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Build comfort and trust

by Social Mastery (IN10SE)

Have you ever noticed how lovers talk to each other and how they act around each other? During college, I was watching a roommate of mine and his girlfriend interact one day and this occurred to me. They were sitting there on the couch cuddling, holding each other and talking "baby" talk to each other. He would even call her "baby" and you should've seen how they acted when they thought no one was looking. I was actually kind of embarrassed for him. He was this big macho guy and she was normally a strong willed confident woman but around each other when they thought no one was !aying attention, they both became "baby" like they both regressed. I'm sure you know e"actly what I'm talking about. #ou may have even been there before. $o what is regression and how does it !lay into $eduction? %uite sim!ly, regression is a return to a !revious stage of !sychological develo!ment. $ome !hiloso!hers would say that "love" itself is a regression of sorts, and that the desire for love is actually motivated by a !arental bond that develo!ed during infancy and childhood. #ou can actually accelerate the seduction !rocess by "regressing" your target by using some of the following techni&ues and conce!ts. '( )uild comfort and trust *omfort and trust are a !rere&uisite to regression. +emember ,rickson's stages of develo!ment in -sychology '.'? The first stage during infancy is Trust vs. /istrust. Trust and comfort are the keys that lead back to this stage. 0( Teasing

$o why does teasing work so well for regression? 1ell remember when you were a kid on the !layground and there was that bratty guy2girl that 3ust annoyed you at times? Do you remember how you acted toward that !erson? 1ell as adults, we take this kind of behavior as "Teasing" and if done in a fun way it adds not only $-4+5$ to the relationshi! but *hallenge as well6 4nother thing, we'd all love to feel like teenagers again. It was that time when we were out girl chasing or guy chasing and there was no sense of res!onsibility. Do you remember making out in the back of an em!ty movie theatre? 7r being at home with your boyfriend2girlfriend and making out on the couch ho!ing that your !arents wouldn't come home and "catch" you? 7f most !eo!le would never admit that it was during this time when they were discovering their se"uality and when they were having "first e"!eriences". 8ow, verbal teasing is one thing but don't forget about "!hysical teasing"6 8ow use some common sense with this and know your boundaries but things like sna!!ing a bra stra!, giving her a "ras!berry", or even a "nuggie" can drive someone cra9y6 ,ven doing things like !ointing to their stomach and saying "1hat's that?" and as they look, you draw you finger u! so it brushes their nose6 4lthough they may say they hate it, most !eo!le actually love being teased if it's done !layfully6 :( -lay "Thera!ist" 4lthough this a!!roach can be controversial, it actually can cause a regression &uite effectively maybe even dangerously so. -sychoanalysts have called this regression effect "transference" because as the !erson talks about their childhood and !ast memories, they transfer their !arental father figure "bond" to their thera!ist. ;reud actually used this method in -sychothera!y and he ended u! with a number of his !atients obsessed and falling in love with him. $o how would you use this? <et someone to talk about their childhood. Have her describe her first memories with you, what she was like as a little child, if they had a safe !lace or a favorite !lace that they would go to !lay. 4lso have them describe their first crush and first kiss. what it

was like and all the details about it. =( +egression is a result of I8T,+4*TI78 ;or a woman, a regression can lead to a "father figure" dynamic. and that's not always a good thing, !articularly if they had a troubled relationshi! with him... on the other hand, as a man you can !rovide the needs that she may have had as a child but never received. $ome women want this at an unconscious level actually and you'll recogni9e these women by the demands that they make on you. They are looking for someone to take care of them emotionally, !hysically, mentally. )ut it can be very draining unless this is the dynamic that you know as well. +egressing along with a woman can ha!!en as well I don't need to say much about this, although don't be like my college roommate. ;or men, kee! some shred of your masculinity intact6 7ne day your woman may wake u! from her "trance" and think "1hat a wuss6" )e tender and sweet but always offer a challenge and kee! your masculine energy. ;or women, men are attracted to your feminine energies. 4s a woman, you can be nurturing, caring and sweet and this contrasts well with his masculine energies and !rovides the s!ark of attraction. 1hen you switch over to more masculine energies, be careful because too much focused directiveness is seen as a masculine trait in our culture and this can either dull the attraction or make a man more submissive in order for him to balance the energies of the relationshi!6 /en be men, and women be women6 7ur differences are what make us attractive to each other and what makes s!arks fly between us6 >( /ore on regression Here are more ways to regress your date ? *uddling ? <ive her a "cute" nickname that she H4T,$6 ? ;eeding someone @your hands to their mouth( ? Aetting them suck on things @fingers, candy...( ? -rotective touchB @your arm around them crowd.( ? -layful s!anking6 @careful with this one6( ? -layful touchB @light "roughhousing".( These are 3ust some of the ways to feel like a naughty teenager again and you know that can be fun6 In fact, I talk about this

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