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Senator Tim Johnson

South Dakota
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November 2013 Dear Friend: On December 10th, 30 of my Senate colleagues and I are hosting a fundraiser for Rick Weiland, the man we believe will be South Dakota's next United States Senator. There is only one way for a Democrat to be elected in South Dakota. Hard work. George McGovern in 1955-56. Jim Abourezk in 1969-70. Tom Daschle in 1977-78. And me in 1985-86. Each of us began with a good car, a firm handshake, and a willingness to use them both every single day for well over a full year. Rick Weiland is going to be South Dakota's next United States Senator because he got in his car last July and he hasn't been out of it since. Rick Weiland has already campaigned personally in 226 of South Dakota's 311 towns. His likely opponent has not. Rick Weiland faces no primary opposition. His likely opponent faces three Tea Party challengers. Rick Weiland is a small business owner who has served as CEO of a $60 million non-profit, as Region 8 director of FEMA and South Dakota state director of AARP. In June, just before he got in his car, Rick trailed former Republican Governor Mike Rounds by 27% (54-27). After just 4 months of non-stop campaigning, an October 14 PPP poll showed Rick had cut that lead to just 6% (40-34): Think how many times youve seen a lead shrink from 27% to 6% in that brief a span of time, with no television ads. Down by 6%, gaining at a rate of 5% per month, 12 months to go. Name ID still 35% lower than his opponent, yet only behind by 6%. Facing a universally-known, two-term former governor who nevertheless polls below 50%.

Anyone who knows politics as well as you do can easily do the math. Put numbers like that next to the name of a man who campaigns with the energy of a Bill Clinton and just one thing is missing: money! Authorized and Paid for by People for Rick Weiland

2 Thats why 30 of my Democratic Caucus friends and I are asking you to join us in supporting Rick Weilandbecause he is a practical progressive, the kind who knows how to win! I hope you will join me in attending the fundraiser on the 10thRick is a great candidate, and will make a truly wonderful Senator. Sincerely,

Tim Johnson PS: I am also including another copy of the December 10th invitation to Ricks event. Hope to see you there!

Authorized and Paid for by People for Rick Weiland