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Part I 1. Pump Units and Main Stati ns

Type: JPR and CSR

Op!rati na" Manua"

1.#. C nt!nts

C nt!nts Pa$! % ' # # ( ( + + + + 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 11 11 11 11 1! 1% 1% 1& 1& 1& 1( 19 19 1< %1 1.1. Low pressure clearing system - basic elements

%.#. G!n!ra" In& rmati n !.1. Pre"ace !.!. $ser%s duty !.&. T'e Producer%s guarantee !. . Sa"ety at wor) !. .1. !. .!. !. .&. *perator%s sa"ety instructions Sa"ety guidelines "or maintenance wor)s and assembling personnel Sel"-contained reconstruction and manu"acturing o" spare parts

!.#. *perational sa"ety (.#. Dir!)ti*!s & r m!diums pr!parati n +,at!r- !"!)tri)a" p ,!r supp"./ &.1. ,ind o" piping &.!. .ydraulic stri)e in t'e system and pumps &.&. /lectrical connections 1.#. Ass!m2". and start3up instru)ti ns .1. .!. .&. .&.1.Pump "illing .&.!. C'ec)ing pump rotation .&.&. Switc'ing on t'e pump . . .#. .(. 2aintenance o" t'e pump Protection against "rost Pump unit assembly 3JPR4CSR5 .(.16immensional drawing o" boosters and main stations .(.!. 6imensions and assembling data o" boosters 3JPR5 and main stations 3CSR5 o" low pressure cleaning system '.# Guid!"in!s ) n)!rnin$ !"!)tri)a" ) nn!)ti n & t4! pump unit 5PR (6 5PR '6 and 5PR 1# 7.#. C nstru)ti n and 2asi) ass!m2". & t4! !8uipm!nt (.1. .ousing wit' doors (.!. Pump wit' electrical motor (.&. /lements o" t'e pump%s applied 'ydraulics (. . /lectrical control assembly. 9.#. T!)4ni)a" sp!)i&i)ati ns & 5PR:CSR ECO 0.#. ;ai"ur!s & t4! pump and m!t4 ds & t4!ir r!)ti&i)ati n <.#. =asi) a)ti*iti!s durin$ puttin$ in m ti n and p!rati n & t4! Pump Unit 5PR:CSR (6 '61# ECO 1#.#. E"!)tri)a" dia$ram & pump unit +5PR:CSR ECO/ Pumps installation instructions Power supply connection Putting in motion

1.1. L , pr!ssur! ,as4in$!m > 2asi) !"!m!nts

A = C a. 2. 1 % (

7ater main pipe on inlet side Compressed air main pipe 7ater main pipe on outlet side Pipe o" water supply into cleaning station Pipe o" compressed air supply into cleaning station Pump or main station Satellite station Rac) "or lances

1 Set o" lances ' .ose reel "or water 'ose 7 8all 9al9e wit' :uic) coupling "or connection o" t'e lances 9 7ater 'ose 0 Rac) "or water 'ose 3alternati9ely to item #5 < Suction 'ose o" detergents 1# 8as)et "or container wit' c'emical agent 11 Connecting 'ose o" t'e station and 'ose reel


%.#. G!n!ra" in& rmati n

Present *perational 2anual contains basic in"ormation concerning t'e system; operation and maintenance o" t'e low pressure was'ing system; t'e "undamental elements o" w'ic' are t'e "ollowing: Pumping unit 5PR or central station CSR< 3increasing water pressure used in acti9ities o" was'ing5 7as'ing stations 3satellite stations5 wit' out"its

=n was'ing systems wit' central preparation and distribution o" solutions o" was'ing4disin"ecting preparations; e>cept mentioned abo9e element o" t'e system into "ramewor) o" t'e system enters also: Present 2anual contains description o" construction; ser9icing and operation o" t'e pumping unit 5PR:CSR ECO. Prior to assembly and putting in motion o" t'e e:uipment t'is 2anual s'ould read "itter as well as user; relati9ely 'is pro"essional personnel. T'e 2anual s'ould be permanently a9ailable at place o" t'e e:uipment operation. =t 'as been necessary to ta)e under consideration not only t'e general sa"ety guidelines; but special directions also; t'at 'ad been gi9en in respecti9e t'e c'apters. =t 'as been obligatory necessary to respect guidelines placed directly on t'e e:uipment; as "or e>ample: ?rrows indicating direction o" rotation 2ar)ing o" agent ser9ice lines Pictograms determining mode o" ser9icing and maintain o" t'ese mar)ings in well readable condition Tolerance o" e>ecution o" some elements o" t'e system; suc' as no@@les; pressure 9al9es o" t'e pumps; in some cases may be a reason o" small de9iations "rom nominal 9alues. =t 'as not in"luences in any case on e""ecti9eness o" was'ing. %.1. Pr!&a)! 7e 'a9e a pleasure to present Aou was'ing system; w'ic' 4ad 2!!n ) nstru)t!d and pr du)!d 2. RADEX &irm in t'e response on t'e clients needs loo)ing "or t'e most modern; un"ailing usable solutions wit' reasonable price. =t 'as been manu"actured o" corrosi9e-proo" steels and constructed in compliance wit' t'e newest rules o" design; ta)ing under consideration optimal conditions o" "unctionality and wor)ing sa"ety. Presented was'ing system 'ad been designed wit' purpose to "ul"ill 9ery 'ig' 'ygienic re:uirements. To obtain a ma>imum ad9antage "ollowing "rom utili@ation o" t'is system we as) you to study precisely o" t'is 2anual.

%.%. Us!r?s dut..

? user o" t'e system 'as been responsible "or proper sa"ety conditions and mode o" operation o" t'e e:uipment. T'ere"ore it 'as been immensely important; so t'at t'e Ser9ice 2anual 'as been always a9ailable. T'e personnel; e>ecuting mounting; operation; o9er'auls and maintenance o" t'e e:uipment must possess :uali"ications; indispensable "or carrying out o" t'ese wor)s. T'e user s'ould precisely determine t'e scope o" competence and responsibility as well as super9ision o9er t'ese personnel.

T'e was'ing system s'ould ne9er be e>posed "or action o" minus temperatures. =t 'as been necessary to remo9e water "rom t'e e:uipment so as to protect it against water "ree@ing inside t'e e:uipment.

%.(. T4! Pr du)!r?s $uarant!!.

=n a case w'en during 1! mont's "rom t'e date o" supply occurs some "ailure o" t'e system; we as) you to ma)e immediate contact wit' our regional representati9e. T'e Supplier pro9ides "or you 1! mont's guarantee "rom t'e date o" t'e e:uipment supply. T'ose parts 'a9e been subBect "or replacement or repair; incorrect per"ormance o" w'ic' "ollows "rom 'idden de"ects o" materials; mista)es during production or incorrect installing. Replaced; during repair o" t'e e:uipment; parts 'a9e been a property o" t'e Producer. T'e guarantee does not comprise "ailures "ollowing "rom uncom"ortable parameters o" ser9ice lines wit' directi9es contained in t'is manual; mediums and operational conditions o" t'e supplied e:uipment. =t concerns diameters o" arterial pipes; temperature and pressure o" water at inta)e; temperature in place o" t'e pump operation; too muc' consumption o" water; not obser9ing detailed instructions during operational use o" e:uipment; cooperating wit' pumping unit or wit' central was'ing station. /ac' con"irmed case o" described desertions "rom operational principles will result by suspension aut'ori@ations caused by t'e producer%s guarantee. T'e guarantee does not comprise also "ailures "ollowing "rom action o" low temperatures on t'e e:uipment 3below 1oC5. T'e guarantee commitments o" t'e Producer e>pire; in a case w'en protecti9e leads 'ad been damaged or any c'anges or repairs 'ad been accomplis'ed by unaut'ori@ed "or t'ese acti9ities persons. T'e entire guarantee repairs concern damages reported imm!diat!". a&t!r arisin$ & t4! &a)t. 6amages "ollowing "rom gi9ing up o" t'e immediate reporting a"ter arising o" t'e damage "act will be repaired against payment. ? respecti9e opinion on reason and scale o" t'e damage can issue an aut'ori@ed ser9ice o" t'e company Crund"os. T'is opinion will be decisi9e opinion in t'e case. T'e guarantee o" t'e e:uipment is 9alid; i" c'ange o" t'e e:uipment owner too) place. R?6/D; in connection wit' t'e e:uipment damage; does not bears ci9il responsibilities caused by production losses; i" reason "or t'e damage 'ad been 'idden de"ects o" materials or spare parts utili@ed "or t'e e:uipment production.

%.1. Sa&!t. at , r@
N t 2s!r*in$ sa&!t. dir!)ti ns Eot obser9ation o" sa"ety directi9es may cause menace; eit'er "or persons or "or t'e en9ironment; relati9ely "or t'e same e:uipment. Eot obser9ation o" t'e sa"ety directi9es my cause loss o" t'e all rig't "or indemnities. T'eir ignorance in particular may cause t'e "ollowing conse:uences; "or e>ample: =ncorrect wor) o" t'e e:uipment

=ne""ecti9eness o" recommended maintenance and repair met'ods 2enace "or persons by electrical and mec'anical in"luences.

%.1.1. Op!rat r?s sa&!t. instru)ti ns

=t 'as not been allowed to remo9e t'e e>isting s'ields o" mo9able parts o" t'e e:uipment; being in operation. =t 'as been necessary to e>clude a menace caused by electrical current 3"or detailed directi9es see; "or instance; in electrical rules and directi9es o" local power supply enterprise5 or PE4/
%.1.%. Sa&!t. $uid!"in!s & r maint!nan)! , r@s- *!r4au"s and ass!m2"in$ p!rs nn!"

T'e user s'ould ta)e care; so t'at all maintenance; o9er'aul and mounting wor)s will be carried out by :uali"ied and aut'ori@ed pro"essional personnel; ade:uately trained and ac:uainted wit' t'e e:uipment by penetrating study o" t'e operational instruction. =t is necessary in principle to carry out wor)s on t'e e:uipment only a"ter its disconnection "rom a source o" power supply and unstressing. =t 'as been necessary strictly obser9e described in operational instruction mode o" t'e e:uipment disconnection. =t 'as been necessary to mount or put in motion once again; directly a"ter accomplis'ment o" wor)s; all t'e protecti9e and sa"eguarding e:uipment. Prior to repeat putting in motion it 'as been necessary to ta)e under consideration acti9ities described in item F6isconnection o" t'e pumpG.
%.1.(. S!"&3) ntain!d r!) nstru)ti n and manu&a)turin$ & spar! parts

Reconstructions and c'anges in t'e pump 'a9e been allowed only a"ter agreement wit' t'e Producer. Cenuine spare parts and aut'ori@ed by t'e Producer accessories ser9e "or sa"ety assurance. T'e Producer does not bear responsibilities "or results o" anot'er spare parts application.


Op!rati na" sa&!t.

T'e e:uipment s'ould not be used by persons not trained in operation o" t'e system; its principles o" wor)ing; adBustment and basic out"its; =t is not allowed; under t'reat o" "ines en9isaged in regulations o" wor); to direct onto direction o" persons o" water stream outgoing under pressure "rom rinsing lance; 8e sure; t'at connections on so called H"ast-BointG o" water 'ose wit' station as well as wit' lance or gun are correctly interloc)ed; =t 'as always been necessary to cause reduction o" pressure in t'e water 'ose by opening a low pressure 9al9e 3a"ter closure water supply5; 6uring c'ange o" lances ma)e sure t'at t'e low pressure 9al9e 'ad been closed; ? )ic) p'enomenon appears at t'e moment o" opening o" "low o" water under pressure. ,eep a rinsing lance ade:uately strongly. =t 'as been recommended to use wor)ing "ootwear 'a9ing anti-slippery soles; "or water as well as "oam ma)es t'e "loor slippery. =t 'as been recommended to apply ade:uate wor)ing dresses protecting o" t'e wor)er against contact wit' used c'emicals as well as 'ot water. =t 'as always been necessary to use protecti9e glasses and rubber glo9es. =t 'as been necessary to remember during wor) wit' 9arious detergents; t'at accidentally mi>ed in t'e e:uipment may secrete 'arm"ul "or 'ealt' gases.

Eoise le9el; generated by t'e e:uipment 'as been lower t'an +1 d83?5. Ee9ert'eless an operator may be subBected to noise action caused by stri)e o" water on sur"ace o" rinsed de9ices; walls or "loor during rinsing. Ior e>ample rinsing a steel sur"ace by water 'a9ing pressure !# bars brings about noise o" measured 9alue -- d83?5. T'e stream o" water s'ould ne9er be directed onto not protected electrical installations. *ne s'ould a9oid moistening o" electrical plug-in soc)ets.

(.#. Dir!)ti*!s & r m!diums pr!parati n +,at!r- !"!)tri)a" p ,!r supp"./

?ppro9al o" t'e R?6/D "irm o" any desertions "rom conditions o" t'e media preparation; mounting and e:uipment operation must be issued in writing. =nsu""iciency o" suc' appro9al may institute a reason "or desisting "rom obligations on ground o" guarantee. (.1. Aind & pipin$ T'e pipeline supplying water into pump station s'ould be e>ecuted o" acid-proo"; pressure pipes. =t 'as been e>tremely important to use recommended by t'e Producer diameters o" pipes at t'e inlet and outlet o" t'e pump; as well as assurance o" water pressure at t'e inlet; minimum !;1 bars. =t 'as been necessary to ta)e care o" 'ig' :uality o" installation wor)s; remembering o" principle to minimi@e :uantity o" elbows and direction c'anges o" installation run and adBustment o" arterial pipelines diameters to distance "rom pumping unit. (.%. B.drau"i) stri@! in t4!!m and pumps. .ydraulic stri)e in t'e pipe installation is caused by 9iolent closure o" t'e water out"low 9al9e installed in recei9ing e:uipment o" t'e system 3was'ing station; drawing coc)5. Limiting o" t'is p'enomena one can obtain by mounting a membrane surge tan). (.(. E"!)tri)a" ) nn!)ti ns. T'e pumping station as been electrically connected into wor)s electrical power supply system by electrical cable t'at 'ad been led into control cubicle o" t'e pumps unit. T'e electrical installation s'ould be in compliance wit' applied re:uirements. /lectrical motors o" t'e pumps 'a9e been e:uipped wit' o9erload "use protecting against e>cessi9e increase o" winding temperature. ?dditionally; t'e electrical installation t'at 'ad been prepared "or cooperation wit' t'e e:uipment; must be protected by respecti9e rang o" "use 3see table o" electrical guidelines5.


Ass!m2". and start3up instru)ti ns

T'e pumping unit must be mounted inside a room; in w'ic' do not occur minus temperatures. T'e pump must be mounted wit' sa"eguarding 9ertical position o" s'a"t. =t 'as been necessary to assure su""icient "low in o" cooling motor air. T!mp!ratur! & t4! pump !n*ir nm!nt )ann t !C)!!d 1##C. T'e arrows located on "oot o" t'e pump indicate correct direction o" an agent "low. *bli:ue assembly o" t'e pump 'as been permissible; i" angle o" de9iation "rom t'e plumb-line 'as not been bigger t'an 11 It 4as 2!!n r!) mm!nd!d t ass!m2". )ut3 && *a"*!s in &r nt & and 2!4ind t4! pump. T'an)s t'at one a9oids necessity dewatering o" t'e installation in cases o" possible cleaning; repair or replacement o" t'e pump.

1.1. Pumps insta""ati n instru)ti ns

T'e pipelines necessary to mount in suc' a way; in order t'at air could not gat'er; particularly in suction pipeline. T'e pump necessary to mount in suc' a way; t'at pipelines stresses would not trans"er on it and would not inter"ere t'e pump wor). =" e>ists danger in t'e system t'at pump could be c'o)ed by stones; lea9es; branc'es; it is necessary to pre9ent it by mounting in suction pipeline respecti9e "ilter. ? "low sensor disconnects t'e pump w'en "low intensity drops below minimal 9alue; protecting it against damages caused by lac) or too small :uantity o" water inside t'e pump%s body. T'e "ilter 'as been installed "or protection o" "low sensor in t'e systems used "or slig'tly contaminated water pumping. ?ppro9al o" t'e R?6/D "irm "or any de9iations "rom conditions o" t'e e:uipment assembly and operation must be issued in writing. Lac) o" suc' appro9al may institute a base "or desertion "rom obligations in 9irtue o" guarantee. 1.%. P ,!r supp". ) nn!)ti n T'e electrical ser9ice line o" t'e pump s'ould accomplis' specialist-electrician according to rules o" local power supply enterprise and electrical engineering norms 3PE4/5 8e"ore opening t'e co9er o" terminal bo> and prior to e9ery dismantling o" t'e pump it 'as been necessary to disconnect obligatory all poles o" electrical power supply. ? $ser must e:uip t'e electrical power supply o" t'e pump in "uses and connect t'e pump t'roug' e>ternal circuit brea)er relati9ely programmer. .owe9er one p'ase motors must be connected t'roug' protecti9e circuit brea)er o" t'e motor. ?ll t'e CR$E6I*S t'ree p'ases% motors 2C and 22C "rom power & )7 possess built in t'ermo-switc' TP111. 1.(. Puttin$ in m ti n =!& r! puttin$ in m ti n t4! pump must 2! 2"i$at r. d!a!rat!d and &i""!d up ,it4 pump!d "i8uid.
1.(.1. Pump &i""in$

Close t'e ball 9al9e on t'e pressing side o" t'e pump and loose deaerating bolt on 'ead o" t'e pump. To e>clude danger o" inBuries "or persons or t'e motor damage by "lowing out li:uid; it 'as been necessary to draw attention on direction o" deaerating ori"ice outlet. Particularly in t'e systems containing 'ot agent it 'as been necessary to underta)e all means e>cluding possibilities o" burning. Slowly open t'e cut-o"" 9al9e on t'e suction pipeline; till li:uid starts to "low out "rom t'e deaerating ori"ice. $nscrew t'e deaerating screw and "ully open t'e cut-o"" 9al9es.


C4!)@in$ pump r tati n

REMARAD r tati n.

T4! pump must a"r!ad. 2! &i""!d up ,it4 "i8uid 2!& r! insp!)ti n & 4and &

Ior t'e purpose o" inspection o" 'and o" rotation it 'as not been necessary to dismantle t'e motor; because disconnection o" clutc' would cause necessity o" repeated adBustment altitudinal location o" t'e pump%s s'a"t. Proper 'and o" rotation indicates arrows located on 'ead o" t'e pump and 9entilator cap o" t'e motor. Loo)ing "rom 9entilator side t'e pump s'ould rotate anticloc)wise 3CR; CRE; CRE-S5.


S,it)4in$ n t4! pump

8e"ore electrical switc'ing on t'e pump open "ully t'e cut-o"" 9al9e on t'e suction side o" t'e pump. T'e cut-o"" 9al9e on pressing side open partly only. 6eaerate t'e pump by means o" loosen o" t'e deaerating bolt located in 'ead o" t'e pump; till li:uid starts to "low out "rom t'e deaerating ori"ice. Ior e>cluding o" danger "or persons% inBury or damage o" t'e motor by "lowing out li:uid; it 'as been necessary to draw attention onto direction o" deaeration ori"ice outlet. Particularly in t'e systems containing 'ot agent it 'as been necessary to underta)e all means e>cluding possibility o" burning. 7'en t'e pipeline system 'as already been "illed up wit' pumped li:uid it 'as been necessary to open slowly and "ully t'e cut-o"" 9al9e on t'e pumping side o" t'e pump. Switc' on t'e pump.

1.1. Maint!nan)! & t4! pump

8e"ore commencement o" maintenance wor) it 'as been necessary to switc' o"" t'e pump "rom operation obligatory; disconnect all p'ases "rom power supply networ) and protect against accidental switc'ing it on. T4! , r@ )an )arr. ut n". t4! Pr du)!r?s s!r*i)! r pr &!ssi na" p!rs nn!"E =n t'ose pumps t'at 'ad been emptied due to longer standstill it 'as been necessary to put some drops o" motor oil on t'e s'a"t between 'ead o" t'e pump and clutc'. =t will pre9ent t'e sur"aces o" seals against gluing. Ior t'is wor) it 'as been necessary to ta)e o"" t'e s'ield o" t'e clutc'.

1.'. Pr t!)ti n a$ainst &r st R!mar@D =!& r! r!p!at!d puttin$ in m ti n & t4! pump it 4as 2!!n n!)!ssar. t s)r!, in drainin$ p"u$ and d!a!rat! t4! pump a$ain a)) rdin$ t pr )!dur! d!s)ri2!d in it!m 1.(.(. a&t!r,ards ti$4t!n t4! d!a!ratin$ s)r!,.

1.7. Pump unit ass!m2". +5PR:CSR/

Ior "astening t'e e:uipment on a wall it 'as been necessary to use appropriate si@e o" bolts and strut pins. T'e ori"ices "or strut pins supporting "astening board it 'as been necessary to drill out according to s'own on t'e drawing spacing.

1.7.1. Dim!nsi na" dra,in$ & t4! pump unit and main stati n

5PR:CSR > (:%'#6 ':%'#6 ':%9#6 1#:%'#

T'e "astening board s'ould be mounted and "astened be"ore t'e central station 'anging on t'e wall.

*n t'e assembly sc'eme and in t'e enclosed Table t'ere 'a9e been placed detailed in"ormation concerning dimensions o" respecti9e types o" e:uipment; re:uired "or gi9en si@e o" t'e pump diameter o" pipes on suction and pressing sides; as well as 'ad been gi9en spacing o" mounting ori"ices o" t'e "astening board and proposed 'eig't o" t'e e:uipment mounting. 2oreo9er in t'e Table it 'ad been placed in"ormation relating to electrical re:uirements o" t'e motor installed in t'e Crund"os pump.

1.7.%. Dim!nsi ns and ass!m2"in$ data & 2 )"!anin$!m

st!rs +5PR/ and main stati ns +CSR/ & " , pr!ssur!

PUMP 5PR (:%'# A = C D E ; G B 5 L M I II F FI 7ater inlet 7ater outlet /lectric wire Pump 'anger &01 (!1 1!(1 &01 +1 !#11 J1 KG J1 KG 111 !(11 !!01 7ater inlet 7ater outlet /lectric wire Pump 'anger 5PR ':%'#6 5PR':%9# &01 (!1 1 (1 &01 +1 !#11 J1 KG J1 KG 111 !(11 !!01 7ater inlet 7ater outlet /lectric wire Pump 'anger 5PR 1#:%'# #1 (!1 1 (1 &01 +1 !#11 J1 14!G J1 14!G 111 !(11 !!01

'.#. Guid!"in!s ) n)!rnin$ !"!)tri)a" ) nn!)ti n & t4! pump unit 5PR (6 5PR '6 and 5PR 1#
Pumpin$ unit 5PR ( 5PR ' 5PR 1#

Power o" t'e motor

!;! )7

;1 )7

+;# )7

T'e electrical wiring 'ad been accomplis'ed wit' # 'oles plug-in soc)et.

1. T'e recei9ing and "eeding wiring system s'ould be in t'e system TE-S 3L1; L!; L&; E; P/5 !. T'e pump power supply &> 11L 3#-core plug &P. MEMP/5< &P. - 8lac) colour; blac); brown< Eblue colour< P/ N colour green-yellow5

T'e protections 'a9e been indispensable in t'e "orm o" installation circuit brea)ers type C "or t'e electrical wirings protection wit' enclosed to t'em recei9ers 'a9ing large starting currents; i.e. motors.

7.#. C nstru)ti n and 2asi) ass!m2". & t4! !8uipm!nt

T'e pump unit 3JPR4CSR5 consists o" t'e "ollowing elements: .ousing "astened on wall or on "rame o" t'e pump set up and "astened onto t'e "loor; Pump wit' electrical motor; /lements o" applied 'ydraulics o" t'e pump /lectrical control assembly

7.1. B usin$ ,it4 d rs T'e pump toget'er wit' ot'er assembly 'as been as a standard mounted inside t'e 'ousing; made o" closed pro"iles and e>ternal s'ields in t'e "orm o" a pair o" doors partitioned by so called "ront panel; "or assuring mec'anical sa"ety o" t'e e:uipment 3CSR5. Irom t'e top upper co9er 'as protected t'e pump. =t doors made o" an ade:uate t'ic)ness o" tins 'ad been mounted two pairs o" spandrel beam loc)s being unbloc)ed by special HimbuesG )ey. T'e pump put inside t'e 'ousing 'as been "astened by "our bolts onto specially pro"iled "oot; made o" s'eet metal 'a9ing t'ic)ness 1! mm. T'e 'ousing "oot toget'er wit' made o" closed pro"iles "rame; so called "ront panel and upper co9er o" t'e 'ousing sti""ens construction o" t'e 'ousing. =n t'e "ront panel are ori"ices "or manometer mounting; w'ic' indicates water pressure; electrical control panel and le9er o" ball 9al9e 3only "or CSR5. T'e pumping unit 3JPR5 can also be made wit' t'e Crund"os pump "astening on t'e "rame; made o" ade:uate closed pro"iles. =t 'as been a 9ersion; so called CSR:=. 7.%. Pump ,it4 !"!)tri)a" m t r
1 0

1 7

=n t'e pumping units 3JPR5 o" t'e low pressure was'ing system it 'as been mounted produced by t'e Crund"os "irm centri"ugal pumps 3 175 o" type rang CRE 'a9ing nominal outputs "rom & to 11 m &4'our. ?s a standard t'ese pumps 'as been e:uipped wit' ser9ice line type PJ/. ?ll t'e supplied by t'e Crund"os "irm motors is possible to connect into "re:uency con9erter. =t can occur increase o" t'e motor noise 1 depending o" applied "re:uency con9erter%s type. 2oreo9er t'e motor < may be endangered "or 'arm"ul 9oltage "luctuations. =t 'as been recommended to protect all t'e motors against pic) 9alues o" t'e "eeding 9oltage; 'ig'er t'an -#1L. 6escribed abo9e disturbances; i.e.: noise increase and 9oltage 'arm"ul pic) 9alues is possible to eliminate by application o" t'e LC "ilter inserted between t'e motor and "re:uency con9erter. T'e pump 'as been pro9ided by t'e Producer toget'er wit' ade:uate si@e o" electrical motor 3 105 'a9ing power range "rom !;! up to 11)7 3according to si@e o" pump5. T'e electrical motor o" t'e pump 'as been protected against damages by t'e "ollowing t'ree protection de9ices: T'ermal circuit-brea)er N T'ermic; Protection PTC 3Panel T'ermal Control5 ?symmetrical sensor 4lac) o" one p'ase =n 'ead o" t'e pump t'ere is a 9al9e seat "or pump deaeration 3 195 as well as seat o" t'e sensor o" pumped water temperature 31<5.

1 7

T'e pumping unit 3JPR5 can be produced also wit' "astening o" t'e Crund"os pump onto "rame 3%%5; made o" ade:uate closed pro"iles. =t 'as been so called 9ersion 5PR:=. 7.(. E"!m!nts & t4! pump?s app"i!d 4.drau"i)s *n t'e suction side o" t'e 'ydraulics assembly o" t'e pump 'ad been mounted t'e "ollowing elements: 8all 9al9e 315 Pipe union 3%5 Suction pipO 3(5 S)ew "ilter 315 Sensor o" water pressure supplied into t'e pump 3'5 mounted into 'ead o" t'e s)ew "ilter Sensor o" water "low 375 Special connector ended wit' terminal PJ/ 395 Joint Lictaulic "or ser9ice line PJ/ o" t'e pump 305 *n t'e pressure side o" 'ydraulic set o" t'e pump 'ad been mounted: Joint Lictaulic "or ser9ice line PJ/ o" t'e pump 305 Special connector ended by terminal PJ/ 3<5 Eon-return 9al9e 31#5 Pressing pipe 31(5 8all 9al9e 31'5 =nto pressing pipe 'ad been welded stub pipes wit' seats "or "astening: 2embrane accumulator protecting t'e pump against e""ects o" 'ydraulic stri)es 3 115 Sensor o" water pressure supplied t'roug' t'e pump into water pipelines o" t'e was'ing system 31%5 Ser9ice lines o" water pressure meter in t'e pump 3manometers5 3 115

E"!m!nts and units & 2 st!rs +main stati ns/ & " , pr!ssur! )"!anin$!m

N . D!s)ripti n 1 % ( 1 ' 7 9 0 8all 9al9e $nit =nlet pipe 7ater "ilter

N . D!s)ripti n < 1# 11 1% /lbow connector Eon-return 9al9e Cauge 7ater pressure 3outlet side5 *utlet pipe

N . 19 10 1< sensor %# %1 %%

D!s)ripti n Lent 9al9e /lectric motor 7ater temperature sensor /lectric bo> /lectric wire Pump "rame wit' base

Pressure sensor 3suction side5 1( Ilow sensor /lbow connector Lictaulic connector 11 1' 17

2embrane accumulator 8all 9al9e Crund"os pump


1 ' % 1 1 1

1 0

1 9 (

% #

1 7

1 < 1 (

1 % 1 1 1 #


9 < 0

% %

7.1. E"!)tri)a" ) ntr " ass!m2". T'e electrical control o" t'e pumping unit reali@es e>ecuting and controlling "unctions o" t'e electrical motor wor) o" t'e pump; t'e set o" sensors and protection systems. T'e pumping unit; as any electrically "ed de9ice 'ad been e:uipped wit' power supplying cable; terminated by ade:uate plug connected into power supply plug-in soc)et "ed "rom wor)s power supply system. =n t'e electrical control system t'ere 'a9e been placed an electrical bo> containing contactor; Pt'ermal relayP; ad cased connecting batten "or connection o" electrical conductors "or reception o" signals "rom t'e sensors.

T'e control module may be; on re:uest o" t'e Client; mounted in any place in t'e enterprise. =t concerns as 5PR:CSR = 3on t'e "rame5 as t'e pumps in 'ousing also. *n t'e upper sur"ace o" t'e control module 'a9e been located pus' buttons switc'ing on and switc'ing o"" o" t'e pump; pus' button "or cancellation o" alarm signal; two diodes L/6 in"orming on condition o" t'e pump. 3STAND =Y 3readiness o" t'e pump "or wor)5 ;LOW 3water "low N wor); water consumption "or was'ing5 .=C. 7?T/R T/2P/R?T$R/ N too 'ig' temperature o" water supplied into t'e pump L*7 =EP$T P/SS$R/ N too low water pressure on t'e water input L*7 *$TP$T PR/SS$R/ N too low water pressure into pressing pipeline *L/R L*?6 N o9erload o" electrical motor o" t'e pump .=C. 2*T*R T/2P/R?T$R/ N too 'ig' temperature o" motor o" t'e pump T'e control module o" t'e pumping unit collects and analyses signals% 9alues ta)en "rom mounted sensor de9ices. =t 'ad been built in t'e pump t'e "ollowing sensors: Sensor o" water pressure at t'e entrance 3emergency le9el N pressure o" water below ! bar Sensor o" water "low N minimal "low o" water 1;+ l4min Sensor o" water pressure on pressing side 3emergency le9el below 11 bars5 Sensor o" water temperature N emergency le9el abo9e (1 1C Sensor o" temperature o" motor windings

?s well as "i9e diodes L/6 signaling occurring o" emergency conditions; i.e.:

/>ceeding any o" determined parameter causes disconnection o" t'e pump and it 'as been signaled by illumination o" diode L/6; indicating emergency condition registered by respecti9e sensor. Repeated switc'ing on t'e pump is possible a"ter ceasing o" t'e emergency conditions and cancellation t'e alarm by means o" pus'-button HCANCEL ALARMG. Pus'-button H=G in t'e "ield o" switc'ing on and switc'ing o"" t'e pump 'as per"ormed switc'ing on. Switc'ing o"" t'e pump N by pus'-button H#G.


T!)4ni)a" sp!)i&i)ati ns & 5PR:CSR ECO

CSR ( CSR ' )7 1(? !;1 4 1# bar +11C m&4' #-(1 l4min ! 014-! )g 0#1 mm 1 !41&# )g ( m&4' #-111 l4min 1! m&4' # - !11 l4min +-1(-)g 1 11 mm

CSR 1# +;+ )7 &!

/lectric power Loltage /lectric protection 2in.42a>. water pressure on inlet side 2a>. water temperature 2a>. 9olume 7ater "low 2a>. simultaneously operating satellites 7eig't .

!;! )7 1( ?

& > &-1L< #1 .@


(!1 mm &01 mm

0.#. ;ai"ur!s & t4! pump and m!t4 ds & t4!ir r!)ti&i)ati n
S.mpt ms
M t r d !s n t , r@ a&t!r puttin$ it in m ti n

R!as n
Lac) o" power supply 8urned out "use *perated o9erload protection *perated t'ermal protection 2ain contacts o" t'e motor do not pro9ide proper contact or coil 'ad been damaged Iailure o" control circuit 3sensor o" "low; t'ermal circuit-brea)er; press-start5 6amaged motor 8urned out "use4operates automatic circuitbrea)er o" t'e circuit 6amaged contacts o" protection against o9erload 6amaged o" loose cable Iailure o" t'e motors windings Pump 'ad been plugged Too low protection setting against o9erload Too low protection setting against o9erload Low 9oltage in t'e pic) 'ours

M!t4 d & r!)ti&i)ati n

Connect t'e motor into power source Replace t'e "use Switc' on again protection o" t'e motor Switc' t'e protection on again Replace t'e contacts or coil Repair t'e control circuit. T'e t'ermal circuit brea)er automatically will switc' on. Ser9ice s'ould determine reason o" "ailure. Replace t'e motor Replace t'e "use Replace contacts o" protection against o9erload Replace or repair t'e connection Replace t'e motor Clean t'e pump Set protection "or correct 9alue Set protection "or correct 9alue C'ec) electrical power supply C'ec) conditions at suction o" t'e pump C'ec) t'e pump and suction pipeline Leri"y "eeding t'e pump Clean t'e "ilter C'ec) magnitude o" water stream "lowing into t'e pump C'ec) t'e pump and suction pipeline Seal t'e suction pipeline Leri"y conditions at suction side o" t'e pump Switc' on t'e pump or central station by means o" green pus'-button located on "ront panel o" t'e pump%s 'ousing Leri"y t'e water pressure at suction side o" t'e pump Leri"y in Ser9icing 2anual o" t'e system ma>imum permissible number o" users o" t'e pump C'ange o9er; according to instruction concerning electrical connection o" t'e pump; sense o" rotor rotation Replace pac)ing o" t'e s'a"t

Pr t!)ti*! )ir)uit32r!a@!r operates immediately a"ter motor switc'ing on into power supply due to o9erload Pr t!)ti*! )ir)uit32r!a@!r operates "rom time to time N t ) nstant output o" t'e pump; oscillations o" t'e rinsing water pressure

Too low inlet pressure o" t'e pump 3CAFITATION5 Plugged pump4suction pipeline Pump suc)s air S)ew "ilter at suction o" t'e pump partly o" "ully 'ad been bloc)ed by contaminations =nsu""icient amount o" water "lowing into t'e pump Pump , r@s; but Plugged pump4suction pipeline do not pump a Lea)age into t'e suction pipeline li:uid ?ir into t'e pump4suction pipeline F!r. " , pr!ssur! & ,at!r durin$ rinsin$ Pump o" t'e system or central station do not switc'ed Too low pressure o" water at t'e in"low into t'e pump Too many users 'ad been connected into one station =ncorrect direction o" rotation o" t'e pump L!a@a$!s "rom t'e s'a"t pac)ing 6amaged pac)ing o" t'e s'a"t


<.#. =asi) a)ti*iti!s durin$ puttin$ in m ti n and p!rati n & t4! Pump Unit 5PR:CSR (6 '61# ECO
/lectronic control panel o" t'e pump allows "or obser9ation o" conditions o" operation o" t'e pump as well as determination o" reasons o" possible emergency conditions. Eormal wor)ing conditions o" t'e pump are as "ollows: Pressure o" water at suction side o" t'e pump - minimum ! bars Pressure o" water at pressing side o" t'e pump - minimum 11 bars Temperature o" water at inlet N ma>imum ##1C Temperature o" room; in w'ic' t'e pump 'ad been installed N ma>imum 1 1C Temperature o" windings o" t'e pump%s motor N ma>imum 1!11C T'e control panel o" t'e pump 'ad been di9ided into t'ree "ields. ;i!"d & manua" s,it)4in$ n and s,it)4in$ && & t4! pumpD o o Pus'-button H=G N manual putting t'e pump on into operation Pus'-button H*G N manual switc'ing t'e pump o"" T'ese pus' buttons at le"t upper side 'a9e got mounted diodes L/6 indicating actual state; at w'ic' actually 'as been t'e pump. Connection t'e pump into wor)s electrical power supply networ) causes illumination o" L/6 diode at pus'-button H*G Putting in motion o" t'e pump by means o" pus'-button H=G causes illumination o" L/6 diode at t'is pus'-button.

;i!"d & indi)ati ns & t4! pumps stat! +) nditi n/D o o ST?E6 8A N state o" readiness o" t'e pump to pumping water into was'ing points; IL*7 N state o" normal wor) o" t'e pump =lluminated L/6 diodes near by in"ormation ST?E6 8A indicates; t'at all controlled parameters o" wor) o" t'e pump 'a9e been wit'in norm and it 'as been possible an automatic starting t'e pump by signal "rom sensor o" "low; caused by opening t'e one out o" 9al9es o" t'e satellite station o" was'ing system. =lluminated L/6 diodes near by in"ormation IL*7 indicate t'at t'e pump 'as been in operation. ?"ter starting t'e pump stops illuminate t'e L/6 diode near by in"ormation ST?E6 8A; but illuminates t'e L/6 diode near by in"ormation IL*7

;i!"d & indi)ati ns & !m!r$!n). stat!s & t4! pumpD o o o o o Too 'ig' temperature o" water at in"low Too low pressure o" water at inlet into t'e pump Too low pressure o" water at pressing side o" t'e pump *9erload o" t'e pump%s motor *9er'eated windings o" t'e pump%s motor Em!r$!n). stat!- )ausin$ s,it)4in$ && & t4! pump- 4as 2!!n si$na"!d 2. i""uminati n & r!sp!)ti*! di d! LED

=n t'e "ield o" indication o" emergency sates it 'ad been located also a pus'button "or t'e alarm cancellation - C?EC/L ?L?R2