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Common Meter Reading Instrument (CMRI)

Rugged Versatile Low Cost Lightweight User Programmable Built-in IRDA Built-in Barcode Scanner

Analogic Technomatics (P) Ltd. specialized in the Design, Development and Manufacturing of wide range of Hand Held Computer for over 10 years. Analogic has developed Hand Held Terminals that are used successfully in various crossfunctional applications for Industrial, mobile, remote communications, automation and stands ahead of the competition in innovative race of integrating sophisticated technologies. Analogic's CMRI is a State-of-the-art product for Meter Reading needs. CMRI is a Light Weight, Compact Instrument that is 100% compatible to a desktop DOS PC added with portability and ruggedness. The CMRI is compatible with all types of existing Electronic Tri Vector Energy Meters in the market. Analogic's CMRI is designed to run MS-DOS and the vast majority of DOS Based PC applications comes with superlative features like LCD with monochrome CGA text and graphics, high-speed serial ports, 2 MB system RAM, 2MB system FLASH for programs and 2MB static RAM for Data Storage which is expandable upto 16 MB.

100% PC Compatibility in a Rugged Hand Held Runs MS-DOS and Virtually any PC Program Fully PC Compatible High Speed two Serial Ports with baud rates upto 115.2 kbps Single or Dual key operation for any meter reading CGA monochrome video with Virtual Screen enables to view phasor or load survey graphs on the spot Supertwist Liquid Crystal Display Screen with EL Backlight (16 Rows of 24 Characters, 192 by 128 pixel graphics) Write protected memory area for permanent storage of program files with guaranteed 1 million operations 50 years calendar Lithium Battery backed Real Time Clock Latest and State-of-the-art NiMH battery 1.7 Ahr for operating more than 10 hrs in the field. Membrane Keypad (optional Elastomeric) 45, 32, 30, 20 or 15 keys Standard or Custom Keypad layouts Rugged Cycolac ABS Case with rubber boot for extra protection CBIP compliant Customized to your Specification

Specifications of CMRI
Power : Environment Storage Temperature : Operating Temperature : : Humidity Battery Power 6 Volts, Nickel Metal Hydride with no charge memory, 3 hrs or less recharge time, 8 hrs (8 Mhz no backlight) charge life -20OC to +70OC 0Oto +50OC 5-95 % (non-condensing)

Meter Reading Field Data Collection Inventory control Market Survey Analysis GPS Based Navigation System

Analogic's CMRI has great versatility. The CMRI is compatible with all kinds of Electronic Trivector Energy Meters available in the market. This compatibility gives the uniqueness of its capability for multi purpose applications in multiple makes of meters

COP3 (Common Optical Port)

COP (Common Optical Port) Comes as an accessory with Analogic's CMRI. Analogic has developed this innovative add on, for the convenience of meter readers in the field. With Analogic's CMRI and Common Optical Port, meter reader may virtually read any meter in the field. The Common Optical Port (COP-3) has been tested for proper operation with various branded Tri-vector meters manufactured by M/s. Secure Meters, L&T, Elster (previously ABB), Duke Arnics, Schlumberger, Genus, Data Pro, Saame (China) etc., The single optical head, multi adaptor arrangement will facilitate a low cost, Universal Solution for meter reading through CMRI, GSM / GPRS, CDMA, PSTN Modems for AMR applications.

Salient Features.
Compatible to IEC 1107, PACT and ANSI standards. Narrow band IR for better noise immunity Galvonically isolated communication. No external power (self powered from RS232C signals). High impact, Compact, ABS plastic casing.

CMRI Custom Options

Displays Key pad Graphics Logos I/O Interface Case Color Sealing Cables and Connectors

Specifications of COP3
Optical Band width Power Communication Cable Length Weight : : : : : 900 to 1000 nano meters Powered, very low operating power derived from RS232C signals 9 pin standard RS232 (System side) with control lines like RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR 0.5 mts. Standard (optional 1, 2, 3meters) 120 gms

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