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BMS Software Support Policy

For Schneider Electric Building Management Systems
Product Announcement Number PA-00271 Refer to these supporting documents for more detailed information: PA-00272 Software Support for Andover Continuum With evolving technology and cyber security considerations, Schneider Electric has enhanced our BMS Software Support Policy to: Help our integrators manage and support system requirements, including Microsoft products and their significant dependencies Establish clear and predictable timelines for product support per software product and version This BMS Software Support Policy applies to the following product solutions: SmartStruxure solution Andover Continuum Satchwell MicroNet Satchwell Sigma TAC I/A Series TAC I/NET TAC Vista Per this policy, Schneider Electric will discontinue support for particular software versions. Refer to the Product Announcements (listed under Policy At A Glance) to understand the impact specific to each system. PA-00274 Software Support for TAC Vista PA-00279 Software Support for TAC I/NET PA-00280 Software Support for TAC I/A Series PA-00297 Software Support for Satchwell Sigma PA-00298 Software Support for Satchwell MicroNet PA-00300 Software Support for SmartStruxure solution Global Product Support Service Level Agreement These documents can be found on the Global Buildings Business Extranet.

Software Support Policy

This BMS Software Support Policy establishes a clear expectation for product support timelines. Product support is detailed in the Global Product Support Service Level Agreement. It includes the terms and conditions of the product support agreement, contact information for the product support centers, and procedures for how issues are handled and escalated if needed. The Service Level Agreement can be found on the Global Buildings Business Extranet by navigating to the Support > Product Support section. Software updates (e.g. service packs, hot fixes) are applied on the most recent version released. After evaluation, Schneider Electric may determine that a software update shall also be released for an earlier version, but these cases are exceptions. It is recommended that sites remain current and upgrade to the latest software version, compatible with their application. Unless otherwise specified, orders for new products shall be fulfilled (e.g. software licenses) with the latest software version.

[ Product Announcement ] BMS Software Support Policy Minimum timelines for support: The general policy that follows describes minimum timelines of support: 1. Minimum support time of a software version is 3 years from its release date. 2. If there is no subsequent version released within the last 3 years, the minimum support time is extended until: o A new software version is released, or o 5 years from the release date has elapsed 3. The effective end of support* date is December 31 of the corresponding year (as defined by #2): st o If the three- or five -year timeline is reached before December 31 , software support is st extended until December 31 of the same year 4. Software support is only offered for sites that have: o Schneider Electric software versions that comply with the statements above o Schneider Electric software installed on platforms that are still currently supported by the original vendor (e.g. Microsoft operating systems and versions) 5. Software updates for specific versions (e.g. service packs, hot fixes) do not extend the initial release date of the version (e.g. updates do not extend software support minimum timelines) * End of support refers to the date when Schneider Electric officially discontinues standard product support services as described in the Global Product Support Service Level Agreement. Until the end of support date is reached, standard support processes are adhered by. Note: Software versions affected by the above policy for which end of support dates have not been st announced will be supported through December 31 , 2013. However, there are exceptions to this general statement. Refer to the supporting Software Support Product Announcement per BMS (listed under Policy At A Glance) for details on how this policy affects each range. Examples: Software product Software example 1 Software example 2 Software version (of currently active product) Example version 10.0 Example version 10.1 Example version 11.0** Date of last software version release 2011-Jan-15 2002-Mar-27 Software Support Policy minimum timeline rule applied plus 5 years st on Dec. 31 Software Support Policy minimum timeline rule applied plus 3 years st on Dec. 31 Minimum effective end of support date 2016-Dec-31 2013-Dec-31 Minimum effective end of support date 2013-Dec-31 2014-Dec-31 2015-Dec-31

Release date 2010-Dec-14 2011-Jun-08 2012-Nov-02

** If Version 11.0 is the last software release, then (per the policy) two years are added and the effective end st of support date becomes December 31 , 2017. Microsoft Lifecycle Support Policy Microsoft maintains a Lifecycle Support Policy which describes the support lifecycle of Microsoft products (e.g. operating systems, SQL database engines). Schneider Electric adheres to this policy. As mentioned in Schneider Electrics BMS Software Support Policy, Schneider Electric software must be maintained on currently supported Microsoft operating systems and SQL database versions. Visit the Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search site at: http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/search/ for more information on the support dates for Microsoft products and versions.
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