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Mudah, Heza S.

Botany205 - B As a nursing student, having microbiology subject as one of the foundation in the field of nursing would improve our basic understandings on how a certain disease will emerge. Carrying this knowledge throughout the future will be a big aid in treating patients, such as using the appropriate and proper aseptic technique (to lessen/avoid the microorganisms multiplying ability). Personally, Id choose microbiology subject over the other nursing subjects because Im naturally fascinated and will always be glad to lend my time and attention during the discussion in this subject, although NCM and CHN are enthralling too. The key to a students attention is fun, activities will either go in a two way direction: fun or boring. Well, it depends on how the instructor facilitate, on our nursing subjects, we are filled with activities which are sometimes fun and sometimes would also give us pressure and boredom. But in terms of kicking our boredom away, CHN would be the champion for me. Our teacher, since we meet once in a week, will always prepare an activity for us, also the captivating power point presentation. In this period, the class will be alive. On the other hand, microbiology is more on formal discussion of the respective topics; activities are less which may be included in the category of half-boring half-fun. These are my reasons; number one: half boring because activities are less, more on quizzes; number two: half fun because it is interesting for me. But at the end of the day, no matter how boring you feel in that particular subject, as long as you learn because you voluntarily wanted to, not because you need to, youll always pass it, no matter how hard the quizzes are, as long as you learn by heart, you will always be on the top. Actually, I dont care if a subject is boring, as long as it is capturing my urge to learn more about this and that, I will always be glad to have a perfect attendance (except for the time(s) that I don t feel good). Moreover, the nursing care management or better known as the NCM subject is actually one of the pleasing subjects that is listed on my list. NCM particularly the OB (because it consists of two subtopics: the Pedia and Ob) is second in line with the microbiology. Why? Simply because OB deals with the anatomy and physiology of a woman, the reproductive system and not to mention, the psychological facts about feminism too. I, myself is a young lady, I could greatly relate with this subject, which is a great help in adding my interest on it but not in Pedia (I dont mean to be stereotypical). Frankly, I dont like the idea that I will be around with the kids, because I dont like to hear noise. But since I chose this course, I have to deal with them, so I should learn to love them. Moving on, microbiology is indeed a unique subject. While in the other nursing subjects, we focus on the macrobuilt stuffs, in microbiology, we focus on microorganisms. Interestingly, these microorganisms would cause either harm or benefit to us, what Im trying to say is, these guys are just like humans, some causes danger and some gives satisfaction. It is a unique subject amongst the other because what we cant see by our naked eye is the cause of about millions of mortality and morbidity of the people from across the globe; alternatively, some causes healthy productions inside us. They have the negative and the positive side. Additionally, these microorganisms are part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not, they are around us, but we cant see them. For instance, microbiology would be mesmerizing to the other subjects if it is full of activities and stories. I remember when we had our anatomy and physiology subject, words cant describe how each of us feels to see our score in every quiz, because we are afraid to get a failing mark. That subject is the toughest one Ive ever had. During the midterm, I got a failing mark because I dont understand every topic we discuss, plus the fact that Im not interested on it. Since

I saw my failing mark, I got motivated to read and read our book, but it seems that my efforts are just 50 percent chance to reach my goal: to pass the subject and to have my name on the list of cap and badge ceremony candidates. I was so pressured that time, until our instructor added some spices on the way she teaches. When she teaches, she would tell a story, and that is the story of our subject for the day. Fascinated, it all embarks inside my head, and to my surprise, I always pass her quizzes. And voila! I reached my first goal: to wear the white uniform and most specially the cap. By way of example, if this concept will be applied in the microbiology subject, maybe all of the students will always pass the quiz. From the last topic we tackled, the defenses, a story maybe created or an activity. But fate didnt allow us, an unexpected happening in our city happened. Furthermore, the subject microbiology is actually fun, but it lacks flavor. Microbiology is an interesting, helpful and amazing subject because it deals with something I havent seen, known and felt before. It is helpful because, as what I have mentioned earlier, it will help us cater the needs of our patients by simply applying what we have learned. Practically, the basic knowledge in microbiology will be a stepping stone to deal with the most complex idea in the field of medical treatment, the vaccines. The concepts of these vaccines are indeed genius. And as the time goes by, researchers are trying to develop a vaccine for the mysterious fatal virus of all time, the Ebola virus. As what Ive seen on T.V., with the great help of technology, this vaccine will surely be developed and will be a great benefit for us. By partially destroying the viruss protein coat, this microorganism will be weak and will have no more ability to invade our body. In all honesty, microbiology is a great help for me because with the knowledge I carry, at least, it will help in prevention. I can never imagine the world without microbiology.