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Amulets for Wealth & Happiness

by Jacobus G. Swart
An associate of mine employed the following Kamea for the purpose of acquiring wealth, and this was done in a very unique manner.

Now, my associate informed me that since he would personally find it difficult to recreate this Kamea by hand, he thought he could get equally good results if he printed a good electronic image of the Kamea on the finest paper or board. He said it occurred to him to get a photo lab to print it for him in a high quality matt photographic format, and that he was greatly satisfied with the end result. Next, he mentioned that, since his basic intention was to use this Kamea to generate such circumstances which will afford him the greatest opportunity to acquire financial freedom, he decided to employ Hebrew words pertaining to wealth, specifically: 1

r#( Ashar to be rich/to become rich Osher Wealth r#(h Heeshir to gain riches r#(th Hitasher to enrich oneself
He decided to work with the word r#(th (Hitasher) especially, since he felt that it referred directly to acquiring personal wealth, and what is more, it included the other listed terms. Next, he traced the individual letters comprising the chosen Hebrew word amongst the set of letters in the uppermost column of the Kamea. This specific sector comprises a set of unique Divine Names which I will address in greater detail later. However, it is worth notingas indicated in bold the following illustrationthat the Fortytwo Letter Name can be found amongst the set of Divine Names:

w)y)w hp( m)w tp(wwt hwhw))bb dx)ybw(wlqwyl)whwhb)w+kh))w gtcr+b #kydgn n+#(rq ctygb) wlmk#b tycwq# qzplgy (n+bqx b))wml)y # b( bykyw ( kyw ( )ynw
The individual who had been using this Kamea in the most beneficial way imaginable, informed me that he was extremely careful in selecting the letters, comprising the Hebrew word related to his objective, in their exact order. Furthermore, he made absolutely sure that the component letters were not located amongst glyphs which might trigger consequences countering his basic intention. Now, tracing the letters of the word r#(th in the top column of the Kamea, the first two letters of the chosen term, th, were readily at hand in the first row, and what is more these letters are positioned with a Vav (w), the sign of connection and continuation, on either side. Now, while the next letter, (, the first letter of Osher (wealth) and Ashar (to be rich), also appears in the first row, my friend settled on the same letter in the second row especially, since in this case the glyph is again conveniently supported on either side by a Vav (w), as shown in the following illustration: w )y) w hp(m)w tp(ww dx)ybw g tc

th w h w ) ) b b

(wlqwyl)whwhb)w+kh))w r + b # k y d g n n + #(r q c t y g b )

wl mk # btycw q #qz plgy(n +bq x b))w ml)y # b( bykyw (kyw ( )ynw My friend carefully avoided the combination of three letters reading #(r in the third row, since these comprise a term which in this exact order reads Raash, a word meaning to quake, shake, quivering and earthquake. Besides, the letters are part of the second set of six letters in the FortyTwo Letter Name which, we noted earlier, is sometimes read KRA SaTaN (away Satan)all much too insecure and unpleasant associations when it comes to the fulfilment of his specific aim. As it is, the remaining two letters, r#, appears in the correct successive order further along in the same 2

row. What is more, they are conveniently positioned in such a manner under the selected ( in the second row, so as to form a triangle comprising the exact terms (Ashar and Osher) related to his specific intention, e.g.:

< :
r #
This kind of formula is well aligned with this Kamea, in which portions of Divine Names feature in exactly this format. For example, note the portions of the Name of Forty-two appearing upside down in the circle located centre left in the Kamea. Here we have the first three sets of this enigmatic Name, each set comprising the standard three letters. They are arranged in the shape of a triangle with three dots placed above the central letter of each group, like this:


< :



Depicting those specific portions of the Forty-two Letter Name in this manner, reveals a fourth set of three letters from this Divine Name, as indicated by the triangle of dots respectively placed above the letters. Now, having superimposed the word pertaining to his personal aim onto the very special set of Divine Names comprising the upper block of the Kamea, my associate decided to highlight the component letters in gold, and again he was most careful to do this in their exact order of appearance: h t ( # r, so as to trace the exact spelling in Hebrew of his intention which is Hitasher to become enriched. Next he bound himself, as it were, to the Kamea by vocalizing and tracing Divine and Angelic Names in the locales in his own body corresponding to the exact positions indicated in the central framed figure in the amulet. He said he intended himself to be the living expression of this image, and he did this in the following manner: 1. Starting under his chin, moving up round the left side and down the right side, he uttered and mentally traced the words: hwhy dyxy yd# hyh) r#) hyh) tw)bc (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh Shadai Yachid YHVH Tzvaot) around his head. This was followed by verbalizing and tracing the words hy (Yah) over his right eye and tw)bc (Tzvaot) down his right temple and cheek, followed by tw)bc (Tzvaot) traced up his left temple and cheek, then again hy (Yah) over the left eye, and finally concluding with the uttering of the Divine Name l)yrtk) (Achtriel), simultaneously tracing it along his nose downwards to his mouth as shown in the accompanying illustration. 3



Next, he brought his attention to his neck and throat. Focussing his attention on the left side of the neck, he uttered ynd) hyh (Hayah Adonai) and mentally traced the first word down the left side of the neck, continuing with the second along the left shoulder. This was followed by shifting his attention to his throat, then uttering and tracing hl) hwh (Hoveh Elah) down the throat and tracing into the upper chest. He concluded this portion of the procedure by mentally tracing and uttering yd# hyhyw (vYiyeh Shadai) down the right side of the neck and along the right shoulder. Continuing the procedure, the name of Archangel Nwr++m (Metatron) was traced and uttered down the right arm, and the procedure repeated with the angelic name Nwryxpcwy (Yotzafchiron) traced and uttered up the left arm, as shown in the illustration.



Attention was next brought to the upper torso, directly below the shoulders. Commencing at the top of the torso, the Names of ten Archangels were vocalized and traced in layers on the body in the following manner: l)kym (Michael) top right and l)pr (Raphael) top left; l)yqdc (Tzadkiel) next layer right and l)ynp (Paniel) left; l)ymxr (Rachmiel) ensuing right and l)yrwn (Nuriel) left; l)yzr (Raziel) following right and l)ypwy (Yofiel) left. Then why (YHVIAO) was uttered and traced five times from right to left at navel level, and this portion of the procedure concluded with l)y#m# (Shamshiel) being traced on the lower torso right and l)wxy (Yechoel) correspondingly left.


My associate completed the procedure of vocalizing and tracing of Divine and Angelic Names on his body with the utterance of )lg) (Agila) down the right leg and hyh) (Ehyeh) along the right foot, concluding with hyh) (Ehyeh) along the left foot and concluding with )lg) (Agila) up the left leg.


He concluded the entire procedure by encircling his body, as it were, with a shield of force generated by the Names of ten Archangels vocalized and traced around the bodyfive upwards from the left foot around the left side to the top of the head, and five downwards round the right side back to the right foot. These are: l)yrw) (Auriel [Uriel]); l)yrkz (Zachriel); l)why (Yehoel); l)y+lm (Maltiel); l)yzr (Raziel). Right Down: l)yrbg (Gavriel); l)ydws (Sodiel); l)ymwr (Rumiel); l)ydsx (Chasdiel); l)yrm# (Shamriel). Left Up:

Having, as it were, charged his body, mind and soul with with Angelic and Divine Names, my associate focussed on the intention specific to his current use of this Kamea, which, as said, pertained to the generation of personal material wealth. He informed me that he mentally scanned the rows of letters comprising the Divine Names in the top column of the Kamea, briefly pausing on the letters comprising the Hebrew term associated with his intention, and uttering the appropriate sounds associated with these letters. For example, when he reached the golden letters th in the first row, he would pause briefly, look at the letters and say Hit, then continue scanning until he reaches the chosen golden ( in the second row, again pausing momentarily and uttering Ah. He would continue tracing along the letters until he reaches the golden # in the third row, when he would commence sounding Sh whilst continuing to scan to the golden r, when he concluded the utterance sounding Sher. He told me that he repeated this action three times, since he considered this repetition to be in harmony with the three letters of the word OsherWealth. Afterwards he collectively flashed, so to speak, the five golden glyphs comprising his magic word, simultaneously vocalizing it (Hitasher). This he felt he needed to do seven times. In conclusion, my associate sat down comfortably, closed his eyes, and, whilst relaxing into the seat, commenced a Hagah (mantra) comprising the first row of Divine Names in the upper right hand column yx yd# dyxy yd# (Shadai Yachid Shadai Chai). He indicated that he had chosen this specific phrase with the intention of using it continuously, literally round-the-clock, until the achievement of his aim. He specified that whenever he felt the need to do so, he would retrieve his Kamea and flash his magic word in the manner described earlier. By now my associate had actually achieved the sought after result, and is presently using the same Kamea for a different intention. I am well aware that he had employed it in a most powerful manner, and I am convinced he will continue to repeat this in many ways. However, I believe there is a vital hidden factor to be considered regarding his great success.....he did not doubt for a single second that the manner in which he was employing this Kamea would bring about the sought after result! 5