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Vibrant Holidays in Spain hotel in Barcelona Spain In Spain, Barcelona is a highly visited city by tourist.

Within Barcelona, the La Rambla, a famous street, is the favorite spot for tourists. You cannot help but visit La Rambla. Located in Central Barcelona, Spain, this .! "ilometer long pictures#ue street, is lined on both sides by trees. $ hotel in Barcelona Spain is the hostel %ont &habor, 'hich is located here. You 'ill find this area populated by tourists, both young and not so young, at all times of the day. &he energy, the vibe and the enthusiasm of this street ensures that people throng to it even till late night. &his hotel in Barcelona Spain is #uite close to the (laca de Catalunya, in front of %ercado de Bo#ueria. &he Cathedral in )othic *uarter is also close by. Within 'al"ing distance are the museums of %iro and (icasso and )audi+s 'or"s in architecture. $round this hostal, you can also find a 'ide variety of souvenir shops, bars, Spanish restaurants nearby. You can also vie' designer brands in (asseig de )racia. &heater lovers can go to the opera house ,)ran &eatre del Liceu- nearby. &he Bo#ueria %ar"et ,%ercat de Bo#ueria- and the Columbus %onument are 'ithin 'al"ing distance. Beyond the Columbus monument is the hustle and bustle of (ort .ell. &his features modern entertainment 'ith bards, an Ima/ Cinema and the Barcelona a#uarium. You could ta"e a boat ride in a )olondrina here. 0orth of the (ort .ell is the Barceloneta, 'hich has a selection of fish restaurants. &he Sandy beaches here are a popular 'ee"end destination. 0ot very far from the hotel in Barcelona Spain are the fountains 'hich give you light and music display a number of times in the evenings. &his hotel in Barcelona Spain offers different types of rooms to suit your budget. &hese range from the standard double bed private 'ith shared baths, standard 1 bed private, standard 1 bed private 'ith shared toilet, standard single bed private ensuite, and the standard double bed private ensuite. )uests can access free 'ifi in their rooms itself. &he rooms offer $ir conditioning, &elevision, Wireless Internet, 2airdryers, 3ans and Beverage machine. &he reception is open for !4 hours. You can get free passes to the local night clubs. &his hotel in Barcelona Spain is one of the most e/perienced of all hostals on La Rambla. &he hostel also offers 3a/ and printing services. &he multi lingual, friendly staff ensures that your stay is a memorable one.

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