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Modular geodesic domes as life-savers in case of a tsunami

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Opportunity: Patent application file A 2007 00690, dated October 10, 2007, entitled !eodesic dome, met"od of construction of a geodesic dome and geodesic dome modules s#stem$ Owner: %lorin &O'()*C+
florin,dobrescu-gmail,com florin,dobrescu-stardome,ro . /0701 123 072


4"e starting point5 a concept for modular "ousing based on an innovative geodesic dome

simple, modular, versatile

4"e ke#5 structural redundanc#

means eas# assembl#

4"e dome maintains its s"ape even under serious structural damage 7

6 resilient structures

4"e condition5 4"e 2011 48"oku eart"9uake and tsunami

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s"ocked t"e :orld and put t"e modern construction paradigm under 9uestioning,

4"e facts5 Main causes of deat" in case of a tsunami

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1. Drowning

2. Injurie !rom !"oating #ebri Get !u"" bo#y protection $

Stay a!"oat $

%&e 'i ion: It i point"e to maintain tructura" integrity o! t&e bui"#ing w&en a"" in&abitant are eit&er #rowne#( eit&er wa &e# away.

"i!e* a'ior

r e " " i )

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"i!e* a'ior
Wikimedia Commons

+"oating &e""

a'e "i'e .

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4"e transition5 from car safet# to building safet#

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&uring an accident, cars are designed to get destro#ed in a life-saving manner,

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'uildings s"ould do t"e same in case of a tsunami 7

;o: to do it < =ife-saving buildings s"ould :it"stands "urricanes,

4"e dome s"ape minimi>es :ind loads, 4"e boat-like bell# of t"e modules minimi>e :ater loads during t"e "urricane floods,

4"e connectors t"at link t"e structure to t"e foundation :it"stand t"e regular loads due to :ind and :ater during a "urricane,

;o: to do it < =ife-saving buildings s"ould :it"stands ma?or eart"9uakes,

4"e lig"t:eig"t structure of t"e building minimi>es loads during an eart"9uake, *tructural redundanc# improves t"e resilience of t"e modules to structural damage,

4"e connectors t"at link t"e structure to t"e foundation :it"stand t"e regular loads due to eart"9uakes,

;o: to do it < 4"e building is released to float freel# :"en "it b# a tsunami,

4"e connectors t"at link t"e structure to t"e foundation get unlocked under t"e "ig"er loads due to a tsunami and release t"e building or t"e modules to float freel#,

;o: to do it < @n tall buildings t"e modules in t"e lo:er levels are released to float freel#,

4"e connectors t"at link t"e structure to t"e solid conventional core of t"e building get unlocked under t"e loads due to a tsunami and release t"e modules to float freel# and save lives,

Protection against dro:ning

4"e construction panels include t"ick insulation as solid foams, 4"e large volumes of lig"t:eig"t insulation foam ensures buo#anc# even if t"e modules are partiall# filled :it" :ater or t"e panels suffer damage due to t"e collision :it" obstacles or floating debris, 'allast at t"e base of t"e modules avoids t"em to roll, Multi-modular constructions gain additional stabilit#,

One gets :et, not dro:ned,

Protection against floating debris

*p"ere-s"aped domes are resilient to compression, *tructural redundanc# allo:s t"e maintenance of t"e s"ape even in t"e situation of important structural damage,

4"e building acts like life-saving protecting armor,

;o: is t"e building released from t"e foundation during a tsunami <
Plent# of alternatives5

=o: tec" al:a#s seems t"e bestC

connectors designed to cras" under tsunami loads connectors designed to release t"e structure from t"e foundation5 at certain :ater "eig"ts andAor at :ater flo:s :it" a certain speed and direction at a certain level of tsunami alert at o:nerBs command

;o: to protect t"e building during t"e first "it <

(einforce t"e modulesC Create a reinforced concrete :allC

One al:a#s kno:s t"e direction of t"e first "itC @t comes al:a#s from t"e oceanC

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Ddd s"ock-absorbing structuresC Con t"e side of t"e ocean,

;o: t"e modules :it"stand collisions :it" floating 6 stationar# ob?ects <

'# floating freel# t"e pressure of t"e floating debris over t"e modules is minimi>ed, @f modules float freel#, t"e# can escape to narro: areas due to stationar# structures, =oads from stationar# structures can be minimi>ed b# t"e free spin and balance of t"e modules, *tructural redundanc# ensures resilience of t"e modules to structural damage, %oam insulation and structural insulated panels act as s"ock dumpers, 4erraces act as s"ock dumpers,
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W"at "appens if t"e buildingsAmodules reac" open sea <

4"e# s"ould float for da#s and :eeks, allo:ing t"e rescue of t"e "umans and, if economicall# feasible, of t"e structures, @ndividual modules ma# resist better, but are prone to roll on "ig" :aves,

W"at "appens if t"e buildingsAmodules reac" inland areas

4"e concept allo:s deconstruction, refurbis"ment and repair and reinstallation in t"e initial location t"is minimi>es costs for t"e o:ners and for t"e insurers, 4"e displaced modules can be used as immediatel# available s"elters after t"e disaster, covering survival needs even in case of eEtensive damage of t"e local infrastructure,

*ustainabilit# 6 green energies F al:a#s a plusC

*urvivabilit# after disaster is a long-term effort, Off-grid energ# from p"otovoltaic and t"ermal comfort provide immediate relief, Plain :ater provisions mig"t represent t"e standard ballast of t"e modules, Composting toilets mig"t improve "#giene and reduce environmental impact even after ma?or disasters,

W"ere to use t"e concept <

Dll t"e costal areas eEposed to t"e tsunami "a>ard5 Gapan continental s"orelines and all t"e lo:-ground areas of t"e islands of t"e Pacific and of t"e @ndian Ocean

W"ere to use t"e concept <

+ltimatel#, all t"e costal areas :orld:ide 6 all inland areas eEposed to floods Hincluding Iet"erlands, 'anglades", etc CJ

!I+ %ree &ocumentation =icense

=ast but not least5 t"e design features s"ould fit t"e Gapanese spirit in order to gain :ide local acceptance

4"ank #ou 7

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