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General Instruction: a) Answer to question 1 to 10 carrying 1 mark each, may be from one word to one sentence. b). Answer to question 11 to 15 carrying 3 mark each, may be from 50 to 75 words. c) Answer to question 16 to 20 carrying 4 mark each, may be from 75 to 100 words. d). Answer to question 21 to 25 carrying 5 mark each, may be about 150 words. e). Answer to question 26 to 30 carrying 6 mark each, may be about 150-200 words. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Name any two activities which are auxiliaries to trade. Who is a retailer List 5 major items of Indias export. Define RBI. Define term Business finance. Define global enterprises. What do you understand Internal trade. Define sole proprietorship. Give comparative difference between life insurance, fire insurance and marine insurance on the basic of (a) Subject matter (b) insurable interest M.M. 100

10) (a) 11) 12)

Distinguish between Business and profession on the basis of: Mode of establishment Explain the function of warehousing? Define partnership. Explain any two advantages and any two disadvantages of partnership form of business. 13) Explain the role of profit in the business. 14) Lately many companies like Mittal-Arcelor and ford-Tata have formed or are trying to form joint ventures. Explain any five benefits that they will or are driving out of forming a Joint Venture. 15) What do you understand by E-business? Explain briefly any four benefits of E-business. 16) What measures has the government taken to solve the problem of finance and marketing in the small scale sector? 17) What are the merits and limitation of the departmental undertakings of public sector enterprises? 18) Explain any four characteristics of multinational corporations. 19) Discuss any four elements of business ethics. Or Discuss the problem faced by small scale industries India. 20) Differentiate between contract manufacturing and setting up wholly owned production subsidiary abroad? 21) Explain the services offered by wholesaler to manufacturer? 22) Enumerate limitation of contract manufacturing. 23) Describe the merits and demerits of Joint Hindu Family business.

24) Explain the outsourcing. Why it is needed for the development of economy? 25) Imagine life without your local market. What difficulties would a consumer face if there is no retail shop? 26) Explain the various functions of commercial bank? 27) What benefits do firms derived by entering into International Trade? 28) Explain the outsourcing. Why it is needed for the development of economy? 29) Explain any six arguments for social responsibility of business. 30) Differentiate between private, public and global enterprises? Or Itinerant traders have been an integral part of internal trade in India. Analyze the reasons for their survival in spite of competition from large scale retailers.