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Consumer Profile for Final Project Geographic Profile

Region: Japan Density of Area (2) 200 ! 20"0 ! %&'0(" ( % ')* ((+ &)'%0% )&+) &2')*, ))+

Dina Malen

#r$an Rural

Demographic Profile
-e.: male an/ female Age: 0oung A/ults an/ A/ults (2) ",12* Male Female 2otal ! of total Population ",+** Female Male 200 ""',"& ""'2* 2)'00* 20"0 "0'%02 "0'&(2 2"'2() "(+ , )01 200 2('%)2 ('*(( )',*% &2'0, * 20"0 2('0 , 2(' ," 2' (, &0'*(

Marital status: -ingle' Marrie/+ 3ccupations: stu/ents' employe/+ A4erage Annual 5ncome ()) 200 "'%*2'* )+0 2'%0"',&2+"

Psychological Profile 0oung a/ults6 spen/ing po7er is small' $ut parents purc8ase 8ig8 price/ pro/ucts for c8il/ren'
iPo/s' mp)' p8ones' ot8er multime/ia /e4ices+ 9o4e :arao:e (") As young a/ults get jo$s' accor/ing to Japanese ;ational -tatistic office t8ey li4e on t8eir o7n prior to esta$lis8ing t8e families+ 28ey are $ecoming consumer electronic $uyers (2) Mi//le age a/ults are nic8e mar:ets for 4ariety of ser4ice < goo/s (2) 9i:e going out' spen/ time outsi/e(") 9i:e to tra4el' 7omen )01&0 = major /ri4ers of gro7t8 in t8e tourist tra4el (") Mo$ile1P8one Manga -torms Japan0oung Japanese are using t8eir 8ig81po7er 8an/sets to /o7nloa/ comic $oo: content an/ get t8eir fi. for t8e latest manga (()

Home Entertainment (1)

>atc8ing 4i/eo?D@D & ! 1 is t8e most popular acti4ity 9istening to music &2! Computer games 22! Aar/ening )(!

The Most Common Use of Internet (3)

Preference to e.c8ange email -earc8 for free coupons -8opping information -8opping C8atting Belo7 "0! or (+( mln users access t8e internet solely 4ia mo$ile p8ones

Most Pop lar !e"sites (#)

Ca:a:u+com ( 7or/ of mout8 7e$sites for all :in/s of pro/ucts ( Japanese only) Cosme+ net (7or/ of mout8 7e$site specialiDe/ in cosmetics) Auruna4i 777+gna4i+co+jp? Restaurant gui/e+

Comm nication$
Eouse8ol/ PC Penetration an/ 5nternet #sage 3nline Eouse8ol/s (million) 5nternet #sers PC Penetration per "00 8ouse8ol/ PC Eouse8ol/s online (!) Mo$ile P8one #sers 200( 2*+" ,2'((%+" (+" **+(% "0&'"2)


-ince ;22 DoCoMo (DCM) /e$ute/ mo$ile p8ones using -onyFs (-;G) FeliCa contactless system t8ree years ago' it 8as sol/ more t8an ")+% million 8an/sets' for a penetration rate of 2,!' accor/ing to -trategy Analytics ( ) Accor/ing to a @isa stu/y' purc8ases using contactless tec8nology are as muc8 as 2 ! faster t8an t8ose ma/e 7it8 cas8H78ic8 is goo/ enoug8 incenti4e for any retailer to in4est in t8e ;FC rea/ers ( ) AB5' 78ic8 earlier t8is year e.pecte/ 0! of all 8an/sets to $e ;FC1ena$le/ $y 20""' recently /o7ngra/e/ its forecast to )0!' or & 0 million units' citing continue/ friction $et7een $an:s an/ operators( ) Consultancy -trategy Analytics' in Milton Ceynes' Gnglan/' forecasts t8at mo$ile1p8one1$ase/ contactless payments 7ill account for more t8an I)( $illion in consumer spen/ing $y 20""' up from I*00 million no7+ 28e $ul: of t8at s8oul/ $e in Asia( )+ 9o7er access fees an/ recent gro7t8 of $roa/$an/ connection t8roug8 fi.e/ p8ones lines are all t8e factors t8at $ooste/ internet usage ()) >e$ 2+0 (secon/ =generation internet ser4ices) 8as c8ange/ $et7een internet users+ Primary #AC p8enomenon is social net7or:ing (-;-) t8at allo7s users to fin/ frien/ an/ form groups 7it8 ot8er users 7it8 similar interests+ ( ) 28e J of 4isitors to lea/ing #AC 7e$sites 7as ) +) mln per mont8 in 0*?200(1 "*! increase from 2*+ per mont8 from pre4ious year+ ( )

28e J of pages 4ie7 8as /ou$le/ in 200( compare/ to 200 + ( )

For $logs' t8e num$er of 4isitors 8as gro7n ))! in 200( compare/ to 200 an/ reac8e/ 2(+, mln per year+ ( ) #sers 4isiting #AC pages mainly come from major searc8 engines' 0a8ooK Japan' 78ic8 is t8e most popular -G in Japan+ ( ) Most popular communication tool for frien/ is Mi%i' launc8e/ in 200&' e.cee/e/ % mln in 0"?200,+ "?) users are in early 206+ "0 $ln 8its in 0"?200, ( total access from PC an/ cell p8ones+ Com$ine/)+ 0ounger users' especially 7omen' prefer to access from cell p8ones rat8er t8an from PCs+ Mi.i only allo7s $anner a/+ Projection I&0 mln in sales1mostly in a/ re4enue' /ou$le/ from t8e fiscal year t8roug8 Marc8 more t8an /ou$le 78at 7as pre4ious year+ ( )

;ee/ to ta:e a/4antage of t8e #AC an/ -;-' e.pen/ me/ia pro/uction 4ia ne7 tec8nologies t8at are accessi$le an/ affor/a$le to t8e general pu$lic+ 28is inclu/es /igital 4i/eo' $logging' po/casting' mo$ile p8one p8otograp8y' 7i:is+ Can penetrate >i:is an/ -;- 7it8 /ifferent sources rat8er t8an only $anner a/4ertising (&)

-ource " Guromonitor 5ntstats -ource 2 Guromonitor 5nternational from ;ational -tatistics 3ffice' #; -ource ) ;ational -tatistics 3ffice ' 5nternational 2ele#nion+ >orl/ Ban:+ -ource &+ Japan: >e$ 2+0 G.port+go4+ Aut8or: 2os8i8iro Matsu/a' Date 0)?0, 5D J "&"" 0 -ource + Busieness >ee: ""?2"?200( -ource (: Business >ee: >e$ 2+0 April *' 200,+