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Mexico City Plant

Mexico City Jan, 2014!

The Planter

Jess Rodrguez
I was born on March 1979 in Mexico City. I was raised Catholic but was converted to the evangelical faith at age 17 during my high school years. At age 18, I went on to get a B.A. in Music Education and a minor in Biblical Studies at CCDMAC University in Durango Mexico, where I met my wife Karla who I married in 2004 after coming to the US to pursue our relationship. After starting a Worship school in 2004 and leading it for 5 years, God slowly placed the desire to become a pastor and plant a church in Mexico City. Ever since that time, it has been an exciting journey to see how God intervenes and directs my path in that direction. Karla and I, are happily married and the proud parents of Joel (2 yrs) and Luciana (4 mo). I'm currently in seminary training, doing a church planting residency at Redemption Hill D.C. and in the process of becoming part of Acts 29.

The City & Neighborhood

Mexico City
Mexico's population is 113 million Mexico City's population is 25 million (22% of the country's population) 3rd largest city in the world right after Tokyo and Seoul 20-40 is the largest age group bracket in the City Very young city (For 1 person that dies, 2.4 babies are born) 97% literacy rate 11 grades / average education level 25% college completion rate 81% Roman Catholic 8% Protestant Evangelical Estimated less than 20,000 Reformed Evangelicals 9% no religious involvement Life Expectancy is 79 for Women & 74 for Men


Population 700,000 15-30 largest age group Male population is 2% > Female 99.7% literacy rate 2nd largest concentration of people with college & grad studies City's art hub with 19 museums, 26 theaters and 15 art Centers Home to the oldest and largest university in Latin America (UNAM) Home to the National Center for the Arts 39% college completion rate No religious information but I estimated similarities with the city's trend

The need

Mexico City is a 21st century metropolis with all the problems of any major city in the world, and regardless of the nominal Catholicism of most people, Mexico City legalized abortion in 2007, same sex marriage in 2010 and there is currently a bill for Marihuana legalization in Congress. Amongst the most alarming problems, Human Trafcking is one of the biggest concerns for the city. According to a conservative estimate released in 2010 by the Mexico City's Human Rights Commission there are approximately 10,000 victims each year, mostly women and children. Poverty, Atheism, Homosexuality, Witchcraft, Death Worship, Drug Cartels, Pornography and Corruption are very present throughout the city and rising. Mexico City desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not one more cult selling prosperity and man-centered spirituality; and even less a growing trend of cheap evangelicalism of self-improvement and motivational speeches.

The Call
In 2008 God placed an uneasiness in my heart about my calling for the rest of my life. At the time I was leading a worship school and after a year of planning, we left to Virginia Beach from the DC area to spend time praying and enjoy time with my wife. Late in 2009 after a few months of seeking God's direction, the call to plant a church in Mexico City surfaced and from then on, it has become clear that this is what God wants us to do and why we have decided to move to Mexico City. We are more than willing to obey since it is a burning desire in our hearts and have growing passion for the people we want to reach. After almost 4 years of praying and preparing, we know that the time to go is now because of what we see God doing in our family and the doors He is opening through opportunities and through the guidance and advice of our Pastors and leaders.

The Strategy
Our plan is to move to Mexico City at the end of 2013, and after settling in spend about 6 months recruiting our Core Group and building relationships in the city. We will start a Community Group at our house that will serve as the gathering place to invite people. In it we will disciple/train everyone as we grow to inuence our community with the Gospel. God willing, once we have grown in numbers and have a steady group of people we will launch our rst service sometime in the last quarter of 2014. We will continue to multiply our Community Groups throughout the city as we gather weekly for corporate worship.

Why Mexico City and Why Now

Since 2009, God has made clear to us that He wants us to go to Mexico City. It has been the only city we have had a burden for and felt a call to, and my wife and I have been in total unanimity about it regardless of the city's challenges and dangers. We both enjoy and love the culture and people of the city, but noticed there were not many reformed churches that were missional and gospel driven, hence creating a desire in our hearts for the people in the city. Finally, in this past few years we have been able to visit the city and stay in contact with it's people, and have seen God open doors through relationships, contacts and opportunities that very strongly suggest that it is not only the right place, but the right time too. It is the right time because we are at a point where we are able to move without any restraints. We are debt free, our children are at a better stage, I have received theological and hands on training in a one year church planting residency and about to become a U.S. citizen. Being a citizen will allow me to leave and come back to the country without any restrictions just as the rest of my family. We believe this is the perfect time for us to move and we feel God is opening doors to do so.

Why Me
First and foremost, because God has called me and I must obey Him. Secondly, because I am a native of the city and understand the culture and people in a deeper way. I can relate to the people I'm trying to reach by speaking their language without any barriers, to make the gospel clear to them. Another reason is my gifting; without claiming I am fully capable of doing it on my own strength, I see that God has graciously given me the necessary gifts to proclaim the gospel in that context, like preaching and teaching. I have a B.A. in Music Education, a minor in Biblical studies and currently in Seminary training with the EFCA. Lastly, I've been in leadership positions for many years as a youth, worship and community group leader in different churches. I have also led a thriving ministry as the Director of a Worship School in the D.C. area, managing 12 staff members and about 100 students; which provided me with really good experiences as an administrator and leader facing all the problems that come with it.

Our Timeline
June 2012 - Moved to DC to spend 6 months with family and gather funds before leaving to Mexico. (Originally planned to leave in Jan 2013) July 2012 - Church planting course by Rolando Castro from BCMD September 2012 - Found out we were pregnant with our second baby and postponed our plans to leave to Mexico until after the birth. October 2012 - Met with pastors Bill Riedel & Jon Rees for advice on church planting that turned into a Church Planting Residency at Redemption Hill D.C. November 2012 - Started residency program and EFCA seminary training with Redemption Hill D.C. January 2013 - Started Acts 29 process April 2013 - Completed preaching labs & baby Luciana was born May 2013 - Acts 29 Boot Camp and pre-assessment (Houston, TX) Summer 2013 - Begin fundraising campaign Fall 2013 - EFCA credentialing & Acts 29 Assessment Winter 2013 - Departure to Mexico City and settling in new place Spring 2014 - Beginning of Community Group and gathering Core Group Last Quarter 2014 - Launch of church plant!

Our Mission !
To plant a church in Mexico City that reaches the unchurched through the proclamation of the Gospel, creating a community of disciples/missionaries who love and reach their City for the Glory of God.

Our Core Values !
1)The Gospel - Jesus' Gospel is all we preach 2)Worship - Our ultimate purpose is to Glorify God 3)Discipleship - We'll Train & Equip people to mature in Christ 4)Community - We'll show God's love amongst and around us 5)Mission - We'll be outward focused as missionaries to the city

You can be a part of this!

Would you partner with us by making a 3 year commitment to nancially support us on a monthly basis? We want to see God's Kingdom expanded and people's lives transformed by the Gospel in Mexico City.

! !
2) Moving needs $13,000 3) Start up needs for church plant $16,000

Our Needs
$4,900 = 14 supporters of $350

1) 3 year monthly support for the planter and his family

If you are partnering with us, we ask you to please contact us and let us know to add you to our newsletter. Please make your check payable to Redemption Hill Church D.C. with the Memo: Mexico City Plant, and send it to:

Redemption Hill Church D.C. P.O. Box 15250 Washington, D.C. 20003

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Feel free to contact us for questions or more detailed information at any time.

Our Info: ! !
Jesus Rodriguez (240) 701-3771 jeykarc@gmail.com @jeykarc

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Redemption Hill D.C. (202) 543-2378 info@redemptionhilldc.org @RHCdc www.redemptionhilldc.org

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