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Chapter 2:Forces and Motion (i) Compare the forces applied on the spring and the

1. Diagram 9.1 represents a 50 cen coin and a leaf extension of the springs. [3 marks]
falling in a vacuum container. The coin is heavier (ii) Compare the spring constants of M and N. Hence
than the leaf. relate the spring constant to the natural length of the
spring. [2 marks]
(c) A spring produces an extension of 4 cm when a
(i) What is meant by momentum? stretching force of 1.2 N is applied to it. What is the
[1 mark] spring constant of the spring? [2 marks]
(ii) Using Diagram 9.1 and 9.2, compare (d) Explain how the forces between the molecules cause
the time for change of momentum for the elasticity. [4 marks]
Spiderman. Relate the time for change
momentum and the force acting on the
(a) Using Diagram 9.1 and the information given about Spiderman, deduce a relevant physics
the weight of the two objects, compare the mass of concept. [5 marks]
the coin and the leaf, the time taken to fall, the (iii) Name the physics quantity that explain
positions of the coin and the leaf and finally, deduce (e) Diagram 9.3 shows a spring in the suspension system
the two situations above. [1 mark] of an ordinary motorcycle.
the physical quantity which causes the objects to fall. (b) In two separate boxing ring, a kick-boxer
[5 mark]s (i) What are the fuctions of the spring in the
from Thailand fights without wearing boxing suspension system?
(b) Diagram 9.2 shows a student trying to launch a water gloves whereas a boxer from Malaysia with a
rocket. (ii) Exlain the modification that needs to be done on
pair boxing gloves. Explain who will cause the spring to enable it to function as a racing
more injury to their opponent if both boxers motorcycle. You should explain your suggestion, to
punch with the same force. [3 marls] include following aspects:
(c) Diagram 9.3 shows a model of a school bus. - the characteristics of the material of the
- the design of the spring
You are required to give some suggestions on how to
design a water rocket for a national competition. Using Explain the modification to the bus to help to 4. Diagram 9.1 and diagram 9.2 show two identical
the knowledge on forces, motion and properties of improve the safety the passengers and will be more trolleys moving up two inclined planes of different
materials, explain the suggestions based on the following comfortable. Emphasise your explanation in the angles and displacement.
aspects: following aspects:
(i) material used (i) the shape of the bus body
(ii) shape of the rocket (ii) safety features of the bus. [10 marks]
(iii) angle of launching
(iv) volume of water in the rocket 3. Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2 show a comparison (a) (i) What is meant by work done? [1 mark]
(v) added structure for the motion of the rocket. of two spring M and N. Both the spring are elastic (ii) Using Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2, compare the
[10 marks] and made from the same wire and have the same angle of incline and displacement of the trolleys.
(c) A stone which is released from a building falls down diameter. Each one of them is attached to a load of Relating the angle of incline and the displacement,
in the air. During the fall, the stone experiences an equal weight. deduce the work done by each trolley. [5 marks]
energy change. (b) Read the following statements and determine
(i) What is meant by energy? [1 mark] whether work is done or not.
(ii) Explain the energy changes in the stone. [4 marks] (i) A student pushes a stool along the floor [2 marks]
(ii) A pen falls from a table to the ground [2 marks]
2. (a) Spiderman find that when he jumped down from a (c) Diagram 9.3 shows two electric drills A and B with
high building without bending his legs, a loud different efficiencies.
sound is produced as shown in Diagram 9.1. But if (a) What is meant by elasticity of a material? [1
upon landing, he bends his legs, a soft sound is mark]
produced as shown in Diagram 9.2. (b) Based on Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2;
concept. after the balls hit the surfaces. Based on the
[5 marks] shapes of the plastine balls and the surfaces,
(b) Diagram 9.3 shows an archer pulling an arrow on deduce a physical concept which is involved in
a bow and is ready to release the arrow from the bow this phenomenon. [5 marks]
so that the arrow will hit the bullseye of the target. (b) Explain the changes in energy that occur from
(i) Which drill is more efficient?. Give your reasons. For this purpose, he pointed the arrow a little bit the moment the plasticine ball is released until
[4 marks] above the horizontal line while aiming at the target. it reaches the position shown in Diagram 10.2
(ii) Suggest modifications that need to be done to [4 marks]
increase the efficiency of the inefficient drill. (c) Name three safety features in a vehicle and explain
[6 marks] how it helps to reduce the fatal effect when the
vehicle is involved in a collision. [10 marks]
5. Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2 show the distance
traveled by two trolleys of the same mass when pushed 8. Diagram 8.1 shows a balloon being released from a
(i) What energy changes take place when
with forces of magnitude F and 2F respectively. Both grip. Diagram 8.2 shows a cuttlefish moving forward
he releases the arrow?
trolley accelerate from rest for 2 s. by released a big volume of black ink backwards.
(ii) Explain why the archer does not aim
directly at the bulleye of the target. [4
(a) (i) What is meant by acceleration? [1 mark] (c) When a car is involved in an accident and
(ii) With reference to Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2, brought to a stop abruptly, the inertia of the
driver causes him to be hurled forward suddenly Diagram 8.1 Diagram 8.2
compare the time of travel for the trolleys, force
towards the steering wheel. (a) (i) What is meant by force ? [1mark]
applied on the trolleys and the distance traveled by
(i) What is the modification on the car that can (ii) Using diagram 8.1 and 8.2 compare the direction
the trolleys. Relate the magnitude of force with the
safe the driver life? of motion of the balloon and the cuttlefish. Relate
distance traveled to deduce the acceleration of the
(ii) Explain how does the modification in c(i) the direction of motion to deduce a relevant
operate. physics concept. [5 mark]
(b) The trolley in Diagram 9.1 is then changed with a
(iii) Name three examples of impulsive force. (b)Using suitable examples, explain the ways utilize
trolley of bigger mass. Explain how is the
[10 marks] impulse force. [4 mark]
acceleration of the trolley related to its mass.
(c) Figure .3 shows a car speeding on a road and Figure
(c) It is important for a driver to increase the time interval
7. Diagram 10.1 shows two identical spherical 9.4 shows the car crashed on an object. Due to lack of
of collision.
plasticine balls released from the same height. safety features, the driver sustained serious injury.
(i) Using an appropriate physics concept, explain why
there is a need to increase the time interval of
collision. [2 marks]
(ii) Suggest the modification that need to be done on a
car to make it safe for drive. [8 marks] Figure 8.3 Figure 8.4
The following are few facts concerning the car.
6. Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2 show a child and an adult Diagram 10.2 shows the state of the balls when they (i) The car stopped too suddenly upon hitting
each sit on similar swings. hit the brick and the rubber. It was observed that the the object.
plasticine stopped more quickly when it hits the (ii) The driver thrown out of the car, breaking
brick. the glass of the windscreen.
(iii) Sharp pieces of glass from the shattered
windscreen cut the head of the driver.
(iv) The accident occurred at night. The driver
did not see the object until it was very near.
(a)(i) Explain what is meant by inertia [1 mark] (a)(i) What is meant by potential energy? [1 mark] Based on the above facts, suggest various features to be
(ii) Using Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2, compare the (ii) Observe Diagram 10.1 and Diagram 10.2, added to the car to improve its safety standard and
difficulties to move and stop them. Relating the compare the shape of the plasticine balls, the explain how each feature can reduce injury of the driver.
mass of the child and the adult to the difficulties to surface of the rick and the rubber, before and [10 marks]
move and stop them. Deduce a relevant physics