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The big list of praising, encouraging and consoling classroom language Praising Nice work!

/Great stuff (everybody/ team A/ this group/ Maria) (You did a) good/ great job You (a ) did very we (!ery) we do"e (a the gir s/ teams that have a ready fi"ished) #erfect/ (A) perfect score/ No mistakes!/ You did"$t make a"y mistakes (at a )/ You did"%t make a si"g e mistake& 'e" out of te"/ ())* +t$s a (c ass) record!/ 'hat$s the best this year/ this term/ this week/ today 'hat$s better tha" (a ) my other c asses 'hat was (at east/ more tha"/ about) twice as good as your ast attempt Give yourse f/ yourse ves a pat o" the back ,et me shake your ha"d!/ Give me five! 'his team was the fastest- this team was the "eatest- a"d this team wrote the most& .e do"e (everybody)! ('hat is/ was) (rea y/ abso ute y) e/ce e"t/ fa"tastic/ fabu ous/ great/ superb ('hat%s) (so/ very/ rea y) good! Not (too) bad (at a ) 'hat%s right! / 0/act y!/ 'hat$s (e/act y) the correct a"swer! Give him a big ha"d! / Give her a rou"d of app ause/ + thi"k that is worth a rou"d of app ause/ #ut your ha"ds together for1 2o"gratu atio"s 3ravo! 4ooray! (You) got it first time!/ You did it o" your first attempt! You (fi"a y) did it! (You fi"ished) just i" time! +$m impressed/ 'hat$s (very/ rea y) impressive You$ve bee" a great he p/ + cou d"$t have do"e it without you 5&6- +$ accept that (as a" a"swer) 'hat%s a (very) good/ great/ origi"a / imagi"ative suggestio"/ idea! + ike that (very much)! + ike this o"e best/ 'his o"e$s my favourite (because1) 'hat%s (a) "ice drawi"g/ story/ e"di"g/ ha"dwriti"g 'hat$s very "eat/ imagi"ative/ carefu y do"e/ o"g/ accurate/ i"te ige"t/ creative ('hat is/ was) marve ous/ mag"ifice"t/ terrific/ fabu ous/ superb/ fa"tastic .ow (that was 7uick)! +$ give that a go d star ())/ ()))/ ())))/ a mi io" poi"ts for that +$ put this up o" the wa (You are) the wi""er/ the champio"(s)! / You have wo" the game! ('hat$s a) good/ great 7uestio" You have made a ot of/ good/ e/ce e"t progress& 'hat%s more ike it / 'hat%s much better/ 'hat%s a ot better You%ve improved (your grammar/ accuracy/ f ue"cy/ pro"u"ciatio") a ot .ritte" by A e/ 2ase for 8si"g0"g ish&com 9 :)()

;o"$t cha"ge your mi"d- that was correct/ + thi"k that$s the right a"swer- + just cou d"$t hear you 'hat%s e/act y the poi"t/ 'hat%s just what + was ooki"g for Encouragement 6eep goi"g/ ;o"%t give up/ You ca" do it! (You$re) "ear y there/ a most there/ getti"g there/ getti"g warmer/ getti"g c oser (You$re) getti"g better ('his/ that is/ was) much better tha" ast time/ ast week/ yesterday Ne/t time we$ do it perfect y! ('hat was a) "ice try/ attempt ;o"%t be shy/ No "eed to be shy/ ;o"$t ho d back No o"e i" the other c ass ma"aged that/ to fi"ish either 'ry agai" (after ooki"g i" your books for <) seco"ds/ at the begi""i"g of the "e/t esso"/ after + give you this hi"t) ;o"%t worry about your pro"u"ciatio"/ how o"g it takes/ your spe i"g/ "eat"ess 'here%s "o "eed to rush/ 'here%s "o hurry/ .e have p e"ty of time Good try- but "ot 7uite right/ Not 7uite right& 'ry agai"/ ;o you wa"t to try agai"= / 4ave a"other go You were a most right/ 'hat%s a most it/ You%ve a most got it& 'ry agai" You%re ha fway there/ You%re o" the right i"es& 'ry cha"gi"g the1 Go o"& 4ave a try/ 4ave a go/ 4ave a guess +f you do"$t k"ow- just guess You wo"$t ose marks for wro"g a"swers Numbers ( to > a"d ? are correct& @ee if you ca" correct the others& ('hat is) "ear y/ a most (right/ perfect/ fi"ished) ?)* right/ fi"ished& +$ give you two mi"utes to fi"ish/ correct the rest 'he drawi"g is great- "ow try worki"g o" the te/t (a bit more) 5" y o"e mistake 'hird time ucky!/ ,ast try! Consoling/ commiserating/ being positive about negative feedback 'hat$s a shame/ 'hat$s a pity& 3etter uck "e/t time +$m sure you$ do it/ ma"age "e/t time Never mi"d& (You wo" the game ast week- remember=) You did very we (but there were more peop e i" their team/ Aua" just k"ew a the a"swers) ('hat$s a good idea but) "ot 7uite what + was ooki"g for 'hat$s good 0"g ish but it has a"other mea"i"g Not e/act y + u"dersta"d what you mea"- but we do"$t say that i" 0"g ish You ca"%t say that- +%m afraid/ ('hat$s a good word/ .e remembered- but) you ca"%t use that word here 'hat$s the right word i" 6orea"/Bre"ch- etc- but do you k"ow what it is i" 0"g ish=

.ritte" by A e/ 2ase for 8si"g0"g ish&com 9 :)()