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Hi folks,

I put this together back in January for a friend I was coaching at the time. It is
essentially a digest of all the digests, sorted by post category. It's been sitting on
my web server since then, and it must have been indexed by google or something
because it's been getting a lot of hits. So I might as well post it here since it's
already out there... Enjoy.

People are welcome to add to this if they wish—here is a link to the original .doc.
Edit it, save as both .doc and .htm, and email both files to me at If you have any other comments or suggestions, you can
post those in the anthology thread.

I hope you find this useful.


I. Background
a. 2+2 Lingo and Abbreviations by ajmargarine
b. Basic Theory: Expected Value by matrix128
c. How to Put It All Together and be a Winning Player by MikeyPatriot
d. Where does the money come from? by dbitel & Isura
e. Control by quarkncover
f. When to move up: confidence & skill by BalugaWhale
II. Strategy
a. Fundamentals
i. 6 Max fundamentals for SSNL players by Tien
ii. Loose Aggressive Play by BalugaWhale
iii. What matters, what doesn’t by cbloom
iv. A Framework For Poker Study by LearnedfromTV
v. The ABC's of betting in NL by various
vi. How to use Poker Tracker by Pokey
b. Pre-flop
i. Why raise 4xBB + 1BB per limper? by various
ii. Basic Theory - Raising Preflop (a discussion) by matrix128
iii. Raising For Information by BobboFitos
iv. AK vs. a reraise by various
v. The 5/10 Rule by various
vi. Advice on playing SCs from an MSNLer by DJ Sensei
vii. Isolate against the fish very frequently by whitelime
viii. Raising small PPs UTG by various
ix. Some interesting but common preflop situations (reverse implied
odds, etc) by john kane
x. You should open-limp...NOT by RichChed
c. 3-betting
i. Some 3bet situations by
ii. uNL Concept of the Week #2: 3-betting light by dbitel
iii. Why 3bet preflop with hands like AJ? by various
iv. Discussion on 3betting with AK
d. C-betting
i. Continuation Betting pt. 1 by MYNAMEIZGREG
ii. Why am I C-betting again? by bilbo-san
iii. Should I CB? A quiz. by ajmargarine
iv. Continuation Betting by the machine
v. More cbet theory and discussion by various
vi. When DON'T you c-bet? by various
vii. Continuation Bet Article by FreakDaddy
viii. C-betting 101: Creating a Positive Return by absoludicrous
ix. Another spot not to c-bet by Mercman572
e. Blinds
i. Blind Stealing by Pokey
ii. Blind Stealing pt. 2: Punishing Limpers by dbitel
iii. Theory: Play From the Blinds by various
iv. General Question on Big Blind Defense by various
v. How To Play From the Small Blind by various
vi. Stats Discussion: Defending Blinds by various
vii. Small Blind Completion Ranges by various
viii. Completing from the SB with any two suited is a HUGE leak by
f. Position
i. Playing junk from late position by tannenj
ii. Playing Out Of Position by epdaws
iii. Positional Advantage by Pokey
iv. A Textbook Case of Playing TPTK OOP by various
v. The Importance of Position by various
vi. Interesting new line for playing 2nd pair OOP by dbitel
vii. Playing a draw OOP by various
viii. Playing AK OOP by various
ix. Playing TPTK in position by DJ Sensei et al
g. Floating
i. uNL Concept of the Week #1: Floating by EMcWilliams
ii. Theory question: floating... by various
iii. Why float? by various
iv. Some floating examples by djoyce003
v. Floating in SSNL by ata et al
vi. Definition of floating by various
vii. Floating in RR'ed pots by orange
viii. If you are going to float, bet like a man! (3/4 to pot) by various
ix. A classic floating hand by Big_Jim
x. OOP floats are a bad idea by various
h. Blocking
i. Is this where we use a blocking bet? by various
ii. Raising a blocking bet by various
iii. On blocking bet sizing by kurto
iv. This is not a blocking bet by cwar
v. Slap me around like a $1 ho by mosuavea
vi. More on blocking bets by various
i. Pot Control
i. uNL Concept of the Week #3: Pot Control by EMcWilliams
ii. Pot Control MSNL Theory Discussion by various
iii. AQs flops TP2k by ImsaKidd
iv. Pot control... or is it? (note b0on's range post) by dbitel et al
v. The myth of pot control (a theory) by dbitel
vi. A Post On Pot Control OOP Takes An Unexpected Turn by various
j. Fold Equity
i. PSA: On Fold Equity by The Grunch
ii. BEHOLD, the importance of fold equity by ThePortuguee
iii. Pushing, Fold Equity, and +EV vs +++EV by various
iv. Calling instead of pushing when you have no FE (see
teamdonkey's reply) by various
v. Thinking about EV/FE the right way – OESFD vs TPTK example by
vi. How NOT To Play a Double Draw by various
k. Image
i. Mentality, Image, and Changing Gears by Tien
ii. Putting Tansik's bullshit to good use by EMcWilliams
l. Bluffing
i. Bluffing Essay by ThePortuguee
ii. The Art of the Semi-bluff by mason55 et al
m. Value
i. Getting it in by poincaraux
ii. C/R vs. b/3b by dbitel
iii. How to extract value at 25nl by kurto
iv. Essay on betting the turn vs. betting the river by Requin
v. uNL Concept of the Week #4: Valuebetting by EMcWilliams
vi. Very very rarely is slowplaying correct by whitelime
n. Implied Odds
i. uNL Concept of the Week #5: Reverse Implied Odds by
ii. Suited Connectors, Implied Odds, and You by goofyballer et al
iii. Overestimating Implied Odds by Tickner
iv. Deep Stacks, Implied odds, Preflop Play and more by
o. Hand reading, etc
i. Hand Ranges and Multiple Level Thinking by Mercman572
ii. Valuable Reads by djoyce003
iii. A side note to the fundamental theorem of poker by dbitel
iv. Hand Reading 101: AK
v. Macro and micro levels of thinking by amoeba
p. Misc Hands
i. KK - Save the $ or burn it? by orange
ii. Playing TT OOP on a Q high board by various
iii. The Grunch Theorem + discussion on AhAc vs KK on KhJh4h
board by various
iv. JJJ in a raised pot -- good place for a check raise by various
q. General
i. Avoid Difficult Decisions by The Grunch
ii. Most valuable notes to take by Pokey
iii. The so-called Baluga Theorem by BalugaWhale
iv. The Baluga Theorem in Action by various
v. Common actions and why we take them by EMcWilliams
vi. Tips for multitabling by EMcWilliams
vii. Optimal Small Stakes NL Strategy by Pokey
viii. Opening Up Your Eyes and Your Game by AJFenix
ix. Isura makes some very valid points on when to reload
x. Things to note in the absence of reads by kaz2107
xi. Slowplaying is almost never correct... except in this hand by
xii. Understanding ranges and not being results oriented by dbitel
xiii. Small PPs: Moving Beyond Set Mining by AZplaya
xiv. The "Stop and Go" move explained by various
xv. Addressing two big SSNL questions by Pokey
xvi. Game selection, identifying fish, etc by whitelime
xvii. Beating multitabling TAGs by various
xviii. The Your Story thread by various
r. The Well (learn from successful online players’
i. aba20 summary
ii. 4_2_it summary
iii. dbitel summary
iv. ahnuld summary
v. cts summary
vi. El Diablo summary
vii. kitaristi0
viii. Jamougha
ix. tufat23
x. EMcWilliams
xi. yvesaint
xii. mosuavea
xiii. Clayton
xiv. BalugaWhale
xv. Pokey
xvi. JKratzer
xvii. Orange
xviii. theBruiser500
xix. goofyballer
III. Psychology
a. Dealing with a downswing by AZplaya
b. % chance to break even over 20k hand stretch by Pokey
c. Variance, Tilt, Ego, and SSNL by lmw
d. WAIT! By Pokey
e. The biggest mistake you can make when “moving up” by Pokey
f. How Do Non-Rational Players Succeed in Poker? by ZeeJustin
g. Winner's Tilt & Loser's Tilt by beavens
h. The Harsh Reality of Downswings by BadMongo
IV. Other
a. SSNL Videos compiled by 4_2_it
b. Posting Advice for 2+2 by Vammakala