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University Center for the Humanities For Immediate Release Western Michigan University Center for the Humanities

Present 2013-2014 Series Changing Climates KALAMAZOO, MI (September 9th, 2013)- The Center for the Humanities located at Western Michigan University is presenting a 2013-2014 series about Changing Climates. The Center will be bringing together scientists and humanists to discuss what we need to know, how and why we should do in response to the environment today. The scientific research that has come forth will be talked about among scientists, artists, humanists, and social scientists from all different perspectives. The Center will be providing a list of speakers from every view dealing with climate control. The speakers that will be attending in this series are as follows: Michele Olka Doner, who is an internationally renowned artist who will be talking about works of art in this series. Another speaker who will be speaking is Bill McKibben, who will be giving a perspective unlike any other. Kenneth Chang is the science reporter, who will give a scientific perspective. Peggy Shepard will also be appearing in this climate series. She will be speaking on behalf of WE ACT, for Environmental Justice in West Harlem. The speaker who will be attending is Sandra Steingraber, who is an ecologist, author, cancer survivor, and internationally recognized expert on the subjects of environmental links to cancer and human health. Osama Madany, a professor of English literature and is the chair of the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, and Menoufiya University. The series of Changing Climates is designed to bring together speakers who have all different perspectives in the subject of environmental issues. Its main purpose is to gather dialogue between scientists, humanists, social scientists, artists, politicians, and citizens. Changing Climates will provide an overall forum to voice opinions about the critical issues that we all deal with in our world today. The Mission of the Center for Humanities is to recognize and support the humanities at Western Michigan University. It is a gathering place for dialogue, the Center acts as a safe place to exchange ideas and opinions among audiences such as faculty, emeriti, alumni, undergraduate and graduate students and also people in the wider community in Kalamazoo. Through the understanding of diverse cultural, professional, political, and intellectual landscape, we also nurture engaged academic and community life. Visit the University Center for the Humanities at www.wmich.edu/humanities. The location and times of each of the speakers are listed below: September 26th, 2013 Michele Oka Doner located at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts at 5:30 PM. On October 10th, at 7 PM Bill McKibben will be speaking at Miller Auditorium at WMU. On November 21st at 6 PM, Kenneth Chang will be speaking at our center which is located at 2452 Knauss Hall at WMU. On February 20th 2014, Peggy Shepard will also be speaking at 2452 Knauss Hall at 6 PM. Sandra Steingraber will be speaking at the Dalton Theatre, Line Fine Arts Building at Kalamazoo College on March 13th, 2014 at 8 PM. Finally, Osama Madany will be speaking at 2452 Knauss Hall at WMU at 6 PM.

For additional information: please contact Katherine Joslin, Director for the Center for the Humanities and Scott Bade, Coordinator for the Center for the Humanities at (269) 387-1811.