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Maersk Broker Shipbroker Trainee Programme

The Shipbroker Trainee Programme has a total duration of 24 months. During which time each Trainee will rotate up to 3 different positions, take part in 3 in-class modules, have the opportunity to receive accreditation in four certificate courses from Lloyds Maritime Academy, and be given an introduction to Maritime Law. The programme will ensure that each Trainee acquires extensive knowledge within a chosen segment: Container Tankers Bulk Carriers Specialised Tonnage Contracting of Newbuildings With on-the-job training in up to 3 of the essential Shipbroking disciplines: Chartering Sale and Purchase Vessel Financing Project Broking

We drive our Trainees to graduate as Shipbrokers, with the commercial capabilities to generate profitable results, powered by the ability to build and maintain professional relationships.

Programme Outline: The two-year Shipbroker Trainee Programme is structured on both experiential and theoretical learning. To ensure each trainee maximizes the benefits of their training, the programme consists of a carefully selected mix of on-the-job training, and in-class learning. The on-the-job learning will comprise of up to three different positions. Each position will be outlined by a Learning Description, which will be under the close direction of a designated Daily Manager and a designated Mentor. The in-class learning will ensure that each trainee receives the necessary tools to develop their presentation and negotiation techniques, their communication and interpersonal skills, and their cultural awareness. Three times throughout the programme, the trainees from our offices globally will meet for modules in Copenhagen, for the in-class learning. The theoretical skills learned during the three Modules, in combination with the on-the-job training, will give the trainees the foundation needed to build on both their personal and professional development.

The trainee programme will be divided into the following modules, some of which will be conducted simultaneously.

Introduction to Maersk Broker and Module 1 Duration 3 Days What Introduction to Maersk Broker Maersk Broker Values & Branding Broker & Trainee Code of Conduct Trainee Learning Points & Career Options Where How

2 Days 2 Days 1 Day 1 Day

Boot Camp Module Introduction Communicating and Presenting with Impact 1 Cross Culture 1 Mobilizing Individual Resources 1

Copenhagen, Denmark


Module 2 Duration 1 Day 2 Days What Presenting and Cross Cultural Awareness 2 Mobilizing Individual Resources 2 Copenhagen, Denmark In-Class Where How

3 Days 2 Days

Negotiation and Stakeholder Management 2 Maritime Law

Module 3 and Graduation Duration 1 Day 1 Day 3 Days What Wrap up and Shaping for Future Preparing for Final Exam Final Exam and Graduation Ceremonies Copenhagen, Denmark In-Class Where How

Syllabus for Lloyds Maritime Academy (LMA) Duration 3 Months What Certificate in Shipping Where How

3 Months 3 Months 3 Months

Certificate in Chartering Certificate in Contracting of Newbuildings Certificate in Sale & Purchase

Distance learning

On-line / Self Study

Each certificate course is broken down in to several modules, with online quizzes and an in-class exam at the end of each subject.