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Stand Neo

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Stand Neo Brochure 1.2 January 2010

Stand Neo

As the technology and demands of sophistication takes architectural spaces to new highs in interior design, so is the drive for innovation and concepts. Continuing its pioneering strides, Anutone now brings to market the latest flooring underlayment systems. Stand Neo the new noise and vibration control underlayment system is a high-performance, neoprene rubber sheet material developed and formulated to dampen and/or isolate impact sound and noise vibrations at source. It is a simple but effective solution for creating flooring systems for high pressure multi-storey dwellings such as condominiums, hotels, apartments, corporate high-rises, and manufacturing facilities that require stringent noise ratings.
Applications Specifically designed and developed for multi-storey dwellings requiring high noise control ratings, Stand Neo is the most suitable application for: Condominiums Hotels Apartments Corporate high-rises Convention / Business Centres Manufacturing facilities

Key Attributes Manufactured in compliance with stringent testing parameters, Stand Neo not only acts as a noise deadener but also as a decoupler as it breaks the noise transmission path through the floor-ceiling assembly, and thereby prevents noise flanking from one space to the other. The feature-rich underlayment floor system is characterised by High load bearing capacity- offers long-term performance without bottoming out under high point loads Resistance to aging and deformation - minimal creep even under high loads Eco-friendly - completely recyclable Cost-effective- no expensive mechanical parts, no need for separate perimeter strips Easy to install- can be individually cut into sheets, pads, and strips to suit exact install Flexible- adds to the floor layout, minimises the construction heights

Eco-Friendly That the Stand Neo is completely recyclable, it fulfils todays companies requirement to be eco-friendly, and complements their green policies. It can as well help companies win LEED points. Size Stand Neo is available in roll sizes of 1000mm width and 2000mm lengths with thicknesses of 5mm and 10mm. Thickness choice is application dependent. Safety Stand Neo does not mould, or attract mildew or fungus.

Ease is the way Though Stand Neo comes in neoprene rubber sheets, it can be cut into pads and strips. It can fit into any size. That it lays flat and will not slip during installation, it is easy to carry out the install as per the specs. More, that it does not require any separate perimeter strips or mechanical parts, it makes a faster and cost-effective install.

Load Deflection

Vibration Insulation

Natural Frequency

Long-term Creep

Installation Surfaces where Stand Neo is to be adhered are cleaned first and freed from dents / projections Any structural elements (columns and beam) continuous with the primary surface should also be covered with Stand Neo Stand Neo sheets to be first cut into desired sizes - any existing supporting members from slab like screw rods, G.I wires, anchor bolts etc should be carefully viewed Mark location of wires, screw rods etc in the sheet and cut to sizes before pasting on the surface Apply contact rubber adhesive by using roller or brush on Stand Neo as well as surface it has to be adhered On achieving sufficient tackiness with rubber adhesive, paste Stand Neo to the surface Butt joints between Stand Neo to be lined by using 50mm wide black insulation tape Additionally metal fasteners with rubber washers can be used to hold Stand Neo in position (approx 4 fasteners / sheet)



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