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C!D"T MA#!#L



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TOPIC 1.1 C-DOT DSS Family 1.2 Basic Growth/ B il!i"# $o! l%s 1.& Syst%m F%at r%s 2.1 C-DOT Syst%m Ca(acity 2.2 S )scri)%r F%at r%s &.1 G%"%ral &.2 Bas% $o! l% +B$, &.& C%"tral $o! l% +C$, &.- A!mi"istrati.% $o! l%

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C-DOT MAX-XL Chapter1

$&$ T'e C!D"T DSS (ami)*
C!D"T DSS MA# is a +niversa) di,ita) s-it.' -'i.' .an /e .onfi,+red for different app)i.ations as )o.a)0 transit0 or inte,rated )o.a) and transit s-it.'& Hi,' traffi.1)oad 'and)in, .apa.it* +p to 20330333 BHCA -it' termination .apa.it* of 430333 Lines as Lo.a) E5.'an,e or $60333 tr+n7s as Tr+n7 A+tomati. E5.'an,e0 t'e C!D"T DSS fami)* is idea))* p)a.ed to meet t'e different re8+irements of an* inte,rated di,ita) net-or7& T'e desi,n of C!D"T DSS MA# 'as envisa,ed a fami)* .on.ept& T'e advanta,es of fami)* .on.ept are standardi9ed .omponents0 .ommona)it* in 'ard-are0 do.+mentation0 trainin,0 insta))ation and fie)d s+pport for a)) prod+.ts and minimi9ation of inventor* of spares& In fa.t t'is mod+)ar desi,n 'as /een .ons.io+s)* a.'ieved /* emp)o*in, appropriate 'ard-are0 soft-are0 and e8+ipment pra.ti.es& T'e e8+ipment pra.ti.es provide mod+)ar pa.7a,in,& Common .ards and advan.ed .omponents 'ave /een +sed in t'e s*stem 'ard-are in order to red+.e t'e n+m/er and t*pe of .ards& Standard .ards0 ra.7s0 frames0 .a/inets and distri/+tion frames are +sed -'i.' fa.i)itate f)e5i/)e s*stem ,ro-t'& Inter.onne.tion te.'no)o,* 'as /een standardi9ed at a)) )eve)s of e8+ipment pa.7a,in,& A)) t'ese feat+res0 to,et'er -it' r+,,edised desi,n0 ma7e C!D"T DSS MA# eas* to maintain and 'i,')* re)ia/)e&
A"oth%r im(orta"t /%at r% o/ th% !%si#" is th% (ro.isio" o/ )oth local a"! c%"trali0%! o(%ratio" a"! mai"t%"a"c%. B%#i""i"# with local o(%ratio" a"! mai"t%"a"c%1 with th% i"stallatio" o/ similar !i#ital switch%s i" th% "%twor21 c%"trali0%! o(%ratio" a"! mai"t%"a"c% will (ro.i!% mai"t%"a"c% a"! a!mi"istratio" s%r.ic%s .%ry %co"omically. All th%s% s%r.ic%s ar% (ro.i!%! thro #h a sim(l%1 i"t%racti.% ma"-machi"% i"t%r/ac%.


C!D"T DSS MA# e5.'an,es .an /e .onfi,+red +sin, fo+r /asi. mod+)es (Fig. 1.1) ;

Base Module Central Module Administrative Module Input Output Module

T'e Base Mod+)e (BM) is t'e /asi. ,ro-t' +nit of t'e s*stem& It interfa.es t'e e5terna) -or)d to t'e s-it.'& T'e interfa.es ma* /e s+/s.ri/er )ines0 ana)o, and di,ita) tr+n7s0 CCM and <B# )ines& Ea.' Base Mod+)e .an interfa.e +pto %3%4 terminations& T'e n+m/er of Base Mod+)es dire.t)* .orresponds to t'e e5.'an,e si9e& It .arries o+t ma=orit* of .a)) pro.essin, f+n.tions and0 in a sma))!e5.'an,e app)i.ation0 it a)so .arries o+t operation and maintenan.e f+n.tions -it' t'e 'e)p of t'e Inp+t "+tp+t Mod+)e& In Sin,)e Base Mod+)e (SBM) e5.'an,e .onfi,+ration0 t'e Base Mod+)e a.ts as an independent s-it.'in, s*stem and provides .onne.tions to $633 )ines and $%2 tr+n7s& In s+.' a .onfi,+ration0 t'e Base Mod+)e dire.t)* interfa.es -it' t'e Inp+t "+tp+t Mod+)e for /+)7 data stora,e0 operations and maintenan.e f+n.tions& C)o.7 and s*n.'roni9ation is provided /* a so+r.e -it'in t'e Base Mod+)e& It is a ver* +sef+) app)i.ation for sma)) +r/an and r+ra) environments& Wit' minim+m modifi.ations in 'ard-are t'ro+,' on)* one t*pe of .ard0 a Base Mod+)e .an /e remote)* )o.ated as a Remote S-it.' :nit (RS:)0 parented to t'e main e5.'an,e +sin, <CM )in7s&


Centra) Mod+)e (CM) .onsists of a messa,e s-it.' and a spa.e s-it.' to provide inter!mod+)e .omm+ni.ation and perform voi.e and data s-it.'in, /et-een Base Mod+)es& It provides .ontro) messa,e .omm+ni.ation /et-een an* t-o Base Mod+)es0 and /et-een Base Mod+)es and Administrative Mod+)e for operation and maintenan.e f+n.tions& It a)so provides .)o.7 and s*n.'roni9ation on a .entra)i9ed /asis& 4


Administrative Mod+)e (AM) performs s*stem!)eve) reso+r.e a))o.ation and pro.essin, f+n.tion on a .entra)i9ed /asis& It performs a)) t'e memor* and time intensive .a)) pro.essin, s+pport f+n.tions and a)so administration and maintenan.e f+n.tions& It .omm+ni.ates -it' t'e Base Mod+)e via t'e Centra) Mod+)e& It s+pports t'e Inp+t "+tp+t Mod+)e for providin, man! ma.'ine interfa.e& It a)so s+pports t'e A)arm Disp)a* <ane) for t'e a+dio! vis+a) indi.ation of fa+)ts in t'e s*stem&

iv) IN<:T ":T<:T M"D:LE (I3M)

Inp+t0 "+tp+t Mod+)e (I"M) .onsists of d+p)i.ated Inp+t "+tp+t <ro.essor (I"<)& T'e Inp+t "+tp+t <ro.essor (I"<) is a ,enera)!p+rpose .omp+ter -it' :NI# "peratin, S*stem& It is +sed as t'e front!end pro.essor in C!D"T DSS& It 'and)es a)) t'e inp+t and o+tp+t f+n.tions in C!D"T DSS& T'e I"< is .onne.ted to A<1B< via HDLC )in7s& D+rin, norma) operation0 t-o I"<?s inter.onne.ted /* a HDLC )in70 operate in a d+p)e5 .onfi,+ration& Wor7in, as front!end pro.essor0 it provides initia) .ode do-n )oad to t'e s+/s*stems0 man ma.'ine interfa.e and data stora,e for /i))in, and ot'er administrative information& I"< interfa.es vario+s se.ondar* stora,e devi.es )i7e@ dis7 drives0 .artrid,e tape drive and f)opp* drive& It s+pports printers and +pto 2 seria) ports for video disp)a* +nits -'i.' are +sed for man! ma.'ine .omm+ni.ation interfa.e& A)) t'e /+)7 data pro.essin, and stora,e is done in t'is mod+)e T'+s0 a C!D"T DSS e5.'an,e0 dependin, +pon its si9e and app)i.ation0 .onsists of Base Mod+)es (ma5im+m ;%)0 Centra) Mod+)e0 Administrative Mod+)e0 Inp+t1"+tp+t Mod+)e and A)arm Disp)a* <ane)& T'e Base Mod+)es .an /e remote)* )o.ated or .o!)o.ated dependin, on t'e re8+irement&


Remote S-it.' :nit (RS:) is an inte,ra) part of C!D"T DSS ar.'ite.t+re& In order to rea)ise a RS:0 t'e norma) BM .an /e modified for remotin, -it' t'e 'ost e5.'an,e via % M/ps di,ita) )in7s& T'e n+m/er of % M/ps )in7s /et-een 6

t'e Main E5.'an,e and RS: is primari)* determined /* t'e traffi.& A ma5im+m $A <CMs .an /e provided /et-een a RS: B Main e5.'an,e& Ana)o, and Di,ita) tr+n7 interfa.es are a)so imp)emented in RS: to s+pport dire.t parentin, of sma)) e5.'an,es from RS: itse)f instead of parentin, it to t'e main e5.'an,e -'i.' -i)) +)timate)* save t'e media re8+ired from main e5.'an,e& As far as .a)) pro.essin, is .on.erned0 RS: is an a+tonomo+s e5.'an,e .apa/)e of )o.a)!.a)) .omp)etion& "peration and maintenan.e f+n.tions are 'and)ed /* t'e 'ost e5.'an,e& In t'e event of fai)+re of <CM )in7s0 RS: ,oes into standa)one mode of operation& In .ase it is not possi/)e to pro.ess a .a)) re8+est d+e to +navai)a/i)it* of )in7s to t'e 'ost0 t'e s+/s.ri/er is .onne.ted to appropriate tone or anno+n.ement& D+rin, standa)one mode of operation0 t'e )o.a) and in.omin, terminatin, .a))s in RS: are s-it.'ed and t'e meterin, information of a)) t'e RS: s+/s.ri/ers is stored in t'e RS:& It is sent to t'e 'ost -'enever t'e <CM )in7s are avai)a/)e a,ain&

"n)* t'e even n+m/ered BMs .an /e .onfi,+red as RS: i&e& a ma5im+m $A RS:s are possi/)e in C!D"T DSS MA#!#L and 2 RS:s in MA#!L&


T'is se.tion in.)+des s*stem feat+res re)ated to t'e CT"D DSS MA#& T'e* areC

TYPE OF E!"ICE T'e CD"T DSS of different .apa.ities .an /e p+t to +se at vario+s s-it.'in, nodes in t'e te)e.omm+ni.ation net-or7& MA# Main A+tomati. E5.'an,e MA# is e5panda/)e to )ar,e .apa.ities of order of %333 )ines or /e*ond& T'e MA# ma* 'ave Remote Mod+)es (RM) and Remote Line Con.entrators (RLC) .onne.ted to it& A

!A# R+ra) A+tomati. E5.'an,e (RA#) is a sma)) e5.'an,e and is e5panda/)e +pto %333 )ines .apa.it*& Sin,)e Base Mod+)e .onfi,+ration (i&e& CD"T SBM RA# -it' or -it'o+t .on.entration) .omes +nder t'e RA# .ate,or*& TYPE OF APP$ICATIO% T'e s*stem .an /e p+t to t'e fo))o-in, app)i.ationsC !epla&ements T'e e5.'an,e .an serve as rep)a.ement of an e5istin, s-it.'in, s*stem d+e to /e p'ased o+t from t'e net-or7&

%e' E(&)anges W'erever ne- e5.'an,es are opened0 t'e CD"T DSS MA# .an provide t'e s-it.'in, net-or7 -it'in t'e e5istin, te)e.om net-or7& E(tensions T'e .apa.it* of an e5istin, CD"T s-it.'in, s*stem .an /e in.reased& (or e5amp)e if t'e .apa.it* of an e5istin, CD"T e5.'an,e is 6$% points0 it .an /e in.reased0 to sa*0 4333 )ines& TYPE OF Y TEM T'e s*stem is Stored <ro,ramme Contro))ed (S<C) -'i.' ma7es it possi/)e to -or7 in attended1non!attended t*pe of -or7in, environment& TYPE OF %ET*O!+ T'e s-it.'in, net-or7 -it'in t'e s*stem is 4!-ire di,ita)& TYPE OF COMPO%E%T T'e different t*pe of .omponents +sed in.)+de inte,rated .ir.+its0 miniat+re re)a*s0 <CB0 et.& T'e .onne.tin, s.'eme /et-een vario+s mod+)es emp'asis .onne.torised 'ard-are&


T'is se.tion in.)+des feat+res re)ated t'e dire.tor* n+m/erin, p)an& LE>EL 3 ("R TA# STD Di,it 3 is +sed for ,ettin, a..ess to t'e tr+n7 a+tomati. e5.'an,e to ro+te STD (S+/s.ri/er Tr+n7 Dia)in,) traffi. to s+/s.ri/ers .onne.ted to t'e nationa) TA# net-or7& LE>EL $ S<ECIAL SER>ICES CD"T DSS provides for t'ree di,it or more t'an t'ree di,it a..ess .odes for )eve) $ spe.ia) servi.es& LE>EL E <"INT T" <"INT STD

Di,it E is +sed for ,ettin, a..ess to t'e Stro-,er STD tandem for point!to! point s+/s.ri/er dia))ed .a))s& In CD"T DSS0 FE? is +sed for .'e.7in, STD /arrin, et.& MA#IM:M $A DIGIT RECE<TI"N (R"M TR:NGS T'e s*stem 'as a provision to re.eive a ma5im+m of $A di,its from a tr+n7& MA#IM:M 43 DIGIT RECE<TI"N (R"M S:BSCRIBERS LINES T'e s*stem 'as a provision to re.eive a ma5im+m of 43 di,its from t'e s+/s.ri/er?s )ine& A t*pi.a) .ase -'en so man* di,its .o+)d /e e5pe.ted in CD"T DSS is in .ase of .redit .ard .a))in, or -'en t'e fa.i)ities of HDia))in, /* E8+ipment N+m/erI is +sed et.& <RE(I# 33 ("R ISD THR":GH TA# Code 33 is +sed as a..ess .ode for ISD .a))s t'ro+,' TA#& In ear)* p'ases of ISD -or7in, in India0 a se.ond dia) tone after dia))in, 33 -as fed and -as to /e fo))o-ed /* f+rt'er di,its& T'e s.'eme 'as .'an,ed no-& CD"T DSS provides for /ot' t'e s.'emes of -or7in,0 -it' se.ond dia) tone and -it'o+t se.ond dia) tone& T'e di,its 33 are +sed -'en .'e.7in, for ISD /arrin,J simi)ar)*0 for near ISD /arrin, .'e.7s0 di,its 3E are +sed& <RE(I# E33 ("R ISD CALLS Code E33 -as +sed as a..ess .ode for ISD .a))s in Indian net-or7 -'en ISD -as initia))* introd+.ed& C!D"T DSS provides for t'is t*pe of -or7in, a)so if needed& T'e di,its E33 are +sed in CD"T DSS for .'e.7in, ISD and near ISD restri.tions (.om/ined)&

>ARIABLE LENGTH DIRECT"R N:MBER "( S:BSCRIBERS T'e nationa) n+m/er of a s+/s.ri/er in India .an 'ave a ma5im+m of E si,nifi.ant di,its (i&e&0 e5.)+din, t'e a..ess .ode 3)& It in.)+des t'e tr+n7 .ode for t'e area to -'i.' t'e )o.a) e5.'an,e of t'e s+/s.ri/er /e)on,s and E

'is dire.tor* n+m/er -it'in t'e )o.a) e5.'an,e1)o.a) area& T'e dire.tor n+m/er .an var* from ; to D di,its (in.)+din, e5.'an,e .ode)& CD"T DSS s+pports t'is n+m/erin, s.'eme f+))*& >ARIABLE LENGTH R":TE C"DE T'e a..ess .odes for vario+s ro+tes ma* /e of varia/)e )en,t' ($ di,it to $% di,its)& T'e tr+n7 (ISD) .odes a))otted for t'e area are 'and)ed in t'e same -a* as ot'er Hro+tesI in CD"T DSS t'erefore0 tr+n7 .odes of % to D di,its )en,t'0 re8+ired in India0 .an /e s+pported in CD"T DSS& ANAL"G LINE INTER(ACE T'e s*stem is .apa/)e of /ein, .onne.ted to t'e s+/s.ri/ers t'ro+,' ordinar*0 CCB or <B# )ines& N"RMAL LINE Line resistan.e in.)+din, s+/s.ri/er?s instr+ment ma* ,o +pto $%33 o'ms for -'i.' minim+m ;3 mA )oop .+rrent is ,+aranteed& Ins+)ation resistan.e /et-een Fa? -ire (or F/? -ire) and ,ro+nd or /et-een Fa? and F/? -ires ma* /e as )o- as %3G o'ms&


T'is se.tion re)ates to vario+s t*pes of )ines t'at t'e e5.'an,e .an .ater to0 and /rief)*0 servi.es offered to s+.' )ines& O!,I%A!Y $I%E A s+/s.ri/er ma* 'ave an ordinar* te)ep'one instr+ment .onne.ted to 'is1'er )ine& COI% TE$EP-O%E (CCB $I%E) T'e s*stem provides a servi.e /* means of a spe.ia) te)ep'one permittin, o+t,oin, .a))s after insertion of ade8+ate .oin(s) or to7en(s) and in.omin, .a))s -it'o+t pa*ment& T'e t-o .)asses of servi.e areC Lo.a)!.a))s -it'in :nit (ee Kone (:(K) .an /e made from .oin .o))e.tion /o5 $3

te)ep'one& STD L from STD .oin /o5 te)ep'ones0 t'e STD .a))s and .a))s to some spe.ia) servi.es are permitted (Not avai)a/)e present)*)&



A%A$O. T!/%+ T'e vario+s t*pes of ana)o, tr+n7 .ir.+its possi/)e to /e terminated on t'e s*stem .omprise p'*si.a) .ir.+its (ana)o, .ir.+its -or7in, over p'*si.a) -ires)& 01*ire P)2si&al Cir&uits T'e p'*si.a) .ir.+its emp)o* DC Loop Si,na))in,0 M( Si,na))in, (M(C R% modified for Indian Net-or7) and Carrier Cir.+its -it' EBM Si,na))in,& T'ese .ir.+its .an emp)o* an* of t'e fo))o-in, re,ister si,na))in, s.'emes& De.adi.0 M(C R% modified for Indian Net-or7 and M( Semi!.ompe))ed Line si,na))in, is as fo))o-sC Rin, do-n (i&e& sendin, of rin,in, .+rrent) for e5.'an,e to man+a) /oard& DC )oop si,na))in, for man+a) /oard to e5.'an,e&
,I.ITA$ T!/%+ C T'e inter -or7in, of a CD"T s*stem -it' ot'er e5.'an,es

on a di,ita) tr+n7 is possi/)e +sin, re,ister si,na))in, s.'emes vi9& De.adi. and M(C R% modified for Indian Net-or7& Di,ita) Tr+n7 interfa.es provided is 4 -ire0 %342 /it1s HDB; .oded <CM&


FIG 1.1 S Y S T E M A R C H I T E C T U R E


Chapter 2
T'e .apa.it* of C!D"T DSS is defined in terms of t'e fo))o-in, parametersC M &T'e termination .apa.it* e5pressed as t'e n+m/er of )ines and tr+n7s M T'e amo+nt of traffi. (in Er)an,s) t'at .an /e s-it.'ed M T'e n+m/er of B+s* Ho+r Ca)) Attempts (BHCA) t'at .an /e pro.essed -it' a ,iven .a))!mi5 -'i)e meetin, t'e overa)) servi.e 8+a)it* re8+irements T'is se.tion indi.ates t'e ma5im+m .apa.it* of different s*stem e)ements as -e)) as t'at of .omp)ete e5.'an,e0 e8+ipped to its +)timate termination .apa.it*& It 'as /een ens+red t'at t'e spe.ified parameters are va)id to meet overa)) re)ia/i)it* o/=e.tives for t'e C!D"T DSS as spe.ified in IT:!T re.ommendations&


A Termina) Card is t'e /asi. s*stem e)ement& It interfa.es1 terminates t'e )ines and tr+n7s& T'e ne5t 'i,'er e)ement is a Termina) :nit& T'e t*pes of termina) .ards and termina) +nits +sed in C!D"T DSS a)on, -it' its f+n.tions are e5p)ained in H1W des.ription& Termination .apa.it* of a BM is 422 ana)o, termina)s and t'at of LM is DA2 ana)o, termina)s& A BM .an /e .on.entrated -it' % LMs to provide ma5im+m termination .apa.it* of %3%4 ana)o, )ines& In .ase of a BM0 a ma5im+m of %6A B! .'anne)s .an /e provided for ISDN terminations at t'e .ost of $%2 ana)o, )ines& In its ma5im+m .onfi,+ration of one BM and % LMs -it' termination .apa.it* of %3%4 ana)o, )ines0 %6A B! .'anne)s are provided at t'e .ost of 6$% ana)o, )ines& "ne to one rep)a.ement of B!.'anne)s is p)anned in immediate f+t+re& Base Mod+)e and Line Mod+)e are t'e 'i,'est )eve) of s*stem e)ements Ea.' Base Mod+)e 'as fo+r Termina) :nits -'ereas a Line Mod+)e 'as si5 Termina) :nits& $;

A ma5im+m of $A BMs .an /e .onne.ted in MA#!L and ;% BMs .an /e .onne.ted in MA#!#L .onfi,+rations& Ta/)e%&$ s+mmarises t'e termination .apa.ities of t'e vario+s s*stem e)ements of CD"T DSS MA#&


C!D"T DSS MA# .an /e .onfi,+red to s+pport an* .om/ination of )ines and tr+n7s& (or different app)i.ations in t'e net-or7 as Lo.a) E5.'an,e0 Lo.a) .+m Tandem E5.'an,e& Tr+n7 A+tomati. E5.'an,e (TA#) or Inte,rated Lo.a) .+m Transit (ILT) E5.'an,e& In its ma5im+m .onfi,+ration0 +pto 430333 )ines and 6&633 tr+n7s are s+pported -'en .onfi,+red as Lo.a)1Lo.a) .+m Tandem& W'en .onfi,+red as TA#0 $40633 tr+n7s are s+pported&
Ta3le 0.1

Termination Capa.it* of S*stem E)ements

l 1 A B C D E ( 0 A B C

2stem Element Termination Cards (TC)4 Ana)o, Line Card Ana)o, Tr+n7 Card A set of DTS1DTC Cards ND <HC Card (SHM) ISDN!BRI Card ISDN!<RI Card Terminal /nit (T/)4 Ana)o, T: (AT:) Di,ita) T: (DT:) ND Si,na))in, :nit Mod+)e (S:M)

Termination Capa&it2 LCC L 2 Ana)o, S+/s.ri/ers CCM L 2 CCB s+/s.ri/ers -it' )ast t-o ports s+pportin, $A!7H9 meterin, TWT1 EM( L 2 Tr+n7s "ne %!M/ps E!$ )in7 as CAS1CCS tr+n7s 2 <roto.o) Hand)ers1 Si,na))in, Lin7s 2 BRI (%BOD) Interfa.e i&e& $A B! .'anne)s "ne <RI (;3BOD) Interfa.e i&e& ;3 B! .'anne)s $A Ana)o, Termina) Cards (LCC1 CCM1 TWT1 EM() to s+pport an* .om/ination of Lines B Tr+n7s in m+)tip)e of 2 (o+r %!M/ps E!$ )in7s as CAS1 CCSD A4 Nos&0 ND <roto.o) Hand)ers1si,na))in, )in7s $4

D 5 A

ISDN Termina) :nit (IST:) Base Module (BM)4

%6A Bearer C'anne)s to /e .onfi,+red as BRI0 <RI or an* .om/ination 423 Ana)o, S+/s.ri/ers& A ma5im+m of

Base Mod+)e (Line)

%6A B!C'anne)s for ISDN interfa.e .an /e provided at t'e .ost of $%2 DA2 Ana)o, s+/s.ri/er )ines& A


Line Mod+)e (LM) BM (Ana)o, Tr+n7s) BM (Di,ita) Tr+n7s) BM (Ana)o, O Di,ita))

ma5im+m of t-o LMs .onne.ted -it' BM s+pports %3%4 )ines& 422 Ana)o, Tr+n7s (ifteen %!M/ps E!$ )in7s as CAS1 CCSD T'ree possi/)e .onfi,+rations as ;A3 ATO 4 <CMs1 %;% ATO 2 <CMs1 $34 ATO


Termination Capa&it2 o6 E(&)ange Con6igurations S) $ E5.'an,e Confi,+ration Sin,)e Base Mod+)e (SBM) Termination Capa.it* $0633 Lines B $%2 Tr+n7s& T'e tr+n7s .an /e ana)o, and1or di,ita)& T'e n+m/er of

tr+n7s .an /e in.reased at t'e .ost of M+)ti!Base Mod+)e (MBM) (DSS MA#) Idea) .onfi,+ration to s+pport 430333 )ines and 60633 tr+n7s -it' %3 Line BMs i) MA#!#L and $% Tr+n7 BMs& T'e tr+n7 .apa.it* .an /e in.reased /* 463 at t'e .ost of %0333 s+/s.ri/ers or vi.e versa& Idea) .onfi,+ration to s+pport %30333 )ines and %0D33 tr+n7s -it' $3 Line BMs ii) MA#!L and A Tr+n7 BMs& T'e tr+n7 .apa.it* .an /e in.reased /* 463 at t'e .ost of %0333 s+/s.ri/ers or vi.e versa& %0333 s+/s.ri/er )ines& Tr+n7 interfa.e at t'e .ost of s+/s.ri/er )ines& $40633 Tr+n7s $6

; 4

Remote S-it.'in, :nit (RS:) M+)ti!Base Mod+)e TA#

%oteC o+t of t'e tota) e8+ipped .apa.it*0 a ma5im+m of ;30333 )ines ma* /e remote s+/s.ri/ers t'ro+,' RS:s in MA#!#L -'ereas $4333 )ines ma* /e Remote S+/s.ri/er t'ro+,' RS:s in MA#!L&


T'e traffi. .arr*in, .apa.it* of C!D"T DSS MA# is idea))* 2333 Er)an,s in .ase of MA#!#L and 4333 Er)an,s in .ase of MA#!L e5.'an,es& T'is fi,+re is /ased on t'e idea) traffi. of one Er)an, per s-it.'ed .ir.+it& B+t t'e a.t+a) traffi. .arr*in, .apa.it* of one s-it.'ed pat' is a)-a*s )ess t'an one in pra.ti.a) app)i.ation& A..ordin,)* .apa.ities are red+.ed to not )ess t'an D0633Er)an,s in.ase of MA#!#L and to ;233 in .ase of MA#!L e5.'an,es&


T'e /asi. pro.essin, e)ements of t'e e5.'an,e are t'e Base <ro.essor (in t'e Base Mod+)e)& Base pro.essor 'as t'e .apa/i)it* of 'and)in, $%0633 B+s* Ho+r Ca)) Attempts -'i.' .an /e in.reased to ;30333 +sin, +p,raded pro.essor .ard& T'e C!D"T DSS MA# (MA#!#L) e5.'an,e -it' ;% Base Mod+)es .an 'and)e +pto ;0330333 BHCA& B* +p,radin, t'e pro.essor .ard in BM1CM1AM1S:M and messa,e s-it.' in a)) t'e BMs0 it is in.reased to 20330333 BHCA& In .ase of MA#!L e5.'an,es -it' $A BMs .onne.tivit*0 t'e BHCA 'and)in, .apa/i)it* is $0630333& >ario+s e5.'an,e .onfi,+rations and t'eir traffi. .apa.ities are s+mmarised in Ta/)e%&;& Ta3le 0.5 Tra66i& Capa&it2 o6 E(&)ange Con6igurations S)&No&E5.'an,e Confi,+ration $A Traffi. Capa.it* Des.ription



%63 Er)an,s& T'e BHCA .apa.it* depends on t'e t*pe of pro.essor +sed and it ma* /e $%0633 or ;30333&

%& Remote :nit (RS:)

S-it.'in,%63 Er)an,s& T'e BHCA .apa.it* depends on t'e t*pe of pro.essor +sed& It ma* /e $%0A33 or ;30333&

;& DSS!MA#1TA# i) MA#!#L

Not )ess t'an D0633 Er)an,s& T'e BHCA .apa.it* is more t'an ;0330333 and +p,rada/)e to 20330333 /* +p,radin, on)* pro.essor .ards&

ii) MA#!L

Not )ess t'an ;233 Er)an,s& T'e BHCA .apa.it*is $0630333&

%ote4 (or some of t'e sites a)read* .ommissioned -it' one of t'e first t'ree .onfi,+rations0 overa)) BHCA 'and)in, .apa.it* ma* /e )o-er d+e to +se of o)d pro.essor .ards&


T'e C!D"T DSS MA# is desi,ned to meet t'e re)ia/i)it* standards as defined in t'e spe.ifi.ations& T'e s*stem +ses f+))* di,ita) te.'ni8+es for s-it.'in, in.)+din, t'e s+/s.ri/er sta,e& T'e s*stem is /+i)t +sin, a minima) n+m/er of standard +nits1mod+)es -'i.' a))o- f)e5i/)e ,ro-t' of t'e e5.'an,e and eas* +p,radation in te.'no)o,* and ne- feat+res& A ver* important feat+re of C!D"T DSS MA# ar.'ite.t+re is t'e e5tensive d+p)i.ation of +nits& A)) .ontro))er +nits are d+p)i.ated or 'ave nO$ red+ndan.*& Soft-are desi,n mat.'es t'e 'i,' de,ree of red+ndan.* provided /* 'ard-are to minimi9e t'e s*stem do-n time& To minimi9e fai)+res .a+sed /* '+man and1or soft-are errors t'e C!D"T DSS MA# 'as e5tensive soft-are maintenan.e f+n.tions& T'e desi,n of soft-are is s+.' t'at propa,ation of soft-are fa+)ts is .ontained and it provides s+ffi.ient .'e.7s to monitor t'e .orre.t f+n.tionin, of t'e s*stem& T'e fa.i)ities are in!/+i)t to ens+re a+tomati. soft-are re.over* on dete.tion of soft-are fa+)ts& W'enever a fa+)t* .ondition o..+rs t'e soft-are provides $D

for t'e iso)ation of t'e fa+)t* s+/s*stem and a+tomati.a))* initiates dia,nosti. pro,rams for dia,nosti. p+rposes& T'e dia,nosti. pro,rams 'ave a desi,n o/=e.tive of )o.a)i9in, E6 of t'e fa+)ts to a sin,)e <CB )eve) and t'e rest to a t-o <CB )eve)& <rovision is a)so made for safet* of .'ar,e!re.ords& T'e .'ar,in, information is d+mped at re,+)ar interva)s to non!vo)ati)e d+p)i.ated /a.7!+p memories a+tomati.a))*& T'e soft-are maintenan.e f+n.tions in.)+de data a+dits as -e))J as s*stem inte,rit* monitors and .ontro)s& A)arm Disp)a* <ane) is provided for a .ontin+o+s indi.ation of t'e s*stem stat+s& A+dio!vis+a) a)arms are provided&



%&%&$ INTR"D:CTI"N
T'e C!D"T Di,ita) S-it.'in, S*stems offer a -ide ran,e of te)ep'on* feat+res and s+pp)ementar* servi.es& (+rt'er .apa/i)ities .an /e deve)oped to meet spe.ifi. .+stomer needs& D+e to mandator* re8+irement of e5.'an,e of messa,es /et-een t'e s-it.'in, s*stems and +ser@s e8+ipment0 some of t'e servi.es are e5.)+sive)* offered to ISDN!s+/s.ri/ers& In .ase of fe- of t'e servi.es offered to <STN and ISDN s+/s.ri/ers0 t'e imp)ementation of servi.es to <STN s+/s.ri/ers ma* /e partia) and invo.ation pro.ed+re ma* a)so differ&


T'e s+/s.ri/er servi.es provided /* C!D"T DSS MA# e5.'an,es for <STN (Ana)o,) as -e)) as ISDN s+/s.ri/ers are!e5p)ained as per t'eir )o,i.a) ,ro+pin,C %um3er Identi6i&ation ervi&es
i) Calling $ine Identi6i&ation Presentation (C$IP)

W'en t'is servi.e is s+/s.ri/ed /* a +ser as terminatin, fa.i)it*0 a)) t'e in.omin, .a))s are offered to t'e +ser a)on, -it' t'e detai)s of .a))in, part*@s identit*& In e5.eptiona) .ases as t'e .a))in, part* 'as s+/s.ri/ed CLIR or inter-or7in, .onstraints in t'e net-or70 it -i)) not /e possi/)e to provide .a))er@s identit*&
ii) Calling $ine Identi6i&ation !estri&tion (C$I!)

T'is servi.e is offered to t'e .a))in, part* to restri.t presentation of it@s n+m/er to t'e .a))ed part*& W'en CLIR is s+/s.ri/ed0 t'e ori,inatin, e5.'an,e notifies t'e destination e5.'an,e t'at t'e .a))in, part*@s n+m/er is not a))o-ed to /e presented to t'e .a))ed part*& T'e terminatin, )o.a) e5.'an,e ma* indi.ate to t'e .a))ed +ser t'at t'e .a))in, +ser identit* is +navai)a/)e d+e to restri.tion&


iii) Calling $ine Identi6i&ation !estri&tion Override (C$I!O)

S+/s.ri/er -it' CLIR" as terminatin, fa.i)it* instead of CLI<0 re.eives t'e .a)) -it' t'e .a))in, )ine identifi.ation even if t'e .a))in, part* 'as re8+ested t'at 'is (t'e .a))in, part*@s) identifi.ation s'o+)d not /P presented to t'e .a))ed +ser& T'e CLIR" fa.i)it* is offered at t'e dis.retion of t'e administration to spe.ia) .ate,or* s+/s.ri/ers )i7e t'e po)i.e0 'ospita)s0 operator positions and ot'er emer,en.* .entres&
iv) Mali&ious Call Identi6i&ation (MCI,)

T'is fa.i)it* is +sed for as.ertainin, t'e ori,in of ma)i.io+s .a))s& D+rin, .onversation t'e s+/s.ri/er 'as to +se s+ita/)e pro.ed+re to notif* t'e e5.'an,e a/o+t t'e ma)i.io+s .a))& T'e detai) of t'e .a)) is re.orded in t'e e5.'an,e -'i.' .an /e retrieved )ater on& If t'e .a))er is from an e5.'an,e -'i.' does not s+pport identifi.ation of .a))in, )ine0 Q=+n.tion identit*Q is fo+nd and an Qidentifi.ation re8+estQ ma* /e sent to t'e ori,inatin, e5.'an,e /* tee e5.'an,e personne)&

Call O66ering upplementar2 ervi&es Ca)) offerin, servi.es permit t'e served +ser to re8+est t'e net-or7 to divert t'e in.omin, .a))s to a spe.ifi. n+m/er& In .a)) for-ardin,0 t'e net-or7 for-ards t'e .a)) to a pre!re,istered n+m/er -'i.' .an /e spe.ified /* t'e +ser or e5.'an,e administrator&
i) Call 6or'arding un&onditional (CF/)

T'is servi.e permits t'e served +ser to re8+est t'e e5.'an,e to for-ard a)) in.omin, .a))s to ot'er N+m/er& T'e served +ser@s ori,inatin, servi.e remains +naffe.ted& T'e ot'er n+m/er .o+)d /e a fi5ed pre!determined n+m/er or a n+m/er spe.ified /* t'e s+/s.ri/er in t'e a.tivation re8+est&



Call For'arding Bus2 (CFB)

T'is servi.e permits t'e served +ser to re8+est t'e e5.'an,e to for-ard a)) in.omin, .a))s to ot'er n+m/er if t'e served +sers n+m/er is not free& T'e served +ser@s ori,inatin, servi.e remains +naffe.ted&
iii) Call 6or'arding no repl2 (CF%!)

T'is servi.e permits t'e served +ser to re8+est t'e e5.'an,e to for-ard a)) in.omin, .a))s -'i.' are not rep)ied -it' in rin, timeo+t period& T'e served +ser@s ori,inatin, servi.e remains +naffe.ted&

Call Completion ervi&es

i) Call *aiting

A s+/s.ri/er en,a,ed in an e5istin, .a))0 is ,iven an indi.ation (Ca)) Waitin, tone or KI< tone) t'at anot'er .a))er is attemptin, to .onne.t to 'is n+m/er& T'e .a))er -i)) 'ear rin, /a.7 tone& B* f)as'in, t'e 'oo7!s-it.' t'e .a))ed s+/s.ri/er .an ta)7 -it' eit'er part* -'i)e 7eepin, t'e ot'er on 'o)d (a..eptan.e -it'o+t .)earin,)& If t'e .a))ed s+/s.ri/er rep)a.es 'is 'andset in response to t'e tone (a..eptan.e /* .)earin,)0 t'e e5.'an,e -i)) a+tomati.a))* e5tend rin, to t'e s+/s.ri/er and re!esta/)is' t'e .onne.tion on ans-er -it' t'e part* -aitin,&
ii) Call -old

T'is fa.i)it* is +sed /* t'e +ser to p+t t'e e5istin, .onversation on 'o)d for t'e time /ein, and initiate a ne- .a)) or re.eive a .a)) in -aitin,& T'e .a))0 -'i.' 'as /een p+t on 'o)d0 is retrieved /* t'e +ser as and -'en it is re8+ired& T'e pro.ed+re of invo.ation to p+t t'e .onversation on 'o)d and its s+/se8+ent retrieva) is different for ISDN and <STN s+/s.ri/ers&


Multi1Part2 ervi&es
i) T)ree part2 &on6eren&e

T'e t'ree part* .a)) servi.e ena/)es t'e served +ser to esta/)is'0 parti.ipate in0 and .ontro) a sim+)taneo+s .omm+ni.ation invo)vin, t'e served +ser and t-o ot'er parties& T'e served +ser .an re8+est to .onvert t-o part* .onversation into a t'ree part* .onferen.e& D+rin, t'e t'ree part* .onversation0 t'e served +ser .an dis.onne.t one part*0 dis.onne.t t'e ;!-a* .onversation or .'oose to .omm+ni.ate private)* -it' one of t'e parties0 in -'i.' .ase t'e .a)) to t'e ot'er part* is 'e)d&
ii) Multi part2 &on6eren&e (Add1on &on6eren&e)

T'e C"N( (Add!on .onferen.e) servi.e ena/)es t'e served +ser to esta/)is' and .ontro) a .onferen.e i&e& a sim+)taneo+s .omm+ni.ation0 invo)vin, of +sers (ma5& +p to A)& W'en t'e C"N( servi.e is invo7ed0 t'e servin, )o.a) e5.'an,e a))o.ates .onferen.e reso+r.es to t'e served +ser and add an* e5istin, .a)) indi.ated /* t'e served +ser to t'e .onferen.e& "n s+..essf+) invo.ation of .onferen.e t'e served +ser /e.omes t'e @.onferen.e .ontro))er@& T'e .onferen.e Contro))er ma* t'en add0 drop0 iso)ate0 and reatta.' parties from t'e .onferen.e& T'e .onferen.e .ontro))er .an a)so 'o)d and retrieve t'e .onferen.e (e&,& to add parties) and fina))* end t'e .onferen.e& Mis&ellaneous ervi&es
i. -ot $ine (Timed)

T'is servi.e is a)so referred as a (i5ed Destination Ca)) -it' Time!o+t& T'is a))o-s a s+/s.ri/er to esta/)is' .a))s to a pre!re,istered n+m/er& After ,ettin, dia) tone0 if t'e s+/s.ri/er does not dia) an* di,it for a spe.ified minim+m time0 'e is a+tomati.a))* .onne.ted to t'e n+m/er a)read* re,istered in t'e s*stem& If s+/s.ri/er dia)s di,its /efore t'e time!o+t0 a norma) .onne.tion is esta/)is'ed in a..ordan.e -it' t'e dia))ed di,its& In.omin, .a))s are not affe.ted /* t'is servi.e&
ii. -ot $ine (*it)out Time1out)


T'is servi.e is a)so referred a (i5ed Destination Ca)) ! Immediate& T'is a))o-s a s+/s.ri/er to esta/)is' .a))s to a pre!re,istered n+m/er /* =+st )iftin, t'e 'andset& In t'is servi.e s+.' a .onne.tion is set +p immediate)* +pon )iftin, t'e 'andset0 'en.e t'e s+/s.ri/er .annot dia) norma) o+t,oin, .a))s& In.omin, .a))s are not affe.ted /* t'is servi.e&
iii. !eminder Call7 Alarm ervi&es

W'en t'is servi.e is a.tivated0 t'e s+/s.ri/er is offered a .a)) initiated /* t'e e5.'an,e at a spe.ified time1s& W'en t'e a)arm .a)) mat+res and is ans-ered an anno+n.ement fo))o-s to notif* t'e a)arm .a))& T'is servi.e is avai)a/)e in t-o formsC (i) In semia+tomati. form0 t'e /oo7in, is man+a) t'ro+,' e5.'an,e operator and t'e e5e.+tion is a+tomati.& In t'is .ase0 t'e operator needs to /e @)o.a)@ operator0 .onne.ted to t'e s*stem via a >D: (ii) (ii) In a+tomati. form0 t'e /oo7in, is done a+tomati.a))* /* t'e s+/s.ri/er t'ro+,' a .ontro) pro.ed+re and its e5e.+tion is a)so a+tomati.&
iv. u3s&ri3er Controlled Call !estri&tion ervi&es

Den*in, a)) .a))s to a )ine0 -'i)e a))o-in, it to ori,inate .a))s as per .+rrent a..ess )eve)0 Den*in, vario+s )eve) of ori,inations from a )ine (no ISD .a))s0 no STD and ISD .a))s0 on)* )o.a) .a))s and se)e.ted Leve) I servi.es0 et.&) -'i)e a))o-in, in.omin, .a))s to terminate norma))* on it& S+/s.ri/er .ontro))ed /arrin, offers f)e5i/i)it* to a s+/s.ri/er to .'an,e o+t,oin, restri.tion /* se)e.tin, one a..ess )eve)0 +sin, predefined pro.ed+re t'ro+,' se.ret pass-ord& To maintain t'e se.re.* of t'e pass-ord0 t'e +ser .an modif* t'e pass-ord /* +sin, predefined pro.ed+re&



Intrusion Barring ervi&e

(or reasons of .a)) se.+rit* in terms of f+))* +ndist+r/ed .a))0 s+/s.ri/er .an avai) of intr+sion /arrin, fa.i)it*& T'is .an /e +sef+)0 for e5amp)e0 -'en data transmission is /ein, effe.ted on t'e )ine&
vi. ,ialling 32 Terminal E8uipment %um3er

Sometimes0 a spe.ifi. )ine1tr+n70 tone or anno+n.ement is to /e a..essed /* its Termina) E8+ipment N+m/er (TEN) in t'e e5.'an,e& T'is is spe.ifi.a))* re8+ired for dia))in, to )ines -'i.' do not 'ave a dire.tor* n+m/er - in .ase of Qdire.ted .a))sQ via o+t,oin, tr+n7s& T'is fa.i)it* is +sed /* t'e maintenan.e personne) as part of ro+tine maintenan.e a.tivities&


Trun9 O66er

T'is servi.e ma7es it possi/)e for t'e operator to interr+pt a .a)) in pro,ress0 in order to a))o- anot'er in.omin, .a)) to /e offered& T'e .'oi.e of a..eptin, or re=e.tin, t'e ne- .a)) rests -it' t'e s+/s.ri/er&
viii. :ueuing ervi&e

T'is ena/)es t'e s+/s.ri/er to 'ave one or more .a))s p)a.ed in a 8+e+e -'en 'is )ine1,ro+p of )ines are /+s*& W'en t'e s+/s.ri/er )ine /e.omes free0 t'e first .a))er in t'e 8+e+e is .onne.ted and t'e ot'er .a))ers in t'e 8+e+e move one p)a.e a'ead&
i(. Priorit2 u3s&ri3er

D+rin, over)oad and net-or7 .on,estion0 priorit* servi.e ass+res an improved servi.e )eve) for priorit* s+/s.ri/ers s+.' as t'ose responsi/)e for maintenan.e of )a- and order or essentia) servi.es& T'e priorit* s+/s.ri/ers are served even d+rin, over)oad d+e to 'eav* traffi. in t'e e5.'an,e via a)ternate ,ro+p of tr+n7s& A fe- tr+n7s ma* /e identified for t'is p+rpose -'i.' are e5.)+sive)* +sed /* priorit* s+/s.ri/ers -'i)e norma) s+/s.ri/ers are denied a..ess to t'em& T'e e)i,i/i)it* of priorit* s+/s.ri/ers for an a)ternate ,ro+p of tr+n7s is pro,rammed /* t'e e5.'an,e administrator&
(. ,istin&tive !inging 6or $ong ,istan&e Calls

T'e <STN s+/s.ri/ers are .onne.ted different rin,in, .aden.e to inform t'em t'at t'is .a)) is a )on, distan.e STD1ISD .a))& %4


In addition to t'e servi.es avai)a/)e for <STN1Ana)o, as -e)) as ISDN s+/s.ri/ers0 a n+m/er of s+pp)ementar* servi.es are offered on)* to ISDN! s+/s.ri/ers& C)arging !elated upplementar2 ervi&es T'e Advi.e "f C'ar,e servi.e provides .'ar,in, information to t'e +ser pa*in, for a .a))& T'e option of providin, t'e information at a predefined sta,e of t'e .a)) is /ased on t'e t*pe of A"C fa.i)it* s+/s.ri/ed&
i) AOC1E; C)arging in6ormation at t)e end o6 t)e &all

T'e .'ar,in, information is provided /* t'e servin, )o.a) e5.'an,e at t'e end of a .a))& It is sent in t'e .'ar,e advi.e information e)ement of t'e .a)) .)earin, messa,e&
ii) AOC1,; C)arging in6ormation during a &all

In t'is .ase t'e .'ar,in, information is provided /* t'e servin, )o.a) e5.'an,e ever* time a 8+ant+m of .'ar,e 'as /een added& T'e .'ar,in, information is sent in an appropriate messa,e& W'en t'e .a)) is .)eared0 t'e remainin, n+m/er of .'ar,e +nits (in.rementa) .ase) or t'e tota) .'ar,e +nits (.+m+)ative .ase) is transferred to t'e +ser in t'e .a)) .)earin, messa,e&


.roup $ine upplementar2 ervi&es

i) ,ire&t ,ialling In (,,I)

T'is servi.e ena/)es a +ser of IS<B# to /e .a))ed -it'o+t attendant intervention& T'is servi.e is /ased on t'e ISDN n+m/er& T'e DDI +ser0 -'i)e /ein, a s+/s.ri/er of an IS<B#0 is a))o.ated an ISDN n+m/er from dire.tor* n+m/er set of t'e servin, p+/)i. e5.'an,e& T'e administration a))o.ates a ran,e of ISDN n+m/ers to-ards t'e IS<B#0 one for ea.' DDI +ser&
ii) Multiple u3s&ri3er %um3er (M %)

T'is servi.e provides t'e fa.i)it* of assi,nin, m+)tip)e ISDN n+m/ers to more t'an one +ser on a sin,)e interfa.e& T'is servi.e a))o-s dire.t dia))in, to one of t'e termina)s .onne.ted to an a..ess and ena/)es t'e net-or7 to determine ISDN n+m/er -'i.' is app)i.a/)e for ori,inatin, .a))s for s+/s.ri/er .'ara.teristi.s and .'ar,in, servi.es& T'e addressin, of termina)s is a.'ieved /* app)*in, a set of ISDN n+m/ers -'i.' need not /e .onse.+tive& W'en a .a)) -it' one of t'ese ISDN n+m/ers is de)ivered0 t'e .orrespondin, MSN n+m/er is indi.ated to t'e MSN +ser&
iii) u3 1 Addressing ( /B)

T'is servi.e is offered to t'e .a))ed +ser t'at e5pands its addressin, .apa/i)it* /e*ond t'at provided /* t'e ISDN n+m/er& T'e s+/!address is +sed /* t'e served +ser to identif* a parti.+)ar termina) on a m+)ti! drop a..ess0 or a0 virt+a) termina) or pro.ess -it'in a termina)& If t'e .a))in, part* provides a s+/!address in @SET!:< messa,e0 t'e net-or7 de)ivers t'is s+/! address +n.'an,ed and -it'o+t interpretation to t'e .a))ed +ser@s insta))ation& It is t'e .a))ed +ser@s responsi/i)it* to interpret t'e si,nifi.an.e of t'e s+/!address& %um3er Identi6i&ation ervi&e
i) Conne&ted $ine Identi6i&ation Presentation (CO$P)

It is a s+pp)ementar* servi.e offered to t'e .a))in, part* to 7no- t'e .omp)ete ISDN n+m/er of t'e .onne.ted part*0 on ans-er& It s'o+)d /e noted t'at if t'e .a))ed +ser /e)on,s to an IS<B#0 t'e .onne.ted n+m/er s'a)) on)* identif* t'e IS<B# and not t'e .a))ed +ser@s e5tension& T'e e5tension itse)f .an /e identified on)* if t'e .a))ed +ser 'as s+/s.ri/ed to t'e DDI servi.e and %A

'as in.)+ded 'is DDI di,its d+rin, .a)) .onfirmation&

ii) Conne&ted $ine Identi6i&ation !estri&tion (CO$!)

T'is is a servi.e offered to t'e .onne.ted part* to restri.t t'e presentation its identit* to t'e .a))in, part*& W'en C"LR is s+/s.ri/ed0 t'e destination e5.'an,e informs ori,inatin, e5.'an,e -it' a notifi.ation t'at t'e .onne.ted part*@s identit* is not a))o-ed to /e presented to t'e .a))in, part*&

Iii) Conne&ted $ine Identi6i&ation !estri&tion Override (CO$!O)

S+/s.ri/er -it' t'e C"LR" fa.i)it* is ,iven t'e .onne.ted )ine identifi.ation even if t'e .onne.ted part* 'as re8+ested t'at 'is (t'e .onne.ted part*@s) identifi.ation not to /e presented to t'e .a))in, +ser (/* t'e invo.ation of t'e C"LR servi.e)& Mis&ellaneous ervi&es4
i) Terminal Porta3ilit2 (TP)

Termina) <orta/i)it* (T<) is a s+pp)ementar* servi.e t'at a))o-s t'e +ser to move a termina) from one so.7et to anot'er -it'in t'e same /asi. a..ess d+rin, t'e a.tive p'ase of t'e .a))& It a)so a))o-s t'e +ser to move a .a)) from one termina) to anot'er -it' t'e same /asi. a..ess in t'e a.tive p'ase of t'e .a))& It a))o-s a +ser -it' an esta/)is'ed .a)) to s+spend .omm+ni.ation /* an appropriate si,na))in, pro.ed+re and res+me .omm+ni.ation at a )ater time& T'is servi.e permits t'e +serC To move t'e termina) from one so.7et to anot'er -it'in t'e same /asi. a..ess& To s+spend t'e -i)) and s+/se8+ent)* res+me it at t'e same termina) B so.7et& To rep)a.e one termina) /* anot'er .ompati/)e termina) at t'e same so.7et To move t'e .a)) from one termina)0 to anot'er .ompati/)e termina) at t'e same /asi. a..ess& %D

T'is servi.e is +sed on)* in t'e a.tive p'ase of a .a)) and not in t'e .a)) esta/)is'ment and .)earin, p'ases& In addition t'e servi.e s'a)) independent)* app)* to t'e .a))in, and .a))ed +ser&


Chapter 3 Hardware Ar h!te t"re

T'e 'ard-are ar.'ite.t+re of C!D"T DSS MA# is mapped .)ose)* on t'e S*stem "vervie- des.ri/ed in t'e previo+s .'apter& In t'e fo))o-in, se.tions0 t'e 'ard-are ar.'ite.t+re of ea.' .onstit+ent mod+)e is des.ri/ed&

;&% BASE M"D:LE (BM)

Base Mod+)e (BM) is t'e /asi. /+i)din, /)o.7 of C!D"T DSS MA#& It interfa.es t'e s+/s.ri/ers0 tr+n7s and spe.ia) .ir.+its& T'e s+/s.ri/ers ma* /e individ+a) or ,ro+ped <B# )ines0 ana)o, or di,ita) )ines& T'e tr+n7s ma* /e T-o Wire <'*si.a)0 EBM (o+r Wire0 EBM T-o Wire0 Di,ita) CAS or CCS& T'e /asi. f+n.tions of a Base Mod+)eC Ana)o, to di,ita) .onversion of a)) si,na)s on ana)o, )ines and tr+n7s Interfa.e to di,ita) tr+n7s and di,ita) s+/s.ri/ers S-it.'in, t'e .a))s /et-een termina)s .onne.ted to t'e same Base Mod+)e Comm+ni.ation -it' t'e Administrative Mod+)e via t'e Centra) Mod+)e for administrative and maintenan.e f+n.tions and a)so for ma=orit* of inter!BM s-it.'in, (i&e& .a)) pro.essin,) f+n.tions <rovision of spe.ia) .ir.+its for .a)) pro.essin, s+pport e&,& di,ita) tones0 anno+n.ements0 M(1DTM( senders1re.eivers <rovision for )o.a) s-it.'in, and meterin, in stand a)one mode of Remote S-it.' :nit as -e)) as in .ase of Sin,)e Base Mod+)e E5.'an,e (SBM!RA#) %E

(or t'ese f+n.tions0 t'e Base Mod+)e 'ard-are is spread over different t*pes of :nits& (Ref& fi,& ;&$)
Analog Terminal Unit ! to interfa.e ana)o, )ines1tr+n7s0 and

providin, spe.ia) .ir.+its as .onferen.e0 anno+n.ements and termina) tester&

Digital Terminal Unit ! for interfa.in, di,ita) tr+n7s i&e& %M/ps

E!$1<CM Lin7s
#7 Signalling Unit Module ! to s+pport SSD proto.o) 'and)ers

and some .a)) pro.essin, f+n.tions for CCSD .a))s&

ISDN Terminal Unit ! to s+pport termination of BRI1<RI

interfa.es and imp)ementation of )o-er )a*ers of DSS$ si,na))in, proto.o)&

Time Switch Unit ! for voi.e and messa,e s-it.'in, and

provision of servi.e .ir.+its&

Base Processor Unit ! for .ontro) messa,e .omm+ni.ation and

.a)) pro.essin, f+n.tions&

;&%&$& Ana)o, Termina) :nit (AT:) (Figure 3.2A)

T'e Ana)o, Termina) :nit (AT:) is +sed for interfa.in, $%2 ana)o, terminations -'i.' ma* /e )ines or tr+n7s& It .onsists of termina) .ards -'i.' ma* /e a .om/ination of Line Cir.+it Cards (LCC)0 CCB -it' Meterin, (CCM) .ards0 T-o Wire Tr+n7 (TWT) .ards0 EBM T-o -ire (EMT) Tr+n7 .ards and EBM (o+r -ire (EM() tr+n7 .ards0 dependin, +pon t'e mod+)e .onfi,+ration& A)so0 provision 'as /een made to e8+ip Conferen.e (CN() .ard to s+pport Hsi5 part*I .onferen.e0 Anno+n.ement (ANN) to s+pport $6 +ser!friend)* anno+n.ement messa,es0 and Termina) Test Contro))er (TTC) for testin, of ;3

ana)o, terminations& <o-er S+pp)* :nit (<S:!I) provides )o,i.a) vo)ta,es and rin,in, .+rrent in t'e AT:&

Analog Subscriber Line ards! T-o variants of s+/s.ri/er )ine .ards as LCC or CCM -it' interfa.es +pto 2 s+/s.ri/ers0 provide /asi. B"RSCHT f+n.tions for ea.' )ine& Ana)o, to di,ita) .onversion is done /* per!.'anne) C"DEC a..ordin, to A!)a- of <+)se Code Mod+)ation& Ea.' CCM .ard 'as t'e provision of /atter* reversa) for a)) t'e 2 )ines -it' t'e )ast t-o )ines 'avin, provision to ,enerate $A GH9 meterin, p+)ses to /e sent to s+/s.ri/er@s meterin, e8+ipment& T'e 2!/it di,ita) (voi.e) o+tp+t of fo+r LCCs is m+)tip)e5ed to form a ;%! .'anne)0 % M/ps <CM )in7 ! a)so .a))ed a termina) ,ro+p (TG)& Sin.e a Termina) :nit 'as a ma5im+m of $A termina) .ards0 t'ere are fo+r s+.' termina) ,ro+ps& T'e si,na))in, information is separated /* a s.an1drive )o,i. .ir.+it and is sent to t'e si,na))in, pro.essor on fo+r different s.an1drive si,na)s& T'e LCC1CCM a)so provides test a..ess re)a* to iso)ate t'e e5.'an,e side and )ine side to test it separate)* /* +sin, t'e Termina) Test Contro))er (TTC)&

Analog Trun" ards! Ana)o, tr+n7 .ards interfa.e ana)o, inter!e5.'an,e tr+n7s -'i.' ma* /e of t'ree t*pes as TWT0 EMT and EM(& T'ese interfa.es are simi)ar to S+/s.ri/er Line Card0 -it' on)* differen.e t'at t'e interfa.es are desi,ned to .an1drive events on t'e tr+n7s as per predefined si,na))in, re8+irement& Signalling Processor #SP$ ard Si,na))in, <ro.essor (S<) pro.esses t'e si,na))in, information re.eived from 'e termina) .ards& T'is si,na))in, information .onsists of s.an1drive f+n.tions )i7e ori,ination dete.tion0 ans-er dete.tion0 di,it re.eption0 reversa) dete.tion0 et.& T'e va)idated events are reported to Termina) Interfa.e Contro))er for f+rt'er pro.essin, to re)ieve itse)f from rea)!time intensive f+n.tions& Based on t'e information re.eived from t'e Termina) Interfa.e Contro))er0 it a)so drives t'e event on t'e se)e.ted termina) t'ro+,' ;$

s.an1drive si,na)s&

Terminal Inter%ace ontroller #TI $ ard Termina) Interfa.e Contro))er (TIC) .ontro)s t'e fo+r termina) ,ro+ps (TG) of ;% .'anne)s0 and m+)tip)e5 t'em to form a d+p)i.ated $%2!.'anne)0 2 M/ps )in7 to-ards t'e Time S-it.' (TS)& (or si,na))in, information of $%2! .'anne)s0 it .omm+ni.ates -it' Si,na))in, <ro.essor (S<) to re.eive1send t'e si,na))in, event on ana)o, terminations& It a)so +ses one of t'e A4 7/ps .'anne) o+t of $%2 .'anne)s to-ards Time S-it.'0 to .omm+ni.ate -it' Base <ro.essor :nit (B<:)& In .on.entration mode0 t'ree ot'er Termina) :nits s'are t'is $%2!.'anne) )in7 to-ards t'e Time S-it.' to 'ave 4C$ .on.entration& Termina) Interfa.e Contro))er is /+i)t aro+nd 2!/it mi.ropro.essor -it' asso.iated memor* and interfa.e and it is d+p)i.ated for red+ndan.*& S&ecial Ser'ice ards! A Termina) :nit 'as some spe.ia) servi.e .ards s+.' as Conferen.e (CN() Card to provide si5 part* .onferen.e& Spee.' samp)es from five parties are added /* in/+i)t )o,i. and sent to t'e si5t' part* to a.'ieve .onferen.in,& Termina) Test Contro))er (TTC) Card is +sed to test ana)o, termina) interfa.es via t'e test a..ess re)a*s on t'e termina) .ards& Anno+n.ement Contro))er (ANN) Card provides $6 anno+n.ements on /road.ast /asis& "n)* one servi.e .ard of ea.' t*pe is e8+ipped in a Base Mod+)e -it' provision of fi5ed s)ot for TTC and varia/)e s)ots for CN(1ANNC& Anno+n.ement and Conferen.e Cards are e8+ipped in Termina) :nit t'ro+,' S1W MMC .ommand& T-o s)ots are o..+pied /* ea.' .ard i&e& $A .'anne)s for ea.' .ard is +sed o+t of $%2 .'anne)s avai)a/)e on a B+s /et-een a T: BTS&

;&%&%& Di,ita) Termina) :nit (DT:) (Ref& (i,& ;&%B)


Di,ita) Termina) :nit (DT:) is +sed e5.)+sive)* to interfa.e di,ita) tr+n7s& "ne set of Di,ita) Tr+n7 S*n.'roni9ation (DTS) .ard a)on, -it' t'e Di,ita) Tr+n7 Contro))er (DTC) .ard is +sed to provide one E!$ interfa.e& Ea.' interfa.e o..+pies one TG of ;% .'anne)s and fo+r s+.' interfa.es s'are 4 TGs in a Di,ita) Termina) :nit& T'e f+n.tions performed /* TIC and S< in Ana)o, Termina) :nit0 are .o))e.tive)* performed /* t'e Termina) :nit Contro))er (T:C) in t'e Di,ita) Termina) :nit& T'e s.an f+n.tions are ! HDB; to NRK .ode .onversion0 frame a)i,nment and re.onstit+tion of t'e re.eived frame& T'e drive f+n.tions in.)+de insertion of frame a)i,nment pattern and a)i,nment information& Ea.' interfa.e .an /e .onfi,+red as CAS or CCS interfa.e&

;&%&;& SSD Si,na))in, :nit Mod+)e (S:M) (Ref& (i,&;&%D)

An* one of t'e AT: or DT: in a BM .an /e rep)a.ed /* S:M frame to s+pport CCSD si,na))in,& "n)* one s+.' +nit is e8+ipped in t'e e5.'an,e irrespe.tive of its .onfi,+ration or .apa.it*& (or detai)s of S:M ar.'ite.t+re0 refer to .'apter no&4&


;&%&4& ISDN ! Termina) :nit (IST:) (Ref& (i,& ;&%C)

"ne of t'e fo+r AT:s1 DT:s in a BM .an /e rep)a.ed /* IST: to provide BRI1<RI interfa.es in C!D"T DSS& T'e on)* .onstraint is t'at IST: 'as to /e prin.ipa) T: i&e& dire.t)* .onne.ted to TS: on 2 M/ps <CM )in7& T'e AT:1DT: .annot /e +sed in .on.entration -it' IST:& B* e8+ippin, one IST: in t'e e5.'an,e0 a ma5& of %6A B .'anne)s are avai)a/)e to t'e administrator -'i.' .an /e .onfi,+red as BRI0 <RI or an* mi5 as per site re8+irement& Dependin, on t'e re8+irement of n+m/er of ISDN!Interfa.es0 one or more IST:s .an /e inte,rated in C!D"T DSS0 eit'er in one BM or distri/+ted a.ross different BMs& (or detai)s0 refer .'apter no& 4&

;&%&6& Time S-it.' :nit (TS:) (Ref& (i,& ;&% ()

Time S-it.' :nit (TS:) imp)ements t'ree /asi. f+n.tions as time s-it.'in, -it'in t'e Base Mod+)e0 ro+tin, of .ontro)!messa,es -it'in t'e Base Mod+)e and a.ross Base Mod+)es and s+pport servi.es )i7e M(1DTM( .ir.+its0 ans-erin, .ir.+its0 tones0 et.& T'ese f+n.tions are performed /* t'ree different f+n.tiona) +nits0 inte,rated as time s-it.' +nit in a sin,)e frame (Refer (i,& ;&%)&

;&%&A& Base <ro.essor :nit (B<:) (Ref& (i,& ;&% E)

Base <ro.essor :nit (B<:) is t'e master .ontro))er in t'e Base Mod+)e& It is imp)emented as a d+p)i.ated .ontro))er -it' memor* +nits& T'ese d+p)i.ated s+/!+nits are rea)ised in t'e form of t'e fo))o-in, .ardsC Base <ro.essor Contro))er (B<C) Card Base Memor* E5tender (BME) Card B<C .ontro)s time s-it.'in, -it'in t'e Base Mod+)e via t'e Base Messa,e S-it.' and t'e Time S-it.' Contro))er& It .omm+ni.ates -it' t'e Administrative <ro.essor via Base Messa,e S-it.' for operations and maintenan.e f+n.tions& In a SBM .onfi,+ration0 B<C dire.t)* interfa.es -it' t'e A)arm Disp)a* <ane) and t'e Inp+t "+tp+t Mod+)e& To s+pport 20330333 BHCA0 t'e B<C .ard is rep)a.ed /* Hi,' performan.e <ro.essor Card (H<C)& It is pin to pin .ompati/)e for 'ard-are and a)so for soft-are so t'at t'e* are inter.'an,ea/)e at an* site to meet spe.ifi. traffi. ;4

&.&. CENT3A4 $OD54E +C$, C%"tral $o! l% +C$, is r%s(o"si)l% /or s(ac% switchi"# o/ i"t%r-Bas% $o! l% calls1 comm "icatio" )%tw%%" Bas% $o! l%s a"! th% A!mi"istrati.% $o! l%1 cloc2 !istri) tio" a"! "%twor2 sy"chro"isatio". For th%s% / "ctio"s1 C%"tral $o! l% has a S(ac% Switch1 S(ac% Switch Co"troll%r a"! a C%"tral $%ssa#% Switch. Fi# r% &.& s mmaris%s th% .ario s "its a"! s )- "its o/ th% CENT3A4 $OD54E. &.-. AD$INIST3ATI6E $OD54E +A$, A!mi"istrati.% $o! l% +A$, co"sists o/ a ! (licat%! 1'/&2-)it co"troll%r call%! th% A!mi"istrati.% Proc%ssor +APC,. It comm "icat%s with Bas% Proc%ssors .ia th% C%"tral $%ssa#% Switch /or co"trol m%ssa#%s a"! with th% ! (licat%! I"( t O t( t Proc%ssors i" th% I"( t O t( t $o! l% /or i"t%r/aci"# (%ri(h%ral !%.ic%s A!mi"istrati.% (roc%ssor is r%s(o"si)l% /or #lo)al ro ti"#1 tra"slatio"1 a"! r%so rc% allocatio" a"! all oth%r / "ctio"s that ar% (ro.i!%! c%"trally i" C-DOT DSS $A7. Th% im(l%m%"tatio" o/ A$ is similar to Bas% Proc%ssor Com(l%8 o/ B$1 si"# th% sam% har!war% co"/i# ratio". As %8(lai"%! %arli%r1 9PC i"st%a! o/ BPC is s%! to s ((ort *1::1::: B9CA.


1 0 5 <




$ % ; 4 6 A D 2 E

$ S <

$ S <


< S : I T T T T T T T C C C C C C C T C


C 1 I S <

T : I

T : I


C 1 I S <

< T C T C T C T C T C T C T C T C S : I



%) IN CASE "( T:4 AS AT: IN BM0 SL"T %4 WILL BE TTC FI.4 5.0A A%A$O. TE!MI%A$ /%IT (AT/) CO%FI./!ATIO%

$ % ; 4 6 A D 2 E < S : I D T S 3 D T C 3 D T S $

$ D T C $

$ T : C

$ T : I

$ T : I

$ T : C

$ D T S %

% D T C %

% D T S ;

% D T C ;

% < S : I


FI.4 5.0B

,I.ITA$ TE!MI%A$ /%IT (,T/) CO%FI./!ATIO%

$ % ; 4 6 A D 2 E < S : $ < S : % L L L L L C C C C C $ % ; 4 6

$ L C A

$ L C D

$ L C 2

$ I T C 3

$ I C C 3

$ I I C 3

$ I I C $

$ I C C $

$ I T C $

$ L C E

% L C $ 3

% L C $ $

% L C $ %

% L C $ ;

% L C $ 4

% L C $ 6

%A L C $A


FI.4 5.0C



$ % ; 4 6 A

$ H < C 1 B < C

$ H <


< S : $

< S : %


S H M 4

H H H M M M $ % ;

T : C

T : I

T : I

T : C

C 1 B < C

S H M 6



S H M 2


< S : 4

< S : ;


$ % ; 4 6 A D 2 E $3 $$ $% $; $4 $6 $A $D $2 $E %3 %$ %% %; %4 %6 %A H < S : II < B M E C 1 B < C H < C 1 B < C B M E < S : II

%OTEC H<C :SED T" S:<<"RT 233G BHCA FI.4 5.0E BA E P!OCE O! /%IT (BP/) CO%FI./!ATIO%


$ % ; < S : II


E $3 $$ $% $; $4 $6 $A $D $2 $E %3 %$ %% %; %4 %6 %A T S I T S M T S C T S S T S S T S C T S M T S I M S C M S D A ( B S C I C M ( C M ( C T G A < S : II

T M M G ( A C ( C

A M M ( S S C B D