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Below is only a paragraph quoted from the introduction to my new book which I have just finished writing.

Genre is political romance. I will appreciate any readers, publishers, editors and any other person who could lend a hand, comment on and review this paragraph. Kindly let me know their recommendation.( Let me close this introduction, although long, with this short story which is a fact. It is well known that prisons or jails all over the world only accept offenders and suspects because they caused harm to society, but we all know that not every prisoner is an offender or a suspect. A prison inspector visited one of the infamous prisons in one of the police states. To his amazement, the prison population was two hundred and fifty-seven but the record shows two hundred and fifty-six only. The prison manager gathered the inmates and they stood in lines in the prison yard. As every inmate had been known by a number, he ordered aloud, Number two hundred and fifty-seven, raise up your hand! Not a hand was lifted. Then he asked, Who hasnt got a number? One of the prisoners heaved a sigh of relief and raised his hand. Later, the inspector together with the prison officers found that one of the prison officers had asked his guest who was visiting him in his office to excuse him for five minutes and went out of the room. The guest stayed for hours in that officers room but his host didnt come back. In the evening, the sweeper came to clean the room. When he found that man in the officers room, he said he was not allowed to stay there alone and so he sent him to wait for his host in the secretarys room where he spent the night. When the secretary came in the next morning, he was surprised to find the man in his room and so he had to tell the officer in charge. Finally, that ill-fated visitor found himself sharing the prisoners their cells for six years. Then the inspector said to the guest-inmate that he didnt think he had booked into a hotel. He had either pay for accommodation, services and amenities of the past six years or hed be imprisoned for another six. When the guest-prisoner asked him to call his wife, a friend or a relative, the inspector refused and said it was a military site and he had to paddle his own canoe by himself. Then he turned to the prison manager and told him to give that man a dead prisoners number! By the way, that country has its own parliament but human rights and all liberties were expelled from that land decades ago. The truth is not always very palatable! It is sometimes stranger than fiction!