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Narrator: In Ortygia, an isle which formed part of Syracuse, the greatest city of Sicily, there is a sacred spring called Arethusa. Once, however, Arethusa was not a water or even a water nymph, but a fair young huntress and a follower of the goddess of hunt, Artemis, who was often associated with the moon. Like her beloved goddess, Arethusa would have nothing to do with men. She favored a life of hunting and took happiness in basking in the great freedom of the woods. Artemis: (talking to Arethusa) You are a young girl with so much skills. I, even, cannot help but be amazed to what you can possibly be when you grow up. Your name Arethusa means the blooming orchid. Narrator: Years later, Arethusa is now a fair maiden. While shes taking a rest after hunting, Artemis appeared in front of her. Artemis: How are you my dear child? Arethusa: I dont care! What do you need? Arethusa: (Shocked) Who are you? Alpheus: (hesitates - scratches head) Artemis: Dont you remember who has given your name? Arethusa: Ok. Why are you following me then? Arethusa: (Thinking) Im sorry my dearest goddess Artemis. I didnt mean to disrespect you. Alpheus: I am following you because I love you. Artemis: Its okay my dear. I came here to bless you with gifts. Arethusa: No, of course you dont! Arethusa: But Goddess, I do not deserve your gifts. I am a huntress who is willing to serve you and please you. Artemis: Youre such a good girl my young huntress. Arethusa: Thank you my Goddess. Artemis: Aside from giving you blessings, I am also here to warn you that in spite of the gifts I have given on to you. Humans are not the only ones who will fall for your gorgeousness. (leaves) Unknown1: Look at her! (points at Arethusa) Shes so beautiful, isnt she? Unknown3: Of course she is! But unfortunately, she was never interested in any other man. Narrator: One morning, weary and hot from the chase, she came upon a translucent river deeply shaded by silver willows. Arethusa, having no will to oppose the fresh delicious water, leisurely stepped in and tenderly immersing her body into the stream. Arethusa: (Bathing herself onto the water) Narrator: Arethusa was changed into a spring of water that made a tunnel under the sea to Greece to Sicily. But, it is said the she was never freed from Alpheus. His water still mingles near hers in the fountain and if you drop a cup in Alpheus river in Greece, it will end up in Arethusas well in Sicily. The end. Alpheus: Yes, I do. (folds arms) Arethusa: No. You cant and you wont because I want none of you. (leaves) Narrator: At that time, all she wanted to do was to escape Arethusa: Artemis! Artemis, help me! Artemis: Ill change you into a spring of water. So he will not be able to find you. Narrator: For a moment, she swam idly to and fro in thorough silence; owing to this the long calmness of the quiet river came to its end and awoke Alpheus, the great god of the river. Arethusa: Oh! Why is the water stirring? Alpheus: Why such haste, fairest maiden? Arethusa: Ah! (runs away but Alpheus chases after her) Alpheus: Stop! Arethusa: (turns to face Alpheus) Alpheus: I am Alpheus, the god of the river.