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After revising it now the first preliminary step takes you into predictive astrology. This is the aspect of planets. These aspects are general and special. Let me first take up general aspects. All planets aspect the seventh house form their position. It can tabulated thus.

Keep practising this lesson first. Take up any horoscope and see which planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are aspecting the 7th house from its location in a horoscope. This must become a natural habit with you. You must remember that planets give their effects not merely from where they are in a horoscope but also produce these effects in the house which they aspect. Three planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have special aspects. Mars has two additional aspects the fourth and the eighth. Jupiter has two additional aspects the fifthe and the ninth. Saturn has two additional aspects the third and the tenth. So Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will have three aspects, one general and two special. These are being given in a tabular form here.

Note Mars will influence four houses, the first the house where he is positioned in and
then three other houses through his general and special aspects.

Remember Even when Mars is in transit he will be aspecting three houses and is
positioned in one house. I have made an effective use of this in my books , "Planets and Children"

P (Position) A (Aspect) C (Conjunction)

Remember that first leg of the Memory Tablet PAC is P.
How this P is applied is being shown here. After this try any other horoscope.

Why you must start with P first?

1. Remember by doing P you start your astrological adventure of collecting information, intelligence and clues about the lord of each house of a horoscope. A particular lord may be excellently placed while another may be in a bad condition. 2. Now you begin to see that life is never a story of all round joy or total sorrow. 3. But P is only the opening chapter of a seven layered story of your life which this book will teach.

4. So proceed patiently first by doing this exercise intensely. Instructions

There is no book on Hindu astrology in which such tables have been given to over-simplify the understanding of aspects and earlier, of friendships and enmities of planets, as here. It has been done mainly with the intention to help people avoid memorizing. The traditional subject, late in their lives, and have no capacity to memorise. When learning through rote memory is not possible, what is surely possible is to learn through associative memory.

My Advice
1. Never start the analysis of any horoscope without applying the Memory Tablet coined by me to make learning of astrology easy, methodical and scientific. 2. As you will see in the given example of John F Kennedy, the tragedy of his career is well explained by wrong placement of many lords of different houses 3. You can develop your own astrological skill when you apply the first of two Memory Tablets, I am teaching and keep repeating it... the first limb of PAC is P. In the state of Uttar Pradesh there is a special branch of police known asPAC created to control communal riots. But the astrological PAC is meant to control anarchical and chaotic analysis of a horoscope. Therefore I have evolved a memory tablet, the first part of which is :


P stands for the position a planet has occupied in a horoscope. Instead of taking fragmentary, confused and unsynthesized view, it is better, to proceed systematically so that you are able to arrive at a meaningful conclusion. In all horoscopes first of all see how the lord of a particular house is placed. Therefore let me read a sermon to you first a dangerous sermon, which if you remember,

Sermon One

1. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of referring to what they think are classics with infallible principles and they turn them into dogmas. They invite disaster. 2. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of turning these dogmas their predictive base. They invite greater disaster. 3. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of using this predictive base for a negative prediction. They create fright in the hearts of their clients. 4. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of creating gloom through their readings and a gnawing feeling of fatalism. They have done no research of their own. What they mistake for classics, provides them a protective cover through a Sanskrit quotation. It is sheer lack of commonsense and sanity. They must know how to judge a horoscope, without being dependent on what they think is a classic. Let me give a case study here. A very well established American woman insisted on having a reading by me after hearing me speak. My style of reading surprised her. Her problems which could be seen in July 1995 when I did the reading for her were: 1. It was Venus-Mars period when she had been having land dispute. 2. She is a devoted wife and had made anxious inquiries about her husbands health. I told her that with the best medical facilities available in her country, she should get him checked properly.

Note She had taken readings from some Vedic astrologers in India and the USA and had
felt that Hindu astrology stressed negativity. I talked of the pleasant events of her life and counselled her to have proper medical check up for her husband. She came out, and waving her hands, remarked, "the wall between me and Vedic astrology has vanished from today." This extreme reaction is explainable. In the western astrology they have no ability to predict events. Those who have learnt Hindu astrology and practise it in the west, particularly also do only psychological reading as they avoid predictive side, though they have picked up some rudiments of it by 1996. It will take at least a decade for them to acquire some standard. In the meantime, to 'play their astrological trade', they will do more of astropsychologizing than emphasise the predictive side. There is also a good reason for it. In the USA you can be sued for anything. Though astrology is not recognised as a profession, and treated as an 'entertainment' in USA. The Hindu astrologers she referred to in the USA and India predicted a disastrous marriage whereas I straightaway congratulated for a long and good marriage inspite of being an American where the divorce rate is very high. I traced her career pattern from that of a

dancer to an author. But I had nothing good to predict for her husband. I toned it down considerably. She felt happy and relieved mainly because her career pattern and happy married life is what many astrologers cannot see because their attention will be riveted on negative factors in the horoscope only. Her prejudice against Hindu (Vedic in the USA) was very strong. If you do not evolve a scientific method of the analysis of a horoscope, you will either bluff or stress negative factors as Hindu and now Vedic astrologers of the USA, can, and do. The art of synthesis and the greater art of searching the light that can be seen even in a gloom is what Hindu astrologers cannot develop inspite of a great predictive astrology. The reason is the dogmas filled in their minds by a cluttered reading of books of astrology, without any intelligent assimilation. I told her that Hindu astrology known as Vedic astrology in the USA was in a very rudimentary form. In India, Hindu astrologers, who were good, would not overcome their habit of negative readings for many more decades. Let's take an example (next page) you will not take a fragmentary, muddle-headed and jumbled view of a horoscope.

P(position) A(aspect) C(conjunction)

P (position)
One Kennedys Lagna is Kanya. His Moon is in Simha and in the nakshatra of Venus, which is why at birth he got the balance of Venus of three years and three months. Two Planets and Lagna Lagna is Kanya whose lord is Mercury. Where placed and who is the lord of that house?

1. Mercury is placed in the eighth house. Count thus (a) The first lord (the lagna is Mercury) the lord of lagna. Counted from Kanya, (1st house), Tula (2nd house), Vrishchika (3rd house), Dhanu (4th house), Makar (5th house), Kumbha (6th house), Meena (7th house) and Mesha (8th house). 2. The second lord (lord of Tula) is Venus and is placed in the ninth house. 3. The third lord (lord of Vrishchika) is Mars and is placed in the eighth house. 4. The fourth lord (lord of Dhanu) is Jupiter placed in the ninth house. 5. The fifth lord (lord of Makar) is Saturn placed in the eleventh house. 6. The sixth lord (lord of Kumbha) is Saturn placed in the eleventh house. 7. The seventh lord (lord of Meena) is Jupiter placed in the ninth house. 8. The eighth lord (lord of Mesha) is placed in his own house in the eighth house. 9. The ninth lord (Venus) is in Vrisha in the ninth house and also his own house. 10. The tenth lord (lord of Mithuna) Mercury is placed in the eighth house. 11. The eleventh lord (lord of Karka) is in the twelfth house. 12. The twelfth lord (lord of Simha) Sun is placed in the ninth house.

Memory Tablet
The Memory tablet you must apply is P.A.C. In this description we have only shown how "P" is to be used.

A (Aspect or Aspects)
Now remember that A is the middle part of the Memory Tablet PAC. Here, remember always, A means aspect or aspects. Remember then to analyse full normal aspects (7th) and the three special aspects of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Through these aspects, (very special to Hindu astrology and very extraordinary) many hidden stories of a horoscope get revealed. Now continue with the horoscope of John F Kennedy by applying A. The second part of the Memory Tablet P.A.C. is aspect. Now analyse these aspects house and planet. 1. The first house (Kanya) or the Lagna receives the third aspect of Saturn and the fifth aspect of Jupiter. But there is no planet in the Lagna.

2. The second house (Tula) has no planet but receives the seventh aspects of both Mars and Mercury. 3. The third house (Vrishchika) has no planet but receives the seventh aspects of Sun, Jupiter and Venus and also the eighth aspect of Mars. 4. The fourth house (Dhanu) has Rahu in it but receives no aspects. (Ketus aspect is not considered. At any rate, I do not.) 5. The fifth house (Makar) has no planet but receives the seventh aspect of Saturn and Jupiter. 6. The sixth house has no planet but receives the aspect of Moon. 7. The seventh house has no planet and no aspect. 8. The eight house has Mars and Mercury and receives the aspect of Saturn. 9. The ninth house (Vrisha) has Sun, Jupiter and Venus but no aspect of any planet is there. 10. The tenth house has Ketu but does not receive any aspect of any planet. (Rahus aspect is not counted generally) 11. The eleventh house has Saturn and receives the fourth aspect of Mars from Mesha. 12. The twelfth house has the Moon but receives no aspect of any planet.

C (Conjunction)
The third limb of the Memory Tablet is "C" or conjunction, which means when a planet joins another planet in a house it is said to be conjunct with the planet. 1. Lagna there is no planet and hence no conjunction. 2. The second house has no planet and no conjunction. 3. The third house has no planet and no conjunction. 4. The fourth house has Rahu but has no conjunction. 5. The fifth house has no planet and has no conjunction. 6. The sixth house has no planet and has no conjunction. 7. The seventh house has no planet and has no conjunction. 8. The eight house has Mercury conjunct with Mars. 9. The ninth house has three planets conjunct with each other Jupiter, Venus and the Sun.

10. The tenth house has Ketu and there is no conjunction. 11. The eleventh house has Saturn and there is no conjunction. 12. The twelfth house has Moon and there is no conjunction. Now take up your own horoscope or of anyone known to you and do a similar exercise.

Illustration Two
The type of exercise we have done in the case of John F Kennedy will be repeated here, but with some additional features. Repeat the same exercise. It will be done briefly here. Take up the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth

Planets and degrees/Minutes Lords of Nakshatras

Sun 07 29' Ashwini (Ketu) Moon 1918' Ashlesha (Mercury) Mars 2804' Dhanista (Mars) Mercury 1214' Uttar Bhadrapad (Saturn) Jupiter 0001' Dhanista (Mars) Venus 2114' Purva Bhadrapad (Jupiter) Saturn (R) 0135' Vishakha (Jupiter) Rahu 2110' Punarvasu (Jupiter) Ketu 2110' Purvasadha (Venus) Lagna 0021' Uttarashadha (Sun)

Note Balance of Mercury Mahadasha of 13 years, 7 months and 21 days Descriptions One
1. The Lagna of the Queen is Makar, (Capricorn) 2. Her Rashi (Moon-sign) is Karka (Cancer) 3. Her janma nakshatra is Ashlesha whose lord is Mercury. 4. Since Ashlesha begins at 16o40 degrees in Karka and the Queens Moon i s at 19o18 she got the balance of Mercury. How? 5. You know from the table of nakshatras that Mercury has a total period of seventeen (17) years. So the simple calculations is 17 years minus 13 years, 7 months and 21 days means. 6. The expired portion is 3 years, 4 months and 9 days.The Queen thus gets at birth the Mahadasha of Mercury. No person gets full mahadasha at birth. if he lives long enough he gets other dashas in full. At his death he again gets only part of the dasha which happens to be running then. Now the calculation of what the Queen is passing through now is done thus:

In this case do full PAC. Then locate the naksatras of all planets
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu 0511" 0346"1040" 2914" 2531" 2753" 2814" 1044" 0835" 0835"

If you have done all the exercises given so far, you are prepared now to go into the second MEMORY TABLET. That will take you into the predictive aspects of Hindu astrology. The next step is to find out which sub-period in the major period of Rahu she is running now. Instead of showing it here, examples will be given later in some other illustrations.

So the information you have now is that the Queen is passing through her dasha of Rahu, who is positioned in the sixth house which represents difficulties, obstacles, opposition etc. No wonder that is is in this period that the Queen has been having all trouble from her children particularly from her heir-apparent, Prince Charles and Princess Daina.

1. Lagna lord (Saturn) is in the eleventh house of Mars. 2. The second lord (Saturn) is in the eleventh house of Mars. 3. The third lord (Jupiter) is in the second house of Saturn and is conjoined with Venus, the fifth and the tenth lord. 4. The fourth lord Mars is in the Lagna aspected by Saturn. 5. The fifth lord (Venus) is with Jupiter, the third and the twelfth lord in the second house. 6. The sixth lord (Mercury) is in the third house of Jupiter but is debilitated. 7. The seventh lord, the Moon is in his own house, Karka 8. The eighth lord, the Sun is in the forth house of Mars and is being aspected by exalted Mars (the fourth aspect) 9. The ninth lord (Mercury) is in the third house, debilitated. 10. The tenth lord (Venus) is with Jupiter in the second house. 11. The eleventh lord (Mars) is exalted in the Lagna. 12. The twelfth lord (Jupiter) is in the second house with Venus.

Note some special features in the horoscope of the Queen. She was not an heir-apparent when she was born. But her uncle fell in love and sacrificed his kingdom for the sake of his lady love. Elizabeths father became the king of England and she being his first child, a female though, with no brothers, became an undisputed heir apparent. To come into such great luck there must be some great promise in her horoscope. Note some special features. 1. Mars, the planet of authority and administration is in extreme point of exaltation. 2. The Sun, the planet of royalty, is also exalted and is advancing towards its point of extreme exaltation, which is ten degrees in Mesha. 3. Venus, the tenth lord of kingdom, jewellery and precious stones is in the second house of wealth.

Though so far no principles of predictions have been given, yet to create some interest, some stray hints have been given. Now let us see how the Dasha of the Queen helped her. 1. She was born in the mahadasha of Mercury, who is also her ninth lord representing her father because the ninth house represents father. In this period her father became the King of England. 2. Next came the period of Ketu, in the twelfth house, the place of hiding, imprisonment, foreign journeys and salvation. The young Elizabeth had to be protected from the army of Hitler during the second world war. 3. Then came the long spell of Venus of twenty years. Venus as the lord of her tenth house gave her the kingdom and as the fifth lord gave her, four children. The tenth house is Karma, work, fame etc. and the fifth house is the house of child-birth. Therefore, those who jump into yogas without understanding the psychological depth of a horoscope do harm to astrology and lovers of astrology. How the classical yogas are to be understood has not been understood by the writers who are mere compilers and not researchers.

Follow the steps given below

1. Never be in a hurry to jump to conclusions when you judge a horoscope. 2. You have to make a total analysis which starts with the PAC analysis. 3. The PAC approach gives you a total picture.

Classical Yogas
4. What about the yogas given in books on astrology is the question that must spring in the minds of those readers who have read such books. Let me tell you, for certain, that those books will give you a totally incohate picture of a horoscope. The reasons are (a) Few writers have even understood that the classical yogas can function within the overall planetary promises, as a whole, of a horoscope, never outside. There is for instance the well-known Gajakesari Yoga. In a bad horoscope what is the role of this famous yoga. This can be understood after lot of experience. A full book will have to be written on this from an entirely different angle. (b) All the yogas given in those books can become totally ineffective in many ways, because good ones get nullified by bad ones and the reverse also happens. (c) Therefore ignore those yogas first and look at the series of examples given here to appreciate that judgement in Hindu astrology can mature only when a total picture of a horoscope emerges out.

(d) After doing the exercises given here, go next to the other memory Tablet which is D.A.R.E.S. You will see in the examples given later how life takes a queer twists. With the intention to help people avoid memorizing. The traditional Indian method since ancient times has been to make a boy memoriesshlokas (Sanskrit stanzas) which gave in capsules all these principles. It is not possible to take up such boys these days and follow similar methods. As it is many people who get interested in astrology, begin to learn the subject, late in their lives, and have no capacity to memorize. When learning through rote memory is not possible, what is surely possible is to learn through associative memory. Take up the horoscopes (Illustration 3 to Illustration 14) and describe them systematically. Keep doing this exercise always. You will hear and read about some professionals like MBA, engineers or doctors giving up their main line and taking up to astrology. Do not be impressed by all that. A professional who has not done well in his own profession over a period is not competent, generally, to be a good astrologer because astrology needs higher analytical gifts and ability to synthesize faster. A Chartered Accountant found more money in astrology than in his own profession. Do not mistake him for a missionary astrologer. Still, without becoming a professional astrologer (as a predictor or as a mill producing cook books on astrology), keep alive your interest in astrology as a lover of divine knowledge. It will help you spiritually and keep you away from the world of frauds which is what astrologers seem to be becoming all over the world.