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ECE 345 Project Proposal

Micropatch Antenna Array

Juan Herrera Joey Guerra George Valdovinos TA: Lee Rumsey


Our goal is to design and build a 2 x 2 micropatc antenna array utili!ing basic antenna t eory as ac"uired t roug classroom instruction #i$e$% &'& ()* + ()(,$ Our antenna -ill operate at )$. GH! -it a band-idt o/ approximately 2$01$ T is antenna -ill be utili!ed as a transmitting apparatus /or a -ireless LA2 system$ 3t can ave ot er applications as -ell% including transmitting systems involving video% voice% and data transmission$ An option to our design still under exploration is beam steering #or o/ten re/erred to as beam scanning,$ T is can be accomplis ed eit er mec anically or electronically$ 4ec anical steering can be ac ieved by utili!ing a stepper motor% - ic can p ysically s i/t t e radiating planar sur/ace o/ t e antenna in a desired direction$ &lectronic steering can be accomplis ed t roug t e use o/ analog diode p ase s i/ters% - ic can steer t e main beam -it out aving to move t e planar sur/ace$

Design Considerations
T roug out our revie- o/ various literatures% -e noted t at t ere exists no universal mat ematical e"uations t at model t e be avior o/ t e micropatc antenna$ 5e concluded% based on our comparative revie-s and recommendations /rom several pro/essors% to use t e text 6Antenna T eory7 Analysis and 8esign9 by 'onstantine A$ :alanis% as our primary guideline$ 4ost o/ t e e"uations used in our design -ill come /rom t is text$ T ese e"uations -ill be set up in a 4at ematica noteboo; /ile$ T is so/t-are -ill be very use/ul not only - en evaluating some o/ t e more di//icult e"uations% but -ill allo- us to ma;e asty ad<ustments to t e dimensions o/ t e array$ T e antenna -ill be constructed out o/ copper coated RT=8uroid )..>$ :ot sides o/ t e 8uroid -ill be coated -it copper7 on one side% t e array pattern -ill be etc ed% and t e ot er -ill serve as t e ground plane$ 5e -ant an impedance at t e radiating patc edge to be about 2>> O ms$ &//ective resonance occurs at al/?-avelengt $ Ta;ing t is into account along -it t e a/orementioned impedance% a set t ic;ness o/ @2 mils and permittivity o/ 2$2% t e dimensions o/ a single elemental patc -ill be approximately LA0$@ cm and 5A2$@B cm$ T is also includes ta;ing into account /ringing e//ects$ T e -idt and lengt dimensions o/ t e planar area s ould be about 0) x 0) cm% or about 22) cm2 in area$ T e array -ill be /ed t roug a net-or; o/ microstrip lines% - ic -ill be appropriately matc ed by using po-er division at intersecting /eedlines and inlet /eeds at t e patc edges$ 3nterelemental spacing -ill be less t an one /ull -avelengt in order to reduce or eliminate side lobes$ T e array sc ematic and simulation o/ /ield be avior -ill be created using Connet and HD A8C$ T e sc ematic -ill t en be trans/erred onto t e duroid via circuit board trans/er /ilm #i$e$% D2D :lue,% or by using p otolit ograp y tec ni"ues as ac"uired /rom &'& (** instruction$ 5 atever met od c osen -ill depend on t e availability o/ trans/er image material% or t e expediency o/ eit er met od7 - ic ever elps us get t e tas; done promptly and ;eeps us on sc edule$ T e undesired areas o/ t e 8uroid -ill be etc ed a-ay -it /erric c loride% or a nitride based solvent$ T e antenna array -ill be tested utili!ing a net-or; analy!er and a detecting orn antenna$ 5e -ill determine industry standard parameters suc as VC5R% input impedance% gain% directivity% radiation e//iciency and :and-idt :et-een Eirst 2ulls #:5E2,$ 3/ t e anac onic c amber is operational% -e -ill measure t e /ield pattern$ Drior to constructing

t e 2 x 2 antenna array% -e -ill construct one elemental patc % aving t e same dimensions as a single element o/ t e array% and test it as previously mentioned$ T e purpose o/ t is trial patc is to get us ac"uainted -it t e /abrication process% instrumentation% and measurement tec ni"ues% as -ell aving t e opportunity to observe any /oreseeable errors t at may occur$

Block Diagram

Antenna Cignal Cynt esi!er


4otor Or D ase C i/ter Optional 8esign 'omputer

T e source -ill give t e transmitting signal$ 5e -ill use a /unction generator and a net-or; analy!er as sources /or t e transmitting signal$ T e /unctionality o/ t e Cignal Cynt esi!er is to receive t e transmitted signal and determine i/ t e array is operating at t e correct /re"uency$ T e motor or p ase s i/ter are t e optional part o/ t e design t at -ill mec anically or electronically scan t e main beam o/ t e array$

:elo- is our proposed timetable% t oug -e must allo- some /lexibility /or any un/oreseeable events #<ob intervie-s% plant trips% etc$,$ "ep #$%#4 "ep #5& #' "ep #(%)* &stablis mat modeling=start on proposal$ Re"uisition 8uroid% D2D /ilm% /erric c loride$ 'omplete design and sc ematic o/ single trial element also

complete design% sc ematic and simulations /or 2x2 array$ "ep )+%,ct # ,ct )%' ,ct +%#) ,ct #4%#' ,ct )$%)) ,ct )'%)+ -o. #%5 -o. *%#) -o. #5%#+ -o. ))%)' Dec ( :uild trial element% coordinate /abrication process$ Test trial element% determine signi/icant parameters to ma;e ad<ustments as necessary$ :egin construction o/ array% coordinate /abrication process$ :egin testing and analy!ing o/ array% begin researc on beam steering$ Analy!e results and ma;e ad<ustments$ &valuate beam steering tec ni"ues and ma;e decision #optional,$ Der/orm uno//icial demo$ 4ount array on motor and test steering capabilities% or mount p ase s i/ter observe beam be avior #optional,$ :egin /inal paper% ma;e appointment -it 5riterFs 5or;s op /or editing o/ paper% continue to test and debug array and motor$ Drep /or Einal Dresentation and 8emo Turn in Einal Daper$

/ist o0 Assigned asks Juan

Researc 4at 4odeling Trial Datc 8esign Trial Datc Eabrication 3nstrumentation tec nician

Researc Re"uisition o/ 4aterials Trial Datc 8esign 'oordinate Trial Datc Eabrication Analy!e Cimulations

Researc Auto'A8=Cc ematics Researc Array Applications Trial Datc Cimulations Researc Optional 8esign #steering,

8esign Array

&ducational 'ontacts

8esign Array

0 panel o/ RT=8uroid )..> -it 2?sided 0 o!$ copper cladding 0$ 8imensions: 0.GG x 02GG% 0$) s"$ /t 2$ T ic;ness: @2 mils #>$>@2GG% >$0)B*. cm, ($ Dermittivity: rA 2$2 *$ 'ost: H0@($0* Dress?2?Deel 'ircuit :oard Trans/er /ilm7 Dart 2o$ 2>(D2D:2> 0$ Iuantity: D2D :lue 2> C eet Dro Dac; 2$ 'ost: H2.$J) Eerric ' loride 0$ Iuantity: 0. o!$ bottle 2$ 'ost: H($)>

Total parts cost A H0J)$)J

Labor cost A H*>$>>= Hour x 2$) x 0( -ee;s x 2> Hours=-ee; =person Labor cost A H2@%>>> = person Total Labor cost A ( x #H2@%>>> = person, A HB.%>>>

otal Cost
Total cost A Total Labor cost K Total parts cost A HB.%0J)$)J