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06 NorCal Reformer

Friday, November 29, 2013

Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Northwest U.S. Field

Upcoming Events
November 30, 2013 Youth Sabbath hosted by the Prunedale Church

Homeless Distribution

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On Sunday, November 24, the SDARM College Group based at Sacramento State University conducted a homeless food and essentials distribution program in Roseville. Thank you to everyone who donated to this project. A special thanks to the volunteers who came out on Saturday night to sort the donated materials for distribution.

December 1, 2013 Executive Ofcer Training Program 9am-1pm December 6-15, 2013 Week of Prayer December 7, 2013 Sacramento Church reorganization at 5pm December 8, 2013 Department Ofcer Training Program 9am-1pm December 15, 2013 Reorganization of Romanian Church (Citrus Heights) December 21, 2013 Messiah Concert presented at Ione Community Methodist Church January 3-6, 2014 Youth convention at Lake Francis Resort


06 NorCal Reformer

Friday, November 29, 2013

WNAU Events!
June 29 - July 6, 2014 Youth Convention in Colorado

Food Bank Concert

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September 8-11, 2014 North American Regional Workers Meeting (in Colorado)

External Events!
November 28 December 1, 2013 Youth convention in Shohola, Pennsylvania

The members of the SDARM Northwest Field Choir joined with the Amador County Choir to present the first part of Handels Messiah November 23 and 24 in Jackson. The event was very well received by the community and large amount of donations were made to support the Food Bank ministry. Thank you to all the volunteers and singers who helped make this event.

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Literature Distribution Event December 12

Sacramento Church will be holding a mass literature distribution event December 12 in the community near to the church. A large number of health materials and copies of Steps to Christ have been procured for this event. Missionaries from other local churches are encouraged to come and participate in this event.

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December 8-15, 2013 Spiritual conference in Bukhotzo, Uganda December 13-23, 2013 Mission outreach project in Rondonopolis, Brazil December 20-22, 2013 Family seminar in Grandense, Brazil December 20-29, 2013 Youth convention in Jacaranda, Brazil December 26-30, 2013 Youth convention in ABASE, Brazil January 14-19, 2014 Youth convention in Colombia

Rocklin Reorganization
Rocklin Church conducted their reorganization meeting this past week and selected the new church officers for 2014. Leader: Cornel Moldovan Assistant Leader: Sandu Maghiar Secretary: Carmen Devai Treasurer: Anna Garbi Church Board: Carmen Devai, Anna Garbi, Benjamin Garbi, Sandu Maghiar, Cornel Moldovan Dorcas: Sandra Garbi Missionary Leader: Elisha Devai Sabbath School Superintendent: Ionel Urs Assistant Sabbath School Superintendent: Benjamin Garbi Youth Sabbath School Class: Benjamin Garbi Childrens Sabbath School: Esther Devai, Mariola Dumitru Ushers: Daniel Dumitru, John Ralich Youth Leader: David Devai Delegates to NWUSF Session: Carmen Devai, David Devai, Daniel Lysander Dumitru, Benjamin Garbi, Cornel Moldovan, Ionel Urs (alternate: John Ralich) "2