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Pendlay 55: Glenn Pendlays Strength Training Program

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 05:00 AM PDT Note by Mehdi.This is a guestpost by Olympic Coach Glenn Pendlay MS USAW. The Pendlay 55 program is aimed at those who are new or relatively new to weight training and want to put on asi! si"e and strength# The !on!ept dates a!$ to %ill &tarr' and has een used over the past ( de!ades# ) still use a modi*ied version +some di**erent e,er!ises- with my .lympi! li*ters' as well as a variety o* athletes *rom tra!$ and *ield to !y!ling to *oot all# .ne athlete used this programming while preparing *or the N/0 !om ine and dra*t this year' put a out 50l s on his &1uat in the months leading up to the !om ine' went mu!h higher in the dra*t than e,pe!ted +early 2nd round- and is now not only a starter ut a standout in the de*ensive a!$*ield2 The most use*ul *eatures o* this Pendlay 55 program are that it re1uires little or no thought on your part' a use*ul *eature i* you have no idea what to do# This is a program that gives you a !omplete plan' no guesswor$ involved# Pendlay 55 also involves a *airly limited amount o* heavy sets per wee$' and only 3 training days' ma$ing it use*ul not only *or eginners ut also *or athletes in sports that re1uire !onsidera le training outside the weight room# The relatively limited inroad into re!overy made y this program !ompared to others de*initely allows you to have a li*e outside the gym and still ma$e gains# Pendlay 55 uses ramped sets and a single top set *or ea!h e,er!ise# 4ou go *rom a set o* 5 with a light weight as your *irst warmup set' ta$e !onsistent 5umps in weight over the ne,t ( sets' doing 5 reps ea!h set' and you end with your heaviest set# &o' you are doing ( su ma,imal sets' and one ma,imal set# An e,ample o* the weights used in a &1uat wor$out would e 65l s' 115l s' 135l s' 155l s' and 175l s' all *or sets o* 5# As the top set moves up' move the warmup sets up to $eep the 5umps etween sets as even as possi le# The e,er!ises are as *ollows: Monday# &1uat' %en!h Press' 8ow 9ednesday# &1uat' Military Press' Power :lean /riday# &1uat' %en!h Press' Deadli*t

)t is pre*era le to do the program as written' ut there are some areas that are negotia le in !ertain !ir!umstan!es# .n 9ednesday' you !an repla!e the &1uats with /ront &1uats i* desired# )* you !annot do power!leans *or whatever reason' you !an repla!e them with !hinups# .ne o* the en!h press wor$outs !an e repla!ed with

either dips' !lose grip en!h presses' or in!line presses# The $ey to Pendlay 55 is to &TA8T 0);<T2 &tart elow your !apa!ity' and ma$e sure that you !an ma$e !om*orta le 5umps in weight the *irst 2=3 wee$s at least# )* you>re new to weight training' you almost !an>t start too light# )* you have a training history ut are new to this method' start a out 15? elow the ma,imum that you !an do *or a set o* 5 will wor$# @very time you do an upper ody e,er!ise' you add 5l s to the top set and ad5ust the lighter sets so as to $eep the weight 5umps as near to even as possi le# Add 10l s to the lower ody e,er!ises ea!h time you do them# This is a proven program that wor$s' and wor$s well# <owever' li$e any other program' it doesnt wor$ *orever# 4ou will get igger and you will get stronger' ut eventually you will stall on one or more e,er!ises' and how you handle it when the inevita le happens will determine 5ust how mu!h igger and stronger you will get on this program# 9e will tal$ a out how to handle a stall in the ne,t arti!leA Author Info: Glenn Pendlay is a world amous Olympic Coach o !" national champions and the #hidden genius$ behind Strong%i ts &'&. Glenn has so ar produced more than () medalists in international competitions and his athletes ha*e bro+en o*er ,- American records. .or more in o chec+ www#pendlay#!om.