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Play Group to Intermediate

AGHOSH COMPLEX, SHAH-E-JILANI ROAD , TOWNSHIP , LAHORE Ph: 042-35116787 , 35116790, 91, e-mail:info@aghosh.net, admission@aghosh.net website: www .aghosh.net

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful

Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim


Prospective view Aghosh Grammar School (Play Group to Intermediate)


Aims & Objectives

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The AGS marks to target empirical & academic knowledge to creative Intelligence, for serving humanity. Quality education with character building. Goal oriented education.

Knowledge for carrier formation That school plays vital role to stir Knowledge. This is what
AGS aims at.Our Knowledge is based upon practical vision, observation and then its implementation for carrier building through aspiration.

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Furnishing professional development through environment full of opportunities by high flown faculty. Focusing on both subjective and objective Knowledge. To be thoughtful Citizens Devoted, dedicated, committed to face life with Confidence. To develop self- learning abilities. Cultivating Lifelong caliber. To teach Students, simple living and high thinking.

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MESSAGE OF THE PATRON-IN-CHIEF Truly Starting Pakistan is lowest in ranking among the nations of the world in terms of literacy rate. Only that nation can lead the world whose every child is equipped with good character education. Islam teaches honesty of purpose, thought and action. It lays emphasis on social justice and active participation in the removal of distress and poverty. In short, it aims to the distinguish those who know from those who do not know, those who posses from those who do not posses, those who are powerful from those who have no power. Knowledge and education are not a mere name of literacy; but, a great goal that comprises the comprehension of the whole universe. The crux of knowledge is service, humbleness, submission and assertion of awareness. Our Holy doctrines of Islam as per our Deen declares character as key to success here and thereafter. Education, therefore, is not just an exercise in an academic pursuits. It is rather a process of character building and personality development on the basis of knowledge. Strength of faith, dynamic personality and mastering all current disciplines to the degree of excellence should be your aim of life. Apply yourselves and prove your mettle. AGS is to facilitate your smooth flow to the goal with career formation. Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri Founder & Patron-In-Chief Aghosh Grammar School

CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE Aghosh since its establishment aims at mode of education not commercialized; but, to furnish an academic ventures to the kith & kins of un-documentary parents victim of vicious circle due to financial crunch. With this spirit, Allah has bestowed the best of blessing and bounties to serve as beacon to disperse voluntary education to the masses at large on humanitarian bases. Considering this very fact, my convection holds that AGS educational character building system would promote message of love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood, forgiveness and good deeds in society by our students. It is indeed a matter of pleasure that we are leading towards educational progress in Pakistan which is essential for the creation of progressive, democratic, societies and glorious nation. Furthermore, AGS offers orphans, in particular, and other students, in general, with mental, spiritual, physical educational development program. Thus, imparting quality education with modern techniques, the faculty of pedagogy at AGS with dedication involved in bringing self-belief to the students, enabling them to a explore the opportunity and elation of its discovery and then to develop an aspiration for learning. Finally uttering, Aghosh focus on career formation of a student and infuse in him to accomplish hallmark in is way to glorious success. Thus, earning bread & butter by way of having studious, industrious brain network with the concept to inculcate in society the spirit of devotion, dedication, commitment, humanity, faith and discipline.
Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri Chairman Aghosh Complex, Aghosh Governing Body (AGB)



I would like to warmly welcome you to Aghosh Grammar School. Aghosh Grammar School located in shah-e-Jilani Road Lahore, is uniquely designed to give students an education that is international, personalized, and creative. We offer a curriculum that focuses on balancing academia, leadership skills, characterbuilding, and self-discovery. The classroom experience at AGS is intimate and hands-on. Maintaining a minimum studentteacher ratio of 25:1 allows us to give each pupil unparalleled care and attention. Students are provided with their own Books to build technological competency through multi-term projects, creative digital expression, academic blogs, and information gathering. They undertake vigorous academic and creative classes, which prepare them for higher education at top notch international Minhaj University. The dedication and extensive experience of our teachers, in addition to the diversity and leadership of the students, influences the high expectation and standard of education at Aghosh Grammar School. After school tutoring on campus, as well as, many of our extra-coaching classes and curricular activities; furthermore, support student growth and development. In nutshell, Aghosh inculcates in a child the concept of social development in a following manner and style: At Aghosh a child gradually develops social graces and independence. He tries outs new foods and becomes accustomed to unfamiliar routines. Learns new skills by doing Hostel Chores with children. Makes friends with children in the hostel. The child also can test and develop skills in relating to people away from home. At Aghosh learns that all mothers are not alike, nor are all fathers, big brothers, or little sisters. A child learns how to make friends for playing, eating a meal in a group and spending the night all add to a child social development. Basically Aghosh is a reasonable and flexible family host to your child. Where he also learns how to make intelligent choices like bed time activities, what to wear and what not to wear for certain occasions. Aghosh in brief is a balanced educational institute which shares its experiences for the personal development of a child with a concepts: AGS stands for Knowledge, Academia, Inspiration, and Spirit, the four pillars in our world of learning. We believe that education is more than rote memorization and taking notes; but, on empirical wisdom. I welcome you to visit our school and see for yourself how we are engaging education. Welcome to the AGS Community. Maturity with purity is surety to success

Principal Aghosh Grammar School


Introduction Aghosh Complex was founded by Shaykhul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in Sept 2008. Aghosh Complex is a multi-storied building (basement plus four floors) situated at Shah-e-jeelani Road, Township, Lahore on more than 20 canal piece of land. Aghosh Building Complex contains a broad education plan. This educational project provides education from play group to Intermediate. Real nourishment of a child depends on development of his spiritual, mental and physical abilities and this is attained by creating harmonious blend of suitable environments, state of the art training and appropriate guidance. At AGS, we aim to prepare children for intellectual and social grooming by imparting quality education coupled with character building. For this clearly defined objectives are laid down to make the children practicing to be good Muslims, responsible citizens and great professionals.

Chairman Aghosh Complex Land Mark Inauguration (Sept 2008)

Panoramic view of Aghosh Complex


Aghosh Grammar School aims to provide students with the highest standard of education in all subjects instilling qualities of self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence whereby students distinguish right from wrong. The school aims to create a warm, friendly and relaxed environment wherein students and staff enjoy an understanding of mutual respect thereby creating an atmosphere of teaching and learning, an environment where students can relate to each other in a respectable and responsible manner. The school aims to provide the highest moral, spiritual, ethical, social and cultural values whereby each student is given special attention and is put in a learning and grooming process to develop a character which every parent dreams for their children. AGS aims to produce students of such a caliber, who help to promote harmony and understanding in our society to secure a bright future.



Building up

GOALS OF AGHOSH GRAMMAR SCHOOL (AGS) 1. Aghosh is a typical version of a word lap. It is an umbrella under which the students right from the grassroots level are tamed to be a industries and target oriented executive of the nation. Range of Aghosh staff member that of study facility and hostel have been fully dedicated to teach students decor & decorum of class room, manners of dining hall and a how to observe bed room etiquettes. Aghosh believes that to be a good citizen students must understand right from the remote initial stage of learning the concept of loyalty with Allah therefore Quran is taught as a subject both in English and Urdu language with their literal meaning. This stirs in students of Aghosh the concept of spiritualism. As it is well-known generality that without extracurricular activities human mind becomes dull and rusty. Aghosh being aware of this truth provides fair amount of ventures for students to participate in scouting, cricket and a like games to keep their mind healthy and thus body. Aghosh believes that human being are not a mechanical machine; but, are chemical orientated body. Thus, they are taught the art of trilingual way of conversation from vernacular to vernacular language to use the right word at the right time just the way to use the right person for the right job.






AGHOSH GOVERNING BODY Governing body of the Aghosh is composed of well-versant, profound and proficient professionals. They with the consensus of opinion like a cabinet body clearly defines modus operandi and thus furnishes line of action to Aghosh to abide by. They hold annual and periodical meetings to check up the progress of the Aghosh Complex, under the auspicious, guidelines of Chairman Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri.

An academic year commences on the April, 1st of every year and culminates on the 31st of March in the following year. It is divided into two parts. One that completes at 1st-Term Examination in September and 2nd Term Examination in December, revision in January February, Annual Examination March and result announced in last week of March. Monthly test of all subject. Moreover, class tests are also a regular feature to ensure continuous assessment throughout the year.


Examination Hall

ADMISSION & PROMOTION POLICY Admissions are announced from second week of January for the coming session; followed by entrance test & interviews in third week of March. One test & interview is also planned in month of April. Admission criteria is as under: q Age limit: 4 & four plus years on 1st April for Class KG. Age limit for other classes calculated with reference to these credentials, as below. q Classes: Admissions are offered in Class Play to Intermediate. q Written Test: Candidates for Class Nursery to IX, and XI, are tested in English, Urdu, Mathematics & General Science whereas Class Prep is assessed generally by teachers and merit list prepared based on marks obtained in this assessment. q Interview: All candidates are interviewed by an interview committee. q Weightage: 50% weightage goes to written test score and 50% to interview towards the final score. Promotion: Students scoring 40% in aggregate and failing in up to two optional subjects, in the annual examinations, qualify for promotion to next class.


Registration & Admissions in AGS is open to public for the following categories:a. Regular Boarder Students:- Full time residence in hostel / boarding house b. Day Border Scholars:- Dispersal in the evening c. Day Scholars :- Dispersal at pack-up. The intake of students are carried-out in AGS Junior Wing from Play Group (PG) to Class V & in Senior Wing from Class VI to Intermediate. Normal Age of Students at the time of admission:Classes Play Group Nursery Kindergarten (KG) I II Age 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ Classes III IV V VI VII Age 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+ 11+ Classes VIII IX X XI XII Age 12+ 13+ 14+ 15+ 16+


a. Submission of registration & Admission Forms b. Admission Test c. Interviews d. Selection e. Payment of Admission dues f. Issue of Admission Slip Documents required at the time of Registration / Admission a. Birth certificate b. CINC of father / guardian c. 4 photographs (passport size) d. Last School leaving Certificate (except PG) e. Last Result Card (except PG)

Class Room View

Time & date of the admission, tests will be communicated to the parents on registration day. Interview schedule of the students who have passed in the test, will be put-on the Notice Board. List of the finally selected students will be displayed on the notice board on the 3rd day of the interview. The fee payment chalan-form will be issued to the parents of finally selected students. The fee is to be paid in the designated bank within 03 days; otherwise, students on the waiting list will be given the seat. On receipt of the feedeposit copy of the payment-slip from the bank, admission slip will be issued to the student and the student will be allowed to join the class. The admission will be given on first come and first served basis if the student passes the Admission Test.



AGS, as stated is opened up to Boarders as well as Day Scholars and Day Long Scholars: Parents who desire seat for their child in hostel will have to fill-in Hostel Admission Form, pay the dues as stated in the details 'FeeStructure' and avail finest facilities of boarding / lodging / dinning at AGS hostel. Rules & regulation pertaining to the hostel accommodation will be provided separately on demand. Parents who wish to get their children as Day-long borders will have to collect their children in the evening. The day border students need not to bring any book-bag or lunch as the bag will be kept in the school lockers & lunch will be provided in the dining hall by the School administration. After lunch, two periods of supervised study will be held in their respected class rooms and they would be asked to do their assignments / home work in those periods.

Intensive view Boarding House



AGS highly welcomes admissions of general public orphans / children of martyrs shudas and provide them free furnished accommodation, food & clothing facility, treating them like one's own children, they pay no fee and their boarding / lodging / dinning is totally free and at AGS's cost expenses. Guardians of orphans interested to avail the facility have to fill-in a specified form, get it attested from local Branches of MQI/MWF & submit it to the Administration along with the admission form and death certificate of the father of the child. The candidate will be admitted in AGS on priority basis.

The student shall be considered to be withdrawn from the school if:a) He / she defaults in the payment of fee for 02 month consecutively. b) Not attended the school for a period of 01 month without a written approval from the principal. c) Has committed a gross violation of the discipline. d) If the student fails consecutively in the same class twice. If the student thus withdrawn is a fee defaulter, the dues will be reimbursed from the 'Security' deposits.

The AGS lays special emphasis on learning correct recitation and flawless by heart memorization of Holy Quran. Special classes / periods are held for this purpose.


Test Conduction


Jubilance Activities


The students must attain 50% marks in core subjects & 45% marks in no-core subjects for becoming eligible for promotion to the next higher class. There will be no double promotion or promotion on conditional basis. The student who fails to meet the promotion policy will be detained. Warnings will be given to weak students during the bimonthly reports. Students progress or the lack of it will be discussed with the parents in the PTM. These warning will prepare the students for a detention in case no progress is made. The Class Teacher shall enter the record of all Continuous Assessments, First Term, Second Term & Final Examination in her / his Teacher's Planner and Consolidated Result Statement on the prescribed Forms. It will contain :a. Continuous Assessment based on Class Work, Oral Work & Projects. b. Bimonthly Assessment Test Results c. First Term Examinations d. Second Term Examinations e. Final Examinations The Consolidated Result at the end of the Academic year will decide :a. Recommendation for promotion b. Position in the class c. Academic prizes / certificates d. Subject prizes for every class (one only) e. Special certificate for social works. Certificates of Honor (Merit / Excellence) will be awarded for :a. Attendance b. Extracurricular activities c. Progress in academics d. Conduct Amusement Pursuit e. Crises management


FACILITIES AGS is housed in a state of the art five storied building comprising of basement, ground, first and second floors & third floors. Facilities made available to students in this complex are as under: Spacious, well lighted & airy classrooms Computer lab with latest PCs and multimedia projector. Well equipped, spacious and purpose built laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Well stocked library with thousands of books. Different newspapers, magazines and chronicles are also made available to students at the library. Two PCs with internet connectivity and on-line libraries have also been provided. Separate library for junior level students. Casuality Centre for immediate medical help, if required, and also routine medical checkup. Qualified doctor and medical assistant available round the clock. Sports store with a good stock of sports gear/equipment. Dining Hall with capacity of 300 students at a time. Boarding facility for over 500 students. In-house laundry & barber shop. Uniform & stationery shop. High powered Generator to take the load of whole complex. A grand spacious mosque with capacity of 2000 at a time. Foolproof security system ensured though our own guards and Punjab police as well. Ambulance service in case a patient needs to be evacuated to a hospital. Tehfeez section is part of the complex to facilitate parents who wish to put their children in Hifz-e-Quran after class-V.

Class Room




Spacious and well set canteen where students are provided with hygienic snacks. Fire Exits have been planned as per international standards. Smoke detector and firefighting equipment has been installed-at par with international standards-to avoid any major damage to life and property in case of fire on each floor. Close circuit cameras have been installed throughout the building to ensure security of students at all times. Round the clock supervision of students by house staff, house masters, vice principal and principal. Neat & tidy washrooms and bathrooms with modern facilities and ample staff to ensure cleanliness at all times. Complete record of students' progress is maintained and shared with parents or guardians at regular intervals-at Parent Teacher Meetings. Pictures of the actual facilities speak for themselves:

Computer Lab

Boarding Room


Badminton Team

Cricket Team


INTER-HOUSE COMPETITIONS Inter-house competitions are a regular feature reflected in the Academic Calendar of AGS. These co & extra-curricular activities play a vital part in polishing the personality of students in the overall grooming process. Some of competitons are as under: Qirat & Na'at English & Urdu Declamation to speak vocally Science, General Knowledge & Islamiat Quiz Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis Athletics Science Projects English Handwriting English Story Writing English Essay Writing Posters (on given themes) Debater Tableau dress shows (for juniors) & Skits humorous play (for seniors) Other than these internal tasks, students will also be provided with opportunities to compete in external events at city or even at national level. PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS These meetings are arranged four times in an academic session i.e. after every examination & test at the school level. This provides a good opportunity to parents/guardians to interact directly with all teachers and discuss shortcomings in academics or other areas of grooming of their children. Parents are always welcomed rather requested to ensure maximum participation in such meetings towards success in our common goal.


SCHOOL SCOUTING Aghosh Grammar School has adopted Scout method as the informal educational system. The aim of AGS Scouting is character training with the goal of helping participants to become independent and helpful, and thereby to be "healthy, happy, helpful citizens" The AGS Scout method uses appealing games in the outdoors to generate challenges which a Scout learns to solve by himself. Through the training, Scouts are taught independence, leadership, the ambition to learn by himself, and a moral code with positive goals. Hands-on orientation provides a practical method of learning and helps the Scout build confidence. Activities and games provide a fun way to develop skills and provide contact with nature and the environment when pursued in an outdoor setting. Scouts learn in small groups to build unity and a brotherly atmosphere. Developing the characteristics of responsibility, self-reliance, self-confidence, and readiness, the Scouts eventually learn collaboration and leadership skills. The AGS Scouting main principles are: 1. Duty to Allah. 2. Duty to others. 3. Duty to onself. 4. The boy is not governed by don't, but is lead on to do. 5. Scouting develops the spiritual side through teaching life-saving techniques and by promoting the daily good deeds. 6. The good deed is a key component of the law and commitment. Scout Camping 7. Learning by doing. 8. Scouts games are full of practical actions. 9. On practical work and independent learning; but for instructions by leaders or by books. 10. The phrase "learning by doing" is core point of scouting. 11. Self-reliance. 12. Self-governing. 13. Self-learning. Hiking

EDUCATIONAL TRIPS Educational trips provide an opportunity to students to learn real life setting. They help the students to observe theory in practice. A school trip is a journey by a group of Student to a place away from their normal environment. The purpose of the school trip is usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities, such as going camping with teachers and their classmates. The aim of this activity is to observe the subject in its natural state and possibly collect samples. In Pakistan culture students first come across this method at AGS. School trips also include visits to study a geological or geographical feature of the landscape. For juniors intra-city educational trips are arranged but, for high school students out-stationed visits are organized. AGS tours allow students to break out of their classroom walls and input of personal exploration and hands-on learning to their core curriculum! Through our customized tours, we conveniently show students the real world! We provide an even balance of learning, entertainment and relaxation as the students to explore history and Pakistan's culture.

Educational & recreational Trips


RULES & REGULATIONS A code of conduct has been defined for students, whether boarders or day scholars, in detail and all new entries are briefed regarding their discipline, attitude & behavior while they are part of AGS. Any violation of the code will result in disciplinary action as per policy. The same has been chalked out in a manner to differentiate between minor and major offences. Acts of character failing, stealing, cheating, fighting, damage to property, misbehavior with staff are some of the serious offences and may result in expulsion from school. Parents are kept well-informed about the discipline of their child. In minor cases, students are warned verbally or in writing followed by last warning by notice if the same is repeated. Failure in not mending ways results in expulsion. Parents are requested to keep in mind that a minor offence repeated many times becomes a major one and so also treated as a major offence at AGS.


Admission is considered final only after clearance of all dues including admission fee, security, and one month tuition fee and boarding charges (if applicable). Tuition fee is payable before the 10th of every month. Failure to deposit fee by this date will result in fine as per prevailing rates & rules Name of a student defaulting for two consecutive months will be struck-off from strength roll and readmitted only after clearance of all previous dues with re-admission fee i.e. Rs. 5000/=.

SCHOOL UNIFORM Uniform a) Boys Summers White Shirt with Maroon tie Dark Gray Trousers, black belt, black socks & black oxford-type shoes b) Boys Winters Same as above Maroon Sweeter / Maroon Coat with AGS badge. c) Girls Summer Pre-School Dark Grey Long Shirt Uniform- Summers White Shirt with Colors and Cuffs lined with Dark Blue Strips Junior School Blue Checked Shirt with White Colors / Cuffs + White Shalwar + White Scarf with Checked Borders. White Shalwar d) Girls - Winters Same as above Maroon Sweater / Coat with AGS badge.. e)You are requested to prepare Uniforms as per the approved samples. Summer Uniform: Winter Uniform:
Uniform- Winter


The Hifz-ul-Quran Section was established in 1994 under the patron ship of Dr. Qadri substantiating his vision to groom aspiring Hufaz who are equipped with the knowledge of Holy Quran and also well versed with the modern branches of knowledge.

Admission Criteria:
Formal education:Primary pass student with the ability to recite Holy Quran. Age: 11 years (Maximum) Duration: 3 years (Average)


Faculty: Well trained, qualified and experienced teachers are serving the institution.

Scholarship: Diligent, bright and deserving students are awarded with scholarship.

Environment: In AGS Hifz Section, the students are provided with neat, clean and disciplined environment conducive for their spiritual, moral and ethical development. Corporal punishment is totally forbidden. Hostel Facility: Boarding facility is also available for outstation students.

Schooling (English Medium):Along with the Hifz-ul-Quran, the students are provided with formal education in the subjects of English, Math, Science and Urdu and spoken English. On completion of Hifz-ul-Quran, the student also passes middle standard education so that he can continue his formal education in future.