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Google:- How to be money saver How to Save Money Ways to Save Money 50 ways to save money.... 12. Use yo r talent to earn e!tra "as# S$m%le ways to save money 10 &asy Ways to Save Money 1' S$m%le Money ( les )1 *ays To +$! ,o r +$nan"es -$ttle Ste%s: 100 Great T$%s +or Sav$ng Money +or T#ose . st Gett$ng Starte/ 50 S$/e 0 s$nesses ,o Can Start 1n ,o r 1wn 100 T#$ngs to *o * r$ng a Money +ree Wee2en/ Master t#e Ten Se"on/ ( le T#e Ten Se"on/ ( le

How to Save Money

Help Saving Money Edited by Bex, Jack Herrick, Alan J, Cem and 239 ot er! Saving money i! one o" t o!e ta!k! t at#! !o m$c ea!ier !aid t an done% & ere#! more to it t an!pending le!! money 'alt o$g t at part alone can be c allenging(% Ho) m$c money )ill yo$ !ave, ) ere )ill yo$ p$t it, and o) can yo$ make !$re it !tay! t ere* Here#! o) to !et reali!tic goal!, keep yo$r !pending in c eck, and get t e mo!t "or yo$r money%


+% 1 3$ll yo r /ebt f$rst% Simply calc$lating o) m$c yo$ !pend eac mont on yo$r debt! )ill ill$!trate t at eliminating debt i! t e "a!te!t )ay to "ree $p money% ,nce t e money i! "reed "rom debt payment, it can ea!ily be re-p$rpo!ed to !aving!% .l$!, t e !ooner yo$ pay o"" debt, t e le!! intere!t yo$#ll pay, and t at money can be !aved in!tead% /" yo$ c oo!e to !tart !aving be"ore yo$ completely pay o"" yo$r debt, o)ever, look into con!olidating yo$r debt! !o t at yo$#re not paying a! m$c intere!t% & e only money-!aving t at ! o$ld take precedence over getting o$t o" debt i! to create an emergency "$nd '!etting a!ide eno$g money !o t at i" yo$ lo!e yo$r income, yo$ can !$rvive "or 3-0 mont !(% /" yo$ don#t already ave an emergency "$nd, yo$ ! o$ld !tart contrib$ting to one immediately%


2Set sav$ngs goals. +or s#ort-term goals4 t#$s $s easy. 5f yo want to b y a v$/eo game4 f$n/ o t #ow m "# $t "osts6 $f yo want to b y a #o se4 /eterm$ne

#ow m "# of a /own %ayment yo 7ll nee/. +or long-term goals4 s "# as ret$rement4 yo 7ll nee/ to /o a lot more %lann$ng 8f$g r$ng o t #ow m "# money yo 7ll nee/ to l$ve "omfortably for 20 or )0 years after yo sto% wor2$ng94 an/ yo 7ll also nee/ to f$g re o t #ow $nvestments w$ll #el% yo

a"#$eve yo r goals. ) &stabl$s# a t$me-frame. +or e!am%le: :5 want to be able to b y a #o se two years from to/ay.: Set a %art$" lar /ate for a""om%l$s#$ng s#orter-term goals4 an/ ma2e s re t#e goal $s atta$nable w$t#$n t#at t$me %er$o/. 5f $t7s not atta$nable4 yo 7ll ; st get /$s"o rage/.

2. 3.

' +$g re o t #ow m "# yo 7ll #ave to save %er wee24 %er mont#4 or %er %ay"#e"2 to atta$n ea"# of yo r sav$ngs goals. Ta2e ea"# t#$ng yo want to save for an/ f$g re o t #ow m "# yo nee/ to start sav$ng now. +or most sav$ngs goals4 $t7s best to save t#e same amo nt ea"# %er$o/. +or e!am%le4 $f

yo want to % t a <204000 /own %ayment on a #ome $n )= mont#s 8t#ree years94 yo 7ll nee/ to save abo t <550 %er mont# every mont#. 0 t $f yo r %ay"#e"2s amo nt to <10004 $t m$g#t not be a real$st$" goal4 so a/; st yo r t$me-frame nt$l yo "ome % w$t# an a%%roa"#able amo nt.

4. 5.

6. 7.

5 3ee% a re"or/ of yo r e!%enses. W#at yo save falls between two a"t$v$t$es an/ t#e$r /$fferen"e: #ow m "# yo ma2e an/ #ow m "# yo s%en/. S$n"e yo #ave more "ontrol over #ow m "# yo s%en/4 $t>s w$se to ta2e a "r$t$"al loo2 at yo r e!%enses. Wr$te /own everyt#$ng yo s%en/ yo r money on for a "o %le wee2s or a mont#. 0e as /eta$le/ as %oss$ble4 an/ try not to leave o t small % r"#ases. ?ss$gn ea"# % r"#ase or e!%en/$t re a "ategory s "# as: (ent4 Car $ns ran"e4 Car %ayments4 @#one 0$ll4 Cable 0$ll4 Ut$l$t$es4 Gas4 +oo/4 &nterta$nment4 et". A 3ee% a small noteboo2 w$t# yo at all t$mes. Get $n t#e #ab$t of re"or/$ng every e!%ense an/ sav$ng t#e re"e$%ts. A S$t /own on"e a wee2 w$t# yo r small noteboo2 an/ re"e$%ts. (e"or/ yo r e!%enses $n a larger noteboo2 or a s%rea/s#eet %rogram.


A T#ere are also many a%%s yo "an /ownloa/ to yo r %#one t#at w$ll #el% yo 2ee% tra"2 of yo r e!%enses.

9. 10.

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= Tr$m yo r e!%enses. Ta2e a goo/4 #ar/ loo2 at yo r s%en/$ng re"or/s after a mont# or two #ave %asse/. ,o 7ll %robably be s r%r$se/ w#en yo loo2 ba"2 at yo r re"or/ of e!%enses: <)0 on $"e "ream4 <10 on %ar2$ng t$"2etsB ,o 7ll l$2ely see some obv$o s " ts yo "an ma2e. *e%en/$ng on #ow m "# yo nee/ to save4 #owever4 yo may nee/ to ma2e some /$ff$" lt /e"$s$ons. T#$n2 abo t yo r %r$or$t$es4 an/ ma2e " ts yo "an l$ve w$t#. Cal" late #ow m "# t#ose " ts w$ll save yo %er year4 an/ yo >ll be m "# more mot$vate/ to %$n"# %enn$es. A Can yo move to a less e!%ens$ve a%artment or #o seB Can yo ref$nan"e yo r mortgageB A Can yo save money on gas4 or g$ve % a "ar altoget#erB 5f yo r fam$ly #as m lt$%le "ars4 "an yo br$ng $t /own to oneB A Can yo get a better %r$"e on $ns ran"eB Call aro n/ an/ ma2e s re yo are gett$ng t#e best %r$"e yo "an. Cons$/er ta2$ng a #$g#er /e/ "t$ble4 too. A S#o% t#e /$s"o nt ra"2s at "lot#$ng stores. 5tems on "learan"e are mar2e/ /own "ons$/erably an/ "o l/ save yo 50C of t#e %r$"e. A Can yo /ro% a lan/ l$ne an/ e$t#er only se yo r "ell %#one or save money by "all$ng over t#e $nternet for free w$t# serv$"es s "# as S2y%eB A Can yo l$ve w$t#o t "able or satell$te TDB A Can yo " t /own on yo r t$l$ty b$llsB


A Can yo restr$"t eat$ng o tB 0 y foo/ $n b l2B Start s$ng "o %onsB Coo2 more at #omeB ,o m$g#t be able to save a lot of money w#en

19. 20.

gro"ery s#o%%$ng. E (eassess yo r sav$ngs goals. S btra"t yo r e!%enses 8t#e ones yo "an>t l$ve w$t#o t9 from yo r ta2e-#ome $n"ome 8$.e. after ta!es #ave been ta2en o t9. W#at $s t#e /$fferen"eB ?n/ /oes $t mat"# % w$t# yo r sav$ngs goalsB -et>s say yo >ve /e"$/e/ yo "an /ef$n$tely get by on <150 %er mont#4 an/ yo r %ay"#e"2s amo nt to <2)0 %er mont#. T#at leaves yo w$t# <F0 to save. 5f t#ere7s absol tely no way yo "an f$t all yo r sav$ngs goals $nto yo r b /get4 ta2e a loo2 at w#at yo 7re sav$ng for an/ " t t#e less $m%ortant t#$ngs or a/; st t#e t$me-frame. Maybe yo nee/ to % t off b y$ng a new "ar for anot#er year4 or maybe yo /on7t really nee/ a b$g-s"reen TD t#at ba/ly.

21. 22.

F Ma2e a b /get. 1n"e yo 7ve manage/ to balan"e yo r earn$ngs w$t# yo r sav$ngs goals an/ s%en/$ng4 wr$te /own a b /get so yo 7ll 2now ea"# mont# or ea"# %ay"#e"2 #ow m "# yo "an s%en/ on any g$ven t#$ng or "ategory of t#$ngs. T#$s $s es%e"$ally $m%ortant for e!%enses w#$"# ten/ to fl "t ate4 or w#$"# yo 2now yo >re go$ng to #ave a %art$" larly #ar/ t$me

restr$"t$ng. 8&.g. :5 w$ll only s%en/ <)0 a mont# on

23. 24.

mov$esG"#o"olateG"offeeGet".:9 H Sto% s$ng "re/$t "ar/s. @ay for everyt#$ng w$t# "as# or money or/ers. *on>t even se "#e"2s. 5t>s eas$er to overs%en/ w#en yo >re % ll$ng from a ban2 or "re/$t a""o nt be"a se yo /on>t 2now e!a"tly #ow m "# $s $n t#ere. 5f yo #ave "as#4 yo "an see yo r s %%ly r nn$ng low. ,o "an even b n/le % t#e %re/eterm$ne/ amo nt of "as# allo"ate/ for ea"# e!%ense w$t# a label or 2ee% se%arate ;ars for ea"# e!%ense 8e.g. a b n/leG;ar for "offee4 anot#er for gas4 anot#er for m$s"ellaneo s9. ?s yo % ll money from a ;ar for t#at %art$" lar e!%ense4 yo >ll see #ow m "# rema$ns an/ yo >ll also be rem$n/e/ of yo r l$m$t. A 5f yo nee/ to #ave "re/$t "ar/s b t yo /on>t want t#e tem%tat$on of #av$ng t#em ava$lable to se /ay-to-/ay4 restr$"t t#at se"t$on of yo r wallet w$t# a note or %$"t re rem$n/$ng yo of yo r sav$ngs goals.


A Cre/$t "ar/s are not $n#erently ev$l6 $t>s all abo t yo r self "ontrol. 5f yo se t#em res%ons$bly 8$.e. "om%letely %ay t#em off every mont#94 yo "an benef$t from t#em. 0 t t#e reason most "re/$t "ar/ "om%an$es ma2e money4 #owever4 $s be"a se %eo%le en/ % s%en/$ng money t#at t#ey /on>t #ave. Unless yo are one of t#e %eo%le w#o "an rel$g$o sly %ay off t#e balan"e $n f ll every mont#4 yo >re better off forego$ng t#e %romot$ons

t#at "re/$t "ar/ "om%an$es se to l re yo $n 8"as# ba"24 $ntro/ "tory ?@(4

26. 27.

a$rl$ne m$les4 an/ so on9. 10 1%en an $nterest-bear$ng sav$ngs a""o nt. 5t7s a lot eas$er to 2ee% tra"2 of yo r sav$ngs $f yo #ave t#em se%arate from yo r s%en/$ng money. ,o "an also s ally get better $nterest on sav$ngs a""o nts t#an on "#e"2$ng a""o nts 8$f yo get $nterest on yo r "#e"2$ng a""o nt at all9. Cons$/er #$g#er$nterest o%t$ons s "# as C*s or money-mar2et a""o nts for longer sav$ngs

28. 29.


11 @ay yo rself f$rst. Sav$ngs s#o l/ be yo r %r$or$ty4 so /on7t ; st say t#at yo 7ll save w#atever $s left over at t#e en/ of t#e mont#. *e%os$t sav$ngs $nto an a""o nt 8or yo r %$ggy-ban29 as soon as yo get %a$/. ?n easy4 effe"t$ve way to start sav$ng $s to s$m%ly /e%os$t 10C of every "#e"2 $n a sav$ngs a""o nt. 5f yo get a "#e"2 or s m of "as#4 say E10.=F4 move t#e /e"$mal %o$nt one %la"e to t#e left an/ /e%os$t t#at amo nt: E1.0E. T#$s wor2s well an/ reI $res l$ttle t#o g#t6 over several years4 yo >ve a t$/y s m $n sav$ngs. A ,o "an set % an a tomat$" transfer from yo r "#e"2$ng a""o nt to yo r sav$ngs a""o nt4 e$t#er t#ro g# yo r ban2 or w$t# a t#$r/-%arty a%%. ,o "an ele"t to transfer a set amo nt or %er"entage of % r"#ases at reg lar $ntervals 8e.g. /a$ly or wee2ly9 from yo r "#e"2$ng a""o nt to yo r sav$ngs



a""o nt. T#e a/vantage of s$ng a %er"entage $s t#at t#e amo nt yo save $s %ro%ort$onate to t#e amo nt yo s%en/. A Many em%loyers allow yo to /e/ "t sav$ngs from yo r %ay"#e"2. T#e money $s /$re"tly /e%os$te/ $n yo r sav$ngs a""o nt so yo never even see $t on yo r %ay"#e"2. A ,o "an also #ave $nvestments for ret$rement ta2en /$re"tly o t of yo r %ay4 an/ t#e ta!es may be /eferre/ w$t# t#$s o%t$on. ,o r em%loyer may offer a '012 mat"#$ng %rogram for ret$rement as well ma2$ng $t even more

wort#w#$le to save. 12 *on>t get /$s"o rage/ an/ /on>t g$ve %. ,o may not t#$n2 yo "an be"ome wealt#y b t to be"ome a m$ll$ona$re $s %oss$ble $f yo set % a aggress$ve sav$ngs %lan an/ st$"2 to $t. ,o may be s r%r$se/ #ow m "# money yo "an % t away for somet#$ng far more en;oyable t#an w#at yo "o l/ b y w$t# s#ort term sav$ngs. Goo/ t#$ngs often ta2e t$me an/ t#e longer yo save t#e more $nterest yo w$ll be ma2$ng on yo r sav$ngs as wellJ T$%s A Ta2e "are of yo r %ossess$ons. 5n t#$s way4 yo >ll nee/ to re%la"e $tems less. ?lso4 /on>t re%la"e $tems nt$l $t>s absol tely ne"essary. +or $nstan"e4 ; st be"a se a motor $n an ele"tr$" toot#br s# brea2s /oesn>t mean $t sto%s f n"t$on$ng as a toot#br s#. Cont$n e to se $t4 an/ w#en rea/y go b y a new one or "#e"2 t#e warranty. A Ma2e % r"#ases w$t# %a%er money4 not e!a"t "#ange4 an/ always save t#e "#ange. Use a %$ggy ban2 or ;ar for yo r "o$ns. Co$ns an/ "#ange may loo2 $ns$gn$f$"ant b t w#en a"" m late/ over t$me t#ey "an #el% yo save. Some ban2s now offer free "o$n "o nt$ng ma"#$nes. W#en yo re/eem yo r "o$ns4 as2 to be %a$/ by "#e"2 so yo won>t be tem%te/ to s%en/ yo r new fo n/ "as#.


A &very t$me yo go to b y somet#$ng t#$n2 of t#e t#$ng yo are sav$ng for an/ t#e ro g# %er"entage of yo r sav$ngs so far t#at t#e t#$ng "osts an/ I $te often yo won>t b y $t. A &n;oy t#e s$m%le %leas res $n l$fe. * r$ng t#e Great *e%ress$on4 %eo%le st$ll #a/ f n4 ; st not lav$s#ly e!%ens$ve f n. C#$l/ren #a/ soa%bo! /erb$es4 teenagers #a/ /an"e "ontests4 an/ everyone %laye/ Mono%oly4 /$/ % KKles4 rea/4 an/ l$stene/ to t#e ra/$o. Get toget#er to /$s" ss %#$loso%#y or %ray6 %lay %o2er or ma2e "raKy I $lt %$llows6 %lay $nstr ments an/ /an"e. 5n t#ose /ays4 $t too2 some $mag$nat$on an/ $ngen $ty4 b t t#ey #a/ a lot of f n w$t#o t #ang$ng o t at t#e mall4 an/ yo "an too. Many of t#e fr$en/s#$%s an/ all$an"es forme/ / r$ng t#e Great *e%ress$on on t#e bas$s of s "# a"t$v$t$es stoo/ t#e test of t$me. A Use aff$rmat$ons. +or e!am%le4 re%eat t#$s aff$rmat$on to yo rself nt$l $t s$n2s $n: *ebt $s not an o%t$on. A ?lways over-est$mate yo r e!%enses an/ n/er-est$mate yo r $n"ome. A 5f yo re"e$ve ne!%e"te/ "as#4 % t all or most of $t $nto yo r sav$ngs4 b t "ont$n e to set as$/e yo r reg larly s"#e/ le/ amo nt as well. ,o 7ll rea"# yo r sav$ngs goals sooner. A &ven $f yo (&?--, want somet#$ng4 as2 yo rself4 /o yo (&?--, nee/ t#$sB More t#an #alf of t#e t$me $t w$ll be a b$g no. A Most %eo%le "an save somet#$ng regar/less of t#e$r $n"ome. Start$ng to save a l$ttle w$ll #el% b $l/ t#e #ab$t of sav$ng. &ven sav$ng as l$ttle as <5 a mont# w$ll tea"# yo t#at yo /on>t nee/ as m "# money as yo t#$n2. A 5f yo get %a$/ abo t t#e same amo nt on a reg lar bas$s4 $t>ll get eas$er to b /get yo r money over t$me. 5f yo #ave a var$able $n"ome4 $t>ll be #ar/er to ant$"$%ate yo r e!%enses be"a se yo won>t 2now w#en>s t#e ne!t t$me yo >ll get %a$/. -$st yo r b /get "ategor$es $n or/er of $m%ortan"e an/ f lf$ll t#e most $m%ortant $tems f$rst. @lay $t safe6 ass me $t>ll be a w#$le before yo get money aga$n. S#ow ' more t$%s Warn$ngs A 5f yo /o mess % /on>t beat yo rself % abo t $t. . st try to /o better t#e ne!t t$me yo get %a$/. A Unless yo >re $n tr ly /es%erate f$nan"$al stra$ts 8l$2e 10 se"on/s from ev$"t$on an/ yo r t#ree "#$l/ren are starv$ng9 /on>t try to " t "orners "onne"te/ to #ealt#. 0as$" %reventat$ve "are for yo rself4 yo r fam$ly4 an/ yo r %ets m$g#t "ost yo a <=0 off$"e v$s$t or a <)0 #eart-worm %$ll to/ay4 b t t#e s2$%%$ng $t w$ll "ontr$b te to e!%ens$ve %roblems an/ #earta"#e /own t#e roa/.


A ?fter a long wee2 of wor2$ng4 yo may want to $n/ lge $n some l ! ry4 tell$ng yo rself4 :5 /eserve t#$s:. (emember t#at t#e t#$ngs yo b y are not g$fts to yo rself6 t#ey are tra/es4 %ro/ "ts for money. Say4 :1f "o rse 5 /eserve t#$s4 b t "an 5 affor/ $tB 5f 5 "an>t affor/ $t4 5>m st$ll a wort#y %erson4 an/ 5 st$ll /eserve to meet my sav$ngs goalsJ: A *o not go o t :w$n/ow s#o%%$ng: w$t# any money on yo . ,o w$ll only be tem%te/ to s%en/ money yo "annot affor/ to lose. 1nly s#o% w$t# a %re/eterm$ne/ s#o%%$ng l$st. A 5f yo #ave s%en/t#r$fts $n yo r "$r"le of fr$en/s4 yo may nee/ to form late a l$st of rea/y e!" ses to e!%la$n w#y yo "an7t go o t w$t# t#em all t#e t$me. Ste%s &ry b$ying t e c eape!t item yo$ !ee% *on>t go for somet#$ng too e!%ens$ve. B$y le!! !t$""% 1nly b y st ff t#at yo nee/ or &aster or C#r$stmas or 0$rt#/ays. &ry ! opping in !tore! in!tead o" online% 1nl$ne reI $res s#$%%$ng an/ #an/l$ng w#$"# means more money. Save yo$r time% Get yo r gro"er$es on"e a wee2 or only w#en yo nee/ $t. &ake yo$r time to do t i!%

Ways to Save Money

Start )it an emergency "$nd Set a!ide 3 to 0 mont ! )ort o" expen!e!, b$t no ot er !aving! $ntil debt! are eliminated% - &ry !elling !ome item! yo$ no longer need or )orking !ome overtime to elp e!tabli! t i! "$nd% &ackle debt Start )it yo$r !malle!t debt and pay it o"" a! 1$ickly a! po!!ible% - Add t at payment to yo$r next ig e!t debt and contin$e t e proce!!% - Con!ider con!olidating debt! to make t ing! ea!ier or red$ce intere!t rate!% - Avoid creating ne) debt!, !$c a! credit card balance! t at aren#t paid o"" eac mont or loan! "or !maller item! like "$rnit$re or electronic!% Set goal! 2ecide ) at yo$#re trying to ac ieve and by ) at date% - Break yo$r goal do)n into a mont ly amo$nt t at yo$#ll need to !ave% - Make !$re yo$r goal! are attainable% &ake a look at yo$r expen!e! -


3rite do)n everyt ing yo$ !pend "or a mont or t)o% - Categori4e it to get an idea o" ) ere yo$r money i! going% - See ) ere yo$ can eliminate !pending% - Make !$re yo$r !aving! goal i! !till ac ievable ba!ed on yo$r income min$! yo$r expen!e!% Create a b$dget Set limit! "or t ing! t at "l$ct$ate, !$c a! grocerie! and clot ing% - 5eep $p )it yo$r !pending a! yo$ go to make !$re yo$ don#t exceed t e!e limit!% - Con!ider $!ing ca! to keep a more reali!tic pict$re o" o) m$c money i! le"t in eac category% - &ry $!ing a )eb!ite or app to elp yo$ keep track% Commit to !aving - 6ind a !aving! acco$nt )it a good intere!t rate% - 2epo!it yo$r money in !aving! "ir!t t ing eac mont be"ore yo$ !pend anyt ing el!e% - Con!ider a direct payroll depo!it or a$tomatic tran!"er% - Add any extra money yo$ receive to t i! !aving! acco$nt a! )ell%

50 ways to save money.... 0y (5CH?(* 0(1WL5LG

0r$t$s# "re/$t "ar/ #ol/ers owe an average of M24000 on t#e$r %last$". &o clear a debt o" 72,888 on a card )it an intere!t rate o" +9: )ill take t)o year! a!!$ming a mont ly repayment o" 7+88% &o clear t at 72,888 )it a mont ly payment o" a more a""ordable 738 'at +9:( )ill take +9 ;EA<S% B$t people are t$rning to ot er )ay! o" borro)ing, incl$ding payday lender!, "riend!, "amily, !tore card! and ot er loan! "or car! - even day-to-day living co!t!%

=i"e !aver> ?8 )ay! to leave yo$r debt! be ind% According to one !$rvey, average #o se#ol/ /ebt now stan/s at aro n/ M1)4000%


&o clear a debt o" 7+3,888 at a mode!t 0: intere!t )it a mont ly repayment o" 7+88 )ill al!o take aro$nd +9 year! to clear% We7ve r n o t of money% & ere are, o)ever, plenty o" !imple )ay! to make !igni"icant !aving! on yo$r reg$lar !pending t at co$ld clear yo$r debt in le!! t an a year% Here are%%% T#$s $s Money>s to% 50 N %/ate/ N money-sav$ng t$%s & e!e tip! may appear lig t- earted b$t are deadly !erio$!% 1. C#ange yo r att$t /e to yo r mortgage @nle!! yo$ make t e mi!take o" b$ying a train ticket in Britain on t e day o" travel, t e mo!t expen!ive item yo$ are ever likely to b$y i! yo$r ome% /" yo$#re not in t e privileged po!ition to pay ca! , make !$re t e loan yo$ $!e to "inance it i! t e be!t available% 6or example, i" yo$ are paying yo$r lender#! "$ll !tandard variable rate 'SA<( yo$ are probably paying $ndred! o" po$nd! a year more t an yo$ need to% & ere are t o$!and! o" deal! to c oo!e "rom and ) ile it i! vital to c eck t e !mall print "or idden catc e!, t i! i! a relatively ea!y )ay to !ave a lot o" money% <emember> loyalty to yo$r bank bene"it! yo$r bank, not yo$% Even better, i" yo$ can a""ord to make overpayment! on yo$r mortgage, yo$#ll clear yo$r debt !everal year! early and make ma!!ive !aving!% 6or example, i" yo$ borro) 7+88,888 at 0: over 2? year!, yo$#ll pay it back at 70B3 a mont % & e total c arge "or credit )ill be 793,888% B$t i" yo$ can overpay by 7+88 a mont yo$#ll clear t e loan in le!! t an +9 year!, giving yo$ 0 year! o" mortgage-"ree living and !aving a !taggering 72?,888 in intere!t% Sav$ng: 7+,888! 2% Clear yo$r credit card debt ,ne o" t e golden r$le! o" "inancial planning i! to clear yo$r mo!t expen!ive debt! "ir!t, in ot er )ord! yo$r credit card!% ,5, credit card! o""er a convenient )ay to pay "or good! and !ervice! b$t i" yo$ can#t clear t e balance every mont , con!ider a lo)-co!t loan a! an alternative% 2o t e !$m!> a credit card debt 'A.< +0%C:( o" 72,?88 over "ive year! )ill co!t 7+,2+2 in intere!t% A loan at 9%C: )ill co!t 7?29% A !aving o" 70C?% Sav$ng: 7+88! 3% C$t t e co!t o" yo$r "$el bill! Beca$!e o""icial in"lation calc$lation! donDt incl$de t e price o" t ing! t at go $p, energy companie! are allo)ed to increa!e bill! by +8%B: ) enever t ey "eel like it% & ey try to do it every time yo$ blink% Average ga! and electricity bill! no) !tand at aro$nd 7+,?88 a year% /n exc ange "or one "i"t o" a !tate pen!ion, yo$ get completely incompre en!ible bill! and g$"" "rom t e c ie" exec$tive abo$t o) everyone el!e i! to blame% B$t t at doe!n#t mean yo$ need to be ripped o""% /" yo$Dve never d$mped yo$r original !$pplier yo$ can !till !ave more t an 7388 a year% /" yo$ ave !)itc ed be"ore, yo$ can, a! a re!$lt o" t i! "la)ed privati!ation, !)itc again to any n$mber o" companie! t at )ill c arge yo$ abo$t t e !ame% /"


yo$ believe t at ga! and electricity price! )on#t "all in t e near "$t$re, yo$ can "ix yo$r bill! "or $p to "o$r year!% /t i! very ea!y to !)itc % ;o$ can do !o )it a "e) click! o" t e mo$!e% ;o$r ne) !$pplier )ill take care o" t e "ormalitie!% Sav$ng: 7+88 B% Con!ider in!talling a )ater meter 3e take o$r tap )ater "or granted% And ) y not* & e companie! be ind t e !$pply exi!t to make a pro"it, )e pay t em to !$pply )ater and ave every rig t to expect it to "lo) "rom o$r tap!% B$t i" it doe!n#t rain t e )ater companie! ave to import bottle! o" Evian and p$t $p price!% 5t "osts 2% to fl s# t#e loo - b$t t at ri!e! to abo$t t)o 1$id i" yo$ ave to $!e .errier% So yo$ may )ant to con!ider t e po!!ibility o" in!talling a meter% /" yo$ ave a big ome )it "e) occ$pant! yo$ may be !$rpri!ed to learn yo$ co$ld alve yo$r ann$al bill% Sav$ng: 7+88! ?% C$t yo$r ome p one bill! B& $!ed to be called Briti! &elecomm$nication! b$t ! ortened it a"ter a !$rvey "o$nd t at only B: o" !c ool leaver! co$ld !pell telecomm$nication!, ) ile 0: co$ld !pell B& - even i" t ey believed it )a! a !and)ic )it o$t t e lett$ce% /t )a! al!o ! ortened to re"lect it! abit o" c arging more and more "or le!! and le!!% /t o)ned t e in"ra!tr$ct$re it co$ld do ) at it liked% /" yo$ m$!t $!e yo$r p one t ere are !core! o" c eaper alternative! t at package yo$r telep one, televi!ion and broadband acce!!, !ome t at o""er lo)-co!t alternative! $!ing yo$r exi!ting B& line% Have a look% ;o$ may be in "or a !$rpri!e% Sav$ng: 7+88 0% Con!ider a pay-a!-yo$ go mobile /" yo$Dve ever arg$ed t at t at a mobile p one i! a nece!!ity rat er t an a l$x$ry E great ne)!, yo$ )inF & i! year it )a! reported t at !tati!tically everyone in Senegal and Algeria now #as a mob$le %#one% Somet ing everyone a! lo!e! it! l$x$ry !tat$!% 3 at can end $p being completely over t e top, i! t e type o" p one yo$ canDt a""ord and t e package! o" min$te!, text! and t at internet acce!! mea!$red in mega! t at no one $nder!tand! ) ic are by-and-large !old by liar!% .oint i!, i" yo$ and over 7?8 a mont to yo$r mobile p one company, t at#! 7088 a year - or aro$nd 7+,888 o" yo$r gro!! !alary% B$t yo$ can b$y p one! "or le!! t an a tenner and top $p )it a pay- a!-yo$-go vo$c er! "or not m$c more% Algerian! arenDt all $!ing i. one!, yo$ kno)% Sav$ng: 7+88! SAA/GH M,GE; S/GCE 288? 3 en t i! article )a! created eig t year! ago, t e )orld o" money )a! a very di""erent place% ;ear! o" c eap credit ad !$cked common !en!e "rom million! o" people ) o "illed t e void )it a !pending binge% By 288? t i! )a! repre!ented by


an average credit card debt o" 72,888 eac % /t !eemed a lot o" money t en% /t )a! to get a lot )or!e% & e bank!, )e no) kno), )ere completely o$t o" control, t ro)ing money at anyone, ) ile !ecretlyt#$ev$ng @@5 %ayments and de!troying 3e!tern economie!% 3e even ad "elebr$ty "re/$t "ar/ TD% By t e end o" t e binge in 288C )e#d reac ed almost total f$nan"$al an/ so"$al melt/own% ,n t e pl$! !ide in 288?, t e price o" petrol )o$ldnDt !ma! t e 7+ a litre barrier "or anot er t)o year!, people co$ld !till a""ord to eat t eir ome! and a $niver!ity ed$cation co!t at lea!t 729,888 le!! t an it doe! no)% 6a!t "or)ard to Britain in 28+3 and itD! a )onder"$l place - i" yo$Dre ric % Average credit card debt a! !tayed at aro$nd 72,888 b$t remember, trying to pay t at o"" at 738 a mont w$ll ta2e aro n/ 1E years% E. Ma2e a s#o%%$ng l$st /" yo$Dre not organi!ed or avenDt got a pen, t i! one i! really ard% B$t !tick )it it and yo$ can eat )ell and !ave eno$g "or a oliday )it o$t t inking abo$t it% .art o" t e problem i! t e po)er o" t e !$permarket!% & e!e giant m$!e$m! o" "ood ave !pent million! on trick! to make yo$ p$t !t$"" yo$ donDt )ant in giant trolley!, keep in t e "ridge "or a )eek and t en t ro) a)ay% 3e eac c $ck o$t nearly 7?88 o" "ood eac a year% & atD! moronic b$t t atD! t e !$permarket b$!ine!! model% Make a ! opping li!t% 2ig o$t t e cookery book!, plan a "e) meal! and only b$y ) at yo$ need% Sav$ng: 728 a )eek I 7+,8B8 a year C% 3 en )a! t e la!t time yo$ )ent to t e market* ,ne )ay to beat t e !$permarket! - t at i!, to eat ealt ily "or le!! - i! to $!e yo$r local market !tall!% =o)er over ead! generally mean lo)er price!% 3 ere !$permarket! ave O#alf-%r$"e7 strawberr$es t#at aren7t #alf %r$"e, t e local market )ill o"ten ave t e !ame "r$it "or a 1$arter o" t e price o" t e pretend al"price one!% Sav$ng: 7+88J H. Cons$/er own-bran/ goo/s Got all o)n-brand !$permarket prod$ct! t e!e day! come )it a ealt )arning and a !tomac p$mp% & ey donDt need to% Some are 1$ite good% ,bvio$!ly, t e modern !$permarket trick o" red$cing t e !i4e o" t e packaging and t e )eig t o" t e content! mean! yo$ can b$y a 2B-pack, m$lti-!ack o" cri!p! t at bet)een t em only contain t e ! aving! o" one potato b$t yo$ can !till b$y a tin o" Sain!b$ryD! o)n-brand baked bean! "or 2?p and a loa" bread containing gram! o" protein at A!da, Sain!b$ry#! or Aldi "or ?8p% Eno$g !aid% Sav$ng: 7+88 10. *on>t b y /es$gner labels


Celebritie! are given expen!ive clot e! to )ear% ;o$#re not% & ank"$lly, million! o" people ave )oken $p to t i! and b$y copycat "a! ion! "rom t e like! o" A!o!, w#$"# $s now mass$veK bigger in "act t an many o" t e logo! !lapped on t e clot e! at Hig Street de!igner L$mble !ale &5 Maxx% /" yo$Dre !till tempted, "ace $p to t e "act t at yo$ may only )ear t e o$t"it once% Can yo$ L$!ti"y paying $ndred! o" po$nd! "or a name* And can yo$ one!tly !ay yo$ can tell t e di""erence at a di!tance bet)een a 7088 de!igner bag and a 79%99 one "rom t e market* & ink abo$t it% Sav$ng: 7+88! ++% Sell yo$r cl$tter on eBay &ake t i! 1$ick te!t> ;o$#re at ome% ,pen a c$pboard% =ook in!ide% /" it#! "$ll o" clot e! yo$ aven#t )orn, or #good idea! at t e time# yo$ aven#t $!ed, "or, let#! !ay, t ree year! - yo$ don#t need t em% So ) y not !ell t em to !omeone el!e ) o doe!* 6or "an! o" t e $nder!tatement> Ebay i! 1$ite )ell-kno)n and pop$lar no)% & e great t ing i! yo$ really can "log any old garbage - "or a commi!!ion% &ip> yo$ may )ant to b$y a "e) item! "ir!t to b$ild $p yo$r rating a! a re!pectable eBayer be"ore yo$ !tart !elling% 5n"ome: 3ill depend on ) at#! in yo$r c$pboard +2% @!e yo$r talent to earn extra ca! /" yo$#re not a pop !tar by t e time yo$ reac yo$r 28! yo$#re probably never going to be% & atD! probably L$!t a! )ell a! t e only )ay to pop !tardom in 28+3 i! i" Simon Co)ell )ant! to marry yo$% B$t yo$ may be able to $!e yo$r talent a! a g$itari!t to teac ot er )annabe! t e r$diment! o" t e +2-bar bl$e!% 5n"ome: /t#! not $nrea!onable to c arge 728J an o$r +3% 2o 2/; 3e#re a nation o" ob!e!!ive 2/;er! and "or aro$nd 7+88 yo$ can take a co$r!e at yo$r local ad$lt ed$cation college to improve t e !kill! needed to tackle mo!t o$!e old repair!% /" t e college r$n! pl$mbing co$r!e! yo$ co$ld !oon be on track to )iping o$t co!tly call-o$t c arge! and extra in!$rance policie! once and "or all% <emember to "ilm yo$r!el" at )ork !o t at i" it goe! )rong yo$ can !ell t e "ootage to Harry Hill '!ee link(% Sav$ng: 7+88J


1'. S#o% aro n/ for t#e "#ea%est #o se#ol/ $ns ran"e

@nle!! yo$ drive - car in!$rance i! mandatory - yo$ don#t need in!$rance% B$t it#! !trongly advi!able, e!pecially no) !o many people !$r" t e internet ) ile driving% And can yo$ a""ord to "oot t e bill i" yo$r o$!e b$rn! do)n or i! !ma! ed $p by a BxB driver playing Angry Bird!, ) o "lee! t e !cene like a !parro) in a catap$lt* .robably not% & ereD! a m$ltit$de o" r$bbi! on t e internet and many ig lig t! o" previo$! year! ave "aded into $!ele!!ne!! - b$t one o" t e la!ting oa!e! o" online $!e"$lne!! i! being able to "ind c eaper in!$rance% ;o$ can compare $ndred! o" policie! in min$te!% Sav$ng: 7+88! +?% 2on#t a$tomatically rene) ann$al travel in!$rance /" yo$r ann$al oliday in!$rance policy i! abo$t to expire and yo$ don#t ave a oliday booked, 2,G#& rene) t e policy% ;o$#re anding yo$r money over to cover an event$ality t at )on#t appen% .eople do t i!F 2onDtF ;o$ )o$ldn#t ave car in!$rance i" yo$ didn#t o)n a car% Some people probably do, dagnabbit% B$t yo$ de"initely )o$ldnDt in!$re yo$r pet gira""e i" yo$ didnDt ave a gira""e% So donDt in!$re a oliday to t e Serengeti yo$ avenDt booked it% Simply re!tart t e cover again t e next time yo$ book a trip% Sav$ng: 7?8 +0% C oo!e c eaper breakdo)n in!$rance & e breakdo)n !ector i! dominated by big companie! )it ! ort name! !$c a! t e AA and <AC% B$t being to)ed ome i" yo$r car break! do)n i! L$!t anot er "orm o" in!$rance like any ot er and t ere are !core! o" c eaper alternative!, !ome )it name! made $p o" act$al )ord!% Sav$ng: @p to 7+88 a year +9% Are yo$ paying too m$c "or yo$r li"e in!$rance* Ever !ince )e !tarted )a! ing o$r and!, $man! ave been getting ealt ier% A! a re!$lt )eDre living longer E and t e co!t o" in!$ring t e $nt inkable i! getting c eaper all t e time% /" yo$ )ere !old a policy ) en yo$ took o$t or mortgage yo$ may ave been $nder too m$c !tre!! to ! op aro$nd% ;o$ co$ld be mi!!ing a trick%


Sav$ng: 7+88 +C% Book early =o)-co!t airline! are gro)ing $p% Ea!yLet let! yo$ c oo!e a !eat% Gor)egian i! planning tran!atlantic "lig t! "or 7388% Mic ael ,D=eary, t e bo!! o" <yanair, #as even %rom$se/ to be n$"e% J$!t remember, only a "e) !eat! on eac "lig t are !old at bargain-ba!ement price! and once t ey#re !old, t e price! ri!e% So book early% Sav$ng: 7+88 +9% Book yo$r o)n package A! Hig Street travel agent! die o$t 1$icker t an t e ingredient! o" r inocero! orn love tonic, it !eem! t at we st$ll love a goo/ ol/ %a"2age #ol$/ay% And ) y not* ;o$ L$!t book online or by telep one% Ea!y li"e% By combining car ire )it "lig t!, t e agent! can o"ten bring t e co!t! do)n% ;o$Dre al!o protected, accommodated and "lo)n ome i" yo$Dre gro$nded beca$!e /celand p$ll! anot er volcanic-a! -ba!ed .< !t$nt 'everyoneD! eard o" EyLa"LallaLMk$ll no)(% B$t i" yo$ )ant to !ave money and yo$r oliday con!i!t! o" "lig t!, accommodation, tran!"er! and po!!ibly car ire, t en take t i! te!t% ,rder a broc $re or get a 1$ote "rom a leading oliday company and )ork o$t t e price o" yo$r oliday incl$ding all t e complicated !$pplement!% Go) go online and, !tarting )it t e "lig t!, try to p$t t e !ame package toget er% Sav$ng: 7+88J 28% =earn to !ay #no# /t#! ea!y to give in to t e demand! o" a !creaming c ild in a packed .o$ndland on a Sat$rday a"ternoon% NHet me t at bottle openerF / )ant a bottle opener% / kno) itD! poorly made and )onDt la!t more t an !eventeen and t ree-1$arter min$te!% B$t /Dm !ixF / )ant one% /tD! only a po$ndFD Similarly, o) o"ten doe! a #!)i"t al"# a"ter )ork t$rn into a 7+?+%+2 drinking !e!!ion* Saying #no# a "e) time! a year )ill do )onder! "or yo$r bank acco$nt% Saving> 7+88 2). ?vo$/ e!%ens$ve /ays G even$ngs o t .lenty o" m$!e$m! are "ree% 6or t o!e t at arenDt, Loin ?rtf n/4 w#$"# offers a""ess to 200-o// m se ms4 #$stor$" #o ses4 galler$es an/ "astles for a small ann al fee. T#eatres aren7t free. 0 t $f yo l$ve $n -on/on yo "an get #alf%r$"e t$"2ets to t#e West &n/ t#eatres every /ay at t2ts. 0etter st$ll4 $f yo reg larly go o t $n -on/on ;o$n one of t#e t#eatre "l bs t#at f$lls em%ty t#eatres an/ "on"ert #alls on t#e PT from abo t M) a t$"2et. Sav$ng: 7+88! 2'. 0eat t#e t$"2et to ts &icket to$t! earn t eir living by getting old o" ticket! t at are #ot er)i!e $navailable#% ;o$ donDt !tand a c ance ) en %romoters are #an/$ng t$"2ets stra$g#t to t#em. 0 t #ere7s some news: most t$"2ets are ava$lable to everyone


w#en t#ey f$rst go on sale. ,o ; st nee/ to 2now w#en t#ey go on sale. S$m%ly s$gn % to for t#e free t$"2et alert newsletters from t#e t$"2et ma$n agents to ens re t#at yo >re f$rst $n t#e I e e. ?n/ ma2e s re yo 7ve s$gne/ % to yo r favo r$te ban/s7 webs$tes for t#e $ns$/er 2nowle/ge. Sav$ng: 7+88! 2?% 2on#t be a B$cket - or try to keep $p )it t e Jone!e! &rying to keep $p appearance! i! a co!tly illne!!% /t#! called !nobbi!m% A !nob, !ay! t e dictionary, i! !omeone ) o #v$lgarly admire! or imitate! !omeone o" !$perior !ocial po!ition or )ealt and look! do)n on t o!e e con!ider! in"erior%# 6amo$! !nob! incl$de t e mon!tro$! comic creation, Hya"$nt# 0 "2et. 2on#t be a B$cket% <emember, yo$ cannot L$dge !omeone by ) at t ey ave beca$!e yo$ don#t kno) o) t ey got it% C ance! are t ey#re in more debt t an yo$ are% Sav$ng: 7+,888! 2=. Tra/e /own yo r "ar So, yo$ bo$g t an American !port! $tility ve icle 'S@A( t at net! +? mile! to t e gallon on a ) im% ,bvio$!ly )e#re all very impre!!ed - e!pecially by t e per!onali!ed n$mber plate and t e )ay yo$ can &)eet ) ile negotiating narro) lane! o$t!ide !c ool!% B$t can yo$ one!tly L$!ti"y t e ongoing expen!e* /" not, get rid o" it% & en vi!it a car !$permarket, ) ere yo$ can c oo!e "rom t o$!and! o" car! at knock-do)n price!% /" yo$#re a tr$e money !aver, con!ider an ex-rental model ) ic yo$ can pick $p "or a "raction o" t e co!t o" a ne) one% Sav$ng: 7+,888! 2E. ?s2 yo rself: /o 5 really nee/ t#$sB /magine t e !cenario% /t#! l$nc time and yo$#ve got an o$r to kill% ;o$ "ind yo$r!el" in a department !tore and t ere#! a !ale on% ;o$ pick $p a bea$ti"$lly packaged !election o" barbec$e tool!, an anti1$e-look ca!t-iron c imenea and a!!ociated garden parap ernalia% And it#! al" price% Go), !topF A!k yo$r!el"> 2o / really need t i!* Exactly% ;o$ live in a "lat% /t doe!n#t even ave a back door% .$t it do)n and )alk a)ay% Sav$ng: 7+88 2F. Wal2G"y"le to t#e stat$onGwor2 /t maybe a bit o" ippie notion to many people b$t it#! "ree% 2er% Sav$ng: M100 2H. Get off t#e stat$on before yo r s al sto% an/ wal2 3e may be creat$re! o" abit b$t i!n#t it )ort tinkering )it t e ro$tine i" it#! co!ting more t an 7?8 a mont in $nnece!!ary "are!* Sav$ng: 7+88 )0. C t /own yo r /r$n2$ng A "e) beer! or )ine! a"ter )ork a "e) nig t! a )eek i! a "inancially debilitating !tate o" a""air!%


;o$ no '!ic( t at% Hic% Sav$ng: 7+88! )1. @a"2 % smo2$ng Apart "rom t e brand! t at la$nc !pecial c eapo !tarter pack! "or c ildren, every cigarette no) co!t! abo$t B8p% & o!e "orty pee! add $p to aro$nd 73,888 a year i" yo$ !moke 28 a day% Sav$ng: Maybe 73,888 - )o)% )2. Can"el yo r gym members#$% Have yo$ eard t e one abo$t t e g$y ) o in +999, Loined a pay-a!-yo$-go gym and never )ent* ,ver t o!e +B year!, itD! co!t ab!ol$tely not ing% ;et plenty o" people are appy to ! ell o$t 7B8 or 7?8 a mont by direct debit to a gym t ey never go to% 7?8 a mont "or +B year! i! 7C,B88 and t at doe!nDt incl$de t e cri!p! yo$ ave to b$y "rom t e vending mac ine a"ter eac vi!it% /" yo$ $!e t e gym t ree time! a )eek, great% /" not, cancel yo$r member! ip immediately% ;o$#ll !oon !ave eno$g to b$y yo$r o)n bike and, i" yo$#re !o inclined, a ro)ing mac ine% And i" yo$ can !till a""ord it, a cri!p! vending mac ine% Con!ider r$nning ome "rom )ork t ree time! a )eek% /t#! "ree% Sav$ng: 7+88! )). Use yo r l$brary #& e ) atrary*# / ear t e crie! "rom be ind i.ad! acro!! t e co$ntry% And by t e time t i! article i! $pdated again, n$mber 33 may )ell need replacing% B$t "or no), t e local library i! !till a mecca "or t e money !aver% /t#! like t e be!t o" t e "ree bit! o" t e internet $nder one roo" - only really )ell organi!ed% ;o$r library mean! yo$#ll never need to b$y a cookbook, g$idebook or li"e!tyle man$al and i" yo$ can bear to )ait a "e) )eek! in t e 1$e$e "or t e late!t blockb$!ter, yo$ never need to b$y book!% C2! and 2A2! are great val$e too% Sav$ng: 7+88 =ink> 3B% & e t ree-"or-t)o trick At t e time o" )riting, Sain!b$ryD! a! !o many Nyo$ ave to b$y t)o or )eDre ripping yo$ o""# deal! it "eel! like t ey m$!t be !ecretly "ilming ! opper! ) o only b$y one o" t e !pecial packet! o" / CanDt Believe itD! Ham, , /tD! Got "or a doc$mentary to elp people !t$dying "or t eir p!yc ology . 2!% &rick> b$y none% ,5, t ere#! !omet ing to be !aid "or b$y-one-get-one-"ree deal! ) en t ey pa!! t e #2o / really need t i!*# te!t% B$t t e t ree-"or-t)o i! a partic$larly cynical )ay o" enticing ! opper! to b$y an extra co$ple o" item! to "eed t e bin% & e #o""er# i! al)ay! priced into t e deal !o do yo$r !$m! and ! op aro$nd% Sav$ng: /t#! a principle at !take ere )5. 0 y "lot#es an/ %resents $n t#e sales /" li"e a! drained every drop o" $man dignity "rom yo$r !o$l, bingoF - Boxing 2ay !ale! )ere created "or yo$% 6or t e re!t o" $!, t ere are 1$ieter mid-!ea!on


!ale! ) ere yo$ can "ind mo!t t ing! yo$ need "or al" t e price it )o$ld ave been i" yo$ co$ldnDt )ait% @n$!$al !i4e! tend to remain $n!old "or t e longe!t% So it pay! to be !lig tly abnormal or )ear !t$"" t at doe!nDt "it% Even t inking abo$t C ri!tma! be"ore + 2ecember ! o$ld probably be a crime% B$t i" yo$Dre genetically t$ned to b$y !omet ing "or everyone, t e moneyD! tig t and yo$ canDt "ind a doctor to re)ire yo$r 2GA elix, t en b$y in b$lk in t e !ale!% ;o$ not only !ave money, b$t yo$ enLoy !tre!!-"ree pre-C ri!tma!e! and no la!t-min$te birt day )orrie!% Sav$ng: 7+88! )E. T#e C#r$stmas lottery & e Loy o" giving i! )onder"$l% B$t t e c ore o" trying to )ork o$t ) ic piece o" meaningle!! cr$d to give to ) ic relative yo$ avenDt !een !ince t e previo$! O$eenD! !peec i! tire!ome - and $nnece!!ary% /n!tead o" trying to b$y a pre!ent "or every relative in yo$r "amily, try to get toget er be"ore and and pick one name "rom t e at% ;o$ t en b$y one t o$g t"$l gi"t "or t at one per!on rat er t an attempting to plea!e everyone at con!iderable and pointle!! co!t% Everyone get! a pre!ent, everyone !ave! money% & i! )ork!% Go one mind!% /" t ey do% ;o$ )in beca$!e yo$ )eeded o$t a anger-on% Sav$ng: 7+88 )F. T#e Lat$onal -ottery - $t won>t be yo J & e odd! o" )inning t e =otto Lackpot are !tacked +Bm to + again!t eac ticket% /tD! like )alking on to a "ootball "ield and marking a blade o" gra!! )it &ippex t en a!king a blind"olded "riend, ) om yo$Dve !p$n aro$nd a "e) time! to go on to t e pitc and pick a random blade o" gra!!% /" e pick! t e !ame blade dabbed in correction "l$idP t atD! like, and a! likely a!, )inning t e Gational =ottery Lackpot% & e price o" entering t e lottery a! recently do$bled to 72% & at probably )onDt be incl$ded in o""icial in"lation "ig$re!% Have a go at t e lottery "or "$n !ometime!% /tD! not an inve!tment or a !aving! or retirement plan% .er ap! yo$ ! o$ld con!ider !aving extra money in an /!a% Sav$ng: 72 a )eek I 7+8B a year )H. Use yo r 5sa allowan"es /" yo$#re not already a)are, yo$ can !ave $p to 7?,908 a year in a tax-"ree !aving! acco$nt called an /!a '"or t e more "inancially !avvy t ere#! al!o a !tock! and ! are! /!a(% /t mean! yo$ don#t pay any tax on t e intere!t accr$ed% Circa 28+3, a Hovernment-backed !c eme called 6$nding "or =ending t at p$mp! money into bank! mean! t ey donDt ave to attract ca! by o""ering attractive !aving! rate!% So t ey donDt% Event$ally t ey )ill, and !pare ca! !aved into an /!a )ill !tart attracting intere!t o" a co$ple o" $ndred! o" po$nd! a year on t e "$ll allo)ance again% Sav$ng: 7+88J '0. Cla$m yo r benef$ts an/ ta! "re/$ts


& ere )a! once a !tigma in Britain attac ed to claiming bene"it!% & at )a! largely removed a! )e !)anned into t e t en ne) millenni$m and t e Hovernment p$t bene"it! at t e eart o" t e "amily b$dget% C ild Bene"it, 3orking &ax Credit, C ild &ax Credit and ot er employee-related tax bene"it! )ere an attempt to make li"e a""ordable "or t e lo)-paid% & e Hovernment a! !ince c anged and t e eadline tax c ange a! been b$g brea2s for m$ll$ona$res. 0 t $f yo are ent$tle/ to benef$ts yo s#o l/ st$ll "la$m t#em. 5t "o l/ be t#e /$fferen"e between l$fe an/ /eat#. Sav$ng: 7+88! '1. How sav$ng M50 a mont# now "an save yo M120 ne!t year 2o yo$ pay yo$r in!$rance premi$m! by mont ly in!talment!* /" yo$ do, t en con!ider t i!> yo$ are probably being c arged a premi$m o" bet)een +?: and 28: "or t e privilege% /n ot er )ord!, i" yo$r ome and car in!$rance bill "or t e year i! 7088, yo$#re paying $p to 7+28 a year in intere!t by paying mont ly% /" yo$ are in a po!ition t i! year to !ave $p "or next year#! premi$m! in advance, yo$ can !ave money by paying t e ) ole lot in one go% Sav$ng: 7+88J '2. *o yo nee/ all t#ose TD "#annelsB Britain a! gone digital% /" yo$ aven#t - t at#! not a telly yo$#re )atc ing b$t a very d$ll, repetitive doc$mentary called <e"lection! /n & e ,ven 2oor% Hood ne)!> t ere#! a )orld o" ! o)! better t an a mirror image o" yo$r o)n ead to c oo!e "rom% B$t c oo!e )i!ely% Be"ore yo$ kno) it, yo$ co$ld "ind yo$r!el" )it a package o" movie!, !port!, more !port! yo$#ve never eard o", or a ) ole year#! contract to )atc one "ootball matc % 6reevie) i! "ree% ;o$ can b$y pay-a!-yo$-go .remier =eag$e "ootball online% Sav$ng: 7+88J '). 0$n t#e rea/y meals & e bene"it! o" being able to eat an entire t ree-co$r!e dinner in a box "rom "ro4en in t ree min$te! on "$ll po)er, remove "ilm, !tir and eat "or anot er t ree and leave to !tand "or a min$te are generally o$t)eig ed by t e mental ang$i! o" !$ddenly reali!ing t at !ix min$te! pl$! !tir AG2 !tanding time i! 6A< &,, =,GHF B$t ave yo$ t o$g t abo$t t e co!t!* /" !peed i! key, yo$ can make "re! tomatoe! on toa!t "or abo$t 28p, ) ic i! m$c ealt ier, c eaper and ta!tier t an moi!t boxed "i! -ba!ed m$! cr$mble!% Sav$ng: 7+88J ''. Ta2e % a money-sav$ng #obby Hobbie! not only open yo$r mind to ne) experience! b$t t ey al!o take $p yo$r time - important i" yo$ )o$ld ot er)i!e !pend it in t e p$b drinking a)ay yo$r ard-earned money% /" a painting take! 288 o$r! to complete, and yo$ normally get t ro$g a pint an o$r% & at#! a !aving o" a lea!t 988 1$id a pict$re% & ink


abo$t it% Het painting% Ho "i! ing% Make 1$ic e% Sav$ng: 7+88J '5. +$g#t yo r %ar2$ng t$"2ets /" )e didn#t all love getting parking ticket! t ere#d be a lot "e)er tra""ic )arden! co)ering be ind t e nation#! ) eelie bin! )it t eir notebook!, camera! and complex mental t$rmoil )aiting to po$nce on impoveri! ed motori!t! )it an #it#! not abo$t rai!ing money, it#! to keep tra""ic moving# penalty notice% /n t e $nlikely event t at yo$r a""ection "or tra""ic )arden! a! been cr$! ed beca$!e yo$#ve been a)arded a parking "ine yo$ "eel )a! $nL$!t%%% !imple, "ig t back% Sav$ng: 7+88 '=. ?vo$/ e!ten/e/ warrant$es Electrical good! are more reliable t an ever% /" yo$r ne) radio )on#t la!t t ree year! per ap! it#! not )ort b$ying in t e "ir!t place% & ink abo$t it> o) many time! a! yo$r "ridge broken do)n in t e la!t "ive year!* And do yo$ really need t e a!!le o" claiming "or repair! to a 7+8 toa!ter* Sav$ng: 7+88 'E. S#o% onl$ne & e internet i! grad$ally taking over% /t#! a !lo) proce!!% Britain#! "o$rt large!t !$permarket, Morri!ion!, didn#t la$nc it! online grocery !ervice $ntil%%% a it !till a!n#t% /t )ill get better, i" only beca$!e t ere#! not ing le"t to b$y in t e Hig Street apart "rom and-me-do)n toy!, ornament! and belt! in c arity ! op!% 6or ne)comer!, t ere are plenty o" compari!on )eb!ite! to elp "ind t e be!t price! "or bigger item!% Ho on, give it a try, it#! more "$n t an 1$e$ing $p "or al"-an- o$r at t e !$permarket c ecko$t - e!pecially i" yo$ can#t "ind yo$r bl$mmin# Gectar Card at t e end o" it% Sav$ng: ;o$r !anity 'F. Ma2e l n"# - get free "ar ;o$ !pend a con!ervative 7? a day on l$nc pl$! t e l$x$ry o" 7+%?8 on a co""ee and 7+ on !nack!, it#! not ing% /t#! only 79%?8 a day% ,r 7+,C88 a year% ,r, "or t e ard o" $nder!tanding, t e co!t o" a brand ne) 7+8,888 car a"ter a mere "ive year!% ,ver yo$r )orking li"e yo$ can ea!ily c omp a)ay more t an 7+88,888% And yo$ kno) ) at* An a)"$l lot o" people !pend con!iderably more t an 79%?8 a day% 3 ile making yo$r o)n l$nc i!n#t "ree, remember> a !and)ic i! L$!t !ome bread )it !ome !t$"" in bet)een% And "or t e price o" a !mall pen!ion, doe! t e co""ee really ta!te t at good* Sav$ng: 7+88! 'H. T#e C$t$Ken>s ?/v$"e 0 rea $s yo r fr$en/ /" yo$r debt! are o$t o" control plea!e !eek elp immediately "rom yo$r local CAB - t eir advi!er! can elp yo$ )ork o$t a !en!ible !trategy to get yo$ back on yo$r "eet%


Sav$ng: /t co$ld !ave yo$r li"e 50. ?// yo r own t$%s4 save t#$s art$"le4 sen/ $t to a fr$en/ &ec nological progre!! !ince 288? mean! yo$ can no) elp yo$r "riend! !ave money by !ending t em a link to t i! article by $!ing t e clever b$tton! belo)% .lea!e add yo$r o)n money-!aving tip! in t e comment! box too%

S$m%le ways to save money

Sav$ng ma/e easy Making !mall c ange! in yo$r li"e can "atten yo$r !aving! and elp yo$ b$dget better% 6ollo) t e!e tip! to !ave more money% Save on gro"er$es Save ele"tr$"$ty an/ water Save money w$t# a fr$en/ Save on "lot#es an/ ot#er $tems Save on ban2 fees C#ange one #ab$t an/ save Try t#e Saver @l s @rogram Save on grocerie! Here are !ome tip! "or !aving money next time yo$#re at t e !$permarket> &ake a li!t !o yo$ don#t "orget anyt ing% ,nly b$y ) at#! on t e li!t% & i! make! it ea!ier to !tick to yo$r b$dget% .$t yo$r grocery money in an envelope% 2on#t take any ot er ca! or card! )it yo$ !o yo$ can only !pend ) at yo$ ave% B$y in b$lk and only go grocery ! opping once a "ortnig t% @!e all t e "ood in yo$r pantry be"ore yo$ b$y more% Eat a meal or !nack be"ore yo$ go to t e !$permarket% 3 en yo$ are not $ngry, yo$ tend to b$y le!! "ood% @!e o$r b$dget planner to elp yo$ !ave% 0 /get %lanner

Case st /y: La/$a>s "#o"olate "#o$"e Gadia love! c ocolate b$t kno)! it i! bad "or er% S e decide! to !top eating c ocolate "or 38 day! a! a ealt c allenge% A mont later, ! e not only "eel! m$c ealt ier b$t a! al!o !aved over Q+88%


0a"2 To To%Save electricity and )ater Here#! o) yo$ can !ave money and do yo$r bit "or t e environment% Saving electricity> S)itc o"" yo$r eater, air-conditioner and lig t! in room! yo$#re not $!ing 5eep yo$r c$rtain! or blind! dra)n at nig t to keep t e eat in @!e a door !nake $nder t e door &$rn o"" t e eater and p$t on L$mper &$rn o"" yo$r electrical appliance! at t e po)erpoint &$rn o"" t e &A and comp$ter ) en no-one i! $!ing it @!e energy e""icient lig t b$lb! &$rn on t e )a! ing mac ine and t e di! )a! er only ) en t ey are "$ll Saving )ater> Have 2 min$te ! o)er! @!e grey )ater "rom yo$r )a! ing mac ine or ! o)er to )ater yo$r plant! /n!tall a )ater e""icient ! o)er ead 3a! clot e! )it cold )ater 6or more tip! vi!it t e A$!tralian Hovernment#! =ivingHreener )eb!ite% 0a"2 To To%Save money )it a "riend /t can be arder to !ave money ) en t e people aro$nd yo$ are keen to !pend% &ry and "ind a "riend ) o al!o )ant! to !ave money% ;o$ can ! are tip!, enLoy c eap nig t! o$t and borro) "rom eac ot er rat er t an b$y ne) t ing!% ;o$ co$ld even ave a competition to !ee ) o !ave! t e mo!t money over a !et time% 0a"2 To To%Save on clot e! and ot er item! 3it "a! ion c anging every !ea!on, yo$ don#t really need to b$y ne) clot e! all t e time> /" yo$#re b$ying clot e!, c eck i" yo$ can )a! t em to avoid dry cleaning bill! /" yo$ b$y !omet ing, make !$re it goe! )it at lea!t t)o ot er t ing! in yo$r )ardrobe !o yo$ can get a "e) di""erent o$t"it! o$t o" one item C eck op-! op! and local market! "or bargain! A!k yo$r neig bo$r!, "riend! or "amily i" yo$ can borro) tool! or gardening e1$ipment, rat er t an b$y ne) item! Save on bank "ee! Some "inancial in!tit$tion! o""er ba!ic bank acco$nt! )it > Go acco$nt keeping "ee! 6ree mont ly !tatement! Go minim$m depo!it amo$nt! Go overdra)n "ee!


;o$ can "ind ) ic "inancial in!tit$tion! o""er t e!e ba!ic bank acco$nt! on t e A$!tralian Banker!# A!!ociation#! A""ordable Banking )eb!ite% C#ange one #ab$t an/ save Small c ange! can make a big di""erence to yo$r bank balance% C ange one t ing yo$ do reg$larly and yo$ co$ld !ave money% Some example! are> Hive $p drinking co""ee or c$t do)n on alco ol - it may !o$nd !cary b$t it )ill !ave yo$ money and can ave ealt bene"it! Cancel yo$r gym member! ip and )alk to )ork in!tead Make yo$r l$nc at ome Have people over "or dinner rat er t an going o$t and a!k everyone to bring a plate o" "ood Borro) book! and 2A2! "rom t e library =ock $p yo$r credit card "or a mont and only pay "or t ing! )it ca! Set a limit "or birt day and C ri!tma! pre!ent! or give omemade gi"t! Sav$ngs goals "al" lator 0a"2 To To%&ry t e Saver .l$! .rogram Saver .l$! elp! "amilie! on lo) income! develop a !aving! abit and improve "inancial !kill!% Saver .l$! can elp yo$ !et a !aving! goal and elp yo$ reac it% 3 en yo$ reac yo$r goal, yo$r !aving! are matc ed, dollar "or dollar, $p to Q?88% 6ind o$t more abo$tSaver .l$!% 5t>s easy to save money by " tt$ng o t or re/ "$ng some t#$ngs yo b y. Try one or two of t#ese money-sav$ng t$%s an/ wat"# yo r sav$ngs grow.

10 &asy Ways to Save Money Start t#e Co nt/own


W#et#er yo >re % tt$ng away money for t#e f t re or ; st try$ng to lower yo r "ost of l$v$ng4 t#ere are many ways to save yo r %enn$es. iStockp otoR& ink!tock


B$ilding a "inancial "$t$re -- ) et er it#! yo$r retirement, yo$r "amily#! "$t$re need! or !imply attaining yo$r per!onal goal! and getting t e t ing! yo$ )ant -- all !tart! )it !aving% Savingi! t e be!t and mo!t important )ay to make !$re yo$#re "inancially !a"e ) en it co$nt!% And it#! ea!y to learn o)% Saving doe!n#t L$!t mean getting di!co$nt! on yo$r p$rc a!e!% /t al!o mean! p$tting a)ay money "or a rainy day and pretending yo$ never !a) itK creating an emergency "$nd !o t at i" !omet ing doe! go )rong, yo$ )on#t be !ick )it )orryK )iping o$t debt once and "or allK paying o"" t o!e bill! t at never !eem to go a)ayK and, event$ally, it mean! p$tting yo$r money to )ork "or yo$% By "inding )ay! to lo)er yo$r everyday co!t!, yo$#ll b$ild abit! t at can c ange t e )ay yo$ look at yo$r li"e, yo$r o$!e old and t e "$t$re% B$t it !tart! )it !ome ba!ic principle! and !ome potentially terri"ying concept!> B$dgetF Saving! acco$ntF Spending abit!F & o!e are L$!t a "e) )ord! g$aranteed to !care yo$ to deat or "ill yo$ )it g$ilt% B$t i" yo$ can !tep back and look at yo$r pattern! o" be avior, yo$r dream! "or t e "$t$re and t e real impact o" yo$r c oice! every day, yo$#ll be !$rpri!ed o) painle!! -- and "$n -- !aving money can be% 10 Sav$ng on &nterta$nment Almo!t any in"ormation yo$ )ant i! available "ree, and $p to t e min$te, online% & o!e maga4ine! all over t e o$!e t at yo$ in!i!t yo$#ll read one day* ;o$ )on#t% Call and cancel yo$r !$b!cription today, and get a re"$nd on t e $ndelivered i!!$e!% & ey already ave yo$r addre!!K no) all t ey need to do i! !end yo$ t e c eck% 3 at abo$t t o!e little red 2A2 envelope!* Ho) o"ten do t ey !it aro$nd collecting d$!t beca$!e yo$ don#t ave time to )atc t em* ,r t e ealt cl$b member! ip* /" yo$ don#t ave time to $!e it a! m$c a! yo$#d like, it#! L$!t co!ting yo$money and making yo$ "eel g$ilty% Hit t e !treet! "or a )alk or r$n, get o$t in t e !$n )it !ome "riend! or $!e t e park#! exerci!e e1$ipment% ;o$ don#t need to pay "or a b$nc o" mac ine! yo$ aren#t $!ing any)ay% 3e all love to b$y ne) clot e!, eat delicio$! "ood, it t e !pa or !ee a rock band "rom t e "ront ro)% B$t t o!e t ing! are called l$x$rie! "or a rea!on and ! o$ld be p$rc a!ed in moderation% ;o$ de!erve to "eel !pecial and to treat yo$r!el"F J$!t make !$re it#! !omet ing yo$ really )ant, and try to !pend yo$r money on experience! yo$#ll al)ay! remember% 0H Sav$ng on ? tomot$ve Costs Ge) car! tend to decrea!e in val$e by 2? to B8 percent in t e "ir!t t)o year! S!o$rce> 6$llerT% B$ying a car t at#! a year or t)o old mean! !omebody el!e paid t at B8 percent ) en t ey t$rned it in, or !old it to yo$, )it o$t a !$b!tantial drop in 1$ality% & at c ange in price )ill al!o be re"lected in


yo$r)arranty and in!$rance price! -- anot er t ing t e previo$! o)ner paid on yo$r be al"% A! )e all kno), t e be!t )ay to !ave on mont -to-mont car expen!e! i! by )atc ing yo$r mileage% B$t it doe!n#t ave to be a !tati!tical nig tmare% J$!t t ink abo$t t e ba!ic!> /" yo$ drive C8,888 mile! '+29,888 kilometer!( over an average o" "ive year!, yo$ co$ld be b$ying 2,888 "e)er gallon! '9,088 liter!( o" ga! !imply by c oo!ing a 2? mpg '++ kmR=( car over a +? mpg '0 kmR=( model S!o$rce> @%S% Environmental .rotection AgencyT% & at#! a lot o" ga! !avedF 2id yo$ kno) t at L$!t c anging yo$r air "ilter co$ld rai!e yo$r mileage by a! m$c a! 9 percent S!o$rce><ot T* ,r t at "or every 2 po$nd! per !1$are inc 'p!i( -- +B kilopa!cal! -- t at yo$r tire! are r$nning lo), yo$r mileage goe! do)n by + percent* Mo!t car! are ? to +8 p!i '3? to 98 kilopa!cal!( $nder t eir man$"act$rer#! re1$irement, and L$!t airing t em $p, at negligible co!t, mean! an improvement o" aro$nd ? percent S!o$rce> .ark $r!t and Uat4T% All t e!e little t ing! add $p to !ave yo$ money -- pl$!, keeping yo$r car in top condition mean! many more year! $ntil yo$#ll need to b$y a ne) oneF 0F Sav$ng on +oo/ S#o%%$ng 3 en it come! to "ood, )e o"ten pay "or convenience, ) en a "e) !imple c ange! )o$ld make li"e ealt ier and le!! expen!ive% Spending Q0 a day on l$nc mean! !pending abo$t QC88 a year -- do$ble t at i" yo$r !po$!e or partner doe! t e !ame% Bro)n-bag it L$!t a day or t)o a )eek, and yo$ )on#t only be eating c eaper, b$t ealt ier 'and maybe ta!tier, tooF(% Bottled )ater i!n#t L$!t bad "or t e environmentK it#! al!o a great )ay to pay a lot "or !omet ing yo$ can get "or "ree% B$y a "a$cet "ilter and !ome "$n, re$!able bottle!% Making yo$r o)n co""ee in t e morning, in!tead o" !topping at a c ain, )ill !ave yo$ ton! o" money eac )eek% Sta! ing !nack! at )ork and in t e car mean! never aving to it t e vending mac ine! or a drive-t ro$g % A little prep time i! )ort a lotF .lanning yo$r meal! "or t e )eek ba!ed on ) at#! on !ale at t e grocery !tore i! a !olid !trategy 'a! long a! yo$ !tick to yo$r li!t(% Have a !nack be"ore ! opping, and go into t e !tore kno)ing exactly ) at yo$ need -- t i! can !ave yo$ ton! o" ca! at t e regi!ter% & e "a!ter yo$#re in and o$t, t e le!! money yo$#ll drop on none!!ential!% 0E Sav$ng on +am$ly &!%enses 2id yo$ kno) t at all generic ver!ion! o" dr$g! and baby "orm$la are 62Are1$ired to provide t e !ame bene"it! a! name brand!* Game brand companie! !pend a lot o" money on developing and marketing prod$ct!, and t e generic ver!ion! don#t ave to !pend any o" t at% & ey pa!! t e !aving! on to yo$, )it prod$ct! made "rom t e !ame ingredient! a! t eir pricier co$nterpart!%


/" yo$#ve been planning to 1$it !moking, money i! a great incentive% & e bene"it! are "ar beyond L$!t t e money yo$#ll !ave on t e act$al cigarette!> ;o$r in!$rance premi$m! and ealt care bill! )ill go do)n, and yo$ may live longer% 2ropping yo$r bad abit! i! a great )ay to !ave money and rai!e yo$r 1$ality o" li"e% & ink o" it t i! )ay> All t o!e addiction! and abit! are L$!t anot er )ay to !end money o$t t e door and get not ing in ret$rn% Anyt ing involving yo$r ealt , yo$r "amily#! )ell-being or yo$r c ild#! "$t$re i! going to come at yo$ )it a lot o" marketing be ind it, beca$!e companie! kno) yo$#ll do ) atever it take! to make !$re yo$#re doing t e mo!t yo$ can% Make it a r$le o" t $mb to c eck be ind t e c$rtain, and compare price! and long-term co!t! )it t ing! like li"e in!$rance, baby prod$ct!, medicine! and "inancial planning% Companie! trying to make a !ale may not kno) ) at#! be!t "or yo$ and yo$r "amily% 0= Sav$ng on Ho se#ol/ &nergy B$ying Energy Star-rated appliance! and making !$re yo$r ome i! )ell-in!$lated and energy e""icient are t e be!t )ay! to !ave money on day-to-day electrical co!t!% By t$rning o"" yo$r comp$ter or $npl$gging t e &A or co""eemaker ) en yo$#re a)ay "rom t em, yo$#ll !ave a good bit o" energy over t e co$r!e o" t e year% & e comp$ter )ork!tation yo$#re $!ing rig t no) mig t be connected by a po)er !trip% /" !o, t$rn t at baby o"" ) en yo$#re done "or t e nig t, and $npl$g anyt ing el!e yo$#re not $!ing% 5eeping yo$r comp$ter#! energy !etting! on Vpo)er !averV i! anot er )ay to keep "rom )a!ting energy% <emember, )a!ting i! t e oppo!ite o" !aving% 3 ile t ere may not be a !ingle big c ange or trick t at )ill dra!tically red$ce yo$r energy co!t!, being mind"$l o" t e )ay energy i! $!ed in yo$r ome )ill elp yo$ !ave a !igni"icant amo$nt o" money over time% 05 Sav$ng on @ersonal &!%enses /" yo$r "avorite ! o)! are going to be available online tomorro) "or "ree, ) y pay "or cable* And i" yo$ do love yo$r cable or !atellite, compare yo$r local provider!# Vb$ndleV o""er!% Here#! a tip> ;o$ may pay le!! "or cable and /nternet by agreeing to a telep one landline, even i" yo$#ll never $!e it% 3 ile eac mobile p one plan may make "inancial !en!e "or !omebody, t at doe!n#t mean it#! rig t "or yo$% & ere#! a per"ect plan o$t t ere "or yo$r partic$lar circ$m!tance, and t at incl$de! t e be!t price% Compare !ervice plan! )it yo$r provider, and be reali!tic abo$t yo$r abit!% /t#! nice to ave 088 anytime min$te!, b$t do yo$ really $!e t at many* 2o yo$ really need $nlimited text me!!age!, or co$ld yo$ get by )it le!!* &ry c$tting back to a le!! expen!ive plan, and !ee i" it !till )ork! "or yo$r need!%


Hal" o" !aving i! being diligent, ) ic can mean !acri"icing convenience or t rill!% B$t t e ot er al" i! "inding a !ol$tion t at )ork! "or yo$% & e more money yo$ !ave, t e more yo$#ll enLoy !eeing t o!e pennie! add $p% 0' 1t#er Money-sav$ng T$%s /" yo$ "ind yo$ !pend too m$c online, con!ider removing yo$r credit card n$mber "rom yo$r online acco$nt!% & en it )ill re1$ire a little extra e""ort every time yo$#re making an imp$l!e p$rc a!e, and yo$ may t ink t)ice% E!tabli! a one-mont grace period "or p$rc a!e! yo$#re excited abo$t% 3rite do)n ) at yo$ )ant in!tead o" b$ying it, and a mont "rom no), !ee i" yo$ !till )ant it% C$t $p yo$r credit card!% & o!e companie! make t eir money "rom intere!t paid by c$!tomer! ) o can#t pay o"" t eir !tatement! eac mont % /t#! !imple> /" yo$ can#t pay yo$r card! o"", it mean! yo$#re b$ying t ing! yo$ can#t a""ord% Save $p "or t e item! yo$ really )ant, and yo$ )on#t ave to and over all yo$r money L$!t "or t e privilege o" aving t ing! immediately% ;o$#ll val$e t em more, and yo$#ll ave more money in and "or yo$r next big p$rc a!e% 3 en it come! to gi"t giving, t e gi"t! )e remember mo!t are t e one! t at made $! "eel t e be!t% A gi"t o" !ervice -- ) et er it#! an evening o" baby!itting, la)n care or boarding a loved one#! pet -- co!t! not ing, and "or t e recipient, it mean! yo$ really t o$g t abo$t t eir need!% 0) W#at LowB <emember t e rea!on yo$#re !aving in t e "ir!t place> &o b$ild a !tore o" money, not to move it aro$nd, to blo) it on yo$r next big p$rc a!e or even L$!t to c$t expen!e!% Create a !trategy and abit! t at )ill event$ally mean yo$r money#! )orking "or yo$% & e "ir!t e!!ential part o" any plan i! yo$r emergency "$nd% & at#! money yo$ can acce!! ea!ily 'a! in a!aving! acco$nt( in an emergency% Mo!t expert! agree on a "$nd e1$aling t ree to !ix mont !# )ort o" expen!e!% & at mean! looking one!tly at yo$r o$!e old !pending and deciding o) m$c yo$#ll need to !tay a"loat i" t e $nt inkable appen!% ,nce yo$#ve e!tabli! ed yo$r emergency "$nd, look at paying o"" debt! a! t e "ir!t "orm o" real !aving!% /t#! not a! exciting a! a !aving! acco$nt yo$ can )atc gro), b$t being debt-"ree "eel! great -- e!pecially !ince yo$#re not "orking over intere!t% Saving mean! !pending le!! t an yo$ makeK it#! t e only )ay anyone ever b$ild! )ealt % & at mean! looking at money in term! o" yo$r ope! and dream!% =ook "or t e be!t )ay! yo$ can keep t e money yo$ earn "or yo$r!el" and "or yo$r "amily% 02 Ma2e 8an/ St$"2 to9 a 0 /get ,nline banking make! it ea!ier to "ig$re o$t o) m$c yo$#re making, o) m$c yo$#re !pending and o) m$c yo$ can !ave or $!e to pay o"" yo$r debt% 2on#t t ink abo$t ) at yo$ ! o$ld be doing, L$!t "oc$! on being one!t abo$t yo$r daily li"e> t e money yo$ make and t e money yo$ !pend%


Setting !ky- ig !aving! goal! can !ometime! )ork in t e ! ort term, b$t yo$#re not L$!t !aving $p "or a ne) &A> ;o$#re trying to create an entirely ne) abit and make it a part o" yo$r li"e% /t a! to be !omet ing yo$ can do every time, not L$!t ) en yo$#re "eeling optimi!tic% Any expert )ill !ay t at one o" t e mo!t important abit! to learn i! paying yo$r!el" "ir!t% Het t at money o$t o" c ecking immediately, $!ing yo$r bank#! a$tomatic tran!"er !y!tem i" po!!ible% 3 en yo$ t ink o" !aving a! !omet ing yo$ do )it t e money le"t over, yo$ don#t !ave> & ere#! never going to be any money le"t overF Ho)ever yo$ do it, t e point i! to teac yo$r!el" t at once yo$#ve !tarted !aving, t at money i! no longer yo$r! to !pend% Saving i! L$!t !omet ing yo$ do, every payc eck, regardle!! o" ) at el!e i! going on% 01 Ma2e ,o r Money Wor2 for ,o So yo$#ve created a b$dget and !een o) long it )ill take to pay o"" yo$r debt and b$ild $p yo$r emergency "$nd% ;o$ created long-term p$rc a!e goal! to keep yo$r!el" motivated, and made !ome deci!ion! abo$t retirement% B$t yo$#ve c anged !o many little abit! and ro$tine!, no) yo$ can#t !top !aving moneyF & e ) ole point o" creating an emergency "$nd i! to ave t at money available immediately% ;o$ pay "or t at acce!!, beca$!e it mean! earning le!! intere!t% B$t t ere#! a )orld o" "inancial prod$ct! t at are !a"er and le!! time con!$ming t an trading !tock!, and t at !till make yo$r money )ork "or yo$% Certi"icate! o" 2epo!it 'C2!( are a good )ay to !tart% ;o$ de"ine t e term! -- o) long it )ill take to mat$re -- and t at money goe! a)ay% 3 en it come! back, it bring! more money )it itF ;o$ t en ave t e option o" reinve!ting, c anging t e term! or L$!t taking t e ca! % & e longer t e term!, t e better t e intere!t rate, beca$!e yo$ agree to leave it alone "or longer and pay !ti""er "ine! "or opening it $p early% A "$n )ay to balance acce!!ibility and ig er yield! i! by !etting $p !everal C2! at once, )it di""erent mat$rity term!% & at )ay, yo$ get t e option to reinve!t or take t e ca! more o"ten, ) ic mean! yo$#re never t at "ar "rom aving ca! available i" yo$ need it% <ead on "or link! to more tip! on !aving and inve!ting%

1' S$m%le Money ( les

A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% .lea!e, take a moment to vi!it eac o"


t e!e article!, ) ic o""er more in"ormation abo$t eac idea and o) yo$ can make t em )ork in yo$r li"e% +% Spend =e!! & an ;o$ Earn% 2% 2onDt ,ver-& ink ;o$r /nve!tment!% 3% Stop 3a!ting &ime% B% Eliminate 'and Avoid( Hig -/ntere!t 2ebt% ?% &alk Abo$t Money 'And Be Hone!t(% 0% Stop &rying to /mpre!! ,t er .eople% 9% 3atc ;o$r .rogre!! 'B$t Make /t 6$n(% C% &ake Care o" ;o$r & ing!% 9% 2o /t ;o$r!el"% +8% .lan A ead Every &ime ;o$ Spend% ++% 6ind and 3ork &o)ard ;o$r &r$e .a!!ion!% +2% B$ild <eal 6riend! ip! and <elation! ip!% +3% /mprove ;o$r!el" Every C ance ;o$ Het% +B% Hive 3it o$t String! or <egret!% ( le R1: S%en/ -ess T#an ,o &arn. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% /" t ere i! a !ingle r$le t at $nderlie! everyt ing /Dve )ritten abo$t on & e Simple 2ollar, itD! t i! !imple !entence> S%en/ less t#an yo earn. /t !o$nd! !o !imple, doe!nDt it* ;et t ere are many people o$t t ere b$rying t em!elve! in debt '!pending more t an t ey earn( or living p$rely payc eck to payc eck '!pending exactly ) at t ey earn(% Simply !pending le!! t an yo$ earn a! a ca!cade o" po!itive e""ect!% 6ir!t, yo beg$n el$m$nat$ng yo r /ebts. Spending le!! t an yo$ earn "ree! $p t e money yo$ need to make larger payment! on yo$r debt!% ,ver time, t ey begin to di!appear, red$cing yo$r mont ly bill! and giving yo$ even more breat ing room% Second, yo beg$n to save. 6ir!t, yo$ b$ild $p !ome ca! !aving! in yo$r !aving! acco$nt, enabling yo$ to roll t ro$g emergencie! 'like a car breakdo)n or a Lob lo!!(% ;o$Dll al!o ave t e breat ing room to !tart !aving "or retirement, paving yo$r!el" a great "$t$re "or yo$r golden year!% & ird, yo r stress level falls. 5no)ing t at yo$ ave "e)er debt!, yo$r emergencie! are covered, and yo$r retirement i! being planned "or red$ce! yo$r !tre!! level% ;o$ !leep better, yo$r overall ealt improve!, and yo$ "eel appier abo$t li"e%


6inally, yo are now able to e!%lore %oss$b$l$t$es "lose/ to yo before. 3 en yo$r debt! are gone and yo$ are !pending "ar le!! t an yo$Dre bringing in, yo$ !$ddenly ave many more career po!!ibilitie!% ;o$ donDt ave to !tick )it yo$r ig -!tre!! Lob E yo$ ave t e "inancial "reedom to move on and c a!e yo$r dream!% ;o$ can live ) ere E and o) E yo$ )ant to live% All o" t at come! back to one ba!ic principle E s%en/ less t#an yo earn% & at !tatement act$ally a! t)o part!, t o$g % S%en/ less re"er! to t e "act t at yo$ do need to c$t yo$r !pending% & e "ir!t !tep doe!nDt need to be anyt ing dra!tic E nor ! o$ld it be% Many o" t e more extreme money-!aving tip! come "rom people ) o ave already tried o$t t e ba!ic tip! andlove t em, !o t ey !eek o$t more inten!e !trategie! to "$rt er c$t t eir !pending% / do t i! my!el" E /Dm al)ay! trying o$t ne) money-!aving !trategie!, di!carding t e one! t at donDt )ork "or me and keeping t e one! t at do% Here are "ive big )ay! to get !tarted% 6ir!t, go t#ro g# every mont#ly reI $re/ b$ll. A!k yo$r!el" i" yo$ really need t at !ervice at all% 2o yo$ really $!e Get"lix eno$g , or co$ld yo$ L$!t rent a movie once in a ) ile "rom <edbox* 2o yo$ really $!e yo$r cell p one m$c at all, or co$ld yo$ L$!t replace it )it a pay-a!-yo$-go p one* & en, go t ro$g eac bill and !ee i" t ere are any optional !ervice! yo$ can eliminate% 2o yo$ really need premi$m cable* 2o yo$ really need $nlimited text me!!age!* Second, 2ee% /$l$gent tra"2 of yo r s%en/$ng. 5eep a notebook in yo$r pocket and )rite do)n every expen!e yo$ ave% & e !imple proce!! o" doing t i! )ill make yo$ t ink t)ice abo$t $nnece!!ary expen!e!% 3 en yo$ do ave a mont D! )ort o" expen!e! )ritten do)n, take a care"$l look at t em% A!k yo$r!el" ) et er or not eac o" t e!e expen!e! act$ally contrib$ted to t e val$e and Loy o" yo$r li"e% & at proce!! )ill o""er a lot o" in!ig t "or yo$ a! to ) ere yo$r !pending i! going to )a!te% & ird, loo2 "aref lly at yo r ro t$nes. 3atc ) at yo$ do every day 'or mo!t day!(% Are t ere t ing! yo$ do eac day t at co!t money* & o!e t ing! are t e mo!t po)er"$l one! to adL$!t, a! trimming L$!t Q+ "rom yo$r daily !pending !ave! yo$ Q30? a year% 2o yo$ !top at a co""ee ! op eac day* 3 y not c$t do)n yo$r daily order a bit, or !)itc to a di""erent ! op, or !tart making yo$r co""ee at ome* 2o yo$ eat o$t every day* .er ap! yo$ can !tart bro)n bagging it a "e) day! a )eek% =ook at every reg$lar expen!e yo$ ave% 6o$rt , get a better ban2. & e va!t maLority o" American! are )it bank! t at donDt treat t em very )ell% Go intere!t at all on t eir c ecking acco$nt!% &on! o" "ee! "or A&M $!e% 2raconian overdra"t policie!% A tiny intere!t rate on !aving! acco$nt!% Mont ly $!age "ee! o" all kind!% All o" t e!e t ing! are a )a!te o" money% S)itc yo$r acco$nt! to a bank t at re!pect! yo$% 6rom my o)n per!onal experience, / $!e /GH 2irect "or bot !aving! and c ecking% / get great c$!tomer


!ervice, intere!t on my c ecking acco$nt, a !olid intere!t rate on my !aving! acco$nt, and /Dve never ad a "ee o" any !ort% 6inally, /o some one-t$me energy $m%rovements aro n/ yo r #ome. <eplace !ome o" yo$r lig t b$lb! )it C6=! and =E2!% /n!tall a programmable t ermo!tat% Air !eal yo$r ome% Blanket yo$r )ater eater% /n!tall !ome SmartStrip! to c$t do)n on electricity $!e% & e!e tactic! )ill c$t do)n yo$r energy bill !igni"icantly, directly red$cing yo$r bill!% 3ant !ome more tip!* 2ig into my li!t o" +88 great money !aving tip! "or people L$!t getting !tarted, a! )ell a! +88 "ree t ing! to do d$ring a money-"ree )eekend% & e re!t o" t e p ra!e, t#an yo earn, t o$g , point! to t e ot er part o" t e e1$ation> increa!ing yo$r earning!% /ncrea!ing yo$r earning! give! yo$ more money )it ) ic to get rid o" yo$r debt!, !ave "or yo$r big dream!, and b$ild a "o$ndation "or ) atever "$t$re move! yo$ may )ant to make% & ere are co$ntle!! )ay! to earn more money, b$t t ere are !everal tactic! almo!t anyone can apply in t eir li"e% Here are "ive key )ay! to get !tarted increa!ing yo$r income% 6ir!t, /on7t waste t$me at wor2. & e time yo$ !pend !itting idle, bro)!ing t e )eb, or c atting on /M or &)itter )it yo$r b$ddie! i! time yo$Dve e""ectively lo!t% /n!tead, inve!t t at time in !omet ing devoted to yo$r career, even i" itD! not directly on a )ork proLect% & ere are lot! o" t ing! yo$ can al)ay! be )orking on E !ee t e ot er t ing! belo), "or example% Second, wor2 on yo r transferable s2$lls. /Dm a big believer in tran!"erable !kill! E !kill! t at one can $tili4e in almo!t any career pat % 3ork on ma!tering !$c !kill!% J$mp on any and all opport$nitie! to !peak in p$blic% Hammer o$t an e""ective time management !c eme "or yo$% Het into a ro$tine o" organi4ing and "iling yo$r paper)ork% Brain!torm idea! "or t ing! going on in yo$r o""ice% 3rite clear doc$mentation "or t e !tandard proced$re! o" yo$r )ork% Step $p to t e plate, take c arge o" a )ork proLect, and get t e ball moving "or)ard% All o" t e!e t ing! p$! yo$ to)ard! developing !kill! t at are gen$inely $!e"$l no matter ) ere yo$Dre eading in li"e% & ird, b $l/ strong relat$ons#$%s w$t# as many %eo%le as yo "an $n yo r f$el/. Join !ervice! like &)itter or =inked/nand !tart conver!ation! )it people in yo$r career% Send email! to people yo$Dve interacted )it a lot in yo$r career and keep $p )it ) at t eyDre doing% /" yo$ ave an opport$nity to connect people t at can elp eac ot er, do it immediately, )it o$t e!itation% S are ) at yo$ kno) and be val$able to ot er!% 6o$rt , start a s$/e b s$ness. / donDt mean "illing o$t !$rvey! or ot er t ing! yo$ can $!e to b$rn a "e) min$te! d$ring t e commercial break! on =o!t and earn a "e) pennie!% / mean act$ally devote !erio$! time and e""ort to t$rning a pa!!ion


yo$ ave into a money-making enterpri!e% 2onDt kno) ) at t at co$ld po!!ibly be* Here are "i"ty idea! to get yo$ !tarted% 6inally, ste% % to t#e %late at wor2 $n l$ttle ways. & ere are lot! o" !imple )ay! to !tand o$t% Speak $p at meeting!% S o) empat y "or t e problem! t at ot er! ave% &ake on only proLect! yo$ can andle, b$t do t em )ell% Het to kno) t e !$pport !ta"" E and treat t em )ell% 2onDt b$rn bridge! ) en yo$ move on E make an extra e""ort to maintain good relation! ip! ) en yo$ leave% & e!e little t ing! add $p to a $ge di""erence% 5eep t at r$le in mind> s%en/ less t#an yo earn. Eac move yo$ make to maximi4e t e gap bet)een ) at yo$ earn and ) at yo$ !pend )ill p$t yo$ in a better place in yo$r li"e% ( le R2: *on7t 1ver-T#$n2 ,o r 5nvestments. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% / picked $p a copy o" Money recently and co$nted t e n$mber o" m$t$al "$nd ad! in t e i!!$e% My co$nt* +C% Eac one claimed to o""er !ome !ort o" !ec$rity "or yo$% Eac one claimed to o""er !$perior !ervice andRor !$perior re!$lt!% & en / t$rned to t e content% / !a) a $ge li!t o" m$t$al "$nd!, all o" ) ic !eemed to be de!cribed a! !pectac$lar% / !a) m$ltiple article! di!c$!!ing o) to make !aving "or retirement or !aving "or college a! complicated and !cary a! po!!ible% By t e time / !at t e i!!$e do)n, / )a! almo!t over) elmed% 3it t at many inve!tment option! and c oice! o$t t ere, o) can / po!!ibly ever pick t e rig t one* & e tr$t * *on7t worry abo t $t. ;o$Dre t)enty "ive% ;o$ )ant to retire at age !ixty, !o yo$Dve got t irty "ive year! to go% ;o$ decide t at Q9?8,888 i! a good target% So yo$ !tart looking into inve!tment!% ;o$ do a )eekD! )ort o" re!earc , pick an inve!tment t at !eem! pretty good and !table over t e long a$l, and yo$ decide to dive in and !tart !aving rig t t en and t ere% ;o$ !tart !ocking a)ay Q?,888 a year, and t at inve!tment only #as to earn EC a year to get yo to yo r goal. ;o$ donDt ave to ave !leeple!! nig t! )orrying abo$t yo$r inve!tment E 9: i! a pretty rea!onable goal% Go), letD! !ay yo$ look at t em E and yo$Dre over) elmed% ;o$ decide to )ait a year E and t at year become! "ive%


;o$ !tart !ocking a)ay Q?,888 a year no), b$t t e o$tlook i! decidedly )or!e% ,o now #ave to earn HC a year in order to make t at Q9?8,888 goal% /n!tead o" being able to !ock t at money a)ay and not )orry abo$t it, yo$Dll no) ave to micromanage it E and even t en, yo$ likely !till )onDt make it% 3 atD! t e moral o" t e !tory* ,o 7re better off start$ng yo r sav$ngs now rat#er t#an wa$t$ng nt$l yo f$n/ t#e S%erfe"tT $nvestment. & e per"ect i! al)ay! t e enemy o" t e good% S$re, yo$ can keep yo$r eye o$t "or a better inve!tment, b$t yo$ donDt ave to ave )orld-beating .eter =ync -like ret$rn! in order to make yo$r goal!% So ) atD! a WgoodX inve!tment* 6or !tarter!, an index "$nd> t eyDre ea!y and donDt re1$ire m$c time inve!tment, t eyDre very co!t e""icient, and t ey o$tper"orm virt$ally all managed m$t$al "$nd!% B$rton J% Malkiel, in i! !eminal & e <andom 3alk H$ide to /nve!ting, make! a brilliant ca!e "or t em> Sindex "$nd inve!tingT a! o$tper"ormed all b$t a tiny and"$l o" t e t o$!and! o" e1$ity m$t$al "$nd! t at are !old to t e p$blic% =etD! li!t all t e advantage! o" an index "$nd !trategy> E index "$nd! !impli"y inve!ting% ;o$ donDt ave to c oo!e among t e t o$!and! o" individ$al !tock! and m$t$al "$nd! available to t e p$blic% E index "$nd! are co!t-e""icient% SmanyT ave no !ale! c arge! and ave mini!c$le expen!e c arge!% Moreover, index "$nd! do a minimal amo$nt o" trading% & $!, t ey avoid t e very eavy tran!action! co!t! o" actively managed "$nd!, ) ic tend to t$rn over t eir entire port"olio abo$t once a year% E $n/e! f n/s reg larly %ro/ "e #$g#er ret rns for $nvestors t#an /o a"t$vely manage/ f n/s. E index "$nd! are predictable% ;o$ kno) beyond do$bt t at yo$ )ill earn t e rate o" ret$rn provided by t e !tock market% ;e!, yo$ )ill lo!e money ) en t e market decline!, b$t yo$ )ill never o)n t e "$nd t at per"orm! !everal time! )or!e t an t e market% E index "$nd! are tax-e""icient% /" yo$ do o)n !tock! in taxable acco$nt! 't at i!, o$t!ide yo$r ira or retirement plan(, t en yo$ need to inve!t in index "$nd! t at donDt trade "rom !ec$rity to !ec$rity and t ere"or donDt tend to generate taxable gain!% Anot er great !$mmary can be "o$nd in t e excellent article & e Be!t /nve!tment Advice ;o$Dll Gever Het at San 6ranci!co ,nline% 0 t w#at abo t sto"2 mar2et /ownt rnsB ,bvio$!ly, p$tting all yo$r money into a !tock index "$nd p$t! yo$ completely at t e ) im o" t e !tock market E and a! many people di!covered in 288C, t atD! not a good t ing at all% 3 enever / t ink o" t e do)nt$rn o" 288C, / t ink o" my mot er- and "at er-inla)% & eir retirement plan! it !$c a !erio$! roadblock t at t ey )ent "rom inting vag$ely at retirement 'and t e re1$i!ite travel and !pending time )it


grandc ildren t at )o$ld come )it it( to Loking abo$t )orking $ntil t ey "all do)n dead on t e Lob% Ho) do yo$ protect yo$r!el" again!t t at, $ * & e trick i! /$vers$f$"at$on, e!pecially a! yo$ get clo!er to retirement% 3 en yo$Dre a long )ay o$t E t irty year! or more "rom retirement E it doe!nDt $rt to bet 1$ite a bit on t e big ret$rn E b$t )it t at big bet come! big ri!k% /" yo$ ave everyt ing in !tock! and t e !tock! drop, t en everyt ing yo$ ave !aved drop!% So, a! retirement get! clo!er, yo$Dre )ell-!erved to grad$ally move t ing! o$t o" !tock! and into bond!, real e!tate, ca! , or ot er inve!tment!% ;o$Dre no longer trying to it ome r$n! E yo$Dre appy L$!t to not !trike o$t ) en yo$r retirement come! clo!e% So diver!i"y% Again, many inve!tment! make t at ea!y% Mo!t plan! o""er !ome ver!ion o" a Wtarget retirementX plan t at )ill do L$!t t at "or yo$% A! yo$ approac yo$r retirement age, t e plan )ill grad$ally E a$tomatically E ! i"t money "rom a eavy !tock inve!tment 'great ) en yo$Dre yo$ng and can a""ord to !)ing "or t e "ence! and ri!k a !trikeo$t or t)o( to a very diver!e inve!tment 'be!t ) en yo$Dre older and yo$ canDt a""ord to !trike o$t(% & atD! all t ere i! to it% Start !aving now, pre"erably in a target retirement plan made $p o" index "$nd!% ;o$ can )atc "or better inve!tment! i" yo$ )ant to, b$t t e ! eer advantage o" !aving no) in a lo)-co!t plan t at a$tomatically diver!i"ie! "or yo$ a! yo$ get older )ill be ard to beat% (ot# 5(?B '01829B 5 /on7t 2now w#at to /oJ HereD! t e tr$t > t eyDre bot pretty good% /n eit er one, yo$Dre not it )it tax penaltie! "or diver!i"ying yo$r retirement !aving!% Hiven t at )e donDt kno) ) at t e tax rate! )ill be in t irty year!, itD! impo!!ible to !ay ) ic one i! better, and people )ill arg$e $ntil t eyDre bl$e in t e "ace )it o$t being able to come $p )it a real an!)er% A general good r$le o" t $mb i! to contrib$te to yo$r B8+'k( $p to t e maxim$m amo$nt t at yo$r employee matc e! 'beca$!e employee matc ing i! ba!ically "ree money(% /" yo$ )ant to !ave more, !tart a <ot /<A 'beca$!e yo$ ave more inve!ting c oice!(% Ho)ever, t e importance o" act$ally !aving blo)! a)ay t e di""erence! bet)een t e t)o% ;o$Dre lig t year! better o"" !imply t ro)ing everyt ing yo$ can into !aving! t an !)eating abo$t ) ic inve!tment option i! t e be!t% Again, t e per"ect i! t e enemy o" t e good% W#at abo t "ollege sav$ngsB Airt$ally t e !ame exact principle! apply to college !aving! a! apply to retirement !aving!% Saving no) i! t e mo!t important t ing, and diver!i"ying a! yo$ get clo!e to t e big day i! vital, too% J$!t pick a good ?29 !aving! acco$nt E pre"erably one like /o)aD! t at a! a Wtarget grad$ationX inve!tment option E and !tart !ocking a)ay t e money no)%


& atD! really all yo$ need to kno) abo$t inve!ting, "or all practical p$rpo!e!% & e earlier yo$ inve!t, t e better% /" yo$ can, $!e a plan t at enable! yo$ to inve!t )it tax protection! '<ot /<A!, B8+'k(!, ?29!(% & e "art er a)ay yo$ are "rom t e event yo$Dre !aving "or, t e more eavily yo$ ! o$ld inve!t in !tock! ' ig ri!k, ig re)ard(% & e clo!er yo$ get to yo$r big event, t e more yo$ ! o$ld diver!i"y 'lo)er ri!k, lo)er re)ard(% / $!e Aang$ard "or pretty m$c all o" my inve!tment! E t ey make all o" t i! !o ea!y t at once yo$Dve !et it $p, yo$ barely ave to t ink abo$t it again% / kno) t at i" t e !tock market dip! again, / donDt ave to panic E my ! ort-term !t$"" i! !a"ely o$t o" !tock! and my long-term !t$"" a! plenty o" time to recover% / kno) /Dm inve!ting no) rat er t an later, giving compo$nd intere!t plenty o" time to )ork in my "avor% /t all L$!t )ork! E and "or all o" t e complexity t at p$blication! like Money try to t ro) into t e mix, t at !implicity i! ) at )e all !trive "or% <emember> donDt overt ink t ing!% & e per"ect i! t e enemy o" t e good, and i" yo$ get ob!e!!ed )it t e per"ect, yo$Dll lo!e t e good along t e )ay% ( le R): Sto% Wast$ng T$me. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% / cover time management 1$ite a lot on & e Simple 2ollar% / )rite abo$t Hetting & ing! 2one and ot er time management book!% / talk abo$t o) / manage my o)n time and !ome o" t e tec ni1$e! / $!e in my o)n li"e% Almo!t al)ay!, /Dll receive an email or a comment or t)o abo$t o) t i! a! not ing to do )it money% ,n t e !$r"ace, t at mig t be tr$e E /Dm not mentioning t e almig ty dollar any) ere% /" yo$ dig even a little, t o$g , it become! clear> t$me management $s t#e same t#$ng as money management4 be"a se t$me $s money. Step back "or a min$te and t ink abo$t it% Eac per!on i! ble!!ed )it t e !ame allotment o" time E +0C o$r! per )eek% Bill Hate! a! +0C o$r! per )eek% / ave +0C o$r! per )eek% ;o$ ave +0C o$r! per )eek% Eac o" $! !leep d$ring !ome o" t o!e o$r!, leaving $! )it per ap! +28 )aking o$r! d$ring a given )eek% ,$t o" t o!e +28 )aking o$r!, many o" $! !ell t e maLority o" t o!e o$r! to !omeone el!e in exc ange "or money% 3e go to )ork, )e )ork "or a ) ile, )e go ome, and o"ten, !ome )ork come! ome )it $!% Add in t e o$r! )e b$rn t inkingabo$t )ork and o$r time "or o$r!elve! gro)! ever !maller%


Ho$!e old c ore! eat $p more o" t at time, a! doe! per!onal ygiene% Soon, )e "ind t at )eDre le"t )it L$!t a !mall pile o" o$r! in a given )eek to do )it ) at )e plea!e% & o!e o$r! are precio$!% & eyDre t e one! in ) ic )e relax% & eyDre t e one! ) ere )e interact )it "riend! and "amily% & eyDre t e one! ) ere )e catc $p on per!onally "$l"illing obbie!% B$t )e pay a e"ty price "or t o!e o$r!% 3e inve!t !o m$c time in )ork, ygiene, and o$!e old c ore! !o t at t o!e remaining o$r! bring $! !ome !emblance o" Loy% Mo!t o" o$r "inancial c oice! are intended to eit er make t o!e "ree o$r! more enLoyable or to make t em !a"er% 3 enever )e "ind o$r!elve! )a!ting time, )e take directly a)ay "rom t o!e precio$! o$r!% 3e get be ind at )ork, red$cing o$r ability to earn more and t $! taking a)ay "rom t e enLoyment o" t at time or t e !a"ety o" it% 3e )a!te idle time at ome and t en ) en !omet ing tr$ly )ort ) ile come! along, )e canDt participate E )e ave too many ot er t ing! )eDre be ind on% &o p$t it !imply, )a!ting time take! a)ay "rom t o!e val$able o$r! t at )e )ork !o ard "or% /t !trip! a)ay t eir 1$ality and it !trip! a)ay t eir !a"ety% T$me management s$m%ly see2s to g$ve s more of t#ose #o rs N or to ma2e t#e ot#er #o rs %ro/ "e more money. HereD! an example% Some day!, ) en / !it do)n to )ork, / make t e deci!ion to dive rig t in% /Dve got !ome big idea on my mind and / canDt )ait to re!earc it or plan o$t o) / mig t $!e it% So /Dll rip t ro$g mo!t o" an article in t irty min$te! or !o E and t en "ind my!el" at a dead end% 3 ere am / going )it t i!* / idle "or a bit, t en event$ally delete t e article% /Dve )a!ted "orty min$te!% ,n anot er day, /Dll !tart o"" by making a li!t o" all o" t e t ing! / need to accompli! "or t e day% /Dll decide ) at po!t! /Dm going to )rite and li!t t e main idea o" eac one% & en /Dll take eac o" t o!e idea! and !pend a bit o" time "le! ing t em o$t E i! t i! even )ort a po!t* /! it per ap! more t an one po!t* 3 at re!earc do / need to do to make it )ork* & at proce!! mig t take t)enty min$te!, b$t /Dve $!$ally di!carded t ree or "o$r idea! along t e )ay and "le! ed o$t t ree or "o$r more to t e point t at / kno) ) at /Dm going to )rite% 6rom t ere, / never "ind my!el" Wlo!tX at )ork E / kno) ) at ta!k! / need to do, / exec$te t em, and / keep on rolling to t e next one% / mig t ave !pent t e "ir!t t)enty min$te! o" my day not moving "or)ard at all on any proLect!, ) ic !eem! bad% B$t t e time inve!ted in time management pay! o"" E / donDt ave to )orry abo$t !$c detail! a! t e day goe! on, allo)ing my!el" to "oc$! on L$!t getting t ing! done% & $!, by t e !ix o$r mark, /Dm $!$ally "ar a ead in term! o" my )ork i" /Dve done t at planning% & e big part* 57ve /rast$"ally re/ "e/ my waste/ t$me.


& e end re!$lt* /" /Dm a co$ple o$r! a ead, / no) ave o$r! / can add to my per!onal li"e% ,r, per ap! / can $!e t em to )ork a ead, giving t o!e per!onal o$r! more o" a c$! ion in ca!e !omet ing appen!% Maybe / can !pend an o$r getting in to$c )it ot er!, b$ilding relation! ip! t at )ill really pay o"" over time% Maybe / can )ork on anot er proLect t at mig t lead to more earning! or more reader!, bot o" ) ic ! ore $p t e val$able part! o" my li"e% T$me $s money4 an/ w#en yo manage yo r t$me well4 yo manage yo r money well4 too. Ho) do yo$ do t at* Here are t e "o$r mo!t val$able little tec ni1$e! /Dve "o$nd "or managing my time% 1. Start yo r /ay off w$t# some %lann$ng. Make a li!t o" ) at yo$ need to get done today E $!$ally "o$r or !o t ing!% 2onDt L$!t make a +, 2, 3, B li!t, t o$g E inve!tigate eac one "or a "e) min$te! and make !$re yo$ ave t e in"ormation, idea!, and material! yo$ need to act$ally exec$te eac item% & at mig t mean !pending "ive or ten min$te! on t e ba!ic "rame)ork o" a ta!k, b$t doing t at no) mean! yo$ )onDt b$rn an o$r c a!ing !nipe later on% Al!o, t at li!t o" t ing! to do )ill keep yo$ "rom b$rning time in t e middle o" t e day )ondering ) atD! be!t to do next% 2. ?lternate between m lt$-tas2$ng an/ s$ngle-tas2$ng sess$ons. M$lti-ta!king )ork! )ell "or !ome ta!k! E p one call!, email!, "iling, and !o "ort % & o!e are ta!k! t at $!$ally arenDt mentally taxing at all, and t $! can be done t)o or more at a time% Ho)ever, t e meat and potatoe! o" yo$r )ork $!$ally doe! re1$ire yo$r "oc$! E and doing t at )it interr$ption! make! it take longer and red$ce! t e 1$ality o" yo$r )ork% &ake a "e) period! d$ring yo$r day, t$rn o"" yo$r comm$nication ro$te! 't$rn o"" yo$r p one, clo!e yo$r email program, etc%( "or an o$r or !o and bear do)n on a ta!k t at need! to be done% 3 en itD! "ini! ed, go back into m$ltita!king mode and get ca$g t $p on yo$r me!!age! and in"ormation% ). Me/$tate. & i! !o$nd! co$nterint$itive, b$t it really )ork!% /tD! ea!y, later in t e day, to W4one o$tX E yo$Dre mentally 'and per ap! p y!ically( )orn o$t% Many people keep p$! ing, b$t t ey "ind t em!elve! lo!ing t ree min$te! ere and t ree min$te! t ere beca$!e t ey !pace o"" E and t i! )ill o"ten !pread into t e eveningD! per!onal time% /n!tead, try meditating "or "i"teen or t)enty min$te! near t e end o" yo$r )ork day% J$!t !it in a c air and relax E ere are !everal great ba!ic tec ni1$e! to try% / almo!t al)ay! "ind my!el" re"re! ed and alert a"ter doing t i!% '. Wr$te /own t#e t#$ngs on yo r m$n/. 5eep a notebook and pen near yo$ at all time!% 3 enever !omet ing pop! into yo$r ead t at yo$ need to do later or t ink abo$t later, Lot it do)n immediately% & en, a "e) time! a day, lea" t ro$g t e notebook and take care o" t e t ing! Lotted do)n t ere% & ro) do)n anyt ing and everyt ing E a )ord yo$ )ant to look $p, a per!onal ta!k yo$ need to take care o", a per!on yo$ )ant to get in to$c )it % Hetting t e!e t ing! o$t o" yo$r ead and


onto paper mean! yo$ can !pend "ar le!! mental energy trying to remember it E and $!e t at energy in!tead "oc$!ing on yo$r c$rrent ta!k and getting t at done a! )ell a! yo$ can% Anot er important tactic i! to f$n/ ways to s%en/ yo r free t$me t#at s$m ltaneo sly #el% yo grow as a %erson an/ br$ng yo en;oyment. <eading literat$re t at really p$! e! yo$r mind i! one example% Hoing "or a Log i! anot er example% Almo!t any !ocial activity "all! into t i! gro$p, too E learning o) to interact )it more people i! inval$able% S$c activitie! bleed back into t e re!t o" yo$r day E t ey increa!e yo$r energy at )ork, improve yo$r mental ac$ity, and rai!e t e bar on yo$r ability to interact )it ot er! and net)ork% .$tting "ort a little e""ort to "ind enLoyable )ay! to !pend yo$r !pare time t at al!o elp yo$ to gro) pay! o"" over and over again% <emember, t$me $s money N so sto% wast$ng $t. ( le R': &l$m$nate 8an/ ?vo$/9 H$g# 5nterest *ebt. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% & i! r$le i! abo$t a! !$btle a! a !ledge ammer, o" co$r!e% Many o" yo$ !tarted vi!iting & e Simple 2ollar beca$!e yo$ came to t i! reali4ation on yo$r o)n E ig intere!t debt i! a terrible idea, and even lo) intere!t debt! are a terrible idea% =etD! co$nt t e )ay!% T#e #$g#er t#e $nterest rate4 t#e more money yo lose w$t# not#$ng $n ret rn. =eave a Q+,888 debt on a credit card )it an ?%?: A.< "or a year and yo$ lo!e Q?? E not good% B$t i" yo$ b$mp t at amo$nt $p to a level t atD! typical "or credit card!E !ay, +9%9: E and yo$Dre $p to Q+99 a year% Hone% .oo"% Aani! ed% T#e #$g#er t#e /ebt level4 t#e more money yo lose w$t# not#$ng $n ret rn. So, yo$ ave Q+,888 debt on a credit card )it a +9%9: A.< and yo$ lo!e Q+99 a year% B$mp t at $p to Q?,888 and yo$Dre lo!ing Q99C a year% Hone% Got ing in ret$rn% ,o 7re o%en to late %ayment fees4 over-l$m$t fees4 ann al fees4 ?TM fees4 "as# a/van"e fees U #$//en fees t#at /ra$n yo r money. /" t ereD! a )ay to ding yo$, credit card companie! )ill "ig$re o$t o) to do it% A "ee ere, a "ee t ere, and yo$Dre !$ddenly )atc ing even more money evaporate "or not ing in ret$rn% ? reI $re/ /ebt %ayment ea"# mont# re/ "es yo r free/om. 3it t at Q?,888 debt above, yo$Dre paying abo$t Q+88 every !ingle mont a! a minim$m payment% & atD! Q+88 yo$ co$ld be !aving "or a do)n payment% & atD! Q+88 yo$ co$ld be !aving to !tart a b$!ine!!% & atD! Q+88 yo$ co$ld be !aving "or a car% & atD! Q+88 yo$ co$ld be !aving to)ard! retiring early% & atD! Q+88 yo$ co$ld be !aving to)ard! a great vacation% ;o$r "reedom i! gone, eaten by t e debt mon!ter%


T#e mere %resen"e of #$g# $nterest /ebt often br$ngs ot#er /ebt $nto yo r l$fe. ;o$ make a big commitment to getting rid o" all o" t i! debt, t en !tart really bearing do)n on it% ;o$ get al" o" t e debt gone, t en all o" a !$dden di!a!ter !trike!% ;o$ lo!e yo$r Lob% ;o$r car break! do)n% ;o$r ot )ater eater leak! )ater all over t e ba!ement% S$ddenly, yo$Dre b$!ting o$t t e pla!tic again to take care o" t e problem E and yo$Dre rig t back deep into debt% /tD! like e!caping "rom 1$ick!and E i" all o" yo$r !troke! are per"ect, yo$ can p$ll yo$r!el" o$t !lo)ly, b$t i" even one little t ing goe! )rong, yo$Dre !l$rped rig t back in% /n ot er )ord!, it co!t! yo$ money, co!t! yo$ "reedom, and p$t! yo$ into a vicio$! cycle o" even more debt% & ere are really t)o prong! to getting o$t o" t i! trap% 3 et er yo$Dre avoiding it entirely or yo$Dre trying to e!cape "rom t e pit o" de!pair, t ereD! one big "ir!t !tep yo$ m$!t take% 0 $l/ a Small &mergen"y + n/ & e "ir!t !tep i! not paying o"" debt% .aying o"" debt "ir!t i! like kicking to get o$t o" 1$ick!and )it o$t getting yo$r arm! aro$nd !omet ing !a"e "ir!t E yo$ mig t be able to kick o$t, b$t i" anyt ing goe! )rong, yo$Dll L$!t be !$cked in deeper% So, no matter ) at !tate yo$Dre in, give yo$r!el" t at rock E a ca! emergency "$nd, !itting in a !aving! acco$nt% /t doe!nDt need to be too big E Q+,888 ! o$ld be yo$r big target, b$t L$!t !tart by p$tting Q28 a )eek into !aving! E or more i" yo$ can !)ing it% /n!tr$ct yo$r bank to do t i! a$tomatically% 2o it rig t no) E call $p yo$r bank and a!k t em to do it% ;o$ )onDt mi!! t at Q28 a )eek% ;o$r li"e )ill 1$ickly "ind little )ay! to !ave E yo$Dll eat a "e) le!! expen!ive meal!, !tart carpooling )it a "riend, or !kip a "e) co""ee ! op vi!it! and yo$Dre t ere% 3 at appen! i! t at over t e co$r!e o" t ree mont !, yo$r !aving! acco$nt reac e! Q2?8% A"ter L$!t ! y o" a year, yo$r !aving! acco$nt )ill ave Q+,888 in it% /" yo$Dre already making extra payment! on yo$r debt! and yo$ donDt ave an emergency "$nd, !top t o!e overpayment! "or a ) ile and depo!it t at extra amo$nt into yo$r !aving! eac mont $ntil yo$ reac t at Q+,888% -eave t#$s money alone e!"e%t for an emergen"y. ;o$ mig t be tempted to !pend it on !omet ing "$n or to pay o"" a big !l$g o" debt )it it% 2onDt% & at money i! yo$r rock E itDll be t ere "or yo$ i" yo$r car break! do)n or yo$ lo!e yo$r Lob% ;o$ )onDt be !$cked back into debt by t e!e $n"ort$nate event! E yo$r !aving! )ill !ave yo$% 3 at do yo$ do ) en yo$ reac t at Q+,888 level* Many people keep !aving% & en, once a mont , t ey !)eep anyt ing over Q+,888 back into t eir c ecking and $!e it to make an extra debt payment, knocking do)n t eir debt )it o$t to$c ing t eir Q+,888 emergency "$nd%


HereD! t e big key> i" yo$ do "ace t at emergency, like aving yo$r car break do)n or lo!ing yo$r Lob, and yo$ tap t at emergency "$nd, repleni! t e "$nd a"ter t e emergency% Ho back to minim$m payment! on yo$r debt! and reb$ild t at "$nd% /tD! yo$r rock% /Dve )ritten a detailed g$ide to b$ilding yo$r "ir!t emergency "$nd i" yo$ )ant to kno) more% Ma2e a *ebt (e%ayment @lan 3 en yo$ ave t at emergency "$nd in place, itD! time to !tart tackling yo$r debt! in an intelligent "a! ion% Make a big li!t o" all o" yo$r debt!K t en, attempt to get t e rate on eac o" t o!e debt! red$ced% Hive yo$r credit card companie! a call and negotiate yo$r rate do)n% Contact yo$r local credit $nion and !ee i" t ere are any opport$nitie! to con!olidate yo$r debt at a lo)er rate% ,nce yo$Dve done t e!e t ing!, li!t all o" yo$r remaining debt! in order o" intere!t rate, )it t e ig e!t rate "ir!t% & ent#row everyt#$ng yo "an at t#e #$g#est $nterest rate /ebt. ;o$r only extra payment ! o$ld be to)ard! t i! top debt, and it ! o$ld be t e bigge!t overpayment yo$ can m$!ter )it o$t tapping yo$r emergency "$nd% =ive lean% Sell o"" !t$"" yo$ donDt $!e% 6ind )ay! to earn a "e) extra b$ck! to t ro) at it% ,nce t at "ir!t debt i! gone, t ro) everyt ing at t e next one, t en t e next one, t en t e next one% ;o$r extra payment! )ill gro) larger beca$!e yo$Dve got "e)er minim$m payment! to make, and !oon yo$Dll "ind yo$r!el" "ree% /Dve )ritten a detailed g$ide to b$ilding a debt repayment plan, too% ?vo$/$ng H$g# 5nterest *ebt /Dm not a Wno debtX ab!ol$ti!t% / t ink t at ome mortgage! are o"ten )ort ) ile "or mo!t people, and / t ink credit card! can be a $!e"$l tool i" $!ed care"$lly% Having !aid t at, many %eo%le /o not se "re/$t "ar/s "aref lly. /n!tead o" care"$lly $!ing t em a! a tool d$ring very reg$lar p$rc a!e! 'like ga!( and t en !etting t e ca! a!ide to pay t e bill in "$ll eac mont , t ey $!e credit card! mindle!!ly to b$y ) atever t ey t ro) in t eir ! opping cart, not )orrying too m$c abo$t price! beca$!e, ey, t e credit card )ill cover itF Bad idea% /" yo$ ave any inclination in t at direction, c$t $p yo$r credit card!, !erio$!ly% /tD! t e e1$ivalent o" !)inging a c ain!a) aro$nd )it yo$r eye! clo!ed a"ter knocking back t ree ! ot! E yo$ mig t l$ck o$t and )ind $p !a"e, b$t itD! more likely to )ind $p bloody and pain"$l% /n!tead, adopt a di""erent approac % =eave yo$r card at ome mo!t o" t e time% 3 en yo$ do $!e it, $!e it "or !peci"ic p$rpo!e!, like $!ing a B. credit card and $!e it only at B. ga! !tation! !o yo$ can get a nice kick back, or $!e t e &arget Ai!a only at &arget to get +8: o"" yo$r entire p$rc a!e reg$larly, and %ay off t#e balan"e $n f ll every t$me. ,t er)i!e, leave it at ome and $!e a debit card 'one t at "eat$re! a Ai!a or Ma!terCard logo( "or yo$r p$rc a!e! beca$!e t en yo$Dre


act$ally acco$ntable "or every dime yo$ !pend ) ile !till enLoying t e convenience o" card $!e% & ere are t)o big rea!on! "or $!ing t i! approac in!tead o" going entirely do)n t e ca! road% 6ir!t, it b$ild! a po!itive credit rating, and a good credit rating improve! yo$r in!$rance rate! and elp! yo$r employment opport$nitie!% Second, $!ing card! only in a very targeted "a! ion E a! ! o)n above E and paying o"" t e bill! in "$ll eac time re!$lt! in !ome !)eet ca! kickback! E 3: at lea!t% ;o$Dve L$!t got to re!pect t e tool E and not !tart !)inging it aro$nd like a toddler )it an axe% ( le R5: Tal2 ?bo t Money 8an/ 0e Honest9. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% /tD! late April 2880% /Dve "inally reali4ed o) bad o$r "inancial !it$ation really i!% 6inally, a"ter )eek! o" !te)ing, /Dve decided to talk to my )i"e abo$t it% /Dm !itting at t e kitc en table )it !ome paper!, abo$t to tell er abo$t t e !it$ation and t at )e need to make !ome c ange!% /Dm !cared to deat % S e call!% S eD! on er )ay ome "rom )ork and a! L$!t picked $p o$r !on% /Dm t inking o" )ay! to avoid t i! talk% So / do% / !tack $p t e paper! and )ork on !$pper, deciding to talk abo$t it a"ter o$r !on i! do)n "or t e nig t% 3e ave a !trangely ten!e dinner% /Dm ten!e% My )i"e i! )ondering ) atD! going on '"or good rea!on(% S e p$t! o$r !on to bed and / !)eat it again, not )anting to talk to er% B$t / "inally bite t e b$llet% And itD! ea!y% M$c ea!ier t an / t o$g t% /t )a! calm and rational and )e came to a lot o" agreement! by t e end o" t e evening% S$re, )e )ere $p $ntil a"ter midnig t t at nig t and $p pretty late a "e) ot er nig t! ! ortly t erea"ter, b$t )e !tarted to p$t !ome piece! in place to t$rn o$r live! aro$nd% 5 was afra$/ to tal2 abo t money N an/ $t "ost me. / avoided talking abo$t money "or year! and in!tead )atc ed o$r "inancial !it$ation !piral do)n)ard!% 3 en / reali4ed / ad to talk abo$t it, / !till kept p$tting it o""% And "or ) at* Anot er example> my parent! are getting older% / keep !eeing little !ign! o" it, time and time again% & ereD! a al" !tep t atD! mi!!ing% & ereD! a parent getting tired !$rpri!ingly 1$ickly% & ereD! a )rinkle or a gray air / adnDt noticed be"ore% / donDt )ant to talk to t em abo$t t eir "inance! and t eir e!tate planning% /t !care! me to ever t ink t at t ey mig t pa!! a)ay% So / p$t it o"" E itD! ea!ier, rig t*


B$t one day t at event )ill come% Maybe t at event )ill take bot o" t em at once, or itDll leave one o" t em be ind, $nable to andle ) at come! in t e a"termat % & e t o$g t o" t at moment, a! it come! 1$ietly clo!er, i! beginning to )orry me more and more% So / "inally did it% / called $p my parent! and !$gge!ted t at !ometime !oon, / !pend a )eekend )it t em "ig$ring o$t everyt ing in t eir e!tate and )alking t ro$g it% Breaking t ro$g t at !ocial and per!onal barrier o" talking abo$t money i! incredibly di""ic$lt, b$t itD! vital% 3it o$t doing it, yo$ open yo$r!el" $p to paying t e penalty o" co$ntle!! mi!take! and "acing !ome deeply pain"$l !it$ation! t at co$ld ave ea!ily been avoided ad yo$ L$!t !pent a bit o" time talking abo$t it% Here are !ix important t ing! to t ink abo$t% W#at7s Unresolve/B =ook aro$nd yo$r li"e, partic$larly yo$r clo!e!t "amily and "riend!% /n eac o" t o!e relation! ip!, t ere are likely t ing! t at are le"t $nre!olved, t ing! t at, in yo$r per"ect )orld, t ey )o$ld be re!olved% Here are !ome example!% ,o r %artner. Are yo$ ! aring t e !ame dream! "or t e "$t$re* 2o yo$ ave any debt! t at yo$Dre iding* Are yo$ in better E or )or!e E "inancial ! ape t an yo$r partner mig t believe* Are yo$ in agreement abo$t o) to andle yo$r re!pective property in t e event o" t e ot erD! pa!!ing* /! yo$r relation! ip "$l"illing yo$, making yo$ appy* ,o r %arents. 2o t ey ave an e!tate plan in place* A )ill, at lea!t* Are t ey prepared "or t e "inancial co!t! o" retirement* 3 at are t ey expecting "rom yo$ ) en t ey retire* ,o r "#$l/ren. Are t ey expecting yo$ to pay "or college* Are yo$ expecting to* Are t ey expecting yo$ to elp )it a )edding* Are yo$ expecting to* 2o t ey $nder!tand yo$r e!tate planning* 1t#er relat$ves. 2o t ey o)e yo$ money* 2o yo$ o)e t em money* Are t ere ot er problem!, !$c a! caring "or older "amily member!* 3 oD! re!pon!ible "or ) at* ,o r "lose fr$en/s. Are t ey con!tantly engaging yo$ in activitie! t at co!t more t an yo$ are com"ortable !pending* 2o t ey o)e yo$ money* 2o yo$ o)e t em money* & i! i! L$!t a !tart% Even in my o)n li"e, a"ter lot! o" talking abo$t money )it t e people aro$nd me, / !till donDt "eel a! t o$g t e door i! ! $t on all o" t e!e i!!$e!% / )ill !ay t i!, t o$g > every t$me 5 ma/e an effort to a"t ally tal2 t#ro g# t#ese $ss es w$t# someone $m%ortant to me4 5 fo n/ t#at 5 #a/ % t $t off for too long an/ worr$e/ abo t $t too m "#4 be"a se $t went eas$er t#an 5 e!%e"te/ an/ t#ere was m "# rel$ef afterwar/s.


5s &veryone 5nvolve/ T#at S#o l/ 0eB 3 enever yo$ addre!! a complex i!!$e, t e rami"ication! o"ten a""ect all !ort! o" people, and itD! $!$ally a very poor idea to !tart making big c ange! )it o$t !eeking t eir inp$t% So, be"ore yo$ even !tart di!c$!!ing t e!e t ing!, get everyone involved t at ! o$ld be% /" yo$Dre talking abo$t a per!onD! e!tate, make !$re anyone ) o a! a !igni"icant !take i! involved in t e di!c$!!ion E or i! at lea!t care"$lly con!idered to be a part o" t e di!c$!!ion% O$ite o"ten, t i! !eem! pain"$l% / immediately t ink o" !ome o" t e e!tate planning !it$ation! /Dve )itne!!ed and been involved )it % /t )a! obvio$! at time! t at t ing! E and people E )ere being c$t o$t in order to pre!erve t e com"ort o" no) ) ile po!tponing t e pain"$l part $ntil later% Eac time, it ended in di!a!ter% Sibling! not !peaking to eac ot er "or t e re!t o" t eir live!% 6riend! ip! ended beca$!e o" Wback!tabbing%X =a)!$it!% ;o$Dre better o"" !)allo)ing yo$r pride and getting everyone relevant to !it do)n and talk abo$t t ing!% /" !omeone )onDt participate, t atD! t eir deci!ion, b$t t e door need! to be very open to t em E and it need! to be clear t at t e door i! open to t em% Gett$ng t#e Le"essary 5nformat$on 2ata i! t e enemy o" lie!, lie! are t e enemie! o" tr$!ting relation! ip!, and t e maintenance o" tr$!ting relation! ip! i! ) y yo$Dre doing t i! in t e "ir!t place% ;e!, people are de"en!ive% ;e!, it $rt! to tell t e ) ole tr$t !ometime!% So make it ea!ier on everyone E bring a! m$c real data to t e table a! po!!ible% Het o$t t o!e !tatement!% 6ig$re o$t o) m$c i! t ere% .eople are going to be $ncom"ortable )it t i!% & e be!t t ing yo$ can do to 1$ell t at i! to !tep $p to t e plate yo$r!el"% Bring yo$r in"ormation and o""er to ! o) it i" t ey )ill% ;o$r openne!! and one!ty create! a !tandard t at ot er! )ill "eel !ome !trong de!ire to live $p to, le!t t ey look a! t o$g t ey are being di! one!t or are iding !omet ing% 3 at abo$t "eeling!* Again, one!ty i! t e be!t policy and, again, yo$r be!t bet i! to lead by example% Be ave in exactly t e )ay yo$Dd like ot er! involved to be ave% S are every drop o" yo$r relevant in"ormation% State yo$r opinion! and "eeling! openly, one!tly, and calmly% <eal in"ormation and real one!ty are po)er"$l tool! "or c$tting t ro$g t e layer! o" per!onal "eeling! and getting directly to t e eart o" t e matter% Gett$ng 5t *one ;o$ kno) ) at yo$ )ant to talk abo$t% ;o$Dre prepared to bring one!ty to t e table% ;o$ kno) ) o need! to be involved% Go), yo$ L$!t need to do it%


.lan to talk abo$t it in a place t atD! a! !a"e a! po!!ible "or all o" t e participant! E a com"ortable place% A per!onD! ome i! $!$ally t e be!t c oice $nle!! it in erently ca$!e! !ome di!com"ort% /t ! o$ld al!o be a place ) ere, i" n$mber! are going to ave to be analy4ed, all o" t at data i! ea!ily available% & $!, i" yo$Dre going to )alk t ro$g !ome e!tate planning, yo$ may )ant to do it at t e ome o" t e per!on ) o!e e!tate i! being planned% ;o$ ! o$ld !c ed$le a very clear time ) en t i! i! going to be di!c$!!ed and make t at time and date kno)n to everyone ) o mig t be involved% Hive plenty o" time "or t i!, !o t at yo$ can !c ed$le aro$nd any con"lict!% 2onDt L$!t decide one Sat$rday morning t at everyone i! going to meet t at a"ternoon% Anot er key "actor> i" itD! really involved, plan t ing! aro$nd anot er activity% Make dinner d$ring t e di!c$!!ion !o yo$ can dine toget er a"ter)ard! E or dine a! a break% A "inal key "actor> make !$re t at t e meeting end! )it !ome very clear action! "or !ome or all o" t e people to take% 3 at need! to be done to make t e!e plan! a reality* 3it o$t !peci"ic action!, not ing )ill act$ally appen a! a re!$lt o" t e talk% *eal$ng w$t# ?nger or H rt +eel$ngs Beca$!e money a! !$c a $ge emotional "actor, yo$ can pretty m$c expect t at i" a di!c$!!ion i! inten!e eno$g , people are going to get angry or $p!et or ave !ome !ort o" emotional re!pon!e% So, plan a ead "or it% 6ir!t, make a very clear r$le t at rai!ing yo$r voice or being obvio$!ly angry i!nDt allo)ed% /" !omeone get! angry, L$!t call a time o$t and let everyone c ill o$t% Got ing good come! "rom allo)ing a di!c$!!ion to contin$e i" participant! are angry or $p!et beca$!e t e emotion )ill L$!t rapidly e!calate% & en "ollo) t at r$le% /" !omeone get! $p!et, L$!t take a break $ntil everyone i! calm again% Second, make it clear to everyone ) at t e end goal ere i!% Make !$re yo$ all agree on t i!% /" itD! abo$t e!tate planning, "or example, make it clear t at t e goal i! to elp yo$r parent! develop a plan t at re"lect! t eir )i! e! E and t at t eir )i! e! are "inal beca$!e itD! t eir e!tate% 6inally, donDt let ard "eeling! r$n a"ter t e event% /" yo$Dre !$re t at emotion! are going to r$n ig , plan a "amily dinner or ot er !pecial event immediately a"ter)ard! to )ork on ealing t o!e !tre!!ed bond!% 6eeling! like t e!e ! o$ld not be allo)ed to "e!ter% +ollow$ng U% A"ter t e conver!ation, yo$Dll likely "ind yo$r!el" )it a li!t o" action! and probably !ome br$i!ed "eeling!% Bot element! de!erve !ome "ollo)-$p% &alk to t e people involved a"ter)ard! and !ee ) at yo$ can do to alleviate any $rt "eeling!% .$ll back to t e general p$rpo!e o" t e meeting and remind t em t at


t e big goal act$ally appened, even i" it $rt% =i!ten to t eir concern! and donDt talk t em do)n E agree )it t em, at lea!t to t e extent to let t em kno) t at t eir "eeling! are at lea!t $nder!tood, even i" yo$ donDt agree% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o "ollo) $p on any decided action!% Make !$re t at t e people ) o agreed to do t ing! act$ally do t em% & i! mig t even involve !ome "ollo)-$p meeting! to en!$re t at t e!e action! appened or t at "$rt er inp$t i! received% T#$s so n/s l$2e a lot of wor2 b$t t e bene"it! are tremendo$!> !tronger relation! ip!, an a!!$rance t at t e important t ing! are taken care o", and potential cri!e! averted% &alking abo$t money one!tly i! a $ge po!itive once yo$ get pa!t oneD! "ear o" it% ( le R=: Sto% Try$ng to 5m%ress 1t#er @eo%le. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% & e book ;o$r Money or ;o$r =i"e by Joe 2oming$e4 and Aicki <obin 'read my detailed note! on t e book( ad a pro"o$nd impact on me ) en / )a! "ig$ring o$t my per!onal "inance!% ,ne maLor t eme o" t e book )a! t e idea t at yo$ need to !it do)n and "ig$re o$t t e !mall and"$l o" key val$e! t at are central in yo$r li"e% ,nce yo$ ave "ig$red o$t ) at t o!e are, t e re!t i! !econdary E and t at mean! yo$ ! o$ld !erio$!ly trim back yo$r !pending in t o!e area!% Got !$rpri!ingly, a maLor c $nk o" t e book i! devoted to )ay! to c$t yo$r !pending% <ig t at t e !tart o" t e li!t E t e!ingle mo!t important tactic t ey !$gge!t "or c$tting yo$r !pending E i! !$mmed $p in !ix ea!y )ord!% Sto% try$ng to $m%ress ot#er %eo%le. /" yo$ b$y a car t atD! "la! y rat er t an "oc$!ing on one t at get! t e Lob done a! e""iciently a! yo$ can "ind, yo$Dre !pending money to impre!! ot er people% /" yo$ go clot e! ! opping by t e !tore !ack "$ll, yo$Dre !pending money to impre!! ot er people% /" yo$ al)ay! ave t e late!t gadget, yo$Dre !pending money to impre!! ot er people% /" yo$ al)ay! m$!t be !een at t e coole!t ne) place, yo$Dre !pending money to impre!! ot er people% Stop )orrying abo$t it% / "o$nd it )a! really po)er"$l "or me to take people and !plit t em into t)o gro$p!> people ) o!e opinion! / cared abo$t, and people ) o!e opinion! / didnDt care abo$t one )ay or anot er% /t )a! ea!y to !top caring abo$t impre!!ing people ) o!e opinion! / didnDt care abo$t% 3 o care! ) at t ey t ink* A! long a! /Dm not doing !omet ing tr$ly o""en!ive or eino$! E !omet ing t at mig t potentially create a negative rep$tation "or me E it doe!nDt matter ) at t ey t ink%


& e trickier part )a! )orrying abo$t impre!!ing ot er people ) o!e opinion! / do care abo$t% .eople / )ant to meet% C$!tomer!% 6riend!% 6amily% S o$ldnDt / )ant to impre!! t em* Again, / go back to t e ba!ic!% A! long a! /Dm not o""en!ive E meaning /Dm clean, /Dm pre!entable, and / be ave my!el" E / donDt need to impre!! t e!e people )it expen!ive, ! iny t ing!% & e relation! ip /Dve b$ilt )it t em E or /Dm going to b$ild )it t em E i! ba!ed on me, not on t e material item!% & eyDll eit er like me "or me or t ey )onDt E no amo$nt o" ! iny )ill c ange t at% So, to p$t it !imply, ta2e "are of t#e bas$"s% Have good ygiene% 5eep yo$r!el" clean% 5eep yo$r )eig t $nder control% 3ear rea!onable clot ing% 3ork on yo$r comm$nication !kill!% /" yo$ ave t em covered, yo$ donDt need to inve!t time and money into impre!!ing ot er people% ;o$ )ill nat$rally connect )it t e people yo$ )ill connect )it , and yo$ )onDt connect )it t o!e yo$ )o$ldnDt connect )it any)ay% Coming to t i! reali4ation i! incredibly val$able% /t drop! yo$r clot ing b$dget% /t drop! yo$r a$tomobile b$dget% /t drop! yo$r electronic! b$dget% /t drop! yo$r o$!ing b$dget% ;o$ donDt need a McMan!ion, a ! iny car, an i. one, or a Q?8 airc$t% ';e!, yo$ may act$ally !till )ant one or t)o o" t e!e t ing!, b$t t e impet$! come! "rom ) at yo$r per!onal core val$e! are, not ) at ot er people aro$nd yo$ !eem to val$e or ) at marketing me!!age! yo$ receive%( 6or !ome people, it !eem! impo!!ible% & eir !ocial c$e! come "rom adverti!ingladen media and "rom "riend! ) o al!o get t eir c$e! "rom adverti!ing-laden media% & ey believe t ey need a !lick cell p one and Q+88 ca!$al clot e!% & eir !el"-)ort revolve! aro$nd t at little b$r!t t ey get "rom impre!!ing ot er!% Here are !ix )ay! to break t ro$g t at !it$ation% +% Ta2e t#e lea/. Be a trend!etter )it in yo$r gro$p% Back a)ay "rom t e expen!e! and activitie! t at revolve mo!tly aro$nd impre!!ing ot er people% Make !$gge!tion! "or activitie! t at donDt revolve aro$nd ! o)ing o""% 2% Try new a"t$v$t$es. ;o$ can do t i! eit er )it yo$r circle o" "riend! or on yo$r o)n, b$t try o$t ne) t ing! t at yo$ mig t never ave con!idered be"ore% & ink o" t ing! t at !eemed "$n to yo$ b$t yo$ never got involved )it beca$!e ot er! aro$nd yo$ decried t em E and yo$ )ere trying ard to impre!! t em by agreeing% 3% G $/e t#e "onversat$on. /" t e conver!ation t$rn! to bland compliment! o" eac ot er and in!$lt! o" people o$t!ide yo$r gro$p, !teer t e conver!ation a)ay "rom it% 6oc$! on being po!itive to)ard! everyone, partic$larly in non-material area!% .ick area! yo$Dre pa!!ionate abo$t 'donDt be a one trick pony E "ig$re o$t !everal( and g$ide t e conver!ation t ere in!tead% B% Use yo r "om%l$ments w$sely. ,""er compliment! on Lob! )ell done, b$t donDt bot er )it big compliment! on ne) gadget! or ne) clot ing or a ! iny ne) car%


/tDll become clear t at ) at yo$ val$e are people ) o take c arge o" t eir li"e, not people ) o "ritter a)ay t eir money trying to impre!! ot er!% ?% S#are %ersonal growt# or$ente/ t#o g#ts. /n!tead o" talking abo$t pop$lar c$lt$re and W!t$""X all t e time, in!tead mix in !ome t o$g t! on per!onal gro)t % &alk abo$t )ay! yo$Dre trimming yo$r !pending in po!itive )ay!% &alk abo$t yo$r big a!piration! and dream!% Enco$rage ot er! to ! are t eir! a! )ell% /t al!o elp! to read good material! in t e!e area! !o t at yo$ ave more "ood "or yo$r o)n t o$g t and more idea! to ! are% 0% &!%lore new relat$ons#$%s. /" yo$r circle o" "riend! i! !till "oc$!ed too eavily on impre!!ing ot er! and on material gain!, !pend !ome time exploring ne) relation! ip!% Call $p people yo$Dve t o$g t o" a! intere!ting b$t !imply )o$ldnDt "it in yo$r old gro$p and !ee ) at t eyDre $p to% Connect )it people at t e ne) activitie! yo$Dre trying% '/Dll to$c on t i! a little bit more )it a later r$le%( /n ! ort, donDt play !ocially by t e tired old r$le! t at revolve aro$nd needing to impre!! people% /n!tead, !pend yo$r time on t ing! t at bring real val$e to yo$ E and give real val$e to ot er!% ( le RE: Wat"# ,o r @rogress N 0 t Ma2e 5t + n. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% ,ne o" t e "ir!t t ing! / did ) en / !tarted t$rning my "inancial !it$ation aro$nd i! to !tart keeping track o" my net )ort over time% Eac )eek 'and later eac mont (, / calc$lated t e val$e o" all o" my a!!et!, all o" my debt!, and t e di""erence bet)een t e t)o 'my net )ort (% =ater, ) en / began to try to improve my p y!ical ! ape, / !tarted keeping care"$l track o" !everal metric!> my )eig t, my re!ting eartbeat, and t e n$mber o" mile! / )a! )alking and Logging% Even more po)er"$l, / !tarted ! aring my )alking and r$nning data via t e GikeJ )eb!ite, allo)ing me to compare my progre!! )it ot er!% / like to call it t e Wkeeping !coreX e""ect% Almo!t al)ay!, it become! more "$n to )ork to)ard! a di""ic$lt goal i" yo$ ave !ome !ort o" met od o" comparing yo$r progre!! to t e progre!! o" ot er!, or comparing yo$r c$rrent !tate )it yo$r !tate in t e pa!t% ;o$ can !ee t e improvement clearly E ) en yo$ look and !ee t at yo$r net )ort i! $p Q+8,888 compared to la!t year or yo$ !ee yo$r average mile i! more t an a min$te "a!ter t an it )a! a co$ple mont ! ago, it "eel! enormo$!% /tD! a giant r$! % & e entire point ere i! to 2ee% yo rself mot$vate/ towar/s yo r goals% 5eeping !core keep! yo$r big goal! "ront and center in yo$r mind% Combining t at )it a


vi!$al reminder o" yo$r goal can be partic$larly po)er"$l, a! it keep! yo$r goal "ront and center in yo$r mind and al!o demon!trate yo$r progre!! clearly% & ere are co$ntle!! tool! o$t t ere to elp yo$ keep track o" yo$r per!onal "inance progre!!% / tend to lean to)ard! tool! like 3e!abe or ,pen ,""ice or O$icken, ) ic allo) yo$ to pre!erve t e !ec$rity o" yo$r acco$nt in"ormation b$t re1$ire a bit more )ork% ,n t e ot er and, yo$ ave tool! like Mint, ) ic gat er! t e in"ormation "or yo$ b$t re1$ire! yo$ to ! are all o" yo$r acco$nt in"ormation )it one !ite ') ic really concern! me "rom a per!onal !ec$rity !tandpoint, regardle!! o" ) at MintD! privacy policy !ay!(% / "ind it )ort ) ile to care"$lly track my progre!! in "o$r area!> Tra"2 yo r assets. 6or me, / only incl$de t e a!!e!!ed val$e o" my ome pl$! t e balance! o" any inve!tment acco$nt! and !aving! acco$nt! / ave% /n a normal mont , / expect t i! amo$nt to move $p !lo)ly over t e previo$! mont , meaning /Dm act$ally !aving money% Some mont ! !ee a precipito$! drop, t o$g E "or example, i" / b$y a car, t atD! $!$ally a pretty big money it, !ince / donDt incl$de my car a! part o" my a!!et! !ince t ey depreciate !o m$c % Tra"2 yo r /ebts. & i! i! key i" yo$Dre trying to plo) yo$r )ay t ro$g a a debt repayment plan% Eac mont , yo$ record t e balance o" eac debt, t en add t em $p% /" yo$Dre act$ally p$! ing )ell on t at debt repayment plan, t e total balance o" yo$r debt! ! o$ld !igni"icantly drop eac mont % /" yo$ donDt !ee yo$r debt dropping, yo$ need to take a !erio$! look at ) atD! going on% Tra"2 yo r net wort#. & i! oneD! !imple E L$!t add $p yo$r a!!et! and !$btract all o" yo$r debt! "rom t e total% ,bvio$!ly, eac mont , yo$ )ant yo$r net )ort to be ig er t an t e previo$! mont % / like to make a note o" t e di""erence "rom mont to mont and / !trive to increa!e t i! di""erence eac mont % Tra"2 yo r s%en/$ng. 3 enever yo$ !pend, Lot it do)n% 5eep track o" all o" it and, at t e end o" t e mont , add it $p% Even more important, divide t at !pending into categorie! E $tilitie!, nece!!ary "ood, eating o$t, entertainment, book! E and total $p eac category% & i! tec ni1$e i! po)er"$l beca$!e it ! o)! yo$ t e area! ) ere yo$r !pending i! o$t o" control and yo$ need to tig ten $p% A! / mentioned earlier, ) en yo$ keep track o" yo$r progre!! in t i! )ay, $t be"omes a # ge a$/ for sett$ng goals. Here are t ree )ay! / ave $!ed t e above data to !et ! ort term goal! "or my!el", p$! ing me to ne) eig t!> 5 want my net wort# growt# to be better t#$s mont# t#an last. =etD! !ay my net )ort goe! $p Q+,888 "rom J$ne to J$ly% / t en )ant my net )ort gro)t "rom J$ly to A$g$!t to be Q+,88+ or more% ,bvio$!ly, / canDt control t e gro)t o" t e !tock market, b$t / can control my !pending imp$l!e!% 5 want to " t my s%en/$ng $n t#$s s%e"$f$" "ategory by 50C ne!t mont#. /" / notice t at / !pent more t an / t o$g t in a certain area la!t mont E like book!, "or


example, or on eating o$t E / !et a goal "or t e next mont to red$ce my !pending in t at category by a deci!ive amo$nt )it o$t Lacking $p my !pending el!e) ere% 5 want my /ebt to /ro% more t#$s mont# t#an last mont#. 2oing t i! )ork! and in and )it my net )ort goal, b$t in a !lig tly more !peci"ic )ay% /Dll p$! ard to "ind a "e) extra dollar! t at mont to roll into a debt payment% /Dve al!o "o$nd t at t e !ocial a!pect o" !$c tracking and goal !etting i! po)er"$l% /" yo$ like to do t i! online, 3e!abe i! an incredibly intere!ting and po)er"$l tool "or ! aring yo$r in"ormation and comparing it to t e progre!! o" ot er!% ;o$ can o""er enco$ragement to ot er!, let t em enco$rage yo$, and p$! to)ard! goal! toget er% /Dm ig ly partial to doing t i! o""line, t o$g % +$n/ a %ersonal f$nan"e b //y and meet toget er reg$larly to enco$rage eac ot er, ! are yo$r progre!! and yo$r c allenge!, and o""er $!e"$l tip! to eac ot er% 6or me, t e reality o" meeting !omeone "ace to "ace make! !$c progre!! tracking more real E and it al!o add! a !tronger edge o" competitivene!! to t e mix% /n t e end, 2ee%$ng tra"2 of yo r %ersonal f$nan"e %rogress $s 2ey. /t ! o)! yo$ 1$ite clearly ) ere yo$Dve been, o) "ar yo$Dve come, and ) ere yo$ need to go% /t elp! yo$ !ee t e area! ) ere yo$Dre !$cce!!"$l E and point! o$t t e area! ) ere yo$ need more )ork% /t con!tantly p$! e! yo$ "or)ard to bigger and better t ing!% /n t e end, )atc ing yo$r !tep! elp! yo$ "ollo) t at trail !traig t to yo$r dream!, ) et er itD! a "inancial dream or a dream in any a!pect o" yo$r li"e%

( le RF: Ta2e Care of ,o r T#$ngs.

A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% 3 enever /Dm in a "inancially de!tit$te area, / !tart !eeing many o" t e !ame t ing!% / !ee ome! t at are creaky, o"ten )it paint "alling o""% / !ee "ront yard! and back yard! "$ll o" item! le"t o$t in t e rain to "all apart% / !ee car! in poor ! ape, a mixt$re o" r$!t and lot! o" ard mile! on t em% / !ee overgro)n and patc y la)n!% / !ee air conditioning $nit! t at !o$nd like t eyDre abo$t ready to explode, covered in d$!t and cob)eb!% /n ! ort, / !ee a lot o" item! t at people o)n t at !imply ave no care given to t em at all% @n!$rpri!ingly, t e!e item! )ill ave to be replaced !ooner t an t ey )o$ld )it even a little bit o" &=C E or el!e t eyDre item! t at )ere bo$g t completely "rivolo$!ly, )ere barely $!ed, and )ill never be replaced%


A poorly-maintained air conditioner* /t !$ck! do)n more energy t an one t atD! )ell maintained E adding to yo$r energy bill E and it "ail! 1$icker E adding to yo$r repair and replacement bill!% A o$!e )it paint "alling o""* /t need! repainted and treated or el!e yo$ open yo$r!el" $p to additional )eat ering "rom t e environment, red$cing t e li"e!pan and re!ale val$e o" t e o$!e it!el"% /tem! le"t o$t in t e yard* & e !$n bleac e! t em, t e rain )ear! a)ay at t em, and t ey live a very ! ort li"e% ;o$Dll be b$ying a ne) ba!ketball be"ore yo$ kno) it% /Dm not picking on people ) o make t e!e li"e!tyle c oice!% /n!tead, 57m /raw$ng a "onne"t$on between t#e$r f$nan"$al state an/ t#e way t#ey treat t#e$r st ff. 3it every item t at !it! o$t t ere and dilapidate!, !ome o" t eir "inancial re!o$rce! are !imply blo)ing a)ay% &aken toget er, t o!e re!o$rce! provide t e opport$nity to ave t e t ing! yo$ dream o"% &ake t e air conditioner, a! L$!t an obvio$! example% An average air conditioner a! a li"e!pan o" "i"teen year!% /" yo$ maintain it )ell, yo$ can likely !tretc t at a "e) more year! E letD! !ay eig teen year!% /" yo$ do not ing )it it, t e li"e!pan )ill be ! orter E !ay, t)elve year!% An average central air $nit $!e! +0+ kilo)att o$r! d$ring an average !$mmer mont % A )ell maintained conditioner, )it clear vent!, mig t ! ave ?: o"" o" t at, ) ile an $nmaintained $nit mig t add ?: more to t at% <eplacing !$c a $nit )ill co!t abo$t QB,888% So, ) atD! t e total co!t over a t irty year period* /" yo$ maintain yo$r $nit )ell, yo$ )ill ave replaced it once and be t)o-t ird! o" t e )ay to)ard! replacing a !econd $nit E a total $nit co!t o" Q0,009% ,ver t irty !$mmer!, yo$ )ill ave $!ed +3,90? kilo)att- o$r! o" energy E at a price o" ten cent! per kilo)att o$r, t atD! Q+,390%?8% ;o$r total co!t* QC,8B3%?8% 3 at abo$t a poorly-maintained $nit* ;o$ )ill ave replaced yo$r $nit t)ice and be al")ay to)ard! a t ird replacement E a $nit co!t o" Q+8,888% ,ver t irty !$mmer!, yo$ )ill ave $!ed +?,2+? kilo)att- o$r! o" energy E at a price o" ten cent! per kilo)att o$r, t atD! Q+,?+2%?8% ;o$r total co!t Q++,?+2%?8% Spending a "e) min$te! eac !pring and a "e) min$te! eac "all making !$re t e air conditioning $nit i! clean and in proper )orking order !ave! a "amily Q3,B09 over a period o" t irty year!% Start carrying t at acro!! ot er expendit$re!% ;o$r o$!e E t e )ood, roo", and "o$ndation% ;o$r e1$ipment% ;o$r clot ing and ! oe!% ;o$r ve icle!% All o" t e!e t ing! ave !igni"icant !aving! t at come aro$nd ) en yo$ p$t even a !mall amo$nt o" care into maintenance% ,ver a decade, yo$ can ea!ily !ave ten! o" t o$!and! o" dollar! by properly maintaining yo$r belonging!% All earned by !pending a min$te or t)o ere or t ere taking care o" yo$r !t$""%


/tD! pretty ea!y to do, act$ally% ;o$ can get !tarted by $!ing a ome and a$to maintenance c eckli!t and r$nning t ro$g it on a reg$lar ba!i!% Mo!t o" t e ome maintenance ta!k! yo$ do are pretty !imple one! E t eyDre L$!t !ome) at n$mero$! and are ea!y to "orget at time!% 3 at yo$Dll "ind ) en yo$ do t i! i! t at t ing! r$n L$!t a bit better% ;o$r air conditioner doe!nDt kick on 1$ite a! o"ten% ;o$r dryer r$n! e""iciently% ;o$r appliance! rarely !eem to ave problem!% ;o$r re"rigerator doe!nDt r$n con!tantly% All o" t o!e little t ing! add $p to a bit o" energy !aving! no) E and a lot o" !aving! later, ) en yo$Dre not replacing t e!e expen!ive item!% ;o$ can carry t i! t ro$g to more item! in yo$r ome a! )ell% &ake yo$r ! oe!, "or example% Making !$re t eyDre clean, treating expen!ive ! oe! )ell, and !toring t em in place! ) ere t ey )onDt contin$ally take b$mp! i! a good !tep to)ard! extending t eir li"e% ,r yo$r la)nmo)er E taking t e time to occa!ionally ! arpen t e blade! and c eck t e oil red$ce! t e )ear and tear on t e engine greatly, !aving yo$ money on ga! and al!o on replacing yo$r mo)er% ,r yo$r roo" E keep t o!e g$tter! clean and yo$r roo" )ill take le!! )ear and tear% 5t /oesn7t ta2e m "# t$me to /o t#ese t#$ngs4 e$t#er. Compare t e t)o min$te! ere or t ere !pent doing maintenance to t e time yo$Dd ave to inve!t b$ying a ne) $nit early E re!earc , ! opping aro$nd, and !o on E and t e time begin! to balance o$t, too% ;o$ can ea!ily expand t i! p ilo!op y beyond t e material% &ake care o" yo$r relation! ip!% &ake care o" yo$r )ork contact!% &ake care o" yo$r career% &ake care o" yo$r body% & ere are ot er po!itive e""ect!, a! )ell% &ake t e environment, "or example% & e "e)er item! yo$ replace, t e "e)er t ing! t at )ind $p in land"ill!% & e le!! energy yo$ $!e, t e "e)er "o!!il "$el! yo$ b$rn% & ereD! al!o t e po!itive p!yc ological bene"it! o" taking care o" yo$r t ing!% /n many )ay!, itD! akin to taking care o"yo$r!el" p!yc ologically% ;o$Dre doing po!itive t ing! )it yo$r time ) ic "ill! yo$ )it po!itive "eeling! all aro$nd% ;o$Dre improving yo$r t ing! t at yo$ val$e, ) ic by exten!ion improve! yo$% Adding toget er all o" t e!e bene"it!, / "ind it to be e!!ential to take t e time to maintain t e t ing! yo$ ave% ( le RH: *o 5t ,o rself. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% A co$ple time! t i! !pring, / )atc ed a &r$Hreen van park at t e o$!e next to mine% & e per!on in!ide got o$t, loaded $p a p$! cart )it la)n "ertili4er, and


p$! ed it aro$nd t e la)n% He t en loaded $p t e cart and drove a)ay% /t took maybe t)enty min$te! eac time% / do ba!ically t e !ame t ing, except on my o)n% /Dll get !ome 1$ality !eed and "eed "rom t e local gardening !tore, load $p my little cart, and p$! it aro$nd t e yard d$ring t e !pring% Again, it take! me abo$t t)enty min$te! and co!t! me maybe Q+? in !$pplie!% / )a! intrig$ed t at my neig bor $!ed t i! !ervice, !o / a!ked im o) m$c it co!t!% He 1$oted a price o" abo$t QC8 "or a W!pring treatmentX E ) ic )a! apparently t e t)o !e!!ion! / ob!erved% / kept it in mind and )atc ed o$r la)n! t ro$g o$t t e !pring% 6or a ) ile, t ere )a! a di""erence, b$t it )a! mo!tly d$e to ! ade di""erence! in t e !pring and di""erent time! o" application% Go), in mid !$mmer, / canDt tell t e di""erence bet)een t e t)o yard!% By !pending t)enty min$te! doing it my!el", / !aved Q08% & at !o$nd! like a deal to me% ,ne big caveat, rig t o"" t e bat> 57m not "la$m$ng t#at yo s#o l/ /o everyt#$ng yo rself. & ere are certainly !it$ation! ) ere paying ot er! to do t ing! "or yo$ i! bene"icial, and t o!e opport$nitie! become more prevalent a! yo$r income ri!e!% Ho)ever, t#e more t#$ngs yo /o for yo rself4 t#e less money yo s%en/ on over%r$"e/ serv$"es. & i! !pread! acro!! more aven$e! o" li"e t an yo$ mig t initially t ink% W/ donDt pay "or a la)n !ervice,X yo$ mig t t ink, Wand /Dll never ire a maid or a cook%X /t goe! "ar beyond t at% 3 en yo$ go o$t to eat, yo$ pay "or !omeone to !erve yo$% M$c o" yo$r co!t o" t e meal i!nDt in t e "ood E itD! in t e co!t o" t e cook to prepare it and t e )aiter to bring it to yo$r table% /n!tead, cook t e !ame meal at ome% Almo!t al)ay!, it )ill be !igni"icantly le!! expen!ive E and o"ten ealt ier% Even more !$rpri!ing, it o"ten )onDt take yo$ a! long a! yo$r trip to t e re!ta$rant took% 3 en yo$ b$y prod$ce at t e grocery !tore, yo$ pay "or people to !erve yo$% Mo!t o" yo$r co!t come! "rom people picking t e vegetable! and people tran!porting t em to yo$% /n!tead, ) y not ave a !mall vegetable garden in t e back* /t can be a bit o" a time !ink 'b$t le!! t an yo$ mig t t ink i" yo$ donDt garden(, b$t t e co!t! can be extremely lo), partic$larly "or t e 1$antity o" vegetable! yo$ can get "rom a good garden% 3 en yo$ ! ell o$t "or !no) removal, yo$Dre backing a)ay "rom a great opport$nity "or )inter exerci!e E and lo!ing !ome ca! along t e )ay a! )ell% 3 en yo$ go get an oil c ange, yo$Dre paying "or !omeone to $n!cre) a co$ple cap! and d$mp li1$id o$t o" a L$g% 3 y not b$y yo$r o)n oil, get a pan, and do it yo$r!el"* /t doe!nDt take long and yo$ )onDt be given a !ale! pitc along t e )ay%


3 en yo$ call $p t e pl$mber or t e electrician, yo$Dre likely paying !omeone to andle !omet ing t at co$ld be "ig$red o$t "rom a ;o$&$be video% /" not ing el!e, itD! )ort a "e) min$te! to c eck ;o$&$be "or a o)-to video to !ee i" yo$r problem can be ea!ily "ixed% /n eac ca!e, t e !ame t eme i! clear> yo$ pay a ig price "or !omeone el!e to do !omet ing "or yo$% ,ne common co$nterarg$ment to t i! i! t e idea t at a per!onD! time i! more val$able t an t at% WMy time i! )ort more t an t e co!t o" L$!t paying !omeone el!e to do it%X HereD! t e catc , t o$g E ) at are yo$ replacing t at time )it * Are yo$ doing !omet ing really prod$ctive )it it* ,r are yo$ reco$ping t at time )it an extra epi!ode o" a !itcom* ,"ten, t#e arg ment t#at one7s t$me $s more val able $s a front for laK$ness. /tD! !imply ea!ier to t ro) ca! at a problem% 3 ile t at may be tr$e on one level, !tep back "or a min$te and look at it "rom a di!tance% 2o t e people ) o !$cceed in li"e !$cceed by taking t e la4y ro$te* <arely% & atD! not to !ay t at t ere i!nDt val$e in relaxation time% @n1$e!tionably, t ere i!% Ho)ever, t ere i! an enormo$! g$l" bet)een relaxation and la4ine!!% <elaxation re"re! e! yo$ and make! yo$ ready to !$cceed in ot er a!pect! o" li"e% =a4ine!! pa!!e! time and merely rein"orce! la4ine!!% Sitting do)n to relax and enLoy a televi!ion program t at really "$l"ill! yo$ i! relaxation% 6lipping on t e cable box to !ee ) atD! on* Got !o m$c % /" yo$Dre tr$ly replacing a dr$dgery ta!k )it !omet ing t at "$l"ill! yo$ deeply or earn! a m$c better income t an t e co!t o" t e !ervice, t en by all mean!, con!ider it% J$!t keep t e bigger pict$re in mind and make !$re yo$Dre not paying a lot o" money !o t at yo$ can idle a)ay t e time% /t goe! "$rt er% 2oing t ing! "or yo$r!el" a! a big p!yc ological bene"it% /t ! o)! yo$ t at yo$ act$ally can do t e!e t ing! "or yo$r!el" and improve! yo$r !el")ort % /t increa!e! yo$r !kill !et% /t o"ten get! yo$ moving and applying yo$r mind and yo$r body toget er in a ta!k% & e!e are all enormo$! bene"it! t at arenDt derived "rom !imply t ro)ing ca! at a problem% /n t e end, t e per!onal and "inancial bene"it! o" doing t ing! yo$r!el" add $p to an enormo$! bene"it "or t e time yo$ inve!t in it% & e next time yo$ ave !omet ing t at yo$ co$ld do yo$r!el" t at yo$Dre abo$t to pay !omeone el!e to take care o", !tep back and a!k yo$r!el" i" t i! i! really t e be!t move "or yo$% ( le R10: @lan ?#ea/ &very T$me ,o S%en/. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at


!$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% 3 enever !ome people !ee !tatement! like t e one above, t ey roll t eir eye!% W;o$r li"e m$!t be borrring i" yo$ ave to plan a ead every time yo$ !pendX i! a typical re"rain% & e big problem )it t at t inking i! t at it make! an incredibly "al!e !$b!tit$tion% .lanning a ead doe! not mean t e elimination o" !pontaneity in li"eK in "act, once yo$ get into t e ro$tine, it can o"ten "eel more !pontaneo$! beca$!e $nplanned c aotic !pontaneity i! no longer t e norm% And itD! t at $nplanned c aotic !pontaneity t at get! people in deep !pending tro$ble% /tD! ea!y to apply t e principle o" planning a ead every time yo$ !pend "or t e big p$rc a!e!% 6or mo!t o" $!, !aving and planning "or o$!e! and car! and vacation! i! completely normal and rea!onable be avior% 3e donDt )ant to go on a vacation t at co!t! t o$!and! o" dollar! )it o$t !ome planning, a"ter all, and )e certainly !ee t e logic in planning "or !$c p$rc a!e!% 3 ere t i! begin! to break do)n "or many people i! ) en t e p$rc a!e! get !maller% A cell p one plan mig t get !ome re!earc "rom !ome, or it mig t be completely imp$l!ive, even t o$g "i"teen min$te! o" online re!earc can !ave yo$ $ndred! a year% C ri!tma! gi"t! are o"ten bo$g t in minimal time, even t o$g yo$ can o"ten "ind better gi"t! "or t e !ame price or better deal! on t e gi"t! yo$ bo$g t )it L$!t a bit o" "oot)ork and planning% & e!e t ing! add $p E t e ten min$te! !pent planning "or !$c a p$rc a!e mig t net yo$ Q?8 in !aving!, ) ic i! )ell )ort it "or many people% 6or p$rc a!e! more t an Q+88 or !o 'over t eir li"etime(, L$!t !pend "ive min$te! making !$re yo$Dre getting a good deal and t at yo$ can ade1$ately and ea!ily a""ord t e item% /" yo$Dre convinced, $!e t e t irty day r$le% .$t t at p$rc a!e on old "or t irty day!% /" yo$ !till )ant it a"ter t irty day! and yo$ can a""ord it, go "or it% 3 ere t e idea o" planning a ead really break! do)n, t o$g , i! )it t e !mall imp$l!e b$y!% 2inner at a local re!ta$rant% A movie% A ne) 2A2 at t e !tore% A ne) ! irt% A ne) pair o" pant!% A ticket to a ba!eball game% O$ite o"ten, t e!e item! are bo$g t 1$ickly )it almo!t no "oret o$g t% S$re, it can be "$n to do !omet ing !pontaneo$!ly, b$t t at !pontaneity can dro)n yo$% =etD! !ay yo$ go ! opping )it a "riend% ,n a ) im, yo$ b$y a ne) dre!!, t en t e t)o o" yo$ go o$t to dinner toget er and ead o$t to a movie% 6or many people, t i! i! a nice, "$n evening% & e )orri!ome !ide o" it come! later% ;o$ go ome, look t ro$g yo$r credit card !tatement!, and reali4e t at t e Q?8 yo$ !pent tonig t E previo$!ly $nacco$nted "or E a! no) completely tapped yo$ o$t% ;o$ avenDt got eno$g money to cover t e


electric bill% So yo$ pay it late E and t ereD! a late "ee on next mont D! bill% B$t by t en yo$Dve moved on to anot er completely $nplanned expen!e% 3ariety and !pontaneity are t)o o" t e !pice! o" li"e, b$t itD! "ooli! to let t o!e !pice! co!t yo$ more t an t ey ! o$ld% /n!tead, plan a ead a little "or t o!e !pontaneo$! moment!% Eac mont , p$t Q+88 in ca! in yo$r )allet and let t at be yo$r W!pontaneo$!X money "or t e mont % ;o$ can do ) atever yo$ )ant )it it and itD! "ine beca$!e yo$ planned "or t at amo$nt% An imprompt$ moment doe!nDt mean t at yo$Dre going to be late on a bill at all% 3 en t at Q+88 i! gone, itD! gone% B$t itD! no big deal E L$!t )ait $ntil t e calendar t$rn! and yo$ can re"$el% ,bvio$!ly, yo$ can adL$!t t at amo$nt to ) atever yo$Dd like E more in !ome !it$ation!, le!! in ot er!% & e rea!on "or doing it i! !imple> $t allows yo to be s%ontaneo s w$t#o t be$ng /estr "t$vely "#aot$" w$t# yo r f$nan"es% Some people mig t )i!ely !ee t i! a! t e r$diment! o" a b$dget E and t eyDre rig t% & i! i! !imple b$dgeting at it! "ine!t% By p$tting t at ca! in yo$r )allet, yo$Dre a!!igning an amo$nt to yo$r !pontaneo$! !pending% & e amo$nt t at remain! in yo$r c ecking acco$nt i! andled di""erently E yo$ pay yo$r bill! and yo$r !aving! )it it% ,ne big danger ) en people "ollo) t i! idea> t ey p$t t eir Q+88 in t eir )allet and t en "ind itD! gone by t e nint o" t e mont % & en t ey !pend t)enty one day! mi!erable, t inking t at t i! plan i! !t$pid or talking t em!elve! into getting more o$t o" t eir c ecking acco$nt% 2onDt% =ive o$t t e mont % & en, !it do)n at t e end o" t e mont and take a !erio$! look at t e mont a! a ) ole% 2id yo$ give $p anyt ing vital d$ring t o!e t)enty one day!* 2id yo$ do anyt ing d$ring t o!e nine day! t at didnDt really add any val$e to yo$r li"e* ;o$ mig t "ind t at by taking a real look at yo$r !pontaneo$! !pending t at yo$Dre doing t ing! t at yo$ donDt really "ind val$able% & e next mont , t at money mig t old o$t $ntil t e t)enty !event o" t e mont , !imply beca$!e yo$Dre a bit more !elective in ) at yo$ do )it yo$r mad money E and t ereD! no adver!e e""ect on yo$r appine!! at all% A"ter a "e) mont !, yo$ mig t "ind an adL$!tment i! in order E eit er $p or do)n% S$c an adL$!tment i! "ine a! long a! yo$Dre paying all yo$r bill! and eit er actively red$cing yo$r debt or increa!ing yo$r per!onal !aving!% & e real key i! t i!> every action yo$ take i! )ort y o" a bit o" t o$g t, eit er be"ore and, in t e moment, or a"ter)ard!% A bit o" re"lection o"ten tell! yo$ ) et er t at c oice )a! rig t or )rong "or yo$ E ) et er it act$ally add! val$e to yo$r li"e%


& en, taking t e con!cio$! !tep! to red$ce t o!e t ing! t at donDt add m$c val$e become! ea!y E yo$ L$!t eliminate t e negative and by de"a$lt t e po!itive in yo$r li"e i! accent$ated% ;e!, "or !ome people, a !imple b$dget can be incredibly $!e"$l% B$t "or many ot er!, L$!t a bit o" planning a ead can make t e big di""erence t at t ey need% ( le R11: +$n/ an/ Wor2 Towar/ ,o r Tr e @ass$ons. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% /Dve )atc ed it over and over again> t e people t at !$cceed in a partic$lar career pat are t e people ) o are able to tap into t eir nat$ral pa!!ion! and aim t at "ire o!e into t eir pro"e!!ional li"e% & ey kno) ) at t ey love and t ey "ind )ay! to tran!late t at into a )ay to make a living% Sometime! t ey make a nice income E and t atD! a)e!ome% At ot er time!, t ey earn L$!t eno$g to get by E and t atD! a)e!ome, too% 3 at matter! i! t at, in bot ca!e!, itD! a Loy to get o$t o" bed in t e morning and get !tarted on yo$r day% ;o$r )ork it!el" "ill! yo$ )it Loy and excitement% 3 en yo$ reac t at point, t e line bet)een )ork and play di!appear! E yo$Dre appy doing ) atever yo$r day t ro)! at yo$% & at a! a val$e t at canDt be mea!$red in dollar! and cent!% /t tran!"orm! yo$r li"e% / ear "rom many people ) o claim t i! i! impo!!ible% /tD! not% Every !ingle day, / get o$t o" bed, excited to )rite% /" anyt ing, / )rite more eac day t an / did ) en my pa!!ion "or )riting )a! !till ne)% / kno) ot er! ) o "eel t e !ame )ay abo$t ) at t ey do% /t make! t em )ant to get o$t o" bed in t e morning and get !tarted% 3 en yo$ "eel t at pa!!ion !$rging t ro$g yo$, it make! a lot o" t e little di""ic$ltie! o" li"e not matter too m$c % /" t i! !eem! completely alien to yo$, yo$ !imply avenDt di!covered yo$r pa!!ion yet% / di!c$!!ed t i! a ) ile ago, b$t ere are !even )ay! to "ig$re o$t yo$r pa!!ion!> 1. Ma!$m$Ke yo r #ealt#. Eat )ell% Het !ome exerci!e% Het a)ay "rom any and all !it$ation! t at are emotionally olding yo$ back% Het plenty o" !leep% 3it o$t t e!e piece! in place, it )ill be ard "or yo$ to open $p to ne) opport$nitie! and direction!% 2. ?s2 lots of I est$ons. /" yo$ come acro!! !omet ing o" intere!t to yo$, a!k% 6ollo) $p )it more 1$e!tion! $ntil yo$Dre !ati!"ied E at lea!t "or t e moment% <e!earc intere!ting topic! online% 2o t ing! like a W3ikipedia !t$mbleX E !tart at a general topic yo$Dre t inking abo$t, t en click on ) atever article in 3ikipedia t atD! mo!t intere!ting to yo$ E and keep reading and "ollo)ing link!%


). 5gnore w#at7s S"ool.T <emember t e idea t at yo$ ! o$ld !top trying to impre!! ot er people* /t come! t ro$g big time ere% /" yo$ enLoy it, it doe!nDt matter ) at ot er! t ink% 2onDt be a"raid to dive into !omet ing t at !eem! exciting to yo$ over a "ear t at ot er! mig t "ind it Wdorky%X & eir label !ay! more abo$t t em t an it doe! abo$t t e activity% '. *abble $n everyt#$ng. /" !omet ing !eem! intere!ting, try it% ;o$ mig t not "ind it enLoyable or yo$ mig t "ind it "a!cinating% /tD! o"ten ard to tell t e di""erence $ntil yo$ dive in% 6or example, aving a garden mig t !eem intere!ting, b$t $ntil yo$ try it, itD! ard to tell ) et er itD! L$!t concept$ally intere!ting to yo$ 'b$t not nece!!arily in practice( or !omet ing t at yo$ tr$ly enLoy% 5. W#en somet#$ng %$I es yo r $nterest4 /$g $n. ;o$ try it% ;o$ like it% So try it again% And again% & ere are many t ing! t at !eem 1$ite "$n on t e "ir!t ! ot, b$t gro) boring 1$ickly a! yo$ it Wt e dipX ') ere t e ne)ne!! )ear! o"" b$t yo$Dre not very good at it(% /" yo$Dre pa!!ionate abo$t !omet ing, yo$ )onDt mind t at dip% =. ?sso"$ate w$t# ot#ers t#at s#are t#$s grow$ng %ass$on of yo rs. =ook "or event! in yo$r area ) ere people mig t be involved )it t i! intere!t% =ook "or gro$p! online ) ere people are talking abo$t t i! activity% Join in, ! are yo$r t o$g t!, and a!k 1$e!tion!% Got ingD! better "or "o!tering a gro)ing intere!t t an a gro$p o" like-minded people% E. 5f $t /r$es %4 /on7t % s# $t. &r$e pa!!ion! are !$!taining E yo$Dll keep coming back to t em beca$!e yo$ )ant to% /" yo$ no longer )ant to engage in it, donDt make yo$r!el"% J$!t back a)ay and "ind anot er pat % ;o$ may "ind yo$r!el" ret$rning in t e "$t$re, or yo$ may "ind yo$r!el" on a completely di""erent pat % ,o 7ll 2now yo r %ass$on w#en yo f$n/ $t. /tDll ring in!ide o" yo$ like a ammer itting a c $rc bell% /tDll con!$me yo$r t o$g t! and yo$r activitie!, even i" yo$Dre not very good at it yet% ;o$Dll get $p eac morning excited to do more% & i! i! o) / "eel abo$t )riting, "or one% 3 at do yo$ do i" yo$ di!cover yo$r pa!!ion, b$t t ere doe!nDt !eem to be any )ay to tran!late t at into income* A"ter all, yo$ ave to pay t e bill!, and even t o$g yo$Dve "o$nd !omet ing yo$ love !o m$c yo$Dd be appy to do it every day, it doe!nDt p$t "ood on t e table% & ere are co$ntle!! aven$e! "or c anneling t at pa!!ion into income% Ho)ever, almo!t all o" t e!e pat ! re1$ire yo$ to !tart doing it on a part-time ba!i!% Hive $p t e "rivolo$! t ing! yo$ )ere !pending yo$r evening! on and devote !ome o" t at time to a ne) pat % Here are ten !$gge!tion! "or tran!"orming t at pa!!ion into ca! % 0log Start a blog on t e topic yo$Dre pa!!ionate abo$t% S are !omet ing ne) every day on t ere% .$t a "e) ad! on t e !ite to earn a bit o" reven$e% Tea"# G t tor /" yo$ ave patience, ang o$t yo$r ! ingle and vol$nteer to teac yo$r pa!!ion to ot er!% & i! i! a great aven$e "or a pa!!ionate m$!ician%


@rov$/e serv$"es Maybe yo$Dve "o$nd t at yo$Dre pa!!ionate abo$t a partic$lar ta!k t at ot er! "ind to be dr$dgery E !cooping !no) or repairing comp$ter!% Sell t e!e !ervice! directly to ot er!% Create v$/eos /" yo$ )ant to teac o) to do t e t ing! yo$ love, con!ider making video! and ! aring t em online% .$t t em on ;o$&$be and make a !imple blog to ! are t e video!% /" yo$ !tart gat ering "ollo)er!, !ign $p "or t eir re)ard! program and yo$ can tran!late t i! into !olid income% Sell at farmers mar2ets /" yo$ make t ing!, "rom !oap to bread to )icker ba!ket!, yo$ can likely do )ell !elling t e item! at "armer! market!% /tD! a great )ay to make !ome !ale! and meet people intere!ted in ) at yo$Dre doing% Wr$te freelan"e art$"les G boo2s /" yo$ !imply enLoy )riting, practice and attempt to !ell !ome o" yo$r be!t )ork a! a "reelancer% Expect plenty o" reLection!, b$t al!o expect "eedback and !$gge!tion!, e!pecially a! yo$ improve% *evelo% %ro;e"ts t#ro g# wor2 &ake ) at yo$Dre pa!!ionate abo$t and !ee o) it can connect to yo$r )orkplace% /" yo$Dre into catering, vol$nteer to !pend !ome )ork time getting catering !et $p "or a )ork event% /" yo$Dre into art, look "or )ay! to incorporate yo$r art into )ork proLect!% Ta2e "lasses 3ork to)ard! a degree in t e area o" yo$r pa!!ion% /tD! a great )ay to get yo$r!el" into t e marketplace and to connect )it lot! o" like-minded "olk!% Dol nteer G a%%rent$"e 2onDt be a"raid to !pend yo$r !pare time vol$nteering to ! are yo$r pa!!ion )it ot er!% &ime and time again, people ) o ! are t eir talent! "reely and b$ild t eir !kill! "ind t em!elve! in ot er opport$nitie! to earn an income "rom it% Sell by "ons$gnment /" yo$ ave a prod$ct to !ell, talk to local !eller! and !ee i" t ey !ell by con!ignment% & ey provide t e !pace and t e !ale! )ork "or a c$t o" t e reven$e, ) ile yo$ get to "oc$! on ) at yo$ love% 6inding yo$r pa!!ion i! a li"e-c anging event% /t p$! e! yo$ in ne) direction! t at "$l"ill yo$ in )ay! yo$Dd never expect% /" yo$Dve never "o$nd yo$r pa!!ion, yo$Dre mi!!ing o$t on li"e by not !eeking it o$t% ( le R12: 0 $l/ (eal +r$en/s#$%s an/ (elat$ons#$%s. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% Many people arg$e t at t e "$ndamental $nit o" val$e in t e modern )orld i! t e dollar% / di!agree E / t ink t e "$ndamental $nit o" val$e in t e modern )orld i! t e relation! ip, and income derive! "rom t o!e relation! ip!% & ink abo$t it "or a moment% 3 at appen! i" yo$r relation! ip )it yo$r bo!! and yo$r co)orker! !o$r!* ;o$ lo!e yo$r Lob E yo$r income goe! do)n% 3 at appen!


i" yo$ b$ild !tronger relation! ip! )it yo$r bo!! and yo$r co)orker!* ;o$r income goe! $p E yo$ get rai!e! and promotion! and bigger proLect!% ;o$ can ea!ily carry t i! over into yo$r per!onal li"e, too% =etD! !ay yo$Dre abo$t to move% /" yo$ ave a lot o" real "riend!, a "e) p one call! )ill get yo$ all t e elp yo$ need% /" yo$ donDt ave t e!e relation! ip!, yo$Dll be ! elling o$t ca! "or a moving !ervice 'a big co!t( or doing it yo$r!el" 'a $ge time !ink(% & i! p enomenon pop! $p in pretty m$c every a!pect o" o$r live!% 6ood* /" yo$ ave lot! o" relation! ip!, yo$ get a lot o" dinner invite!% Ho$!e old !$pplie!* /" yo$ ave a lot o" "riend!, at lea!t one )ill ave a )are o$!e cl$b member! ip and )ill likely !plit !ome b$lk p$rc a!e! )it yo$% A leaky roo"* /" yo$ ave a good "riend t atD! a carpenter and !everal ot er "riend! )illing to ammer nail!, yo$ can likely get t at roo" "ixed on t e c eap% Entertainment* S)ap pile! o" 2A2! )it yo$r "riend!% & e li!t goe! on and on% 6rom t i!, itD! ea!y to !ee t at b $l/$ng % a lot of real relat$ons#$%s w$t# %eo%le $s val able. 3 at do / mean by a realrelation! ip* /Dm re"erring to one ) ere !omet ing o" po!itive val$e i! exc anged on a reg$lar ba!i! E $!e"$l advice, a elping and, loaning o" item!, an ear to tr$ly li!ten, and !o on% Any relation! ip )ort it! !alt a! a ealt y do!e o" po!itive exc ange! o" val$e )it a minim$m o" negative exc ange! 'in!$lt!, back!tabbing, go!!ip, incorrect advice, being an ob!tacle(% / con"e!! t at "or a long time, / didnDt kno) o) to do t i! )ell at all% /t )a!nDt t at / t o$g t ot er people ! o$ld give me val$e in exc ange "or not ing E / L$!t !imply didnDt $nder!tand t e val$e o" !$c exc ange!% / )a! nat$rally 1$iet and it "elt to me a! t o$g t e e""ort expended in making my!el" reac o$t )a! m$c more t an any val$e t ere )a! in ) at / mig t ave to o""er% /n ot er )ord!, $ntrovers$on an/ a la"2 of self-"onf$/en"e left me $n a state w#ere 5 /$/n7t b $l/ many relat$ons#$%s. So o) do yo$ b$ild a lot o" val$e-ba!ed relation! ip!* Mo!t o" t e idea! / "o$nd on t i! topic came "rom 2ale CarnegieD!Ho) to 3in 6riend! and /n"l$ence .eople '!ee my note! on it( and 5eit 6erra44i and &a l <a4D! Gever Eat Alone '!ee my note! on it(% & e "ormer elped me )it t e mec anic! o" act$ally comm$nicating )it people and elped me to b$ild t e co$rage to talk% & e latter elped me "ig$re o$t o) to $!e t o!e mec anic! to b$ild lot! o" val$e-ba!ed relation! ip!% Here are !even t ing! to do% 1. 1%en % a l$ttle. /" yo$Dre an introvert and pre"er to be 1$iet, t e be!t t ing yo$ can do "or yo$r li"e i! to )ork on overcoming t at nat$re% &alk to people% /" yo$ "ind t i! ard, bone $p on tec ni1$e! "or ba!ic conver!ation% 3ork ontactic! t at make yo$ appear more con"ident, even i" yo$ arenDt%


2. S rro n/ yo rself w$t# %eo%le. Ho to ) ere people are and open $p% Attend con"erence! and convention! and meeting!% /" yo$ ear !omeone talk ) o !eem! intere!ting, "ollo) $p directly )it t at per!on% Aol$nteer to pre!ent E itDll give lot! o" ot er! a c ance to ear yo$% ). Host %art$es. Start aving dinner partie! and backyard barbec$e! on a reg$lar ba!i!% 2onDt L$!t invite t e !ame old people, eit er E rotate t e people yo$ invite% &ry to mix it $p, too E donDt L$!t invite t e !ame circle!% Mix t e circle!% & i! give! yo$ t e po)er"$l opport$nity to introd$ce people ) o may not kno) eac ot er b$t may act$ally ave a lot in common% /" yo$ donDt kno) ) ere to !tart, !tart )it yo$r neig bor! and yo$r c$rrent "riend!% '. 3ee% $n to "#. Make a reg$lar abit o" keeping in direct contact )it people% My tec ni1$e i! !imple> / keep a big li!t o" people / )ant to maintain relation! ip! )it and / !trive to contact people on t at li!t on a reg$lar ba!i!% / let t em kno) ) at /Dm $p to directly and a!k ) at t eyDre doing% 5. G$ve of yo rself freely. /" !omeone need! elp, elp% 2onDt )orry abo$t Wpayback%X 2onDt )orry abo$t ) at yo$ mig t get o$t o" it% J$!t elp t em% /" yo$ contact !omeone and "ind o$t t eyDre !t$ck on a proLect, need a Lob, or need a elping and in !ome ot er )ay, eit er provide t at elp yo$r!el" 'i" yo$ can( or "ind !omeone ) o can provide t at elp and make t e connection% =. ?s2 for a/v$"e N an/ s#are w#at yo get. ,ne t ing /Dve "o$nd very $!e"$l i! to treat my circle o" "riend! like !omet ing o" a elp gro$p% 3 en /Dm !t$ck on a big p$rc a!e or !omet ing like t at, / a!k a large gro$p o" "riend! "or elp and !$gge!tion!% / t en compile all o" t at, "ig$re o$t ) atD! be!t "or me, t en take t e be!t o" t e in"ormation and !end it back to all o" my "riend!, letting t em kno) ) at / "o$nd o$t% & i! i! almo!t $niver!ally val$able E people love participating to elp a "riend, t ey love getting t at in"o back, and ) en / mention t em, t ey !ometime! make ne) connection! t em!elve!% E. S#ow a%%re"$at$on for #el% t#at yo get. At !ome point, yo$Dll need !ome direct elp "rom t e people yo$Dve b$ilt relation! ip! )it 'yo$Dd be !$rpri!ed o) o"ten t ey provide indirect elp(% 3 en yo$ do a!k "or t at elp, be t ank"$l% & ank t em "or ! o)ing $p, t ank t em "or ) atever elp t ey provide, and do ) at yo$ can to make t eir contrib$tion ea!ier E plenty o" beverage!, "ood, or anyt ing el!e yo$ can provide% 2oing t e!e t ing! over and over again )ill ca$!e yo$ to b$ild a lot o" !table, val$e-ba!ed relation! ip! over time% &ime and time again, t o!e relation! ip! )ill come t ro$g "or yo$ ) en yo$ need t em in yo$r career and in yo$r per!onal li"e% ( le R1): 5m%rove ,o rself &very C#an"e ,o Get. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at


!$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% & ro$g o$t my li"e, /Dve "o$nd t at t ere are t)o kind! o" people% ,ne gro$p !eem! to be con!tantly bored, idling a)ay t eir day! and )aiting "or li"e to come to t em% & e ot er gro$p doe! t e oppo!ite E t eyDre con!tantly b$!y, "eel like t ere arenDt eno$g o$r! in t e day, and are o$t t ere c a!ing li"e% /Dm in t at oppo!ite gro$p% / "eel annoyed )it my!el" ) en / !ee my!el" )a!ting time% / donDt avoid relaxing and enLoying li"e by any mean!, b$t i" /Dm mentally and p y!ically re!ted, /Dd rat er be doing !omet ing t an L$!t t)iddling my t $mb!% /Dd rat er be )riting or re!earc ing !omet ing or reading "or enric ment or doing !omet ing engaging )it my )i"e or doing o$!e old c ore! or doing !omet ing engaging )it my c ildren% And ) en t o!e aven$e! are "$ll, / look "or ot er )ay! to improve my!el"% 3 y* 3 y not L$!t kick back ) en t ing! are "ini! ed $p* /tD! !imple% T#e t$me 5 s%en/ $m%rov$ng myself now always %ays b$gger /$v$/en/s later. Sel"-improvement i! an inve!tment o" time and energy in!tead o" an inve!tment o" money, b$t bot pay excellent ret$rn!% /t can improve yo$r ealt , yo$r emotion!, yo$r career, and yo$r "inancial !tate% Here are "ive big area! 'and t ere are many more( anyone can )ork on in t eir !pare time E and note! on exactly o) to make it appen% 5m%rove yo r #ealt#. J$!t )alking t irty min$te! a day "or t)elve year! add!, on average, +%3 ealt y year! to yo$r li"e% & atD! B9 day! o" )alking in exc ange "or +%3 year! o" additional li"e E a brilliant trade% 2oing more vigoro$! exerci!e can add even more E 3%9 year! o" li"e on average% /" yo$ )ant to break it do)n, on average, a t irty min$te )alk )ill add almo!t "ive o$r! to yo$r li"e% Ho on a t irty min$te )alk eac nig t a"ter )ork and a !ingle )eekD! )ort , on average, )ill add a day to yo$r li"e% & atD! a pro"o$nd arg$ment "or improving yo$r ealt , even by taking !imple !tep!% & i! doe!nDt mean t at yo$ ave to abandon more lei!$rely p$r!$it!% ,ne o" my clo!e!t "riend! doe! !it-$p! ) ile )atc ing televi!ion% Anot er "riend a! a treadmill t at e )alk! on ) ile reading maga4ine!% & eyDre not abandoning t e t ing! t ey like to do to mentally $n)ind, b$t t ey reali4e t at mental $n)inding doe!nDt mean yo$ ave to p y!ically $n)ind, eit er% / like to Log ) ile li!tening to podca!t! or a$diobook!% 3 ile o$t t ere r$nning, my mind i! engaged E b$t t at doe!nDt mean t at / canDt improve my body a! )ell% 5m%rove yo r 2nowle/ge. /dea! are incredibly val$able and gro) more val$able every day a! !ociety move! in a direction ) ere creativity i! re)arded% 5no)ledge i! t e ba!e $pon ) ic creativity i! b$ilt% Expo!$re to ne) idea! and ne) angle! in a mix )it t e $ni1$e !et o" idea! and li"e experience! yo$ already ave make it


more and more likely t at yo$Dll be able to prod$ce $ni1$e idea! E and t o!e $ni1$e idea! can be incredibly val$able% ,ne po)er"$l )ay to do t i! i! to read ') ic , / !$ppo!e, i! ) at yo$Dre doing i" yo$Dre ere(% &ake on a book t at c allenge! yo$ and p$! e! t e )ay yo$ t ink% / like to read book! t at advocate po!ition! / donDt agree )it E book! t at advocate neocon!ervative t o$g t and book! t at di!c$!! at ei!m, "or example% & e!e book! "orce me to $nder!tand ot er per!pective! and, at t e !ame time, re-eval$ate and !trengt en and per ap! c ange my o)n% Anot er e""ective )ay to get t ere i! t ro$g conver!ation )it a per!on )illing to engage idea!% S are yo$r t o$g t!, li!ten to ) at t ey ! are, and debate t eir relative merit!% Accept t at critici!m o" an idea t at yo$ pre!ented i! not critici!m o" yo$, b$t o" t e idea it!el"% 5m%rove yo r transferable s2$lls. /Dve )ritten abo$t tran!"erable !kill! be"ore, b$t t e core o" t e matter i! !till tr$e> tran!"erable !kill! E t e type! o" !kill! t at "it )ell in almo!t any career pat E are al)ay! )ort ) ile to b$ild% Comm$nication !kill!% &ime management !kill!% Creativity% =eader! ip% Ho) can yo$ do t e!e t ing!* 3ell, yo$ mig t try implementing a ne) time management !y!tem in yo$r li"e% /nve!t !ome time in "ig$ring o$t H&2% ,r yo$ mig t vol$nteer to take a leader! ip po!ition in a comm$nity gro$p% .lay a brain!torming game )it "riend!, like Apple! to Apple!, or a !trategic game like &icket to <ide 't ey elp yo$ )it comm$nication !kill!, creativity, and logical t o$g t(% =ook at t e t ing! yo$ c oo!e to do in yo$r Wdo)n timeX and a!k yo$r!el" i" t eyDre al!o elping yo$ b$ild tran!"erable !kill! in a !$btle )ay% & en, c oo!e activitie! t at yo$ really enLoy t at do b$ild t e!e !kill!% ;o$Dll gro) a lot more playingApple! to Apple! )it creative people t an yo$ )ill )atc ing a !itcom by yo$r!el"% 5m%rove yo r %ersonal nat re. 5no)ing ) o yo$ are E yo$r !trengt !, yo$r )eakne!!e!, yo$r Loy!, yo$r !adne!!e! E make! it a lot ea!ier to navigate t e mine"ield o" li"e% /tD! )ell )ort yo$r time to "ig$re o$t ) o yo$ are and ) at yo$ tr$ly val$e% Spend !ome time being intro!pective% A!k yo$r!el" o) yo$ one!tly "eel abo$t t e element! in yo$r li"e% Are t e!e t ing! bringing yo$ Loy or !adne!!* 3 y* 3 at element!, yo$ a!k* =ook at everyt ing> yo$r ealt , yo$r relation! ip!, yo$r activitie!, yo$r po!!e!!ion!, and !o on% & i! type o" intro!pection can be very di""ic$lt% ,"ten, )e )ant to "eel certain )ay! abo$t certain t ing! and, on !ome level, )e convince o$r!elve! t at )e do% 2igging t ro$g t at, "ig$ring o$t o$r tr$e "eeling!, and acting on t em re!$lt! in not ing b$t li"e improvement%


5m%rove yo r relat$ons#$%s. Mo!t relation! ip! need !ome amo$nt o" care and "eeding, b$t in t e b$!y nat$re o" modern li"e, itD! ea!y to overlook t e care and "eeding t at !ome o" o$r mo!t important relation! ip! re1$ire% &ake !ome time and L$!t talk to yo$r !po$!e abo$t o) li"e i! going% Hive yo$r mot er a long p one call% Het in to$c )it yo$r !ibling!% =ook $p !ome o" yo$r clo!e "riend! t at yo$Dve dri"ted a)ay "rom over time% =i!ten to ) at t eyDre !aying E donDt L$!t look at it a! an exc$!e to li!t ) at yo$Dre $p to% & o!e relation! ip! are inval$able, and any time !pent maintaining t em )ill pay o"" in !$rpri!ing )ay! over time% HereD! t e real me!!age> t#e /$fferen"e between t#e s ""essf l an/ t#e nons ""essf l a%%ears $n #ow t#ey SwasteT t#e$r t$me. .eople ) o !$cceed !pend almo!t all o" t eir time doing !omet ing t at in !ome )ay improve! t em!elve!, t eir relation! ip!, or t eir career !it$ation% & atD! not accompli! ed by idling% ( le R1': G$ve W$t#o t Str$ngs or (egrets. A reader a!ked me i" / co$ld break do)n my idea! into a and"$l o" principle!% A"ter !ome care"$l t o$g t, / came $p )it a li!t o" "o$rteen ba!ic Wr$le!X t at !$mmari4e my money and li"e p ilo!op y% /Dll be pre!enting t e!e a! a )eekly !erie!% C arity E in "act, giving o" any kind E i! o"ten ard to explain in a general !en!e% Many people "ail to !ee t e p$rpo!e o" giving% W3 at doe! it gain "or me*X t eyDll a!k, and itD! di""ic$lt to point to o) c arity bring! yo$ a di!crete, !peci"ic, calc$lable ret$rn% /n!tead, giving i! a re"lection o" ) at tr$ly matter! to yo$ in t e )orld% /tD! yo$r opport$nity to act$ally make a tangible di""erence in an area t at matter! to yo$% Seeing t at yo$r e""ort a! created c ange in !omeoneD! li"e E or created !lig t c ange in a lot o" live! E i! incredibly po)er"$l% & i! come! back to yo$r central val$e!% W#at7s $m%ortant to yo w$t# regar/s to t#e o ts$/e worl/B .er ap! yo$Dre impa!!ioned abo$t t e environment and )i! to take action to red$ce carbon emi!!ion!% .er ap! yo$ )ant to protect animal abitat!% .er ap! yo$Dre "$eled by a de!ire to elp people in "amine !it$ation! E or in nat$ral di!a!ter!% .er ap! yo$Dre committed to c ild ood ed$cation% ,r maybe yo$ L$!t )ant to elp o$t di!advantaged people in yo$r o)n comm$nity% & ere are co$ntle!! ot er ca$!e! t at di""erent people "ind val$able E yo$r! may or may not be on t i! li!t% Sometime! it can "eel over) elming E t ere are !o many t ing! o$t t ere t at de!erve a gi"t t at itD! ea!ier to "all into Wanaly!i! paraly!i!%X ;o$ canDt decide, !o yo$ c oo!e to do not ing at all% J$!t beca$!e a rea!on to give i! )ort ) ile doe!nDt mean t at itD! t e one yo$ ave to give to% Spend !ome time "ig$ring o$t ) at matter! t e mo!t to yo$% /!


it t e environment* /! it ed$cation* /! it "amine and )orld "ood di!trib$tion* /! it poverty in yo$r comm$nity* /t co$ld be any o" t e!e E or !omet ing el!e% ,nce yo$Dve "ig$red o$t ) at matter! mo!t to yo$, look only at )ay! to give in t at area% 6or example, i" /Dm concerned abo$t poverty in my comm$nity, / mig t dig into Habitat "or H$manity and t e local "ood pantry% /" /Dm concerned abo$t ed$cation, / can get involved )it t e local !c ool di!trict% .eople o"ten arg$e t at t e !mall amo$nt t at t ey can contrib$te )onDt make a di""erence% /" yo$Dre in t at !it$ation, loo2 for ways w#ere yo "an see t#at yo r small g$ft "an ma2e a "#ange% Hive Q+8 )ort o" "ood to t e local "ood pantry, t en vol$nteer t ere% See "or yo$r!el" t at t e "ood yo$ p$rc a!ed i! going to a "amily t at really need! it% ;o$r gi"t directly p$t "ood on t e table "or t o!e c ildren% &ake Q38 and $!e it to plant a tree in a park !ome) ere 'obvio$!ly, a"ter getting permi!!ion(% 3ater it yo$r!el" and )atc it gro)% & at tree )ill elp clean t e air and )ill provide ! ade and nat$ral bea$ty "or t e people in t e park, and yo$ can !ee )it yo$r o)n eye! o) it bene"it! ot er!% 5eep a Q28 bill in yo$r pocket and )ait $ntil yo$ !ee !omeone ) oD! really in a pinc , t en L$!t p$t t at Q28 in t eir and% 3atc ) at appen! next E t eir emotional reaction, t e !tory t ey tell yo$% ;o$ made a di""erence% Hive yo$r time, too% Spend an a"ternoon b$ilding a Habitat "or H$manity o$!e in yo$r comm$nity% Spend t)o o$r! vol$nteering at t e "ood pantry in yo$r comm$nity% Spend a & ank!giving a"ternoon at a omele!! ! elter% Hiving a! a pro"o$nd !ecret> w#en yo g$ve to somet#$ng t#at tr ly matters to yo 4 yo feel $n"re/$bly goo/. & at good "eeling radiate! t ro$g o$t yo$r li"e% .eople pick $p on yo$r good "eeling! and t ey re!pond better to yo$% ;o$r gi"t al!o contrib$te! to t e appine!! o" ot er!% C ildren and "amilie! enLoy t at tree yo$ planted% A "amily make! a dinner o$t o" yo$r donation to t at "ood pantry% A "amily i! able to "inally ave a ome o" t eir o)n t ank! to yo$r labor on t e Habitat "or H$manity proLect% A "amily i! able to !$!tainably eat beca$!e yo$ gave t em c icken! via Hei"er /nternational% SomeoneD! li"e become! better% & eir o$tlook move! L$!t a bit ig er% & ey make a "e) better c oice! in t eir li"e> t e "amily decide! t at a "amily a"ternoon in t e park i! pretty nice beca$!e o" t e cool ! ade and decide to do it again% & i! "amily bond! a bit more and, later on, t eir c ild )ill make a di""ic$lt, po!itive c oice beca$!e o" t at clo!er bond% =i"e i! "$ll o" t e!e little c aotic e""ect!% ,$r action! ca$!e many, many t ing! to appen, many o" ) ic )e donDt !ee% Hiving o" o$r!elve! "reely in a po!itive )ay !end! o$t ripple! o" good event!, and over time, t o!e ripple! come back to yo$ and to everyone yo$ care abo$t% ;o$ mig t not !ee t e direct e""ect, b$t t o!e indirect e""ect! ec o t ro$g o$t yo$r li"e%


Hive ) at yo$ can, )it o$t regret!% & e po!itive bene"it! ec o t ro$g o$t yo$r li"e, t e live! o" everyone yo$ care abo$t, and live! yo$Dve never cro!!ed% 3alk a)ay kno)ing t at t e )ork o" yo$r li"e a! gone to tr$ly make t e )orld a better place%

3+ 2ay! to 6ix ;o$r 6inance!

A ) ile back, / )rote a !erie! entitled W3+ 2ay! &o 6ix ;o$r 6inance!,X a ser$es of a"t$v$t$es t#at "an enable anyone to $m%rove t#e$r f$nan"$al stat s by "enter$ng yo r f$nan"$al l$fe aro n/ yo r own "ore val es% /n!tead o" !$pplying a b$nc o" b$dgeting ! eet! and a!king yo$ to commit yo$r!el" to a program, t i! !erie! i! abo$t "ig$ring o$t ) at yo$ )ant o$t o" li"e and reorgani4ing yo$r "inance! !o t at yo$ can ave it% 3 ile yo$ can read all o" t e entrie! on t e )eb!ite '!ee belo)(, / ave al!o collected all o" t e entrie! toget er into a !ingle do)nloadable .26 "ile and poli! ed it "or ea!y reading and printing% GreatJ How "an 5 get $tB /" yo$ )o$ld like t i! "ile, click t i! link% /t )ill take yo$ to a !pecial .ay.al page, ) ere yo$ can pay Q2 !ec$rely and !a"ely and do)nload t e "ile% W#at7s 5ns$/eB Stage 1: +$g r$ng 1 t ,o r Goals ?n/ Dal es 2ay +> ;o$r 6ive Main Aal$e! 2ay 2> 2e"ining ;o$r Hoal! 6rom ;o$r Aal$e! 2ay 3> Create A .lan 6or Eac Hoal & e $nderlying c allenge t at mo!t people ave )it t eir "inance! i! t at t ey !ee money a! di!tinctly !eparate "rom t e re!t o" t eir li"e% Money i! an antagoni!t, an enemy t at keep! yo$ "rom doing ) at yo$ )ant to be doing% & e tr$t i! t at money i! merely a tool, and ) en yo$ "ind yo$r!el" "eeling a! t o$g money i! an antagoni!t, it i! no di""erent t an a per!on attempting to learn o) to $!e a eavy !)ordK itD! $n)ieldy and dangero$!% & e "ir!t !tep "or learning o) to integrate money into yo$r li"e and $!e it !$cce!!"$lly a! a tool i! to "ig$re o$t ) at exactly yo$ )i! to b$ild )it t at tool% 3it o$t $nderlying val$e!, goal!, and plan!, money i! no di""erent t an !)inging a ammer aro$nd )it o$t b$ilding !omet ing% & $!, t i! "ir!t !tage i! cr$cial> ) at exactly i! mo!t important to yo$, and ) at )ill it take to ade1$ately !$pport t o!e val$e!* Stage 2: &val at$ng ,o r S$t at$on 2ay B> Ho) M$c 2id ;o$ Earn =a!t ;ear* 2ay ?> Ho) M$c 2id ;o$ 3ork =a!t ;ear*


2ay 0> ;o$r &r$e Ho$rly 3age ,nce yo$Dve "ig$red o$t ) at i! central in yo$r li"e, itD! time to take a !erio$! look at ) at yo$ ave to )ork )it % Ho) m$c do yo$ make, and o) m$c time do yo$ !pend making it* & i! !eem! like an ea!y 1$e!tion, b$t itD! not% Ho) m$c o" yo$r income do yo$ !pend maintaining yo$r Lob, via tran!portation, career development, clot ing, and !o "ort * And o) m$c time do yo$ !pend doing t ing! devoted to yo$r Lob, !$c a! going to )ork, coming ome "rom )ork, attending )ork-related "$nction!, and !o on* 3 en yo$ calc$late t e!e ne) n$mber!, yo$ mig t be ! ocked bot at o) m$c time yo$ act$ally !pend )orking in an average )eek, a! )ell a! o) little yo$ act$ally earn% ;o$ can drive t i! point ome e!pecially clearly by calc$lating a n$mber t at )eDll $!e t ro$g o$t t e mont , yo$r tr$e o$rly )age% Ho) m$c do yo$ really make "or eac o$r t at yo$ !pend devoted to yo$r Lob* /tD! not nearly ) at yo$ mig t t ink, and t at alone mig t ! ock yo$ into con!idering !ome di""erent aven$e!% Stage ): 0 $l/$ng ,o r 1wn -$fe 0 /get4 Lot +ollow$ng Someone &lse7s @res"r$%t$on 2ay 9> 3ork 6or ;o$r 2ream!, Got ;o$r Money 2ay C> Breaking 2o)n ;o$r Expen!e! 2ay 9> Cleaning @p ;o$r Expen!e! 2ay +8> 6itting ;o$r Expen!e! /nto & e Bigger .ict$re 2ay ++> 2ividing @p & e <e!t and 6ini! ing ,$r &ime B$dget 2ay +2> A 6lexible WB$dgetX & at <e"lect! ;o$r <eality ,nce yo$Dve taken a ard look at ) at yo$ act$ally earn, yo$ can begin to !et $p t e ba!ic "rame)ork o" o) to !pend t at money t at i! in line )it yo$r per!onal goal!% & i! i!nDt abo$t printing o$t )ork! eet! and trying to Lam yo$r li"e into t e pigeon ole! t at !omeone el!e a! created "or yo$K in!tead, t i! i! abo$t de"ining o) yo$ !pend money and )orking "rom t ere% /tD! almo!t $n"air to re"er to t i! a! Wb$dgeting,X beca$!e b$dgeting carrie! )it it !ome very bad connotation!, m$c like p$tting on an $ncom"ortable !$it% & i! proce!! i! m$c more like going to a tailor, ) o $!e! yo$ a! t e ba!i! to con!tr$ct a c$!tom !$it t at "it! yo$% & i! proce!! )ill create a c$!tom b$dget t at "it! yo$r li"e )it yo$r val$e! and goal! a! a ba!i!% 3eDre not talking abo$t re!tricting yo$ to !pending Q28 a mont on Wdining expen!e!,X b$t in!tead creating a !tr$ct$re ) ere yo$ can decide ) atD! appropriate beca$!e yo$ can !ee o) it relate! directly to yo$r dream!% Stage ': -oo2$ng ?t ,o r -$fe4 @$e"e 0y @$e"e 2ay +3> .ay 6or ;o$r 2ream! 6ir!t 2ay +B> Het <id ," 2ebt! 'Slo)ly B$t S$rely( 2ay +?> Coming /n @nder B$dget and An Emergency 6$nd


2ay +0> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Home and A$to /n!$rance 2ay +9> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E =i"e /n!$rance 2ay +C> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Energy 2ay +9> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E A$tomobile! 2ay 28> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E 6ood 2ay 2+> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Ho$!ing 2ay 22> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Mont ly Service! 2ay 23> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Bank 6ee! 2ay 2B> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Entertainment and Hobbie! 2ay 2?> Eval$ating ;o$r Expen!e! E Credit Card! ,nce yo$Dve got a ba!ic b$dget in place, itD! )ell )ort !pending !ome time care"$lly eval$ating t o!e n$mber! t at repre!ent yo$ and !ee i" t ere are any place! ) ere t ere i! exce!! "at E and !imply trimming it a)ay% /! yo$r electricity bill pretty ig * Maybe t ere are a "e) !imple )ay! to red$ce it% Hetting tired o" paying t at li"e in!$rance bill* Maybe yo$ donDt need it at all E or can $tili4e !omet ing le!! expen!ive% Hetting dinged over and over again )it bank c arge!* =ook at ) at t eyDre c arging and do !omet ing abo$t it% Credit card "inance c arge! eating yo$ alive* & ere are !ome ea!y )ay! to red$ce t em% 3eDre looking "or )ay! to trim a)ay "at 't ing! t at make yo$ $ncom"ortable ) en yo$ look at t em( !o t at t e meat 'yo$r goal!, dream!, and val$e!( ave room to t rive% ;o$ donDt ave to eliminate t at daily latte i" it bring! yo$ Loy E L$!t look "or t e many t ing! yo$ can do )it o$t or t at yo$ can red$ce )it o$t !igni"icant pain and yo$Dll ave t e money to c a!e yo$r dream!% Stage 5: Sett$ng T#e Stage +or -$felong S ""ess 2ay 20> <e"ining ;o$r B$dget 2ay 29> 5eeping Hood <ecord! 2ay 2C> .reparing 6or & e /nevitable 2ay 29> .aying Ca! 2ay 38> =ive 3 at ;o$ =ove 2ay 3+> 5eeping /t @pGo) t at t e complete package i! coming toget er, t ere are !ome ba!ic met od! "or keeping t e moment$m going% 3 at do yo$ do )it t e "at yo$Dve trimmed a)ay* Ho) do yo$ keep track o" all o" yo$r "inancial in"ormation !o t at itD! not c aotic and incompre en!ible* Ho) do yo$ en!$re t at yo$Dre not en!nared in loan debt over and over again* Ho) do yo$ keep t i! good t ing going* /" yo$ "ollo) t i! plan and keep t e!e principle! in mind, yo$ can ea!ily live yo$r dream% /tD! all $p to yo$, and it take! L$!t an o$r a day "or a mont to get t ing! going% 3+ 2ay! &o 6ix ;o$r 6inance!,


*ay 1: ,o r +$ve Ma$n Dal es & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Some o" yo$ mig t ave expected t at )e )o$ld !tart o$t "ixing yo$r "inance! )it a pencil and a calc$lator% /n "act, it )ill be a "e) day! be"ore )e ave any need "or eit er o" t e!e% 3 y* Be"ore )e can de"ine a plan t at )ork! "or yo$, )e need to !it do)n and "ig$re o$t ) at really matter! in yo$r li"e% All o" $! )ork ard "or a rea!on% 3e go into )ork and come o$t o" )ork beca$!e )e )ant money, rig t* Money b$y! $! t ing! and allo)! $! to live in t i! modern )orld% B$t ) at do )e mean by WliveX* 3 at exactly i! t i! WlivingX t at )e are "oc$!ed on* T#e real tr t# $s t#at we l$ve a""or/$ng to a set of val es. 3e contin$ally per"orm action! ba!ed on val$e!> o$r val$e! mixed )it t e val$e! o" ot er!% 6or example, my top val$e i! my "amily% / )ant a good, "$l"illing li"e "or my )i"e and my !on !o t at t ey can ea!ily de"ine and "ollo) t eir o)n val$e!% Every per!on a! a !et o" bet)een "o$r and !ix primary val$e! t at $nderline t eir li"e ')e may ave ot er val$e!, b$t t o!e val$e! are !econdary to t e primary one!(% 6inancial problem! occ$r t ro$g di!tortion! o" t o!e val$e!> )e come to believe t at !ome t ing! are vital to t e!e val$e! ) en t ey really donDt matter% Henerally, t i! i! ) at adverti!ing !eek! to do> it trie! to expre!! a core val$e t at !ome people ave and make t eir prod$ct !eem e!!ential to ac ieving t at val$e% So, o r f$rst ste% $s to /ef$ne e!a"tly w#at o r val es are. 3e are not de"ining goal! ereF Hoal! are !peci"ic action!, like Wretiring at age "i"ty "iveX or Wpaying "or my !onD! grad$ate !c ool%X 3 at )e are looking "or are val$e!% 6riend!% =ove% 6reedom% &r$t % 3 at are t e "$ndamental item! t at make yo$ tick* At t e end o" t i! po!t i! a li!t o" t irty potential val$e! t at one mig t li!tK yo$ can look at t e!e i" yo$Dre an example-oriented per!on% At "ir!t, t i! !eem! pretty di""ic$lt, !o ereD! a proced$re t at )ill elp yo$ get in t e rig t mind!et% 6ir!t, get "alm an/ rela!e/. 6or me, t i! $!$ally come! a"ter a nice meal )it a gla!! o" )ine or a great cra"t beer% / can clear my mind and t ink abo$t my li"e% 2o ) atever get! yo$ relaxed> ave a ma!!age, lay do)n in bed, or anyt ing t at increa!e! yo$r calmne!!% Second, be #onest. Go one a! to !ee t i! li!t, !o )rite do)n ) at really come! "rom in!ide o" yo$% ;o$ mig t )rite do)n t ing! like Wpo)erX or WexcitementX t at yo$ mig t not )ant to ! o) ot er people, or yo$ mig t be tempted to )rite do)n W"amilyX beca$!e yo$r !igni"icant ot er )o$ld expect it E b$t itD! not really important to yo$% & ird, "lose yo r eyes an/ as2 yo rself w#at $s really $m%ortant $n yo r l$fe. /" not ing come! immediately, donDt )orry abo$t it% & ink abo$t t e moment! ) ere


yo$ "eel mo!t ) ole and "$l"illed and t at "eeling !tay! )it yo$, not a temporary, pa!!ing "eeling% ?s yo /$s"over val es4 wr$te t#em /own. J$!t make a li!t on a ! eet o" paper% /t doe!nDt ave to be ranked in any )ay% ,nce yo$Dve di!covered a val$e t atD! important to yo$, L$!t add it at t e bottom o" t e li!t% ;o$Dll kno) ) en yo$ are doneK donDt )orry too m$c abo$t o) many yo$Dve )ritten do)n% 5f yo #ave more t#an s$! val es4 as2 yo rself $f any of t#em are t#e same val e. O$ite o"ten, i" )e get above !ix val$e! on o$r li!t, )eDll reali4e t at t)o o" t e val$e! are act$ally t e !ame t ing% /" t ey are, L$!t combine t em, or cro!! o"" one o" t em% 5f yo #ave fewer t#an fo r val es4 t#$n2 abo t t#em some more. Mo!t people ave at lea!t "o$r central val$e! in t eir live!, !o !pend !ome more time to make !$re yo$Dre not mi!!ing anyt ing% 1n"e yo #ave t#$s l$st, !ave it% 3eDll not only re"er to it in later !tep!, b$t it )ill probably be val$able to yo$% See yo$ tomorro)F /" yo$ need !ome elp getting !tarted, ere i! a li!t o" t irty val$e! t at yo$ mig t ave in yo$r li"e% Gote t at t i! i!nDt a li!t o" all po!!ible val$e!, L$!t a !election o" !ome val$e! to elp yo$ get !tarted% Advent$re Balance Bea$ty Cleanline!! Con"idence Control Creativity 'm$!ic, "ilm, "ood, etc%( Ed$cation Excitement 6amily 6riend! 6reedom 6$l"illment 6$n Hro)t Happine!! Healt /ndependence =eader! ip =ove Making a di""erence Marriage


.eace o" mind .o)er Sec$rity Service S aring Spirit$ality & e environment &r$t <eady* =etD! contin$e on to t e next day% *ay 2: *ef$n$ng ,o r Goals +rom ,o r Dal es & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e de"ined "ive main val$e! t at de"ine o$r li"e% & e!e val$e! are ) at )e live "orK t ey drive $! to )ork and generally g$ide $! in o) )e !pend o$r live!% ;et !o o"ten )e "ind o$r!elve! betraying t e!e val$e! 'everyone doe! t i! at !ome point(, and it i! ) en )e c oo!e to betray t e!e val$e! t at )e "ind o$r!elve! in "inancial tro$ble in!tead o" in "inancial !tability% 3e eit er !pend money on t ing! t at donDt matc or even oppo!e o$r val$e!, or )e !pend money on o$r val$e! b$t in a mi!g$ided "a! ion% 3 y do )e do t i!* T#e b$ggest reason t#at we s%en/ money o t of a""or/ w$t# o r val es $s t#at we /on7t s$t /own an/ /ef$ne o r goals. Hoal! are merely t e !peci"ic embodiment o" o$r val$e! E tangible mile!tone! t at are clear indication! o" live! lived in t$ne )it o$r val$e!% ;o$Dre probably t inking to yo$r!el", W/ ave val$e! and goal! already E t i! i! a )a!te o" my time%X Be"ore yo$ log o"", / )ant to a!k yo$ one !imple 1$e!tion> "ir!t, /o yo r goals a"t ally mat"# t#e val es $n yo r l$feB =et me give yo$ an example% ,ne o" my maLor ! ort term goal! i! b$ying a o$!e, !omet ing many o" yo$ can identi"y )it % & i! i! a goal related to one o" my primary val$e!, my "amily% & $!, /Dm b$ying a o$!e "or my "amily% @nder!tanding t i! connection let! me clearly de"ine ) at type o" o$!e /Dm looking "or 'it doe!nDt need to be ! iny and ne), b$t it doe! need to ave !pace "or my !on and my "$t$re c ildren E a large kitc en, a "amily room, and "o$r bedroom! are ) at / !eek(% & $!, every time / t ink abo$t t e ome p$rc a!e, / reali4e t at /Dm )orking "or my "amily% /" yo$ can one!tly matc ever !ingle goal in yo$r li"e )it one o" yo$r central val$e!, yo$Dre more )ell-adL$!ted t an almo!t everyone in t e )orld% & e tr$t i! t at )e all ave central val$e! )it o$t any a!!ociated goal!, goal! )it o$t any a!!ociated val$e!, and goal-val$e pairing! t at are really $nclear and m$ddled% .eople t at are "inancially !$cce!!"$l "ind )ay! to minimi4e all o" t e!e%


Ho) do t ey do t i!* T#ey /ef$ne all of t#e$r goals base/ /$re"tly on t#e$r %ersonal val es4 an/ t#ey l$ve t#e$r l$ves to meet t#ese goals above everyt#$ng else. /" t ey go to !pend money, t ey a!k t em!elve! ) et er t at money directly lead! t em to one o" t eir goal!% /" t e an!)er i! no, t ey donDt !pend t e money% & $!, ) en t ey act$ally !pend money, it doe!nDt "ill t em )it g$ilt% & ey can immediately !ee o) t at money i! going to reali4e t eir goal!, ) ic are "$ndamentally connected to t e val$e! t at de"ine t eir li"e% Ho) do )e get t ere* =etD! take an o$r, !it do)n, and de"ine ten goal! in o$r li"e% /" yo$ )ent t ro$g ye!terdayD! exerci!e, yo$ )ill already ave a li!t o" t e "ive val$e! t at are central to yo$r li"e% Go), )e take t e!e val$e! and $!e t em to de"ine ten concrete goal!% 6ir!t, forget w#at yo bel$eve yo r goals are r$g#t now. ;o$ mig t end $p coming back to t e!e goal! d$ring t i! proce!! or yo$ mig t not% & e intent i! to de"ine yo$r goal! in direct armony )it yo$r core val$e!% 6or eac val$e on yo$r li!t, as2 yo rself w#ere yo want to be $n terms of t#at val e $n twenty f$ve years. / mentioned t at one o" my main val$e! i! my "amily '!peci"ically my c ildren(, !o in t)enty "ive year!, / )o$ld like to ave t)o college-ed$cated c ildren !tarting !table live! on t eir o)n, and per ap! a t ird in college% Go), t rn t#at /ream $nto a goal% 6or my c ildren to be able to !tart o$t t eir o)n live! on t eir o)n, / )ant to minimi4e t eir college debt! and !et a good example "or t eir live!% So, my goal i! to be able to pay "or at lea!t part o" t eir ed$cation% ;o$ mig t be tempted to !tart )riting a plan "or t at goal rig t no), b$t donDt% 3eDll get to t at later% <ig t no), )e L$!t )ant to make a li!t o" long-term goal! t at matc yo$r val$e!% 6or t o!e c$rio$!, ere are my goal! "or t)enty "ive year! do)n t e road> J / )ant to be able to pay "or a !igni"icant part o" my c ildD! college ed$cation J / )ant to ave a "$lly paid "or o$!e big eno$g "or my grandc ildren to vi!it and "eel com"ortable J / )ant to be able to travel t e )orld )it my )i"e J / )ant to ave t ree book! in print J / )ant to be able to live o"" t e intere!t o" my non-retirement inve!tment! ,nce yo$Dve made t e long term goal!, go t#ro g# yo r val es aga$n an/ as2 yo rself w#ere yo want to be $n terms of t#at val e $n one year. J$!t like be"ore, "ig$re o$t ) ere yo$ )o$ld like to be in relation to t at val$e in one year and donDt )orry abo$t de"ining a plan "or t at goal% Again, ere are my one year goal!> J / )ant to do$ble t e val$e o" my !onD! ?29 college !aving! plan J / )ant to b$y and move into a o$!e


J / )ant to !elect and begin learning a "oreign lang$age J / )ant to 1$adr$ple t e reader! ip o" & e Simple 2ollar J / )ant to reac Q+85 in my non-retirement m$t$al "$nd acco$nt Go) t at yo$ ave t e!e goal!, )eDre ready to begin de"ining !ome plan! P b$t letD! !leep on it "ir!t% <eady* =etD! contin$e on to t e next day% *ay ): Create ? @lan +or &a"# Goal & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e made $p a li!t o" ten goal! t at derive directly "rom o$r val$e!% Go) 'and "or !ome o" yo$, "inally(, )e !tart talking a little bit abo$t n$mber!% =etD! get rig t do)n to b$!ine!!% Ta2e ten s#eets of %a%er an/ at t#e to% of ea"# s#eet4 wr$te ea"# goal yo /ef$ne/yester/ay. ,n eac o" t e!e ! eet!, yo$Dre going to de"ine !ome !peci"ic mile!tone! "or eac o" yo$r goal!% +or ea"# of t#e s#ort term goals4 / )ant yo$ to de"ine "ive !peci"ic action!> / )ill do t i! in t e next t ree day!% / )ill do t i! in t e next )eek% / )ill do t i! every )eek% / )ill do t i! in t e next mont % / )ill do t i! in t e next !ix mont !% Some o" t e!e )ill be in"ormation gat ering and ave no co!t% ,t er! )ill act$ally re1$ire !ome inve!tment, $!$ally t e one t at appen! every )eek% 6or example, ye!terday / mentioned t at one o" my ! ort term goal! i! do$bling t e val$e o" my !onD! ?29 college !aving! plan in t e next year% HereD! ) at my "ive !peci"ic action! look like> /n t e next t ree day!, / )ill get t e balance o" my !onD! ?29 acco$nt, along )it t e data on t e ann$al ret$rn! o" eac o" t e inve!tment option! in t e plan% /n t e next )eek, / )ill determine o) m$c / need to inve!t in t e coming year to do$ble t e acco$nt balance and al!o e!timate ) at t e ret$rn "or t e coming year mig t be% Every )eek, / )ill inve!t 2: o" ) at / calc$late i! needed to do$ble t e balance in t e coming year% /n t e next mont , / )ill eval$ate all o" t e di""erent "$nd! available "or my !onD! ?29 and c oo!e a "$nd t at / "eel i! t e be!t matc "or im% /n !ix mont !, / )ill c eck in on t e acco$nt and !ee o) eD! doing "or t e year, !ee o) t e vario$! "$nd! are doing "or t e year, and recon!ider my inve!tment c oice!% Henerally, t e model o$tlined above )ork! )ell> gat er in"ormation in t e next t ree day!, plan a ba!eline amo$nt yo$Dll need in t e next )eek, !ave an


appropriate amo$nt every )eek, inve!tigate t e detail! in t e next mont , and revie) t ing! in !ix mont !% /" yo$ do t i!, yo$Dll almo!t al)ay! meet yo$r ann$al goal% Go), for ea"# of t#e long term goals4 / )ant yo$ to de"ine "ive !peci"ic action!> / )ill do t i! in t e next )eek% / )ill do t i! in t e next mont % / )ill do t i! every mont % / )ill do t i! in t e next year% / )ill do t i! in t ree year!% Some o" t e!e )ill be in"ormation gat ering and ave no co!t% ,t er! )ill act$ally re1$ire !ome inve!tment, $!$ally t e one t at appen! every mont % 6or example, ye!terday / mentioned t at one o" my long term goal! i! completely o)ning a )onder"$l o$!e in t)enty "ive year!% HereD! ) at my "ive !peci"ic action! look like> /n t e next )eek, / )ill gat er in"ormation a !election o" potential o$!e! t at re"lect ) at / plan to b$y immediately and ) at / plan to b$y in "i"teen year!% /n t e next mont , / )ill calc$late o) m$c / )ill ave to !pend per mont on mortgage, in!$rance, and taxe! on t e lo)er-end o$!e, and al!o calc$late o) m$c t e nice o$!e )ill co!t in "i"teen year!% Eac mont , / )ill !ave 2?: o" a mortgage payment "or elping me get a ead on payment! ) en / p$rc a!e t e "ir!t ome% & i! )ill enable me to Wtrade $pX more e""ectively ) en t e time come!% /n t e next year, / )ill b$y a ome t at i! in t e lo)er o$!e bracket and !)itc t e extra 2?: "rom a !aving! acco$nt to a direct payment on t e mortgage% /n t ree year!, / )ill !it do)n and re-eval$ate ) at my Wdream omeX i! like and re"actor my plan accordingly% By doing t i!, / break do)n !omet ing t at !eem! "ar-o"" 'a bea$ti"$l big o$!e to retire in and "or my c ildren and grandc ildren to enLoy( into !maller piece! t at / can do rig t no)% / al!o "ind it $!e"$l to f$n/ an $mage t#at "a%t res a long-term goal an/ %la"e $t $n a %la"e t#at 57ll see reg larly. & i! )ay, t e end goal i! al)ay! in !ig tK itD! a con!tant vi!$al reminder o" ) ere / need to go% Go) t at yo$Dve de"ined t e!e plan!, yo #ave s%e"$f$" t#$ngs t#at yo 7re sav$ng for an/ s%en/$ng yo r money on t#at are $n l$ne w$t# yo r val es an/ goals% 3 enever yo$ go to !pend money, pa$!e "or a !econd and t ink abo$t yo$r val$e!, goal!, and plan!, and a!k yo$r!el" i" t at money expendit$re i! really elping yo$ reac yo$r goal! or i! really re"lecting yo$r val$e!% ;o$ ! o$ld !trongly con!ider ma2$ng % a s"#e/ le t#at "omb$nes all of yo r %lans toget#er. 3 at )ill yo$ do in t e next )eek* 3 at )ill yo$ do every )eek* 3 at )ill yo$ do in t e next mont * 3 at )ill yo$ do every mont * A !c ed$le t at keep! yo$ "ollo)ing yo$r plan! )ill elp )it t i!%


,ne )eek "rom no), yo$ ! o$ld ave !ome n$mber! t at )ill ! o) yo$ ) at yo$ need to be doing to reac yo$r goal!% & e amo$nt! mig t tro$ble yo$, b$t donDt )orry% /n one )eek, )eDll take t e!e n$mber! and $!e !ome tec ni1$e! to care"$lly eval$ate ) at t ey really mean E and o) yo$ can make t em co$nt "or more t an yo$ t ink% Be"ore / did t i! exerci!e, / o"ten "o$nd t at, even t o$g / o"ten reali4ed it )a!nDt a good idea to !pend, / )o$ld !till !pend money any)ay% 3 y* / didnDt ave any !ort o" concrete plan "or ) at to do )it my money, e!pecially not one t at )a! larger t an !aving "or a ne) gadget or toy% Go), ) enever /Dm tempted to !pend money in a "rivolo$! )ay, / t ink abo$t ) atD! important to me, and it directly connect! to a plan "or !pending my money% *ay ': How M "# *$/ ,o &arn -ast ,earB & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e developed !ome very !peci"ic plan! to ac ieve a!piration! t at "it )it in t e context o" o$r per!onal val$e!% & e!e plan! provide t e ba!i! "or ) at )e ! o$ld be doing )it o$r moneyK not only do t ey g$ide $! to)ard! a goal, b$t t ey al!o !erve a! a reminder t at )eDre o"" track i" )e do t ing! t at oppo!e t e plan% Go) t at )e ave t e!e plan! in place, )e need to dig into o$r "inance! a bit% & e "ir!t !tep i! to !ee ) at income yo$ act$ally ave )it ) ic to c a!e yo$r dream!% & i! )ill provide a ba!eline )it ) ic to "ig$re o$t o) )e can reb$ild o$r "inance!% A! be"ore, ta2e o t a s#eet of %a%er% Along t e top, make a li!t o" eac o" yo$r employment!% 6or me, / L$!t li!ted one Lob 'rig t no), & e Simple 2ollar i! a very involved obby, not ) at / )o$ld call a WLobX(% ,n t e rig t and !ide o" t e paper, )rite o) m$c yo$ make per year at yo$r Lob 'min$! only income taxe! E incl$de all bene"it!, incl$ding any employer matc ing "or retirement(% Go), $nderneat t at, ma2e a l$st of every s$ngle e!tra "ost yo #ave s%e"$f$"ally be"a se of yo r ;ob. 3 at doe! t e comm$te co!t* Ho) m$c doe! l$nc co!t i" yo$ donDt bring yo$r o)n l$nc "rom ome* 3 at doe! yo$r )ork )ardrobe co!t* 3 at do yo$ !pend on going o$t )it co)orker!* ,n !mall pro"e!!ional gi"t! "or ot er!* ,n a nicer car or Le)elry or ot er item! "or W)ork imageX* 3 at abo$t c ild care* Eac o" t e!e are expen!e! related to yo$r Lob% J$!t make a li!t o" t emK donDt )orry abo$t amo$nt! yet% HereD! my li!t, i" yo$Dd like !omet ing to compare it to> C ild care 2riving to )ork E ga! 2riving to )ork E extra maintenance


3ardrobe Meal! Hi"t! ,""ice !$pplie! Go), "or eac item on yo$r li!t, f$g re o t #ow m "# $t "osts yo %er year. 6ir!t, "ig$re o$t o) many day! a year yo$ )ork 't i! i! $!e"$l "or t e a$tomotive calc$lation!(, t en "ig$re o$t o) long yo$r daily comm$te i!% M$ltiply t e t)o toget er and yo$ get an e!timate o" t e mileage yo$ p$t on t e car% / drive abo$t ?,?88 mile! a year "or )ork, !o t at amo$nt! to ro$g ly B88 gallon! o" ga!oline, at Q2%?8 a pop 'on average(, ) ic come! o$t to Q+,888% / al!o "ig$re t at /Dll ave to !pend abo$t al" t at m$c on ot er maintenance 'oil c ange!, "ilter c ange!, and increa!ed ri!k o" maLor problem!(> Q?88% & en / look at c ild care> Q?,C88% / $!$ally b$y abo$t Q388-Q3?8 a year )ort o" extra clot e! "or )ork, and / eat o$t probably once a )eek )it co)orker!, !o tack on anot er Q9C8 'Q+? a meal, e!timated(% / al!o b$y gi"t! "or o$r gi"t exc ange! at )ork and !ome o" my o""ice !$pplie!, adding $p to nearly Q+88 a year% ,bvio$!ly, yo$r calc$lation! )ill be "ar di""erent% 3 en yo$Dve determined ann$al amo$nt! "or eac entry, s btra"t t#em from yo r salary. & i! )ill be !ort o" pain"$l, partic$larly i" yo$ )ork in an o""ice at t e Q+2-Q+? an o$r range% & e amo$nt yo$Dre le"t )it i! yo$r tr$e take- ome !alary "or yo$r Lob "or a year% 3e $!ed t e po!t-tax n$mber beca$!e yo$Dre paying "or t i! extra !t$"" a"ter taxe!% / kno) !ome people ) o claim to be making Q3?,888 a year, b$t ) en t ey take t eir po!t-tax n$mber and !$btract o$t t eir Lob expen!e!, t e n$mber le"t make! t em "eel rat er )orried% /t ! o$ld% Some people even reali4e t at t i! n$mber take! t em do)n to near t e poverty line, and t ey get 1$ite !ick ) en looking at t i! n$mber in compari!on to ot er t ing!% ,ver t e next "e) day!, )eDll take a deeper look at t i! n$mber and "ig$re o$t ) at it really mean! in term! o" yo$r li"e val$e!% <eady* =etD! contin$e on to t e next day% *ay 5: How M "# *$/ ,o Wor2 -ast ,earB & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e calc$lated t e act$al co!t o" o$r employment over a given year E and )ere !$rpri!ed to di!cover o) little it act$ally i!% ,nce yo$ remove all o" t e )ork-related expen!e!, !$c a! t e comm$te, t e )ardrobe, t e extra meal!, and t e c ild care, t e act$al income yo$ get "rom yo$r Lob i! omino$!ly lo)% &oday, )eDre going to look at o$r )ork "rom a di""erent angle> time% 3e need to get an acc$rate pict$re o" o) m$c time yo$ !pend in a year c a!ing t e money


yo$ make% At "ir!t glance, t i! !eem! almo!t a$tomatic, b$t letD! look at it a bit more clo!ely% A! $!$al, ta2e o t a s#eet of %a%er% Along t e top, make a li!t o" eac o" yo$r employment! and, along t e "ar rig t, )rite o) many o$r! yo$ act$ally !pend at )ork 'incl$de yo$r l$nc break( in a given year% 2onDt incl$de vacation time% /" yo$ )ork overtime !ome o" t e time, L$!t e!timate ) at an average day look! like, t en calc$late o) many day! yo$ )ork in a year 'total day! min$! oliday! and vacation(, t en m$ltiply t e t)o n$mber! toget er% Go), $nderneat yo$r time !pent at )ork, l$st every ot#er a"t$v$ty yo /o $n relat$on to yo r wor2. & e li!t yo$ madeye!terday mig t elp, b$t give t e 1$e!tion !ome t o$g t% =i!t everyt ing t at yo$ do t at yo$ )o$ldnDt ot er)i!e do i" it )a!nDt "or yo$r Lob% 6or example, i" yo$ travel, yo$ can li!t almo!t all o" yo$r non)orking )aking o$r!% ;o$ can li!t t e time it take! to travel to and "rom )ork% ;o$ can li!t t e time yo$ ave to deal )it c ild care% ;o$ can li!t t e time yo$ !pend ! opping "or )ork clot e!, or time yo$ !pend going o$t "or b$!ine!! dinner!, or time yo$ !pend doing WoptionalX training% 6or example, ereD! my li!t> C ild care Comm$te 3orking o$t!ide t e o""ice B$!ine!! travel B$!ine!! dinner! R partie! /" yo$ avenDt already, for ea"# of t#ese a"t$v$t$es4 l$st t#e n mber of #o rs yo s%en/ on t#em $n a year% .$t t e!e in next to eac item, b$t over on t e rig t and !ide o" t e page $nder t e time yo$ !pend at )ork in a year% / "ind t at "or many o" t e!e item!, itD! ea!ier to "ig$re o$t o) m$c yo$ inve!t in t e!e t ing! eac day 'like t e comm$te or t e c ild care connection(, t en m$ltiply it o$t by t e n$mber o" day! yo$ )ork in a year% Go), total all of t#e n mbers on t#e r$g#t. & atD! o) many o$r! yo$ act$ally !pend )orking in a year% 2ivide it by ?2 to get yo$r )eekly total, or by 30? to get yo$r daily total 'reali4e t at t i! daily total doe! incl$de )eekend!K i" yo$ )ant to excl$de t em, divide it by 208 to get only )eekday!, or by 2?8 to excl$de ten oliday! E yo$ may al!o )ant to !$btract yo$r vacation day! "rom t at total, too(% 6or me, t i! n$mber )a! a real eye-opener, a! / began to reali4e o) m$c o" my time really i! taken $p by my c a!e "or more money% Spend !ome time t inking abo$t t i! exerci!e and ) at it mean!% ;o$ !pend all o" t i! time )orking yo$r tail o"" and yet yo$ !till "ind yo$r!el" in "inancial tro$ble% / !pend an average o" 98 o$r! a )eek )orking L$!t to keep my Lob% 3 at t ing! co$ld / do i" / didnDt ave t i! time inve!tment* 3 at !ort o" t ing! co$ld / do i" /


did a lo)-)age Lob L$!t do)n t e block* / leave it $p to yo$ to dra) yo$r o)n concl$!ion!, b$t it i! a 1$e!tion )ort t inking abo$t% &omorro), )eDre going to !ee o) m$c yo$r time i! )ort E and ) at t at really mean!% *ay =: ,o r Tr e Ho rly Wage & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% &)o day! ago, )e determined yo$r tr$e ann$al !alary% ;e!terday, )e determined t e n$mber o" o$r! yo$ tr$ly )ork in a year% &oday, )e combine t e t)o n$mber! E and con!ider ) at exactly t at mean! abo$t yo$, yo$r employment, and yo$r time $!age% Are yo$ ready "or t e big calc$lation* Ta2e t#e total salary yo "al" late/ two /ays ago an/ /$v$/e $t by t#e total #o rs yo "al" late/ yester/ay. ;o$Dre going to be le"t )it a n$mber t at yo$Dre going to ave to ponder 1$ite a bit% T#$s n mber $s #ow m "# yo a"t ally br$ng #ome ea"# #o r yo /o somet#$ng for yo r em%loyment. 6or !ome o" yo$, t i! n$mber i! going to be ! ockingly lo)% & ere are many !eemingly decent-paying Lob! t at )ind $p )it an o$rly )age belo) minim$m )age ) en looked at in t i! "a! ion% 6or example, i" yo$ come $p )it an o$rly )age belo) minim$m )age and yo$ !pend 08 o$r! a )eek involved in )ork activitie!, yo$ mig t act$ally be better o"" )orking at Home 2epot )it a m$c lo)er re!pon!ibility and !tre!! t re! old% Many o" yo$ mig t balk at t e Home 2epot idea, b$t ear me o$t% A relative 'and "riend( o" mine )alked a)ay "rom a !it$ation ) ere ! e )a! making bet)een QB8,888 and Q?8,888 a year to take a Lob )orking t e "loor at a local Home 2epot "or Q9 an o$r% S e )orked "orty o$r! a )eek, rode p$blic tran!portation to and "rom )ork, and came ome "rom er Lob )it o$t t e baggage o" additional !tre!!% 3 at appened* S e )a! reinvigorated to "ollo) er pa!!ion!% 3 at abo$t er "inance!* 3it o$t all o" t e extra co!t! o" er Lob, ! e )a! only !lig tly )or!e o"" t an be"ore, pl$! )it t e extra energy to "ollo) er intere!t!, ! e act$ally )o$nd $p doing better t an be"ore )it in !ix mont !% S%en/ some t$me "ons$/er$ng w#at t#$s n mber a"t ally means. & ere are a lot o" tr$t ! abo$t o$r live! t at are revealed by t i! n$mber% 5f yo b y a fr$volo s $tem for <V4 "ons$/er #ow many #o rs yo #a/ to wor2 to #ave t#e money to b y $t. =etD! !ay yo$ calc$lated t at yo$ are act$ally earning Q? "or eac o$r o" yo$r time inve!ted in )ork% 3 en yo$ go to b$y a ne) pair o" ! oe! t at co!t QC8, look at t em and a!k yo$r!el" ) et er or not t eyDre )ort +0 o$r! o" yo$r time !pent )orking% 3 en yo$ go to b$y a ne) electronic gadget "or Q388, look at it and a!k yo$r!el" ) et er or not itD! )ort 08 o$r! o" yo$r time !pent doing t ing! yo$ donDt )ant to do%


W#en yo %ay a loan b$ll4 f$g re o t #ow many #o rs yo #ave to wor2 ; st to %ay for t#e f$nan"e "#arges or $nterest./ "ind t i! one to be a real eye-opener% 3 enever yo$ pay a bill, look at t e amo$nt yo$Dre paying in "inance c arge! or intere!t t at mont , t en convert it to o$r! o" yo$r li"e !pent at )ork% 3it t e example above, a Q+88 "inance c arge amo$nt! to t)enty o$r! o" )ork L$!t !o yo$ co$ld ave !ome "rivolo$! item be"ore yo$ co$ld act$ally pay "or it% Some people con!ider t i! exerci!e "rig teningK ot er! "ind it incredibly $pli"ting% & e maxim t at time i! money i! pain"$lly tr$eK by tran!lating t e t ing! yo$ !pend money on directly into o$r! o" yo$r li"e !pent toiling in labor, yo$ o"ten di!cover t at maybe yo$ donDt need a lot o" t ing! a"ter all% 3 en yo$ !tart doing t atP )ell, t atD! tomorro)D! exerci!e% <eady* =etD! contin$e on to t e next day% *ay E: Wor2 +or ,o r *reams4 Lot ,o r Money & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% 2$ring t i! pa!t )eek, )e identi"ied o$r primary val$e! and $!ed t e!e to create clear goal! and plan! t at derive "rom t e!e val$e!% & en, )e !pent !ome time di!covering ) at o$r )ork time i! act$ally )ort % &oday, )eDre going to combine t e!e t)o toget er% /" yo$Dve been "ollo)ing t e plan, yo$Dre probably )orking on t e n$mber! "or yo$r plan! rig t no)% 3e )onDt eval$ate t em yet 'a"ter all, yo$Dve got a "e) day! to go be"ore yo$ ave !ome real n$mber!(, b$t yo$ ! o$ld reali4e t at yo$Dre going to ave to !ave !ome money to meet t e!e goal!% & e big !ecret, t o$g , i! t#e real$Kat$on t#at yo "an $n fa"t wor2 for yo r /reams $nstea/ of wor2$ng ; st to get by.;e!terday, )e calc$lated o$r tr$e o$rly )age, !o yo$ kno) o) m$c yo$Dre making "or eac o$r yo$Dre involved )it )ork-related ta!k!% =etD! tran!"orm t i! o$rly )age into !omet ing t at a! more meaning% Ta2e o t a new s#eet of %a%er an/ l$st yo r ten goals on $t. &oday, )eDre going to make a "rame)ork t at )ill enable yo$ to go to )ork )it rene)ed vigor, beca$!e yo$Dll !ee t e connection directly bet)een yo$r time at )ork and yo$r dream!% Un/er t#ese goals4 ma2e a l$st of ea"# of yo r /ebts as well. .art o" t e Lo$rney to yo$r dream! i! paying o"" t e!e debt!, !o )e )ant to p$t t em eac on t e li!t, too% @nder t at, a// one last $tem: l$v$ng e!%enses% ,bvio$!ly, even a! yo$ )ork to)ard! yo$r dream!, yo$Dll !till need to cover yo$r daily expen!e!, !$c a! electricity, "ood, )ater, and ) atever el!e i! "$ndamentally important to yo$%


At t e very bottom, wr$te T1T?- and t en over on t e "ar rig t, )rite t e total amo$nt o" o$r! yo$ )ork in a )eek t at yo$ calc$lated t e day be"ore ye!terday% 3 at )eDre going to do i! !ee #ow many #o rs we "an s%en/ at wor2 ea"# wee2 on ea"# of t#ese $tems. ,nce )e ave t i! "ir!t dra"t )ritten, yo$ can $!e it a! a li"e ba!eline $ntil )e re"ine it later on in t e mont % So let7s get starte/J 6ir!t t ing, $ntil yo$Dre !$re o) yo$r li"e )ill be rebalanced, incl$de 08: o" t e total o$r! $nder t e item Wliving expen!e!%X 6or example, letD! !ay yo$r total o$r! "or a )eek i! C8% ;o$ ! o$ld t en incl$de BC o$r! next to t e living expen!e!% & i! may need to be moreK )eDll eval$ate it more care"$lly in t e next "e) day!% Go), letD! andle t e debt!% 5f yo #ave /ebts4 yo s#o l/ s%en/ 25C of yo r #o rs on %ay$ng off t#e /ebts. 6or example, i" yo$ ave C8 o$r!, yo$ ! o$ld "ig$re t at 28 o" t em ! o$ld be $!ed on paying o"" debt!% Gote t at t i! i! extradebt payment!K yo$r ba!ic minim$m debt payment! are incl$ded in t e living expen!e!% 3 en 'or i"( yo$ ave no debt!, all o" t e time going into yo$r debt! can go !traig t to yo$r dream!% T#e rema$n$ng 15C s#o l/ be ass$gne/ $n eI al %$e"es to yo r /reams. / ad +2 o$r! le"t, !o / gave +%2 o$r! to eac o" my dream!% So4 w#at7s t#e %o$ntB & ere are t)o point!% 6ir!t, i" yo$ m$ltiply yo$r o$rly rate by t e amo$nt a!!igned to eac element,t atD! o) m$c yo$ can !pend eac )eek on t at element% /" yo$Dre t inking t at t i! i! !omet ing like a b$dget, yo$Dre rig t in a )ay, b$t rat er t an a li!t o" mont -to-mont expen!e! t at demand t ing! o" yo$, t i! i! a Wdream b$dgetX E a device t at let! yo$ "ollo) yo$r goal! to ac ieve yo$r dream!% Second, $t lets yo f$n/ real goals $n yo r wor2. & i! i! t e tr$ly po)er"$l part o" t i!% So o"ten, )e )ake $p in t e morning and tr$dge into )ork )i! ing )e )ere doing anyt ing el!e% /" yo$ reali4e t at !ome portion o" yo$r day i! !pent )orking !peci"ically "or yo$r dream, it become! ea!ier% 6or me, t e arde!t part o" a day i! getting ready in t e morningK /Dd m$c rat er !it do)n )it a c$p o" Loe and c eck my email t an take a ! o)er, get dre!!ed, and take my !on to daycare% So "or me, t e "ir!t o$r o" a given day i! an o$r /Dm )orking to)ard! one o" my goal!% 3 ile /Dm ! o)ering or o$t in t e tr$ck on t e )ay to daycare, / remind my!el" over and over t at /Dm )orking !olely "or t e p$rpo!e o" one o" my dream!% / imagine t at dream and !ome o) / "eel better abo$t it% & ere are t)o vital le!!on! t at t i! exerci!e teac e!% 6ir!t, t#e var$o s as%e"ts of yo r l$fe are all "onne"te/> yo$r )ork, yo$r pay, yo$r dream!, and yo$r goal!% & eyDre all tied toget er in one big pict$re% Many people o"ten compartmentali4e t e!e t ing! and "ail to !ee o) t ey all relate to one anot er% Second, it reveal! t at yo "an /$re"tly "onne"t t#e wor2 yo /o every /ay to yo r /reams. & i! i! t e real po)er o" t e exerci!e, / t ink% Every !ingle day yo$


go into )ork, yo$ can tie !ome o" yo$r lea!t "avorite ta!k! directly to)ard! ac ieving a li"e goal% /t can be t e part! t at yo$ like t e lea!t, or it can be t e comm$te% J$!t pick a portion o" it and, ) ile yo$Dre doing it, remind yo$r!el" t at yo$Dre doing t i! action !o t at yo$ can live in t at bea$ti"$l o$!e or !o t at yo$ can travel to /taly )it yo$r )i"e% &omorro), )eDll !tart breaking t i! pict$re do)n piece by piece, !tarting )it t e living expen!e!% & e goal i! to create a pict$re o" yo$r li"e, )it t e living expen!e! a! merely t e "rame aro$nd a bea$ti"$l pict$re o" yo$r dream!% *ay F: 0rea2$ng *own ,o r &!%enses & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e )orked o$t exactly o) t e o$r! yo$ !pend at )ork break do)n into t ree area!> yo$r living expen!e!, yo$r debt!, and yo$r dream!% Since t i! )a! only a t $mbnail !ketc , today )eDre going to look more care"$lly at t e breakdo)n in living expen!e!% =etD! get !tarted% Ta2e o t a s#eet of %a%er an/ start anot#er l$st. & i! time, )eDre li!ting every expen!e yo$ ave in a given year t at do not directly relate to yo$r employment% 3eDre not going to )orry abo$t amo$nt! yet, L$!t a li!t o" all o" t e t ing! t at )e !pend money on in a given mont % HereD! a !ampling o" t e expen!e! t at / li!ted ) en / did t i! exerci!e> <ent Electricity &elep one Cable St$dent loan! E minim$m payment Healt /n!$rance Car /n!$rance Clot ing 6ood Entertainment E Book! Entertainment E M$!ic Spend !ome time t inking abo$t t i!% 3 at do yo$ !pend money on eac year* Ho$!e in!$rance* C ri!tma! gi"t!* Ho$!e old item!* Car repair* Home decor* &oiletrie!* J$!t keep li!ting t ing! a! yo$ t ink o" t em% /t mig t be $!e"$l to leave t i! li!t o$t !ome) ere yo$ can !ee it and add t ing! a! yo$ t ink o" t em% 2onDt )orry abo$t amo$nt! yetK )eDll )orry abo$t t o!e in a bit% Go), let7s f$g re #ow m "# yo s%en/ on ea"# $tem $n a g$ven year. 6or t e amo$nt! yo$ kno) on a ! orter time"rame, m$ltiply t em o$t% 6or amo$nt! yo$ donDt kno), $!e !ome e!timation over a ! orter time"rame 'and e!timate on t e


ig !ide( and m$ltiply it o$t% & e point i! to get a ro$g t $mbnail !ketc o" ) at yo$ !pend in a year on vario$! t ing!% Gote t at )eDre not making any val$e L$dgement! yetK )eDre merely trying to !ee ) atD! t ere% & i! )ill take !ome time, and d$ring t at time, t#$n2 abo t ea"# of t#ese e!%enses a l$ttle. 2o t ey bring yo$ Loy ) en yo$ look at t em no)* 2o t ey really "eel e!!ential to yo$r li"e, or ) en yo$ t ink abo$t t em, do yo$ "eel like yo$Dd be better o"" i" yo$ !pent money on t e li!t o" goal! yo$ created earlier t i! mont * 3 en yo$Dre done )it t i! li!t, total $p everyt ing% & en calc$late +8: o" t at and add it to t e bottom, labeled Wincidental!%X Add t at into t e total% & at n$mber i! ro$g ly ) at yo$ !pend on yo$r living expen!e! in a given year% ;o$ can divide it by +2 to !ee o) m$c it i! a mont , t en divide it by ?2 to !ee o) m$c it i! in a )eek% Go), letD! !ee o) many o$r! yo$ )ork in a )eek L$!t to meet t e!e expen!e!% Ta2e t#e wee2ly amo nt yo ; st "al" late/ an/ /$v$/e $t by yo r tr e #o rly wage. A typical American $!$ally )ind! $p )it a rat er large n$mber ere% Spend !ome time meditating on t i! E yo$ !pend t at many o$r! a )eek at )ork L$!t "or t e expen!e! yo$ li!ted% 3 at doe! t at mean* 3 at co$ld yo$ do )it yo$r li"e E )it yo$r "$t$re E i" yo$ trimmed a)ay !ome o" t e extra "at* ;o$r debt co$ld be gone E and yo$ co$ld be )orking to)ard! a better and brig ter "$t$re "or yo$r!el"% *ay H: Clean$ng U% ,o r &!%enses & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Go) t at yo$Dve b$ilt a li!t o" yo$r non-)ork expen!e!, yo$Dve probably reali4ed t at yo$ do !pend a lot o" money on "rivolo$! t ing!% 2onDt )orry, /Dm not going to !ay WS&,. B@;/GH 6</A,=,@S &H/GHSFX Everyone kno)! t at "rivolo$! expen!e! are t e t ing! t at eat a)ay at yo$r long-term plan! E and everyone keep! b$ying t em any)ay% /n!tead, yo s#o l/ eval ate t#e areas w#ere yo feel "omfortable " tt$ng /own% /n !ome )ay!, it i! like a diet> i" yo$ diet too !trongly, it )onDt be long be"ore yo$Dre laying pro!trate on t e co$c , Sara =ee po$ndcake in one and and a 28 o$nce bottle o" Mo$ntain 2e) in t e ot er% /n!tead, dieting )ork! ) en yo$ make little c oice! t ro$g o$t t e day, like not !$per !i4ing a meal or c oo!ing to take t e !tair!% =etD! get !tarted% Ta2e o t t#at l$st of e!%enses t#at yo ma/e yester/ay along )it a blank ! eet o" paper% 3 at yo$Dre going to do i! go t ro$g t e entire li!t


and t ink abo$t eac item a little bit, t en note o) m$c yo$ t ink yo$ can !ave per )eek on t at item% HereD! ) at yo$ do% Co%y t#e f$rst $tem to t#e new %$e"e of %a%er4 t#en "lose yo r eyes for one m$n te an/ t#$n2 abo t t#at $tem. 2o yo$ !pend too m$c on it* /! t ere a )ay yo$ co$ld ea!ily c$t do)n on t at expen!e )it o$t really "eeling t e cr$nc * Co$ld yo$ eliminate or dra!tically red$ce t at expen!e )it o$t "eeling too bad abo$t it* 5eep in mind ) y yo$Dre doing t i! E yo$Dre trying to "ind money )it ) ic yo$ can c a!e yo$r dream!% Here are ten 1$ick !$gge!tion! abo$t o) to c$t vario$! kind! o" expen!e! )it minimal impactK i" yo$ )ant more, !pend !ome time anging aro$nd & e Simple 2ollar and yo$Dll "ind plenty% Conserve energy by in!talling energy e""icient item! like C6=!, programmable t ermo!tat!, and intelligent po)er !trip!% 0 y fewer boo2s by !pending more time at yo$r local library% 3 enever / ave a bad de!ire to go to t e book!tore, / L$!t con!cio$!ly go to t e library in!tead almo!t all o" t e time% 0 y less m s$" by li!tening to m$!ic in yo$r collection t at yo$Dve never !pent t e time to appreciate% /n!tead o" b$ying a ne) C2, "ind an older one t at yo$ only li!tened to once or t)ice and p$t a)ay% 0 y fewer "lot#es by !electing item! t at go )ell )it m$c o" t e re!t o" yo$r )ardrobe% A mod$lar )ardrobe create! t e appearance o" a lot o" clot e! )it o$t t e need "or a large clot ing bill% &at o t less by b$ying a good cookbook t at !tart! o$t at a beginnerD! level and !tocking yo$r kitc en )ell% (e/ "e $ns ran"e by calling yo$r in!$rance carrier and looking at rai!ing yo$r ded$ctible% (e/ "e yo r "re/$t "ar/ %ayments by calling yo$r credit card company and re1$e!ting a red$ction in yo$r intere!t rate% (e/ "e yo r ban2 fees by looking into no-"ee or lo)-"ee option! at yo$r bank E or at ot er bank!% (e/ "e yo r "able b$ll by eliminating $n)atc ed premi$m c annel! or looking at ot er ba!ic package option! E or even con!ider eliminating it altoget er% (e/ "e yo r "ar %ayments by ending t e lea!ing cycle and b$ying late model $!ed car! in!tead% 6or eac item t at yo$ decide yo$ can e""ectively red$ce t e co!t o", est$mate real$st$"ally #ow m "# yo m$g#t save $n a year /o$ng t#$s. E!timate yo$r !aving! lo)K yo$Dre al)ay! better o"" )it "lexibility% ,nce yo$Dve done t e!e e!timate!, rewr$te yo r overall "ost l$st w$t# t#e s%en/$ng re/ "t$ons "al" late/ $n, t en divide eac element by ?2 to !ee o) m$c t at i! per )eek% ;o$ ! o$ld !ee a decent red$ction in yo$r living expen!e!%


3 at )ill t at tran!late into* More money t at yo$ can !pend on yo$r dream! E and "e)er year! $ntil yo$ get t ere% &omorro), )eDll !ee o) m$c time )eDve !aved E and ) at t at mean! "or t e bigger pict$re% *ay 10: +$tt$ng ,o r &!%enses 5nto T#e 0$gger @$"t re & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e took a look at o$r living expen!e! and tried to "ind place! ) ere )e co$ld ea!ily make !ome red$ction!% & e goal )a! not to make ard c$t!, b$t to "ind )ay! to red$ce !pending t at "it )it in o$r li"e!tyle!% &oday, )e )ant to !ee o) t i! revi!ed per!onal expen!e balance "it! )it in o$r overall li"e plan% @ ll o t t#e overall %lanyo b $lt a few /ays ago along w$t# t#e est$mates yo "al" late/ yester/ay. ;o$Dll notice t at yo$r older plan i! calc$lated in term! o" o$r!, ) ic i! a great )ay to !ee ) at yo$r expen!e! are really co!ting yo$, !o letD! do t e !ame conver!ion "or yo$r expen!e!% Ta2e o t a fres# s#eet of %a%er an/ ma2e t#ree "ol mns on $t, )it t e le"t one taking $p abo$t al" o" t e page and t e t)o on t e rig t taking $p abo$t a 1$arter o" t e page eac % /n t e "ir!t col$mn, )rite eac expen!e do)n "rom yo$r ! eet "rom ye!terday, t en in t e !econd col$mn, )rite t e amo$nt per )eek t at yo$ calc$lated ye!terday% /" yo$ !kipped t at part, L$!t take yo$r ann$al e!timate "or eac item and divide it by ?2% Hot t at* Low4 $n t#e t#$r/ "ol mn4 /$v$/e ea"# se"on/ "ol mn n mber by t#e tr e #o rly wage t#at yo "al" late/ earl$er. & i! i! t e n$mber o" o$r! t at yo$ !pend )orking eac )eek to pay "or t at expen!e% 6or me, t#$s e!er"$se really o%ene/ my eyes% / "o$nd lot! o" place! ) ere / "elt almo!t g$ilty "or ) at / )a! doing E t ing! !$c a! )orking eleven o$r! a )eek L$!t "or my entertainment expen!e!% / )a! )orking a lot every )eek L$!t "or !illy little t ing!, ) en t at time co$ld be !pent )orking "or !omet ing bigger, !omet ing t at rea""irm! my li"e% ,nce yo$Dve converted all o" t e!e dollar amo$nt! to o$r!, total t#em %. @nle!! yo$ ave !ome maLor !pending problem!, t i! total ! o$ld be le!! t an yo$r total o$r! yo$ !pend )orking in a given )eek ') ic yo$ "ig$red $p earlier in t e )eek(% /deally, itD! aro$nd 08: o" t e total o$r! in a )eek 'mine i! abo$t ??: rig t no), b$t ) en / "ir!t did t i!, it )a! at abo$t 92:(, b$t yo$ donDt really need to )orry $nle!! itD! p$! ing 9?: or !o% /" itD! over +88:, yo$ need to make !ome c$t! in yo$r !pending or yo$ )ill never get a ead, a! yo$r !pending )ill gro) a! yo$r income gro)!% At t i! point, it mig t be $!e"$l to !tart a WrealX balance ! eet% Ta2e t#e overall %lan an/ re"o%y $t w$t# t#e same $tems as before4 b t /on7t move t#e n mbers


over. /n!tead, L$!t p$t in t e total n$mber o" o$r! in a )eek and t e total n$mber o" o$r! yo$ !pend on living expen!e!% & e di""erence bet)een t e t)o i! ) at yo$ )ill $!e to begin b$ilding yo$r "$t$re% W#at $f 57m left w$t# only a 10C sl$verB How "an 5 Sb $l/ my /reamsT w$t# t#atB 6ir!t o" all, even a !mall amo$nt o" money can get yo$ !tarted and, )it t e po)er o" compo$nd intere!t, can b$ild $p 1$ite )ell over time% Second, t i! proce!! o" eval$ation i! not a one-time proce!!% /tD! $!e"$l to go t ro$g t i! on an ann$al ba!i!, L$!t to re-eval$ate ) ere yo$Dre at and ) ere yo$Dre eaded% ,nce yo$ get !tarted and )atc t ing! begin to b$ild to "$l"ill yo$r dream!, t e "eeling i! o"ten !o po)er"$l t at yo$ "ind ne) place! to trim yo$r !pending E yo$ pay o"" debt!, c$t do)n on yo$r none!!ential p$rc a!e!, and !o on% &omorro), )eDll look at ) at to do )it t at remaining "raction% *ay 11: *$v$/$ng U% T#e (est an/ +$n$s#$ng 1 r ST$me 0 /getT & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e "ig$red o$t exactly o) m$c o" yo$r money E and yo$r time E yo$ !pend )it ba!ic living expen!e!% 6rom t i!, )e determined ) at )a! le"t E t e amo$nt t at )e can $!e to pay o"" o$r debt! and b$ild o$r dream!% A great r$le o" t $mb applie! ere> yo$ can reac yo$r ! ort term goal! )it debt!, b$t yo$ canDt reac yo$r long term goal! )it debt!% /n ot er )ord!, fo" s on yo r s#ort term goals an/ for yo r long term ones4 %ay off yo r /ebts f$rst. 3 y do it t i! )ay* / call it t e WdreamX "actor% .aying o"" debt! i!nDt romantic at all, b$t dreaming abo$t t e great t ing! yo$ can do in t e "$t$re i! romantic% Since yo$Dve de"ined "ive ! ort term goal! 'and plan! to exec$te t em( t at matc yo$r core val$e! and al!o line $p )it yo$r long term val$e!, every !tep to)ard! t e!e ! ort term goal! i! a !tep to)ard !$cce!! E and living yo$r dream!% S$t /own w$t# a %$e"e of %a%er and make a li!t o" yo$r "ive ! ort term goal! along )it a li!t o" all o" yo$r debt!K yo$ ! o$ld already ave t e!e ready to go% Every !tep yo$ take to)ard! yo$r ! ort term goal! ! o$ld be matc ed )it a !tep to)ard! yo$r long term goal!, !o yo$Dre going to divide $p yo$r money and time inve!tment e1$ally bet)een yo$r goal! and yo$r debt!% Go), take t e amo$nt o" o$r! yo$ ave Wle"t overX a"ter ye!terdayD! calc$lation! and divide t at in al"% ;o$Dre going to !pend al" o" t em on debt! and al" o" t em on yo$r ! ort term goal!% /tD! important to remember ere t at t e!e debt payment! are extra debt payment!K in ot er )ord!, yo$Dre going to pay an extra amo$nt eac mont to get t e b$rden o" debt o"" o" yo$r ! o$lder! !o yo$ can )alk "reely and con"idently into yo$r "$t$re%


W#y am 5 /eal$ng w$t# S#o rsT $nstea/ of /ollarsB 6or many people, dollar! are an ab!traction> t ey ave a ard time directly a!!ociating money )it t e )ork t at t ey do% Money come! in, money goe! o$t, and t atD! li"e% & e tr$t o" t e matter i! t at every /ollar we ma2e $s t#e res lt of some amo nt of t$me s%ent /o$ng somet#$ng for someone else.&ime i! !omet ing )e all $nder!tand "rom o$r earlie!t day!, and t e!e o$r! are merely !omet ing m$c more tangible to old onto% How /o 5 /e"$/e w#$"# /ebts to %ay f$rstB & ere i! a lot o" merit in t e Wdebt !no)ballX concept, ) ic advocate! paying o"" t e !malle!t debt "ir!t% 6or no), p$t t e entire amo$nt yo$ ave allocated "or debt! next to t e !malle!t debt balance% 3eDll )orry abo$t dollar amo$nt! tomorro)% W#at $f 5 #ave no /ebtsB /" yo$Dre l$cky eno$g to be debt "ree, yo$ can inve!t all o" yo$r extra money to)ard! yo$r goal!% &ake t at al" t at yo$ )o$ld ave been $!ing to pay o"" debt! and apply t em to yo$r long-term goal! a! yo$ !ee "it% W#at abo t my s#ort term goalsB ;o$ can probably determine "or yo$r!el" o) to !plit t ing! $p among yo$r ! ort term goal!% =ook at yo$r plan! and decide ) ic one! need more o" yo$r )orking time to make t em come tr$e, and ) ic one! need le!!% 3rite t em do)n% ,nce yo$Dve "ig$red t i! o$t, assemble a new Sb$g %$"t reS $!ing t e one yo$ created t ree day! ago, along )it t e individ$al expen!e! 'and t e o$r! yo$ !pend on eac o" t em( ye!terday% Add in t e o$r expendit$re! yo$ created today 'incl$ding t e one! )it 8 o$r! a!!igned to t em(, and do a "inal c eck to make !$re t e o$r! add $p to ) at yo$ "ig$red t at yo$ act$ally )ork eac )eek% S$t ba"2 an/ loo2 at t#$s s#eet. /n !ome )ay!, itD! a b$dget, b$t itD! !omet ing more t an t at> itD! act$ally a pict$re o"yo$% & i! i! ) at yo$ )ork "or eac )eek, o$r by o$r% Maybe yo$ )ork t ree o$r! a )eek !o t at yo$ can keep yo$r cable t$rned on, b$t yo$ only )ork an o$r a )eek to)ard! a college ed$cation "or yo$r c ildren% 2o yo$ "eel com"ortable or appy )it t i!* 3 et er yo$ do or donDt, t ere are !o many t ing! ere to t ink abo$t in term! o" o) yo$ c oo!e to !pend yo$r time% &omorro), )eDll take t i! WtimeX b$dget and convert it all into real dollar! E and begin t e proce!! o" converting all t i! planning into !ome real action% *ay 12: ? +le!$ble S0 /getT T#at (efle"ts ,o r (eal$ty & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% &oday i! !omet ing o" a c$lmination o" t e "ir!t part o" t e W3+ 2ay!X program> it ba!ically tie! $p all o" t e goal-!etting and eval$ation to date into a !ingle doc$ment% & i! doc$ment i!nDt a !et o" r$le! to live by, b$t a "inancial pict$re o" ) o yo$ are and ) ere yo$ can go% So$nd exciting* =etD! get !tarted%


Ta2e o t a blan2 s#eet of %a%er4 t#e St$me b /getT yo %re%are/ yester/ay4 an/ t#e a%%ro!$mate #o rly wage yo "al" late/ earl$er. 3eDre going to $!e t e!e t)o piece! to a!!emble a tr$e b$dget% W#at /o 5 mean by Str eT b /getB Mo!t o" t e time ) en people prepare a b$dget, it a! no connection to t eir li"e experience! and t eir goal!% & e tr$t o" t e matter i! t at every per!on i! $ni1$e, t $! every b$dget ! o$ld be $ni1$e% .eople "ail at "ollo)ing WtraditionalX b$dget! beca$!e t ey arenDt aligned to an individ$alD! li"e!tyle, goal!, and dream!% & e b$dget yo$Dre abo$t to complete i! a Wtr$eX b$dget> yo$Dve b$ilt it yo$r!el", compo!ing it o$t o" yo$r daily li"e, yo$r ope! "or t e "$t$re, and yo$r dream! "or t e re!t o" yo$r li"e% Mo!t WtraditionalX b$dget! expect yo$ to c ange yo$r li"e "or itK a Wtr$eX b$dget a!k! only t at yo$ donDt "orget to plan "or yo$r dream! ) ile living yo$r o)n li"e% ,n t e blank ! eet o" paper, make t ree col$mn!> one "or eac b$dgeted item, one "or o$r!, and one "or a dollar amo$nt% 3eDre going to prepare a mont ly b$dget ere, !o take eac item "rom t e Wtime b$dgetX prepared ye!terday, t en m$ltiply t at )eekly o$r n$mber, m$ltiply it by ?2 '"or t e n$mber o" )eek! in a year( and t en divide t at by +2 '"or t e n$mber o" mont ! in a year(% & i! i! t e n$mber o" o$r! o" )ork time in an average mont t at yo$Dll devote to eac element on yo$r b$dget% Go), "or t e "inal piece> m lt$%ly ea"# #o rly amo nt by yo r tr e #o rly wage an/ enter $t. & i! i! exactly o) m$c money yo$Dre alloting to !pend on eac category d$ring t e mont % 6or reg$lar bill!, t i! n$mber ! o$ld be very clo!e to ) at yo$r mont ly bill i!K "or yo$r extra debt payment and yo$r goal!, t i! i! o) m$c yo$Dre going to be !etting a!ide eac mont "or t e!e% & e total ! o$ld add $p to a n$mber t at i! le!! t an yo$r mont ly take ome !alary 'remember, yo$ ave !ome extra t at yo$ bring ome t at yo$ $!e "or Lob-related expen!e!(% 3 en / "ir!t did t i!, / read t ro$g t e item! and act$ally ! ivered% 3 y* /t )a! t e mo!t acc$rate pict$re o" my "inancial li"e t at /Dd ever !een E and it made it clear to me ) ere / )a! doing t ing! rig t and doing t ing! )rong% / ad never "elt !$c a connection bet)een a ! eet o" paper and my li"e a! a ) ole% 3 at )ill it mean "or yo$* S%en/ some t$me rea/$ng over t#e s#eet "aref lly an/ t#$n2$ng abo t $t. & ere are co$ntle!! di""erent concl$!ion! yo$ may dra)> maybe yo$ "eel t at t i! ) ole t ing i! !pot-on and i! p$tting yo$ in a po!ition to live yo$r dream!% Maybe yo$ reali4e o) m$c o" yo$r li"e i! !pent in t e Wno)X and o) little yo$Dre act$ally !pending "or t e big t ing! tomorro)% Maybe yo$ believed yo$ )ere planning )ell "or t e "$t$re, b$t yo$ !ee !ome $ge area! "or improvement% /tD! $p to yo$ to "ig$re t i! o$t% &omorro), )eDll di!c$!! o) to keep track o" t i! b$dget eac mont , !tarting by en!$ring t at yo$Dre meeting yo$r goal!%


*ay 1): @ay +or ,o r *reams +$rst & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e p$t t e "ini! ing to$c e! on a tr$e b$dget E one t at re"lect! yo$r o)n dream! and yo$r o)n "inancial realitie!, not !omeone el!eD! concept o" ) at yo$ ! o$ld be !pending and !aving% &oday, )e begin t e proce!! o" !eeing ) at t at b$dget act$ally mean!% Mo!t people never really ac ieve t eir dream! beca$!e t ey never get !tarted% & ey keep believing t at t eyDll !ave tomorro) "or t eir dream!, b$t ) en tomorro) come!, not ing c ange!% 0e"a se of t#e b /get yo ; st assemble/4yo$Dve no) !een t at it i! po!!ible to !ave "or t o!e dream!% Low /o $t. Be"ore yo$r next payc eck arrive!, o%en % a sav$ngs a""o nt at a new ban2. /Dd recommend c oo!ing one o" t e online o""ering! !$c a! HSBC 2irect '?%8?: A.;( or /GH 2irect 'B%?: A.;, !tellar c$!tomer !ervice, and t e bank t at / per!onally $!e(% & eir rate! are !tellar and 'at lea!t )it /GH, / ave limited experience )it HSBC( t eir c$!tomer !ervice i! incredible% W#y se a new ban2B Having an acco$nt at a ne) bank mean! t at itD! not already part o" yo$r normal ro$tine% Many people open a !aving! acco$nt at t e !ame bank a! t eir c ecking acco$nt, b$t ) enever t ey !ee !omet ing t ey )ant at t e mall or !omet ing, t ey kno) t ey can !top at t e A&M and p$ll money "rom t at !aving! acco$nt% By getting an acco$nt at a ne) bank, yo$ can !imply never take t e A&M card )it yo$ E or, better yet, not get an A&M card a!!ociated )it t at acco$nt at all% & i! dra!tically red$ce! any temptation yo$ mig t ave to !pend t at money% Hot t at ne) acco$nt* Go), w#en yo r ne!t "#e"2 arr$ves 'or no), i" yo$ ave !ome extra ca! rig t no) in yo$r c ecking acco$nt(, "reate an a tomat$" mont#ly w$t#/rawal from yo r %r$mary "#e"2$ng $nto t#at a""o nt% & e amo$nt o" t i! )it dra)al ! o$ld be e1$al to t e !$m o" t e money yo$Dve b$dgeted to !pend eac mont on yo$r goal! in t e b$dget )eDve created t i! mont % By doing t i!, yo$Dre doing t)o t ing!% ,ne, yo$Dre getting !tarted to)ard! b$ilding yo$r dream!% Every !ingle mont , yo$r "inance! are moving to)ard! t o!e goal! yo$Dve de"ined "or yo$r li"e% &)o, yo$Dre learning o) to !$rvive )it a bit le!! money eac mont E and !oon yo$Dll !ee t at yo$ )onDt mi!! t at amo$nt at all% *ay 1': Get ($/ 1f *ebts 8Slowly 0 t S rely9


& e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% ;e!terday, )e took o$r Wtr$eX b$dget and !et it $p !o t at )e paid o$r!elve! "ir!t t ro$g an a$tomatic inve!tment into a WdreamX "$nd 'or !erie! o" "$nd!(% &oday, )eDre going to look at t e debt! !ection o" t e b$dget E and !ee o) )e can go abo$t paying do)n o$r debt!, !o t at )e ave more money to direct to)ard! o$r dream!% & e Wdebt!X !ection o" yo$r b$dget ! o$ld li!t a n$mber o" debt! t at indicate all o" t e money t at yo$ o)e to ot er!% & i! doe!nDt incl$de t e minim$m payment "or eac oneK )e are li!ting t o!e a! Wexpen!e!X $ntil eac one i! gone% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o ave a 4ero balance in t e debt !ection "or all b$t one o" yo$r debt!% Eac mont , ) en yo$ go t ro$g yo$r mont ly bill!, all yo$ ave to do i! %ay t#at amo nt e!tra on t#at e!%ense. =etD! !ay t e only debt yo$ ave li!ted )it an amo$nt next to it i! a credit card )it t e amo$nt o" Q288 next to it% ;o$ al!o ave an expen!e "or t at credit card, ) ic a! a minim$m payment o" QB8% 3 en yo$ go to )rite t e c eck to pay "or t at card, )rite t e c eck "or Q2B8% /t )ill take !everal mont !, b$t soon yo w$ll %ay off t#at f$rst /ebt. 3 en yo$ do, itD! )ort celebrating, beca$!e yo$ can eliminate bot an expen!e 't e minim$m payment( and a debt 't e extra payment( "rom yo$r b$dget% 3 en yo$ do t at, take t at combined amo$nt 't e !$m o" t e minim$m payment and t e extra yo$ )ere paying eac mont ( and apply it to t e next !malle!t debt amo$nt% So, letD! !ay t at a"ter yo$ paid o"" t at credit card, yo$r next !malle!t payment )a! an a$to loan% /n yo$r Wdebt!X !ection, yo$ )o$ld p$t in Q2B8 next to t at a$to loan% ;o$Dve already b$dgeted "or it, !o it )ill make no di""erence in yo$r day to day li"e ot er t an t e good "eeling o" kno)ing yo$r debt! are di!appearing% T#$s te"#n$I e $s "ommonly 2nown as t#e S/ebt snowball4T a term "o$ne/ by t#e %o% lar ra/$o #ost an/ a t#or *ave (amsey. /Dm act$ally $!ing a variation o" t e debt !no)ball in my o)n li"e, modi"ied a bit to leverage ri!k% ;o$ mig t )ant to ta2e some t$me an/ "al" late #ow long $t w$ll ta2e for yo r S/ebt snowballT to roll t#ro g# all of yo r /ebts. 6ig$re o$t t e mont ) en eac debt )ill be paid o"", t en add on t at payment to t e next debt and !ee o) many mont ! it )ill take to pay t at one o""% Be"ore long, yo$Dll ave a very !olid idea o" an approximate time in ) ic yo$Dll be debt "ree E and debt "ree i! a place ) ere yo$ can ta2e t#at /ebt snowball an/ a%%ly $t /$re"tly to yo r /reams. &omorro), )eDll look at ) at to do ) en yo$ come in $nder yo$r b$dgeted expen!e! in a mont 't e !y!tem i! !et $p !o t at yo$ can do t i! reg$larly, in "actF(% *ay 15: Com$ng 5n Un/er 0 /get ?n/ ?n &mergen"y + n/


& e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% 3 en yo$ get rolling $nder t e plan yo$Dve developed, yo$Dll di!cover t at 'almo!t al)ay!( yo$Dll come in $nder b$dget "or t e mont i" yo$ !tick to yo$r g$n! on t e none!!ential !pending% & i! i! a good t ing, o" co$r!e, a! it mean! t at yo$Dre being "inancially re!pon!ible% So w#at /o 5 /o w$t# t#at e!"essB ,bvio$!ly, itD! not a big elp i" yo$r c ecking acco$nt doe!nDt earn any intere!t and t e balance L$!t b$ild! $p over time, a! it make! it m$c ea!ier to !imply !pend it on $nnece!!ary t ing!% /n!tead, yo$ ! o$ld move it !ome) ere ) ere itD! acce!!ible, it earn! a little bit, and itD! o$t o" !ig t and o$t o" mind $ntil yo$ need it% HereD! t e game plan% 6ir!t, /on7t g$ve $nto tem%tat$on an/ s%en/ $t N yet. Alt o$g it mig t !eem t at t i! money i! a Wre)ardX "or being "i!cally re!pon!ible, itD! act$ally L$!t a re!$lt o" t e "lexible b$dget yo$ made% & e "lexibility act$ally a! a p$rpo!e> protecting yo$ "rom t e $n"ore!een event! t at can appen in t e "$t$re% Second, get a #$g#-$nterest sav$ngs a""o nt $n w#$"# to % t t#e money. 3 y get anot er acco$nt* Several !eparate acco$nt! make it ea!y to partition yo$r money and keep money "or di""erent p$rpo!e! !eparate "rom eac ot er% & i! money a! a very !peci"ic p$rpo!e, !o )eDll keep it !eparate% Go), at t e end o" eac mont ) en yo$ ave extra money le"t over "rom yo$r b$dget, L$!t depo!it it into t i! ne) acco$nt% T#$s a""o nt w$ll serve as yo r emergen"y f n/. Every once in a ) ile, li"e )ill deal yo$ a and t at i! very di""ic$lt to play )it in t e con!traint! o" yo$r mont ly b$dget> a car breakdo)n, medical need!, or !o "ort % & i! "$nd )ill make it po!!ible to L$!t roll t ro$g t o!e emergencie! )it o$t breaking a !)eat E L$!t go )it dra) t e money yo$ need to cover t e emergency and itD! taken care o"% How b$g s#o l/ t#$s emergen"y f n/ getB ;o$ ! o$ld let yo$r emergency "$nd contin$e to gro) )it b$dget le"tover! $ntil yo$ ave s$! mont#s wort# of ta2e#ome salary $n $t% A"ter t at, yo$ ave !ome option!> /Dd recommend paying o"" more debt )it yo$r b$dget le"tover! at t at point% (emember4 t#$s $s not an a""o nt for b$g-t$"2et % r"#asesJ /" yo$Dre tempted to $!e it to b$y an =C2 televi!ion, yo$ ! o$ld in!tead reeval$ate ) at yo$r goal! are and per ap! c ange one o" t o!e i" yo$ "eel t at a big !creen televi!ion i! more in line )it yo$r val$e!% =eave t i! money aloneK !ome day, yo$ )ill be incredibly glad yo$ did 'like ) en yo$r !on come! ome )it a dented-$p car, "or example(% &omorro), )eDll begin looking t ro$g yo$r expen!e! "or place! to trim o$t more "at )it o$t altering yo$r li"e!tyle% *ay 1=: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N Home an/ ? to 5ns ran"e


& e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% 2$ring t e "ir!t al" o" t e mont , )eDve created a real WlivingX b$dget t at i! b$ilt aro$nd yo$r li"e, not "orcing yo$r li"e to live $p to !omeone el!eD! idea o" a b$dget% Go) t at t i! b$dget i! in place, )eDll $!e it to !ee ) ere )e can trim !ome o" t e "at "rom expendit$re!% & e next !everal day! )ill "oc$! on a !peci"ic expendit$re area, )it a di!c$!!ion o" t ing! to t ink abo$t ) en eval$ating t o!e expen!e!, along )it !ome tip! "or red$cing t o!e expen!e!% T#$s $s not a r leboo2. Spend an o$r con!idering t e!e tip!, gat ering in"ormation, and deciding ) at )ork! "or yo$, not ) at )ork! "or !omeone el!e t at yo$Dll try to ! oe orn into yo$r li"e% Everyone ) o o)n! an a$tomobile "ace! a$to in!$rance, and everyone ) o o)n! a ome pay! omeo)ner in!$rance% /tD! a "act o" li"e "or mo!t o" $!, !o )e L$!t pay it and move on% 3 at )e o"ten donDt con!ider, t o$g , i! o) m$c )e can !ave on t i! in!$rance )it L$!t a little bit o" leg)ork% -oo2 at ot#er %rov$/ers /t doe!nDt $rt to ! op aro$nd a bit% &ake "i"teen min$te! and get a "e) 1$ote! on yo$r ome in!$rance and a$to in!$rance "rom ot er carrier!% / )a! !$rpri!ed o) m$c o" a di""erence t ere )a! bet)een vario$! in!$rance carrier! E depending on t e "actor! t ey $!ed, t e rate! varied 1$ite a bit% (a$se yo r /e/ "t$ble & e large!t !lice o" American! ave a ome in!$rance ded$ctible o" Q?88, b$t t ey very, very rarely make claim! on t at in!$rance% /" yo$ rai!e yo$r ded$ctible to Q+,888, yo$ can !ave a! m$c a! 2?: on yo$r in!$rance% Ho) o"ten do yo$ make claim! on yo$r ome in!$rance* /" itD! rarely, yo$ mig t con!ider rai!ing yo$r ded$ctible to red$ce yo$r payment% & e !ame goe! "or a$to in!$ranceK i" yo$ donDt make claim! very o"ten, look at rai!ing yo$r ded$ctible to red$ce yo$r payment!% -oo2 for %a"2age /eals & e maLority o" American! ave di""erent provider! "or t eir ome and a$tomobile in!$rance% See ) et er or not yo$ can get a red$ction in yo$r premi$m i" yo$ take all o" yo$r b$!ine!! to one provider% My parent! did t i! a "e) year! ago 't ey moved t eir ome in!$rance to t eir a$to in!$rance provider( and t eir overall premi$m! dropped abo$t +C:% 5nstall a /ea/bolt an/ smo2e /ete"tors Call $p yo$r in!$rance provider and a!k "or t eir recommendation! "or deadbolt!, !moke detector!, !ec$rity !y!tem!, and ot er e1$ipment t at mig t red$ce yo$r premi$m% /" t eyDre c eap 'o"ten, !moke detector! are a great inve!tment ere(, go b$y t em, in!tall t em, and get t at red$ction in yo$r premi$m% Click to learn more abo$t protecting yo$r ome "rom "ire% C#e"2 for ot#er /$s"o nts Many in!$rance companie! o""er red$ced ome in!$rance rate! i" !omeone )ork! at ome 'or doe!nDt )ork at all(% A$to in!$rer! )ill o""er lo)er rate! i" yo$ ave a !table, !ocially re!pon!ible Lob% Bot )ill o""er


a lo)er rate i" yo$ ave a good credit rating% Explore t e!e aven$e! )it yo$r in!$rer% 5f yo #ave an $ns rer yo 7re generally #a%%y w$t#4 /on7t sw$t"#. & i! i! e!pecially tr$e i" yo$Dre approac ing t e t ree year or !ix year mark )it t e !ame in!$rer, a! t ey o"ten red$ce rate! a bit '?:( at eac point% & at doe!nDt mean yo$ ! o$ldnDt compare rate! on occa!ion, b$t in!$rance companie! look "or !tability% ;o$ can eval$ate all o" t e!e point! )it L$!t a "e) telep one call! and )eb !ite vi!it!, )ell )ort an o$r o" yo$r time i" yo$ can trim +8: 'or more( "rom yo$r premi$m!% /" yo$ pay Q288 a mont "or in!$rance and can !ee t at go do)n to Q+C8 every mont , yo$Dre !$ddenly looking at Q2B8 extra per year "or an o$r o" )ork% *ay 1E: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N -$fe 5ns ran"e & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% =i"e in!$rance i! a 1$e!tion t at mo!t o" $! !imply avoid t inking abo$t too m$c , e!pecially ) en )eDre yo$ng% Ho)ever, i" yo$ ave more t an yo$r!el" a! a dependent on yo$r income tax "orm!, li"e in!$rance i! !omet ing yo$ need in order to en!$re t at i" !omet ing appen! to yo$ t o!e dependent! donDt )ind $p in t e !treet% Ed$cate yo$r!el" on li"e in!$rance loop ole! to avoid% =i"e in!$rance can be con"$!ing Y "rom o) m$c to get to o) and ) en in!$rance companie! are trying to d$pe yo$, b$t it doe!nDt ave to be i" yo$ actively !eek o$t t e in"ormation% & i! i! going to be t e only expen!e eval$ation ) ere / mig t end $p enco$raging yo$ to !pend more money t an yo$ already are, b$t yo$ )ill be able to !leep better at nig t kno)ing t at t o!e ) o depend on yo$ are !ec$re even in t e event o" !omet ing terrible appening to yo$% 6ir!t o" all, yo r best o%t$on for l$fe $ns ran"e $s term $ns ran"e $f yo 7re n/er f$fty. <at er t an reg$rgitating, t i! earlier po!t make! t e ca!e ) y term in!$rance i! t e be!t bet "or yo$nger people )it t eir "inancial ead on !traig t% An in!$rance !ale!man mig t try to coax yo$ into ) ole li"e in!$rance or $niver!al li"e in!$ranceK donDt let t emF Here are !ome ot er t ing! yo$ m$!t kno) be"ore b$ying li"e in!$rance% /" yo$ ave one o" t e ot er type!, yo s#o l/ strongly "ons$/er "as#$ng $t $n an/ b y$ng term $ns ran"e. &erm in!$rance i! !$b!tantially c eaper per mont , eno$g !o t at itD! )ort ca! ing in t e ot er policy, removing t e ca! val$e, and in!tead !tart a term policy% ;o$ can take t at ca! val$e and $!e it to pay o"" debt!K t atD! more )ort ) ile to a ealt y "inancial "$t$re "or yo$ and yo$r "amily t an $niver!al or ) ole li"e in!$rance 'note t at / am not a pro"e!!ional "inancial advi!or E / am not liable "or any c oice! yo$ make ba!ed on ) at yo$ read ere%


2o yo$r o)n re!earc i" yo$Dre con!idering making a maLor c oice t at yo$ mig t regret%(% ,kay, !o #ow m "# l$fe $ns ran"e /o 5 nee/B /" yo$ ave no dependent! be!ide! yo$r!el", yo$ donDt need any at all% /n "act, i" yo$ !ee little c ance at aving dependent! in t e "$t$re, L$!t !kip t e re!t o" t i! entry beca$!e it really doe!nDt apply to yo$% / recommend getting in!$rance t at )ill cover yo$ $ntil yo$Dre 98 'or clo!e to it(, b$t i" yo$Dre very yo$ng, yo$ may L$!t )ant to get a 38 year term% 3 y* At t at point, i" yo$Dre "inancially re!pon!ible, yo$r e!tate ! o$ld be in good eno$g ! ape t at yo$r li"e in!$rance i!nDt nece!!ary, and yo$ can take t at premi$m and do !omet ing el!e )it it% 5f yo #ave only a/ lt /e%en/ents, yo$ ! o$ld only need t)o or t ree year!D )ort o" !alary in li"e in!$rance% /" yo$Dre $nder 3?, a term policy "or an amo$nt e1$al to t ree year! o" yo$r !alary )ill be a trivial amo$nt eac mont % 5f yo #ave "#$l/ /e%en/ents, t o$g , t atD! ) en yo$ really need good li"e in!$rance coverage% Ta2e o t a s#eet of %a%er4 f$n/ yo r last So"$al Se" r$ty benef$ts statement4 an/ /o t#$s "al" lat$on: calc$late 98: o" yo$r !alary, !$btract yo$r dependent Social Sec$rity bene"it "rom t at, t en divide t at amo$nt by 8%8C% & at n$mber i! ro$g ly ) at yo$ ! o$ld ave in li"e in!$rance i" yo$ ave any dependent c ildren% HereD! an example% 6reddy a! a )i"e, a c ild, and an QC?,888 a year Lob% Hi! Social Sec$rity !tatement reveal! t at i! dependent bene"it i! abo$t Q++,888 a year% So 6reddy calc$late! 98: o" i! !alary 'Q90,?88(, !$btract! i! dependentD! bene"it! 'leaving Q0?,?88(, and divide! t at amo$nt by 8%8C to get QC+C,9?8 in term li"e in!$rance% 3 y !o m$c * ;o$ )ant any dependent! to be able to inve!t t at money and ave t e proceed! matc yo$r c$rrent !alary )it !ome breat ing room% & i! calc$lation a!!$me! a !mall C: ret$rn on inve!tment, ) ic ope"$lly t ey can beat, b$t t atD! not !omet ing yo$ really )ant to bet on% /" yo$ donDt ave eno$g in!$rance, "all yo r agent an/ /$s" ss an $n"rease $n benef$ts. Mo!t in!$rance companie! )ill appily revi!e policie! $p)ard! "or yo$ beca$!e it mean! more money "or t em% /" yo$ donDt ave any in!$rance 'and need !ome(, start /o$ng some resear"#. Het !ome 1$ote! on 38 year term policie! and !ee ) ic company a! t e be!t n$mber!% & en go a ead and make a p$rc a!e% & i! i! !omet ing )ell )ort "itting into yo$r b$dget% &omorro), )eDll go back to eval$ating expen!e! )it an eye to)ard! c$tting !ome money% *ay 1F: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N &nergy


& e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% /Dm o"ten !$rpri!ed o) many people are extremely ine""icient )it t eir energy $!age, and ) en t ey t ink o" "ixing problem!, t ey p$t in tremendo$! e""ort to do t ing! t at arenDt m$c o" a bene"it, like ne$rotically keeping t eir lig t! o"" ) ile aving ine""icient lig ting ) ic co!t! t em more "or one o$r o" $!e t an e""icient b$lb! )o$ld co!t in "o$r o$r! o" $!e% /n ! ort, an o$rD! )ort o" e""ort and a "e) !mall ta!k! can c$t a !olid c $nk o$t o" yo$r ome energy $!age% (e%la"e yo r reg lar b lbs w$t# C+-s. C6=! are t o!e b$lb! t at look like !mall !piral!, t e one! mo!t people !kip by beca$!e t eyDre Wexpen!iveX and t eyDre W!avingX beca$!e t ey b$y t e c eap one!% & e tr$t i! t at t e Wexpen!iveX b$lb! are t e one! t at !ave a lot o" money> i" yo$ ave +? b$lb! in yo$r ome 'many ome! ave many more t an t at( and $!e t em an average o" only "o$r o$r! a day 'again, !ome o$!e! )ill $!e even more(, yo$ can !ave Q+88 a year incl$ding t e comparative b$lb co!t i" yo$ !)itc to C6=!% Even better> C6=! rarely need to be replaced once t eyDre in!talled% 5nstall %rogrammable t#ermostats an/ learn #ow to se t#em. =etting t e ambient temperat$re take over in $n$!ed room! i! a "anta!tic )ay to !ave energyK t e only problem i! t at itD! very ea!y to "orget to do it i" yo$Dre even doing it at all% /" yo$ replace yo$r t ermo!tat! )it programmable t ermo!tat! and !pend t e time to program t em appropriately, yo$ can ea!ily trim $ndred! o" dollar! "rom yo$r energy bill eac year% 5nstall s rge %rote"tors for all of yo r ele"tron$" /ev$"es. Got only )ill t e!e protect yo$r device! d$ring a !torm, t ey al!o prevent electrical Wdrag%X W2ragX re"er! to t e !mall amo$nt o" electricity '? )att! or !o( t at all electronic device! contin$o$!ly p$ll o$t o" yo$r !ocket! ) en t eyDre po)ered o"", ) ic can !erio$!ly add $p i" yo$ ave a lot o" electrical device!% T rn off yo r #ome "om% ter. .eople ) o make claim! abo$t o) po)ering $p yo$r comp$ter $!e! ton! o" energy are living in t e +998!% & e tr$t i! t at modern .C! donDt $!e any extra energy ) en po)ering $p, !o yo$Dre better o"" po)ering do)n yo$r comp$ter ) en itD! $n$!ed% B$t i" yo$Dre like me, yo$ tend to leave it on and "orget abo$t it, !o !et $p yo$r .C to t$rn o"" every evening a$tomatically% ?$r seal yo r #ome. & i! )ill take a "e) o$r!, b$t t e 2epartment o" Energy a! a very nice g$ide "or making t i! proce!! a! ea!y a! po!!ible% Make !$re yo$ donDt ave any dra"t! t at can L$!t !lo)ly drain t e eat 'or t e coolne!!( o$t o" yo$r ome and yo$Dll !ave a lot o" money% & e!e "o$r ta!k! )ill red$ce yo$r energy $!age !igni"icantly and any red$ction in energy $!age )ill bring abo$t !ome !erio$! !aving! in yo$r mont ly energy bill!%


/n a large ome, t e!e tip! can !ave Q?8 a mont ea!ily, a pretty good deal "or t ing! t at yo$ can do once and "orget abo$t t em% *ay 1H: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N ? tomob$les & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Almo!t all o" $! ave an a$tomobile% Many o" $! ave t)o or more in o$r "amily% 3e all kno) t at t eyDre money pit!, re1$iring maintenance, ga!oline, and repair!, b$t )e need t em to get aro$nd, !o )e o"ten L$!t "eed t e bea!t! )it o$t t inking abo$t it% ;et t ere are !everal !imple t ing! yo$ can do t at can red$ce t e mont ly co!t o" yo$r a$tomobile $!age% & e bigge!t key i! rai!ing yo$r ga!oline e""iciency, b$t ot er tactic! )ork a! )ell% &ake a look> Go easy on t#e bra2es. Braking i! incredibly ine""icient% Coa!t to a !top ) en yo$ !ee a red lig t in!tead o" !peeding $p to it and t en braking% C oo!e ro$te! t at ave "e)er red lig t!% &ry to time yo$r driving !o t at yo$ it all green lig t!, even i" t i! mean! driving !lo)er% ;o$ can ea!ily increa!e yo$r e""iciency by 28: by doing t i!, ) ic in a car t at yo$ drive +8,888 mile! a year and get! +? M.H can !ave $p to Q2?8 a year 'depending on yo$r normal driving condition!(% ;ea , L$!t by laying o"" t e brake!% *on7t s%ee/. 5eep it at 08 M.H or $nder, even i" yo$ "eel like an old man on t e inter!tate% 3 y* Every ? M.H over 08 co!t! abo$t 9: "$el e""iciency% /" yo$ normally drive 9? on t e inter!tate, trimming t at back to 08 not only avoid! ticket!, b$t it al!o increa!e! yo$r "$el e""iciency by abo$t 28:% Clean o t yo r a$r f$lter. / do t i! once a mont or !o, b$t / !$!pect t i! )ill be t e one tip t at mo!t people )ill avoid% /tD! 1$ite ea!y, t o$g K "or mo!t car!, itD! !imply removing a n$t, li"ting $p a plate, p$lling o$t yo$r air "ilter, blo)ing t e d$!t o"" o" it and tapping it a bit to get rid o" t e d$!t, and t en p$tting t e "ilter, plate, and n$t back into place% & i! increa!e! yo$r "$el e""iciency by abo$t C:, ) ic in a car t at yo$ drive +8,888 mile! a year and c$rrently get! +? M.H can !ave abo$t Q++8 a year% 5nflate yo r t$res % to t#e man fa"t rer7s re"ommen/at$on. /" yo$ donDt kno) ) at t i! i!, go o$t and "ind o$t ) at tire! yo$ ave, t en re!earc t em on t e Nnet% Airing $p yo$r tire! i! really !imple and can be done at mo!t ga! !tation! "or "ree% 6or every t)o .S/ t at yo$r tire! are belo) t e maxim$m recommendation, yo$ increa!e yo$r "$el con!$mption by nearly a percentage point% Many people ave tire! t at are +8 .S/ or more belo) t eir maxim$m, ) ic red$ce! "$el e""iciency by at lea!t a mile per gallon% Ho) m$c )ill t at !ave* /" yo$ drive +8,888 mile! a year and yo$r a$to c$rrently get! +? M.H, L$!t keeping yo$r tire! in"lated )ill !ave Q93%9? a year 'a!!$ming Q2%2? a gallon "or ga!(%


3ee% yo r "ar "lean. Exce!! )eig t red$ce! yo$r "$el e""iciency, !o cleaning o$t yo$r car 'e!pecially o" anyt ing eavy( )ill !ave money on ga!% T rn off yo r "ar / r$ng long wa$ts. St$ck in tra""ic and not ingD! moving* &$rn o"" yo$r car% /" itD! o"" "or more t an t irty !econd!, yo$Dre !aving money% /" itD! o"" "or !everal min$te!, yo$Dre doing really )ell% 3ee% an eye on gas stat$on %r$"es. Station! can vary 1$ite a bit, even "rom day to day% 5eep an eye open on yo$r )ay to )ork to !ee ) ic i! c eape!t, t en it t at !tation on t e )ay ome% & i! variation i! e!pecially tr$e i" yo$ cro!! !tate line!, a! mo!t !tate! ave a pretty !trong variance in ga! price!% 6or example, /o)aD! ga! price! are m$c c eaper t an in /llinoi!, !o i" / go to /llinoi!, / "ill $p be"ore cro!!ing t e border% / can !ave Q8%+? a gallon or !o by doing t i!% /" yo$ !tart adding $p t e!e n$mber!, yo$Dll reali4e 1$ickly t at yo$ can !ave !ome !erio$! ca! , e!pecially i" yo$Dre driving a "$el-ine""icient ve icle% /" yo$Dre able to get yo$r S@A "rom +8 M.H to +B M.H $!ing t e!e tip!, over a year o" driving +8,888 mile! and )it ga! averaging Q2%2?, yo$Dll !ave Q0?8% & atD! more t an Q?8 a mont L$!t "or keeping an eye on yo$r car and driving a bit more ca$tio$!ly% *ay 20: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N +oo/ & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% 6or many o" $!, "ood eat! a m$c bigger portion o" o$r mont ly b$dget t an )e even reali4e% 3e grab !ome "a!t "ood a "e) time! a )eek, grab take o$t a "e) more time! a )eek, and dine o$t at expen!ive re!ta$rant! ere and t ere% & e t ing i!, t o$g , t at it i! very ea!y to c$t do)n on t i! expen!e% Here are a "e) !imple !trategie! to employ% &at o t less6 %re%are more foo/ at #ome. & i! i! t e !ingle bigge!t key to red$cing yo$r !pending on "ood over any period o" time% / tend to "ind t at itD! more )ort ) ile to "ind !imple replacement! "or "a!t "ood and to make !t$"" at ome rat er t an getting take o$t t an giving $p a )eekend dinner o$t )it my )i"e% 5f yo /on7t 2now #ow to "oo24 tea"# yo rself4 start$ng w$t# s$m%ler re"$%es. & ere are a lot o" book! o$t t ere t at can teac yo$ o) to cook 'tr$!t me, /Dve read a lot o" t em(% & e t ree t at !tand o$t '"or me( are Ho) to Cook Everyt ing'probably t e be!t overall "or learning(, & e Ge) Be!t <ecipe 'probably t e be!t recipe!(, and & e Joy o" Cooking 'probably t e be!t re"erence and ea!ie!t to "ind $!ed(% Het one o" t e!e t ree and make a commitment to cook% /n "act, i" yo$ !tick aro$nd $ntil 6ebr$ary, /Dm going to !ome) at give into my de!ire to ave a cooking blog and do a "o$r )eek cra! co$r!e on learning to cook at ome )it an eye to)ard! t e pocketbook%


G$ve leftovers a try. / $!ed to t ink le"tover! )ere t e epitome o" na!ty, b$t t en / "ig$red o$t a "e) key !ecret! abo$t making le"tover! better> keep t e "ood! rotating and make !$re to !pice t e le"tover! t em!elve!% /" yo$ prepare a bit extra at mealtime, le"tover! make "or extremely c eap dining% 0 y a /ee% freeKer. & i! allo)! yo$ to b$y !ome "ood! in b$lk at a very c eap rate% ,nce yo$ ave t e "ree4er, c eck )it a local b$tc er to !ee ) at kind o" deal yo$ can get on b$lk meatK yo$Dll be ama4ed o) m$c o" a di!co$nt yo$ can get on b$lk order!% ;o$ can al!o move to a !y!tem o" preparing many meal! at once and "ree4ing t em "or later $!eK itD! a lot ea!ier a"ter a b$!y day to come ome and pop a meal in t e oven t an it i! to !top at t e take-o$t place, e!pecially ) en yo$ reali4e o) m$c c eaper t e "ir!t option i!, too% 1rgan$Ke a ser$es of %otl "2 /$nners. /" yo$ ave a gro$p t at reg$larly dine! o$t toget er reg$larly, !$gge!t t at yo$ ave a rotation o" potl$ck! or backyard barbec$e! in!tead% /" everyone i! on board )it t i!, it can be va!tly c eaper and o"ten more "$n% Some o" my be!t memorie! o" dining )it "riend! are not "rom re!ta$rant!, b$t "rom !itting on back porc e! )atc ing t e moon ri!e and enLoying a bottle o" )ine in t e gentle )armt o" a !$mmer evening% *ay 21: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N Ho s$ng & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Mo!t people, once t eyDre locked into a ome mortgage or ave moved into an apartment, "eel a! t o$g t at i! an amo$nt t at t ey are !imply do)n eac mont , )it no real )ay to red$ce t at amo$nt% /tD! !imply not tr$eK itD! L$!t a p!yc ological trick )it in yo$r mind% & e real tr$t i! t at t ere are )ay! to e""ectively red$ce t at amo$nt eac mont )it o$t adding any !igni"icant ri!k to yo$r !it$ation% Here are "ive aven$e! to explore in term! o" red$cing yo$r mont ly o$!ing bill% Spend !ome time con!idering eac one and act$ally a!k yo$r!el" ) et er or not t e!e t ing! are "ea!ible "or yo$% (ent o t a room. Some people "eel very $ncom"ortable doing t i!, b$t it i! de"initely a great )ay to red$ce yo$r mont ly o$!ing co!t!% /" yo$ ave a clo!e "riend or relative ) o i! in need o" inexpen!ive o$!ing, o""er to rent t em a room at yo$r ome "or a good rateK yo$ co$ld even o""er to give t em board a! )ell "or a ig er rent rate% 3 en / )a! in college, a "riend o" mine $!ed to pay Q?88 a mont to one o" i! parent!D "riend! in order to ave !pace in t eir ba!ement and "ree meal!% 3e are al!o con!idering renting o$t a room in o$r o)n ome a"ter )e make t e big p$rc a!e% Cons$/er a #ome /owngra/e. /" yo$Dre a married co$ple )it no c ildren le"t in t e ne!t b$t a lot o" bill! to pay, it mig t be )ort con!idering b$ying a !maller


ome or an e1$al !i4ed one in a le!! expen!ive area% & i! i! e!pecially tr$e i" yo$ ca !ell yo$r c$rrent ome and move into a !maller one t atD! already paid o""K it p$t! yo$ in great po!ition "or t e "inal p$! to retirement% Legot$ate. /" yo$Dre living in a rental !it$ation, negotiate )it yo$r landlord% ,""er to !ign a longer lea!e in exc ange "or lo)er rent i" yo$ kno) yo$Dre going to live t ere "or a ) ile% /" yo$ ave a bit o" money in t e bank, yo$ can al!o o""er to pay !everal mont ! o" rent at once in exc ange "or a di!co$nted rate% A clo!e "riend o" mine )a! able to )rite a c eck "or a yearD! )ort o" rent at once and er landlord gave er a B8: red$ction in t e rent level, !imply beca$!e t ere )a! no ri!k on t e landlordD! part% @ra"t$"e %revent$ve ma$ntenan"e. HereD! an excellent c eckli!t "or ba!ic ome preventive maintenance% /t can !eem like a lot o" )ork, b$t itD! a great )ay to !ave money% Set a!ide a "e) o$r! eac mont "or t e!e ro$tine ta!k! and t ing! )ill be m$c le!! likely to break do)n or ca$!e maLor $nexpected expen!e!% @!e & e Simple 2ollarD! 2/; ome repair! tip! to get !tarted% (ef$nan"e. & i! i! a carrot dropped in "ront o" many people E and !ome L$mp "or it )it o$t t inking abo$t it% Spend !ome time and r$n t e n$mber! to !ee ) et er a re"inancing mig t improve yo$r mont -to-mont "inancial !it$ation% 2onDt L$!t L$mp on a re"inance beca$!e it o""er! lo)er rate! no), t o$g K only get into a "ixed rate re"inancing% *ay 22: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N Mont#ly Serv$"es & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Mo!t o" $! ave a !et o" mont ly bill! t at )e pay a! part o" o$r reg$lar ro$tine% & ey con!tantly c ip a)ay at o$r mont ly and ann$al b$dget, eroding o) m$c )e can !pend on a reg$lar ba!i!% Some o" t e!e are e!!ential 'electricity(, ) ile ot er! are maybe le!! e!!ential 'Get"lix(% &oday, )eDre going to take all o" t e!e mont ly expen!e! and !ee ) et er or not any o" t em can be red$ced or eliminated% 6ir!t, ma2e a l$st of every mont#ly b$ll yo %ay. Cell p one, cable, internet, electricity, mortgage, rent, in!$rance, and !o on% 3rite t e approximate amo$nt yo$ pay eac mont next to t em, b$t leave !ome !pace over to t e rig t "or !ome more calc$lation!% ,nce yo$Dve made t i! li!t, "ross off t#e ones t#at are f n/amental for /ay to /ay l$fe. Electricity i! "$ndamental, ) ile internet acce!! i! not% & e mortgage i! "$ndamental, ) ile Get"lix i! not% =oan payment! are "$ndamental, ) ile cable or !atellite televi!ion i! not% Go) m lt$%ly ea"# of t#e rema$n$ng elements by twelve !o t at yo$ can !ee o) m$c t e bill i! co!ting yo$ in a year% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o m$ltiply t at yearly amo$nt


by +%82? '2%?: more, in ot er )ord!(, beca$!e t atD! o) m$c yo$Dd ave i" yo$ p$t t at bill amo$nt into !aving! eac mont % M$ltiplying o$t t e bill amo$nt like t i! can o"ten make a rea!onable bill !eem cra4y% 6or example, i" yo$ pay Q+9%9? a mont "or Get"lix, t atD! Q2B?%39 a year to)ard! yo$r li"e dream t atD! going a)ay% Spend Q?8 a mont on cable* & atD! Q0+? to)ard! yo$r dream gone "orever% Hot a Q288 co$ntry cl$b member! ip "ee* Q2,B08 a year goe! poo"% At t i! point, go t#ro g# ea"# $tem an/ as2 yo rself w#et#er $t7s wort# w#at yo 7re %ay$ng for $t. /t mig t be )ort it to yo$ rig t no), or yo$ mig t reali4e t at itD! !omet ing yo$ rarely $!e !o itD! not really elping yo$ b$ild to)ard! yo$r dream!% Mo!t likely, yo$Dll "ind )ay! to red$ce t at bill )it o$t eliminating it% Maybe yo$ can go to a c eaper plan on Get"lix 'Q0+%?8 !aved a year(, or yo$ co$ld eliminate Q+? )ort o" premi$m c annel! "rom yo$r cable bill 'Q+CB%?8 !aved a year(, or yo$ co$ld get a le!! expen!ive calling plan "rom yo$r cell p one provider% /tD! important to remember t at even t o$g eac c$t !eem! tiny, i" yo$Dve been "ollo)ing t e plan t i! mont , yo$Dve trimmed a)ay a lot o" "at "rom yo$r b$dget )it o$t really a""ecting yo$r )ay o" li"e all t at m$c % 2epending on yo$r c oice!, yo$ may ave dropped ten percent o" yo$r expendit$re! alreadyK i" yo$ take t at ten percent and $!e it to pay o"" debt! no) and later inve!t it in yo$r dream!, yo$Dve literally taken a dream t at !eemed impo!!ible and tran!"ormed it into !omet ing po!!ible% &omorro), )eDll look at !ome e""ective mec ani!m! "or battling bank "ee!% *ay 2): &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N 0an2 +ees & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% & e va!t maLority o" American! do t eir primary banking )it one o" !everal very large bank c ain!% @n"ort$nately, t e!e large c ain! are o"ten almo!t in!$lting in o) t ey treat t eir average c$!tomer!, c arging n$mero$! "ee! and ot er cra4y c arge! t at, over a year, can add $p to 1$ite a lot% &oday, )eDre going to take a !erio$! look at o) yo$r bank 'or bank!( treat! yo$% @ ll o t a blan2 s#eet of %a%er an/ a "o%y of yo r last ban2 statement. 3eDre going to !ee ) at t e "ee! are co!ting yo$ E and !ee i" t ereD! anyt ing yo$ can do abo$t it% 6ir!t, "o%y every s$ngle "#arge t#at7s not a % r"#ase from yo r statement to yo r blan2 s#eet of %a%er, along )it t e amo$nt% =eave plenty o" ) ite !pace over to t e "ar rig t !o )e can do a "e) !imple calc$lation!% /" yo$ earn intere!t on t e acco$nt, incl$de t at amo$nt a! )ell% 3 en yo$Dre done, total t e!e c arge! $p 'donDt incl$de any earned intere!t E )eDll deal )it t at !eparately( and f$n/ o t w#at yo r a""o nt $s really "ost$ng yo a mont#. & e "ir!t time / did t i!, / di!covered t at / )a! lo!ing abo$t Q2? a mont


in !mall "ee!% Eac "ee !eemed tiny, b$t ) en / !pent t e time to add t em $p, / )a! "labberga!ted% 3ant to !$rpri!e yo$r!el" even more* M lt$%ly t#at total by twelve to see #ow m "# yo 7re be$ng /$nge/ for $n a year.;o$ ! o$ld al!o "ig$re in anot er 2%?: beyond t at total beca$!e yo$ co$ld ea!ily earn t at m$c in !aving! over t e co$r!e o" a year% 6or me, / !a) a total c arge o" over Q388, meaning "or t e opport$nity to $!e my money "or t eir inve!tment!, t e bank )a! c arging me Q388 in "ee! a year% So w#at "an yo /oB /" t e c arge! are appearing in yo$r !aving! acco$nt, look at getting an /GH 2irect or HSBC 2irect!aving! acco$nt% Bot are ba!ically c arge"ree and bot earn a !tellar intere!t rate 'B%?: and ?%8?: re!pectively(% / )ent "rom earning abo$t 8%?: on my !aving! acco$nt )it occa!ional "ee c arge! to earning B%?: )it no "ee c arge! ever, p$tting a lot more money in my pocket% /" t e c arge! are appearing in yo$r c ecking acco$nt, ta2e a loo2 at some lo"al "re/$t n$ons. Credit $nion! generally ave very !trong c ecking acco$nt! )it almo!t nonexi!tent "ee!, t o$g o" co$r!e yo$r mileage may vary% / "o$nd a local credit $nion t at doe!nDt c arge me any "ee! at all ) ile o""ering me all o" t e !ame !ervice! a! my o)n bankK t e only time /Dm ever dinged i! ) en / $!e an A&M in a !trange place, and even t en t e "ee i! very !mall% / no) probably !pend Q+8 ann$ally in "ee! ver!$! Q388% 5f yo 7re worr$e/ abo t t#e %ro"ess of sw$t"#$ng %r$mary "#e"2$ng a""o nts4 /Dve )ritten a g$ide to aid yo$ in t i! proce!!% /t take! le!! )ork t an yo$ t ink and over time t e !aving! can be tremendo$! 'i" yo$ can !ave Q388 a year like / am, itD! )ell )ort t e !)itc (% *ay 2': &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N &nterta$nment W Hobb$es & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% /" yo$Dve been "ollo)ing along )it t i! !erie! and ave been participating in t e expen!e eval$ation! o" t e la!t )eek, yo$Dre probably "eeling pretty good abo$t yo$r "inancial direction% Go) )e come to t e part t at i! t e arde!t "or people to give $p E and t e one t at make! mo!t people relap!e> entertainment and obbie!% /n ot er )ord!, all o" t e con!$mer Loy! yo$ ave in li"e, "rom televi!ion to gadget! to video game! to clot e! ! opping% /Dm going to !ay !omet ing ! ocking ere> i" yo$ really )ant to commit to t i! plan long term, yo s#o l/ not g$ve % most of t#ese t#$ngs% & ey bring a lot o" day to day Loy into oneD! li"e and t e g$ilt t at t ey bring i! d$e to exce!!, not d$e to t e !pending it!el"% T#e 2ey $s not to tr$m o t all t#e lattes yo /r$n24 b t $nstea/ tr$m ba"2 a few lattes a mont#.& at )ay, yo$ can !till get t e !imple plea!$re o" enLoying a latte, b$t yo$ al!o get t e plea!$re o" !kipping one every


once in a ) ile )it t e reali4ation t at yo$Dre !kipping it "or good rea!on!% /t t$rn! !omet ing t at can be a big negative 'and t $! make! it very ea!y to 1$it and give $p on( into !omet ing t at i! a net po!itive% 3it t at being !aid, take !ome time today and go t ro$g yo$r more "rivolo$! expen!e! in a given mont % ,o "an start by /$gg$ng o t yo r last mont# wort# of "re/$t "ar/ an/ "#e"2$ng statements an/ #$g#l$g#t$ng everyt#$ng yo bo g#t for % re enterta$nment4 s$m%le %leas re4 or for a #obby. & i! mig t take a little ) ile, b$t itD! )ort t e e""ort% ,nce yo$Dve ig lig ted all o" t em, go ba"2 an/ ma2e some a%%ro!$mate gro %$ngs. 6or example, gro$p all o" yo$r co""ee ! op vi!it! toget er, or all o" yo$r book p$rc a!e! toget er, or all o" yo$r m$!ic p$rc a!e! toget er% @!e gro$ping! t at make !en!e to yo$K i" yo$ try too ard to $!e ) at !omeone el!e t ink! ! o$ld be gro$ped toget er, it )ill ave no meaning "or yo$% Go), go t ro$g t e!e gro$ping! one at a time and a!k yo$r!el" ) et er it )o$ld detriment yo$r li"e to trim back !pending in t i! area% =etD! !ay yo$ b$y a grande latte eac morning at t e co""ee ! op% Maybe yo$ co$ld c$t t i! back to "o$r time! a )eek, )it t)o o" t em being reg$lar latte!* & at )ay, yo$ co$ld !till enLoy yo$r big latte on Monday morning and 6riday morning and !till ave !ome on &$e!day and 3edne!day, and L$!t drive into )ork )it a !mile on & $r!day! kno)ing yo$Dre )orking "or a great "$t$re% ;o$ mig t al!o pledge to go to t e library and mill aro$nd every ot er time in!tead o" going to t e book!tore or t e m$!ic ! op% <emember, $f " tt$ng ba"2 at all ma2es yo feel really n#a%%y4 t#en /on7t " t ba"2. & e!e little c ange! are t e one! t at 1$ietly make a big di""erenceK i" yo$ try to make a big c ange, it )ill be no di""erent t an a Ge) ;earD! re!ol$tion ) ere yo$ decide to diet and !pend t e "ir!t )eek eating !alad!% By t e end o" Jan$ary, yo$Dll be knocking back t e proverbial po$ndcake and it )ill ave all been "or na$g t% & e key i! to f$n/ t#ose %la"es w#ere yo "an " t off some fat w$t#o t /amag$ng t#e meat. &omorro), )eDll look at credit card!, t eir "ee!, and ) at )e can do to red$ce t em% *ay 25: &val at$ng ,o r &!%enses N Cre/$t Car/s & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% &oday i! t e "inal day o" expen!e eval$ation be"ore )e begin to tie t ing! $p 't e mont i! nearing an end, a"ter all(, !o today )eDll tackle ) at i! per ap! t e bigge!t "inancial ro$g patc in t e @nited State!> credit card!% A! anyone ) o a! ever "aced a big pile o" credit card debt can tell yo$, credit card! are ne"ario$! little devil! t at can !neak $p on yo$ and de!troy all o" yo$r "inancial planning i" yo$Dre


not care"$l% & $!, ere are !ome tip! "or managing t at mont -to-mont credit card debtK !pend !ome time today implementing t em to red$ce yo$r mont ly credit card !pending% -oo2 $nto mov$ng yo r balan"e to anot#er "ar/. /" yo$r credit i! !trong, yo$ can ea!ily obtain a 8: A.< on balance tran!"er! "or a! long a! +C mont !% 2oing t i! can tran!"orm ig intere!t debt into no intere!t debt, meaning t at eac payment )ill go !traig t to)ard! eliminating t e balance% Be !$re, t o$g , t at yo$ ave eliminated a lot o" t e balance d$ring t i! period, beca$!e it )ill be pain"$l ) en t e intere!t payment! come back% ?s2 for a rate re/ "t$on. Anot er potential aven$e "or red$cing t e mont ly intere!t on a card i! to call t e n$mber on t e back o" t e card, get to a live operator, and a!k to !peak to a !$pervi!or% At t at point, tell t em yo$Dre tempted to take a balance tran!"er o""er in order to con!olidate yo$r debt and re1$e!t t at t ey red$ce yo$r intere!t rate% O$ite o"ten, t eyDll be appy to oblige beca$!e earning le!! intere!t on a credit card i! better t an earning not ing at all% -oo2 for lower $nterest met#o/s to "onsol$/ate yo r "re/$t "ar/ /ebt. ;o$ may ave available to yo$ a ome e1$ity line o" credit t at i! at a m$c lo)er intere!t rate t an yo$r credit card!, !o it mig t be )ort ) ile to pay o"" t e card! )it t e HE=,C% Anot er po!!ibility i! di!c$!!ing a per!onal loan )it yo$r local bankK yo$ mig t be able to con!olidate a lot o" t e debt into a relatively lo) intere!t loan% Ho)ever, t e!e tactic! donDt mean yo$ ave a clean bill to !pend againF .$t t e credit card! $p "or a ) ile and learn o) to live on t e money yo$ ave% Sto% s$ng "re/$t "ar/s for /ay to /ay e!%enses nt$l yo "an el$m$nate t#e /ebt. @ntil / got my credit card! $nder control, / moved to $!ing c eck! and ca! ) erever po!!ible, !$pplemented by a debit card% / treated t e credit card bill! a! a loan t at needed to be paid o"", not a! a tool to b$y more !t$"" / co$ldnDt a""ord% / didnDt c$t t em $p, t o$g K / L$!t p$t t em in a place t at )a! ard to acce!!% 3 y* Canceling a b$nc o" credit card! all at once can be !everely detrimental to yo$r credit ealt % &omorro), )eDll begin to "ini! o$t t e mont by re-eval$ating ) ere )eDve been and looking at )ay! to keep t e moment$m going% *ay 2=: (ef$n$ng ,o r 0 /get & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% 6or t e la!t !everal day!, )eDve been "oc$!ed primarily on digging t ro$g o$r mont ly expen!e! and looking "or place! to trim a)ay !ome "at% /t )ill take !ome time "or t i! to become clear, !o today )eDre going to look at o) yo$ can re"ine yo$r li"e b$dget eac mont a! t e expen!e! begin to move do)n)ard! E and t e available ca! goe! $p)ard!%


6ir!t o" all, at t#e start of ea"# mont#4 yo s#o l/ ref$ne yo r Sl$fe b /getT a b$t. 3 at t i! mean! i! t at yo$ ! o$ld take o$t t e b$dget yo$ prepared t e previo$! mont and $!e t at a! a !tarting point to develop t e next mont D! b$dget% Since )eDre nearing t e end o" t e "ir!t mont , /Dll )alk yo$ t ro$g t i! proce!! once !o yo$ can get a "eel "or ) at ! o$ld be done% At t e !tart o" t e mont , ta2e o t yo r b /get from last mont# an/ all of t#e statements yo got $n t#e $nterven$ng mont#. ;o$Dll al!o need a clean piece o" paper "or t e b$dget "or t e $pcoming mont % & e "ir!t t ing to deal )it "or t e coming mont i! yo$r overall income% 5f yo r $n"ome t#$s mont# $s t#e same as last mont#4 ; st "arry t#e amo nt over to t#e new b /get. /" yo$ got a rai!e t at )ill !tart taking e""ect in t e coming mont , enter t at amo$nt on t e ne) b$dget in!tead% Gext, deal )it t e expen!e!% Co%y ea"# e!%ense 8b t not ea"# e!%ense amo nt9 over to t#e new b /get. & en, copy over eac expen!e t at yo$ didnDt get a !tatement "or in t e pa!t mont % & e!e expen!e! )ill remain $nc anged% Go) letD! deal )it t e expen!e! )it ne) !tatement!% <at er t an con"$!ing yo$ too m$c , /Dll give yo$ an example o" ) at to do to !tart )it % =etD! !ay yo$r pa!t b$dget ad an electricity bill "or Q+88, b$t in t e intervening mont , yo$ in!talled C6=! and did a "e) ot er t ing!, and t e ne) bill i! only QC8% <at er t an celebrating and immediately )riting t e lo)er amo$nt into t e ne) b$dget, edge yo$r bet! a little% &ake t e amo$nt "rom t e old b$dget and m$ltiply t at by B, t en to t at add t e amo$nt o" t e ne) bill% 2ivide t at n$mber by ?% & atD! t e n$mber yo$ ! o$ld )rite in "or yo$r energy b$dget "or t e coming mont % T#$s tr$"2 $s "alle/ we$g#te/ averag$ng, and it protect! yo$ "rom making !igni"icant c ange! ba!ed on one data point t at may or may not be $n$!$al% ,ver time, yo$r energy b$dget )ill go do)n% 6or example, letD! !ay t at "or t e next !ix mont !, yo$r energy bill !tay! at QC8, and t en !$mmer kick! in and yo$r bill goe! back to Q+88% /" yo$ $!e )eig ted averaging, t e bo$nce back )onDt $rt yo$ at all, beca$!e yo$Dll ave a bit o" a !$rpl$! "rom mont ! o" !lig tly overb$dgeting and itDll be no problem at all to pay t e bill% Ho)ever, i" it bo$nce! back !$ddenly, yo$r b$dget )ill be damaged by t i! !$dden c ange% /" yo$Dve been diligent abo$t doing trimming, yo$Dll probably notice t at a"ter a "e) mont !, yo$r n$mber! "or expen!e! are eit er !taying t e !ame or trending do)n)ard!% Even better, yo$Dll probably be !eeing !ome !$rpl$!e! at t e end o" t e mont beyond yo$r b$dget% & atD! greatK L$!t move t o!e !$rpl$!e! into a !aving! acco$nt !o t ey can earn !ome intere!t, and t en move t em back o$t i" yo$ need t em% Even better> yo$r b$dgeted total "or expen!e! "or t e mont i! al!o lo)er t an it )a! be"ore% 3 at doe! t at mean* More money to eliminate debt! and dream!F


Go) t at yo$Dve !een a little drop in b$dgeted expen!e! over t e previo$! mont , yo$ can allot t at money to)ard! t e debt! and t e "$t$re plan! on yo$r b$dget% My advice i! to c annel t em into more extra debt payment!, b$t yo$ mig t al!o )ant to bol!ter a long-term plan a! )ell% At t e very lea!t, take al" o" t at extra money and add it into paying o"" debt!, beca$!e t e "reedom o" being debt "ree i! incredible% So L$!t "o%y over t#e /ebts an/ %lans from t#e %rev$o s mont#4 e!"e%t a// $n t#e re/ "t$on $n ot#er e!%enses to t#e /ebt yo 7re fo" se/ on or per ap! al!o p$t part o" it into one o" t e dream!% And yo$Dre done "or anot er mont % / like to 2ee% my " rrent b /get %oste/ $n a %la"e w#ere 5 see $t reg larly4 along w$t# anot#er b$g rem$n/er: / $!e Excel to create a c art ! o)ing my expen!e! and debt! going do)n eac mont % Seeing bot o" t o!e line! eading !o$t i! a big reminder t at /Dm living a "inancially ealt y li"e!tyle% &omorro), )eDll look at !ome )ay! o" managing yo$r "inancial record!% *ay 2E: 3ee%$ng Goo/ (e"or/s & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Go) t at yo$Dve b$ilt a val$e-oriented b$dget and eval$ated yo$r li"e in term! o" yo$r redi!covered central val$e!, itD! time to take care o" a little bit o" o$!ekeeping% & e "ir!t part o" t i! i! keeping good record!, !omet ing t at !eemed over) elming and $nnece!!ary to me at "ir!t% ,nce / "inally broke do)n and did it, t o$g , / "o$nd it to be a "anta!tic )ay o" "eeling more in control o" my "inance! and my li"e a! a ) ole% W#y 2ee% goo/ re"or/sB 6ir!t o" all, good record! can protect yo$ again!t error!% /" yo$ ave ade1$ate "inancial record!, yo$Dre prepared "or an a$dit, prepared to apply "or a ome loan, and prepared to veri"y anyt ing t at anyone mig t claim% Second 'and act$ally more intere!ting mo!t o" t e time(, good record! enable yo$ to analy4e yo$r "inancial li"e% 3it everyt ing organi4ed, yo$Dre prepared "or any !ort o" !pending analy!e! yo$ may )i! to do% How /o 5 organ$Ke t#emB & ere are !everal !trong organi4ing !y!tem! o$t t ereK !pend !ome time looking at !everal o" t em and c oo!ing one t at )ork! "or yo$% .op$lar one! incl$de 2avid Bac D! 6ini! <ic "iling !y!tem and t e =i"e6olio "iling !y!tem% / al!o de!cribe my o)n !y!tem% ;o$ mig t al!o )ant to $!e t i! andy c eckli!t o" item! t at yo$ ! o$ld "ile% W#at mater$als /o 5 nee/B /" yo$Dre L$!t getting !tarted, a pile o" "older! and a box )ill do t e trickK later on, i" t e !y!tem i! )orking "or yo$, yo$ mig t )ant to inve!t in a "iling cabinet% / )o$ldnDt inve!t in one, t o$g , $ntil yo$Dre !$re t at yo$Dre act$ally $!ing t e !y!tem )it reg$larity%


5 /on7t 2now w#ere to startJ Hel%J 3 en / !tarted, / )a! completely over) elmed )it all o" t e paper! !t$""ed into dre!!er dra)er!, de!k dra)er!, and boxe!% 3 enever / t o$g t abo$t getting it done, / )o$ld 1$ickly come $p )it !omet ing el!e to do% B$t ) en / "inally !at do)n and did it, t e proce!! )a!nDt too bad% HereD! ) at yo$ do> Set a!ide a block o" time to do it% & i! i! a great a"ternoon activity, !o L$!t pick an a"ternoon to get yo$r item! in order% Make !$re yo$ ave a large box and plenty o" "older! be"ore yo$ begin% 6ind a place )it plenty o" !pace to !pread o$t% / $!ed t e living room "loor% Make a pile "or eac di""erent type o" record, and $!e t e opport$nity to di!card everyt ing ine!!ential% ;o$Dll probably )ind $p )it a lot o" pile!% 2onDt )orry abo$t any !orting )it in a pile, L$!t get t ro$g all o" t e t ing! yo$ ave b$ilt $p% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o be t ro)ing a)ay all in!ert!, envelope!, and ot er $nimportant t ing!% Sort eac pile by date% / like to ave t e ne)e!t on top, !o / !ort t em in rever!e c ronological order% 3 en yo$Dve !orted a pile, p$t it !traig t in a "older, label it, and p$t it in t e box% A! yo$ !ee t e box "illing $p )it organi4ed record!, yo$Dll "eel a lot better abo$t t ing!% 6or me, it )a! rat er ex ilirating to )atc t ing! !lo)ly becoming ordered ) ere t ere )a! only c ao! be"ore% &omorro), )eDll look at a topic t at no one like! to t ink abo$t% *ay 2F: @re%ar$ng +or T#e 5nev$table & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% &oday, )eDre going to talk abo$t planning "or yo$r pa!!ing in t e "orm o" a )ill or a tr$!t, !omet ing t at many people avenDt done% & e tr$t i! t at itD! not !omet ing t atD! nece!!ary "or everyone E b$t i" it i! nece!!ary, yo$ need to !et a!ide a bit o" time to get it done% 6ir!t o" all, /eterm$ne w#et#er or not yo nee/ s "# a t#$ng at all. / $!$ally a!k t)o 1$e!tion!> do yo$ ave any dependent! be!ide! yo$r!el"* and do yo$ ave any relative! or "riend! t at yo$ )i! to ave yo$r t ing! or money ) en yo$ pa!! on* /" yo$ an!)er ye! to eit er 1$e!tion, t en itD! time to get legally binding plan! !et in place% /" yo$ an!)er no to bot 'many yo$ng people )ill, in "act(, t en donDt get one, a! inte!tate 't e !tateD! de"a$lt met od "or andling yo$r le"tover a!!et!( )ill take care o" t ing! "or yo$% /" yo$ do need to make a plan, t o$g , /on7t go "#ea% an/ get a 2$t N "onta"t a lawyer an/ /o $t r$g#t. A!k aro$nd "or re"erence! to one ) o can andle yo$r )ill or tr$!t preparation ea!ily and clearly and can make !$re t at it i! in "act legally


binding in yo$r locality% & e "ee "or t i! i! $!$ally not too ig , b$t kno)ing t at t e doc$ment i! properly prepared make! it )ort all o" t e e""ort% & ere are a "e) ba!ic t ing! yo$ ! o$ld kno) be"ore yo$ go, t o$g > 6ir!t, a w$ll i! t e act$al doc$ment t at li!t! ) at yo$ )i! to appen to yo$r e!tate $pon yo$r pa!!ing% & ere i! one big dra)back to a )ill> in mo!t L$ri!diction!, "or a )ill to be legally exec$ted, it m$!t go t ro$g a legal proce!! kno)n a!%robate to en!$re t at t e !tatement! in t e )ill are act$ally carried o$t, ) ic can be expen!ive% & $!, !ome people c oo!e to !et $p a tr st 'o"ten called a revocable living tr$!t(, a legal entity to ) ic a per!on can a!!ign all o" t eir a!!et! ) ile t ey are alive% & i! tr$!t i! legally bo$nd to "ollo) t e r$le! o" t e tr$!t, ) ic $!$ally kick in ) en t e per!on ) o !et $p t e tr$!t pa!!e! on% Since t e!e a!!et! are o)ned by t e tr$!t and not by t e per!on, t eyDre o"ten not !$bLect to probate% & e only dra)back i! t at it can be expen!ive% Again, to make !$re t at everyt ing goe! rig t, as2 for a%%ro%r$ate legal a/v$"e to ens re t#at yo 2now w#at yo 7re /o$ng an/ t#e /o" ment $s $n fa"t legally b$n/$ng. 6or me, it )a! t e be!t money / ever !pent% Spend an o$r %$e"$ng toget#er w#at yo r w$s#es are for yo r estate4 t#en "onta"t a lawyer. 5no)ing t at t ing! are taken care o" ) en yo$ enter t e a"terli"e i! a $ge relie" to many people% *ay 2H: @ay$ng Cas# & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% & ere i! one "inal point t at merit! di!c$!!ion be"ore )e clo!e o$t t i! mont , and t at i! t e logic be ind paying ca! "or any p$rc a!e! !maller t an a ome p$rc a!e% & i! incl$de! a$tomobile!, appliance!, "$rnit$re, electronic!, and !o "ort % &o mo!t American!, t i! concept i! almo!t alien, b$t i" yo$ take not ing el!e a)ay "rom t i! mont , t i! i! t e concept to remember% W#y %ay "as#B &o p$t it !imply, in!tead o" paying !ome company an intere!t rate, yo$ can inve!t t at money yo$r!el" and earn !ome intere!t% & i! mig t !eem like a minor i!!$e, b$t in act$ality it i! t o$!and! o" dollar! t at yo$Dre t ro)ing a)ay, more t an eno$g to keep companie! like HMAC in !olid "inancial ! ape year a"ter year a"ter year% How m "# "an 5 a"t ally saveB /n t i! example o" a late model $!ed car co!ting Q+8,888, yo$ can pocket abo$t Q3,888 !imply by paying in ca! rat er t an "inancing t e car% & atD! o) m$c yo$ )ill pay in intere!t, pl$! t e amo$nt t at yo$ can earn in intere!t in a !aving! acco$nt% 2o t at t ree time! and yo$Dve literally netted a "ree car%


How am 5 s %%ose/ to %ay "as# for a "arB & e next 1$e!tion t at many people a!k i! o) t ey can po!!ibly pay ca! "or a car% /" yo$Dve "ollo)ed t i! plan "rom t e beginning, t e an!)er ! o$ld be pretty clear> yo$r emergency "$nd% /" yo$ !ee t at an a$to p$rc a!e i! coming, !tart rolling money into yo$r emergency "$nd in!tead o" into ot er inve!tment! or $!e!, b$ilding it $p to t e point o" aving !everal mont ! o" !alary in it% / recommend making car payment! into t e emergency "$nd at t i! point, pre"erably "or a co$ple o" year!% & en !imply )alk into t e dealer! ip, negotiate a price )it o$t !aying t at yo$Dll $!e t eir "inancing, t en )rite a c eck% A"ter t at, yo$Dll probably need to b$ild $p yo$r emergency "$nd again, b$t yo$ )onDt be making payment! on yo$r car% 5 "an7t /o t#at r$g#t nowJ & atD! tr$e, yo$ probably canDt do t at immediately% B$t yo$ can !et it a! a goal% ,ne big !tep to)ard! ac ieving t at goal i! to sto% leas$ng, beca$!e a$to lea!e! a! t ey allo) yo$ to e""ectively rent a more expen!ive car t an yo$ can a""ord, b$t leave yo$ )it not ing in t e end% /" yo$ already donDt lea!e, t en b y a late mo/el se/ an/ /r$ve $t for years %ast t#e en/ of t#e f$nan"$ng. 3 ile t atD! appening, contin$e to make yo$r car payment! into yo$r emergency "$nd% & en, ) en t e time come!, yo$ can !imply b$y a car, no 1$e!tion! a!ked% So w#at "an 5 ta2e awayB Spend !ome time and plan o$t ) en yo$r next a$to p$rc a!e )ill be and ) at type o" car yo$Dre aiming to b$y% & en, calc$late t e n$mber! and !ee i" yo$ can p$t yo$r!el" in place to pay in ca! % CanDt !)ing it* Co$ld yo$ !)ing it i" yo$ drove t at car "or anot er year* <emember, t i! doe! "it into yo$r b$dget i" yo$ L$!t tran!"orm yo$r car payment into payment! into yo$r emergency "$nd, and in a "e) year! t e dividend! o" !eeing intere!t b$ild $p on yo$r car Wpayment!X )ill really !tart to ! o)% Go) t at t e mont i! almo!t complete, )eDll !pend t e next t)o day! tying $p !ome loo!e end!% *ay )0: -$ve W#at ,o -ove & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% /" yo$Dve "ollo)ed t i! plan all t e )ay to t i! point, congrat$lation!% Even i" yo$Dve c o!en to not "ollo) every point, yo$ ave at lea!t !pent !ome !erio$! time eval$ating yo$r "inance! and yo$r !pending and p$t t em in t e context o" yo$r overall li"e, ) ic p$t! yo$ already "ar a ead o" many o" yo$r peer!% Ho)ever, t e reality o" t e )orld lead! many o" $! to "orget ) at o$r overall goal! are in a de!ire to be accepted and to "eelgood% ,$r !ociety trie! to convince all o" $! to !pend endle!!ly% 3eDre con!tantly bombarded )it enticement! and reminder! o" o) WgreatX it i! to !pend%


Here are !even $!e"$l tip! t at can elp yo$ keep yo$r mind!et in t e rig t place, enabling yo$ to live ) at yo$ love every !ingle day% Some o" t e!e mig t not )ork "or yo$K L$!t $!e t e one! t at !eem a! t o$g t ey )o$ld be a po)er"$l motivator% Wra% yo r "re/$t "ar/s $n a sl$% of %a%er t#at l$sts yo r l$fe goals t#at yo /ef$ne/ at t#e start of t#e mont#. /t ! o$ldnDt take more t an a little !lip o" paper% & i! )ay, every time yo$ go to p$ll o$t yo$r credit card, yo$ !ee yo$r goal! rig t t ere E and it become! a reminder t at by $!ing t i! card, yo$ are likely p$! ing a)ay t o!e goal!% (eeval ate yo r so"$al s$t at$ons. /! an evening )it "riend! al)ay! expen!ive* /! a day )it t e girl! involve a big pile o" ! opping bag!* /" t e!e t ing! are tr$e, yo$r !ocial !it$ation! may be ca$!ing yo$ big problem!% ;o$ ave !everal option!> !$gge!ting ot er activitie! and !eeing ) at appen!, going along and capping yo$r o)n !pending, or !imply Wdropping o$tX o" t e !ocial cl$b and in!tead inve!ting yo$r!el" in ne) activitie! E and per ap! ne) "riend! t at better matc yo$r li"e goal!% &ngage $n $ne!%ens$ve a"t$v$t$es t#at mat"# yo r l$fe goals. /" yo$ dream o" becoming a )riter, donDt !pend yo$r time at t e mall b$ying !t$""% Engage in online )riting comm$nitie! and look "or )ay! to !pend yo$r time practi!ing yo$r )riting% 6or almo!t any li"e goal or dream yo$ ave, t ere are inexpen!ive activitie! yo$ can become involved in t at !ynergi4e )it t at activity% 6or me, /Dve !tarted t i! blog a! a )ay to c annel my )riting and al!o ed$cate my!el" abo$t "inancial i!!$e! in!tead o" !pending my time doing t e !ame old t ingK itD! a great )ay to !pend my time t atD! m$c more in line )it my li"e val$e!, pl$! itD! very inexpen!ive% Use t#e ten se"on/ r le. 3 enever yo$ "ind yo$r!el" abo$t to b$y anyt ing, co$nt to ten and a!k yo$r!el" ) et er or not t i! p$rc a!e really me! e! )it yo$r li"e goal!% O$ite o"ten, yo$Dll "ind t at it doe!nDt, and t i! )ill be eno$g to ca$!e yo$ to p$t t at item back on t e ! el" or to clo!e t e bro)!er )indo)% 3ee% a lam$nate/ Sl$fe goalsT "ar/ $n yo r %o"2et. & i! )ay, every time yo$ reac into yo$r pocket, yo$Dll "eel t at laminated card% /t )ill !erve a! a con!tant reminder o" yo$r goal! and elp keep yo$r mind on a !trong pat % 3ee% yo rself "lean. & i! !eem! bi4arre, b$t a ealt y per!onal appearance i! )ell )ort t e money% By t i!, / donDt mean inve!ting money in clot ing% / mean t at inve!ting ade1$ate time in keeping yo$r!el" clean% ;o$Dll "eel more con"ident and in control, and t i! )ill enable yo$ to more ea!ily re!i!t t e !irenD! call o" !pending% -$ve w#at yo love. Every !ingle day, do !omet ing t at i! directly in line )it yo$r li"etime goal!, and a! yo$ go to !leep t at nig t, t ink back on it% Aery "e) t ing! make me "eel better a! /Dm going to !leep t an re"lecting on my day and reali4ing t at / !pent today not L$!t doing t ing!, b$t act$ally living my li"e%


*ay )1: 3ee%$ng 5t U% & e Simple 2ollar o""er! a mont -long plan "or "ixing yo$r "inance!% All yo$ need i! an open mind and an o$r eac day% Go) t at t e end o" t e mont a! come, one "inal c allenge remain!> o) doe! one keep $p t e moment$m once yo$ !tart )it it* & e day to day c allenge! o" li"e are di""ic$lt and $ncertain, !o o) can t i! plan ever deal )it an everc anging li"e* @nlike mo!t "inancial plan!, t i! one a! !omet ing intimately "amiliar at it! core> yo$% Beca$!e yo$Dre at t e core o" t i! plan and not !ome "orm t at yo$ "ill in and try to con!train yo$r li"e to matc , t i! plan can ea!ily gro) and c ange )it yo$ )it L$!t a "e) !imple !tep!% 1n"e a wee24 ma2e s re yo 7re ma2$ng some sort of %rogress towar/s yo r s#ort term goals. ;o$ donDt ave to accompli! !omet ing every )eek, b$t keep t em in mind E and reg$larly take t e time to make "or)ard progre!! to)ard! yo$r dream!% 1n"e a mont#4 /$l$gently %/ate yo r l$fe b /get. ;o$ can do it )it L$!t money, b$t itD! o"ten $!e"$l to re-calc$late t e o$r! o" yo$r li"e !pent )orking "or eac item eac mont , a! it i! a ealt y reminder o" ) ere yo$r time goe!% 1n"e every few mont#s4 eval ate yo r %rogress towar/s yo r long term goals. / like to do t i! on t e "ir!t day o" eac !ea!on E not only doe! t i! keep me on an Wevery t ree mont !X pace, it keep! me in mind t at time i! pa!!ing and t e !ea!on! are c anging, !o /Dd better keep $p )it it% & i! $!$ally re!$lt! in a "l$rry o" ne) activitie! "or a ! ort period )it a grad$al !lo)ing do)n E b$t it doe! keep me al)ay! moving to)ard! my goal! ) ile many ot er! !tay !t$ck in place% 1n"e a year4 reeval ate ea"# of yo r l$fe7s val es an/ as2 yo rself w#et#er t#ey mat"# yo r l$fe now. 3 en / "ir!t looked into my c ildD! eye!, t e val$e! o" my li"e c anged 1$ite a bit, and t $! my goal! c anged !$b!tantially a! )ell% 6rom t at, $n!$rpri!ingly, my b$dget c anged, too> / !$ddenly "o$nd great val$e in b$ying diaper!, b$t al!o great val$e in b$ying book! and ed$cational toy! "or in"ant! and toddler!% My val$e! $!ed to be !$c t at b$ying !o"t)are )a! in line )it my li"e goal!K no), b$ying )ooden alp abet block! "or !tacking i! m$c more in line )it ) at / )ant to be doing% &ven $f yo fall off4 t#ere $s never a /ay w#ere $t7s too late to get ba"2 on. Even i" yo$ "ind yo$r!el" !tarting to "all back into yo$r old )ay!, t at doe!nDt mean itD! time to abandon t e plan% ,ld abit! are ard to break% &ry going t ro$g t i! entire proce!! again to remind yo$r!el" ) ere yo$r val$e! lie and ) at yo$r goal! are% Hood l$ck%


-$ttle Ste%s: 100 Great T$%s +or Sav$ng Money +or T#ose . st Gett$ng Starte/

;e!terday, / di!c$!!ed o) anyone can t$rn t eir "inancial li"e aro$nd i" t ey L$!t take t at "ir!t !tep E t e "ir!t !tep i! al)ay! t e arde!t one% A"ter t at, yo$ !tart taking more and more little !tep! and be"ore yo$ kno) it, yo$r "inancial li"e i! getting better and better% 3 at "ollo)! i! a l$st of 100 more ste%s to ta2e. Eac o" t e!e tactic! are !imple little move! yo$ can make to improve yo$r "inancial !it$ation% Some o" t em take L$!t a "e) min$te!, ot er! mig t take an o$r or t)o, !ome o" t em re1$ire a bit o" reg$lar e""ort, b$t t eyDre all incredibly !imple E anyone can do t em% Eac o" t em al!o !ave !igni"icant money, e!pecially over t e long a$l, and ) en combined toget er t e!e tip! can !ave yo$ a lot o" money no)% ,bvio$!ly, not all of t#ese t$%s w$ll a%%ly to everyone. J$!t go t ro$g t e li!t and "ind ten or "i"teen t at do apply to yo$ and $!e t em in yo$r li"e E yo$Dll 1$ickly "ind yo$r!el" !aving !ome !erio$! !cratc % 1. Sw$t"# yo r ban2 a""o nts to a ban2 t#at res%e"ts yo . ;o$ ! o$ldnDt be !pending yo$r ard-earned money on maintenance "ee! E yo$ al!o ! o$ld be earning !ome !erio$! intere!t on yo$r c ecking and !aving! acco$nt!% / $!e /GH 2irect a! my primary bank E / earn ro$g ly 3: on my c ecking acco$nt and 3%B: on my !aving! acco$nt and t eyDve never dinged me )it a "ee% HereD! a g$ide on o) to make t at !)itc %


2. T rn off t#e telev$s$on. ,ne big )ay to !ave money i! to )atc le!! televi!ion% & ere are a lot o" "inancial bene"it! to t i!> le!! expo!$re to g$ilt-ind$cing ad!, more time to "oc$! on ot er t ing! in li"e, le!! electrical $!e, and !o on% /tD! great to $n)ind in t e evening, b$t !eek anot er obby to do t at% ). T rn a "r$t$"al eye to yo r S"olle"t$ons.T Mo!t people collect !omet ing E ) at do yo$ collect* /! it !omet ing t at con!i!tently bring! yo$ Loy* ,r i! it !omet ing t at yo$ L$!t do o$t o" abit at t i! point* 2oe! t e collection it!el" ave val$e* Co$ld yo$ per ap! Wtrim t e "atX "rom t i! collection by getting rid o" d$plicate! or getting rid o" t e item! yo$ no longer $!e* Al!o, co$ld yo$ per ap! c$t do)n on yo$r !pending on t at obby* 6oc$! on trimming t e t ing! yo$ donDt "eel !trongly abo$t E i" yo$ dig into t ing! t atbot er yo$, yo$Dre going to event$ally relap!e% '. S$gn % for every free " stomer rewar/s %rogram yo "an. Even i" yo$ rarely ! op at t at place, aving a re)ard! card "or t at place )ill event$ally net yo$ !ome co$pon! and di!co$nt!% HereD! t e ba!ic game plan "or maximi4ing t e!e program!> create a Hmail addre!! L$!t "or t e!e mailing!, collect every card yo$ can, and t en c eck t at acco$nt "or extra co$pon! ) enever yo$Dre ready to ! op% 5. Ma2e yo r own g$fts $nstea/ of b y$ng st ff from t#e store. ;o$ can make "ood mixe!, candle!, bread, cookie!, !oap, and all kind! o" ot er t ing! at ome 1$ite ea!ily and inexpen!ively% & e!e make !pectac$lar gi"t! "or ot er! beca$!e t ey involve yo$r omemade to$c , pl$! 1$ite o"ten t eyDre con!$mable, meaning t ey donDt )ind $p "illing !omeoneD! clo!et )it L$nk% Even better E incl$de a per!onal and)ritten note )it t e gi"t% & i! )ill make it even more !pecial t an anyt ing yo$ co$ld po!!ibly b$y do)n at t e mall, pl$! it !ave! yo$ money% =. Master t#e t#$rty /ay r le. 3 enever yo$Dre con!idering making an $nnece!!ary p$rc a!e, )ait t irty day! and t en a!k yo$r!el" i" yo$ !till )ant t at


item% O$ite o"ten, yo$Dll "ind t at t e $rge to b$y a! pa!!ed and yo$Dll ave !aved yo$r!el" !ome money by !imply )aiting% /" yo$ )ant, yo$ can even keep a Wt irty day li!tX ) ere yo$ )rite do)n t e item and t e day yo$Dll recon!ider it, b$t / pre"er L$!t to keep t i! one in my ead E t at )ay, / o"ten L$!t "orget abo$t t e $nimportant t ing!% E. Wr$te a l$st before yo go s#o%%$ng N an/ st$"2 to $t. ,ne ! o$ld never go into a !tore )it o$t a !trong idea o" ) at one )ill be b$ying ) ile in t ere% Make a care"$l plan o" ) at yo$Dll b$y be"ore yo$ go, t en !tick !trictly to t at li!t ) en yo$ go to t e !tore% 2onDt p$t anyt ing in t e cart t atD! not on t e li!t, no matter o) tempting, and yo$Dll come o$t o" t e !tore !aving a b$ndle% F. 5nv$te fr$en/s over $nstea/ of go$ng o t. Almo!t every activity at ome i! le!! expen!ive t an going o$t% /nvite !ome "riend! over and ave a cooko$t or a potl$ck meal, t en play !ome card! and ave a "e) drink!% Everyone )ill ave "$n, t e co!t )ill be lo), and t e ot er! )ill likely reciprocate not long a"ter)ard!% H. 5nstea/ of t#row$ng o t some /amage/ "lot#$ng4 re%a$r $t $nstea/. 2onDt to!! o$t a ! irt beca$!e o" a broken b$tton E !e) a ne) one on )it !ome clo!elymatc ed t read% 2onDt to!! o$t pant! beca$!e o" a ole in t em E p$t in a patc o" !ome !ort and !ave t em "or time! ) en yo$Dre )orking aro$nd t e o$!e% Simple !e)ing can be done by anyone E it L$!t take! a "e) min$te! and it !ave! a lot o" money by keeping yo$ "rom b$ying ne) clot e! ) en yo$ donDt really need to% 10. *on7t s%en/ b$g money enterta$n$ng yo r "#$l/ren. Mo!t c ildren, e!pecially yo$ng one!, can be entertained very c eaply% B$y t em an end roll o" ne)!paper "rom yo$r local paper and let t eir creativity r$n )ild% Make a game o$t o" ordinary !t$"" aro$nd t e o$!e, like to!!ing pennie! into a Lar, even% <eali4e t at ) at yo$r c ildren )ant mo!t o" all i! yo$r time, not yo$r !t$"", and yo$Dll "ind money in yo$r pocket and Loy in yo$r eart% 11. Call yo r "re/$t "ar/ "om%any an/ as2 for a rate re/ "t$on. &ake any o" yo$r credit card! t at are carrying a balance, "lip t em over, and call t e n$mber on t e back% &ell t em t at yo$ )ant an intere!t rate red$ction or yo$Dll take yo$r b$!ine!! el!e) ere% /" t e "ir!t per!on yo$ talk to )onDt do it, a!k to talk to a !$pervi!or% /" yo$ ave a Q?,888 balance, even a 3: rate red$ction !ave! yo$ Q+?8 a year% 12. Clean o t yo r "loset. Ho t ro$g yo$r clo!et! and try to get rid o" !ome o" t e !t$"" in t ere% ;o$ can ave a yard !ale )it it, take it to a con!ignment ! op, or even donate it "or t e tax ded$ction E all o" ) ic t$rn old !t$"" yo$ donDt )ant to $!e any more into money in yo$r pocket% Got only t at, itD! o"ten a p!yc ological load o"" yo$r mind to clean o$t yo$r clo!et!% 1). 0 y v$/eo games t#at #ave a lot of re%lay val e N an/ /on7t a"I $re new ones nt$l yo 7ve mastere/ w#at yo #ave. My video game b$ying abit! ave c anged 1$ite a bit !ince my Wgame o" t e )eekX day!% Go), / "oc$! on game! t at


can be played over and over and over again, and / "oc$! on ma!tering t e game! t at / b$y% Hood target! incl$de p$44le game! and long, involved 1$e!t game! E t ey maximi4e t e val$e o" yo$r gaming dollar% 1'. *r$n2 more water. Got only doe! drinking plenty o" )ater ave great ealt bene"it!, )ater drinking a! "inancial bene"it!, too% 2rink a big gla!! o" )ater be"ore eac meal, and not only )ill yo$ dige!t it better, yo$ )onDt eat a! m$c , !aving on t e olD "ood bill% ;o$Dll al!o "ind yo$r!el" "eeling a bit better a! yo$ begin to get ade1$ately ydrated 'mo!t American! are perpet$ally !ome) at de ydrated(% 15. C t ba"2 on t#e "onven$en"e foo/s N fast foo/s4 m$"rowave meals4 an/ so on./n!tead o" eating "a!t "ood or L$!t n$king !ome prepackaged "ood ) en yo$ get ome, trymaking !ome !imple and ealt y replacement! t at yo$ can take )it yo$% An o$rD! )ort o" preparation one )eekend can give yo$ a ton o" c eap and andy meal! t at )ill end $p !aving yo$ a lot o" ca! and not eat into yo$r time ) en yo$Dre b$!y% 1=. G$ve % e!%ens$ve #ab$ts4 l$2e "$garettes4 al"o#ol4 an/ /r gs. & o!e abit! ca$!e money to "lo) a)ay "rom yo$ )it not ing in ret$rn% Call $p yo$r "ortit$de and )ork ard to kick t e abit! and yo$Dll "ind t at money !taying in yo$r pocket in!tead o" b$rning $p and "loating a)ay% 1E. Ma2e a I a/r %le bat"# of a "asserole. Ca!!erole! are nice, ea!y di! e! to prepare, b$t on b$!y nig t!, itD! o"ten !till ea!ier to L$!t order !ome take-o$t or eat o$t or L$!t plop a prepackaged meal in t e oven% /n!tead, t e next time yo$ make a ca!!erole, make "o$r batc e! o" it and p$t t e ot er t ree in t e "ree4er% & en, t e next time yo$ need a 1$ick meal "or t e "amily, grab one o" t o!e batc e! and L$!t eat it $p E ea!y a! can be% Even better, doing t i! allo)! yo$ to b$y t e ingredient! in b$lk, making eac ca!!erole c eaper t an it )o$ld be ordinarily E and "ar, "ar c eaper t an eating o$t or trying a prepackaged meal% 1F. 0e /$l$gent abo t t rn$ng off l$g#ts before yo leave. /" yo$ !pend one min$te t$rning o"" lig t! be"ore a t)o o$r trip, t atD! t e e1$ivalent o" earning Q?8 an o$r% & atD! !ome impre!!ive !aving!, partic$larly i" yo$ do it be"ore longer trip!% & e key i! to $!e le!! energy, partic$larly ) en yo$Dre not $!ing t e device% 1H. Swa% boo2s4 m s$"4 an/ *D*s "#ea%ly on t#e $nternet v$a serv$"es l$2e @a%er0a"2Swa%. ;o$ can very ea!ily !)ap t e book! and C2! and 2A2! yo$Dve gro)n bored )it via t e internet )it ot er!% J$!t $!e !ite! like .aperBackS)ap, clean o$t yo$r media collection, and trade t em )it ot er! online% & e be!t part* ;o$Dll get a "lood o" ne) book! 'or C2! or 2A2!( to enLoy, mailed rig t to yo$ E "or "ree% 20. Ma!$m$Ke yar/ sales. / like to !top by yard !ale! i" / !ee t em, b$t / recogni4e t at o"ten t e !t$"" t ere i! L$nk% & $!,/Dm care"$l abo$t ) at / b$y and / $!e clever tactic! to "ind it E and lo)er t e price!% & at )ay, / )ind $p )it a really big


bargain E or el!e / can L$!t )alk a)ay )it t e money in my pocket, aving been entertained "or a bit% 21. 5nstall C+- 8or4 even better4 -&*9 b lbs w#erever $t ma2es sense. & e!e b$lb! mig t co!t more initially, b$t t ey bot ave a longer li"e t an normal incande!cent b$lb! and t ey bot eat "ar le!! electricity% C6=! tend to $!e abo$t 2?: o" t e electricity o" an incande!cent E =E2! $!e abo$t 2:% C6=! are c eaper t an =E2! rig t no) and prod$ce better lig t, b$t not 1$ite a! good a! incande!cent b$lb!% My policy* .$t =E2! in clo!et! and o$t o" t e )ay place!, $!e C6=! "or all and !ome room lig ting, and $!e incande!cent b$lb! '$ntil t e ot er b$lb! get better( ) ere yo$ read and do ot er eye-inten!ive activitie!% & i! )ill trim a !igni"icant amo$nt "rom yo$r electric bill% 22. 5nstall a %rogrammable t#ermostat. & e!e device! reg$late t e temperat$re in yo$r o$!e a$tomatically according to t e !c ed$le t at yo$ !et% & $!, ) en yo$Dre not ome, it allo)! t e eating or cooling to t$rn o"" "or !everal o$r!, !aving yo$ on yo$r energy bill% A programmable t ermo!tat can ea!ily c$t yo$r energy bill by +8 to 28:% 2). 0 y a%%l$an"es base/ on rel$ab$l$ty4 not w#at7s "#ea%est at t#e store. /tD! )ort t e time to do a bit o" re!earc ) en yo$ b$y a ne) appliance% A reliable, energy e""icient )a! er and dryer mig t co!t yo$ 1$ite a bit no), b$t i" it contin$ally !ave! yo$ energy and la!t! "or "i"teen year!, yo$Dll !ave !igni"icant money in t e long r$n% 3 en yo$ need to b$y an appliance, re!earc it E !tart )it back i!!$e! o" Con!$mer <eport! at t e library% An o$rD! )ort o" re!earc can ea!ily !ave yo$ $ndred! o" dollar!% 2'. Clean yo r "ar7s a$r f$lter. A clean air "ilter can improve yo$r ga! mileage by $p to 9:, !aving yo$ more t an Q+88 "or every +8,888 mile! yo$ drive in an average ve icle% .l$!, cleaning yo$r air "ilter i! ea!y to do in L$!t a "e) min$te! E L$!t "ollo) t e in!tr$ction! in yo$r a$tomobileD! man$al and yo$Dre good to go% 25. H$/e yo r "re/$t "ar/s. &ake yo$r credit card! and p$t t em in a !a"e place in yo$r ome, not in yo$r )allet ) ere itD! ea!y to !pend t em% /" yo$ arg$e t at yo$ need it "or Wemergencie!,X L$!t be !$re to keep a !mall amo$nt o" ca! idden in yo$r )allet "or t e!e emergencie!% 2onDt keep pla!tic on yo$ $ntil yo$ ave t e )illpo)er to not $!e it even ) en yo$Dre !orely tempted% 2=. @lan yo r meals aro n/ yo r gro"ery store7s flyer. /n!tead o" L$!t planning yo$r meal! ba!ed on a cookbook or ) atever yo$ can dream $p, plan all yo$r meal! aro$nd ) atD! on !ale in yo$r grocery !toreD! "lyer% =ook at t e bigge!t !ale!, t en plan meal! ba!ed on t o!e ingredient! and ) at yo$ ave on and, and yo$Dll "ind yo$r!el" )it a m$c !maller "ood bill t an yo$Dre $!ed to% 2E. *o a %r$"e "om%ar$son N an/ f$n/ a "#ea%er gro"ery store. Mo!t o" $! get in a ro$tine o" ! opping at t e !ame grocery !tore, even t o$g 1$ite o"ten itD! not t e one t at o""er! t e be!t deal! on o$r mo!t common p$rc a!e!% 6ort$nately,t ereD! a


!imple )ay to "ind t e c eape!t !tore aro$nd% J$!t keep track o" t e t)enty or !o t ing! yo$ b$y mo!t o"ten, t en ! op "or t e!e item! at a variety o" !tore!% Event$ally, one !tore )ill come o$t on top "or yo$r p$rc a!e! E L$!t make t at one yo$r reg$lar ! opping de!tination and yo$Dll a$tomatically !ave money% 2F. C#allenge yo rself to try ma2$ng yo r own t#$ngs. Be"ore / tried it my!el", / t o$g t omemade breadmaking )a! complicated and a )a!te o" time and money% / came to "ind o$t t at it )a! pretty ea!y and it )a! act$ally m$c c eaper, ealt ier, and ta!tier t an b$ying a loa" "rom t e !tore% Go), )e rarely ever b$y bread prod$ct! at t e !tore E and )e !ave money by making t at c oice% 2H. *on7t s%en/ money ; st to /e-stress. O$ite o"ten, / $!ed to !pend money L$!t to )ind do)n "rom a !tre!!"$l day at )ork% /n!tead, /Dve "o$nd t at / 1$ite o"ten "eel m$c better by going ome and taking !ome 1$iet time L$!t to !tretc and t en meditate% / end $p "eeling m$c more toget er, appy, and ready to "ace an evening )it t e kid! in t e rig t mind!et t an / ever )o$ld by L$!t blo)ing !ome ca! a"ter )ork% /n!tead o" !pending to de-!tre!!, try !ome ba!ic meditation tec ni1$e!, !tretc ing, or yoga and !ee o) yo$ "eel% )0. Tal2 to yo r love/ ones abo t w#at yo r /reams are. & i! !eem! like an odd )ay to !ave money, b$t t ink abo$t it% /" yo$ !pend time )it t e people yo$ love t e mo!t and come to !ome con!en!$! abo$t yo$r dream!, it become! ea!y "or yo$ all to plan "or it% /" yo$Dre all planning and )orking toget er to)ard! t i! dream, it become! ea!ier to !tay "oc$!ed on it and reac it% Set a big, a$dacio$! goal toget er and enco$rage eac ot er to be "inancially "it E !oon, yo$Dll "ind yo$Dre doing it nat$rally and yo$r dream! are coming clo!er t an ever% )1. *o a Sma$ntenan"e r nT on yo r a%%l$an"es. C eck t em to make !$re t ere i!nDt any d$!t clogging t em and t at t eyDre "airly clean% =ook be ind t e appliance!, and $!e yo$r vac$$m to gently clear a)ay d$!t% C eck all o" t e vent!, e!pecially on re"rigerator!, dryer!, and eating and cooling $nit!% & e le!! d$!t yo$ ave blocking t e mec anic! o" t e!e device!, t e more e""iciently t eyDll r$n '!aving yo$ on yo$r energy bill( and t e longer t eyDll la!t '!aving yo$ on replacement co!t!(% )2. Can"el n se/ "l b members#$%s. Are yo$ paying d$e! at a cl$b t at yo$ never $!e* =ike, "or in!tance, a gym member! ip or a co$ntry cl$b member! ip* Cancel t e!e cl$b member! ip!, even i" yo$ t ink yo$ mig t $!e t em again !omeday E yo$ can al)ay! rene) t e member! ip at a later date i" it t$rn! o$t t at yo$ act$ally do mi!! it% )). W#en s#o%%$ng for stan/ar/ $tems 8"lot#es4 s%orts eI $%ment4 ol/er games4 et".94 start by s#o%%$ng se/. O$ite o"ten, yo$ can "ind t e exact item yo$ )ant )it a bit o" clever ! opping at $!ed e1$ipment !tore!, $!ed game !tore!, con!ignment ! op!, and !o on% J$!t make t e!e ! op! a part o" yo$r normal ro$tine E go t ere "ir!t ) en looking "or potential item! and yo$ )ill !ave money%


)'. 3ee% yo r #an/s "lean. & i! oneD! !imple E L$!t )a! yo$r and! t oro$g ly eac time yo$ $!e t e bat room or andle ra) "ood!% ;o$Dll keep yo$r!el" "rom ac1$iring all kind! o" vir$!e! and bacteria, !aving yo$ on medical bill! and medicine co!t! and lo!t prod$ctivity% & atD! not to !ay yo$ ! o$ldnDt explore t e )orld and get yo$r and! dirty !ometime! E t atD! good "or yo$, too E b$t ba!ic !anitation doe! elp keep t e medical bill! a)ay% )5. (emove yo r "re/$t "ar/ n mbers from yo r onl$ne a""o nts. /tD! ea!y to !pend online ) en yo$ ave yo$r card in"ormation !tored in an acco$nt E L$!t click and b$y% & e be!t )ay to break t i! abit i! to !imply delete yo$r card "rom t e acco$nt% & at )ay, ) en yo$Dre tempted to !pend, yo$Dll be "orced to !pend t e time to dig o$t yo$r card E and really t ink abo$t ) y yo$Dre !pending t i! money% )=. G$ve a g$ft of a serv$"e $nstea/ of an $tem. 6or ne) parent!, give an evening o" baby!itting a! a gi"t% /" yo$ kno) pet o)ner!, o""er to take care o" t eir pet! ) en t ey travel% ,""er $p !ome la)n care a! a gi"t to a ne) omeo)ner% & e!e are al)ay! !pectac$lar gi"t! "or anyone E / kno) t at, a! a parent o" a toddler and an in"ant, / love receiving a baby!itting gi"t, probably more t an any W!t$""X / mig t receive% )E. *o #ol$/ay s#o%%$ng r$g#t after t#e #ol$/ays. Mo!t people $!e t i! tec ni1$e "or C ri!tma!, b$t it )ork! "or every oliday% 3ait $ntil abo$t t)o day! a"ter a oliday, t en go o$t ! opping "or item! yo$ need t at are t emed "or t at day% Het a Mot erD! 2ay card "or next year t e day a"ter Mot erD! 2ay% Het Ea!ter egg decorating kit! t e day a"ter Ea!ter% Het )rapping paper and card! and !$c t e day a"ter C ri!tma!% & e di!co$nt! are tremendo$!, and yo$ can L$!t p$t t i! !t$"" in t e clo!et $ntil next year, !aving yo$ a b$ndle% )F. .o$n % w$t# a vol nteer %rogram. /tD! a great )ay to meet ne) people, get !ome exerci!e, and involve yo$r!el" in a po!itive proLect t at can li"t yo$r !pirit% /t al!o come! )it o$t a co!t to yo$ and can provide a lot o" entertainment and a "$l"illing day ) en yo$Dre in t e rig t mind!et% /Dve come to !pend more and more o" my time vol$nteering, !erving on vario$! committee! and gro$p! in t e comm$nity E and itD! t e be!t t ing /Dve ever done% )H. (eeval ate t#e st ff $n t#e rooms $n yo r #o se. Ho into a room and go t ro$g every !ingle item in it% 2o yo$ really need t at item* Are yo$ appy t at itD! t ere, or )o$ld yo$ be L$!t "ine i" it )ere not* /" yo$ can "ind !t$"" to get rid o", get rid o" it E it L$!t create! cl$tter and it mig t ave !ome val$e to ot er!% ;o$ al!o improve t e perceived val$e o" yo$r o$!e E and yo$Dre likely to get a lot o" cleaning done in t e proce!!% /tD! a "r$gal )in-)in-)in% '0. Try gener$" bran/s of $tems yo b y reg larly. /n!tead o" L$!t picking $p t e ordinary brand o" an item yo$ b$y, try o$t t e !tore brand or generic ver!ion o" t e item% =ikely, yo$Dll !ave a "e) cent! no), b$t yo$Dll al!o likely di!cover t at t e !tore brand i! L$!t a! good a! t e name brand E t e only di""erence bet)een t e


t)o, o"ten, i! t e marketing% ,nce yo$Dre on board t e generic train, yo$Dll "ind yo$r reg$lar grocery bill getting !maller and !maller% '1. @re%are some meals at #ome. Het an acce!!ible and ea!y-to-$!e cookbook 'my "avorite WbeginnerX cookbook i! Mark BittmanD! excellent Ho) to Cook Everyt ing( and try making !ome o" t e di! e! in!ide% ;o$Dll "ind t at cooking at ome i! m$c ea!ier t an yo$ t ink E and )ay c eaper and ealt ier t an take-o$t or dining o$t% Even better, yo$ can ea!ily prepare meal! in advance E even andy "a!t "ood type meal!% '2. Sw$t"# to term l$fe $ns ran"e. <epeat a"ter me> in!$rance i! not an inve!tment% S)itc to term in!$rance in!tead and $!e t at di""erence in co!t to get yo$r!el" o$t o" debt and !tart b$ilding !ome )ealt % @niver!al and ) ole policie! are m$c more expen!ive and o""er a !$b par inve!tment opport$nity E yo$Dre m$c better o"" getting yo$r!el" "ree o" a debt b$rden t an !pending extra on !$c t ing!% '). Go for rel$ab$l$ty an/ f el eff$"$en"y w#en b y$ng a "ar. A reliable and "$el e""icient car )ill !ave yo$ t o$!and! over t e long a$l% =etD! !ay yo$ drive a ve icle "or C8,888 mile!% /" yo$ c oo!e a 2? mile! per gallon car over a +? mile! per gallon car, yo$ !ave 2,+33 gallon! o" ga!% At Q3 a gallon, t atD! Q0,B88 in !aving! rig t t ere% <eliability can pay t e !ame dividend!% 2o t e re!earc E it )ill pay o"" "or yo$% ''. *on7t go to stores or s#o%%$ng "enters for enterta$nment. 2oing !o i! L$!t an enco$ragement to !pend money yo$ donDt really ave on !t$"" yo$ donDt really need% /n!tead, "ind ot er place! to entertain yo$r!el" E t e park, t e ba!ketball co$rt, a m$!e$m, a "riendD! o$!e, or even in yo$r o)n ome% 2onDt !$b!tit$te ! opping "or entertainment and yo$Dll be )ay better o""% '5. Master t#e ten se"on/ r le. 3 enever yo$ pick $p an item in order to add it to yo$r cart or to take it to t e c ecko$t, !top "or ten !econd! and a!k yo$r!el" ) y yo$Dre b$ying it and ) et er yo$ act$ally need it or not% /" yo$ canDt "ind a good an!)er, p$t t e item back% & i! keep! me "rom making imp$l!e b$y! on a reg$lar ba!i!% '=. (ent o t n se/ s%a"e $n yo r #ome. 2o yo$ ave an extra bedroom t atD! not being $!ed* <ent it o$t% /n o$r ome, )e co$ld, i" time! )ere to$g , rent o$t o$r entire ba!ement E it a! a Wliving room,X a bedroom, and a bat room and a! a !tair)ell rig t by t e kitc en% /" )e "o$nd t e rig t per!on, t i! )o$ld bring in a lot o" extra money% 'E. Create a v$s al rem$n/er of yo r /ebt. Ba!ically, L$!t make a giant progre!! bar t at !tart! )it t e amo$nt o" debt yo$ ave and end! )it 4ero% Eac time yo$ pay do)n a little bit, "ill in a little more o" t at progre!! bar% 5eep t i! reminder in a place ) ere yo$Dll !ee it o"ten, and keep "illing it in reg$larly% /t keep! yo$r eye! on t e pri4e and lead! yo$ !traig t to debt "reedom%


'F. Get r$/ of nrea/ magaK$ne s bs"r$%t$ons. 2o yo$ ave a pile o" $nread maga4ine! !itting aro$nd yo$r o$!e* =ikely, itD! t e re!$lt o" a !$b!cription t at yo$Dre not reading% Got only ! o$ld yo$ not rene) t at maga4ine, yo$ ! o$ld give t eir !$b!cription department a call and try to cancel "or a re"$nd E !ometime!, t eyDll give yo$ t e prorated amo$nt back% /Dve ad to c$ll my !$b!cription! in t e pa!t, b$t /Dve never regretted it% 'H. &at brea2fast. Eating a ealt y break"a!t "ill! yo$ $p )it energy "or t e day and al!o decrea!e! yo$r de!ire to eat a big l$nc in t e middle o" t e day% Got only t at, break"a!t can be very ealt y, 1$ick, and inexpen!ive% A bo)l o" oatmeal in t e morning i! o"ten t e one t ing t at keep! me "rom r$nning o$t to eat an expen!ive l$nc later in t e day E and it keep! me peppy and "$ll o" energy "or t e entire morning in!tead o" in a co""ee-laced da4e% 50. Swa% babys$tt$ng w$t# ne$g#bors. 3e live in a neig bor ood )it an army o" yo$ng c ildren o$t and abo$t% Beca$!e o" t at, t ere are a lot o" parent! o$t t ere ) o are 1$ite )illing to !)ap baby!itting nig t! )it $!, !aving yo$ t e money o" iring one "or an evening o$t% A "e) "amilie! even take t i! to incredible extreme!% &ry to "ind anot er !et o" parent! or t)o t at yo$ tr$!t, and !)ap nig t! o" baby!itting )it t em% & at )ay, yo$Dll get occa!ional evening! "ree )it o$t t e co!t o" a baby!itter, !aving yo$ !ome !cratc % 51. *on7t fear leftovers N $nstea/4 ;aKK t#em %. Many people dread eating le"tover! E t eyDre L$!t in"erior re a! e! o" reg$lar meal!, not exactly enLoyable to t e di!cerning palate% Ho)ever, t ereD! not ing c eaper t an eating le"tover! and)it a "e) great tec ni1$e! "or making le"tover! ta!ty, yo$ can o"ten end $p )it !omet ing !$rpri!ing and 1$ite delicio$! on t e ot er end% My "avorite tec ni1$e* C aining E $!ing t e le"tover! a! a ba!i! "or an all-ne) di! % 52. Go t#ro g# yo r "lot#es N all of t#em. /" yo$ ave a reg$lar $rge to b$y clot e!, go t ro$g everyt ing t at yo$ ave and !ee ) at yo$ mig t "ind% &ake t e clot e! at t e back o" t e clo!et and bring t em to t e "ront and !$ddenly yo$r )ardrobe )ill "eel completely di""erent% &ake t e clot e! b$ried in yo$r dre!!er and p$ll t em to t e top% ;o$Dll "eel like a brand ne) per!on ) o doe!nDt need to !pend money on clot e! rig t no)% 5). 0rown bag yo r l n"#. /n!tead o" going o$t to eat at )ork, take yo$r o)n l$nc % =ot! o" people t ink t at t i! mean! Wna!ty l$nc ,X b$t it doe!nDt% 3it !ome t o$g t"$l preparation and L$!t a "e) min$te! o" time, yo$ can create !omet ing 1$ite enLoyable "or yo$r bro)n bag l$nc E and !ave a "i!t"$l o" ca! eac day, too% 5'. -earn #ow to /ress m$n$mally. B$y clot e! t at mix and matc )ell and yo$Dll not need nearly a! many clot e!% /" yo$ ave "ive pant!, !even ! irt!, and !even tie! t at all go toget er, yo$ ave almo!t an endle!! )ardrobe rig t t ere L$!t by mixing and matc ing% & i! i! exactly ) at / do in order to minimi4e clot e!


b$ying and !till look pro"e!!ional E / L$!t mix and remix ) at / )ear by $!ing $tilitarian clot e! option! to begin )it % 55. ?s2 for #el% an/ en"o ragement from yo r $nner "$r"le. Sit do)n and talk to t e people yo$ love and care abo$t t e mo!t and a!k t em "or elp% &ell t em t at yo$Dre trying to trim yo$r !pending and yo$Dd love it i" t ey o""ered any !$gge!tion! and !$pport t ey mig t ave E and pay attention to ) at t ey tell yo$% & ey mig t ave !ome per!onal in!ig t! "or yo$r !it$ation t at )ill really elp% 5=. 5f somet#$ng7s bro2en4 g$ve a fa$r s#ot at re%a$r$ng $t yo rself before re%la"$ng $t or "all$ng a re%a$rman. Het a andymanD! book or advice "rom t e internet and give it a ! ot yo$r!el"% /Dve "ixed clock!, air conditioner!, and AC<! by doing t i! be"ore, !aving !igni"icant ca! by !aving on a replacement or on a repair per!on% 5E. 3ee% an $/ea noteboo2 $n yo r %o"2et. /Dve )a!ted co$ntle!! amo$nt! o" time and money !imply beca$!e /Dve "orgotten t ing! in my ead% /n!tead o" relying on my memory, / keep a !mall notebook )it me to Lot do)n idea! and t ing! / need to remember, t en / c eck it reg$larly t ro$g o$t t e day% & i! keep! me "rom "orgetting to pick $p milk and aving to backtrack ten mile!, "or !tarter!% 5F. 5nvest $n a /ee% freeKer. A deep "ree4er, a"ter t e initial inve!tment, i! a great bargain% ;o$ can $!e it to !tore all !ort! o" b$lk "ood!, ) ic enable! yo$ to pay le!! per po$nd o" it at t e market% Even better, yo$ can !tore lot! o" meal! prepared in advance, enabling yo$ to L$!t go ome and pop !omet ing omemade 'and c eap( in t e oven% 5H. -oo2 for a "#ea%er %la"e to l$ve. & e co!t o" living in /o)a i! !$rpri!ingly lo), eno$g !o t at /Dm 1$ite appy to give $p t e c$lt$ral opport$nitie! o" ot er place! to enLoy /o)a all year aro$nd% 3 en / )ant to enLoy t e c$lt$ral opport$nitie! o" anot er place, /Dll travel t ere E a"ter all, / can a""ord it% &ake a !erio$! look abo$t moving to a le!! expen!ive area E i" yo$ can "ind )ork t ere, t en a move can de"initely p$t yo$ in better "inancial ! ape% =0. C#e"2 o t w#at yo r town7s %ar2s an/ re"reat$on boar/ #as to offer. My to)n a! !everal )onder"$l park!, "ree ba!ketball and tenni! co$rt!, "ree di!c gol", trail!, and lot! o" ot er !t$"" L$!t t ere )aiting to be $!ed% ;o$ can go ave "$n "or o$r! o$t in t e )onder"$l o$tdoor!, playing !port!, iking on trail!, or trying ot er activitie! E and itD! all t ere "or "ree% All yo$ ave to do i! di!cover it% =1. ?$r % yo r t$res. 6or every t)o .S/ t at all o" yo$r tire! are belo) t e recommended level, yo$ lo!e +: on yo$r ga! mileage% Mo!t car tire! are "ive to ten .S/ belo) t e normal level, !o t at mean! by L$!t airing $p yo$r tire!, yo$ can improve yo$r ga! mileage by $p to ?:% /tD! ea!y, too% J$!t read yo$r carD! man$al to !ee ) at t e recommended tire pre!!$re i!, t en ead to t e ga! !tation% A!k t e attendant in!ide i" t ey ave a tire air ga$ge yo$ can borro) 'mo!t o" t em do, bot


in $rban and r$ral !etting!(, t en !top over by t e air p$mp% C eck yo$r tire!, t en $!e t e p$mp to "ill t em $p to ) ere t ey ! o$ld be% /tD! ba!ically "ree ga!F =2. Start a gar/en. Hardening i! an inexpen!ive obby i" yo$ ave a yard% J$!t rent a tiller, till $p a patc , plant !ome plant!, keep it )eeded, and yo$Dll ave a very inexpen!ive obby t at prod$ce! a $ge amo$nt o" vegetable! "or yo$ to eat at t e end o" t e !ea!on% / like planting a b$nc o" tomato plant!, keeping t em cared "or, t en enLoying a $ge "lood o" tomatoe! at t e end o" t e !$mmer% 3e like to eat t em "re! , can t em, and make tomato L$ice, !a$ce, pa!te, ketc $p, pa!ta !a$ce, and pi44a !a$ce% 2elicio$! 'and very inexpen!ive(F =). *$g $nto yo r "omm n$ty "alen/ar. & ere are o"ten ton! o" "ree event! going on in yo$r to)n t at yo$ donDt even kno) abo$t% Stop by t e local library or by city all and a!k o) yo$ can get a old o" a li!ting o" $pcoming comm$nity event!, and make an e""ort to it t e intere!ting one!% ;o$ can o"ten get "ree meal!, "ree entertainment, and "ree !t$"" L$!t by paying attention E even better, yo$Dll get in to$c )it ) atD! going on aro$nd yo$% ='. Ta2e % bl$" trans%ortat$on. /" t e cityD! tran!it !y!tem i! available near yo$, take it to )ork 'or to play( in!tead o" driving yo$r car% /tD! "ar c eaper and yo$ donDt ave to )orry abo$t parking yo$r ve icle% 3 en / lived in a larger city, / bo$g t an ann$al tran!it pa!! t at act$ally paid "or it!el" a"ter le!! t an t)o mont ! o" $!e compared to $!ing an a$tomobile E and a"ter t at, "or ten mont !, / ba!ically co$ld ride to )ork 'and to !ome event!( "or "ree% & atD! money in t e bank% =5. C t yo r own #a$r. / can c$t mine my!el" )it a pair o" clipper!, "or example% / L$!t c$t it really ! ort every once in a ) ile and donDt )orry abo$t it too m$c % J$!t p$t a garbage bag over t e bat room !ink, b$!t o$t t e clipper! and !ci!!or!, and get it done% &)o or t ree c$t! )ill pay "or t e clipper!, and t en yo$Dre ba!ically getting "ree airc$t!% 3it a bit o" practice, yo$ can make it look good, too% ==. Car%ool. /! t ere anyone t at live! near yo$ ) o )ork! at t e !ame place 'or near t e !ame place( t at yo$ do* 3 y not ride toget er, alternating driver! eac day* ;o$ can alve t e )ear and tear and ga! co!t! "or yo$r car E and "or yo$r ac1$aintance a! )ell% =E. *es$gn yo r S/ebt snowball.T Everyone need! a plan to elp t em get o$t o" debt, !o !it do)n and plot o$t ) at debt! yo$Dre going to pay o"" and in ) at order% Simply aving a plan goe! a long )ay to)ard! bringing t at plan into action, and paying o"" debt! early i! one o" t e !$re!t )ay! to p$t money in yo$r pocket over t e long r$n% =F. Get a "ro"2 %ot. A crock pot i! per ap! t e be!t deal on eart "or red$cing cooking co!t! in a b$!y "amily% ;o$ can L$!t d$mp in yo$r ingredient! be"ore )ork, p$t it on !immer, and dinner i! done ) en yo$ get ome% & ere are co$ntle!!


recipe! o$t t ere "or all variety o" "ood!, and every time yo$ cook t i! )ay, yo$Dre !aving money a! compared to eating o$t% =H. *o some bas$" #ome an/ a to ma$ntenan"e on a reg lar s"#e/ le. /n!tead o" L$!t )aiting $ntil !omet ing break! to deal )it it, develop a mont ly maintenance !c ed$le ) ere yo$ go aro$nd yo$r ome 'and yo$r car( and per"orm a bit o" maintenance ) ere itD! needed% & i! little activity, taking yo$ L$!t an o$r or t)o a mont , )ill keep t ing! "rom breaking do)n and elp yo$ !ee problem! be"ore t ey become di!a!ter!% E0. @a"2 foo/ before yo go on a roa/ tr$%. Have everyone pack a !ack l$nc "or t e trip% & at )ay, in!tead o" !topping in t e middle o" t e trip, driving aro$nd looking "or a place to eat, !pending a b$nc o" time t ere, and t en paying a e"ty bill, yo$ can L$!t eat on t e road or, better yet, !top at a nice park and !tretc "or a bit% .l$!, yo$Dll !ave a lot o" money and a "air amo$nt o" time t i! )ay% E1. Go t#ro g# yo r "ell %#one b$ll4 loo2 for serv$"es yo /on7t se4 an/ /$t"# t#em. Sit do)n and go t ro$g eac item on yo$r bill and !ee i" t ereD! anyt ing t ere t at yo$ donDt $!e, like a !$r"eit o" text me!!age! or )eb acce!! or !omet ing to t at e""ect% & en call yo$r cell p one company and a!k to ave t o!e !ervice! eliminated% Boom, yo$Dre !aving money% E2. Consol$/ate yo r st /ent loans. /ntere!t rate! are 1$ite lo) rig t no), !o it mig t be )ort ) ile to con!olidate yo$r !t$dent loan! into one lo)-rate package% =ook into t e vario$! !t$dent loan con!olidation package! E even a +: red$ction on a Q+8,888 loan !ave! yo$ Q+88 a year E and yo$r loan i! probably bigger t an t at 'and t e rate c$t yo$ co$ld get i! probably bigger(% E). W#en b y$ng a "ar4 go for late mo/el se/. & e!e are typically car! coming !traig t o"" o" lea!e!, meaning t ey )ere cared "or by reliable o)ner!% My tr$ck )a! p$rc a!ed )it t i! criteria and a! la!ted me !everal year! already )it only one !igni"icant i!!$e E and / !aved a ton o" money on t e p$rc a!e price over b$ying ne)% ,nly no) i! it beginning to ! o) !igni"icant !ign! o" aging E and )it t e money / !aved on t at p$rc a!e, / )a! able to get o$t o" debt t at m$c 1$icker% E'. H$t t#e l$brary N #ar/. 2onDt look at a library a! L$!t a place to get old book!% =ook at it a! a "ree place to do all !ort! o" t ing!% /Dve $!ed it to learn a "oreign lang$age, meet people, $!e t e /nternet anonymo$!ly, c eck o$t movie! and C2!, grab local "ree ne)!paper!, and keep $p on comm$nity event!% Be!t o" all, it doe!nDt co!t a dime% E5. Use a s$m%le raKor to s#ave. /Dve been a big advocate o" t e ba!ic !a"ety ra4or "or a long time, b$t t atD! L$!t one piece o" t e p$44le% 6or WnormalX ! ave!, / L$!t ! ave in t e ! o)er and dry o"" t e blade a"ter)ard!, $!ing L$!t !oap "or lat er E incredibly c eap, !ince / only !)ap blade! once every "e) )eek!% & e real moral o" t e !tory* @!e a !imple ra4or E not an expen!ive electric one t at !top! )orking


in t ree year! E and ! ave yo$r "ace ) en itD! )et% ;o$ can get a very good ! ave )it !ome practice and !ave a lot o" money over t e long a$l% E=. +$n/ /a$ly $ns%$rat$on for ma2$ng $ntell$gent moves. /Dm $!$ally in!pired by my c ildren% .er ap! yo$Dre in!pired to make c ange! by yo$r !po$!e E or even by !omeone in t e comm$nity yo$ re!pect% Maybe itD! L$!t a per!onal goal, like an early retirement% 6ind !omet ing t at make! yo$)ant to make po!itive c ange!, t en $!e t at per!on or t ing a! a con!tant reminder% 5eep a pict$re o" it in yo$r )allet, in yo$r ve icle, and on yo$r bat room mirror% 5eep it in yo$r mind a! m$c a! yo$ po!!ibly can% EE. +$n/ o t abo t all of t#e benef$ts of yo r ;ob. Mo!t people arenDt even a)are o" all o" t e bene"it! available to t em% Spend !ome time )it an H< per!on "inding o$t abo$t all t e bene"it! o" yo$r Lob E yo$ mig t be !$rpri!ed at ) at yo$ mig t "ind% / "o$nd "ree ticket! to !porting event!, "ree per!onal improvement opport$nitie!, and an optional employee matc on !ome retirement "$nd! t at maximi4ed t e money / )a! !ocking a)ay% & i! not only c$t do)n on my o)n !pending on t ing! like !porting and comm$nity event! and ed$cational cla!!e!, b$t al!o improved my retirement plan% EF. Ma2e yo r own $tems $nstea/ of b y$ng t#em. / like to make my o)n la$ndry detergent and my o)n Hoo-Hone, "or !tarter!% / al!o like making Hlade, 3index, and So"t Scr$b% /n bot ca!e!, itD! )ay c eaper t an b$ying t e commercial ver!ion% H$nt aro$nd "or recipe! E itD! ama4ing o) many t ing! yo$ can make at ome in L$!t a "e) min$te! t at !ave! a ton o" money compared to t e commercial ver!ion% EH. &n"o rage yo r fr$en/s to /o less e!%ens$ve a"t$v$t$es. & i! i! o"ten a tricky t ing to do, b$t t ere are a n$mber o" tec ni1$e! yo$ can try% My "avorite one i! to be t e "ir!t one to !$gge!t !omet ing E t at o"ten give! yo$ t e po)er to !teer t e gro$p to)ard! t ing! t at are c eaper% /" yo$ can convince yo$r "riend! to go to t e park and ! oot oop! in!tead o" going gol"ing, t o!e green "ee! are going to !tay in yo$r pocket% F0. *on7t s%ee/. Got only i! it ine""icient in term! o" ga!oline $!age, it al!o can get yo$ p$lled over and co!t yo$ a b$ndle, a! / di!covered a ) ile back% /tD! ig ly co!t-e""icient to L$!t drive t e !peed limit, keep t at ga! in t e tank, and keep t e cop! o"" yo$r tail% F1. (ea/ more. <eading i! one o" t e c eape!t E and mo!t bene"icial E obbie! aro$nd% Mo!t to)n! ave a library available to t e p$blic E L$!t go t ere and c eck o$t !ome book! t at intere!t yo$% & en, !pend !ome o" yo$r "ree time in a co4y place in yo$r o$!e, L$!t reading a)ay% ;o$Dll learn !omet ing ne), improve yo$r reading ability, enLoy yo$r!el", and not ave to !pend a dime% Here are !ome more tec ni1$e! "or getting into t e reading "lo)%


F2. 0 y a smaller #o se. / c$rrently live in a 2,888 !1$are "oot o$!e )it my )i"e and t)o kid!% 6rankly, itD! L$!t t e rig t !i4e "or $! E i" anyt ing, itD! a little big% 3e o"ten "ind o$r!elve! in t e !ame room in t e o$!e, L$!t !$rro$nded by empty !pace% ;o$ donDt need a giant place to live% /n!tead, b$y !omet ing more mode!t and yo$Dll "ind yo$r!el" )it plenty o" room E and !till plenty o" ca! in yo$r pocket% F). *r$ve a /$fferent ro te to wor2. & i! i! an e!pecially po)er"$l tip i" yo$ "ind yo$r!el" Wa$tomaticallyX !topping "or !omet ing on t e )ay into )ork or t e )ay ome% Het rid o" t at con!tant drain by !electing a di""erent ro$te t at doe!nDt go by t e temptation, even i" t e ne) ro$te i! a bit longer% ;o$Dll !till be time a ead 'beca$!e yo$Dre not !topping( and yo$Dll de"initely be money a ead% F'. ?lways as2 for fees to be wa$ve/. Any time yo$ !ign $p "or a !ervice o" any kind and t ere are !ign-$p "ee!, a!k "or t em to be )aived% Sometime! 'b$t not al)ay!(, t ey )ill be E and yo$ !ave money L$!t by being "ort rig t abo$t not )anting to pay exce!!ive "ee!% / did t i! )it my la!t cell p one !ign-$p and got part o" my "ee! )aived, c$tting do)n !igni"icantly on t e bill% F5. *on7t overs%en/ on #yg$ene %ro/ "ts. 6or mo!t people, inexpen!ive ygiene prod$ct! do t e trick E "or example, / L$!t b$y ) ic ever toot pa!te i! t e c eape!t, and t e !ame goe! )it deodorant and t e like% & e key i! to $!e t i! !t$"" reg$larly and con!i!tently E bat e daily, keep yo$r!el" clean, and yo$Dll be L$!t "ine% Go need to b$y a QB8 "acial !cr$b i" yo$ act$ally !cr$b yo$r "ace properly% F=. &at less meat. 6or t e n$tritional val$e, meat i! very expen!ive, e!pecially a! compared to vegetable! and "r$it!% Simply c ange aro$nd yo$r reg$lar meal proportion! to incl$de more "r$it! and vegetable! and le!! meat! E eat a !maller !teak and a bigger elping o" green bean!, "or example% Got only i! t i! a ealt ier )ay to eat '!aving on ealt co!t!(, itD! al!o le!! expen!ive% FE. Use a br tally effe"t$ve "o %on strategy. HereD! t e trick> )ait a mont be"ore $!ing t e co$pon!% Save yo$r co$pon "lyer o$t o" yo$r S$nday paper "or a mont , t en b$!t it o$t and !tart c$tting anyt ing t at mig t be o" intere!t% 6or a bon$! kicker, $!e t e co$pon! in compari!on )it yo$r grocery !tore "lyer t at )eek to "ind o$t )ay! yo$ can $!e a co$pon to red$ce t e co!t o" an item already on !ale E yo$ can )ind $p paying pennie! "or !ome t ing! and, on occa!ion, act$ally get "ood "or "ree '/Dve came ome )it a ton o" "ree yog$rt container! be"ore, "or example(% FF. ?$r seal yo r #ome. Mo!t ome! ave !ome air leak! t at make t e Lob o" keeping it cool in !$mmer and )arm in )inter t at m$c arder E and t at m$c more co!tly "or yo$% Spend an a"ternoon air !ealing yo$r ome E t e 2oE a! a great g$ide on ba!ic air!ealing%


FH. Ma2e yo r own beer or w$ne. /" yo$ enLoy an occa!ional drink, t i! i! a great )ay to enLoy !ome o" t e beverage! t at yo$ love at a very c eap price% ;o$ can ea!ily make "ive gallon! o" beer or )ine at once and it doe!nDt take t at long, eit er, once yo$ ave t e ba!ic ingredient!% Even better, itD! a great activity to do )it "riend! E yo$ b$y t e e1$ipment, t ey bring t e L$ice and yo$ bot get a "e) bottle! o" delicio$! omemade )ine o$t o" t e deal% A nice entertainment, pl$! !ome "ree beverage! E t atD! a great "r$gal deal% H0. Ma2e s re all yo r ele"tr$"al /ev$"es are on a s rge %rote"tor. & i! i! e!pecially tr$e o" yo$r entertainment center and yo$r comp$ter e1$ipment% A po)er !$rge can damage t e!e electronic! very ea!ily, !o !pend t e money "or a ba!ic !$rge protector and keep yo$r e1$ipment pl$gged into !$c a device% H1. Get on an a tomat$" /ebt re%ayment %lan for any st /ent loans yo #ave. Many !t$dent loan! o""er a rate red$ction i" yo$ !ign $p "or t eir a$tomatic debt repayment plan% & i! )ay, not only do yo$ !ave a "e) b$ck! a mont , yo$ donDt ave to go to t e e""ort o" act$ally paying t e bill% ,$r a$tomatic plan !aved $! abo$t Q08 a year% H2. C t /own on yo r va"at$on s%en/$ng. /n!tead o" going on a big, extravagant trip, pack $p t e car and !ee !ome o" America !ome year! "or vacation% ,ne o" t e be!t vacation! /Dve ever taken )a! ) en my !on )a! an in"ant E )e L$!t packed $p t e car and drove aro$nd Minne!ota, event$ally camping "or a "e) day! along t e nort ! ore o" =ake S$perior% 6or a )eek long relaxing vacation, it )a! incredibly c eap and 1$ite memorable, too% H). Can"el t#e "able or satell$te "#annels yo /on7t wat"#. Many people )it cable !ervice! o"ten are paying "or a premi$m package b$t rarely )atc t o!e extra c annel!% 6or t e longe!t time, my )i"e and / )ere !$b!cribed to HB,, Star4, and Cinemax, yet )e )o$ld only t$ne in once a mont at be!t% 3e arg$ed t at it )a! )ort it beca$!e )e co$ld )atc a movie or a great drama ) enever )e )anted, b$t it )o$ld ave been "ar c eaper L$!t to rent a movie% Het rid o" t e exce!! c annel! and p$t t at ca! back in yo$r pocket% H'. &!er"$se more. Ho "or a )alk or a Log eac evening, and practice !tretc ing and !ome lig t m$!cle exerci!e at ome% & e!e exerci!e! can be done at ome "or very little, meaning yo$Dve got an activity )it o$t a lot o" co!t, and t e ealt bene"it! are enormo$!% J$!t !et a!ide !ome time eac day to get !ome exerci!e, and yo$r body and )allet )ill t ank yo$% H5. Ut$l$Ke onl$ne b$ll %ay w$t# yo r ban2. & i! !erve! t)o p$rpo!e!% 6ir!t, it keep! yo$ in m$c clo!er contact )it yo$r money, a! yo$ can keep a very clo!e eye on yo$r balance and be in m$c le!! danger o" overdra"ting% Second, it !ave! yo$ money on !tamp! and paper c eck! by allo)ing yo$ to L$!t "ill in an online "orm, click !$bmit, and ave yo$r bill paid% &ry it o$t E and take advantage o" it i" yo$Dre not already%


H=. 0 y sta%les $n b l2. 3e b$y item! )e $!e a lot o" in b$lk, partic$larly item! t at donDt peri! E tra! bag!, la$ndry detergent, diaper!, and !o on are p$rc a!ed in t e large!t amo$nt! po!!ible% & i! c$t! do)n on t eir co!t per $!age by 1$ite a bit and, over t e long a$l, begin! to add $p to !ome !erio$! money% Even better, )e donDt ave to ! op "or t e!e item! very o"ten, !aving time and a "raction o" t e co!t o" a trip to t e grocery !tore% HE. Conne"t yo r enterta$nment "enter an/Gor "om% ter set % to a tr e smart %ower str$%. A device like t e SmartStrip =CHB ba!ically c$t! po)er to all device! on t e !trip depending on t e !tat$! o" t e "ir!t item on t e !trip% So, i" yo$ ave yo$r )ork!tation ooked $p to t i!, every time yo$ po)er do)n yo$r )ork!tation, yo$r monitor po)er! do)n, yo$r printer po)er! do)n, yo$r !canner po)er! do)n, and !o on% ;o$ can do t e !ame t ing )it yo$r entertainment con!ole E ) en yo$ t$rn o"" t e televi!ion, t e cableR!atellite box al!o goe! o"", a! doe! t e video game con!ole, t e AC<, t e 2A2 player, and !o on% & i! can !ave yo$ a lot o" electricity and !igni"icantly trim yo$r po)er bill% HF. *on7t beat yo rself % w#en yo ma2e a m$sta2e. Even i" yo$ make ten good c oice!, itD! ea!y to beat yo$r!el" $p and "eel like a "ail$re over one bad c oice% /" yo$ make a big mi!take and reali4e it, t ink abo$t ) y yo$ reali4ed it no) in!tead o" t en, and try to apply t at later on% & e memory o" t at mi!take can end $p being very val$able, indeed% HH. ?lways 2ee% loo2$ng a#ea/. 2onDt let t e mi!take! o" yo$r pa!t drag yo$ do)n into more mi!take!% =ook a ead to t e "$t$re% & e c oice! yo$ make no) )onDt a""ect t e pa!t E b$t t ey de"initely )ill a""ect t e "$t$re% & ink back, and remember o) t e bad c oice! yo$ made earlier are co!ting yo$ no), and con!tantly remember to not make t o!e mi!take! no) !o t at t ey donDt co!t yo$r "$t$re !el"% 100. Lever g$ve %. 3 enever t e !tr$ggle again!t debt "eel! like itD! too m$c , go read a per!onal "inance blog and remember t at t ere are a lot o" people o$t t ere "ig ting t e !ame "ig t% <ead aro$nd t ro$g t e arc ive! and learn !ome ne) t ing! E and per ap! get in!pired to keep going, no matter ) at%

50 S$/e 0 s$nesses ,o Can Start 1n ,o r 1wn

/n t e pa!t, /Dve di!c$!!ed o) itD! a good idea to !pend yo$r !pare time dabbling in entreprene$r! ip> it "ill! yo$r time )it !omet ing t at yo$ c oo!e 'and t $! yo$ enLoy( and !et! $p a potential long-term reven$e !tream% / al!o di!c$!!ed o) / got a !ide b$!ine!! going my!el"% Since t en, lot! o" reader! ave )ritten to me, a!king "or idea! on o) to !tart a !imple !ide b$!ine!!% 3 at "ollo)! i! a li!t o" ?8 o" t o!e idea! t at /Dve collected


over t e la!t year or !o% Eac o" t e!e idea! i! very !imple to !tart, and mo!t can be done a! a !ole proprietor! ip at "ir!t 'meaning yo$ donDt ave to "ile any legal doc$ment! to get !tarted, t o$g yo$ )ill )ant to do t at i" it !tart! to take o""(% Mo!t o" t e!e can be done at ome in yo$r !pare time in yo$r !pare !pace, too% <eady* See i" t ere are any idea! belo) t at "it yo$ )ell% /" yo$ "ind an idea, !eek o$t a g$ide on o) to get !tarted in t at area% ?nt$I e ref rb$s#ment & i! i! a per"ect !ide b$!ine!! "or people ) o love anti1$ing% &ake )orn-o$t anti1$e! ome )it yo$, inve!t t e time and care needed to tran!"orm t o!e old item! into !omet ing ama4ing, t en re!ell t em at a pro"it% ? to /eta$l$ng Have a metic$lo$! eye "or detail and love to get t ing! gleaming clean* A$to detailing i! probably a per"ect !ide b$!ine!! "or yo$% /n e!!ence, yo$r Lob i! to make car! !parkle in!ide and o$t E and many people are 1$ite appy to pay )ell "or t i! !ervice% 0abys$tt$ng Hot lot! o" evening! "ree* =ike kid!* Baby!itting may be a great !ide b$!ine!! "or yo$% 5eep an eye on m$ltiple c ildren on 6riday and Sat$rday nig t! and yo$ can earn !ome !olid income% 0e/ an/ brea2fast Have !ome extra !pace in yo$r ome* &$rn t at extra bedroom into a Wbed and break"a!tX room% & i! )ork! partic$larly )ell i" yo$ ave a !ome) at older ome or live near an area t at attract! reg$lar traveler! and to$ri!t!% 0logg$ng /" yo$ enLoy )riting, "ind a topic yo$Dre pa!!ionate abo$t and !tart a blog on t e topic% All yo$ need i! a comp$ter, !ome time, and !ome energy to con!i!tently )rite% Ca2e /e"orat$ng EnLoy baking and ave a bit o" an arti!tic to$c * =earn o) to decorate cake! and make t em "or !pecial event!% ,ne o" my mot erD! old "riend! doe! t i! and make! 1$ite a bit o" money on t e !ide% Can/le ma2$ng Candle making i! a great little cra"t to learn% ;o$ can o"ten ea!ily !ell t e candle! at local ! op! and al!o t ro$g )eb!ite! like Et!y%com% Can/y ma2$ng Homemade candie! are ea!ier to make t an yo$ t ink and 1$ite pop$lar% .ackage t em in nice little boxe! and !ell t em t ro$g a local gi"t ! op% Car/ ma2$ng & i! i! anot er arti!tic Wcra"tyX angle yo$ can "ollo)% Make greetingRbirt day card! "rom !cratc $!ing yo$r o)n p otograp !, !ome blank card!, and a ealt y do!e o" arti!tic "lair% Again, yo$ !an !ell item! like t e!e t ro$g a local gi"t ! op or at !ite! like et!y%com% Cater$ng /" yo$ love to cook, take t e WBlondieX ro$te and !tart a ome catering b$!ine!!% Catering i! a b$!ine!! t atD! per"ectly de!igned to re)ard t o!e ) o plan )ell and can o"ten "it per"ectly into )eekend!, lining $p )onder"$lly oppo!ite a normal )ork)eek%


C#$l/"are serv$"e Many !tate! allo) people to !tart $p in- ome daycare! )it minimal licen!ing and paper)ork% /" yo$ love c ildren and ave plenty o" time and !pace at ome, t i! i! a per"ect b$!ine!! to get into% Clean$ng serv$"es for b s$nesses Many b$!ine!!e! and civic in!tit$tion! ave a need "or individ$al! ) o )ill provide cleaning !ervice! at a lo) co!t o$t!ide o" b$!ine!! o$r!% & i! i! a great !ide b$!ine!! "or t o!e ) o can p$t in a "e) o$r! late at nig t or on )eekend!% Colle"t$ble tra/$ng /" t ereD! a partic$lar type o" collectible t at yo$ kno) a great deal abo$t, yo$ can o"ten make good money a! a collectible trader, $tili4ing tool! like eBay and opport$nitie! to "ind t o!e collectible! in t e comm$nity% / ad !ome !$cce!! )it t i! my!el" )it bot trading card! and video game! in t e pa!t% Com% ter tro bles#oot$ng / ad !ome !$cce!! )it t i! in t e pa!t, t o$g /Dve largely moved a)ay "rom it no)% /" yo$ ave a knack "or "ixing comp$ter!, t i! i! a good place to !tart% Cons$gnment b yer Con!ignment ! op! and con!ignment a$ction! are o"ten loaded )it good deal! i" yo$ kno) o) to identi"y t em E 1$ite o"ten, yo$ can t$rn t e!e good deal! aro$nd and make a nice pro"it el!e) ere% Het !tarted by vi!iting !ome con!ignment ! op! and critically eval$ating t e price! on t e item! t ere% Coo2$e ma2$ng M$c like candy making, omemade cookie! can be a great !eller% Bake t e cookie!, package t em )ell, and re!ell t em t ro$g a local gi"t ! op% ,"ten, yo$ can "ind people in yo$r !ocial net)ork ) o )ill b$y batc e! "rom yo$ "or !pecial occa!ion!% *$nner %re%arer / recently met a )oman ) o earned 1$ite a bit o" money a! a very part-time c e"% ,nce a )eek, ! e )o$ld go to !omeoneD! o$!e and prepare a omemade meal "or t eir "amily, t en do all t e di! e! and clean$p )ork% & i! give! t e "amily plenty o" toget er time, ) ile earning t e lady !ome ca! in t e pocket% /" yo$ love to cook, t i! can be a great opport$nity, b$t yo$ may ave to p$t a lot o" )ork into !earc ing "or client!% &vent "oor/$nator Event! like "amily re$nion! and large partie! are o"ten "$ll o" b$!y)ork t at many people !imply donDt )ant to tackle% & at can be t e per"ect place "or yo$ to !tep in and take c arge o" t e planning and coordination% &vent *.$ng Are yo$ an a$diop ile* /" yo$ ave a great !o$nd !y!tem and a large !election o" m$!ic, yo$Dve already got ) at yo$ need to ire yo$r!el" o$t a! a 2J "or vario$! event! and reception!% & i! i! a great )ay to "ill an a"ternoon and evening ) ile al!o earning !ome ca! in t e proce!!% &!er"$se tea"#er Many gymna!i$m! )ill trade member! ip and o"ten a bit more "or a per!on )illing and able to teac an exerci!e cla!!% /" yo$Dre in good ! ape, t i! i! a great opport$nity to earn !ome extra money, pl$! it can o"ten lead to additional income )it one-on-one teac ing opport$nitie!%


+ rn$t re ma2$ng /" yo$Dre adept at )ood)orking and ave L$!t a bit o" ba!ic e1$ipment, itD! ea!y to get into b$!ine!! making deck "$rnit$re% /t only re1$ire! a "e) item! E a !a), a drill, a !ander E and !ome creativity and pa!!ion "or )orking )it )ood% Garage sale management ,ne per!on / kno) old! a garage !ale at t eir o$!e almo!t every )eekend d$ring t e !$mmer% A! a re!$lt, t at per!on a! a lot o" reg$lar c$!tomer! ) o !top by almo!t every )eekend to !ee ) atD! on !ale% & at per!on t en goe! to neig bor! and "riend! and o""er! to !ell t eir !t$"" at t at yard !ale "or t em, !plitting t e proceed!% .eople are $!$ally appy to do t i!, !ince t ey donDt ave to go to all o" t e )ork o" r$nning a yard !ale, b$t !till get rid o" $n)anted item! and earn a bit o" money, too% Gar/en$ng serv$"es /Dve act$ally ad re1$e!t! "rom ot er! "or people )illing to do t i!, !o t e demand i! o$t t ere% &o p$t it !imply, !ome people are )illing to pay ot er! to get a vegetable or "lo)er garden !tarted "or t em in t eir yard !o t ey can ave acce!! to $ltra-"re! prod$ce )it o$t all t e leg)ork% Han/y man serv$"es Skilled at ba!ic ome repair* =et people kno) t at t ey can call yo$ "or little repair Lob!, like ba!ic pl$mbing and ot er t ing!% ;o$Dd be ama4ed at t e !imple t ing! people are )illing to pay ot er! to elp t em )it % Ho se"lean$ng Many people !imply donDt enLoy cleaning t eir ome! and are )illing to pay a rea!onable price to ave !omeone do t e )ork "or t em% & i! i! a great )ay to earn extra money in a "lexible )ay, partic$larly i" yo$ ave time o"" d$ring t e )ork)eek% 5nter$or /e"orat$ng 6a!cinated by interior de!ign* Have a $ge collection o" interior de!ign material! aro$nd* Many people are 1$ite appy to ire individ$al! to elp t em decorate t eir ome E / kno), "or one, t at / ave no eye "or t i! type o" t ing% .ewelry ma2$ng /" yo$ ave a good eye "or detail )ork and a lot o" patience, omemade Le)elry can be 1$ite pro"itable% A! )it ot er item! on t i! li!t, t ere are many opport$nitie! to !ell !$c item! t ro$g local gi"t ! op! or at !ite! like et!y% 3n$tt$ng G "ro"#et$ng G I $lt$ng Skilled at creating blanket! and !)eater!* & ereD! a $ge market "or t e!e type! o" item! E even better, yo$ can $!$ally make t em in yo$r !pare time ) enever yo$ ave it% A! al)ay!, local ! op! and place! likeet!y are great place! to go to !ell !$c item!% -an/s"a%$ng serv$"es 3illing to mo) la)n! and trim b$! e! and tree!* Many people are 1$ite appy to pay "or !$c !ervice!% Got only i! t i! a great !ide b$!ine!! "or a "it ad$lt, itD! al!o a great )ay "or a teenager to get a !mall b$!ine!! !tarted% Meal-to-go %re%arat$ons <emember my earlier po!t abo$t break"a!t b$rrito!* Making meal! in advance i! a great )ay to !ave money "or yo$r!el" E b$t yo$ can


o"ten prepare t e!e "or ot er! a! )ell and !ell t em "or a mark$p% .repare eig t ca!!erole!, "or example, t en !ell !ix o" t em to cover yo$r co!t!, and yo$Dve got t)o "ree dinner! "or yo$r "amily 'and maybe a bit more(% ;o$ can gro) t i! by taking order! "rom ot er! and "inding o$t ) at t ey like% 1nl$ne me/$a "ons ltant =ike participating on me!!ageboard!, 6acebook, &)itter, and !o on* Become an online media con!$ltant and elp people promote t ing!% Start !mall E elp local b$!ine!!e! get a pre!ence on 6acebook and !et t em $p )it &)itter% 6rom t ere, yo$ can gro) to ) atever )ork! "or yo$% @ersonal s#o%%$ng Many very b$!y people and elderly people are )illing to pay a "ee "or people to do t eir ! opping "or t em% Simply retrieve a ! opping li!t "rom t em, ret$rn )it t e receipt, and accept payment "or t e p$rc a!ed item! 'pl$! a little "ee(% ;o$ can o"ten do t i! in conL$nction )it yo$r o)n ! opping trip i" yo$Dre )ell-organi4ed 'take t)o cart!F(% @et groom$ng Many people loat e bat ing t eir pet! and trimming t eir air E / kno) / do% .et groomer! per"orm t e!e ta!k! "or a !mall "ee E a per"ect Lob "or a per!on ) o love! dog! and cat!% @et s$tt$ng 3 en people go on trip!, t eyDre o"ten concerned a! to ) at )ill appen )it t eir pet!% & atD! ) ere yo$ !tep in E o""er yo$r!el" a! a !a"e place to leave t eir pet!, or be )illing to go to t eir ome to take care o" t eir pet!% @et wal2$ng Many b$!y people leave t eir pet! ome all day, b$t reali4e t at t o!e pet! really co$ld $!e a vigoro$! )alk 'and an opport$nity to relieve t em!elve!( d$ring t e day% .et )alking i! a great opport$nity "or exerci!e, "re! air, and !ome pocket money i" yo$ ave "ree time d$ring eac day% @et yar/ waste "lean % 6or many people in !$b$rban area!, cleaning $p pet yard )a!te i! a real a!!le E itD! di!g$!ting, "or one% /n!tead o" cleaning it $p t em!elve!, t ey mig t ire !omeone to do it reg$larly, t)o to t ree time! a )eek% & ere are !everal !$c !ervice! in o$r area, act$ally% @ro/ "e sell$ng =ike to gro) vegetable!* 6oc$! in on one vegetable and !ell t e exce!! to grocery !tore! and at "armer!D market!% My "at er doe! t i! )it tomatoe! and earn! !ome !olid extra money d$ring t e !$mmer mont !% ;o$ can doreally )ell, t o$g , i" yo$ can gro) t ing! in!ide d$ring t e )inter E 6ebr$ary "re! tomatoe! can !ell 1$ite )ell% @roofrea/$ng Have !trong Engli! !kill! and exceptional grammar* ;o$ may ave opport$nitie! to )ork a! a proo"reader "rom ome% Adverti!ing "or t i! can be di""ic$lt E !eek o$t t o!e ) o mig t act$ally be able to $!e yo$r !ervice! and adverti!e directly to t em% @ bl$" s%ea2$ng /" yo$Dre t e type o" per!on ) o can get t e attention o" a room ea!ily, p$blic !peaking mig t be "or yo$% &ake advantage o" every p$blic !peaking opport$nity yo$ can and yo$Dll be !$rpri!ed at t e opport$nitie! t at make t em!elve! available "or yo$%


S"ra%boo2 ma2$ng Many people dream o" aving bea$ti"$l !crapbook!% & ey collect all t e material! t ey )ant in t e !crapbook! b$t never "ollo) t ro$g on t e act$al creation% ;o$ can !tep in ere E take t eir idea! and material! and a!!emble a !crapbook "or t em% Sen$or "$t$Ken ass$stan"e Many elderly people need a!!i!tance )it a )ide variety o" !imple o$!e old ta!k! E cleaning, la$ndry, and !o "ort % Many c ildren o" elderly people are 1$ite )illing to ire !omeone to elp o$t t eir parent!% Sew$ng an/ alterat$ons My )i"e i! 1$ite andy )it a !e)ing mac ine and o"ten em! and modi"ie! o$r c ildrenD! clot e!% S e co$ld ea!ily take t i! a !tep "$rt er and o""er er !ervice! to ot er!, doing ba!ic garment repair and modi"ication "or a !mall price on la4y evening!% Soa% ma2$ng Making ama4ing omemade !oap! i!nDt a! ard a! yo$ mig t t ink E it L$!t take! time and patience% Again, item! like t e!e can ea!ily be !old via local gi"t ! op! and t ro$g )eb!ite! like et!y% Tea"#$ng m s$" /" yo$ kno) o) to play an in!tr$ment 'partic$larly t e piano or t e g$itar( and ave patience, yo$Dve got ) at yo$ need to teac ot er! o) to play% ,""er le!!on! in t at in!tr$ment to ot er! E t i! can al!o be an excellent t ing to barter )it , too% Toy ma2$ng 6rom !imple t ing! like !ock monkey! to more elaborate t ing! like andcra"ted c e!! !et!, many people are )illing to pay good money "or andcra"ted toy! t at yo$ can ea!ily make at ome in yo$r !pare time% Again, gi"t ! op! are t e place to go )it item! like t e!e% T tor$ng 2id yo$ maLor in a partic$lar topic in college* 2o yo$ ave patience )it c ildren* ;o$ likely ave ) at yo$ need to t$tor kid! in partic$lar !$bLect!% Seek o$t parent! and let t em kno) t at yo$ t$tor in a partic$lar !$bLect and provide material! "or t em to ! are and p one call! )ill o"ten trickle in% D$/eo %re%arat$on serv$"es Many people like to ave video! made "or !pecial event!, !$c a! )edding!, or "or gi"t!% & i! may mean act$ally taking t e video yo$r!el" at a !pecial event, or it may mean !imply a!!embling material! and creating a video "rom t o!e item!% Eit er )ay, )it a )ell-e1$ipped .C, !ome ta!te, and !ome patience, yo$ can make 1$ite !op i!ticated video prod$ction! at ome% D$rt al ass$stant Many $ltra-b$!y pro"e!!ional! appreciate aving !omeone ) o can c eck and an!)er t eir email, organi4e ta!k li!t! "or t em, $pdate t eir calendar!, and !o on, )it minimal interaction% & e be!t part i! t at yo$ can provide t i! !ervice "rom ome )it a good internet connection% Web s$te /es$gn Many !mall b$!ine!!e! in yo$r comm$nity co$ld $!e a very ba!ic )eb pre!ence to tell ot er! abo$t t eir b$!ine!!% O$ite o"ten, t e!e b$!ine!!e! donDt ave a large b$dget "or !$c t ing!% & atD! ) ere yo$ come in E get a b$nc o" client! "rom t e local comm$nity by beating t e pavement, create !ite! "or t em,


and maintain t em "or a !mall "ee% Het eno$g b$!ine!!e! and yo$ ave a nice !ide b$!ine!! o" yo$r o)n t at doe!nDt re1$ire a ton o" maintenance time% We//$ng %lanner /" yo$Dre one o" t o!e people ) o canDt elp b$t "lip t ro$g bridal maga4ine! and t ink abo$t vario$! )edding arrangement! in yo$r daydream!, )edding planning mig t be t e per"ect t ing "or yo$% A great )ay to get !tarted i! to develop a )eb!ite on t e topic, get to kno) people online, and o""er yo$r !ervice! t ro$g o$t t e comm$nity% /Dm betting t e reader! ave many, many more idea! along t e!e !ame line!%

100 T#$ngs to *o * r$ng a Money +ree Wee2en/

Abo$t a year ago, / o""ered $p t e idea o" t e money-"ree )eekend> 6or t e la!t "e) mont !, my )i"e and / ave been doing !omet ing every ot er )eekend or !o t at )e call a Wmoney "reeX )eekend, in an e""ort to live more "r$gally% /tD! act$ally 1$ite "$n E ereD! o) )e do it% We are not allowe/ to s%en/ any money on anyt#$ng4 no matter w#at. /n ot er )ord!, )e canDt make a r$n to t e !tore to b$y "ood, )e canDt !pend money on any !ort o" entertainment, and !o on% Since )e o"ten do o$r grocery ! opping on !at$rday!, on a Wmoney "reeX )eekend, )e delay it to monday or t$e!day% We "an se o r t$l$t$es4 b t no e!tra e!%enses on t#ese t$l$t$es. Go renting movie! on cable, no text me!!age! t at arenDt already covered by o$r cell p one plan, and !o on% / "ollo)ed t i! $p )it "i"teen t ing! to do d$ring !$c a )eekend, "i"teen more t ing! to do, and "i"teen deeply "$l"illing t ing! to do d$ring !$c a )eekend% Since t en, lot! o" people ave !ent me idea! "or activitie! "or money-"ree )eekend!, pl$! )eDve $ncovered a b$nc o" o$r o)n% At t e !ame time, many reader! ave a!ked "or a ma!ter li!t o" all o" t e!e idea!% So, ere )e go E one $ndred "$n )ay! to !pend a money "ree )eekend% & e li!t belo) incl$de! t e "ir!t "orty-"ive ')it d$plicate! removed(, pl$! abo$t !ixty ne) one!% .rint t i! o"" and $!e it a! a c eckli!t or a t $mbnail g$ide "or yo$r o)n money-"ree )eekend% .lea!e note t at everyone7s $nterests are /$fferent E yo$ probably )onDt "ind everyt ing on t i! li!t "$n and neit er )ill !omeone el!e, b$t t e t)o li!t! )onDt overlap '/ can t ink o" co$ntle!! t ing! ot er people "ind "$n t at / "ind $tterly dread"$l(% Any)ay, ere goe!F 1. C#e"2 o t t#e "omm n$ty "alen/ar. =ook at yo$r to)nD! )eb!ite 'a! )ell a! t o!e o" citie! and to)n! nearby( or !top by city all to "ind a li!t o" event! going on in t e comm$nity, many o" ) ic are "ree% ;o$Dll o"ten be !$rpri!ed at o) many intere!ting 'and "ree( activitie! are going on rig t no) in yo$r area%


2. D$s$t yo r "omm n$ty l$brary. Got only i! a library a )are o$!e o" book!, mo!t librarie! al!o ave exten!ive C2 and 2A2 collection! yo$ can c eck o$t% Many librarie! al!o ave W!tory timeX "or yo$ng c ildren, "ilm nig t!, book cl$b!, and many ot er event! t at yo$ may be $na)are o" E completely "or "ree% Stop in and c eck o$t ) at t ey ave to o""er% ). Get $nvolve/ $n "omm n$ty s%orts. Many to)n! ave comm$nity !port! "ield! ) ere bot yo$t and ad$lt !port! leag$e! and activitie! are reg$larly going on t ro$g o$t t e )eekend% Stop by, )atc a game or t)o, and i" !omet ing intrig$e! yo$, look into Loining eit er a! a participant or a! a vol$nteer% '. Get yo r f$nan"$al %a%ers $n or/er. & i! may not !o$nd like a "$n activity $p "ront, b$t t e peace o" mind it give! yo$ )ill make yo$r li"e a lot more relaxing% Spend an o$r or t)o organi4ing all o" yo$r !tatement! and ot er "inancial doc$ment!% & i! i! a per"ect time to !tart yo$r o)n "iling !y!tem% /" yo$Dre more advent$ro$!, try initiating an electronic "iling !y!tem, a! it )ill !ave yo$ !igni"icant !pace and make in"ormation retrieval ea!ier 't o$g itD! more o" a time inve!tment $p "ront(% 5. C#e"2 o t some %o/"asts. .odca!t! are )onder"$l t ing! E top-notc a$dio program! available "or yo$ to li!ten to "or "ree% Hive !ome a !ample E yo$ can do it ea!ily by $!ing i&$ne!% Ai!it t e .odca!t !ection o" t e !tore and c eck a "e) o$t% My "avorite! incl$de & e Splendid &able 'on "ood topic!(, Marketplace 'on economic! and b$!ine!!(, Speaking o" 6ait 'on religion(, 6re! Air 'intervie)! o" general intere!t(, & i! American =i"e '1$irky general intere!t !t$""(, and & i! 3eek in &ec 'tec nology ne)!(, among many ot er!% =. @lay boar/ games. 3e ave a pile o" board game!, mo!tly received a! gi"t!, t at )e o"ten p$ll o$t and play, pl$! o$r clo!e!t "riend a! a "e) c oice one!% Cla!!ic game! like Monopoly and .ictionary can be great "$n, b$t o$r "avorite! areSettler! o" Catan, Cartagena, .$erto <ico, and e!pecially &icket to <ide% J$!t dig t ro$g t e rece!!e! o" yo$r clo!et, "ind an old board game yo$ avenDt played in age!, and b$!t it openF E. 0a2e a loaf of #omema/e brea/. ;o$ probably ave everyt ing yo$ need to make a loa" o" bread in yo$r kitc en rig t no) 'except "or maybe t e yea!t(% Anyone can do it, and t e bread t$rn! o$t delicio$!ly% HereD! a detailed vi!$al g$ide "or making a !imple loa" )it minimal ingredient! and complexity% F. -earn #ow to ; ggle. All yo$ really need i! t ree ball! and a video ! o)ing yo$ o) to do it% Got only i! it a "$n activity to learn, itD! !omet ing t atD! "$n to b$!t o$t a! a party trick on occa!ion 'tr$!t me, yo$ can al)ay! get people to !mile i" yo$ L$ggle t ree "r$it! in t e kitc en ) ile preparing !omet ing(% H. Tea"# yo rself #ow to "#ange t#e o$l $n yo r "ar. /" yo$Dre d$e "or an oil c ange, L$!t bring t e oil yo$ need ome )it yo$ and teac yo$r!el" o) to do it% All yo$ really need i! an old pan to catc t e )a!ted oil and a "$nnel to po$r t e


old oil back into t e cani!ter! "or later di!po!al% J$!t $!e yo$r car man$al a! a g$ide "or t e proced$re and yo$ mig t L$!t "ind t at not only i! it a lot ea!ier t an yo$ t o$g t, b$t itD! a $!e"$l !kill to ave and itD! c eaper t an taking yo$r car into Ji""y-=$be 'or ) erever yo$ take yo$r car "or oil c ange!(% 10. Meet yo r ne$g#bors. Make an e""ort to introd$ce yo$r!el" to yo$r neig bor! i" yo$ donDt kno) t em )ell% /nvite any intere!ting one! over "or a c$p o" co""ee and a c at, L$!t to get to kno) eac ot er better% ;o$r neig bor! can not only become "riend!, b$t can al!o be a val$able re!o$rce E a "riendly pair o" eye! on yo$r property ) en yo$Dre a)ay or a elp"$l !et o" and! ) en yo$Dre trying to complete a c allenging ta!k% 11. Have a S" %boar/ %otl "2.T Ho t ro$g yo$r c$pboard! and "ind any item! t at mig t ave !lipped to t e back over time% /nvite !ome "riend! to do t e !ame, t en get toget er "or a potl$ck dinner prepared "rom only t e!e ingredient! and ) atever el!e yo$ ave on and% /t make! "or a W"reeX meal and a lot o" "$n "or everyone involved% 12. Clear o t yo r me/$a "olle"t$on N boo2s4 *D*s4 C*s4 et". J$!t go t ro$g ) at yo$Dve got, determine ) ic one! yo$Dd act$ally like to keep, and get rid o" t e re!t% ;o$ can eit er !ell t em at a $!ed media ! op or !)ap t em online $!ing !ervice! like .aperBackS)ap, S)ap&ree, and S)apA2A2% /n eit er ca!e, yo$Dll get rid o" !t$"" yo$ donDt )atc or read or li!ten to any more in exc ange "or eit er !ome money or ne) media to enLoy% 1). Ma2e a 101 Goals $n 1001 *ays l$st N t#en start on some of t#em. A +8+ Hoal! in +88+ 2ay! li!t i! a very e""ective )ay to codi"y all o" t e idea! o" t ing! yo$Dd like to do all into one place, !o t at ) en yo$ ave !pare time, yo$ can L$!t t$rn to t e li!t and do ) atD! next on it% Spend !ome time t inking o" t ing! t at belong on t i! li!t, t en ) en itD! "ini! ed, yo$Dll ave an excellent li!t o" potential accompli! ment! and be ready to go )it lot! o" activitie!% 1'. Ma2e /e"$s$ons abo t an/ wr$te o t yo r w$ll. & i! i! a t o$g t proce!! t at many people p$t o"", b$t it make! yo$ "eel 1$ite relieved ) en itD! done, adding to yo$r peace o" mind and relaxation% Spend !ome time t inking abo$t ) at yo$ )ant to appen to yo$r per!onal a!!et! ) en yo$ die, partic$larly in term! o" t e per!onal memento! t at yo$ )ant ot er! to ave and ) ere yo$ )ant t e val$e o" yo$r e!tate to go% 2o yo$ )ant it all to !tay )it "amily member!* 2o yo$ )ant to remember a c arity* & en, ) en yo$Dve "ig$red it o$t, !ketc o$t t e ba!ic! o" a )ill% =ater, yo$Dll likely ave to ave a la)yer prepare it "or yo$, b$t L$!t aving t e deci!ion! made doe!nDt co!t a t ing and i! a big mental relie"% 15. *o a #o se#ol/ ma$ntenan"e wal2t#ro g#. J$!t go t ro$g yo$r ome and look "or any little maintenance ta!k! t at need to be done% 2o "ilter! need to be replaced* Are t ere any b$rnt-o$t lig t b$lb!* HereD! a maintenance c eckli!t t at mig t give yo$ !ome idea! a! to ) at to look "or% /t mig t not be t e mo!t "$n


activity yo$ can t ink o", b$t itDll add !$btly to yo$r enLoyment o" yo$r ome ) en itD! done E cleaner air, lig t b$lb! in place, and !o on% 1=. 1rgan$Ke a wal2$ng to r. 6ind o$t abo$t t e intere!ting i!torical and c$lt$ral !ite! in yo$r to)n, t en go on a )alking to$r o" it% .ack a l$nc in yo$r backpack and ave a picnic on t e village green or in t e park% ;o$ can ea!ily t$rn t i! into a "$ll day i" yo$ live in a compelling area% 1E. Tea"# yo rself #ow to 2n$t. 5nitting re1$ire! t)o needle! 'a dollar, or probably "ree i" yo$r clo!et look! anyt ing like o$r!(, !ome yarn 'extremely c eap and al!o likely laying in t e clo!et i" yo$r ome i! like o$r!(, a lot o" patience, and anin!tr$ctional video or t)o% &ry making a !car" or t)o "or yo$r "riend! or a !mall blanket "or a ne) baby in t e ome o" a "riend or a "amily member% 3 ile itD! not 1$ite "ree, i" yo$ !tick )it it, yo$Dll make t ing! m$c more val$able t an t e inp$t co!t o" a bit o" yarn, pl$! yo$ may learn a compelling ne) !kill% 1F. Ta2e some /$g$tal %#otogra%#s. &ake yo$r digital camera o$t )it yo$ and take pict$re! o" anyt ing yo$ "ind intere!ting% &ake lot! o" t em, t en go ome later and !ee i" yo$Dve taken anyt ing bea$ti"$l and compelling% Hreat image! can make "or t e ba!ic! o" omemade greeting card! 'yep, keep going do)n)ard! "or more on t i!(, nice de!ktop )allpaper, !creen!aver!, or many ot er intere!ting $!e!% 1H. S#are t#ose /$g$tal %#otogra%#s w$t# ot#ers. Sign $p "or a "ree 6lickr acco$nt, t en $pload !ome o" yo$r mo!t intere!ting pict$re! to ! are )it ot er!% Spend t e time to title t em appropriately, add intere!ting caption!, and allo) t em to be $!ed $nder a Creative Common! Attrib$tion licen!e !o yo$r image! can be enLoyed by a! many people a! po!!ible% 20. Start a blog on a to%$" t#at $nterests yo . ;o$ can get a "ree blog at 3ord.re!! or Blogger% Join t e !ervice and !tart a blog on a topic t at intere!t! yo$% Got only can it be a ton o" "$n, it al!o elp! yo$ improve yo$r comm$nication !kill!, reac o$t to ot er!, and per ap! earn a bit o" income a! )ell% 21. 1rgan$Ke a %otl "2 blo"2 %arty. Het permi!!ion "rom t e city to do t i! be"ore yo$ try it E a!k i" yo$ can block o"" a !treet "or a block party on a certain date% & en t ro) yo$r!el" into organi4ing it% Ho door to door, telling people abo$t t e block party, and inviting t em to bring !omet ing% A!k i" t ey ave table! andRor c air! t at can be $!ed "or it% & en, on t e day o" t e party, !et o$t t e table! and c air! yo$ borro)ed and dig in% Since yo$Dre t e o!t, L$!t contrib$te one o" t e Wc$pboard potl$ckX di! e! yo$ made "rom idea Z++% 22. D$s$t a free m se m or a Koo 8or f$n/ o t w#en yo m$g#t be able to get $n for free9. Many citie! ave "ree ed$cational attraction!, !$c a! 4oo! or m$!e$m!% Make an e""ort to enLoy t e!e "ree attraction!% /" yo$r comm$nity doe!nDt ave "ree 4oo! or m$!e$m!, call t em and a!k abo$t opport$nitie! "or W"ree to t e p$blicX ex ibit! or W"ree day!X or even "ree pa!!e! $pon re1$e!t% O$ite o"ten, yo$Dll "ind


t at t ere are many opport$nitie! to enLoy m$!e$m!, 4oo!, !cience center!, and t e like )it o$t any co!t at all% 2). -earn t#e bas$"s of a new to%$". J$!t go to M/&D! ,penCo$r!e3are, "ind a topic yo$Dre intere!ted in, do)nload a b$nc o" mp3! o" lect$re! on t e topic, and li!ten to t em ) ile yo$Dre doing o$!e old c ore!% Some great !$gge!ted !tarting point!> microeconomic!, macroeconomic!,ba!ic! o" p ilo!op y, )e!tern p ilo!op y, and introd$ctory p y!ic!% Anot er great option> "ire $p i&$ne!, t en click on t e Wi&$ne! @X option on t e le"t and !ide% ;o$Dll "ind ton! o" material t ere to teac yo$ t e ba!ic! o" co$ntle!! topic!% 2'. Coo2 some meals $n a/van"e. /" yo$ already ave a b$nc o" ba!ic "ood !taple! on and, !pend !ome time cooking !ome meal! in advance to !tore in t e "ree4er% /tD! ea!y to prepare ca!!erole!, !o$p!, pa!ta meal!, and many ot er item! all at once, t en !tore t em in portion-!i4ed container! in t e "ree4er "or eating later% Got only i! t i! )ay c eaper t an eating o$t or b$ying convenience "ood!, itD! al!o ealt ier and al!o "ar more !ocial% Mi!!ing !ome ingredient! b$t ave an ab$ndance o" ot er!* &eam $p )it "riend! and make it a !ocial event E ! are ingredient! !o t at yo$ can all take !ome ca!!erole! or ot er di! e! ome "or t e "ree4er% 25. 0 $l/ a bas$" net wort# "al" lator for yo rself. ,ne great )ay to en!$re t at yo$Dre con!i!tently making "inancial progre!! i! to b$ild yo$r o)n net )ort calc$lator% ,nce yo$ ave it !et $p, $pdating it i! ea!y, and it can provide a great !nap! ot o" yo$r "inancial !it$ation a! )ell a! ! o) o"" yo$r progre!!% HereD! a detailed g$ide to making one )it any ba!ic !pread! eet program% 2=. Have a I $lt$ng bee. All yo$ need i! a b$nc o" !pare clot 'old ! irt! )ill even )ork, a! )ill old c$rtain!, old ! eet!, and !o "ort (, !ome needle! 'in a lot o" clo!et!(, !ome t read, !ome !ci!!or!, and !ome "riend!% J$!t get toget er, c$t o$t !1$are! o" intere!ting clot , and !tart !e)ing% ;o$ can !t$"" t e in!ide )it !o"t exce!! clot , like tee ! irt! and !$c , in!tead o" b$ying batting, and yo$Dll create a )arm and intere!ting 1$ilt over time% 2E. Try o t some great o%en so r"e an/ free software. Ever )anted Micro!o"t ,""ice b$t didnDt )ant to "oot t e bill* Spend !ome time do)nloading and !etting $p ,pen,""ice% 3ant a good !c ed$ling program* &ry o$t S$nbird 'a program /really like(% 3ant to de!ign a ni"ty ne)!letter or lay o$t !ome page!* &ry o$t Scrib$! ') ic /Dm act$ally c$rrently $!ing "or a "$t$re Simple 2ollar-related proLect(% ;o$r comp$ter can do !o m$c more E and itD! "reeF 2F. @ra"t$"e or$gam$. All yo$ need i! !ome !crap paper and a bit o" time% & e !imple t ing!, like crane! and "rog!, t en yo$ can try arder !t$"" like an origami iri!% A )ell-made origami piece con!tr$cted "rom intere!ting paper can be a bea$ti"$l decoration%


2H. Ma2e a #ow-to v$/eo for ,o T be. S are yo$r kno)ledgeF All yo$ need i! a digital camera t at capt$re! video and 'optionally( !ome video editing !o"t)are% J$!t create a video to demon!trate o) to accompli! !omet ing intere!ting and $!e"$l% Start o"" by making a !cript to "ollo), t en t$rn on t e camera and "ollo) it% 3 en yo$Dre done, $pload it to ;o$&$be and let ot er! enLoy it% /" itD! $!e"$l and entertaining, people )ill come% )0. *o a Sb$ll re/ "t$on.T Spend a "e) o$r! trimming yo$r mont ly bill!% 6ind )ay! to red$ce yo$r reg$lar bill!% A!k "orcredit card rate red$ction!% & ink abo$t ) at mont ly bill! yo$ can completely eliminate, t en do t e "oot)ork to get rid o" t em% & i! mig t be a boring ta!k no), b$t i" yo$ can trim Q?8 "rom yo$r mont ly bill! "or "ree, yo$r "$t$re !el" )ill be very appy% )1. @lay football G so""er. All yo$ need i! a ball, !ome open !pace, and !ome "riend!% 2e!ignate ) atever i! available a! goal!, t en kick t e ball aro$nd% 2onDt )orry abo$t being terrible at t e game E a! long a! everyoneD! L$!t aving "$n, it really doe!nDt matter o) bad yo$ are% &r$!t me E /Dve played "ootball )it E$ropean! ) o !pent t eir entire li"e playing ) ile /Dd played per ap! an o$r o" !erio$! "ootball in my li"e, yet / ad a lot o" "$n 'albeit )it a lot o" "alling do)n and L$mping o$t o" t e )ay(% )2. S"an yo r ol/ %$"t res. /" yo$ ave a digital !canner laying aro$nd !ome) ere, b$!t it o$t and !can in t e pile! o" old print! yo$ ave laying aro$nd% /" yo$ ave a !creen!aver o" pict$re!, !canning in old print! and adding t em to t e rotation )ill make yo$r !creen!aver all t e more ama4ing% .l$!, it become! ea!y to L$!t attac t em to email! and !end t em to "riend! and "amily% )). Have a f$lm fest$val. /nvite !ome "riend! over and ave t em eac bring one o" t eir "avorite 2A2!% & en L$!t !ettle in )it !ome !nack! ') atever yo$ ave on and( and b$rn a la4y a"ternoon and evening L$!t )atc ing movie! toget er% /tD! a ton o" "$n and it doe!nDt co!t anyt ing at all% )'. Se/ "e yo r %artner. <eally, i! t ere any )ay to really ave more "$n t an t at "or "ree* /tD! "$n, romantic, great exerci!e, and can really elp eal any relation! ip problem! yo$ mig t be aving% An a"ternoon in yo$r partnerD! arm! )ill make bot o" yo$ "eel better, and it )onDt co!t a penny% )5. *o some networ2$ng. Spend an a"ternoon )riting email! to pro"e!!ional contact!, L$!t to !ee ) at t eyDre $p to and letting t em kno) ) at yo$Dre $p to, !etting t em $p to !end en ma!!e on Monday morning% 3 ile it mig t be boring "or !ome, it can open co$ntle!! door! "or yo$r career i" yo$ do it con!i!tently, elp yo$ b$ild ne) relation! ip! and "riend! ip!, and all it take! i! a little bit o" !pare time% )=. @ra"t$"e yoga N or try $t for t#e f$rst t$me. All yo$ need i! !ome "loor !pace and a blanket to do mo!t yoga po!e!% &ry o$t a ba!ic yoga !e!!ion to !ee i" yo$ like


it% /t increa!e! "lexibility, improve! concentration, and olding !ome o" t o!e po!ition! "or long period! can be a po)er"$l )orko$t% )E. C t yo r own #a$r. / ave a pair o" air clipper! in t e bat room and every once in a ) ile, / take t em o$t and L$!t ) ack a)ay at my air% Got only i! it a "ree )ay to get yo$r long air c$t, it can al!o make yo$ look a lot more pre!entable, pl$! t e act o" c$tting yo$r o)n air i! a really po)er"$l experience% )F. *o a ne$g#bor#oo/ "lean %. Go need to organi4e a "ormal activity% J$!t )alk t ro$g t e ! ared !pace! in yo$r neig bor ood 'park!, !ide)alk!, etc%( )it a tra! bag and pick $p t e tra! % Got only i! it a plea!ant )ay to get yo$r blood r$! ing, it al!o bea$ti"ie! t e area aro$nd yo$, not L$!t "or yo$r enLoyment, b$t "or t e enLoyment o" everyone% /" yo$ )ant to really get into it, invite people t at live near yo$ to get involved a! )ell and make it an event% )H. 0 $l/ some %a%er a$r%lanes. 2e!ign and b$ild a b$nc o" di""erent paper airplane!, t en ave a competition in t e back yard to !ee ) ic one "lie! t e be!t% & i! i! a great )ay to $!e $p !ome !crap paper, partic$larly old ne)!paper!% ;o$ can ea!ily t$rn it into a conte!t E t e )inner get! to pick ) at activity to engage in next, or get! to c oo!e ) at yo$Dre aving "or !$pper% '0. (earrange t#e f rn$t re $n a room. /tD! ama4ing o) m$c a room can be re"re! ed L$!t by moving t e "$rnit$re aro$nd to a ne) po!ition% &ry moving t e co$c to a di""erent )all, t en moving t e entertainment center el!e) ere% &ake yo$r bed and t$rn it ninety degree!, t en moving t e dre!!er! to matc t e ne) con"ig$ration% /tDll re"re! t e look o" t e room and give yo$ a good )orko$t to boot% '1. (ea/ an enterta$n$ng boo2. =ook aro$nd yo$r o$!e "or a "$n book to read, per ap! !omet ing loaned to yo$ by a "riend or !omet ing yo$ received a! a gi"t, and c$rl $p and let yo$r!el" be !$cked into t e !tory% /Dm a !$cker "or Step en 5ing novel! E / can L$!t pick $p any one and 1$ickly be !$cked !traig t into t e plot "or a "$n a"ternoonD! read% '2. 0 $l/ a g$ant blan2et fort. /" yo$ ave kid!, t ere are "e) t ing! more "$n t an an a"ternoon !pent b$ilding and playing in a gigantic "ort in t e living room% @!e c air!, blanket!, and table! to make an enormo$! idden !tr$ct$re, t en ide in t ere and play game! and read book!% /" t eyDre a bit older, b$ild t)o "ort! 'on oppo!ite !ide! o" t e room( and ave W"ort )ar!X E to!! !mall beanbag! and pillo)! back and "ort % Go co!t, b$t an a"ternoon t atD! a ton o" "$n% '). Call a fam$ly member or a fr$en/ yo #aven7t s%o2en to $n a w#$le. Got only doe! it provide yo$ a c ance to catc $p and "irm $p a relation! ip )it anot er per!on ) o i! important to yo$, it can al!o be a very entertaining and enLoyable )ay to !pend an o$r or t)o% ''. Start a nat ral "olle"t$on or an observat$on noteboo2. /n ot er )ord!, !pend !ome time in nat$re collecting item! o" intere!t 'like partic$lar rock!( or


ob!ervation! o" t ing!% .er ap! yo$Dll )ant to look "or bird!, or maybe yo$r pa!!ion i! rock! or "eat er!% 3 atever it i!, get yo$r iking boot! on, get o$t t ere, and !ee ) at yo$ can "ind% HereD! !ome advice on o) to get !tarted% '5. Start a "om%ost b$n. All yo$ need i! a barrel or a large b$cket 'or, i" yo$ live in t e co$ntry, !ome open !pace(% /n t at b$cket, L$!t keep vegetable )a!te, co""ee gro$nd!, and egg! ell!% ,n occa!ion, !coop in a bit o" dirt "rom t e gro$nd% Move t e content! aro$nd reg$larly and keep it a bit moi!t% ,ver time, t e compo!t )ill t$rn almo!t black% At t at point, yo$ can let it dry o$t and ave per"ectly nat$ral "ertili4er "or yo$r la)n or garden% '=. Have a yar/ sale. A yard !ale i! a very l$crative )ay to !pend a money-"ree )eekend% Got only doe! it provide yo$ an exc$!e "or cleaning o$t $n)anted !t$"" "rom yo$r ome, it can al!o bring in a nice little )ad o" money a! )ell, pl$! give yo$ a )eekendD! )ort o" entertainment and activity% & i! i! really a great )ay to !pend a money-"ree )eekend% 'E. -earn a fore$gn lang age. 2o$bt t i! can be "ree* & ere are a lot o" )ay! to learn a "oreign lang$age online, "rom podca!t! t at teac lang$age !kill! to ;o$&$be video! and many ot er "ree lang$age learning opport$nitie!% Searc aro$nd "or re!o$rce! "or any lang$age t at yo$ mig t )ant to learn E yo$Dll "ind ton! o" material! to elp yo$% 'F. *ee%-"lean t#e room $n yo r #o se yo s%en/ t#e most t$me $n. ,ne great a"ternoon proLect t at )ill provide ae!t etic val$e "or year! i! deep cleaning a !ingle room in yo$r o$!e, ideally t e room yo$Dre in mo!t o"ten% Hetting t at room pri!tine )ill !$btly add to yo$r enLoyment o" t at room "or 1$ite a ) ile% & i! mean! going t e "$ll nine yard! E moving everyt ing o$t, !cr$bbing t e )all!, t oro$g ly cleaning t e "loor, cleaning all o" t e item! in it, and !o "ort % 3 en yo$Dre done, t e room )ill "eel "re! and ne) in a very !$btle )ay% 'H. Ma2e some #omema/e greet$ngGb$rt#/ayGC#r$stmas "ar/s. All yo$ really need "or t i! i! !ome card !tock or !ome c eap blank card! "rom yo$r local dollar !tore, pl$! !ome p otograp ! 'or a de!ktop printer(% ;o$ mig t al!o )ant to ave !ome ot er creative printed material! on and E / like to keep old Ge) ;orker cover! "or p$rpo!e! like t e!e% J$!t $!e pict$re! and ot er element! to create $ni1$e greeting and oliday card!, t en !ave t em "or t e appropriate occa!ion% Here are !ome tip! on ) at to )rite on t e in!ide% 50. Ta2e a na%. Serio$!ly% Mo!t people do not get ade1$ate !leep d$ring t e )eek% 3 y not L$!t kick back and take a !noo4e "or an o$r or t)o% /tD! t e $ltimate "ree energy re"re! ing tec ni1$e% 51. Get t#$ngs /one. Almo!t everyone a! a long li!t o" t ing! to do W) en t ey ave time%X @!e t e "act t at yo$Dre intentionally !pending a money-"ree )eekend to in "act get !ome o" t o!e t ing! done% Clean $p t e o$!e% 2$!t t e "ront room% 6ix t at old toa!ter% Ho t ro$g t e !t$"" on t e garage lo"t% At t e end o" t e


)eekend, yo$Dll ave accompli! ed !omet ing $!e"$l, pl$! yo$r )allet )ill be "$lly intact% 52. *$g % yo r fam$ly tree. &ake a peek at genealogy%com and !ee ) at yo$ can "ind o$t abo$t yo$r ance!tor!% &ry to a!!emble a "amily tree, and !ee i" yo$ can link to any di!tant co$!in! or long-lo!t "amily member!% 2oing t i! can give yo$ a m$c clearer pict$re o" yo$r eritage and elp yo$ get in to$c )it yo$r "amily root!% 5). S$t /own w$t# yo r %artner for an afternoon an/ tal2 abo t yo r goals. Spending !ome time )it yo$r partner di!c$!!ing goal! can go a long )ay to)ard! getting yo$ bot on t e !ame page in yo$r relation! ip% 6ind o$t ) at yo$r partner )ant! o$t o" li"e and ) at yo$ can do to !$pport it, t en ! are yo$r o)n de!ire!% 6ind area! ) ere yo$Dre )orking in concert to)ard! !omet ing bigger% 2oing t i! can only lead to more clarity in yo$r relation! ip% Here are !ome tip! "or getting !tarted% 5'. @lay Calv$nball. ;o$ need a ball 'or a "e) ball!( and !ome n$mber o" c ildren and !ome open !pace% J$!t kick t e ball aro$nd 'or t ro) it( and make $p r$le! a! yo$ go along% 3it t ree or more kid!, a game o" Calvinball can go on "or a good o$r )it everyone aving a good time% 55. *o some % KKles. / enLoy doing bot !$dok$ p$44le! and cro!!)ord p$44le!% ;o$ can "ind a $ge n$mber o" t e!e p$44le! online "or "ree% & eyDre a great )ay to !tretc yo$r mind a bit at t e kitc en table "or a al" an o$r or !o, !olving a problem )it L$!t yo$r intellect% 5=. Dol nteer yo r t$me. & ere are co$ntle!! vol$nteer proLect! o$t t ere t at need not ing more t an yo$r time% A Sat$rday !pent )orking "or a vol$nteer ca$!e i! a Sat$rday )ell !pent E it give! yo$ a "$ll day !pent making a po!itive contrib$tion to !ociety, )orking yo$r body and yo$r mind "or t e bene"it o" ot er!, and leaving yo$ at t e end o" t e day kno)ing yo$ $!ed yo$r gi"t! to provide "or ot er!% 5E. T rn on t#e water s%r$n2ler. & i! i! anot er great one "or "amily "$n )it kid!% J$!t r$n o$t a o!e in t e backyard, attac a !prinkler to t e end, and t$rn it on, Letting t e )ater $p in t e air% & en r$n aro$nd in t e )ater% =ot! o" "$n "or t e kid! E and it can be a ton o" "$n "or t e parent!, too, i" t ey r$n t ro$g t e !prinkler!% 5F. Try a bas$" me/$tat$on te"#n$I e. Meditation i! a !pectac$lar )ay to p$! !tre!! o$t o" yo$r li"e and calm yo$r!el"% 5no)ing o) to meditate e""ectively and doing it reg$larly can be a maLor part o" yo$r !tre!! management, and it co!t! not ing% HereD! a )onder"$l ba!ic meditation tec ni1$e to get yo$ !tarted E t ere are co$ntle!! ot er! o$t t ere% &ry a "e) and !ee ) ic one! )ork )ell "or yo$% 5H. Get $nvolve/ $n an o%en so r"e %rogramm$ng %ro;e"t. /" yo$Dre a comp$ter programmer, t ere are "e) more intellect$ally !tim$lating )ay! to get involved in


yo$r pa!!ion t an to be involved in an open !o$rce programming proLect% ,ne role t at almo!t every proLect can $!e i! a per!on t at i! )illing to "ix m$ndane and boring b$g! E "inding t at one line o" code t atD! ca$!ing a minor i!!$e and "ixing it% =ook "or a proLect t atD! compelling "or yo$ and dig in% =0. Tea"# yo rself a "ar/ tr$"2. & ere are many card trick! o$t t ere t at rely on kno)ing a !peci"ic pattern, !ome ba!ic !leig t o" and, or !ome combination o" t e t)o% =earning a clever one and ma!tering o) itD! done can be a great )ay to !pend an a"ternoon, e!pecially !ince t e !kill can be $!ed again and again a! a party trick% HereD! a great one to learn E itD! really clever and can $tterly ba""le people% =1. ?tten/ a rel$g$o s serv$"e. Even i" yo$Dre not a believer, attending a religio$! !ervice can be a )ort ) ile ed$cational experience% / really enLoy attending !ervice! o" di""erent "ait !, a! t e varietie! o" religio$! experience are 1$ite "a!cinating and incredibly in!ig t"$l% .l$!, mo!t religio$! !ervice! E i" yo$ pay care"$l attention E o""er a ton o" intellect$al "ood "or t o$g t no matter ) at yo$r belie"! are% A religio$! !ervice i! al)ay! a )ort ) ile experience% =2. Start a wor2o t ro t$ne. Mo!t ba!ic exerci!e! E p$! -$p!, !it-$p!, Logging, and !o "ort E re1$ire no extra e1$ipment at all% Spend !ome time doing re!earc into "itne!! and "ig$ring o$t a ba!ic )orko$t ro$tine t at )ill )ork "or yo$, t en do t e ba!ic W!tre!! te!t!X yo$Dll need to do to "ig$re o$t ) ere yo$Dre at% 6or example, t e one $ndred p$! $p! ro$tine i! very $!e"$l, b$t yo$ need to co$ple it )it ot er exerci!e!, !$c a! leg li"t!, prone li"t!, and Logging% ;o$ can al!o try o$t t eli"etime "itne!! ladder "or a more diver!e )orko$t ro$tine% =). (ea/ a SgreatT boo2. By t i!, / mean a book t at gen$inely c allenge! bot yo$r belie"! and idea! a! )ell a! yo$r lang$age !kill!% <eading a great book i! al)ay! a good mental )orko$t% / recommend trying o$t any o" t e .$lit4er .ri4e )inning novel! or any e!!ential )ork o" p ilo!op y to get !tarted% &ry itting t e library and c ecking o$t A Hi!tory o" 3e!tern . ilo!op y by Bertrand <$!!ell, & e Exec$tionerD! Song by Gorman Mailer, Sop ieD! C oice by 3illiam Styron, or/nvi!ible Man by <alp Elli!on E all o" ) ic deeply c allenged and moved me% & e!e book! are deep, c allenging reading E read t em !lo)ly and yo$Dll gro) a! a per!on% ='. Go sw$mm$ng. Almo!t every to)n a! a comm$nity !)imming pool or !ome !ort o" area ) ere t e p$blic can !)im E lacking t at, go to a !tate park )it a p$blic !)imming area% S)imming i! )onder"$lly invigorating and o"ten make! me "eel very peace"$l E be!t o" all, itD! !omet ing yo$ can do "or "ree% =5. Get $nvolve/ w$t# % bl$" a""ess telev$s$on. /" yo$Dve ever )ondered ) at goe! into t e proce!! o" prod$cing a televi!ion ! o), mo!t comm$nitie! o""er t e re!o$rce! "or yo$ to do L$!t t at% Stop by yo$r local p$blic acce!! !tation and !ee ) at opport$nitie! are available t ere% ;o$ can $!$ally get involved "or "ree in an ongoing program a! an extra and and learn a great deal abo$t t e ) ole proce!!%


==. 0low b bbles. J$!t mix one part li1$id di! detergent )it +? part! )ater E one 1$ick )ay to do t i! i! to L$!t mix +RB c$p detergent )it 3 3RB c$p! o" )ater% @!e "iltered and "airly !o"t )ater i" yo$ can% & en, take a )ire coat anger, bend and t)i!t it into a !mall loop or t)o, and yo$Dre ready to go% Anot er idea E take tin can! or co""ee can!, remove t e top and bottom, and ammer do)n any ! arp metal edge!, t en dip t e end in t e !ol$tion and )ave it in t e air% Blo)ing b$bble! )ork! even better i" yo$ ave !mall c ildren ) o love to c a!e t em or are L$!t learning to blo) t em% =E. Start a ;o rnal. A Lo$rnal can be a po)er"$l )ay to recall t e event! t at appened in yo$r li"e previo$!ly% Hetting in t e abit o" )riting t e event! o" t e day do)n at t e end o" eac day i! a great )ay to remember t e !peci"ic!, pl$! )riting entrie! on ) at yo$Dre t inking abo$t no) can be t e ba!i! o" po)er"$l memorie! and re"lection! in t e "$t$re% .l$!, it can o"ten be a relea!e "rom t e ten!ion! o" t e day% All o" t at "or L$!t a pen and an old notebook E a great "ree )ay to !pend !ome time% =F. Wr$te a letter to yo r f t re "#$l/ren or gran/"#$l/ren. All o" $! ave !ome advice or !ome !torie! in!ide o" $! t at )e )ant to !omeday ! are )it o$r c ildren, grandc ildren, or ot er loved one!% &ake !ome time to )rite t e!e t ing! do)n )it t e intent o" giving t em to t at per!on !ome day% /n t e event t at yo$ pa!! on, yo$ can be !$re t at t eyDll !till receive t e t ing! yo$ )ant to tell t em% & i! can be a very po)er"$l )ay to con!ider yo$r "eeling! and memorie! a! yo$ "ormat t em in a )ay t at t ey can be ! ared )it t e one! yo$ care abo$t t e mo!t% =H. Ma2e C#r$stmas g$fts $n a/van"e. /" yo$ kno) already t at !ome people )ill be on yo$r C ri!tma! li!t, ) y not !pend !ome time no) making t em intere!ting gi"t! and !aving yo$r!el" !ome money over t e long a$l* Make t em !ome omemade !oap, !ome omemade ot c ocolate mix, and maybe a bottle o" omemade beer a! a gi"t% .repare all o" t e!e item!, t en go a ead and box and )rap t em, !ince t eyDll !tay good "or mont !% Got only i! t e gi"t le!! expen!ive t an ) at yo$Dd !pend at yo$r local department !tore, itD! al!o more t o$g t"$l, and itDll !ave yo$ time d$ring t e arried C ri!tma! !ea!on% E0. Go S"o %on s"aveng$ng.T /" yo$ get t e S$nday paper, !cavenge t e co$pon! o$t o" it, !ee i" t ere are any "or prod$ct! yo$ normally b$y, and c $ck t e re!t% /" yo$ "ind !everal co$pon!, t en it mig t be )ort ) ile to !cavenge% Stop by any "riend! or neig bor! ) o al!o get t e paper and a!k i" yo$ can ave t eir "lyer! ) en t eyDre done )it t em, t en clean o$t t e co$pon! in t o!e, too% 6or example, i" yo$ b$y AC 6$!ion a! t e de"a$lt "r$it L$ice "or yo$r kid! 'itD! "ar ealt ier t an almo!t anyt ing el!e like it yo$ co$ld give t em( and yo$ !py a Q+ o"" co$pon "or a bottle, every co$pon yo$ !cavenge i! like "inding a dollar bill, and it co!t! yo$ not ing%


E1. @$"2 % a m s$"al $nstr ment an/ learn $t. ;e!, yo$ can "ind an in!tr$ment "or "ree and learn o) to play it "or "ree a! )ell% J$!t it Craig!li!t and 6reecycle looking "or "reebie!, t en $tili4e ;o$&$be and ot er re!o$rce! "or t$torial!% HereD! adetailed g$ide to learning an in!tr$ment "or "ree% 3it a bit o" diligence and e""ort, yo$ can go "rom not ing at all to being able to play an intere!ting !ong on yo$r o)n in!tr$ment "or no co!t% E2. @lan ne!t year7s s mmer va"at$on. 6ig$re o$t ) at yo$ )ant to do in general, t en $!e t e internet to "ind !peci"ic! on t e area% 2o !ome detailed compari!on ! opping "or travel and even !et $p alert! "or c eap ticket!% Hat er $p all o" t i! re!earc , t en ave a "amily meeting abo$t t e trip% Got only )ill t i! !ave yo$ a ton o" money, it can act$ally be a lot o" "$n re!earc ing a potential trip and t inking o" t e enLoyment yo$ mig t get "rom it% E). Hone all of yo r 2$t"#en 2n$ves. / act$ally con!ider t i! to be a lot o" "$n, !o / do it on a very reg$lar ba!i!% /" yo$ donDt, itD! an even better idea beca$!e yo$r kni"e blade! are likely in very bad ! ape% All yo$ need i! a oning !teel E a long piece o" !ome) at ro$g !teel in t e ! ape o" a rod )it a andle on t e end t at probably came )it yo$r kni"e !et% J$!t dra) yo$r kni"e blade! along t i! a "e) time! a! ! o)n in t i! ;o$&$be video% Be"ore yo$ kno) it, yo$Dll ave m$c more $!e"$l knive! "or yo$r next kitc en experiment% E'. @$"2 % 8an/ rea/9 a "o%y of t#e town7s free news%a%er. Many citie! ave a "ree ne)!paper t at yo$ can !nag at t e grocery !tore E !ome citie! ave 1$ite a "e) o" t em% / love t em E t eyDre "ree reading t at keep! me in"ormed abo$t t e local area and al!o let! me kno) abo$t "ree $pcoming event!% Aro$nd ere, )e ave !everal "ree ne)!paper option! E&oon! and Cityvie) are bot )ell )ort reading% &ry looking in t e "ront lobby o" yo$r local library "or yo$r "ree ne)!paper, or in t e "ront o" yo$r local grocery !tore% E5. @lay w$t# a %et N even one not yo r own. An o$r !pent !cratc ing a dogD! belly and playing "etc or "ri!bee )it it i! an o$r )ell !pent, a! can be !ome time !pent c$rled $p petting a cat% Spend !ome 1$ality time )it yo$r pet or )it t e pet o" a neig bor or a "riend E every pet love! attention and a bit o" exerci!e and interaction% E=. Go on a wan/er$ng wal2. J$!t ead o$t yo$r "ront door and go in ) ic ever direction look! t e mo!t intere!ting% A! long a! yo$ ave !ome ba!ic navigational !kill!, yo$ )onDt get lo!t, and yo$ can t$rn aro$nd or backtrack ) enever yo$ get bored or it a dead end% Along t e )ay, ) o kno)! ) at kind o" intere!ting !t$"" yo$ mig t "ind* EE. Hol/ a baby. &o me, t ere are "e) t ing! more enLoyable t an olding a very yo$ng baby% & ey !mell )onder"$l, are $!$ally )arm and !o"t, and o"ten dri"t rig t o"" to !leep in yo$r arm!% / donDt even mind t e crying one!, a! !ome ) i!pering in


t eir ear can $!$ally calm t em do)n% & ereD! not ing better t an !itting all relaxed in a c air )it a !o"t, !)eet-!melling ne)born in yo$r arm!% EF. &!"#ange massages w$t# yo r %artner. A great ma!!age i! incredibly relaxing and enLoyable, b$t t ey can al!o be really expen!ive% /n!tead o" ! elling o$t t e ca! , L$!t !tay at ome and exc ange ma!!age! "or "ree )it yo$r partner% Agree to !pend "i"teen min$te! or a al" an o$r ma!!aging eac ot er deeply and yo$Dll "ind t at yo$Dre bot 1$ite relaxed and appy E and per ap! ready to try ot er "ree and "$n activitie!% EH. Hel% o t an el/erly or /$sable/ fr$en/ or ne$g#bor. & ereD! al)ay! a per!on or t)o in yo$r li"e t at co$ld $!e a elping and, b$t o"ten are too pro$d to a!k% ,ne great )ay to bridge t i! gap i! to L$!t !top in and vi!it and pay attention E i" t ey need !omet ing, yo$Dll $!$ally "ind o$t% & en L$!t vol$nteer to do it and get !tarted on t e ta!k% O$ite o"ten, yo$Dll "ind t at itD! t e !imple t ing! t at really elp E reac ing !omet ing on a ig ! el" or managing a !imple o$!e old ta!k% And t at little e""ort can make all t e di""erence% 6e) t ing! can make yo$ "eel more "$l"illed t an elping !omeone yo$ care abo$t in t eir moment o" need% F0. Start a boo2 "l b N or f$n/ one to ;o$n. /" yo$ like reading and kno) ot er "riend! t at enLoy it, too, con!ider !tarting a book cl$b )it t em ) ere yo$ all read t e !ame book "or a )eek t en meet to talk abo$t it% /t can tran!"orm reading "rom a !olitary activity into a more !ocially oriented one, and )it a library at yo$r di!po!al, it can be a "ree activity a! )ell% F1. @lay a "ar/ game. A deck o" card! and a "e) "riend! i! all yo$ need "or a "$n a"ternoon% Hame! like bridge, cana!ta, pinoc le, pitc , e$c re, eart!, !pade!, and ?88 are not only intellect$ally c allenging, b$t are inten!ely !ocial activitie! a! )ell, dra)ing yo$ o$t to interact )it ot er! aro$nd yo$% & i! i! a per"ect activity "or an a"ternoon )it "riend! and relative! and it co!t! ba!ically not ing at all% F2. Have an Senterta$nment swa%T w$t# a fr$en/. & i! oneD! pretty ea!y% J$!t ave a "riend bring over a pile o" t eir o)n 2A2!, C2!, book!, video game!, etc% t at t ey o)n t at t ey t ink yo$Dd like% 3 en t ey get t ere, ave a big temporary !)ap E !)ap t em an item "or an item% & i! not only )ill re"re! yo$r media collection "or a ) ile, b$t can provide a great opport$nity "or yo$ to talk abo$t yo$r intere!t! )it a "riend% F). Ta2e a "#$l/ to a %laygro n/ N an/ a"t ally %lay w$t# t#e "#$l/. &ake yo$r o)n c ild, or a c ild o" a "amily member or a "riend, to t e local park, b$t in!tead o" L$!t )atc ing t e c ild play, dive in and participate, too% Ho do)n t e !lide% S)ing in t e !)ing!% Climb acro!! t e monkey bar!% Got only )ill t e c ild adore yo$ "or it, yo$Dll "ind t at playing like t at i! !imply ex ilirating E a little ta!te o" c ild ood all over again% F'. &!%lore a blog yo l$2e. /" yo$Dre reading t i!, yo$Dre probably at lea!t a ca!$al reader o" at lea!t one blog% 3 at yo$ mig t ave "orgotten, t o$g , i! t at


mo!t )ort ) ile blog! ave ton! o" $!e"$l and entertaining !t$"" in t eir arc ive!% 2ig deep in t e arc ive! o" one o" yo$r "avorite blog!% ;o$ can !tart )it & e Simple 2ollar by vi!iting t e c ronology E a li!ting o" all o" t e article! ever po!ted ere in c ronological order E and clicking t ro$g to t e one! yo$ "ind intere!ting% Mo!t pop$lar blog! ave a !imilar "eat$re% F5. Wor2 for a %ol$t$"al "am%a$gn. <eally involved in politic!* & ere are a lot o" )ay! yo$ can )ork "or a campaign "rom yo$r o)n ome ) enever yo$ ave t e !pare time 'like d$ring a money "ree )eekend(% ,ne great )ay to do it i! to get involved )it a p one bank E ba!ically, yo$ call $p people to provide in"ormation abo$t yo$r candidate o" c oice% ;o$ can do t i! $!ing t e "ree )eekend min$te! on yo$r cell p one or by $!ing !o"t)are provided by t e campaign% J$!t contact t e campaign yo$Dre intere!ted in elping% F=. Clean o t a "loset. 3eDve all got !pace! in o$r living area! t at acc$m$late L$nk, and itD! o"ten a !mall p!yc ological b$rden E )e dread going in t ere and digging "or !omet ing )e need% 3ell, get rid o" t at b$rden E clean o$t a clo!et in yo$r ome% 6ind o$t all t e !t$"" t atD! in t ere and get rid o" t e $nimportant item!% Got only mig t yo$ "ind !ome intere!ting t ing!, yo$Dll "eel a lot better abo$t yo$r organi4ation ) en yo$Dre done% FE. @lay +r$sbee at t#e %ar2. J$!t get a "riend 'or a pet( and dig t at old "ri!bee o$t o" yo$r clo!et, t en ead o$t to an open "ield and to!! it aro$nd% /tD! a lot o" "$n, a great exc$!e to r$n aro$nd and !tretc and L$mp, and it doe!nDt co!t a dime% FF. Ta2e a long4 soa2$ng bat#. J$!t "ill $p a t$b )it )arm )ater, !trip do)n, get in, and relax% / like to do t i! )it a bottle o" )ine, and /Dve even read a book ) ile doing it% J$!t !tretc o$t and !oak "or a ) ile and yo$r !tre!! )ill melt a)ay E it "eel! "anta!ticF FH. @lay *es2to% Tower *efense X or some ot#er great free onl$ne game. & ere are ton! o" deeply engro!!ing and completely "ree game! to play online E 2e!ktop &o)er 2e"en!e L$!t appen! to be one o" my "avorite!% &ry .eggle "or a very !imple action p$44le game, or any o" t e mo$ntain! o" "ree game! available at ;a ooF Hame!, 5ongregate, and .opCap% H0. D$s$t a magaK$ne room. Mo!t librarie! ave a Wmaga4ine roomX ) ere yo$ can read all o" t e late!t i!!$e! o" many pop$lar ne)!paper! and maga4ine! "or "ree% J$!t grab a "e), !ettle in a com"y c air, and read% 2onDt like t e library environment* ;o$ can $!$ally do t e !ame t ing at mo!t book!tore!% H1. ?tten/ a /ress re#earsal. Many per"ormance gro$p! ave dre!! re ear!al! t at are open to t e p$blic i" yo$ call in advance, partic$larly i" yo$ ave yo$ng c ildren% Hive t e t eater a ring and a!k i" t ere are open dre!! re ear!al! "or a partic$lar ! o) and t en enLoy t e ! o) "or "reeF /tD! a great )ay to give yo$r kid! a ta!te o" t eater )it o$t any co!t%


H2. ?tten/ a free "omm n$ty "lass. Many in!tit$tion! and !tore! o""er "ree cla!!e! on t e )eekend! on all !ort! o" topic!% Stop by a local "ood !tore and catc a "ree cooking cla!!, or a ard)are !tore to learn abo$t a ome repair topic% Hot kid!* &ry !omet ing like t e Home 2epot 5id! 3ork! op, ) ere t ey o""er "ree o)-to clinic! "or kid! age! "ive to t)elve E t e!e can be a lot o" "$n '/Dve !een t em ongoing ) en !topping by a Home 2epot on a Sat$rday morning(% H). *onate some nwante/ t#$ngs to "#ar$ty. /" yo$Dve gone t ro$g yo$r !t$"" b$t donDt )ant to ave a yard !ale, con!ider giving t e !t$"" to c arity% Got only )ill yo$ ave a clean o$!e, yo$Dll ave t e good "eeling o" kno)ing yo$r item! are going to be $!ed by !omeone ) o act$ally need! t em, pl$! yo$Dll ave a pile o" receipt! to $!e "or tax ded$ction! next April% H'. *$s"over new m s$" t#at yo l$2e. 2o)nload la!t%"m% /tD! a program t at allo)! yo$ to enter t e name o" yo$r "avorite m$!ical arti!t and generate! a radio !tation "or yo$ t at play! !ong! !imilar to t at arti!t% & e !ong! are !elected ba!ed on t e enormo$! la!t%"m databa!e, ) ic collect! in"ormation on ) at people li!ten to in i&$ne! and !ort! it in di""erent )ay!, "inding !ong! by ot er arti!t! t at are pop$lar among "an! o" a partic$lar gro$p% Hive it a ) irl E yo$Dll be !$rpri!ed at t e good m$!ic yo$Dll "ind "or "ree% H5. 0 $l/ a "ar/boar/ "astle. & i! i! a great one i" yo$ ave kid!% Stop by an appliance !tore and a!k i" t ey ave any extra appliance boxe! yo$ can get, t en "latten t em and load $p yo$r ve icle% Het ome, t en $!e t em a! piece! in b$ilding a giant cardboard ca!tle in yo$r living room or in yo$r back yard% C$t o$t door! and )indo)!, and attac t em toget er to make room!% & i! can be a great a"ternoon o" "$n "or "reeF H=. *$g an ol/ v$/eo game "onsole o t of t#e "loset an/ %lay some of yo r favor$tes. A lot o" "amilie! ave old video game con!ole! in t e clo!et E an ancient .layStation or S$per Gintendo, long "orgotten abo$t, )it a controller and a "e) game!% 2ig o$t t at old con!ole and ook it $p to a televi!ion, t en relive !ome o" t e memorie! o" t e game! yo$ $!ed to play "or o$r!% / did t i! not too long ago and "o$nd my!el" replaying a good c $nk o" 6inal 6anta!y /[% HE. *o some amate r stargaK$ng. Ho o$t!ide on a clear evening, pre"erably a)ay "rom city lig t!, and look $p at t e !ky% @!e !ome andy !tar map! to kno) ) at yo$Dre looking at% Spread o$t !ome blanket! on t e gro$nd, lay "lat on yo$r back, !tare $p)ard!, and reali4e o) magni"icent t e $niver!e i! aro$nd yo$% HF. Go on a #$2e or a long wal2. Ho to t e local iking or )alking trail! and L$!t take o""% =et yo$r!el" get ab!orbed into nat$re and !imply enLoy t e Lo$rney% Ho at yo$r o)n !peed E t i! i! "or yo$r o)n per!onal enLoyment, a"ter all% HH. Ta2e a stab at wr$t$ng %oetry 8or ot#er forms of "reat$ve wr$t$ng9. & e ba!ic! o" poetry are ea!ier t an yo$ mig t t ink E L$!t try )riting do)n ) atD! on yo$r mind% 3 atever yo$Dre t inking abo$t, L$!t )rite it do)n% & at can provide


t e ba!ic! o" any poem% & en, L$!t read t ro$g t e !t$"" yo$Dve )ritten do)n, c oo!e t e )ord! t at !eem bea$ti"$l to yo$, and a!!emble t em $ntil t e ) ole )ork mean! !omet ing% & i! can be a deeply enlig tening and per!onal experience, act$ally, and one t at really !tir! t e creative L$ice!% 100. Go on a b$2e r$/e. /" yo$Dve got a bicycle and a elmet in yo$r garage or clo!et, yo$ already ave everyt ing yo$ need "or !ome good exerci!e and !ome good "$n% Head o$t!ide and bike a)ay% Almo!t every to)n and every !tate park aro$nd ere a! an exten!ive array o" bike trail!, !o yo$ can almo!t al)ay! "ind !ome) ere ne) and intere!ting to ride, pl$! itDll elp get yo$ into ! ape really 1$ick% ttp>RR)))%t e!impledollar%comRcategoryR30?-)ay!-to-live-c eapR

Ma!ter t e &en Second <$le '0R30?(

/Dve been going to t e !ame barber! op mo!t o" t e time "or t e la!t "i"teen year! or !o% 3e gre) $p in t e !ame area, !o itD! rat er "$n to catc $p )it im on t ing! t at are appening in o$r ometo)n area% HeD! a good barber, !o eD! al!o pretty b$!y% He al!o operate! almo!t entirely on )alkin b$!ine!!, !o ) en yo$ ! o) $p, yo$ get on a li!t and ave to )ait "or abo$t t irty min$te! or !o% 3 en / go t ere to get my air c$t, /Dll o"ten )ander aro$nd t e !mall ! op! nearby E and t ere appen! to be a ! op t at !ell! board game! abo$t "o$r door! do)n% Board gaming i! one o" my bigge!t obbie!, !o /Dll o"ten )alk in t ere to bro)!e t e ! elve!% & atD! ) en / ave to be care"$l% 3 en /Dm in t at !tore, t ereD! a lot o" temptation "or me to pick $p and b$y a ne) board game% /Dll t ink abo$t playing it )it my )i"e and )it my "riend! and recall t e many great experience! )eDve ad aro$nd t e table% /Dll t ink abo$t playing it )it my !on! and my da$g ter in t e "$t$re% /Dll be !orely tempted to L$!t b$y t e game% A"ter all, / can a""ord t e !ticker price% 3 y not L$!t b$y it and make t o!e dream! a reality* T#at l$ne of t#$n2$ng lea/s to a lot of nne"essary s%en/$ng. /t ride! t e emotional )ave o" imp$l!e b$ying rig t to t e concl$!ion, ) ere yo$Dve got an item yo$ bo$g t open in yo$r ome and yo$Dre reali4ing t at maybe b$ying it )a!nDt t e be!t idea% 3it t o!e board game!, "or example, / o"ten reali4e t at )e ave 1$ite a "e) game! t at )e love playing already on o$r ! elve!% My "ir!t line o" de"en!e again!t t e!e type! o" imp$l!ive p$rc a!e! E t e one! ) ere / kno) / co$ld a""ord t e $nnece!!ary item E i! t#e ten se"on/ r le, ) ic /Dve talked abo$t be"ore%


W#enever 57m "ons$/er$ng ma2$ng a % r"#ase of any 2$n/4 5 s$m%ly sto% for ten se"on/s an/ as2 myself w#et#er t#$s $s really a wort#w#$le % r"#ase. 2o / act$ally need t i! item* 2oe! it ca$!e any !ort o" "$l"illment in my li"e t at i!nDt already ac ieved by t e t ing! / c$rrently o)n* Co$ld / not p$t t e co!t o" t i! item to better $!e* / donDt )atc t e clock on t i! or anyt ing E / L$!t do it "or ro$g ly ten !econd! or !o% At t e end o" t o!e ten !econd!, i" /Dm !till convinced t at making t i! p$rc a!e i! t e be!t idea, t en /Dll go a ead and b$y it )it o$t g$ilt or remor!e% Ho)ever, 57ve "ome to f$n/ t#at t#e ten se"on/ r le frees me from ma2$ng a lot of nne"essary % r"#ases. By "acing t e do$bt! / ave abo$t t e p$rc a!e be"ore / make it, / o"ten end $p making t e rig t deci!ion rat er t an a deci!ion t at /Dll regret% *oesn7t t#$s el$m$nate s%ontane$tyB S$re, it doe!% Ho)ever, t e only time / really )ant !pontaneity t at re!$lt! in me !pending money i! ) en /Dm )it ot er people, and ) en /Dm engaging in a !ocial event, / make $p my mind o) m$c /Dm going to !pend on t at event be"ore / go% Spontaneity ) en /Dm by my!el" i! mo!tly L$!t an exc$!e to !pend money on t ing! / donDt really need% /" yo$Dre aving tro$ble keeping control over yo$r imp$l!e !pending, try practicing t e ten !econd r$le% 3 enever yo$Dre tempted, !top "or ten !econd! and a!k yo$r!el" ) et er yo$Dll regret t i! p$rc a!e in t e morning% /" yo$ "ind yo$r!el" p$tting t e item back, yo$Dll end $p "eeling good abo$t yo$r!el" and yo$Dll !till ave t at money in yo$r pocket%

& e &en Second <$le

A "e) time! in t e pa!t, & e Simple 2ollar a! mentioned !ome re"erence to a Wten !econd r$leX or a Wco$nt to ten r$leX )it o$t explaining t i! incredibly po)er"$l tool in detail% /n ! ort, t e Wten !econd r$leX !ay! t at any t$me yo are abo t to s%en/ any money at all4 "o nt to ten slowly an/ s%en/ t#at t$me "ons$/er$ng w#et#er or not yo s#o l/ a"t ally s%en/ t#e money. /tD! 1$ite !imple, i!nDt it* /tD! !omet ing t at anyone can do, b$t itD! !omet ing t at mo!t o" $! never even con!ider doing a! )eDre )riting a c eck or anding item! to t e c ecko$t clerk% W#y /o t#$sB & e point o" p$rc a!e i! t e point o" no ret$rn E it i! t at exact point in ) ic o$r money become! a di!tinct item t at )e may or may not need% /" )e take a "e) !econd! to really look at t at item and a!k o$r!elve! ) et er )e really need it or not, it become! m$c ea!ier to !eparate t e nece!!ary !pending "rom t e $nnece!!ary !pending% / $!e t i! every time / p$rc a!e anyt ing, "rom )riting a c eck "or rent to b$ying ga!oline to b$ying grocerie!% /t make! me really t ink abo$t ) at /Dm !pending and ) at / can do to red$ce t at !pending, t $! increa!ing t e amo$nt o" money /


ave to "ollo) my big dream! in!tead o" reg$larly !pending it on little !t$"" / donDt need% Here are !ome !peci"ic example! to in!pire yo$> Count to ten as youre standing in the checkout line at the grocery store while looking in your cart. 2o yo$ really need t at bag o" cookie! or t at !ix pack o" Sam Adam!* Maybe t eyDre vital com"ort! "or yo$, b$t "or many o" $!, t e!e expen!e! are one! t at are )a!te"$l% Count to ten as youre paying your bills. ;o$Dre t inking abo$t b$ying a ne) car, b$t yo$r old one i!nDt paid o"" yet% 2o yo$ really need t at extra expendit$re eac mont , or i! yo$r c$rrent car good eno$g to la!t "or anot er year or t)o* Count to ten at the clothing store. & i! one get! my )i"e every time% A! ! e ead! o"", credit card in and, to b$y !ome clot e!, / ) i!per in er ear, WCo$nt to ten, oney%X S e !tand! t ere "or a bit looking at ) at ! eD! abo$t to b$y and t en !everal o" t e item! $!$ally "ind t eir )ay back to t e rack% Count to ten at the bookstore. =ook at t e book! and maga4ine! cradled in yo$r arm% Co$ldnDt yo$ L$!t read t em at t e library or c eck t em o$t t ere* 3 at abo$t t e $nread book! at ome* & e ten !econd r$le i! incredibly po)er"$l at elping yo$ to get o"" o" t e con!$meri!t treadmill and get on track )it b$ilding yo$r per!onal !aving!%

& ink Abo$t 3 y ;o$ 3ant Somet ing '30+R30?(

Eac year, my extended "amily $!$ally re1$e!t! t at / make $p a )i! li!t at Ama4on%com to make it ea!ier "or t em "or gi"t-giving p$rc a!e!% / donDt mind doing t i! at all, beca$!e it elp! t em o$t% & e problem )it t i! i! t at 5 str ggle for t#$ngs to % t on my w$s#l$st. / $!$ally ave to !tart t inking abo$t it !everal mont ! in advance to come $p )it a rea!onable and"$l o" item! "or my li!t% /tD! di""ic$lt beca$!e 57ve s%ent a lot of t$me t#$n2$ng abo t t#e reasons t#at 5 want t#$ngs and /Dve reali4ed a"ter a ) ile t at mo!t o" t e rea!on! / ave "or )anting t ing! arenDt really good rea!on! at all% / )o$ld invent $!age !cenario! in my ead t at )erenDt reali!tic% /Dd ave an $nreali!tic belie" abo$t t e 1$ality o" an item% /Dd )ant an $pgrade t at )o$ldnDt really elp me to ac ieve anyt ing ne)% /Dd )ant an entertainment item t at / )o$ldnDt ave eno$g time to properly enLoy, e!pecially con!idering t e entertainment item! / already ad% /Dd be l$red in by ype and not really ave a good rea!on "or )anting t at item at all% T#e s$m%le a"t of t#$n2$ng abo t w#y 5 wante/ t#$ngs #as /rast$"ally "oole/ my /es$res for mater$al t#$ngs. / !imply donDt want t ing! a! m$c a! / once did%


3e all "ind o$r!elve! )anting t ing! at time!, and itD! ea!y to b$ild $p t o!e de!ire! to incredible eig t! in o$r ead% 3 y do t o!e de!ire! gro), t o$g * /" yo$ really $nder!tand t o!e rea!on!, itD! pretty ea!y to knock t e leg! o$t "rom $nder any de!ire% & e ea!ie!t )ay to get !tarted i! to fo" s on one b$g /es$re yo #ave r$g#t now. 3 at i! t e material item yo$ )ant mo!t rig t no)* Somet ing )ill probably pop into yo$r ead a! yo$ read t at !entence% /t mig t be a !martp one or a car or anyt ing el!e% Why do yo$ )ant t at item* Can yo$ explain it in a clear )ay, )it act$al rea!on!* /" yo$ !it t ere "or a min$te )it o$t being able to come $p )it anyt ingP ) y )o$ld yo$ !pend any money on it at all* ;o$r de!ire i! being driven by ype% /" yo$ do come $p )it a rea!on, !tart t inking care"$lly abo$t t at rea!on% 2o yo$ )ant t i! item !imply beca$!e o" peer pre!!$re* /" t atD! t e ca!e, yo$Dll L$!t be enco$raged by yo$r !ocial gro$p to )ant !omet ing el!e tomorro)% /! it beca$!e o" a partic$lar "eat$re o" t at item* Are yo$ !$re yo$ donDt already ave acce!! to t i! "eat$re* /" it !ome o) give! yo$ WbetterX acce!! to t at "eat$re, o) i! it really better* 2o yo$ ave time to act$ally $!e t i! t ing* 6or example, t ere are a lot o" comp$ter game! t at !eem "$n to me, b$t / recogni4e / donDt ave t e time to play t em% Approac yo$r rea!on! )it real 1$e!tion! and donDt get angry or $p!et i" yo$ donDt ave an an!)er to a rea!onable 1$e!tion% /" yo$ donDt ave an an!)er, yo$Dre revealing t at yo$r de!ire "or t i! item i!nDt really b$ilt on anyt ing too important, and i" yo$Dre not )anting it "or any good rea!on, ) y are yo$ )anting it at all* Got aving an an!)er i! a goodt ing, not a t ing to get $p!et abo$t% Start knocking a)ay material de!ire! and yo$Dll "ind it a lot ea!ier to enLoy t e !impler t ing! in li"e and to !top !pending money on t ing! yo$ donDt really need or only )ant "or !illy rea!on!%

<emember & at &ime /! Money '302R30?(

3 at i! an o$r o" yo$r time and energy )ort * /n !imple!t term!, an o$r o" yo$r time i! )ort ) atever yo$Dre paid "or an o$rD! )ort o" )ork at yo$r Lob% A"ter all, yo$Dre repeatedly )illing to !pend yo$r time and energy at t at rate, !o it m$!t be an exc ange rate yo$Dre appy )it % /n "act, t atD! a pretty good metric to apply to t e re!t o" t e time t at yo$ ave% 5f t#ere7s a fr gal$ty ta"t$" t#at "an earn yo a better #o rly rate t#an w#at yo ma2e at wor24 w#y wo l/n7t yo /o $tB HereD! an example o" ) at /Dm talking abo$t% =etD! !ay / can make a batc o" la$ndry detergent in "i"teen min$te! t at, a"ter expen!e!, !ave! me Q0 over t e !tore


brand% Since / need la$ndry detergent, / end $p !aving abo$t Q2B "or every o$r o" my e""ort% Anot er example i! making b$lk meal! in advance% /" a meal co!t! me Q0 to a!!emble, b$t i" / a!!emble "o$r at once, it co!t! me only Q? per meal, re!$lting in t e extra time / !pend a!!embling t em !ave! me Q3% /t mig t take me an extra al" an o$r to do it, b$t itD! an even better deal beca$!e /Dll get t e time back later ) en / ave ea!y-to-prepare meal! in t e "ree4er% ;o$ can make compari!on! like t i! )it almo!t any "r$gal ta!k yo$ take on% /" yo$ "ind t at preparing a grocery li!t !ave! yo$ an average o" Q28 per grocery !tore vi!it E ) ic i! a rea!onable amo$nt "or a )ell-con!idered grocery li!t to !ave yo$ E and it take! B? min$te! to prepare it, t en yo$Dre !aving Q20%09 per o$r !pent a!!embling grocery li!t!% /" yo$ !pend an o$r making yo$r o)n omemade dry !o$p mixe! t at co!t t)o dollar! le!! per mix t an t e one! at t e !tore, b$t yo$ make t)enty o" t em E eno$g "or t e ) ole )inter E yo$Dre !aving QB8 per o$r% T#e t$me yo s%en/ at #ome on fr gal tas2s /$re"tly "onverts $nto money save/. /tD! a direct conver!ion, one )it an o$rly rate yo$ can calc$late i" yo$ keep track o" t e time inve!ted and t e money !aved on t e item% 6or me, / ! oot "or an o$rly rate o" Q+8 to Q+? 'depending on t e ta!k( ) en /Dm doing !omet ing by my!el", or a rate o" Q? i" itD! an activity / can do )it t e kid!% /Dll $!$ally try an activity once and calc$late t e o$rly rate o" my !aving! and i" itD! aro$nd t e Q+8 mark 'or aro$nd t e Q? mark i" / can do it )it t e kid!(, /Dll make !$re to keep it in t e repertoire% 2o t i! calc$lation reg$larly, and yo$Dll al!o "ind yo$r!el" )it a $!e"$l tool "or deciding i" a ne) "r$gal activity i! )ort ) ile eno$g "or yo$% /" yo$Dre L$!t not !aving m$c money "or an o$rD! )ort o" e""ort, t ereD! almo!t a!!$redly a better )ay to !pend t at o$r% ? fr gal tas2 t#at " ts yo r e!%enses by a "erta$n amo nt $s ; st as goo/ as wor2$ng for t#at money E or, arg$ably, better !ince yo$ donDt ave to pay taxe! on t e money yo$ !ave )it "r$gality% Calc$late $p o) m$c yo$ !ave "or a ta!k, compare it to ) at yo$ earn at )ork, and yo$ mig t ave yo$r!el" a ne) appreciation "or "r$gality%

Handle a 3ind"all /ntelligently, &oo '3?9R30?(

;e!terday, )e talked abo$t t e c allenge! o" getting a rai!e% /tD! al)ay! a good t ing to increa!e yo$r income, b$t i" yo$ make poor "inancial deci!ion! )it t at extra income, it will go to )a!te and yo$Dll "ind yo$r!el" rig t back in t e !ame di""ic$lt "inancial boat yo$ )ere in be"ore t e rai!e%


& e !ame p enomenon i! per ap! even more tr$e ) en it come! to a big )ind"all% /" yo$ donDt $!e it )i!ely, yo$Dll 1$ickly "ind yo$r!el" rig t back ) ere yo$ !tarted% 3eDve all eard t e !torie! o" lottery )inner! ) o took a big )ind"all and t en "o$nd t em!elve! bankr$pt in a "e) year!% .eople a!k t em!elve! o) !$c a t ing co$ld po!!ibly appen, b$t it make! !en!e ) en yo$ t ink abo$t $man nat$re% & ink abo$t ) at yo$Dve done ) enever yo$Dve received a )ind"all% & e initial imp$l!e i! to celebrate and to $!e t e money to ind$lge in !omet ing yo$ )o$ldnDt ot er)i!e a""ord% ;o$ )in Q?8 in a ra""le and itD! tempting to go o$t "or dinner% ;o$ get Q+,888 a! an in eritance and it !eem! like a great time to replace t at old televi!ion% /n erit Q+8,888 and itD! !$ddenly time to b$ild a !)imming pool% /Dve kno)n people ) o ave done all o" t o!e t ing!% & e imp$l!e to !pl$rge exi!t! no matter o) big or o) !mall t e )ind"all i!% =etD! look at a di""erent approac , t o$g % A per!on ) o "ind! Q?8 $!e! it to b$y grocerie! in!tead o" going o$t on t e to)n% A "e) )eek! later, t eyDre able to ea!ily make t at in!$rance payment t ey "orgot abo$t )it o$t going into debt "or it and t eyDre able to contin$e t eir "or)ard "inancial progre!!% A per!on ) o "ind! Q+,888 immediately pay! o"" a credit card t at )a! c arging t em 28: intere!t on t e balance% Got aving to make t at payment every mont make! it t at m$c ea!ier to make end! meet an not "all into "$rt er debt% A per!on ) o "ind! Q+8,888 p$t! it in t e bank and in a year or !o b$y! a late model $!ed car by )riting a c eck in!tead o" getting a loan% & ereD! no mont ly payment! "or t at car at all, enabling t at per!on to keep accelerating t ro$g paying o"" t eir ot er debt! and reac ing "inancial independence% A per!on ) o )in! a Q+8 million lottery pay! o"" every debt e or ! e o)e! and p$t! t e re!t into inve!tment!, c oo!ing to live o"" o" t e inve!tment ret$rn! ) ile re-inve!ting 28: o" t o!e ret$rn! a$tomatically% & eir ann$al income i! !ome) ere in t e range o" Q388,888 "or t e re!t o" t eir live! and t ey ave a ma!!ive amo$nt to leave to t eir eir!% B$t ) at abo$t rewarding yo$r!el" a"ter a )ind"all* T#e best rewar/ $s less worry. /" yo$ re)ard yo$r!el" )it !ome big !pontaneo$! re)ard, yo$ donDt do m$c at all to get rid o" t e "inancial concern! in yo$r li"e% @!e t e )ind"all correctly and yo$ c ip a)ay at or even eliminate t e "inancial !tre!!e! t at old yo$ back%

Con!ider All 6orm! o" &ran!portation, /ncl$ding &rain and B$! '3B2R30?(


A "e) mont ! ago, / took a trip to /ndianapoli!% & e "ir!t leg o" t e trip E a "lig t "rom 2e! Moine! to C icago E )a! $nevent"$l, b$t it )a! t e !econd leg t at got intere!ting% / )a! !c ed$led to "ly "rom C icago to /ndianapoli!, b$t my "lig t )a! cancelled, a! )a! t e !$b!e1$ent "lig t% A"ter !ome di!c$!!ion )it t e ticketing agent, t ey e!!entially agreed to re"$nd my ticket, leaving me in C icago% / t en )ent to t e local Hrey o$nd b$! !tation, ca$g t a b$! to /ndianapoli!, read my book on t e )ay, and arrived abo$t "ive o$r! a"ter / le"t t e airport% &otal co!t o" t e trip* Q2?% 3 ile t i! )a!nDt exactly t e mo!t optimal o" trip!, it did leave me t inking abo$t o) / co$ld ave $!ed alternative mean! to plan a trip t at maximi4ed my time and my money% My initial trip planning !imply involved booking a "lig t to /ndianapoli!% / ! opped aro$nd a bit, b$t ) at / didnDt do )a! con!ider t e po!!ibility o" $!ing ot er mean! o" travel "or one o" t e leg! o" t e trip E or per ap! "or t e ) ole trip% /n "act, t#ere are many o%%ort n$t$es to s#ave some /ollars from yo r travel $f yo t#$n2 o ts$/e t#e bo! a b$t. Here are a "e) t ing! to look "or ) en planning travel% -oo2 for "#ea% fl$g#ts t#at /on7t $nvolve layovers. Airline! )ill do all !ort! o" intere!ting t ing! ) en pricing "lig t!% /" yo$ can "ly to C icago "or al" t e co!t o" "lying to, !ay, Mil)a$kee or /ndianapoli!, con!ider L$!t booking t at "lig t and $!ing ot er travel to "ini! yo$r trip% & e !ame goe! "or any citie! )it in a "e) o$r! o" eac ot er, e!pecially t o!e connected by train% Use a "$ty7s metro system to eas$ly "onne"t b s stat$ons4 tra$n stat$ons4 an/ 8$n large "$t$es9 m lt$%le a$r%orts. 6or example, i" yo$ can "ind a very c eap "lig t to C icago Mid)ay, look into $!ing t e metro !y!tem to get over to ,DHare "or anot er "lig t% / )a! able to connect a b$! !tation to t e airport by $!ing C icagoD! metro !y!tem "or L$!t a "e) b$ck!% 0e fle!$ble. & i! really )ork! be!t i" yo$Dre traveling in a "lexible "a! ion% @nle!! a trip i! going to be a long one, / $!$ally try to travel )it L$!t a carry-on, ) ic make! it ea!y to L$mp "rom tran!port to tran!port% Set a val e for yo r t$me. /t can be ea!y to "ind a c eap travel plan, b$t o"ten t at c eap plan c e)! $p a lot o" o$r!% 3 at i! yo$r travel time act$ally )ort * 6or example, are yo$ )illing to add an o$r o" travel time to !ave Q+?* Ho) abo$t Q28* /t all depend! on ) at yo$ val$e% A little bit o" creativity )it travel can !ave yo$ a lot o" money i" yo$ plan a ead and t ink o$t!ide t e box ) en it come! to travel option!%

Sc ed$le <eg$lar Bill! &o Be .aid A$tomatically '339R30?(


A! / mentioned ye!terday, one o" t e big advantage! o" online bill pay i! t at yo$ can !c ed$le payment! on many o" yo$r bill! in advance !o t at yo$ donDt ave to )orry abo$t paying t em on time% ,nline bill pay L$!t "ire! t em o"" "or yo$ at t e correct time% ," co$r!e, t at really only )ork! i" yo$ kno) t e amo$nt o" t e bill in advance% /t )ork! great "or mortgage payment! or car payment! or in!$rance payment!, b$t "or many o" $!, o$r cell p one bill and electric bill and ot er bill! vary a little 'or a lot( "rom mont to mont % 6or t o!e bill!, yo$ canDt L$!t type in an amo$nt )ell in advance and call it good eno$g % ;o$Dll eit er be dra!tically overpaying or, even )or!e, $nderpaying yo$r bill% & ank"$lly, many companie! ave a very $!e"$l !ol$tion already in place> a$tomatic bill pay% &o p$t it !imply, yo "an a t#or$Ke yo r ele"tr$" "om%any or "ell %#one "om%any to a tomat$"ally w$t#/raw an amo nt eI al to yo r b$ll from yo r "#e"2$ng a""o nt on or near t#e b$ll7s / e /ate. Mo!t !ervice provider! allo) t i!, and itD! an incredibly convenient% 6ir!t o" all, $t saves yo t$me. ;o$ can L$!t glance at a bill ) en yo$ receive it and, i" it !eem! !en!ible, "ile it% Go !tamp!% Go c eck!% Go logging onto online banking% /tD! L$!t paid a$tomatically% Second, $t f rt#er re/ "es t#e "#an"e of any late %ayments% =ate payment! can ca$!e yo$ to o)e late "ee! and can ave a negative impact on yo$r credit report% 3it a$tomated bill!, yo$ canDt be late any more% & e!e t)o bene"it! alone add $p to real !aving!, bot in term! o" time and money% Some people ave expre!!ed concern abo$t $!ing !$c !ervice! and )ondering abo$t identity t e"t% &ypically, t#e only $nformat$on yo %rov$/e w#en yo s$gn % for t#$s serv$"e $s a vo$/e/ "#e"2, and t ey already ave yo$r c eck! "rom yo$r previo$! bill payment% ;o$Dre not providing t em )it any in"ormation t e company doe!nDt already ave, in ot er )ord!% Anot er concern i! t at yo nee/ to ma2e s re yo 2ee% a #ealt#y "#e"2$ng a""o nt balan"e. /" yo$ let yo$r balance get really lo) and t en a bill i! a$tomatically paid "or, yo$ can ea!ily overdra"t% / maintain a minim$m balance in my c ecking acco$nt and treat t at level a! e!!entially being 4eroK i" / get belo), !ay, Q388, / react m$c a! / )o$ld i" t e balance )a! Q8 and / 1$ickly !trive to get more money in t ere% ,verdra"ting i! an $nnece!!ary expen!e "or t e prepared per!on% .er!onally, / $!e bot a$tomatic bill payment t ro$g my online bill pay a! )ell a! a$tomatic payment! t ro$g my !ervice provider to minimi4e my e""ort in paying all o" my bill!%


&ry it yo$r!el" E yo$Dll "ind t at it !ave! yo$ bot money and time t ro$g o$t eac and every mont % & atD! a re)ard )ell )ort !triving "or%

Avoid =ong-&erm Mobile Contract! '329R30?(

Cell p one companie! )ant yo$ to !ign a contract% /tD! L$!t a "act o" li"e ) en picking o$t a cell$lar deal% /t make! a lot o" !en!e "or t e cell p one company% /t lock! in a reven$e !tream "or t em t at per!i!t! "or t)o year! 'and a! a !olid c ance o" being extended beyond t at(% & e only )ay t at !tream can be interr$pted i! i" !omeone pay! an early termination "ee, ) ic can be !i4eable% 6or t em, dangling a p one at a lo) price a! an incentive to !ign a contract i! )ell )ort it% & e problem )it a contract i! t at yo "an7t eas$ly lea% to anot#er %rov$/er $f yo 7re lo"2e/ $nto a "ontra"t. /" anot er provider a! m$c lo)er rate! t an yo$r c$rrent provider, yo$Dre eit er !t$ck )it yo$r c$rrent provider or yo$Dre paying a big "at early termination "ee% & e !ol$tion i! to avoid long-term contract!, b$t contract-"ree cell p one !ervice i!nDt "or everyone% HereD! o) to "ig$re o$t i" itD! rig t "or yo$% & e "ir!t t ing yo$ need to do i! st /y yo r a"t al "ell sage. 3 at do yo$ act$ally $!e yo$r p one "or* Sit do)n )it yo$r la!t "e) bill! and "ig$re o$t o) m$c on average yo$ $!e yo$r cell p one, t en ro$nd $p to t e neare!t +88 min$te!% & e lo)er yo$r n$mber i!, t e better o"" yo$Dll be )it a no-contract !ervice% Al!o, /o yo se /ata serv$"es or te!t messages on yo r %lanB /" yo$r $!e o" t e!e i! minimal, t en a non-contract plan mig t be better "or yo$% A per"ect example o" !omeone ) o ! o$ld avoid a long-term contract i! my parent!% My parent! !end !ome) ere in t e ballpark o" 28 me!!age! a mont and $!e per ap! 288 min$te! o" call! per mont % & ey are per"ect candidate! "or a pay-a!-yo$-go cell p one plan% & e "ir!t !tep t ey ! o$ld take i! s#o%%$ng aro n/ w$t# %ay-as-yo -go %rov$/ers. 3 at doe! it co!t "or a mont o" t eir $!age )it Boo!t Mobile ') ic i! act$ally Sprint( or Airgin Mobile* 3 at abo$t &rac"one or ot er pay-a!-yo$-go provider!* /" t e!e provider! can o""er a lo)er co!t-per-mont , t en itD! a no-brainer to !)itc to t em% Got only are t ey !aving money eac mont , t ey ave t e "reedom to go el!e) ere ) enver t ereD! an even better o""er )it anot er provider% &ven $f t#e %r$"es are ro g#ly eI $valent4 yo 7re better off w$t#o t t#e "ontra"t !imply beca$!e t ereD! no termination "ee! and t ereD! t e "reedom needed to !)itc el!e) ere i" t ereD! a better bargain%


.ay-a!-yo$-go i!nDt "or everyone% @!e .re paid plan! % ;o$ need to really $nder!tand ) at yo$Dre act$ally $!ing 'i" yo$Dre a ne) cell $!er, !tarting )it paya!-yo$-go i! a good )ay to !tart(, b$t i" yo$r $!age i! lo), avoid t o!e long-term contract! and yo$Dll )ind $p money a ead%

Eliminate Any Mont ly Service! ;o$ 2onDt @!e '32+R30?(

3 en )e "ir!t ran into o$r "inancial )all, t e "ir!t action / took )a! to ead to t e library and c eck o$t a pile o" book! on per!onal "inance% / bro$g t ome at lea!t a do4en book! and / !tarted reading t em rapidly and taking note!% ,ne t eme t at popped $p over and over again )a! c$tting co!t!% At "ir!t, / didnDt really kno) o) to approac t i! idea, !o one S$nday a"ternoon, Sara and / )ent t ro$g all o" o$r mont ly bill! and credit card !tatement!% 3e decided to ig lig t everyt ing )e "o$nd t at )a! not an ab!ol$te nece!!ity% So, )e ignored t ing! like energy bill!, rent, grocerie!, car payment!, and in!$rance, and )e ig lig ted everyt ing el!e% & i! le"t $! )it a big pile o" ig lig ted item! t at )e !tarted !i"ting t ro$g !lo)ly% A"ter a little ) ile, )e !imply began a!king o$r!elve! a !imple 1$e!tion abo$t eac item% 2id )e act$ally $!e t i! very m$c at all* /" )e did, did )e $!e it eno$g to )arrant t e co!t* 3e !tarted going t ro$g all o" o$r reg$lar bill! )it t i! "ilter and )e )ere pretty ! ocked )it t e re!$lt!% &ake Get"lix, "or example% At t at time, Get"lix adnDt yet introd$ced t eir !treaming !ervice, !o o$r !$b!cription co!t $! abo$t Q28 a mont and allo)ed $! to ave t ree 2A2! at ome at any given time% Ho) many o$r! did )e !pend eac mont )atc ing t e!e di!c!* According to o$r mat , )e averaged abo$t !ix o$r! a mont o" Get"lix di!c vie)ing E in ot er )ord!, abo$t t ree movie!% 3e )ere e!!entially paying Q9 per movie rental "or t e !ervice% 3e co$ld literally )alk do)n t e !treet to a video rental place and rent a movie "or Q+ at o$r convenience% 3e cancelled t at !ervice% 3 at abo$t o$r premi$m cable c annel!* 3e paid Q+? a mont to get a !mall package o" premi$m c annel! along )it o$r cable !$b!cription% Ho) m$c did )e )atc t em* 3e reali4ed t at )e )atc ed o$r non-premi$m c annel! va!tly more t an t e premi$m one!% 3e cancelled t at !ervice% ,ver time, )e )orked t ro$g many o" t e !ervice! )e ad and decided ) et er or not to c$t t em% 3e eliminated a gym member! ip% 3e do)n!i4ed o$r text me!!aging plan% 3e eliminated a video game rental plan%


3 y did )e make t e!e c ange!* 6ir!t, a mont#ly b$ll $s %a$nf l. /t mean! t at every !ingle mont , like clock)ork, yo$Dre going to ave to !pend !ome o" yo$r ard-earned do$g % /t i! a con!tant drain% Second, we weren7t gett$ng a/eI ate val e from t#e serv$"es we were gett$ng. Simply p$t, i" yo$Dre not $!ing $p yo$r alloted re!o$rce!, yo$ ! o$ld do)n!i4e% /" yo$Dre !pending more t an a dollar an o$r "or entertainment, it need! to be !omet ing exceptional, and i" itD! not, yo$ ! o$ld do)n!i4e% /" yo$Dre looking to c$t back, !tart )it yo$r mont ly bill!% =ook at everyt ing t at re1$ire! a mont ly or 1$arterly payment and a!k yo$r!el" ) at can be trimmed% & ereD! no better place to !tart%

Have <eg$lar &alk! Abo$t ;o$r 6inancial Sit$ation '2C8R30?(

& ereD! an intere!ting p enomenon t at appen! in a marriage% A"ter a ) ile, yo$ become !o acc$!tomed to t e per!on yo$Dre )it t at yo$ o"ten t ink yo$ completely kno) ) at t eir de!ire! and goal! are and ) ere t ey )ant to be eading in t e "$t$re% & at kind o" complacency can be com"orting% ;o$ can "eel a! t o$g yo$ ave a rock to rely on% Ho)ever, %eo%le "#ange% /tD! $!$ally not a !$dden c ange% /tD! $!$ally a very grad$al and !$btle one, a c ange t at i!nDt apparent $nle!! yo$ compare !omeone over a !pan o" year!% /" yo$Dre not care"$l, one morning yo$ )ake $p to "ind a per!on t at yo$ barely kno) next to yo$% & e !ol$tion to t at problem i! to #ave reg lar tal2s abo t everyt#$ng $n yo r marr$age N an/ f$nan"es are one $m%ortant %art of t#at. Sara and / try to ave a di!c$!!ion abo$t o$r "inance! at lea!t once a mont % 3e look at ) ere )eDre at "inancially% 3e go over any "inancial Wmi!take!X t at )e may ave made in t e previo$! mont % 3e talk abo$t large $pcoming expen!e!, too% .er ap! mo!t importantly, )e talk abo$t o$r goal! and o$r vi!ion "or t e "$t$re% 3 ere do )e )ant to be "ive year! do)n t e line* T#at %$"t re /oes not stay "onstant. /t c ange! over time, L$!t like Sara and / c ange over time% & e t ing! )e eac )ant "or t e "$t$re are di""erent t an t e t ing! )e )anted "ive or ten year! ago% Mo!tly, t e di""erence! are !mall, b$t taken a! a ) ole, t ey point to a m$c di""erent pict$re t an be"ore% /" / )ere to a!!$me Sara D! dream! "or t e "$t$re )ere t e !ame a! t ey )ere "ive year! ago and kept )orking to)ard t o!e goal!, )eDd "ind o$r!elve! in a di!appointing place be"ore too long% 3eDd be "r$!trated beca$!e )e ad been )orking to)ard !omet ing t at )a! no longer )anted% 3eDd al!o be "r$!trated by


t e "act t at t ere )a! a lack o" $nder!tanding bet)een $!% 2id / no longer kno) t e )oman / ! ared my li"e )it * & e!e t ing! can be deva!tating to a marriage over t e long term% & ey "orm a !teady ero!ion o" tr$!t and o" t e connection bet)een t)o people% & e !ol$tion i! to talk abo$t it% &alk abo$t yo$r money% &alk abo$t yo$r "$t$re% &alk abo$t t e dream! yo$ ave% &alk abo$t t em reg$larly !o yo$r relation! ip i! not expo!ed to per!onal dri"t% & ereD! no better )ay to !im$ltaneo$!ly en!$re t at yo$Dre making t e rig t "inancial c oice! "or t e "$t$re ) ile al!o ! oring $p t e !trengt o" yo$r relation! ip% / con!ider o$r conver!ation! along t e!e line! to be t e mo!t val$able "inancial move t at Sara and / make%

2onDt Spend to /mpre!! '20?R30?(

A"ter m$c recent talk abo$t in!$rance, )eDre going to ! i"t gear! a little bit in o$r W30?\ !erie! and talk abo$t relation! ip!% 3e all need $man relation! ip! in o$r live!, ) et er t eyDre clo!e "riend! ip!, romantic relation! ip!, or pro"e!!ional a!!ociation!% <elation! ip! are a big part o" t e !pice o" li"e% @n"ort$nately, relation! ip! can al!o be expen!ive, partic$larly romantic one!% So, "or t e next !everal entrie!, )eDre going to "oc$! on )ay! to minimi4e t e co!t! o" !tarting and maintaining a ealt y relation! ip% /tD! nat$ral t at, ) en yo$Dre L$!t getting to kno) !omeone, yo$ )ant to impre!! t em% ;o$ )ant t at per!on to t ink ig ly o" yo$ and )ant to !pend more time )it yo$% ,ne convenient )ay to do t at i! to !pend money, eit er t ro$g b$ying t ing! "or t e per!on yo$Dre intere!ted in or !pending exce!!ively on yo$r!el" to appear a""l$ent and de!irable% & e catc i! t at s%en/$ng to $m%ress ot#ers rarely wor2s over t#e long term. /" yo$ do )in over t e per!on, t eyDre going to event$ally "ind t at yo$r !pending i! not !$!tainable% ;o$Dre not 1$ite t e a""l$ent per!on t i! individ$al t o$g t yo$ )ere% /n !ome ca!e!, t at can lead to mi!tr$!t and a breakdo)n o" t e relation! ip% ,n t e ot er and, i" yo$ donDt )in over t e per!on, t e money !imply )ent to )a!te% & e be!t approac i! to w$n %eo%le over w$t# t#e %erson yo are. 2onDt ide t e real yo$ be ind a )all o" money% /n!tead, leave it o$t t ere% Allo) t at per!on to click )it you, not t e t ing! yo$ !pend money on or t e appearance yo$ p$t $p% /" yo$Dre even t inking o" !pending a dime !olely to impre!! !omeone el!e, a!k yo$r!el" ) at appen! i" yo$ do )in t em over% Are yo$ going to keep


over!pending* ,r are yo$ going to ! o) yo$r!el" to be a di""erent per!on t an yo$ originally ! o)ed t em* Be yo$r!el"% 2onDt )a!te a dime impre!!ing ot er!% /t rarely elp! in t e long r$n%

.ay All o" ;o$r Bill! on &ime '2?9R30?(

/t !eem! like !$c common !en!e, doe!nDt it* ;o$ get a bill in t e mail% /t a! a d$e date on it% ;o$ make !$re to get t e payment in t e mail be"ore t at d$e date% Sometime!, t o$g , itD! not !o ea!y% 3e "orget abo$t it% 3e mi!! a bill beca$!e money i! tig t% 3e lo!e a bill !ome) ere% & e late "ee! it% & e bill gro)!% /" )e donDt pay it 1$ickly, !ome o" t e companie! mig t report $! to t e credit b$rea$!, damaging o$r credit !core% & i! ca$!e! ot er bill! to gro), like 'potentially( o$r in!$rance premi$m!% Mi!!ing a bill co!t! $! money% 5eep mi!!ing t at bill and it )ill co!t a lot more% & ere are "e) t ing! yo$ can do t at )ill elp yo$r "inancial pict$re more t an !imply paying all o" yo$r bill! on time% /t elp! yo$ o$t in !everal di""erent )ay!, "rom avoiding late "ee! to avoiding additional intere!t, "rom avoiding collection agencie! to avoiding ding! to yo$r credit !core% & e be!t co$r!e o" action i! to #ave a stan/ar/ %ro"ess for 2ee%$ng yo r b$lls % to /ate. HereD! o) / do it% Eac day, ) en / get t e mail, / p$t all o" t e non-L$nk mail in one ba!ket% /Dll lea" t ro$g all o" t e mail, to!! t e obvio$! L$nk, p$t a!ide t e maga4ine!, and t en p$t t e remaining envelope! into t e mail ba!ket% ,nce a )eek 'or, at )or!t, once every ot er )eek(, / !it do)n and proce!! everyt ing in t e ba!ket% /" t ereD! a bill in t ere, / pay it rig t t en $!ing online bill pay% /" t ereD! !ome ot er type o" corre!pondence, / deal )it t at, too% & i! !imple proce!! keep! all o" t e bill! paid on time% & ereD! not eno$g o" a !pan bet)een receiving t e bill and paying it "or anyt ing to become late% / generally L$!t donDt )orry abo$t t e d$e date! beca$!e t eyDre never clo!e% & i! !imple ro$tine keep! all o" my bill! $p to date% Go late "ee!% Go credit ding!% Go accr$ed intere!t% W#at $f yo "an7t affor/ to %ay t#em allB /" yo$ "ind t at yo$ canDt pay all o" yo$r reg$lar bill!, yo$r li"e i! giving yo$ a !creaming )arning t at yo$ ! o$ld reeval$ate o) yo$Dre doing t ing!% .


2onDt ,ver!pend on a =a)n Mo)er or ,t er Home Maintenance E1$ipment '2B2R30?(

3 en yo$ "ir!t move into a ome, yo$Dre going to immediately be it )it a lot o" little ome maintenance ta!k! t at need to be andled )it !ome $rgency% & e la)n )ill need mo)ed% & e b$! e! )ill need trimmed% & e )indo)! need cleaned% & e g$tter! )ill need to be cleared o" leave!% A "e) over anging branc e! )ill need to be c$t% /" yo$Dre ob!ervant at all, yo$Dll "ind lot! o" little t ing! t at need yo$r attention a"ter yo$Dre !ettled in% /" yo$Dre moving into a o$!e "or t e "ir!t time "rom an apartment, yo$ likely donDt ave m$c ) en it come! to ome maintenance e1$ipment% Go la)nmo)er% Go ladder% Go edge trimmer!% Go ca$lking g$n% Go lea" blo)er% Go !no)blo)er% <ig t o"" t e bat, yo$Dre it )it a b$nc o" expen!e!% 6ort$nately, it doe!nDt ave to be back-breaking% 3 en yo$ !ee all o" t e!e need! aro$nd yo$r ne) ome, t e "ir!t temptation i! to ead to t e ard)are !tore% & atD! a mi!take t at )ill co!t yo$% ;o$r "ir!t !tep ! o$ld be to "#e"2 Cra$gsl$st an/ lo"al yar/ sales "or $!ed e1$ipment% ;o$ need !omet ing c eap t at )ill get t e Lob done in t e ! ort term% 2onDt )orry abo$t b$ying t e per"ect la)n mo)er rig t no)% J$!t get !omet ing inexpen!ive t at )ill trim yo$r gra!! "or t e moment% ,$r "ir!t la)n mo)er at o$r c$rrent ome )a! a yard !ale p$! mo)er t at )e literally p$! ed ome "rom t e yard !ale t at )a! !everal block! a)ay% & e edge trimmer! )e !till ave "or trimming t e b$! e! aro$nd o$r ome )ere p$rc a!ed at a yard !ale% Even i" t e "ir!t item yo$ o)n t$rn! o$t to only )ork "or a year or !o, t atD! !till time yo$ ave to !ave t e money "or a replacement and properly re!earc it, bot o" ) ic are "inancially in yo$r "avor% Anot er option i! to "#e"2 yo r so"$al networ2. /" yo$ ave "riend! ) o are omeo)ner! nearby, t eyDll o"ten be very appy to lend yo$ ba!ic ome maintenance item! "or a ) ile% /n o$r ca!e, !ome o" o$r "riend! came over "or a day rig t ) en )e moved in and elped $! )it many little ta!k!, "rom $npacking and moving t ing! aro$nd to mo)ing t e yard and trimming t ing! $p% /" yo$ ave !mall need!, as2 yo r ne$g#bors. 6e) t ing! begin to open t e door to a good relation! ip )it yo$r neig bor! like borro)ing !ome edge trimmer! or a !cre)driver ! ortly a"ter yo$ move in% ;o$ may even "ind t at t ey vol$nteer to elp, ) ic mean! yo$Dre )ell on yo$r )ay to b$ilding a good relation! ip )it t em E !omet ing t at )ill be very val$able, indeed%


2onDt L$!t go on a b$ying !pree ) en yo$ move into a ne) ome% &ake yo$r time and $!e !ome !en!e% ;o$ mig t "ind t at yo$ donDt ave to !pend a! m$c money a! yo$ "ir!t t o$g t%

A!k t e Seller to .ay Clo!ing Co!t! and ,t er 6ee! '230R30?(

3 en Sara and / )ere in t e proce!! o" p$rc a!ing o$r c$rrent ome, )e ended $p negotiating "or a price on a o$!e t at ad been on t e market "or a ) ile% 3e )ere able to "ind !ome o$t-o"-date online li!ting! t at ad indicated t at t e price ad dropped pretty con!i!tently over t e co$r!e o" a year, to t e point ) ere it )a! abo$t 28: lo)er t an t e original a!king price% 2$ring o$r negotiation!, it became pretty clear t at t e previo$! o)ner! ad long decided on a minim$m price t at t ey )o$ld !ell t e ome "or% & ey came $p )it a n$mber and pretty m$c )o$ld not b$dge "rom it 'a n$mber t at )a! abo$t 2B: lo)er t an t e original a!king price o" t e ome(% 3e "elt t at t e price ! o$ld go a little lo)er t an t e n$mber t at t ey )anted% Ho$!ing price! in t e neig bor ood ) ere )e )ere looking ad !talled, t ere )ere !everal ot er o$!e! on t e market nearby, and t e o$!e it!el" ad been on t e market "or a ) ile, !o )e )erenDt going to b$dge $p)ard!, eit er% At t at point, a "riend o" o$r "amily made a !$gge!tion% W3 y donDt yo$ !imply a!k t em to pay t e clo!ing co!t!* & at )ay, t ey can !ave "ace and get t e price t ey intended to "or t e ome and yo$Dll pay a little le!!*X & i! !$gge!tion )orked per"ectly% & ey agreed to cover t e clo!ing co!t! in t eir entirety in exc ange "or !ticking )it t eir bottom price% 3e !aved !everal t o$!and dollar!% /n o$r !it$ation, )e )ere able to take advantage o" a!king t e !eller to pay clo!ing co!t! beca$!e t e !eller )a! "ixated on a certain dollar amo$nt "or t e !ale% /n ot er !it$ation!, t e advantage mig t not be a! clear-c$t, b$t it can o"ten !erve a! a negotiating piece t at can lo)er yo$r total co!t by 1$ite a bit% Be!ide! t e "act t at it can !ave yo$ !igni"icant money, a!king t e !eller to pay clo!ing co!t! can #el% w$t# s#ort-term "as# flow. By doing t i!, yo$Dre not paying yo$r clo!ing co!t! )it o$t-o"-pocket money% & at money can be vital d$ring a move ) en yo$Dre doing t ing! like paying "or a moving !ervice or b$ying a "e) ba!ic "$rni! ing!% ," co$r!e, it i! important to remember t at t#$s $sn7t a g arantee/ moneysaver. 6rom t e b$yerD! per!pective, itD! merely lo)ering t e amo$nt t ey get "or t e o$!e% 3 at it doe! do E and it )a! partic$larly evident in o$r !it$ation E i! it allo)! t e !eller to come a)ay )it a !elling price t at t eyDre appier )it % & at a!


p!yc ological val$e "or many people, and t at p!yc ological val$e can keep yo$r money in yo$r pocket i" yo$Dre a b$yer% & e tactic o" a!king t e !eller to pay t e clo!ing co!t! and ot er "ee! )onDt al)ay! !ave yo$ money, b$t $t7s $m%ortant to remember $t as a barga$n$ng "#$%% & e key )it any maLor p$rc a!e like t i! one i! to m$n$m$Ke t#e total amo nt yo 7re %ay$ng. /n many negotiation!, clo!ing co!t! can make t e di""erence in t at "inal total% /" yo$ play yo$r card! rig t, it can make t o$!and! o" dollar! o" di""erence in yo$r "avor%

5no) Exactly 3 at ;o$ Can A""ord Be"ore ;o$ =ook '232R30?(

3 en Sara and / "ir!t ad a !en!e t at )e mig t be intere!ted in b$ying a ome, )e !imply opened $p t e real e!tate li!ting! and !tarted looking% 3e didnDt di!criminate too m$c , b$t )e did "ind o$r!elve! mo!tly looking at more expen!ive ome!% 3e )o$ld )ander t ro$g !ome ig er-end o$!e and imagine room! done $p a! n$r!erie! and ot er room! done $p a! t e bedroom o" a yo$nger boy and )eDd !mile and dream% Event$ally, )e came to reali4e t at o$r da$g ter )a! going to arrive on t e !cene !ooner rat er t an later and )e needed to get !erio$! abo$t t e o$!e $nting% 3e !tarted "ig$ring o$t ) at )e co$ld act$ally a""ord% ,$r back-o"-t e-envelope calc$lation! )ere a bit di! eartening% & en, )e )ent to a lender to get pre-approved "or a loan% & e amo$nt )e got pre-approved "or )a! le!! t an any ome )e ad looked at $p to t at point% We #a/ to "om%letely start over w$t# o r #ome sear"#4 w$t# s$gn$f$"antly rea/; ste/ e!%e"tat$ons. 6or !tarter!, we #a/ waste/ all of t#e v$s$ts we7/ ma/e to #o ses before we went to t#e len/er. All o" t at time, ) en )e t o$g t )e )ere "ig$ring o$t L$!t ) at )e )anted and identi"ying !ome pro!pect!, )a! more or le!! "or na$g t% Gone o" t e ome! )e looked at )ere one! t at )e co$ld act$ally a""ord% Beyond t at, we #a/ to rea/; st o r e!%e"tat$ons4 too. 3 en )e began to look at o$!e! in o$r reali!tic price range, )e co$ldnDt elp b$t notice t e di""erence! bet)een t o!e o$!e! and t e one! )e )ere previo$!ly looking at% /t took $! !ome time to adL$!t o$r expectation! "or t e o$!e )e )o$ld get% /tD! very likely t at )e didnDt give a "air ! ake to !ome o" t e ome! )e looked at a"ter o$r price adL$!tment, !imply beca$!e )e )ere !till comparing t em to t e expen!ive ome!% A m$c better approac )o$ld ave been to 2now w#at we "o l/ affor/ before we even starte/ loo2$ng.


Ho) co$ld )e ave done t at* & e ea!ie!t met od )o$ld ave been to !imply go to a lender or t)o and get %re-a%%rove/ for o r mortgage. & i! )o$ld ave made it clear ) at t e bank )o$ld lend to $!% Beyond t at, "al" lat$ng #ow m "# #o se yo "an really affor/ $s a very w$se move. ;o$ ! o$ld not be inve!ting more t an 2?: o" yo$r !alary eac year into mortgage payment!% Some !o$rce! o""er a ig er percentage a! a g$ideline, b$t / !ee no good rea!on to p$! yo$r l$ck on a maLor p$rc a!ing deci!ion like t i! one% Calc$late yo$r "amilyD! !alary per year, t en divide t at by BC% ;o$Dll !ee o) m$c yo$r mont ly mortgage payment ! o$ld be at mo!t% & en, $!e a mortgage calc$lator to "ig$re o$t ) at mont ly payment! look like "or vario$! amo$nt!, intere!t rate!, and term! !o yo$ get a "eel "or ) at yo$Dll be paying% / !trongly enco$rage !ticking )it "i"teen year mortgage!% /" yo$ !tart yo$r !earc in a reali!tic place, yo$Dre m$c more likely to "ind a property yo$Dll love a! )ell a! ea!ily a""ord% Start o"" in t e )rong place and it co$ld be a very long !earc , indeed%

Con!ider a C eaper .art o" t e Co$ntry '229R30?(

Sara and / ave relative! and "riend! !pread all acro!! t e co$ntry> C icago, Minneapoli!, Seattle, Bo!ton, Ge) ;ork% 3e ave "riend! t at live in citie!, "riend! t at live in t e !$b$rb!, and "riend! t at live o$t in t e co$ntry% ,ne t ing )eDre o"ten ama4ed by i! o) dra!tically di""erent t e price! are "or ome! in t o!e vario$! area!% 3e ave "riend! t at o)n a 2,?88 !1$are "oot ome on do4en! o" acre! ) o paid less "or t eir ome t an anot er "riend ) o o)n! a t)o bedroom ome )it le!! t an +,888 !1$are "eet on a lot t atD! barely bigger t an t eir o$!e% & e di""erence i! t e part o" t e co$ntry t at t eyDre living in% Some area! are dra!tically le!! expen!ive t an ot er! )it o$t really giving $p any o" t e 1$alitie! t at Sara and / val$e% HereD! a !imple example% Ho to yo$r pre"erred )eb!ite "or nation)ide o$!ing price! and !tart comparing o$!e! in San 6ranci!co and 2e! Moine!% ;o$Dll 1$ickly ob!erve t at "or !imilar o$!e!, t e o$!e in San 6ranci!co )ill be t)o and a al" to t ree time! a! expen!ive% =etD! a!!$me yo$Dre "inancially !en!ible and are trying to keep t e total co!t o" yo$r o$!ing $nder 38: o" yo$r total income% & at mean! in order to live in a ome in t e San 6ranci!co area t at compare! to a !imilar ome in t e 2e! Moine! area, yo$Dll ave to earn t)o and a al" to t ree time! a! m$c !alary in order to be able to cover it% & at mean! ig er taxe!, too, !o yo$r proportion o" take- ome pay t at yo$ get to keep a"ter taxe! and o$!ing i! lo)er in San 6ranci!co%


& e compari!on get! even more !tark ) en yo$ !tart incl$ding more r$ral area!% Even aro$nd 2e! Moine!, yo$ can !la! price! by more t an ?8: i" yo$Dre )illing to live in t e r$ral area! o$t!ide o" t e 2e! Moine! metro% & ere are a "e) co$nter-arg$ment! again!t t i! idea, o" co$r!e% 5 want t#e " lt ral a/vantages of t#e more e!%ens$ve area. & atD! certainly a !trong con!ideration provided you actually take advantage of those cultural opportunities on a very regular basis% /" yo$ donDt go o$t every )eekend and yo$ go more or le!! !traig t ome "rom )ork every nig t, t en yo$Dre not taking advantage o" t e c$lt$ral opport$nitie! t at yo$Dre paying "or )it a ig er o$!ing co!t% =ook at yo$r o)n nat$ral be avior and $!e t at to determine i" t i! i! act$ally !omet ing yo$Dre obtaining val$e "rom% My ;ob reI $res t#at 5 l$ve $n t#$s more e!%ens$ve area. Make !$re t at it act$ally doe!% & ere are Lob! o" all kind! all t ro$g o$t t e co$ntry% ;o$ donDt have to live in Silicon Aalley to ave a great tec Lob% ;o$ donDt have to live in 2%C% to ave an important political Lob% ?ll of my fr$en/s an/ fam$ly l$ve #ere. <elation! ip! can be a po)er"$l attac ment to an area, b$t moving a)ay doe!nDt mean t e end o" t o!e relation! ip!% /t al!o open! t e door "or a lot o" ne) one!% 6or a large c $nk o" my li"e, almo!t all o" my "amily and "riend! )ere in a partic$lar area in /llinoi!, t en / moved !everal o$r! a)ay to near t e 2e! Moine! area% / !till ave almo!t every relation! ip / val$ed "rom my /llinoi! day!, pl$! many, many more% /" yo$Dre !tr$ggling to make end! meet in an area and o$!ing co!t! are a big part o" t at problem, !tart examining yo$r option! in ot er area! o" t e co$ntry% Ca!t o$t yo$r Lob !earc net into area! yo$Dve not con!idered be"ore, and be )illing to move i" an opport$nity pre!ent! it!el"%

Sleep More '228R30?(

& e Gational Sleep 6o$ndation !$gge!t! t at t e average ad$lt ! o$ld get 9 to 9 o$r! o" !leep per nig t% 6or a long time, !ix to !ix and a al" o$r! )a! a pretty typical nig t "or me% / )o$ld go to bed at a rea!onable time 'bet)een +8 and ++(, b$t / )o$ld read "or a ) ile and t en /Dm $!$ally a)akened by a c ild aro$nd !ix in t e morning% & e c ild a)akening i! !till ongoing in my li"e, b$t today / try to ave t e lig t! o"" by +8% 3 y* 5 ma2e better /e"$s$ons w#en 57ve #a/ a f ll n$g#t of slee%. 3it o$t t at, / tend to !pend more money% Here are !ome example! o" ) at /Dm talking abo$t%


5f 57m not well-reste/4 57ll f$n/ my /efense me"#an$sms aga$nst $m% ls$ve b y$ng are m "# lower. /Dll b$y a book on t e 5indle, even t o$g / ave !everal book! "rom t e library t at /Dm looking "or)ard to reading% /Dll add !ome $nnece!!ary t ing! to my cart at t e grocery !tore% & e!e t ing! co!t money, and / end $p )it !t$"" t at / donDt need or even really )ant t at badly% 5f 57m not well-reste/4 57m not #$g#ly %ro/ "t$ve w#en wor2$ng. /Dm ea!ily di!tracted and "ind my!el" bro)!ing &)itter or ot er )eb !ite!% /Dll ave di""ic$lty coming $p )it t e )ord! / )ant to $!e% /Dll L$!t !top at a)k)ard point! in my )riting and !tr$ggle to "ind t e next )ord or p ra!e% All o" t i! add! $p to lo) prod$ctivity ) en /Dm !$ppo!ed to be )orking, and t at a! a direct "inancial co!t and an impact on t e val$able time / get to !pend )it my "amily% 5f 57m not well-reste/4 57m %rone to moo/ sw$ngs. / get $p!et and cranky at t ing! t at )o$ld not ot er)i!e bot er me% & i! i! partic$larly tr$e ) en /Dm dealing )it my kid!% 3 en t eyDll do !omet ing t atD! a normal t ing "or a kid to do E get me!!y in a m$d p$ddle, "or in!tance E a )ell-re!ted &rent deal! )it it L$!t "ine% An $nre!ted &rent re!pond! )it crankine!!% & i! impact! pro"e!!ional relation! ip!, per!onal relation! ip!, and 1$ality o" li"e% C$tting back on !leep can o"ten "eel like a convenient ! ortc$t% & ere )ere time! in my li"e, !$c a! my college year!, ) en an all-nig ter )o$ld provide m$c more bene"it t an dra)back% & e problem i! t at /Dm not t at !ame kid ) o co$ld !tay $p all nig t in college and !till do okay on t e C AM "inal% / mig t gain !ome prod$ctivity by p$tting o"" !leep, b$t / lo!e !o m$c prod$ctivity and "oc$! in t e "ollo)ing day or t)o t at it end! $p being a net lo!!% /" / ave !omet ing important to )ork on, /Dm "ar better o"" going to bed, getting a great nig t o" !leep, and tackling it in t e morning% /Dm more "oc$!ed and m$c more able to !olve t e c allenge! at and% Het a good nig tD! !leep every nig t% ,ver t e long r$n, yo$r li"e )ill re)ard yo$ "or it in almo!t every )ay%

Eliminate Smoking and Minimi4e 2rinking '2+9R30?(

3 enever yo$ con!$me !omet ing, it a! some co!t% /n t e immediate !en!e, yo$ ave to pay "or ) at yo$ L$!t con!$med% ;o$ bo$g t t e beverage, yo$ bo$g t t e "ood, and !o on% /n t e long term !en!e, yo$ al!o pay "or any negative ealt i!!$e! bro$g t on by ) at yo$ con!$med% /n bot o" t e!e re!pect!, drinking alco ol and !moking cigarette! are "inancial lo!er!%


6or !tarter!, neit er one provide! anyt ing t at yo$ act$ally need to live% Alco ol act$ally a! a de ydrating e""ect, ) ic re1$ire! yo$ to drink more o" ot er !$b!tance! to prevent de ydration% 6or anot er, bot are 1$ite expen!ive in t e ! ort term% Even c eap beer approac e! a dollar per drink% Harder beverage! o"ten exceed Q+8 per bottle% Cigarette! can rarely be "o$nd belo) QB a pack at t i! point% /" yo$ con!$me any o" t e!e )it any reg$larity, t e total co!t )ill become p$ni! ing% & e expen!e! donDt !top t ere, eit er% & e time i! rig t "or a con"e!!ion ere% My maternal grand"at er died in i! "ortie! o" cirr o!i! o" t e liver bro$g t on by alco oli!m% My $ncle 5enny, ) o / )a! extremely clo!e to, al!o died in i! "ortie! o" cirr o!i! o" t e liver% / ave anot er $ncle ) o al!o a! liver cirr o!i! and i! in pretty poor p y!ical ! ape% A! "or !moking, my maternal grandmot er !$""ered )it emp y!ema d$e to !moking d$ring t e "inal year! o" er li"e and / ave t)o ot er "amily member! ) o appear to be eading do)n a !imilar road% Smoking and drinking to exce!! ave pain"$l ! ort term co!t!, b$t it i! t e long term co!t! t at can be really ! ocking% /Dve )itne!!ed de abilitating illne!!e! and premat$re deat d$e to drinking and !moking in t e people t at / love, and t ereD! no amo$nt o" money t atD! )ort t at% & ere are !econdary expen!e! involved a! )ell% /Dll be one!t E ) en / catc a !trong !mell o" cigarette !moke "rom !omeone, / )ant to go in t e oppo!ite direction, not o$t o" di!like "or t e per!on, b$t beca$!e o" t e nat$ral $man tendency to avoid $nliked !mell!% /Dm not alone in "eeling t i! )ay% & i! re!pon!e can ave a !$btle b$t ongoing negative impact on yo$r interper!onal relation! ip! )it non-!moker!, ) ic can ave !igni"icant career and per!onal impact% & e be!t !ol$tion "or t e!e !it$ation! i! to not !moke at all% A! "or drinking, t e be!t ro$te i! to eit er completely eliminate it or !trictly minimi4e it, a! t ere are !ome !t$die! indicating overall ealt bene"it! "rom drinking !mall amo$nt! o" )ine% & e pat to kicking a abit can be a c allenging one, b$t itD! a re)arding one% M$c o" it a! to do )it per!onal )illpo)er, and i" yo$ ave t e )illpo)er to kick an addictive abit, yo$ ave t e )illpo)er to accompli! 1$ite a lot in yo$r li"e% Got only t at, )it o$t t e expen!e o" cigarette! and alco ol in yo$r li"e, yo$Dll ave t e "inancial re!o$rce! yo$ need to ac ieve ) atever it i! yo$ dream o"%

2rink More 3ater '2+9R30?(


3ater "rom yo$r tap i! per ap! t e be!t bargain o$t t ere "or yo$r diet, yo$r ealt , and yo$r )allet% 6or t e vol$me o" )ater t at a typical per!on drink!, itD! practically "ree% /tD! "ree o" calorie! and a! almo!t no ealt -damaging additive!% ;o$r tap i! probably t e bigge!t bargain in yo$r o$!e% A big gla!! o" )ater can ac ieve a lot o" t ing! "or yo$ "or almo!t no co!t% /t can enco$rage )eig t lo!! by "illing yo$ $p be"ore a meal a! )ell a! by replacing beverage! t at )o$ld add calorie! to yo$r diet% /t can keep yo$ "rom being de ydrated, ) ic can improve yo$r energy level and al!o elp )it eart ealt 'a! de ydration i! very ard on t e $man eart(% 2e ydration al!o make! exerci!e m$c more di""ic$lt% /t can c$re eadac e! like not ing el!e% A gla!! o" )ater i! my "ir!t re!pon!e to any eadac e! / mig t ave% /t can elp )it dige!tive problem!, ) ic can be ca$!ed by drinking too many acidic beverage!% 3ater i! ne$tral, and yo$r body i! de!igned "or it% Ho) m$c )ater ! o$ld yo$ drink eac day* & e /n!tit$te o" Medicine !$gge!t! t at an ade1$ate intake "or men i! ro$g ly t ree liter! '+3 c$p!( o" total beverage! per day, )it )omen aiming "or 2%2 liter! 'or 9 c$p!( per day% Gotice t atD! total "l$id intake% Mo!t American! take in le!! "l$id t an t at, and m$c o" t at intake i! in "orm! ot er t an )ater% /" yo$ )ant to !ave money and enLoy !ome o" t e bene"it! o" drinking )ater, / !$gge!t !triving "or t e ade1$ate daily intake o" )ater "or yo$r gender ) ile al!o replacing al" o" yo$r ot er beverage! )it )ater% So, letD! !ay yo$Dre a g$y ) o c$rrently drink! eig t c$p! o" ot er beverage! a day E co""ee, alco olic beverage!, and !o "ort % & o!e eig t c$p! are pretty expen!ive ) en compared to )aterK yo$Dre probably paying Q8%?8 per c$p at lea!t, ) ic add! $p to QB per day "or beverage!% C ange t ing! $p% Move to drinking nine c$p! o" )ater per day and "o$r c$p! o" ) atever beverage yo$ c oo!e% 2oing t at move! yo$ $p to t e daily recommended )ater intake, provide! mo!t o" t e bene"it! de!cribed above, and al!o !ave! yo$ Q2 a day in beverage co!t!% 3ater i! an incredible bargain% &ake advantage o" it%

.ractice Hood Hygiene '2+0R30?(

M$c like ye!terdayD! entry on )a! ing yo$r and!, t i! "eel! like a common !en!e tactic% Hood ygiene i! !omet ing mo!t o" $! learned be"ore )e )ere in kindergarten, a"ter all% ;et, L$!t like )a! ing yo$r and!, itD! !omet ing t at many people overlook% &ake a care"$l look at t e people aro$nd yo$% /nevitably, yo$Dll notice !omeone ) o a!


yello)ed teet and !omeone el!e ) o!e air doe!nDt look too clean% ;o$ mig t get a ) i"" o" !omeone )it bad breat or !omeone )it !ome body odor% & e!e are !imple t ing! to take care o"% & eyDre al!o t ing! t at people !ometime! overlook in t e b$!y ro$tine! o" t eir live!% /tD! !omet ing t at can co!t yo$% HereD! a very !imple )ay o" looking at it% =etD! !ay yo$Dre at )ork and yo$ ave t e option o" engaging in a proLect )it yo$r c oice o" t)o people% .ro"e!!ionally, t eyDre pretty m$c identical% ;o$ get along "ine )it bot o" t em% Ho)ever, one o" t em a! yello) teet and o"ten a! bad breat , ) ile t e ot er one !mell! great all t e time and a! ! iny teet % 3 ic one )ill yo$ c oo!e to )ork )it * & e va!t, va!t maLority o" people )ill c oo!e t e !it$ation )it le!! odor% Event$ally, t o!e little c oice! begin to ave a pro"e!!ional impact% ,ne per!on b$ild! $p a !tronger rep$tation at )ork and get! a ead o" t e ot er "or a promotion% ,ne get! c o!en to go to a key con"erence ) ere pro"e!!ional connection! are made% Event$ally, ) en t e company a! to c oo!e, one or t e ot er o" t em i! kept on board% Beyond t at, t ere are t e ealt -related concern!% A per!on ) o doe! not care "or t eir teet i! going to ave more dental expen!e! t an !omeone ) o p$t! in t e e""ort% A per!on )it poor ygiene i! more !$!ceptible to illne!! t an !omeone ) o bat e! and clean!e! t em!elve! daily E and illne!! a! many co!t!, a! e!tabli! ed ye!terday% All o" t i! can be avoided by be$ng m$n/f l of yo r #yg$ene. 3e all kno) t e ba!ic !tep!% Bat e daily% Br$! yo$r teet at lea!t once a day% @!e deodorant% <in!e yo$r mo$t reg$larly% 6lo!! reg$larly% & ank"$lly, "or mo!t o" $!, t i! i! L$!t t e normal ro$tine o" a normal day% /" yo$ read t i! po!t and L$!t ! r$gged yo$r ! o$lder! beca$!e it L$!t !eem! normal, t en yo$Dre in t e rig t place% Ho)ever, i" yo$ "o$nd yo$r!el" c ecking yo$r teet or !ni""ing yo$r arm ) ile reading t i!, yo$Dre going to be very )ell !erved by e!tabli! ing a ygiene ro$tine a! !oon a! po!!ible% /t )ill !ave yo$ on ealt care co!t! and elp yo$ )it yo$r career, too%

3a! ;o$r Hand! '2+?R30?(

3a! ing yo$r and!* <eally* /t !eem! like !omet ing t atD! incredibly obvio$! and per ap! bordering on !t$pid% Mo!t o" $! )ere ta$g t in c ild ood to )a! o$r and! a"ter $!ing t e re!troom% 3 at doe! t at ave to do )it per!onal "inance*


& e tr$t i! t at t e !imple act o" )a! ing yo$r and! i! a !$rpri!ingly good "inancial tactic% /t can elp yo$r career, boo!t yo$r prod$ctivity, and !ave yo$ money on over-t e-co$nter medication!% /tD! !$c a !imple little t ing, b$t it end! $p making a big di""erence% Hand)a! ing i! per ap! t e be!t de"en!e )e ave again!t t e !pread o" illne!!e! o" all kind!% /llne!!e! lead to lo!t prod$ctivity, ill "eeling!, !ick day!, doctorD! vi!it!, medication!, and ot er expen!e!, all o" ) ic co!t $! "inancially and ot er)i!e% & e la!t !igni"icant illne!! / ad re!$lted in a doctorD! vi!it 'incl$ding t e drive t ere and ome(, t e p$rc a!e o" t)o di""erent over-t e-co$nter medication!, and abo$t t)o and a al" day! o" prod$ctivity lo!t beca$!e / )a! laying in bed "eeling mi!erable% /Dm al!o "airly !$re t at / pa!!ed t e illne!! on to my toddler ') o co$ldnDt re!i!t coming into t e bedroom to vi!it daddy(, ) ic re!$lted in anot er doctorD! vi!it, !ome more medication, and !ome time !pent caring "or t e !ick boy% All o" t o!e co!t! added $p% Medicine, doctorD! vi!it!, tran!portation, lo!t prod$ctivity, and p y!ical mi!ery ave real co!t!% .roper and )a! ing very ea!ily co$ld ave prevented all o" t o!e co!t!% J$!t make it a ne) ro$tine% 3a! yo$r and! be"ore and a"ter meal preparation, a"ter $!ing t e re!troom, be"ore eating "ood, be"ore and a"ter being aro$nd !omeone ) o i! !ick, a"ter c anging a diaper, a"ter blo)ing yo$r no!e or co$g ing, a"ter to$c ing an animal 'or animal "eed or )a!te(, and a"ter to$c ing garbage% Again, t o!e t ing! are obvio$!, b$t itD! really ea!y to "orget abo$t it i" yo$Dre taking o$t t e garbage a! part o" a o$!e old ro$tine or i" yo$ L$!t pet yo$r neig borD! dog% '/Dve "o$nd it ea!y to L$!t remember to )a! my and! eac time / come in "rom t e o$tdoor!%( ," co$r!e, a! )it everyt ing, t ereD! a balance to be made% / tend not to $!e antibacterial !oap! beca$!e o" anti-bacterial re!i!tance% / al!o donDt )a! my and! that o"ten t ro$g o$t t e day% / only do it be"ore andRor a"ter a nece!!ary event, like going to t e bat room, to$c ing animal!, or andling "ood% Clean and! mean a red$ced c ance o" illne!!, and a red$ced c ance o" illne!! mean! "e)er doctorD! vi!it!, "e)er medication!, and le!! prod$ctive time lo!t% & o!e are all "inancial victorie!%

Het Com"ortable )it Cooking '+93R30?(

& ere )a! a time E circa 2888 E ) ere / dreaded going into t e kitc en% ,n t e rare occa!ion ) en / )o$ld act$ally attempt to cook anyt ing, /Dd $!$ally m$tilate it% /Dd t$rn !crambled egg! into a giant pile o" b$rnt P !t$""% /Dd prod$ce incredibly dry c icken brea!t!% My t$na noodle ca!!erole P letD! L$!t !ay it )o$ld be more acc$rate to !ay t at / )o$ld po$r it rat er t an !erve it%


/ "elt deeply $ncom"ortable in t e kitc en% /t o"ten "elt like everyt ing / to$c ed t$rned into a di!a!ter% & at "eeling carried "or)ard "or !everal year!% 3 ile / )o$ld occa!ionally delve into t e kitc en and try ne) t ing!, mo!t o" my "ood con!$ption came "rom prepackaged meal! and "rom eating o$t% & ank"$lly, at t e !ame time / began to really notice o) m$c it )a! co!ting me to eat prepackaged "ood! all t e time and eat o$t !o o"ten, / began to reali4e t at / )a! getting better in t e kitc en% & e egg! )erenDt b$rnt any more% & e t$na noodle ca!!erole )a! a ca!!erole, not a !o$p% My c icken brea!t! )ere moi!t and "lavor"$l% Beca$!e o" t e!e "actor!, / tran!itioned pretty 1$ickly to making m$c o" my "ood at ome, ) ic !aved me a lot o" money% 3 at ca$!ed t i! c ange in coooking !kill!* @ra"t$"e. & atD! really ) at it came do)n to% / !imply )ent in t e kitc en and !tarted trying% ;e!, many o" my early meal! )ere di!a!ter!, )it !ome o" t em act$ally cro!!ing t e line into inedible% / ad more t an a "e) mi!erable l$nc e! and dinner!% Ho)ever, I got better% & e meal! became ta!tier% / began to $nder!tand o) to !ea!on !t$"" )ell, ) at level o" eat to $!e, and o) long to leave !omet ing on t e eat% &oday, /Dm pretty con"ident in t e kitc en% / "eel a! t o$g / can make a meal o$t o" ) ateverD! on and% /Dm not !cared o" anyt ing / mig t rea!onably take on in t e kitc en% 6or me, t e bigge!t tool "or getting t ere )a! a copy o" Joy of Cooking% ;o$ donDt need a b$nc o" cooking tool!% J$!t ave a good pot or t)o, a good !killet or t)o, a co$ple bo)l!, a good c e"D! kni"e, a c$tting board, and a !tirring !poon, and yo$Dll ave ) at yo$ need "or an a)"$l lot o" di! e!% 2onDt )orry i" yo$ me!! $p, eit er% J$!t !it do)n and "ig$re o$t ) at yo$ did )rong, t en try it again next )eek% Soon, yo$Dll "ind t at it t$rn! o$t right% 3 en yo$ reac a com"ort level in t e kitc en, yo$Dll "ind t at preparing "ood at ome i! act$ally 1$ite enLoyable, o"ten 1$icker t an a re!ta$rant, and $!$ally "ar, "ar c eaper, too%

Make a Hrocery =i!t Be"ore ;o$ Ho '+92R30?(

Eig t or nine year! ago, / never ever made $p a grocery li!t be"ore itting t e grocery !tore% /Dd !top in t ere a "e) time! a )eek a"ter )ork, pick $p ) atever / t o$g t / co$ld t ro) toget er "or !$pper t e next nig t or t)o, and probably pick


$p a "e) ot er goodie! a! )ell% /Dd !top per ap! t ree time! a )eek and / )o$ldnDt blink an eye at a QC8 or Q+88 tab, even t o$g it )a! L$!t "or Sara and my!el"% &oday, / really donDt like going into a grocery !tore at all $nle!! / ave a grocery li!t in and% /n a given )eek, )eDll !pend "ar le!! t an )e did back t en, b$t no) )e ave t ree c ildren to "eed a! )ell% 3 atD! t e di""erence* .art o" it i! aving a better ead on my ! o$lder! ) en it come! to deci!ion! abo$t ) at "ood! to b$y, b$t t e $mble grocery li!t i! per ap! an even bigger part t an t at% & e p$rpo!e o" a grocery li!t i! really !imple> $t 2ee%s yo on fo" s $n t#e gro"ery store an/ tells yo e!a"tly w#at yo nee/. /t !$pplement! yo$r memory ) ile telling yo$ !peci"ically ) at yo$ ! o$ld be b$ying in t e !tore% 3it o$t it, yo$Dll be relying !trictly on memory in t e grocery !tore, ) ic i! problematic in !everal )ay!% 2epending on o) $nprepared yo$ are, yo$ may not even ave idea! "or meal! in advance, ) ic mean! yo$Dre )andering t e ai!le! oping "or in!piration% & at make! yo$ a gigantic target L$!t )aiting "or marketing to take advantage% 3it o$t a li!t, yo$Dre rely$ng on $m%erfe"t memory to recall t e !taple! yo$Dll need% 2o yo$ need milk* Ho) m$c * 2o yo$ even remember to t ink o" milk* Ho) abo$t bread* C ee!e* Banana!* ;o$Dre al!o relying on memory "or recipe!, !pecial occa!ion! t at are coming $p, and !o on% Again, yo$Dre o"ten relying on in!piration ere, )andering t e ai!le! and oping yo$ notice and remember t ing! yo$ need% A grocery li!t remove! all o" t i!% 3it a )ell-prepared grocery li!t, yo$ can rely on t at and not ing el!e% ;o$ L$!t ead "or t e prod$ct! yo$ need% Even )it o$t developing a meal plan, a grocery li!t i! a $!e"$l t ing% J$!t leave it o$t on yo$r re"rigerator and Lot do)n item! a! yo$ notice yo$ need t em% /" yo$ ave t at in and, t en yo$ donDt need to )orry abo$t !taple!, ) ic mean! yo$ !pend le!! time !taring at t e ! elve!% 3 y i! !taring at t e ! elve! a bad t ing* Marketing% .rod$ct packaging i! de!igned to in"l$ence yo$r t o$g t! and convince yo$ to p$t t at item in yo$r cart% Go matter o) m$c !el"-control yo$ ave, t e more time yo$ !pend !taring at t e ! elve! E partic$larly ) en yo$Dre not !imply !earc ing "or a !peci"ic item E t e more likely yo$ are to b$y !omet ing $nnece!!ary% A grocery li!t i! a key tool in t at battle% /t keep! yo$r eye! o"" t e ! elve!, and even ) en t ey are on t e ! elve!, t eyDre !earc ing !peci"ically "or an item% & e amo$nt o" time yo$r eye! idly )ander t e ! elve! i! dra!tically red$ced% A grocery li!t i! a "r$gal ! opperD! be!t "riend% 2onDt leave ome '"or t e !tore( )it o$t it%


2onDt Eat ,$t a! ,"ten '+CCR30?(

& e average American eat! an average o" B%2 commercially prepared meal! per )eek% /n ot er )ord!, a! a nation, )e eat o$t bet)een "o$r and "ive time! a )eek, on average% & i! n$mber e1$ate! to +C%2 meal! in an average mont eaten o$t!ide t e ome% 3 en / "ir!t eard t at !tati!tic, my initial reaction i! t at t e n$mber )a! ig % / eat o$t per ap! once a )eek at t i! point in my li"e% Ho)ever, ) en / re"lected back on earlier !tage! in my li"e, t at n$mber !eemed completely rea!onable% &ake a yo$ng pro"e!!ional ) o eat! o$t "or l$nc t ree time! a )eek and "ollo)! t at )it a co$ple o" date! on t e )eekend% &ake an elderly co$ple ) o "ind! it m$c ea!ier to order "ood t atD! delivered t at to )ork in t e kitc en to make it t em!elve!% Even many "amilie! like o$r! )ill order !ome pi44a a"ter a long day o" o$tdoor activity% 3 at kind o" money are )e talking abo$t ere* & e average American !pend! Q232 per mont eating meal! prepared o$t!ide t e ome% Hiven t at t ereD! +C%2 meal! eaten o$t!ide t e ome in an average mont by t e average American, t#e average meal o ts$/e t#e #ome "osts a %erson <12.E5% Again, t atD! rea!onable% ;o$ mig t eat an inexpen!ive l$nc or t)o t atD! belo) t at n$mber, t en !pend m$c more t an t at on a nicer dinner eaten o$t!ide t e ome% Ho)ever, ) en yo$ !tart comparing t at to t e co!t o" preparing "ood! at ome, it become! pretty clear t at t ereD! a lot o" money involved ere% A co$ple !$mmer! ago, / did a "ood !erie! ) ere / prepared a )ide variety o" meal! "or my "amily at $nder Q+8 per meal% & o!e meal! "ed "o$r 'at t e time( o" $! 1$ite )ell and o"ten le"t "ood "or t e "ollo)ing dayD! l$nc "or !ome o" $!% & $!, t e co!t "or t e!e meal! )a! well n/er <2 %er %erson %er meal. =etD! !ay, t o$g , t at not all meal! at ome are going to be t at inexpen!ive and a!!$me yo$Dre averaging QB per meal per per!on prepared in t e ome% /" yo$ )ere to !imply prepare all meal! at ome, yo$Dd move B%2 meal! "rom re!ta$rant! to yo$r ome% At an average co!t o" Q+2%9? per meal, yo$Dd !ave yo$r!el" QC%9? "or eac o" t o!e meal!% /n ot er )ord!, t#e average ?mer$"an wo l/ save <)=.E5 %er %erson %er wee2 by mov$ng all of t#e$r meals from resta rants to #ome-%re%are/ meals. =etD! look at a more reali!tic pict$re% &ake a "amily o" t)o ad$lt! and t)o teenager!, "or example, and letD! !ay t at t ey !imply c o!e to eat one le!! meal o$t per )eek% ,n average, t at "amily )o$ld !ave Q3? "rom L$!t t at one meal c ange%


6or me, 5 l$2e $t better w#en eat$ng o t $s a %leas re an/ not a ro t$ne. Beca$!e / eat o$t m$c le!! o"ten t an / once did, itD! !omet ing o" a treat to eat at a re!ta$rant, ) erea! it )a! once completely t e norm% &ry c$tting back a bit on eating o$t% Bro)n bag it to )ork an extra time or t)o a )eek, or prepare a nice meal at ome )it yo$r "amily in!tead o" eading o$t on t e to)n% ;o$r )allet )ill t ank yo$% This post is part of a yearlong series called !" Ways to #ive Cheap $%evisited&'( in which Im revisiting the entries from my book !" Ways to #ive Cheap'( which is available at )ma*on and at bookstores everywhere. Images courtesy of+rittany #ynne ,hotography' the proprietor of which is my photography intern( for this pro-ect.

3atc =e!! &elevi!ion '+C9R30?(

<ig t o"" t e bat, let me make it clear t at 5 /on7t t#$n2 telev$s$on wat"#$ng $s an $n#erently ba/ #obby. My primary concern )it it i! t at itD! an e.pensive obby% =et me explain ) at / mean in detail% 6or !tarter!, t e average American o$!e old a! approximately t ree televi!ion !et!% & e average televi!ion !et la!t!aro$nd !ix year!, and t e average televi!ion !et co!t! QB88% & at mean! telev$s$on "osts abo t <200 a year for t#e average ?mer$"an #ome ; st for t#e #ar/ware4 on average. & e average American o$!e old incl$de! approximately "o$r people, and t e average American )atc e! 2%C o$r! o" televi!ion per day% & $!, in t e average o$!e, t e televi!ion! are in $!e "or ++%2 o$r! per day% & e average American televi!ion con!$me! abo$t +28 )att! ) ile in $!e% & $!, t e average o$!e old $!e! +%3 k3 per day o" electricity to po)er t eir televi!ion!, or B9? k3 per year% Al!o, !ome) ere bet)een 9?: and 98: o" American ome! ave !ome !ort o" cable or !atellite package% A!!$ming yo$ ave one H2 cable box )it a 2A< and t)o normal cable boxe!, yo$Dre $!ing !ome) ere aro$nd ??8 k3 per year L$!t to po)er t e cable boxe!% A!!$ming an average co!t o" Q8%+? per k3 "or energy, t e average American o$!e old i! dropping <150 a year to po)er t eir televi!ion! and cableR!atellite e1$ipment% ,n top o" t at, t e average mont ly cable bill )a! Q9+ in 2889% 3 ile / )a! $nable to "ind a more c$rrent exact n$mber, / did "ind data t at !ay! cable bill! ri!e an average o" ?: per year, meaning t at a "amilyD! mont ly cable or !atellite bill t i! year )o$ld be QC2% & i! )o$ld add $p to <HF' %er year "or t e average American o$!e old%


Adding all o" t i! $p, t#e average ?mer$"an fam$ly $s s%en/$ng <14))' %er year to keep t e televi!ion! on and loaded )it programming% & atD! an expen!e, any )ay yo$ !lice it% '<emember, t i! i! t e average "amily% Many "amilie! )ill ave "e)er televi!ion! or a le!! expen!ive package, L$!t a! many "amilie! )ill ave more televi!ion! and a more expen!ive package%(

3 at are yo$ getting "or t at Q+,33B per year* & ree o$r! o" eac day "or t e average American i! !pent )atc ing televi!ion% M$c o" t at time i! !pent !elling yo$ prod$ct!% Even i" yo$ ignore t e commercial! 'and t eyDre de!igned to not be ignored, even i" people t ink t eyDre ignoring t em(, prod$ct placement )it in t e program! i! incredibly prevalent, )it ten! o" t o$!and! o" in!tance! o" prod$ct placement "o$nd L$!t )it in a "e) mont ! o" L$!t primetime net)ork programming% & e ! o)! t em!elve! !ell yo$ t ing!, even ) en t ey !eem to ave not ing to do )it !ale!% /" t e average American "amily to!!ed o$t t eir televi!ion!, t ey )o$ld ave t ree more o$r! per day "or ot er activitie! per per!on, !ave Q+,33B per year in energy


and programming co!t!, and !igni"icantly red$ce t eir expo!$re to marketing tactic!, ) ic )o$ld red$ce t eir de!ire to b$y prod$ct!% Even c$tting back on televi!ion )o$ld elp in t o!e area!% =imiting televi!ion to one o$r per day )o$ld "ree $p t)o more o$r! "or t e average American, trim t eir energy bill back a bit, and red$ce t eir expo!$re to marketing% C$tting oneD! cable package )o$ld al!o !igni"icantly red$ce !pending, a! can c oo!ing not to replace t e t ird !et in yo$r ome% &elevi!ion !eem! inexpen!ive on t e !$r"ace beca$!e t e co!t o" it i! !tripped a)ay "rom t e everyday $!e% Mo!t o" t e time, yo$ go it a b$tton, t e televi!ion i! on, and it !eem! a! i" it come! into o$r ome! "or "ree% Ho)ever, t ere is a lot o" co!t a!!ociated )it televi!ion $!e, and yo$ can greatly c$t back on t at co!t )it L$!t a "e) !imple c oice!% .

<ead More '+C0R30?(

<eading i! an incredibly inexpen!ive obby t at provide! !o many bene"it!% Mo!t o" t e time, it re1$ire! little or no electricity to engage in reading, !o yo$Dre not b$rning $p )att! and adding to yo$r energy bill% /" yo$ read o$t!ide or in a )ell-lit o$!e, t ereD! no co!t at all d$ring daytime o$r!% At nig t, a tiny =E2 lig t eating le!! t an a )att )ill provide ade1$ate lig t "or yo$ to read by% +,888 o$r! o" $!age o" !$c a lig t co!t! abo$t Q8%+?% A !ingle good-!i4ed book )ill provide yo$ )it many o$r! o" entertainment% 2epending on t e !i4e o" t e book, a book )ill take me bet)een t)o and t)enty o$r! to read% A larger book, nat$rally, i! at t e ig er end o" t at !cale% /tD! !omet ing t at )ill involve me over a period o" time% Alternately, a !ingle good-!i4ed book )ill provide yo$ )it kno)ledge or enlig tenment 'and, !ometime!, entertainment a! )ell(% A good book )ill make yo$ t ink abo$t !ome a!pect o" t e )orld aro$nd yo$ and make yo$ recon!ider t at a!pect a little, ) et er itD! $man relation! ip!, !ome a!pect o" t e p y!ical )orld, or an intrig$ing ne) idea% Even better, t at !ingle good-!i4ed book can be ac1$ired "or practically not ing at yo$r local library or $!ed book!tore% ;o$r local library a! t o$!and! o" book! t at yo$ can borro) "or "ree% ;o$r local $!ed book!tore a! t o$!and! o" book! yo$ can keep "or L$!t a pittance% & e ac1$i!ition o" a book i! very inexpen!ive, partic$larly ) en yo$ look at it per o$r !pent reading t e book% A book can be read in !mall piece! ) en yo$ ave a "ive min$te gap or in large c $nk! ) en yo$ ave a la4y a"ternoon% /" yo$Dre )aiting "or a "e) min$te! $ntil t e )aterD! boiling "or !$pper, yo$ can read a page or t)o% 3 en yo$ ave o$r! to b$rn on a cold )interD! day, a book can be yo$r company t en, too%


Mo!t book! are incredibly portable% / canDt tell yo$ t e n$mber o" time! /Dve gone !ome) ere )it a paperback ! oved in my back pocket% /" yo$ carry a p$r!e or a backpack, yo$ ave plenty o" room "or virt$ally any book yo$ mig t )ant to carry% & ere i! a nearly in"inite variety o" book! o$t t ere, !o yo$ can !$rely "ind one or t)o t at matc yo$r intere!t!% & ereD! a book o$t t ere "or almo!t anyt ing yo$ can imagine% 3 atever it i! t at yo$ enLoy, t ereD! a book !ome) ere t atD! going to be !ome) at clo!e to yo$r exact intere!t% & e act o" reading improve! yo$r ability to ab!orb and compre end )ritten in"ormation, elping yo$ in virt$ally any career pat % & ere are very "e) Lob! today t at donDt incorporate )ritten in"ormation or in!tr$ction!, and t e more yo$ read, t e ea!ier it i! "or yo$ to ab!orb t at in"ormation and exec$te yo$r Lob better% <eading al!o improve! yo$r c$lt$ral literacy, making it ea!ier to "ind ! ared conver!ation point! )it ot er!% & e more yo$ read, t e more idea! yo$ ave in yo$r ead and t e more )ay! yo$ can "ind to connect )it t e people aro$nd yo$% <eading can be !$rpri!ingly !ocial, too% / love di!c$!!ing book! )it my "riend!, partic$larly one! )eDve bot read% ,"ten, )eDll c oo!e to read t e !ame book! "or t e di!c$!!ion opport$nitie!% Book cl$b! take t at idea to anot er level, t$rning book! into a tr$e !ocial event% <eading i! a )onder"$l obby, and it )o$ld be even i" it didnDt appen to be incredibly "r$gal a! )ell%

&eac ;o$r!el" a Skill ;o$Dve Al)ay! 3anted to =earn '+CBR30?(

Abo$t t)o year! ago, / decided t at / )anted to learn o) to play t e piano% / didnDt do t i! "or any ot er rea!on t an per!onal enric ment% .rior to t at, / ad never played a m$!ical in!tr$ment in my li"e% / ad no kno)ledge at all o" m$!ical t eory% / co$ldnDt even read any ! eet m$!ic% & e!e are !kill! / )anted to ave, !o / L$mped in% 3e ad a keyboard in o$r ba!ement t at my )i"e ad picked $p at !ome point, !o t at became my teac ing tool '/ al!o $!ed !ome piano! available "or $!e in t e comm$nity(% / "o$nd le!!on! and ! eet m$!ic online% All / needed )a! time and patience% Be!ide! playing t e piano, !ome o" t e !kill! /Dve )orked on teac ing my!el" over t e la!t decade incl$de 6renc cooking, knitting, go, !ome car repair ta!k!, !ome ome repair ta!k!, !everal comp$ter programming lang$age!, and attempt! at learning 6renc and Gor)egian% /Dm act$ally )orking on !peed memori4ation a! a !kill at t e moment% =earning ne) !kill! i! a great )ay to !pend yo$r time, "or !everal rea!on!%


5t7s s ally $ne!%ens$ve. ;o$ can learn to knit )it a "e) needle! and !ome yarn% Car repair and maintenance* ;o$ $!$ally L$!t need a "e) tool!% Comp$ter programming* ;o$ can learn a lot o" lang$age! )it "ree !o"t)are% Hame! like go and c e!! can be learned "or "ree online, too% 3 at abo$t in!tr$ction* ;o$&$be o""er! an enormo$! array o" video! t at )ill teac yo$ almo!t anyt ing t at yo$ )i! to learn% 5t7s s ally f n4 %art$" larly $f $t7s somet#$ng yo 7ve always wante/ to try. /n eac o" t e!e ca!e!, / t oro$g ly enLoyed learning t e !kill% /n !ome ca!e!, it became a long-time pa!!ion, one / ret$rned to o"ten over t e year!% /n ot er!, / )a! !imply glad to ave learned t e !kill% =earning and practicing i!nDt al)ay! "$n in an immediate !en!e, b$t t ere i! o"ten plea!$re in it beca$!e yo$ "eel yo$r!el" progre!!ing to a ig er level% / "ind t at very enLoyable% 5t generates a new s2$ll for yo r re%erto$re. ,nce yo$Dve b$ilt $p a !kill to a rea!onable level, it can become !omet ing yo$ can dra) on in !ocial !it$ation!, li!t on yo$r re!$me, or $tili4e to !ave yo$r!el" money% &ry "illing an o$r eac day "or a mont picking $p a ne) !kill% ;o$ )onDt become a ma!ter, b$t yo$ mig t "ind yo$r!el" going do)n a ne) and intere!ting pat %

@!e t e WHibernateX Mode on ;o$r Comp$ter '+03R30?(

Mo!t o" $! recogni4e t at po)ering do)n t e comp$ter a"ter $!ing it can !ave $! !ome !igni"icant money ) en it come! to o$r energy bill% A typical de!ktop comp$ter $!e! bet)een 9? and 2?8 )att!% ,n top o" t at, t e monitor !$ck! do)n anot er +? to C8 )att!% /" yo$ )ere to leave t at mac ine r$nning "or 28 o$r! '!ay, ) en yo$Dre done $!ing it in t e evening $ntil yo$ get ome t e next day(, yo$Dre going to be $!ing +%C to 0%0 k3 o" energy, ) ic , depending on yo$r energy rate!, can be any) ere "rom Q8%2? to Q+ in energy $!e ) ile yo$r comp$ter !it! t ere and doe! not ing% My parent!, "or example, )o$ld o"ten leave t eir comp$ter !itting $n$!ed "or day!, co!ting t em at lea!t Q28 a mont on t eir energy bill% 3 y do t i!* Convenience, mo!tly% 3 en yo$ )ant to $!e yo$r comp$ter, !tarting it $p "rom !cratc can take !everal min$te!, ) ic can be annoying% / o"ten go get a !nack or a beverage and $!e t e re!troom ) ile /Dm )aiting "or my comp$ter to !tart% & e val$e o" po)ering do)n yo$r comp$ter to !ave energy and t e val$e o" aving yo$r comp$ter ready to go at yo$r convenience at any time i! a balancing act% Sleep mode elp! )it t i!, o" co$r!e% Sleep mode can trim yo$r comp$terD! energy $!e do)n to a! little a! !ix )att!, and yo$ can !et it $p to !tart a$tomatically


) en yo$Dre a)ay "rom t e comp$ter "or a ) ile% & e dra)back ere i! t at ) enever a proce!! appen! on yo$r comp$ter, !$c a! an incoming Skype call, t e !leep mode immediately !top! and yo$Dre back to t e large energy $!e% My !ol$tion* 3 en /Dm not at t e comp$ter, / p$t it in W ibernateX mode% .eople ) o $!e laptop! are probably already "amiliar )it W ibernateX mode% 3 at it e!!entially doe! i! make! a copy o" yo$r c$rrent !e!!ion E t e program! yo$Dre r$nning, t e )eb page! yo$ ave open E and !ave! it to di!k, t en ! $t! do)n t e comp$ter% 3 en yo$ !tart t e comp$ter again, rat er t an r$nning t ro$g t e normal !tart$p mode ') ic can take !everal min$te!(, it L$!t load! $p t at !e!!ion t at )a! !aved, ) ic take! maybe "ive or ten !econd!% /n !ome )ay!, ibernation o""er! t e be!t o" bot )orld!% /t enable! a very 1$ick !tart$p 'a! yo$ )o$ld get "rom leaving yo$r comp$ter on all t e time( b$t al!o provide! t e energy 'and "inancial( !aving! o" not aving yo$r comp$ter on all t e time% A! / noted above, t i! i! a "eat$re commonly available by de"a$lt on laptop!, b$t mo!t de!ktop! donDt ave t i! option enabled by de"a$lt% /" yo$Dd like to $!e it on yo$r de!ktop comp$ter, ere are detailed in!tr$ction! "or enabling t e W ibernateX option on a 3indo)! 9 de!ktop comp$ter% Hive W ibernateX mode a try on yo$r comp$ter% /" it )ork! a! )ell "or yo$ a! it doe! "or me, itDll become yet anot er )ay to !ave money on yo$r energy bill ) ile !till aving t e convenience o" a comp$ter 1$ickly at yo$r "ingertip!%

.lant S ade &ree! '+09R30?(

& e o$!e )e live in no) )a! b$ilt in 2888 and i! !itting in an area t at )a! open, "lat "armland be"ore t at% & e previo$! omeo)ner! only planted one tree and itD! a !lo)-gro)ing one% 3eDve planted t)o tree! !ince, b$t t ey avenDt gro)n eno$g to provide ! ade% ,$r neig bor!, o)ever, ave a bea$ti"$l ! ade tree be ind t eir ome% & ey planted a "a!t-gro)ing tree almo!t t e in!tant t ey moved in t)elve year! ago and itD! gro)n rapidly ever !ince% &oday, it provide! ama4ing ! ade "or a large portion o" t eir yard and, in t e la!t year or t)o, a portion o" o$r yard a! )ell% 2$ring t e early morning o$r!, itDll provide ! ade over a portion o" o$r garden, making morning garden )ork 1$ite plea!ant% 6or t em, itD! even better% 6or a good portion o" t e morning, t e tree provide! ! ade to t e back o" t eir o$!e% /t keep! t e ot ray! o" t e morning !$n "rom going in t eir )indo)!, enabling t em to t ro) open t o!e )indo)! "or "re! air


)it o$t )orrying abo$t t e eat o" t e !$n and keeping t em "rom r$nning t eir air conditioning $ntil a bit later in t e day t an t ey ot er)i!e )o$ld% Even "rom a neig borD! per!pective, / can !ee t at t e ! ade tree !ave! t em money% ? s#a/e tree $s a g$ant s n blo"2er. /t keep! t e eat o" t e !$nD! ray! o"" o" yo$r ome, keeping t e temperat$re o" yo$r ome nat$rally lo)er t an it ot er)i!e )o$ld be% & e exact e""ectivene!! o" a ! ade tree in ! aving money o"" o" yo$r energy bill i! di""ic$lt to calc$late a! it depend! on a lot o" "actor!, b$t a properly po!itioned large ! ade tree can ea!ily c$tQ2? o"" o" yo$r ann$al cooling bill% Even better, a n$"e s#a/e tree "an $n"rease yo r %ro%erty val e. A "e) ! ade tree! in t e back can !igni"icantly increa!e t e c$rb appeal o" yo$r ome ) en yo$ c oo!e to !ell it% A "e) ! ade tree! can add +8: or more to a omeD! re!ale val$e% /t i! important to note, o)ever, t at s#a/e trees are a long term $nvestment. ;o$Dre not going to immediately reco$p yo$r money on a ! ade tree% /t re1$ire! many year! to gro) into it! "$ll !i4e, and it )onDt provide many o" t e "inancial bene"it! $ntil it get! t ere% .lanting a ! ade tree rig t no) )ill !ee dividend! in t)enty year! or !o% Ho) can yo$ go abo$t t i!* & e "ir!t !tep )o$ld be to "onta"t "$ty #all and !ee i" t ey ave recommendation! "or tree! in yo$r area% Got all tree! )ork )ell in all area!% /tD! be!t to tr$!t t e advice o" a local arbori!t ) en !electing a tree% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o "aref lly %lan w#ere to %lant t#e tree. & e be!t place to plant a tree i! on t e ea!t or )e!t !ide o" yo$r ome, pre"erably at an angle to maximi4e ! ade d$ring t e peak !$mmer mont !% /" yo$ live in nort ern area!, t i! )onDt be to t e direct ea!t and )e!t o" yo$r ome, b$t at an angle d$e to t e !$n% ;o$Dre al!o going to )ant to avo$/ above-gro n/ an/ below-gro n/ t$l$ty l$nes w#en %lant$ng. Make !$re yo$Dve contacted yo$r !tateD! department o" nat$ral re!o$rce! be"ore yo$ plant !o t at yo$ kno) ) ere t e belo)-gro$nd line! are, and $!e yo$r o)n eye! to L$dge nearby $tility line!% & e more yo$ can avoid t em, t e better% /" yo$Dre going to be living in yo$r c$rrent ome "or a long time, con!ider planting a ! ade tree or t)o% /tD! !omet ing yo$ can do today t at )ill begin to !lo)ly !ave yo$ money in a "e) year! and event$ally increa!e t e ret$rn yo$ get on yo$r ome%

.ay ,"" ;o$r 3 ole Credit Card Balance Eac Mont '+29R30?(
Credit card! are like ! arp knive!% & eyDre )onder"$l tool!, b$t t ey can damage yo$ badly i" yo$ $!e t em incorrectly%


3 enever / ear "rom !omeone ) o i! aving tro$ble paying t eir credit card bill! and i! !tr$ggling to keep t eir ead above )ater, / enco$rage t em to lock do)n t eir credit card!% C$t t em $p% 6ree4e t em in a block o" ice% B$t ) at abo$t people ) o donDt ave any credit card debt and )ant to $!e one to maintain a good credit i!tory !o t at t ey can get good in!$rance rate! and a good rate on an event$al mortgage* 6or t o!e people, a credit card can be a great option a! long a! t ey "ollo) ) at / con!ider to be t e golden r$le o" ealt y credit card $!age> %ay off t#e w#ole balan"e ea"# mont#. Credit card! can be incredibly $!e"$l tool! "or convenience ) en doing many ro$tine ta!k!, like b$ying ga! or vi!iting a c ecko$t% 3 ile mo!t o" t e!e ta!k! al!o accept debit card!, / pre"er $!ing a credit card beca$!e i" t ereD! an identity t e"t, t e money i! not drained "rom my c ecking acco$nt $ntil / di!cover t e i!!$e% A! /Dve mentioned !everal time! recently, t#e tr$"2 w$t# "re/$t "ar/s $s to not allow t#em to tr$"2 yo $nto a false sense of f$nan"$al "onf$/en"e. 3 en yo$ b$y !omet ing )it a credit card, it i! not immediately re"lected in t e balance o" yo$r c ecking acco$nt, and t at "act can o"ten l$ll people into a "al!e !en!e o" "inancial !ec$rity, ) ic can lead to over!pending% & e trick i! to n/erstan/ w#at yo 7re s%en/$ng and st$"2 to a b /get4 w#et#er $t7s formal or not. /" yo$Dve decided to allo) yo$r!el" Q288 in di!cretionary !pending a mont in yo$r b$dget, !tick to t at amo$nt ) et er yo$Dre $!ing a credit card or yo$Dre $!ing ca! % Ho)ever yo$ pay "or it, !tick )it a total o" Q288 per mont % /" yo$Dve b$dgeted Q?88 a mont "or yo$r "amilyD! "ood, !tick to t at amo$nt regardle!! o" o) yo$ pay "or it% J$!t beca$!e yo$ ave a large credit limit on yo$r card doe!nDt mean itD! a good deci!ion to go over yo$r b$dgeted amo$nt% /" yo$ !tick !tead"a!tly to yo$r b$dget, yo$ )ill be !pending le!! t an yo$ earn and yo$Dll al)ay! ave eno$g to pay yo$r credit card bill in "$ll at t e end o" t e mont % & i! a""ord! yo$ t e convenience and con!$mer protection o" a credit card and t e nat$ral bol!tering o" yo$r credit report and credit !core! t at come )it it, and yo$Dll ac ieve t at )it o$t any danger o" "alling into debt%

5no) ;o$r Credit <eport and 3 at /t Mean! '+20R30?(

6ir!t and "oremo!t, $gnore t#ose a/s from free"re/$tre%ort."om an/ free"re/$ts"ore."om an/ t#e l$2e. Ignore them. All t ey do i! re1$ire yo$ to !ign $p "or a !ervice yo$ donDt )ant in order to get !omet ing t at yo$ can already get "or "ree t ro$g t e "ederal government%


& e "ederal governmentD! real !ite "or getting yo$r credit report i! ann$alcreditreport%com% /t doe!nDt re1$ire !igning $p "or any program or paying any "ee!% /n!tead, it L$!t let! yo$ get a "ree copy o" yo$r credit report every year "rom eac o" t e t ree maLor credit reporting agencie! 'E1$i"ax, &ran!$nion, and Experian(% & e ot er !ite! )ill give yo$ t o!e report! a! )ell, b$t t ey al!o re1$ire yo$ to !ign $p "or an additional credit monitoring !ervice% S$re, yo$ can get o$t o" t at !ervice i" yo$ )ant, b$t t ereD! no rea!on to go t ro$g t e a!!le at all% 3it t at o$t o" t e )ay, letD! look at t e 1$e!tion o" w#at yo r "re/$t re%ort $s an/ w#y yo s#o l/ "are. A credit report i! a !$mmary o" a per!onD! 'or companyD!( i!tory o" borro)ing and repaying money, generally covering t e la!t !even year!% .retty m$c any b$!ine!! t at lend! yo$ money )ill report t i! in"ormation to t e maLor credit reporting agencie!, along )it $pdate! a! to ) et er yo$Dre repaying t o!e loan! or not% & i! can even extend to ot er mont ly bill!, t o$g t e reporting o" t o!e i! at t e di!cretion o" t at $tility company% 3 en !omeone )ant! to "ind o$t i" yo$Dre reliable E !ay, ) en yo$Dre trying to get a ome loan or trying to get a Lob E t ey can gain acce!! to yo$r credit report and $!e it to eval$ate yo$r reliability and tr$!t)ort ine!!% Have yo$ been repaying yo$r debt!* & eyDll kno), "or t e mo!t part% =ot! o" b$!ine!!e! and organi4ation! $!e credit report! to eval$ate c$!tomer! and potential employee!% & ey make deci!ion! !$c a! t e in!$rance rate to o""er yo$ and ) et er to o""er yo$ a Lob ba!ed 'in part( on ) at t ey learn "rom yo$r credit report% & e t ree credit reporting agencie! are not per"ect% /tD! in t eir b$!ine!! intere!t to make !$re t at t eir report! are a! acc$rate a! t ey can be, b$t people report incorrect in"ormation !ometime! and !ometime! t e )rong in"ormation end! $p on report!% & ereD! al!o t e i!!$e o" identity t e"t, ) ere !omeone take! yo$r in"ormation and doe! potentially ne"ario$! t ing! )it it% & $!, itD! important to make !$re t at t e in"ormation on yo$r credit report i! acc$rate and repre!ent! a good pict$re o" yo$r "inancial i!tory% ;o$Dre allo)ed to get one "ree copy o" yo$r credit report "rom eac credit reporting agency eac calendar year% & $!, itD! a good idea to get one credit report every "o$r mont ! or !o on a rotating ba!i!% 6or example, yo$ mig t get a report "rom Experian in May, one "rom E1$i"ax in September, and one "rom &ran!@nion in Jan$ary% & i! i! !omet ing )ell )ort adding to yo$r calendar !o yo$ remember to do it% A credit report i! "airly ea!y to $nder!tand% /t li!t! all o" yo$r creditor! E t e people yo$ o)e money to E and ) et er yo$Dre $p to date on yo$r payment! )it t em% /t )ill incl$de any creditor! yo$Dve dealt )it in t e la!t !even year!%


/" yo$ "ind !omet ing incorrect, be !$re to let t e credit reporting agency kno) abo$t it% & ey ave g$ideline! "or andling incorrect in"ormation or potential identity t e"t% Be proactive% C eck yo$r credit report% ;o$Dll be glad yo$ did, even i" itD! L$!t "or peace o" mind%

Con!tr$ct ;o$r 2ebt <epayment .lan '+2BR30?(

/n my opinion, i" yo$Dre in a "inancial ole, "onstr "t$ng a /ebt re%ayment %lan $s t#e s$ngle strongest ste% yo "an ta2e. /t create! a clear pict$re o" yo$r debt !it$ation, tell! yo$ t e mo!t e""icient )ay o" paying t em o"", o""er! yo$ clear !tep! on ) at to do next, and can al!o be a $!e"$l tool ) en looking "or additional elp% Constr "t$ng ,o r @lan /tD! pretty ea!y to p$t !$c a plan toget er% .$t a!ide an o$r and "ollo) t e!e !tep!% 6ir!t, "olle"t all of yo r /ebt $nformat$on $n one %la"e. ;o$Dre going to )ant yo$r c$rrent balance!, yo$r intere!t rate!, and yo$r minim$m mont ly payment! "or eac o" t e!e debt!% & en, s$m%ly ma2e a l$st of t#ose /ebts4 ordering them by interest rate. Make "o$r col$mn! E debt name, balance, intere!t rate, and minim$m payment% .$t t e debt )it t e ig e!t intere!t rate at t e top o" t e li!t and add ot er! belo) t at in order o" intere!t rate, )it t e ig er one! near t e top% ,nce yo$ ave t at, total % yo r m$n$m m %ayments. Add t em $p to !ee o) m$c yo$Dre p$tting to)ard yo$r debt! eac mont % & en, a// some amo nt to t#at total m$n$m m %ayment. /t need! to be an amo$nt yo$ can con!i!tently a""ord% Maybe itD! only Q2? a mont % Maybe itD! Q?88% 3eDre all in di""erent !it$ation! )it di""erent "inancial re1$irement!% & at ne) amo$nt, t e total minim$m payment pl$! t e additional amo$nt, i! going to be #ow m "# yo % t towar/ /ebt ea"# mont# nt$l t#ese /ebts are all gone. Us$ng ,o r @lan Act$ally $!ing t i! plan i! pretty ea!y, too% &a"# mont#4 yo 7re go$ng to ma2e t#e m$n$m m %ayment on ea"# /ebtexcept t#e to% one on t#e l$st. 3 en yo$ made yo$r plan, yo$ calc$lated an amo$nt t at yo$Dre going to p$t to)ard yo$r debt eac mont % A! yo$ make eac minim$m payment, !$btract t at payment "rom t at total amo$nt yo$ "ig$red $p be"ore% 3 en yo$Dre do)n to L$!t t e ig e!t intere!t payment, yo$Dll ave an amo$nt le"t t atD! ig er t an t e minim$m payment "or t at bill% 5nstea/ of ma2$ng t#e


m$n$m m %ayment4 t#row all of t#e rema$n$ng /ebt re%ayment money yo #ave at t#at /ebt t#$s mont#. So, letD! !ay yo$Dve decided to p$t Q2,888 to)ard yo$r debt eac mont % ;o$ ave a mortgage at B%?: )it a Q+,288 mont ly payment, a !t$dent loan at ?%?: )it a QB88 mont ly payment, and a credit card at +9%9: )it a Q+88 mont ly payment% ;o$Dd make t e minim$m payment 'Q+,288( on t e mortgage, t e minim$m payment 'QB88( on t e !t$dent loan, and yo$Dd p$t t e remaining QB88 to)ard t e credit card% & atD! an extra Q388 payment on t at debt t i! mont , ) ic )ill really elp in knocking do)n t at balance% Event$ally, yo$Dll pay o"" a debt% 3 en t at appen!, the only thing you do i! cro!! t at debt o"" t e top o" t at li!t% 2onDt c ange t e amo$nt yo$Dre p$tting to)ard debt eac mont % /n!tead, yo$Dre going to !tart making a bigger mont ly payment to t e ne) top dog on t e li!t% /n t e ca!e above, t at )o$ld mean p$tting QC88 a mont to)ard t at !t$dent loan ) ile !till making t e Q+,288 a mont minim$m on t e mortgage% ,nce t e !t$dent loan i! gone, yo$Dd p$t Q2,888 to)ard t e mortgage% T#e goal of a /ebt re%ayment %lan $s /ebt free/om4 % re an/ s$m%le. 2ebt "reedom o""er! !o m$c "reedom o" c oice and peace o" mind t at itD! al)ay! a )ort y "inancial goal% Al!o, $f yo 7re loo2$ng at loan "onsol$/at$on or ot#er forms of f$nan"$al #el% an/ are meet$ng w$t# a loan "o nselor, aving a debt repayment plan make! yo$r ca!e look better to t at per!on and t eyDre more likely to elp yo$ get a good con!olidation% /" yo$Dre in any !ort o" debt tro$ble, p$t a debt repayment plan toget er today and !tick to it% ;o$Dll be glad yo$ did in a "e) year! ) en yo$ ac ieve "reedom "rom t e!e debt!%

&ry @!ing t e Sno)"lake Met od '+2?R30?(

3 en mo!t people con!tr$ct and !tart exec$ting t eir debt repayment plan, t ey get excited% & ey !ee t e giant iceberg o" debt t atD! been blocking $p t e !trait! o" t eir li"e !lo)ly !tarting to melt and t ey )ant to !ee it melt faster% Sno)"laking i! a !imple )ay to make t at iceberg melt a little 1$icker% 3 at i! !no)"laking* /tD! a term derived "rom Wdebt !no)ball,X ) ic i! 2ave <am!eyD! term "or i! !peci"ic implementation o" a debt repayment plan% Snowfla2$ng means f$n/$ng l$ttle Sfla2esT to a// to yo r S/ebt snowball.T /tD! ea!ier to ! o) t i! by example%


=etD! !ay yo$Dre )alking along t e !ide)alk and yo$ !py a Q? bill laying t ere% ;o$ p$t it in yo$r pocket, donDt !pend it, and t en add Q? extra to yo$r big debt payment at t e end o" t e mont % & at Q? i! a !no)"lake% =etD! !ay yo$Dve decided to allo) yo$r!el" t)o !top! at t e co""ee ! op a )eek on yo$r )ay to )ork% ,ne )eek, yo$ c oo!e to !top only once, and t at !ave! yo$ Q9% Add t at Q9 to yo$r big debt payment and yo$ ave yo$r!el" anot er !no)"lake% =etD! !ay yo$ decide to not b$y yo$r $!$al t)elve pack o" !oda at t e !tore and in!tead "oc$! on drinking more )ater t i! )eek% ;o$Dre not giving $p !oda, b$t L$!t looking "or a little )ay to c$t back% ;o$ take t e Q? yo$ !aved and add it to t e debt payment E anot er !no)"lake% =etD! !ay t at in!tead o" yo$r reg$lar & $r!day evening ) ere yo$ go o$t )it yo$r !po$!e, yo$ !tay ome and prepare a !pecial meal "or t e t)o o" yo$, !aving Q28% ;o$ p$t t at Q28 to)ard yo$r mont ly debt payment E anot er !no)"lake% Sno)"lake! can pop $p in almo!t any a!pect o" o$r li"e, "rom "ood to romance, "rom entertainment to energy $!e% & eyDre ea!y to "ind i" yo$ look "or t em% 2oe! it really elp, t o$g * =etD! !ay yo$ $!e !no)"laking to tackle a Q288,888 mortgage 't irty year ?: "ixed(% ;o$ ave L$!t eno$g to make t e minim$m payment!, b$t yo$ manage to !no)"lake an average o" Q?8 a mont a! an extra payment% ;o$Dd pay o"" yo$r debt two years and ten months earlier L$!t beca$!e o" t e little !aving! yo$ di!covered ere and t ere along t e )ay% & e impact i! even bigger on a !maller debt, ) ere yo$ can !ometime! alve t e repayment time L$!t )it t e!e little move!% Add !no)"laking to yo$r debt repayment repertoire% ;o$Dll be glad yo$ did%

S)itc to ,nly @!ing Ca! and C eck! "or a ;ear '+23R30?(

,ne o" t e bigge!t mental trick! t at credit card! 'and debit card!, "or t at matter( play! on o$r mind! i! t at t#ey ma2e t#e se of money very abstra"t. /t i! incredibly ea!y to "orget t at t e pla!tic yo$Dre $!ing ) en making a p$rc a!e act$ally repre!ent! money t at yo$Dve ad to )ork very ard to earn% Even i" yo$ manage to get pa!t t e di!connect bet)een pla!tic and money, credit card! !till o""er a cr$tc t at enable! yo$ to !pend more t an yo$ ave on and% & e end re!$lt o" bot * 2ebt% Credit card! o"ten re!$lt in pattern! o" b$ying t at arenDt !$!tainable over a long period% & e ea!ie!t )ay to break t at pattern* 2itc t e credit card! "or a ) ile% ,ne common tec ni1$e "or doing L$!t t at i! to freeKe yo r "re/$t "ar/s $n a blo"2 of $"e. & at )ay, itD! pretty inconvenient to get at t o!e card!, b$t t ey are !till acce!!ible i" !$c a !it$ation demand! it%


All yo$ ave to do i! "ind a container a bit bigger t an yo$r card!, "ill it abo$t al")ay )it )ater, t en "ree4e it% .$ll o$t t e container ) en t ereD! a big c $nk o" ice on t e bottom, lay yo$r card! on top, t en "ill t e container )it )ater% <et$rn it to t e "ree4er% A"ter a ) ile, yo$Dll ave a giant ice c$be )it yo$r credit card! in t e middle% 3 en / )a! in "inancial tro$ble, / took all o" o$r credit card! and p$t t em in a locked box in o$r clo!et, b$ried $nderneat !everal item!% / kne) ) ere t ey )ere, o" co$r!e, b$t t ey )ere di""ic$lt to get to in any !it$ation ) ere / mig t act$ally )ant t em to b$y !omet ing / didnDt really need% /" yo$ "ind yo$r!el" !neaking into yo$r iding place or breaking open t at big ice c$be to get at yo$r pla!tic, more dra!tic mea!$re! are needed% C t t#em %. ;o$ can al)ay! order replacement card! i" needed% Al!o, /elete yo r "re/$t "ar/ n mbers from onl$ne stores. Many )eb!ite! make it very ea!y to order ne) item! i" yo$r credit card n$mber i! !tored t ere% J$!t remove t em and eliminate t at option% 3 y do t i!* & e rea!on i! !imple% Go$ng w$t#o t "re/$t "ar/s for"es yo to reset yo r b y$ng %atterns. /" yo$ donDt ave acce!! to yo$r credit card!, yo$ !imply have to live )it in yo$r mean!% 2onDt get me )rong, / t ink credit card! are certainly $!e"$l and do !erve a p$rpo!e "or people ) o ave ealt y ! opping pattern!% Ho)ever, i" yo$Dre con!i!tently racking $p credit card debt, yo$Dre engaged in an un ealt y ! opping pattern and a break can do yo$ a lot o" good%

5no) 3 at ;o$ ,)e '++CR30?(

3 en t e bill! "rom my debt! )ere coming in "a!t and "$rio$!, t e la!t t ing / )anted to do )a! to t ink abo$t t em% At all% / )o$ld avoid t e mailbox like t e plag$e% /" / had to c eck t e mail, /Dd take all o" t e bill! and p$t t em !ome) ere o$t o" !ig t and o$t o" mind% 3 en / "inally ad to pay bill! once a mont or !o, / cringed, p$! ed t ro$g it all a! "a!t a! po!!ible, and tried to "orget abo$t t e $ge amo$nt o" money /Dd L$!t paid to t e bank!% / kne) it )a! bad, b$t / really didnDt kno) how bad% / didnDt )ant to "ace it, !o / L$!t p$! ed it o$t o" my mind% 2oing t at didnDt act$ally elp% /t act$ally made t ing! )or!e beca$!e by avoiding t e "act! / )a! allo)ing my!el" to dig a deeper and deeper debt ole% By not kno)ing o) bad t e !it$ation )a! and L$!t blindly making t e minim$m payment! and iding, / )a! allo)ing my!el" to contin$e a cycle o" over!pending, one t at created a very, very deep ole "or my!el"%


S$tt$ng /own an/ a"t ally loo2$ng ser$o sly at my /ebts was the 2ey ste% $n gett$ng my f$nan"$al #o se $n or/er. <at er t an iding "rom all o" t o!e bill!, / took t em all o$t at once and looked at t e giant me!! a! a ) ole% /t )a! bigger and !carier t an / t o$g t and t e reali4ation o" how bad it was ! ocked me% 5t ma/e me real$Ke t#at t#$ngs nee/e/ to "#ange, and / $!ed t at pict$re o" my debt! a! t e "o$ndation "or t at c ange% & i! advice goe! o$t t ere to everyone ) o a! a big pile o" debt t at t ey donDt )ant to t ink abo$t% .er ap! a relative or a "riend !ent yo$ t i! article, or per ap! yo$ yo$r!el" are )orried eno$g abo$t yo$r debt !it$ation t at yo$Dre Hoogling "or in"ormation and getting a !ick "eeling in yo$r !tomac % HereD! ) at / recommend t at yo$ do% 6ir!t, ta2e o t t#e most re"ent statement for every s$ngle /ebt t#at yo #ave. Some o" t em mig t be online, ot er! mig t be !ta! ed a)ay !ome) ere% Het o$t all of them% /" yo$Dve got any t at yo$Dre W idingX 'like a credit card bill yo$Dre iding "rom a !po$!e or !omet ing(, yo$ have to incl$de t at, too% & en, total % t#e " rrent balan"e of all of t#ose /ebts. Add t em all $p% 2onDt )orry abo$t intere!t rate! or anyt ing el!e% 3 at yo$Dre looking "or no) i! t e tr$e !it$ation ) en it come! to yo$r debt% 3 en yo$ !ee t at total, itD! going to be pain"$l% It should be. & at n$mber i! t e tr$t % /tD! not iding anyt ing% 6rom no) on, yo$ ! o$ldnDt ide anyt ing, eit er% Make it yo$r mi!!ion to drop t at n$mber do)n to 4ero% ,ver t e next "e) )eek!, )eDll talk abo$t o) to do L$!t t at%

<e!i!t &emptation to @!e ;o$r Credit Card ,nce ;o$ .ay /t 2o)n '+22R30?(
6or a lot o" people, debt i! a cycle% & eyDll !pend t em!elve! to t e breaking point, )atc ing t eir credit card balance! !$rge% & en, once t ey reac a point ) ere t ey are aving di""ic$lty paying t eir bill!, t ey c$t back and !tart living "r$gally "or a ) ile $ntil t e credit card! are $nder control% A"ter t at, t ey !pl$rge, and t e cycle contin$e!% /Dve )itne!!ed t i! )it "riend! and "amily% /Dve read !torie! like t i! "rom lot! o" reader!% & e cycle o" debt can be a long and pain"$l one% /t keep! yo$ in "inancial ! ackle! "or yo$r ) ole li"e, beca$!e yo$Dre never 1$ite "ree o" t o!e debt payment!% /tD! time to break "ree% & e be!t )ay to do t i! i! to not ne"essar$ly fo" s on m$n$m$K$ng yo r /ebt to t#e absol te smallest /ollar as fast as yo "an. & atD! rig t, dont do t at%


/n!tead, fo" s on s%en/$ng ro t$nes an/ #ab$ts t#at yo "an s sta$n over a long %er$o/. 6oc$! on c$tting o$t !pending t at yo$ donDt "ind per!onally important, b$t make sure that it wont return to your life by "inding ne) li"e pattern! to replace it% C$tting back on !pending can be a lot like binge dieting% ;o$ c$t back incredibly ard "or a "e) mont ! and !ee !ome great re!$lt!, b$t t e W oneymoonX p a!e o" it )ear! o"" and it become! arder to !tick )it t e c ange!% ;o$ rebo$nd% ;o$ !pl$rge on !omet ing% /tD! L$!t once, b$t no) yo$Dve given yo$r!el" permi!!ion to do it again, and all o" t e old ro$tine! come back% & atD! ) y itD! a ba/ $/ea to " t all en;oyable s%en/$ng o t of yo r l$fe. /" yo$ go rapidly "rom !pending lot! o" money "rivolo$!ly to !pending almo!t none, yo$Dll go t ro$g a oneymoon period o" enLoying t e debt red$ction, b$t !oon t e oneymoon )ill end% 5f yo #aven7t re%la"e/ yo r s%en/$ng #ab$ts w$t# new ro t$nes4 t#e ol/ #ab$ts w$ll ret rn. 3e are creat$re! o" abit, a"ter all, and i" )e avenDt beaten do)n a ne) trail, event$ally )e )ill ret$rn to t e )ell-)orn pat o" t e old one% 6or example, i" yo$ ave a ro$tine o" eating o$t every nig t and yo$ decide to completely !top it, "oc$! not on t e money yo$Dre !aving, b$t in!tead "oc$! on learning o) to cook )ell% 6oc$! on e!tabli! ing t e ne) ro$tine a! !trongly a! yo$ can and t e !aving! )ill appen a$tomatically% So, in!tead o" trying to !1$ee4e o$t every dime, "oc$! in!tead on "inding ne) ro$tine! and making t em )ork !o )ell t at yo$ "orget abo$t yo$r old one!% 2onDt be a debt binger%

Con"ront t e Credit Card Companie! '+2+R30?(

6or mo!t people, t e debt t at really tip! t ing! "rom a manageable !it$ation into a very c allenging one i! credit card debt% Credit card! are incredibly ea!y to ac1$ire and incredibly ea!y to $!e )it o$t a !econd t o$g t% ,"ten, people can rack $p $ndred! o" dollar! in debt be"ore ever !eeing a !ingle bill% & e ab!traction bet)een t e pla!tic card and t e money and debt it repre!ent! o"ten lead! people to make poor c oice!, ) ic lead! people to debt% Event$ally, people begin to !tr$ggle )it t eir credit card payment! or "ind t em!elve! ! ocked by t e minim$m payment% / kno) t i! !tr$ggle% /Dve been t ere% ,nce $pon a time, / kept b$ilding debt $ntil it reac ed a very pain"$l point% ,ne o" my "ir!t co$r!e! o" action )a! to call $p t e credit card companie! and play a little ardball )it t em%


=etD! get t i! !traig t be"ore )e !tart> t#$s $s not a ta"t$" yo want to se $f yo rely on yo r "re/$t "ar/ to 2ee% foo/ on t#e table. /" yo$ are in a tr$ly de!perate !it$ation, t i! tec ni1$e a! t e potential to back"ire on yo$, beca$!e t e credit card company can re!pond by clo!ing yo$r card% Go), i" yo$Dre in a rea!onably good "inancial !tate and arenDt relying on t e card to live, t atD! not m$c o" a dra)back, partic$larly compared to t e big advantage! yo$ mig t get "rom !$c a call% & e big advantage, o" co$r!e, i! a drop in yo$r intere!t rate, ) ic )ill red$ce t e amo$nt o" intere!t c arged to yo$r acco$nt eac mont , directly !aving yo$ a lot o" money over t e long r$n% 6or example, i" yo$Dre on track to pay o"" a Q+8,888 credit card debt in C year!, one t at a! a +9%9: intere!t rate, yo$Dll be paying Q+8,8?? 'approximately( in intere!t over t at period% Het t at rate red$ced to 9%9: and yo$Dre paying only QB,?+0 'approximately( in intere!t% ;o$Dll !ave abo$t Q?,?88 L$!t d$e to one little c ange% Ho) do yo$ do it* & e "ir!t !tep i! to g$ve t#e "om%any a "all. & e n$mberD! on t e back o" yo$r card% Gavigate t eir p one men$! $ntil yo$ reac a live per!on, t en !tate t at yo$Dre really !tretc ing to make t e payment! on t e card and t at yo$Dd like an intere!t rate red$ction% /" t e per!on ) o talk! to yo$ canDt 'or )onDt( red$ce yo$r rate, donDt be a"raid to talk to a !$pervi!or% & e key t ing i! to not get angry% & e bank may not )ant to red$ce yo$r rate, partic$larly at "ir!t% /" yo$ ear a Wno,X donDt re!pond )it anger and ang $p% .atiently explain yo$r !it$ation again% Event$ally, yo$Dll be pa!!ed to !omeone ) o can make a deci!ion on yo$r !it$ation% <emember, only do t i! i" yo$ can tolerate aving t e card cancelled 'meaning yo$ !till o)e t e money( or aving t ecredit limit red$ced% /" yo$ canDt andle t o!e t ing!, donDt try t i! tactic% /" yo$ can, t o$g , t i! tactic can !ave yo$ a lot o" money i" yo$ ave a e"ty credit card balance%

6ind ;o$r Motivation '++9R30?(

<ig t no), /Dm !eated next to a big )indo) t at "ace! o$t into o$r back yard% A! / glance o$t t ere, / can !ee my olde!t !on% HeD! laying "lat on i! back o$t t ere, !taring $p at t e !$n% A "e) min$te! ago, e !aid e )anted to go play o$t in t e yard and / told im it )a! "ine, b$t a"ter a moment or t)o, e !imply laid do)n in t e gra!!% He !eem! to be appy and !ec$re )it i! li"e, m$c like o$r ot er c ildren ') o are napping rig t no)(% He doe!nDt ave too m$c to )orry abo$t% He a! a ome t atD! !a"e and non-t reatening% He a! t)o parent! t at love im deeply and a


large extended "amily t at care! abo$t im a! )ell% 3 en e need! !omet ing, e almo!t al)ay! a! it% @rov$/$ng t#at for #$m4 as well as ma2$ng s re #$s f t re "#$l/#oo/ $s s$m$larly stable4 $s t#e res%ons$b$l$ty of Sara# an/ myself. /Dve come to reali4e over t e la!t year or !o t at t i! ta!k "$el! a lot o" t e deci!ion! )e make in o$r live!% /tD! ea!y to !ee t at impact on a larger level% 6or example, ) en o$r olde!t c ild )a! born, Sara and / ad only minimal li"e in!$rance policie!% &oday, )e eac ave policie! large eno$g t at it )o$ld replace o$r income! "or 1$ite a "e) year! i" one o" $! )ere to pa!! a)ay% 3e )o$ldnDt ave to move o$t o" o$r ome in a r$! % 3e )o$ldnDt ave to c ange o$r )ay o" living% & e t$m$lt in o$r c ildrenD! live! "rom t e pa!!ing o" a parent )o$ld be a! limited a! )e co$ld make it% /n a !imilar vein, t e overall deci!ion to reboot o$r "inance! and commit o$r!elve! to !pending le!! t an )e earn )a! triggered by o$r "ir!t c ild 'and t e idea t at )e )o$ld ave more(% 3e !a) o$r!elve! in a very !ticky "inancial !it$ation and )e kne) t at i" )e didnDt "ix it !oon, o$r c ild )o$ld gro) $p )it !tre!!ed-o$t parent! and per ap! even an $n!table ome% 3e didnDt )ant t at% & i! motivation "ilter! do)n to even t e !mall deci!ion!% 3 en )eDre planning o$r meal! "or t e )eek, a meal t at incorporate! black olive! 'o$r olde!t c ildD! "avorite "ood( and portabella m$! room! 'o$r middle c ildD! "avorite "ood( i! going to al)ay! get !ome !erio$! con!ideration% Meal! t at involve !)eet potatoe! 't e one "ood all o" o$r c ildren !eem to reLect( i! going to almo!t al)ay! be excl$ded% & i! elp! $! "ilter t ro$g t e ab$ndance o" option! available to $! ) en )e plan meal!% Be ind all o" it, t o$g , i! an incredibly !trong de!ire to make t e rig t c oice "or o$r c ildren% & atD! o$r motivation in !o m$c o" ) at )e do, "rom o$r career c oice! to o$r dinner c oice!% 5 bel$eve t#at w$t#o t t#at "entral mot$vat$on4 o r f$nan"$al re"overy wo l/ not #ave #a%%ene/. Be"ore aving c ildren, )e )erenDt really motivated by anyt ing ot er t an ) at !eemed "$n in t e moment% & atD! not nece!!arily a bad t ing, b$t it doe! mean t at yo 7re sa"r$f$"$ng elements of tomorrow for more f n to/ay. /" yo$ enLoy an expen!ive bottle o" )ine today, yo$ are giving $p something tomorro)% W#en yo 7re mot$vate/ by somet#$ng beyon/ $mme/$ate %leas re4 sa"r$f$"$ng elements of tomorrow beg$ns to #ave an a//$t$onal "ost. Be"ore aving c ildren, Sara and / $!ed to travel 1$ite a lot, and )e tended to !pend a lot on t o!e trip! 'and by !pending, / mean acc$m$lating debt(% Go), ) en )e t ink abo$t taking !$c a trip, one o" t e t ing! )eDll con!ider i! o) t at impact! o$r c ildren% & e trip become! more expen!ive )it t em, and t e money !pent mig t ave !ome ot er $!e "or t eir li"e% & e !ol$tion $!$ally end!


$p being a balance bet)een t e enLoyment today and t e po!!ibilitie! tomorro)% & i! !$mmer, "or example, o$r vacation i! taking $! to a national "ore!t% ,bvio$!ly, 57m s$ng "#$l/ren #ere as an e!am%le of mot$vat$on4 be"a se t#at7s my mot$vat$on for many of my /e"$s$ons. ;o$r motivation co$ld be completely di""erent% ,ne o" my clo!e!t "riend! i! motivated )it almo!t every c oice in er li"e to elp o$t t e c arity ! e )ork! "or% Helping t e people t at c arity !erve! i! er primary motivation and ! eD! making li"e c oice! !o t at ! e can do t i! )ork all o" er li"e% /tD! er motivation% A reader )rote to me recently de!cribing er dream o" p$r!$ing er painting a! a "$ll-time endeavor a! !oon a! po!!ible% S eD! )illing to make !ome very dra!tic li"e!tyle c oice! to get er!el" to t at point% & atD! er motivation% 5 /on7t t#$n2 s "# a strong mot$vat$on $s necessary for f$nan"$al s ""ess4 b t 5 /o t#$n2 $t ma2es t#e /e"$s$ons a lot eas$er. /" yo$ ave !omet ing con!tantly motivating yo$ to make a better c oice, it become! m$c ea!ier to make t at c oice% 3 atD! yo$r motivation* Maybe yo$Dve "o$nd it, maybe yo$ avenDt% /t mig t be people in yo$r li"e% /t mig t be a pa!!ion yo$ ave% /t mig t be a ca$!e yo$ care abo$t% /" yo$ avenDt "o$nd yo$r motivation yet, donDt )orry% Ho)ever, i" yo$Dre dreaming o" a better 'or, at lea!t, di""erent( li"e, "inding a !peci"ic motivation to "$el t at c ange )ill make it m$c ea!ier%

Every &ime ;o$ B$y an /tem, Het <id o" ,ne '+89R30?(
/ ave abo$t t)o do4en ! irt!, all told, in my )ardrobe% & ey ave vario$! level! o" )ear on t em, "rom a "e) t at look practically ne) to a "e) t at look like t eyDre approac ing Wrag bagX level% 3 enever / b$y a ne) ! irt, / donDt L$!t to!! it in my dra)er and go on )it b$!ine!!% / make !$re to tran!"er a ! irt to t e rag bag 'or to t e W!ell laterX pile( at t at point% /" / didnDt make t at tran!"er, it )o$ldnDt be long be"ore my ! irt dra)er and clo!et )ere over"lo)ing )it ! irt!, making it di""ic$lt to "ind t e ! irt / )anted% /Dd al!o be p$tting money into clot ing t at / didnDt really need% & i! !ame p ilo!op y )ork! )ell )it almo!t everyt ing t at yo$ ave a WcollectionX o" t at take! $p p y!ical !pace, ) et er it be 2A2! or ome decoration! or vintage !oda bottle!% 3 en one come! in, one goe! o$t% & ere are a co$ple rea!on! ) y t i! tactic really )ork!%


6or !tarter!, $f yo st$"2 to t#at r le4 t#e overall vol me of yo r st ff won7t e!%an/ very m "#. ,"ten, it i! t e expan!ion o" oneD! W!t$""X t at make! a ome $pgrade de!irable, !o t at yo$ ave room "or all o" yo$r !t$"" 'and, event$ally, m$c more(% A ome $pgrade i! an enormo$! expen!e, one t at can o"ten be po!tponed or avoided by !imply aving a "irm grip on yo$r ac1$i!ition o" item!% At t e !ame time, a one-$n4 one-o t r le l$2e t#$s one ma2es yo "aref lly "ons$/er % r"#ases. /! t at ne) ! irt really better t an any o" t e ! irt! yo$ already o)n* /! t i! 2A2 more e!!ential to o)n t an any o" t e one! already in yo$r collection* /" yo$ canDt an!)er ye! to t o!e rea!onable 1$e!tion!, yo$ donDt b$y an item% & i! keep! money in yo$r pocket in!tead o" in t e co""er! o" retailer! "rom ) ic yo$ p$rc a!ed !omet ing yo$ really didnDt need% 3e $!e t i! tactic )it 1$ite a "e) o" o$r collection!% 6or example, /Dve long in!tit$ted t i! r$le )it my video game collection% & i! led me to not directly b$ying game!, b$t in!tead trading game! / ad played t ro$g at a local $!ed video game !tore, replacing t em )it ne) one! to play% 3eDre even !tarting to introd$ce t i! to o$r c ildren a! a tool "or red$cing t e gro)t o" toy!% S$re, t ey receive !everal toy! a! gi"t! "rom grandparent! and parent! on t eir birt day!, b$t t at mean! itD! time to re-eval$ate t e toy! t at t ey already ave% & i! tactic red$ce! cl$tter, red$ce! t e gro)t o" oneD! !t$"" '!aving on potential o$!ing co!t!(, and !ave! money on p$rc a!e!% & atD! a victory in t ree direction!%

<eali4e t at Cl$tter /t!el" /! a Hiant Money Sink '99R30?(

3 enever / !ee a cl$ttered me!!, / !ee lo!t money% & ink abo$t ) at a cl$ttered ! el" or a clo!et or a dra)er really contain!% /t old! item! t at yo$ donDt really ave an appropriate !torage place "or% /t $!$ally contain! at lea!t !ome item! t at ave been "orgotten by t e per!on $!ing t e cl$ttered !pace, a! )ell a! many more t at t e per!on t ink! are !om) ere in t e cl$tter b$t $n!$re a! to t e exact location o"% /tD! o"ten "$ll o" item! t at ave only been $!ed once or t)ice E or, !ometime!, not $!ed at all% Many o" t e item! in t e cl$ttered !pace are W!omedayX item!, meaning t at yo$ t ink yo$ mig t $!e t em !ome day or $!e t em on an extremely irreg$lar ba!i!% Cl$tter i! a !ign t at yo$ ave too m$c !t$""% ;o$ ave item! yo$ rarely 'or never( $!e% ;o$ ave item! t at yo$ donDt ave an appropriate place "or% ;o$ ave item! yo$ arenDt properly caring "or% 3 erever yo$ "ind cl$tter, yo$ "ind a place ) ere "inancial improvement can appen%


6ir!t o" all, "lean o t t#at "l ttere/ area. &ake every item o$t o" t e cl$ttered !pot and eval$ate t o!e item! one at a time% & e eval$ation i! key% ;o$ ! o$ld a!k yo$r!el" ) et er or not yo$Dre really going to $!e t i! item in any !igni"icant )ay in t e "$t$re% Hone!ty i! incredibly val$able ere% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o con!ider ) et er or not !omeone el!e mig t ave a m$c better $!e "or t i! item% /" yo$ come to t e concl$!ion t at yo$ ! o$ld no longer o)n t e item, move it o$t% Selling t e item i! certainly one option, b$t giving it to a "riend or !omeone el!e ) o mig t $!e it i! anot er )ort ) ile option% /" yo$ decide t at yo$ ! o$ld keep t e item, "ig$re o$t a real !pot "or !toring t e item ) en yo$Dre not $!ing it !o t at it can ea!ily be "o$nd and retrieved% /n eit er ca!e, clearing o$t t e cl$tter ! o$ld re!$lt in a red$ction in t e amo$nt o" !t$"" yo$ ave, )it only item! yo$ donDt $!e going o$t t e door, and an increa!e in t e re!o$rce! yo$ ave, a! yo$Dre c anging item! yo$ donDt $!e into ca! or tax ded$ction! or !tronger relation! ip!% /t )ill al!o !ave yo$ time in t e "$t$re, a! it )ill be ea!ier to "ind t e item! yo$ ave% ,ver t e next )eek or t)o, )eDll look at !peci"ic tactic! "or anding partic$lar type! o" cl$tter and o) to revamp it to !ave time and money%

Be a 6r$gal Example 'C3R30?(

3e all take a lot o" c$e! "rom t e people aro$nd $!% 3e !ee ot er people doing t ing! and, i" it !eem! rea!onable and $!e"$l, )e o"ten !tart to mimic it o$r!elve!% /tD! a meme, in ot er )ord!K an idea !pread "rom per!on to per!on )it in a c$lt$re% / !ee it o"ten )it my o)n "amily, ) ere o$r c ildren are !o o"ten imitating t e little be avior! t ey !ee in t eir parent! and in eac ot er% /" o$r da$g ter !ing! a !ong a "e) time!, c ance! are a "e) o$r! later one o" o$r !on! )ill be !inging t e !ame !ong completely independently% / !ee it )it my "riend! and "amily, too% /" !omeone el!e "ind! a great ne) )ay o" cooking a c icken, letD! !ay, it i!nDt long be"ore ot er! are trying it, too% ,"ten, i" itD! a good met od, it become! a permanent part o" everyoneD! repertoire% 6r$gal tactic! are a per"ect example o" a meme% /" yo$ !tart going to t e library "or yo$r book! and yo$ tell yo$r "riend! abo$t it, yo$ mig t L$!t "ind t at t ey c eck o$t t e library a! )ell% /" yo$ !tart cooking at ome and ! aring t e proceed!, yo$ mig t L$!t "ind t at yo$r "amily and co)orker! !tart trying to cook at ome, too% & i! i! a big part o" t e rea!on ) y it really pay! o"" to !$rro$nd yo$r!el" )it "r$gal people E or at lea!t people )illing to try "r$gal tactic!% & eir tactic! are an example "or yo$, and yo$r tactic! are o"ten an example "or t em%


/t goe! "$rt er t an t at% 6r$gality can be a great example "or c ildren% /" t ey !ee yo$ cooking at ome or vi!iting t e library or ! opping at !econd and !tore!, t eyDre at lea!t !ome) at more likely to event$ally imitate t at be avior% & e !ame t ing i! tr$e o" people in yo$r li"e ) o are not "r$gal at all% /" !ome o" yo$r "riend! arenDt partic$larly "r$gal b$t t ey !ee yo$ aving !$cce!! )it t ing! like air-!ealing yo$r ome or $!ing more energy e""icient lig ting, t eyDre more likely to at lea!t give it a try and di!cover o) ea!y it can be to live a little c eaper% Ho) do yo$ go abo$t t i!* ;o$ donDt ave to make a prod$ction o$t o" it% S are a recipe and add a note !aying, W& i! co!t L$!t Q3 in ingredient!, / made it in al" an o$r, and it )a! sooo goodFX &ell a "riend abo$t t e "$n yo$ ad playing di!c gol" at t e park, and mention ca!$ally t at it )a! "ree% =eave book! t at yo$ c ecked o$t "rom t e library o$t on an end table% /n ot er )ord!, live yo$r li"e in a "r$gal "a! ion and yo$Dll !lo)ly c$ltivate !ome element! o" "r$gality in t e people aro$nd yo$% Event$ally, a "e) o" t em )ill try ne) "r$gal tactic!, and yo$Dll be one o" t e "ir!t people t ey )ant to ! are )it % A! i! o"ten t e ca!e )it me, my t o$g t! come back to my c ildren ) en /Dm t inking abo$t t i!% & eyDre gro)ing $p in !$c a )ay t at t e library i! normal and a made-"rom-!cratc meal at ome i! normal, too% Hoing to t e movie! i! an extremely rare treat and a baby!itter i! L$!t a "amily "riend t at yo$ !tay )it once in a ) ile E and t eir kid! !tay )it yo$ !ometime!% 3eDre a "r$gal example to o$r kid!% Maybe it )onDt ca$!e t em to be "r$gal people, b$t )e can at lea!t be !$re t at t ey kno) t e tactic! t ey need to minimi4e t eir !pending ) ile !till aving a very appy li"e%

<e!i!t t e &emptation! o" Soda and 6a!t 6ood 'C+R30?(

Soda and "a!t "ood are bot convenient pick-me-$p! t at many people $tili4e "or a !)eetne!! "ix or "or getting rid o" a ca!e o" t e m$nc ie!% 6rom a per!onal "inance per!pective, t o$g , t ere are m$c better c oice! "or eac o" t o!e option!% =etD! look at !oda "or !tarter!% ;o$ ave t e !ticker co!t o" t e !oda, o" co$r!e, ) ic can vary greatly b$t o"ten !eem! to !ettle at !ome) ere aro$nd Q8%8? per o$nce% ," co$r!e, on top o" t at, t ere are ealt co!t!% St$die! like t i! one ave ! o)n a direct correlation bet)een !oda con!$mption and ealt care co!t! later on in li"e% O$anti"ying it do)n to an exact co!t per o$nce i! impo!!ible d$e to t e variable! 'not all !oda! are t e !ame, not all people are t e !ame, not all diet! are t e !ame, etc%(, b$t t ere i! a real connection and a real co!t t ere% Simply p$t, i" yo$Dre looking to 1$enc yo$r t ir!t at a bargain price, look at )ater% A gla!! o" tap )ater i! incredibly inexpen!ive, and even "iltered )ater get! do)n to


a tiny "raction o" a cent per o$nce% /" yo$ need t at !)eet "ix, do ) at / o"ten do> !1$irt a little bit o" lemon L$ice into a big c$p o" )ater and add a pinc o" !$gar or t)o, t en !tir% & atD! !till farle!! expen!ive per o$nce t an yo$r average !oda% 3ant it convenient* 6ill !ome )ater bottle! and keep t em in t e "ridge a! a replacement "or !oda% ;o$ can tell a !imilar !tory )it "a!t "ood% M$c like !oda, itD! convenient and it can o"ten become part o" a normal ro$tine% M$c like !oda, t e co!t eac time doe!nDt !eem like too m$c % M$c like !oda, itD! $!$ally ta!ty% M$c like !oda, t ere are long term ealt co!t! a!!ociated )it repeated $!e% /" yo$ )ant to replace t e convenience and ta!tine!! o" "a!t "ood, make it yo$r!el" in advance o" yo$r cr$nc time% Make a big batc o" omemade break"a!t b$rrito! and n$ke t em on yo$r )ay o$t t e door% 5eep a container o" n$t! in yo$r car to m$nc on in!tead o" !)inging into t e Mickey 2D! drive-t r$% .repare meal! in advance !o t at all yo$ ave to do i! pop t em in t e oven ) en yo$ get ome% & ere are ton! o" inexpen!ive recipe! ) ere t e co!t per !erving L$!t blo)! a)ay "a!t "ood in term! o" immediate !aving!% /Dm !peaking "rom experience ) en / !ay t at t e arde!t part o" !)itc ing a)ay "rom ro$tine! o" drinking !oda or eating "a!t "ood i! not giving $p t e item, itD! breaking t e ro$tine% H$man being! are creat$re! o" abit and ! aking o$r ro$tine! i! !omet ing )eDre not partic$larly good at% ,ver t e year!, /Dve "o$nd a "e) !peci"ic tactic! t at really )ork "or me ) en it come! to breaking an $n)anted ro$tine or e!tabli! ing a ne) one% ,ne, try to "#ange ; st one ro t$ne at a t$me. /" yo$ ave a ro$tine o" getting a !oda and a b$rrito a"ter )ork eac day, L$!t "oc$! on breaking t at ro$tine% /gnore ot er c ange! yo$ )ant to make in yo$r li"e rig t no)% 6oc$! L$!t on going ome in!tead o" !topping "or t at !nack, and keep t at money in yo$r pocket% /" yo$ )ant to, eat !omet ing el!e in!tead ) en yo$ get ome E !omet ing t atD! likely "ar le!! expen!ive% &)o, m$n$m$Ke t#e res$stan"e to t#e new ro t$ne. /tD! a lot ea!ier not to pick $p a !oda i" yo$Dve got an ea!y alternative to grab ) en yo$Dre t ir!ty, !$c a! a )ater bottle yo$ "illed yo$r!el" earlier and !t$ck in t e "ridge% /tD! a lot ea!ier to ride rig t by a "a!t "ood re!ta$rant i" yo$ ave a "e) n$t! in yo$r ve icle to m$nc on in!tead% /tD! a lot ea!ier not to eat o$t i" yo$ ave an ea!y meal at ome all ready to to!! in t e oven 'or i! !itting t ere ready "or yo$ in t e crock pot(% & ree, f$n/ alternat$ves yo really en;oy. / $!ed to really enLoy drinking a partic$lar type o" !oda% / liked it !o m$c / didnDt really believe / )o$ld get eno$g enLoyment o$t o" anyt ing el!e to make it )ort t e !aving!% 3 at / did i! / !pent !ome time L$!t experimenting )it di""erent alternative! $ntil / came acro!! a great mix o" )ater, a bit o" lemon L$ice, and a pinc o" !$gar t at / really, really liked% Having a c eaper alternative t at / gen$inely liked made t e !)itc m$c ea!ier%


6inally, re"ogn$Ke w#at yo 7re ga$n$ng from t#e "#ange. /" yo$ eliminate t ree !oda! a day 'on average( t at co!t Q8%?8 eac 'on average(, yo$Dre !aving Q?88 a year in immediate !oda co!t!, pl$! a !igni"icant amo$nt more in long term ealt care co!t!% /" yo$ move "rom eating one Q3 "a!t "ood !nack a day to eating a omemade !nack t at co!t! Q+ to make and a "e) n$t! t at co!t Q8%?8, yo$Dre !aving Q?88 a year in immediate "ood co!t!, pl$! a !igni"icant amo$nt more in long term ealt care co!t!% 5eeping t o!e dollar! and cent! in mind )a! a real motivator% & e t ing to al)ay! keep in mind i! t at t ere are a lot o" !aving! to be ad "rom c anging yo$r dietary ro$tine!% Got ing i! !acred a! long a! yo$Dre meeting yo$r ba!ic n$tritional need!%

Contrib$te <eg$larly to & at <etirement Acco$nt '?9R30?(

/" yo$Dve been "ollo)ing t e advice o" t e la!t "e) day!, yo$ ! o$ld ave a retirement plan in place% Go) come! t e ard part> contrib$ting to t at acco$nt% 3 en it come! rig t do)n to it, retirement contrib$tion! are anot er bill% Contrib$tion! red$ce t e pool o" money t at yo$ ave )it ) ic to pay yo$r bill! and live yo$r day-to-day li"e% 6or many people, t atD! an ob!tacle t atD! ard to overcome, partic$larly i" yo$Dre in a !tate o" living payc eck to payc eck% 6ort$nately, itD! not really a! c allenging a! it !o$nd!% =etD! !ay yo$Dre 2? year! old and earning QB8,888 per year% ;o$Dve decided to !tart contrib$ting +8: o" yo$r !alary to yo$r B8+'k(% Ho) )ill t at act$ally a""ect yo$r take- ome pay* &o make t i! ea!y, )eDll L$!t a!!$me t at t e only ded$ction "rom yo$r payc eck i! yo$r income tax and yo$r retirement% 3eDll al!o a!!$me yo$ get paid t)ice a mont % So, be"ore and, yo$ pay Q0,838 in income taxe! over t e co$r!e o" t e year, or Q2?+%2? per payc eck% ;o$r take- ome c eck t)ice a mont i! Q+,B+?%B2% A"ter)ard, yo$ p$t Q+00%09 into retirement eac payc eck% A! a re!$lt, yo$r income tax goe! do)n to Q?,838 over t e co$r!e o" t e year, going do)n to Q289%?C per payc eck 't atD! QB+%09 le!! in income taxe! per payc eck t an be"oreF(% ;o$r take- ome c eck t)ice a mont i! Q+,298%B2% So, yo$r take- ome pay goe! do)n Q+2?, b$t yo$Dre p$tting Q+00%09 into retirement eac and every payc eck% & e di""erence i! taxe! E yo$r taxe! )ent do)n QB+%09 per c eck beca$!e o" yo$r B8+'k(RB83'b( contrib$tion!%


& e point i! yo r ta2e-#ome %ay won7t go /own as m "# as yo t#$n2. /" yo$ contrib$te Q+B8 or !o to retirement, yo$r take- ome pay )ill only go do)n Q+88 or !o% & at !till leave! t e c allenge o" living on le!! income% & ere are a "e) !trategie! )ort mentioning% 6ir!t, yo %robably won7t not$"e $t as m "# as yo t#$n2. /tD! a lot ea!ier to !pend money on t ing! t at yo$ "orget abo$t i" yo$ ave money in yo$r c ecking acco$nt% /" yo$ ave a bit le!! money, all t at )ill c ange '"or many people( i! t at t ey !pend le!! money on t ing! t ey "orget abo$t% ,ne )ay to demon!trate t i! to yo$r!el" i! to L$!t !pend a mont or t)o keeping all o" yo$r receipt!% 5eep receipt! "or everyt ing% & en, at t e end o" t at period, look t ro$g t em, partic$larly "or t e t ing! yo$Dd "orgotten abo$t t at )ere completely $nimportant% 6or mo!t people, itDll add $p to "ar more t an yo$ t o$g t% Anot er tactic i! to s$m%ly l$ve more fr gally. /t doe!nDt take many c ange! to ! ave ?: or !o o"" o" yo$r !pending% & ing! like air !ealing yo$r ome or eating at ome more o"ten )ill likely do it% /n "act, t i! entire W30? 3ay! to =ive C eap '<evi!ited(X !erie! i! loaded )it )ay! to ! ave a little bit o"" o" yo$r !pending, and retirement !aving! i! a brilliant )ay to $tili4e t e money yo$Dve !aved% Start !aving now% ;o$ )onDt notice it a! m$c a! yo$ t ink yo$ )ill and yo$Dll be incredibly glad yo$ did it in a "e) year!%

@!e a Bicycle 'B8R30?(

& e )inter i! ea!ily my lea!t "avorite !ea!on% /t i! very di""ic$lt to be o$t!ide "or a long period o" time ) en t e temperat$re i! approac ing 8 6, a! it o"ten i! in /o)a d$ring t e )inter% ;o$ can p$t on a lot o" clot e! and do okay o$t t ere, b$t yo$Dve eliminated t e po!!ibility o" doing anyt ing t at re1$ire! !igni"icant agility% B$t !pring, o , t e glorio$! !pring% ,ne o" t e "ir!t t ing! / do ) en t e )eat er !tart! to t$rn )armer in Marc i! get o$t my bicycle, oil $p t e c ain! a bit, air $p t e bicycle tire!, and go "or a ride% /Dve ad t i! bike "or a do4en year! no) and / expect to ave it "or at lea!t a do4en more% /Dll be )earing a backpack )it !ome mail in it t at need! to be mailed at t e po!t o""ice% /Dll !top by t e !mall general !tore in o$r to)n i" / need anyt ing% /Dll ride o$t near t e ne) con!tr$ction in to)n L$!t to !ee ) atD! going on% /Dll get ome, "inding my leg! L$!t a bit !ore and my l$ng! "$ll o" "re! air% Con!idering t at / al!o $!$ally !pend t at "ir!t really nice day mixing compo!t into


t e garden and playing !occer in t e yard )it t e kid!, t e combination o" "re! air and lot! o" exerci!e lead! me !traig t into a deep and re"re! ing nig t o" !leep% / get exerci!e, / got "re! air, / got !ome errand! completed, and it co!t! me virt$ally not ing% /tD! !omet ing t at / try to repeat a! o"ten a! po!!ible d$ring t e mont ! o" plea!ant )eat er% & e t ing to notice ere i! t at 57m not s$ng my "ar to get to t#e %ost off$"e or t#e general store. /Dm $!ing my bicycle% <at er t an $!ing ga! and p$tting more mileage on my ve icle 'contrib$ting to depreciation and maintenance(, /Dm !imply $!ing my tr$!ty old bicycle to get t e Lob done% &o make a trip to t e po!t o""ice and t e !tore i! L$!t ! y o" t ree mile!, ro$nd trip, on t e road!% / co$ld do t e driving portion o" t at trip in abo$t eig t or nine min$te! 't e !peed limit i! abo$t 3?, a"ter all, and t ere are !everal !top !ign! / ave to go t ro$g , and t ere are al)ay! t ing! like pede!trian! and bicycli!t! and ot er car! t at "$rt er red$ce my !peed(% ,n my bicycle, t e di!tance o" t e "$ll ro$nd trip i! abo$t a mile and a al", beca$!e / can c$t t ro$g a park and al!o $tili4e a trail t at connect! a !treet to t e lot on t e back !ide o" t e po!t o""ice% / can do t i! ro$nd trip in P abo$t ten min$te!% So, / !ave abo$t a min$te $!ing t e car% Ho)ever, every mile / drive in t at car co!t! me at lea!t Q8%?8 in "$el, depreciation, and maintenance, giving me a total o" Q+%?8 "or t e trip% Add in t e "act t at t e bicycle trip give! me !ome moderate aerobic exerci!e 'improving my ealt and my li"e !pan( and t e bicycle trip i! an enormo$! )in% 3 atD! t e me!!age ere* /tD! !imple% Use a b$"y"le $nstea/ of a "ar for s#ort tr$%s. /" yo$Dre L$!t going a mile or t)o "rom yo$r ome, bicycle t ere and back, provided t e )eat er i! good% @!ed bicycle! can be "o$nd at very lo) rate! i" yo$ look aro$nd and t e maintenance co!t o" a bike i! nonexi!tent% Mean) ile, every mile yo$ drive in a car eat! $p Q8%?8 and doe! not ing to elp yo$r ealt %

2o t e <e!earc '++R30?(
A "riend o" mine told me t at "or every Q+88 e !pend! on b$ying an item, e devote! an o$r o" re!earc to t e p$rc a!e be"ore making a move% & at !eem! like a good r$le o" t $mb% /n "act, /Dd go even "$rt er> for every <100 5 s%en/ on an $tem over t#e $tem7s l$fet$me4 5 try to /evote an #o r to resear"#$ng t#e % r"#ase before ma2$ng a move. 3 at do / mean by t at* &ake a car, "or example% ;e!, )e ave t e initial !ticker price o" t e car, b$t o) long do yo$ intend to drive t at car* Ho) m$c ga! )ill


t at take* Ho) m$c maintenance )ill be needed to keep it on t e road* & o!e are additional co!t!, and t ey ! o$ld be an important part o" t e re!earc yo$ do% /" / b$y a ne) comp$ter, / mig t !pend Q?88 on it ' ypot etically(% Ho)ever, itD! going to !$ck energy rig t o$t o" t e )all and in"late my electric bill, !o my total co!t o" o)ning t at comp$ter i! !igni"icantly ig er t an Q?88 over t e li"etime o" t at comp$ter% (esear"# %ays off. Almo!t al)ay!, re!earc )ill lead yo$ to t e option t at )ill provide yo$ )it t e mo!t bang "or yo$r b$ck% 3 et er itD! t e mo!t "$el-e""icient and reliable car or t e comp$ter )it t e mo!t or!epo)er "or yo$r dollar, time !pent learning exactly ) at yo$Dre b$ying and o) to milk all t e val$e yo$ can o$t o" t at p$rc a!e pay! "or it!el" over t e li"etime o" t e item% 3 at exactly do / mean by Wdo t e re!earc X* HereD! t e proce!! / go t ro$g "or almo!t every !igni"icant item / b$y% W#at e!a"tly am 5 b y$ngB 6or !tarter!, / donDt b$y !omet ing $nle!! / can clearly !tate ) at exactly / )ant it to do% 3 at ta!k! m$!t t at item be able to take on to make it )ort oneD! money and time* =etD! !ay /Dm looking "or a ne) kitc en kni"e% 3 at do / care abo$t )it t at kni"e* / )ant it to be able to c op vegetable! ea!ily% / )ant it to old an edge "or a ) ile a"ter / one it% / )ant it to be able to maintain a ! arp edge ')it reg$lar maintenance, o" co$r!e( "or a very long time, beca$!e / donDt )ant to ave to go t ro$g t e proce!! o" b$ying anot er one beca$!e t e "ir!t one )a! L$nk% & i!, in it!el", involve! re!earc % &o $nder!tand ) at "eat$re! yo$ )ant in a kni"e, yo$ need to ave a ba!ic $nder!tanding o" o) a kni"e )ork!, ) at knive! are made o", and !o "ort % <eading and per!onal experience are bot part o" t i!% & i! i! deeply connected to t e idea t at one ! o$ld b$y a lo)-end item "ir!t, become "amiliar )it it! $!e, and t en replace it )it an item appropriate to t eir need!% /n ot er )ord!, !tart )it a c eap kni"e, learn o) to $!e it, learn ) at yo$ act$ally donDt like abo$t it and co$ld be improved, t en $!e t at a! a ba!i! to b$y t e rig t kni"e "or yo$ 'a!!$ming yo$ $!e it eno$g , o" co$r!e(% W#at $tems o t t#ere mat"# t#e feat res 57m loo2$ng forB ,nce yo$ kno) clearly ) at yo$Dre looking "or, yo$ can !tart looking "or item! t at matc it% / $!$ally rely on !everal di""erent !o$rce! "or t e!e type! o" an!)er!% A "e) key maga4ine!, !$c a! Consumer %eports andCooks Illustrated, provide !olid and $nbia!ed revie)! o" prod$ct! t at / o"ten $!e a! a ba!eline "or ) at / )ant to b$y% Anot er key element o" t i! type o" re!earc i! my o)n !ocial net)ork, a! /Dll !end o$t email! or 6acebook re1$e!t! a!king "or t eir recommendation! or !$gge!tion!% & ere are a !mall and"$l o" blogger! t at / tr$!t a! )ell% / al!o $!e t e ra) data provided by t e man$"act$rer to "ig$re o$t t ing! like energy $!e% @!$ally, t i! mean! a trip to t e library and, o"ten, a trip to a "e) !tore!, !imply to $nder!tand t e prod$ct! /Dm comparing and t e "eat$re! t at t ey o""er%


W#ere "an 5 f$n/ t#e $tem8s9 5 want at t#e r$g#t %r$"eB / generally pre"er to b$y t ing! ) en my back i!nDt again!t t e )all !o t at / ave time to eval$ate lot! o" di""erent b$ying option!% 6or example, a"ter ! opping "or mont ! "or t e rig t price on t e rig t ve icle, / act$ally bo$g t my car o"" o" Craig!li!t% & e moral o" t e !tory* 2onDt be a"raid to $nt "ar and )ide "or t e rig t price on t e item t at yo$ )ant% 2onDt )ait $ntil yo$ have to make a p$rc a!e% /n!tead, !tart t e proce!! no) on item! t at yo$ kno) yo$Dll ave to p$rc a!e do)n t e road% <e!earc pay! o"", every !ingle time% ;o$Dll kno) it ) en yo$ "ind t e per"ect price on an item t at yo$ kno) a! t e rig t balance o" "eat$re! "or yo$r need!%

5eep &rack o" ;o$r .rogre!! 'CR30?(

,ne o" t e be!t per!onal "inance ta!k! / ever took on )a! b$ilding a per!onal net )ort calc$lator% /t )a! a !imple little t ing 'in "act, / )rote a t$torial on o) to b$ild one in any !pread! eet program yo$ ave, very little kno)ledge re1$ired(% All it did )a! add $p all o" my a!!et!, add $p all o" my debt!, t en !$btract my debt! "rom my a!!et!, leaving me my net )ort % & e !pread! eet !imply con!i!ted o" a li!t o" all o" o$r !igni"icant a!!et! E o$r retirement acco$nt!, o$r c ecking acco$nt!, o$r !aving! acco$nt!, o$r ve icle!, o$r ome E and t eir approximate val$e!% /t )o$ld al!o incl$de eac o" o$r debt! E credit card!, car loan!, mortgage!, and !o on E and t eir c$rrent balance!% All / ad to do )a! enter t e ne) balance! and val$e! "or eac o" t e!e t ing! at t e !tart o" t e mont , and t e !pread! eet )o$ld a$tomatically calc$late my total a!!et!, my total debt!, my ne) net )ort , and o) eac o" t e!e n$mber! compared to t e previo$! mont and to t e previo$! year% 6or year!, / did t i! diligently every !ingle mont % /t almo!t became a rit$al "or me% /Dd open $p t at !pread! eet, gat er $p all o" my in"ormation, and t en eit er revel or de!pair in t e re!$lt!% /t )a! an enlig tening and val$able experience% 3 y )a! t i! !o )ort ) ile "or me* 6ir!t o" all, t#e w#ole %ro"ess gave me an $n"re/$ble amo nt of mot$vat$on. Eac mont , / "elt !trongly motivated to make !$re t at my net )ort )ent $p% /t )a! a very !imple )ay to c eck ) et er or not / )a! tr$ly living by t e W!pend le!! t an yo$ earnX mantra% /" my net )ort )ent $p, t en / )a! !pending le!! t an / earned% 3 en t at appened, it "elt good% /t "elt like / )a! making good deci!ion! in my li"e% & e c ange in net )ort became a big driving "actor in my day-to-day deci!ion!% / )o$ld o"ten $!e t at n$mber a! a motivator to make lot! o" little c oice!


t ro$g o$t t e mont % / )o$ld c oo!e not to !top at t e book!tore, "or example, beca$!e / )o$ld tell my!el" t at it )o$ld $rt my progre!! )it t at n$mber% .er ap! L$!t a! important, t#e n mbers wo l/ "learly tell me $f 5 wasn7t follow$ng a goo/ f$nan"$al %at#. /" / didnDt !ee an increa!e like / expected, or i" / !a) a net )ort decline, / knew / ad to ! ape t ing! $p% L mbers /on7t l$e. /" yo$r net )ort goe! $p over a given period, partic$larly i" yo$ donDt ave a large amo$nt o" money inve!ted, t en yo$ )ere making good "inancial c oice! d$ring t at period% /" it goe! do)n, t en yo$ )ere per ap! making poor "inancial c oice! d$ring t at period% At t e very lea!t, a decline mean! t at yo$ need to look into t e rea!on! "or t at decline and likely make !ome c ange!% ?vo$/$ng t#e n mbers $s a m$sta2e. /" yo$ c oo!e to tr$!t yo$r in!tinct! or yo$r g$t "eeling! ) en it come! to yo$r "inance!, yo$Dre almo!t al)ay! going to "ind yo$r!el" bitten by t o!e in!tinct!% /tD! incredibly ea!y to overlook and "orget abo$t little t ing! along t e )ay% 3 en yo$ rely on t e n$mber!, t e little t ing! donDt L$!t di!appear on yo$% Event$ally, / reac ed t e point ) ere t e $p! and do)n! in my retirement !aving! and my c ildrenD! college !aving! )ere aving more o" an impact on my net )ort t an any o" my per!onal c oice!, !o t e ro$tine became le!! important% ,ver t e year!, t o$g , t e proce!! in!tilled in me a great deal o" acco$ntability abo$t t e po)er o" t e little deci!ion! / make every day% /" yo$Dre !tr$ggling to get yo$r "inance! in order, !tart making yo$r!el" acco$ntable% A !imple net )ort calc$lator i! a great place to !tart%

Ma!ter t e & irty 2ay <$le, &oo '9R30?(

;e!terday, )e talked abo$t t e ten !econd r$le, ) ic yo$ can $!e to protect yo$r!el" again!t imp$l!e b$y! t at are )ell )it in t e limit! o" yo$r pocket money% 3eDre talking abo$t t ing! like a pack o" g$m, an inexpen!ive board game, or !omet ing like t at% A! / kno) all too )ell, t o$g , many o" t e p$rc a!e! )e make are m$c larger t an t at one% /Dll give yo$ an example> o$r blender% 3e $!e o$r blender "or a lot o" t ing!> making !moot ie!, beating egg!, making pe!to, and !o on% A ) ile back, one o" o$r bea$ti"$l c ildren did !omet ing incompre en!ible to t e blender 'a! c ildren !ometime! do(, rendering it very di""ic$lt to $!e% ;o$ co$ld !till $!e it, b$t yo$ ad to old !omet ing over t e top o" it ) ile al!o olding t e entire mac ine "irmly in place% ,$r initial in!tinct )a! to L$!t r$! rig t o$t and replace t e blender )it a !imilar model% /t did a decent Lob, t o$g it )o$ld o"ten leave big c $nk! in t e blender


and ad ot er little de!ign i!!$e! t at )e didnDt like% /t )o$ld al!o take foreverto blend certain t ing!% /n!tead, we ma/e t#e /e"$s$on to b y a better blen/er. Go), )e co$ld ave ea!ily !till ran to t e !tore and bo$g t a better blender, b$t t e deci!ion to b$y a better one meant t at t e co!t o" t e blender likely L$mped $p into t e Wmore t an pocket moneyX category% 3e )erenDt going to L$!t b$y a Q28 blender% /n!tead, we gave $t a mont#. 2$ring t at mont , )e re!earc ed a lot o" blender!% 3e did !ome eval$ation! o" ) at "eat$re! )e act$ally needed and ) ic one! )ere !$per"l$o$!% 3e !ettled on a "e) model! and did a ton o" price compari!on!% /n t e end, )e )o$nd $p )it a top-notc blender "or "ar le!! t an )e ever expected to pay "or it 'meaning )e did not pay anyt ing clo!e to Ama4onD! price "or t at blender(% & at mont did a lot o" t ing! "or $!% We #a/ t$me to f$g re o t $f t#$s was somet#$ng we really wante/ to /o. 2id )e really need a nicer blender* Co$ld )e L$!t $!e a !imple replacement "or t e one )e already ad* 2id )e need one at all* & e!e 1$e!tion! are o"ten eno$g to talk yo$ o$t o" an $nnece!!ary p$rc a!e% &ry doing t i! )it , !ay, an i.od &o$c , and yo$Dll "ind yo$r!el" not !pending Q288 or !o on a portable m$!ic player% ,bvio$!ly, t i! 1$e!tion didnDt "ill all o" o$r t o$g t! "or t e mont , b$t it )a! !omet ing t at )e t o$g t abo$t% We #a/ t$me to a"t ally $/ent$fy t#e s%e"$f$" $tem we were loo2$ng for. 3e identi"ied all o" t e !peci"ic "eat$re! )e )anted a! )ell a! "eat$re! )e deemed $nnece!!ary% 3e )ere able to re!earc a lot o" model! $!ing tool! like Consumer %eports and, event$ally, )e )ere able to ) ittle o$r c oice! do)n to a and"$l% We #a/ t$me to "aref lly s#o% for t#e r$g#t $tem. /n!tead o" L$!t c arging a ead once )e ad an item in mind, )e !pent !ome time ! opping aro$nd "or t at item E and )aiting "or t e rig t price% 3e !et $p !ome noti"ication! "or price! on t e item! )e )ere intere!ted in and looked at a lot o" di""erent option!% Event$ally, t e blender )e picked $p popped $p )it a large di!co$nt, !o )e po$nced% G$ve yo rself t#$rty /ays to go t#ro g# t#$s %ro"ess. Mo!t o" t e time, yo$Dll talk yo$r!el" rig t o$t o" t e p$rc a!e, ) ic i! a good t ing% Even ) en yo$ donDt, yo$r re!earc and price inve!tigation )ill o"ten lead yo$ to)ard getting t e be!t item at a very nice price, rat er t an L$!t getting ) atever item appen! to be at yo$r local department !tore% ;o$ ! o$ld al!o set a %r$"e t#res#ol/ for t#e t#$rty /ay r le. 3 at do yo$ con!ider to be t e line bet)een an imp$l!e p$rc a!e o$t o" yo$r pocket money and a more !igni"icant p$rc a!e* 6or me, itD! $!$ally bet)een Q28 and QB8, depending on o) m$c o" my alloted Wpocket moneyX "or t e mont t at /Dve !pent% /tD!


going to be di""erent "or eac per!on depending on t eir income level, be avior level, and ot er "actor!%

<ecord Every .enny ;o$ Spend in a Mont '?R30?(

,ne o" t e mo!t generic per!onal "inance !$gge!tion! i! to Wcreate a b$dget%X & e advice $!$ally revolve! aro$nd !etting a!ide money "rom yo$r payc eck "or all o" yo$r kno)n expen!e!, t en making !marter c oice! )it ) atD! le"t over% HereD! t e problem )it t at !$gge!tion> a lot of %eo%le w#o are $n f$nan"$al tro ble #ave no $/ea w#ere t#e$r money $s go$ng from mont# to mont#. /Dm !peaking bot "rom my o)n experience and "rom t e mo$ntain! o" email! /Dve received "rom reader! ) o are !tr$ggling to get control o" t eir o)n "inance!% Bet)een imp$l!e b$y!, credit card p$rc a!e!, debit card p$rc a!e!, p$rc a!e! made )it pocket money, and !o on, it can be e.tremely di""ic$lt "or a per!on )it o$t at lea!t !ome expo!$re to per!onal "inance to $nder!tand ) ere t eir money goe!% 3it o$t kno)ing ) ere yo$r money goe!, a b$dget i! $!ele!!% /tD! not ing more t an a g$e!! abo$t t e reality o" yo$r "inancial !it$ation% & e "ir!t !tep, t en, in creating a b$dget and getting yo$r "inancial li"e $nder control i! to n/erstan/ as "om%letely as yo "an w#ere every /$me of yo r money $s go$ng. / !$gge!t doing t i! "or a period o" at lea!t one mont % & i! allo)! yo$ to get t ro$g one billing cycle on yo$r $tilitie! and yo$r debt!% 3 ile it doe! not cover irreg$lar bill! 'like in!$rance(, it can at lea!t provide t e "o$ndation "or reg$lar mont ly b$dget!% So, o) do yo$ get !tarted* 3 at / did i! 5 /es$gnate/ a s#oebo! $n w#$"# to "olle"t re"e$%ts for every /$me 5 %a$/ o t for a g$ven mont#. /" / bo$g t ga!, / !aved t e receipt and p$t it in t e box% /" / bo$g t grocerie!, / did t e !ame% & e !ame goe! "or all o" my !illy incidental expen!e!% /" / paid ca! "or !omet ing and didnDt receive a receipt "or it, / )o$ld )rite do)n t at expen!e on a piece o" paper and to!! t at paper into t e box% My reg$lar bill! al!o )ent into t e box a"ter / paid t em% /" / paid t e bill online, / )o$ld )rite do)n t e bill name and t e amo$nt on a piece o" !crap paper and to!! it into t e box, m$c like my ca! expen!e!% At t e end o" t e mont , / )o$ld al!o take my bank and credit card !tatement! and $!e t o!e a! a ba!i! "or compari!on to make !$re / didnDt mi!! anyt ing, like an a$tomated payment t at / "orgot abo$t%


W#at /o yo /o w$t# all of t#$s $nformat$onB Simple% ;o$ take all o" it o$t and !ort it into gro$p! t at make !en!e "or yo$% 6or example, yo$ mig t ave a gro$p "or e!!ential bill! 'like electricity and rent or yo$r mortgage payment(, a gro$p "or non-e!!ential bill! like Get"lix, a gro$p "or grocerie!, a gro$p "or eating o$t, a gro$p "or entertainment and obby expen!e!, and a gro$p "or everyt ing el!e% & en, go t ro$g eac o" t e!e gro$p! and total $p t e receipt! in t at gro$p% ,nce yo$ ave t o!e total!, yo$ can !pend !ome time a!king yo$r!el" ) et er t at !pending level need! to !tay in place '"or example, )it e!!ential reg$lar bill!( or it can be c$t a little bit 'a! )it entertainment expen!e! or eating o$t(% 3 at do yo$ ave a"ter yo$Dve done t at* ? b /get. & atD! t e end re!$lt o" all o" t i! )ork> a b$dget t at act$ally matc e! o) yo$ !pend yo$r money and provide! reali!tic g$idance "or yo$r "inancial "$t$re%

Spend =e!! & an ;o$ Earn '3R30?(

/" t ere i! a !ingle mantra o" & e Simple 2ollar, itD! t i! one% Spend less than you earn. & ereD! a rea!on t at itD! my "ir!t r$le o" per!onal "inance% /" yo$ can !pend le!! t an yo$ earn consistently over vario$! time "rame! 'le!! t i! )eek, le!! t i! mont , le!! t i! year all at t e !ame time(, yo$Dre going to be in great "inancial ! ape% S%en/ lessX /t all !tart! )it !pending% 2o yo$ ave yo$r !pending $nder control* S%en/$ng less t#an yo earn means one t#$ng above all else: be$ng $n "ontrol of yo rself. Are yo$ able to control yo$r!el" ) en t ereD! a temptation in "ront o" yo$* Are yo$ able to control yo$r!el" ) en a "riend beg! yo$ to go o$t ! opping and !pending money yo$ donDt really ave* Are yo$ able to control yo$r de!ire to go on an expen!ive trip ) en yo$ donDt ave yo$r "inancial o$!e in order* Are yo$ able to control yo$r "eeling! o" )ant ) en yo$ !ee t at nice ! iny ne) car at t e dealer! ip )it all o" t o!e great "eat$re!* Mo!t importantly, are yo able to "ontrol t#ese feel$ngs "ons$stentlyB Can yo$ do it over and over and over again* Spending le!! i! abo$t self/control, not ing more, not ing le!!% ," co$r!e, t atD! not to !ay t ere arenDt tactic! t at canDt elp yo$ do)n t at pat % Start by c anneling yo$r exce!! money into a !mall emergency "$nd% Set a goal o" aving Q+,888 in yo$r !aving! acco$nt and get t ere a! "a!t a! yo$ can% Move money "rom yo$r c ecking acco$nt into yo$r !aving! )it eac and every good


deci!ion yo$ make% & at emergency "$nd )ill be t ere "or yo$ ) en t ing! like a car breakdo)n or a Lob lo!! appen!% A"ter t at, get r$/ of t#e "re/$t "ar/s% C$tting t em $p i! a pretty good "ir!t !tep to elp en!$re !el"-control% Make minim$m payment! on all o" yo$r debt!, t en try to make a do$ble or triple payment on t e debt t at a! t e ig e!t intere!t rate% <epeat t at, mont a"ter mont , and yo$Dll !ee yo$r debt! ! rinking in!tead o" gro)ing% /" yo$ can ac ieve t o!e t)o !tep!, yo$Dre going to be )ell on yo$r )ay do)n t e pat to "inancial !$cce!!% ;o$ )ill be debt "ree and be making "ar more t an yo$ bring in per mont % Saving "or retirement )ill be ea!y, a! )ill !aving "or a o$!e do)n payment% ," co$r!e, t ere i! anot er !ide to all o" t i!% X t#an yo earn 3 en people ear t e p ra!e W!pend le!! t an yo$ earn,X t e "oc$! i! almo!t al)ay! on t e Wred$ce !pendingX !ide o" t e e1$ation% E1$ally important i! t e Wincrea!e earningX !ide o" t e e1$ation% 5f yo ma2e more money an/ leave yo r s%en/$ng n"#ange/4 yo 7ll $mme/$ately move from l$v$ng %ay"#e"2 to %ay"#e"2 to s%en/$ng less t#an yo earn. /" yo$ are !tr$ggling "inancially and canDt !eem to "ind a )ay to get a grip on yo$r !it$ation, t e be!t move i! to "ind a b$r!t o" ! ort-term income% ,ne ea!y "ir!t !tep i! to "lean o t yo r "loset an/ sell off t#e nwante/ st ff. Sell yo$r $n)anted 2A2! and Bl$ray! on eBay% Have a giant yard !ale% &ake all o" yo$r !till-in-good-! ape clot e! to a local con!ignment ! op% Het rid o" all o" t o!e old collection! t at yo$ no longer look at% & i! )ill generate !ome ! ort term ca! t at yo$ can 1$ickly apply to an emergency "$nd or to yo$r ig e!t intere!t debt, a! de!cribed above% Anot er !tep i! to earn a b$t of e!tra money w#en yo 7re $/le. /" yo$Dre !itting on t e co$c )atc ing televi!ion, "ire $p a comp$ter and do t ing! like Mec anical &$rk to earn a "e) dollar!% .$t t at money !traig t to)ard yo$r debt!% ;o$ can al!o try !omet ing more ambitio$!, like !tarting a !mall !ide b$!ine!! or even )orking a part-time Lob% Apply all o" t at money to)ard improving yo$r "inancial !it$ation% & e t ing to remember i! t at self-"ontrol $s t#e fa"tor t#at n/erl$nes all of t#$s. 6or any o" t i! to )ork, yo$ ave to be )illing to !ometime! !ay no to temptation! and to let go to !ome o" t e non-e!!ential l$x$rie!% /" yo$Dre not )illing to do t at, t en yo$Dre not going to t$rn yo$r "inancial li"e aro$nd% Spend le!! t an yo$ earn% /tD! !o ard, yet !o !imple%

<eali4e & at ;o$Dre Got Alone on & i! Jo$rney '2R30?(


3 en / "ir!t reac ed my "inancial bottom, / "elt de!perately alone% / )rote abo$t t e pain o" t at "inancial bottom a ) ile ago> /n ! ort, even t#o g# my m$n/ 2e%t sear"#$ng for a way o t4 anot#er sav$ng gra"e4 %art of me began to real$Ke t#at t#ere was no way o t t#$s t$me. / began to "eel completely !ick to my !tomac and di!g$!ted )it my!el", !o / )alked back ome% My )i"e )a! t ere on t e co$c , "lipping t ro$g a maga4ine, and my !on )a! in i! room taking a nap% / )ent into my !onD! room, clo!ed t e door be ind me, and !at do)n in t e rocking c air acro!! "rom i! crib% He )a! !o tiny laying t ere, le!! t an !ix mont ! old, and e )a! !leeping !o peace"$lly t ere )it o$t a )orry in t e )orld% ?t f$rst4 5 env$e/ #$m. / )anted !o badly to be in a !it$ation )it o$t re!pon!ibility, to ave my li"e in a place ) ere / co$ld L$!t lie t ere in innocent !leep, )it o$t a )orry tro$bling me% B$t a! / )atc ed im lay t ere, gently breat ing, anot er !et o" emotion! began to take over% G $lt. S#ame. &mbarrassment. @a$n. / )a! "ailing t i! )onder"$l little boy, t i! c ild ) o ad already bro$g t incalc$lable Loy into my li"e% He looked to me and relied on me "or everyt ing, and beca$!e o" my poor deci!ion making and my !el"i! ne!!, / )a! t ro)ing it all a)ay% / clo!ed my eye! and imagined t e "$t$re / )anted "or im, and t en )atc ed it di!!olve into t e "$t$re t at e )o$ld ave i" / didnDt c ange t ing! immediately% And / cried, almo!t $ncontrollably% / ad my !on t at / loved !o m$c % / ad my )i"e, too% /n t e end, t o$g , / "elt alone% / "elt like / ad let everyone do)n beca$!e o" my o)n inability to andle my money% / alone kne) o) bad t e "inancial !it$ation really )a!, and / alone kne) t at it )a! largely my o)n "a$lt% & e t ing )a!, 5 wasn7t alone. /Dve never really been alone% 6or one, t ereD! Hod% /Dm not going to enter into a debate abo$t ) at t at mean!, ) et er itD! really a !pirit$al "orce or L$!t my !$bcon!cio$! talking, b$t / kno) t at ) en / !pend time meditating and praying, / "ind an!)er! to t e 1$e!tion! / !eek, or at lea!t direction! to t o!e an!)er!% & ereD! !omet ing t ere, !omet ing / ave al)ay! been able to rely on, and ) et er itD! a deity or my !$bcon!cio$! or !omet ing el!e, itD! a real t ing t at a! con!i!tently been able to g$ide me% My )i"e, Sara , a! been by my !ide a! eit er my !teady girl"riend, my "iancee, or my )i"e "or t e la!t !ixteen year!% / can talk to er abo$t anyt ing going on in my li"e and get a !en!ible, !teady, reliable an!)er% / ave t ree c ildren t at b$ry me in $g! every time t ey !ee me% & eir good c eer i! a con!tant mood li"ter and t eir re1$e!t! "or elp make me reali4e t at / am o" val$e to t e people aro$nd me% My parent! ave been aro$nd !ince t e day / )a! born% Bot o" t em ave o""ered me elp in almo!t every )ay / co$ld a!k "or t ro$g o$t my li"e%


My extended "amily i! con!tantly !$pportive and )illing to o""er advice and a!!i!tance to me ) enever / a!k% / ave a circle o" "riend! ) o provide con!tant good $mor, companion! ip, and elp, no matter ) at /Dm going t ro$g in li"e% / participate in !everal online comm$nitie!, "$ll o" people ) o are al)ay! )illing to ! are advice and enco$ragement% / am not alone on t i! Lo$rney E or any ot er Lo$rney t at / ave in my li"e% ,o are not alone4 e$t#er. ;o$r !o$rce! o" !trengt may be very di""erent t an mine, b$t yo$ are never alone $nle!! yo$ )ill"$lly c oo!e to be% & ere are al)ay! people ) o are concerned abo$t yo$ and )ant to elp yo$% & ere are al)ay! people ) o )ill !tep $p to t e plate along!ide yo$ and )alk )it yo$ on any Lo$rney t at yo$ may take% ,"ten, all yo$ ave to do i! a!k, and t atD! o"ten t e arde!t part% & e one t ing to keep in mind i! t i!> almost everyone res%e"ts an/ wants to #el% someone w#o $s try$ng to ma2e a %os$t$ve "#ange $n t#e$r l$fe, partic$larly ) en t ey already care abo$t t at per!on% /" !omeone in yo$r li"e doe!nDt do t at, t en t at mean! t ey only val$ed yo$ "or t e negative trait yo$Dre leaving be ind, and t atD! not a good "o$ndation "or a relation! ip% ;o$ are not alone%

&ake =ittle Step!, Got Big ,ne! '+R30?(

& e little boy yo$ !ee in t e pict$re above i! my yo$nge!t !on% He L$!t learned to )alk a "e) mont ! ago, and all o" i! !tep! are little !tep!% /t take! im a lot o" time to accompli! many t ing! yo$ or / )o$ld con!ider !imple% He o"ten take! a ) ole min$te to cra)l $p a !ingle "lig t o" !tair!% Holding i! and and )alking !ome) ere mean! /Dm going to be taking t ree or "o$r time! longer, L$!t beca$!e eD! taking little !tep!% Even given t e !lo)ne!!, t ereD! !till a very val$able t ing )it t o!e little !tep!% & at little one year old boy a! learned t at $f yo ta2e yo r ste%s too fast an/ too b$g4 yo fall r$g#t on yo r fa"e. Mo!t o" t e time, i! !tep! are !mall and re!erved, b$t e kno)! t at eDll event$ally get to i! de!tination% Every once in a ) ile, t o$g , eDll get excited and !tart taking big !tep!% HeDll r$n acro!! t e "loor, trip over i! o)n "eet, and "all "lat on i! "ace% HeDll t en emit an ear-!plitting yo)l and Mom or 2ad )ill come r$nning to t e re!c$e% He doe!nDt make it to i! de!tination and, even )or!e, i! no!e 'or i! c in or i! elbo) or i! knee( no) $rt! like t e 2icken!%


HereD! t e t ing> w#en we7re try$ng o t a new be#av$or t#at $sn7t fam$l$ar to s4 we7re all l$2e t#at l$ttle boy. & e movement! )e need to make to reac o$r de!tination arenDt one! t at )eDre "amiliar )it % J$!t like t at boy, )e !ee a big ! iny t ing o"" in t e di!tance and )e canDt )ait to get t ere% 6or im, it mig t be a big beac ball ')e ave one t at e play! )it all t e time(% 6or $!, it mig t be debt "reedom, !ome level o" "inancial !ec$rity, a t in )ai!tline, a promotion, or any n$mber o" ot er t ing!% B$t L$!t like t at boy, )eDre not nat$rally "amiliar )it t e !tep! it take! to get t ere% /" )eDre in debt, t at mean! t at "r$gality and money management arenDt nat$ral move! "or $!% /" )eDre over)eig t, t at mean! t at a ealt y diet and ade1$ate exerci!e arenDt part o" o$r normal ro$tine% Al!o L$!t like t at little boy, i" )e try to r$n $!ing t o!e $n"amiliar !tep!, )eDre going to "all rig t on o$r "ace!% ,$r yper-aggre!!ive "oc$! on "r$gality )ill ca$!e $! to bo$nce back )it giant !pending !pl$rge!% ,$r !$per-!trict diet )ill re!$lt in an entire pork roa!t "or !$pper )it a ) ole Sara =ee po$ndcake a! a c a!er 'okay, maybe a bit o" an exaggeration t ere, b$t yo$ get t e idea(% ,ne !tep at a time% ,ne contin$o$!, la!ting c ange at a time% 2onDt L$mp into $ltra-"r$gality% /n!tead, look "or !ome )ay! to c ange yo$r !pending t at donDt alter yo$r daily ro$tine! 'like air-!ealing yo$r ome( and "oc$! on making one !igni"icant permanent c ange to yo$r be avior t at !ave! yo$ money 'like $n ooking t at cable box "or good(% & e !ame goe! "or ealt c ange!% Make !ome c ange! t at donDt alter yo$r daily be avior 'like getting rid o" $n ealt y !nack! at ome( and make one !igni"icant permanent c ange to yo$r be avior 'like giving $p "a!t "ood(% ;o$ can repeat t i! !ame exact p enomenon "or any c ange yo$Dre trying to make in yo$r li"e% =ittle !tep! )ill al)ay! get yo$ t ere% Big !tep! o"ten leave yo$ in a )or!e pickle t an ) ere yo$ !tarted%