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Order of Anubis

An interview with Demogorgos Benedictus

1>Who is Demogorgos Benedictus? What are his origins as a man, Priest and Magician?

In my mundane existence I make a living with my own Internet technology company. I develop custom software
solutions for organizations and I'm a Freelance Project Engineer. Before founding my own company I used to be an
executive in various organizations like IBM, the banking world and at internet development companies. I've been
fascinated by and interested in magic since my early childhood and started practicing intuitive magic at a very early
age. I've also always felt an attraction to the Pentagram. It is like its proportions attracted me and spoke to me. At
different stages in my life I have felt this strange attraction to the Pentagram. When I was 30 years old, I felt another
"Call to Initiation" and I decided to study the "Occult" seriously. Mi quest made me study the various philosophies
and organizations that taught Initiation in depth. The most serious and most organized organization with a difference
seemed to be the Temple of Set. I wrote to Michael Aquino and shortly after I was contacted by a Setian Priest and
the rest is history. I was affiliated with ToS for almost 10 years. My Initiation from the beginning was centred around
"Xeper ir Xem". This was for 3 reasons:

My Mentors were all Masters of the ToS Order of Anpu. The Order of Anpu guarded the legacy of Ronald
Keith Barrett and Xem within ToS, so as a neophyte I couldn't be any closer to the "fire of Xem" as with my

Xeper, an Egyptian hieroglyph that is the first Word of the Aeon of Set, means "Come into Being". Xem
gives direction to "Xeper" and the formula "Xeper ir Xem" can be roughly translated as "Come into Being
towards Xem".

I was one of the strange exceptions within the ToS that actually was able to "hear" Xem from the early
beginning. It is in fact due to a mysterious Call from the Guardian of the Order that I found the Temple of
Set in the first place, but this falls outside the scope of this interview.

I've been an Initiate of the Order of Anpu since my Recognition to the Degree of Adept II in 2000CE. Finally in 2006
I started "Understanding" the Word Xem and what it really means in all it's aspects and which Transformed me into a
Priest initially and later in a Xem Magus V. In 2008CE I resigned from the Temple of Set and actually I'm the High
Priest of the Order of Anubis.

2>From our conversations I understand that you state that the Temple of Set has fulfilled its' purpose. Could you

To understand why, first we have to define Function. Aeons and their corresponding organizations fulfil a Function in
the spiritual development of humanity. When the Era of Satan came into being in 1969CE, the Aeon of Horus had
fulfilled it's purpose, it's Function in the Precession of Aeons. When the Aeon of Set came into being in 1975CE, the
Era of Satan had fulfilled it's purpose, it's Function in the Precession of Aeons. Now that the core of the founding
Priesthood of the Order of Anubis who are all Magi of Xem has cristalized, the Aeon of Set and the Temple have
fulfilled their purpose, their Function. The Purpose or Function of the Aeon of Set was to make firstly the Word
Xeper intelligible and after that the Word Xem. The complete formula of the Aeon of Set would thus be Xeper ir
Xem. However, Tos, or their leaders to be more precise, deny this vehemently and have relegated the Word Xem
and all it concerns to the past as a curious incident at best and a nightmare at worst. By this attitude they have
become an obstacle themselves for their Function and by this, through Mandate of the Prince of Darkness, they have
been relieved from from their Function and this Function has been passed on to, and inherited by, the Order of Anubis
which is currently the only earthly vehicle that operates under the true Mandate of the Prince of Darkness.

3>What does the Order of Anubis and your Sacred Book, the Book of Destroying the Path, represent?

It is my own conviction that the true purpose of the LHP is that each Magician writes his or her own Sacred Book.
The BoDTP under no circumstance can be applied as the Sacred Book of the Order of Anubis like the BoCFBN
was for the Aeon of Set or the LAVL for the Aeon of Horus. It is a personal communication from the Prince of
Darkness for myself solely. In the future there will be many Sacred Books within the Order, but they will be Personal
Books that will give direction and definition to the Initiation of Initiates of the Order that will receive/write them. The
BoDTP only has been read by a very small number of people that I trust and it is distributed to other Initiates at my
discretion only. If you're asking me if the Order of Anubis has a Book like the Aeon of Set or the Aeon of Horus, my
answer is no, there is no such book. The Order of Anubis is a LHP Initiatory Vehicle to enable LHP Magicians to
write their own Sacred Books.

4>Could you tell us a little more about the system used in the Order of Anubis?

The Order has its roots in magical tradition hailing back to Ancient Egypt and traces its lineage through the twentieth
century most notably through the occult personages of Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor LaVey and Michael A.
Aquino. The Order is the spiritual successor to the various groups founded by the preceding individuals and is the
authentic vehicle for the Mandate of the Prince of Darkness on earth today.

However, the Order doesn't want to limit itself to the Hermetic tradition. The Order should be a reference mark for all
genuine LHP traditions, without any exclusions. The Work of Michael A. Aquino has, however, brought forth some
clear and concise definitions of magic, like the definition of the White Magic of the RHP as the Magic that asks or
invokes the approval or the help of a higher being to generate a change in the Universe in accordance with the wish of
the magician and the Black Magic of the LHP that seeks to invoke the Will of the Self to bring forth a change the
Universe in accordance with the Will of the Magician. We maintain this definition within the Order of Anubis and it
will be the criterion to decide whether a method or magical tradition can be considered genuinely LHP and as such
has a place, and ultimately formalization in a House of the order, within the Order.

LHP initiation is based on the exploration and use of Black Magic as defined earlier- by its' adept magicians. The
Order of Anubis does not limit itself to Egyptian Magic, all forms of LHP Magic have their place within the Order.
Ultimately all these knowledges can be focused within a House of the Order that has been founded by a Magus of the
Order. The idea is that Houses will be focal points for the different traditions that may be united within the Order. The
Order is thus a mark of reference for the genuine LHP, in accordance with its' Mandate.

What was formerly known as the Curse of a Magus, the fact that a Magister Templi IV who was pregnant with a
Word had to fight against, and overcome, the Inertia of everything existing before his Word does no longer exist. Any
Initiate may and should Work with a Personal Word and can, through his Work and his Word, come into Being as a
Xem Magus V. This method has brought me to my own Understanding of Xem. If the Work of the Initiate is
successful, his Word will converge with Xem at the same time as his being converges with the Being of the Prince of
Darkness. My Personal Word is the Word of Ma'at which is shnw (in hieroglyphics) and it means Perspective.
Through Perspective I Came into Being as a Xem Magus V. My Personal Word converged with the Word Xem
and my Being with that of the Prince of Darkness through my Magical Work.

5>How does Anubis manifest within the Order? What is his Role in (attaining) consciousness?

Anubis is the most perfect archetype for Initiation that exists, since True Initiation is a Process of both Transformation
and Destruction. The 2 Forms of Anubis, Anpu The Opener of the Way and Wepwawet The Destroyer of the
Path form a very powerful matrix for Initiation. Since True Initiation cannot happen without a convergence of the
Self with the Self of the Prince of Darkness, we can consider the Form or First Principle of Anubis as the Initiatory
Aspect of the same Prince of Darkness.

6>Within all, or most at least, Magical Traditions there exists a temporal system that connects to an emanation of
Consciousness, an Aeon to be precise: Why and how are Aeons "destroyed"?

Aeons cannot be destroyed. Aeons are currents of spiritual awareness. The Shaman and the Wicca magician live in
the Aeon of Isis, the Christian and the Muslim live in the Aeon of Osiris, the Thelemite lives in the Aeon of Horus,
the Satanist in the Era of Satan and the Setian in the Aeon of Set. With the Order of Anubis there is a special
exception however, since neither the Order nor Xem declares a new Aeon over the last Aeon, which is the Aeon of
Set. Aeons are based on the Uttering of an Aeonic Word by a Magus V. As I exposed before, anybody can attain the
Degree of Magus V now through his or her Work with a Personal Word, which brings us to the fact that the
declaration of Aeons is unnecessary and obsolete. There won't be any new Aeons for humanity. Xem is the final
answer. Xeper ir Xem is the formula for the attainment of the Secret of the Pharaohs. It is the Formula for the genuine
Alchemy of the Soul.

7>Who is the Prince of Darkness or Princeps and what is the mission of this Avatar in this (material) Plain?

The Prince of Darkness or Princeps is the First Form (in Platonic terms) of Isolate Conscience. It is the Isolate
Conscience of this Universe. The humans that have been Initiated to the Priesthood can consider themselves living
cells of the Princeps on the material plain, similarly to the Gnostic idea of the early Christians. The Prince of
Darkness manifests himSelf through his Priests on the material plain and this His Priests are the Living Manifestation
of the Eternal Isolate Conscience of the Universe on Earth.

8>What is your perspective on Aleister Crowley, Anton Szander LaVey and Michael A. Aquino who, in some form,
opened the way for the Order of Anubis to come into being at this time?

Aleister Crowley, Anton Szander LaVey and Michael A. Aquino were all Magi V that put in motion their respective
Aeons/Era. Without them, there wouldn't be an Order of Anubis. We are a product of the Precession of the Aeons, and
therefore a product of their Work.

9>What is the principal premise of the Order and what can you tell us about its' philosophy and its' connection with
the LHP?

Like I explained earlier, the practice of Black Magic in accordance with the definition stated earlier on makes the
Order of Anubis a 100% genuine LHP organization.

10>What would be the characteristics of a Magician of the Order of Anubis?

A lifelong and full dedication to their Initiation. The ethical use of their magical faculties and a spiritual and personal
identification with the Purpose of the Order and the Will of the Prince of Darkness.

11>How does the Order of Anubis assume the challenge of this postmodern world?

The mere fact that we exist is significant. Although we are a product of the Precession of the Aeons, we do not
identify ourselves with any Aeon or Era for the reasons explained earlier.

12>Any final words for our readers?

I invite interested individuals to subscribe to the open activities of the Order in the House of the Fallen Angel,
especially if they want to establish a dialog with the order and explore it to see whether it fits their Initiatory needs.
You can also contact me personally at my email, HighPriest@orderofanubis.org, if you prefer a personal dialog.
Finally I would like to state that the Order of Anubis is open to males and females of all nationalities that are at least
18 years of age.

Xeper ir Xem!

The Magus Ankh Ka Inpu V

High Priest of Anubis

When I am that I was not, and I am that I am not, then I am that IAM.