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Relaxation Exercise: Exercise 2: As we begin this exercise, make yourself comfortable.

Resting comfortably, as you close your eyes, you begin to relax. Think of your whole body growing limp and relaxed. You find that if you think of your body relaxing, it really becomes relaxed. Good. Notice how comfortable body is beginning to feel. Pause: 3 seconds Now take a deep breathe, way down into your belly. et go and hear to whoosh of this air coming out, and when you!re ready take another breath. Breathe: 2 seconds et it out with a whooshing sound like the wind. "ach breath makes you more and more relaxed. Breathe: 4 seconds Now, let your breathing slow down. You become more automatic. Breathe: 3 seconds Notice your breathing. Breathe: 3 seconds Notice the rhythm of your breathing. Breathe: 4 seconds You are breathing in an easy and natural way. "ach time you exhale, say silently to yourself relax. Breathe: 3 seconds #e!re calm, whate$er brings more relaxation. %ontinue to breathe in, Breathe: 3 seconds And out saying relax, we!re calm as you exhale. Breathe: 3 seconds

"ach breath continues to bring increased relaxation. #hene$er your thoughts or perceptions take your attention away from your breathing, &ust return to saying your special word. Breathe: 5 seconds 'reathe naturally, calmly, releasing any tension or stress. (ust letting go, Breathe: 4 seconds Any stressful thoughts running through your mind, let them go. et them wind down, wind down and relax. Breathe: 4 seconds And now, think of the muscles in your scalp and forehead growing $ery comfortable and relaxed. Breathe: 4 seconds And now your face can become relaxed too, your forehead becomes smooth as silk. )mooth and relaxed, letting go of all the tension and the worry. )mooth and relaxed. Breathe: 4 seconds Your cheeks become smooth and relaxed, completely free of tension. Breathe: 6 seconds Your cheeks and your forehead are smooth and relaxed, and your &aw, too, lets go of the last bit of tension. Your &aw hangs loose and relaxed. oose as the relaxation flows into you &aw. Breathe: 5 seconds Your &aw hangs loose and relaxed, loose, as the relaxation flows into your &aw. And now your tongue and lips, and as your &aw becomes completely loose and relaxed, you may notice that your lips begin to part. *ery slightly they begin to part, as you let go of the last bit of muscle tension. Breathe: 3 seconds

Now focus on your neck and your shoulders, and notice how the relaxation begins to flow into your shoulders and neck. Your shoulders begin to droop, relax. Breathe: 3 seconds Your neck is loose and easy. *ery relaxed, you feel safe and calm Breathe: 3 seconds You feel *ery relaxed your shoulders droop, and you let go of the last bit of muscle tension. And now you can take another deep breath, way down in your belly, in Breathe: 3 seconds And out. Breathe: 3 seconds Your belly pushes up as you inhale. Now let go, making the whooshing sound with your lips. Breathe: 4 seconds +eel the relaxation spread throughout your abdomen, your chest and back. Take another deep breath, Breathe: 4 seconds And as you do feel the air relax your chest, and abdomen, and back. +eel the last bit of muscle tension relie$e your lower body. Breathe: 4 seconds Good. 'reathing deeply in, Breathe: 3 seconds And relax, Breathe: 4 seconds "xhaling, now focus on your legs. et them become hea$ier, more and more deeply relaxed. etting go of the muscle tension in your upper legs, letting go as you become more and more deeply relaxed, as your legs become hea$ier and hea$ier.

Breathe: 3 seconds Your upper legs and then your lower legs. You might e$en imagine your legs as lead pipes as they grow hea$y and relaxed. Breathe: 4 seconds Now you feel the relaxation throughout your entire body, e$ery cell is relaxed, Breathe: 3 seconds %alm.and ,uiet. Your legs and arms are hea$y, Breathe: 5 seconds And relaxed. Your face, smooth and relaxed, your &aw hangs loosely, Breathe: 5 seconds oosely. Your neck and shoulders are relaxed, Breathe: 3 seconds Your shoulders droop. Take another deep breath, Breathe: 3 seconds -n, take another breath in, Breathe: 3 seconds "xhale, as you do, your entire body will be filled with peace, calm, and relaxation. Breathe: 4 seconds Good. Breathe: 4 seconds Relaxing comfortably, now imagine a place where you feel peaceful, calm and relaxed. A place where you feel safe and secure, whether it is indoors or outdoors. whether it!s a place from your past, your present, or a place you!$e ne$er really e$er seen. This is your special place, a retreat, a ha$en. Breathe: 3 seconds

You!re going there now. Breathe: 3 seconds As you get there you see the shapes, and the colors of your special place. You look around, and see e$ery detail, much like a picture. Breathe: 6 seconds And now, you begin to hear the sounds of your special place. You can see, and hear, and now, you!re able to feel your special place against your skin. You feel bathed, and peace, and a deep sense of commitment in your special place. Take a deep breath, Breathe: 3 seconds And as you let the peace and tran,uility of your special place spread throughout your entire body. Breathe: 3 seconds "n&oy your special place for a while. Breathe: 9 seconds et in nourish and relax you. Now, notice the feeling of peace and relaxation. -magine carrying this feeling into your e$eryday life. )ee yourself, as self/ confident, Breathe: 3 seconds )elf/assured, relaxed, calm. #hether you!re doing something for fun and relaxation. Breathe: 4 seconds , whether your doing it for work. You find, no matter where you are, or whoe$er you!re with, you!re relaxed. Breathe: 4 seconds You!ll find, you do things more thoroughly and effecti$ely, as you become increasingly confident Breathe: 3 seconds

And self/assured. Breathe: 3 seconds Able to e$aluate, Breathe: 3 seconds "fficiently and effecti$ely, and make decisions more readily, whether you!re with friends or family, or in a large group of people. You find increasing self/assurance and confidence. As you speak what is on your mind with assurance, you say what you feel and think more clearly. -n a way that you!re appreciated and understood. Breathe: 3 seconds You relax, and you feel strong and capable. Breathe: 3 seconds Good. Now feel the relaxation in e$ery part of your body. Breathe: 5 seconds )taying aware of that relaxation, and what it feels like in your body. Breathe: 5 seconds Good, &ust en&oying that relaxation. Breathe: 7 seconds +rom now on, whene$er you feel you want to relax. You!ll be surprised at how much more readily, and how much more ,uickly you!ll be able to relax. Breathe: 8 seconds Good. Breathe: 3 seconds #hen you get up, you!ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel, how alert, how ready you are to engage in the acti$ities that are before you. #ith that self/ assurance and self/confidence, and you know that at any time in the future, you can go back into your special place feeling that relaxation, that calm, that peace.

Breathe: 4 seconds -!m going to count from 0 to 01, and at the count of 01 you!ll be fully refreshed, aware of your surroundings, alert, and ready to reassume the acti$ities of your day. Breathe: 3 seconds %ounting 02 Breathe: 4 seconds 32 Breathe: 3 seconds 42 Breathe: 3 seconds 52 Breathe: 3 seconds 6...beginning to become aware of your surroundings272 Breathe: 3 seconds 82more alert2 Breathe: 3 seconds 92you may find your eyes opening if they!re closed2:2 Breathe: 3 seconds 01. %ompletely alert, aware of your surroundings, and ready to resume the day. END.