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Garment Outlets

Retailing sector of India can be split into two segments. They are the informal and the formal retailing sector. The informal retailing sector is comprised of small retailers. For this sector, it is very difficult to implement the tax laws. There is widespread tax evasion. It is also cumbersome to regulate the labour laws in this sector. As far as the formal retailing sector is concerned, it is comprised of large retailers. Stringent tax and labour laws are implemented in this sector. If the retail industry is divided on the basis of retail formats then it can be split into the modern format retailers and the traditional format retailers. The modern format retailers comprise of the supermar ets, !ypermar ets, "epartmental Stores, Specialty #hains and company owned and operated retail stores The traditional format retailers comprise of $iranas, $ios s, Street %ar ets and the multiple brand outlets. The retail industry can also be subdivided into the organi&ed and the unorgani&ed sector. The organi&ed retail sector occupies about '( of the aggregate retail industry in India. Size and contribution of the retail industry in India In terms of value, the Indian Retail industry is worth )'** billion. India retail industry is the largest industry in India, with an employment of around +(. Its contribution to the ,ross "omestic -roduct is about .*(, the highest compared to all other Indian Industries. The retail sector has also contributed to +( of the employment of the country. The organi&ed retail sector is expected to triple its si&e by /*.*. The food and grocery retail sector is expected to multiply five times in the same time frame. The ma0or reason behind the low participation in the Indian retail sector is the need for lumpy investments that cannot match up their brea even points. The government policies are being revised from time to time to attract investments in this sector.

Koutons Retail India Ltd.

$outons Retail India 1td. is the leading retailer of readymade and fashion wear brand in the country today. 2ith more than .3** outlets across India, it has a wide range of apparel designs suited for all segments including corporate, formal and casual dressings. $outons aptly creates the conducive environment for a family outing, ma ing family shopping the best experience at an affordable price 4 all at one place. $outons was born in .55. as #harlie #reations and are now $outons Retail India 1td. $outons started primarily as a denim brand but are today manufacturing and selling complete men, women and ids wardrobe under the brand name $outons, 1es Femme and $outons 6unior respectively. Another brand from the stable of $outons is #harlie 7utlaw, which caters to the teens of the country with apparels including 0eans, T4 shirts, 0ac ets etc. $outons 8rand is catering to the 9pper : 9pper %iddle #lass of Society with a vast target age group between .+4;* years. <=alue for %oney and !igh on Fashion< being their 9S-, $outons has given the brand an extension delving into specific consumer segments. The garments are made

eeping in view the overall need of the niche mar et and the basic>fashion demand of the Indian masses. 7ur product range also caters to the tastes of all segments. 7ur 8rand is placed as the most dynamic brand of India. Mission & Vision Vision

To emerge as the most profitable retailer in India by being the most efficient To provide contemporary fashion at affordable prices. To cut away all areas of distribution and value chain that do not benefit the consumer.


Fashion : ?uality @ Affordable -rices Respect for the customers views 9se our vast experience and insights for improved products. Stay abreast with international developments Achieve volume and sale to be globally competitive. ,rowth through leadership.


2e aim to lead through innovation : improve through introspection to serve our customers and sta eholders eAually and become an efficient and low cost operator with a commitment to Auality.

2e aim to be world leader yet remain firmly rooted to our local mar ets.


DPS Kohli B#hairmanC

B.S. Sawhney

G.S. Sawhney

B%anaging "irectorC B"eputy %anaging "irectorC

The well nown apparel house, $outons Retail India 1td. has unveiled their latest collection of menswear. This collection offers a wide range of formal and informal clothing for men for the age group of .+ years and above. $nown for their comfort and durability the brand has become synonymous with Dfashion and AualityD at affordable priceD. The collection caters to men which includes the wor ing professionals. The collection includes the shirts, T4shirts, pull overs, sweat shirts ,denim and non4 denim trousers, cargo and shorts for men in trendy yet formal shades the collection also offers a variety of fabrics to choose from. The basic formal shirts are available in linen and cotton fabrics. The range is also available in blended fabrics. The special product range wrin le resistant flaunts ten to twelve colors to choose from. 9sing wrin le4resistant technology the company has sought to introduce a new breed of weaved hundred percent cotton fabric and blended cotton. The latest collection of $outons menswear is a range created for todayDs generation of men who wear what they li e and firmly believe in themselves. The collection is for those who li e to blend comfort with style.

Koutons Retail launches Koutons Junior for ids

All set to redefine the ids wear mar et in the country, $outons Retail India 1td. has unveiled the $outons 6unior collection exclusively meant for the fashion conscious ids of /.st century. The collection offers a wide range of trendy and playful apparels for ids. $nown for their comfort and durability, the brand has become synonymous with Dfashion and Auality at affordable pricesD. $outons 6unior offers a wide range of apparels t4shirts, shirts, night wear, capris, cargos, denims, dangris to denim s irts for boys and girls in the age group of /4.Eyrs. Right from providing formals and casual for boys and girls, $outons 6r. offers a youthful and trendy blend of bright shades and wintery hues along with playful cuts and patterns for ids. The yarn used in $outons 6r. .**( cotton,.**( acrylic, lambs wool blend. The all new ids range is made from superior Auality fabrics eeping in mind the delicate and sensitive s in of children so the natural fibers used in the apparels are soft in feel for young ids. $outons 8esides the normal range of apparels a special range of accessories is also available which includes bags, sun glasses, swim glasses, pencil boxes, bottles, caps, belts ties and many more.

!"RLI# O$%L"&

The Company was incorporated on November 25, 1994 under the Companies Act, 1956 as Charlie Creations Private Limited. The name of the Company was changed to Koutons Retail India Private Limited with effect from February 7, 2006. The Company was converted into a public limited company and its name was changed to Koutons Retail India Limited with effect from June 27, 2006. The registered office of the Company was changed from T-60/1, D.C.M. School Road, New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh,New Delhi 110 005 to J-2 Udyog Nagar, Peera Garhi Chowk, New Delhi on November 26, 2001 and thereafter on February 1, 2006 to its current registered office at T-60/1, D.C.M. School Road, New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110 005. Agreement to acquire the partnership firm M/s Charlie Creations The Company was incorporated with the main object inter alia to take over the existing partnership firm, M/s. Charlie Creations which had Mr. BS Sawhney and Ms. Amarjit Kaur as partners (the Firm), along with all its assets and liabilities. Pursuant to this object we entered into a Sale of Business Agreement with the Firm on January 2, 1995 in order to acquire the business of the Firm as a going concern with effect from January 1, 1995. Under the Sale of Business Agreement, we acquired all the assets and liabilities of the Firm appearing in its balance sheet as on December 31,1994, including plant, machinery and fixtures owned by the Firm, cash in hand, debts due to the Firm, stock in trade,consumable stores and immovable plant and machinery, trade marks, design and licenses owned or obtained by the Firm, benefits accruing to the partners of the Firm from all contracts, pending subsisting or under execution, the loan availed from the Bank of Baroda and all other statutory dues or liability. We acquired the business of the Firm for a total consideration of Rs. 585,000. Further, the partners

of the Firm had undertaken not to carry on the same business either personally or in association with any third person without our previous written consent.

Year Milestone

1994 The Company was incorporated as Charlie Creations Private Limited with the main objective of inter alia acquiring the business of the M/s. Charlie Creations. 1997 The Company diversified its business by introducing non-denim trousers in the existing product range of denim apparel. Awarded the title "Best Menwear (Casual) Collection by Apparel Exporters and Manufacturers Association. 1998 The Company launched the brand Koutons Award received for best display of denim clothing from CMAI-Ashima Group. 2000 Award received for Outstanding Domestic Sales from Clothing Manufacturers Association of India. 2002 The first exclusive brand outlet under the Koutons brand was opened 2003 Mr. DPS Kohli was awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the Institute of Trade and Industrial Development. 2005 Nominated for the Brand of the Year-Men's Casual Wear (Large) by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India. 2006 The Company was converted into a public limited company and consequently its name was changed to Koutons Retail India Limited with effect from June 27, 2006.

The Company re-launched the brand Charlie Outlaw On October 5, 2006 104 Charlie Outlaw exclusive brand outlets were opened in a single day, which was recorded in the Limca Book of Records 2007 UTI Venture Funds Management Company Private Limited subscribed to 852,500 Equity Shares out of which 680,000 Equity Shares were allotted at Rs. 600 per Equity Share* and 172,500 Equity Shares were allotted at Rs. 800 per Equity Share*. Argonaut Ventures subscribed to 575,000 Equity Shares at Rs. 800 per Equity Share*. Awarded the title Most Dynamic Brand of the Year 2006 by LYCRA Images Fashion Awards. Awarded the title Value Retailer of the Year 2006 by Star Retailer-The Consumer Way. Nominated for the Chain Store of the Year at Apex Award, 2006 by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India Nominated for the Brand of the Year - Men's Casual Wear (Large) at Apex Award, 2006 by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India 2007 Passport India Investments (Mauritius) Limited subscribed to 600,000 Equity Shares at Rs. 350 per Equity Share. FID Funds (Mauritius) Limited purchased 1,162,791 Equity Shares from the Promoters at Rs. 430 per Equity Share. Mr. DPS Kohli was awarded the title of UDYOG VIBHUSHAN for Excellence in Industrial

Performanceby the Institute of Trade and Industrial Development.


Khadi Bi'li Shirt Rs.*+,.--

Sur(hi Stri)e Shirt

Sur(hi Stri)e Shirt



Satna Stri)e Shirt Sur(hi Stri)e /itted Shirt %ussar otton Mi0 1a23et Rs.*.-.--



%ussar otton Mi0 1a23et Rs.45---.--

Bhagal)ur 6ehru 1a23et


Koutons Retail launches 'Les Femme'

Koutons Retail India Ltd. has unveiled its women wear collection named "Les Femme". Les Femme collection offers a wide range of formal and casual wear for women. The collection Les femme caters to young women in the age group of 16-34 yrs of age and includes apparels like t-shirts, party wear, lycra, semi formal shirts, denims, capris , tunics, cargos denims. The collection makes a fashion statement with Knits T-Shirt, shirts for formal and casual attire available in full, half and 3/4th sleeves etc. Les Femme offers the new high fashion range which has lot of sequence and bedded work done on the apparels. Satin and lycra are presented in dazzling colors and reminiscent patterns. The collection makes a fashion statement in itself at affordable prices. The range is in sync with the changing moods of the youth and working class, which go in for care free and relaxed lifestyle, Les Femme provides them with comfortable but classy wear. Les Femme is a brand created for a generation of women who wear what they like and firmly believes in individual personality. Almost every piece designed and created for 'Les Femme' collection depicts timeless creation blended with sophisticated simplistic detail.

Mar3eting Strategy
The company also plans to grow through the inorganic route by acquiring premium brands. This will increase the product categories and brands in its outlets. It will also help in increasing the margins of the company. The acquisition of Upper Class brand is a step forward in implementation of this strategy. It recently acquired 51% stake in Delhi-based brand Upper Class. Upper Class has a strong foothold in the ladies apparel segment. It specializes in casual bottom wear for women. The Rs 25-crore company has been exporting apparel to leading brands in Europe such as Armand Thiery, Class, F Ferra, Alcorpe English and is available in outlets such as Splash and Lulu Center in the Middle East under its signature brand Upper Class. Available across multi-brand outlets (MBOs) such as Globus, Piramyd, Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons, Upper Class also has its own brand outlets in New Delhi, Jaipur, Ludhiana and Vadodara. Koutons Retail will provide further visibility to the brand by opening exclusive brand outlets in the country. It plans to open 400 retail outlets for Upper Class brand by FY10. The centralized outsourcing of fabric from Koutons Retail and other common costs will increase the margin of Upper Class brand. On the other hand, Koutons will get international visibility due to the presence of Upper Class brand in other countries. However, we have not taken this development in our estimates as it is at a nascent stage. The company manufactures or gets manufactured the entire range of products sold in its outlets. It has 18 in-house manufacturing/finishing units and 14

warehouses which are spread across various locations in and around Gurgaon, Haryana. In FY07, it had an in-house capacity to manufacture 12,360,000 pieces of apparel and finishing capacity of 22,920,000 pieces of apparel, per annum. The manufacturing capacity relates to its capacity to produce fabricated apparel from raw fabric. The finishing capacity relates to its capacity to provide final finishing to the fabricated apparel. The company has entered into fabrication agreement with various manufacturers to which it outsource stitching of apparels through the design and fabric provided by it. Due to increasing scale of business, the company enjoys economies of scale in sourcing fabric from its suppliers. The manufacturing and finishing capacity help in improving the gross margin of the company. The company follows franchisee route for expansion of its outlets. As a result, 98% of its outlets are under franchisee route. In this agreement, the company pays commission on sales or minimum guarantee to the franchisee, whichever is higher. This minimum guarantee includes operating expenses of the store including rental.

This amount is fixed at the time of entering into the franchisee agreement and does not vary thereafter. As a result, the company does not have to incur any rental cost as it is paid by the franchisee. This way the company has minimized the risk of rising rentals that is prevalent in the retail industry. Koutons Retail India Ltd is promoted by Mr. DPS Kohli, Mr. B.S. Sawhney and Mr. Gurmeet Sawhney, first generation entrepreneurs. They have been instrumental in the exponential growth of the company. The company has a strong execution team with adequate experience and qualification. As a result, it has been possible for the company to expand at such a rapid rate and create visibility in the minds of the consumers.

Unique positioning targeting huge middle class Koutons Retail has positioned itself as High Fashion Value for Money chain. Its brands Koutons and Charlie Outlaw target the middle income group, which is expected to constitute the largest proportion of population by 2025. It offers products for all age groups and sells the entire range for mens and kids wear and western wear for women. As the proportion of working women is rising, the demand for western wear is expected to increase.

Aggressive rollout plans to boost sales To capture the increasing demand, the company has unveiled an aggressive rollout plan for the next 2 years. We expect the company to increase the number of outlets to 2,385 by FY10 from 687 in FY07. With the implementation of this plan, we expect a 68.5% CAGR in net sales over the FY07-FY10.

Asset-light model Koutons Retail operates EBOs (exclusive brand outlets) through the franchise route. Due to the franchise arrangement, the company requires low capital for expansion. It also does not have to bear rental cost as it is paid by the franchisee. As a result, the company enjoys high profitability compared to its peers. Approximately 98% of the outlets are operating under this route.

Sales Promotion
Sales promotion is different promotion, Sales promotion refers to those marketing activities other than personal selling, advertisement and publicity, which stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such as displays, shows and expositions, demonstrations and various nonrecurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine. Its purpose is to increase the desire of salesman, distributors and dealers to sell a certain brand and to make consumers more eager to buy that brand. This includes sales activities which supplement both personal selling and advertising. Sales promotion is only a part of promotion. Promotion includes sales promotion, advertising, personal selling etc. Promotion helps to make all other marketing activities more effective and efficient, but sales promotion helps only to sales activity. Sales promotion may be done with the help of tools like displays, exhibitions, free sample coupons, premium etc. Sales promotion acts as a link between advertisement and personal selling.

Communication and promotion

Marketing communication involves, sharing of meaning, information, concepts, about the products and services by buyers and sellers. Such communications are conveyed with the help of advertisement,

salesmanship and sales promotion. A communication will be treated as effective only when it is properly responded by the buyer. The

communication must have identical meaning for both sender and receiver. If the communication does not properly reach the receiver or the message received is not the same as the message sent, then that will be called Break down at the message stage. In the market communication, feed back means a response, a reaction over the message sent back by a customer to the sender. In the case of effective communication feed back will be always present.

Need for Product Promotion

a) To introduce a new product in the market. b) To influence the public with the help of new uses of the product. c) To increase the frequency of purchase by each buyer. d) To encourage dealers to stock more goods. e) To withstand in the competitive field. f) To increase the sales by imparting special training to salesmen and by window display.

Effects of Promotion
1. The present day market is very competitive due to the large number of rivals and substitutes. With the help of promotion producer must create product differentiation in the minds of consumers. 2. Promotion is very essential to communicate the use of the product and the nature of the product to consumers and middlemen 3. Nowadays most of the consumers market their products in wider area and the consumers are also very large in number. In such cases personal

selling alone cannot be used and so all the steps for promotion are to be followed. 4. During the periods of depression it is essential to maintain at least some minimum market. Therefore it is very essential to use promotion.

Promotional Strategy
1. Deciding Promotional Mix Personal selling, advertisement and sales promotion are some of the promotional methods. During most of the situations two or more promotional methods are to be used for each campaign. Generally with the help of a single method it is not possible to succeed. Advertising needs the support of personal selling or display to increase the sales. Sometimes even the personal selling alone cannot be successful without the support of advertisement. (a) Nature of the product (b) Nature of the Customer (c) Nature of the Market (d) Availability of Funds

To now about leading brand : share it obtains in the mar et in Sagar city. To now various brands available in the mar et. To collect information from various customer. To as certain consumer awareness about ,arment 7utlets in Sagar city. To identify buying behavior of consumer. To compare various brands as available in the mar et. To measure effect of advertisement on sale of product. Financial analysis of the company. To now customer expectation from the product. To understand level of customer satisfaction. To analysis information from wholesale of retailer.

Resear2h Methodology
Introduction Research %ethodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. Research in commonplace refers to a search of nowledge. Research is an original contribution to the existing state of nowledge ma ing for its advancement. The role of research in several fields of applied economics whether related to business or economy as a whole has greatly increased in modern times. Firstly we should now what is a research methodology. Fvery pro0ect repeat conducted scientifically had specified framewor for controlling data collection. This framewor is collect research design accurately and economically. There are generally two types of research designG 4 4. #0)loratory 8. on2lusi9ely Resear2h.

These types of research design used in this pro0ect are exploratory. Fxploratory research is that in which new relationship, are discovered, and loo ing to the ob0ective of the research that is finding out the most dominant attribute and also the mar et leader in respect to brand vs price.

Data 2olle2tion Method

8oth primary and secondary dataHs was considered and studied for the pro0ect.

Primary Data

These are the dataHs which are not readily available to the user or researcher but these dataHs has to be collected by some one primarily for their own use. They are specifically collected for certain research. For specific research pro0ect at hand for obtaining state about advertisement and sales promotions of different garment outlets.
Se2ondary Data

Refers of those data, which are collected and distributed is parts and are already available in firm compary internal needs and commercial trades and private publication. In the study secondary data were used for reAuired information li eG4 .. %ar eting strategy of different garment outlets. /. ,etting information about the mode of mar eting strategy of garment outlets, which attribute population of customer. Sam)ling Plan Sagar has a population of approximately .E la hs. For carrying out any research or study on any sub0ect. It is very difficult to cover even .*( population. I have for the sample si&e has to be decibel for a meaningful conclusion. For designing the sample si&e, it was thought proper to cover a very small percentage of population in various age group.

The method used for sample techniAue was non4probability convenience sampling method. This method was used because it was not nown previously as to whether a particular person will be as ed to fill the Auestionnaire that was easily accessible and available to the researcher. #onsidering the constraints, it was decibel to conduct the study based on sample si&e of /* people in specific age group. Scientific method was not adopted in this study because of lac of thing, also the basic aim of doing research was academicI hence most convenient way was selected.
Sampling 9nits

#ustomerG /E "ealerG . RetailerG .*

,eographical area #overed

In sagar city with population of .E la hs and sampling unit of E* customers. "efining the universe is an important step in research design. Since it is not possible to cover at area of the universe during the study period, it may to divide into smaller areas. For this survey sagar was divided into three geographical location covered. #ity Areas. %a ronia Areas. #ivil 1ines.

As various companies enter into mar et so it is difficult to ma e availability of way brand. -rofit margin is not so high in some brands outlets. Since there is no particular authori&ed dealer of some particular brands so also creates problem. Sagar is small city where mostly middle class people live so it is difficult to sale costly -roduct. There are so many retailers shop therefore their sales are limited to particular customer group.

Jothing in this world is perfect. Fverything has its limit, so has this survey. The main limitations encountered areG 4 It is sample survey and sample ta en randomly and has covered limited number of respondent. It was hard to gather all information about pro0ect from Internet due to some technical problem. Time is short to carry out the survey is more detail as well as with more respondent. 1anguage is also one of the barriers. The respondent was unwilling towards the Auestionnaire. Some time people ta e it as a fun and do not provide correct information. Some Respondent has given fa e information.

Suggesti on Suggestio n and Recommendati on Reco mmendatio n

"uring the survey I had face many problem to complete my wor . I anyhow overcome the barriers. There are many suggestions with regard to change in survey method but the main recommendation and suggestion areG 4

The researcher himself should prefer the Auestionnaire because he nows the main aim of Auestion. %any consumers want to reduce price of its products. #ompany should give time to time in center to its client i.e. dealer for achieving a particular sales target. At least once in a year every brand should launch a particular scheme to attract marginal customer. Fffective advertising companies through print as well as electronic media. 8randed 7utlets should go for aggressive problem i.e. direct selling. It should create more awareness among the prospect about the Auality of -hilips. ?uestion should be in !indi also so that the dealerKRetailer customer who doesnHt now Fnglish can understand the Auestion. Irrelevant Auestions should be s ipped from the Auestions. For the researcher only one point should study about the product. %anufactures must eep consisting about the Auality of product.

!owever the suggestions are many never the less. All the manufactures should also pay its attentions towards.

Swot "nalysis

Strength of the company

1. Large market share 2. Regular introduction of new models. 3. Easily available parts. 4. Due to good network they give after sales service. 5. Good relation with dealers and distributors. 6. Eco friendly company. 7. Strong financial condition of the company. 8. Goodwill. 9. With in reach of Indian pockets. 10. Schemes on product. 11. Good distribution channel. 12. User friendly.

13. Easy to learn to operate various appliances. 14. New technology. 15. Easy to use. 16. Attracting models of appliances. 17. Variety in design, colour, shape & models. 18. Easily repairable. 19. Highly qualitative products. 20. Attractive and conveying advertisement.

1. Less research and development in home appliance division compared to other divisions. 2. Less focus on exports. 3. Service centers are not present in interiors of India. 3. Turnover has gone down of home appliances.

1. There is a tough competition from Indian and multinational companies. 2. Depression in the Indian market. 3. Now a days consumers tasted varies very frequently. 4. Trend of Innovation by the Competitors.

1. Should regularly investigate about models from customers and do changes accordingly. 2. Should use more conveying advertisement. 3. Should introduce changes offers. 4. Should now conduct researches and then increase products. 5. Company should look towards the manufacturing of two-tone air conditioners.

1. Marketing Management 2. Research Methodology 3. Marketing Research : : : Kotler, Philip Khotari C.R. Sharma D.D.

www.globus.in www.google.com


www.wi ipedia.com

Data "nalysis




5% 10% 25%

&hat do you ;eel a(out Outlets )rodu2t <uality

S# %IO6=" Q.1: Do you buy Outlets product? a. Yes b. NO

Q.2: You shop @ Outlets mainly for (Give your choice of preference) A. Kids wear B. Formal wear C. Suits D. Party wear E. Regular Q.3: How long have you been using this brand? A. 0-1 years B. 1-2 years C. 2-4 years D. above 4 years Q.4: How long have you been using this brand? A. 0-2 years B. 2-4 years C. above 4 years Q.5: What do you feel about Outlets product Quality? A. Excellent B. Good C. Poor D. Very poor E. Can be improved

Q.6: What is your opinion about Outlets repositioning its outlets to family stores? A. Excellent idea B. Ok C. Not at all, a good idea D. I have no idea Q.7: What do you suggest to improve Outlets? Ans:..................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................


Q.8: You do not shop @OUTLETS because A. I have never heard B. I dont know where the store is situated C. I think it is bit costly D. OUTLETS does not maintain quality Q.9: What is the price range, you shop in other brands? A. Bellow 1000 B. 1000 to 2000 C. 2000 to 4000 D. Above 4000 Q.10: What you prefer @ other brands (Give your choice of preference) A. Formals B. Party wears C. Casuals

Q.11: How often do you change the brand preference? A. Very often B. Occasionally C. Rarely D. Never

DATE: __________

The project report titled CURRENT SCENARIO OF RETAIL MARKET OF KOUTONS in Sagar City Prepared by ABHAY SIN H !AN I "BBA #t$ Se%&' under the guidance and supervision of MR( !EEPAK THAKUR "H(O(!( OF NOBLE COLLE E& for the

partial fulfillment of the degree of Ba)$e*+r +, B-.ine.. Ad%ini.trati+n is satisfactory in respect of :-

Comments By E aminer

Supervisor Head



!. Contents and presentation

of the su"#ect matter $. %anguage &. Em"odies the origina' (ork of the candidate. ). Su"mission (ithin due date

Signature of E aminer Signature of Supervisor

Signature of H.O.D.

DEC%*R*T+O, B- C*,D+D*TE
I declare that the project report on



in Sagar City is my own work, conduct under the supervision of

MR( !EEPAK THAKUR "H(O(!( COLLE E& a!!i"iat#$ %& D'( Ha'i

OF NOBLE Sin)* Go+'

Uni,#'-it&. Sa)a' /0(1(2

To the best of my knowledge the report does not contain any work which has been submitted for the award of any degree, anywhere.

Signature o; the andidate


I would to express my deep sense of gratitude to MR(


his valuable guidance, advises, Cooperation & Constant

encouragement during the project preparation. He is very supporting

and without his help I would not have completed my project report successfully.

I am very thankful to retailer and customer whom I had approached for collection of necessary data and who give their valuable time and comments, which were the inputs for my survey.

Date: Place:


T*# 3'o4#5t '#3o't *a- an o%4#5ti,# to )#t t*# BBA -t+$#nt !ami"ia' 6it* '#a" "i!# %+-in#-- -it+ation an$ )i,#- an o33o't+nit& to t*# -t+$#nt o! +n$#'-tan$ t*#

t*#o'#ti5a" 5on5#3t- o! ma'7#tin) an$ !inan5# in 3'a5ti5a" 6a&( In to$a&8- 6o'"$ 9Con-+m#' i- t*# Kin): 5on-+m#' t#-t an$ 3'#!#'#n5# )o a"on# 6a& in t*# a5t+a" -a"#- o! t*# 3'o$+5t( E,#'& '#-#a'5* 6o'7 *a- to $#a" 6it* ,a'io+- 3#o3"# in 5on5#'n o')ani;ation an$ #a5* o! t*#m *a,# t*#i' o6n o3inion an$ t*in7in) a%o+t ,a'io+to3i5-( T*# main aim o! t*# -+',#& '#3o't 6a- to $#t#'min# t*# CURRENT SCENARIO OF RETAIL 0ARKET OF KOUTONS: in Sa)a' Cit&( I t'i#$ m& %#-t to #<3'#-- t*# '#3o't t*'o+)* -ati-!a5tiona" '#3'#-#ntation. )'a3*-. 3i# $ia)'am- #t5( an$ it *#"3#$ m# to #n*an5# m& 7no6"#$)# I am #<t'#m#"& t#a5*#'-( *a33& to 3"a5# %#!o'# o+' #-t##m#$