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Here are my squads (in the format importable into the Squad Builder).

First up, the French Legere (light infantry): ;French Legere (400) Lt;82;3;2;false;Elan,Leader,Light,Pistol,Sword;; Sgt;78;3;2;false;Elan,Light,Musket,NCO,Sword;; Hornist;30;4;1;false;Elan,Light,Musician,Pistol,Poor Shot,Sword;; Pvt (Chasseur);42;4;2;false;Elan,Light,Musket;; Pvt (Chasseur);42;4;2;false;Elan,Light,Musket;; Pvt (Chasseur);42;4;2;false;Elan,Light,Musket;; Pvt (Chasseur);42;4;2;false;Elan,Light,Musket;; Pvt (Chasseur);42;4;2;false;Elan,Light,Musket;; With a base Quality of 4 and Elan, these guys are tough, and will activate on a 2+ when within a Long of the Leader. I gave the NCO Elan also, as the original in the book excluded it. Granted, with a Quality of 3+, he probably did not need it, but it seems funny that everyone else has it but the Sergeant! I created a new character, the Hornist, which is the light infantry's Musician. Despite the characters in the original rules, musicians did not run around the battlefield unarmed. Drummers usually had swords and hornists often had a musket in addition to their instrument. In this case I gave him a pistol and sword, but had to make him a Poor Shot in order to squeeze him into 400 points. Here are the stats for some of my French Ligne: ;French Ligne (397) Officer;60;3;2;false;Leader,Pistol,Sword;; NCO;62;3;2;false;Musket,NCO,Steadfast,Sword;; Ensign;44;3;2;false;2 Pistols,Flag Bearer,Sword;; Drummer;17;4;1;false;Musician,Sword;; Grenadier;32;4;2;false;Musket,Strong;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; Private;26;4;2;false;Musket;; This squad of 11 has it all: Leader, NCO, Musician, Flag Bearer, and plenty of muskets. The Grenadier marches by the Ensign (Flag Bearer) to pick up the flag in case it is dropped, otherwise he shoots anyone threatening the flag. The Ensign has two pistols, which is historical, as they are carried in a special holster on their chest. (Of course taking a standard out on patrol is not very historical, but we won't dwell on that.) Next are my newly minted British Line: ;British Line (398) Lt;60;3;2;false;Leader,Pistol,Sword;; Sgt;52;3;2;false;Halberd,NCO,Steadfast;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;;

Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; Pvt (Center);26;4;2;false;Musket;; I could not figure out what to spend the last 2 points on, but that is okay. I could have made the Sergeant a Poor Shot in order to recoup some points, and use them for something else, but it almost felt like cheating to do that. If it were a competition, I probably would have. The main shocker here is that the squad is 13 figures, compared to the eight for the Legere. The Privates are very standard soldiers, but the Sergeant has a very interesting halberd to use. I also had some extra points so I gave him Steadfast to help with his morale, should the Lieutenant die and he need to take over. Next are the KGL Light Dragoons, of which I only have two painted so far. ;KGL Light Dragoons (400) Lt;80;3;2;false;Elan,Leader,Mounted,Sword;; Sgt;80;3;2;false;Carbine,Elan,Mounted,NCO,Steadfast,Sword;; Trooper;48;4;2;false;Carbine,Elan,Mounted,Scout,Sword;; Trooper;48;4;2;false;Carbine,Elan,Mounted,Scout,Sword;; Trooper;48;4;2;false;Carbine,Elan,Mounted,Scout,Sword;; Trooper;48;4;2;false;Carbine,Elan,Mounted,Scout,Sword;; Trooper;48;4;2;false;Carbine,Elan,Mounted,Scout,Sword;; I was surprised by the stats in the book for the Light Dragoons, as they were better than those for the Hussars. Thinking the statistics were reversed, I posted a message on the Yahoo forum, but the response was that, no, Sergio feels that the Light Dragoons were better. By then I had already built this squad, so I did not change the stats back, but used the Hussar stats instead. Again, because I had left over points, I gave the Sergeant Steadfast to increase his morale, should the Lieutenant die and he need to check morale and take over. I was surprised that I only had one figure less than the French Legere. This would be an interesting match-up, I think. Next are my Russian Guard Cossacks, the first cavalry figure I made, and which I have only one. ;Russian Guard Cossacks (400) Officer;102;3;2;false;2 Pistols,Elan,Lance,Leader,Mounted,Sword;; NCO;94;3;2;false;2 Pistols,Elan,Lance,Mounted,NCO,Steadfast,Sword;; Trooper;51;4;2;false;Elan,Lance,Mounted,Pistol,Sword;; Trooper;51;4;2;false;Elan,Lance,Mounted,Pistol,Sword;; Trooper;51;4;2;false;Elan,Lance,Mounted,Pistol,Sword;; Trooper;51;4;2;false;Elan,Lance,Mounted,Pistol,Sword;;

With only six figures, those lances better be of value. Again, I used the extra points to give the NCO Steadfast, but I also gave a second pistol to both the leader and the NCO.