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Lermontov The demon An Eastern Legend Part I I His way above the sinful earth The melancholy Demon

winged And memories of happier days About his exiled spirit thronged !f days when in the halls of light He shone among the angels bright "hen comets in their headlong flight "ould #oy to pay respect to him As$ chaste among the cherubim$ Among th% eternal nebulae "ith eager mind and &uic' surmise He%d trace their caravanserai Through the far spaces of the s'ies "hen he had 'nown both faith and love$ The happy firstling of creation( "hen neither doubt nor dar' damnation Had whelmed him with the bitterness !f fruitless exile year by year$ And when so much$ so much)))but this "as more than memory could bear) II !utcast long since$ he wandered lone$ Having no place to call his own$ Through the dull desert of the world "hile age on age about him swirled$ *inute on minute + all the same) Prince of this world + which he held cheap + He scattered tares among the wheat)))) A #oyless tas' without remission$ ,oid of excitement$ opposition + Evil itself to him seemed tame) III And so + exiled from Paradise + He soared above the pea's of ice And saw the everlasting snows !f -a.be' and the /aucasus$

And$ serpentine$ the winding deeps !f that blac'$ dragon+haunted pass The Daryal gorge then the wild leaps !f Tere' li'e a lion bounding "ith mane of tangled spray that blows 0ehind him$ and a great roar sounding Through all the hills$ where beast and bird !n mountain scree and a.ure steeps The river%s mighty voice had heard And$ as he flew$ the golden clouds 1trea'ed from the 1outh in tattered shrouds))) /ompanions on his 2orthbound course And the great cliffs came crowding in And brooded dar'ly over him Exuding some compelling force !f somnolence above the stream))) And on the cliff+tops castles reared Their towered heads and baleful stared !ut through the mists + wardens who wait /olossal at the mighty gate !f /aucasus + and all about 3od%s world lay wonderful and wild))) 0ut the proud 1pirit loo'ed with doubt And cool contempt on 3od%s creation$ His brow unruffled and serene Admitting no participation) I, 0efore him now another scene In vivid beauty blooms) The patterned vales% luxuriant green 1pread li'e a carpet on the looms !f 3eorgia$ rich and blessed ground( These poplars li'e great pillars tower$ And sounding streams trip over pebbles !f many colours in their courses) And$ ember+bright$ the rose trees flower "here nightingales forever warble To marble beauties fond discourses 4orever deaf to their sweet sound) !n sultry days the timid deer 1ee' out an ivy+curtained cave To hide them from the midday heat How bright$ how live the leaves are here( A hundred voices soft conclave A thousand flower+hearts that beat( The sensuous warmth of afternoon$ The scented dew which falls to strew The grateful foliage %neath the moon$

The stars that shine as full and bright As 3eorgian beauties% eyes by night())) 5et in the outcast%s barren breast Abundant nature wo'e no new 6psurge of forces long at rest$ Touched off no other sentiment Than envy$ hatred$ cold contempt) , 7ight high the house$ right wide the court 3rey+haired 3udaal has builded him))) In tears and labour dearly bought 0y slaves submissive to his whim) Across the neighbouring cliffs its shade 4rom sunrise dar' and cool is laid A steep stair in the cliff+face hewn Leads from the corner+tower down To the Aragva) Down this stair Princess Tamara$ young and fair$ 3oes gleaming$ snow white veils a+flutter$ To fetch her #ars of river water) ,I In austere silence heretofore The house has loo'ed across the valleys 0ut now wide open stands the door 3udaal holds feast to mar' the marriage !f his Tamara8 now the wine 4lows freely and the .urna s'irts The clan is gathered round to dine And on the roof+top$ richly spread "ith orient rugs) the promised bride 1its all amongst her laughing girls8 In games and songs their time is sped And merriment) 0eyond the hills The semicircle of the sun Has sun' already) 2ow the fun /rows fast and furious) 2ow the steady 7hythmic clapping and the singing The bride brings to her feet$ poised ready$ Her tambourine above her head Is circling$ she herself goes winging 0ird+light above rug$ then stops$ Loo's round$ and lets her lashes drop That envious hide her shining glance And now she raises raven brows$ 2ow suddenly sways forward slightly Her slender foot peeps out$ and lightly

It slides and swims into the dance And see she smiles + a #oyous gleam Aglow with childish merriment) And yet))) the white moon%s sportive beam In rippling water li&uid bent "ith such a smile could scarce compare *ore live than life) than youth more fair) ,II 1o by the midnight star I swear 0y bla.ing East and beaming "est 2o 1hah of Persia 'new her peer 2o -ing on earth was ever blessed To 'iss an eye so full and fine) The harem%s spar'ling fountain never 1howered such a form with dewy pearls( 2or had mortal fingers ever /aressed a forehead so divine To loose such splendid curls Indeed$ since Eve was first undone And man from Eden forth must fare 2o beauty such as this$ I swear$ Had bloomed beneath the 1outhern sun) ,III 1o now for the last time she danced Atasi Tomorrow$ she$ the heir !f old 3udaal$ the daughter fair !f liberty must bow her head To a slave%s fate li'e one entranced$ Adopt a country not her own$ A family she%d never 'nown 9 !ften a secret doubt would shed A shadow on her radiant face 5et all her movements were so free Appealing$ redolent of grace 1o full of sweet simplicity That$ had the Demon soaring high Above loo'ed down and chanced to see))) Then$ mindful of his former race$ He had turned from her 9 with a sigh)))) I: The Demon did see)))) 4or one second It seemed to him that heaven bec'oned To ma'e his arid soul resound "ith glorious$ grace+bestowing sound +

And once again his thought embraced The sacrosanct significance !f 3oodness$ 0eauty and of Love( And$ strangely moved$ his memory traced The #oys that he had 'nown above A chain of long magnificence 0efore him lin' on lin' unfolding As though he watched the headlong flight !f star on star shoot through the night)))) And$ long the touching scene beholding$ Held spell+bound by some Power unseen$ 2ew sadness in his heart awo'e) Then) suddenly$ emotion spo'e In accents once familiar /ould this yet be regeneration; The subtle promptings of temptation Had gone as though they had not been))) !blivion; + 3od gave this not yet8 + 2or would he$ if he could$ forget())) ))))))))))))))))))))) : *eanwhile$ his galant steed all lathered Hastening to #oin his 'in forgathered To celebrate his wedding day The bridegroom made his urgent way)))) 3ood fortune yet attended him To bright Aragva%s verdant ban') A line of camels after him 1o weighted down with costly gifts They scarce from hoof to hoof could shift "ound down the pathway$ ran' on ran'$ 2ow clear to view$ now lost to sight$ 0ells chiming softly as they plod) Their master rode on in the van To guide his laden caravan That followed where his horse had trod)))) Erect$ the tithe waste girdled tight 1abre and dagger+hilts shine bright 0eneath the sun and on his bac' A gleaming rifle$ notched in blac') The wind is fluttering the sleeve !f his chu'hd + all bravely braided His saddle+cloth of richest weave$ The saddle with gay sil's is broidered The reigns are tasseled + and his steed Is of a priceless$ golden breed) 2ostrils dilated$twitching ears He glances down and snorts his fears !f the deep drop$ the flying foam

That crests the rapids% leaping waves) How perilous the path they follow$ The cliff o%erhangs the way so narrow$ The deep ravine the torrent paves) The hour is late) + The sunset glow Is fading on the pea's of snow) The caravan ma'es haste for home) :I 0ut see + a chapel by the way)))) Here now has rested many a day 1ome prince$ now canoni.ed$ but then 0y vengeful hand untimely slain)+ And here the traveller must stay "hether he haste to fight$ or whether To #oin the feast$ here he must ever 7ein in his horse and humbly pray The good saint to protect his life Against the lur'ing *oslem%s 'nife) 0ut now the bridegroom$ overbold$ 4orgot his forefathers of old And$ by perfidious dreams misled !f how$ beneath the cloa' of night$ He would embrace his bride$ instead !f holding by their pious rite He yielded to the Demon%s will 1educed by turbid thoughts + until Two figures + then a shot + ahead "hat was it; 7ising in his stirrups /ramming his high hat on his brow The gallant lover$ at the gallop$ Plunged li'e a haw' upon his foe( 2o word he spo'e$ his whip crac'ed once And once bla.ed forth his Tur'ish gun)))) Another shot) "ild cries) The Prince 3oes thundering on) The groans behind Long echoes in the valley find)))) 2ot long the fight) !f timorous mind$ The 3eorgians turn and run( :II 2ow all is silence sadly huddled The camels stand and stare befuddled 6pon their erstwhile master 9 man$ Lying dead amongst these silent fells) The only sound their harness bells$ 7avaged and robbed their caravan And see$ the owl flies softly round

The /hristian bodies on the ground( 2o peaceful tomb beneath the stones !f some old church will ta'e these bones Li'e those in which their fathers lie *others nor sisters will not come In their long floating veils to cry !ver these graves so far from home( Instead$ by .ealous hands$ a cross "as raised to mar' the dreadful loss <ust where the road hugs close the sheer And towering cliff+wall$ close to where They perished in the raid)))) And ivy$ growing lush in spring$ An emerald net about it flings)))) Here$ weary of the toilsome road$ The traveller yet lays down his load To rest in 3od%s good shade)))) :III 1wift as a stag still runs the horse 1norting as though he held his course In some fierce charge$ now plunging on 2ow pulling up as though to har'en His nostrils flared to sniff the wind8 Then leaps up and comes ringing down !n all four hooves$ sets spar'ing The stones and$ in his mad career$ His tangled mane streams out behind) A silent rider he does bear "ho lurches forward now and then To rest his head in that wild mane) The reins lie slac' in useless hands$ The feet are deep+thrust in the stirrups$ And on his saddle+cloth the bands !f blood are broadening as they gallop Ah gallant steed$ your wounded master 5ou bore from battle swift as light The ill+starred bullet sped yet faster And overtoo' him in the night( :I, 3udaal%s is now a house of mourning$ The people crowd into the court8 "hose horse comes galloping in terror To fall before the roc'+hewn gate; The lifeless rider$ who is he; The battle fury on his face Has left a deep inscribed trace

!n coat and weapons they could see 4resh bloodstains$ and a wiry strand !f mane was twisted in his hand$ 2ot long you waited$ youthful bride$ And loo'ed to see your bridegroom come8 Alas$ though he has gained your side To #oin the feasting at your home His princely word he 'eeps in vain))) 2ever will he mount horse again) :, Li'e thunder$ the Lord%s #udgement bro'e About this unsuspecting house( Tamara$ sobbing on her couch$ 3ives free rein to the heavy tears Till$ sha'en$ she on them must cho'e)))) Then$ suddenly$ it seems she hears Above her words of wonder spo'e8 ="eep not$ my child( "eep not in vain( Those tears are no life+giving rain To call an unresponsive corpse 0ac' to the living world again) They only serve to dull their source In those clear eyes$ those chee's to burn)))) And he is far and will not learn !f all your bitter sorrow now The winds of heaven now caress His high$ angelic brow And heavenly music$ heavenly light)))) "hat are the dreams and dar' duress$ The little hopes and stifled sighs !f earthly maidens in the sight !f one who dwells in paradise; Ah no$ the lot of mortal man$ 0elieve$ my earthly angel dear$ It merits not one second%s span 5our precious sorrow here) !n the wastes of airy ocean 7udderless and stripped of sail Through the mists in listless motion 1tars in courses never fail Through the boundless fields of heaven Traceless pass the fluffy sheep + /louds dissolving in the even 7eaches of the a.ure steppe) Hour of parting$ hour of meeting$ 0rings them neither #oy nor sorrow 2or regrets for past fast fleeting

2or desires for any morrow) Let remembrance day be only !ne long sorrow+laden day 4or the rest$ be strong and lonely 4ree of earthly cares as they(= =As soon as night has spread her veil To cover the /aucasian heights As soon as nature >neath the spell !f magic words falls silent &uite As soon as on the cliffs the wind 7uns rustling through the fading grass$ And the small bird that hides behind The brittle blades flies up at last And$ drin'ing in the evening dew 0eneath the vine+leaves in the gloom$ 2ight flowering blossoms come to bloom As soon as the great$ golden moon Above the mountain &uietly peeps To steal a stealthy glance at you I shall come flying to watch your sleep And on your sil'en lashes lay Enchanted dreams of golden day))))= :,I And softly as a strange delusion The voice fell silent$ sound on sound) The maid sprang up and ga.ed around$ An inexpressible confusion "ithin her breast + sorrow nor fear 2or ecstasy could now compare "ith this great upsurge of emotion) The soul from its fast fetters bro'e And burning fire coursed through her veins It seemed as though the voice still spo'e 6n'nown and wonderful + and then The sleep she craved came down to bless Her weary eyes with heaviness 0ut now he troubled even her thought "ith dreams prophetic and unsought8 A stranger$ mist+enshrouded$ stood 0eside her bed and spo'e no word 0ut$ glimmering with unearthly beauty$ He loo'ed at her with &uiet devotion And sadly$ as it were in pity) 0ut this was not her guardian angel$ 2o visitant from realms divine8 About his head no radiant halo 6pon the shadowy curls did shine

2or was it some tormented sprite 1ome vicious spirit of hell + ah no( 2either of dar'ness nor of light())) *ore li'e the gentle afterglow As evening deepens into night())) Part II I =Ah$ father$ father$ leave your threats 1cold not your daughter yet again) 4or see these tears( I%m weeping yet 5ou 'now full well since when The suitors come to see' my hand 4rom all the corners of the land)))) As though in 3eorgia only one 5oung maid there were they%d have as bride)))) 0ut I + I can be wife to none())) !h$ father$ father$ do not chide$ 5ou see yourself + a poison slow Envenoms all my wa'ing thought The evil one won%t let me go 0y overwhelming dreams distraught I fade and perish utterly( Have pity$ let your foolish girl 1ee' refuge In a monastery There$ if I can but ta'e the veil The saviour will ta'e care of me And I shall tell Him all my woe) The world$ I 'now it all too well$ Holds nothing for me8 let a cell In twilit shadow shelter me))) As in a grave + precociously)))= II And so Tamara%s family To a far convent brought their child$ And there in all humility In hair+shirt rough the maiden mild Enrobed her youthful breast) 5et in this harsh$ monastic garb Her troubled heart found no more rest 4rom dreams forbidden and debarred Than clad in velvet or brocade) 0efore the altar at the hour$ !f shining candles$ solemn prayer$ Through the sweet chanting of the choir 4amiliar speech would reach her ear And there$ beneath the cupola$

A well+'nown figure would appear To glide by as the incense rose)))) 1oundless$ he leaves no trace$ but goes 3leaming before her li'e a star /alling and bec'oning afar 0ut whither; Ah$ that no one 'nows) III The holy convent was secluded In a cool glen between two hills 0y poplars and acacias ringed)))) And$ when the night san' weary+winged To rest in the ravine$ the grills !f the young sister%s cell would gleam !ut through their foliage fitfully) "ithout$ beneath the almond tree In whose thin shade dar' crosses brooded Li'e silent watchers on the graves$ The merry birds made sweet conclaves !f melody) The spring+cold streams Leapt down from roc' to roc'$ and sang$ Then merged beneath the overhang To foam away in rapid rushes 0eneath the frosty+flowering bushes)))) I, "ay to the north there was a view$ A glimpse of mountains) At day%s dawning$ "hen curling mists of smo'y blue 7ose from the hollows of the hills$ And from his minaret the priest$ His face towards the brightening East$ /alled all his floc' to prayer at morning$ Then$ too$ the trembling resonance !f chapel bells awo'e the cloister The solemn hour did but enhance The stillness of the place$ the calm)))) Tamara at this hour came forth 0earing a pitcher on one arm And$ treading where the mists grew lighter Down the steep hillside stepped for water) The snowy summits to the 2orth 1howed violet against the s'y And flung a cloa' of rosier dye About their shoulders in the evening And there between them$ upheaving His head between the clouds$ their Tsar$ -a.be'$ in robes of silver weaving$

Towered up towards the polar star) , 5et$ full of tainted thoughts$ her mind Is shuttered to such pure delights$ And all her heart is filled with night The whole world shadowed and un'ind) And morning ray and evening dar' 1erve only to ignite the spar' !f further torment in her soul) And$ as the sweet$ nocturnal cool !ver the thirsty earth came seeping$ Almost demented$ she would fall 0efore the sacred icon weeping And in the silence of the night Her heavy sobbing would affright The traveller upon his course =A mountain spirit=$ he%d surmise =0ound in some cavern moaning lies(= And hustle on his weary horse))) ,I 1o$ filled with longing and unease$ Tamara would sit long and ga.e Engrossed in lonely meditation All day$ and sigh with expectation 0eside her window$ staring out)))) That he would come she had no doubt$ "hy else then were her dreams so clear; "hy else then used he to appear "ith eyes so infinitely sad And speech so marvellously tender; 4or many days on end she had 0een strangely moved + she 'new not why)))) 1he called the good saints to defend her 0ut in her heart she called on him And always$ when the day grew dim$ "eary with staring she would lie Down on her bed and try to sleep8 The pillow burnt her flaming chee' 4ear stifled her$ she gasped for breath$ Then$ from her pallet she would leap "ith heaving shoulders$ fevered breast Trembling$ a mist before her sight$ Her arms outstretched to clasp the night$ The 'isses melting on her lips))) ))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))

,II The 3eorgian hills were scarcely veiled In the transparent dus' of evening 0efore the Demon downward sailed Through the grey twilight wreathing 4or long and long$ though powerfully The convent seemed to draw him$ he /ould not ma'e up his mind to brea' That hallowed peace)))) !ne moment more And he was ready to forsa'e His cruel intent) 0eyond the door He paced beneath the circling wall Absorbed in thought) The shadowy leaves 1hoo' at his steps without a bree.e He raised his eyes8 a &uivering light Throbbed from her window through the night) 1o$ she was waiting + and awa'e( Through the soft silence all about The chingar thrummed harmoniously And over them a song rang out A song that poured mellifluousty Li'e tears that fall in measure slow$ A song so tender that at times It seemed as though in loftier climbes It had been made for earth below) 1ome angel$ maybe$ had descended To see' a being he%d once befriended To bring him secret consolation$ To ease his pain$ past bliss recall) Love%s anguish and love%s exaltation 2ow held the Demon fast in thrall 4or the first time he would have flown 0ut his great wings were turned to stone( A miracle( His eyes are dim And down his chee' there rolls one tear)))) 2ow$ to this day$ the stones still bear The fiery traces of its falling))) A tear of flame$ a trace appalling$ 0ut not a human tear( ,III And so he came$ prepared to give His heart in love$ his soul to light) He thought the time had come to live A new life on this longed+for night) As though at a first assignation The proud soul felt a strange$ shy thrill$

A shuddering$ timid expectation8 It was a sign that boded ill( He entered$ loo'ed around) 0efore him The lovely sinner%s 3uardian stood$ Heaven%s messenger$ bright cherubim$ "ith smiling lips and brow of flame) 1o) the fell enemy forestalling$ The brilliant spirit of the 3ood Had gathered her beneath his wing) The Demon loo'ed for tender greeting + 0ut light divine upon him beating And stern rebu'e upon him came8 I: =1pirit of idleness and sin$ At this dar' hour who called you; say( 5ou have no servants here within These sacred walls$ nor to this day Has breath of evil visited This charge of mine$ to you forbid)))) "ho called you;= + 1ubtly in reply The Demon smiled but in him wo'e The ancient hate of hell) His eye 4lashed fiery+#ealous as he spo'e 6pon the messenger divine8 =Leave her(= he said) =4or she is mine( Too late you came$ good guardian + see 5ou are no #udge of such as we 4or her proud heart belongs to me) 2o charge is she of powers above Here I am lord$ and here I love( += 1ad+eyed$ the angel bent his glance 6pon the evil spirit%s prey Then slowly flapped his great wings once And through the ether soared away) )))))))))))))))))))) : Tamara "ho are you; 5ou are perilous 1ay + are you come from heaven or hell; "hat do you want; The Demon "hat loveliness( Tamara 0ut spea'$ who are you; 5ou must tell) The Demon

I am he to whom you bar'ened In the stillness of the night$ He whose thought your mind has dar'ened$ He whose sadness you have felt$ "hose image haunts your wa'ing sight$ "hose name the end of hope has spelt To every soul with whom I treat) I am he no man may love$ A scourge to all my mortal slaves$ The ill in nature) Enemy To Heaven and all the powers above) Lord of 'nowledge$ liberty) And$ as you see$ I%m at your feet) *oved beyond all that I have 'nown I would spea' softly in your ears ?uiet prayers of love) Tell of my pain$ *y first on earth$ and my first tears) Ah hear me out$ for pity%s sa'e( !ne word from you would &uite restore me) 7obed in the love of your pure heart I might again resume my part In the angelic ran's and ta'e An aspect new and a new glory) Ah$ hear me$ hear me I implore you$ I am your slave and I adore you( 2o sooner did I see you than I felt a sudden$ veiled revulsion 4or immortality and power And I was drawn by strange compulsion To envy the frail #oys of man Life without you became a torment To be apart from you + a horror) A living ray of warmth$ a portent !f fair renewal touched my heart And set the cold blood coursing) 1orrow 0eneath the scar stirred li'e a serpent Awa'ening an ancient pain) 4or$ tell me$ without you what gain Is there in my infinity; Endless dominion$ ma#esty; Loud$ empty words + a spacious fane Devoid of all divinity( Tamara Leave me$ false spirit of deceit 0e silent$ for I will not trust The Enemy) Ah 3od))) some sweet Insistent poison saps resolve + I cannot say the prayer I must + 5our words are fire and I dissolve

And melt in them) I cannot see)))) 0ut say8 how came you to love me; The Demon How$ lovely one; + I do not 'now$ *y life is wondrous full and new$ The crown of thorns I proudly cast "ith my own hands from off my brow) All that I have been shattered lies8 *y heaven and hell are in your eyes) I love you with a passion vast) 5ou cannot love as I love you$ "ith all the ecstasy and power !f deathless thought and dreams sublime) 1ince the beginning of all time 5our image on the eternal air Has gone before me + till this hour) *y soul has long been troubled by The sweet sounds of the name you bear And in my days of blessedness 5ou were my only lac') If only 5ou could but understand the lonely Embittered boredom of existence "hen$ century on century$ Alone in suffering and <oy In evil meeting no resistance$ 4or good receiving no reward$ Enclosed in self$ by self most bored$ A never+ending war to wage Past hope to triumph or destroy Past hope of ma'ing peace again( To pity where I would desire) To 'now all things from age to age$ 1ee' hatred%s all+consuming fire And nought to find but cool disdain( 4or since 3od%s curse upon me came All natural ardours have grown cold) I saw my fellow+stars arrayed In wedding garments as of old Through a.ure space before me flowing They passed me by in crowns of flame And yet))) of these$ my one+time brothers$ 2ot one would recognise me now) 1o$ in despair$ I called on others$ !utcasts li'e me$ to #oin my growing 0attalions$ but + I 'now not how + In their embittered words and faces$ In their dar' loo's I in my turn -new no one) Then in terror I 0eat with my wings the earth to spurn

And launched myself into the s'y$ And flew$ and flew)))) "hither; 4or why; I do not 'now))) 0y friends re#ected$ Li'e those from Eden%s gates e#ected$ I saw the whole world pale and dim) Abandoned to the current%s whim$ Even so without a sail$ may float A rudderless and bro'en boat 6pon the surface of the sea -nowing nor course nor destiny 1o$ in the early morning hour$ Abandoned by some passing shower !f thunderous rain$ a lonely cloud 0lac' through the a.ure heights of heaven *ay wander lost without a haven Leaving no trace upon the ether 3od only 'nows from whence + or whither( 4or a short while myself I vowed To teaching sin and spreading doubt !f all things noble$ all things fair) 0ut not for long ))) man'ind I wrenched Too easily to my fell will) The flame of faith$ too easy &uenched$ Left me triumphant$ but without An ob#ect worthy of my s'ill) To mislead hypocrites and fools))) "hat profit was there for me there; I hid away in mountains far And wandered li'e a displaced star In lonely$ never ending flight8 And when some traveller belated "ould follow$ deeming me a light In some near dwelling I would lead Him to the cliff+edge ))) hear the hated ,oice call up from the abyss))) And leave him + and his horse + to bleed)))) 5et all too soon I tired of this And other spiteful$ sombre sports( How often$ raising storms of stones$ And$ clad in mists and lightening$ I would go hurtling through the cloud To cow the spirit of the crowd$ 7ebellious upshoots frightening$ Drowning their murmuring in my groans$ 1ee'ing escape from pursuant thoughts) 1ee'ing to expunge from memory Things that may not forgotten be( "hat is the tale of miseries$ The labours and the pains of man Throughout the passing centuries$

/ompared to but one minute%s span !f my great$ unac'nowledged anguish; "hat of man'ind; + their wor's and sorrow; Here today + and gone tomorrow)))) Then + they have hope in #udgement #ust He may forgive$ although He must At first condemn them) I shall languish 6nshriven throughout eternity)))) *y torment has no end$ li'e me$ And$ deathless$ it must ever wa'e$ 2ow creeping closer li'e a sna'e$ 2ow caustic$ burning to the bone$ 2ow dull and heavy li'e a stone + To live + the everlasting tomb !f hope and passion is my doom())) Tamara "hat part have I in all this wild And sorry tale; "hy should I own To pity; 5ou have sinned)))) Demon *y child$ against you; Tamara Hush( Demon "e are alone) Tamara And 3od( Demon "ill not spare us a thought Heaven$ not earth$ is his first care) Tamara The pains of hell$ as we are taught; Demon "hat of them; I%ll be with you there( Tamara "ho e%er you are$ my chance+met friend$ 5ou$ who have stolen my peace of mind$ 7eluctantly$ yet deeply moved$ I hear how you have suffered$ loved))) 5et if you spea' but to mislead 5et if you lie + in part or whole +

Have mercy on me + 4or what need /an you have of my maiden soul; 1urely %tis not to heaven more dear Than all those you have overloo'ed) They too are beautiful and pure))) As here$ no mortal hand was broo'ed Their chaste couch to contaminate)))) 2o( 1wear to me a binding oath))) 0ut say$+ you see it all how$ loth To cleanse the sweet fear from my heart$ I dream as women will and start Again in fear that you 'now all)))) 5ou have seen all and understood And surely must be merciful( /ome$ swear to me to leave behind All evil wishes from this hour Are there no oaths of lasting power$ 2o sacred promises you could 1wear to me now that should you bind; Demon 0y the first day of the creation And by its latest day I swear$ 0y 3od%s law and its violation The triumph of eternal truth$ The bitter shame of sin I bear 0y the brief glory of this dream I swear$ and by our meeting here And by the threat of separation I swear by all the spirit hosts "hom 4ate has set at my command$ !n swords divine I ta'e my oath As wielded by my enemies The impassive$ sleepless angel band I swear by you$ your life$ your death$ 5our last$ long loo' and your first tear$ The gentle drawing of your breath$ The sil'en torrents of your hair I swear by suffering and bliss$ I swear even by this love of ours$+ I have renounced all vengefulness I have renounced the pride of years 4rom this day forth no false temptation "ill rise to trouble any soul I loo' for reconciliation$ I loo' for love$ for adoration$ I loo' for faith in Higher 3ood) And by a tear of true contrition I%ll wipe away the fiery trace !f wroth divine from off a face

*ore worthy of you) *ay the whole "ide world in calm rusticity 0loom on$ all unaware of me( 0elieve me$ I alone have vision To love you8 I have understood 5our greatness as no other could8 5ou are my holy one) This day *y power at your feet I lay) And for your love one moment long I%ll give you all eternity) 4or I am changeless$ true and strong In love as in malignity 4ree spirit of the air$ I%ll bear you High up above the stars to where you "ill reign in splendour as my &ueen$ Tamara$ first love of my dream$ And you will come to loo' on earth "ithout regret$ without compassion 6nhappy planet$ with its dearth !f lasting beauty$ with its fashion 4or petty sentiments$ small minds$ "here crime and executions grind Their everlasting wheel of fear8 *en fear to love and fear to hate) !r 'now you not what love is here; The seething of young blood in spate + 0ut days go by and blood grows cold( "ho can resist the long temptation !f boredom$ change and novelty; "hat love can outlive separation !r rival dream%s variety; 2o( 2ot for my love to grow old And fade in silence in the crude 1ociety of #ealous slaves Amidst ungenerous and cold Pretended friends and real foes$ 0urdened by useless wor's and rude Endeavours$ empty hopes and fears( 5our fate is not to wither here$ And$ passionless$ your soul to save 0ehind these walls$ a scentless rose 6nopened by the honey bee And dull to the Divinity) Ah no( *y lovely one$ your morrow Is mar'ed by different destiny$ A different depth of ecstasy$ A different scale of sorrow Leave then your former thoughts$ desires And leave the poor world to its fate) Then$ in return$ you may aspire

To enter realms of 'nowledge true$ And there I shall present to you The hosts of beings subordinate 6nto my will to serve your needs) Light+handed$ magical attendants And from the morning star for you I%ll tear the crown of gold one night$ Ta'e from the flowers the midnight dew And sha'e the drops in showers bright To ma'e the crown resplendent) The sunset%s glowing ray I%ll weave To wind about you li'e a sheath I%ll fill the air about us two "ith freshness and delicious scent And constantly your ear I%ll woo "ith sweet sounds from soft instruments !f tur&uoise and of amber I 1hall build delightful halls for you$ I shall go soaring to the s'y 1in' to the bottom of the sea + All you could wish for I shall give 0ut love me))))= :I And most gently he Did touch his burning lips to hers 4ull of seduction were the words In which he soothed her soft repining His mighty ga.e held fast her eyes And burnt her)+ In the cloistered shade He glinted poised above her$ shining) Inevitable as a blade) The evil spirit overcomes her) His 'iss$ li'e deadly poison$ numbs her And stills the heart within her breast) !ne terrified and anguished cry Aroused the silent night from rest) It was a last$ a desperate plea 5et full of love$ live agony$ Hopeless farewell$ finality))) To her young life a last good+bye) :II The midnight watchman on his rounds His hand upon his iron gong 0eneath the high wall passed along His path appointed$ paused and found His mind in turmoil) "hat was this; 4rom the high windows of her cell

It seemed he heard a willing 'iss$ A sudden cry$ a groan suppressed)))) Impious doubts rose in his breast And the old man stood listening$ ready To sound the alarm) 0ut silence fell All round him) He could hear the steady 7ustling of leaves borne by the wind And$ from the shingle$ clear but faint$ The mountain rivers% soft complaint) He hastened to recall to mind The prayers prescribed against illusions And diabolical delusions Then crossed himself with trembling fingers The last$ luxurious dreams to lay And$ fearing longer there to linger$ "ith &uic'ened pace strode on his way) )))))))))))))))))))))) :III As lovely as a Peri+sprite$ Tamara on her death bed rested) Her brow was purer and more white Than the chaste veil in which they vested Their novice$ so untimely dead) The lashes were forever lowered 5et who$ oh 3od$ would not have said The eyes beneath them did but sleep$ Awaiting but the 'iss empowered To wa'e them from enchanted rest !r but to feel the day+star peep; 5et all in vain the sun caressed Them with its golden$ glowing beams Her fathers% 'iss$ his silent sorrow$ /ould not awa'e her from her dreams)))) 2o) none can brea' the seal of death 2or give eternal night a morrow( :I, 2ever$ in days of happiness "as the poor maid so richly clad$ 1o festive and so bright her dress)))) 1uch was the custom of her land) 4lowers from her native vallev breathed Their scent around her and she had /lasped them so tight in her dead hand As though yet to this earth she cleaved()) 2o hint was there in her still face !f how she met her end + in ardent

Intoxication$ fatal passion$ 0ut rather seemed she of a race Apart$ the lovely features carven !f marble$ void of mind or feeling$ Expressionless$ all fire concealing$ *ysterious as death itself) About her lips there fro.en dwelt A strange smile$ fixed even as it passed) To those who loo'ed in careful fashion 6nhappy was the tale it told8 A smile contemptuous and cold As of a soul prepared to wither And silentiv to bid a last 4arewell to all things of this hither "orld$ the last reflection !f her last thought$ vain recollection !f all her life before$ more dead Than those eternally closed eyes To those who stood about her bed 1till more conducive to despair) 1o$ at the solemn sunset hour "hen$ melting in the golden air$ Day%s chariot already flies Into the "estern seas to plummet$ 4or a brief instant yet his power Dwells on the mountain tops$ whose snow 7eflects a rosy$ living glow That gleams on through the distant dar') 5et wea' and fading is that ray$ And from its distant$ ice+bound summit To guide the traveller on his way It can awa'e no answering spar'())) :, The mourning 'insfol' and the crowd !f neighbours are foregathered now) Tearing the gray loc's on his brow !ld 3udaal scorns to weep aloud 0ut silently mounts his great horse And the procession ta'es the road) Three days$ three nights they hold their course And then at last set down their load Amidst her ancestors% remains) !ld 3udaa4s forefather$ they say$ A brigand whose ill+gotten gains Disturbed his conscience$ when one day He was struc' down by dread disease$ Had thought the memory to ease

!f his past sins by doing penance 1o he had promised in the presence !f witnesses to build a church 6pon a lofty$ granite perch High in the hills where no sound came Except the singing of the storm$ A fitting nest for 'ites and crows) And soon amidst the -a.be' snows A solitary temple rose$ And there the villain with his bones Did finally inter his shame) 1o was this cloud+capped roc' transformed Into a graveyard for his 'in) As though the nearer to the s'y) The warmer after death we lie; As though the further from the din !f life the sounder we should sleep))); ,ain hope( 4or dead men may not 'eep$ Even in dreams$ the memory !f #oy or tears in days gone by)))) :,I "inging through heaven%s spaces blue$ A holy angel golden+pinioned 0earing her sinful spirit flew Towards the 4ather%s high dominions) And$ cradling her in mighty arms$ "ith words of hope dispelled her doubt And washed the traces of alarm And all transgression with his weeping) The music of the spheres rang out 4rom Heaven to meet them as they rose "hen$ from the nether regions sweeping$ /ame the infernal spirit hurtling 0etween them and their goal divine)))) And mighty was he as the whirlwind 1hot through with lightnings) Insolence /onsumed him and mad arrogance "ith certainty he claimed her) =*ine(= /ircled by the strong arms which bore her$ Tamara%s sinful soul shran' close To the protecting angel%s side 1ee'ing in prayer her fear to hide) 2ow$ once again$ he stood before her 0ut + Heavens( "ho would 'now him now; His ga.e so brooding and morose 1o venomous with hate eternal))) It seemed a death+li'e cold infernal

Lay on that fro.en face and brow) =1pirit of dar'ness$ get thee gone(= Heaven%s messenger then made reply8 =The victory has been yours for long Enough$ and now the end is nigh) <ust is the #udgement of the Lord( The days of trial are over$ past8 "ith the frail flesh$ 'now) she has cast !ff all the claims of evil too( 4or long now we have waited for her8 Her soul was of those very few "ho at the price of martyr%s pain Endured one moment long attain To tasting #oy beyond compare) The *a'er span its living thread !ut of the finest$ purest air 2ot for the dull world was she made 2o more that it was made for her) 1he has redeemed at cruel price Her wavering faith in powers above) 1he suffered$ loved$ laid down her life + And Heaven opened to her love(= The angel bent his ga.e severe 6pon the Tempter$ eye to eye$ Then #oyful soared ))) to disappear Into the boundless$ shining s'y) The Demon watched the heating wings 4ading triumphantly from sight And cursed his dreams of better things$ Doomed to defeat$ venting his spite And arrogance in that great curse)))) Alone in all the universe$ Abandoned$ without love or hope())) +++++++++++++++ 2ow$ on the roc'y mountain slope Above the valley of -oyshaur An ancient ruin%s standing still A bro'en+fanged$ stony tower) Tales hang thereby to send a chill Down childish spines) A glimpse half+seen !f bygone$ legendary times$ Amongst the trees the silent pile 1hows blac' and menacing) *eanwhile The aul$ the mountain village$ straggles 0eneath it and the earth is green$ The passing merchant loudly haggles$ The voices mingle with the chimes

!f camel+bells from caravans That #ourney on from distant lands And through the mists the waterfall 4oams glittering down the roc'y wall$ And nature glories laughingly$ As sportive as a carefree child$ In life renewed eternally$ In sun and shade and springtime wild) !nly the castle has outlasted Its count of years and sadly ends Its lonely days + a patriarchal !ld man who has outlived his friends And family) Its inmates wait In hiding for the moon to rise8 Then they hold feast$ do as they will8 They run and bu.. from gate to gate)))) Then the grey spider$ with slow s'ill$ 1pins out her sil'en hermitage) The li.ards green beneath the s'ies Play on the slates right merrily And$ cautiously$ the serpent sage /reeps from his cranny dar' to crawl Along the ancient porch%s wall) 2ow suddenly he twirls and twists His body into three bright rings$ And now his supple brilliance slings Into a straight$ a steely rod A lance left lying by the lists$ A dead man%s sword + unmar'ed$ unmissed 6nwanted now and &uite forgot) All has run wild$ no trace is left !f bygone years the hand of time /autiously$ carefully has swept Them all away8 The glorious prime !f 3udaal + vanished without to'en) His daughter%s name no longer spo'en( !nly the /hurch on its sheer height "here the scant earth once too' their bones Preserved by some sacred might Is guarded by blac' standing stones !f granite$ sentinels unarmoured 1ave for th%eternal ice which glows Li'e mail upon their fronts$ their shoulders Draped in heavy cloa's of snows) And frowning avalanches brood !n the steep slopes$ each fro.en flood Li'e some vast$ frosted waterfall) The howling wind 'eeps sentry+go

0lowing the snow+dust from the wall$ 2ow chec's the watch$ calling the roll$ 2ow singing songs sad$ long and low And far and wide the church is 'nown In all the lands + a holy wonder8 And yet the orient clouds alone 4loc' round to worship at the shrine And yet upon the stones$ whereunder Tamara and her 'in still sleep$ 2o weeping pilgrims sit and pine !nly the sullen mountain bent Above them vigilance does 'eep8 That man%s eternal discontent *ight not brea' in upon their slumber) >>>>>