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Buying a license

An unlicensed copy of Wordfast is limited to approximately 500 Translation Units, sometimes more. Note that, without a valid license, Wordfast may accept larger translation memories, ut at some point a ove 500 TUs, Wordfast will halt. All your wor! and data "Translation memories, glossaries, documents etc# is safe $ ut Wordfast may refuse to go any further.

Cumprarea unei licene

% copie f&r& licen& a programului Wordfast este limitat&'se limitea(& la aproximativ 500 de unit&i de traducere, )n unele ca(uri chiar la mai puine. Tre uie s& avei )n vedere faptul c&, )n lipsa unei licene valide, este posi il ca Wordfast s& accepte memorii de traducere mai vaste, )ns&, la un moment dat, dup& ce ai dep&it 500 de unit&i de traducere, Wordfast se va opri. Toat& munca i informaiile dumneavoastr& "memorii de traducere, glosare, documente etc# vor fi )n siguran&'salvate $ dar este posi il ca Wordfast s& refu(e s& continue. http-''www.wordfast.net'!now.php. To1o/view20uest3d/452cat3d/67

*ou will find +A,s on this topic at http-''www.wordfast.net'. whichpage/fa0 uying and a complete description of the licensing scheme at Wordfast8s !nowledge ase at http-''www.wordfast.net'!now.php. To1o/view20uest3d/452cat3d/67 *ou will find the Wordfast 9nd User :icense Agreement at http-''www.wordfast.net'. whichpage/agreement *ou must have downloaded and installed Wordfast efore uying a license. *ou should have tried Wordfast on your system efore you decide uying it. =lic! the icon to launch Wordfast and note the eight>figure install ? "it8s 4@7055@4 on the figure elow, ut yours will e different#.

;ei g&si Acordul de :icen& Wordfast acces<nd http-''www.wordfast.net'.whichpage/agreement

Anainte de a cump&ra o licen& Wordfast, tre uie s& desc&rcai i s& instalai mai )nt<i programul. Anainte de a v& decide s&>l cump&rai, ar tre ui s& testai Wordfast pe sistemul dumneavoastr&. Accesai iconia pentru a demara Wordfast i o servai figura de instalare B ")n figura de mai Cos apare ca 4@7055@4, )ns& a duneavoastr& va avea alt num&r.#

;isit www.wordfast.net and go to the D uyD page. *ou will e as!ed for your install num er, and a payment. To !eep prices low, refunds are not possi le after a license purchase. After payment, you will receive a license num er y e>mail, included in an invoice "you may receive an invoice or receipt from our secure payment we site partner, ut what you

;i(itai adresa www.wordfast.net i mergei la pagina Ecump&raiF. ;i se va cere num&rul de instalare, i o plat&. Gentru a menine preurile sc&(ute, nu se accept& ram urs&ri dup& ce ai cump&rat licena. 1up& efectuarea pl&ii, vei primi un num&r de licen& prin email, inclusive o factur& "este posi il s& primii o factur& sau un on fiscal din partea sitului we partener responsa il cu efectuarea sigur& a pl&ilor, )ns&

need is the invoice from the Wordfast distri utor, with the license num er 0uoted in it#. Type the license num er in the white, empty :icense? text ox next to the install num er and close Wordfast. %pen Wordfast again, then reorganise your translation memory with WordfastHs Translation Iemory'TI'Jeorganise utton. *ou can now continue using Wordfast. 3f other TIs as! for a license num er, simply reorganise them. 3f you intend to use Wordfast for professional activity, do not wait until the last minute to uy a license, as this process ma!e ta!e a few hours to complete "credit card# or a wee! " an! wire, cash transfer, che0ue etc#.

dumneavoastr& vei avea nevoie de factura primit& de la distri uitorul Wordfast, factur& ce conine num&rul de licen&.# 3nserai num&rul de licen& )n spaiul al gol numit :icen&? de l<ng& num&rul de instalare i )nchidei Wordfast. 1eschidei Wordfast din noum apoi reorgani(ai memoria dumneavoastr& de traducere folosind memoria de traducere Wordfast'TI'Kutonul Jeorgani(are. 1in acest moment putei s& folosii )n continuare Wordfast. 1ac& se )nt<mpl& ca alte memorii de traducere s& cear& un num&r de licen&, reorgani(ai>le. 1ac& intenionai s& folosii Wordfast )n cadrul unor activit&i profesionale, nu ateptai p<n& )n ultimul moment s& cump&rai o licen&, av<nd )n vedere faptul ca acest process ar putea avea nevoie de c<teva ore pentru a se )ncheia )n ca(ul )n care plata se face pe a(a c&rii de credit# sau chiar o s&pt&m<n& "transfer ancar, transfer de ani, cecuri etc#.