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a post-Christian nation with the claims of Christ

Vol. 3 No. 5

. . . Report from a team ministry challenging


February 1976
Jan (Killebrew) Bowen Top Flat
8 Norfolk St.

Janet Balnee
Debbie Davis

Steve & Lee Tate

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C, L. Davis 1010 N. Monroe St.

1 Marlborough Rd.

Bev Mulllns

Coventry CV2 4EM

Roger Edrington 59 Cambridge St, Coventry CVl SHU

202 Kingfield Rd. Coventry CV6 5PL

Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX

Lincoln, II. 62656


For Us Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. We are busy because we
try to use the season to do as much evangelism as we can in a time when people might be
a little more open to our message.

No doubt we made plenty of mistakes this year as

But we still believe that Christmas is for reaching out as well as looking

in toward families, friends, churches, and all those other comfortable things. By our standards, Jesus would not have been very comfortable in that stable and neither are a lot of people today. But He is comforting. "For the Lord has comforted his people,"
(Is. 49:13). Be a big comforter this year and bring comfort to others. We hope you are not so tired of Christmas items that you are not able to enjoy this Epistle and its "we"

We Caroled
Away in a Manger (knock, knock), No crib for a (knock, knock) bed, The little Lord (knock, knock) Jesus Lay down his sweet (clicka light goes on in one of the three houses)
An Asian woman and part of her family
come to the door to listen to our song.

more caroling
Last year the Annual Hillfields Carol Fest ival came into being for two reasons:

(1) Over and over people would say to us,

"There's no community spirit," and we would agree, understanding that it is a real prob


(2) Underlying this problem was a need

for the wole area to hear of Christ's love.

When we finish, she holds out her hand to give us money, as is the custom here. But we graciously decline. We didn't come to receive, but to give:
Joy to the World;
The Lord is comei

The Psalmist wrote of praising Cod with fanfares on the trumpets, with the lute and harp, etc., etc. We praised God outside all the apartment buildings in our Second Carol Festival and about 150 voices, an accordian,

and a trumpet.

(Michelle Wegwert and Steve The

Tate filled in for Salvation Army Band! We are thinking of sending them over to audition

Let earth receive her King (knock); Let every heart (knock, knock)
Prepare Him room....

for the Ted Mac Original Amateur Houri)

On goes our carol singing through Cam bridge Street, reminding Roger's closest

neighbors (both Asian 6s English) that there

is another reason that many people celebrate

program this year was very simple: carols were sung by everyone; special music provid ed; God's word was read' a sermon was heard; food was eaten' and plenty of time was given for people to talk to one another. Therefore, in a special way the whole area resounded that night with our music filling it to the brim, a reminder of God's love.


EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church

204 N. McLean Street

Non Profit Bulk Rate

Lincoln, IL 62656

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln, II. 62656 Permit #76



We Displayed

It began as a possibility of a bookshop in the busy shopping precinct of Conventry's dovmtown, A Christian magazine gave us the idea that a vacant shop could easily be turned into a Christian bookshop for a couple of weeks before Christmas. We had hoped that this would put Christian material into people's hands and also give us some new witness oppor tunities to people who we would not normally meet. We asked you to pray about it in our last Epistle and we prayed. Although there are quite a few empty shops in the area we wished, legal complications finally made us abandon the idea of a bookshop. But prayers were answered and the idea modified. The City of Coventry, which owns quite a lot of property, offered us a large, centrally located shop for display purposes. And it was FREEI So...we decided that God would wish us to display the message of Christmas so that some might reconsider His Incarnation.

In big bold letters across the top we proclaimed "God Still Loves the Worldi" (Thanks to Bonnie Evarts and her early Christmas card for the idea.) We gift wrapped a large
manger scene and tagged it, "Free gift. Love, God." Venturing to remove some of the mis conceptions about Christmas, we attacked crass commercialism and the party attitude and portraved Jesus asking, "Have you any room for me?" Our not-so-conventional manger scene was contrasted by an elaborately decorated crib

with a hanging silver spoon. The caption, "Jesus wasn't born like a King." We hoped they woul^ .also get the_ point of the hanging burlap sign behind, "But Wise Men Still Adore Him."
The lead article of our homemade copy of The Jerusalem Star revealed the good -news, "King Born in a Stable." Another one of our six large windows attempted to shatter the attitude that Christmas is just the story of a nice, cuddly baby. Rather, "Jesus demands my life, my faith, my all" was the message for those who stopped to read.

And from our observation, a lot of people looked. How many stopped to really consider the good news in the midst of their bustling devotion to buy the right gifts, food, and booze, we will never know. But perhaps it is just a bit of "pre-pre-evangelism" that will make them a little more ready to listen to Jesus hopefully before He comes again.

We have access to this display area (which has been empty for several years) for an in
definite period now. It could be a lengthy display depending on whether it is rented or not. We would welcome ideas from our readers concerning how we can more generally proclaim the message of Christ through display. Please help if you can and become a part of our

"hu conmg sf
c d'arvjof o

cuddly baby, buf tf

ffCbrtrtirt 01^ u
ny lire, nv foith ty
all. Fsr tfw CWtno nsntrrf.-yw
But itaif and itahk fffl brok lac'



Part ted
I'd like to share some similar yet different aspects of two Christmas par ties in which we were involved during the holiday season: the Ladies Meeting party

We Served
We believe that because of what God

gave, we can find great joy in giving in His name. This year at Christmas we were

(elderly ladies) and the Sunday School

Children's party. The ladies ate and chatted their way through a luncheon; at their party the children gulped down sandwiches and crisps

determined to find useful ways to serve others. The team found opportunity to
entertain the elderly luncheoners that
meet at our church each week and the old

age pensioners housing group where we

(potato chips) in anticipation of the fun

and games to come. After washing the dishes, the ladies lazily sat back and en joyed the team and church member's efforts to entertain them with songs, skits, and poetry. The children filled the building with their own activity and noise while a

have weekly services.

"good 'ole carols."

Both groups en

joyed and sang along with lots of the

Instead of the usual gift exchange among themselves, the congregation want ed to give to those whose need was great
er. So we collected all the money we would have spent on each other, went to

few adults did their dish washing. Fin ally, the ladies quietly listened to a closing devotional...the children managed to stifle their noise for prayer before charging out with their gifts. Two parties celebrating Jesus' birth., similar yet different. I'm glad to be involved in a ministry that requires me
to adapt to various levels and means of communication. But then, as Christians,
aren't we alll Debbie

Woolworths and Nimbo's Indian grocery,

and made up some very attractive Christ mas baskets full of food, candy, an
toiletries. After our short service on

Christmas Day, we distributed these in the area to people who we had found would be overlooked by other charities. We were

met with warm smiles, and tears by many old, lonely people who thought they had been forgotten once again, but found some
one who cared. I'm sure the Lord blessed

us in the sharing as much as they in the

We Programed
The Sunday evening before Christmas we held our annual Parent's Night Carol Service, The program, based on the theme "A Stable For A Lamb" from Everybody Can Know by Francis and Edith Schaeffer, was presented by the Sunday School child
ren and members of the church. There


We also gave our Parent's Night offer ing (about $70) to missions in the com
munist world.

And of course, the girls continued their

_tradition_of opening their home on Christ mas for any and all who had no where else

were many parents and friends who came

and joined our service that evening. Tea was served following and a score
was given: Presentation

to go. About fifteen of us made our way through their house, leaving a little warm er and fatter and happier.


We Communed

Star Quality

In the midst of the compromising, commercial Christmas chaos, Christians

cry, "Stop and think it overiii"
tioned in other articles.

This our

little body did through our outreach men

But sometimes in

We Retreated
After Christmas we took three days to seek the will of God, evaluate, and
plan for the future. We took time to

the midst of outreach, we needed and found the pause that refreshes. Continuing our two-year old tradition, we had a special
"family" communion service after the Par

admit that we had been wrong in several areas, spoke of personal problems, shar ed our relationships to Christ, and re
newed our commitment to a fuller devo

ents Night Carol Service. There's always something warm about sitting 'round some one's living room floor and sharing the simple bread and wine and thoughts and feelings that make our Lord's supper.

tional life.

A substantially new struc

ture is in the plans and will be ex perimented in the next few months. A

Then on Christmas Day, despite no public

transportation being available, a good group of around forty gathered at the church building to begin the celebrations of the

specific for any who would like to pray.


day with singing, prayer, and some thoughts from Dave A. Many of us experienced the
power we gained from these pauses to be with

the Lord and with the body in a special way.


We Passed Out
It was decided that this year we would give the people of Hill-

fields Christmas presents. As we have the choice of accepting God's gift of Jesus, so they were given the choice to accept a free copy
of the gospel of Luke when we call ed at their doors. The response which we had was quite encouraging as nearly 400 gospels were accept

3- ^
q 3 ? C



i" > - 5 3
3 (Q
- W


3 O

S ffi

0 ? S - ? 1 s-

(0 c u>


(627o of answered doors accept

(D (D

3 or

ed. Some flatly were "not inter ested.")

We had further distribution


^ 5 "
3 3r


<Q 03 cr o




M ^

effort of 1,000 leaflets to city center shoppers in connection with the display there (see article on

2 c


a o


Page 3).

Through the leaflets v;e




O* CD c

rr o>

wished people a "Happy JesusChristmas" and challenged them to really look at the true significance of Christmas. A reproduction is at
the right.
We may never see the effect of this work but feel that the Lord has


(u o

so <




O c

D) < N<





Q) 3 << O



used us in both of these ways to

i e o ff
CO <2 3

0, m'



challenge the people of our city

with a risen Christ who is relevant today.




Cfl ? c r* ffi

CD w

o g


< (O O

(And after all these events, we

nearly did pass out ourselves!

?5a i IS
wr O

D" o*

" 3
3. "





>< D> o cr c *<


O 3- 0) <0 ^ < 0) B> < O =; to P 5 <

yr o c

Some have been wondering about our safety during the January 2
strong winds and hurricane which

swept over England. Although the country suffered quite a lot of property damage but not in dis aster proportions and 24 lives

were lost, everything is fine with us. With 104 mph winds ripping through Coventry, most houses and property stood firm including ours. Thank you for your prayers
and concern.



=r o
a (D

W o
n X

O X c n X

3 (0

c (D



00 O

Z' 5


....for limited speaking dates in the USA from March 29 to April 25,
Mainly Illinois and Tennesee. Con




tact them at the Coventry address or: Mrs. Fred Tate, R. #4, Cham paign, IL 61820 (217-897-1271).

n X

2 m


A married couple

have just decided to become dis ciples of Jesus. Details next


{torn 'gttgi
. . . Report from a team ministry challenging

a post-Chrlstlan nation with the claims of Christ

Vol. 3 No. 6
March 1976 Jan (Killebrew) Bowen Top Flat 8 Norfolk St. Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX


Janet Baines Debbie Davis Bev Mullins

Steve & Lee Tate

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs, C, L. Davis

1 Marlborough Rd. Coventry CV2 4EM

Roger Edrington

202 Kingfield Rd, Coventry CV6 5PL

1010 N. Monroe St.

Lincoln, II. 62656


59 Cambridge St. Coventry CVl 5HU


TO 60

Edrington to Eidington
One of the aspects of the philosophy of our ministry that we've never tired of tail ing is, "We're trying to work ourselves out

Move for Mullins

With Coventry and Erdington only about a 30 minute drive apart, we intend to be two
parts of one ministry. Of course, we will

of a job."

It is understandable, then, that

when the small Church of Christ in the Erd-

ington (get those letters straightl) district operate separately in our churches and most of Birmingham asked us to come to help them, decisions must be made from local knowledge.
we considered it seriously. We knew that the Church in Coventry wasn't perfect and hadn't reached American Church Growth ideals of 150 in attendance, but we recognized that it might be time to cut the number of our team in Coventry and expand to another area. A gradual move to a selfsufficient Church seems the best way to get

Yet we intend to operate closely enough to gether that we will be encouragement to one another and perhaps work together in special projects. The Epistle from England will re main basically the same and will perhaps be divided into two reports to save confusion.

how m know
The decision has not been a quick one. The Erdington Church, averaging about 15 in Sunday at-tend-aaee-T- looked at nratty alTerna-' " " tives before they approached us. Their three

local Christians taking on more responsibil ity which is already happening in Coventry.

new members
In October, it will be time to go. Leav ing a team of four to continue the Coventry

deacons(no elders) see our future ministry

as the only alternative besides closing the church. We prayed and discussed for months before we finally came to a decision and
even then waited a few more months to be

work, Bev and Roger will be joined by two others to begin a "new" work. Starting fresh in this work will be Penny Creasey(28) of Lincoln, 111. and Michelle Wegwart (22) of Hull, Yorkshire, England. Penny is a graduate of Lincoln Christian College and Eastern Illinois University. She has just completed five years as LCC's Dean of Women and brings a variety of Christian experience to the work. Michelle, the daughter of American "missionaries" to England, spent a year at LCC and intends to receive her degree in English Literature/Linguistics from Hull University this year. Having lived in Eng land for the past 14 years, she helps to bridge the Anglo-American barriers.

sure. We have been firmly committed that the move is at the impulse of God.

A week of visitation last summer proved that there was a great deal of potential in the area. Even this week, a couple from the
area will be talking with us about Christ.

But we have not moved yet, Bev and Roger

(with the others) are striving diligently to

do as much work as they can while they are
in Coventry.

If you need us come October (Lord willing), V7e'll be in Coventry and Erdington until it's
time to go again.



EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church

204 N. McLean Street
Non Profit
Bulk Rate

Lincoln, IL 62656

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln, IL 62656
Permit #76

Tour Investment In Us: prayer

Many times in the work here I find myself
going around by my own steam. Needless to say I usually end up empty, frustrated and
fruitless in my work. There is a constant need for each of us

Jesus said, "I tell you there is joy among the angels in heaven over one sinner

who repents."

I'm sure that there must have

been double joy when Noel and Carole Hastings

gave their lives to Christ and were baptized

into Him.

and you -- to re-evaluate what we are doing, where we are going, and ask if we have push
ed the Lord out. Instead of counting on the

Noel came on really strong against the

Christian faith in an Investigation Group a-

Lord to guide me and use me where He wills,

often I find that I have set my priorities

bout a year ago.

But Noel found some ans


wers that he had never known before.

one went to heaven,"

on having the most way out things for my

wasn't really concerned; she thought "every

But she started believ

Theophilus group, or the most visits to the

most difficult and undesirable people, etc.
I have discovered a real joy in my prayer

ing even more quickly than Noel,

After six

weeks of special investigation, they (with

others) were involved in a weekly Bible Study on the Book of John. Always with plenty of questions and discussion, theymoveed on to study the Book of Acts. And mean while, they were becoming regular in Church

life lately and I wish to share this with

you. I have found the more I lay my inner

struggles, my worries and concern for the ministry, my fears, insecurities, and in adequacies at the feet of my Lord, the more I am free to get to work. I have found it a real thrill seeing prayer answered about people for whom I have felt particulary bur

Months of struggle were involved and they were sometimes up and down. But constant dened. There is a real comfort and a special witness and prayer from family and friends feeling that comes when these things happen. have once again shown us that God continues to supply and use each of us to advance His The future no longer worries me as I have Kingdom. Robin is Noel's brother, Robin a Lord who is Lord of today and tomorrow. I

must constantly keep today in His hands. Needless to say, my old self comes and
really messes things up. I find myself draw ing to the old familiar ways and becoming really uptight and sensitive and withdrawn.
I am certain that it is because of the pray

and Noel have two more brothers, a sister, a mother, and lots of other people whom they
would like to see do the same. Noel and Car

ole have two children our first family

(with children) to accept Christ.

Jesus. _ , _


lives have really blossomed since accepting

Jan and Roger

ers of you back home that the Lord daily convicts, and not only me but each of us to
return to Him,

I believe that things here would not have been what they are if you at home did not love Him, us, the people here, and did not ask the Lord to guide, direct and work out
His will so that His kingdom may grow.

Building Bigger Barns

Plans for the extension of the tiny build
ing in which our church meets are now well .

under way. They said it couldn't be done, but we did receive permission to purchase
three feet* of extra land to the side of the

Keep loving and asking.

part of the Kingdom.

You are a vital

J. B.

building. This extra little bit will change an 8% foot extension to an 11% foot one - a

Briefly Noted:
*In five post-Sunday evening service meet ings, 16-20 Christians have been preparing
for OUTREACH TO ASIANS, We're not going to

much more worthwhile

and workable proposi

tion. We expected the kind of opposition against us having more land which we've re ceived for years, but this time with much

prayer,**it passed through the Town Planners

with no opposition. We have been committed to this project for

Asia, sillyi

England (and especially Coven

try) has vast numbers of Asian Immigrants (largely Indian and Pakistani). The program, "Who is My Neighbor?" prepared by an evangel ical English mission, formed an excellent basis for our preparation. We studied Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism, the major religions, as well as dealing with practical issues of
recognizing their differences and how to re
late to Christ to their cultures and idea-

quite a while now and have raised /7,000

(about $14,500) of the estimated f12,000 (about $25,000) needed to complete the exten
sion and the remodeling required. This money received includes some generous gifts from individuals in our congregation as well as from other churches. We are trying to learn real stewardship to make this project possi

ble without either going in debt or hampering ologies. *We have just begun new Tuesday night BIBLE the existing program. Soon many of us (Americans included) will STUDIES: Isaiah, Romans, and the General Ebe giving up our days off and vacations to pistles (John, Peter, Jude). grab the picks, shovels, and trowels to build *JAN AND PETE BOWEN intend to be in the USA together something we hope to use to extend March 29 to April 22. Friends may contact His kingdom in the hearts of men. them at 1533 Houston, Muskogee, Oklahoma

74401, Telephone (918)682-3812. *A new Investigation Group has begun with

work friends of Robin's. Work has more than


*We realize Americans think in acres instead

of feet, but land is more occupied in a coun Christians are sure of try of 900 people per square mile (England) that, than in a country with just over 60 per square *There are 1,500 Mormon Missionaries in the mile (USA). We also still think being surround British Isles right now. Eight in Coventry, ed by 13 high rise apartment buildings is a What a challenge to the Truth1 strategic position of influence.

its obvious purpose.

**Ours, not the Town Planners.

a post-Chrlstlan nation with the claims o1 Christ

Vol. 3 No. 7 April 1976
Jan (Killebrew) Bowen Top Flat 8 Norfolk St. Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX

. . . Report from a team ministry challenging

Janet Bainea
Debbie Davis Bev Mullina

Steve & Lee Tate

1 Marlborough Rd. Coventry CV2 4EN

Roger Edrington

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis

202 Kingfield Rd. Coventry CV6 5PL

1010 N. Monroe St.

Lincoln, II. 62656


59 Cambridge St.
Coventry CVl SHU


What do the following have to do with God's


she would no doubt tell you that it was the happiest day of her life. She would share how a great burden was lifted from her should ers by her Friend and Saviour. We here in

1. A husband and wife are called "Sir"

and "Madam" (they run a rather expensive

private girls school); 2. A young girl who loves horses (she wants to be a riding instructress);

Coventry rejoice; we invite you to as well.


3. An advertisement in a magazine (it

offered a job and schooling in riding);

##At least three other British Churches of

Christ have begun using the special survey

approach and Investigation Groups, which we have introduced. A Birmingham church (Great
Francis Street) has just had its first con version baptism since its beginning of this
method under their new minister.

4. A young man in need of a job (He's a

Christian and God guided him there). This was a setting that brought a girl
of sixteen to her Saviour.

Annette Peach came to Coventry because of Bremond College's advertisement. There she met John Seymour who began to tell her
of Jesus. At first she didn't bother to

##Jan, Bev, and several ladies from our Church recently attended the annual ladies

listen; but once interest was sparked, she couldn't get enough, John arranged for Annette and I to meet, and we began a Bible study. Then she rearranged her working
schedule witR^'T^adam" so that she could at

convention of the Churches of Christ.


report that there is a great deal of room for Christian growth.

new~"Bl:Ure~S"tudy for non-L;nristians is "

least be able to come to the church meet

ing on Sunday evenings. A quiet revolu tion was taking place in her soul. Time went by and Annette saw firsthand

beginning. Subject: the Gospel of John. The four participants were very honest about
their beliefs and disbeliefs. There is much

hope that they might believe that Jesus is

some of the difficult struggles which

Christians have. There were times when

she didn't understand what the preacher

meant, but she kept coming and growing.
One "Wednesday I asked her where she was in relation to God. She stated that she

the Messiah, the Son of God, and through that faith have life in his name. Then the purpose of the book would be fulfilled yet again.
(John 20:31)

##At the time of writing, Steve is leading a

mini-school on Christian Maturity - "Growing in Christ Today." The eleven participants
have benefited from the first half of the six

would most probably accept Him, but she

needed a bit more knowledge of Him. The
next Sunday evening she went to a friend's

Church, and God touched her heart through a sermon (Oh, the foolishness of preach-

weekly sessions, sharing about ways to im

prove our day to day walk with Jesus, our Friend and Lord. Weekly topics include: Living on the Growing Edge: Knowing Jesus as a Friend; The Christian View of Men 6t Things;

ingl) and she decided to accept Him.

became a Christian on February 15.


If Annette were writing this article she

Being a Whole Person; Knowing the Will of God; and Principles and Problems of Growing,
EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church 204 N. IVIcLean Street


Non Profit Bulk Rate

Lincoln, IL 62656

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln, IL 62656
Permit #76

He is very excited. His expectations and hopes are high. "Clive" has just become a
follower of Jesus, He had listened critic

The economic situation in Britain has reach*

ed a very low point.

The pound has dropped

ally to all the talk about "new life" and

dying to sin and self", but now he has ac cepted Jesus and is ready to try it out for


But much to his surprise and frus

to its lowest in foriegn exchange. Because of that situation many people have been made redundant and finding a job is next to im possible. Several people in our Church are in need of jobs and we ask that you pray for

tration, the bad habits and bad attitudes of

the old "Clive", which he thought were bur ied in the baptistry, have risen again to
haunt and defeat him. He knows that he is

them and the situation that is present in


A young teenage Christian girl needs your

prayers as she witnesses to her friends at

a 'new Creation' in theory, and certainly goals and beliefs are radically new, but in practice the new, Christian "Clive" thinks, feels and acts alot like the old, heathen

school and work. Pray with us that we may have future opportunity to witness to her non-Christian friends, and they will come to
know Jesus Christ as their Saviour, A new Bible study has started as a result

This 'great gap' between what he believes he can be and what in daily life he really is makes "Clive" a prime target for revers ion, defeat, low self-image and depression. He needs help - teaching, encouragement, practical advice, nurture, personal love, and attention. If "Clive" doesn't get enough of these things through the teaching and fellowship ministries of the church, he may need a period of counseling. The theory holds true. Complex personal
ities who have lived most of their lives

of a contact with a young couple while call ing. We ask that you pray for Roger as he leads, and for the couple and friends as they begin to study God's word. We want them
to understand how Jesus can be relevant in their lives.

We ask for your prayers in preparation of

our Easter activities. Our theme will be

"Resurrection Means Freedom", a very power ful message for our non-Christian parents.

governed by the dictates of selfishness and worldly thinking do not change overnight. When they become believers, they do have a
new Spirit within them which is able to

It's 8:05 Thursday evening and I'm facing eight stone-faced, elderly ladies. It's my
turn to "preach" at the weekly meeting and I have been dreading it for two weeks.,..
When I realized that because I was sched

transform their lives by the renewing of

their minds and hearts. But this renewal

is a process, and old ways of thinking and

uled to speak that particular night, I would

miss a mini-school session, my attitude be
came one of resentment. Because of this att

feeling must be ferreted out and exposed

for what they are. In this way, the 'searchlight' of the Holy Spirit can show the believer where real change must take place. Then he can begin to integrate his beliefs into real, prac tical, holy living. He can be guided to see

itude, I spent the whole week trying in vain

to write a sermon. I planned to expand a

brief devotional (which I had once given)

without really considering x?hether it was suitable for the ladies and it just didn't

how scriptural principles can give him new ways of thinking about God, himself and

others. Right thinking leads to healthy feelings and gives him the power for re
sponsible action and decision making. Debbie, Roger, and Steve have weekly
counseling sessions with several individ

Wednesday night came and I was frustrated, resentful, and beginning to panic. Finally I did what I should have done in the begining - I prayed, I asked God to forgive me
for not committing the task to Him and for
the poor attitude I allowed to fester. I asked for help and He gave it. ... It's now 9:30 p.m. and I know that God

uals. Others in the team find the princi ples of counseling just as beneficial in informal situations of listening and shar ing. We are contemplating a six week coun seling program for every new Christian who would want it. We hope to be used by the Holy Spirit to bring more healing and whole
ness to His people.

used me tonight in a special way.

For the

first time since I've known these ladies, I

saw positive responses to the message.
my message, but God's. I'm convinced that

He uses me best when I'm broken of my own selfish will and realize my dependence on
Him. And I have a renewed interest in these

not-so-stone-faced ladiesi

The Word can get


"Christian Comment on world affairs is, I believe, a dis-service to the Church and to society if it fails to do two things: humbly to confess the Churches' corporate failure to live sacrificially and hopeful

"In three decades, Britain has changed

from the second richest nation in northwest

Europe (behind Sweden) to the second poor

est (ahead of Ireland). If relative rates of growth of the last 25 years continue for

ly to proclaim the power of Christ through His people to transform economic and polit ical life by a revolution of love. Britain would perhaps say no to this Christ as sure
ly as Jerusalem." - Paul Oestreicher. The

another 25, Britain will be poorer than

many Mediterranean and Asian nations. Pub

lic spending consumes 60 per cent of gross national product..,." - George F. Will, "The English Malady," Newsweek, February 23,

Guardian, important British daily, March 3,


Janet Balnes Debbie Davis
Bev Mullins

tU {torn ^ng!
a post-Chrlstlan nation with tho claims of Christ
Vol. 3 No. 8 May 1976
Jan (Killebrew) Bowen Top Flat
8 Norfolk St. Spon End

. . . Report from a team ministry c/ia/Zeng/ng

%, /


Steve & Lee Tate

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis

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From A Guru & A Smite


Jesus & Smiles

Maggie (24) is a new Christian, bap
tized into our Lord on April 11. Until she began seeing who Jesus was, Maggie was an ardent member of the Divine

For the last two years a small group of Christians in Coventry have been holding a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday morning. Janet Baerns told us, 'Near the City centre is an old garden

Light Mission, which follows 17 year-old

Guru Mahara J i . Witness to her was main

ly through horses of different colors:

Bobby, 70 year-old. Scottish neighbor; and Mick, 26 year-old, Irish close friend,
both members of our Chruch, Both played
their roles of influence toward her own

against some remains ofthe old wall. It is very quiet and beautiful. We've met
here around 6 30 am. It's been a very

decision that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God," Jesus is no Guru to Maggie; He is the only way to God. And now the way is seen clearly illumin ated by the Light of the World, not Guru

Maggie has two children.

that she is now a

Perhaps the

ahp rnn l^a-rn fynTr'.- thAm_T s child of the Lord and

lovely, quiet halfhour to begin a very rushed and hectic Easter Sunday. It is easy to recall the women making their way to the tomb and thejoyous outcome oftheir visit'. Their meetings together have been simple. A time of sharing, a devotional thought and prayer. Janet stresses that, 'we are a very small, young church. This is an advantage as it brings closeness.' After the service they have always had

bireakfasttogether before fRerest of

their Sunday activities.

a baby on her way to growing up in Christ.

Maggie has had a sparkling smile ever since we've known her - even though her
life has been filled with heartaches. But

I think that Christ will put content and

new meaning into her smile and he may even

Buzz is a popular, national Christian magazine aimed mainly at young evangel icals. Excuse the sick C^icJ way of spelling Baines.
k Mahatma Gandhi once gently rebriked

make it a gift to his people.

But besides Maggie's own smile that Sunday evening, there were smiles all around. It even brought smiles to sever al people who saw a baptism for the first
time. And some had tears.


missionaries in Calcutta:

' "I miss receptiveness, humility, willingness on your part to Identify yourselves with the masses of India."




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1 R e a l l y In For It.
I didn't realize this of course, but
when i t was over I was shattered! "What



I saw that I was guilty of not al

ways forgiving others and learned that I

is she talking about?" you may well ask.

Recently, six of us from the Church at

wasn't very shy like I thought, but pain fully proud. I registered uneasiness as
we looked at the beatitudes and at root

Living.'^"""'A^eries of eight, '"50 minute

.e'CtuF^s were given in an evening and one full day. I just wish to share with you in part. My reasons for going, smugly enough, were to round out the number, en courage the others, and see what it was
about. But I believe the Lord wanted me there

tended a semin^ on "Dynamic Christian

problems in peoples' lives. It was humil iating and spoke right to difficulties in
my life.

Do you know that after it was over (and I've only mentioned things from the first

two sessions), I didn't feel depressed and

worthless. I felt a tightness leave my heart and my muscles relax; I felt and still do feel - like patiently working out
the kinks, all because I know the Lord de sires it. He didn't want rae to be uptight and proud as well as feeling inferior and unfulfilled in areas of my life and work.

for other reasons -- like to say to me, "Wake up and see things as they really
are." I did. There was so much I learn

ed about pride, forgiveness, guilt, and Christian qualities that I can't put down on paper, but I pray that you would see
in my life if you were here. Some things

I had heard before, but the Lord had been

preparing me not only to hear this time,

He has finally got the message through!J The Lord has a part for me to play for each of you to play in His kingdom. What an honor, yet how humbling to have such a
position of importance.
of us.

Praise God for His

but to apply it to the center of my heart.

I' sat through the first session, "God's Design for Living" thinking it was very

grace and the value He places on each one

A Note of Sadness
History: Joe was an alcoholic of the

Prayers & Praise

Four members of our Church attended the

lowest kin4, became a Christian, and was .. off the drink for four months. He began drifting back to drinking. After much con frontation, help, and prayer, we finally had to leave him alone caught again in

National Assembly of Evangelicals while six others went to the Dynamic Christian
Life seminar last weekend. We continue to

mature as a result of sound teaching.

his drinking fantasy. He got in trouble with the police for stealing and was sent
to prison.

Finding jobs is a problem, so when Dave and Graham both got jobs recently, we real
ly rejoiced, Noel is still in need

With high hopes for his recovery, we

wanted Joe to have another try with Christ when he came out; he wrote of that same desire. Unfortunately after three months "drying out" in prison, he still went back to the booze the very day he got out.

There are two young couples seriously considering the cost of discipleship and the grace of Jesus. Pray for our efforts
with Anna and David and John and Maureen.

They could be a big breakthrough into fam

ilies in the community.

Thanking you for your prayers and prais

And Gladness
Six months later, Joe came to my door -drunk as usual. Expecting him to beg a bit and only talk nonsense, I was ready to turn him away. But he pleaded, "Will you help me?" and gave me his full bottle.
Joe has been without a drink for over a

ing God for honoring themi



At least the two women named

above will meet Christ in baptism this

Easter Sunday.

We are in the midst of a

month now. He meets with a group similar to AA and attends our Church again. But drink is not the only struggle. He needs
time in getting his physical body back in

shape and decisions to get his spiritua]

life back in Christ.

^-Xf-yo.u..would like to have him speak during

<^-SEETEtffi-ER', pray seriously and write to him

the tJSA concerning our work in England.

-is planning to do some speaking in

right away.

He must finalize his plans

- ^Ue {torn
f . . . Report from a team ministry challenging 8 post-Christian nation with the claims of Christ
Janet Baines
Debbie Davis
Bev Mullina


June 1976
Jan (Klllebrew) Bowen Top Flat 8 Norfolk St. Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX
American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis

Steve & Lee Tate

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Triple Dip
ThreeneW'Christians, the most that we've ever baptized at one timei Two of our English Christians met
Maureen and Anna decided first. "If

what you say is true that Jesus will give

me a new life and the Holy into me to help me live it out as a baby, then what's ing?" Maureen reasoned in Ethiopian Official. Spirit will come and I'll start the good of wait the style of the
He read Run-

Anna Smith (34) doing door-to-door

calling. Anna introduced us to

friend, John Ilsley (30)

wife Maureen (27).

and his

On Resurrection

Sunday evening

it was death and res^.

John still had questions.

urrection into Christ for all three.

away World (by Michael Green) in one day

and had a headache for three days thinking about Jesus, But when Sunday evening came,
he said, "I'm coming, too." Dave A. and I jointly baptized all three of them. John and Maureen are busy establishing a Christian home. They are learning how to change arguments into affection, disagree.ments into prayer. They're teaching their three small children to pray at meals and -bedtime artdare- enjoyrng- the^Chrxgrian sOTTg'S that they bring home from their new advent
ure in Sunday School. "We said before that


Anrm^TTad been looking for a religious answer for some time. She had been reading the Koran, the Bible,

jL "Chariots of the Gods," and all sorts.

She rejected her Roman Catholic up bringing long ago and had even been to a spiritualist church. Already a talk ative person, there was plenty to talk a-

bout and many misconceptions to clear up.

Anna "bribeid" Jnhn nr>H pinnfhp.r f-rip-nd

to come up for a discussion by promising

beer. David, Anna's special friend, was

also there. I promised that the discuss ion would be finished by nine, but they
would not let me out until about eleven.

Since the pubs close at 10:30; they asked

(not too seriously) that I pray for the

pubs to open. From then on, there were plenty of

heavy discussions about Jesus every Tues. night. We began around 7:30 and perhaps would be able to leave by midnight, dis
cussing, questioning, and arguing about
Jesus and His life for the entire time.

our marriage would not last another year, but now we've got something to live for," they agreed. And two doors away, Terry and Dianne are finding out about Jesus through the witness of this new Christian couple. And Anna? She's talking to friends and neighbors and David, Maybe a bombshell will explode and
more people will know Jesus because of Christ

in them . . . and us . . . and you.


David and John had plenty of questions about the evidence. Anna and Maureen were

We have recently had opportunity to hear

and talk with several important Christian speakers: Argentinian Juan Carlos Ortiz, famous veteran preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and young Christian thinker Os Guiness.

more interested in whether they could live the life or not - although the Christian
life was a source of admiration for all
four of them.



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JiM. 9 ]B7I$

We generally plan to return to the USA for a month every two years.
It's a vacation - although partly at least, a working one. reflections of April travelers to the USA: Following are

When preparing for our visit to the States, neither Pete nor I knew what to expect. I had been told that I would ex perience a cultural shock and Pete (an

The Tates
Trans-continental, trans-cultural pil grims soon realize that home can be a rel ative term. Family, childhood friends, possessions, and neighbors define it one way while new friends, new dreams, and God's call to ministry define it another. But it is a grand feeling to be loved and
wanted ocean. in our homes on both sides of the We are reminded that love is a

Englishman) has grown up with the idea of

America being BIG, Upon arrival, we both
were amazed and shocked at the bigness of everything! We were welcomed from the beginning by family and friends and were eager to share with many about the work in Coventry. We were encouraged as many listened about the

giving thing.

We praise Him for loved ones

We thank you for your continued prayers and generous financial support. We were excited to receive unexpectedly a special gift to purchase a car. Our supporting church also gave us added regular income to keep the car going. The kindness and thoughtfulness was demonstrated everywhere we went throughout the whole trip. We were both encouraged by the spirit

in America who give of themselves to us and give the great gift of letting us go to follow God's call. It is easy love that possesses and demands one's presence. It
is difficult but divine love that knows the

best is to let one go where one must. We praise Him for guiding all of you

who ministered to us and built us up in

the brief time we shared. The lessons

learned have already been used to his glory.

The tie that binds us has been rebound in

ual growth that is taking place among many

of you. As we returned to Coventry, we

the strength of your encouragement. May we always draw upon His Spirit in each other to build His Kingdom across the world.
...--''The Tates are also now owners of a four-

shared the joys that we experienced. God bless all of you.

Pete 6c Jan

door Ford-Cor-tina. We pray that cars, too, can be used for His gloryi
Steve St Lee

Resurrection Means Freedoo

was the theme of our Easter celebrations'

Contacts Need Prayer

About a month ago with inspiration from our Lord, our calling work took on a feel^ ing of expectancy. We moved farther out

this year.

Our week-end began on Good Friday when

about 30 of us gathered together for a meal and communion service. The program featured eye-witness accounts of Jesus' life and death - by proxy, of course. Very early Sunday morning, 20 members met in the country to view the beauty of the creation, remember the Creator and

and these people need following up.

pray for us and them,


Roger and Janet went calling to find

JULIA quite willing to talk.

Deb and Roger met:


the love which He expressed in Jesus. Also,

most obviously, to remember the victory
of Christ on that first Resurrection Morn

VERONICA, and The ASHBYS. Deb and Bev met: IAN and PETER who are

Investigation Group possibilities.

Jan and Bev met: PEGGY, Mrs. WILSON, Mrs. KEARNY, Mrs. EATHORNE, and Mrs. COOK.
Praise Godi

All this laid way for the family ser vice that evening. The Sunday School children and various members presented

different aspects of Jesus' ministry and

love to a full house.

What better way to end the service but

And . , , lest you wonder what happened to Janet and Steve, it should be explained that during this time, Janet and a church woman have been visiting various elderly people for ministry. Steve just hasn't
met anyone interested these past two weeks.

by witnessing the baptism of three new

believers. They were accepting the free dom of being risen in Christ on the day
when we especially praise God for the
Resurrection of Jesus.
Janet B,

New meetings are starting:

1) Steve and Deb hold a Christian Maturity

course on Thursday evenings for our newest

2) Bev and Helen Cranfield hold a Teen In

vestigation Group on Sunday afternoons.

3) Jan, Bev, and Carole Hastings are be ginning a non-Christian women's Bible Study
on Wednesdays,

We were pleased to have over 70 people

join us recently to celebrate our

Prayer is answered:


She knows the

' Church's 23rd Anniversary, Fifteen Coventry Christians shared their talents in the program. There were Christians from eight nearby Churches of Christ as
well as non-Christians from our own area.

once rejected Christianity for the sake of

husband and family has been talking to

Jan seriously about Jesus.
Pray that she will have the cour age to accept it.

"m 'gng!
* a post-Chrlstlan nation with the claims of Christ
Janet Bainee
Debbie Davis

. . . Report from a team ministry challenging

3 No. 10

# J'y

July 1976
Jan (Killebrew) Bowen Top Flat
8 Norfolk St.

Steve & Lee Tate

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis

Bev Mullins

1 Marlborough Rd, Coventry CV2 4EN Roger Edrington 59 Cambridge St. Coventry CVl 5HU

202 Kingfield Rd. Coventry CV6 5PL

1010 N. Monroe St.

Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX

Lincoln, II. 62656


"Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor..

The other side of the Bi-Centennlal.

"Englandl, Englandl, Englandl "Yanks go home. Yanks get outi Wogs go homei We are the English boys I" It began innocently enough - twenty or so out to the park for games after the evening service. Seven Anglo-Americans,
one Indian and the usual mixture of Brit

take what they can't have. So to strike out against those who are different, the "Yanks" and the W.O.G.S. (Western Oriental Gentle

men, i.e., Asians) -- is the one thing that

makes sense.

ish, All Christians or "nearly so." The players were enjoying a good session - with
even some neighborhood boys joining in. Then I noticed them. Six or eight teens and pre-teens carrying a big British flag marching around the field chanting. At first I thought it nothing unusual - just some football fans warming up their cheers
for the next match. But then I noticed

And isn't that a natural thing for people to do? To find an underdog to kick a minority to oppress, to make yourself feel bigger and better and self-righteous, to have a scape-goat to blame your problems on. And here as the economy worsens so do relat ions between immigrants and 'native' Britons. But here is one place where Jesus says,
"Follow me." Follow Him where He went in

what they were saying, "Yanks go homel

Wogs get outi We are the Englishi" I am well aware that the phrase "Yanks go homei" has not been uncommon in many places throughout the world. And many times it has been hurled with some good reasons. But surely never justly over a gamei Yet there it was again - these young boys were definitely shouting at me and my "Yank"

search of the underdogs - the poor, the blind, the prostitutes and beggars, even the lepers -- oh, those smelly, ugly lepers! Jesus stood beside them to heal and to save, look ing out for their interest before His own. This simple leading of" the Lord does not

g*ive details to the complex political ans

wers needed. But i t does t e l l me where I

It all ended innocently enough with ev eryone going home to fish & chips - the one sided shouting match only a memory. But the memory brought some solemn reflections tome. Those boys don't understand the broader issues of our day. They certainly don't understand why I and my "Yank" friends have come from America to help a struggling church in Coventry. They probably only understand that they live in a bad part of town, the economy's bad, dad's out of work, too many immigrants, too few jobs, and outsiders

need to be in specific situations. I re member the ghetto where I tried to stand be side my black brothers and was cursed for my skin color. Now I am jeered for my nat ionality for other reasons. And in the fu ture I may be called to stand beside a Church

with many underdogs - the Asians, the immi

grants, the poor, old, and sick, the alco holics, the lonely. This is not to my credit for outstanding, selfless service. This is simply where His steps have gone before and where He bids believers to follow. He too was jeered and mocked for things he did not do.


EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church

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Permit tf78

HS in SS
(Holy Spirit in Sunday School)
We have recently given much thought to our Sunday School program - hoping to im
prove the overall structure. We want the

From a Questionaire
"I see most Churches as empty buildings . . . I don't really understand the word 'God* . . . I used to pray - but that was only when I needed help. Now I don't; I think it is unfair to myself and the ideas of Jesus . . . I believe that parts of the Bible hold some truth . . . Christianity in its true sense is always relevant. It is only the way that it is taught that has to be changed in any period of time." These answers were the response of one
of the teens who is involved in a new Teen

children to have balanced growth in know-

lege, feeling, and worship (mind, heart, and soul). As a result, we hope to begin
a two year teaching scheme which will in

volve a variety of teaching methods and learning experiences. We plan to follow the Christian calendar, celebrating events and worship along with the records of the
early Church.

Pentecost Sunday was a good opportunity

to attempt teaching by experience, Joel

Investigation Group. Obviously, she's not consistent in her thinking, but her impres sions convey an awareness of some real depth in Christianity. In an attempt to meet the
needs of people like Bev Burke and two other

and Jesus (two of our boys) told of the

coming of the Holy Spirit. Teachers spoke various foreign languages; the children made rushing wind sounds and each wore a "tongue as of fire" badge. We read that the disciples were praising God in the var ious languages so we closed our time sing ing a praise chorus. Of course we couldn't go into great depths, but I'm sure they have a basic understanding of who the Holy
Spirit is and what He does for Christians.

teens, Helen (a Coventry Christian) and I have modified the Investigation Group to
fit teenage needs.
The two main factors which have made the
sessions effective and relevant are the con

tent and the general attitude (openness).

To produce openness we've said, "Feel free to disagree and discuss; we're not trying to bulldoze our way in." So, we've become friends, able to discuss and enjoy Christ ian ideas. For content, we concentrated on
the basics. Who is God? Who is Jesus?

Planning graded lessons for a two year period is a big task, but I'm sure of the Spirit's help and the need to help our young people to grow. We do have willing teachers who will begin to pool their know ledge and resources to help each other in lesson preparation. The potential is limit less . . . as long as we are in God's hands.

Is the Bible relevant? Who is the Holy Spirit?, etc. Various articles provided
background for the sessions.

There are visible results.

Bev certain

ly has come a long way from when she first wrote the above answers. Dave, though quiet, has expressed a real seriousness about Christ ianity. Janet wants to be immersed although
she wishes to wait until the final session- -

is finished; that session is regarding the meaning and method of being a Christian.

Pleased as Punch
Our Christian display in Coventry's busy shopping Precinct (See February Epistle) had one change of clothes and then finish ed in mid March. But the display was not without its influence - locally and nation
ally, PUNCH, a glossy, national weekly maga

Well, at least somebody saw our display. And don't "they" always say, "For every person who writes, so many others were in

zine made mention of us in their February 18

issue. Their reporters were in Coventry

Our last attempt at display was more simple than the first. In Reader's Digest contest style, we proclaimed, "YOU COULD BE A winner:' see NAMES BELOW." We print

and other parts of the middle of England "to answer the question: dead centre, or living middle?" In Punch's usual witty but satirical style, our display gets just a
paragraph and a sentence in "The Long and
Short of the Midlands:"

ed a long list of names including "Everyone" and "You", to show that every man is what the sign said (Romans 3:10), "But God Still
Loves You" was the reassuring remedy. An
other window showed that "Jesus Gives JOY

For All People." Cardboard figures and mannequins depicted the different types of people. On the final side, we said in bold

So the shops in the Precinct keep busy enough and presumably will do so until the money runs out. Any doubts they may have must surely be dispelled by the slogan above the Corporation Street exit: reas


suringly, it says, "God still loves the


By the Evidence & In Their Own Lives


Whether He still loves Wolverhampton

is a moot point. At the north-west end of a lir runr ig fr "n Co* >ntry hroug^^




Perhaps no one came and joined then, but they might . . . And we'll be pleased as..,.

a poat'Chrlstlan nation with the claims of Christ

Vol. 3 No, 11

.. . Report from a team ministry challenging

-C /

August 1976
Jan (Killebrew) Bowen Top Flat
8 Norfolk St. Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX

Janet Balnea Debbie Davis Bev MuHlns

Steve & Lee Tate


49 Huntingdon Ed,

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis 1010 N. Monroe St.


202 Klngfield Rd.

Coventry CV6 5PL

Roger Edrington 59 Cambridge St. Coventry CVl 5HU

Lincoln, II. 62656


Sharon is a young housewife and mother
whom I've known for over two years. Short ly after I met her, Sharon and her husband, Wally, attended an Investigation Group, They weren't 'keen' on religion, but just
lonely and wanted to get out.


Sharon seems to live in a fantasy world, but a recent family crisis shook her into reality. Because of this, she has devel

oped an interest in hearing of the love of

Jesus. She is realizing and wanting to

face many of her problems that she pretend

ed were't there before.

In the last few months, Britain has been talking of America's 200th birthday. Many people are quite proud of the long friend ship that exists between the two countries. Yet I suspect that they find the fact that we are only celebrating our 200th birthday rather amusing - after all, they passed that centuries ago. As for the news media, they seem to have done nothing but pat us on the back and say, "Jolly good show, ole boyi" There are those, of course, who aren't so enthusiastic, even antagonistic, which is
not surprising.
What do the British Christians think

Sharon has far to go, but I rejoice at

this breakthrough and pray that God will really touch her life. Wally is a bit cynical about all this, but doesn't try to stop her. I know that the Lord has much
in store for Sharon -- a lot of change with

about all this celebrating?

least interested.

Many are at

At least two Christian

magazines ran articles on America this One particular article struck me as very wise. The writer was very deeply con
cerned about American Christians joining the patriotism bandwagon. He writes, "A

some pain, but I know also that He will see

her through.

J.A.M. (^esus And Me) Week, an outreach
mainly for new children ages 5-8 in our

full time group of Christian young peopl^ presented a program of 'patriotic music'
that so entwined 'love of the state' with

'love of the Lord' that allegiance to the American flag seemed an essential part of

"The King is Coming" is our CAMP theme this year with Bible lessons from the King dom parables and the Sermon on the Mount,
The team and several Coventry Christians will staff the camp. Pray that God will guide us and the children.

He has a pointi

Our gospel needs to be


as clear and pure as it possibly can.

ing in another country really brings that home to me. I hope you take our British
cousins' words to heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA;*

Peggy is a young married woman who is

lonely and needs a friend.
and the Friend.

Pray that in

talking with Deb, she will find a friend

Bev will be going soon to Lugano, Switz erland for a few days to attend a Christian conference with other European missionaries, evangelists, and service families, Lil and Caroline need physical strength and spiritual encouragement.

Steve and Lee have anew address (aboveX

Jehovah Jirehi God will provide. And
The Tates were able to get a mort

He does.

gage at low interest, which makes the month ly payments about the same as what they did pay in rent - and a much bigger house be sides. They look forward to greatly in creased opportunities for ministry through
this new home.


EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church

204 N. McLean Street

Non Profit Bulk Rate

Lincoin, IL 62656

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln. IL 62656

Permit #76

Address Correction Requested

Janet Cain (16) had been raised to new
life as a Christian about two weeks and




Debbie Ruddick (16) just over 24 hours

when this interview was made. They were introduced to Jesus mainly through friends

Janet; Well, He always seems to be with me; I feel Him there all the time. I have to keep thinking, "What's right? What's wrong?" I've got to overcome greediness
and selfishness and generally be a good

at a Coventry private school, where Debbie is a stable girl and Janet lives nearby and visits regularly. This interview lets them
tell their own story.


I don't think that I've had e-

nough time to really understand all that He is going to do for me. I want to change
in myself and a little bit in my attitude toward certain things. I want to learn more about Him and help others and general ly be happy as well - and make other people


Janet: Before I went to the Church, I

didn't believe in Jesus at all. I had

heard about God, but I didn't understand what He meant, or who He was. I felt that
I ought to get to know something about Him to decide if He really was there or not.
I didn't think much about Him until I went

Janet: Well, I help in the Sunday School. I want to help all the other Christians

there, non-Christians as well - help them

to believe. I want to bring my friends in
to the Church,

to the Church and started learning about

Jesus and i t made sense then.

Janet; Jesus became the bridge across to

God. I could learn about God and since I

didn't know anything about Jesus before, learning about Him, discovering what He was like, how He lived, then I knew there was
a God, so I just believed. Debbie: I thought Jesus might have been
a man who did live. I didn't believe in

Janet; They quite shocked me to begin with, those little children. They were so noisy, they don't do anything they are told,
they don't listen.


Try to make them listen and teach

them about Jesus. Actually, I think that I will learn a lot from the Sunday School.

God. I didn't really believe in the Bible or really know anything about the Bible.


Debbie: Somebody really being there and somebody giving up His life for me, the way
the Prophets were able to say that the Mes

siah was going to come, and the way that God revealed Himself in various ways.

Debbie: In a way, I think it made me stronger, a lot stronger! I've known my mother to come down so badly and then come up. So going home, I thought it might be


It struck me how good He was.

one of those times. When I saw her, I really did pray. But the next day, she
really came up so much that the doctors did not even understand it. But to me, God was answering me, that He had the power and that He really was there listening to me. That night she went down and carried on

didn't think that anyone could be that good.

I think that really made me want to become
a Christian.


I felt the way that He was with

you the whole time and that He was more or

less asking you to be with Him, sort of holding His hands on you pulling you nearer and nearer to Him until you were actually
almost with Him.

going down.
why she did.

Then when she did die, I asked

And He told me that it was

because she would have been bedridden for the rest of her life. She also had TB and


Yeah, I noticed that when I first

came to the Church. It was as though He was pulling me towards Him because I kept going back to that Church. In the beginning, I said, "Oh, I don't want to go."
But I got there all the same. HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOU WERE BAPTIZED?

if she hadn't have died of the kidneys, I think that she probably would have died of the TB , When my next door neighbor picked me up at the station, he said, "You don't seem very worried." I said, "No." Then I suddenly thought, "God's with me the whole time. It will probably be bad, but
He's going to be with me."

Janet: I felt really great, I really did. It was funny, but before I didn't

feel - though I felt as though I belonged.

But after I was baptized, I knew that I belonged. It was even more. I really felt, "I am one of these people." Debbie: I thought I would be really

Debbie; No, because I think that He prbbably chose right. In fact, I know that it
was right.


I was!


Before I was baptized, we all

prayed and asked for Christ to be with me

and I believe that He was and I wasn't at

all nervous.

And then coming out, I just

felt really happy and felt as if all the

angels in heaven were singing and rejoic


Janet: It feels great belonging to one big family, belonging to God. Debbie; And that everyone is there to share in all the downhills and you are able to be happy with all the others around you. You don't get burdened down; there is always a person there to lift your burden. Janet: I just wish that it could spread
all over the world. Greatness!

. . . Report from a team ministry challenging

y a post-Chrlstlan nation with the claims of Christ
Vol. 4
Janet Balnea
Debbie Davis
Bev MuHlns

I tw"


September 1976
Jan (Klllebrew) Bowen Top Flat 8 Norfolk St. Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX
American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis

Steve & Lee Tate


49 Huntingdon Rd.


202 Kingfield Rd,

Coventry CV6 5PL

1010 N. Monroe St.

Roger Edrlngton

Lincoln, II. 62656


59 Cambridge St.
Coventry CVl SHU

He was sitting on the ground, in the
middle of a cow field-cum-campground. His

dinner plate was on his head like a hat,

his Japanese chopsticks (a surprise gift to

all the kids during one of the mission talks) in his hands and he was beating away

At the end of the four days we had seen many joys and yet tears, fights, and hurts as well. The thing which impressed me most was the importance and difficulty in

reaching these young people.

The challenge

merrily on his 'drum' -- an old dried cow


is overwhelming but we have a Savior who can accomplish the impossible and work
where we are weakest! Praise Him,

Little 7 year old Paul was one of 23

children from our Sunday School sharing with us three nights and four days of camping.
Kids never cease to amaze me. We had

An evaluation on this camp is difficult, but I pray that our King is working in the
lives of those 23 children.

many 'types' of kids and some of the be havior problems we faced I remember from my own former camp days. However, that didn't seem to help me handle themi We ran into some of the oldest pranks

From Rejection to Repentance

I have known Marion Welton for near

in camp history.

(One amazing thing about

kids is that their camp pranks never seem

ly three years and during that time we have had Bible studies and many discus sions on being a Christian. About two years
ago, Marion became very interested in ac cepting Jesus, When learning of the Truth and the cost of disciple ship. Marion chose not to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Our friendship continued but our studies and discussions stopped. She avoided the subject of Christianity. While visiting Marion one day, she told me of an experience she had had. This ex
perience convicted her to make a decision

to change.) One night we had an outdoor toilet tent dismantled while occupied and a few attempted raids on the girls and boys tents by the opposite sex. Our kids have even reached camp romance stage. But
since the kids aren't from Christian homes

and none are yet Christians themselves, they have no real reason to live by Christ
ian moral standards.

The theme for our camp was 'The King Is Coming' on which our teachings and songs were, for the most part, based. Our third year of camp had our first missionary talks this year and the kids loved it. Some even expressed a real in terest in missions and yet have never made
a personal committment to ChristI

about her life. On August 1st when Marion was baptized, her comments describe her feelings, "It's great, I feel so relieved, I'm glad it's over," It's really just be ginning for Marion. The pressure is gone and she can begin to start her new life
with Christ,

One little girl, whose parents have re cently become Crhistians, has developed a unique and beautiful friendship with God.
She showed me how to thank Him for all

things from Tuck shops (the canteen) to

cow piles - "without them there wouldn't be any cows" and she loves cows.

Editor's note:

Her 8 year old says, "She's better than before. She used to lose her temper but now she doesn'ti" Jesus changesi
EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church
204 N. McLean Street


Non Profit
Bulk Rale

Lincoln, IL 62656

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln, IL 62656
Permit #76

Not Alone in Europe

Many thanks to God for His leading me to Lugano (Switzerland) Christian Service Campi
The camp has been designed to bring English
speaking people in Europe together for ten days of fellowship and learning. I came away with much respect for those people who for the first few years see no visible results because they must learn the language and customs of a foreign coun try. What great patience and diligence these people developi Please keep them in your prayers; Europe is a very difficult
field in which to work.

When Roger &Bev Leave

As I gaze towards my Father's home.

With only a few shining stars in the sky,

I think of a time

When like the stars. Only a few shining hearts,

Raised themselves towards heaven

In hopeful prayer.

These prayers were not forgotten And to the Father's glory

Were answered.

And from what was a few, became many, And like a flower, Opening its petals to the morning sun, We raised our heads to the light. And now the time has come. For a part of that answered prayer, To take their spark
Of love and life

Added Extras
Two new types of meetings were success ful recently. "Full Fellowship Sunday" is a goal for every Sunday, but on this day we made a special effort to get all our members and friends together for the whole day. A good crowd turned up to enjoy the services, pot-luck lunch, sharing and re creation. Another Sunday evening was TESTIMONY EVENING. Songs by request were mixed with testimony by eight different
Christians. Even a non-Christian who is

And set alight, a dying people.

In Christ's chosen place.

And as I sit, I begin to wonder; "What is it, to part with a few When we gain so many?" So little a price to pay.
For so great a debt. Kim Spencer

currently looking for truth rose and test ified that Jesus was speaking to her through the life and witness of the people
in our body,

Kim is 17 years old by birth, 1^ years

old by New Birth.

^ We have begun new Tuesday home Bible

Studies. There are four groups with pos sibilities of 30-35 in attendance. Isaiah, Corinthians, the Prison Epistles, and Mat

Facing tiie Issues

Six Christians and one non-Christian

thew are the topics. We change groups and books about three times a year.

have just finished a six week study, "INTRO DUCTION TO FRANCIS SCHAEFFER." Using the three major books of the above author, the
group grappled with major issues confront

USA Tour
Roger will be speaking concerning our work in England in these places. If you would like to come, please contact local people for arrangements.

ing the disciplines of theology, art, music, philosophy, and general culture. They es
pecially emphasized the apologetic in an evangelistic setting.
Many confronted these issues for the

first time and they felt that they were be

ginning to get down to the real meat and

22 Darlington, Indiana 29 a.m. Clarence, Missouri

p.m. Colchester, Illinois

depth of the gospel's implications of meet

ing the attack that the world and the devil

a.m. Highview Christian Church Washington, Illinois

6-7 9

Missions Emphasis Week

Central Christian College of Bible Moberly, Missouri

are putting on us. Roger, who led the group, also gave them essay topics with apologetical relevance on which they may write. Among other things, the experience of this study convinces us that many "ordinary

Christians" really want to go deeper in

growing as a Christian. Ministers and el ders should take this lesson to heart. Roger

Milligan College Convocation

Johnson City, Tennesee Emanuel School of Religion Chapel Johnson City, Tennesee Body of Christ Indi anapo1is, Indiana

A sincere "thank-you" goes to the four


Colfax, Indiana
Great Commission Festival

students from Lincoln Christian College/ Seminary and Minnesota Bible College who

led J.A.M. (^esus And Me) Week for twenty

of our 5-8 year olds. From 11:00 a.m. -

Lincoln Christian College Lincoln, Illinois

19 a.m. Bluff Creek Christian Church

Greenwood, Indiana

15 or 21 26

Lincoln Christian Seminary

Lincoln, Illinois

3:00 p.m. the children were occupied with Bible classes, singing, eating, playing, and going to the park, zoo, and swimming.
The "Mum" of one of the boys said she'd "never seen that kid as happy and content" as he was that week. I always appreciate

Adrian, Missouri
a.m. Central Christian Church

what we are able to learn about the kids by being with them for concentrated periods of
time. Another positive result is having
children attend who have never been involved in any of our other activities - new contacts

Charleston, Illinois
p.m. South Shores Christian Church Decatur, Illinois 10 a.m. Nesconset Church of Christ Nesconset, New York

both in children and their parentsi


a post-Chrlstlan nation with the claims of Christ

Vol. 4 No. 2 October 1976
Jan (Killebrew) Bowen
Top Flat 8 Norfolk St.

. . . Report from a team ministry challenging

# WSl

Janet Balnes
Debbie Davis
Bev Mulllns

Steve 6> Lee Tate


49 Huntingdon

American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis 1010 N. Monroe St.

CV5 )Pt

202 Kingfleld Rd.

Coventry CV6 5PL

Roger Edrlngton

59 Cambridge St.
Coventry CVl SHU

Spon End Coventry CVl 3BX

Lincoln, II. 62656


we wnms= z New mw
We read in "Acts" when the early church

began, people were witnesses in their

Maggie Campbell, a young non-Christian

daily lives.

They spread the gospel of

I want

in the HillfielKi.s community, brought

Corrinna Rogers, age 14 to coffee bar one evening two years ago. Upon ar
riving she met our Bev. Bev talked with

Jesus Christ to those around them.

to share with you how three lives have

changed because some here care enough to

witness wxu to their friends.

who is 16 years old came to a group on Sunday evenings and began to realize he needed to change. Dave is so shy and
quiet, it was hard for us to know where

Annette and Janet, two new Christians, wanted their friend Dave Simpson to
know about the love of Christ. Dave

her about the love of Christ. Corrinna started coming to coffee bar and occasion-

aly to church services, but with no commit ment. Then family problems prevented her
coming altogether. Bev continued to be a


When calling on her a few weeks ago,

Corrinna says, "God was in me want
The Bible was dif

she invited Corrinna to the services. Cor rinna came, but something about her was dif
ing me to come to church.

and what he was thinking.

cision and was baptized.

He made his de
He commented that

his family are seeing changes in, his life.

He no longer argues with his Gran who lives
with them. He is now confident that God hss-scccpted him.

ferent - not just a load of words."


talks, studies, and prayers - Corrinna made

her decision to follow Christ as her Lord and Savior. _"Since my decision I am mors - .

^ ris about her faith in God. Richard,

age 22, listened to what she was say ing. His thoughts caused him to step out side of himself and take a good look. He
didn't like what he saw.

* Maggie, a Christian of fbut^months, be U gan talking to her friend, Richard Har-


I can feel Gbrf working in me."

When she was baptized on September 12, she realized that her sins were gone for ever. And she knew, too, that only Christ
could do that for her.

Perhaps there is someone

with whom you


He realized that

can share the Good News of Jesusi

his Church of England background was not

giving him the spiritual life he needed. MOVING 1?}
Smd Ut >'<ur Chotigp o! Atld'vis

For the first time he was reading his Bible

and praying. He soon realized that his o-

bedience to God was incomplete. After three weeks he made the decision to be baptized. His re-birth was September 12, 1976.

A new postal rcfiulntlon rcqulvea that we pny 25<> for each Epistle vcturne<l bccouse 6t a wrong address, so please send your new address to the Amcr5cnn Corvcspondents (.address on Iroiit) before yoo

move. Help us to be {^ood stewards!




Lincoln Christian Church

204 N. McLean Street

Non Profit
Bulk Rate

Lincoln, IL 62656

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln, IL 62656
Permit U76

Missions Services
Box 177

Kempton, IK 460A9

$ Faithful Finance
One particular blessing in working in this team ministry has been the minimum of fund raising required. We continually thank our beneficent Lord for supplying more than enough
to meet our needs. As we have said before, God knows our need and He's in contact with both you and us so we don't need to keep raising support. We believe that if He has the power to call us to this ministry and give us the gifts we need to minister, then He is also

\\able to move in the people he wants to minister to us financially.

Inflation has affected us all - but because the dollar is doing much better than the
pound, the exchange rate has helped us this year.
we can make the funds stretch a little farther.

It takes fewer dollars to buy pounds so

The money from the two group fund accounts goes toward "Epistle" expenses, phone bills, mimeographing, tracts, books, and special evangelistic projects (e.g., Christian Display

The change in the exchange rate for British pound sterling has altered the books some what, but with a close approximation, here is our 3rd Annual Report of Finances:
Fiscal Year:

September 1975 - August 1976

GROUP FUNDS: U, S. A. Account

Janet Baines
V.B.S. Contributions


Debbie Davis
Special Contributions


Balance September 1, 1975 Receipts $1578.43 Expenses $1019.09 Balance August 31, 1976

$ 42.95


Roger Edrington (including $900. backdated raise from last year) $5,575.00 Jan (Killebrew) Bowen $5,200.00
Car Fund Travel Fund 828.70 400.00



Balance September 1, 1975 Receipts $330.20 Expenses $734.49 Balance August 31, 1976


Special Contribution


(Recorded last year C? $2.40 =JP1.00)

$ 58,59

Bev Mullins
Special Contributions Steve & Lee Tate
Travel Fund

235,50 $6,436.00

(Calculated (? $1.80 = JH.OO)

Bits h Pieces to Pray About

r^ * Thirteen have joined Christ's k::

Reflecting Projecting
. . . I remember when we five doubled the

body here

this year - we praise and thank God. We al so realize our responsibility to nurture the

church attendance by our presence alone.

Now, most services contain thirty-five to forty people. . . . I remember when the team each put in four to six hours of calling a week. Now,

* A new six week Sunday School class began

this month for those of "our kids" who are

showing real interest in Christianity. Please

remember these kids and Steve as he teaches

every Wednesday fourteen to sixteen peopleJJ

go out taking surveys. ^

them the cost of discipleship.

* Two divorcees are interested in Christi

anity but have reservations about where they stand regarding their past lives. Deb is studying the Bible passages on this subject
with them.

. . . I remember talking in our weekly team meetings about our goals for the Church Now, God has passed on those goals to some of the growing spiritual leaders of the

* Six from our Church are studying "The Ear

ly Christian Church" for the national "Ord inary" level school exams in November. (This

We've come a long.way. I can't help but look back and marvel at what God has done with the Church. Re

level is similar to a high school credit.) * Progress on our building extension is slow but sure. Vandals cause us more work by tearing down new walls, etc., but they'll
not stop us. Satan is attempting to outshine our construction endeavors: a pub is being

flection upon the past, automatically brings

to my mind the future. Yes, we share spir itually more now than we ever did two years ago, but how much better and deeper it will be in the year to comei Yes, souls are be ing won now. Even so, just think of how
many more Christ claims for the future. It's time for a revival - a revival of

built right next door.

come of thisi

Who knows what might

* Helen (17) feels God calling her to study

at Lincoln Christian College for a year before she enters university here in England.
* A Christian music & art festival was vis

ited by six Coventry Christians. They camp ed out three nights enduring rain and cold
weather to experience the various art froms. * Debbie will be in the States during the
month of October. She can be contacted

our faith, not just in our individual souls, but in the national soul of this country. God clearly has shown me in the past that He can work in a powerful way through a few committed disciples. So eagerly, I
pray and await revival. Our move to Erd- \

ington is enabling God to spread out just | | that little bit more and very well could
be one of the stepping stones to the re vival we so desperately need in England.

through our American Correspondents.


"^ fw'
American Correspondents:
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Davis

. . . Report from a team ministry challenging

a post-Christian nation with the claims o1 Christ
Vol. 4 No. 3
November 1976
Perny Creasey

Janet Balnes
Debbie Davis

Steve & Lee T ate

202 Klngtleld Rd.

49 Huntingdon Rd. Coventry CV5 6 PT Jan (Klllebrew) Bowen 8 Norfolk St. Top Flat Coventry CV1 3BX

Rober Edrington
Bev Mulllns

Coventry CV6 5 PL

Michelle Wegwart
290 Gravelly Lane Erdington,

1010 N. Monroe St.

Lincoln, Illinois 62656

U. S. A.

Birmingham B23

A September 26 was a very special night


A Briget Middle is studying eye squints

U for Lil Brown, one of our Christians

in Christi

here. Her daughter became her sister

W (an optology student), but there Is one

thing that she sees clearly -- Jesus is

her Lord and Saviori

Rosie, a shy girl of fourteen, wrote a few days before her baptism: "Tiiis is.-the way I feel. I feel happy

and yet I know, without God in my life, it is not happiness. I want very much to know
God because He has so much love to give when we have no one to turn to, and love

for me to give to others.

this and I

I want to do
for me.

know He wants this

"In the name of God who I love, I pray.

Last night Briget shared with us that at first she had many doubts. But as she talk ed, questioned, listened to-the'Word and the hymns, she saw her questions answered. Months earlier she got up and gave a test imony to what she had been observing in our lives and said she was searching. Last night she submitted! Last week one of the scripture readings

I need help so bad and I know only God can give it, so please God, help me. "This is why I want to be bapized into

was on the Ethiopian Official (Acts 8).

she heard it read, everything clicked
she knew what she had to do. We thank God for our new sister. the water because she was free! She


A lovely glimpse into a young girl's heart. What joy our Lord must have felt as those words flowed through her mind.

actually 'squealed' when she came up from


As a church, we felt the need to discuss several issues tht were present in the NEWS. Topics such as violence, dis cipline, education, and the projected, controversial film,
"The Sex Life of Jesus Christ" were discussed during our "Even ing of Current Issues." Steve Tate and Dave Arrowsmith led our discussions with group participation from the rest of the

HARVEST THANKSGIVING is a traditional time of the year when people bring fruits and vegetables to the church build ingsfoir-dxsp lay. This year -we celebrated our Harvest Supper by inviting our family, friends, and contacts made through calling. A delightful evening was shared by all 65 in attend

We continue to participate in national and district CHURCH OF CHRIST ACTIVITIES - including the annual Overdale College Rally and a district barbecue where we provided the music.



EPISTLE FROM ENGLAND Lincoln Christian Church

204 N. McLean Street

Non Profit

Bulk Rate

U.S. Postage Paid

Lincoln, IL 62656
Permit #76

Lincoln, IL 626S6

Erdington, Birmingham, England. After seven weeks of being in the U.S.A. and over 40 speaking sessions. During my whirlwind speaking and visit ing tour of the U.S.A., I spoke to several thousand people about our work here and challenged them to greater depth of discipleship. Should I have been in one place longer, I probably would have felt the ne cessity to speak to some of the problems
in the American church as a whole.

Upon being assigned the task of writing my impressions of England, I was stumped.
How can you have a just and realistic view of a place alter only three short weeks and those weeks having been spent in one place? I wish I could report a great difference spiritually between the average U.S. citi zen and the comparable British citizen.
Both countries consider themselves to be

Christian nations (whatever that may mean).

I wish I could write that I have seen

In England the church might be accused

of sterility; in America superficiality

seems more to the problem. England seems

to suffer still births, infanticide, and baby battering. In both places, adult level maturity in Christ is not as obvious as would seem necessary for vital, meaning
ful Bodies of Christ.

more 'adult' book stores, more young people on drugs, more drunkards, more television programs unfit for family viewing, or more people involved with the occult than I've
ever seen at home. I can't. In the three

short weeks, I have seen little difference

in the 'sinfulness* of these two countries. Please

English Christians strive to get people to come to their mainly old, cold, build ings. American Christians strive to get people to come to their new, plush, climate controlled buildings. English Christians risk being so far behind culture that they

Instead, I've found the difference to

be in the Church of Christ itself.

keep in mind that my home is in the 'Bible Belt' of the U.S. I've always been sur rounded by active churches. I came first
to the Hillfields Chruch of Christ and

do not present Christ to this generation.

American Christians risk being so caught up in the culture that they fail to pre sent the pure gospel of Jesus Christ to
this generation.
for the Comforter.

found a growing group of young Christians, deeply in love with Jesus. I've had one occasion to visit with some people from
another Church of Christ that realizes that

Americans could be so

comfortable that they forget their need American Christianity has a long way to grow. But I still believe that the posi tion in Britain per capita is even worse.

it is dying and in need of encouragement and guidance, that congregation being Erdington to which I will be going in a few days. I have also had opportunity to attend a national rally of the Churches of

If I were called to America, I would speak

to the problems there. But since I am


There I met people talking about

called to England, I must concentrate main

ly on how God would have us work here, I will spare you further comment and

union and baptism rather than of Jesus and His power to change lives. It was somewhat frightening to notice

the similarities of countries.

changed the church.

So many

let you get about your job,

U. S. A.




things have influenced and changed the people, and the people have influenced and
What will happen to the Christian Church
es and Churches of Christ in the U.S. with

We have now begun the two ministries

in the next 30 years? Will they be influ enced and sidetracked by irrelevant side issues or will their cause always remain to tell the story of God changing the lives of men and women and the destiny of nations

as planned. Keeping the Coventry impetus going are Steve Tate, Jan Bowen, Debbie Davis, and Janet Baines. In the Erdington ministry, Bev Mullins and Roger Edrington move from Coventry to join Penny Creasey straight from the U.S.A. and Michelle Wegwart, who has lived in England for the
past sixteen years.

through Jesus?

Oh, that we might be one in

Jesus, but first won in Jesus.

Penny Caught between two cultures - half Ameri

can, half British - I find myself wondering what course my ministry will take as a part of the new Erdington team. There are many
untapped, untouched lives for Christ who

The Erdington team is seeking $16,500 for a loan (hopefully from the U.S.A.) to
purchase what seems to be an excellent

meet, for one purpose or another, right here in our Erdington church building. We have

both a youth club and a mother-toddler group

which have no Christian focus - they look like hopeful springboards for our minstry. Pray with me that I can cross bridges for our Lord here, that I can use my acquired 'Britishness' to penetrate for Jesus.

headquarters and living situation. Your prayers are even more important in this early decision-making time of the new ministry. We are trying to make no preconceived decisions, but allowing God's Spirit to lead us in a completely fresh

Hopefully next month the Epistle will

take a brand new format and include a place for reports of both ministries.

\0V6 T7.7'"-'
S^Um .-Kkt

Watch for changes of address for your

correspondence with us. This is the last

time the individual Coventry addresses will be listed, so mark them down please.

A new postal resulation requires that

we pay 25c for eacli Epistle returned be cause o a wrong address, so please send
your nev; address to the American CorrFs^ niove. Help us to be good stewards!

Vol. 4

a poil-OtrUlian nation wil/t llie cfaimi of cut

No, 4 December 1976



(}oueH(^'. 'peed 7%^ S^eefiMany things can change in a month. The long drought which we suffered
this summer has been relieved and with the rain many new blessing have

come. The team of six has changed to two teams of four working inErdington as well as Coventry. With the transfer of Roger and Bev to the new work in Erdington, we at Coventry lose two very capable ministers. But what we are gaining is a new sense of responsibility to total ministry among the whole body here. Our prayers for a smooth transition have been answered as many are seeing more fully the vision of the whole church ministering to itself as well as witnessing to the world.
This has meant that the "More mature" Christians in our church have

been asking what they can do to spread the word and nurture the new "babes in Christ." This new sense of responsibility is just what we need and
v;hat we have asked from the Lord ever since we saw the possibility of divid ing the team. Essential to working oneself out of a job is training for and then giving up - responsibility. We see many indications that the Lord has led the timing of these changes. The growth we are experiencing - in quantity and quality - is more consitent than ever before. The number now stands at 15 baptisms in 1976 with some others under conviction even now. Many of those who have recently made commitments to the Lord have come simply through the wit ness of their Christian friends and the preaching of the Gospel at our services. This is in contrast to those in the past who have needed lots of calling and study through long term methods such as our Investigation Groups before being able to even consider making a decision. So we have needed to "shift gears" a bit to be able to give these new

Christians the spiritual nourishment they will need. We are asking some of the older Christians to take a special "shepherding" responsibility over the new Christians. This will involve first just being a friend to these new ones, getting to know them and helping them find their place in our fellowship. Also we hope these "shepherds" can encourage the new

Christians in their growth and watch for difficult times when they will
need guidance from older Christians. Basically we hope this will mean no one is overlooked. We realize the problems involved when so many new Christians come all at once into a small fellowship, and we take very ser
iously our task to bring each one to "The fullness of the stature of Christ"

After 3h very short

weeks in the states, I

Bits Sl Pieces
**Please be in prayer for us as the Christmas season approaches. We have many ideas and plans to make special use of this season and we need to be sure of doing the Lord's

find myself back in Cov entry trying to convince

myself I was really home. I appreciate greatly the

love and encouragement I

was given by all of you. Coming home for a break and to report on the ministry requires a bit of adjusting. Not only did I
leave one culture and step into an

other, but I found myself stepping

from the shadows of being a team

minister in a busy little church in

to the spotlight of my family and

home church. That was greati But Af

^"s'fThe extension of the Coventry Church building is coming slowly but surely. In a few weeks, we are hoping to put on the roof. *^Please be in prayer for Leon and Janis. The couple are very inter ested in becoming Christians, but wish to have a period of study in
order to understand.

the whole process has been reversed

now that I'm back in Coventry.

ter a few days of the "blues", I'm making the necessary readjustments. Thank you all for making my visit home and my ministry here so very

**Recently, we had a social even ing for those who have been Christ ians for a year or less. The team member's purpose was to spend some time just with themi

NowA Christian
When asked our door-to-door survey/witness questions nearly 2 years ago, PAM THORNTON commented that she thought herself to be a Christian and saw no need to come to church. But she did say she would ask her husband about a possible Bible study.

Two years passed and Pam came to her first service on Easter.
about Jesus.


that time she has come to the services regularly, started coming to aweek^
ly Bible Study, and talked to her friends about what she was finding out
Like so many, she wanted to try to get things sorted out before accept

ing Jesus.

Finally realizing that this is impossible, she decided to ac

cept Jesus and let Him sort out her life.

She was baptized into Christ and now rejoices that her life is being changed by Jesus. Her friends have remarked about her changes. Already
Pam has witnessed and invited them to find the same personal relationship
that she is finding with Jesus.

As a mother of four young boys, Pam is anxious that her family know the love of Jesus too. But being divorced now and without a job, she has many

pressures which compete for her attention. She is not unlike many single parents in our community who must face these responsibilities alone. We
hope as Jesus becomes real in her life, many others might see how the Lord can help us face any situation. Jan

Getting A-HEAD
The Church is the body of Christ - so says the Bible.

Work, work, work --we must, there's no one else to

it'll all fall apart. We are the body.

do it. Plan, plan, plan it's got to be done or else A

Year after year, we work, work, work, plan, plan, plan --we are the body. Die, die, die we're dying.

What is wrong? What else can we possibly

Help, we need help to work, work, work, plan, plan, plan it's all
got to be done or else it'll fall apart. We are the body,
"S T 0 P i

I am the headi

Come unto me all you who are heavy lad

en and I will give you rest.


yoke is easy and my burden is

It seems that the Church members of Erdington need a new headship,^and it has become our task to bring this body to the Head,
As well as evangelize.

m ;4cce*tti'
I thought I had begun to gain i^n
ear for the British accent while in

Thursday, October 28...,

Today 43 children showed up on

a cold, rainy afternoon and were
introduced to Jesus-some of them

Coventry. Then I moved to Birming ham - only 25 miles away. I have learned that there is no such thing
as a universal British accent.

for the first time. During two packed hours, we tried to share our
concern for them as individuals and

It is really impossible to share

the "broad Brummie" (Birmingham) ac

cent on paper, but I shall try with
these K.S. few words: Neale

our knowledge of Jesus as a living person. Nearly all of them came

from non-Christian homes and we

Kye S. Nyle

Bib (baby type)

Tea A. B.

sent them away with an invitation to a new Sunday School, a "Jesus

and Me" time,



Sunday, November 7,,, This morning 17 interested child ren between 5 and 12 years of age
came and heard about a real God who

I'm told, regarding all the other ^accents in Great Britain, "You ain't heard nothin' yet."

in real space and time created a real world which was originally per fect, It was not about some myth-

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Vvfrom previous page)

ical power who resides somewhere in
the universe oblivious of man, his environment, his needs,,,. It is a small beginning, but it is a beginning, and we want to ut


The Epistle is published eleven times yearly. We take a break at Christmas time. Well, not exact ly a break - we're so busy with
outreach at Christmas time that we

ilize this precious one hour a week to break down, with the truth of
the Word, the inherited scepticism
of these kids. Michelle

just don't think we should take

the time.

So, we wish you a

** Janet Baines and Beverly

j Mullins are going TO BE IN THE USA

for four weeks immediately after
and that Jesus will be the center

V Christmas.

of your celebration.


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