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LIST OF FORMULAE Volume of prism perpendicular length. Volume of cylinder perpendicular height. Volume of a right pyramid perpendicular height.

Circumference Area of a circle V = Ah where A is the area of a cross-section and h is the V = rh where r is the radius of the base and h is the V = Ah where A is the area of the base and h is the C = 2r where r is the radius of the circle. A = r where r is the radius of the circle

Area of trape ium A = ! "a # b$ h where a and b are the lengths of the parallel sides and h is the perpendicular height. %oots of &uadratic e&uations 'f a( # b( # c = )* then

+rigonometry ratios

Area of triangle Area of , = ! bh where b is the length of the base and h is the perpendicular height.

Area of -A.C = !ab sin C

Area of /here

0ine rule

Cosine rule

a = b # c - 2bc cos A

SECTION I Answer ALL the questions in this section. All working must e cle!rl" shown. #. 1sing a calculator* or otherwise* calculate


the e(act 2alue of $% m!rks&


correct to 3 significant figures* the 2alue of 45.67 - "2.44$.

$' m!rks& "b$ A loan of 842 ))) was borrowed from a ban9 at 4:; per annum. Calculate "i$ "ii$ the interest on the loan at the end of the first year the total amount owing at the end of the first year. $( m!rks& $# m!rk&

A repayment of 86 5)) was made at the start of the second year. Calculate "iii$ "i2$ the amount still outstanding at the start of the second year the interest on the outstanding amount at the end of second year. $# m!rk& $# m!rk&

Tot!l #( m!rks (. "a$ 'f a = 2* b = -3 and c = :* e2aluate "i$ "ii$ "b$ ab - bc b"a - c$ $# m!rk& $( m!rk&

0ol2e for ( where ( )< "i$ "ii$ 7( # =y = 36 2( # 3y = :. $' m!rks& $' m!rks&


+he cost of >?@ muffin is 8m. "i$ /rite an algebraic e(pression in m for the cost of< a$ b$ "ii$ A'V@ muffins 0'B cupca9es $# m!rk& $# m!rk&

/rite an e&uation in terms of m* to represent the following information. +he +>+AC cost of 7 muffins and = cupca9es is 834.7). $# m!rk&

Tot!l #( m!rks '. "a$ Describe* using set notation only* the shaded region in each Venn diagram below. The *irst one is +one *or "ou.

$' m!rks& "b$ +he following information is gi2en. 1 = E4* 2* 3* :* 7* =* 6* 5* F* 4)G H = Eprime numbersG I = Eodd numbersG Draw a Venn diagram to represent the information abo2e $' m!rks& "c$ +he Venn diagram below shows the number of elements in each region.

Determine how many elements are in @ACJ of the following sets< "i$ "ii$ "iii$ "i2$ AU. AK. "A K .$L 1 $# m!rk& $# m!rk& $# m!rk& $# m!rk& Tot!l #, m!rks %. "a$ "i$ cm and 1sing a pencil* ruler* and a pair of compasses only, construct - A.C with .C = = A. = AC = 5 cm. All construction lines must e cle!rl" shown. $' m!rks& "ii$ .C. $( m!rks& "iii$ Measure and state a$ b$ "b$ +he length of the line segment AD the si e of angle A.C $# m!rk& $# m!rk& Draw a line segment AD such that AD meets .C at D and is perpendicular to

H is the point "2* :$ and I is the point "=* 4)$.

Calculate "i$ "ii$ +he gradient of HI +he midpoint of HI. $( m!rks& $( m!rks& Tot!l ## m!rks -. "a$ f and g are functions defined as follows


g "3$ $# m!rk&


f "- 2$ $( m!rks&


f N O "44$ $( m!rks&


>n the answer sheet* , A.C is mapped onto , AL.LCL under a reflection. "i$ /rite down the e&uation of the mirror line.

, AL.LCL is mapped onto , AP.PCP by a rotation of 45)Q about the point "7* :$. $# m!rk& "ii$ Determine the coordinates of the 2ertices of , AP.PCP. $' m!rks& "iii$ 0tate the transformation that maps , A.C onto , AP.PCP. $( m!rks& Tot!l ## m!rks

.. +he table below shows a fre&uency distribution of the scores of 4)) students in an e(amination.

Scores 24 - 27 2= - 3) 34 - 37 3= - :) :4 - :7 := - 7)

Frequenc" 7 45 23 22 24 44

Cumul!ti/e Frequenc" 7


"i$ Copy and complete the table abo2e to show the cumulati2e fre&uency for the distribution. $( m!rks& "ii$ 1sing a scale of 2 cm to represent a score of 7 on the hori ontal a(is and a scale of 2 cm to represent 4) students on the 2ertical a(is* draw a cumulati2e fre&uency cur2e of the scores. 0tart your hori ontal scale at 2). $. m!rks& "iii$ 1sing the cumulati2e fre&uency cur2e* determine the median score for the distribution. $( m!rks& "i2$ /hat is the probability that s student chosen at random has a score greater than :)R $( m!rks& Tot!l #( m!rks 0. "a$ +he diagram below* not +r!wn to sc!le* shows a prism of length 3) cm. +he crosssection /BST is a s&uare with area 4:: cm.

Calculate "i$ the 2olume* in cmU* of the prism $( m!rks& "ii$ the total surface area* in cm* of the prism. $( m!rks& "b$ +he diagram below* not +r!wn to sc!le* shows the sector of a circle with centre >.

Calculate* gi2ing your answer correct to 2 decimal places "i$ the length of the minor arc M? $( m!rks&


the perimeter of the figure M>? $( m!rks&


the area of the figure M>?. Tot!l #( m!rks

1. A large e&uilateral triangle is subdi2ided into a set of smaller e&uilateral triangles by the following procedure< +he midpoints of the sides of each e&uilateral triangle are Voined to form a new set of smaller triangles. +he procedure is repeated many times. +he table below shows the results when the abo2e procedure has been repeated twice* that is* when n = 2. n %esult after each step ?o. of triangles formed

2 3

4= "i$

= "iii$ m

"ii$ =773= "i2$


Calculate the number of triangles formed when n = 3. $( m!rks&


Determine the number of triangles formed when n = =. $( m!rks&

A shape has =7 73= small triangles. "iii$ Calculate the 2alue of n. $' m!rks& "i2$ Determine the number of small triangles in a shape after carrying out the procedure m times. $' m!rks& Tot!l #, m!rks

SECTION II Answer T2O questions in this section AL3E4RA AN5 RELATIONS6 FUNCTIONS AN5 3RA78S 9. "a$ Aactori e completely

"i$ "ii$ "b$

2p - 6p # 3 7p # 7& # p - &

$# m!rk& "( m!rks&

@(pand "( # 3$ "( - :$* writing your answer in descending powers of (. $' m!rks&


Wi2en f"($ = 2( # :( - 7 "i$ write f"($ in the form f"($ = a"(#b$ # c where a*b*c R $' m!rks& "ii$ state the e&uation of the a(is of symmetry $# m!rk& "iii$ state the coordinates of the minimum point $# m!rk& "i2$ s9etch the graph of f"($ $( m!rks& "2$ on the graph of f"($ show clearly a$ b$ the minimum point the a(is of symmetry $# m!rks& $# m!rks& Tot!l #- m!rks

#,. Ham 2isits the stationery store where she intends to buy ( pens and y pencils. "a$ Ham must buy at least 3 pens. "i$ /rite an ine&uality to represent this information $# m!rk& +he +>+AC number of pens and pencils must ?>+ be more than 4).


/rite an ine&uality to represent this information. $( m!rks&

@ACJ pen costs 87.)) and @ACJ pencil costs 82.)). more information about the pens and pencils is represented by< 7( # 2y X 37 "iii$ words. $( m!rks& "b$ "i$ >n the answer sheet draw the graph of the +/> ine&ualities obtained in "a$ "i$ and "a$"ii$ abo2e. $' m!rks& "ii$ /rite the coordinates of the 2ertices of the region that satisfies the four ine&ualities "including y Y )$ $( m!rks& "c$ Ham sells the ( pens and y pencils and ma9es a profit of 84.7) on @ACJ pen and 84.)) on @ACJ pencil "i$ /rite an e(pression in ( and y to represent the profit Ham ma9es. $# m!rk& "ii$ Calculate the MAB'M1M profit Ham ma9es. $( m!rks& "iii$ can buy. $( m!rk& 'f Ham buys : pens* show on "our gr!:h the ma(imum number of pencils she /rite the information represented by this ine&uality as asentence in your own

Tot!l #- m!rks

3EOMETR; AN5 TRI3ONOMETR; ##. "a$ +wo circles with centres H and I and radius 7 cm and 2 cm respecti2ely are drawn so that they touch each other at + and a straight line BS at 0 and %.


0tate* with a reason* a$ b$ c$ why H+I is a straight line +he length HI /hy H0 is parallel to I% $( m!rks& $( m!rks& $( m!rks&


? is a point on H0 such that I? is perpendicular to H0. Calculate a$ b$ the length H? the length %0 $( m!rks& $( m!rks&

"b$ 'n the diagram below* not +r!wn to sc!le6 > is the centre of the circle. +he measure of angle C>M is 44)Q.

Calculate* gi2ing reasons for your answers* the si e of each of the following angles "i$ ZM?C $( m!rks& "ii$ ZCM> $' m!rks& Tot!l #- m!rks #(. A boat lea2es a doc9 at point A and tra2els for a distance of 47 9m to poi . on a bearing of 437Q. +he boat then changes course and tra2els for a distance of 5 9m to point c on a bearing of )=)Q. "a$ 'llustrate the abo2e information in a clearly labelled diagram. $( m!rks& +he diagram should show the "i$ "ii$ north direction bearings 437Q and )=)Q $# m!rks& $( m!rks&

"iii$ "b$

distances 5 9m and 47 9m.

$( m!rks&

Calculate "i$ the distance AC $' m!rks& "ii$ Z.CA $' m!rks& "iii$ the bearing of A from C $( m!rk& Tot!l #- m!rks


#'. 'n the diagram below* M is the midpoint of



09etch the diagram abo2e in your answer boo9let and insert the point B on



. $# m!rk&


Hroduce HB to I such that

. $# m!rk&


/rithe the following in terms of r and s.

"i$ $( m!rks&

"ii$ $' m!rks&

"iii$ $% m!rks&


0how that $% m!rks& Tot!l #- m!rks

#%. "a$

Wi2en that

is a singular matri(* determine the 2alue"s$ of p. $% m!rks&


Wi2en the linear e&uations 2( # 7y = = 3( # :y = 5 "i$ /rite the e&uations in the form AB = . where A* B and . are matrices. $( m!rks& "ii$ a$ Calculate the determinant of the matri( A. $( m!rks&


0how that

. $' m!rks&


1se the matri( AN O to sol2e for ( and y. $- m!rks& Tot!l #- m!rks