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Lesson Plan

of Lesson: 10/22/2013

Pre-Service Teacher: Stephanie Strasdin


Lesson Title/Description/Classroom Su !ect/Level:

"ord Choice# Tone# $ood# and Theme in the %ovel Speak

Lesson & ' of Time (llotted for this Lesson: )0 minutes ' *oals +$ust e from CCSS,: 0 !ectives: --10./L.3 Analyze how complex Students will be able to analyze the character characters (e.g. those with multiple Melinda in the novel and use context clues, or conflicting motivations) develop tone, and mood to determine the theme by over the course of a text, interact creating a poster with examples and pictures with other characters, and advance to show understanding. the plot or develop the theme. Pre-/e1uisite 2no3led4e and/or S5ills: Students will need to have finished reading the boo Speak completely and will have a general idea of what connotation!denotation, tone, mood, and theme mean from past lessons. 6o3 7 5no3 the students have this: " will have created lessons before this one that they will get examples, modeling, group practice, and individual practice with the ideas of connotation!denotation, tone, mood and theme. $aterials/81uipment/Supplies/Technolo49/Preparation: +Descri e ho3 9ou 3ill distri ute and collect them, #aper, pen, doc cam, posters and mar ers.

Procedure: Teacher Does:::.

Tim e $otivation/6oo5/(nticipator9 Set:

Procedure: Students Do::..

$otivation/6oo5/(nticipator9 Set: Students will write on a sheet of paper the context clues, tone, mood of each )uote and then how all the passages contribute to the overall theme.

10 min .

$ell %inger activity!warm&up' (eacher will post some important lengthy )uotes!passages (*+) from the novel with instructions to find the context clues, the tone of each )uote, as well as the ,hen finished they will share answers mood and how they all contribute with their elbow buddies. to the overall theme of the boo . -inally, students will share their answers as an entire class.

,estern .regon /niversity, 0ivision of (eacher 1ducation, 10 234!534 6e7eune (Modified from 8ochran, 9+**) -all 9+*3

Teachin4/*uided Practice/7ndependent Practice: (eacher will explain the pro:ect that students will wor on based on context clues, tone, mood, and theme. 2) min .

Teachin4/*uided Practice/7ndependent Practice:

Students will complete all the (he teacher will place students re)uirements of the poster in groups. (hey into groups where they will be will be encouraged to divvy up the wor (a as ed to pic a passage that they person per s)uare). thin explains Melinda;s isolation but might also hint!lead to her motivations (which will help them see the theme). (hen because Melinda used art as her voice in the boo , they will draw pictures that resemble the theme and the characterization of Melinda that their passage provides for them. ((he poster will be divided into four s)uares' *. (he passage, 9. 1xplanation of how the passage shows Melinda;s isolation 3. (he context clues, tone, mood, and theme, 2. All the pictures). (he teacher will wander to answer )uestions as needed. Teachin4/*uided Practice/7ndependent Practice: (eacher will have students bring their poster to the front of the room where they will be as ed to read their passage, explain the context clues, tone, mood, and theme they got from the passage and how their pictures supports these. Closure: (he teacher will post a )uestion on the 0oc cam that students will answer on the bottom of their bell ringer paper. Teachin4/*uided Practice/7ndependent Practice: Students will present their posters to the class in their groups.

10 min .

) min .

Closure: Students will answer the self&reflective )uestion so that the teacher can measure about where they are in their nowledge. .nce they are finished they will turn in their papers as they leave the classroom. 9

,estern .regon /niversity, 0ivision of (eacher 1ducation, 10 234!534 6e7eune (Modified from 8ochran, 9+**) -all 9+*3

What are your strengths with context clues, tone, mood, and theme? What are still some things that you feel you need to work on or need further explanation of before your summative assessment on the novel which will deal with these elements that we have practiced today?

$eetin4 ;ar9in4 %eeds of Students: Scaffoldin4 for students 3ithout pre-re1uisite 5no3led4e: (hey will receive printed notes on the elements so they can be participants in their groups. 8hun ing of the assignment will be done for students who need that extra support. <roups will be made up of all levels so that students can also supply support for one another. 8<tension tas5: -or students who need a challenge, " will have them write an analysis paragraph on the bac of their posters that explains how they used context clues to find the tone, how the tone created their mood, and how all of these built the theme. " want specific =whys> to their choices for the answers of each one of these elements. (ssessment *. 8vidence collected durin4/as a result of this lesson: ,ill ma e sure that each student is ta ing a role in the group pro:ect. Students will also turn in their bell ringer that showed their independent practice of context clues, tone, and mood. 2. Summative assessment is ==1== da9s after this lesson. /eflection: 1. Did all the students meet the o !ectives> 6o3 do 9ou 5no3>

,estern .regon /niversity, 0ivision of (eacher 1ducation, 10 234!534 6e7eune (Modified from 8ochran, 9+**) -all 9+*3

/eflection: 2. Descri e an9 chan4es 9ou made as you were teaching the lesson.

/eflection: 3. "hat 3ould 9ou chan4e a out this lesson plan efore 9ou teach it a4ain> Pa9 attention to situations 3here students either did not learn or alread9 5ne3 the content ein4 tau4ht.

/eflection: '. 6o3 did the results of this lesson influence the 3a9 that 9ou 3ill teach in the future>

%0T8: ?ou ma9 use this form or 9ou ma9 t9pe up 9our o3n lesson plans# as lon4 as the9 include the information re1uired as listed on this handout. @or lessons that are course assi4nments and not for field teachin4# 9ou 3ill not need to complete the /eflection Section of the lesson plan.

,estern .regon /niversity, 0ivision of (eacher 1ducation, 10 234!534 6e7eune (Modified from 8ochran, 9+**) -all 9+*3