-7999 TTY: (202) 293-5968 nod.org National Organization on Disability 5 East 86th Street New York, NY 10028 (646) 505-1191 Fax: (646) 505-1184 nod.org


Disability Websites Master List/ Disabled Websites Master List disability.gov, disability.gov. nichcy.org/pagesx, disability fact sheets. disaboom.com/resources, disability organizations disability-resource.com nichcy.org/pages/statespecificinfo.aspx, disability resources for each state. ed.gov/parents/needs/speced/edpicks.jhtml?s rc=ln, disabilities; my child's special needs. disabilityresources.org medlineplus.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/disabi lities.html ncddr.org, national center for the dissemination of disability research. miusa.org/ncde, national clearinghouse on disability & exchange. ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/rsa, rehabilitation services administration. nichcy.org/states.htm, state agencies serving children


washington.edu/doit/brochures/academics/in struction.html, universal design of instruction. ncwdyouth.info/resources_&_publications/411.ht ml, 411 on disability disclosure. jan.wvu.edu/links/adalinks.htm, ada law. askjan.org/links/adalinks.htm, ada library. law.georgetown.edu/archiveada, archive ada; the path to equality dol.gov/odep/pubs/custom/blueprint.htm, creating a blueprint for job development. dol.gov/odep/pubs/custom/edge.htm, customized employment, a new competitive edge. jan.wvu.edu/links/adalinks.htm, disabilities act resources; jan ssa.gov/pgm/links_disability.htm, disability benefits. eeoc.gov/laws/types/disability.cfm, disability & discrimination. ed.gov/policy/rights/guid/ocr/disability.html, disability discrimination; civil rights. disabilityinfo.gov


eeoc.gov, equal employment opportunity commission dol.gov/odep/programs/emergency.htm, emergency preparedness for people with disabilities. askjan.org/links/enforcement.htm, enforcement contacts. dol.gov/odep, office of disability employment policy abanet.org/disability, mental; physical disability law abilityawareness.org, ability awareness; house building project bookshare.org, bookshare; accessible books for people with disabilities. casey.org/resources, casey family programs; foster care support virtualcil.net/cils, centers for independent living. sbctc.ctc.edu/college/abepds/communication _across_barriers_doc_delateur.pdf, communications accross barriers workbook. vanderbiltchildrens.com/interior.php?mid=5 64, family information notebook. communityinclusion.org


3lbdogs.com/about/mybooklet.html aadb.org aaes.org, access engineering specialists. aaos.org, american academy of orthopaedic surgeons. aapd.com, 800-840-8844, american assn. of people with disabilities. aapd-dc.org, american association of people with disabilities, non-profit cross-disability organization of people with disabilities. aapd-dc.org, american association of persons with disabilities aarp.org, aarp. lifemyway.org rtc.umn.edu/ildspworkforce/index.asp, finding high quality direct suppot professionals. hctransitions.ichp.ufl.edu/resources.html, healthcare transitions; workbooks and resources. hctransitions.ichp.ufl.edu hrtw.org, healthy and ready to work. hesperian.info/assets/whx/whx_11.pdf, improving health care for women with disabilities.


medicalhomeinfo.org abilities.ca abilitiesexpo.com abilitiesfestival.org ability.org, disabilities uk. abilitybeyonddisability.org abledata.com abilitycamp.com, ability camp, children with physical disabilities abilitycenter.com, ability abilityhub.com abilityhub.com, information concerning assistive technology abilityinfo.com, disability news ticker. abilitymagazine.com, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities through housing, education, employment, media and volunteer opportunities abilityonline.org abledata.com, abledata, the national database of assistive technology information abledata.com, abledata. abledata.com, database of assistive technology.


able-ezine.com ablelink.org, ability online support network; family-friendly online environment ablelink.org, ability online, a computer network designed to enhance the lives of children and youth with disabilities or illness by providing an online community of friendship and support ablenews.com, an established publication in the disability community; a monthly newspaper ableproject.org, able project. abletowork.org, able to work consortium. about-cerebral-palsy.org aboutonehandtyping.com academic.cuesta.edu/acasupp/dsps/1disabil.h tm accentonliving.com access.digex.net/~edlawinc, disabilities education law. access.digex.net/~vandyke access-auditing.com, disability discrimination act dda access audit service from disabled people. access-board.gov, us federal agency website


committed to accessible design. includes a useful links section. accessdome.com, accessdome.org accessibilidade.net accessible.org, accessible web site resources serving people with disabilities accessiblesociety.org, center for an accessible society. accessiblespace.org, accessible space inc. accesslife.com accessliving.org, access living. accesstravelcenter.com accessunlimited.com aclu.org, info on the rights of disabled people. activelite.com activliv@aol.com, magazine. ada.gov, americans with disabilities act. adaindiana.org adanet.org, american disability assn. adapt.org, american disabled for attendant programs today, information on alternatives to nursing homecare. adapt-ability.org adaptenv.org, book about adapting home for


disability. adaptivetech.net adata.org, technical assistance for the ada. adata.org/dbtac, 800-949-4232, ada disability and technical assistance centers. adawatch.org addedreality.com, add. additudemag.com, additude magazine. advocacy.org advocacyinc.org aetna.com/groupinsurance/employers_disabi lity_1.htm aginginplace.org/laws/resources/major.html agrabilityproject.org, agrability (people with disabilities in agriculture) aip.org/aip/uris/disable.html allabilities.com, disability links for people of all abilities. whirlwind.sfsu.edu, whirlwind wheelchair international. art-a-day.org,, the mission of art against depression and anxiety (art-a-day), a nonprofit, non-government organization from belgrade, yugoslavia is to provide spiritual, educational, and marketing support to art


creation of people who suffer from developmental and adjustment-related problems. alpha.acast.nova.edu/diversity.html als.uiuc.edu/infotechaccess alsiglcenter.org, rochester, ny, disabilities. alz.org, alzheimers association. amazingkids.org americasdoctor.com, americas doctor. ameritech.net/users/frcdptiil, family resource center on disabilities. angelscommunity.com/en/disabilities, disability services, societies wheelchairvanrentals.com/links.html, for rent anixter.org, anixter center apa.org, 800-374-2721, american psychological assn. apa.org/pi/cdip, disability issues in psychology. apacure.com, christopher reeve paralysis foundation. apidisabilities.org/index.html apparelyzed.com, disability directory and resources disabledworld.com


apple.com/disability apple.com/education/k12/disability arthritisinsight.com as.wvu.edu/~scidis/learning.html asbestos.com, mesothelioma cancer center. asha.org, american speech-language-hearing association. asist-assister.org/disabilitymeans.pdf ask.com/questions-about/financialassistance-for-disabled asksource.info, source international information support centre ataccess.org, technology access. ataxia.org, national ataxia foundation. atia.org, assistive technology industry association. atmac.org, a blog and extensive website covering all areas of assistive technology for apple users including mac os x computers, ipods, and iphones. atmac.org/category/disability atn-ctcf.org/home.cfm, ctc foundation. atnet.org, at network. (assistive technology) atsolutions.biz, assistive technology solutions (ats).


attitudes2disability.wordpress.com autism-resources.com b2byellowpages.com/directory/related_topic s/family_and_society/disability.shtml baddteddy.com/disability/index.htm barrierfreechoices.com bazelon.org, bazelon center for mental health law. bbc.co.uk/ouch bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours bcdecker.com bestbuddies.org, 800 89 buddy, volunteer to befriend someone with an intellectual disability. bestezines.com bestldswebsites.com bestpractice.org.au bestpracticemagazine.co.uk best-websites.com.ar/health/disabilities best-websites.com.ar/society/disability bestwebsites.mylinea.com/education/learnin g_disabilities bestwebsites.mylinea.com/shopping/health/d isabilities biausa.org, brain injury association


bioethicsanddisability.org bit.listserv.ada-law bit.listserv.dsshe-1, help for disabled people going to college. bit.listserv.easi, computers and disabled people. bit.listserv.l-hcap blogcritics.org/culture/article/disabled-theinvisible-minority/ blueroses.com blvd.com, 800-833-8735, job ops and products. blvd.com, includes products and services for the disabled, elderly, caregivers and health care professionals. blvd.com/accent blvd.com/ddm, disabled dealer magazine blvd.com/wg.htm, wheelchair accessible vans for rent. boston.com/wgbh/pages/ncam boston.com/wgbh/pages/ncam/aboutncam.ht ml, national center for accessible media. bowlingramps.com, device to help disabled people bowl.


brainandspinalcord.org bridges4kids.org, michigan special needs children. bright.net/~dishes/serenas.html, serenas song. brightword.com, special ed., homeschooling. bucky.aa.uic.edu business-disability.com bva.org, blinded veterans association. calug.com/society/disability cancer.org, american cancer society. cancer.org, american cancer society. caninecompanions.org, canine companions. canterbury.cyberplace.co.nz/community/dis. html, disabilities new zealand. capability-scotland.org.uk capper.org, capper foundation, educating and training children with physical disabilities caregiver.org, family caregiver alliance. caregiverslibrary.org carolina-disability.com/disabilityinformation.php cast.org cast.org, center for applied special


technology (cast). cast.org/bobby cast.org/resources.htm catowns.tripod.com/society/disability.html cbconn.co.uk c-c-d.org, consortium for citizens with disabilities (ccd). c-c-d.org, consortium for citizens with disabilities. cci.org, provides trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge. cdc.gov/nchs/about/otheract/icd9/icfactivitie s.htm, international classification of functioning, disability and health cdc.gov/omhd/populations/disability/disabili ty.htm cdd.sc.edu/scsis, sc services info system. cdd.unm.edu/discuss/resources, center for development & disability. cec.sped.org, council for exceptional children. center center. cfv.org, free loan videos through captioned


media program chadd.org, chadd (children & adults with ad/hd). challengeair.org, challenge air.org. childdevelopmentinfo.com childrensdefense.org, 800-cdf-1200 children-special-needs.org chmc.org/departmt/sibsupp, brothers and sisters of disabled children. chooseability.org chronicillnet.org ci.berkeley.ca.us/agc-cil.html, center for independent living. ci.san-jose.ca.us/access.html ci.san-jose.ca.us/oaacc/disacces.html cigna.com/our_plans/disability/for_you.html cirrie.buffalo.edu/directory, disability research centers, agencies civilrights.org, leadership conference on civil rights. clb.org, columbia lighthouse for the blind. closingthegap.com cmf.org, crotched mountain foundation, maine, new hampshire area. cmhc.com/selfhelp


cmn.org, childrens miracle network. co.sanbernardino.ca.us/eda/wdd/disabilitywebsites employers.htm coast.net/simtel/msdos/handicap.html, shareware for disabled people. coast-resources.com, products for sale. codi.buffalo.edu codi.buffalo.edu. cornucopia of disability information codi.buffalo.edu/graph_based/local/state/ves id/ilc.html, list of independent living centers. collegedegree.com/library/collegelife/100_web_tools_for_learning_with_disa bility communityinclusion.org communityinclusion.org. insitute for community inclusion communityinteractions.org, people with disabilities seeking responsive as well as creative services connects.org.uk, a world-wide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are affected by mental health problems and/or


learning disabilities. consumerlawpage.com/brochure/disab.shtml convention on the rights of persons with disabilities costs. couragecenter.org courts.info cristina.org, computers, children, disabilities. crookedrainbows.com, a gift and greeting card company that features kids and adults with disabilities doing everyday things. crotchedmountain.org, assist children and adults with disabilities achieve optimal growth and independence. csun.edu/cod, california state university, northridge, center on disabilities curbcut.com curehelp.com cwimedical.com, cwi medical. dais.is.tohoku.ac.jp/~iwan/foreign_res.html das.kucrl.org/iam/studentdis.html dateable.org, dateable. dating4disabled.com, disabled singles. dav.org, disabled american veterans.


dav.org, disabled american veterans. dav.org, organization of disabled veterans of usa. db1.rehadat.de/rehadat, rehadat germany, rehadat germany. dbsalliance.org, depression and bipolar support alliance. dcil.org, delta center for independent living, disabled person services st.louis. dcp.ucla.edu ddisabilitylink.org, disabilitylink.org. deltasociety.org, delta society (service animals). diabetes.org, american diabetes association. digmywalker.com, improving the asthetic appeal of currently available mobility products dircsa.org.au, disabilities australia. direct.gov.uk/en/disabledpeople directenquiries.com, the nationwide disabled access register disabilitiesbooks.com disabilities-r-us.com disabilitiestoday.com disabilitiesweb.com


disability.alltop.com disability.com disability.courts.info disability.gov disability.gov, disability.gov. disability.gov.uk disability.lawyercentral.com disability.ucdavis.edu disability.ucdavis.edu/disability/disabilitypar adigms.htm disability.ucdavis.edu/newsletters disability.wustl.edu/index.htm disability-abuse.com, how disabled people get abused. disabilityaccess.org, coalition for persons with disabilities disabilityaction.in-sa.com.au, disabilities in australia. disabilitycanhappen.org disabilitycentral.com disability-claims.net disabilityculture.org disability-dating.com disabilitydebate.org disability-expo.com


disabilityfacts.com disabilityfunders.org disabilityguide.org, disabilityguide.org. disabilityhelper.com disabilityhelpsite.com, helping the disabled find benefits to enhance their lives; government, housing, financial and prescription aid benefits. disabilityhelpsite.com/housingissues.htm disabilityhistory.org disabilityhistory.org, disability civil rights movement. disabilityinfo.gov disabilityinfo.gov/, disabilityinfo.gov disability-insurance-center.com disabilityinsuranceforums.com disabilityisnatural.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/vocational_rehabilitat ion_and_employment_(disabled_persons)_c onvention, _1983 disabilitymuseum.org disabilitymuseum.org disabilitynet.co.uk disabilitynewsradio.com


disabilitynow.org.uk disabilitypolicycenter.org, the center for the study and advancement of disability policy (csadp). disabilityresource.com disabilityresources.org disabilityscoop.com disabilitysecrets.com disabilitysolutions.org disabilitystatistics.org disabilitytraining.org disabilityuk.com disabilityworld.org disabilityworld.org disabilityworld.org disabilityworld.org disabilityworld.org disabledandproud.com/parade.htm, disable and proud disabledonline.com, disabledonline.com. disabledentrepreneur.com disabledfeminists.com disabled-help.org disabledonline.com disabledonline.com, resources for the


disabled community and their families and friends. disabledoutdoors.com disabledparents.net disabledperson.com disabledsearch.co.uk disabledunited.com, community and fellowship site for individuals with disabilities. disabled-world.com disabled-world.com, an online community for the disabled. disabled-world.com/disability/disability-rssfeeds.php disabled-world.com/disability/finance disabled-world.com/news, disability news stories and articles disabled-world.com/news, disability news stories and articles disaboom.com, disabled community. disaboom.com/organizations/all-majordisability-organizations disapedia.com, a wiki disabled community disawareuk.bizland.com, provide disability awareness and equality training.


disinhe.ac.uk, disability info in higher education, britain. disprodpc.com, products. disserv.stu.umn.edu disserv.stu.umn.edu/tc/grants/col, jobs. diversityworld.com, diversity world diversityworld.com, diversity world. dnis.org, disability news and information service dol.gov, us dept. of labor. dol.gov/odep dol.gov/odep, office of disability employment policy. doleta.gov/disability dotcr.ost.dot.gov/asp/emergencyprep.asp, emergency preparedness and individuals with disabilities. dpi.org, disabled peoples international. dpi.org, disabled peoples' international dpi.org, disabled peoples international, network of national organizations or assemblies of disabled people. dpi.org, disabled peoples international. dpi.org, disabled persons international, a network of national organizations or


assemblies of disabled people, established to promote human rights of disabled people dpi.org/di.html dralegal.org dralegal.org drc-gb.org, disability rights, england. dredf.org, disability rights and education. dredf.org, disability rights education and defense fund (dredf) dredf.org, disability rights education and defense fund. dredf.org. disability rights education and defense fund dredf.org/international/lawindex.shtml, country laws index, country laws index. dredf.org/media_and_disability/index.shtml drivers-ed.org, assn. of driver educators for the disabled. drnbc.org, disability resource network ds-health.com, down syndrome. dssc.org/nta/html, national transition alliance for youth with disabilities. dsusa.org, disability sports. dsusa.org, disabled sports usa. dttrainer.com, discreet trial trainer.


durablemedical.com/sw.html, senior wheels usa. dystonia-foundation.org easterseals.org, 800-221-6827 easter-seals.org, easter seals. ebility.com ebility.com e-bility.com, list of disability related information e-bility.com/links/blogs.php ebuddies.org, help a disabled kid. ecnet.net/users/gnorris/place.shtml, mac disability shareware. ed.gov ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/nidrr, national institute on disability and rehabilitation research ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/nidrr/index.ht ml, national institute on disability and rehabilitation research ed.gov/offices/osers, special education. ed.gov/offices/osers/nidrr, disability research. ed.gov/policy/rights/guid/ocr/disability.html edenhandicap.org/services.htm


edf-feph.org, european disability forum.ong ednf.org, ehlers-danlos national foundation. educationalconsulting.org education-a-must.com, education-a-must inc, advocate services for children with special needs. helping students with learning disabilities. serving new england. eeoc.gov, the equal employment opportunity commision eeoc.gov/eeoc/publications/adaqa1.cfm eeoc.gov/facts/intellectual_disabilities.html eeoc.gov/laws/ada, americans with disabilities act. egroups.com/group/copd-friends, copdfriends. ehow.com, type in disability. ehow.com/how_4591357_college-havedisability.html eia.org/eif, technology and disabilities. el.net/cat/online.html ela.org, ethal louise armstrong foundation, changing the face of disability on the planet elcslpl.org/referenceandresearch/information center/internationaldisabledday.html, the


eleanor london saint-luc public library eleos.org, eleos.org. emedicinehealth.com emory.edu/whscl/medweb.disabled.html empowermentzone.com empowermentzone.com en.joopita.com/cat/health_disabilities.shtml en.wikipedia.org/wiki/declaration_on_the_ri ghts_of_disabled_persons en.wikipedia.org/wiki/disabilities en.wikipedia.org/wiki/disability en.wikipedia.org/wiki/disability en.wikipedia.org/wiki/disability en.wikipedia.org/wiki/international_day_of_ disabled_persons en.wikipedia.org/wiki/international_year_of _disabled_persons enableamerica.org, enable america. enabled.com enabledonline.com enabledonline.com, connect with people with disabilities and their families and to connect with useful resources. enablelink.org enablelink.org


enablelink.org/abilities.html, canada's lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities. enablemart.com, enablemart, assistive technology store enablingdevices.com, enabling devices (toys). enotes.com/disabled-article entrepreneurdisability.org eop.com, careers and the disabled. eop.com, jobs, work and disabilities. eparent.com, exceptional parent. equalityrights.org escortsforthedisable.com esight.org, esight. eskimo.com/~jlubin/disabled.html esmerel.org, esmerel's collection of disability resources, europeds.org, euro-peds. expocon.com familiesonlinemagazine.com familycafe.net, family cafe. familyeducation.com familyfriendlyfun.com family-friendly-fun.com, family friendly fun


and life resources family-friendly-fun.com, family friendly fun and special needs resources family-friendly-fun.com, family friendly fun. familyvillage.wisc.edu familyvillage.wisc.edu, family village. familyvoices.org, family voices. familyvoices.org, family voices. fctd.info, family center on technology and disability (fctd). federalgovernmentgrant.com federalgrantswire.com fegs.org, federal employment and guidance service. feldenkrais.com, feldenkrais guild. financialfreedomexpress.com findlaw.com/01topics/36civil/disabilities.ht ml fmscommunity.org/disability.htm fog.ccsf.edu/~jwilde/disabilityresourcewebsi tes.frame.html fortnet.org/fapg, friedreich's ataxia parents group.


fourwallsnolimits.net, tips and personal experiences about surviving, and thriving, while bedridden or housebound or otherwise mostly confined to one small space. freedomdisability.com freepcs.org, free computers. ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt134 .shtm funliteracylearning.homestead.com/kidsnew s.html, kids news g3ict.org gag.org/resources-das, disability access symbols, computer. galaxy.einet.net/gj/disabilities.html gallaudet.edu/~cadsweb/disability.html, list of disability sites other than deafness related. gearability.com geneticalliance.org, genetic alliance. gimpgirl.com gimponthego.com, gimp on the go (travel). gktw.org, give kids the world. gladnet.org. global applied disability research and information network on employment and training globalnet.co.uk/~pmatthews/disabilitynet


globalvisionproject.org govbenefits.gov greyhouse.com, book complete directory of disabilities. griefnet.org grovergear.com, grover gear wheelchair equipment, hard to find products for people with disabilities gse.berkeley.edu/program/sp/sp.html gse.berkeley.edu/programs/sp/disabilities guidedogs.com, guide dogs for the blind. guidedogs.org, southeastern guide dogs halftheplanet.com halftheplanet.com halftheplanet.org, half the planet foundation halftheplanet.org, halftheplanet foundation. handicap.shel.isc-br.com handicap-international.org handspeak.com, handspeak (sign language). hawking.u.washington.edu health.state.pa.us/transitionchecklist, a resource to help youth/young adults with special health care needs make a sucessful transition to adult living healthandhealers.com/disabilities


healthdirectorymoz.com, health directory moz. healthfinder.gov, healthfinder. health-helper.com, health-helper, brain injury, concussion and health resources healthline.com, healthline, connect to better health healthworksco.uk/daccess/da.html heartsandminds.org heath.gwu.edu/links, comprehensive list of websites related to special education of people with disabilities. heath-resource-center.org, 800-544-3284, education for people with disabilities. heavy duty beach, shower, pool wheel chairs of pvc and stainless hicom.net/~oedipus/index.html, variety of sites related to blindness resources on the internet. home.vicnet.net.au/~friend, promotes and supports friendships between people with disabilities uhcanohio.org, disability health ohio. homemods.org. national resource center on supportive housing and home modification


homepage.interaccess.com/~ncld, center for latinos with disabilities. homesforourtroops.org, homes for our troops, helping build specially adapted homes for soldiers who become disabled hood.edu/seri/serihome.htm, special education. horizonsofhelp.com housingonline.com, national rehabilitation assn. howtowheelchair.com, low cost wheelchairs and products resourc. hrhero.com/topics/disability_discrimination. html hud.gov, us dept. of housing and urban development (hud). human.com/mkt/access/index.html, access media. iajvs.org/disabilities/best_practices.htm iajvs.org/disabilities/disability_websites.htm ibm.com/able ibm.com/able, ibm accessibility center. ican.com, ican! online. icdi.wvu.edu, features include disability data tables, job accommodation network and


much more. icdri.org, international center for disability resources on the internet. icdri.org, international center for disability resources on the internet ici.coled.umn.edu/schooltowork, disabled people going to work. ici.umn.edu, institute on community integration. ideallives.com, aims to bring parents, educators and disability professionals together with easy access to the information they need. ideallives.com, ideal lives.com. ideallives.com, practical tips & web resources to help meet the challenges of special need parents, teachers i-doc.net/access_help.htm idt.net/~mauro iftdo.org, people committee on disability. igc.apc.org/cwatx/ada.html, americans with disabilities act. iida.us, international institute for disability advocacy (iida). iindiawatch.com, indiawatch.com.


ilr.org, independent living resources. ilru.org, independent living research utilization. ilru.org, independent living research. ilusa.com, independent living usa; complete website of disability and medical conditions. immuneweb.org , for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities inclusion.com, inclusion press. inclusionrenfrewcounty.com, inclusion renfrew county incomesecurity.org, income security advocacy centre, (isac) independenceandmobility.com, the mobility advocate, innovative new mobility solutions to meet your recovery needs. independencefirst.org, independencefirst.org. independentliving.org independentliving.org independentliving.org info.umd.edu inform.umd.edu/edres/topic/disability infouse.com/disabilitydata


infouse.com/disabilitydata/disability/appendi ces_glossary.php instanet.com/~sert, special equestrian riding therapy. insurancedisabilitylawyer.com integration-net.ca, integration-net for the settlement community interconnection.org/kdds, kenya disabled development society. interdys.org, international dyslexia association. international index and dictionary of rehabilitation and social integration invisibledisabilities.com iod.unh.edu, institute on disability. irissoft.com/oasis, oasis online resource directory irs.ustreas.gov, search, 800-829-3676, go to disability and information for persons with disabilities. irsc.org, internet resources for special children. isc.rit.edu/~easi, equal access to software and information. ittatc.org, the information technology


technical assistance and training center ittatc.org/technical/speakout/index.php, speak out about inaccessible information and telecommunication technology. jan.wvu.edu, job accommodation network. jan.wvu.edu, the job accommodations network. janweb.icdi.wvu.edu/, 800-526-7234, job accomodation network. janweb.icdi.wvu.edu/kinder/pages/ada_statut e.htm, ada. jeromehome.com, jerome home, nursing center and assisted living residence jfanow.org, justice for all. jik.com/hwawd.html, health, wellness and aging with disability jkp.com/catalogue/disability jobaccess.gov.au/joac/advice/disabilitytwo/c linical_major_depression.htm joeylee.com journeyofhearts.org justonebreak.com, helps disabled people find work. kc.gpct.vanderbilt.edu/ kidneeds.com, provides a place where


children with special needs, their families and others can go for information about various disabilities, public health policy and advocacy efforts as well as links to state and national programs and services.danielsgift.com, a publication for families of disabled children featuring parent profiles, essays, poetry and letters of encouragement. kidscreationzone.org, kids creation zone magazine. kidshealth.org kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/birth_de fect/mental_retardation.html kidsource.com/kidsource/pages/dis.web.html kotb.com, kids on the block. kurzweiltech.com, kurzweil technologies. ladse.k12.il.us, special education. latan.org, louisiana assistive technology access network. law.cornell.edu/topics/disability.html, american disability law. lawyers.com/social-security-disability disabledandproductive.com lcweb.loc.gov/nls.libs.html, library service.


ld.org, national center for learning disabilties. ldanatl.org, 888-300-6710, learning disabilities assn. ldanatl.org, learning disabilities assoc. of america. ldanatl.org, learning disabilities association ldanatl.org, learning disabilities association of america. ldonline.org leapsandbounds.com learning.com, learning.com. lekotek.org, national lekotek center. leland.stanford.edu/group/dss lhls.com/voicexpress, voice xpress products. lib.indiana.edu/disability/internet-lspd library.pittstate.edu/staff/susan/ada.html, abilities and possibilities; links to many disability related resources. lifemasters.com, helps support people living lighthousecentralflorida.org, lighthouse central florida. linkable.org, a social, education and employment network of people who happen to have a disability.


linkable.org, the worldwide virtual community of the disabled linkable.org/employable.htm, job resources. linkedin.com/company/national-council-ondisability livingwithcerebralpalsy.com longroadhome.org, long road home. lookingglass.org, 800-644-2666, 800-8041616, tty, expectant parents with disabilities. lookingglass.org, serves families in which either parent or child has a disability. lookingglass.org, through the looking glass, serving families with disabilities lookingglass.org, through the looking glass. (families and disability) lsi.ukans.edu/beach, beach center on families and disability of kansas. lupus.org, lupus foundation of america. maacenter.org, mesothelioma. madentec.com, madentec (assistive technology). mainstreaminc.org, helps disabled people find work. mainstream-mag.com majorpharmaceuticals.com


makoa.org, a collection of useful disability information resources. mayapple.ms11.net, disabilities resource site developed by linda appell, that emphasises empowerment, equality and encouragement. mdguidelines.com med.univ-rennes1.fr/iidris/index.php, medem.com medicare.gov/800-medicare medicine.uiowa.edu medsupport.org, assisting persons with disabilities, their caregivers and their families. melwood.org, helps disabled people. mesothelioma.com, mesothelioma. metlife.com/lifeadvi/brochures/disability mhnews.org, mental health news. michigan.gov/disabilityresources microsoft.com/enable microsoft.com/enable, microsoft accessibility website. microsoft.com/enable/universal/catalog.html microsoft.com/public.accessibility.ieaccess. mindfreedom.org, mind freedom.


mindsandsouls.org/counselingconsiderations.html, multiple disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment ehow.com/apply-for-disability, apply for disability miusa.org miusa.org, mobility international usa. miusa.org, mobility international, books about disabled people traveling worldwide. miusa.org. mobility international, united states of america miusa.org/ncde/exchangesearch, international exchange programs, international exchange programs, from mobility international miusa.org/orgsearch, disability organizations worldwide database mobility4kids.com mobility-advisor.com, mobility-advisor.com: live more independently mobility-advisor.com/wheelchair-sportsactivities.html, wheelchair sports activities list of accessible sports organizations modimes.org, march of dimes.


moebiussyndrome.com, moebius syndrome foundation. monkeyhelpers.org, monkey pets and helpers. montana.com/kerscher, recordings for the blind. mouthmag.com, disability rights magazine. move-international.org, 800-397-move, helps severely disabled people sit, stand and walk. msnews.microsoft.com, go to news group mswebpeople.com mutualofomaha.com/disabilityinsurance/ind ex.html mwcil.org, metrowest center for indep. living. mydisabilitybenefit.net myelitis.org, transverse myelitis association; transverse myelitis, an acute spinal cord inflammation involving both sides of the spinal cord. myositis.org, the swelling of muscles due to infection, injury, exercise. naar.org, national alliance for autism research.


nacdd.org nadd, national association for the dually diagnosed. naemi.org, national art exhibitions by the mentally ill (naemi) nahc.org nami.org nami.org, 800-950-nami, alliance for the mentally ill. narha.org, 800-369-ride, therapeutic horse riding programs. naric.com national rehabilitation information center, national rehabilitation information naric.com, 800-346-2742, rehabilitation. naric.com, national rehabilitation information center, disability and rehabilitation information resources. naric.com/research/pd/default.cfm, national institute on disability and rehabilitation research program directory database naric.com/research/rehab/default.cfm, rehabilitation information center, naric. nathanielshope.com, nathaniel's hope. nathanielshope.org, nathaniel's hope. nationalrehab.org


navigation tool for telemedicine information nbdc.com nbdc.com, the national business & disability council ncam.org, national center for accessible media. ncam.wgbh.org/publications/adm, accessibility issues in digital media, provides design guidelines for electronic publications, multimedia and the web. ncaonline.org, national center on accessibility. ncd.gov, 202-272-2004, council on disability. ncd.gov, national council on disability. ncd.gov. national council on disability, national council on disability. ncda.gov.ph ncddr.org, disability research. ncddr.org, national center for the dissemination of disability research ncddr.org, ncddr (disability research). ncil.org, national council on independent living. ncil.org, national council on independent


living. ncld.org, 888-575-7373, learning disabilities. ncld.org, national center for learning disabilities. ncoa.org, the national council on aging ncpad.org, national center on physical activity and disability. ncpad.org, national center on physical activity and disability. ncpedp.org, ncpedp. ndsaonline.org, disability sports alliance. nectas.unc.edu, national early childhood technical assistance system. ne-index.shriver.org nepassage.org, disabilities guide for the northeast. netathon.org networkforgood.org new-horizons.org, adaptive techology, education, employment, housing, legislation and more. newmobility.com newmobility.com newmobility.com


newmobility.com newmobility.com, A glossy disability lifestyle magazine news.surfwax.com/disabilities nfb.org, national federation of the blind. nfcacares.org, national family caregivers association. nfivc.org, nfivc (caregivers). nhic-nt.health.org, 800-336-4797, health information center. nhlbi.nih.gov, 800-575-9335, heart, lung and blood. nichcy.org, 800-695-0285, information center for children and youth with disabilities. nichcy.org, national information center for children & youth with disabilities (nichcy). nichd.nih.gov/news/releases/disability.cfm nih.gov/about/researchresultsforthepublic/di sabilityinolderadults.pdf ninds.nih.gov, national institute neurological disorders and stroke. nish.org, employment service. nish.org, nish. (employment of people with severe disabilities)


nlm.nih.gov nmchc.org, 888-434-4624, maternal and child health. nmdinfo.net, disability paradigms nmeda.com/blogs, disability resources; handicap blog; disabled driver. nmha.org, 800-969-6642, mental health. nmia.com/kgstone/index.html, awakening to disability nod, national organization on disability. nod.org, 800-248-able, organization on disability. nod.org, national organization on disability nod.org, national organization on disability. nond.org nopitycity.com, t-shirts and other apparel with disability-related slogans nosscr.org, 800-432-2804, national organization of social security claimants. notdeadyet.org, a national disability rights group opposing the legalization of physician assisted suicide. notdoneliving.net npnd.org, national parent network on disabilities.


nppsis.org, national parent to parent support and information system. nrca-net.org, national rehabilitation counseling assn. nsastutter.org, national stuttering association. nscd.org, national sports center for the disabled. nsfoundation.org, national schizophrenia. ntac.hawaii.edu. national technical assistance center for asian americans and pacific islanders with disabilities ntl.bts.gov/docs/manual.html, americans with disabilities act, paratransit eligibility manual. ntwh.org, national theatre workshop of the handicapped. nwba.org, wheelchair basketball. nwmap.org, national welfare monitoring and advocacy partnership. officetec.com oif.org, osteogenesis imperfecta foundation inc. onarollradio.com, on a roll, talk radio on life and disability


onarollradio.com, weekly syndicated commercial radio talk show on life and disability. os.dhhs.gov/about/opdivs/phs, disabled nursing students. otrassn.com, over the rainbow assoc. ourability.com, mentoring young people disabilities stories, employment, education pacer.org, 800-53-pacer, publications for children with disabilities. pacer.org, pacer center. pacer.org/international. pacer international pain.com, pain.com, information on pain management paralympic.org, international paralympic committee. paraquad.org/networks.html, national council on independent living. parkingmobility.com partners.net, rehabilitation. pathwaysawareness.org patriciaebauer.com pcepd.gov, presidents committee on employment. peds.umn.edu/centers/ihd/ncyd.html, center


for youth with disabilities. petertan.com/blog, blog of a wheelchair user living with spinal cord injury, disability rights activist. planetamber.com, health, medical and disability resource centre. planetamber.com, health, medical and disability resource centre. planetmobility.com plato.stanford.edu/entries/disability, philosophy encyclopedia. pn-magazine.com, wheelchair users. postpals.co.uk, post pals. postpolio.org, post-polio resources and education povnet.org/issues/disability pparx.org ppcd.org, people to people committee on disabilities. preventblindness.org primenet.com/~lathrop/gimp.html protectionandadvocacy.com, national assn. of protection and advocacy, get help for what you need. protectionandadvocacy.com, national assoc.


of protection and advocacy- systems. proyectovision.net proyectovision.net, proyecto vision. proyectovision.net, proyecto vision. psa.org, paralysis society of america. psychjourney.com, psychjourney. public.iastate.edu/~sbilling/ada.html purposeful.org, 336 761 8745, center for purposeful living, winston-salem, north carolina. pva.org, paralyzed veterans of america pva.org, paralyzed veterans. qilc.org, queens independent living center. ragged-edge-mag.com ragged-edge-mag.com, disability rights magazine in the US rarediseases.org rarediseases.org, 800-999-6673. rarediseases.org, national organization for rare disorders rdpgroup.com, rdp group -- special events that cater to people with disabilities reachdisability.org, welcome to the disability foundation ready.gov/america/getakit/disabled.html


rehab.cahwnet.gov rehabintl.org, rehabilitation. rehabpro.org, 800-240-9059 rehabpub.com risingsunbooks.org rit.edu/~easi, equal access to software and information, information about accessing computing and information technology for persons with disabilities. rit.edu/~easi, helps disabled people get computer access. rpa.net/lrandall/ssdifms rsihelp.com rxlist.com, rxlist, the internet drug index. samedifference1.com santarosa.edu/access sapc.edu, st. andrews presbyterian college. sath.org, accessible travel tips, information and resources. sau.edu/cwis/internet/wild/disabled/disindex .htm sbaa.org, spina bifida association of america sbaa.org, spina bifida association. sci-info-pages.com, the spinal cord information pages


scilibx.ucsc.edu, choose the library, electronic books and other texts then the americans with disabilities act. scottdavispc.com/articles seals.com, easter seals. sedbtac.org, se dbtac. sensus.dk, accesibility consulting firm. sexualhealth.com, sexual health network home page. sfsu.edu/~multsowk/title/314.htm, multicultural aspects of disabilities. shepherd.org, shepherd center (specialty hospital). sheriabrams.com shore.net/~dmoisan/invisible_disability.html , people with invisible disabilities. shriver.org, new england. silverts.com, silvert's disabled disability clothing for adaptive elderly care clothes simpleabilities.com simpleabilities.com/benefits.html sittingupdisabilityblog.org siva.it/eng/default.htm, assistive technology information and research service sjuvm.stjohns.edu/disabled


smd.services.com/information/disability_res earch_digest.html, disability research digest socialsecurity-us.net, disability; get comprehensive info on social security gov benefits & disability. soeweb.syr.edu/thechp, center on human policy. sonic.net/nilp specialchild.com specialgathering.wordpress.com, nbbd.com/npr/specialgathering, ministry to the disabled - titusville, florida specialiving.com special-minds.com, special minds. specialneeds.com, 800-333-6867, books about disabilities. specialneeds.org specialolympics.org sped.ukans.edu/~dlance/freeindex.html sped.ukans.edu/disabilities spinalcord.org, the national spinal cord injury association spinalcordadvocates.org/class-programstories spiritrollerministries.org


sportaid.com/disability-accessories sportsnspokes.com, sports for wheelchair user. ssa.gov, social security administration. ssa.gov/disability, 800-234-5772, social security administration. ssa.gov/disabilityresearch ssa.gov/odhome, ssa disability information. ssa.gov/work, 866-968-7842, ticket to work program; 888-606-7787, vocational rehabilitation. starbright.org, children. starbright.org/familyroom, starbright family room online community that provides information and support to help parents care for their seriously ill child. starlingweb.com, web accessibility. state.nh.gov/disability stemark.com, stemark associates, dedicated to helping those with a disabling condition, and their caregivers, to overcome obstacles in their course of daily life. stepuptochange.com sticklers.org, stickler involved people. stlacceshous.org, paraquad accessible


housing. stsnews.com, speech to speech (sts), provides communication assistants (cas) for people with difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone. stsnews.com, speech to speech news. stylestick.com, stylestick.com. suite101.com/welcome.cfm/disability_advoc acy sun.com/access sun.com/tech/access, sun microsystems accessibility program. supportandparalysis.org, 866-317-8431. suttermedicalcenter.org/library/best/index.ht ml sympatico.ca/healthyway taalliance.org, 888-248-0822, technical assistance alliance for parent projects. taconicresources.net, resources for independence, serving people with disabilities tamu.edu/dir/disability tap.galludet.edu, technology access. tash.org, people with severe handicaps. tash.org, quality and social justice for people


with disabilities tash.org, tash. (inclusion for people with severe disabilities) tash.org, tash: disability advocacy worldwide. tdi-online.org, tdi (telecommunications for the deaf, inc.). technorati.com/tag/disability teddysstar.org, teddys star foundation. tefvater.org, vacterl association. telemed.org, telemedicine information exchange. tellusyourstory.com tell-us-your-story.com, a disability discussion forum tell-us-your-story.com, disability discussion forum for stories. temple.edu/inst_disability thearc.org, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. thearc.org, the arc theaudeo.com, disability chat. the-bestwebsites.com thelifeguardstore.com, aquatic wheelchairs thescizone.com


thewright-stuff.com thisablednation.org tiaonline.org/access/guide.html tnauk.org.uk, talking newspapers. tndisability.org, tennessee disability coalition. topdisabilitywebsites.com tqjunior.advanced.org/5852/homepg.htm, 42, seeing disabilities from a different perspective. trace.waisman.wisc.edu trace.wisc.edu trace.wisc.edu/text/guidelines/htmlgide, guide to creating websites for disabled people. trace.wisc.edu/world transitionsabroad.com/listings/travel/disabili ty/index.shtml travisroyfoundation.org, the travis roy foundation, funds have been used to modify vans and to purchase wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment to help paraplegics and quadriplegics. tribenefit.com tsa-usa.org, tourette syndrome association.


tuesdayschild.com, parenting a child with disabilities. tvontheweb.com/channels/able/index.html ucp-suffolk.org, ucp of greater suffolk, inc., services to more than 3,000 individuals with disabilities and their families living in suffolk county. udsakron.org, disability through literature and fine arts. udsakron.org, kaleidoscope mag, for caregivers. uic.edu/orgs/sds, disability studies. ukans.edu/beach, 800-854-4938, families and disabilities. ultimatedisabilityguide.com un.org/disabilities/convention/facts.shtml un.org/esa/socdev/enable, united nations. un.org/esa/socdev/enable/convinfofaq.htm, frequently asked questions regarding the unitedspinal.org, eastern paralyzed veterans association. unum.com uproar.net, unique peoples voting project. usaba.org, u.s. association of blind athletes. usabilitynews.com


usablenet.com usc.edu/dept/gero, info on barriers that impede the use of technology to help disabled people. uschamber.com, us chamber of commerce. usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov, disabilities act. usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm, ada home page. usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm, disabilities act. usdoj.gov/crt/ada, ada.gov/adahom1.htm, u.s. department of justice, civil rights office, disability rights. usgovinfo.about.com/od/moneymatters/a/gra nttruth.htm ushandicapable.org usicd.org, united states international council on disabilities usmedicalsupplies.com utoronto.ca/atrc, adaptive technology. val-dor.cc.buffalo.edu validator.w3.org, website set-up. viewpointmobility.com, view point mobility. vrri.org, vocational and rehabilitation research institute


vsamass.org, very special arts, massachusetts. vv.arts.ucla.edu/terminals/flanagan/flanagan. html, Bob Flanagan: The Pain Journal, cystic fibrosis documentary. w3.org, go to wai, web accessibility initiative. w3.org/pub/www/disabilities w3.org/tr w3.org/wai, w3c web accessibility initiative. w3.org/wai, web accessibility initiative. w3.org/wit/topic1097 wamu.org, public radio airs show on multiple sclerosis. wapd.org, provides disability resources, chat room, bulletin board and more. wapd.org, World Association of Persons with Disabilities. wapd.org. world association of persons with disabilities warwick.ac.uk/services/tutors/disability washington.edu/doit, do it program. washingtonpave.org, a parent-directed organization, exists to increase independence, empowerment, and future


opportunities for consumers with special needs, their families and communities wcdexpo.com, world congress & exposition on disabilities. wcdexpo.com, world congress on disabilities, disability expo and conference. wdsc.org/disability, disabled people and work. web.worldbank.org, world bank & disability. webable.com webehave.com, products for kids. weber.u.washington.edu/~doit weber.u.washington.edu/~doit/brochures/int ernet_resources.html wemedia.com/, we magazine wenet.net/~cil wgbh.org, wgbh tv. wgbh.org/ncam, center for accessible media. wgbh.org/wgbh/access wheelchairgetaways.com, wheelchair getaways; rent wheelchair vans wheelchairnet.org wheelchairnet.org/wcn_living/homemod.htm l, home modifications.


wheelchairrecycler.org, the wheelchair recycler. wheelchairworkoutstore.com, wheelchair exercise kit wheeler.org wheelpower.com wheeltheworld.net, wheel the world whitehouse.gov/issues/disabilities/ wid.org, world institute on disability, research on disability issues and overcoming obstacles for independent living wid.org, world institute on disability. wid.org, world institute on disability. wid.org. world institute on disability widernet.org/egranary/gdrl, global disability rights library wiki.answers.com/q/does_short_term_disabi lity_cover_major_depression wirelessfundraiser.com with chronic conditions while lowering medical wolfe.net/~dr_bill, computers for disabled people. wonder.mit.edu/ok, kids. woodbinehouse.com, 800-843-7323,


reference books, one section for disabled people. wowusa.com, children in wheelchairs. wsusa.org, wheelchair sports. yahoo.com/yahoo/society_and_culture/disab ilities yogawiz.com/blog/yoga-benefits/yogaposes-and-postures-handicapped.html youreable.com, disability information and news service. yuri.org/webable zeusd.kspress.com/monaco Disability Hotline Websites adata.org/network/index.html, disability hotlines; ada Help for a Disability


If you've been unsuccessful at getting funding through public assistance, try asking other people with disabilities, local disability organizations, social service agencies, disability professionals whether they know of any other way to get financial help. Your local Independent Living Center ILC may have funding for home modifications or other equipment. ilusa.com/links/ilcenters.htm. There is one or more big disability organization for your disability. They sometimes provide services like respite care, scholarships or equipment loans. Check your phonebook. Assistive technology manufacturers sometimes know of funding sources like a government program, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. They have payment plans. Sometimes


theyll give their old stuff away for a tax write-off. The Alliance for Technology Access centers across the United States offer computwer training, software, etc. ataccess.org, the alliance for technology access; the ata is a network that is devoted to making assistive technology more available to children and adults with disabilities. Service groups such as Easter Seals, Rotary Club, the March of Dimes, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Optimist, Sertoma and the Lions exist to help people, sometimes with equipment loans, respite, vocational, camps and other helpful programs. There are grants. You might find some in The Foundation Directory, foundationcenter.org.


Universities, colleges and other postsecondary institutions offer scholarships to disabled students. Charities, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, schools, employers, chambers of commerce, hospitals, labor unions, sororities, fraternities, veteran groups and alumni groups help out sometimes. Disability Help/ Disability Assistance/ Disability Money Websites mortgageloan.com/disabilities/, mortgages for people with disabilities fdncenter.org give.org, list of national charities fundsnetservices.com/disabili.htm friendsofman.org, helps people in need. caringvoice.org


1888articles.com/loans-on-benefitssufficient-monetary-support-for-disabledpeople-081490.html 911blogger.com/node/5740, help raise money for disabled. abilitiesfund.org, abilitycorp.com.au/ abilityonline.org abledata.com able-ezine.com ableize.com/ ablelink.org about-disability.com about-disability.com/search/financial+aids about-disability.com/search/financial+help about-disability.com/social-securitydisability-benefits/ accessible.org/disability-grants.html accessible.org/grants-for-disabled.html accessible-showers.com acf.hhs.gov/programs/ofa/tanf/about.html aclimited.net/benefits.html acor.org/pedonc/cfissues/financehelp/finhelp.html activelite.com


adanet.org, american disability assn. adapt.org, american disabled for attendant programs today, information on alternatives to nursing homecare. adapt-ability.org adata.org, technical assistance for the ada. adata.org/dbtac, 800-949-4232, ada disability and technical assistance centers. adn.com/money/story/1009042.html advocacy.org ahandicappedhelpline.org aidpage.com aidpage.com/disabled.htm allsup.com/financial-matters/financialmatters-overview.aspx allsup.com/financial-matters/financialplanning.aspx allsupinc.com/newsroom/key-steps-canhelp-with-financial-impact.aspx amazon.com/benefits-disabled-peoplestrategy-change/dp/0113211848 answers.com/topic/disabled-persons arch-online.org/disabled-people-homeindependence.htm


arch-online.org/vat-tax-benefits-disabledpeople.htm arcthrift.com/ articles.moneycentral.msn.com/insurance/kn owyourrights/disabled-how-to-getbenefits.aspx articlesbase.com/loans-articles/disabilityloans-financial-help-for-the-needed-peoplewho-are-disabled-715028.html articlesbase.com/loans-articles/loans-forpeople-on-dss-benefits-disabled-people-caneasily-avail-the-funds-1192628.html askmehelpdesk.com/ ataccess.org, technology access. benefitscheckup.org/ business.gov/start/disabled-people/ buzzle.com/articles/disabled-learn-to-makemoney-online-and-never-look-for-a-jobagain.html caring.com carolina-disability.com carolina-disability.com/social-securitybenefits-faq.php ccfa.org/living/disability/ cerebralpalsy.bz


charitynavigator.org chooseability.org cirs.org/homepage/advocates/ collegefinancialaidguide.com connexions-direct.com connexions-direct.com diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/dm/pubs/financialhel p/index.htm disabilitiestoday.com disability.com disability.courts.info disabilityaction.org/infofinancialhelp.aspx disabilityalliance.org disabilityawards.com disabilitybenefits101.org disabilitycanhappen.org/preparing_disability / disabilityhelper.com disabilityhelpsite.com, helping people with a disability understand how to apply for government disability benefits, income assistance, etc. disabilityhelpsite.com/financialaid.htm disabilityhelpsite.com/financialaid.htm disabilityresource.com


disability-resource.com ataccess.org, technology access. disabilityresources.org disabilityresources.org/financial.html disabilitysecrets.com/question12.html, social security disability information such as getting financial help and assistance while waiting for a disability claim to be settled disabilitysolutions.org disabilitytraining.org disabilityworld.org disabled sailors. disabled-help.org disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk/ disabled-world.com/ dlife.com doleta.gov/disability/grants.cfm dpi.org, disabled peoples international. dredf.org, disability rights and education. ehow.com, apply-for-disability. ehow.com, emergency financial help for disabled americans. ehow.com, how to financial help for disabled seniors ehow.com, how to get a home loan if you


are disabled. ehow.com/about_5547681_emergencyfinancial-disabled-americans.html ehow.com/about_5557594_financialdisabled-seniors.html ehow.com/how_4788888_apply-disabledadult-children-benefits.html ehow.com/how_4793163_militarydisability-benefits.html ehow.com/how_5557594_financialdisabled-seniors.html eldercareteam.com eldercareteam.com/ empowermentzone.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/temporary_assistance _for_needy_families en.wikipedia.org/wiki/temporary_assistance _for_needy_families enablelink.org e-nc.org/disabled_persons_benefits.asp ezinearticles.com, free-grants-for-thedisabled ezinearticles.com, government-grants-fordisabled


ezinearticles.com, loans-for-people-onbenefits familycredit.org/ fedmoney.com/grants financial-help-directory.com fmscommunity.org/disability.htm freetipsandwits.com/ fundsnetservices.com/disabili.htm gemoney.com/ housingonline.com, national rehabilitation assn. independentliving.org ineedfinancialhelp.net informe.com, benefits for disabled people in forums, blogs informe.com/benefits/benefits_for_disabled_ people/ jfs.ohio.gov/factsheets/disabilityfa.pdf, codes.ohio.gov/orc/5115, disabled assistance in ohio. kidney.niddk.nih.gov/kudiseases/pubs/financ ialhelp/ lifemasters.com, helps support people living livelifetothefullest.biz


masslegalhelp.org/disability/disability/social -security-disabled-homeless medicare.org/index.php/medicare-basics/23medicare-basics/17-medicare-benefits-fordisabled-individuals modestneeds.org modestneeds.org/help moneycentral.msn.com moneyfordisabled.com/ moneymagpie.com/ moneymagpie.com/article/959/fun-benefitsfor-disabled-people/ mortgageloan.com/disabilities, a guide to housing and mortgages for people with disabilities. mortgageloan.com/disabilities/ mossresourcenet.org/ myamericanbenefitsplan.com nmpnetwork.com/2009/01/20/disabledmake-money-selling-private-label-softwareprograms/ nofreemoney.com otda.state.ny.us/main/ta, office of temporary and disability assistance, new york. outreach1.org


paraquad.org/networks.html, national council on independent living. pontoonproject.com, raising money to help more robertsreview.com, financial help for cancer patients. robertsreview.com/additional_financial_help .html singlemomfinancialhelp.com/more_info/hel p-for-single-moms-with-a-disability.shtml socialsecurity.gov/disability/ sorrowproof.yoyohost.com/b90911m17disabled-free-grant-money.html squidoo.com/jobs4disabled ssa.gov, benefits+disabled+people ssa.gov/disability ssa.gov/pubs/11017.html, working while disabled suite101.com/welcome.cfm/disability_advoc acy thearc.org/related-links.htm, disabilityrelated sites on the world wide web ucp.org/ucp_local.cfm, the world's premier gateway to disability resources on the


internet. usa.gov/citizen/topics/benefits.shtml usgovinfo.about.com/library/weekly/aa1107 02a.htm, hud grants to help disabled renters walkblog.com/index.php?/weblog/comments /make_money_while_disabled/ with chronic conditions while lowering medical work expenses. youreable.com/ Disability Publications/ Disability Magazines Refer to a periodical directory at the library for magazines dealing with specific disabilities. disability-resource.com/mags.html, disability magazines, publications and newsletters ragged-edge-mag.com, ragged edge; an


electronic magazine for and by people with disabilities. abilities.ca activelivingmagazine.com albany.edu/crsc/publications.html amazon.com/international-journal-disabilityhuman-development, international journal on disability and human development. arthritis.org blindskills.com blvd.com/disability_and_healthcare_magazi nes/ bubl.ac.uk/link/linkbrowse.cfm?menuid=486 2, search through the journal disability now. butyoudontlooksick.com, magazine is about living life to the fullest with any disability cardiff.ac.uk/dentistry_test/medicine/psycho logical_medicine/research/welsh_centre_lea rning_disabilities, journal of intellectual disability research. chronicbabe.com diabetesinterview.com diabetesselfmanagement.com disabilitystudies.syr.edu/resources/mentalhe alth.aspx


drf.org/magazine, hearing ecybersearch.info/religion-health.htm, journal of religion, disability and health. eop.com escape.ca/~dpi/index.html, international disability magazine. mainstream-mag.com mouthmag.com newmobility.com perspectivesoninclusion.blogspot.com pnnews.com, paralyzed ragged-edge-mag.com ragged-edge-mag.com slackbooks.com sociosite.net/topics/disability.php specialiving.com udsakron.org/kaleidoscope.htm Able-Together Pob 460053 San Francisco, CA 94146-0053 (415) 522-9091 well.com/user/blaine/abletog.html Magazine for gay people with and without disabilities.


Accent On Living Pob 700 Bloomington, Il 61702 309-378-2961 blvd.com/accent Magazine for disabled people. Active Living Diability Today Pubs. 132 Main St. E. Grimsby, On L3m Ipi 905-309-1639 activliv@aol.com activeliving.ca General mobility. Careers & The Disabled Equal Opportunity Pubs. 1160 E. Jericho Tnpk. #200 Huntington, Ny 11743 516-421-9421 eop.com


John Tracy Clinic 806 W. Adams Blvd. La, Ca 90007 800-522-4582 Free mail order courses for young deaf and blind children. Kaliedescopes 701 S. Main St. Akron, Oh 44311 330-762-9755 Arts, literatutre and disability. Lifeprints Pob 5181 Salem, OR 97304 503-581-4224 General magazine with some job ads. Mainstream; Able-Disabled 2973 Beech St. Sd, Ca 92102 619-234-3138 mainstream-mag.com


Woodbine House 6510 Bells Mill Rd. Bethesda, Md 20817 800-843-7323 woodbinehouse.com Disabilities books for kids, special education books. Special Needs Websites specialneedsalliance.com, the special needs alliance is a national, non-profit organization committed to helping individuals with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who represent them. specialneedsplanners.com, academy of special needs planners specialneedsanswers.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sinai_special_needs_i nstitute, new jersey specialneedsfamilyfun.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special_needs_dentist


ry en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special_needs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special_needs_(disam biguation) Disability on Twitter twitter.com/#!/natcoundis twitter.com/ubcirrie


Chapter 4. Disability Organizations Basics Major Disability Organizations Info disabilityinfo.gov access-board.gov/links/disability.htm, disability related organizations Abilities! (formerly National Center for Disability Services) 201 Willets Road Albertson, NY 11507-1599 (516) 465-1601 abilitiesonline.org Clearinghouse on Disability Information Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services Room 3132, Switzer Bldg. 330 C Street S.W Washington, DC 20202-2524 (202) 205-8241 (voice & TTY)


Easter Seals, National Office 230 W Monroe Street #1800 Chicago, IL 60606 (312) 726-6200 (voice) (312) 726-4258 (TTY) (800) 221-6827 info@easter-seals.org easter-seals.org ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education Council for Exceptional Children 1920 Associated Drive Reston,VA 20191 (703) 264-9449 (TTY) (800) 328-0272 (voice & TTY) sped.org ericec.org Family Voices POB 769 Algodones, NM 87001 (505) 867-2368 (888) 835-5669


kidshealth@familyvoices.org familyvoices.org March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation 1275 Mamaroneck Avenue White Plains, NY 10605 (914) 428-7100 resourcecenter@modimes.org modimes.org National Father's Network Kindering Center 16120 N.E. 8th Street Bellevue, WA 98008 (425) 747-4004 fathersnetwork.org National Parent Network on Disabilities 1130 17th Street N.W #400 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 463-2299 (voice & TTY) npnd@cs.com npnd.org


National Parent to Parent Support and Information System, Inc. POB 907 Blue Ridge, GA 30513 (706) 374-3822 (800) 651-1151 nppsis.org National Rehabilitation Information Center 8455 Colesville Road #935 Silver Spring, MD 20910-3319 (301) 588-9284 (Voice) (301) 495-5626 (TTY) (800) 346-2742 naric.com NICHCY National Dissemination Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities POB 1492 Washington, DC 20013 (800) 695-0285 (voice & TTY) (202) 884-8441 nichcy@aed.org


nichcy.org Sibling Support Project 6512 23rd Avenue #213 Seattle, WA 98117 (206) 297-6368 siblingsupport.org Special Olympics International 1325 G Street NW #500 Washington, D.C. 20005 (202) 628-3630 specialolympics@msn.com specialolympics.org TASH 29 W Susquehanna Avenue #210 Baltimore, MD 21204 (410) 828-8274 (voice) (410) 828-1306 (TTY) info@tash.org tash.org


800-424-3688, American Association on Mental Retardation 800-638-8255, American Speech Language Hearing Association 800-872-2253, Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board 800-433-5255, Association for Retarded Citizens 800-328-8476, Autism Society of America 800-225-0292, Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation 800-344-4823, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 800-669-9777, HUD Housing Discrimination Hotline 800-950-6264, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill


800-562-6265, National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired 800-368-3513, National Association of Rehabilitation Facilities 800-232-6372, National Down Syndrome Congress 800-999-6673, National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. 800-621-3141, Spina Bifida Hotline 800-237-0717, Tourette Syndrome Association 800-877-8339, U. S. Government TDD Directory Federal Information Relay Services Disability Organizations Info


Abledata National Rehabilitation Center 8455 Colesville D. #935 Silver Spring, Md 20910 800-227-0216 800-346-2742 301-588-9284 abledata.com naric.org Products to help with daily living activities, free information from this government supported organization. Academy of Dentistry for Persons With Disabilities 211 E. Chicago Ave. Chicago, Il 60611 312-440-2661 Referral to a dentist who treats disabled people. Access Real Estate 22 Sunset Ave.


Westhampton Beach, Ny 11978 516-288-6244 National real estate company for disabled people. Accreditation Council On Services For People With Disabilities 100 West Rd. #406 Towson, Md 21204 410-583-0060 Fax: 410-583-0063 Activating Children Through Technology Macomb Projects 27 Horrabin Hall Western Illinois U. Macomb, Il 61455 309-298-1014 Adaptive Environments Center 374 Congress #301 Boston, Ma 02210 617-695-1225


Helps make buildings handicap accessible. Adventures in Movement for The Handicapped (Aim) 945 Danbury Rd. Dayton, Oh 45420 800-332-8210 513-294-4611 Fax:513-294-3783 aimkids@aol.com Support organization for all disabilities. Advocacy Institute 1707 L St. Nw #400 Washington, Dc 20036 202-659-8475 Fax: 202-659-8484 Advocacy Center for Persons With Disabilities 2671 Executive Center Cir. W. #100 Tallahassee, Fl 32301 800-342-0823


Federally funded nonprofit organization with several programs. Advocates for Communication Technology for Deaf/ Blind People 1498 Reisters Town Rd. #289 Baltimore, Md 21208 800-290-9092 Alliance of Genetic Support Groups 35 Wisconsin Cir. #440 Chevy Chase, Md 20815 800-336-Gene Support group for people with genetic disorders. American Assn. for The Blind and Retarded 164-09 Hillside Ave. Jamaica, Ny 11432 718-523-2222 Fax: 718-739-4750 American Disability Assn. 2201 6th Ave. S.


Birmingham, Al 35233 205-323-3030 Fax: 205-251-7417 adanet.org American Counseling Association 5999 Stevenson Ave. Alexandria, Va 22304 800-545-2223 800-347-6647 703-823-9800 Fax: 703-823-0252 counseling.org American Assn. of People With Disabilities 1819 H St. Nw #330 Washington, Dc 20006 800-840-8844 202-457-0046 aapd-dc.org aapd.org American Alliance for Health,


Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 1900 Assn. Dr. Reston, Va 22091 800-213-7193 aahperd.org Program for the handicapped. American Occupational Therapy Assn. Pob 1725 1383 Piccard Dr. Rockville, Md 20850 301-948-9626 aota.org American Society of Handicapped Physicians 105 Morris Dr. Bastrop, La 71220 318-281-4436 Support group for people with disabilities who work in the medical industry. American Health Care Assn. 1201 L St Nw Washington, Dc 20005


202-842-4444 Fax: 202-842-3860 800-555-9414 ahca.org Materials about long term, assisted living and nursing home health care. Federation of state associations of licensed nursing homes. Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board 1331 F St. Nw #1000 Washington, Dc 20004 800-Usa-Able Information about remodelling a public building. Assisted, Elderly & Handicapped Program Hud 451 7th St. Sw #6116 Washington, Dc 20410 hud.gov Home improvement loans.


Assn. of Educational Therapists 1804 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank, Ca 91506 818-843-1183 aetla@aol.com Assn. for Retarded Citizens 500 E. Border #300 Arlington, Tx 76010 800-433-5255 817-277-0553 Information and help. Assn. On Higher Education and Disability Pob 21192 Columbus, Oh 43221 614-488-4972 Fax: 614-488-1174 ahead.org Assn. for Persons With Severe Handicaps 11201 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle, Wa 98133 206-361-8870


Referrals and resources. Assn. for Persons in Supported Employment 5001 W. Broad St. #34 Richmond, Va 23230 804-282-3655 Helps handicapped people with employment. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America 1125 15th Street, N.W #502 Washington, DC 20005 (202) 466-7643 (800) 727-8462 aafa.org Autism Society of America 7910 Woodmont Avenue #300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3015 (301) 657-0881 (800) 328-8476 autism-societyorg


Barrier Free Environments Pob 30634 Raleigh, Nc 27622 919-782-7832 Publications and help with making buildings barrier free. Beach Center On Families and Disability U. of Kansas 3111 Haworth Hall Lawrence, Ks 66045 913-864-7600 Fax: 913-864-7605 ukans.edu Brain Injury Association 105 North Alfred Street Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 236-6000 (800) 444-6443 biausa.org Catholics United for Spiritual Action Cusa 176 W. 8th St.


Bayonne, Nj 07002 201-437-0412 Catholic support for handicapped people. Center for Special Education Technology 1920 Assn. Dr. Reston, Va 22091 800-873-8255 800-345-8324 Information on the latest gadgets for LD and hearing impaired children. Center for Rehabiltation Technology 800-726-9119 arch.gatech.edu/crt Clearinghouse. Center for Universal Design & Accessible Housing Information Nc State U. School of Design Box 8613 219 Oberlin Rd. Raleigh, Nc 27695-8613 800-647-6777


919-515-3023 cud@ncsu.edu ncsu.edu Info about adapting a house for a disability. Center for Independence of The Disabled Alexandria, Va 703-525-3406 Advocacy group. Center for Accessible Housing North Carolina State University Box 8613 Raleigh, Nc 27695 919-515-3082 ncsu.edu Works to make homes accessible to disabled people. Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 8181 Professional Place #201 Landover, MD 20785 (301) 306-7070


(800) 233-4050 national@chadd.org chadd.org Children's Craniofacial Association POB 280297 Dallas, TX 75243-4522 (972) 994-9902 (800) 535-3643 childrenscraniofacial.com Clearing House for Persons With Disabilities Umc Utah State University Logan, Ut 84322 801-750-1981 Clearinghouse On Disability Information U.S. Dept of Education Special Ed. & Rehab. Svcs. 400 Maryland Ave. Sw Washington, Dc 20202 202-205-8241 Fax: 202-205-9252


ed.gov Referrals and resources. Clearinghouse on Disability Information Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services 330 C St. SW Switzer Bldg, Room 3132 Washington, DC 20202 202-205-8241 ed.gov/offices/osers Closer Look/ Parents' Campaign for Handicapped Children & Youth 1201 16th St. Nw Washington, Dc 20036 202-822-7900 Closer Look is a support and resource tool for LD and other children and their parents to help them integrate better in the community and develop independent living skills. Coalition for Disabled Musicians


Pob 1002 Bay Shore, Ny 11706 516-586-0366 Coalition On Sexuality & Disability 122 E. 23rd St. Nyc 10010 212-242-3900 Fax: 516-737-5547 Sexual health care for disabled people. Compassion International 3955 Cragwood Dr. Colorado Springs, Co 80910 719-594-9900 Fax: 719-594-6271 800-336-7676 ci.org Helps children in the U.S. Compendium os Special Recreation for People with Disabilities, book listing 1500+ recreation organizations for people with disabilities.


Congress of Organizations for The Physically Handicapped 16630 Beverly Tinley Pk., Il 60477-1904 708-532-3566 Council On Quality and Leadership for People With Disabilities 100 West Rd. #406 Towson, Md 21204 410-583-0060 Fax: 410-583-0063 council@thecouncil.org thecouncil.org Dawn Disabled Women's Network 7785 Louis Hebert Montreal, Qu 82e 2y1 Canada 514-725-4123 Feminist support network for disabled women.


DB-LINK National Information Clearinghouse on Children Who Are Deaf-Blind 345 N. Monmouth Ave. Monmouth, OR 97361 (800) 438-9376 (voice) (800) 854-7013 (TTY) wou.edu/dblink Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Office of The Ada Pob 6618 Washington, Dc 20035 usdoj.gov Developmental Disabilities Bureau U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 202-690-5504 hhs.gov Devereux Foundation 800-345-1292 Residential centers for emotional disorders.


Direct Link for The Disabled Pob 1036 Solvang, Ca 93464 805-688-1603 Fax: 805-686-5285 Nonprofit referral network that answers any disability questions. Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund 2212 6th St. Berkeley, Ca 94710 510-644-2555 510-644-2626 Fax: 510-841-8645 800-466-4232, Tdd 800-949-4232 Disability Rights Center 1346 Connecticut Ave. Nw Washington, Dc 20036 202-223-3304 Disability Rights Advocates 510-451-8644


dra.legal.org Disabled American Veterans Pob 14301 Cincinnati, OH 45250 606-441-7300 dav.org Disabled Journalists of America 484 Hammond Dr. Griffin, Ga 30223 404-228-6491 Disabled Business Persons Assn. 9625 Black Mtn. Rd. #207 Sd, Ca 92126-4564 619-594-8805 Fax: 619-578-0637 Disabled Artists' Network Pob 20781 Nyc 10025 Support group for artists with disabilities.


Disabled and Alone 352 Park Ave. S. #703 Nyc 10010 800-995-0066 212-532-6740 Fax: 212-532-6740 easterseals.com They are dedicated to help all handicapped folk not just the younger ones. Exceptional Parent Magazine 800-247-8080 eparent.com Extensions for Independence 555 Saturn Blvd. #368 Sd, Ca 92154 619-423-7709 Family Resource Center On Disabilities 20 E. Jackson Rd. #900


Chicago, Il 60604 312-939-3513 800-952-4199 Family Network On Disabilities 800-825-5736 Federal Employment and Guidance Service 114 5th Ave. 11th Fl. Nyc 10011 212-266-8400 Fax: 212-366-8490 Federation of the Handicapped 211 W 14th St. NYC 10011 212-727-4200 Feingold Assn. of The United States Box 6550 Alexandria, Va 22306 800-321-Faus Information about the connection between food additives, diet and hyperactivity.


Flying Wheels Tour Operator 800-535-6790 flyingwheelstravel.com Foundation for Technology Access 2173 E. Francisco Blvd. #L San Rafael, Ca 94901 415-455-4575 Fax: 415-455-0654 atafta@aol.com Information about computers, telephones and other devices for disabled people. General Motors Mobility Program 800-323-9935 Tell you about handicap accessible vehicles. Goodwill Industries of America 9200 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, Md 20814-3896 301-530-6500 Offers jobs to disabled people at their thrift stores.


Grant A Wish Foundation Pob 21211 Baltimore, Md 21228 800-933-5470 410-242-1549 Fax: 410-242-8818 Handicap News 272 N. 11th Ct. Brighton, Co 80601 Support groups, etc. Handicapped Media, Inc. 800-321-8708 Handimail E-Mail 19 Pelham Rd. Weston, Ma 02193 617-647-1098 Free software for handicapped people. Hydrocephalus Association 870 Market Street #955 San Francisco, CA 94102


(415) 732-7040 hydroassoc.org Health Insurance Association of America 555 13th Street, NW #600E Washington, DC 20004 800-879-4422 202-824-1600 Fax: 202-824-1722 hiaa.org Health Resources & Services Administration Office of Public Affairs 5600 Fishers Ln. #1443 Rockville, Md 20857 301-443-2086 Ask for catalog of publications, then order the many on childrearing. Health Resource Center for Women With Disabilities 345 E. Superior St.


1st Fl. Chicago, Il 60611 Heath Resource Center 1 Dupont Cir. Washington, Dc 20036 800-54heath acenet.edu College education for handicapped people. Ibm National Support Center For Persons With Disabilities Pob 2150 Atlanta, Ga 30301-2150 800-426-2133 ibm.com Computer products. Independent Living Centers for The Disabled 2323 S. Shepherd #1000 Houston, Tx 77019 713-520-0232 713-520-5136, Tty


Info about independent living quarters in America. They have a Utilization Directory which contains the names of support groups (peer counselling) all over the country for about $10. Information Center for Individuals With Disabilities 20 Park Plaza #330 Boston, Ma 02116 617-727-5540 800-462-5015 Institute for The Crippled & Disabled 400 1st Ave. Nyc 10010 Institute for The Study of Developmental Disabilities 800-437-7924 International Rett Syndrome Association 9121 Piscataway Road


#2B Clinton, MD 20735-2561 (301) 856-3334 (800) 818-7388 rettsyndrome.org International Dyslexia Association Chester Building #382 8600 LaSalle Road Baltimore, MD 21286-2044 (410) 296-0232 (800) 222-3123 interdys.org International Center for The Disabled 212-679-0100 Intern Center for The Disabled 340 E. 24th St. Nyc 10010 212-679-0100 Fax: 212-889-2440 Job Accommodation Network President's Committee on Employment of


People with Disabilities Pob 6080 Morgantown, WV 26506 800-526-7234 800-526-2262 Canada. 800-dile-jan bulletin board. 304-293-7186 Fax: 304-293-5407 janweb.icdi.wvu.edu Offers information and counseling services to employers interested in learning how to hire, retain, or promote disabled persons, also offers rehabilitation or placement professionals, and persons with disabilities. Listings of employment attorneys and adaptive equipment is also available. Kids On The Block 9385 C. Gerwig Ln. Columbia, Md 21046 800-368-Kids Through a puppet program which they bring into classrooms, these people teach children not to fear handicapped people.


Kiwanis International 3636 Woodview Tr. Indianapolis, In 46268-3196 800-549-2647 317-875-8755 Fax: 317-879-0204 kiwanis.org Helping organization. Learning Disabilities Association of America 4156 Library Road Pittsburgh, PA 15234 (412) 341-1515 (412) 341-8077 (888) 300-6710 ldanatl.org Legal Center for People With Disabilities & Older People 455 Sherman St. #130 Denver, Co 80203-4403 303-722-0300 800-288-1376


thelegalcenter.org Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 600 Third Avenue New York, NY 10016 (212) 573-8484 (800) 955-4LSA leukemia-lymphoma.org Life Services for The Handicapped 352 Park Ave. S. #703 Nyc 10010 212-532-6740 Fax: 212-532-6740 Help for handicapped people particularly those with no family to help them. Through the Looking Glass (TLG) 2198 Sixth Street #100 Berkeley, CA 94710 (800) 644-2666 (510) 848-1112 TTY (800) 804-1616


lookingglass.org Services for families in which a child, parent or grandparent has a disability or medical issue. Mainstream Inc. 1030 15th St. Nw #1010 Washington, Dc 20005 202-833-1136 202-898-1400 They answer questions and provide prospective employers of handicapped persons with information pacs and they help handicapped people with job seeking skills. March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation 1275 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, Ny 10605 914-428-7100 modimes.org 800-346-2742 Information and resources related to disabilities.


Muscular Dystrophy Association 3300 E. Sunrise Drive Tucson, AZ 85718 (520) 529-2000 (800) 572-1717 mda@mdausa.org mdausa.org National Resource Center On Supportive Housing & Home Modification Usc 3715 Mcclintock Ave. La, Ca 90089-0191 213-740-1364 Fax: 213-740-7069 hmap@usc.edu usc.edu They sell a book Home Modification Resource Guide about adapting a house for a disabled person. National Respite Locator Service National Respite Resource Center 800 Eastowne Dr. #105


Chapel Hill, Nc 27514 800-473-1727 chtop.com/locator.htm Information for respite care users which is basically a temporary, short term nursing home. National Shut-In Society Pob 986, Village Sta. Nyc 10014-0986 212-222-7699 National Society for Crippled Children & Adults 2023 W. Ogden Ave. Chicago, Il 60612 National Wheelchair Athletic Assn. 40-24 62nd St. Woodside, Ny 11377 National Foundation for Jewish Genetic Diseases 250 Park Ave. #1000


Nyc 10017 212-371-1030 National Foundation of Dentistry for The Handicapped 1600 Stout St. #1420 Denver, Co 80202 303-298-9650 National Information Center for Children With Handicaps 7926 Jones Branch Dr. #1100 Mclean, Va 22102 800-999-5599 800-695-0285 703-893-6061 nichcy.org Educational, referral and support organization. National Institute of Child Health & Human Development Bldg. 31


#232 9000 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Md 20892 301-496-5133 nih.gov/nichd National Rehabilitation Assn. 633 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Va 22314 703-836-0850 Epilepsy Foundation 4351 Garden City Drive 5th Floor Landover, MD 20785-4941 (301) 459-3700 (800) 332-1000 efa.org National Paraplegia Foundation 400 E. 34th St. #812 Nyc 10016 National Organization On Disability 910 16th St. Nw


#600 Washington, Dc 20006 800-248-2253 202-293-5968 202-293-5968 Tdd 202-293-5960 Fax: 202-293-7999 ceocouncil@nod.org nod.org Information hotline. National Library Service for The Blind & Physically Handicapped 1291 Taylor St. Nw Washington, Dc 20542 202-707-5100 800-424-8567 800-424-8572 crrl.org/services/outreac They will send out braille books and books on tape free by postage free mail to handicapped people. National Spinal Cord Injury Hotline 2200 Kernan Dr.


Baltimore, MD 21207 410-448-6623 800-526-3456 scihotline.org National Spinal Cord Injury Association 8300 Colesville Road #551 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 588-6959 (800) 962-9629 spinalcord.org National Stuttering Association 5100 E. LaPalma Avenue #208 Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 (714) 693-7480 (800) 364-1677 nspstutter.org National Organization for Rare Disorders POB 8923 New Fairfield, CT 06812-8923 (203) 746-6518 (Voice)


(800) 999-6673 rarediseases.org National Fragile X Foundation 1441 York Street #303 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 333-6155 (800) 688-8765 nfxf.org National Multiple Sclerosis Society 733 Third Avenue New York, NY 10017 (212) 986-3240 (800) 344-4867 nmss.org National Association for Homecare NAHC 228 7th Street, SE Washington, DC 20003 202-547-7424 Fax: 202-547-3540 nahc.org Trade organization geared toward


professionals that represents more than 6,000 homecare agencies, hospices, and homecare aide organizations. National Assn. of Developmental Disabilities Councils 1234 Massachusetts Ave. Nw #103 Washington, Dc 20005 202-347-1234 Fax: 202-347-4023 National Assn. of Disability Evaluating Professionals Resource Center Pob 35407 Richmond, Va 23235-0407 804-378-8809 National Assn. of The Physically Handicapped 6a4 Bethesda Scarlett Oaks 440 Lafayette Ave. Cincinnati, Oh 45220-1000 517-799-3060


naph.net National Catholic Office for Persons With Disabilities Pob 29113 Washington, Dc 20017 202-529-2933 Workshops, retreats, etc. National Center for Access Unlimited 155 N. Wacker Dr. #315 Chicago, Il 60606 312-368-0380 312-368-0179 Tdd Helps businesses provide barrier free buildings to handicapped people. National Center for Disability Studies 201 Iu Willets Rd. Albertson, Ny 11507-1599 516-747-5400 Fax: 516-747-5378 National Center for Youth With Disabilities Box 721


U. of Mn 420 Delaware St. Se Minneapolis, Mn 55455-0392 800-333-6293 612-626-2825 Fax: 612-626-2134 umn.edu National Council On Disability 1331 F St. Nw #850 Washington, Dc 20004 202-272-2004 ncd.gov Federal government agency that does research and offers literature to people. National Council On Independent Living 2539 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, Ca 94704 510-849-1243 National Council On Independent Living 2111 Wilson Blvd. #405


Arlington, Va 22201 703-525-3406 703-525-3407, Tdd Fax: 703-525-3409 National Easter Seal Society 230 W. Monroe St. #1800 Chicago, Il 60606 800-221-6827 312-726-6200 312-726-4258, Tty Fax: 312-726-1494 info@easter-seals.org easter-seals.org National Down Syndrome Society 666 Broadway 8th Floor New York, NY 10012-2317 (212) 460-9330 (800) 221-4602 ndss.org National Down Syndrome Congress 1370 Center Drive


#102 Atlanta, GA 30338 (770) 604-9599 (800) 232-6372 ndsccenter.org National Center for Learning Disabilities 381 Park Avenue South #1401 New York, NY 10016 (212) 545-7510 (888) 575-7373 ncld.org National Association of the Deaf 814 Thayer Avenue #250 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 587-1788 (301) 587-1789 (TTY) nad.org National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) 200 N. Glebe Road


#1015 Arlington, VA 22203-3754 (703) 524-7600 (703) 516-7991 (TTY) (800) 950-NAMI nami.org National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 418 C Street N.E. Washington, DC 20002 (202) 785-4585 (800) 666-6327 nofas.org National Federation of the Blind 1800 Johnson Street Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 659-9314 nlb.org National Mental Health Association 1021 Prince Street Alexandria, VA 22314-2971 (703) 684-7722


(800) 969-6642 (800) 433-5959 (TTY) nmha.org National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Clearinghouse 1 Communication Avenue Bethesda, MD 20892-3456 (800) 241-1044 (voice) (800) 241-1055 (TTY) nidcdinfo@nidcd.nih.gov nih.gov/nidcd National Reye's Syndrome Foundation POB 829 Bryan, OH 43506 (419) 636-2679 (800) 233-7393 nrsfc@reyessyndrome.org reyessyndrome.org National Ability Center Pob 682799 Park City, Ut 84068-2799 435-649-3991


nac@xmission.com utahrec.com/nac.html Place where they teach disabled people to ski and do other things. National Therapeutic Recreation Society 2775 S. Quincy St. #300 Arlington, Va 22206 703-820-4940 National Victims' Resource Center 800-627-6872 Nish Employment Service 2235 Cedar Ln. Vienna, Va 22182-5200 703-560-6800 Fax: 703-849-8916 North American Riding for The Handicapped Pob 33150 Denver, Co 80233 303-452-1212


Fax: 303-252-4610 800-369-7433 narha.org Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, Inc. 337 North Hill Road North Branford, CT 06471 (203) 315-2190 info@ocfoundation.org ocfoundation.org Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services U.S. Department of Education Washington, Dc 20202 ed.gov Office of Civil Rights U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Ave. Sw Washington, Dc 20202-4135 ed.gov Information about section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Act.


Paralyzed Veterans of America 801 18th St. NW Washington, DC 20006 202-872-1300 800-424-8200 pva.org Parental Education & Assistance for Kids 800-621-8386 Parents Helping Parents 3041 Olcott St. Santa Clara, Ca 95054-3222 408-727-5775 Fax: 408-727-0181 Parents' Educational Resource Center 1660 S. Amphlett Blvd. #200 San Mateo, Ca 94402-2508 415-655-2410 Fax: 415-655-2411 Pavilion Newsletter Advocacy for The Disabled


114 Floral St. Newton Highlands, Ma 02161 Paws With A Cause 1235 100th St. Se Byron Center, Mi 49315 800-253-Paws 616-698-0688 616-698c0688, Tdd Fax: 616-698-2788 Pediatric Parents Inc. 800-758-1123 Specialized toys for disabled or hospitalized children. People First Pob 7230 W. Hartford, Ct 06107 203-236-2215 Support group for people with cognitive disabilities. People First of Washington 800-758-1123


Advocacy for the disabled. President's Committee On Employment of People With Disabilities 1331 F St. Nw 3rd Floor Washington, Dc 20004-1107 800-526-7234. 202-376-6200 202-376-6200 202-376-6205, Tdd. info@pcepd.gov pcedp.gov Pride Foundation Promote Real Independence for The Disabled & Elderly Box 1293 391 Long Hill Rd. Groton, Ct 06340 860-445-8320 Fax: 860-445-1448 Projects for Special Children 20 W. Masonic View Ave.


Alexandria, Va 22301 703-549-2640 They distribute adapted toys and games to poor, handicapped children. Promote Real Independence for The Disabled and Elderly 800-332-9022, Ct only. Southwest American Indian Resources 800-765-7320 Special Advisor On The Handicapped Hud 451 7th St. Sw #19184 Washington, Dc 20410 hud.gov Rental assistance and housing programs. Special Clothes for Special Children Pob 4220 Alexandria, Va 22303 703-683-7343


Catalog of clothes handicapped children. Special Education Act Committee 800-222-7322 Special Education Software Center 800-327-5892 800-223-2711 800-423-1199 800-435-7639 Special Olympics 1350 New York Ave.Nw #500 Washington, Dc 20005 202-628-3630 specialolympics.org Special Recreation Inc. 362 Koser Ave. Iowa City, Ia 52246 319-337-7578 Catalog of special recreational devices and a quarterly recreational digest. Spina Bifida Association of America


4590 MacArthur Blvd. NW #250 Washington, DC 20007-4226 (202) 944-3285 (800) 621-3141 sbaa.org Symbral Foundation Financial Assistance 7826 Eastern Ave. Nw #18a Washington, Dc 20012 202-726-1444 Fax: 202-726-1448 Tash: The Association for Persons With Severe Handicaps 29 W. Susquehanna Ave. #210 Baltimore, Md 21204-5201 410-828-8274 410-828-1306, Tdd Fax: 410-828-6706 800-482-8274 tash.org


The Arc of The United States 1010 Wayne Avenue #650 Silver Spring, Md 20910 800-433-5255 301-565-3842 thearc.org The Kids On The Block Inc. 800-368-5437 Puppet programs for disability awareness. The ARC 500 E. Border Street #300 Arlington, TX 76010 (817) 261-6003 (voice) (817) 277-0553 (TTY) (800) 433-5255 thearc.org Tourette Syndrome Association 42-40 Bell Boulevard Bayside, NY 11361


(718) 224-2999 (800) 237-0717 tsa-usa.Org Toys for Special Children Inc. 385 Warburton Ave. Hastings On Hudson, Ny 10706 914-478-0960 Special toys for handicapped children. Will send you catalog and/ or video for a fee. U.S. Organization for Disabled Athletes 143 California Ave. Uniondale, Ny 11553-1131 800-25-Us-Oda 516-485-3701 Fax: 516-485-3707 U.S. Dept of Education Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation Svcs. Switzer Bldg. 330 C St. Sw #3132 Washington, Dc 20202-2524


800-922-9234 202-205-8241 Fax: 202-401-2608 ed.gov/offices/osers U.S. Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board 1111 18th St. Nw #501 Washington, Dc 20036 202-653-7834 Fee copies of Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, Accessibility Checklist. United Cerebral Palsy Association. Inc. 1660 L Street, NW #700 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 776-0406 (202) 973-7197 (TTY) (800) 872-5827 ucpa.org Very Special Arts Programs for The Disabled


Jfk Center for The Preforming Arts Washington, Dc 20566 800-933-8721 202-628-2800 Fax: 202-737-0725 202-737-0645, Tdd vsarts.org Washington Pave 800-642-8207, Wa only. Resources for parents of special children. World Institute On Disability 510 16th St. #100 Oakland, Ca 94612 510-763-4100 Fax: 510-763-4109


Chapter 5. Disability Topics Abuse of Disabled People austin-safeplace.org, provides education and a national resource library of information about sexual abuse, domestic violence and caregiver abuse to children and adults with disabilities in america.

Elder Abuse Info The four kinds of elder abuse are: Physical abuse. Psychological abuse. Financial abuse. Neglect.


You can generally get a vibe for what a caretaker is like by looking at them and making smalltalk for a minute. Does the caretaker look like she takes care of herself? Does the elder look taken care of or neglected? Does the elder seem more sad than usual? Does the elder have bruises, fractures or sores that can't be explained. Is the room dirty? Does the elder look pale, skinny and sickly? Is the elder timid like a beaten dog? Refer to your State Longterm Care Ombudsmen for more assistance. aimnet.com/~oaktree/elder


aoa.gov/abuse/default.htm, prevention and treatment resources. aoa.gov/eldfam/elder_rights/elder_abuse/eld er_abuse.asp hamilllaw.com/massachusetts_nursing_home_abus e.html apa.org/pi/aging/eldabuse.html, in search of solutions. calregistry.com/resources/eldabpag.htm cnpea.ca, elder abuse in canada. crime.about.com/od/elderabuse/help_for_vic tims_of_elder_abuse_and_neglect.htm culture.gov.on.ca/seniors/english/programs/e lderabuse/weaad.shtml cyberbeach.net/~seac/eldabuse.htm, elder abuse dhfs.wisconsin.gov/aging/elderabuse/ elder-abuse.com, elder abuse law center. elderabusecenter.org elder-abuse-information.com elderabuselaw.com elderweb.com endabuse.org gwjapan.com/ncea


haworthpressinc.com/store/product.asp?skj0 84, journal of elder abuse & neglect hcam.org/choosingahome/tabid/121/default. aspx nursinghomealert.com, nursing home abuse and neglect resource center. helpguide.org/mental/elder_abuse_physical_ emotional_sexual_neglect.htm in.gov/fssa/elderly/index.html, indiana. mincava.umn.edu/elderv.asp oaktrees.org/elder ojp.usdoj.gov/ovc/help/ea.htm, help for victims of elder abuse. urbanext.uiuc.edu/elderabuse, elder abuse and neglect National Center On Elder Abuse 1201 15th St. Nw #350 Washington, Dc 20005 202-898-2586 Fax: 202-289-6555 elderabusecenter.org Publications.


National Committee For The Prevention of Elder Abuse Institute On Aging Medical Center 119 Belmont St. Boston, Ma 01602 508-793-6166 Coalition of Advocates For Rights of Infirm Elderly 800-356-3606 Clearinghouse On Abuse & Neglect Of The Elderly College of Human Resources University of Delaware Newark, De 19716 302-831-3525 udel.edu Elder Abuse 80096abuse Elder Abuse Pamphlet 800-Ama-3211


Bathroom Location Look for regular, handicapped or genderneutral bathrooms. thebathroomdiaries.com, claims to list and evaluate 6000+ bathrooms in 100+ countries. toiletmap.gov.au, au public bathrooms; a public bathroom site created by the australian government. Disability Blogs/ Disability Stories The following blogs are mainly personal blogs written by people with disabilities. watchingthewaters.wordpress.com.


follows the lives of a family with several adopted children from haiti, many with special needs schizophrenia.com/sznews, schizophrenia daily news blog. carlyandchelsey.wordpress.com, disabled teens. servicedogs.livejournal.com, service dogs. thedisabilitydoctor.blogspot.com, questions and answers about disability issues from the perspective of a pastor with vision impairment treadmarkz.wordpress.com, paraplegics thekahrmannblog.blogspot.com lifegrowth1.blogspot.com william-loughborough.blogspot.com chavawilliglevy.com teriadams.blogspot.com fangworld.blogspot.com sarahlynn.blogspot.com thegimpparade.blogspot.com neighborhoodaccess.org theangrygimp.blogspot.com midlifeandtreachery.blogspot.com michaelberube.com


shermandorn.com caxton.stockton.edu/disability weblogg-ed.com thekahrmannblog.blogspot.com lifegrowth1.blogspot.com judi-lifeasahospicepatient.blogspot.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/judi_chamberlin william-loughborough.blogspot.com jfactivist.typepad.com gimpymumpy.com isolani.co.uk/blog, web accessibility (uk) arribails.blogspot.com, developmental disability system reform emerginghorizons.com/blog, accessible travel news blog.thesmithlife.com, multiple sclerosis. kiyoraka.blogspot.com brokenclay.org/journal/index.php windchimewalker.blogspot.com laurentsd.com/blog goldennotebook.blogspot.com rollingrains.com the19thfloor.net lisybabe.blogspot.com


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wiseyoung.wordpress.com, neuroscience

Disability Chat/ Disability Forums disabledworld.com/communication/community/ disabledonline.com/community/ ventrilo.com, voice over ip (voip) communications system available for windows os used by several disability chat rooms. community.disabled-world.com wapd.org/chat globaldialoguecenter.com theaudeo.com, disability chat. community.disabled-world.com gamesfortheblind.com/aig/chat.html, accessible chat. atutor.ca/achat, an open source access standards compliant web-based synchronous communication tool. acropolis.usu.edu/chat, student with


disabilities; you need to be registered for a course before you can use the chat room. easi.cc/cbox/chat.htm, chatterbox; an audio and text chat environment disability.uiuc.edu/tic, a web-based interface to the irc chat system. Disability Info Podcasts/ Disability Info Audio Recordings arthritiscentral.com/podcast assistivemedia.org, free audio recordings and podcasts of short-subject literary works from reputable mainstream periodicals and independent writers disability411.jinkle.com, audio workshops, interviews and information on disabilityrelated topics. easi.cc, equal access to software and information. hypermobility.20six.co.uk, chronic illness. jerrycahill.com/index.php?post_category=po dcasts, 18, cystic fibrosis podcasts.


Disability News disabilitynewsasia.com abilityinfo.com/ticker.html, international disability news ticker. dnis.org, disability news and information service or dnis. disabilityscoop.com disabilitynews.com, disability news service Dentistry For The Disabled/ Special Needs Dentistry Some disabled children and adults need to see a dentist who understands them and/ or they need a clinic with special access. Don't be afraid to take your grown adult disabled children to a pediatric dentist.


Visit the dental society website for the state in which you live. Request the specific accessibility that you need. Call the state Independent Living Center (ILC), ilusa.com/links/ilcenters.htm. specialchild.com/archives/ia-021.html ourkids.org/archives/dentistry_disabled.html riverbendds.org/dentdisa.html en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special_needs_dentist ry Academy of Dentistry for The Handicapped 211 E. Chicago Ave. Chicago, Il 60611 312-440-2660 National Foundation of Dentistry for The Handicapped 1800 Glenarm Pl. #500


Denver, Co 80202 800-298-9650 303-573-0264 303-298-9650 303-534-5360 Fax: 303-298-9649 Fax: 303-534-5290 National Oral Health Information Clearinghouse 1 Nohic Way Bethesda, Md 20892 301-403-7364 Fax: 301-907-8830 nidr.nih.gov Free information about dental issues like cleft palates, canker sores, etc. Grottoes of North America Dentistry for The Handicapped 34 N. 4th St. Columbus, Oh 43215 614-463-9193


Disabled & Pregnant Websites adopting.adoption.com/child/disabledpersons-can-adopt.html babycenter.com/getting-pregnant canparaplegic.org/en/health_&_prevention_ 33/items/18.html, common problems during pregnancy: canadian paraplegic association. disabledparents.net disabled-world.com en.allexperts.com/q/disability-law917/medical-consent-disabled-pregnant.htm, you cannot abort the pregnancy of a disabled person without their consent. Disabled Sports Info/ Disability Sports Info ncpad.org, national center on physical activity and disability olympic.usa.org/sports/a, disabled sports. dmoz.org/sports/disabled


accessibleitaly.com/disabilitysports.html apparelyzed.com/phpodp/odp.php?browse=/ sports/disabled/ ausport.gov.au/ais/disabilities/, athletes with disabilities at the australian institute of sport baads.org, bay area association of disabled sailors, 415-281-0212; jst.org.uk, jubilee sailing trust, +44 23 8044 9108 disabledsailing.org, +44 1329 317279, england hsascuba.com, handicapped scuba association, 949-498-4540; dsusa.org, disabled sports usa daaa.org, dwarf athletic assn. barrowsportscouncil.org.uk/subpagesdisabili ty/faq.htm blazesports.com britishsports.com/disabilitysports.htm chasa.org/sportsorgs.htm cornerstonehouse.org/recreation.html, integrated recreation and leisure for developmentally disabled adults dhamilton.net/goalball/sport_organizations, blind sports.


dir.webring.com/rw?d=cultures___communi ty/groups/disabled/recreation___sports/sport s direct.gov.uk/disabledpeople/leisureandrecre ation/sportsandhobbies/sportsandhobbiesarti cles disabilityview.co.uk/sports.shtml disabilityworld.org disabledsportseasternsierra.org dmoz.org/sports/disabled/ dsni.co.uk dsusa.org, disabled sports usa. edweb6.educ.msu.edu/kin866/menuorg.htm, disability sports organizations. edweb6.educ.msu.edu/kin866/tc.htm, disability sports. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/disabled_sports enu/link ias.com/odp/sports/disabled kidsinc.us kingston.gov.uk/browse/leisure/sports_clubs _and_development/disability_sports.htm londonsportsforum.org.uk/regional.html maine.gov/portal/accessibility.html


makoa.org/sports.htm, disability sports training and athletic competition makoa.org/sports.htm, disability sports training and athletic competition. mentalhealth.about.com/library/h/docs/bld04 720.htm, sports organizations for people with disabilities. ncaonline.org/rec-leisure/index.shtml, recreation & leisure. people with disabilities. ndsaonline.org news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/disabi lity_sport/default.stm nscd.org, national sports center for the disabled, denver, co. oandp.com/resources/organizations/, american academy of orthotists and prosthetists. paralympic.org paralympic.org/release/main_sections_m personal.myvine.com/~mcpla/board.htm, michigan disability sports alliance. spinlife.com, disabled sports equipment. spokesnmotion.com/program_links, adaptive sports equipment, mostly for skiing. sportsweb.us


sussexsport.org/main.asp?page=793, developing sport for all disabled people in england. swimming.about.com/od/adaptedswimming/ index.htm, swimmers with disabilities torontosledgehockey.com, hockey in toronto, open to physically disabled and normal kids. usa.usembassy.de/sports-disabled.htm usaba.org, united states association of blind athletes usadsf.org, deaf sports federation usoc.org/paralympics warmsprings.org/sports/links.htm, disabled sports. worldteamsports.org worldteamsports.org, people with disabilities. woundedwarriorproject.org wovd.com, world organization volleyball for the disabled Adaptive Sports Assn. Pob 1884, Durango, CO 81302 970-259-0374


asadurango.org American Athletic Assn. of The Deaf 10604 E. 95th St. Terr. Kansas City, Mo 64134 816-765-5520 American Blind Bowling Assn. 150 N. Bellaire Ave. Louisville, Ky 40206 502-896-8039 American Blind Skiing Foundation 610 S. William St. Mt. Prospect, Il 60056 312-253-4292 Blind Outdoor Leisure Development 533 E. Main St. Aspen, Co 81611 303-925-2086 Helps establish local chapters to help blind people participate in outdoor activities. Disabled Sports Usa


451 Hungerford Dr. #100 Rockville, Md 20850 301-393-7505 dsusa.org Indoor Sports Club 1145 Highland St. Napoleon, Oh 43545 419-592-5767 A social and rehabilitative club for the disabled. National Handicapped Sports & Recreation Assn. 1145 19th St. Nw #717 Washington, Dc 20036 301-652-7505 Fax: 301-217-0968 National Assn. of Sports For Cerebral Palsy 66 E. 34th St. Nyc 10016 212-481-6359


National Handicapped Sports 4405 East-West Hwy. #603 Bethesda, Md 20814 301-652-7505 Sports programs. National Sports Center For The Disabled Pob 36 Winter Park, Co 80482 303-726-5514 Fax: 303-726-4112 nscd.org National Wheelchair Athletic Assn. 2107 Templeton Gap Rd. Colorado Springs, Co 80907 719-632-0698 National Wheelchair Softball Assn. Box 737 Sioux Falls, Sd 57101 605-334-0000


Ski For Light 1455 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, Mn 55408 612-827-3232 Activities for handicapped and nonhandicapped people. Special Recreation 362 Koser Ave. Iowa City, Ia 52240 319-337-7578 Recreation for handicapped people. Special Olympics 1325 G St. N.W. #500 Washington, DC 20005 202-628-3630 specialolympics.org U.S. Amputeee Athletic Assn. Rt. 2, County Line Rd. Fairview, Tn 37062 615-670-5453


U.S. Assn. of Blind Athletes 55 W. California Ave. Beach Haven Pk., Nj 08008 609-492-1017 Wheelchair Sports Usa 3595 E. Ftn. Blvd. #L-1 Colorado Springs, Co 80910 719-574-1150 Fax: 719-574-9840 Disabled Pet Websites There is knowledge and help for disabled pets out there. ahappypets.com/pet_info/living_disabled_ca t/cat_amputees_blind_hypoplasia.htm bestfriends.org/theanimals/pdfs/allpets/disab ledpet.pdf deafdogs.org, the betterment of life of deaf


dogs. disabledanimalsclub.co.uk disabledpets.esmartweb.com disabledpetsday.com doggon.com doolittlespetproducts.com, doolittles disabled pet friendly products. eddieswheels.com, wheelchairs for handicapped pets. handicappedpets.biz handicappedpets.com intadogs.com/links/disabledpetresources.htm l k9carts.com, k-9 carts, wheelchairs for pets. petsafetybelts.com petswithdisabilities.org petwork.com/pet-health-care/disabledsenior-pet-aids ready.gov, pet items. specialneedspets.org vespafortworth.com, dog wheelchair walkaboutharnesses.com Disabled Parents/ Parents With Challenges


Anybody is free to have children, regardless of whether theyre physically or mentally disabled. Some physically disabled women have a hard time with pregnancy. Parent to Parent is a group of parents that help disabled parents. They have chapters in almost every state. disabledparents.net disabledparentsnetwork.org.uk putzworld.blogspot.com, a deaf mom adopt.org/assembled/disabled_parents.html adopting.adoption.com/child/disabledpersons-can-adopt.html, disabled persons can adopt. amazon.com/disabled-parents-dispellingnational-childbirth/dp/1857752570, book called disabled parents: dispelling the myths by michele wates. channel4.com/health/microsites/f/family/par enting/disabled.html


direct.gov.uk/en/disabledpeople/disabledpar ents, information and advice for disabled parents. disabledparentconnection.org, they help the children of disabled parents. disabledparents.net disabledparentsnetwork.org.uk dppi.org.uk, disability, pregnancy & parenthood international. facebook.com/group.php, disabled parents network. familyandparenting.org/disabledparents/ independent.co.uk/life-style/health-andwellbeing/features/mothers-little-helper-togrow-up-caring-for-a-disabled-parent-canbe- a-joy-761595.html jrf.org.uk/knowledge/findings/socialcare/n3 4.asp, supporting disabled adults as parents. lookingglass.org, 800 644 2666 lydc.org, parents supporting parents of children with disabilities. myspace.com, type in disabled parents. myspace.com/disabled_parent ncsl.org/statefed/welfare/parent.pdf ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/trisha


ndjohn/disabilitycool partoparvt.org, parent to parent of vermont. spannj.org, statewide parent advocacy network of new jersey. trfn.clpgh.org/star Disabled, Elderly & Senior Local Transportation There is a federal government law that makes public transportation accessible by law to disabled and elderly people but in practice, the country is not there yet. Try your state, city and county department of transportation. Also call your local bus/ train/ subway company. If you drive a car, get a disabled parking sticker for your area. Some city governments and charities have vehicles with drivers (either paid or


volunteer) who take calls from partially disabled seniors, fully disabled people in wheelchairs and able-bodied seniors then pick them up and drive them to and from their destinations. Even if theyre healthy, its still either tough or expensive for a senior to get groceries or go to a doctor that may be several miles and several bus transfers from where they live. Type senior transportation service or disabled transportation + (your city or county), state into search engines. Try local and state senior assistance and disability offices. Some charities, churches and senior centers have volunteers that will provide transportation to disabled people and seniors for necessary trips such as doctors appointments. The following websites are ideas for


disabled and senior local transportation. Eldercare Locator 800-677-1116 eldercare.com Try these formulas: American Public Transit Assn. apta.com/links/state_local/**.cfm apta.com/links/state_local/al.cfm apta.com/links/state_local/ca.cfm seniorcitizensguide.com/*****/listings/trans portation.htm seniorcitizensguide.com/alabama/listings/tra nsportation.htm seniorcitizensguide.com/connecticut/listings /transportation.htm Try the biggest major charities: redcross.org salvationarmy.org unitedway.org


projectaction.org, accessible community transportation in our nation ncat.oregonstate.edu, national center for accessible transportation, addresses the need for research and development for improving access to public transportation for all. nichcy.org/pubs/transum/ts9txt.htm, training people with disabilities to use public transportation safely and independently. aarp.org/research/housingmobility/transportation adapeople.com/transportation.html agingconcepts.com/transportation.htm aoa.gov, the u.s. administration on aging (aoa). aoa.gov/prof/transportation/research/aaa.asp beverlyfoundation.org/senior_transportation _resource_store ctaa.org/ntrc/senior, senior transportation a vibrant community. dot.gov, federal department of transportation. dot.state.fl.us


dot.state.ga.us dot.state.tx.us/services/public_transportation /elderly.htm, elderly & disabled transportation in texas. dot.state.wi.us/siteindex, wisconsin. emtatransit.com/seniorshared/ esm.org/transport, transportation, local senior vans. gomcta.com/seniors.htm, pocono pony, senior transportation options, the shared ride senior program. morrisdot.org/spectrans/spectransdialaride.a sp, dial-a-ride, morris county division, municipally-sponsored local transportation for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. arcmon.org/seniortransport.html, the american red cross, serving muskegon, oceana and newaygo, the red cross senior transportation service. n4a.org ontimemedtrans.com, on time medtrans nonemergency medical transportation 800-3723372. publictransportation.org, american public


transportation association. rainbowcab.com/senior_shared.asp rideworks.com/transpor.htm, disabled commuters' handbook seniormag.com/services/transportation.htm seniors.org/resources.asp seniorsconnect.org seniorservices.org/vts/vts.htm, transportation at senior services. seniortransportation.easterseals.com seniortransportation.net, national center on senior transportation. seniortransportation.org suburbantransit.org/docs/scsrp.html, senior citizen shared ride program superpages.com/yellowpages, look up elderly & disabled transportation services in your area. unitedweride.gov, the coordinating council on access and mobility. Fresh Air Transportation 888-660-2233 National transport company, will drive disabled people around.


Mercy Medical Airlft 800-296-1217 National Transit Hotline 800-527-8279 Mason County Transportation Authority 790 E. Johns Prairie Road POB 1880 Shelton, WA 98584 360-426-9434 800-281-9434 masontransit.org Collaboration among school districts, local transit companies, disability, and other social service organizations helps those with disabilities as well as other community members travel to work and school. Disabled Senior Citizen/ Disabled & Elderly If youre elderly and disabled, there might


be some kind of property tax deferrment in your area. 5min.com/video/how-to-communicate-withthe-elderly--disabled-29160022 accessibilitypro.com, home safety tips accessible.org/accessible-web.xml aidpage.com, assistance, disabled senior citizen answers.google.com, free help for low income disabled senior. aspe.hhs.gov/daltcp/reports/diseldes.htm, the disabled elderly and their use of long-term care aspe.hhs.gov/daltcp/reports/pubfines.htm, publicly-financed home care for the disabled elderly assistguide.com associatedcontent.com/article/2340252/carin g_for_disabled_senior_citizens.html, caring for disabled senior citizens associatedcontent.com/article/2340326/carin g_for_disabled_senior_citizens.html, caring for disabled senior citizens: managing the mother-in-law issues.


associatedcontent.com/article/2356998/carin g_for_an_ill_or_disabled_senior.html, caring for an ill or disabled senior citizen associatedcontent.com/seniors babyboomercaretaker.com bedroomdecor.suite101.com/article.cfm/bathroom_er gonomics_for_elderly_or_disabled care.com, visit care.com to find local fulltime care gig providers and other caregivers in memphis, tn caringfortheaged.suite101.com caringhealthcaresc.com, senior citizens, disabled adults, special needs children. ceap.com/senior/handyworks.php citysearch.com, get details on senior & disabled in local areas. cruiserider.com/cruise-styles/seniorcruises.html, senior citizen cruises disabled-world.com/artman/publish/elderlyhobbies.shtml disabledworld.com/artman/publish/senior.shtml dosomething.org/oldpeople ehow.com, how to take care of elderly


parents. eldercareteam.com, resource for senior caregivers, loaded with articles, resources, books and fellowship. elderlyhelp.info en.wikipedia.org/wiki/category:elderly_and_ disabled en.wikipedia.org/wiki/elderly en.wikipedia.org/wiki/old_age haaretz.com/hasen/spages/962028.html, it's better to be old and poor than old and disabled. hkcss.org.hk/rh/conference/42.htm, rehabilitation of disabled old people imagine.blogspot.com/2007/05/old-disabledand-left-behind.html, kenya imagine: old, disabled and left behind independentliving.org lacledegas.com/pdf/elderlyanddisabled.pdf lifelinesys.com, lifeline - the trusted medical alert service provider lifenews.com lifenews.com/bioethics.html, bioethics news from maidoncall.com/services_elderly_disabled.a


sp newsvine.com/elderly oc-elderly.org/programs.html, old colony elderly services sdslane.org/services.html, senior & disabled services seniorcitizensite.com seniorcitizensmagazine.com, senior citizens magazine. the premiere lifestyle, news and resource. seniorjournal.com seniorlaw.com, seniorlaw home page: elder law senioroutlook.com/glossary.asp seniors.lovetoknow.com seniorsmartliving.com seniors-site.com seniorsworldchronicle.com shopwynns.com/elderly.html, help sites for the disabled and elderly silverts.com, silverts squidoo.com/walk-in-bathtubs thriftyfun.com/tf22610866.tip.html, activities for the elderly and disabled unitedwayslc.org/needsassessment/elderlydi


sabledadults.pdf usc.edu/go/awd/rtc.html, aging with a disability webship.com/seniordisabled/reducedfareidca rd.asp yellowpages.com, senior & disabled services Disabled Women Websites/ Womens Disability Websites d.a.w.n. is an acronym that stands for differently abled winner's network. 4women.gov/wwd, women with disabilities, homepage. 4women.gov/wwd/index.htm, provides information on a wide variety of disabilities and social issues that affect women with disabilities 4women.gov/wwd/index.htm, women with disabilities.


bcm.edu/crowd/health_wellness/health_well ness.htm, l, health & wellness for women with disabilities (center for research on women with disabilities) wwda.org.au, Women With Disabilities Australia bcm.tmc.edu/crowd/crowd1.html, women with disabilities. disabledwomen.net kdawu.org, korean differently abled women united feminist.org/sports/disability_new.asp girlstalksports.com/special-reports/disabledsports girlshealth.gov/disability/disbody/sports.cfm bhawd.org, breast health access for women with disabilities gimpgirl.com, gimpgirl community groups.yahoo.com/group/dawn.ontario, women with disabilities beautyability.com, helping people with disabilities realize they can become beautiful, sexual and proud; no matter their ability. bcm.tmc.edu/crowd, center for research on


women with disabilities. bioethicsanddisability.org/disabledwomen.ht ml, disabled women's networks. dawn.thot.net, /bibliography_wwd.html, women and disabilities bibliography. dawncanada.net, dawn, disabled women's network. disabilityhistory.org/dwa, disabled women's alliance. The Disabled Women's Network of Canada (DAWN) 110 Ste. Therese Road #005 Montreal, QC H2Y 1E6 866-396-0074 dawncanada.net Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD) 3440 Richmond Avenue Suite B Houston, TX 77046 (800) 442-7683 (713) 961-3555 bcm.tmc.edu/crowd


crowd@bcm.tmc.edu Evacuation For a Disabled Person in an Emergency escapesafe.org, education, information and access to adapted evacuation products so that they may plan for, practice and safely evacuate children with health care needs or disabilities during any fire, emergency or natural disaster.

Invisible Disabilities Info Invisible disabilities are diseases, disorders and disabilities that aren't visible to most people and are misunderstood by society at large. Think of autism, lupus, arthritis, depression,


chronic fatigue syndrome, impotence, poor eyesight, poor hearing, chronic illness, epilepsy, mild multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, hepatitis, aids, diabetes or many genetic disorders as types of invisible disabilities. fidsbc.ca, federation of invisible disabilities invisibledisabilities.org, the invisible disabilities advocate - helping people. invisibledisabilitiescommunity.org, my invisible disabilities community - a social network. invisibledisabilities.com invisibledisabilitiescommunity.org invisibleillnessweek.com ada.osu.edu/resources/fastfacts/invisible_dis abilities.htm, ada: fast facts for faculty invisible disabilities allwomencount.net, all women count angelfire.com/hi5/hopeinwellness, hope in wellness bellaonline.com/site/specialneedschildren


books.apduk.org/ldbooks.htm, related invisible disability books bridges4kids.org/articles/2002/1102/nowak.html, "invisible disabilities" in the educational system childrenwithspecialneeds.com cscc.edu/disability/fastfacts/chapters/invisibl edisabil.htm, invisible disabilities disabilityadvocacy.suite101.com/article.cfm/invisible _illness_week disabled-world.com/artman/publish/whatare-disabilities.shtml disabledworld.com/disability/types/invisible, invisible disabilities information dolfrog.com, dolfrog's helpful (c)apd & invisible disability connections dolfrog4life.homestead.com/aa_index_zz.ht ml, living with an invisible disability ei-resource.org/columns/multiple-chemicalsensitivity/disability-accommodationsrequired-for-invisible-disabilities, disability accommodations required for invisible disabilities


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/invisible_disability eurekacamp.ca, welcome to eureka camp, an invisible challenges, invisible disabilities. experiencefestival.com/invisible_disability__examples facebook.com/pages/the-invisibledisabilities-advocate firstgiving.com/invisibledisabilities groundworkpress.com/_snap/invisible_disab ilities.pdf groups.yahoo.com/group/invisible-disability, invisible-disability hi2u.org, hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments hometown.aol.com/daddio5600, ehlersdanlos syndrome, philadelphia chapter idacan.com/index.html, invisible disabilities association of canada idastuff.com, the invisible disabilities advocates infolinks.apduk.org/relateddisabilities.htm, apd and related invisible disabilities invisibledisabilities.ning.com joi.org/bloglinks/invisibledisabilities.html, invisible disability' kids are being left out


joniandfriends.org/resources.php ldat.org, ldat is a not-for-profit, parent/professional membership organization. ldonline.org, ld online ldpride.net/idexplain.htm, invisible disabilities learningdisabilities.about.com/od/learningdi sabilitybasics/qt/invisible_disab.htm, invisible learning disabilities library.thinkquest.org/11799/data/invis.html, invisible disabilities lifeonwheels.org/business/invisdisett.biz.htm l, disability etiquette - invisible disabilitieis maturefitness.com/women-with-visibleinvisible-disabilities.html, mature fitness shoppe mdjunction.com/fibromyalgia/articles/fibro myalgia-the-invisible-disability meltingpot.fortunecity.com/nevada/1, we are not alone members3.boardhost.com/invdisabilities, ida's message board! myida.org, invisible disabilities advocate mysite.verizon.net/vze20h45/disability/id_fa


q.html, invisible disabilities: faq and essay mysite.verizon.net/vze20h45/invisible_disab ility.html, the invisible disabilities page newhorizons.org/spneeds/inclusion/informat ion/nowak1.htm, invisible disabilities in the educational system nmpanda.org/invisible.htm, invisible disabilities notdoneliving.net notdoneliving.net/openletter/id notdoneliving.net/writing/invisibledisabilities-column/writing-about-invisibledisabilities ods.uno.edu/invisible.cfm oln.org/ilt/ada/fame/cw/f4_47_448.html, fame: invisible disabilities < adapting classroom instruction. onesickmother.typepad.com/my_weblog/200 9/05/invisible-disabilities-depression.html, invisible disabilities: depression our-kids.org, our-kids website, support for parents and caregivers of children php.com, parents helping parents quackwatch.com/03healthpromotion/fibrom yalgia/fms03.html, fibromyalgia: an


"invisible" disability ragged-edge-mag.com/0301/0301ft1.htm, a hard look at invisible disability raggededgemagazine.com sharelawyers.com/blog/invisible-disabilities, david share associates: invisible disabilities archives shore.net/~dmoisan/invisible_disability.html specialchildren.about.com/od/gettingadiagno sis/p/whatare.htm, what are special needs? children's disabilities and the special barriers to those with invisible disabilities squidoo.com/invisible-disabilities tcpalm.com/news/2008/feb/17/invisibledisabilities-come-in-many-forms, allan appel: invisible disabilities come in many forms. temple.edu/disability/invisible.doc ucclermont.edu/documents_cms/dso/dis_inv isibledisabilities.ppt w3.org/tr/xhtml1/dtd/xhtml1transitional.dtd, the specific invisible disabilities. washington.edu/doit/brochures/academics/in visible.html, invisible disabilities and


postsecondary education washington.edu/doit/brochures/pdf/invisible. pdf wellwomanblog.com/50226711/invisible_di sabilities_fibromyalgia.php Mormon Disabled/ LDS Disabled ldsability.org, lds disability resources, mormon ldsmediatalk.com Orthotics & Prosthetics Info Prosthetics is the art of designing artificial limbs for people one by one. A guy I saw on TV, Robert Barron, makes real life prosthetic facial features to replace what they have lost like an eye, nose, ear, etc.


prosthesis.com, custom prosthetic designs monash.edu.au/rehabtech/pub/techgui.htm, orthotic technical guide. waterproof-prosthesis.com, a waterproof cast, bandage and prosthesis protector available in a range of sizes to fit the arm or leg. recal.org.uk. recal bibliographic database, national centre for training and education in prosthetics and orthotics, glasgow, scotland. customprosthetic.com/links.html artificial-organs.com oandp.com pele.repoc.nwu.edu/repoc.html altru.org/rehabcenter/ ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/16054.html americanlimbchicago.com artificial-organs.com devicelink.com/ dorsetortho.co.uk/index.php mhmoandp.com pele.repoc.nwu.edu/repoc.html prostheticconcepts.ca, canada. prosthetics.iliaxtida-studios.com


research.va.gov/news/features/prosthetics.cf m soundlimbs.com, lewiston, me. sowegaahec.org American Board for The Certification of Orthotics & Prosthetics 717 Pendleton St. Alexandria, Va 22314 American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association 1650 King St. #500 Alexandria, Va 22314-1885 703-836-7116 theaopa.org Physical Fitness for Disabled People Go to #611 to #613 at the library. hhs.gov/od/physicalfitness.html, office on


disability - physical fitness and health ncpad.org, the national center on physical activity and disability. Religion & Disability Info faithability.org, an effort to encourage awareness and discussion around religion, disability and spirituality issues. aamrreligion.org, the american association on intellectual and developmental disabilities, religion and spirituality division. adnetonline.org, the anabaptist disabilities network, inc. alban.org, the alban institute; resources and services to congregations and their leaders. blhs.org/congregations/ncrc, national christian resource center; an extension of the bethesda lutheran homes and services; it provides educational resources worldwide to people with mental retardation ccpd.org, christian council for people with


disabilities. cjsn.org, council for jews with special needs, inc. communityconnections.umd.edu, interfaith project at the university of maryland covchurch.org/formation/departmentalministries/disability-ministries, the evangelical covenant church: disability ministries. crcna.org/pages/disability.cfm, christian reformed church disability concerns. disabilities.lds.org/disabilities/eng, disability resources from the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. disability99.org, the episcopal disability network. faithinrecovery.com, faith in recovery; assist individuals and families to develop mental health ministries in faith communities of all religious traditions. faithnetnami.org, an interfaith outreach to educate clergy and congregations concerning people with serious mental illness. friendship.org, friendship ministries for


people with intellectual disabilities gbgm-umc.org/disc, disability concerns of the united methodist church. gbgm-umc.org/disc/sosbook.stm, signs of solidarity; the united methodist church's national committee on ministries with deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, and deafblind people hopetohealing.com, people with mental illness and how they faced these challenges through courage and hope. interfaithdisability.org, interfaith disability connection. joniandfriends.org, christian ministry in the disability community mentalhealthministries.net morethanjustramps1.homestead.com, an inclusive understanding of people with disabilities in the church nafim.org, national apostolate for inclusion ministry; mental retardation in the catholic church. ncpd.org, national catholic partnership on disability. njcd.org, national jewish council for


disabilities optasiaministry.org, online christian ministry resources for persons with visual and other disabilities who can benefit from text in alternative format. pathways2promise.org, a caring ministry with people with mental illness and their families. pcusa.org/phewa/pdc.htm, presbyterians for disability concerns. rejoicingspirits.org, rejoicing spirits religionanddisability.org, the center for religion and disability. restministries.org, serves people who live with chronic illness or pain. rrf.org/noteworthy/accessible.html, accessible faith, publications from retirement research foundation; accessible faith: a technical guide for accessibility in houses of worship. stopstigma.samhsa.gov/topics_materials/fait h.htm, faith and spirituality web page. uccdisabilitiesministries.org, the united church of christ disabilities ministries. urj.org,


urj.org/inside/october_2007/jews_with_disa bilities, the union for reform judaism; promotes the inclusion of children and adults with all types of disabilities into all aspects of congregational life. vaumc.org/gm/micom.htm, virginia interfaith committee on mental illness ministries. Senior Car Driver/ Disabled Driver If you or a senior you know doesnt seem safe driving a car anymore, its a rough thing to sacrifice your transportation independence but you have to do the right thing for safety sake. Ask them to take a senior driving course and test. Tell the doctor to talk to him about it. Tell him to do it gradually. Just drive in the afternoon before traffic.


Some warning signs of a possible decline in driving skills include: close calls, collisions or driving violations braking harder than normal for stops lights and stop signs running over curbs difficulty seeing things on the road. difficulty maintaining the car in the center of the lane failure to use turn signals or mirrors. Talk about the signs of possible decline that concern you. Make suggestions such as encouraging the loved one to avoid driving at night, during rush hour or when weather makes the roads slick. Recommend a medical and/or eye exam. To find information on other transportation for the elderly that is available in your area, one of the best places to start is your local area agency on aging, aoa.gov.


Many telephone books have a section in the front that lists the names of various service organizations. The national transit hotline provides the names of local transportation providers who receive federal funds to provide service to the elderly and people with disabilities. Their toll free number is 1-800-527-8279. Under certain instances, medicaid will cover transportation. This coverage varies from state to state. For specific coverage guidelines, contact your state's department of human services. If you take these defensive driving courses, you will probably get a discount on your vehicle insurance. helpguide.org/elder/senior_citizen_driving.h tm seniordrivers.org mto.gov.on.ca/english/dandv/driver/senior/s enior.htm, senior driver education.


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riving.htm, senior driving usroads.com/journals/rej/9708/re970804.htm , vision and driving performance in older drivers drdriving.org/elderly, elderly drivers adamobility.com, the adaptive driving alliance (ada) is a group of vehicle modification dealers who provide van conversions, hand controls, wheelchairlifts, scooter lifts, tie downs, etc. driver-ed.org, association for driver rehabilitation specialists, disabilities and driving fact sheets, search their data base for certified instructors in your area. nmeda.org, national mobility equipment dealers association, a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment dealers and other professionals dedicated to broadening theopportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment. Aarp 55 Alive


Mature Driving Course 601 E St. Nw Washington, Dc 20049 888-227-7669 888-aarpnow aarp.org/55alive Eight hour course, offered nationwide, some free booklets. American Automobile Assn. 1000 Aaa Dr. Heathrow, Fl 32746 407-444-4240 Fax: 407-444-4247 800-aaahelp 800-305-safe aaa.com Class called Safe Driving for Mature Operators. Aaa Foundation For Traffic Safety 1440 New York Ave. Nw #201 Washington, Dc 20005 202-638-5944


Fax: 202-638-5943 aaafts.org Some publications. Assn. of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists Pob 49 Edgerton, Wi 53534 608-884-8833 Fax: 608-884-4851 webmaster@driver-ed.org driver-ed.org Driver Evaluation & Training Program For Individuals With Disabilities 1 Verney Dr. Greenfield, Nh 03047 603-547-3311 cmf.org National Safety Council Mature Driving Program 800-621-7615 nsc.org/traintop.htm


Special Needs Adoptions Adopt a physically or mentally challenged child. adopting.com/special.html storknet.com/cubbies/adoption/apdevelopmental.htm, adopting children with developmental disabilities. erols.com/berke/deafchildren.html, deaf adoption news. nacac.org, 800-470-6665. pctadopt.org, 888-448-8277, adoption services and support for children of color. rainbowkids.com comeunity.com special-needs.adoption.com spsna.org, single parent special needs adoption special-needs.adoptionblogs.com capbook.org spaulding.org, special needs adoption.


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/children_awaiting_pa rents Adopt A Special Child - America 2201 Broadway #702 Oakland, Ca 94612 510-451-1748 Fax: 510-451-2023 Special children with special needs. Aid To Adoption of Special Kids 657 Mission St. #601 San Francisco, Ca 94105 800-232-2751 To adopt handicapped child. American Assn. On Mental Retardation 1719 Kalorama Rd. Nw Washington, Dc 20009 800-424-3688 202-387-2193 Fax: 202-387-2193 aamr.org


National Adoption Center 1500 Walnut #701 Philadelphia, Pa 19102 800-To-Adopt 215-735-9988 Fax: 215-735-9410 adopt.org Special needs children. North American Council On Adoptable Children 970 Raymond Ave. #106 St. Paul, Mn 55114 612-644-3036 Fax: 612-644-9848 800-372-3300 800-470-6665 nacac.org National Assn. Or Families & Addiction Research & Education 800-638-2229


Booklet Guidelines for Adopting DrugExposed Infants and Children. National Resource Center For Special Needs Adoption 16250 Northland Dr. #120 Southfield, Mi 48075 810-443-7080 Fax: 810-443-7099 Information, referrals and moral support. National Down's Syndrome Adoption Exchange 56 Midchester Ave. White Plains, Ny 10606 914-428-1236 Spina Bifida Adoption Referral Program 1955 Florida Dr. Xenia, Oh 45385 513-372-2040


Tax Credit For People With A Disability There are tax credits and benefits to taxpayers with disabilities as well as to the parents of disabled children. irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=204070,00.ht ml The Homestead Tax Exemption enables those who own their home (and reside there), are elderly or permanently disabled, plus meet the income requirements, to receive a tax refund from your paid property taxes. Each state has different requirements.


Chapter 6. Specific Disabilites Info Amputation/ Limb Deficiency/ Amputee essortment.com/survive-losing-limb30267.html, how to survive losing a limb amputee-coalition.org, amputees resources militaryonesource.com, leg amputee, assist injured service members and their families. armdynamics.com, arm prosthetics. amputee-coalition.org kumc.edu/gec/support/limb.html, help sites and support groups for a variety of limb anomalies and disorders. amputeeonline.com/ancor.org, community options and resources. access.digex.net/~vandyke amputeecoalition.org, 888-267-5669 amputee-online.com neosoft.com/~ascot nwu.edu/repoc.html, prosthetics. portal.ca/~igregson/amputee waramps.ca


amputeecoalition.org amputee-online.com/ampscan/index.html, canadian amputee network amputee-online.com, amputation online magazine U.S. Amputeee Athletic Assn. Rt. 2, County Line Rd. Fairview, Tn 37062 615-670-5453 The National Amputation Foundation 38-40 Church St Malverne, NY 11565 516-887-3600 After 8408 W. Mcnab Rd. Tamarac, Fl 33321 305-721-1140 Amputee support group. American Amputee Foundation Pob 250218, Hillcrest Sta.


Little Rok, Ar 72225 501-666-9540 501-666-2523 Fax: 501-666-8367 Organization for amputees and their families; publishes AAF Newsletter and some booklets. Amputees in Motion (AIM) Pob 2703 Escondido, CA 92033 619-454-9300 Organization concerned with helping amputees reestablish active lives such as sports and recreation. Families and Amputees in Motion 10046 S. Western Ave. #201 Chicago, Il 60643 708-524-0600 In Step Englewood Hospital 375 Engle St.


Englewood, Nj 07631 201-886-0228 Leaps Lower Extremity Amputees Providing Support Pob 15961 Lenexa, Ks 66215 816-361-3206 Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation Pob 1200 Lomita, Ca 90717 818-509-3400 National Amputee Foundation 38 Church St. Malverne, Ny 11565 516-887-3600 Fax: 516-887-3667 718-767-0596 Pact Parents of Amputee Children Together Kessler Rehabiltation Institute


Pleasant Valley Way W. Orange, Nj 07052 800-48-0296 201-731-3600 Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita/ AMC Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita is a congenital disorder where some joints have a limited range of motion or joint contraction. The hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet could be affected such that the joints are stiff, difficult to move and sometimes cant be moved at all. In severe cases, virtually every joint, even the jaw and spine, are affected. When your mobility is limited, the muscles get weaker or cant get stronger because you cant exercise them. Although some cases of AMC may have a


genetic basis, most are believed to result from conditions in the uterus during pregnancy. Either muscles fail to develop properly or the fetus doesnt move much, the net result being underdevelopment and/ or atrophy. Some cases of AMC could be the result of an improperly developed body. Some could be caused by an illness in the mother during pregnancy or a genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy. AMC usually improves as a child grows. Sometimes surgery is done in an attempt to correct the problem but more often its just physical therapy and the use of orthopedic devices. amcsupport.org arm-bendefekte-amc.dk arthrogryposis.de arthrogryposis.ie avenuesforamc.com, a national support group.


cafepress.com/amcsupport cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk children.webmd.com/arthrogryposismultiplex-congenita cigna.com/healthinfo/nord211.html dermatlas.med.jhmi.edu drugs.com/dict/arthrogryposis_multiplex_co ngenita.html emedicine.com/ped/topic142.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/arthrogryposis en.wikipedia.org/wiki/arthrogryposis_multip lex_congenita ezdp.org/45.html familyvillage.wisc.edu/lib_arto.htm forabby.com ghc.org/kbase/topic.jhtml int-pediatrics.org medicinenet.com medterms.com merck.com/mmpe/sec19/ch288/ch288b.html muscle.ca ncbi.nlm.nih.gov nih.gov/niams/ orthoseek.com/articles/arthrogryposis.html rarediseases.org, 800-999-6673.


specialchild.com/archives/dz-036.html taag.org.au, the australian arthrogryposis group. tagonline.org.uk, the arthrogryposis group. wrongdiagnosis.com/sym/joint_symptoms.ht m National Support Group for Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Pob 5192 Sonora, CA 95379 209-928-3688 avenues@sonnet.com Deaf-Blind Info Deaf-blind people are people who are both deaf and blind, often born that way. Deafblindness can be caused by genetic disorders, by the mother contracting rubella (german measles) during pregnancy or by other illnessesor reactions to drugs.


Because our society is polarized to single disabilities, a deaf-blind child will often be put into either a blind program or deaf program, make gains that program while neglecting the other disability. There are very few deaf-blind organizations out there that deal with disabilities in an individual at the same time but there are improvements being made in this area. People who are born deaf-blind have had no direct experience of the hearing or sighted world so they have to be taught to communicate by making symbols on the hand with a finger (finger spelling). They have to learn to make the connection between the markings the teacher is making on their hand with their finger as symbolic of things in the world. Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller to do it. All deaf-blind children from birth must learn in this way if theyre to communicate with


others. They can also learn to use braille machines later. Deaf-blind people can also use a device called an optacon, which converts the image of a printed letter into a vibrating tactile form that can be felt with a finger. Many deaf-blind people rely on service dogs to help them in daily life. Ultrasonic mobility enhancement systems have been developed to help them live their lives. Deaf-blind people sometimes use a long cane and wear buttons describing their condition such that people will help them when theyre in difficulty like crossing the street. nationaldb.org, deaf-blindness resources. aadb.org, american association of the deafblind. deafblind.com ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=185, division of the oregon department of


education that provides a wide range of services for families and schools in support of deaf-blind children and youth braca.com, deaf-blind and rubella assn. chkc.org, helen keller center for the deafblind. tr.wosc.osshe.edu/dblink/index.htm image.dmu.ac.uk/deafblind tr.wou.edu/dblink/index.htm deafblindinfo.org tr.wou.edu/dblink, national information clearinghouse on children who are deafblind American Assn. for The Deaf-Blind 814 Thayer Ave. Silver Springs, Md 20910 800-735-2258 301-588-6545 tr.wosc.osshe.edu/dblink/aadb.htm tr.wou.edu/dblink/aadb Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths & Adults


111 Middle Neck Rd. Sands Pt., Ny 11050 516-944-8900 Provides information, education and rehabilitation. John Tracy Clinic 806 W. Adams Blvd. La, Ca 90007 213-748-5481 Lesson plans for parents of deaf-blind children. National Family Assn. For Deaf-Blind 111 Middle Neck Rd. Sands Pt., Ny 11050 800-255-0411 516-944-8637 Fax: 516-944-7302 National Information Clearinghouse On Children Who Are Deaf-Blind Teaching Research Northwestern Oregon State College


345 N. Monmouth Ave. Monmouth, OR 97361 800-438-9376 800-854-7013, Tty 503-838-8756 tr.wou.edu/dblink Utah State School Deaf-Blind 742 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, Ut 84404 801-399-9631 Xavier Society for The Blind 154 E. 23rd St. Nyc 10010 212-473-7800 800-637-9193 Magazines, Deaf-Blind News Summary and Deaf-Blind Weekly. Deaf-Blind by State Alaska


Alaska Duel Sensory Impairment Service Special Education Service Agency 3501 Denali Street #101 Anchorage, AK, 99503 (907) 334-1300 (907) 563-8284, TTY sesa@sesa.org sesa.org Arkansas Arkansas Project for Children with DeafBlindness 1401 W. Capitol #450 Little Rock, AR, 72201-2936 (501) 682-4222, V/TTY arksped.k12.ar.us California Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth & Adults 6160 Cornerstone Court, East San Diego, CA, 92121


(800) 432-7619, V/TTY (858) 623-2777 (858) 646-0784, TTY hknc.org Delaware Delaware Program for Deaf-blind Children 620 E. Chestnut Hill Road Newark, DE, 19713 (302) 454-2305 k12.de.us Georgia Georgia Sensory Assistance Project Georgia State University Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education, EPSE POB 3979 Atlanta, GA, 30302-3979 (800) 597-2356, V/TTY (404) 413-8316 education.gsu.edu/georgiadeafblindproj Idaho Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and


the Blind 1450 Main Street Gooding, ID, 83330 (208) 934-4457, V; TTY iesdb.org Idaho Idaho Project for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness University of Idaho Center on Disabilities and Human Development 322 E. Front Street #440 Boise, ID, 83702 (208) 364-4012 uidaho.edu idahocdhd.org Indiana Indiana Deafblind Services Project College of Education 502 Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN, 47809 (800) 622-3035


(812) 237-2827 indstate.edu indstate.edu/soe/blumberg/Deafblind.html Kansas Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 915 S.W. Harrison Street, 9th Floor North Topeka, KS, 66611 (785) 368-8034, V/TTY (800) 368-8046, V/TTY srs.ks.gov srskansas.org/rehab Kentucky University of Kentucky College of Education Department of Special Education Rehabilitation Counseling 229 Taylor Education Building Lexington, KY, 40506-0001 (859) 257-9489 ksb.kyschools.us


Louisiana Deaf Blind Project Division of Educational Improvement and Assistance Louisiana Department of Education POB 94064 Baton Rouge, LA, 70804-9064 (877) 453-2721, in LA (225) 342-0520 la.gov doe.state.la.us Minnesota Minnesota DeafBlind Project 3055 Old Highway 8 #302 St. Anthony, MN, 55418 (612) 638-1525, 1526, 1531 (800) 848-4905 (612) 706-0808, TTY mndb@skypoint.com dbproject.mn.org Nebraska


Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired 4600 Valley Road #100 Lincoln, NE, 68510 (402) 471-2891 ncbvi.ne.gov New Jersey New Jersey Association of the Deaf-Blind 24K World Fair Drive Summerset, NJ, 08873 (732) 805-1912, V/TTY njadb.org North Dakota North Dakota School for the Deaf 1401 College Drive North Devils Lake, ND, 58301 (701) 665-4401 (877) 630-6214 nd.gov/deafblind North Carolina Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association


of North Carolina 2435 Thomashire Court Charlotte, NC, 28262 (704) 549-5775 Oklahoma Oklahoma Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Project University of Oklahoma 820 Van Vleet Oval Norman, OK, 73072 (405) 325-0441 ou.edu/okdbp Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project 6340 Flank Drive #600 Harrisburg, PA, 17112-2764 (800) 360-7282, in PA only (717) 541-4960, ext. 3115 pattan.net South Carolina


South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind 355 Cedar Springs Road Spartanburg, SC, 29302-4699 (864) 585-7711 scsdb.org Utah Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind 742 Harrison Boulevard Ogden, UT, 84404 (801) 629-4700, V (801) 624-4701, TTY usdb.org Utah State Deafblind Project 742 Harrison Boulevard Ogden, UT, 84404 (801) 629-4732 (801) 629-4701, TTY usdb.org Virginia Together We Can: Virginia's Deaf-Blind


Project Partnership for People with Disabilities Virginia Commonwealth University 700 E. Franklin Street, 10th Floor POB 843020 Richmond, VA, 23284-3020 (804) 828-8252 twc-deafblind.state.va.us Washington Washington State Services for Children with Deaf-Blindness 800 Oakesdale Avenue, S.W. Renton, WA, 98057-5221 (425) 917-7827, V/TTY (800) 572-7000, in WA wsds@psesd.org wsdsonline.org Short People/ Midgets daaa.org, dwarf athletic assn. lp-access.com, products.


Wheelchair User Websites patientcenters.com/wheels/news/resources.ht ml, life on wheels. streetsie.com, online community for individuals who use a wheelchair.


Chapter 7. Spinal Cord Injury/ SCI Spinal Cord Injury/ Mobility Impairment The spinal cord along with the brain, makes up the central nervous system/ CNS. It is enclosed by a membrane called the meninges. A spinal cord injury is damage to the spine which is the column of small circular bones, vertebrae, one on top of the other, running up from the butt to the neck. The spinal cord itself is the column of nerve tissue that runs up and down this network of bones. These nerves transmit signals to and from the brain, they control just about everything the body does. The top seven bones in the spinal column which support the head are the cervical vertebrae.


The twelve below that are the thoracic vertebrae which are attached to the ribs. The five below that are the lumbar vertebrae which take most of the strain of lifting. The five fused vertebrae below that comprise the sacrum. The four fused vertebrae at the bottom are called the coccyx. There are a variety of spinal diseases like scoliosis and spina bifida but there are also spinal injuries, the most common types of which are as follows: Longitudinal compression, the vertebrae are crushed together in a jump or fall from a height of eight or more feet. Sharp, sudden bend of of the spinal cord sometimes called hinging which could happen as a result of getting checked in hockey, tackled in football, falling off a


horse or getting whiplash in a car accident where the impact causes the persons neck to snap back quickly breaking or straining it. Twisting of the spinal column which doesnt happen much except in automotive and industrial accidents. The vertebrae are surrounded by ligaments and nerve tissue which can all be damaged during an accident. Blood clots and swelling can also damage the spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries are caused by: Automobile accidents. Falls. Sports injuries. Diving injuries. Bicycle spills. Fighting, assaults. When anyone gets in an accident of any sort that could have injured the spinal cord, the recommended first-aid procedure is to not


move the afflicted person unless its absolutely necessary in an emergency. Keep him warm, try to immobilize him so he doesnt move because if somebody does indeed have an injured spine, moving could cause more damage and even paralysis. Let the EMTs take care of it when they come. The way to repair a broken back is the same way as they repair any broken bone. They try to immobilize the bone through either traction or surgical wiring then when the bone heals enough, you go for rehabilitation with physical and occupational therapists who try to help you recover fully or if youre paralyzed, to help you work with what muscle control you have left. In the worst case scenario, the spinal cord has been completely severed and there is paralysis below the vertebrae thats broken including the loss of bowel and bladder


control. Currently, theres no cure for paralysis but there is research being done to look for a way to reconnect the severed nerves of the spinal cord. With one experimental approach called functional electrical stimulation/ FES, they bypass the injured area and hook up electrodes to either side of it to and from the brain. Scientists are experimenting with regenerating spinal tissue to regrow after an injury. Stem cell research to regenerate the damaged tissue is also being researched. Where the spinal cord has not been completely severed but only damaged, there may be only temporary paralysis. As it heals, normal bodily finctions could come back.


Paralysis is the partial or complete loss of the ability to move one or more muscles at will in a controlled way, often accompanied by loss of feeling as well. In general, paraplegic is the term used to denote no use of the legs and part of the trunk often caused by a lower back injury. Quadraplegic is the term used to describe the loss of the use of both the arms and the legs as well as the trunk as with an injury in the neck area. Paralysis affecting one side of a body could be caused by a brain tumor, a stroke or cerebral palsy. Periodic paralysis is a rare genetic disorder characterized by brief periods of paralysis, lasting from a few minutes to a few days, recurring every few weeks.


As far as the present stage of medical technology goes, most cases of paralysis are permanent as when the spinal cord is severed but Ive seen the actor Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed in a horse riding accident, say that he believes the researchers will find a cure and he will walk in his lifetime. Many cases of paralysis are temporary, as in response to something pressing on a nerve stopping the transmission of signals back and forth through it. Paralysis could affect only one small muscle such as a muscle in the face or it could affect a major network of muscles as in severe spinal cord injury. Go to #617.564 or RD798-RD771 at the library for books on back pain. Go to #617.151-#617.482 for books about the spinal cord. Go to #362.430 or RC406 for books about paralysis.


Spine Websites/ Spinal Injury Websites spinalcord.org, national spinal cord injury association makoa.org/sci.htm, the spinal cord injury ring pva.org, paralyzed veterans myelitis.org, transverse myelitis spineuniverse.com aascin.org, american association of spinal cord injury nurses. paraplegic-online.com chrisreevehomepage.com paralysis.org aascipsw.org, american association of spinal cord injury psychologists and social workers. ahiruzone.com, the wheelchair zone. alt.med.cure-paralysis apacure.com, american paralysis association. apparelyzed.com, a very popular and useful sci community site. provides information on all aspects of spinal cord injury.


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surgery, total anesthesia or hospitalization. disaboom.com/spinal-cord-injury-sciinformation/a-spinal-cord-injury-affects-thewhole-family-learn-from-others-who-havebeen-there-and-done-that easterseals.org, 800-221-6827 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/anterior_horn_(spinal _cord) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/spinal_cord en.wikipedia.org/wiki/spinal_cord_horn en.wikipedia.org/wiki/spinal_cord_injury en.wikipedia.org/wiki/spinal_cord_untetheri ng eskimo.com/~dempt/dis.html, polio survivors. facingdisability.com cpaont.org/faq/spinal_cord_injury, frequently asked questions - about spinal cord injury floridaspinesurgery.com, south florida spine clinic; at the south florida spine clinic brainandspinalcord.org, provides resources on traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. fscip.org, 800-342-0330.


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quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support pushtowalknj.org, help improve the overall quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries (sci) through exercise based, recovery oriented training. pushtowalknj.org, pushtowalk. pva.org, 800-424-8200, paralyzed veterans. pva.org, paralyzed veterans of america. rarediseases.org rexdonald.com, the healthy gimp, disability & spinal cord injury information. rickhansen.org, canadian with spinal cord injury. rickhansen.org, rick hansen institute. rickhansen.ubc.ca, search for paralysis cure. rvlscore.org, rvl s.c.o.r.e. international.--a not-for profit organization that assists paralyzed individuals sci.rehabm.nab.edu scia.org.au, spinal cord injuries australia. sciboston.com, nscia, greater boston chapter. scicpg.org, consortium for spinal cord medicine.


scihotline.org, 800-526-3456. sci-illinois.org, national spinal cord injury association of illinois. sci-info-pages.com, spinal cord injury (sci) information. sci-info-pages.com, spinal cord injury resource site. sci-info-pages.com, the spinal cord information pages scipilot.com, assistive technology from perspective of spinal cord injured people. sci-recovery.org, spinal cord injury recovery center. sci-step.com, out-patient rehabilitation program for individuals with spinal cord injuries. scrc.umanitoba.ca sexner.com/spinalcordinjuries.php, chicago spinal cord injury attorney shakealeg.org, shake-a-leg. shakealegmiami.org, shake-a-leg-miami. shriners.org sims.net/~mmann/halo.html, spinal cord injury. spinalcareandwellness.com


spinalcord.org, 800-962-9629 spinalcord.org, national spinal cord injury association (official site). spinalcord.uab.edu spinalcord.uab.edu spinalcord.uab.edu, spinal cord injury information network. spinalcord.uab.edu, spinalcord injury information network. spinal-injury.net spinalinjury.net en.wikipedia.org/wiki/spinal_cord_injury spinalinjury.net, spinal cord injury resource center. spine.wustl.edu spine.wustl.edu/faq spine-research.org spine-surgery.com spineuniverse.com spineuniverse.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/anterior_median_fissu re_of_the_spinal_cord steadwardcentre.org, the steadward centre for personal & physical achievement. syringo.org, syringomyelia facts.


tbi-sci.org/scifyi, the spinal cord injury tetraplegicliving.com, tetraplegic living. living life in a wheelchair thequadlink.com, the quad link. thescizone.com, the sci zone.com, the spinal cord injury zone tju.edu/neuro, neuro-implants. trader.com/users/500/020/nscia, spinal cord. trauma.org uci.edu/paralysis unitedspinal.org/publications uthscsa.edu/traumasites.html wheelchairjunkie.com, evaluations of wheelchairs by the people who use them. wheelchair-user.info wired.com/news/news/story/6160.html, neurocontrol corp.'s freehand system can return limited use of a hand to quadriplegics. worldspine.org/spineresources/wss_spineres ources.cfm Spinal Organizations/ Spine Injury Organizations


National Spinal Cord Injury Association 54 Wentworth Avenue Londonderry, NH, 03053 (603) 479-0560 nhspinal.org Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois 1032 S. LaGrange Road LaGrange, IL, 60525 (877) 373-0301 (708) 352-6223 SCIInjury@aol.com sci-illinois.org American Paralysis Association Spinal Cord Injury Hotline 500 Morris Ave. Springfield, Nj 07081 800-225-0292 800-526-3456 973-379-2690 Fax: 973-912-9433 paralysis@aol.com apacure.org


Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Pob 1465 Highland Park, Il 60035 800-886-1762 708-432-5551 fmsa.org Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Aquatic Injury Safety Foundation 1546 Penobscot Bldg. Detroit, Mi 48226 313-963-1600 800-342-0330 Georgia Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission 2 Peachtree Street NW, 26.426 Atlanta, GA, 30303 (888) 233-5760 (404) 656-5960 dhr.state.ga.us bsitf.state.ga.us


National Coordinating Council On Spinal Cord Injury 800-424-8200 National Spinal Cord Injury Assn. 600 W. Cummings Pk. #2000 Woburn, Ma 01801 800-962-9629 617-441-8500 Fax: 617-441-3449 Fax: 301-588-9414 spinalcord.org National Spinal Cord Injury Association Resource Center 8701 Georgia Avenue #500 Silver Spring, Md 10910 800-962-9629 Help Line 301-588-6959 nscia2@aol.com spinalcord.org National Spinal Cord Injury Hotline


800-526-3456 Paralyzed Veterans of America 801 18th St. Nw Washington, Dc 20006 202-872-1300 Fax: 202-785-4452 800-424-8200 pva.org Spinal Cord Injury Hotline 800-526-3456 scihotline@aol.com scihotline.org Spinal Cord Injury Information Network 23815 Stuart Ranch Rd. Malibu, Ca 90265 800-338-5412 800-543-4116 sci.rehabm.uab.edu Sister Kenny Institute 800 E. 28th St. & Chicago Ave.


Minneapolis, Mn 55407 612-863-4457 Rehabilitation organization for stroke, spinal cord injury, amputation, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, etc. Spinal Cord Society 2410 Lakeview Dr. Fergus Falls, Mn 56537 800-328-8253 218-739-5252 Fax: 218-739-5262 Stifel Paralysis Research Foundation Pob 207 Short Hills, Nj 07078 201-467-5915 Spinal Treatment & Rehabilitation Centers spinecenter.com, california back specialists. kessler-rehab.com, kessler rehabilitation corporation.


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kmrrec.org, kessler research. members.aol.com/scsweb/private/scshome.h tm, spinal cord society. miamiproject.miami.edu, the miami project to cure paralysis. myelin.org, the myelin project research to find a way to repair myelin as soon as possible. paralysis.org, christophe reeve paralysis foundation. reeve.uci.edu/~reeve, reeve-irvine research center. restorative-therapies.com, restorative therapies. scrc.umanitoba.ca, spinal cord research centre. spinalcordworkshop.org, spinal cord workshop from the bedford stem cell research foundation. spinal-research.org thomasland.com, topics in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Spinal Cord Chat/ Spinal Cord Forums


carecure.rutgers.edu/spinewire/index.html, carecure for the spinal cord injury community. spinalcord.org/phpbb2/index.php, national spinal cord injury association. communityzero.com/quadcentral, quad central. cureparalysis.org/chat/index.html, cure paralysis chat forums. groups.yahoo.com/group/azscisupportgroup, arizona spinal cord injury support group. makoa.org/chat/index.html, disability chat links. members.aol.com/mmatth1228/disabled.htm , disabled channel on newnet irc. neuro-mgh.harvard.edu/forum communities.msn.com/disabilities compuserve.com/vlforums/default.asp, compuserve's disabilities forum. Spinal Publications


depts.washington.edu/rehab/sci/update.shtml , spinal cord injury update. newmobility.com, new mobility magazine. makoa.org/newhorizons, new horizons newsletter. paralinks.net/index.html, paralinks electronic magazine. ragged-edge-mag.com, electric edge. makoa.org/vent/assistcough.htm, assist cough in sci. northeastrehab.com/articles/dysreflexia.htm, autonomic dysreflexia. cureparalysis.org/faq/index.html, cure paralysis now's faq. depts.washington.edu/rehab/sci/forum_repor ts.html, spinal cord injury forum reports. depts.washington.edu/rehab/sci/pamphlets.ht ml, sci informational pamphlets ninds.nih.gov/health_and_medical/disorders/ sci.htm, spinal cord injury workshop spinalnetwork.net, spinal network: the total wheelchair resource book.


calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/sciman.html, sci manual for patients and families. calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/safety.html, home safety and modifications. calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/other.html, other complications of sci. calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/sexuality.html , sexuality in sci. calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/skin.html, skin management in sci. calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/support2.html, support groups, organizations, research centers, and resources in sci. calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/urinary.html, urinary tract management in sci. National Spinal Cord Injury Association Resource Center 8701 Georgia Avenue #500 Silver Spring, Md 10910 800-962-9629 Help Line 301-588-6959 nscia2@aol.com spinalcord.org


Lots of pamphlets.


Chapter 8. Rehab Therapies Rehabilitation Websites/ Rehab Websites ncddr.org, national institute on disability and rehabilitation research rehabnetwork.org/directors_contact.htm, listing of the u. s. state directors of vocational rehabilitation nationalrehab.org/website/divs/chapter.html, national rehabilitation association. nchrtm.okstate.edu/resources/a_to_z.html, national clearinghouse of rehabilitation training materials theramatrix.com, physical rehabilitation ptfirst.com, pt first rehabilitation; our goal is to use every method at our availability to aide in your recovery so you can get back on track with your life with the least amount of pain. remed.com, remed real-life rehabilitation; the mission of remed is to provide


exceptional neurologic rehabilitation services to enhance community reintegration, economic independence and the development of a productive and fulfilling lifestyle. upmc.com/services/centersforrehabservices, mission of centers for rehab services is to provide communities with premier rehabilitation programs in patient care, clinical research, education, teaching and community service. physiotherapyexercises.com naric.com naric.com/research/kb, naric knowledgebase, resources focusing on disability and rehabilitation naric.com/publicconsumer, public search, access resources for employment, advocacy, benefits and financial assistance, education, technology and more. naric.com/public/rehabwire, regular publication that highlights disability and rehabilitation research information.


apa.org/divisions/div22, rehabilitation psychology aapmr.org, american academy of physical medicine and rehabilitation Find a Rehab Center Rehabilitation Centres And Physiotherapy Centers Rehabilitation centres help restore some or all of the patient's physical, sensory and mental capabilities. Physiotherapy centres provide services to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability of the body following an injury. carf.org, commission on accreditation of rehabilitation facilities


dynamicchiros.com, bellevue based chiropractors provide care to the bellevue, redmond, kirkland and greater seattle areas. pressingontx.com, san antonio, tx projectwalk.org, provide an improved quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support pushtowalknj.org, help improve the overall quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries (sci) through exercise based, recovery oriented training. sci-step.com, out-patient rehabilitation program for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Physical Therapy/ Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Physical therapists are trained in schools an colleges approved by the American Medical Assn. Training takes anywhere from 2 to 4


years. They usually come in after a person is injured and has to relearn or rehabilitate the use of one or more bodyparts. It could be anything from helping someone with a broken leg to helping someone who has had a major stroke. The doctor usually recommends the treatment and the physical therapist will implement it. Treatment is usually a combination of exercise, water, heat, massage and electricity. They also know how to bandage people up as many are employed by sports teams as a kind of general doctor. A doctor who specializes in this field is called a Physiatrist. Books about physical therapy are at #615.82-85 and #617.1027, rehabilitation at #617.03 at the library. apta.org, american physical therapists association.


nraf-rehabnet.org, national rehabilitation awareness foundation. physiotherapyns.ca, nova scotia. dynamicsystemsrehab.com srsrehab.com biosonics.com ptjournal.org preferredtherapy.com, the preferred physical therapy network midwestpt.com/default.htm, midwest physical therapy; physical therapy clinic providing evaluation and treatment of: sports related injuries, pain related to pregnancy, neck and back injuries, hand injuries and trauma, carpal tunnel syndrome, work related injures, sprains, strains, fractures, joint replacement, tendoniti, osteoporosis, arthritis and incontinence. cirrie.buffalo.edu, center for international rehabilitation research. nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/rehabilitation.html usc.edu/projects/rehab sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist nismat.org/ptcor, physical therapy corner. uihealthcare.com/reports/rehabtherapies


uihealthcare.com/reports/rehabtherapies/030 804aquatictherapy.html ptcentral.com, physical therapy central. aptei.com/library, advanced physical therapy education institute. arsinfo.net/publications.html, arkansas rehabilitation services. adp.cahwnet.gov/lcb/lcbhome.shtml, licensing and certification of alcohol and drug counselors in california. ric.org, rehabilitation institute of chicago aapb.org, applied psychphysiology and biofeedback. aapmr.org, american academy of physical medicine and rehabilitation. acoem.com acrm.org, rehabilitation medicine. alexandertechnique.com amtamassage.org aota.org, occupational therapy assn. aqiatocmet.com, aquatic resources network. call24online.com/career.htm carf.org, rehabilitation accreditation. feldenkrais.com merion.com


naric.com, 800-346-2742, national rehabilitation information center. nationalrehab.org netspot.unisa.edu.au/pt nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/sportsinjuries.html partners.net, rehabilitation. physicaltherapistjobs.com pobox.com/~pt rehabjobs.com rehabtime.com rehabworld.com resna.org, rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology society of north america, info about modifying a home for disabled people. rehabintl.org, rehabilitation. rehabchicago.org rehabpub.com rfr.org, 781-862-6455, resources for rehabilitation. state.sd.us/dhs/drs, division of rehabilitative services. therapydirectory.com therapynet.org


tsjournal.com American Physical Therapy Assn. 1111 N. Fairfax St. Alexandria, Va 22314 800-999-2782 703-684-2782 Fax: 703-706-3396 Fax On Demand: 800-399-2782, #702, Pt programs, #704 PTA programs. apta.org Physical Therapy, monthly, some ads for jobs. There's a Financial Assistance Resource Guide for a fee. The free booklet A Future In Physical Therapy doesn't give the addresses of programs so you either have to buy the book Directory of Accredited Physical Therapy Education Programs or go to the website where it's free.


American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation #2500 1 Ibm Plaza Chicago, Il 60611 312-464-9700 Fax: 312-464-0227 info@aapmr.org aapmr.org Professional organization concerned with rehabilitation. Referrals of specialists in your local area. American Alliance for Health & Physical Education 1900 Association Dr. Reston, Va 22091 703-476-3400 American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Nw Center #674 21 First St. Sw Rochester, Mn 55902


507-282-1776 American Massage Therapy Assn. 820 Davis St. #100 Evanston, Il 60201-4444 847-864-0123 Fax: 847-864-1178 amtamassage.org American Occupational Therapy Assn. 4720 Montgomery Ln. Pob 31220 Bethesda, Md 20824 800-Say-Aota 800-729-2682 800-377-8555, Tdd. 301-652-2682 Fax: 301-652-7711 aota.org Professional organization of therapists who help people rehabilitate back into regular life. American Physical Therapy Assn.


111 N. Fairfax St. Alexandria, Va 22314 703-684-2782 apta.org Professional organization. Brochures and listings of facilities available. American Rehabilitation Assn. 1350 I St. Nw #670 Washington, Dc 20005 703-716-4039 800-368-3513 Medical Rehab Report; Advocate for Vocational Rehabilitation. American Rehabilitation Counselling Assn. 5999 Stevenson Ave. Alexandria, Va 22304 703-823-9800 Fax: 703-823-0252 American Society of Hand Therapists 401 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Il 60611


312-321-6866 asht.org American Therapeutic Recreation Assn. Pob 15215 Hattiesburg, Ms 39404 800-553-0304 601-264-3413 Fax: 601-264-3337 Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 78 E. Adams Chicago, Il 60603 312-922-9371 Monthly, many ads. Clearing House for Disability Information U.S. Department of Education Special Education and Rehabilitation Switzer Bldg. #3132 Washington, Dc 20202 202-205-8241 ed.gov


Referrals and resources. Commission On Accreditation of Rehabiltation Facilities 4891 E. Grant Rd. Tucson, Az 85712 520-325-1044 Fax: 520-318-1129 carf.org Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy 800-200-3031 Homecare Magazine Team Rehab Report Miramar Comm. 23815 Stuart Ranch Rd. Malibu, Ca 90265 310-317-4522 homecaremag.com teamrehab.com Institute for Rehabilitation & Research Information Center


800-447-3422 Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation 800-648-0296 Medical Rehabilitation Education Foundation 800-Get-Rehab 800-438-7342 Merion Publishers, Inc. 2900 Horizon Dr. Pob 61556 King of Prussia, Pa 19406-0956 800-355-1088 800-355-5627 610-278-1400 otedit@merion.com advanceweb.com merion.com National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials 816 W. 6th St. Stillwater, Ok 74078


800-223-5219 National Institute for Rehabilitation Engineering Pob T Hewitt, Nj 07421 201-853-6585 Fax: 800-736-2216 nire@theoffice.net theoffice.net/nire National Institute On Disability & Rehabilitation Research 2111 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va 22201 800-Ada-4999 703-525-3268 Fax: 703-525-6835 Help companies make their buildings accessible to both handicapped employees and customers. National Rehabilitation Assn. 633 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Va 22314


703-836-0850 Fax: 703-836-0848 nationalrehab.org National Rehabilitation Counselling Assn. 8807 Sudley Rd. #102 Manassas, Va 20110-4719 703-361-2077 Fax: 703-361-2489 nrcaoffice@aol.com National Rehabilitation Information Center 8455 Colesville Rd. #935 Silver Spring, Md 20910 800-34-Naric 800-346-2742 800-227-0216, Tty 301-588-9284 naric.com National Strength and Conditioning Assn. Pob 38909 Cs, Co 80937


719-632-6722 Fax: 719-632-6367 colosoft.com/nsca Noah Publishing Co. 1315 W. Mallon Ave. Spokane, Wa 99201-2038 800-872-1282 Bimonthly Massage. Partners of The Americas Rehabilitation Education Program 1424 K St. Nw #700 Washington, Dc 20005 202-628-3300 Fax: 202-628-3306 Physical Therapy 800-955-7848 Information. Project On Women and Disabilities 1 Ashburton Pl. #1305


Boston, Ma 02108 800-322-2020 617-727-7440 Rehabilitation Engineering Assistive Technology Society of North America 1700 N. Moore St. #1540 Arlington, Va 22209-1903 703-524-6686 Fax: 703-524-6630 Rehabilitation International Rehabiltation for The Disabled 25 E. 21st St. Nyc 10010 212-420-1500 Fax: 212-505-0871 Through The Looking Glass 801 Peralta Ave. Berkeley, Ca 94707 510-525-8138


World Rehabilitation Fund 386 Park Ave. S. #500 Nyc 10016 212-725-7875 Fax: 212-725-8402 Recreation Therapy Info Recreational therapists help rehabilitate disabled and injured people by doing activities with them. recreationtherapy.com/ recreationtherapy.com/tx/actindex.htm, recreation activity and treatment ideas. ctractx.org, consortium for therapeutic recreation activities certification, inc. texas computrnet.com/computrnet hbs.gu.edu.au/lswp/home namt.com, music therapy. uwlax.edu/hper/rm-tm/train


American Therapeutic Recreation Assn. 1414 Prince St. #204 Alexandria, Va 22314-2853 atra-tr.org National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification 7 Elmwood Dr. Nyc 10956 914-356-9660 nctrc.org Certification Information. National Rehabilitation Assn. 633 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Va 22314 703-836-0850 nationalrehab.org National Therapeutic Recreation Society 22377 Belmont Ridge Rd. Ashburn, Va 20148-4501 703-858-0784 703-858-2151


Fax: 703-858-0794 nrpa.org nrpa.org/branches/ntrs Dance Therapy/ Dance Movement Therapy/ Choreotherapy Dance therapy is not just to enhance mobility and get some exercise. It has an emotional component to it. People express their psychological turmoil through it. Some people use it for depression. admt.org.uk, association for dance movement therapy uk. adta.org, american dance therapy association. answers.com/topic/dance-therapy artslynx.org/heal/dance.htm bomi.info/bodywork/d-f.htm creativemovements.co.uk/links/links.html dance.net dance.net/dancetherapy.html


dancecorner.com dancetherapy.cn, china europe dance therapy program. dancetherapy.com, international institute for dance therapy. dancetherapy.de dancetherapy.de, german professional association for dance therapists. dancetherapy.nl dancetherapydepression.org dancetherapyinstitute.org dance-to-health-help-your-special-needschild.com dancevoice dance movement therapy.. welcome to dance voice. dancevoice.org.uk danzaterapia.com dtaa.org dtaa.org.au, dance therapy association of australia. educationindance.org en.wikipedia.org/wiki/dance_therapy european-dance-movementtherapy.eu freewebs.com/pangabriel/dancetherapy.htm, holistic health south africa


hancockcenter.net, hancock center for dance/movement therapy. healthandhealingny.org/complement/dance_ history.asp idtia.org.au innerinsights.com/bellydance.htm jessesfoundation.com jessesfoundation.com kinections.com, dance/movement therapy. kundalini-dance.com, a contemporary form of ecstatic dance. lesley.edu/faculty/estrella/dance.html libaxp.hartford.edu/llr/music_guides/dance.h tm, allen library dance guide. ncata.com, national coalition of arts therapies associations. nccata.org/dance_therapy.htm nccata.org/dance_therapy.htm nysadta.org, new york. ridance.com shantispace.com/dance_therapy tokyocounseling.com/dance_therapy_tokyo. html usc.edu/dept/dance wesleydancetherapy.ca


westsidedancept.com Colleges that offer Dance Therapy programs are: Maygrove College, Detroit, Mi Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Tx Hahneman Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 1900 Assn. Dr. Reston, Va 22091 800-213-7193 aahperd.org American Dance Therapy Association 2000 Century Plaza #108 Columbia, MD 21044 410-997-4040 adta.org


Oversee a professional code of conduct and promote dance movement therapy. Heat Therapy/ Thermal Therapy Heat therapy also called hyperthermia, heat treatment, thermotherapy and thermal therapy is about exposing a part or all of the body to high temperatures to cause relief from sore, stiff and tight muscles and joints by inducing vasodilation. The heat draws blood into the affected area tissues and the blood vessels dilate causing more blood to flow there. Blood contains oxygen which helps heal the area. Taking a bath and sauna induces systemic vasodilation. It opens up the blood vessels near the surface of the body. Another type of heat therapy called thermal ablation therapy is what cancer doctors use to focus a heat laser on cancerous tumors to


destroy them while causing minimal damage to surrounding tissue. thermaltherapy.org, society for thermal medicine activeforever.com, heat pad. cancer.org, look up heat therapy. cardinal.com, heat packs. chimachine4u.com/fir.html cszmedical.com, heat therapy pads. easepain.com/heattherapy.html ehow.com, how to use heat therapy on sore shoulder muscles. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/contrast_bath_therapy , the warm water causes vasodilation of the blood flow in the limb or body. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/heat_therapy ezinearticles.com, far infrared heat therapy, the latest innovation in pain relief, blood circulation and healing. heattherapy.info herbalhugs.com, hot/cold thermal body packs. lhasaoms.com, heat therapy products.


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Bibliotherapy, reading literature, watching films Color Dance Drama Gardening Humor Light Music Pet Play Sound The rationale is that these activities relax the person, make him or her feel better thus causing a healing reaction within the body which helps to cure all manner of illness. Perhaps the most basic sense therapy is simply to sit down, relax and listen to the sound of your own breathing. For information about light therapy, see the section on seasonal affective disorders. nccata.org, national coalition of creative arts


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