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The Divine chintamani Mantra

Shriharsha, a great poet, is the writer of one of the five epics in Sanskrit, the Naishedha . Shriharshas father, Shriheera, was the chief royal priest of King Vijaya Chandra and his successor King Jaya Chandra of Kannauj. He was greatly honored in the royal court for his erudition.. But, his son was dull and so he was worried. He took Shriharsha to an acco plished saint Sri Chinta ani Swa i. !he young "oy, Shriharsha, served the saint with great diligence and care. #leased with his service the saint wrote the Chinta ani $antra on his tongue with his pious hand. !his awakened the "oys faculty of intellect and also endowed hi with a fine retentive e ory. %nce, so e scholar defeated Shriheera in a scriptural de"ate in the royal court. &"used "y the defeat, he gave up his ust hu "le this an who has deceitfully defeated e) and thus "ring peace to y distressed soul. ortal "ody, "ut at the ti e of death he said to Shriharsha, % Son' (f you are a worthy son, you

Shriharsha took a vow to o"ey his fathers co and. *ater, inspired "y his +uru Sri Chinta ani Swa i, he perfor ed an anushthana of the Chinta ani antra for one year and perfected it there"y attaining knowledge and learning of such a high order that other scholars were ,uite una"le to understand his views. He again worshipped $a Saraswati and when the goddess appeared, he said, % $other' !he "oon of erudition granted "y you has proved to "e defective in that no scholar is a"le to understand y state ents. $a Saraswati said, -ear son' &t idnight, cover your head with a wet cloth and drink "utter ilk. !his will aggravate Kapha and conse,uently your intellect will "eco e dull to so e e.tent. !hen other scholars will "e a"le to understand what you say. Shriharsha did as directed, whereupon other scholars were a"le to understand what he said. !hereafter he defeated the scholar who had defeated his father in a scriptural de"ate and thus fulfilled his fathers wish. He also wrote any all/ti e great works such as the Khandannakhandakhdya etc. $a Saraswati had given this antra as a "oon to King 0ala as well. !he Chinta ani antra and yantra that Shriharsha had worshipped and perfected are given "elow1 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The Mantra

% Hri % (n this, hri is the chinta ani Beeja. !he Beeja $antra carries the ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ystery and hidden power of antra. (t is arked "y it pri al sound.

!he 2antra
!he ethod of writing the yantra on the tongue1 Half an hour after the "irth of the child and "efore the jaatkar a, write the a"ove given yantra on the childs tongue with "lunt gold needle, using cows ghee and honey i.ed in une,ual proportions and utter Chinta ani antra in his ears in a sweet tone.