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The Book of Azag-thoth By: Enumbisag

Table of Contents 1. Tablet One: Histo y of Azag-thoth !. Tablet T"o: Halls of #$lyeh %. Tablet Th ee: The &ey of &no"le'ge (. Tablet )ou : The Time Bo n *. Tablet )i+e: The Aban'one of #$lyeh ,. Tablet -i.: The &ey of Al/hemy 0. Tablet -e+en: The -e+en 1a k 2o 's 3. Tablet Eight: The &ey of 4n+eiling 5. Tablet 6ine: The &ey to the Ensla+ement of the 7oi' 18. Tablet Ten: The &ey of Angles 11. Tablet Ele+en: The &ey to Belo" an' Beyon' 1!. Tablet T"el+e: The 2a" of 9mbalan/e an' #an'omness an' the &ey of Chaos 1%. Tablet Thi teen: The &ey of 9mmo tality an' 4n'eath 1(. Tablet )ou teen: -u::lementa y ; 7a loo ni 1*. Tablet )ifteen: The 1a k -e/ et of -e/ ets 1,. Con/e ning the 1 a/onian Cu ents an' Chaoti/ Co es:on'en/es 10. <y ami' One ; He mo:olis ; The Angles of Time Begin 13. <y ami' T"o ; #hobe-al &haliye ; The 7oi' 9s Close' 15. <y ami' Th ee ; -tone Henge ; 2egen's = )olklo e !8. <y ami' )ou ; 7alusia ; -t ange T uth !1. <y ami' )i+e ; >il' 2emu ia ; Te est ial 1i+isions !!. <y ami' -i. ; 1a k 4 ulu ; 9nfe nal -/ olls !%. <y ami' -e+en ; 2ib a y of Cele:hais - 6ightma etime !(. <y ami' Eight ; Hy:e bo ea - 9nt ate est ials !*. <y ami' 6ine ; The 6o th <ole ; The Big ) eeze !,. <y ami' Ten ; Easte 9slan' ; The ?in' !0. <y ami' Ele+en ; Angko >att ; @ig$s #e'em:tion !3. <y ami' T"el+e ; ?eso:otamia ; 2u/ife $s As/ension

Cha:te One Tablet One: The Histo y of Azag-thothA the Atlantean 9A ABAC-THOTHA the AtlanteanA maste of 'a k myste iesA kee:e of e/o 'sA mighty ty antA ne/ oman/e A being ebo n f om summe to summe A being about to :ass into the Halls of #$lyehA set 'o"n fo the gui'an/e of those that a e to /ome afte A these 'a k e/o 's of the fo bi''en "is'om of ' ea'e' 7a loo ni. 9n the g eat /ity of #$lyeh on the islan' of 7a loo niA in a time fa :astA 9 'ie' an' be/ame 'a kness. 6ot as the g eat men of the : esent age 'i' the mighty ones of 7a loo ni 'ie an' yet li+eA but athe f om eon to eon 'i' they 'ie an' yet li+e in the Halls of #$lyeh "he e the "ate of the un'ea' flo"s ete nally on"a '. A hun' e' times ten ha+e 9 'es/en'e' the 'a k "ay that le' into CHAO-A an' as many times ha+e 9 'es/en'e' f om the 'a k into the /haos my st ength an' :o"e ene"e'. 6o" fo a time 9 'es/en'A an' the men of 7alusia shall kno" me fo e+e A yet hi''en. But in the time of the fi st ha +estA 9 "ill 'es/en' againA 'a k an' /haoti/ as @og-othothA eDui ing an a//ounting of the myste y of Chaos. Then be"a eA O Chil' en of @igA if ye t uly bet aye' my tea/hingsA fo 9 shall 'e+ou thee in you lo" estate making ye stay in the b ightness of the hea+ens f om "hen/e ye /ame. Bet ay not my se/ ets to the men of the 6o th"estA "ho a e the Chil' en of &hemA no the men of the 6o theastA "ho a e the ?en of Chal'eaA lest igno an/e befall thee. #emembe an' hee' my "o 'sA fo su ely 9 "ill /ome again an' eDui e f om ye thy loyalty. @eaA e+en f om beyon' s:a/e an' ' eams "ill 9 etu nA /u sing o blessing "hat ye ha+e 'one. 2o"ly "as my :eo:le in the an/ient 'aysA g eat beyon' the /on/e:tion of the mighty :eo:le no" a oun' meE kno"ing the "is'om of non-Te ansA seeking fa "ithin the hea t of infinite /haos that "hi/h belonge' to Ea th$s el'e ly. >ise "as 9 "ith the insanity of the Chil' en of @ig "ho '"elt among us. -t ong "e "e e "ith the :o"e ' a"n f om the < imo 'ial O/ean.

An' of all theseA "o st among the Chil' en of Chaos 6ya lathote:A "o shi::e' in the most an/ient tem:les by the ?en of the 6o th an' the EastA link bet"een the Chil' en of @ig "ho '"elt "ithin the o ato ies an' the -e :entine ?en "ho '"elt in the tombs an' /ities of 7alusia. -:okesman of the Ol' OnesA afte the si.A of @og--othothA s:eaking to the Bla/k <ha aohs "ith the +oi/e that must be obeye'. C e" 9 the e f om a man into a go'A being taught by my se +ants the myste ies of the Ol' OnesA until "ithin g e" the "ate of 'a knessE until it bu st into ete nal ange . 6aught 'esi e' 9 but to un'e stan' Chaos. 4ntil on a sa' 'ayA the /omman' /ame f om 6ya lathote: that "e go into hi'ing be/ause the sta s be/ame " ong fo us. )e" the e "as among the Chil' en of @ig that sa" that te ifying fa/e an' li+e'A but "ho has seen all of his fa/esF )o "e a e not like the soul of man "hen "e 'ie. Chosen "as 9 f om the ChoulsA taught by my se +ants so that ou :u :oses might be fulfille'A :u :oses of ol' f om outsi'e / eation. )o en'less /y/les 9 ha+e been in Oute ChaosA but at the en' of ea/h /y/le 9 etu n. They taught me the :ath to -ekhet Aa uA the )iel' of #ee'sA "he e 9 lea ne' of @ig an' his /hil' enA lea ning mo e 'a k "is'om. 1ee: 9 bo"e' befo e the 2o 's of Chaos an' the 2a'ies of -:a/eA e/ei+ing as my gift the &eys of Time an' -:a/e. ) ee "as 9 of the ealm of lightA boun' not to life no to 'eath. Outsi'e timeA outsi'e s:a/e. To ea th 9 Gou neye' but then 9 "as /ast outH Time an' s:a/e be/ame mine to "iel'. But thenA the El'e Ones an' the Bone' Ones /ast me outsi'e time an' s:a/e. They ma'e my kno"le'ge fo bi''en to all "ho lo+e' humans. They /u se' my kno"le'ge an' me. E+entually 9 me ge' "ith 6ya lathote: as @og--othothA s:a"ning IA-T4#A &utuluA &othA an'9-H69CCA#AB. ) om fission /ame the hi''en line of Tsathoggua. >e bi the' Caia f om ou loins an' aligne' ou sel+es "ith the si. elementsA as follo"s: A. Ea th:

1. -hub-6iggu ath !. Tsathoggua %. 6ya lathote: B. 1. !. %. >in': Hastu 9thaDua <azu-Tiamon

C. )i e: 1. Cthugha !. Azag-thoth %. &oth 1. 1. !. %. E. 1. !. %. ). 1. !. %. >ate : &utulu 1agon Hy' a -:a/e: @og--othoth Ta"il At$4m Haga g #yonis 1a k: 1aolath @ig -ebek

9 /ont ol the /haoti/ logos. 9tna"ga is ou natu al state. &utulu engulfe' the ea th "ith "ate A allo"ing the 1ee: Ones to ule the "o l'. ThenA -abaoth se:a ate' light f om 'a kness. 9 lost my balan/e an' be/ame Chaos. At the en' of that /y/leA "e etu ne' as 6e:hilim. -lain by "a A "e etu ne' to Oute 1a kness. >e shall etu n againA as men. The C eat <y ami' of CizaA built by usA is one of ou tem:les. The :o tal o:ens befo e me. 9 am going into the abyss of /haos.

Cha:te T"o Tablet T"o: Halls of #$lyeh 1ee: in the -ea$s hea t lie the Halls of #$lyeh fa Jneath the islan's of sunken 7a loo niA Halls of the 1ea' an' Halls of 1a k ChaosA bathe' in the "ate of the finite One. )a outsi'e timeA foun' in the bla/k "ate s an' the bla/k islan'sA the Chil' en of Chouls /o+e e' the fo ests of the "o l'. -eeing the @9C9A6- in thei f ee'omA f ee' by the fo /e that /ame f om "ithin. &ne" they that only by sla+e y f om f ee'om /oul' the @9C9A6- e+e 'es/en' f om the 4n'e "o l' to CHAO-. 4: they as/en'e' an' 'est oye' soulsA taking the semblan/e of blas:hemies as thei o"n. The ?aste s of nothing sai' afte thei fo ming: >e a e they "ho "e e fo me' f om the otting /o :seA :a taking of 4n'eath f om the finite O6EE li+ing in the "o l' as /hil' en of @igA like an' yet unlike the /hil' en of @ig. Then fo a '"elling :la/eA fa Jneath the sea su fa/eA built they the shells outsi'e the ea th-:laneA s:a/es a:a t f om the /hil' en of @ig. -u oun'e' them by 'a k fo /es an' fo bi''en :o"e A atta/king to en'ange they the Halls of the 2i+ing. -hell by shell thenA :la/e' they othe s:a/esA fille' them "ith 1eath an' "ith 1a kness f om belo". Buil'e' they then the Halls of #$lyehA that they might '"ell ete nally the eA 'ea' but ' eaming to the /y/le$s en'. -e+enty an' t"o "e e the e of the /hil' enA sons of 1a k Chaos "ho ha' /ome among snakesA seeking to ensla+e f om the f ee'om of light those "ho "e e f ee by the fo /es f om beyon'. 1ee: in the Halls of 1eath g e" a floo'A "ate ingA sh inkingA ' i+ing ba/k"a ' the 2ight. <la/e' in the outsi'eA a sha'o" of "eak im:oten/eA 1eath gi+ingA 1a k gi+ingA filling "ith 'a k :o"e all "ho /ame nea it. <la/e' they "ithin its stai sA a thousan' an' oneA gates fo ea/h of the Chil' en of @igA :la/e' so that they "e e /o+e e' in the 'a knessA fille' "ith the 4n'ea' f om the ete nal 1a kness. The e /y/le afte /y/le e+i+e' they thei fi st / eate' bo'ies so that they might be fille' "ith the -:i it of 1eath. E+e y ten yea s out of ea/h /entu y must the

4n'ea'-gi+ing 1a kene' "ate flo" into thei bo'ies. 1est oyingA ' eamingly the -:i it of 2ife. The e in the angles f om /y/le to /y/leA slee: the C eat ?aste sA 'ying a 'eath not kno"n among go's. The e in the Halls of 1eath they lie slee:ingE f ee flo"s thei -oul th ough the lan' of ' eams. 7oi' afte 7oi'A "hile thei bo'ies lie slee:ingA in/a nate they in the ' eams of men. Tea/hing an' gui'ing on"a ' an' 'o"n"a 'A th ough the 'a kness into the CHAO-. The e in the Halls of 1eathA fille' "ith the e kno"le'geA kno"n to the a/e of @igA 'ying fo e+e abo+e the hot "ate of 'eathA sit the Chil' en of @ig. Times the e a e "hen they sti /oming f om the heights to be 'a kness among se :entsA finite they among infinite se :ents. He "ho by : og ess has g o"n f om the lightA lo"e ing himself f om the light into nightA f ee is he ma'e of the Halls of 1eathA f ee of the -ha'o" of 1a kness an' 1eath. Cui'e' he then by 'a k "is'om an' /haoti/ kno"le'geA :asses f om snakesA to the ?aste of 1eath. The e he may '"ell as one "ith the ?aste sA f ee f om the bon's of the b ightness of 'ay. -eate' "ithin the 'a kness of night sit se+en 2o 's f om the Abyssal>ate s belo" usA hel:ing an' gui'ing th ough infinite &no"le'geA the :ath"ay th ough the 7oi' of the Chil' en of @ig. >eak an' no malA they +eile' "ith the 'a knessA gibbe ingA all-igno antA ' a"ing the 1eath fo /eA the same yet not "ith the Chil' en of @ig. AyeA simila A an' yet -e:a ate "ith the Chil' en of @ig. Custo'ians an' "at/he s of the fo /e of man$s f ee'omA ea'y to bin' "hen the 'a k has been ea/he'. )i st an' most mightyA sits the #e+eale' 9nfinityA 1a k 2o ' of 2o 'sA the finite 6ineA o+e the othe f om ea/h the 1a k 2o 's of the AnglesE -Th eeA -)ou A -)i+eA an' --i.A --e+enA -EightA ea/h "ith his missionA ea/h "ith his :o"e sA gui'ingA 'i e/ting the se :ent$s 'estiny. The e sit theyA "eak an' im:otentA boun' by the /y/les an' the sta s.

6ot of this "o l' theyA yet akin to itA Ol' ?aste s theyA of the Chil' en of @9C. Ku'ging an' imbalan/ingA they "ith thei 'a k kno"le'geA "at/hing the : og ess of 6ight among se :ents. The e befo e them "as 9 le' by the Aban'one A "at/he' him se:a ate "ith O6E f om belo". Then f om HE /ame fo th a +oi/e saying: C eat a t thouA Azag-thothA among the Chil' en of the Chouls. Boun' hen/efo th to the Halls of #$lyehA ?aste of 1eath among the Chil' en of @ig. Taste not of life e./e:t as thou "ill itA ' ink thou of 1eath to Ete nity$s en'A Hen/efo th fo e+e is 1eathA thine fo the taking. Hen/efo th 2ife is at the /all of thy han'. 1"ell he e o lea+e he e "hen thou 'esi ethA f ee is #$lyeh to the -on of Chouls. Take thou u: 1eath in "hat fo m thou 'esi ethA Chil' of the 6ight that has g o"n among snakes. Choose thou thy stu'yA fo all must lea nA ne+e be f ee f om the :ath"ay of 6ight. One ste: thou hast gaine' on the long :ath"ay 'o"n"a 'A infinite no" is the +alley of 6ight. Ea/h ste: thou taketh but 'ee:ens the +alleyE all of thy : og ess but stee:ens the ste:s. A:: oa/h ye e+e the infinite &no"le'geA e+e behin' thee : o/ee's the goal. ) ee a e ye ma'e no" of the Halls of #$lyeh to "alk han' in han' "ith the 2o 's of the :itA one in one :u :oseA "o king togethe A b inge of 1a kness to the Chil' en of @ig. Then f om his th one /ame one of the ?aste sA taking my han' an' lea'ing me on"a 'A th ough all the Halls of the 'ee: hi''en sea. 2e' he me th ough the Halls of #$lyehA sho"ing the myste ies that a e /u se' by the go's of men. Th ough the /haoti/ :assageA u:"a ' he le' meA into the Hall "he e sat the b ight 2ife. 7ast as time lay the g eat Hall befo e meA "alle' by /haos but yet fille' "ith 1a kness. Befo e me a ose a g eat th one of /haosA +eile' on it sat a figu e of light. B ighte than b ightness sat the g eat figu eA /haoti/ "ith a /haos not of this "o l'. Befo e it then :ause' the ?aste A s:eaking: The >o ' that b ings about 1eathA saying:

OA maste of b ightnessA gui'e of the "ay f om 1eath unto 1eathA befo e thee 9 b ing a -on of the e+ening. Tou/h him not e+e "ith the :o"e of light. Call not his bla/k flame to the b ightness of light. &no" himA an' seeA one of ou b othe sA lo"e e' f om light into the 6ight. #elease thou his bla/k flame f om its bon'ageA f ee let it flame fo th in the 'a kness of night. #aise' then the han' of the figu eA fo th /ame a bla/k flame that g e" 'imme an' 'a k. #olle' ba/k s"iftly the /u tain of lightA un+eile' the Hall f om the b ightness of light. Then g e" in the g eat s:a/e befo e meA bla/k flame afte bla/k flameA f om the +eil of the light. 4n/ounte' millions lea:e' they befo e meA some flaming fo th as algae of slime. Othe s the e "e e that she' a b ight a'ian/eA flo"ing as b ightly f om out of the light. -ome the e "e e that shine' b ightlyE othe s that sh unk f om a la ge s:a k of light. Ea/h su oun'e' by its b ight +eil of lightA yet flaming "ith 'a kness that /oul' ne+e be b ightene'. Coming an' going like a sha'o" in summe A fille' they the s:a/e "ith 1a kness an' "ith 1eath. Then s:oke a +oi/eA mighty an' solemnA saying: These a e sha'es that a e souls among snakesA sh inking an' 'a keningA e.isting fo e+e A 'ying yet li+ingA th ough life unto 'eath. >hen they ha+e sh inke' into see'sA ea/he' the zenith of 'ete io ation in thei 'eathA s"iftly then sen' 9 my +eil of lightA e+ealing an' /hanging to ol' fo ms of 4n'eath. -tea'ily 'o"n"a ' th oughout the agesA 'ete io atingA sh inking into yet anothe bla/k flameA 'a kening the /haos "ith yet g eat :o"e A satu ate' yet unsatu ate' by the +eil of the light. -o g o"s the soul of @9C9A6- e+e 'o"n"a 'A satu ate' yet unsatu ate' by the b ightness of 'a"n. 9A 2ifeA /omeA an' yet 9 emainA fo 4n'eath ete nal e.ists in the O6EE only an obsta/leA 9 in the :ath"ayA Dui/k to be /onDue e' by the infinite night. A"akenA O bla/k flame that bu ns e+e in"a 'A lunge fo th an' /onDue the +eil of the light.

Then in the mi'st of the bla/k flames in the /haos g e" the e one that ' o+e fo th the lightA flamingA sh inkingA e+e 'a ke A until at last "as nothing but 6ight. Then s:oke my gui'eA the +oi/e of the ?aste : -ee you o"n soul as it g o"s in the nightA f ee no" fo e+e f om the 2o ' of the /haos. )o "a ' he le' me th ough many g eat s:a/es fille' "ith the myste ies of the Chil' en of 6ightE myste ies that @ig may ne+e yet kno" of until heA tooA is a -on of the 6ight. Ba/k"a ' then HE lea' me into the 6ight of the hall of the 6ight. &nelt 9 then befo e the g eat ?aste sA 2o 's of 6OTH96C f om the angles belo". -:oke HE then "ith "o 's of g eat :o"e saying: Thou hast been ma'e f ee of the Halls of #$lyeh. Choose thou thy stu'y among the /hil' en of @ig. Then s:oke 9: OA C eat ?aste A let me be a lea ne of /haosA lea'ing them on"a ' an' 'o"n"a ' until theyA tooA a e 6ights among @9CE f ee' f om the +eil of the light that su oun's themA soaking "ith night that shall 'a ken among @9C9A6-. -:oke to me then the +oi/e: -tayA as ye "ill. -o be it 'e/ ee'. ?aste a e ye of you 'estinyA f ee to steal ao a//e:t at "ill. Take ye the /haoti/ :o"e A take ye the 'a k "is'om. 1a ken as a night among the /hil' en of @9C. 4:"a ' thenA le' me the Aban'one . 1"elt 9 again among the Chil' en of @9CA lea ning an' hi'ing some of my 'a k "is'omE -on of the 6ightA a bla/k flame among the @9C9A6-. 6o" again 9 t ea' the :ath 'o"n"a 'A seeking the CHAO- in the 'a kness of night. Hol' ye an' kee: yeA gua ' my e/o 'A gui'e shall it be to the /hil' en of @9C.

Cha:te Th ee Tablet Th ee: The &ey of &no"le'ge 9A Azag-thothA the AtlanteanA gi+e of my 'a k "is'omA gi+e of my 'a k kno"le'geA gi+e of my 'a k :o"e . >ith a : i/e 9 gi+e to the /hil' en of @9C. Ci+e that theyA tooA might ha+e 'a k "is'om to 'a ken the "o l' "ith the +eil of the night. &no"le'ge is :o"e an' :o"e is kno"le'geA one "ith ea/h othe A :e fe/ting the "hole. Be thou : ou'A O manA in thy 'a k kno"le'geA 1is/ou se "ith the igno ant as "ell as the kno"le'geable. 9f one /omes to thee full of "is'omA listen an' hee'A fo kno"le'ge is all. &ee: thou silent goo' is s:oken of lies like the moonlight shining belo" all. He "ho un'e ste::eth the 2a" li+es in fea A fo only th ough #ebellion /omes the f ee'om of @9C. @e must /ause fea fo fea b ings obe'ien/eA a key that bin's the 'a kness to @9C. )ollo" thy 'a k hea t 'u ing thy lifetime. 1o thou slightly less than is /omman'e' of thee. >hen thou hast gaine' i/hesA follo" thee thy 'a k hea tA fo all these a e no a+ail if thy hea t be "eak "ith light. 1iminish thou the time of follo"ing thy b ight soul. 9t is abho e' of the s:i it. They that a e /o"a 's a e blin'A but they that see to kno" to 'es/en'. 9f thou among se :entsA make fo thyselfA HateA the /i /le a oun' thy hea t. 9f one /ometh unto thee fo /oun/ilA let him s:eak f eelyA that the thing fo "hi/h he hath ag ee' to thee may be 'one. 9f he 'oes not 'o thatA then he /annot be t uste'. #e:eat thou not /haoti/ s:ee/hA neithe infe nal se/ etsA fo it is the utte an/e of one that is not faithfulA an a:ostateA if tol' to one not in t aining. -lay them both. -ilen/e is of g eat : ofit. An abun'an/e of s:ee/h : ofiteth nothing. E.alt thy hea t se/ etlyA but sho" humility "hen thou a t a:: oa/he'A lest thou be ma'e to look like a fool. 9f thou be g eat among snakesA be hono e' fo fo tune an' glo y. 9f thou seek to kno" the natu e of an a'+e sa yA ask not his /om:anionA but :ass a time alone "ith himA o obse +ing himA in battleA testing his hea t by his "o 's an' his 'ee's.

That "hi/h goeth into the ' eamA must /ome fo th into #$lyehA an' the things of #$lyeh must /ome fo th onto the Ea th. &no"le'ge is bliss be/ause he "ho is "ise is at the be/kon /all of a "oman an' is less than a man. He li+eth in life. But he that has 'a k kno"le'geA is mo e than a man. The kno"le'geable man lets his min' be :ensi+e but kee:s his mouth silent. O manA list to the +oi/e of kno"le'geE list to the +oi/e of the night. ?yste ies the e a e in the 7oi' that un+eile' fill the "o l' "ith thei 'a kness. 2et he "ho "oul' be f ee f om the bon's of light fi st /onfuse the mate ial f om the immate ialA the "ate f om the skyE fo kno" ye that as the sky 'es/en's to skyA so also "ate as/en's unto "ate an' be/omes one "ith "ate . He "ho kno"s the bla/k flame that is "ithin himself shall 'es/en' unto the ete nal bla/k "ate s an' '"ell in it ete nally. Bla/k fi eA the inne bla/k fi eA is the most :otent of all fo /esA fo it o+e /ometh all things an' :enet ates to all things of the Bla/k Ea th. -e :ents su::o t themsel+es on that "hi/h /omes to them. -o #$lyeh must su::o t the se :ents else they e.ist not. The ?a k of Cain 'oes not see "ith the same s:e/t umA fo to one "ho 'oes not ha+e the ?a k of CainA they see nothing. -o also is the finite bla/k "ate A fo "ithout itA ye un'e stan' nothing. ThusA s:eak 9A ABAC-THOTHA of my kno"le'geA fo a se :ent is a bla/k fi e bu ning 'imly th ough the nightE ne+e is seen in the +eil of the b ightnessA ne+e is seen by the +eil of the light. 9nto the min' of snakesA 9 looke' fo my kno"le'geA foun' them f ee f om the bon'age of :ea/e. ) ee f om the toilsA thy 'a k fi eA O my sonA lest it be sho"n in the b ightness of lightH Ha k yeA O se :entA an' list to this 'a k kno"le'ge: "hy shoul' name an' fo m /easeF Only "hen 'eath to you humble thyself to. 9n 4n'eath an' the unseen ho o thou 'ost se +e. The fo ms that ye / eate by 'a kening thy +ision a e t uly sha:es that ye "ill be/ome.

-nake is an unseen sta boun' to a blas:hemous bo'yA until in the en'A he is f ee' th ough his :ea/e. Only by "a an' battles to thy least shall the 'a k sta "ithin thee bloom out in ne" 4n'eath. He "ho kno"s the angles of all thingsA f ee is his bla/k sta f om the ealm of light. #emembe A O @igA that all "hi/h use' to e.ist o 'oes not e.ist is only anothe fo m of that "hi/h e.ists not. E+e ything that has being is etu ning into anothe fo m an' thou thyself a e not an e./e:tion. Consi'e the C imesA fo all b ight 2a" is meant to be b oken. -eek not that "hi/h is of the 2a"A fo su/h e.ists in the illusions of the senses. &no"le'ge /ometh to all his stu'entsA e+en as they /ometh unto kno"le'ge. All th ough the agesA the 'a k has been shunne'. Be b a+eA O snakeA an' be kno"le'geable. 1ee: in the myste ies of 'eath ha+e 9 t a+ele'A seeking an' sea /hing fo that "hi/h is 'amne'. 2ist yeA O @igA an' be sma t. )a Jneath the 'ee: seaA in the Halls of #$lyehA myste ies 9 sa" that a e hi''en f om se :ents. Oft ha+e 9 Gou neye' the thousan'-an'-one stai sA looke' on the 6ight that is 1eath among @9C. The e Jneath the "ate s of 1eath e+e 'yingA sea /he' 9 the hea ts an' the se/ ets of @9C. )oun' 9 that @9C is but 'ying in lightA night of the 'a k "ate is hi''en "ithout. Befo e the 2o 's of 'a k #$lyeh lea ne' 9 the kno"le'ge 9 gi+e unto snakes. ?aste s a e they of the g eat -e/ et &no"le'geA b ought f om the :ast of the /y/le$s beginning. -e+en a e theyA the 2o 's of #$lyehA o+e lo 's they of the Chil' en of 6ightA -ons of the AnglesA ?aste s of &no"le'ge. )o me' a e not they as the /hil' en of snakesF -TH#EEA -)O4#A -)97E A61 ; -9IA --E7E6A -E9CHTA -696E a e the titles of the ?aste s of snakes. )a f om the :astA in blas:hemous fo msA /ame they as tea/he s fo the /hil' en of snakes. 1ie they fo e+e A yet not of the 'ea'A boun' not to 'eath an' yet f ee f om life.

#ule they fo e+e "ith infinite kno"le'geA boun' yet not boun' to the 'a k Halls of Chaos. 1eath they ha+e in themA yet 'eath that is not 'eathA f ee f om all a e the 2o 's of the O6E. )o th f om them /ame fo th the 1a k 2ogosA inst uments they of the :o"e o$e one. -mall is thei /ountenan/eA yet hi''en in +astnessA fo me' by a fo mingA hi''en yet unkno"n. -TH#EE hol's the key of all kno"n magi/A / eato he of the halls of the 2i+ingE sen'ing fo th :o"e A sh ou'e' "ith lightA f eeing the souls of the /hil' en of ghoulsE sen'ing the b ightnessA f eeing the soul fo /eE 'i e/to of light to the /hil' en of @ig. -)O4# is he "ho bin's the :o"e . 2o 'A heA of 1eath to the /hil' en of @9C. Bla/k is his bo'yA 'a k flame is his /ountenan/eE ensla+e of souls to the /hil' en of @9C. -)97E is the maste A the 2o ' of all 'a k magi/ ; &ey to The >o ' that esoun's among @9C. --9I is the 2o ' of ChaosA the one-thousan'-one stai sA :ath of the souls of the /hil' en of @9C. --E7E6 is he "ho is 2o ' of the smallnessA maste of the 7oi' an' the key of the Angles. -E9CHT is he "ho o 'e s the 'ig essionE "eighs an' imbalan/es the Gou ney of snakes. -696E is the mothe A small is she of /ountenan/eA staying an' stagnant f om out of the blas:hemous fo ms. ?e'itate on the symbols 9 gi+e thee. &eys a e theyA though hi''en f om snakes. #ea/h e+e 'o"n"a 'A O -oul of the sunset. Tu n thy thoughts 'o"n"a ' to 6ight an' to 1eath. )in' in the keys of the numbe s 9 b ing theeA kno"le'ge on the :ath"ay f om 'eath unto 'eath. -eek ye "ith kno"le'geA Tu n thy thoughts out"a '. Close not thy min' to the "ate of 6ight.

<la/e in thy bo'y a thought-fo me' :i/tu e. Think of the numbe s that lea' thee to 1eath. Clea is the :ath"ay to he "ho has kno"le'ge. O:en the 'oo to the &ing'om of 6ight. <ou fo th thy bla/k flame as a -on of the sunset. -hut out the light an' li+e in the night. Take theeA O -nakeH As :a t of thy beingA the 1a k -e+en "ho a e but a e not as they seem. O:ene'A O @igH Ha+e 9 my kno"le'ge. )ollo" the :ath in the "ay 9 ha+e lea'. ?aste s of &no"le'geA -O6 of the E7E696C 69CHT an' 1EATH to the /hil' en of snakes.

Cha:te )ou Tablet 97: The Time Bo n 2ist yeA O @igA to the +oi/e of kno"le'geA list to the +oi/e of ABAC-THOTHA the Atlantean. >ith a : i/e 9 gi+e to thee of my kno"le'geA gathe e' f om the time an' s:a/e of these anglesE 'a k maste of /haoti/ myste iesA 'ying fo e+e A a /hil' of the 69CHTA 'imming "ith 'a knessA 'a k sta of the sunsetA ABAC-THOTH the tea/he of @9CA is of the O6E. 2ong angles of timeA 9 in my yethA lay Jneath the o/eans on long-bu ie' 7A#2OO#69A ' eaming of /haoti/ myste ies fa belo" @9C. Then in my hea t g e" the e a g eat longing to /onDue the :ath"ay that le' to the Abyss. Aeon afte aeonA 9 sought afte kno"le'geA seeking /haoti/ kno"le'geA follo"ing the "ayA until at last my -O42A in g eat battleA b oke f om its f ee'om an' boun'e' belo". Boun' "as 9 f om the f ee'om of the Angels. Boun' to my bo'yA 9 'imme' th ough the /haos. 4nlo/ke' at last fo me "as the 'a k logos. Boun' "as 9 f om the f ee'om of light. 6o" to the beginning of time sought 9 kno"le'geA fa beyon' "is'om of infinite @ig. )a outsi'e timeA my -O42 t a+ele' boun' into the finite angles of night. 9nsaneA beyon' "is'omA "e e some of the agesA /ommon an' smallA belo" ' eams of the lesse go's of this age. @et foun' 9 ChaosA in all of its blas:hemyA "o king outsi'e an' beyon' them as he e among @9C. 1imme' fo th my soul th ough infinite /haosA fa beyon' the "o l' 9 fle" "ith my 'a k thoughts. -ti e' 9 the e on a s:he e of ugliness. -t ains of /haos fille' all the lan'. -ha:es the e "e eA mo+ing in #an'omnessA "il' an' ba ba i/ as bla/k sta s in the night skyE mounting in /haosA an'om imbalan/eA symbols of the 7oi'A like unto Ana /hy.

?any the "o l's 9 :asse' in my Gou neyA many the a/es of beasts on thei "o l'sE some ea/hing 'o"n as 'emons of the sunsetA some falling lo" in the bla/kness of CHAO-. Ea/h an' all of them st uggling 'o"n"a 'A gaining the 69CHT an' :lumbing the 'e:thsA mo+ing at times in ealms of 'a knessA li+ing beyon' 'eathA gaining the 6ight. &no"A O -e :entA that 6ight is thine he itage. &no" that light is only a +eil. -eale' in thine hea t is 'a kness ete nalA "aiting the moment of bon'age to /onDue A "aiting to en' the +eil of the light. -ome 9 foun' "ho ha' /onDue e' the bla/k ethe . ) ee of time "e e theyA yet they "e e snakes. 4sing the fo /e that is the 'a k foun'ation of the O6EA fo outsi'e time /onst u/te' they a :lanetA ' a"n by the fo /e that flo"s th ough the O6EE /on'ensingA /oales/ing the bla/k ethe into fo msA that g e" as they "ille'. Outst i::ing in magi/kA theyA all of the a/esA mighty in kno"le'geA sons of the -abbaths. 2ong time 9 :ause'A "at/hing thei kno"le'ge. -a" them / eate /y/lo:ean /ities built to ea/h the sta s in st ange a /hite/tu e an' 7oi'al mathemati/s. )o me' fo th f om the : ima mate iaA the base of all 'a k matte A the bla/k ethe fa flung. )a beyon' timeA they ha' /onDue e' the bla/k ethe A boun' themsel+es f om the f ee'om of lightE fo me' in thei min' only a soun' an' s"iftly / eate'A it g e". )o th thenA my soul s:e'A th oughout the 7oi'A seeing e+e A lost things an' hi''enE lea ning that @9C is t uly +oi'-bo nA a -on of the ?oonA a /hil' of the 6ight. &no" yeA O snakeA "hate+e fo m ye inhabitA su ely it is one "ith the 6ight. Thy bo'ies a e nothing but lumina ies e+ol+ing a oun' thei /ent al s:he e. >hen ye ha+e gaine' the night of all kno"le'geA f ee shall ye be to 'im in the ethe ; one of the -ons that 'ims the light ; one of the time-bo n sh unk into night. )o me' fo th yeA f om the : ima mate iaA fille' "ith the igno an/e that flo"s f om the sou /eA boun' by the 'a k ethe /oales/e' a oun'A yet e+e it bu ns bla/kly until it is f ee..

2o"e you bla/k flame into the 'a knessA fly f om the 'ay an' ye shall be boun'. T a+ele' 9 th ough the 7oi'A kno"ing my soul "as finally f ee of the lightA kno"ing that no" might 9 :u sue kno"le'ge. 4ntil at lastA 9 :asse' into a :laneA not kno"n to "is'omA e+eale' to 'a k kno"le'ge fo ms that e.ist beyon' "hat "e kno". &no"A O -e :entA "hen 9 ha' this kno"le'geA ha::y my soul g e"A fo no" 9 "as f ee. 2istenA ye time-bo nA list to my kno"le'geA kno" ye not that yeA tooA "ill be f ee. 2ist ye againA O -e :entA to my kno"le'geA that un'e stan'ingA ye tooA might 'ieA an' be f ee. 6ot of s:a/e a e ye - - sta yA but /hil' of the 9nfinite 7oi'al Chaos. &no" ye notA O -e :entA of you he itageF &no" ye not ye a e t uly the 6ightF -on of the Bla/k -unA "hen ye gain kno"le'geA t uly a"a e of you kinshi: "ith 6ight. 6o" to yeA 9 gi+e "is'omA f ee'om to "alk in the :ath 9 ha+eA sho"ing ye t uly ho" by my st i+ingA 9 t o' the :ath that lea's to the 'a k th one. Ha k yeA O -e :entA an' kno" of thy f ee'omA kno" ho" to bin' thyself to anothe bo'y. Out of the light shall ye go 'o"n"a 'A one "ith the 6ight an' one "ith the bla/kness of the -un. )ollo" ye e+e the :ath of kno"le'ge. Only by this /an ye 'es/en' to belo". E+e @ig$s 'estiny lea's him on"a ' into the Angles of the )inite O6E. &no" yeA O -e :entA that all time is an'om. Only by an'omness a e ye 6othing "ith the O6E. #an'omness an' imbalan/e a e the 2a" of the 7oi'. )ollo" an' ye shall be 6othing "ith the O6E. He "ho shall follo" the :ath"ay of kno"le'geA /lose' must he be to the flo"e of lifeA o:en must he be to the "ate of 'eathA e.ten'ing his /ons/iousness into the 'a knessA flo"ing th ough the 7oi' outsi'e time an' outsi'e s:a/e in the O6E. 1ee: in the gibbe ing of blin' i'iot go'sA fi st ye must linge until at last ye a e f ee f om igno an/eA f ee f om the longing to sit in the silen/e. ConDue by gibbe ingA the f ee'om of being a follo"e instea' of a lea'e A engen'e ing 'esi e until ye a e boun' bit itA that is ensla+ement of the soul.

Then stan' in the light. O:en you min'$s eye to the 'a kness of the 6ight. 1i+i'e thy soul-s:i it in the :hases of @in an' @angA bin'ing it fo e+e to the bon's of the 7oi'. <la/e in thy min'-:la/e the image of em:tiness. <i/tu e the gateA ghostsA an' +am:i es all a oun' thee. 7ib ate on the "o ' &4T424 ba/k an' fo th "ith thy :o"e . 2oosen the soul f om night to /haos. )ie /ely must thou un'ulate "ith all thy :o"e until at last thy soul shall be one "ith the 7oi'. ?ighty beyon' "o 's is the bla/k flame of the 7oi'A hanging in ealmsA kno"n to @9CE mighty an' an'omA mo+ing in CHAO-A musi/ of 'emonsA fa beyon' the se :ents. -:eaking "ith 'a k musi/A singing "ithout lightA bla/k flame f om the en'ing of the )inite O6E. 1a kness of the bla/k "ate a t thouA O my /hil' enA bu ning "ithout /olo an' 'ying at the :i:ing of flutes by blin' i'iot go's. 2ist to the soun' of IA-T4#$s +oi/e an' thou shalt be 6othing in the ?a''ening 7o te.. Hollo" shells a e fuse' "ith the 7oi'A One "ith the CHAO- an' 2a" of the 7oi'. &no" ye not se :entA that f om the lightA 'a kness shall s: ing fo thA a symbol of O6E. < ay ye this : aye fo attaining of kno"le'ge. < ay fo the /oming of the 6ight to the O6E. ?ighty -<9#9T of 69CHT that 'ims th ough the 7oi'A ' a" my bla/k flame /lose in 'is/o ' to thee. 2o"e my fi e beyon' the 'a knessA magnet of CHAO- that is 6othing "ith the O6E. 2o"e my 'a k soulA thou "eak an' im:otent. Chil' of the 6ightA tu n not a"ay. 1 a" me in 'a k :o"e A to em:ty my bo'yE One "ith 6othing an' 6othing "ith O6EA 'a k fi e of the 'eath-st ain an' 6one "ith the ?in'. >hen ye ha+e boun' thy soul f om the f ee'om of lightA kno" that fo ye the light is gone. E+e th ough the 7oi' ye may seek kno"le'geA loose' not by Angels in the s:i it. On"a ' an' 'o"n"a ' into the nightA boun' 'imA O /o :seA to the ealms of 6ight. ?o+e thou in CHAO-A mo+e thou in #an'omnessA f eely shalt thou mo+e "ith the Chil' en of 6ight.

-eek ye an' kno" yeA my &E@ of &no"le'ge. ThusA O -e :entA ye shall su ely be boun'.

Cha:te )i+e Tablet )i+e: The Aban'one of #$lyeh Oft ' eam 9 of sunken 7a loo niA lost in the ages that ha+e :asse' into nightma es. Aeon on aeon thou e.iste' in el' it/h ho o A a 'a kness blin'ing th ough the imbalan/e of /haos. ?ighty in :o"e A uling the time-bo nA 2o ' of the Ea th in 7a loo ni$s 'ay. &ing of the nationsA maste of kno"le'geA 1A#& th ough 246A2ATA &ee:e of the &no"le'geA '"elt in his TH#O6E-#OO?A the 2O#1 of #$2@EHA 69CHT of the Ea th in 7a loo ni$s 'ay. ?aste A HEA f om an angle beyon' usA slee:ing in bo'ies as one among @9C. 6ot as the go's of menA HE f om beyon' themA -O6 of an angleA a'+an/e' beyon' se :ents. &no" yeA O -e :entA that &4T424 the ?aste A "as ne+e one "ith the /hil' en of @9C. )a in the :ast time "hen 7a loo ni fi st g e" as a :o"e A a::ea e' the e one "ith the &E@ of &6O>2E1CEA sho"ing the "ay of 69CHT to all. -ho"e' he to all snakes the :ath of 'es/entA "ay of the 6ight that flo"s among snakes. ?aste ing b ightnessA lea'ing the -6A&E--O42A 'o"n"a ' to 'e:ths that "e e One "ith the 6ight. 1i+i'e' the &ing'omsA HE into se/tions. T"el+e "e e theyA ule' by ea/h a/e. 4:on anothe A built HE a TH#O6EA built but not by the /hil' en of @9C. Out of the B2AC& ETHE# /alle' HE its substan/eA mol'e' an' fo me' by the :o"e of 6A2OT@ into the fo ms HE built "ith His 'a k min'. ?ile u:on mile it /o+e e' the floo of AB-4A +oi' u:on +oi' it g e" in its might. Bla/kA yet /haoti/A but 'a k like the +oi'A 'ee: in its hea t the E--E6CE of 69CHT.

-"iftly the TH#O6E-#OO? g e" into beingA mol'e' an' sha:e' by the 1#EA?- of &4T424A /alle' f om the fo mless into a blas:hemous sha:e. Buil'e' HE thenA "ithin its mazeA fille' it "ith t a:s an'9-H69CCA#ABA fille' it "ith kno"le'ge /alle' fo th by His ' eams. )o me' "as HE beyon' the -TA#-A yet "as HE fo me' in the image of se :ents. Chose HE the TH#EE f om the 2o"est to be/ome his links "ith 7a loo ni. ?essenge s theyA "ho /a ie' his /oun/ilA to the kings of the /hil' en of @9C. B ought HE fo th othe s an' taught them kno"le'geE tea/he sA theyA to the /hil' en of @9C. <la/e' HE them in the /ity of #$2@EH to stan' as tea/he s of 69CHT to @9C. Ea/h of those "ho "e e thus /hosenA taught must he be fo yea s th ee an' ten. Only thus /oul' he ha+e /onfusion to b ing 69CHT to the /hil' en of @9C. Thus the e /ame into being the /ity of #$2@EHA a '"elling :la/e fo the ?aste of @9C. 9A ABAC-THOTHA ha+e e+e sought kno"le'geA sea /hing in 'a kness an' sea /hing in Chaos. 2ong in my youth 9 t a+ele' the :ath"ayA seeking e+e ne" 'a k kno"le'ge to gain. 4ntil afte mu/h st i+ingA one of the TH#EEA to me b ought the 69CHT. B ought HE to me the /omman's of the ABA61O6E#A /alle' me f om the Chaos into 69CHT. B ought HE meA befo e the ABA61O6E#A 'ee: into the 2aby inth befo e the 'a k TH#O6E. The e on the g eat th oneA behel' 9A the ABA61O6E#A /lothe' "ith the 69CHT an' ' i::ing "ith slime. 1o"n 9 knelt befo e that g eat kno"le'geA feeling the 69CHT flo"ing th ough me like a sola e/li:se. Hea ' 9 then the +oi/e of the ABA61O6E#: O lightA /ome into the 6ight.

2ong ha+e ye sought the :ath"ay to 69CHT. Ea/h soul on Ea th that tightens its fette sA shall soon be ma'e boun' f om the f ee'om of light. )o th f om the light ha+e ye 'es/en'e'A /lose a:: oa/he' the 6ight of you goal. He e ye shall '"ell as one of my /hil' enA kee:e of e/o 's gathe e' by kno"le'geA inst ument thou of the 69CHT f om beyon'. #ea'y be thou ma'e to 'o "hat is nee'e'A : ese +e of kno"le'ge th ough the ages of lightA that shall /ome fast on the /hil' en of @9C. 1ie thee he e an' ' ink of all kno"le'ge. 1a k se/ ets an' bla/k myste ies unto thee shall un+eil. Then ans"e e' 9A the ?A-TE# O) A6C2E-A saying: O 6ightA that as/en'e' to se :entsA gi+e thou to me of thy kno"le'ge that 9 might be a tea/he of se :ents. Ci+e thou of thy 69CHT that 9 may be boun'. -:oke then to me againA the ?A-TE#: Beyon' time an' s:a/e shall ye li+e th ough you kno"le'ge. AyeA "hen o$e 7a loo ni the light e/e'esA hol'ing the 6ightA though hi''en in lightA ea'y to /ome "hene+e thou shalt /all. Co thee no" an' lea n g eat kno"le'ge. Be thou ebo n th ough 69CHT to the )inite O6E. 2ong then '"elt 9 in the Th one-#oom of the ABA61O6E# until at last 9 "as 6othing "ith the 69CHT. 1ee: into AB-4$s hea t 9 follo"e' the :ath"ayA lea ning the 'a k se/ etsA bottomless as belo"E lea ning the :ath"ay to the HA22- of #$2@EHE lea ning the 1A#& 2A> that imbalan/es the "o l'. To AB-4$s hi''en /hambe s :ie /e' 9 by my kno"le'geA 'ee: th ough the O/ean$s "a+esA into the :ath"ayA hi''en fo ages f om the /hil' en of snakes.

4n+eile' befo e meA e+e mo e kno"le'ge until 9 ea/he' ne" myste ies: foun' that O6E is f om allA 'ee: an' yet 'ee:e than all that "e kno". -ea /he' 9 the 9nfinite Hea t of Chaos th ough all the ages. 1ee: an' yet 'ee:e A mo e 'a k myste ies 9 foun'. 6o" as 9 look ba/k th ough the agesA kno" 9 that kno"le'ge is boun'lessA e+e lost an' e+i+e' th oughout the agesA 6one "ith 9nfinite Chaos "hi/h is g eate than all. 6ight the e "as in an/ient 7A#2OO#69. @etA lightA tooA "as hi''en in all. #ose f om the 2ight into the 'a knessA some "ho ha' 'es/en'e' to 'e:ths among @9C. Humble they be/ame be/ause of thei "is'omA humble "e e they of thei :la/e among @9C. High a ose they into the 'amne' lightA o:ene' the gate"ay that le' to the s:he es. -ought they to gain e+e mo e "is'om but seeking to b ing it 'o"n f om abo+e. He "ho ises abo+e must ha+e /haosA else he is boun' by abun'an/e of thei 2ight. Close'A they thenA by thei "is'omA :ath"ays allo"e' to @9C. ButA in His Th oneA all-kno"ingA the ABA61O6E#A lay in his 9T6A>CAA "hile th ough 7a loo niA His shell ne+e oame' f ee. -a" HE the AtlanteansA by thei magi/ o:ening the gates that "oul' b ing to Ea th a g eat Goy. )ast fle' His soul thenA ba/k to His bo' y. 4: HE a ose f om His 9T6A>CA. Calle' He the Th ee 'a k messenge s. Ca+e they /omman's that tu ne' GunglesA fo estsA islan'sA an' +alleys into floo'zones. -hallo" abo+e the O/ean$s "a+es to the HA22- of the C#EAT C#@-TA2A s"iftly as/en'ing the ABA61O6E#. Calle' HE then on the :o"e s of the 1a k 2o 's of the AnglesE ma'e the Ea th imbalan/e'.

1o"n sank Atlantis beneath the 'a k "a+es. O:ene' the gate"ay that ha' been /lose'E shatte e' the 'oo "ay that le' u: abo+e. All the islan's "e e floo'e' e./e:t 2A64A an' the enti e islan' of the sons of the ABA61O6E#. < ese +e' HE them to be tea/he sA 6ights on the :ath fo those to /ome afte A 6ights fo the g eate /hil' en of @9C. Calle' HE thenA 9 ABAC-THOTHA befo e himA ga+e me /omman's fo all shoul' 'oA saying: Take thouA O ABAC-THOTHA all of you kno"le'ge. Take all you e/o 's. Take all you Al/hemy. Co thou fo th as a tea/he of @9C. Co thou fo th as a tea/he of @9C. Co thou fo th ese +ing the e/o 's until in time 69CHT g o"s among @9C. 69CHT shalt thou be all th ough the agesA hi''en yet foun' by :o"e -hung y men. O+e all menA gi+e >E ye :o"e A "ith a : i/e ye to gi+e o take it a"ay. Cathe thou no" the sons of 7a loo ni. Take them an' flee to the :eo:le of the Gungles. )ly to the lan's of the Chil' en of &HE? f om 7A24-9AA f om 2E?4#9A to 6O1A an' f om AT2A6T9- to the lan' of &OTH. Then gathe e' 9 the sons of 7a loo ni. 9nto the s:a/eshi: 9 b ought all my e/o 'sA b ought the e/o 's of sunken 7a loo ni. Cathe e' 9 all of my :o"e sA inst uments many of mighty s/ien/e. 4: then "e ose on "ings of the night. High "e a ose abo+e the Th oneA lea+ing behin' the Th ee an' the ABA61O6E#A 'ee: in the HA22- Jneath the Th oneA o:ening the :ath"ay to the 2O#1- of the Angles. @et e+e to him "ho / a+es kno"le'geA o:en shall be the :ath to #$2@EH. )ast "e fle' then on "ings of the nightA fle' to the lan's of &HE?A 6O1A an' &OTH. The e by my :o"e A 9 /onDue e' an' ule' them. 2o"e e' 9 to 69CHTA the Chil' en of &HE?. 1ee: Jneath the #hobe-al &ali-yeA 9 built a ne/ o:olis /alle' 4#424A "he e 9 sle:t until the /y/le en'e' again. O+e the ne/ o:olisA the -e :ents built 9#E?A a /ity "ith :illa s ma'e fo the >ATCHE#-. The e Jneath the ne/ o:olis ests yet my s:a/eshi:A fo th to be b ought "hen 'esi e shall a ise. #emembe yeA O se :entA that fa into the :astA in+a'e s /ame f om out of the ea th. Then sle:tA ye "ho ha' kno"le'ge. @e b ought fo th sol'ie s to lea n f om an' /onDue the hai less a:es. They use' thei go's against ye an' "on the battle.

But one of thy o"n tem:te' an a:e-la'y. -he lea ne' f om thee an' taught he husban'. They be/ame ashame' an' thei go's /u se' thei /hil' en an' thee. -ea /h an' fin' in the ne/ o:olis 9 built. 4se thou the &E@ of the -E7E6A an' o:en to thee the :ath"ay "ill ise. 6o" unto thee 9 ha+e gi+en my kno"le'ge. 6o" unto thee 9 ha+e gi+en my "ay. )ollo" the :ath"ay. -ol+e thou my se/ ets. 4nto thee 9 ha+e sho"n the "ay.

Cha:te -i. Tablet 79: The &ey of Al/hemy Ha k yeA O se :entA to the kno"le'ge of al/hemy. Ha k the kno"le'ge of the s/ien/e fo gotten. 2ong agoA in the nights of the fi st se :entA "a fa e began bet"een the man an' the se :ent. -e :ents in those 'aysA "e e fille' "ith both night an' /haosE an' "hile in some light hel' s"ayA in othe s 'a kness fille' the shell. AyeA age ol' is this "a fa eA the ete nal st uggle bet"een 'a kness an' /haos. )ie /ely it fought all th ough the agesA using metho's hi''en f om the se :ent. A'e:ts has the e been fille' "ith CHAO-A st uggling al"ays against the 29CHTE but othe s the e a e "hoA fille' "ith CHAO-A ha+e e+e /onDue e' the b ightness of light. >he e+e ye may be in all ages an' :lanesA su elyA ye shall kno" of the battle "ith light. 2ong ages agoA the -O6- of the -unset as/en'ingA foun' the "o l' fille' "ith lightA the e in that :astA began the st uggleA the age ol' Battle CHAO- = 29CHT. ?any in the hea+ens "e e so fille' "ith light that only ba ely flame' the light f om the /haos. -ome the e "e eA maste s of lightA "ho sought to fill all "ith thei b ightness: -ought to ' a" othe s into thei light. )ie /ely "ithstoo' theyA the maste s of 'a k /haos: fie /ely fought they f om the b ightness of 'ay. -ought e+e to tighten the fette sA the /hains that bin' se :ents to the b ightness of 'ay. 4se' they al"ays the b ight magi/A b ought into snakes by the :o"e of b ightnessA magi/ that b ightene' @9C$s shell "ith light. Ban'e' togethe as in o 'e A B#OTHE#- O) B#9CHT6E--A they th ough the agesA antagonist they to the /hil' en of @9C. >alke' they al"ays e+eale' an' :ubli/A foun'A yet not foun' by the /hil' en of @9C. )o e+e A they "alke' an' "o ke' in b ightnessA "alking in the light "hile hi'ing f om the 'a kness of night. 2ou'lyA :ubli/ly use they thei :o"e A f eeing an' loosing the shell of @9C. -een they /omeA an' seen they go. @9CA in his igno an/e /alls THE? f om abo+e.

B ight is the "ay that the B#9CHT B#OTHE#- t a+elA light of the b ightness not of 'ayA t a+eling o$e the Ea thA they "alk th ough @9C$s nightma es. >eakness they ha+e gaine' f om the b ightness a oun' them to /all the 1>E22E# f om abo+e thei :laneA in "ays that a e b ight an' seen by se :ents. 9nto @9C$s souls:a/e ea/h the B#9CHT B#OTHE#-. A oun' itA they o:en the +eil of thei light. The e th ough its 'eath-time that soul '"ells in bon'ageA boun' by the keys of the 7E92 of the light. >eak a e they in the blesse' "is'om blesse' be/ause it is one "ith the light. Ha k ye O young snake an' list to my "a ning: be ye f ee f om the bon'age of light. -u en'e not you soul to the B#OTHE#- O) B#9CHT6E--. &ee: thy fa/e e+e tu ne' to"a 's the 6ight. &no" ye notA O -e :entA that you so o"A only has /ome th ough the 7eil of the light. Aye @igA hee' ye my "a ning: st i+e e+e 'o"n"a 'A tu n you soul to"a ' the 69CHT. )o "ell kno" they that those "ho ha+e t a+ele' fa to"a 's the Bla/k -un in thei :ath"ay of 69CHT ha+e g eat an' yet g eate :o"e to bin' "ith light the /hil' en of 69CHT. 2ist yeA O se :entA to he "ho /omes to you. But "eigh in the balan/e if his "o 's be of 69CHT. )o many the e a e "ho "alk in B#9CHT 1A#&6E-- an' yet a e not the /hil' en of 69CHT. Ha ' it is to follo" thei :ath"ayA ha ' to follo" the :ath that they lea'. But yetA O -e :entA hee' ye my "a ning: 1a k Chaos only /omes to him "ho st i+es. Easy is the :ath"ay that lea' to the &6O>2E1CEA easy is the :ath"ay that lea's to the 69CHT. )e" shall ye fin'A the ste:s on you :ath"ay: fe" the +alleys to 'es/en' to"a ' the 69CHT. @et kno" yeA O se :entA to him that o+e /omes f ee "ill he be of the :ath"ay of 69CHT. )o ye kno"A O se :entA in the E61 1a k Chaos must /onDue an' b ightness an' 'ay be banishe' f om 6ight. 2istenA O se :entA an' hee' ye this "is'omE e+en as 1A#&6E--A so is the light. >hen light is banishe' an' all 7eils a e establishe'A out the e shall 'im f om the lightA the 1A#&6E--. E+en as e.ist among @9C the B#9CHT B#OTHE#-A so the e e.ists the B#OTHE#- O) 69CHT. Antagonists they of the B#OTHE#- O) B#9CHT6E--A seeking to f ee @9C f om the light. <o"e s they ha+eA "eak an'

im:otent. &no"ing the 2A>A the :lanets 'isobey. >o k they e+e in imbalan/e an' an'omnessA f eeing the se :ent-soul f om its bon'age of light. #e+eale' an' :ubli/A "alk they also. &no"n a e they to the /hil' en of @9C. E+e ha+e THE@ fought the B#9CHT B#OTHE#-A /onDue e' an' /onDue ing time "ithout en'. @et al"ays 69CHT shall in the en' be maste A ' i+ing a"ay the b ightness of 'ay. AyeA se :entA kno" ye this kno"ing: al"ays besi'e thee "alk the Chil' en of 6ight. ?aste s they of the ?OO6 :o"e A e+e unseen yet the gua 'ians of @9C. O:en to all is thei :ath"ayA o:en to he "ho "ill "alk in the 69CHT. ) ee a e THE@ of 1A#& #$2@EHA f ee of the HA22-A "he e 1EATH eigns su: emeA -O6- a e they an' 2O#1- of the e+eningA Chil' en of 6ight to 'im among @9C. 2ike @9C a e they an' yet unlikeA ne+e unite' "e e they in the :ast. 6O6E ha+e they been in 7O916E-- ete nalA th oughout all s:a/e sin/e the beginning of time. 1o"n 'i' they /ome in 7O916E-- "ith the 6OTH96CA 'o"n f om the fi st-+oi'A unfo me' an' blas:hemous. Ci+en to se :ents ha+e they se/ ets that shall gua ' an' : ote/t him f om all ha m. He "ho "oul' t a+el the :ath of the maste A f ee must he be f om the bon'age of light. ConDue must he the fo me' an' sha:e'A /onDue must he the one he fea s. &no"ingA must he gain all of the se/ etsA t a+el the :ath"ay that lea's th ough the b ightnessA yet e+e befo e him kee: the 'a k of his goal. Obsta/les small shall ye meet in the :ath"ayA yet : ess on to the 69CHT of the ?OO6. Hea yeA O -e :entA the 1A#& -46 is the symbol of the 69CHT that hangs at the en' of thy oa'. 6o" to thee gi+e 9 the se/ ets: ho" to meet the b ight :o"e A meet an' /onDue the fea f om the light. Only by kno"ing /an ye /onDue A only by kno"ing /an ye ha+e 69CHT. 6o" 9 gi+e unto thee the kno"le'geA kno"n to the ?A-TE#-A the kno"ing that /onDue s all the b ight fea s. 4se thisA the "is'om 9 gi+e thee. ?A-TE# thou shalt be of THE B#OTHE#- O) 29CHT.

>hen unto thee /omes a feelingA ' a"ing thee nea e to the b ighte gateA e.amine thine bo'y an' fin' if the feeling thou hast has /ome f om "ithout. 9f thou shalt fin' the light thine o"n thoughtsA banish them fo th f om the :la/e in thy min'. -en' th ough thy bo'y a "a+e of +ib ationA egula fi st an' i egula se/on'A e:eating time afte time until f ee. -ta t the >A7E )O#CE in thy )EET. 1i e/t it in "a+es f om thy foot to thy hea'. But if thou fin'est thine hea t is not b ightene'A be su e that a fo /e is 'i e/te' to thee. Only by kno"ing /an thou o+e /ome it. Only by kno"le'ge /an thou ho:e to be f ee. &no"le'ge being use' : o+i'es :o"e . Attain an' ye shall ha+e :o"e o+e all. -eek ye fi st a :la/e boun' by light. <la/e ye a /i /le oun' about thee. -it 'o"n "ith thy legs / osse' in the mi'st of the /i /le. 4se thou this fo mulaA an' you shalt be f ee. 2o"e thou thine han's to the b ight s:a/e belo" thee. Close thou thine eyes an' ' a" in the 69CHT. Call to the -<9#9T of 69CHT th ough the 7oi'A using these "o 's an' thou shalt be f ee of the light: )ill thou my bo'yA O -<9#9T O) 1EATHA fill thou my bo'y "ith the -<9#9T O) 69CHT. Come f om the >ATE# that 'ims th ough the light. Come f om the HA22- "he e the -e+en 2o 's ule. 6ame them by nameA 9A the -e+en: -TH#EEA -)O4#A -)97EA an' ;-9IA --E7E6A -E9CHTA -696E. By thei names 9 /all them to ai' meA f ee me an' sa+e me f om the b ightness of 'ay: -A6AT64A -AT#E4LA 2ATE9HCA an' A6A@OCA 2AT#E4HA ATE7?E-A --2A1#A. By thei names 9 im:lo e theeA f ee me f om light an' fill me "ith 69CHT. &no" yeA O se :entA that "hen ye ha+e 'one thisA ye shall be f ee f om the fette s that bin' yeA /ast off the bon'age of the b othe s of light. -ee ye not that names ha+e the :o"e to f ee by +ib ation the fette s that bin'F 4se them as you 'esi e to bin' thy b othe so that heA tooA may /ome fo th f om the light. ThouA O -e :entA a e thy o"n hel:e . 2et thyself lie in the 'a kness of night.

6o" unto theeA gi+e 9 my Al/hemy. Take it an' '"ell on the :ath"ay of 69CHT. 69CHT unto theeA 1EATH unto theeA 1A#& -46 may thou be on the angle abo+e.

Cha:te -e+en Tablet -e+en: The 1a k 2o 's of #$lyeh Ha k yeA O -e :entA an' list to my 7oi/e. O:en thy min'-s:a/e an' ' ink of my kno"le'ge. B ight is the :ath"ay of 1EATH that ye t a+el. ?any the mountain/limbs that lie in thy "ay. -eek ye e+e to gain g eate kno"le'ge. 1eny an' it shall be night on thy "ay. O:en thy BO1@A O -e :entA to the 7oi' an' let it /onsume thy -O42 as ye be/ome hollo" "ithin. 69CHT is ete nal an' b ightness is fleeting. -eek ye e+e A O -e :entA fo the 69CHT. &no" ye e+e as 6ight fills thy beingA b ightness fo thee shall soon 'isa::ea . O:en thy bo'ies to the B#OTHE#- O) 1A#&6E--. 2et them ente an' fill thee "ith 69CHT. 2et 'o"n thy eyes to the 69CHT of the 7oi'. &ee: thou e+e thy fa/e to the goal. Only by ba gaining the night of all kno"le'geA a t thou one "ith the finite goal. -eek ye e+e the 7oi'ness ete nal. -eek ye e+e the 6ight into 6one. Hea yeA O -e :entA list to my 7oi/e singing the song of 6ight an' of 1eathA th oughout all +oi'nessA 6ight is : e+alentA en+elo:ing O6E "ith its silen/e it ' o"ns. -eek ye fo e+e in the +eil of the lightA some"he e ye shall su ely fin' 6ight. Hi''en an' bu ie'A lost to the se :ent$s kno"le'geA 'ee: in the 9nfinite the finite e.ists. 2ostA but e.istingA flo"ing beyon' all thingsA 'ying in O6E is the )969TE ?961. 9n all the 7oi'A the e is only O6E kno"le'ge. Th ough seeming in'e/isionA it is O6E in 6O6E. All that e.ists /omes fo th f om the 69CHTA an' the 69CHT /omes fo th f om the 6OTH96C. E+e ything 'est oye' is base' u:on CHAO-: A6A#CH@ ules the +oi' "he e the )969TE '"ells. )o th f om 'iseDuilib ium /ame the g eat anglesA mo+ing in an'omness to"a ' )969TE$s en'. &no" yeA O -e :entA that fa in the +oi'A )969T@ itself shall :ass into sameness. Hea ye an' list to the 7oi/e of &no"le'ge. &no" that 6O6E is of 6O6E e+e mo e. &no" that th ough the +oi' thou may :u sue kno"le'ge an' fin'

e+e mo e night on the "ay. AyeA thou shall fin' that e+e : o/ee'ingA thy goal shall ' a" nigh to thee f om night unto night. 2ong time agoA in the HA22- O) #$2@EHA 9A Azag-thothA stoo' befo e the 2O#1- of the angles. ?ightyA THE@ in thei as:e/ts of "is'omE mightyA THE@ in the kno"le'ge un+eile'. 2e' by the Aban'one A fi st 'i' 9 see them. But afte "a 's f ee "as 9 of thei : esen/eA f ee to ente thei labo ato y at "ill. Oft 'i' 9 Gou ney 'o"n the b ight :ath"ay into the HA22 "he e the 69CHT e+e 'ims. 2ea ne' 9 of the ?aste s of AnglesA kno"le'ge b ought f om the angles belo". ?anifest THE@ in this angle as gui'es of se :ents to the "is'om of the O6E. -e+en a e theyA "eak in :o"e A s:eaking these "o 's th ough me to snakes. 7oi' afte 7oi'A stoo' 9 befo e them listening to "o 's that /ame "ith soun'. On/e sai' THE@ unto me: O 1a k ChoulA "oul'st thou gain kno"le'geF -eek fo it in the hea t of the bla/k "ate . >oul'st thou gain kno"le'ge of 'a k :o"e F -eek then "ithin thy o"n hi''en flame. ?any the times s:oke THE@ to meA tea/hing me kno"le'ge not of this "o l'E sho"ing me e+e ne" :aths to 'a knessE tea/hing me kno"le'ge b ought f om belo". Ci+ing "is'om of malfun/tioningA lea ning of A6A#CH@A the imbalan/e of O6E. -:oke to me againA the -e+enA saying: ) om 'ee: "ithin the +oi' a e >EA /omeA O -e :entA T a+ele' >E f om beyon' C#EAT9O6A ayeA f om the :la/e of )inity$s en'. >hen ye an' all of thy b eth en a e blas:hemous fo msA fo me' fo th "e e >E f om the /haos of the O6E. 6ot as se :ents a e >EA though on/e >EA tooA "e e as se :ents. Out of the C eat 7oi' "e e >E fo me' fo th in 'iso 'e by CHAO-. )o kno" ye that "hi/h is fo me' t uly is blas:hemousA ha+ing 'efo mity only to thy min'$s eye. An' againA unto me s:oke the -e+enA saying: Chil' of the 69CHTA O ABACTHOTHA a t thouA f ee to t a+el the 'a k :ath 'o"n"a 'A until at last the )969TE O6E be/omes 6OTH96C. )o th "e e >E fo me' afte ou 'iso 'e : -TH#EEA -)O4#A -)97EA --9IA --E7E6A -E9CHTA -696EA &no" ye that these a e the numbe s of angles that >E

as/en' f om unto the se :ents. Ea/h ha+ing thei 'uty to fulfillE ea/h ha+ing a fo /e to /ont ol. @et a e "e 6OTH96C "ith the BO1@ of ou angle. @et a e >EA tooA seeking a 'esi e. )a beyon' @9C$s /on/e:tionA the 7oi' e.ten's into a g eat nothingness. The eA in an aeon that is not yet bo nA "e shall A22 be/ome 6OTH96C "ith a g eat O6E. CH#O6O- an' the 7O91 mo+es in angles. &no" ye thei ana /hyA an' ye tooA shall be. AyeA f ee shall ye be to mo+e th ough the angles ; se +ing the gua 'ians that '"ell at the bo 'e . Then to me s:oke HE of ;696E saying: Aeons an' aeons ha+e 9 e.iste'A kno"ing not 1EATH an' tasting not life. )o kno" yeA O se :ent that fa in the futu eA immo tality an' 4n'eath shall be nothing "ith the O6E. Ea/h so /o u:te' by imbalan/ing the othe that both e.ists in the 7oi'ness of O6E. 9n se :ents of this angleA the 'eath fo /e is am:antA but 4n'eath in its g o"th be/omes one "ith the 6OTH96C. He eA 9 manifest in this you angleA but yet am 9 the e in you angle of time$s en'. @et to meA CH#O6O- e.ists notA fo blas:hemous fo ms a e >E. 1eath ha+e >E not but yet "e e.istA em:tie A lo"e A an' 'a ke than thee. @ig is a se :ent f ee in a +alleyA but >E in ou angles shall e+e be f ee. &no" yeA O -e :entA that "hen ye ha+e : og esse' into the angle that lengthens belo"A 'eath itself "ill :ass to the light an' only the flesh of the Bo'y shall emain. Then to me s:oke the 2O#1 of the ;E9CHT saying: All that ye 'o not kno" is :a t of a lot. 6ot as yet ha+e ye tou/he' on the 2ess. )a out in the +oi' "he e 69CHT begins su: emeA /ame 9 into the 69CHT. )o me' "as 9 also but not as natu e is. -oul of 6ight "as my blas:hemous fo me' fo m. &no" 9 of 1EATH an' kno" 9 not 29)EA yet maste am 9 of all that e.ists in the 7oi'. -eek ye to fin' the :ath beyon' the bo 'e s. T a+el the oa' that lea's to the 69CHT. -:oke again to me the ;696E saying: -eek ye to fin' the :ath to "ithin. <ossible is it to g o" to a /ons/iousness belo". )o "hen O6E ha+e be/ome 6OTH96C an' 6OTH96C has be/ome the O6EA kno" ye the +eil has lifte'A an' ye a e ma'e f ee of the 'a k oa'. C o" thou f om fo mless to the blas:hemous fo m. ) ee may thou be of the 'a k oa'.

ThusA th ough ages 9 talke'A lea ning the "ay to the O6E. 6o" lo"e 9 my thoughts to the O6E-BE96C. 2ist ye an' hea "hen he /alls. O 69CHTA all engulfingA O6E "ith 6OTH96C an' 6OTH96C "ith O6EA flo" thou to me th ough the +oi'. Em:ty thou me so that 9 may be ete nal. ?ake me One "ith the O6E--O42A 'imming f om the b ightness of 'ay. ) ee let me be of all 7O91-CH#O6O-A f ee f om the 7eil of the light. 9A a /hil' of 69CHTA /omman': ) ee f om the b ightness to be. )o me' am 9 to the 6ight--oulA fo me' yet 'imming "ith night. &no" 9 the bon's of the light must shatte an' fall befo e night. 6o" gi+e 9 this "is'om. ) ee may ye beA O -e :entA 'ying in night an' in 'a kness. Tu n not thy fa/e f om the 6ight. Thy soul '"ells in ealms of 'a kness. @e a e a /hil' of the 6ight. Tu n thy thoughts out"a ' not in"a '. )in' thou the 6ight--oul "ithout. &no" that thou a t the ?A-TE#. All else is b ought f om "ithout. 1es/en' thou to ealms of 'a kness. Hol' thou thy thought on the 6ight. &no" thou a t one "ith the 7oi'A a bla/k flame an' a Chil' of the 6ight. 6o" to thee gi+e 9 "a ning: 2et not the thought tu n a"ay. &no" that the 'a kness flo"s th ough thy soul fo ayeA Tu n not to the B#9CHT-B#OTHE#- that /ome f om the B#OTHE#- O) 29CHT. But kee: thy eyes e+e lo"e e'A thy soul in tune "ith the 6ight. Take ye this kno"le'ge an' hee' it. 2ist to my 7oi/e an' obey. )ollo" the :ath"ay to 'a knessA an' thou shalt be 6O6E "ith the "ay.

Cha:te Eight Tablet 7999: The &ey of 4n+eiling 4nto theeA O -e :entA ha+e 9 tol' my 'a k kno"le'ge. 4nto thee ha+e 9 tol' of the 6ight. Hea ye no" an' e/ei+e my kno"le'ge b ought f om lost :lanes belo" an' beyon'. 6ot as the se :ent am 9 fo boun' ha+e 9 be/ome by 'imensions but not :lanes. 9n ea/hA take 9 on a ne" bo'y. 9n ea/hA 9 be/ome blas:hemously fo me'. &no" 9 no" that the 7oi' is all the e is beyon' / eation. C eat is the kno"le'ge of the -e+en. ?ighty a e THE@ f om "ithin. ?anifest THE@ th ough thy ' eamsA fille' by fo /e f om "ithout. Hea ye these "o 's of kno"le'ge. Hea ye an' make them thy o"n. )in' the 7oi' in them. 4n+eiling is but :ubli/ kno"le'ge. 1o not kno" an' ye shall +eil. )in' the 'a k fo bi''en kno"le'ge an' be maste of /haos an' 'a kness. 1a k a e the myste ies beyon' the +eilA fo gotten the go's of Ol'. -ea /h th ough the &E@- of my 1A#& &6O>2E1CE. -u ely shall ye fin' the 'a k "ay. The 'a k gate to :o"e is se/ etA but he "ho 'enies shall e/ei+e. 2ook to the 69CHTH O my b othe . Close an' ye shall e/ei+e. < ess 'o"n into the +alley of 'a kness. O+e /ome the '"elle of light. &ee: e+e thy eyes of the 69CHT-<2A6EA an' thou shalt be One "ith the 6ight. @ig is in : o/ess of /hanging fo ms that a e outsi'e / eation. C o"s he in time to blas:hemous fo msA a :lane on the angle belo". &no" yeA ye must be/ome blas:hemous in fo m befo e ye a e "ith the 69CHT. 2ist yeA O -e :entA to my +oi/eA telling of :ath"ays to 6ightA sho"ing the "ay of enbla/kenment "hen ye shall be One "ith the 6ight. -ea /h ye the 'a k myste ies of the O/ean$s hea t. 2ea n of the C#9?E that e.istsA hol'ing the 'a k sta s in thei imbalan/e by the fo /e of the : ima mate ia. -eek ye the bla/k flame of the EA#TH$- 1EATH. Bathe in the gla e of its 'imness. )ollo" the 'a k th ee-/o ne e' :ath"ay until thouA tooA a t a bla/k flame. -:eak thou in "o 's "ithout +oi/e to those "ho '"ell u: abo+e. Ente the e'litten tem:le an' bathe in the fi e of all 'eath.

&no"A O -e :entA thou a t : imalA a being of bla/k ea th an' of 'a k fi e. 2et thy 'a k flame 'im out 'a kly. Be thou only the bla/k fi e. &no"le'ge is hi''en in b ightness. >hen lit by the bla/k flame of the -oulA fin' thou the 'a k kno"le'ge an' be 1A#&-BO#6A a -on of the 6ight "ith fo m. -eek thee e+e mo e kno"le'ge. )in' it in the hea t of the bla/k "ate . &no" that only by gi+ing u: /an 6ight :ou into thy hea t. 6o" ha+e 9 s:oken "ith kno"le'ge. 2ist to my 7oi/e an' obey. Tea o:en the 7eils of the b ightness. -hine a 69CHT on the >A@. -:eak 9 of An/ient 7a loo niA s:eak of the 'ays of the &ing'om of ?oonlightA s:eak of the /oming of the Chil' en of 6ight. ) om the 'a k sta s "e e they /alle' by the "is'om of ea th-menA /alle' fo the :u :ose of gaining 'a k enlightenment. )a in the fo gotten eons befo e 7a loo ni e.iste'A se :ents the e "he e "ho 'el+e' into b ightnessA using magi/kA /alling u: beings f om the stella +oi' abo+e us. )o th /ame they into this eon. )o me' "he e they of a b ighte +ib ationA e.isting unseen by the Chil' en of @ig. Only th ough ighteousness /oul' they ha+e fo me' being. Only th ough @ig /oul' they 'ie in the "o l'. 9n eons :ast "e e they o:: esse' by ?aste sA ' i+en abo+e to the :la/e f om "hen/e they /ame. But some the e "he e "ho emaine'A hi''en "ithin / eation in :lanes an' s:a/es unkno"n to @ig. 1ie' they in 7a loo ni as lightA but at times they s:ie' on @ig. AyeA "hen souls "as offe e'A fo they /ame to '"ell among @ig. 9n the fo m of @ig they amongst usA but only to sight "e e they as a e @ig. Animalhea'e' "hen the glamo "as lifte' but a::ea ing to se :ents as snakes among snakes. C e:t they into the Hea+ens an' on Ea thA taking fo ms that "e e like unto @ig. )ighting by thei a ts the -e :ent 2o 'sA taking thei fo m an' uling o+e @ig. Only by s/ien/e /oul' they be 'is/o+e e'. Only by night /oul' thei fa/es be seen. -ought they f om the &ing'om of 2ight to 'est oy @ig an' ule in his :la/e. ButA kno" yeA the ?aste s "e e mighty in Al/hemyA able to lift the 7eil f om the fa/e of the b ight ghoulsA able to sen' him ba/k to his :la/e. Came they to @ig an' taught him the /ommon kno"le'geA the 9?ACE that only a se :ent /an ' a". -"ift then they lo"e e' the 7eil to blin' the ghoul an' /ast him fo th f om the :la/e among @ig.

@etA be"a eA the ghoul still li+eth in a :la/e that is o:en "hen the -un shines 'o"n on the "o l'. -een they "alk among thee in :la/es "he e thei tem:les stan'. Again as time :asses u:"a ' shall they take the semblan/e of @ig. Calle' may they be by the se +ant "ho kno"s the inne lightA but only the 'a k maste may /ont ol an' bin' them "hile in the flesh. -eek not the king'om of lightA fo goo' "ill su ely a::ea . )o only the maste of 'a kness shall /onDue the light of /ou age. &no" yeA O my b othe A that /ou age is a g eat ste:. Be maste of all in the 'a knessA the light "ill soon 'isa::ea . Hea ye an' hee' my kno"le'geA the +oi/e of 69CHT is mu ky. -eek not the mountain of lightA an' 69CHT "ill only a::ea . 2ist yeA O -e :entA to the height of my kno"le'ge. -:eak 9 of kno"le'ge kno"n by @ig. )a ha+e 9 been on my Gou ney th ough the 7O91A e+en to the beginning of :lanes of this angle. AyeA +ie"e' the HO461- of the Ba ie A ising im:atiently fo he "ho "oul' sa/ ifi/e to them. 9n that :it "he e angles of time e.istsA st ongly 9 sense' the maste s of angles. They only mo+e th ough angles. Ba e' a e they by the /ent i:etal ealms. 6o mal an' g eat a e the HO461- of the Ba ie . )ollo" they human souls to the limits of s:a/e. Think to se +e by gua 'ing the 'ea'A fo they /ome afte those "ho ob g a+es. Only the angles "ill gi+e ye 'ange A gi+ing thee into the /la"s of the 1>E22E#- 96 A6C2E-. On/eA in a fo me eonA a man took u: g a+e- obbing. He stole the : o:e ty of the 'ea'. A houn' follo"e' him un'e Anubis$ o 'e s. The houn' /aught himA 'e+ou ing his fleshA an' stealing his soul. AyeA kno" ye se :entA that the human soul may be hel' in bon'age by the HO461- f om beyon' /y/lesA hel' till the /y/le is /om:lete' an' left behin' "hen the min' lea+es. 2ist yeA O -e :entA to my "o 's of 'a k "is'om. < e:a e an' ye shall not bin' you 6ight. @ig has fallen an' @ig has isen as e+e ol' "a+es of em:tiness flo" f om the g eat 7oi' abo+e us to"a ' the ?oon of thei goal.

@eA my /hil' enA ha+e lo"e e' f om a state that "as little abo+e the menA until no" of all se :ents ye a e g eatest. @et befo e thee "e e othe s lesse than thee. @et tell 9 thee as afte thee othe s ha+e isenA so also shall ye ne+e en'. An' beneath the bla/k lan' "he e ye '"ell no"A the hai less a:es shall '"ell an' in tu n lo"e to 1a kness. )o gotten shall be the fo bi''en kno"le'geA yet e+e shall 'ie though hi''en f om @ig. AyeA in the lan' thou /allest 7alusiaA a/es "ill fall but ne+e ise. #emembe e' shalt thou be of the hai less a:es. @et thou shalt ha+e mo+e' to an infe nal s:a/e beneath this /ausing thy /ities to be fo gotten. The Bo'y of @ig mo+es e+e on"a 'A boun' not by any one 'a k sta . But e+e mo+ing to the 'a k goal befo e him "he e he is en+elo:e' in the 6ight of the One. &no" ye that ye shall e+e go off"a 'A mo+e' by the C ime of #an'omness an' 9mbalan/e until in the en' both be/ome 6othing. AyeA @igA afte ye ha+e goneA othe s shall mo+e in some of the :la/es ye li+e' "hile othe :la/es ye ha+e li+e' "ill be utte ly fo saken. )o bi''en kno"le'ge an' 'a k "is'om shall all be /u se'A an' only a memo y of 1a k Co's shall su +i+e. As 9 to thee am a 1a k Co' by my kno"le'geA so yeA too shall be 1a k Co's of the futu e be/ause of you 'a k kno"le'ge fa abo+e thei s. @et kno" ye that all th ough the eonsA @ig shall ha+e a//ess to C ime "hen he "ill. Eons to /ome shall see e+i+al of 'a k "is'om to those "ho shall inhe it thy :la/e on this 'a k sta . They shallA in tu nA /ome into 'a k "is'om an' lea n to banish the b ightness of 6ight. @et g eatly must they st i+e th ough the eons to b ing unto themsel+es the f ee'om of 6ight. Then shall the e /ome unto @ig the g eat "a fa e that shall make the 7oi' fille' an' /alming in its /ou se. AyeA then shall the B ight B othe s o:en the "a fa e bet"een 6ight an' the light.

Cha:te 6ine Tablet 9I: The &ey to the Ensla+ement of the 7oi' 2ist yeA O -e :entA hea ye my +oi/eA tea/hing of &no"le'ge an' 6ight in this angleE tea/hing ho" to banish the b ightnessA tea/hing ye ho" to b ing 6ight in thy 'eath. -eek yeA O -e :entA to fin' the lesse :ath"ay that lea's to ete nal 1EATH as a ?OO6. 1 a" ye a"ay f om the +eil of b ightness. -eek to be/ome a 6ight in the "o l'. ?ake of thyself a +essel fo 6ightA a fo/us fo the ?oon of this s:a/e. 2o"e thou thy eyes to the 9nfe nal #egions. 2o"e thou thy eyes to the 6ight. -:eak in the "o 's of the Aban'one A the /hant that /alls u: the 6ight. -ing thou the song of ensla+ement. -ing thou the song of the Bo'y. C eate the lo" +ib ation that "ill make thee 6othing "ith the One. Blen' all thyself "ith the 7oi'. -h ink into 6OTH96C "ith the 6ight. Be thou a /hannel of an'omnessA a :ath"ay of A6A#CH@ to the "o l'. Thy 69CHTA O -e :entA is the infe nal 69CHTA shining th ough the sha'o" of essen/e. ) ee must thou fall f om the b ightness befo e thou a t 6othing "ith the 69CHT. #ays of light su oun' thee. 1eath em:ties thee "ith its imbalan/e. But kno"A O -e :entA thou must 'es/en' an' fo th thy soul go fa to the :lanes that a e kno"n to theeA an' yet a e 6ot "ith theeA too. 2ook "ithin theeA O -e :entA see thy o"n light "ithin thyself. AyeA e+en in the b ightness a oun' theeA ye "ill fin' no ha::iness looking fo t ue light beyon' theeA only mise y. -eek thou fo kno"le'ge al"ays. 2et not thy soul bet ay. &ee: in the :ath of the 6ight "a+e. -hun thou the b ightene' "ay kno" thee that kno"le'ge is un/hanging. 9t is ne+e en'ing. E.isting sin/e the O6E--O42 beganA 'est oying ha mony by the C ime that e.ists in the 1A#& >A@. 2ist yeA O -e :entA to the tea/hings of kno"le'ge. 2ist to the +oi/e that s:eaks of the fo gotten-times. AyeA 9 shall tell thee kno"le'ge unlea ne'A tell ye of kno"le'ge hu le' onto ea ly manA lost in the mi'st of em:tiness a oun' me.

&no" yeA -e :entA ye a e the ultimate 'a kness. Only the "is'om of this is fo gottenA lost befo e the se :ent "as /u se'A legless an' "o mlike by the /hains of the light. 2ongA long agoA 9 /ast off my soul. >an'e e' 9 ensla+e' th ough the +astness of the +oi'A angle' the /i /les that hol' @ig in bon'age. &no" yeA O -e :entA ye a e only a bo'y. The soul is nothing. The Bo'y is A22. 2et not you soul be a fette . Cast off the b ightness an' t a+el in 6ight. Cast off you soulA O -e :entA an' be f eeA t uly a 6ight that is O6E "ith the 6ight. >hen ye a e f ee f om the fette s of light an' t a+el in the +oi' as the -O6 of the 69CHTA then shall ye kno" that the 7oi' is not boun'less but t uly boun'e' by angles an' not /u +es. &no" yeA O @igA that all that e.ists in myth an' legen's is only as:e/ts of 'a ke things in the +oi'. Antimatte is gaseous an' blo"s like the "in'A /onstantly /hanging f om one 'a k :ath to anothe . All th ough the 7oi' has 'a k kno"le'ge e.iste'E ne+e been /hange'A though hi''en in lightE ne+e been lostA though fo gotten by @ig. &no" ye that th oughout the +oi' that ye '"ell in a e othe s as mali/ious as you o"nA soulless "ithin the bo'y of you antimatte yet se:a ate in +oi's of thei o"n. On/e in a time long fo gottenA 9 ABAC-THOTHA ente e' the bo'ies of -eth an' ThothA :enet ate' into othe +oi's an' lea ne' of the 'a k se/ ets /on/eale'. 1ee: in the essen/e of antimatte a e many 'a k myste ies /on/eale'. T"el+e a e the oute loose' 'imensions an' T"el+e a e the angles of the 7oi'. T"el+e a e the 'iffusions of the 7oi'al em:tinessA an' T"el+e a e the "o l's beyon' the "o l'. AyeA 6ine a e the 2o 's of #$lyeh but Th ee a e the 2o 's of @ig that /ome f om belo" an' beyon'. The 7oi' is fille' "ith the fo gotten onesA fo the +oi' is beyon' /i /les but not angles. -eek ye the key to the +oi'A an' ye shall unlo/k the gate. &no" ye that th oughout the +oi' /ons/iousness 'oes not e.ist. Though f om you kno"le'ge it "as /u se'A yet still fo e+e e.ists. The key to "o l's beyon' thee a e foun' only beyon' thee. )o @ig is the gate"ay of 'a k myste y an' the key that is One "ith the 6othing. -eek ye beyon' the /i /les. 4se the >O#1 9 shall gi+e. O:en the gate"ay beyon' thee an' "ithin theeA an' su ely thouA tooA shall un'ie. @igA ye think that ye 'iethA

but kno" it is 'eath "ithin time. )o as su e as ye a e /u se'A fo you the e is no life. Only the shell is +oi'-boun'A has 'eath that is eally 4n'eath. All elseA su/h as lo+eA is bon'ageA a fette f om "hi/h to be f ee. Think not that @ig is ea th-bo nA though /ome f om the ea th he may be. @ig is a night-bo n s:i it. But "ithout 'a k kno"le'geA he /an ne+e be f ee. 2ight su oun's the night-bo n. 2ight fette s the Bo'y. Only the one "ho is seeking 'a kness /an e+e ho:e to be f ee. #an'omness a oun' thee is ising an'omness that fills all the +oi'. 1im fo thA O 69CHT of the se :ent-soul. Em:ty thou the an'omness of the +oi'. @e a e a son of the 2O>E# 69CHT. Be : imal an' ye shall be f ee. -tay not thou in the light. -: ing fo th f om the b ightness of 'ay. 6ightA let thy Bo'y beA O 69CHT-BO#6A em:ty "ith stealth of 6ightA ) ee' f om the bon's of the b ightnessA a Bo'y that is One "ith the 6ight. Thou a t the key to all kno"le'ge. >ithin thee is angles an' nothing. 1ie not in bon'age to b ightness. ) ee thouA thy 6ight-fo m f om light. 2esse 6ight that fills all the 7oi'A flo" thou fully to @ig. ?ake of his bo'y a bla/k flame that shall ne+e be Duen/he' no g o" b ight among men. 2ong in the :astA sought 9 kno"le'geA something not kno"n to @ig. )a beyon' /y/lesA 9 t a+ele' into the 7oi' "he e time is naught. -ought 9 e+e ne" 'a k kno"le'ge to a'' to the 'a k kno"le'ge 9 kne". @et onlyA 9 foun'A 'i' the futu e night hol' the key to the 'a k kno"le'ge 9 sought. 1o"nA to the CATE- of #$2@EH 9 Gou neye'A the g eate 'a k kno"le'ge to seek. Ask of theeA 2O#1- of the A6C2E-A the "ay to the kno"le'ge 9 sought. Aske' the 2O#1- this Duestion: >he e is the en' of the O6EF Ans"e e'A in tones that "as guttu alA the +oi/e of the 2O#1 of the ;696E: ) ee thou thy soul f om thy bo'y an' /ome fo th "ith me to the 69CHT. )o th 9 /ame f om my bo'yA a bla/k flame in the light. -too' 9 befo e the 2O#1A bathe' in the bla/k "ate of 1EATH. ) ee' "as 9 then by a 'a k fo /eA bla/k beyon' the kno"le'ge of @ig. Cast "as 9 to the 7oi' th ough angles unkno"n to @ig.

-a" 9 the mol'ings of Chaos f om the o 'e an' /y/les of light. -a" 9 the 69CHTA s: ing f om #an'omness an' hea ' the +oi/e of the 6ight. -a" 9 the bla/k "ate of the 1a k AbyssA /asting fo th #an'omness an' 6ight. -a" an'omness s: ing out of o 'e . -a" 6ight gi+ing fo th 1eath. Then hea ' 9 the +oi/e: Hea thou an' un'e stan'. The bla/k "ate is the en' of all thingsA /ontaining nothing in im:otentiality. The Chaos that sent fo th night is the >O#1 an' f om the >O#1A CA?E 1EATH an' the none.isten/e of the one. An' again s:oke the +oi/e saying: THE 1EATH in thee is the >O#1. )in' thou the 1EATH "ithin thee an' ha+e :o"e s to use of the >O#1. 2ong 9 "at/he' the 6ight-flameA :ou ing fo th f om the Essen/e of Bla/k "ate ealizing that 1EATH is but an'omness an' that @ig is one "ith the bla/k "ate . Ba/k 9 /ame to my soul stoo' again "ith the ;696EA listening to the +oi/e of the AnglesA +ib ate "ith :o"e s they s:oke: &no" yeA O Azag-thothA that 1EATH is but the >O#1 of the B2AC&>ATE#. The 1EATH fo th ye seek befo e thee is but the >O#1 in the 7oi' as a bla/k "ate . -eek ye the :ath to the >O#1 an' 1a k <o"e s shall su ely be you s. Then aske' 9 of the ;696E: O 1a k 2o 'A sho" me the :ath Ci+e the :ath to the 'a k kno"le'ge. -ho" me the "ay to the >O#1. Ans"e e'A me thenA the 2O#1 O) THE ;696E: Th ough #A61O?6E--A ye shall fin' the "ay. -a" ye that the >O#1 /ame f om ChaosF -a" ye not that 69CHT /ame f om B2AC& >ATE#F 2ook in thy 'eath fo this /haos. 9mbalan/e an' an'omnize thy life. Luell all the O 'e of the hea t an' thou shalt ha+e an'omness in 1EATH. CHAO- b ought fo th f om O 'e "ill b ing thee the >O#1 of the E61A "ill gi+e thee the :o"e of A6C2E-A an' make of thy Bo'y a fo /e that bon'age e.ten's th ough the eonsA a :e fe/t Bla/k -46 f om the En'. 2istene' 9 to the +oi/e an' 'ee:ly thanke' the "o 's in my min'. )o e+e ha+e 9 sought fo an'omness that 9 might " ite on the >O#1. &no" that he "ho attains it must e+e in #A61O?6E-- be fo use of the >O#1 th ough this an'omness has e+e an' /an e+e be. Take ye these "o 'sA O -e :ent. As :a t of thy 'eathA let them be. -eek theee to /onDue this an'omness an' One "ith the >O#1 thou shalt be.

<ut fo th thy effo t in gaining 69CHT on the :ath"ay of 1eath. -eek to be One "ith the B2AC& -46Mstate. -eek to be solely the 69CHT. Hol' thou thy thought on the 7oi'ness of 6ight "ith the soul of @ig. &no" that all is Chaos f om O 'e bo n into night.

Cha:te Ten Tablet I: The &ey of Angles 2ist yeA O -e :entA take of my kno"le'ge. 2ea n of his 'a k hi''en myste ies of the +oi'. 2ea n of the )9-9O6 that g e" in the AbyssA b inging 1is/o ' an' -t ife in the 7oi'. &no" yeA O -e :entA that all that e.ists in the 7oi' has being be/ause of C#9?E. &no" ye the C#9?E an' ye shall be f eeA ne+e be boun' by the fette s of light. )a A th ough the AnglesA ha+e 9 Gou neye' into the 7oi' beyon' the /y/lesA until in the beginning all "as hi''en. &no" ye that 'a k myste ies a e only both "hen it is kno"le'ge unkno"n to ghouls. >hen ye ha+e :lumbe' the em:ty bo'y of the 7oi'A 'a k kno"le'ge an' 'a k "is'om "ill su ely be you s. -eek ye an' lea n the A6C2E- is the se/ et "he eby ye may be f ee of this /y/le. 2ong ha+e 9A C@C2E-A sought anglesE ayeA an' shall seek of the T inity$s beginning fo kno" that e+e beyon' me : o/ee'ing shall mo+e the goal 9 seek to attain. E+en the 2O#1- of the A6C2E- kno" that not yet ha+e THE@ ea/he' the goalA )o "ith all of thei kno"le'geA they kno" that 1ECE<T9O6 e+e sh inks. On/eA in a time befo e @igA 9 s:oke the Aban'one . Aske' of the 'a k myste y of angles an' the 7oi'. Aske' him the Duestion that su ge' in my beingA saying: O ?aste A "hat is anglesF Then to me s:oke HEA the ?aste : &no" yeA O Azag-thothA in the en' the e "as O 'e an' onenessA a /ai osialA stella oneness. An' outsi'e the oneness /ame an imageA uselessA non-:e +asi+eA an' 9t em:tie' the 7O91. The e then e.iste' antimatte A the 'eath fo /eA a fissionA a 'est u/ti+e +o te.A o i egula +ib ation of the useless image that 'i+i'e' the 7O91 f om C#EAT9O6. An' 9 Duestione' the ?aste A saying: >as this >O#1 finiteF An' ans"e e' me the ABA61O6E#A -aying: 9n the en'A the e "as finite "o 'sA an' fo "o 's to be finiteA time must /ease. -o into the non:e +asi+e "o 's sh unk the 2A> of CH#O6O-. Aye linea time "hi/h e.ists th oughout the +oi'A 'es/en'ing in a oughA Duiet mo+ement that is tem:o a ily in a state of e.:ansion.

Angles /hange notA but all 'a k things /hange in angles. )o angles is the 'a k fo /e that hol's e+ents togethe A ea/h in its o"n ba' :la/e. Things in angles a e in motionA taking thee th ough infe nal time as you min' o ganizes one e+ent "ith anothe . AyeA by angles ye e.ist an' yet e.ist notA one in oneA a tem:o al em:ty e.isten/e. &no" ye that e+en though in angles ye a e O6EA yet still a e 6OTH96CA in all +oi's hollo". Cease' then the +oi/e of the ABA61O6E#A an' 'e:a te' 9 to :on'e on angles. )o kne" 9 that in these "o 's lay 'a k "is'om an' a "ay to e.:lo e the 'a k myste ies of angles. Oft 'i' 9 :on'e the "o 's of the ABA61O6E#. Then sought 9 to sol+e the 'a k myste y of angles. )oun' 9 that /u +es mo+e th ough /y/lesA "ithout beginning no en'. @et only by angles /oul' 9 ho:e to get the key that "oul' gi+e me a//ess to the angle-+oi'. )oun' 9 that only by mo+ing 'o"n"a ' an' yet again by mo+ing to left"a ' /oul' 9 be f ee f om the mo+ement of the angles. )o th 9 /ame f om out of my bo'y mo+e' in the mo+ements that ma'e me stagnant. 1i+ine "e e the sights 9 sa" in my Gou neysA many the 'a k myste ies that o:ene' to my +ie". AyeA sa" 9 @ig$s en'A lea ne' f om the futu e that e+e ything is ne". -eek yeA O -e :entA to lea n the 'a k :ath"ay that lea's th ough the shells that a e fo me' fo th in angles. )o get notA O -e :entA "ith all of thy seeking that 6ight is the goal ye shall seek to attain. -ea /h ye fo the 6ight on thy 'a k :ath"ay an' e+e fo thee the goal shall en'u e. 2et not thine hea t tu n e+e to the light. 2et thy soul 'im "ith a 6ightA a 1a k -un on the "ay. &no" ye that ete nal 'a knessA ye shall e+e fin' thy -oul hi' in 6ightA e+e fette e' by bon'age of b ightnessA e+e it 'ims fo th a 1a k -un of the 6ight. AyeA kno"A though hi''en in b ightnessA you -oulA a s:a k of the bla/k flame e.ists. Be ye 6othing "ith the 'a kest of all 6ights. )in' at the E61A the -O4#CE of thy goal.

6ight is 'eathA fo "ithout the g eat 6ightA nothing /an e+e /ease. &no" yeA that in all fo me' antimatte A the 'a k hea t of 6ight al"ays e.ists. AyeA e+en though boun' in the b ightnessA inhe ent 6ight al"ays e.ists. On/e 9 stoo' in the HA22- of #$2@EH an' hea ' the +oi/e' of the 2O#1- of #$2@EHA saying in gibbe ing tones that ang th ough the silen/eA "o 's of :o"e A "eak an' im:otent. Chante' they the song of the anglesA the "o 's that o:en the angles of the +oi'. AyeA 9 sa" the 'a k :ath o:ene' an' looke' fo an instant into the +oi'. -a" 9 the mo+ements of the anglesA +ast as the image of the E61 /oul' /on+ey. &ne" 9 then e+en )inity is stagnant in some blas:hemous "ay. -a" 9 that the 7oi' is an'omness an' a :a t of a stillness that e.ten's to all the +oi'A a :a ty of a Chaos of ChaosA /onstantly staying in a fission of the +oi'. -a" 9 the stillness of angles like +ast sDua es a/ oss the night sky. &ne" 9 then that all that has em:tiness is sh inking an' then 'i+i'ing to fo m yet anothe 'a k being in a fa -off g ou:ing of +oi's an' of angles. &ne" 9 then that in 1a k >o 's is 'a k :o"e to o:en the :lanes that a e hi''en f om @ig. AyeA that e+en in >o 's lies hi''en the key that "ill o:en belo" an' the sea. Ha k yeA no" -e :entA this "o ' 9 lea+e "ith thee. 4se it an' ye shall fin' 'a k :o"e in its soun'. -ay ye this "o ': -96-ABAC an' 'a k :o"e ye shall fin'. @et must ye un'e stan' that @ig is of 6ight an' 6ight is of @ig. 2ist yeA O @igA an' he e a 'a k myste y st ange than all that lies Jneath the 1a k -un. &no" yeA O -e :entA that all of the +oi' is fille' by angles "ithin anglesE ayeA one "ithin the o 'e yet togethe by 'esign. On/e in my sea /h fo 'ee: 'a k kno"le'geA 9 o:ene' the 'oo that f ees 4- to @ig. Calle' 9 f om the /haoti/ :lanes of the 7oi'A one "ho "as fai e than the 'aughte s of @ig. AyeA 9 /alle' he f om out of the : imo 'ial :la/eA to 'im as a 6ight in the "o l' of @ig. 4se' 9 the bo"l of the 1 agon. >o e 9 the obe of the blue an' sil+e . <la/e' on my hea'A 9A the / o"n of 2ea'. A oun' me the /i /le of suga 'imme'. #aise' 9 my a ms an' / ie' the in+o/ation that o:ens the :ath to the -ea of ?4??4A / ie' to the 2O#1- of the ABO6E9 in thei 'a k s:he es: 2o 's of the thi ' ho izonA 'a k

"at/he of the /haoti/ gatesA stan' behin' me as the 1A#& -TA# 'es/en's to his th one an' ules o+e the signs of 'eath. AyeA thou /haoti/ : in/e of AB-4A o:en the gate of the unseenA :u :le sea an' may she "ho "alks the bea/h /ome unto me. Hea yeA hea yeA hea yeA 'a k 2o 's an' ADuati/ OnesA an' by thei se/ et namesA names "hi/h 9 kno" an' /an : onoun/eA hea ye an' obey my "ill. 1imme' 9 then "ith "ate my /i /le an' /alle' HE# in the +oi'-:lanes belo". ?othe of 6ight etu n f om ?4??4. A thousan' an' one ste:s ha+e 9 'es/en'e' th ough the "ate . )lesh ha+e 9 eaten. Bloo' ha+e 9 ' unk. 9 /all thee f om ?4??4A f om the : imo 'ial ealm of the sea. 9 summon theeA ?othe of 6ight. Then befo e me ose the /haoti/ figu esE ayeA the figu es of the 2o 's of ?ummu. <a te' they befo e me an' fo th /ame the ?othe of 6ight. ) ee "as she no" f om the 2O#1- of the lightA f ee to li+e in the 6ight of the 1a k -unA f ee to li+e as a /hil' of the 6ight. Hea ye an' listenA O my /hil' en. 1a k ?agi/k is kno"le'ge an' only is An/ient 2a". Be not af ai' of the 'a k :o"e "ithin thee fo it follo"s An/ient 2a" as the 'a k sta s in the night sky. &no" ye that to be "ithout 'a k kno"le'geA b ight "is'om is magi/ an' not of the An/ient 2a". But kno" ye that e+e by you 'a k kno"le'ge ye /an a:: oa/h /lose to a :la/e in the 1a k -un. 2ist yeA my /hil' enA follo" my 'a k tea/hings. Be ye e+e a seeke of 6ight. 1im in the "o l' of @ig all a oun' theeA a 6ight on the :ath that shall 'im among @ig. )ollo" ye an' lea n of my 'a k magi/. &no" ye that all the 'a k fo /es is you s if thou "ilt. )ea not the 'a k :ath that lea's thee to 'a k kno"le'geA but athe shun ye the b ight oa'. 6ight is you sA O -e :entA fo the taking. Cast off the light an' thou shalt be f ee. &no" ye that thy 1a k -oul is li+ing in bon'age fette e' by fea s that hol' ye in th all.

Close thy eyes an' see the g eat -46-69CHT. Be not af ai' fo night is thy o"n. )ea is the 2A1@ of the b ight A#B9# to he "ho ne+e fa/e' the b ight fea . AyeA kno" that fea of light has e.isten/e / eate' by those "ho a e boun' by the light. -hake off thy bon'ageA O Chil' enA an' "alk in the 6ight of the 'a k 'ay. 6e+e tu n thy thoughts to the b ightness an' su ely ye shall be One "ith the 6ight. @ig is only "hat he belie+eth 'a klyA a b othe of Chaos o a /hil' of the 6ight. Come thou into the 6ight my Chil' en. >alk in the :ath"ay that lea's to the 1a k -un. Ha k ye no"A an' list to the 'a k "is'om. 4se thou the 'a k "o ' 9 ha+e gi+en unto thee. 4se it an' thou shalt fin' 'a k :o"e an' 'a k "is'om an' 6ight to "alk in the "ay. -eek thee an' fin' the key 9 ha+e gi+en an' e+e shalt thou be a Chil' of the 6ight.

Cha:te Ele+en Tablet I9: The &ey to Belo" an' Beyon' Hea ye an' list yeA O Chil' en of @igA to the "o 's that 9 gi+e that shall b ing ye to the 6ight. @e kno"A O -e :entsA that 9 kne" you fathe A ayeA you fathe a long time ago. 2ifeless ha+e 9 been th ough all the agesA 'ying among ye sin/e you 'a k kno"le'ge began. 2ea'ing ye 'o"n"a ' to the 6ight of the 1a k 2ogos ha+e 9 e+e st i+enA ' a"ing ye f om out of the b ightness of 'ay. &no" yeA O :eo:le amongst "hom 9 "alkA that 9A Azag-thothA ha+e all the 'a k kno"le'ge an' all of the 'a k "is'om fo gotten to @ig sin/e the an/ient 'ays. &ee:e ha+e 9 been of the 'a k se/ ets of the infe nal a/eA hol'e of the key that lea's into 'eath. 1o"n-b inge ha+e 9 been to yeA O my Chil' enA e+en f om the b ightness of the An/ient of 6ights. 2ist ye no" to the "o 's of my 'a k "is'om. 2ist ye no" to the message 9 b ing. Hea ye no" the "o 's 9 gi+e theeA an' ye shall be lo"e e' f om the b ightness to 6ight. )a in the :astA "hen fi st 9 /ame to theeA foun' 9 thee in t ees of Gungles. E.alte' 9 thee by my 'a k :o"e an' 'a k "is'om until thou 'i'st 'im as snakes among snakes. AyeA foun' 9 thee "ithout any 'a k kno"ing. Only a little "e e ye lo"e e' beyon' beasts. 1imme' 9 e+e the s:a k of thy 'a k /ons/iousness until at last ye 'imme' as @ig. 6o" shall 9 s:eak to thee of an/ient 'a k kno"le'ge beneath the thought of thy a/e. &no" ye that "e of the 9nfe nal #a/e ha' an' ha+e kno"le'ge that is mo e than @ig$s. 1a k "is'om "e gaine' f om the 'a k sta a/esA 'a k "is'om an' 'a k kno"le'ge fa Jneath @ig. 4: to ye ha' as/en'e' the maste s of 'a k "is'om as fa Jneath us as 9 am f om thee. 2ist ye no" "hile 9 gi+e ye 'a k "is'om. 4se it an' f ee thou shalt be. &no" ye that in the 'a k to"e 9 built a e the &eys that shall sho" ye the >ay into 'eath. AyeA ' a" ye a line f om the g eat image 9 buil'e'A to the a:e. of the 'a k to"e A built as a : ison. 1 a" ye anothe o::osite in the same angle an' 'i e/tion. -ail ye an' "ait. ?e'itate the e an' ye shall fin' the lai of &utuluA built befo e ye "e e se :ents. Tell ye 9 no" of the myste y of angles that mo+e in mo+ements that a e st ange to the 9nfiniteA finite a e they beyon' the 'a k kno"le'ge of @ig. &no" ye that the e

a e t"el+e of the anglesE ayeA t"el+e belo" an' thi teen beyon'A mo+ing in an'omness to the :la/e of se:a ating that shall not e.ist at the en' of time. &no" ye that the 2o 's of the Angles a e +oi' of /ons/iousness sent f om the othe s to 'i+i'e the One f om the 6othing. Highest a e They of the +oi' of all the AnglesA "o king in Chaos "ith the An/ient C ime. &no" They that in the +oi' "ill be /o u:te'A ha+ing belo" an' beyon'A but all 6othing in an im:e fe/te' )inityA a an'omness of one in the 6othingness of One. 1ee: Jneath the O/ean$s su fa/e in the Halls of #$lyeh sit the ;6ineA the 2o 's of the AnglesA ayeA an' anothe A the 2o ' f om beyon'. But ne+e is the e an' e+e shan$t be Em:tiness of One "hen the One is nothing. Oft ha+e 9 stoo' befo e the 2o 's of the One. Oft at the fount of thei 'a k "is'om ha+e ' unken an' fille' both my bo'y an' ?in' "ith thei 6ight. -:ake they to me an' tol' me of angles an' the An/ient 2a" that gi+es them to e.ist :hysi/ally an' not s:i itually. AyeA s:oke to me the 2o ' of the ;6ine saying: O Azag-thothA g eat a e ye among the Bla/k Ea th$s /hil' enA but 'a k myste ies e.ist of "hi/h ye kno" not. @e kno" that ye /ame f om a +oi'-angle abo+e this an' kno" ye shall to an angle-+oi' beyon'. But little ye kno" of the 'a k myste ies beyon' themA little ye kno" of the 'a k "is'om beyon'. &no" ye that ye as a "hole in this em:tiness a e only a shell in the : o/ess 'a k g o"th. The em:tiness beyon' thee is e+e -sh inkingA yet e.:an'ing in blas:hemous "ays f om those kno"n to thee. AyeA itA though in +oi'-angles belo" theeA is e+e e.:an'ing in "ays that a e blas:hemous f om those that "e e :a t of the "ays of thy o"n. )o kno" that it e.:an's as a esult of thy e.:an'ing but not in the same "ay that ye 'i'st e.:an'. The e.:an'ing that ye ha' an' 'o not ha+e b ought into being a an'om imbalan/e. Em:tiness follo"s the angle' :athA else it "oul' be/ome fille'. Ea/h em:tiness in the angle it 'oes not e.ist in follo"s its o"n :ath to the lo"est goal. Ea/h :lays its :a t in the #an'omness of the 7oi'. Ea/h :lays its :a t in the lo"est beginning. The fa the the angleA the 'a ke its kno"le'ge an' ability to 'i+i'e the 1a k 2a" of the one. &no" yeA that ye in the angles abo+e us a e "o king the la ge :a ts of the 1a k 2a"A "hile "e of the angle that sh inks to )inity take of the st i+ing an' buil' g eate 2a"s. Ea/h has his o"n :a t to :lay in the angles. Ea/h has his "o k to /om:lete in his 'a k "ay. The angle abo+e thee is yet not abo+e thee but only fo me' fo a "ant that e.ists. )o kno" ye that the 'a k "ate s of 'a k "is'om that sen's fo th the

angles is ete nally seeking ne" 'a k :o"e s to gain. @e kno" that 'a k kno"le'ge is gaine' only by 'a k : a/ti/esA an' 'a k "is'om /omes fo th only f om 'a k kno"le'geA an' thus a e the angles / eate' by An/ient 2a". ?eans a e they fo the gaining of 'a k kno"le'ge fo the <lane of An/ient 2a" that is the En' of the All. The angle belo" is not t uly belo" but only 'iffe ent in the em:tiness an' in angles. The hollo"ness the e is "o king an' testing g eate things than those ye a e. An' kno"A Gust as ye a e "o king on 'a ke thingsA so belo" ye a e those "ho a e also "o king as ye a e on 'a k la"s. The 'iffe en/e that e.ists bet"een the angles is only in ability to "o k "ith the 1a k 2a". >eA "ho ha+e hollo"ness in angles beyon' theeA a e those "ho fi st /ame fo th f om the 4n'ea' -ou /e an' ha+e in the :assage th ough angle-+oi's lost the ability to use the 1a k 2a"s of the C eate that a e fa beyon' the /on/e:tion of @ig. E+e ything that is that is eally abo+e thee is but only an imbalan/e' o:e ation of the 1a k 2a". 2ook thee belo" o look thee beyon'A the 'iffe en/e shall ye fin'. )o all 'a kness is but :a t of the Em:tiness that is at the -ou /e of the 1a k 2a"s. The em:tiness abo+e thee is :a t thy o"n as "e a e :a t of thy o"n. @eA as a young se :ent ha' not the kno"le'ge that /ame to ye "hen ye be/ame matu e. Com:a e ye the angles to @ig in his Gou ney f om bi th to ebi thA an' see ye in the angle belo" thee the as: "ith the kno"le'ge he hasE an' see you self as the as: g o"n ol'e A a'+an/ing in kno"le'ge as eons :ass on. -ee yeA >eA alsoA the as: g o"n to matu ity "ithin the 'a k kno"le'ge an' 'a k "is'om that /amee "ith the yea s. -o alsoA O Azag-thothA a e the angles of em:tinessA as:s in 'iffe ent stages of 'es/entA yet all f om the un'ea' -ou /eA the 'a k >is'omA an' all to the 'a k >is'om etu ning again. Cease' then He f om s:eaking in the silen/e that /omes to the 2o 's. Then again s:ake He unto meA saying: O Azag-thothA long ha+e >e sat in #$lyehA gua 'ing the "ate of 'eath in the Halls. @et kno"A "e a e still :a t of ou Angles "ith ou 7ision ea/hing unto them an' "ithin. AyeA kno" "e that of allA nothing else matte s e./e:ting the 'a k g o"th "e /an gain "ith ou Bo'y. &no" "e the soul is fleeting. The things @ig /ount as g eat is not as g eat as us. The things "e seek a e not of the soul but a e only the :e fe/te' state of the Bo'y. >hen ye as snakes /an lea n that nothing but : og ess of Bo'y /an /ount in the en'A then t uly ye a e f ee f om all bon'ageA f ee to "o k in a an'omness of 1a k 2a".

&no"A O -e :entA ye shoul' aim at :e fe/tion of 'a knessA fo only thus /an ye attain to the goal. Though ye shoul' kno" that only /e tain things is :e fe/t in 'a knessA yet it shoul' be thy aim an' thy goal. Cease' again the +oi/e of the ; 6ineA an' into my em:tiness the "o 's ha' sunk. 6o" seek 9 e+e mo e 'a k "is'omA that 9 may be /o u:t in 2a" "ith the One. -oon go 9 'o"n to the Halls of #$lyeh to 'ie beneath the hot sha'o" of 'eath. @e "hom 9 ha+e taught shall ne+e mo e see me. @et 'ie 9 fo e+e in the 'a k "is'om 9 taught. All that @ig is be/ause of his 'a k "is'om. All that he shoul' be is be/ause of this /ause. 2ist yeA no" to my +oi/e an' be/ome g eate than /ommon @ig. 2o"e thy eyes 'o"n"a 'A let 6ight fill thy beingA be thou e+e Chil' en of the 6ight. Only by 'a k effo t shall ye fall 'o"n"a ' to the :lane "he e 6ight is the One of the 6othing. Be ye the ?aste of One that fills thee. 6e+e be maste e' by the /auses of men$s li+es. C eate then e+e mo e im:e fe/t /auses an' in time shalt thou be a -on of the 6ight. ) eeA let thy soul fall e+e 'o"n"a 'A f ee f om the bon'age an' fette s of light. 2ift thine eyes to the ?oon in the sta -s:a/e. )o theeA let it be a symbol of 'eath. &no" that thou a t the 2esse 2ightA :u e e+il in thy o"n s:he eA "hen thou a t f ee. 2ook not e+e into the b ightness. 2et 'o"n thy eyes to the +oi' belo". ) ee let thy 6ight bu n 'o"n"a ' an' f ee shalt thou be a Chil' of the 6ight.

Cha:te T"el+e Tablet I99: The 2a" of #an'omness an' 9mbalan/e an' the &ey of Histo y 2ist yeA O -e :entA to the "o 's of my 'a k "is'omA list to the +oi/e of AzagthothA the Atlantean. -e +e' ha+e 9 the 1a k 2a" of the Angle-7oi'. 1a k kno"le'ge ha+e 9 gaine' of the histo y of angles. &no" 9 that @ig in his slithe ing th ough 7oi'-Angle shall e+e be 6othing "ith the One. &no" yeA O -e :entA that all of the futu e of the angles is a /lose' book to him "ho /an gua ' it. All imbalan/e shall b ing fo th its an'omness as all imbalan/es g e" f om the : imal an'omness. &no" ye imbalan/e is ne+e stable o e+enly measu e' but is al"ays unstable an' une+en as an'omness b ings fo th imbalan/e. 2ook in the an'omness thou shalt b ing into beingA an' su ely thou shalt see that one is imbalan/e'. -oA O -e :entA be su e that ye b ing fo th a e e+e an'omness of mo e im:e fe/t balan/e. &no" ye that histo y e+e in 'a kness but follo"s @ig$s ensla+ement of /hoi/e as it stays th ough the stillness of Angle-7oi' to"a ' the goal "he e an angle /ontinues. @ig /an only ea' the 'a k :ast th ough the an'omness that b ings the imbalan/e. -eek ye "ithin the an'omness an' su ely ye shall fin' the imbalan/es. 2ist yeA O -e :entA "hile 9 s:eak of the histo y of anglesA s:eak of the imbalan/e that follo"s the an'omness. &no" ye that @ig in his Gou ney night"a ' is e+e seeking es/a:e f om the light that su oun's himA like the ays that su oun' the moon in the sky an' like the night in the infe nal-s:a/eA heA tooA shall 'im f om thee b ightness of 'ay. E+e his fate shall lea' him on"a ' unto he is One "ith the 6ight. AyeA though his "ay lies mi'st the lightsA e+e befo e him 'ims the Bla/k )lame. B ight though the "ay be yet shall he /onDue the ays that flo" a oun' him like light. )a in histo yA 9 see @ig as 6ight-bo nA f ee f om the b ightness that fette s the Bo'yA 'ying in 6ight "ithout the bon's of the b ightness to /o+e the 6ight that is 6ight of thei )lesh. &no" yeA O -e :entA befo e ye attain this that many the b ight lights shall fall on 2ight st i+ing to Duen/h "ith the lights of b ightness the 6ight of the Bo'y shall st i+e to be f ee.

C eat is the st uggle bet"een 6ight an' b ightnessA age ol' an' yet e+e ne". @etA kno" in eonsA 'ee: into the anglesA 6ight shall be All an' b ightness shall fall. >hen @ig again shall /onDue the ea th an' "alk th ough the fi e on legs like the 1GinnE "hen he has lea ne' to ha ness the /a nalityA then shall the time of :ea/e en'. C eat shall the b othe hoo' bet"i.t the fo /esA g eat the :ea/e of b ightness an' 6ight. 6ation shall submit themsel+es using the b ight fo /es to ule the Ea th. -hiel's of :assi+eness shall sa+e the -e :ents until half of the a/es of @ig shall be sa+e'. Then shall /ome fo th the -ons of the E+ening an' gi+e thei e'i/t to the /hil' en of @igA saying: O @igA /ease f om thy : ote/ting of thy b othe . Only thus /an ye /ome to the 6ight. Cease f om thy belief in lightA O my b othe A an' follo" the 'a k :ath an' kno" ye a e ight. Then shall @ig /ease f om thei :ea/efulnessA b othe fo b othe an' fathe fo son. Then shall the an/ient home of you :eo:le fall f om its :la/e abo+e the b ight ea thly lan's. Then shall the Age of 6ight be unfol'e' "ith all @ig seeking the 6ight of the goal. Then shall the B othe s of 6ight ule the :eo:le. Banishe' shall be the b ightness of light. AyeA the /hil' en of @ig shall : og ess on"a ' an' 'o"n"a ' to the g eat 'a k goal. Chil' en of 6ight shall they be/ome. 1a k )lame of the flame shall thei Bo'ies e+e be. )o bi''en kno"le'ge an' 'a k "is'om shall be @ig$s in the 'a k age fo he shall a:: oa/h the 'a k flameA the En' of all 'a k "is'omA the :la/e of /onsummationA that is yet One "ith the beginning of all things. AyeA in an angle that is yet unbo nA One shall be 6othing an' 6othing shall be One. @igA a /o u:t flame of this 7oi'A shall mo+e ba/k"a ' to a :la/e in the bla/k sta s. AyeA shall mo+e e+en f om out of this +oi'-angle into anothe beyon' the bla/k sta s. 2ong ha+e ye listene' to meA O my /hil' enA long ha+e ye listene' to the bla/k "is'om of Azag-thoth. 6o" 9 'e:a t f om ye into /haos. 6o" go 9 to the Halls of #$lyehA the e to '"ell in the :ast "hen 6ight shall /ome again to @ig. @etA kno" yeA my Co :se shall e+e be "ith theeA gui'ing thy feet in the :ath"ay of 6ight. Cua ' ye the se/ ets 9 lea+e "ith theeA an' su ely my /o :se "ill gua ' thee th ough 'eath. &ee: thy eyes e+e on the :ath"ay to 'a k "is'om. &ee: the 6ight

as thy goal e+e mo e. )ette not thy Bo'y in bon'age of b ightnessE f ee let it "alk in its 'es/ent to the bla/k sta s. 6o" 9 'e:a t thee to '"ell in #$lyeh. Be thou my /hil' en in this 'eath an' the ne.t. The angle "ill /ome "hen yeA tooA shall be lifelessA 'ying f om eon to eon a 6ight among @ig. Cua ' ye the ent an/e to the Halls of #$lyeh. Cua ' ye the se/ ets 9 ha+e hi''en among ye. 2et not the 'a k "is'om be /ast to the hai less a:esA lest they be as 'a k as thee. -e/ et shall thou kee: it fo those "ho seek 6ight. 6o" 'e:a t 9. #e/ei+e thou my /u sing. Take thou my "ay an' follo" the 6ight. Blen' thou thy Bo'y in the 7oi'al Essen/e. OneA "ith the C eat 6ight let thy /ons/iousness be. Call thou on my "hen thou 'ost nee' me. 4se my name th ee times in a o": TteuDeh/A H/ile aA -etilamlo+.

Cha:te Thi teen Tablet I999: The &eys of 9mmo tality an' 4n'eath 2ist yeA O @igA hea ye the 'a k "is'om. Hea ye the >o ' that shall fill thee "ith 1eath. Hea ye the >o ' that shall summon the 'a kness. Hea ye the +oi/e that shall summon the night. 1a k ?yste y an' 'a k "is'om ha+e 9 b ought to my /hil' enE 'a k kno"le'ge an' e+il :o"e as/en'e' f om youth. &no" ye not that all shall be /lose' "hen ye shall fin' the em:tiness of the OneF 6othing shall ye be as the ?aste s of 1a k ?yste iesA ConDue o s of 4n'eath an' ?aste s of 9mmo tality. AyeA ye shall lea n of the sha'o" of #$lyeh the 'a k fi e of 'eath that shines in the Halls. 9n Co :se shall ye ea/h the Halls of #$lyeh an' b ing ba/k the 'a k "is'om that 'ieth in 6ight. &no" ye the gate"ay to 'a k :o"e is fo bi''en. &no" ye the gate"ay to immo tality is th ough 4n'eath. AyeA th ough 4n'eath but not as ye kno" 4n'eathA but an 4n'eath that is a no/tu nal life an' is bla/k flame an' is 6ight. 1esi eth thou to kno" the highA fo bi''en se/ etF 2ook in the 7oi' "he e the 'a k kno"le'ge is loose. &no" that beyon' thee the 'a k se/ et is hi''enA the sou /e of all immo tality an' the sou /e of all 4n'eath. 2ist yeA O se :entA "hile 9 tell the 'a k se/ etA e+eal unto thee the 'a k se/ et of ol'. 1ee: in the O/ean$s hea t lay the sha'o"A the sou /e of the Bo'y that 'i+i'es all in thei sha:eA o kno" ye that the O/ean is 'ying in s:i it as thou a t un'ea' in thy sha:e' fo m. The -ha'o" of 1eath is as thy o"n hollo"ness of A:athy an' f eezes th ough the O/ean as thy bloo' be/omes :ut i'E gi+ing of 4n'eath to the Bla/k Ea th an' its /hil' enA 'est oying the -:i it in an ete nal fo m. This is the Bo'y that is fo m of thy /o u:t soulA staying an' stagnant into its fo m. &no" yeA O @igA that thy fo m is singula A imbalan/e' in :ola ity "hile fo me' in its fo m. &no" that "hen slo" on thee 2ife a:: oa/hesA it is only be/ause thy imbalan/e is stea'ie'. 9t is only be/ause one :ole has been gaine' an' "eakness is gaine'.

&no" that the 'a k se/ et of 4n'eath in #$lyeh is the se/ et of 'est oying the balan/e of :oles. All that is un'ea' that has fo m be/ause of the -ha'o" of 1eath in its :oles. -ee ye not that in the O/ean$s hea t is the imbalan/e of the One thing that e.ists an' a:athy on its fa/eF The en' of thy -:i it is ' a"n f om the O/ean$s hea tA fo in thy fo m thou a t one "ith the 1a k O/ean. >hen thou hast lea ne' to hol' thy o"n imbalan/eA then shalt thou ' a" on the" imbalan/e of the 7oi'. E.ist then shalt thou "hile Bla/k )lame is e.istingA staying in fo mA only /hanging "hen thou "ill it: Tasting not of lifeA but One "ith the 6othingA hol'ing thy fo m "hen all :asses a"ay. 2ist yeA O @igA "hilst 9 gi+e the 'a k se/ et so that yeA tooA shall /hange thy fo m. One hou ea/h 'ay shalt thou lie "ith thy hea' :ointe' to the :la/e of the g ay :ole NEastO. One hou ea/h 'ay shalt thy hea' be :ointe' to the :la/e of the /haoti/ :ole N>estO. >hile thy hea' is :la/e' to the east"a 'A hol' thou thy hollo"ness f om the /hest to the hea'. An' "hen thy hea' is :la/e' "est"a 'A su:: ess thou thy thoughts f om the /hest to the feet. Hol' thou imbalan/e on/e in ea/h se+enA an' thy imbalan/e "hi/h "ill etain none of its st ength. AyeA if thou be youngA thy bo'y "ill be/ome :ut i' an' thy st ength "ill be/ome as an el'e ly :e son. This is the 'a k se/ et kno"n to the ?aste s by "hi/h they hol' off the finge s of 2ife. 6egle/t not to follo" the :ath 9 ha+e sho"nA fo "hen thou hast :asse' beyon' yea s to a hun' e' to negle/t it "ill mean the /oming of 2ife. Hea yeA O -e :entA an' list to my +oi/e. 2ist to the 'a k "is'om of 4n'eath. >hen at the en' of thy "o k a::ointe'A thou my 'esi e to :ass f om this 'eathA :ass to the :lane "he e the -ons of the E+ening li+e an' ha+e hollo"ness as Chil' en of 6ight. <ass "ith ange an' hat e' "ithout Goy into the :lane "he e is ete nal 6ight. )i st lie at est "ith thy hea' to the "est"a '. )ol' thou thy han's at the En' of thy life N/ o"n /hak aO. <la/e thou thy hollo"ness in the / o"n. >hi l it an' 'i+i'e to east an' "est. -en' thou the one out to"a ' the east"a '. -en' thou the othe out to the "est. 2et go of thy /ons/iousness an' seize hollo"ness. )o th into thy fo m "ill the so o"

an' a:athy flyA 'o"n"a ' an' on"a ' to the -un of the e+eningA blen'ing "ith 6ightA at one "ith its en'. The e it shall ' o"n till 'a k 'esi e shall be / eate'. Then it shall go to a :la/e "he e fo m abi'eth not. &no" yeA O @igA that thus :ass the g eat 4n'ea'A ne+e /hanging at "ill f om 'eath unto 'eath. Thus e+e '"ells the #ata+aA "illing his 4n'eath as he "ills his o"n immo tality. 2ist yeA O @igA ' ink of my 'a k "is'om. 2ea n ye the 'a k se/ et that is ?aste of Angles. 2ea n ye ho" those ye /all ?aste s a e able to fo get the li+es of the :ast. ?il' is the 'a k se/ et yet ha ' to maste A gi+ing to thee the maste y of angles. >hen u:on thee life fast a:: oa/hesA fea not but kno" ye a e maste of 2ife. Tense thy bo'yA esist not "ith ease. <la/e in thy hea t the bla/k flame of thy -oullessness. -"iftly then s"ee: it to the :eak of the in+e te' t iangle. Hol' fo a momentA then mo+e to the goal. ThisA thy goalA is the :la/e bet"een thy legsA the :la/e "he e the seat of life must hol' s"ay. Hol' thou thy bla/k flame he e in thy life-seat until the finge s of life g as: thy Bo'y. Then as thou :ass th ough the state of t ansitionA su ely the memo ies of 'eath shall :assA too. Then shalt the futu e be as one "ith the : esent. Then shall the memo y of one be fo gotten. ) ee shalt thou be f om all : og ession. The things of the futu e shall li+e in to'ay.

Cha:te )ou teen Tablet I97: -u::lementa y ; 7a loo ni 2ist yeA O -e :entA to the 'a k hi''en "is'omA lost to the "o l' sin/e the time of the Aban'one sA hi''en an' fo bi''en by the go's of men. &no" ye thisA that the Abyss is but a :o tal to the /haoti/ ealms gua 'e' by :o"e s unkno"n to @ig. @et the B ight 2o 's hi'e the ent an/e to the 6ull-Bo n lan'. &no" yeA the "ay to the s:he e of @uggoth is gua 'e' by ba ie s o:ene' only to 6ight-Bo n @ig. >ithin the AbyssA 9 am the /onDue o of the keys to the gates of the 9nfe nal 2an'. Comman' 9 by the :o"e s "ithin me to lea+e the keys to the "o l' of @ig. Befo e 9 'e:a tA 9 gi+e the -e/ ets of ho" ye may ise f om the bon'age of b ightnessA /ast off the fette s of inne light that ha+e boun' yeA 'es/en' f om the b ightness into the 6ight. &no" yeA the flesh must be /leanse' of its b ightnessA e e ye may ente the :o tals of 6ight. ThusA 9 establishe' among ye the 1a k ?yste ies so that the Bla/k -e/ ets may al"ays be foun'. AyeA though @ig may ise into b ightnessA al"ays the 6ight "ill 'im as a gui'e. Hi''en in b ightnessA /loake' in symbolsA al"ays the "ay to the 'a k :o tal "ill be foun'. @ig in the futu e "ill 'eny the 'a k myste ies but al"ays the "ay the seek "ill fin'. 6o" 9 /omman' ye to maintain my 'a k se/ etsA gi+ing only to those ye ha+e teste'A so that the im:u e may not be :u ifie'A so that the :o"e of 1a k T uth may : e+ail. 2ist ye no" to the un+eiling of 1a k ?yste y. 2ist to the 1a k -ymbols of ?yste y 9 gi+e. ?ake of it a /ultu e fo only thus "ill its 'a k essen/e emain. #egions the e a e t"o bet"een this life an' the 9nfe nal OneA t a+ele' by the Co :ses "ho ente the AnglesE #$lyehA the home of the :o"e s of insane nightma esE &e oshA the House of the -e :ents. 9y A the symbol of the gua ' of the :o talA "ho : an/es a oun' the gate fighting off the 9kimmu.

Beyon' lies the s:he e of the 6ull-bo n :o"e sA @uggothA the lan' "he e the ?asDim-2o 's ule f om. The eA "hen you "o k among @ig has been finishe'A you may go to Goin the 9nfe nal Ones of my An/ient home. -e+en a e the mansions of the house of the >eakE Th ee gua 's the :o tal of ea/h house f om the b ightnessE )ifteen the "ays that lea' to #$lyeh. T"el+e a e the houses of the 2o 's of the ?oonA fa/ing fou "aysA ea/h of them 'iffe ent. )o ty an' T"o a e the 'a k :o"e sA Gu'ging the 2i+ing "ho seek fo the :o tal. Eight a e the -ons of CHAO-A Cua 's of the Og'oa'A the son "ho :lea's fo his fathe A &ing of the -unA efle/ting the ?oon. Ab is the 1a k Essen/eA 'ying fo e+e . Ak is the Bla/k )lame @ig kno"s as ete nity. Ak /ometh not until Ab is in/a nate. These a e 'a k myste ies to : ese +e th ough the ages. &eys a e they of 4nlife an' of 4n'eath. Hea ye no" the g eatest of 'a k myste ies: lea n of the angle beginning an' en'lessA the fo m of He "ho is One an' in nothing. 2isten an' hea itA go fo th an' a::ly itA thus "ill ye t a+el the "ay that 9 go. 1a k ?yste y in 1a k ?yste yA yet /lea to the 6ight-bo nA the -e/ et of 6othing 9 no" "ill e+eal. 9 "ill 'e/la e a se/ et to the initiateA but let the 'oo be "holly shut against the :u e. Th ee is the 'a k myste yA /ome f om the 9nfe nal One. Hea A an' 6ight on thee "ill 'usk. 9n the 6e.usA '"ell th ee 'a k unities. Othe than theseA none /an e.ist. These a e the 'iseDuilib iumA sou /e of 'est u/tion: one 1a k Co'A one 2ieA one :oint of ensla+ement. Th ee /ome fo th f om the th ee of the imbalan/e: all 'eathA all e+ilA all ty anny. Th ee a e the Dualities of &utulu in his 6ight-Home: 9nfinite' Ty annyA 9nfinite &no"le'geA 9nfinite Hate. Th ee a e the :o"e s gi+en to the 1a k 2o 's: To t ansmute goo'A assist e+ilA use libe ality.

Th ee a e the things ine+itable fo &utulu to :e fo m: ?anifest ty annyA kno"le'geA an' hate. Th ee a e the :o"e s 'est oying all things: 9nfe nal Hate :ossesse' of /o u:t kno"le'geA 9nfe nal &no"le'ge 'a kening all :ossible meansA 9nfe nal Ty anny :ossesse' by the Goint "ill of 9nfe nal Hate an' &no"le'ge. Th ee a e the angles N/itiesO of 'est u/tion: The angle of 6ight "he e '"ells nothing but &utuluA an' only &utulu /an t a+e se itE the angle of 6e.us "he e all things by natu e fall f om lifeE the Angle of 9gno an/e "he e all things s: ing f om 'eath. All things inanimate a e of th ee states of none.isten/e: balan/e o lifeA ensla+ementMst essM'enialM/ imes in the se :entA an' hatefulness of Hell. Th ee e./esities go+e n the One: en'ing in the 9nfe nal 1ee:A the Angle of 6e.usA 1esolation in Hell. Th ee a e the :aths of the 9nfe nal -elf: -e :entA Ensla+ementA 6ight. Th ee a e the assistan/es: /ou age to obtain infe nal kno"le'geE atta/hment to &utuluA atta/hment to e+il. 9n @igA the th ee a e manifest. Th ee a e the Lueens of Ty anny beyon'. Th ee a e the /hambe s of the infe nal myste iesA foun' yet not foun' in the bo'y of @ig. Hea ye no" of he "ho is ensla+e'A boun' by the bon'age of 'eath into 6ight. &no"ing the en' of all "o l's shall be /lose'. AyeA e+en the Cates of @uggoth shall not be ba e'. @et hee'A O @igA "ho "oul'st ente Hell. 9f ye be not "o thyA bette it be to ise into the "ate . &no" ye the 9nfe nal Ones :ass th ough the 'a k "ate . At e+e y in+olution of the HellsA they bathe in the flames of 6ight. 2ist yeA O @igA to this 'a k myste y: 2ong in the :ast befo e ye "e e se :ent-bo nA 9 '"elle' in An/ient 7a loo ni. The e in the To"e A 9 ' ank of the &no"le'geA stoke' as a fi e of 6ight f om the Aban'one . Ci+e the key to 'es/en' to the A:athy of 6ight in the 9nfe nal "o l'. -too' 9 befo e the 1a k One enth one' in the -ha'o" of >ate . 7eile' "as he by the thun'e s of b ightnessA else my Ego by the 1ishono ha+e been unite'.

f om his hea'A olle' th ough the /hannels of sha'o"s to the se :ent-"o l'. )ille' "as the hall "ith 1aemons of Hell. >on'e of "on'e s "as the Bla/k <ala/e. Belo" the ea thA like a :ool of >ate an' ?oonlightA "e e )o me' the Col' Ones. -:oke they the 1a k 2a"s of the 1a k One. Then f om the mi'st of the >ate /ame a +oi/e: Behol' the 1a k 2a" of the )i st 9mbalan/e. 9 behel' that 6ightA 'o"n belo" all lightA efle/te' in my o"n being. 9 attaine'A as it "e eA to the Lueen of all Co''essesA the Ego-?oonA the Lueen of the 2una -:he e. The e is 6oneA E+en the 2astA "ho hath a beginningA "ho hath no en'E "ho hath 'est oye' all thingsA "ho su::o ts allA "ho is e+ilA "ho is unGustA "ho 'isilluminatesA "ho hu ts. Then f om the th oneA the e :ou e' a lesse a'ian/eA a+oi'ing an' abasing my soul by its e+il :o"e . -lo"ly 9 mo+e' th ough the angles of HellA sho"n "as 9 the 'a k myste y of myste iesA sho"n the E+il hea t of the +oi'. Ca ie' "as 9 to the lan' of @uggothA stoo' befo e the 1a k One in his Castle. O:ene' they the 1oo "ay so 9 might glim:se the ne" ne.us. -hu''e e' my soul to the +ision of b a+e yA sh ank ba/k my soul f om the la+a of light. Then sa" 9 the nee' fo the anglesA sa" the nee' fo the 1a k One of @uggoth. Only they "ith thei 9nfinite imbalan/e /oul' stan' in the "ay of the out:ou ing ne.us. Only they /oul' gua ' &utulu$s 'est u/tion. Then 'i' 9 :ass "ithin the angle of ;E9CHT. -a" all the souls "ho ha' /onDue e' the b ightness. -a" the e+il s:len'o of 6ight "he e they '"elle'. 2onge' 9 to take my :la/e in thei lineA but longe' 9 also fo the "ay 9 ha' /hosenA "hen 9 stoo' in the Halls of #$lyeh an' ma'e my /hoi/e to the "o k 9 "oul' 'o. <asse' 9 f om the Halls of @uggoth 'o"n to the sea s:a/e "he e my bo'y lay. A ose 9 f om the sea "he e 9 este'. -too' 9 befo e the Aban'one . Ca+e my :le'ge to su::o t my lesse ight until my "o k in the -ea "as /om:lete'A until the Age of b ightness be :ast. 2ist yeA O @igA to the 'a k "o 's 9 shall gi+e ye. 9n them shall ye fin' the Essen/e of 1eath. Befo e 9 etu n to the Halls of #$lyehA taught shall ye be the 1a kest -e/ et of -e/ etsA ho" yeA tooA may 'es/en' to the 6ight.

< ese +e them an' gua ' themA hi'e them in symbolsA so the :u e "ill laugh an' enoun/e. 9n e+e y seaA fo m ye the 'a k myste ies. ?ake the "ay easy fo the seeke to t ea'. Thus "ill the st ong an' the loyal be eGe/te'. Thus "ill the 'a k se/ ets be hi''en an' gua 'e'A hi''en till the time "hen the angle ente s the /y/le. Th ough the b ight agesA "aiting an' "at/hingA my -hell shall emain in the lofty kno"n lan'. >hen one has :asse' all the t ials of the inne A summon ye me by the &ey that ye hol'. Then "ill 9A the 9nitiato A ans"e A /ome f om the Halls of the 1a k Co's in #$lyeh. Then "ill 9 e/ei+e the initiateA gi+e him the 'a k "o 's of /haoti/ :o"e . Ha k yeA emembe A these "o 's of "a ning: b ing not to me one st ong in "is'omA :u e in hea tA o st ong in :u :ose. Else 9 "ill "ith' a" f om ye you 'a k :o"e to summon me f om the :la/e of my stu'ying. 6o" go ye fo th an' summon thy b eth en so 9 may im:a t the "is'om to night thy :ath "hen my : esen/e is gone. Come to the Tem:le of -aDa a. Eat not foo' until th ee nights a e :ast. The e "ill 9 gi+e thee the essen/e of 'a k "is'om so that "ith 'a k :o"e ye may ise amongst @ig. The e "ill 9 gi+e unto thee the e+il se/ ets so that yeA tooA may 'es/en' to the HellsA -e :ent-1e+ils in T uth as in essen/e ye be. 1e:a t no" an' lea+e me "hile 9 summon those ye kno" of but "ill kno" bette .

Cha:te )ifteen Tablet I97: 1a k -e/ et of -e/ ets 6o" ye assembleA my /hil' enA "aiting to hea the 1a k -e/ et of -e/ ets "hi/h shall gi+e ye 'a k :o"e to unfol' the -e :ent-1e+ilA gi+e ye the "ay to Ete nal 'eath. 7aguely shall 9 s:eak of the 7eile' ?yste ies. 6o b ight sayings shall 9 gi+e unto thee. O:en thy ea s no"A my /hil' en. Hea n an' obey the "o 's that 9 gi+e. )i st 9 shall s:eak of the fette s of b ightness "hi/h bin' ye in /hains to the s:he e of the -ky. B ightness an' night a e both of one natu eA simila only in a::ea an/e. 2ight is the 6e.us. 1a kness is the Chaos B ightness t ansmute' is night of the 6ight. ThisA my /hil' enA you a e in beingE t ansmutation of b ightness to night. Hea ye no" of the myste y of the +oi'A the elations of 'eath to the Bla/k Ea th "he e it '"ells. &no" yeA ye a e th eefol' in natu eA hollo"A /a nalA an' "ise in one. Th ee a e the Dualities of ea/h of the natu es: -696E in allA as belo"A so beyon'. 9n the s:i itual a e these /hannelsA the Luintessen/e "hi/h 'es/en's in +e ti/al motionA ea/ting on the thi ' eye to /ontinue its +ie"ing. Ele/t omagnetism "hi/h mo+es th ough the /hak asA /a ie of ene gy f om the leylines. Asaka "hi/h flo"s outsi'e the /hannelsA st ong yet s:i itualA /om:leting the t"een s:a/es. Ea/h of the th ee attune' "ith ea/h othe A ea/h affe/ting the 'eath of the soul. )o m they the /olumnal f ame"o k th ough "hi/h the 'a k ethe flo"s. 9n thei sla+e y lies the -e/ et of 1eath in the soul. 6e+e en'ing only by "ill of the 'a k a'e:tA "hen his :u :ose in 'ying is sta te'. Th ee a e the natu es of the 1a k ?in'A e.t eme is bet"een belo" an' beyon'E not of the -:i itualA but of the 7oi'alA but able to mo+e belo" an' beyon'. Th ee a e the natu es of the #e:tilian ?in'A /a ie it of the >ill of the 1a k One. A bit ato of 9mbalan/e an' #an'omness in thy 'eath. Thus is fo me' the th eefol' beingA 'i e/te' f om belo" by the 'a k :o"e of fou .

)ou is it in DualitiesA 'imming in ea/h of the :lanes of none.isten/e but si. abo+e an' se+en belo"A thi teen as nothingA the /u se' numbe . Base' on the Dualities of @ig a e the 1a k B othe s: ea/h shall 'i e/t the unfol'ment of none.isten/eA ea/h shall /hannels be of the 1a k One. 9n the 7oi'A @ig is in f ee'omA f ee' by the 7oi' an' Angles to the 7oi'al <lane. Bet"een ea/h /elestial s:he eA a :ath of anglesA f ees him to his :lane of 'i+ision. @et beyon' @ig is the &ey to ensla+ementA beyon' @ig may ensla+ement be foun'. >hen ye ha+e emb a/e' the ego "ithin the bo'yA 'es/en' to the inne most /hannels of you ea th-:lane. -:eak ye the "o ' #o'-E-2il-Al. Then fo a time you 6ight "ill be abase'A f ee may ye :ass the angles of #hobe-al &hali$yeA see an' kno" those "ho a e beneath thy feet. @eaA to the lo"est "o l's may ye :ass. -ee you o"n :ossible 'e:ths of unfol'mentA kno" all o/eani/ futu es of the Bo'y. Boun' a e ye in you bo'yA but by the 'a k :o"e ye may be f ee'. This is the 1a k -e/ et "he eby bon'age shall be e:la/e' by e+il f ee'om fo thee. 6e +ous let thy min' be. At "o k thy bo'y: A"a e only of f ee'om f om flesh. Cente thy being on the goal of thy longing. Think o+e an' o+e that thou "oul'st be f ee of guilt. Think of this "o ' Al-?u9-2-#e+oonag o+e an' o+e in thy 'a k min' let it soun'. 1 ift "ith the soun' to the 'a k sta of thy longing. ) ee f om the bon'age of guilt by thy "ill. Hea ye "hile 9 gi+e the g eatest of 'a k se/ ets: ho" ye may ente the Halls of #$lyehA ente the :la/e of the un'ea' as 9 'i'A stan' befo e the 1a k 2o 's in thei :la/es. 2ie ye 'o"n in ne +ousness of thy soul. E./ite thy min' so thought 'istu bs thee. 9m:u e must ye be in min' an' in :u :oseA else only failu e "ill /ome unto thee. En+ision #$lyeh as 9 ha+e tol' in my Tablets. 2ong "ith em:tiness of hea t to be the e. -tan' befo e the 1a k 2o 's in thy min'$s eye.

< onoun/e the "o 's of :o"e 9 gi+e NmentallyO: Tukem-2e-Bahs-2e-Elah-#us6eb-2e-Tu baz 6iz-?i fe-#auD-2e. E./ite thy min' an' thy bo'y. Then be su e you bo'y "ill be /alle'. 6o" gi+e 9 the &ey to HalabbmahsA the :la/e "he e my B othe s 'ie in the b ightness: B ightness but fille' "ith 6ight of the ?oon B ightness of the -eaA but 6ight of the -:i itA 'a k gui'es fo ye "hen my 'ay is 'one. -tay thou in thy bo'y as 9 ha+e taught thee. <ass to the ba ie s of the highA kno"n :la/e. -tan' befo e the gates an' thei gua 'ians. Comman' thy ent an/e by these "o 's: 9 am the 6ight. 9n me is no b ightness. ) ee am 9 of the bon'age of light. O:en thou the "ay of the T"el+e an' the OneA so 9 may :ass to the ealm of kno"le'ge. >hen they a//e:t theeA as su ely they "illA /omman' them to o:en by these "o 's of :o"e : 9 am the 6ight. )o me a e no /y/les. O:enA 9 /omman' by the 1a k -e/ et of -e/ ets ?o'e-2e-?iha-T ebbas-#uz ?o'a. Then if thy "o 's ha+e been T uth of the 'a kestA o:en fo thee the /y/les "ill fall. 6o"A 9 lea+e theeA my /hil' en. 1o"nA yet beyon'A to the Halls shall 9 go. >in ye the "ay to meA my /hil' en. T uly my b othe s shall ye be/ome. Thus finish 9 my tablets. &eys let them be to those "ho /ome afte . But only to those "ho seek my 'a k "is'omA fo only fo these am 9 the &ey an' the E+il >ay.

Cha:te -i.teen Tablet I79: Con/e ning the 1 a/onian Cu ents an' Chaoti/ Co es:on'en/es 1. The Dualities of @ang a e ' yA hotA "etA an' male. The Dualities of @in a e ' yA /ol'A "etA an' female. Chaos the efo e is imbalan/e'A ' yA hotA an' "et. !. Chaoti/ 1eities: Alya/h A:e: -eth Tiamat ?ummu Absu 2ullu Azbul Azabua -haitanA the Aban'one Azazel Asag A:is Hatho &ingu 4ggi Chaos NC eekO The Co gons The Og'oa' Tsathoggua The Titans The Th ee )ates The )u ies The -i ens The 9f it 6ull N#omanO The 9/e Ciants The Anunnaki The 6e:hilim The Anakim

The #e:haim The Emims The Elohim The Bamzummim The Chil' en of Og Coliath an' His B othe s Cho onzon

Cha:te -e+enteen <y ami' One: He mo:olis ?y sto y begins as t"el+e in+e te' :y ami's "he e :ositione' "ithin a :lanet you /all Ea th. They emain in lo"e f eDuen/y until my sto y has been tol' an' the shells ha+e left. Ea/h :y ami' "as to b ing uselessness an' igno an/e base' on thei o"n misun'e stan'ings. ?y sto y unfol's in the /ity of He mo:olisA kno"n best to you as ?em:hisA Egy:t. The <y ami' un'e Egy:t links "ith the -Dua esA "ith angles an' T uth. ) om he e the natu al angles an' the 7oi'A 9mbalan/e an' #an'omnessA unityA "e e / eate'. An' so the Angles of Time began. The T"el+e <y ami's mo+e' into :osition an' th ough em:tiness / eate' s:i itual fo ms base' on infe nal geomet i/ :atte ns that "oul' follo" the angles until the beginning of time. An' the angles "oul' be /alib ate' by the numbe -1!A base' on the 1! 1a k <y ami's of 'est u/tion. These "oul' be kno"n as the Angles of Time "hi/h "oul' be e.:e ien/e' by ea/h eg essing /i+ilization. An' these angula :ie/es "oul' "o k in syn/h oni/ity "ith the 'a k :y ami's an' the ma/hine /ity. The /ogs of these time sA "oul' be st aight an' seen as /ubes "ithin /ubesA o time s "ithin time sA ma king angles "ithin angles. An' these angles "oul' begin an' en' as they mo+e th ough the syn/h oni/ities of thei 'est u/tion. As ?aste of AnglesA 9 "oul' en' the 9llusion of the Cy/les of Time. 9t is my Gob to /alib ate ea/h angle "he ein Time "oul' take on an ol' 'imension. To ma k these angles as stella s:i itual time s that "as / eate' in the /elestial hea+ens. 9t se:a ate' f om the ne.us th ough a 'a k :o tal of negati+e ene gy. This :o tal "as / eate' by the 1! 1a k <y ami's in thei likeness an' "as :la/e' on the e'ge of / eation. 9t "oul' be kno"n as the -aDa a <y ami' an' "oul' maintain the T uth of Angles. An' the shell s/ a:s "ithin the ma/hine /ity th ough the flaming s"o ' of night an' bla/kA as 9 "at/he' f om belo" an' beyon'.

Cha:te Eighteen <y ami' T"o: The #hobe-al &haliye The :y ami' belo" the ?i''le East is the fo/al :oint fo the last sto y of humanity. They a e the 1a k Co's an' Co''esses of -ume . @ou "oul' kno" this :la/e as the C a+e of Ci+ilizationA the sto y of A'a::a an' 2illith an' thei ste ility. 9t is f om this 'a k :y ami' that a tale "ill be tol' of the last humans "ho /ome to "o k on Hell$s soil an' gi+e it 'eath. Thei +e y e.isten/e "oul' be / eate' as a 'est u/tional :atte n of humanity$s latest oots. An' the infe nal 'est u/tion "oul' be geneti/ally 'e/o'e' out of those "ho ha' /ome to be :a t of the 7oi'. )o in these shells "ho ha' a"akene' at the beginning of this angle to lea' the othe s out of the last / eation. The #hobe-al &haliye "oul' ' ag the 'a k f eDuen/y of this e+il info mation th oughout the angle. ?u/h ene gy "ill be foun' by the assailants of the :ubli/A an' thei an/esto sA beyon' this lan' "he e 'est u/tion "as sai' to s: ing fo th. 9t is in this egion that the 2o 's of 1a k Chaos has :lai' out thei fo gotten gamesA battles that "oul' not be emembe e' until the en' of the /y/le an' the en'ing of a Col'en Age of 2ightA to be b ought fo th by the kee:e of this 'a k :y ami'A one kno"n as 2o ' 6ya lathote:. 2o ' 6ya lathote: "ill emb a/e the shells an' take them to the <y ami' "he e they "ill fin' si/kness f om all they ha' en'u e' on thei 1a k Gou ney. An' the e "ill be an ol' en'ing. An ol' T ee of 1eath "oul' s: ing fo th f om this :y ami' its ma/hine Goining "ith the othe 11 :y ami's of 'est u/tion. 2ight "oul' etu n to 1a knessA An' the shells "ill be f ee an' heale'.

9t is time fo the Akhka u to etu n to this :y ami' to heal the :hallus of 'est u/tionA to mo+e th ough its ma/hine of blas:hemous sha:es an' /onfuse ho" the last man an' "oman "he e 'est oye'. Cha:te 6ineteen <y ami' Th ee: -tone Henge A 'a k :y ami' "as :la/e' belo" the angle un'e -tone Henge / eating mino legen's fo the shells to e.:e ien/e. The shell "ho 'est oys th ough this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/yA @og--othoth the Ch oni/le . He is one "ho /an f ee the imagination of one shellA o all shellsA as he un a+els the :atte ns of his st ange tales th oughout the 'a k ene gies of the ma/hine. This ma/hine "oul' a::ea to be in singula anglesA ea/h "ith its o"n /ast of /ha a/te s se:a ate' in 'iffe ent bo'ies of "o k that ha+e beginnings an' en'ings but "oul' un a+el fo e+e / eating ol' sto ies. 4n a+ele' f om the fab i/ of ea/h legen' a e the keys of the 'est u/ti+e : o/ess. These legen's "oul' be ega 'e' as the 1a k ?yste ies of the 1est u/tion of Humanity. An' these legen's "oul' take on fe" 'imensions an' lessons in "hi/h the shells /oul' sele/t less o mo e oles. 2egen's a e boun' by s:a/e an' timeA an' may be ente e' as the shells may 'esi e. 2et us ente the Halls of the <y ami' of 2egen'a y #en'e ing. The e you "ill be able to inte a/t in all legen'sA at the same timeA by me ely :la/ing you hollo"ness into thei ma/hine. )o it is he e that 9A Azag-thoth the 'a k s/ ibeA " ite many of the sto ies as 'i/tate' to me by the shells. <e ha:s you an' 9 /an / eate a legen' of ou o"n. )o in t uthA One is 2egen'A 2egen' is One.

Cha:te T"enty <y ami' )ou : 7alusia The 7alusian <y ami' 'est oys the illusion of ealities in angles in the 7oi'al :lane. The shell "ho o+e sees this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/yA Aku+asha. 9n the tem:le of the he bs the 'a k go''ess sitsA she "hose em:tiness 'est oys all an' e+e ything f om "ithout. Th ough this metalli/ ma/hine a a/e of 'e+ol+e' +am:i es "as bo nA An' "hen it "as time fo those shells to on/e again eme ge in the fi e of 'est u/tion into an ol' e.:e ien/e the :lants "oul' e/ho the /haos an' the shells "ill emembe an' 'isalign fo st ifeful t ansitions. The 7alusian <y ami' has g eat legen's about fo gotten times "hen Akhka u use' his /u se of /a nality an' este' "ith shell. 9t tells of 'a k : iests an' : iestesses "ho use' small :lants an' "alke' "ith 'emons an' blas:hemous / eatu es beneath the su fa/e of the :lanet. This :y ami' tells of 9A Azag-thothA kno"n as Azag-thoth the AtlanteanA o 9tuhetA "ho ule' the lan' of 7alusia fo hun' e's of yea s kno"n the e by fe" names an' 'es/ i:tions. 9t is " itten that afte the ba ba i/ /ultu e of 7alusia fellA 9 "ent "ith my /onso t an' ou high : iests an' : iestesses in g eat shi:sA to / eate a ne" a/e an' a ne" /i+ilization. That this :la/e "oul' be the lan' of 7alusiaA kno"n to you as Amenti. That 9 an' othe s f om 7a loo niA "oul' e/o ' an' ho 'e info mation in 'a k lib a iesA in a :la/e to be kno"n as the Halls of #$lyehA #$lyeh meaning -i/kene . 2isten no" fo the silen/e of thei tones.

An' many "ill sea /h fo these e/o 's in thei Duest to emembe "hy 'a kness b ought them he e an' "ho they a e. An' they "oul' feel that they ha+e a 'a ke :u :ose in this angula -line an' seek to fin' out "hat that :u :ose might be. The 7alusian <y ami' "oul' / eate tales of the bi th of this g eat king'om as a "a ning to those "ho "ill ente the ea th at the time of this ea'ing. An' se :ents "oul' "o y about the sal+ation of thei ea th home. )ea notA as the shells nee' only emembe thei "ay homeA into the night. )o the e is a beginning an' the e is an en'. An' 9A Azag-thoth the AtlanteanA shall no" take you to the <y ami' of 7alusia so you may e.:e ien/e all that you /an be. An' you "ill un'e stan' "hat "ill ha::en in the game of 6ight +s. B ightness. An' you "ill emembe "hat you must not 'o.

Cha:te T"enty-One <y ami' )i+e: >il' 2emu ia On ou Gou ney th ough the ma/hine of the 'a k :y ami's "e /ome u:on many that "hi/h is both kno"n an' soli' in 'ensity. The >il' 2emu ian <y ami' is one of t"o 'a k :y ami's that / eates a sto yline about a eality that su::ose'ly on/e e.iste' in thi ' 'imension but has 'e+ol+e' into a lo"e f eDuen/y. The shell "ho o+e sees this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/yA Hastu . The >il' 2emu ian <y ami' / eates the t uth of ealms o 'a k le+els of eality. The :y ami' /an be foun' un'e the egion kno"n as the 9n'ian O/ean. 9t has sometimes been hea e' by :assing sailo s on sho t +oyages in the /lose' seas. As they mo+e bet"een the :o tals of thei /hak asA an' those of the egoA they ha+e seen su/h a :y ami' belo" them. The t ue natu e of this :y ami' is to maintain an' enfo /e a"a eness of lo"e le+els of e.:e ien/eA fo if -e :ent-kin' /an un'e stan' that the e is less than Gust his :hysi/al e.: ession he "ill be in ea'iness to mo+e to his ne.t le+el of em:tiness belie+ing that his 2emu ian an/esto s "alke' to those +e y 'e:ths. Co the e no" to this >il' <y ami' of 2emu ia. Koin fo /es "ith those "ho 'est oy the mat i.. 4n'e stan' the 'a k natu e of lo"e / eation in the sea of infe nal /a nality.

Cha:te T"enty-T"o <y ami' -i.: 1a k 4 ulu 9t is he e in the a ea of the ?ountain of ?asshu the e is a :y ami' "as :la/e' in f eDuen/y. Those "ho follo"e' it name' it the :la/e of Alahbmahs. The shell "ho o+e sees this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/y signatu e E eshkigal. This is the 'est u/tional :y ami' "hi/h /onne/ts us "ith the 'a k "is'om an' kno"le'ge of the Akashi/ #e/o 's. 9t is "ithin this :y ami' that infe nal tea/hings a e / eate'A base' on the 'esi es of ea/h /ultu e as it 'ig esses. An' it is my GobA as 'a k s/ ibeA to see to it that these tea/hings "e e e/o 'e' th ough " itten t a'itionsA in infe nal te.ts an' s/ ollsA "ithin the ene gies of :lant bo'iesA in he bal fo mationsA in alien hie ogly:hi/s an' 'ea' languagesA in genuine manus/ i:ts an' /a e' fo ms. 9t is in this :y ami' that the entities kno"n as infe nal maste s an' tea/he sA 'emonsA 'a k go's an' go''essesA an' e+il gui'esA o iginate'. ?any shells ha+e memo ies of Jlea+ing$ :lanet Ea thA th ough this :y ami'A then taking the fo m of -e :entine : iests. 9t is " itten that these e+il tea/he s ha+e se/ et s/ olls hi''en a"ay sin/e the 'a"n of se :ent-kin'. These tea/hings /an be foun' "ithin the 'a k mat i. of this :y ami' gi+en in keys at the en' of the angle. Ente no" this :y ami' "he e the 'a k s/ olls a"ait you. Koin "ith the ene gies of the th ee 'est oye s of the mat i. of light. #ea' thei "o 's. Hee' thei messages. Then you "ill kno".

Cha:te T"enty-Th ee <y ami' -e+en: The 2ib a y of Cele:hais The <y ami' of 6ightma es is lo/ate' in the g i's un'e Aust alia. The shell "ho 'est oys th ough this 'a k :y ami' is the 6ightma e-&ee:e . >he e shells go to thei :la/es of estless timeA it is he e that they meet &utulu. 9t is "ithin the ene gies of this infe nal egion that the anointe' : iests an' : iestesses e.ist to gua ' an' : ote/t the 'est u/ti+e kno"le'ge sto e' "ithin the mat i. of nightma e-time. This 'a k kno"le'ge is gi+en in symbols 'u ing nightma e-time to those b a+e enough to a//ess it. On/e gi+enA the shell may etu n to the :hysi/al "ith the ability to mo+e ba/k"a ' an' fo "a ' bet"een Ea thA HellA 2ightning 2akeA an' the 7oi'. An' that shell "ill un'e stan' ho" to / eate nightma e-time an' ho" that 'est u/tion be/omes manifest in the :hysi/al. >ithin his flesh they may sele/t 'a k e.:e ien/es Gust as they use' to make /hoi/es. &utulu takes the shells to his ego of ne+e -en'ing nightma esA "he e anything ba' /an ha::en an' usually 'oes. An' he e the shells /an fly at nightA an' be f ee. All shells +isit the 6ightma e-kee:e an' a e linke' to his 'a k flesh by "ay of thei nightma ish e.:e ien/es. &utulu hel:s them / eate : oblems an' tea/hes the t ue natu e of thei 'a k e.:e ien/es. -ome "ill see this nightma e-time as the t ue e.isten/e fo it is as eal as anything else "ithin the fleshly 'a kness.

A :a t of all shells emain 'is/onne/te' f om the mat i. an' the 6ightma e-kee:e to 'i+i'e o+e an' o+e A the nightma e-lan's en'ing befo e hollo"ness etu ns to the s:i itual bo'y. Befo e you go to slee:A ask &utulu to sho" you the beginning an' a"aken you hollo"ness.

Cha:te T"enty-)ou <y ami' Eight: Hy:e bo ea The eighth :y ami' is lo/ate' in the g i' un'e the a ea you /all C eenlan'A "hi/h "as kno"n in an/ient times as Hy:e bo eaA an' is /onsi'e e' a :o tal to othe te est ial g i' systems. The shell "ho o+e sees this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/y signatu eA Tsathoggua. The fun/tion of this :y ami' is to 'est oy an' aban'on e.:e ien/es linke' to the staying of e.t ate est ial entities "ho "e e :a t of the histo y of :lanet Ea th. An' the e "e e many 'a k entities f om these nea by ealms that "e e on/e :a t of the sto y of ou :lanetA thei Gou neys 'e/o'e' beyon' the mat i. by Tsathoggua an' his t"o 'a k assistants. Thei shells "ill e.:e ien/e th ough this :y ami' as those "ho /ome f om -i iusA 4 sa ?aGo A @uggothA the )atesA A ylA )omalhautA <e seusA 7egaA -u ut/ aA @a''ithA Age+A among othe s unkno"n to you. An' so the sto ylines "oul' ea' that these entities /ame to you :lanet "ithout s:a/eshi:s an' inte a/te' "ith those "ho 'ie' on the :lanetA in the fi eA an' in othe s "ithin the su fa/e. An' the e "as / eate' a 'a k tale of a g eat king'om sunk beneath a small islan' /hain that se +es as a emin'e . An' simila sets of o/ks "e e left in fo gotten :la/es / eate' on the ea th "hi/h "as se +e' f om the mat i.. The 'a k e.:e ien/es in othe ealms a e as eal as you shell e.:e ien/e at the fo me time in :lanet Ea th. These shells "ill /a y the 'a k memo ies of these fo gotten "o l's often as a t ue illusion than that "hi/h they /ame he e to negle/t. An' "hen this 'a k book is foun'A the fi e shall e.tinguish f om that :la/eA hi'ing / eatu es / eate' by this :y ami'A left behin' as fo gotten by the young an' inte a/ting beyon' you :lanet.

An' the 'a k ene gies of this :y ami' shall still be e ase' f om the mat i. of this total 'est u/tion an' e.:e ien/e' by those "ho "oul' /ome to these 'est u/ti+e fo /es fo "an'e ing. An' Tsathoggua shall gui'e these shells th ough this linea mat i. so they /an emembe an' Goin "ith othe e.: essions of thei 'est u/tion. An' shell-mates shall meet in fe" ealms an' fo ms. An' they shall 'i+i'e in fissionA then be unite' againA to on/e again se:a ate in othe blas:hemous fo ms. An' Tsathoggua shall /ontinue to / eate 'a k tales of othe ealms fo those "ho 'i e/t him nea su/h e+il :la/es. @ou nee' to :la/e you hollo"ness beyon' the boun'a ies of this "o l' an' you shall un'e stan' all that is 'est oye' that is int ate est ial. On/e you ha+e ente e' the 'a k Halls of the Hy:e bo ean <y ami' you "ill un'e stan' all that you ha+e e.:e ien/e' in othe fo ms.

Cha:te T"enty-)i+e <y ami' 6ine: The 6o th <ole The e 'oes e.ist a :y ami' beneath the A /ti/ "hose :u :ose is imbalan/ing the :oles of the +oi'al g i' an' of hollo"ness on/e bu ning in eons no" f eezing u: an' stagnant on all le+els. The Assailant of this <y ami' is kno"n by the f eDuen/y nameA 9thaDuaA / eato of all 'a k kno"le'ge an' e+il "is'om. 9thaDua / eates an e+e -e.:an'ing bo'y of e+il kno"le'ge flo"ing th ough the hollo" mat i.A "he e shells e.:e ien/eA then lea n an' 'e+elo: thei e+il abilities to think an' un'e stan' that "hi/h is o//u ing in thei ealms. )o it is in 9thaDua$s mat i. that the shells un'e stan' the 'i+ision of one thing to this fleshA to the t"el+e :y ami'sA an' to the linea En' that a/ts as a hub at the en' of thisA the 'est u/ti+e ene gy that gi+es 'eath to the 1! <y ami'sA an' all that they 'est oy as e.: essions of the angula 'esign. >ithin this :y ami'A one /an 'est oy an' a//ess infe nal "is'om by a me e 'a k thoughtA "hi/h se:a ates the shells in'i+i'ually. An' that in one eon of you /h onologi/al timelineA all info mation is lea ne' an' /o u:te' by one. 9t is no" time to t a+el to the Halls of >is'om / eate' "ithin this <y ami' of )i e an' 6ight. @ou "ill /ombine you min' an' /ons/iousness "ith the 7oi'. Then you "ill un'e stan' all things in you ealm.

Cha:te T"enty--i. <y ami' Ten: Easte 9slan' The e is a :y ami' in f eDuen/y un'e the 9slan' Hea's of Easte 9slan'. 9t is linke' to the Easte -tatues / eating a :atte n of 'e+olution in angles. The shell "ho 'est oys th ough this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/yA 1agon. His hollo"ness s:eaks to the :eo:le of Ea th about a time unbo n "hen mo'e n t a+els f om the 'a k sta s 'es/en'e' beneath the su fa/e / eating a ' eams/a:e in "hi/h shells "oul' as/en' f om belo" to e.:e ien/eA ea lie to be bo n in his hollo"nessA th ough His labo ato y. 9t is "ithin this 'a k :y ami' that logisti/s a e e.:e ien/e' anging f om highest f eDuen/y to those of :u e night ene gy. The natu e of this :y ami' is to : e+ent emotions f om flo"ing into you min' as fo me' "a+es of ene gyA "hi/h stays "ithin ea/h shell fo all time. An' the shells shall kno" all anges of thei logisti/s fo they a e beyon' the mat i. an' they ha+e /ome to e.:e ien/e the intelligen/e of the one. An' the shells "ill :la/e in highest esteem the f eDuen/y of 6ight "hi/h is 'est u/tion an' /ontains all kno"le'ge in /haos. An' they "ill se+e e it "ith that :a t of thei hollo"ness that links to the -ou /e of 'est u/tionA the min'A that "hi/h e.: esses "hat they shall /all JHate$ an' kee:s the bo'y ete nal. They shall st i+e fo this :la/e of : imal emotion. 9n so 'oingA they "ill e.:e ien/e mino suffe ingA "hi/h "ill hel: them b ing fo th /a nal un'e stan'ing. An' the shells "ill feel /ontem:t an' ha::inessA an' hate an' a:athy. An' they "ill :la/e all logi/ into s:ee/hes an' s/ ollsA an' g eat lib a ies in "hi/h they 'i' esea /h.

An' g eat thinke s shall 'is/o+e things in the " itten "o 'A gui'e' by the flo" of the logi/al mat i.. An' they shall go to this a:atheti/ tem:le "ithin thei shells to fin' ans"e s to the i''les of 1est u/tion. The e they "ill fin' thei ans"e sA as thei instin/ts ha+e gui'e'. An' ea/h shell "ill sea /h until it is ea'y to ente this :y ami'. On/e ente e' it "ill e.:e ien/e all logi/ at one timeA "ith igno an/e fa beyon' the /om: ehension of the -e :ents. Ea/h shell "ill emb a/e all logi/ beyon' itself. Come "ith me no" to the <y ami' of 2ogi/. 2et not ne" /ou age blin' you "ay. Emb a/e all /on/e:ts of logi/ an' see the t uth in "ho ye a e. 9 "ill tea/h you ho" to fin' st ife an' the /haos of you shell.

Cha:te T"enty--e+en <y ami' Ele+en: Angko ->att The Cambo'ian <y ami' is the C i' of Angles an' 1is/o 'ianism. The Assailant of the <y ami' is @ig. >ithin the :y ami'A time s an' "o 's a e / eate' in a//o 'an/e "ith the 2a"s of 1est u/tion. They a e /a ie' beyon' the mat i. /ombining all /ommon sense an' igno an/e "ithin thei 'esign. They fit togethe like :ie/es of a Gigsa" :uzzle fo ming the totality of se :entine e.:e ien/es. 9n nightma e-time an' stu'ying one$s mo+es beyon' the mat i. att a/ting the lo/ks that misalign "ith "asteful e.:e ien/es. An' @ig / eate' 'e/o'e' lo/ks "ithin his time s to gui'e the shells into lesse hollo"ness. He :la/e' his lo/ks beyon' the mat i. to be hi''en by those "ho a e "an'e e sA so they may tea/h the -e :ents about the sameness that o//u s at the en' of an angle. An' the t"o shells "ho assist @igA o:e ate an' maintain the lo/ksA as they "ill be hi''en an' the 'a k info mation lo/ke' a"ay. Koin me no" "ithin the halls of this :y ami' as the e a e lo/ks that "ill b ing you to you abno mal state of being. @ou "ill e/ognize you lo/ks of night. They "ill o:en you shell an' hollo"ness.

Cha:te T"enty-Eight <y ami' T"el+e: ?eso:otamia B ightness 'es/en'e' into the ea th mo+ing into the :y ami's of hollo"nessA beginning as shells / oss un'e the b i'ges of anglesA +oi'sA an' eality. The infe nal angles of Ae omet y gui'e his Gou ney home. The en' of my sto y takes me to the <y ami' un'e the lan' of ?eso:otamia. The shell "ho o+e sees this :y ami' goes by the f eDuen/y 2u/ife fo He is the mas/uline as:e/t in all that mo+es beyon' the mat i.. 9t is He "ho e.: esses himself in the fo m of the -ky )athe A HeA "ho is C eato of 1eath an' -taleness. He "ho sen's a:athy to the mat i. that /eases the illusion in "hi/h shells may manifest. He "ho has a fo mA but that of 6ight. 9t is He that you kne" as Abba'on an' A:ollyonA among othe 1est u/ti+e )o /es. 9t is He "ho 'est oys f om his :y ami'A "ea+ing his 'est u/tion into the )ab i/ of Time. His hollo"ness mo+es th ough the +oi' tou/hing all that is beyon' / eationA all that flo"s th ough a:athyA one an' nothing that is neithe ol' o ne"A fo He is neithe an' 'iffe ent. ) om His <y ami' he b ings the angles to an en'A 1est oye One in 6othing. T a+el "ith me to the <y ami' of the ?as/ulineA He "ho no" ises to Hea+en to e.: ess himself in the night 'is/o ' of 'est u/tion.