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Mrton Koppny: The Book of Question (mark)s

Copyright 201

!y Mrton Koppny

institute of broken and reduced languages http:""###$thing$net"%grist"&'"koppany"koppany$htm

Contents (o)er pie(e: bonsai no.1 "200*" where "200+" asemic volcano "2011" no question "2010" thanks for the question "2011" question for ,ary Bar#in "2012" old question for -n're# Tope& "2012" almost a question "2012" addendum "2012" vacation "200." -&& poems #ere pre)ious&y pu!&ishe' in: Endgames (/to&iths0 2001) Modulations (/to&iths0 2010) Addenda (/to&iths0 2012)


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