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1. Read the text and answer the questions (1.50 puntos) Bill Brown cannot fly a plane or drive a car but he can ride a bike. He rides his bike on the left-hand side of the road because he is in Britain where they drive on the left. Today he is riding down High street, and when he is opposite the bank he sees two men run out of it. The two men are carrying canvas bags and Bill cannot see their faces because they have handkerchiefs around their heads. They throw the canvas bags into the back of a car standing in front of the bank, and begin to get into it. Bill thinks there is something wrong, so he gets on his bike, runs to the car, opens the door near the smaller of the two men and pulls him out to the road Questions: a. Can Bill Brown ride a bike? b. What does he see when he is opposite bank? c. What are the men carrying? d. Why cant Bill see their faces? e. Where do the men throw the canvas bags? f. Which man does bill pull out of the car 2.- Write a question for each of these answers: (1 punto) a).? The incident occurred in Randolph Park b).? It happened while I was walking with my dog c)..? After a minute it moved east d)..? It was a UFO 3.- Translate these sentences. (2 puntos) a) Si ves a Mara esta tarde, dale mi nmero de telfono. b) No he terminado mi trabajo todava porque estoy un poco cansado. c) Has comido alguna vez comida china? Deberas probarla d) Ellos estaban jugando mientras t ordenabas su habitacin. 4.- Check the mistakes of each sentence (1 punto) a) That was the most happy day of my life

b) I havent got nothing in my pocket c) Did you visited your family last weekend d) If you will be tired, call me 5.- Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense (1.5 puntos) a) b) c) d) e) f) I think it. (rain) tomorrow She cant talk to you now; she .8study) This is the most interesting film I (ever / see) She..(watch) television every evening He..(just finish) his homework He..(not like) pop music

6.- Put these sentences into their right order (1 punto) a) b) c) d) e) by / is / Sue / going / not / train many / people / are / there / in / class / your / how/ ? tonight / dinner / Steve / coming / for / is have / my / to / flight / I / cancelled / just / London ten / ago / he / tears / worked / a / Rome / as / doctor / in

7.- Write a text about advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city. (About 100 words). (2 puntos)