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Lotus Notes Interview Questions for Web applications

1. Which server task is used for Lotus Notes web applications?

2. What are the commands to load and quit the HTTP server task?
3. What are the programming language used for web applications?
4. What is pass - thru HTML, how to use it ?
5. What is the difference between pass - thru html and Render pass thru html in
Notes ?
6. What changes are to be done for a Form in Notes to get displayed in web?
7. What does the form property ‘Generate HTML for all fields do’ ?
8. What are the form events used for web applications?
9. What are the ways to call an agent on the click of a button for web application?
10. What are the Queryopen and Querysave equivalent events used in web
12. What does the event WebQueryOpen event do?
13. What does the event WebQuerySave event do?
14. What are the different programming languages in which the script library be
15. In which version of Lotus Notes was Javascript Library introduced?
16. Where can functions be written apart from script library, so that it becomes
global to a particular form?
17. How can the functions in script library be called from JS Header for web?
Explain the process ?
18. Can Lotusscript script library be used for validation in UI Interface for web
19. Is Javascript case-sensitive?
20. Where does Javascript functions get exceuted?
21 What is CSS?
22. How can CSS be applied in a form ie on tables, fields etc.?
23. What are the different ways to get the handle of an object in Javascript?
24. Write a code for validating a field for blank, number, negative validations?
25. Write javascript code for validating combobox, radio button and checkbox?
26. List some of the standard functions in javascript?
27. What are the different ways of displaying views in web applications?
28. What is the difference between $$ViewTemplate for view and
29. What are HTML views and how to create it?
30. How can views be displayed in web with the same look and feel as in Notes
client without $$viewtemplatedefault and HTML views?
31. Can outlines be used in web applications?
32. A form “Person” and a corresponding view “Person details” resides in Database
“Employee details” on server “Serv1”. Format a syntax to open the Form and View
in web applications?
33. When a user logs in to the employee database, the user should be able to see his
profile alongwith his/her photo. Explain how it can be implemented ?
34. What are CGI variables? List some of the CGI variables ?
35. How CGI variables are getting used? Explain some of CGI variables i.e.
Server_Name, Server_Port, Query_String, Query_String_Decoded
36 Explain the syntax of calling an agent in the web?

37 Which property in agents allows the running of agents by the ID of authenticated

38. What is the target to be selected for the agents to be run on web ?
39. How to write a Java script code in a Lotus script agent?
40. Can javascript functions in JS Header be used in Lotusscript agent?
41. How can functions in script library be used in Lotusscript agents?
42. What does “Anonymous” entry in ACL indicate? What if there is no ACL entry for web
based databases?
43. What is the difference between “Default” and “Anonymous” entries ?
44. What access do we give to Anonymous users? Why ?
45. What is Maximum Internet name and password? How it is used?